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Those Pretty Wrongs
Those Pretty Wrongs

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Cleaners From Venus
Living With Victoria Grey

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Frank Black

Reissue of a collection of rare recordings spanning 1994 - 1997 by subversive Pixies frontman Frank Black aka Black Francis. Some tracks are B-sides and others taken from studio-recorded acclaimed album 'Teenager of the Year' (1994). A glimpse into a three-year window of 'what might have beens' and what now is.
  • Vinyl LP (DEMREC850)
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Strange Ranger

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Shed Seven
Instant Pleasures

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The Sexual Objects

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Pearl Jam

We Are Vinyl present a reissue of Pearl Jam’s sixth album, 2000’s Binaural. True to the title, the record does indeed feature some use of binaural recording techniques, so you can experience Pearl Jam in totally immersive super-stereo. The band put some of that experimentation into the style of the music too. Double LP reissue.

Half Forward Line
The Back of Mass

I’m already interested in an album when it was recorded over two days in a Derelict Irish Rural Pub. Was it derelict at the start of the sessions, or just at the end? I also like short sharp albums, so Half Forward Line’s half hour stomper - a jangler, a power-popper, a sharp dose, a pounder - has lots going for it. We’ve got members of So Cow and Oh Boland if they mean anything to you, and we’ve got songs about social anxiety which will probably mean something to all of us. “The Back Of Mass” comes on cassette - perhaps all they had to record on in the pub.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
This Is Why You Love Me

The Brian Jonestown Massacre are so popular that they re-issue four track EPs as 'mini' albums and people still rush out and buy them. This Is Why You Love Me is a classic example of how their between album work is just as essential as the full lengthers. As usual the vibe is psychedelic era Rolling Stones with some the Byrds 12 string sting thrown in. 

Gun Outfit
Out of Range

The cover of Gun Outfit’s fifth long-player, Out Of Range, instantly gives you the feel of this album. Think guitars, think dust, think Steve Gunn, think Lee Ranaldo and perhaps even Lee Hazlewood and you’ll be getting pretty close. The guitars fiddle and intertwine while the vocals brood. CD and 140g Vinyl on Paradise Of Bachelors.

The She's
"all female rock and roll quartet"

The She’s present their most snarkily-titled album yet in the form of all female rock and roll quartet, neatly skewering precisely the kind of lazy musical writing we try to avoid. This is the band’s second album, and it is packed with both raw energy and direct lyrics on the one hand and carefully-assembled textures and arrangements. Out on Empty Cellar.
  • CD (EMP034CD)
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Night Shop
Night Shop

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The Lovely Eggs
I Shouldn’t Have Said That

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Guided By Voices
Live From Austin, TX

Back in 2004, Robert Pollard had decided that Guided By Voices, a band that had been his baby for more than 20 years, had run it’s course. Live From Austin, Texas was one of the band’s final gigs, and you can now share the emotional night with them again. Available on 2LP vinyl or 2CD+DVD. It needs to be pointed out that Guided By Voices reformed in 2012 and have released a further 9 albums to date.

Eraser / Pure Auto

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Howard Hello
Election Year

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Automatic For The People (25th Anniversary Edition)

Outta the way people, certified classic coming through! Automatic For The People, unleashed twenty-five years ago, firmly established R.E.M. as a massive globe-straddling band, with hits including ‘Everybody Hurts’ and ‘Nightswimming’. Now here is an anniversary reissue to celebrate, ranging from a straight-up vinyl edition to a sprawling 3CD and Blu Ray collection with demos, a live show, and more besides.

Light Upon The Lake: Demo Recordings

While we excitedly wait for the second album from Chicago duo Whitney, they have served up their debut in its rawest form with Light Upon The Lake: Demo Recordings. As the guys move on from a cathartic songwriting and recording experience and a grueling touring schedule, they are keen to show where their critically acclaimed debut all began. To sweeten the deal, they’ve included a cover of Alain Toussaint’s You and Me, a previously unreleased recording of an inspirational favourite.

Lea Porcelain
Lea Porcelain Remixed

Lea Porcelain Remixed features four tracks from the post-punk/electronica duo’s debut album Hymn To The Night. It was initially a widescreen, atmospheric kind of affair, let’s see what Ruede Hagelstein & Amin Fallaha, Scuba, Julien Bracht and Thom Sonny Green from Alt-J have done with it.
  • Vinyl 12" (LEAPR0012)
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Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam

We Are Vinyl present a reissue of Pearl Jam’s 2006 return to form: the self-titled ‘Avocado’ album. It’s a politically-minded one, so look out for the Pearl Jam perspectives on the War On Terror and other such subjects, over hard and crunchy alternative rock action. Reissued as two vinyl LPs.

