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La Sera
Hour Of The Dawn

On the newest La Sera album, the former Vivian Girl who's not a Baby, Katy Goodman, heads into a harder-edged full-band territory than her previous bedroom efforts. She talks in the press release about being influenced by The Pretenders and The Sm...view item »

Hollywood Holidays - The Classic 1991 Radio Broadcast

Pixies continue to release every other record in existence with Hollywood Holidays - The Classic 1991 Radio Broadcast, which offers up a recording of a show they played the year they made like the Ramones and said adiós amigos. Following on from the release of final rec...view item »

Fort George EP

I’ve seen plenty of different colours of vinyl in my time, but ‘beer’ coloured vinyl? Fantastic. The reason for that is that Fort George is a brewery, and this EP of tracks from the Suicide Squeeze label has been pressed to accompany their new Suicide Squeeze IPA! Very neat. I’d like to see a lot more col...view item »

Secret Cities
Walk Me Home

After nine long years of making music together, Secret Cities have finally made an album with all three of them in the same room. 'Walk Me Home' is a gentle bit of indie rock with boy/girl vocals and a chameleon-esque changeability, although the songs are without exception smooth and pleasant. Sometimes they're opting for windswept ...view item »

The DeSoto Caucus
The DeSoto Caucus

Liked this one immediately. These lads are part of the Giant Sand touring band and have played with Lambchop and assorted alt country types. Some of this type of music I find rather dull but like a lot of affilate Howe Gelb’s projects ther...view item »

The Mariner's Children

“Sycamore trees, I’m sycamore trees”, my dad once said in a moment of ‘wit’. What we have here is lollopy folk. One part Pentangle, one part Mumford. There’s a lot of this stuff about, often with a nautical theme it seems. What is it with this sea obsession? It’...view item »

British Sea Power
Machineries Of Joy

Here’s British Sea Power, back with their fifth album of sweeping and cinematic indie rock. These guys have been going for years and very much settled into their niche by now, effortlessly knocking out a fresh batch of confident pop ballads and angular indie rock anthems. It’s very slick...view item »

Sleep Kit
Sleep Kit

This is sounding good, its a one sided 12" by these German noiseniks onto which they manage to cram five tracks. Taking their principal cue from Sonic Youth it has all those screwdriver-in-the-guitar wierdly tuned things but married to a plaintive vocal which comes across more Jawbre...view item »

The Horrors

Epic indie poppers it's okay to like The Horrors are back this week, and since their new album hasn't arrived in the office yet I'm reviewing it from a test-pressing which we're giving away to a competition winner. I feel like I'm killing a unicorn. Don't worry though, dear competition winner, I'm wearing my special silk reviewing gloves. ...view item »

The Hive Dwellers

K Records honcho Calvin Johnson and his Hive Dwellers are back this week with another album of their deconstructed rock'n'roll country indie lo-fi minimal pop. They've got quite a bare bones thrown-together sound, with everything non-essential disposed of until only the very essence of the song remains. After a slightly shaky start they ...view item »

The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project
Axels & Sockets

The Gun Club were a kind of blitzkrieg punk blues group out of LA, an influence on a whole host of people such as R.E.M, The White Stripes and the nascent alt-country movement. Leader Jeffrey Lee Pierce succumbed to a stroke back in 1996 and it...view item »

Survival Knife
Loose Power

Glacial Pace Recordings brings us the debut album by Survival Knife, featuring ex Unwound lads Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno together with long time friends Kris and Meg Cunningham, ‘Loose Power’ follows on from a couple of successful singles on both ...view item »

The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett

Eels 13th album and Mark Everett’s 16th release, The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett was inspired by a vaguely explained (by Everett) personal loss and the regret he felt in the aftermath. The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett is available on clear do...view item »


Stallone are heavy, fast and technically proficient. Their talent is showcased on their debut 7-track mini-LP Mire. This will appeal to fans of bands like Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan. The album was recorded by Lewis Johns (Vales, ...view item »

The Amazing Snakeheads
Amphetamine Ballads

Aren't there a lot of Birthday Party-inspired bands popping up at the moment? It's like an epidemic! It seems to be what people want to hear, though, given how popular the likes of Fat White Family and Protomartyr are amongst today's y...view item »

