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Walking Boss

pOrch hail from Oakland, California and like to subversively put their capital letters in the wrong place. The band play experimental, noisy, math punk. Walking Boss, which now sees a 180g blue vinyl pressing, was originally released in 2013. It was recorded by Tim Green whose CV boasts such recording and engineering credits as The Melvins and The Fucking Champs. He was the natural choice for this record.

Monster Treasure

Big and chunky indie-grunge-pop-punk songs from Monster Treasure, a Californian band. Their II album tears it up with rad grrrrrl riffs and a relentless pummelling of melodies, adding up to a record you could surely enjoy while driving with the windows down to the beach or some other good time. Released by Leisure & District.

2.0 Extraneous

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Husky Loops

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Sweet Apple
The Golden Age of Glitter

The Golden Age Of Glitter is the second album by all-star rock band, Sweet Apple. The band features J. Mascis on drums, Tim Parnin from Cobra Verde on Guitar and Dave Sweetapple from Witch on bass and vocals. (Hmm, I wonder where they got their name from?). The Golden Age Of Glitter also features guest appearances from Screaming Trees gruff-voiced Mark Lanegan and Guided By Voices beer-fueled high-kicking front man Robert Pollard. If you like any of these artists, you’ll love this!

Alex Lahey
I Love You Like A Brother

Emanating originally from Melbourne, Alex Lahey originally went to university to study jazz saxophone. Luckily she realised that this was a terrible waste of time and so embarked on an arts degree and set about making relatable fuzz pop that sounds like Courtney Barnett sandpapered in order to fit onto college radio playlists. Catchy with punch-a-long choruses galore. 

Spray Paint

Purposefully loose, mixing no wave and post punk, Spray Paint display their rockin’ chaos through three tracks recorded live in the Blue Room at Third Man Records. There was a studio version of Cussin’ released as a single back in 2014, but this version, for its performance and lyrics, in the current state of the world, is much needed.

Diet Cig
Over Easy

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The Burning Hell
Revival Beach

The Burning Hell’s Revival Beach is the band’s eighth album, and also their apocalypse album (seems to be a theme in 2017…), though you might not have guessed that from the sonics of the record, which is typically diverse and full of life. Frontman Mathias Kom leads us through waltzes, rembetika, garage rock and more besides, with happily kaleidoscopic results.

The Killers
Wonderful Wonderful

Fresh from jamming with Prince Harry, The Killers unleash more of their danceable rock which again is predicted to do well with non music fans. Having successfully forged a career out of having one good song the band now unleash their first new work since 'Battle Born' - an album distinct for being one that no-one can remember.  

The Horrors

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Pet Crow
How Are You Wired

Unlike the pet seagull that was a recent barely fathomable news story, this is instead a Pet Crow. The band have already built up a good following and have been featured in all the magazines. They play a brand of raucous garage and punk rock which has drawn comparisons to the Sonics and the Julie Ruin. 

Brix & The Extricated
Moonrise Kingdom

With the Fall seemingly on their last legs maybe there is a place for the more nostalgic sound of Brix and the Extricated in 2017. Originating as a 'tribute' to the 80's wallop of the Fall, Brix Smith and Co are soon to release their debut album of originals (and the odd the Fall re-work). Ahead of that though is this 7" which contains a hypnotic drum and bass re-work by producer John Reynolds.  

Upper Wilds
Guitar Module 2017

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Planning For Burial

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Dark Days + Canapés

Actually can I stop playing the previous Ghostpoet album 'Shedding Skin'? The answer is a big fat 'no'. I loved his more guitar driven sound on that album and if the press release is to be believed this forth opus delves further into that style. His thoughtful if slightly paranoid delivery could be the perfect voice for these troubled times.  

Wolf Alice
Visions Of A Life

Wolf Alice are back, and with a bang if scorching lead single 'Yuk Foo' is anything to go by. Your favourite alt-rockers have returned with Visions Of A Life, what promises to be a lauded released - which will continue the band's unique blend of dreamy harmonies and searing guitar riffs. Strap yourselves in for this one. 

