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The Wedding Present
Take Fountain

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Hudson Bell
Out of the Clouds

  • Vinyl LP (SAINT48LP)
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Bwani Junction
Two Bridges

  • Vinyl 7" (AKS001V)
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Game Theory
2 Steps From The Middle Ages

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Sic Defence
Iron in The Soul/ Maze

  • Vinyl 7" (N/A)
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White Firs
In My Way / Nothing's Never Much

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Eureka California
Big Cats Can Swim

Absolute Monarchs
To Hell, Let’s Masquerade / Thinking Thieves

  • Vinyl 7" (CUPPA001)
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Royal Blood
How Did We Get So Dark?

Young British guitar-drums pairing Royal Blood have, as their press release makes clear, done very well for themselves since they made their debut in 2014. Can they keep the upward momentum flowing with follow-up How Did We Get So Dark? Well, quite possibly on the basis of these driving groovy rock tunes. Out on Warner Bros.

Bored Spies

From Bored Spies, a Canadian-Korean-Singaporean trio made up of singer/guitarist Cherie Ko of Obedient Wives Club and Pastelpower, Orestes Morfin from Bitch Magnet on drums and Seam’s Sooyoung Park on bass. From psychedelic rock influenced by Jefferson Airplane to 90s style alt rock. On 7” vinyl.
  • Vinyl 7" (DAMNABLY23)
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The Computers
Love Triangles, Hate Squares

"Love Triangles, Hate Squares" is a new track from the second album by The Computers, who weirdly don’t do electronica. Dealing with the perennial subject of the contemporary teenager from every era, it’s about being bored and getting stuck doing the same thing over and over. Much like writing about bands. There’s a limited number of words for ‘sounds’. Pink 7” vinyl.
  • Vinyl 7" (1182TP7)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Cass McCombs / White Magic
LAMC No. 6

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Life In Film
Cold Wire

The debut single from much-hyped London band Life in Film proves that sometimes, hype is well deserved. This young indie band look like they could go far with this tight, well-crafted single, with elements of Johnny Marr’s guitar and Nick Cave’s angst. Keep an eye out for the album dropping in early May 2015. Vinyl 7".
  • Vinyl 7" (88765428387)
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Rome Is Not A Town

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Sweet Apple
Sing The Night In Sorrow

Rock supergroup Sweet Apple feature J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr, Tim Parnin and Jon Petkovic of Cobra Verde and eponymous hero Dave Sweetapple from heavy rockin’ five-piece Witch. Sing The Night In Sorrow is the follow up to 2014’s critical and musical success, The Golden Age of Glitter. We hope for more tunes-a-plenty here!

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding / Fawn Spots

  • Vinyl 7" (CRITTER30)
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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 1984-2014

Well look here the first ever career spanning collection of the music of Sir Nick Cave all the way from his debut 'From Her To Eternity' to date. Handpicked by Cave himself along with Mick Harvey and other Bad Seeds, the lads have even raided their archives for rare unseen photos and memorabilia for the book that comes with the limited edition ‘Super Deluxe’ version which also comes with a two hour DVD.  Four formats to choose from depending on your level of obsession with the man and his work. 

See-Saw Girl

  • Vinyl 7" (MOMO45)
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Sprinters to all intents and purposes are Wigan's answer to Real Estate. Now based in marginally more fashionable Manchester, the group play a high octane form of janglesome indie pop which suggests that Wigan is the sunniest place on earth. If on the Manchester scene Horsebeach bring the murk and sad then Sprinters are a little bit more jolly. 

Albeit Living

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RG Lowe
Slow Time

RG Lowe, of Balmorhea, has produced a fully-fledged vocal pop album in Slow Time, which might surprise fans of Balmorhea’s instrumental music. Slow Time is centred around a Wurlitzer electric piano and the Lowe’s dramatic vocal moves, adding up to a slick R&Bish album. Slow Time is released by Western Vinyl.

Wildest Dreams
Wildest Dreams

  • CD (STS253CD)
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Use Your Deluge

  • Vinyl 7" (SVR092)
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Slow Dancer
In A Mood

He might be in a bit of a mood but it's the kind of relaxed yacht rock ish mood that you'll enjoy if you like Mac DeMarco, Lindsay Buckingham, Conan Mockasin and even Flight of the Conchords. His voice is a bit weird but this has the sultry laid back feel of driving down the coast in some kind of nostalgic daydream. That voice is really weird though. 