Bed Rugs
8th Cloud

Taking their name from the Coen Brothers' classic movie, The Big Lebowski, and taking their musical inspiration from Revolver-era Beatles, Bed Rugs make glorious psychedelic nuggets of guitar pop. 8th Cloud is their full-length debut following on from 2013’s mini album, Rapids...view item »

Dark Arc

Saintseneca are an emo-tinged indie rock and folk act from Ohio, with principle songwriter Zac Little leading the way. Their Americana reflects the ambitions and uncaring attitude of folk punk artists old and new. 'Dark Arc' is their first record for ANTI-, and adds more flourishes and orchestrations into the mix, for good measure....view item »

Nine Black Alps
Candy For The Clown

Hailing from rainy Manchester, Nine Black Alps have been delighting us with their brand of English indie-grunge since 2003. Candy For The Clowns is their fifth album and is guaranteed not to disappoint. Features the singles Novokaine and Supermarket Clothes. Candy For Th...view item »

Trophy Scars
Holy Vacants

I now feel terribly sorry for Chris Garneau. I've just got extremely irritated by his album and its lack of originality but compared to this monstrosity its perfectly serviceable. Phil passed this to me saying it was noisy but 'pretty good', having sat through an intermidable guitar solo I'm possibly inclined to disagree. Opener 'Extant' has now...view item »

The Crookes

Sheffield four-piece The Crookes met, whilst probably quite drunk, at the Fuzz Club in the city. Soapbox was recorded in Italy in an old church on top of mountain. The band have been fairly prolific since their 2010 inception, releasing a mini album, two full length albums and a single before their latest offering, ...view item »

More Than Life
What’s Left Of Me

What’s Left Of Me is the new album by More Than Life, or MTL to their friends. More Than Life have been operating successfully as part of the UK underground scene for while now, piling up YouTube views and having their vinyl repressed to cope with demand of shifting units. What’s Left of...view item »

Now Is What Matters Now

Despite being quietly influential all over the world since they formed in 1990, Gameface have managed to elude the media attention given to their peers. Now Is What Matters Now is the sixth album from the poppy rockin’ punkers. The album was produced by Eric Stenman who has also worked with the likes of ...view item »


Here’s a new 7” complete with Nirvana-aping sleeve from grungey duo '68. Their sound is somewhere between the aforementioned grungers and fellow Sub Poppers the Murder City Devils, but in that redux two-piece style. Don’t let their lack of personnel fool ...view item »

The Drones
The Miller's Daughter

The Miller's Daughter is the third release by Australia's most Australian band (that aren't a load of shit) The Drones. If you're familiar with The Drones in the slightest, you know what you're getting in for with this album, which is basically loud guitars, yelling, and some of the best lyrics you've ever heard....view item »

The Wolfhounds
Anthem / Middle-Aged Freak

Indie rockers The Wolfhounds formed in Romford in 1985. The band split, or went on hiatus, in 1990 after releasing four albums. Anthem/Middle Aged Freaks is the third single they have released since their reformation in 2005, following on from Cheer Up and Divide and Fall, which both received great cri...view item »

Faith No More
Album Of The Year

To coincide with 2015’s Sol Invictus, Faith No More’s first album in 18 years, the band embarked on a reissue program. That now draws to an end with the re-release of their 1997 album and predecessor, of sorts, to the aforementioned Sol Invictus, Album Of The Year. This reissue contains a s...view item »

Band of Skulls

Himalayan is the third studio album from saviours of British rock, Band Of Skulls. Their powerful blues riffs, pitch-perfect vocal harmonies and tight playing was overseen by the expertise of producer Nick Launay, who has worked with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, am...view item »

the abc club
Thieving Magpie

Things to Make And Do have a couple of 7”s out this week, both by Leeds bands. There’s one from Blood Oranges and this little indie-pop gem from The ABC Club. Can’t tell you much about the band to be honest. I’ve never seen them and factual information is scarce online but I’m Lee...view item »