The Desaturating Seven

Funky bass-led alternative rockers Primus return with their ninth studio full length The Desaturating Seven, which sees Tim Alexander back as the drummer, making this their first album together since 1995. Based around a children’s book about goblins it plays out almost like an all funked up version of avant-garde metallers Ved Buens Ende or Virus.

Bad Nerves
Radio Punk

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New Moody Judy

Written as a complete collaboration from all three band members, New Moon Judy is the latest nine-track release from punk rock band Honey. This record sees a continuation in the classic Honey style riffs and deep growling bass lines, but with an added pinch of mania and hecticism. Available on Vinyl LP on Wharf Cat Records.     

No One Loves You

Blis. made their first album No One Loves You several years ago, but the time has come to circulate it again for those newer fans who missed out the first time. The title lets you in on a hint that this record might not be full of grins and grooves, though there is certainly some heart behind the riffed-up evisceration of religion and other bad life things. CD and LP editions on Sargent House.

The Fall
A-Sides 1978-2016

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Evolve Or Die

Evolve Or Die is the debut EP from Brighton trio Tigercub. The band mark this EP as the end of an era, hence the title. They want to keep moving on, keep fans guessing how their next record will sound. For now, we’re here and this EP was produced by Alex Newport. He has worked with the likes of At The Drive In, Bloc Party and Pissed Jeans. This is probably your biggest clue to their sound: Raucous yet sharp and tight all at the same time.

Nelson Can

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Reverend and The Makers
The Death Of A King

Jon McClure et al took a leaf out of the book of Pete and Carl for this one. Decamping to Thailand for the recording of The Death of A King seems to have breathed new life into a group now on their sixth LP. Cuts like ‘Too Tough To Die’ have a great rock ‘n’ roll swagger to them in the fashion of a Steel City Queens of the Stone Age. Which is to say, it sounds quite a lot like recent Arctic Monkeys stuff. Not a bad thing.

Rome Is Not A Town
It's A Dare

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The Wedding Present
George Best 30

An interesting exercise here from The Wedding Present: with a play-the-whole-album tour fresh in their recent past and a Steve Albini-manned studio to play with having wrapped on new album El Rey, the group decided to record a live-in-the-studio version of classic debut album George Best. And so they did! This new version is punchy and energetic, and arguably closer to the Present’s original vision… On Scopitones.

Brix & The Extricated
Part 2

Brix Smith Start has rustled up several other past members of The Fall (including a pair of Hanleys) for her band The Extricated, who now present to us a post-punk pop-glam vision of post-Fall music. Part 2 is, of course, the group’s debut album, and it makes a great accompaniment to Brix’s book. Released by the Blang! label.

The Geraldine Fibbers
Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home

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Sparrow People
I Thought Of You / Baby Foxes

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Enter Shikari
The Spark

If their latest single release is anything to go by, then The Spark is going to be a big fat political statement, once again. Rou and the lads in Enter Shikari have become increasingly involved in writing about society and the future of the entire planet- especially with Trump sitting in office. This latest release is available on silver vinyl LP and on CD. 

Public Psyche
No New Violence

It is our happy duty to report to you that the band Rape Blossoms are now going by the better name of Public Psyche, and it is under that name that they present to you their third album, No New Violence. The vibes are murky but slick, with underslung basslines, howling guitars and slippery synths creating some very post post-punk. Out on Hypertension.


Habitat is Beliefs’ third album and continues in a dark post-punk mood towards tough shoegaze and edgy noise-pop. It’s a scratchy and fraught experience from the duo, with Jesse Crowe’s vocals adding a swooping menace to Josh Korody’s anxious guitar and sounds being deconstructed and chopped up to terrifying effect.   

Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Primary Colours

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Nick Oliveri
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 3

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Wesley Fuller
Inner City Dream

Wesley Fuller’s opening remarks on the record is that the gap between the biggest artists in the world and small indie music is far too grand. He happens to be right. Inner City Dream is the twelve-piece record that explores the journey that many bands and indie folk have to battle in order to gain the attention they deserve. A solid full length from Melbourne’s very own power-pop, indie-rock boy wonder available on Vinyl LP and CD.


