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Vegas Fame Index
Leisure land

You have to wear so many hats in this job that I could really do with another head to put them on. Having just reviewed lo-fi country and banging dubstep I'm onto the Brit rock and roll stylings of these young whippersnappers.  Checking in somewhere between Supergrass, early Oasis an...view item »

Les Cox (Sportifs)

Newcastle's Les Cox Sportifs join that hallowed club of scratchy lo-fi indie bands who carry the old indie flame aloft. A bit like David Cronenberg's Wife & old hands like I Ludicrous, they've the wonderful knack of making quirky, sideways songs full of eccentric lyrics, shambling guitar, biscuit tin drums & a kind of irresistible homespun ...view item »

Sore Eros
Know Touching

I had a dream last night that I owned a rabbit and I went away for the weekend and forgot to feed it. When I got back it had been forced to eat its own ears. So is it just a coincidence that I get the new Sore Eros album to review? (boom boom!). Its currently playing and what I'm thinking about is this:- isn't The Wire's so called 'hypnagogic' p...view item »

Soap and Skin

Anja Plaschg, a.k.a Soap & Skin makes very serious music. Often diagnosed as 'an old soul in a young body', Plaschg work so far can only be categorised as music made by a lady wise beyond her years. On new mini-album 'Narrow' Plaschg is strips back to the bare essentials, in this case...view item »

Living: 2009 - Present

This record is a live album that sees Tearist doing what they do best. These L.A. types have forgotten more than I know about playing live and this collection of songs (culled from various shows at various locations) is a rather heady offering. Building on songs driven by synths and intens...view item »

White Fence
Is Growing Faith

Woodsist are kranking 'em out at the mo. What with the new Ducktails record landing and now this beastie. Not heard White Fence before but they sound pretty interesting on first listen. Female vocals over swirly sounding 60's psych pop. The opener sets the pace with it's chugging rhythms and later gets quite disorientating as the guitars start t...view item »

White Rabbits
Milk Famous

After a debut riddled with ideas, but lacking any concrete direction, White Rabbits turned to Spoon's own Britt Daniel for assistance. The result was 2009's It's Frightening, an album with far more focus, but less originality. In fact, with the exception of the explosive opener, "Percussion Gun", most of It's Frighten...view item »

The Do's / Fur Blend / Clandestines
Spectemur Agendo

Bargain priced little three-way split here between The Do's (can't look at that without thinking the apostrophe shouldn't be there...but if you take it away you get The Dos, which sounds like a Spanish duo...but wouldn't that be El Dos [or even Los Dos]?), Fur Blend and Clandestines. They eac...view item »

Drip Haze

Ooh, bit of a surprise, this one. I was expecting some straight up indie pop clattering, but instead it's quite a drifty psychedelic thing with Hooky-style bass chords and washed out vocals and bright, chiming guitars keeping the melodies focused. I'm really impressed, actually. Quite an unus...view item »

The Black Heart Procession

If you like the BHP's style, and enjoyed 2, this album is for you. They stick with the same basic structure of emphasis on piano, with guitar and light drums (and don't forget the saw and background effects) which prove to once again blend together perfectly. It seems like a continuation of 2 with just more of an emphasis on drums. I must admit ...view item »

One Day, After School...
The Future Is Not Ours, Comrade EP

Ludicrously cheap lo-fi alt rock from Wakefield (what do they put in the water there? ) this is your typically raucous driving pop punk type sound with nods towards AC Acoustics, Wedding Present, Boyracer and anyone who slung a guitar in the 1990's. Interestingly, they throw a whole load of...view item »

Wet Hair / Naked On The Vague

Night-People return with a couple of newies, this one being a split between Iowa's Wet Hair & Sydney's Naked On The Vague. I have faint memories of hearing both these duo's in action but my brain ain' t helping much with the details so I'll have to take this one on face value. First up we have four psych tinged compositions from Wet Hair. Op...view item »

Pulled Apart By Horses

So 'Tough Love' has dropped and apparently it's make or break time for the band. The name itself may even be a dig at industry pressure to succeed? I don't know? Little fanfare is being made of it but they've managed to secure the production skills of Gil Norton (Doolittle dude) which has help...view item »

The Buccaneers
Don't Breakdown

The Minster, tourists, a clueless City Council, the highest percentage of tea shops per square mile in the whole of Europe. York is famous for many things but not yet swampy bluesy rock bands, This could set to change with the arrival of The Buccaneers,  a raucous three piece from th...view item »

Beach Fossils
What A Pleasure

A lot has been made of Wild Nothing's ability to re-create the finest moments of 80's melancholic indie pop but from the sounds of this EP these guys take the biscuit (lollipop?). They have a clearer, less cluttered sound and the sparseness of the drum machine, melodic bass and dual jangling guitars are exquisite reminders of those particular da...view item »