The Mispers

  • Vinyl 7" (MTILM2)
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All We Are
Sunny Hills

Featuring an excellent video showing a motorway tearing up a local community I was sad that All We Are hadn't put the same kind of effort and originality into their music which is fairly standard indie grind with nods to kraut rock, punk and has something of the Kills. But nevermind Steve Lamacq will love it. 

Captain, We're Sinking
The King of No Man

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Hightown Pirates
Dry and High

This feller is Simon Mason who was at one point 'drugdealer to the stars' in the maelstrom that was Brit Pop but has since got clean and started to write his own music. Not surprising then that his music has a sort of come down feel and could be compared with the mature and mid paced later work of Paul Weller.  

Big Star
The Best Of Big Star

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Ulrika Spacek
Modern English Decoration

They formed when they were 14, two fifths of them are called Rhys and they live in a house called Ken. Ulrika Spacek are truly a unique proposition amongst the glut of Women/Viet Cong influenced tangle rock bands. Their debut self titled record was a hero here at the towers and this follow up record promises to be a collection of woozy and druggy avant rock.   

Hey Colossus
The Guillotine

Some bands begin to edge out of the shadows, allowing the brightness of accessible production and relatable lyricism to evolve their work, while others sink deeper into darker and insular innovation. Hey Colossus are a group that are doing the latter, as proven by immersive and razor-sharp The Guillotine.
  • CD (LAUNCH115CD)
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Chastity Belt
I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone

I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone is the third release from Chastity Belt. The full length brings together indie-rock and alternative rock like very few bands manage. A great example of how a big group of musicians can work together to make great songs, from the laidback female lead vocals to the youthful rhythm guitars. Available on black Vinyl LP, coloured Vinyl LP, CD and Cassette.


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Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else
Enjoy The Great Outdoors

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Death Cab for Cutie / Freedy Johnston
Bad Reputation

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Mikal Cronin

Prolific garage rock character and Ty Segall associate Mikal Cronin returns with his third proper solo record, its properness signified by the official-sounding title MCIII. It is also ‘proper solo’ in another sense, in that Cronin himself plays virtually every scrap of sound here himself, with the exception of a string quartet. Whaddaguy.

Hidden Charms
Harder From Here

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Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex
Live at Third Man Records

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Best Friends
Cold Shapes

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Morning Smoke
Soft Decay

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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
The Dying Of The Light

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The Strokes
Comedown Machine

Comedown Machine was the Strokes album where, during the pre-publicity, bassist Nikolai Fraiture ventured from the usual 'this is our best album yet' party line to describe the recording process as 'awful' prompting the band to pull a media blackout and not do any promotional appearances. Listening to it, it's hard to tell that there were any problems at all. It's fresh and smart and sexy and strange. Though the long help feeling is that they'll never again reach Is This It' heights, Comedown Machine proved that the Strokes were still genuinely trying to make good music.   

The Witch

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Land Of Talk
Life After Youth

Elizabeth Powell has had a somewhat rocky love affair with her Land Of Talk project, with everything seeming to go wrong a forced hiatus occurred 7 years ago, but of course catharsis was found in building the project back up, reunited with original drummer and featuring guests Sharon Van Etten, Steve Shelley they return to Bright Eyes’s Saddle Creek label with powerful self empowered indie rock tracks.

Youth of America
Night of the Comet / Navigator

Those Trembling Bells are a prolific and eclectic bunch eh? Youth Of America is a new, US power-pop inspired project from the Bells’ Simon Shaw, and the whole rest of the band join him on Night Of The Comet / Navigator, a lovely poppy slice of American homage. 7” single on The Great Pop Supplement, 400 copies out there.
  • Vinyl 7" (GPS134)
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It Must Be Grubs

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Matthew Edwards & The Unfortunates

Depicting Matthew Edward’s return to England, and Birmingham after living in California for two decades, the follow up to 2012’s The Fate, Folklore shares a loving theme reflecting the previous work’s title. This indie-folk-pop is tinged with simultaneous adoration and sadness at returning to from where you once came. Featuring guest players  who have worked with the likes of PJ Harvey, Brian Eno, and Captain Beefheart.
  • Vinyl LP (GDNLP014)
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Joey Agresta
Let's Not Talk About Music

Joey Agresta is a veteran of doing it his own way, with a stack of AKAs behind him: Son Of Salami, Joey Pizza Slice etc. Let’s Not Talk About Music, which includes upbeat songs like ‘I Feel Like Shit And I Want To Die’, was recorded in Joey’s bedroom studio over a period of three years, using tape machines all the way baby. Let’s Not Talk About Music is out on Wharf Cat Records.