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Some music is that indie that you can't actually find a track on Soundcloud or YouTube unless you get a physical copy. s/t by Intravene is such a record. There is something kind of romantic about buying a tape and listening to the music in a pretty old school way especially when it isn't available to find to stream on the internet. 

Try Not To Freak Out

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Lazy Day
Ribbons EP

Reissue of Lazy Day’s 2017 EP Ribbons here courtesy of Lost Map. This remains one of the better releases of the post-Demarco age, a feat achieved by the song-craft and way with melody of Lazy Day’s head-honcho Tilly Scantlebury. The strange musique concrete and found-sound vignettes that pepper Ribbons also give it a pleasing variation.
  • Vinyl 10" (GRAT 00°13)
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Lee Ranaldo
Electric Trim

Ranaldo is often seen as second fiddle to Thurston Moore's sonic experimentation but is still loved by obsessive Sonic Youth fans around the world, 'Electric Trim' is the follow up to 2013's more song based 'Last Night On Earth' and is a collaboration with producer Raül ‘Refree’ Fernandez and a host of live players including Sharon Van Etten, Kid Millions, Wilco's Nels Cline and of course long time friend and SY bandmate Steve Shelley.

Go Away EP

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Dream Boys / Pet Gazelles

Barringtone is Clor's Barry Dobbin playing deconstructed avant pop which consists of a heady brew of power pop, madcap wig outs and anthemic riffs all performed at breakneck speed. This is his second double A side 7" recorded for Onomatopoiea and it's hardcore influenced pop blasts will surely blow away any cobwebs. 


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Guided By Voices
Let's Go Eat The Factory

Let's Go Eat The Factory was the first post re-union album from Guided By Voices originally released in 2010. We were all excited at the time by the return of the classic line up but the album is a sputtering effort with quality control all over the place. Things didn't properly settle down 'til the following years superb Class Clown Spots a UFO but as with very GBV album, Let's Go Eat The Factory has its moments. If you missed out first time round (and its easy to neglect a GBV album here and there) then we got nice price on this.   
  • CD (FIRECD248)
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Deer Tick
Deer Tick Vol. 2

It’s been four years since their last record, and now Rhode Island based Deer Tick drop two at the same time, each showing a vastly different side of the band’s persona. Vol. 2 is highly energised and raucous garage/punk rock. 10 new tracks that’ll get you up and at ‘em. LP and CD released through Partisan.

Deer Tick
Deer Tick Vol. 1

Four years since their last record, Rhode Island based Deer Tick drop two at the same time, each showing a vastly different side of the band’s coin. Vol. 1 is their more stripped back, mellower acoustic side. 10 thoughtful, engaging tracks for the lazy, lonely afternoon.LP and CD released through Partisan.

Jack Cooper

As his debut solo record, comprised of 9 gorgeous tracks, Sandgrown is the hometown-inspired creation of British experimentalist Jack Cooper. Whilst Blackpool provided the specific inspiration for this evocative piece, the nostalgia is universal and is designed to move individuals from any corner of the world.


Disappearing further down the rabbit hole of noise and feedback, Spectres here lift as much from their recent remix album Dead as they do from any of their own releases. The swaying-at-the-edge-of-the-room dirges here will woo fans of Girl Band, Daughters, Sonic Youth et al. Out via Sonic Cathedral which is also home to Xam Duo and Remover.

L.A. Witch
L.A. Witch

The latest release from the country vocalist and musician L.A Witch. A classic combination of 50’s/60’s style backing track that pairs up with the distorted vocals that gives you an insight into the fed-up and tired world that L.A Witch gives access to in this record. Available on vinyl LP and CD on Suicide Squeeze.
  • Vinyl LP (SSQ155LP)
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Lower Slaughter
What Big Eyes

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Everett True
The Electrical Storm (Grunge: My Part in its Downfall)

Everett True is an alternative music lifer, publishing magazines, books and articles about sounds for decades now. The Electrical Storm, subtitled Grunge: My Part In Its Downfall is a collection of stories that trace True’s path through the music scenes with which he’s been involved. Expect a lot of entertainment, humour, and self-deprecating insights about music criticism. Book published by Rejected Unknown Press.

