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Soul Coughing
Ruby Vroom

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Parquet Courts
Sunbathing Animal (single)

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The Wedding Present
Live 2007

Imagine the scene. You’ve waited a lifetime for the Wedding Present to play ‘George Best’ in its entirety and it’s finally happening. You and thousands of others are baying for the band to take the stage and then you hear…..”Oh why do you catch my eye, then turn away?”. It’s the greatest moment of your life and you can now relive it with this marvellous CD which captured the sounds the smells of the Wedding Present live in 2007.  

The Charlatans
Different Days

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Bressa Creeting Cake
Bressa Creeting Cake

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Channel One
Accelerate : Brake

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Damn Vandals
This Amazing

  • Vinyl 7" (SEXYBEAST9)
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Gut Reaction/ Mallard

  • Vinyl 7" (MNKR002)
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A Place You Like

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More Exits To Garageland

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The Last Of The Lovely Days
Just A Chance / There Are No Words

The Last Of The Lovely Days are a new post-punk group built around the songs of Annie O’Rourke and also featuring musicians from The Others and Smile Down Upon Us. They make their debut with this double A-side 7” single of big melodic action. Just A Chance / There Are No Words is released by Just Lust Records.

The War On Drugs
Future Weather

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Marcus Norberg & The Disappointments
Heal The World

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“Menacing” and “Punishing” are common words when you search for this Dublin based trio. And.. well, they aren’t wrong. Think of Swans with a leaning towards Neu! krautrock driving rhythms. Swirls of loops and feedback clash and gather, falling in and out of harmony with a solid bass and drum to follow.

Lush Purr
Cuckoo Waltz

If you, like me, were devastated when the Yawns split up then the related Lush Purr offer some hope for a better future. They make dreamy lo-fi pop that has an off kilter feel about it with nods to Cowtown, Bis and Urusei Yatsura. Why does so much good music come out of Scotland? I don't know. It just does.  

The Test Of Time

Funny how things come back round. German indie imprint A Turntable Friend were all but forgotten despite releasing a plethora of cool indie 7"s in the early '90s. They returned last year with an excellent single by Wakefield's Drahla and look to again become a force of good in indie circles. Here is a compilation of the best bits of their early releases and includes great bands such as Hellfire Sermons, Lorelei, Boyracer and most importantly Bomb Pops 'Girl Daredevil' which I'm here going to declare as the best indie pop song ever written. All proceeds to charity. 

Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes eponymous debut album was released to great critical acclaim in 2008. Big things were expected after the release of the Sun Giant EP and the band duly delivered. By the end of 2008, they were the band on everyone’s lips and the album was appearing on critics Albums of the Year lists on both sides of the Atlantic, more often than not at number 1.

Fleet Foxes
Helplessness Blues

CD and double-vinyl re-issue of Helplessness Blues, the sprawling second album from indie/folk sensations Fleet Foxes and which had the unenviable task of following one of the most beloved debuts of the Noughties and whose recording triggered a lengthy hiatus. Also the last Fleet Foxes album to include a certain Mr Josh Tillman... 

Blown Rose EP

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The Telescopes
As Light Return

For the Telescopes Stephen Lawrie the familiar nostalgia circuit. He could, if wanted, get out on the road and play the shoegaze classics from the first couple of albums but no, this singular artist continues to stretch out into unknown waters. This new album features oscillating noise, feedback and out there detachment straddling the line between noise based songcraft and freeform impressionism 

Passion Pusher

Yay! Full on Beat Happening distorted lo-fi pop fun from this Edinburgh based sludge purveyor. What a bloody racket. He hollers through a distorted mic above the sort of two chord thrash made acceptable by Jonathan Richman and later fashioned into indie-pop by Scotland's own the Pastels. A filthy twee-pop racket. 

Breakfast Muff

Leading with their Baby Boomers/R U A Feminist single Glaswegian DIY punks Breakfast Muff return to the Amour Foo label with their third album, and first one on vinyl. Made up of members from Hairband, Rapid Tan, and Spinning Coin, on Eurgh! They fight back at the mean spirited who masquerade as feminists.

Broken Social Scene
Hug of Thunder

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A Walk With Love & Death

A Walk With Love & Death is a brand new album by Melvins in trio mode, and its a double! Split into a Death disc and a Love disc, and featuring guest appearances from the likes of The Pixies’ Joey Santiago and Teri Gender Bender, these hefty slabs of Melvins show off different angles of what this amazing band can do. Double CD and double LP editions, each housed in a sturdy box. On Ipecac.

Beau And The Arrows

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Danimal Kingdom
Vinyl Skipping Ever Backwards / Through The Ice

  • Vinyl 7" (HP0067)
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C88 - Deluxe 3CD Box Set

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R Stevie Moore
Personal Appeal

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Stoner Witch

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Edie Sedgwick
Things Are Getting Sinister &; Sinisterer

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Ghost Outfit
I Want You To Destroy Me

  • CD (SWAYS020)
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Shapeshifter / Bloodlines

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Grace Sings Sludge
Life With Dick

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Panther In The Dollhouse

This is the sort of glam tinged cinematic rock you might expect from the '90s  - you know post Pulp and Beck all that but Whitehorse (must stop calling them Whitehouse) are from now and are from Canada. They mix up sleaze rock, lo-fi, surf rock and lethal riffs which has already earned them a Juno award on which they performed on telly in front of millions.  

Beau And The Arrows

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Still Here

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Timber Timbre / Ferris Wheel
Black Water / Dusty Gentle Creature

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Matthew C H Tong/ Wet Paint
Present & Correct/ Dead Night

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Sorry Escalator
Generation Winter / Street Corner Absurdity

Dark and mysterious, Sorry Escalator are not one bit apologetic for their no-compromise approach in creating danceable-yet-twisted indie melodies. This pulsating release, Generation Winter/Street Corner Absurdity, signals the bands changing direction in tandem with joining a new label.

