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Banishing Ritual

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Human Baby

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Thought Forms / Esben And The Witch

Big Walnuts Yonder
Big Walnuts Yonder

I was all ready to call this a supergroup until the press release specifically told me not to. Still though, with Mike Watt, Nels Cline and Greg Saunier all on board (so that’s representatives of Minutemen, The Stooges, Wilco, Deerhoof…), this group is inarguably quite something. This debut album from Big Walnuts Yonder is a spontaneously-combusted set of high-energy funky-skronky art-rock super-pop. Hard to describe, but a joy to hear! Out on Sargent House.

Luxury Stranger
Darkness Falls Upon The Light

Luxury Stranger reach the milestone of their third album, titled Darkness Falls Upon The Light. They are still working their classically moody dark alt-rock stylings, with Simon York’s super-dramatic vocals leading the charge. CD co-released by the Cold Insanity Music and Earth-Two Records labels.

Chain of Flowers
Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood and Bone

Double A-side single from Cardiff’s premier post-punk-shoegaze-pop outfit Chain Of Flowers. Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood and Bone sounds like it could play to get the crowd excited before a Cure gig, with moody vocals and dramatic synth and guitar lines. Released as a 7” single on the Alter label.

The Fall

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Spinning Coin

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Can You Deal?

Bleached are a band built around a pair of sisters based in the teeming metropolis of Los Angeles. Their music is brimming over with femme energy, mixing the sweet melodies of classic pop with a tough rock bite. Can You Deal? is a bold set of four new tracks, released on 12” white vinyl by the Dead Oceans label.

Thurston Moore
Rock n Roll Consciousness

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Singles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Deluxe Edition

Released in 1992, and set in the middle of grunge heaven Seattle, Singles starred Bridget Fonda and Matt Dillon but more importantly for us, it’s soundtrack. Including tracks from Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Citizen Dick, Mudhoney, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains this is a hell of a compilation, nevermind what the film is about. Both versions come with a bonus CD with 18 rare and unreleased tracks from many of the same artists.

Former Bullies

Stalwarts of Manchester’s DIY scene for years now, Former Bullies make charming lo-fi pop that recalls the best that that city has offered up over the years. Plenty of Velvet Underground in there too, particularly on lead single ‘Stranger’. Now on their fourth album, the band have honed their craft to such a point that the record feels light and buoyant while still showcasing some fine songwriting chops.
  • Vinyl LP (TBTG006 / CF/F43)
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Remember Terry

Terry are a four piece group out of Melbourne Australia. Some of them are in other bands including the brilliantly named Constant Mongrel. Together, Terry perform a shambling kind of indie pop  - the sort that get’s umpteen plays on Marc Riley and successfully tours the UK’s smaller halls. I like how they all sing together  - that’s nice. This is their second album.    

The Van Pelt
Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves

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Charmingly nonchalent, ShitKid is Gothenburg's Åsa who has made an anti-pop statement with Fish. A post-feminist, post-punk album using plenty of distorted guitar and riding digital rhythms, her album follows in the devastating wake of her grungey debut single, Oh Please Be A Cocky Cool Kid. Television appearances, a second EP and now her debut full-length blast through. On LP and CD.

Mark Lanegan Band

The gravel-voiced ex-Screaming Trees frontfella Mark Lanegan created this new album with substantial help from ex-Exit Calm man Rob Marshall, who donated ten pieces for Lanegan to add to. The resulting Gargoyle album is a gothically moody epic of alternative rock, anchored by Lanegan’s rich vocals and some fierce guitars. On Heavenly.

Mac DeMarco
This Old Dog

Here he comes again, wearer of North America's filthiest dungarees, that gap toothed smile presumably still intact. Last year's 'Another One' had him a little more measured and melancholy and certainly the first two tracks teased from this have a similar hushed vibe but with that twanging jangling guitar and warm mid fi pop sound intact. 

Put Ears on Yourself

Put Ears On Yourself is the first instalment in what is projected to be a series of 7” showcases for exciting new bands. It includes tracks by Trust Fund, Lower Slaughter, Sissy and the excellent Milk Crimes. Seven inches of lively band action, housed in a screen-printed sleeve, released by Art For Blind Records.