Roddy Woomble
The Deluder

Saddled with a name only one letter away from 'Womble' the Idlewild frontman has had to work hard for his credibility. Here he unleashes his fourth solo album which carries on the sometimes REM-ish sound of his former band with a new batch of atmospheric slightly off kilter independent guitar rock.  

Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

Dave Grohl and Co. return for the ninth Foo Fighters album. Concrete and Gold sees new member Rami Jaffee (The Wallflowers) join the fold on keys and delivers 11 tracks of their inimitable mix of hard rock (there’s some serious riffage in here) and sing-along-ability. Double LP and CD on Grohl’s own Roswell label and RCA.

Intergalactic Lovers

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Palm Honey
Starving Hysterical Naked

The title is of course an ode to Ginsberg but the music here is more in thrall to that poet of the guitar Sir Thurston Moore. This is Palm Honey's heaviest offering yet and shows the band at their rawest and most visceral coming across like a cacophonous garage band. Faint hearted - please look away now. 

Parquet Courts
Captive Of The Sun ft. Bun B

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Surf Philosophies
Surf Philosophies

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Madeline Kenney
Night Night At The First Landing

Madeline Kenney presents her debut full-length album, which she wrote, arranged and recorded entirely herself and mostly at home. Night Night At The First Landing might initially come across as a straightforward indie songwriter album, but that would be before Kenney’s wild guitar starts properly flaring up. Night Night At The First Landing is out on Company Records.

Mountain Moves

Jittery art rockers Deerhoof normally make their splintered music in isolation but here on their new album they have opened the door to the outside world and collaborated with the likes of Matana Roberts,Lætitia Sadier and Juana Molina. They also have a go at a Bob Marley song. Human contact = good. 

Wolf Girl

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The Just Joans
No Longer Young Enough

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The Hustle Unlimited

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Happy Abandon

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The National
Sleep Well Beast

The National have slowly seeped into our consciousness over the past few years simply by selling truckloads of records and becoming a thing we regularly compare other bands to when at a loss to describe moody rock music. Their success really is quite remarkable. Anyway here’s another album which contains more of their dramatic dark rock with some electronic bits bolted on. If you like The National you are going to love it. 


It's unbelievable but true. Milburn are back. The Sheffield band who sounded 'a bit like the Arctic Monkeys' have put ten years of differences behind them and reunited to the excitement of their adoring fan base. Not only have they reformed to play sell out shows but there's a new album too. Who next? The Beatles? 

The Jesus And Mary Chain
U4 Club, Wien, Austria, April 10th, 1987

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The Chills / Martin Phillipps
The Curse Of The Chills / Martin Phillipps Live At The Moth Club

This is a must-buy for any self respecting fan of New Zealand legends the Chills, a major new documentary on the band and in particular their leader Martin Phillipps. The film contains never been seen footage as well as interviews with Phillipps and close family. The DVD is coupled with CD of Phillips live at the Moth Club in London on his 2015 comeback tour. There also appears to be a book but we're not sure what is in that. 

Primal Scream
100% Or Nothing

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Man and The Moon

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Luke Haines
Smash The System

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It's Time To Vanish

Spearmint are the sort of '90s survivors that could have had Pulp - like success if the planets had arranged themselves a tad differently. Instead they soldier on into 2016 with a new album which re-unites them with producer John Etkin-Bell for an album of sunny side up pop tunes that are reminiscent of the more intelligent end of Brit pop. 

Red Medicine

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Brix & The Extricated
Damned For Eternity

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Mark Lanegan
Field Songs

First vinyl edition of Mark Lanegan’s Field Songs here, arrived courtesy of Sub Pop. The artist’s fifth LP was originally issued in 2001 and saw him both doubling-down on his sound and broadening his palette. This is still music steeped in American roots styles - country, folk, ballads - but we now find him tastefully incorporating influences from beyond the borders of the U.S.A. Lanegan’s gritty burr of a voice remains enthralling. Tom Waits is the obvious touchstone for Field Songs.