Chelsea Light Moving
Chelsea Light Moving

It’s supergroup time again! This time round we’ve got veteran Sonic Youthite Thurston Moore joining forces with Keith “Hush Arbors” Wood on second guitar, John “Pegasus” Moloney on drums, an...view item »

The Coathangers
Suck My Shirt

These lady garage punkers are now onto their fourth full length album. ‘Suck My Shirt’ released on Suicide Squeeze Records is a brash but intelligent collection of riot grrrl noise, the riffs are simple but effective and the art rock style vocals give it more of a post punk vibe than out and out garage nonsense. Tracks like &...view item »

Money / Crawling

For a brief chilling second I thought this was a new record by Money, a band I don't like. Happy to report that it is no such thing, it's just a song called 'Money' by this band Life. These 'Ull 'opefuls have gone down to London and recorded this with a Kaiser Chief and it's a bouncy...view item »

Dead Rider
Chills On Glass

Can a dead man make music? Can he still ride horses? Nobody knows, and honestly these questions give me the chills. On glass. Chills on Glass. By Dead Rider. On their newest album, they stray from their old sound once again, creating new music in the contrast between several extremes, always innovating and always leavin...view item »

Here's Where the Strings Come In

Merge Records reissues what may or may-not be Superchunk’s greatest album. From 1995, revisit canonical indie-rock hits like ‘Hyper Enough’ and ‘Sunshine State’ on cd and vinyl from the comfort of your own home. Newly package and remastered, there&r...view item »

Indoor Living

It's very easy to read an song or album's title as a mission statement for the music contained within. Whereas this can often be a misnomer (looking at Mogwai) it seems to be appropriate here. On Superchunk's 6th album proper the album begins and ends on some contemplative placid and ...view item »

No Pocky For Kitty

'No Poky For Kitty' is Chapel Hill indie rock kids Superchunk's second studio album. Produced and recorded by Steve Albini in 1991, this sophomore/college rock classic quickly became a fan favourite. Albini is not credited on the record; instead, the linear notes credit the record as, 'Produced with eyes closed by Laura, who sat in the right cha...view item »

On the Mouth

Superchunk’s classic third album On The Mouth was originally released in 1993. It was recorded in L.A. with Rocket From The Crypt’s John Reis in the producer’s chair. On The Mouth features the Superchunk favourites The Question Is How Fast...view item »


Superchunk’s fourth album Foolish has been remastered from the original master tapes by Jason Ward. Foolish was originally produced by Brian Paulson who has also worked with Wilco and Slint. Includes the singles Driveway to Driveway and The First Part....view item »

The Take Off And Landing Of Everything

Another Elbow album, their 6th. The Take Off And Landing Of Everything follows the platinum album Build A Rocket Boys and is likely to continue their ascent into superstardom. Jimi Goodwin from Doves and Manchester’s Halle Orchestra make guest appear...view item »

Vertical Scratchers
Daughter of Everything

Here's a very interesting new duo! Vertical Scratchers is the super-team of John Schmersal (Brainiac/Enon) and Christian Beaulieu (Triclops!/Anywhere) who've suddenly materialised on my horizons with this 15-tracker ...view item »

Blood Red Shoes
Blood Red Shoes

I notice that now, on their fourth album, Blood Red Shoes have opted to go down the self-titled album route. Perhaps they feel this is their defining statement, perhaps they couldn't think of anything good enough in time. It's not for me to judge. Either way there's another album of their strident Kills-meets-...view item »

Sargent Place

Sargent Place is the 7th studio album by slowcore legends Spain. The album is regarded as being the Los Angeles four-piece’s best work since their 1995 debut, The Blue Moods Of Spain. The band are fronted by Josh Haden who is the son of jazz legend Charlie Haden. Sargent Place features a ...view item »

Blame Confusion

Solids are a duo from Montreal, weaned on '90s bands like Sonic Youth, Superchunk and Dinosaur Jr. They have an understanding that melodies are best served once they have had to drive their way through walls of distorted guitars, sweat and blood. Blame Confusion&nb...view item »