Terror Twilight

I wasn’t as filled with glee as I usually would be when I first heard Pavement’s final album “Terror Twilight”. There are some brilliant songs on here; I just feel that Nigel Godrich’s production took the Pavement out of Pavement, made them operate in a more confined space and reined t...view item »

Milk Maid

Ramshackle sounding odes and ditties from the shitgazing Madchestah urchins. It's a rather nice sounding record is this. It's full to the brim with melodies and enough hooks to get yerself wedged into. Not a million miles away from such acts as Psychedelic ...view item »

Raw Geronimo
Faustine / Magnetic Love

I don't know what stone I've been living under but I'm amazed at the price of 7's. And isn't chocolate expensive these days? And beer and sausages? It's everything really isn't it. Here is a nice 7” from Raw Geronimo with is the alter ego of Laena Geronimo. Still a preposterous name...view item »

Tiny Planets
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

Remember the early '90s?  I lived in a crumbling house with a drunk, a dysfunctional band, an influx of slugs, a man next door who used to appear unannounced at our kitchen window with food no-one would dare eat and a toilet block across the road where men used to have sex with each o...view item »

Glowing Mouth

Ever wondered what it would sound like if Chris Martin fronted The National? Well, wonder no more, because Milagres are here with an LP where they illustrate this exact fantasy scenario. Bit of a Wild Beasts feel in its more interesting moments, too, but what we're looking at here is epic ...view item »

Golden Calves
Collection: Money Band + Century band

Bit of history lesson, this. Before he was Wooden Wand, James Toth put out a couple of weird little Jandek-influenced psych-folk records under the name Golden Calves way back in the mid-'90s. They contained elements of noise influence within their music and played predominantly within the ...view item »

Kurt Vile
Childish Prodigy

Kurt Vile has signed to Matador!!! What a bad ass!!! Ok, Vile put out an awesome record earlier in the year on Woodsist which i thought was mint-os. Now he's kicking it with the big boys and it shows. 'Childish Prodigy' sounds both ambitious and energized whilst maintaining a lo-fi sensibilities. The tracks presented here cover a spectrum of influe...view item »

Buffalo Moon
Selva Surreal

Moon Glyph reappear on my radar with 'Selva Surreal', the debut LP from plucky upstarts Buffalo Moon. I'm pretty sure I've heard these folks before and I remember them giving of the same Stereolab-esque vibe they're nailing on opening tracks 'Vida Canibel' and 'Amores Perros'. It's an aff...view item »

High Places/ Soft Circle

First up this week is a tasty little 12" split from High Places and Soft Circle on PPM. The labels are printed the wrong way around which has caused a little confusion but I think I've sussed it out. Soft Circle is Hisham Bharoocha of Black Dice/Lightning Bolt/Pixeltan who unleashes two dancefloor style party numbers. 'Light Bright' is mutated...view item »


Here are a band that have settled in Brooklyn after decamping from their native cities of Tacoma and Lakewood, WA. I'm actually most enjoying their crisp, moody take on post-Mazzy Star rock. Singer Molly has one of those sultry and nonchalant voices that falls half way between Nina Nastasia...view item »


Twisted are a band from round these parts and they offer a rather Northern take on emo. I'm not saying that they yelp on about pie n' peas but they are from round here so there you go. All songs on this single are quite good. The song structures are taut and the musicianship's competent. I hope they don't think I'm being too harsh and start self ha...view item »

Mike Rep and The Quotas
Stupor Hiatus

Man, i hate it when someone's entire career seems to have passed me by, especially when it's someone as crazy as lo-fi pioneer and mad ranty man Mike Rep. I know fuck all about this guy but he sounds like a genius. I guess he may have come to prominence for his production work with Guided By Voices, Strapping Fieldhands and Times New Viking but ...view item »

Miles Kane
Colour Of The Trap

I was pleasantly surprised when I started listening to Miles Kane. I loved The Last Shadow Puppets so I was excited when I found out the other half of Alex Turner's side project put out a record. On this album, you'll find simple, catchy alternative British rock songs. That's really all there is to it. If you are a fan of the ...view item »

Throwing Up
Mother Knows Best

Not sure what I think of the artwork from this one. It's a beautiful two-colour (risograph? That's certainly what it looks like to me anyway) print of a girl who appears to be puking blood. It's printed both sides, though, with a less lurid collage on the other side, essentially making th...view item »

The Static Jacks
Into The Sun

The Static Jacks are pioneers in the reinventing the sound of early 90's commercially viable rock music. Hailing from New Jersey (of all places) the group have built themselves a reputation supporting the likes of Biffy Clyro, Young The Giant, The Futureheads, Wild Beasts, White Denim and The Wombats creating quite a 'buzz' along the way. L...view item »