The Amazons
The Amazons

With a fervent cult following to boot, The Amazons' self titled debut is a stadium-sized indie-rock beast. The four-piece's catchy anthems are destined for chart-ruffling success, with high critical acclaim from the NME to BBC Radio 1. With six bonus tracks in addition to the eleven track main portion, here's you chance to grab a high value slice of history.

Black Lips
Satan's Graffiti Or God's Art?

Black Lips, who are now being released by Vice(!), continue their messy antics with the Sean Lennon-produced Satan’s Graffiti Of God’s Art?, their first full-length in three years. Fuzzed-up garage rock action is of course the name of their game, though this record is perhaps a little neater at the edges than previous releases. Still very Black Lips though.

Auction For The Promise Club

Fresh and ruddy-faced coastal Cornishmen, Auction For The Promise Club ply their exciting blend of indie encompassing shoegaze and grunge, on 12 tracks. Drenched in atmosphere and veering on the melodramatic, the trio wear their influences -- ranging from the New Romantics and Goths to the bombastic Devonians Muse -- proudly on their sleeves. Melodic anthems aplenty for sure. LP and CD on Zen 10.


ULTRAS is not an album of field recordings of football gangs (although that would be good), but it does carry a certain violence to it. ULTRAS is Gav Prentice (he of Over The Wall fame) plus a number of Scottish producers, making up a racket of distorted guitar-driven pseudo-hip-hop with a distinctive Scots touch. Potent LP released by Instinctive Racoon and Hello Thor Records.

Day Wave
The Days We Had

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The Primitives
Lovely - 25th Anniversary Edition

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Rocket Ship TV
Better Days

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As a band on the tip of the tongues of BBC Radio 1 and the NME, Loom have a surging blast of wings against their sails. Their self-titled ten-track is a grungy stab from a group who have personality in abundance. Comparisons will be made (it's hard not to point towards Nirvana), but this rock-solid debut bleeds originality.

Ti Amo

It's always a good thing when Phoenix announce a new album, especially as we’ve waited four years since the last one (Bankrupt!). On Ti Amo the French popsters have Italy on their mind, summoning up a glorious summer euro-fantasy of bright synths and gorgeously catchy tunes. What’s not to like? Ti Amo is out on Atlantic.

Faux Text

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Straight Lines

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Post War Glamour Girls
Swan Songs

It's hard to make a good album with your phone going off every five minutes so it's good to see Leeds noiseniks Post War Glamour Girls going where there's no wi-fi or phone signal to make their new record. This isolation has produced an intense work tackling all the gritty themes we all worry about with musical nods to Pixies and Wild Beasts along the way. 

Alarm Bells

Based in Liverpool and made up of school friends Luke, Ollie and Irishman Villy, Alarm Bells is the latest release from Sheepy. Having started to gain some high profile national recognition the indie-rock trio decided to give us a twelve-track record that combines experimental-pop with modern alternative rock. Available on Vinyl LP and CD.

Volume 1

How to sell records in 2017. Form a supergroup that contains literally everyone who has recorded music. Here is a supergroup containing members of Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, Fran Healy of Travis, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy. Really this is the brainchild of Eric Pulido of Midlake with the others guesting on the odd track but it's going to look really good on the sticker. Lead track 'Restart' begs the question 'How many members of Championship indie rock does it take to sound like Gary Glitter'? 

No Generation

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Breakfast Muff
Babyboomers / R U A Feminist

Breakfast Muff are a premium gnarly punkish pop group from Glasgow’s scene, drawing personnel from Joanna Gruesome, Hairband and Spinning Coin. Of course that means that they are a high-energy force to be reckoned with, and new release Babyboomers / R U A Feminist is a double A-side single of tightly-coiled power. 7” on Amour Foo.
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Sweet Williams
Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight

Sweet Williams are one of Brighton’s finer guitar-based bands, and they’ve now clocked up a second full-length LP. Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight has Thomas House leading his crew into a full array of tightly-coiled songs, with plenty of blasted heft and sharp howl to go around. This is the good stuff. Edition of 500 180g LPs from Gringo Records and Faux Discx.