Jimbo Mathus & The Tri-State Coalition
Dark Night of the Soul

Jimbo Mathus was a founding member of The Squirrel Nut Zippers, a kind of rootsy-jazzy-rock ‘n’ roll band who were a success in the US. Dark Night Of The Soul by Jimbo Mathus and the Tri-State Coalition is more of a raw rock record, the sound coming from the live recording o...view item »

Guilty Of Everything

Guilty Of Everything is the debut album by Nothing. despite being signed to metal label, Relapse Records, Nothing take their cues from shoegazing maestros My Bloody Valentine and the arena alt. rock of Smashing Pumpkins. The heavy swathes of guitars, introspective, dark lyrics are offse...view item »

Thalia Zedek

Thalia Zedek is back again this week with this six-song mini album. I'm particularly enjoying the opening track, a moody trudge of dolefully ringing electric guitar, big dramatic piano chords and of course Zedek's vocals sitting atop everything with a weary forcefulness. There's a bunch of scrapey violin on this track which sounds like Warren El...view item »

Arthur Beatrice

Arthur Beatrice sounds like the name of a man, but this isn't a man singing on this record. Further research indicates that Arthur Beatrice is in fact a four-piece, with vocalist Ella Girardot backed by a man called Orlando Leopard and two brothers called Elliot and Hamish. 'Midland' is their new single, and it's a slick and understated ...view item »

Arthur Beatrice
Working Out

Working Out is the new album by English indie-poppers Arthur Beatrice. The band Formed in 2010 and were awarded the accolade of the Guardian’s New Band Of The Day in 2011. They have been compared to The Sundays, The Smiths and The XX but all you really need to kno...view item »

Blood Of The Bull
Bend Over

There are four songs of indie rock on this 12" EP. It's quite a simple aesthetic - chunky fuzz guitar, Doorsy organ playing and simple Meg White-esque drumming, with Hillary Van Scoy (who also played all the instruments) leading it all with her strangely sing-song voice whose tones blend with the organ in a really strange, almost unnerving way w...view item »

Guided By Voices
Motivational Jumpsuit

They may be noted as one of the more prolific bands in rock but of late I’ve wondered if their albums really are albums at all. They all seem to have about 8 or 9 great tracks and a slew of filler that you’ll just skip next time you play it. ‘Class Clown Spots a UFO’ was a stone cold classic, start to finish but o...view item »

Girl Trouble
Hit It Or Quit It

Interesting reissue alert! As you are probably aware by now, grunge is officially back. We've got youngsters like Cloud Nothings, Henry Blacker, Dope Body and Kal Marks turning up and injecting new life and per...view item »

Les Claypool's Duo De Twang
Four Foot Shack

Plank-slapping goofball Les Claypool's oddball funk-rockers Primus are one of the ultimate "Marmite" bands, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers multiplied by Ween - few people will deny there's talent on display, but their refusal to take themsel...view item »

Maximo Park
Too Much Information

There was something about the early Maximo Park that suggested that they could become one of my favourite bands. Their North Eastern accents, the obtuse lyrics about the Northumbrian coastline and pit villages, just the merest hint of Prefab Sprout. But then everything went rather bland and boring and I lost...view item »

Beat Hotel (featuring Jim Shepherd)
Best of Our Years / The Fire

It says ‘featuring Jim Shepherd’ all over it but I didn’t know who Jim Shepherd was. Turns out he was the lead singer in the Jasmine Minks. It also features a host of other luminaries from the era, the one from The Weather Prophets...view item »

The Stone Roses
Turns Into Stone

Turns To Stone is an odds and ends compilation that has become a classic in it’s own right. It gathers up the singles, B-sides and other material that The Stone Roses couldn’t squeeze onto their debut album. Containing favourites like ‘One Love’, ‘Elephant Stone’ and ‘Fool&rsquo...view item »


Raised in the Welsh Valley’s, lead Drowner Matthew Hitt (aka ’the Hittmaker’) relocated to grimy old New York to kick start his music career  and by the reaction to the debut single ‘Between Us Girls’ which sold about a million copies then he may have stumbled onto something. That something seems to be ...view item »