FIve! Fast!! Hits!!!
Mr. Marone

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Channel Cairo
Elephant Room

  • Vinyl 7" (LFC003)
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Fool's Gold
Leave No Trace

Kane Strang
Two Hearts and No Brain

The first properly distributed LP by lo-fi pop hopeful Kane Strang who writes catchy and radio ready themes that would appeal to fans of Car Seat Headrest and Alex G. These are slick and polished vignettes which could see Strang become your new favourite 90’s slacker revivalist. Out on the increasingly powerful Dead Oceans. 

J. Bernardt
Wicked Streets / On Fire

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Peter Perrett
How The West Was Won

Peter Perrett was of course singer in the Only Ones who were most famous for the monumental 'Another Girl, Another Planet'. Here he returns with his sons in tow for his first music in over twenty years. The gentle Lou Reed ish compositions are overlaid with his distinctive drawled vocals. The sort of music that couldn't be made by anyone without an addiction to heroin and sunglasses.   

Hot Sauce Pony / Gaygirl
Fenced In / Dance To Death

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Alternative Facts

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Fir Cone Children
No Gravity Girls

Fir Cone Children are the kind of band whose attention span is so short that they whip through 13 songs in just 28 minutes. They play catchy punked up twee-pop that is full of exuberant optimism with the sort of melodies that should really be written by grown ups. File alongside the Lovely Eggs as the sort of kidults it's ok to take to meet the kids.  

Milk Maid
Dead Wrong

  • Vinyl 7" (7FAT103)
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Home Blitz
A.T.K./ Last Cycle

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Stress Test

  • Vinyl LP (013)
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The Hollows
Hot Sand

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Lo Tom
Lo Tom

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Peak Twins / Scott & Charlene's Wedding

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Bent Knee
Land Animal

Boston based Bent Knee blend jazz, post rock, epic and chamber pop. Think Chrome Hoof, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble with a London Grammar huge pop punch. Moving to Inside Out Music for their fourth full length Land Animal boasts this grandeur more than ever, switching between huge jazzed up Muse-like chorus chords and delicate indie pop. Hair-raising.

The Lee Harvey Oswald Band

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NYC's proud lineage of jangle nods in approval as Rips make a chiming rock record full of watery guitar hooks and ramshackle virtuosity. Recorded at a scruffy fidelity with a half-snarly, half-sad vocal clamouring its way through the riffs, they make the kinda summer sentimentality you'll like as fans of Horsebeach, Hoops and Beach Fossils.

Hot Thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen - Spoon are back! After months of speculation, they return in 2017 with Hot Thoughts - a colourful and sonically inventive episode from the weathered Texans, but written in its entirety by Britt Daniel himself. After 24 years of indie rock innovation, these Austin-based veterans still know how to sound completely fresh and relevant.

Animal Youth

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The Babies
Our House On The Hill

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Hurtling / Creepyneighbour
Feel It / Be Friends

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Katie Ellen
Cowgirl Blues

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Family Portrait
Dark Roast EP

I Don't Got

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Italian Horn
The Bells of Spring

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Frankie Rose
Cage Tropical

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Rome Is Not A Town
Careful Like You Cared

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Weather Diaries

Much like Take That, Ride were popular and much-loved in their earlier days and following a long hiatus made a successful comeback where one of them was wearing a hat. Here, finally are the first fruits of their new work which was rather unfathomably produced by DJ, producer and remix man Erol Alkan. How will these lords of shoegaze fare in middle age? We’ll find out soon.  


  • CD (BAY81CD)
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Emerging as a mix of Ice Sea Dead People and Kill Kenada, Dancehall's new post-punk fashion is portrayed with brilliance in their new single "Virgin". Dark lyrics, stabbing guitar riffs, and burning vocals alongside the mammoth like stomps of the bass drum. This single is primed and ready to blow up.

Mark Wynn
More Singles...

Typically perfect for fans of The Fall, Patrik Fitzgerald and many other late 20th Century post-punk outfits, More Singles... is another slice of Mark Wynn's vast back-catalogue. Featuring hits such as 'And Dave Went Mental' and 'Bill Burroughs Was My Baby', this is an essential for any fan.

Kurt Vile
Square Shells EP

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Kurt Vile
So Outta Reach

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Alex Lahey
B-Grade University

Alex Lahey has recently been voted best female artist at the Australian Age Music Awards beating Dame Edna Everage who has won it for the past 27. Her music is playful and fun grunge pop that you can imagine would sound very good on the radio when the sun is shining. Commercially-aimed but with enough sass to justify the hype. 

Shadow Expert

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The Drums
Abysmal Thoughts

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The Louche FC

  • Vinyl 7" (Sways012)
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Graham Coxon
What'll It Take

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David Nance
Negative Boogie

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Big Black Delta

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Simon Joyner & David Nance
Goats Head Soup

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Pega Monstro
Casa De Cima

Pega Monstro are a Portuguese sister duo based in Lisbon, producing dreamy-thrashy guitar-drums-vocals music from (on this album) a house in the mountains. Casa De Cima obviously benefits from the powerful and intimate familial bond between the two Reis sisters, but the record is firmly outward-looking, staring down the world and daring it to bring it on. Released by Upset The Rhythm.

Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91)

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Jason Loewenstein
Spooky Action

Here is the first solo album in 15 years from the 'other one' in Sebadoh. Whilst Lou Barlow always had his pop chops to hand, Loewenstein was a bit more ragged and out there and so it proves on this album of inventive grungy pop with hints of Beefheart in some of tangled guitar playing. Sebadoh fans, you need to be on board. 

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