Bill Baird
Baby Blue Abyss

Bill Baird has not one but two brand new albums ready for release via Talkshow Records! One of them is for the morning and one is for the evening: Baby Blue Abyss is the evening one. That means it is more external, about dealing with the world (hence tracks like ‘Bourgeois Blues’). These perspectives are delivered via smart melodic rock music in excellent Bill Baird style. Edition of 300 LPs.
  • Vinyl LP (TALKS004LP)
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  • Limited edition
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Diet Cig
Swear I’m Good At This

Diet Cig don't create over-serious or pretentious material - instead this punk duo beam honest creativity that is both minimal and candid. Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman return with Swear I'm Good At This - a highly anticipated record bound to initiate a steep and rapid ascent into the stratosphere.

Fujiya & Miyagi

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Bill Baird
Easy Machines

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Machine Man / M.E.

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LeVent are a Berlin based group making stripped back indie rock with a nod to post punk and the more ethereal and swirly contemporary bands in their wake. A somewhat dreamlike story sits behind this record, picked up and brought into sweet existence by none other than Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Ultimate Painting
Green Lanes

Ultimate Painting is a bit of a side project, taking up the personal time of Jack Cooper of Mazes and James Hoare of Veronica Falls. Here on Green Lanes they get to kick back a little from the driving indie-rock formula, making low-key lyrically-focused tracks until the cows come home. Out on Trouble In Mind.


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Tasteless / Visa Vulture

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Sandy (Alex G)

After doing many self recorded, produced and released records and cassettes, Philadelphia’s Alex G has rightly been snapped up by Domino for 2015’s Beach Music, and now they bring him back for his eighth full length. Rocket brings gorgeous suburban logfire songs, folk pop with a city backdrop. On vinyl and CD.

Mozes and the Firstborn / Roland Cosio

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The Stone Roses
All For One

It was the 'where were you' moment for anyone still under the vaguest misapprehension that the Stone Roses were able to construct anything approaching a listenable song.  When your last decent attempt at a melody was released in 1989 that's a lot of years to try to repeat the trick. 'All For One' is of course laughably bad but the last smirk might be on the face of the band who will generate millions in ticket sales off the back of whatever they manage to come up with to fill an album. 

Melt Yourself Down
Another Weapon

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Royal Trux “Live”
Platinum Tips + Ice Cream

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Melodic hardcore band from South Carolina Hundredth return with their third album on the Hopeless label. Rare sees the band switch their sound up again, seems like they might have listened to Loveless by My Bloody Valentine a fair few times and mixed it into the post hardcore pot. Still heavy and driving with guitars layered to the hilt.

Buffalo Tom
Big Red Letter Day

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The Mountain Goats

Wordy and literate storyteller John Darnielle (and his Mountain Goats) has this time turned his attention to goth, both the music and the movement. Keenly eyed observations on those bands that didn't quite make it or what it meant to be goth all delivered nasally over Mountain Goats regular brand of strum-a-long folk -- or not, in this case, since they've ditched the guitars in favour of a synth-athon.

Flock Analogy

Cassels are a two-piece band from Oxfordshire that subtly combine elements of grunge with punk, alongside socially charged lyrics that delve into the mindset of the modern world. Flock Analogy is the two record 7” vinyl that shows the exact artfulness that the two brothers have successfully achieved in this release.