The Rifles
None The Wiser

None The Wiser is the fourth studio album from indie/mod rockers The Rifles. The album was recorded by the reformed original lineup of Joel Stoker, Lucas Crowther, Grant Marsh and Robert Pine. Celebrity fans include Paul Weller and Oasis and the production team have previously worked wi...view item »

Matt Pryor
Wrist Slitter

Former frontman of The Get Up Kids, Matt Pryor was attempting to write a sad album when conceiving Wrist Slitter but he believes that it ended up being exactly the opposite. Matt Pryor has recorded an album that holds dear all of the melodic tendencies of ...view item »

You Me At Six
Cavalier Youth

You Me At Six just get bigger and bigger with their new album Cavalier Youth set to send them stratospheric. Prior to the release of their new album they have just completed their first headline US tour and had their biggest UK chart hit, things are on the up for this young rock band from Surrey. Availab...view item »


Hospitality's self-titled debut album completely passed me by when it first came out, but now that we're finally getting acquainted I have to admit I'm enjoying what they have to offer. Fronted by big-voiced singer/guitarist Amber Papini, this trio are conjuring up a '90s-indebted indiepop which runs the gamut from spiky guitar-led power-pop to ...view item »

Marijuana Deathsquads
Oh My Sexy Lord

Mad assed album this, loved it for the last two weeks. The main thing that captures you is the brooding apocalyptic nature of their music which weighs in some place between Crystal Castles, Schizo Fun Addict and early Holy Fuck. Live pulverising drums, eerie electronics, vintage synths and nightmare-ish effects-laden vocals result in a strange a...view item »

Subliminal Plastic Motives

Self is a band which combines many different styles of modern music, the thing that ties it all together is Matt Mahaffey's knack for seeding pop hooks within music that typically lives on the indie borderlands. This album is definitely a slice out of the mid 1990's, and should be looked upon as such. Think Beck's Odelay, Weezer's Blue Album, Go...view item »

Mutual Benefit
Love's Crushing Diamond

This promo has an endorsement from Pitchfork incorporated into the artwork. I just saw their end of year lists; a grim indictment of the current state of commercial indie rock. It does however give you a decent idea of what this will sound like. Mutual Benefit are peddling a dreamy kind of indie rock with shades of ...view item »


It’s taken me a minute to twig what this CD reminds me of. There’s heavily reverbed guitars, mechanistic drum beats and a post-punky coldness which clearly owes a debt to the likes of Joy Division and Echo and The Bunnymen. It hit me in the end, though...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Live From KCRW

A stripped down Bad Seeds and Cave recorded in front of an intimate audience. You know what to expect, and it doesn't disappoint. Push the Sky Away was one of last years best records for me, which was a bit of a surprise since ole Nick has been making records long enough now that he should either be doing his vers...view item »


Can’t get to grips with the cover of the record which seems to be a rubbishy acid face the colour of the Jamaican flag with nods to the artwork to the first Tom Tom Club record. A mess, basically. Musically, what we have is a Neanderthal, grunting punk blast with growly male vocals with some screechy female vocals responding in kin...view item »


After a bunch of sold out singles and mucho hype the debut Toy album has landed on our shores courtesy of Heavenly who I’m sure are hoping it sells a bucketload. I guess that goes without say...view item »

Robert Pollard
Blazing Gentlemen

It’s great being a Guided By Voices fan. You certainly never have to wait too long before they drop another batch of great songs on LP, EP or even the humble seven inch (normally about 10 releases in the space of a few months!) and for a few years now we've even been getting the added bonus of Pollard...view item »

Tres Cabrones

The MELVINS are busy lads. Eager to keep things interesting whilst maintaining their daft work ethic ‘Tres Cabrones’ sees Buzzo and Crover reunite with original drummer Mike Dillard under the guise of Melvins 1983. It’s not strict reunion as such but it’s a close as the lads are willing to get and, of course, having Dale ...view item »

The Whigs
Enjoy The Company

The Whigs have dropped some of their guitar frenzy on this disc. Vocalist Parker Gispert brings in some great songs on this set in, the pedal steel of "Tiny Treasures", "Waiting", clips by in a good pace, "Summer Heat", a great song, with nice bass work by Tim Deaux, "Staying Alive", a diving pop-rocker, which reminded me the late 80's band ...view item »