Dead Gaze
Dead Gaze

Fat Cat/Palmist have plucked this dude from a Mississippi backwater and brought his catchy songs out of hiding. In some ways a bit all over the place, there seems a unhindered approach to Dead Gaze’s fluid pop-song culture cherry-picking. However, it’s all held together by a fuzzy be...view item »

Carter Tanton

I listened to the rest of this album after catching the waning moments of the opening track on satellite radio. The last few chords struck me, and I was optimistic that there was more attached to them. Damn, was I right. The first track, "Murderous Joy," should have been all over the radio, but I do not recall having heard it anywhere. The songs...view item »

Live At Third Man

There's a nice amount of stage banter and joking (something that a lot of bands don't do enough of) and the energy is served raw, coarse, and foul; It's REAL. I guess the band (or someone in it?) got arrested the same day as this recording and they were late to this show -- that tells you right there about their moods on stage. If you're up in t...view item »

A Classic Education
Call It Blazing

A Classic Education hit us up with their debut after a slew of well received EPs and singles. 'Call It Blazing' sees the Bologna four-piece relocate to Brooklyn, NY to record with acclaimed producer Jarvis Taveniere (Woods, Vivian Girls, Real Estate, Widowspeak, Ganglians). The results ar...view item »

Ghost Eyes
Phantom Mountain

I put this on at the wrong speed at first and thought it was some kind of totally cracking dub pop weirdness, but then Dave went and shattered my illusions by pointing out it should have been at 45. If you do purchase it, I strongly recommend you give the A-side a go on 33rpm. It's still a meaty and unconventional slice of synth pop, though,...view item »


For an EP's worth of material, this is as diverse and lengthy an offering as you're likely to find. If you aren't familiar with Coliseum, it's a tough band to describe, as they tend to not pigeonhole themselves. Are they punk? Sure. Are they hardcore? A little. The confidence exuding from the curveball awesomeness of "Ghost of God", "The Fiery E...view item »

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Having been a fan of Oasis and the surrounding bands (Beady Eye & Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds), this album was going to be an interesting one after Noels first solo LP. The overall feeling of this LP is for me of a much higher standard t...view item »

Gauntlet Hair
Gauntlet Hair

More weird American electronic indie pop with a reverbed tropical sound? Oh go on, you can't have had enough of these kooky kids yet surely? From the sloppy but gregarious sounding opener which carries hefty DNA samples siphoned from Animal Collective and MGMT we're in a delirious peyote ...view item »

Supreme Dicks
The Emotional Plague

If you want to hear the Supreme Dicks before they morphed into their current incarnation, The Superdicks, then this is the disc. This disc captures the old lineup in all of their glory, before the infighting compromised the band. The Kapelovitz led Superdicks do have some of the main members of the old band, but they lack the onstage fury of Jim...view item »

Acid Glasses
My Pale Garden

Acid Glasses is the work of Memphis resident Nick Burk who offers a slightly skewed take on modern psychedelia. This lush composition reminds me of summat like Epic 45 meets Animal Collective. It has a heady concoction of reverbs and loop delays all over the shop. It doesn't outstay its ...view item »


I listened to this after hearing "I Can See The Future". It took a few listens to really appreciate the rest of the record, but it won me over. "Airport '79" is a beautifully wistful song that sounds as if it was scribbled in real-time. The album evokes a number of 'classic rock' artists. "Can I Feel What?" sounds like something Peter Gabriel wo...view item »


You try searching for a Women CD! Anyhoo this album has been out for a while in the US and it's finally surfaced over here now it's all been Pitchforked up. The first time this was played on the stereo I was blown away by it. It's essentially a great experimental rock album but that makes me feel like a bit of a twat so I won't say that. Bi...view item »

Love Inks

Hmmm? Indie pop with a sweet female vocalist, twinkly guitars and drum machine.. Kinda sounds like The xx. Or somewhat similar to Young Marble Giants if you wanna go back to 'da source'. It's a nice tune I've got to say. All pretty and understated and not remotely outstaying its welcome. The B-side mines a similar furrow and although it's also v...view item »

Zechs Marquise
Getting Paid

Zechs Marquise's first album had some really original sounds on it--a great combination of progressive rock, jazz fusion and latin influence--but it was more of a soundtrack to itself than a musical album. Getting Paid is everything that was great about My Delicate Stranded Nightmare, without all of the other random tracks. This album keeps the ...view item »

Booker One Time

Headquarters open up their highly limited vinyl LP debut: Booker One Time ,with such shrill, wonk-tastic delights. Looks like I got all the schizo rock this week. This bunch are seriously deep. Mathy experimental rock w/ schizo vox, hacked fuzz guitar, snaking bass climbing up an imaginary beanstalk and drums played by someone with a multiple pe...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
90 Bisodol (Crimond)