Never Mind The Bucket

Never Mind The Bucket is a live recorded, compilation album from the band Officer!. The recorded setlist includes songs from the band’s album Dead Unique as well as some very well constructed covers. The album is both humorous and marvellously clever, showing Mick Hobbs’ personality at its greatest. Available on Vinyl LP.
  • Vinyl LP (BEBICA002)
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Permit Vol. 1

Ha! Brilliant! They’re not wrong. Indiana based Permit sound like a double time Thin Lizzy, a raucous and fun filled affair with a garage punk-rock flare. Injected with Zeke like energy it’s house party madness to full effect, will get you up on your feet and dancing, but with sub two minute tracks they leave you sweaty and wanting more. Cheeky little buggers.
  • Vinyl 7" (FP1590)
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Pumarosa EP

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How To Get Ideas

Shades of The Mars Volta and The Mae Shi in the shape-shifting pop-prog chaos here. Two-part vocal harmonies morph with a sort of anarchic precision on each track as guitars twiddle away dextrously. The instrumentals cycle from rambunctious math to Glitter-beat glam to Wurlitzer-driven funk - often within the space of a single minute, let alone a single song. It’ll be a 10” vinyl in your hands soon enough.
  • Vinyl 10" (TRUI015)
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Quilt Boy
I Am Somebody

Quilt Boy is a Detroit outsider dude, making music all by himself that toes the line between proggy excess and lo-fi noise scrabble all at once. This 7” contains five tracks of highly-messy guitar / synth / mumble skronk, and it's a wonderfully fun thing. I Am Somebody is released in a limited edition of 250 by Sophomore Lounge.
  • Vinyl 7" (SL080)
  • £8.49 £6.79 (saving: £1.70)
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  • Limited edition

The Van Pelt
Sultans Of Sentiment

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The Cubical
Blood Moon

Operating out of the psychedelic-friendly musical micro-climate of Liverpool, The Cubical have been working on their fourth studio album. Blood Moon has the raw blues-rock power of your favourite seventies act, as well as gnarly lead-vocals from Dan Wilson, who sounds like he’s charging down the same pathway as Captain Beefheart. Down and dirty garage business, released on Halfpenny Records.

Early Recordings

Priests, who are not priests, put their first recordings out on limited-run cassettes that were only sold at shows, but it has been decided that this music deserved a wider reception. So here comes a reissue of those first two tapes, the first of which was recorded only one week into Priests’ existence! Early Recordings is released in a limited edition of 100 vinyl LPs. On Tough Love.

The Fall
Live In Clitheroe

Live set by The Fall, captured in 2013 at Clitheroe Grand. By all accounts, Mark E. Smith and his band of merry men and women were in splendid form at this show, even if Mark did do his old ‘sing from the dressing room’ trick for the last few songs. Live In Clitheroe is released on vinyl with a nice vintage-design sleeve by Ozit Dandelion.


Full-length album the first from She-Devils. This duo take an intuitive, DIY approach to creativity, making all their own artwork and videos. Furthermore, Audrey Ann Boucher had never played music before forming the band, so her vocals have grown organically alongside the whole concept of She-Devils. Fine surfy indie-pop from Montreal, released by Secretly Canadian.


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Kinder Versions

If you’re a fan of the Icelandic sound (there definitely is one) Mammút bring it in spades on their new album on Bella Union Kinder Versions. Post rock meets psychedelic, not as far or ethereal as Sigur Ros, but the gentleness is there, topped with the Björk meets Karin Andersson (The Knife/Fever Ray) vocals of Katrína Mogensen.

Dream Wife

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Paul Weller
Heavy Soul

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You / Your Boyfriend

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Pretty Girls Make Graves
Pretty Girls Make Graves

The Impossible Shapes
Go Somewhere Beautiful Part 2

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Pardon My French

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Who Can See The Wind

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Dista 3105

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The Spitfires
Move On

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Marika Hackman
I'm Not Your Man

Marika Hackman’s second full-length album arrives with The Big Moon in tow as her backing band. I’m Not Your Man is a cool record, intimate when it needs to be and guitar-rocking when it feels like it. We have four different formats available (at time of release, depending on stock levels), including the deluxe coloured vinyl edition which comes with an extra bonus 7”! On Virgin EMI.

Peter Doherty
Kolly Kibber

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Trashcan Sinatras
Wild Pendulum

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The Pin Group
The Go To Town

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Self professed queer punk duo PWR BTTM are nothing if not empowering. Just be your damn self is basically tattooed across the front of this. Their second full length release, and Pageant is filled to the brim of self love and righteous joy. Real self celebratory party punk. It’s bloody great. And so are you.

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