No Middle Name
No Middle Name

Solo project of David Bailey from The Title Sequence, released on Mollusc Records. Friends of David all expected him to come out with an introspective acoustic album (as most indie-rock singers tend to do) but instead he's treated us to this pleasant, lo-f...view item »

Five Spanish Songs

Destroyer’s Dan Bejar seems bored with the English language. Therefore he has decided to sing the songs from this new EP in Spanish. I’d suggest that a lot of the point of subtle, nuanced music (such as his) is in connecting with the lyrical content. Therefore, to those of us stuck with English...view item »

Brendan Benson
You Were Right

"You Were Right", The sixth album by Brendan Benson opens with "It's Your Choice", a great song that is reminiscent of any good stuff Steve Miller Band did. (There was some....Jet Airliner?) Like it's predecessor, "What Kind Of World", this is choc-full of great alt-pop. "Rejuvenate Me" and "As Of Tonight" continue on from the opener to make a t...view item »

Robert Haagsma
Passion For Vinyl (A Tribute To All Who Dig The Groove)

I have to say, as a long-time vinyl collector (Nine years this year) and as a fan of many different types of music, this book really blows me away in it's diversity and it's representation of what many consider not just an addiction, but a passion - Collecting vinyl records, all sizes, all genres across many different labels. I only own a modest...view item »

The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries
Mass. Grave

A supergroup featuring the talents of Chris Brokaw (Come, Codeine), the mighty Bob Weston (Shellac, Mission Of Burma) and Elisha Wiesner (Kahoots) is gonna be pretty tasty no matter what it s...view item »

Fellow Travelers

Featuring former members of Okkervil River, Shearwater originally knocked this record out just to pass the time between full length albums but it’s ended up being a full-on, bona fide release. Covers albums can often be either a little too tongue-in-cheek or too pompous for their own good. &lsquo...view item »


Weezer indebted Twinsmith follow their self-released debut album with Honestly. A well produced slice of radio-friendly pop. B-Side features "1 30" and "Big Deal". Perhaps thinks it's catchier than it is. Out on vinyl 7” on Saddle Creek. Limited to fifty copies in the UK....view item »

The Strypes

It's really encouraging to hear such great rock and roll from these young ones. While their style draws from a number of 60's bands, it's obvious they get most of their material from the mid 70's pub rockers, Dr. Feelgood in particular (several of the songs on this album are ones Feelgood also covered). I'm glad they're so young because that mea...view item »

Big Sister
Lets Go Fly A Kite / Step Outside

Big Sister are Nico and Joahnna Curwood on vocals and guitar and Remi Lamarcq on bass. Loud noise-fired guitars fuelled by a love for the wah wah pedal not matched since the heady days of Eddie Hazel of Funkadelic. On Crocodile Records, who have vowed to smooth the edges off raw bands and send their music out ju...view item »


What to make of Midlake. A bunch of bearded Texan’s whose sole remit seems to be to sound as much like early 70’s folk proggers Caravan and their Canterbury scene rivals  as humanly possible. From their early beginnings as a kind of Fleetwood Mac tribute act, &lsq...view item »

Pearl Jam
Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam’s album Lightning Bolt, unfortunately not named for the avant-metal band, is a comfortable listen for fans of the old rock 'n' roll sound of the band, without being too precious or uptight about it. Recommended for anyone who is a big fan of Vedder’s talent of singing through the nostrils. On ...view item »


Blouse have made an uncommon move on this, their second for Captured Tracks. Dreamy shoegazers are more commonly found adding layers of synths, electronics, and drum machines as they go on - on Imperium these guys have stripped all that away. Makes for a more rockin' take on their sound over the course of a...view item »

The Young Knives
Sick Octave

The Young Knives stab back with their fourth full-length album: Sick Octave. Credit where credit’s due: this work was self-produced and self-released, and for all the band’s occasional inconceivable quirkiness, the individual drive behind the work really pays off. The band's endeavour cannot be faulted. ...view item »

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