Everyone Else

Slothrust offer up their third album of powerful indie pop. Leah Wellbaum, Kyle Bann and Will Gorin’s classic power-trio line-up and obviously tight musical connection makes them able to unleash sings that are just as grunge-rock heavy as they are art-pop melodic. Everyone Else is released by Dangerbird.

Songs of Her's

Her’s are a duo made up of Norwegian native Audun Laading and Stephen Fitzpatrick who hails from the bustling Cumbrian metropolis of Barrow-in-Furness. The pair now reside in Liverpool and create catchy oddball pop that could take the world by storm. Their debut single Dorothy and its B-side What Once Was were streamed over one million times. Both songs, along with current single Speed Racer appear on their debut album, Songs of Her’s.

Dead Naked Hippies / Fling / Lamia / The Tiny Minds
4x 12" Volume 5

An important release for Leeds music: Dance To The Radio present four exciting new acts on one 12” for Volume 5 of their 4x series. We’ve got Lamia, The Tiny Minds, Fling and Dead Naked Hippies, doing their things in their chosen rock, punk, pop and other milieus. Great new stuff from Yorkshire, watch out for these.
  • Vinyl 12" (DTTR076)
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The The
We Can't Stop What's Coming

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The Duke Spirit

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On Fillmore
Happiness Of Living

On Fillmore is the duo of Glenn Kotche and Darin Gray, who between them have played with amazing artists from Chris Corsano and Jim O’Rourke to Wilco. Happiness Of Living includes yet more musical collaborators, all adding up to an impressive suite of spontaneously-composed and texturally-varied music. Nourishing stuff, on Northern Spy.

Drive-By Truckers
Live in Studio

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The Chills
Rocket Science

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Mark Mulcahy
The Possum In The Driveway

I may have laughed when I saw him performing in shorts with the Miracle Legion last summer but it turns out I was wearing the exact same ones. Mark Mulcahy is a suitably eccentric presence and here he is with his first solo album in four years. He has a voiced described by Thom Yorke as 'very good' (or words to that effect) so please enjoy.    

The Bear Quartet
Moby Dick

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The Pin Group

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The Pin Group

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The Never Never

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Maximo Park
Risk To Exist

Hat-wearing Newcastle indie types Maximo Park are back with a sixth album of tightly-wound bookish songs, titled Risk To Exist. As ever, they combine a lively and catchy guitar-led sound with lyrics about society and the like: it is indeed a Risk To Exist in these times eh? Released by the Daylighting label

Primal Scream

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Noise Addict
10,000 Kids With Guitars

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To Kill A King
The Problem Of Evil / I Need My Girl

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That's Your Lot

People have been waiting for this one to drop. After a slew of incredibly successful singles on Transgressive they now bring a debut album from the three lads from Hampsire - Blaenavon. A self professed reflective record of their youth, and you can bet there’s gonna be some summer smashers in there.

The Twilight Sad
Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters

What an album this is. Coming out of seemingly nowhere this was the perfect blueprint for the Twilight Sad's blend of noise rock, shoegaze and folky textures. It's also the most Scottish album ever made which just adds to it's sense of majesty. Though they've made great albums since they've never topped this....but who could?  

The Terminals

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Celebrity Come Down With Me

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The Vex
The Vex EP

Stuck in the void between London and Kent, The Vex boys are on their third EP of ska infused, The Clash influenced rock and roll. Their self titled outing is self released and underpins their driving force of standing on their own two feet. Boot-stomping and groove filled. Get that jacket on, and get them drinks in.

Waiting A Lifetime

Splashh (their extra 'h') recorded their slacker rock debut in their London bedroom (oh think of those neighbours) but this time they've relocated over to the good old USA to get shiny pop production from Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective etc). The result is this their second album that veers into a more raucous territory still with their pop nous attached.  

Write In

Happyness return with a second album of fresh-faced alternative rock, titled Write In. They still recall the high years of the US college rock scene, with just the right amount of slacker-swagger to make them charming. That, plus an increasingly bold and melodic songwriting sensibility, makes Write In a winner. LP and CD editions on Moshi Moshi.