Pearl Jam
Riot Act

We Are Vinyl present a reissue of Pearl Jam’s 2002 record Riot Act, their seventh full-length album. Riot Act finds the band stretching out into some more unusual sounds, styles and tunings as well as the good solid rock of classic Pearl Jam. Some heavy themes in this one too, including 9/11 and the Roskilde disaster. Double vinyl LP reissue.

The Sherlocks
Was It Really Worth It?

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Ozma / Bullhead

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Fox Face
Spoil + Destroy

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Klaus Joynson & The Type 40
New Adventures in Time & Space - 12 Songs for 12 Doctors

Klaus Joynson set out on a mission to record a Doctor Who concept album in which every Doctor (and their corresponding era) is represented by a song. So that’s 12 Songs for 12 Doctors, with a few little bonus pieces bolstering the tracklist up to 18. The styles vary enormously, and each track is busily filled with nice little references to Doctor Who and beyond. CD release from K.Ultrax.

Teenage Fanclub
I’m In Love

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red kite

Fonted by Daniel Fisher (The Cooper Temple Clause) and made up with members of Minuteman and The Enid, red kite return for their second full length album. An earth quaking lineup which includes three guitarists and two drummers sees them step the pace of indie rock up more than a notch. LP and CD released through Blood.

Hot Water Music
Light It Up

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The Afghan Whigs
Up In It

Sub Pop are reissuing a number of out of print Afghan Whigs vinyl and Up In It has not been available for over 25 years on the format. The 1990 album was the band’s second full length LP and became a must-play on college radio at the time. This album was the band’s debut on Sub Pop and the start of a long relationship between the band and the label.

The Afghan Whigs

Album the third from Sub Pop alternative heroes The Afghan Whigs, reissued on vinyl for the first time for your listening pleasure. Released in 1992, Congregation is popular with fans and 90’s music historians alike, being viewed as the moment where grunge intersected with soulful R&B influences. Sub Pop double LP reissue

Belgian Nuggets 90s-00s Vol.1

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Pitchfork & Lost Needles

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To Kill A King
Spiritual Dark Age

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The New Faith
Me On You

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It’s the eighth studio album from the NYC noise rockers Unsane and they don’t seem to be letting off steam. Sterilize sees the band still as fiery and gnarly as they were back in 1988, with their mix of punk, noise, metal and hardcore punching through on this release on Southern Lord. 

California Blue / Rock Yr Baby

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Lonesome Cowboy Bill

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Giorgio Murderer
Primitive World

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Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts

New from Italian composer Daniele Luppi, whose 2011 album featured Danger Mouse, Jack White and Norah Jones. This time round, Luppi has enlisted droll indie rockers Parquet Courts (who have also provided some of the artwork for the project) and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Inspired by 1980s Milan, Milano is another creative album featuring well-loved indie favourites.

Thin Black Duke

Thin Black Duke follows the trend of all Oxbow albums in being so unpredictable as to what direction the record will follow. What can only be described as a mix of alternative rock, indie and even some shoegaze thrown in for good measure, this is an album that shows how musically cultured and mature Oxbow have become. Available on Vinyl LP and CD.

The Wedding Present
The Home Internationals EP

The Home Internationals EP by Leeds legends The Wedding Present contains four instrumental pieces. The EP kicks off with Wales from the band’s most recent album Going, Going...Spurred on by this track, and using the name of the old international football competition between the four home nations, David Gedge utilised his love of pop, rock, film scores and football as inspiration to create a further three instrumentals.

Coke / Curtains

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The Twang

The Twang were part of the mid-noughties explosion of lad-rock bands that brought us The Fratellis et al, indeed Barry Fratelli served as an auxiliary touring member of The Twang for a time. Thirteen years and five albums later the Brummie five-piece have delivered heir latest long-player, Subscription. Double vinyl Lp or CD on Jump The Cut.

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Slaughter Beach, Dog (yep, that comma is integral to the band’s name) is Jake Ewald’s band, formed as an alternative outlet to his other group Modern Baseball. The new venture inspired Jake by letting him write in the context of a few different characters, and the accomplished results can be heard on Birdie. Out on Big Scary Monsters.