Apart from the demented yelps and mangled proto-raps of Mark E Smith and his rumbling Fall, there's barely a more distinctive sounding (or reassurance giving) English "indie" band than the Biccies, the Wirral's most celebrated musical export. I'm not one for concentrating on lyrics much in music. I find that I miss the hooks, dynamism, textu...view item »

Kill It Kid
Feet Fall Heavy

I listened to this based on the general awesomeness of the song Run. I came to find that there were no others like that song but the rest of the album is rich in character and uniqueness. There is heavy influence from deep southern blues and that is mixed up with rough and loud rock chords, all topped off with other unique flavours and samplings...view item »

Sha-Na-Na / Caocastorous

These guys are well grungey. They're brothers from Bolton and I believe this is their first single. It's got two tracks and comes on a CDr in some pretty crazy packaging with fuzzy felt on the outside and a lurid pop-up card illustration on the inside. As for the music, this is high-energy teen post-grunge stuff. The first song is quite riff...view item »

Again Into Eyes

Comparisons may be lazy but at various times I thought I was listening to some strange montage of Ultravox, Soft Cell, My Bloody Valentine and Ulrich Schnauss. That said, this is not another lame shoegaze effort. Tracks 2-4 show remarkable facility in gnarly guitar, dreamy percussive muteness and vocals with echoey resonance. All very compelling...view item »

Stephin Merritt

Stephin Merritt has a way of clinging to my brainstem as though it's a vine in a jungle, and he's a monkey bent on boosting all of the bananas in my brain. Obscurities, a collection of Stephin Merritt B-Sides. For most artists, B-sides are a form of refuse from a recording session - leftovers, material for the vault, or even waste products in so...view item »

Mister Heavenly
Out Of Love

I love that mix of old-fashioned, nostalgic sound with the new and modern and I'm always a fan of good lyrics. I would have given it five stars, except (and this is more personal taste than a comment on relative worth or value of the record) I tend to skip a full third of the album's songs. Not that they're bad, they're just a bit boring or not ...view item »

Male Bonding
Endless Now

I've got a problem with Male Bonding. I know they're the new big thing and everyone is excited and they've collaborated with the Vivian Girls and they've written a song with Rivers Cuomo (one of the biggest disappointments in indie rock history...I'm mean what the fuck happened dude?) but it just doesn't make any...view item »

Big Deal
Lights Out

London duo debut of indie guitar pop/rock with a dreamy, muscular and melodic beauty. There's something very endearing, quietly bewitching about these songs, as they're led by gorgeously captivating male/female vocal interplay filtered through a slightly muddy, austere and delicate atmosphere. Something like a mix of Wye Oak, Beach House, She &a...view item »

The Icarus Line

Wildlife by The Icarus Line is not their best album. It could be their worst album, actually. But the band itself is perfect. The Icarus Line have existed for over 10 years now and should be a hugely successful band but they're not, which is a load of shit. Between 'liberating' Stevie Ray Vaughan's...view item »


We have a debut CD in by Diastole which started off sounding like Big Country and then the vocals came in and it stopped doing that. The Diastole EP isn't a bad debut by any means. The thing which lets this down is the weak production which manages to remove any energy or vitality that may be present and makes it all a bit wet let...view item »

Cymbals Eat Guitars
Lenses Alien

Tearing me away from the Joey Barton twitter feed (current subjects: being transferred to QPR against his wishes, becoming environmentally friendly, Shearer's hair) is this new record from Cymbals Eat Guitars. What the Metronomy-loving Barton would think of this racket remains to be se...view item »

At Last An Atlas
From Which We Were Raised

Finally from me a CD on Slow Loris by At Last an Atlas. called 'From Which We We Raised' - the first thing to note is that its a gorgeous looking thing and the typeset will probably get in the Clinton famous top 5 fonts of the year chart rundown. The music is mellow, minimilist home spun pop music with beat box type rhythms, simple organ and guitar...view item »

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Mirror Traffic

Shit yeah, this more like it! Summer prison is getting me down real low, so a little waxy reminder of why I even bother getting up in the morning to serve this evil fucker we all know too well as the music industry is obviously welcomed. Malkmus and his bunch of merry Jicks return wi...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Hi it's me, the "turdlinger" who doesn't like 'Do You Wanna' by Franz Ferdinand. Whoever wrote that gave us a right giggle. More insults/death threats ASAP please! They've proper got groovy on their "difficult" 3rd album, Tonight. The production by Dan Carey is super sharp on this album! 'Turn it On', the 2nd track (ignoring tha...view item »

A Medic

First up this week is 'A.Medic' by Disconcerts, a heavily tipped post punk group from London town. These guys are tearing it up '78 style! The drums sound like tin pots played by some hyperactive teen fueled by cider and cheap speed, the bass player serves up the the melody that perfectly compliment the aggravated vocal outbursts and razor sharp gu...view item »

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