Kitchens Of Distinction
Watch Our Planet Circle

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Boss Hog
Brood X

16 years down from the last Boss Hog release and the formula remains unchanged. Christina Martinez sneers effusively in a manner pitched somewhere between Kathleen Hanna and Debbie Harry; Jon Spencer’s licks haven’t lost any fuzz even if he may have acquired some grey hairs over the years; and the ten tracks here are tight and punchy slabs of good old-fashioned down-home punk rock. Oh, and it was recorded on Sly Stone's desk you know.

Part Chimp

IV is the fourth full length release from much loved noise people Part Chimp. This killer album brings together a much more mature approach than their previous releases. A great blend of impending doom-like guitars and slurring vocals allow for Part Chimp to blossom into a machine of the noise-rock genre. Available on Vinyl LP and CD.

The New Pornographers
Whiteout Conditions

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Everything So Far

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Deep State
Thought Garden

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The Rifles
The Rifles Unplugged Album: Recorded at Abbey Road Studios

The time had come for London indie band The Rifles to step through the doors of Abbey Road Studios. Joined by a string quartet and choir they played stripped down, unplugged versions of tracks from each of their five albums, covering all corners of their songwriting. Available on double vinyl or CD from Cooking Vinyl.

The Chills
Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets is The Chills first new record since Sunburnt in 1996. Their distinctive, complicated and smart guitar pop mixes lyrics of desolation with memorable, bright melodies. The Chills, along with bands such as The Clean and The Verlaines were part of The Dunedin Sound - a style of indie-pop from New Zealand with a jangly guitar sound.

British Sea Power
Let The Dancers Inherit The Party

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Buffalo Tom
Let Me Come Over - 25th Anniversary Edition

Flannel shirted Boston rockers Buffalo Tom get their 'Let Me Come Over' classic re-issued to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Full of grungy heartfelt songwriting and quiet loud dynamics the band's music is perfect angst ridden college rock to nurse you through the bad times. Comes with bonus album of the band blastin' through the album in London back in '92. 

TV On The Radio
Return To Cookie Mountain

TV On The Radio were such a breath of fresh air when they emerged from their Brooklyn hideaway. The band melted dub, post-rock, electronica and soul with a singer who sounded unnervingly liken Peter Gabriel. Return to Cookie Mountain was their second full length album and the moment where their art rock started to cross over to more commercial territories. The fact that it contains a guest appearance from Dame David Bowie tells you the high regard the band were held in by rock royalty.  

TV On The Radio
Dear Science

Just when we worried that TV On The Radio were going to get worse they actually got better. Dear Science was the Brooklyn band's third LP but carried on where earlier work left off introducing a real distinctive edge into their sound which married pop and soul and electronica making their sound more user-friendly without selling out completely. Stellar stuff that refuses to age. 
  • Vinyl LP (TG280LP)
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The National
High Violet

The National just keep going from strength to strength. High Violet was their 2010 album and as with all their other releases it received both critical and commercial acclaim. Their warm heart-on-sleeve form of heartland rock seems to appeal to everyone  - older music listeners, hipsters, babies. They could probably teach a course in how to write mature and poetic indie-rock and they certainly already have the hip lecturer look down pat.  

The Lemon Twigs
Do Hollywood

Setting the bar at terrifying new levels for annoying-ness, LA rich kid duo the Lemon Twigs manage to invoke '70s Paul McCartney to such a face slapping degree that the album should come with a bonus aloft thumb. They also recall preposterous '90s power pop revivalists Jellyfish in their love of dressing up like extras from Blackadder while worshipping at the leg of Emitt Rhodes.  