Pierced Arrows
This Is The Day / Zip My Lip

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Lovely Bad Things
Teenage Grown Ups

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Giant Sand
The Sun Set Vol. 1

Howe Gelb’s highly-regarded Giant Sand project is wrapping up after 3 decades of loyal service to Americana and alternative country. Consequently, the whole album catalogue is being reissued over 3 big box-sets, divided alphabetically rather than chronologically. So The Sun Set Vol. 1 gives you 6 albums from all across the Giant Sand career, split over 8 vinyl records with elaborate liner notes. On Fire.

Jutland Songs
Charm on the Chain / Spark Out

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Coming Up For Air

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Mrs Magician
Strange Heaven

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Butterfly Effect Compilation

A compilation from the Darlington based label Butterfly Effect, showcasing the varied wealth of talent from the north of England. Including tracks from acts The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens, Veil, Avalanche Party, Twist Helix, Kobadelta, James Robson, The Lovely Burn and many more. Limited white vinyl.
  • Vinyl LP
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  • Limited edition

His Clancyness
Isolation Culture

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The Sisters of Mercy
Some Girls Wander By Mistake

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INHEAVEN will release their self-titled debut album on September 1st. Not straying away from their indie rock identity, the album expresses the energy and electricity of which makes the band so easily recognisable. The 12 track debut album is available on both CD and Vinyl, available on Play It Again Sam.


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Oh Sees

Rebranded garage rock professors Oh Sees have become a little more informal with this one -- "please, call me Oh Sees", they ask as you step into their office for a chat. Cool dads. They follow up duelling records A Weird Exits and An Odd Entrances (one a hard-hitting, twice-drummed psych rock record, the other a soft experimental curveball) with Orc, which is loud and turgid a la its title. Some of the gnarliest work here, it would appear -- "ew" is the watchword.
  • Vinyl Double LP (CF093YV)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Gold Class

A record built on heartbreak, on the feelings left behind and on the sofa in the house of a friend of a friend. Drum is the ten-track record from Gold Class. The release highlights the struggle that we go through in the time of relationship breakups with hints of Morrissey-esque vocals throughout. Available on limited edition white vinyl LP and CD.

Six By Seven

Six By Seven have been a long running psych/kraut/alt rock band who are now pretty much run by leader Chris Olley. This albums sees him further explore his roots in the now very fashionable German kraut rock and kosmische scene and has only used instruments and equipment that were available in the era. 


Liars are back. After a three year absence the off-kilter group return with a new footprint in their skewed journey in dark experimental lands. This time, with eleven-track TFCF, the band couple their line up upheaval with a revolutionised sound - one which smears the line between acoustic and electronic.

The Fresh & Onlys
Wolf Lie Down

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Brix & The Extricated
Something To Lose / Faced By Time

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Arcade Fire
Get Right

I guess this is time for Arcade Fire fans to get very excited. Their new single, Get Right was an outtake from the James Murphy produced Reflektor album. The band had previewed the song live as early as April 2014, but it has not been released until now. The 7” vinyl single is backed with Crucified Again.
  • Vinyl 7" (4750774)
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  • Limited edition

Brand New
Science Fiction

Formidably emo stalwarts Brand New used to write immature pop-punk about their ex-girlfriends but turned it around on The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me; they've supposedly been maturing ever since, taking the brooding Daisy as an opportunity to churn noise rock around in the mud. Now they return with the much anticipated Science Fiction, a more ruminative and considered effort with elements of the pop-punk of old alongside twanging, almost country additives.

Baby In Vain
More Nothing

This Danish trio have a razor sharp and slightly off kilter take on noise rock taking influence from shoegaze, Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney in songs that manage to be both hard rocking and dreamy. Not for the faint hearted, they make a right old racket which has earned them live slots with Jesus and Mary Chain and the Kills. 

A Giant Dog

The fourth full length record from A Giant Dog entitled Toy. A solid mix of indie-rock and percussion pop that combines nicely with joint male and female lead vocals. The band continuously refuses to lose any of its charm and spontaneity that has kept the fire burning oh so bright. Available on vinyl LP and CD.  

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