Surfer Rosa

One of the best albums ever recorded, Surfer Rosa was the near perfect amalgamation of Pixies scary but tuneful angular rock and the boxy live production of Steve Albini. The A side in particular is an incredible run of wild, high octane rock music the likes of which has barely been seen again. They made an equally good album in Doolittle before venturing onto slowly diminishing returns but Surfer Rosa catches Pixies at their absolute incendiary best.  
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'Bossanova' is the third proper full length album from indie outfit Pixies, the legendary band from Boston who made some great records back when I was a lad. To try and follow up the triple whammy of 'Come On Pilgrim', 'Surfer Rosa' and 'Doolittle' is quite a daunting and challenging task, but they managed to shape a great record which stands out with its sci-fi themes and surf rock guitars. Features 'Dig For Fire', 'Allison' and 'Velouria'.
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The National

The National's slow but steady rise to popularity is a well timed heart warm for anyone frustrated with the here today, gone tomorrow nature of modern music. Like R.E.M before them it took a good few albums before they got stadium sized. 'Boxer' was their fourth album and could be said to be the one where the band truly broke through. It catches the band honing their brand of emotional, poetic rock music ready for the big league and features a nice cameo from neighbourhood pal Sufjan Stevens.  

Return To The Moon

Menomena and the National are clearly good friends: earlier this year Pfarmers formed from members of each, and now another band has come to us with the former's Brent Knopf and the latter's Matt Berninger. I guess you could call it an indie rock supergroup, though as EL VY ("hell pie", we're told as way of pronunciation), the typical modesty of Berninger should temper that; it'll take the surreal, humorist songwriting of Knopf to lift them both up.

Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums
Better Friends

Bill Botting was the bass player of Allo Darlin’ until their recent dissolution, but he’s now back in action fronting The Two Drink Minimums, which also contains Darren Hayman and Jonny from The Wave Pictures, among others. Better Friends is some sweetly melodic indie-pop with country leanings, sounding very comforting. Out on Fika / Where It's At Is Where You Are.

The Big Moon
Love In The 4th Dimension

The Big Moon present their debut album to the world, after more than a year of high interest. Love In The 4th Dimension was recorded nice and swiftly under the supervision of Catherine Marks, and it's come out as a fine set of anthemic indie pop that’ll surely rule the airwaves come summer. Out on Fiction.

Rat Columns
Candle Power

David West continues work on his baby, the ever versatile Rat Columns, through a series of punk rock and pop plot twists that don't quite hook up but never really intend to. His EP for Blackest Ever Black under this moniker was tinged with a light psychedelia and had an earnestly classic feel to it, though that makes no guarantees on this record's sound. 

The Younger Lovers
Young Brothers

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Emma Ruth Rundle / Jaye Jayle
Time Between Us

Three new tracks apiece from both Emma Ruth Rundle and Jaye Jayle here on this split album. Both play a form of brooding alternative rock, although rather different forms: Emma’s sound is lush and emotional and lends itself to an acoustic track, whereas Jaye are heavy and tense and motorik-driven. Time Between Us is released by the Sargent House label.
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The Lovely Eggs
Drug Braggin

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Timber Timbre
Sincerely, Future Pollution

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Aye Nako
Silver Haze

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Wild Pink
Wild Pink

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Willie J Healey

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The Cribs
Burning For No One

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Peter Buck
Warzone Earth

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
One More Time With Feeling

Director Andrew Dominik (Chopper, The Assassination of Jesse James…) documents the making of and the fallout that created The Skeleton Tree, the latest album by Nick Cave And The Badseeds. Filmed in Black and White, Colour and 3D, Once More… is deeply personal piece that reflects the anguish of the incomprehensible happening. Includes 3 short films by the director.

Hold It In

Their first full-length as a quartet since 2010’s 'The Bride Screams Murder', ‘Hold It In’ marks yet another return for Washington’s ever-prolific Melvins, this time with the addition of guitar-proficient Paul Leary and JD Pinkus (Butthole Surfers), joining originals and sole constants Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover. Recorded between Washington and Austin earlier this year, ‘Hold It In’ promises to be a “refreshing piece of fiction in a boring world of fact and bullshit” according to Osborne. Sounds about right! 
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The Jesus & Mary Chain
Damage and Joy

Scottish masters of fuzzing up guitars while looking at their shoes The Jesus & Mary Chain are back with a new album after 19 years. Featuring the first single Amputation, which has an easygoing Dandy Warhols-like sound, Damage & Joy is the latest development in a series of late 80s and early 90s bands finding out with some surprise that they’re still alive and maybe they still like making music.

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