Gang Of Youths
Go Farther In Lightness

Australian indie rock band Gang Of Youths return with their second full length album Go Farther In Lightness. Take the laid back heavy hearted tone of The National and add a rising power ballad chorus that’ll be sung along to at club nights, sure-fire winners. LP and CD through Mosy Recordings.

Pacific Daydream

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Scream Above The Sounds

Bad news for people who like music in that Stereophonics have a new record out. Better news though for the millions of fans that follow sandpaper-voiced imp Kelly Jones and his merry crew. Expect more examples of catchy-despite-themselves singalong choruses, lyrics seemingly written by a 12 year old and Tesco produced hugely successful landfill indie. 

Don Caballero
Singles Breaking Up (Vol. 1)

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Lonely The Brave
Things Will Matter (Redux)

Lonely The Brave clearly love the material they released on 2016’s Things Will Matter album, but they also reckon they could have done better. So they decided to do it again! Here is a Redux version of the album, reinventing and redeveloping those songs into somewhat new shapes. Nice approach, more bands should do it. On Hassle.

Hard Girls
Floating Now

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Crippled Black Phoenix
Horrific Honorifics

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Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile
Lotta Sea Lice

Though they have a lot of hair in common this collaboration would have been hard to predict yet these two songwriters voices intertwine rather well. Neither opens their mouth properly so they both co-drawl over some rather lovely folk rock. Mick Harvey, Warpaint and Dirty Three folk help keep everything smooth. 

Fake Palms
Pure Mind

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Indie confessionals Bully made frank on their hooks with their 2013 debut, and they follow up with Losing, a record a little down the line from their early-ages adult grunge and with more dynamism than their fevered past -- these songs, while still as fiery, open up their intensity to the possibilities of structure.

Magic Mountain / Jon Jones and the Beatnick Movement
Zodiac / No Brainer

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The Big Moon

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The Maccabees
The Complete Collection

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Cut Worms
Alien Sunset

Max Clarke, the human being behind Cut Worms, presents a selection of intimate and direct demos recorded at home. Despite this provenance, these six tracks really feel fully-formed: the slightly fuzzy edges to the sound just makes Max’s thoughtful personal rock songs sound closer. 12” EP on Jagjaguwar.


The hard grafters at Burger Records have dug up another rough diamond here. Mattiel’s sound is a heady brew of influences from the grittier end of American garage rock. The White Stripes, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, it’s all in there across the dozen tracks of Mattiel's eponymous LP. ‘Whites of Their Eyes’ will probably end up soundtracking a scene in the next Tarantino film.

Circuit Des Yeux
Reaching For Indigo

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Hope Is Important

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The Rural Alberta Advantage
The Wild

Canadian indie-rock trio The Rural Alberta Advantage knocked the songs for their new album into shape on the road, gigging at some of their best-loved venues in Europe and North America. Now, committed to tape in the studio and ready to be unleashed on the world, The Wild is a diary of life on the road, missing home and broken hearts.

Quiet Slang
We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags

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The Xcerts
Hold On To Your Heart

Murray Macloed and rest of those cheeky Xcerts dig deep into the eons past, where music was a tapestry weaved through our culture, way back to our roots but equally; it was all about that first kiss. Keep pressing that single piano key all the way through the song! Bring out the big chord in the chorus! That Springsteen 80s synth and driving momentum, the unstoppable power of love! Everything is going to be alright.

The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead (2017 Master) [Deluxe Edition]

Another magical example of when a single LP gets turned into a 5LP box set. The Smiths 4th best album finally gets the big set treatment with demos, b-sides live tracks and a DVD featuring Derek Jarman's short film made to accompany the original release. A must for all fans of this most special of bands. "Slip them into different sleeves! Buy both, and feel deceived".


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Pearl Jam
Let's Play Two

Grunge champions Pearl Jam unleashed their haughty, heaving rock music on Wrigley Fields in 2016, most likely sparking debates of "do they rock or do they rock?" amongst friends. These shows coincided with a World Series victory for the Chicago Cubs (sorta like the Leicester City love story of baseball), so Pearl Jam decided they'd release a celebratory documentary of the shenanigans they contributed. Go Cubs?

Mountain Movers
Mountain Movers

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The Bitter Springs
Love Rat / Less Than Love

The Bitter Springs are a bunch of old punk geezers who sings about things like the Love Rat and feeling things like Less Than Love. They’re a lot of fun - loud, organ ridden, funny vocals, cheeky chappy bass lines and a great mix of ska, punk and garage. 7” vinyl limited to 250 copies.   

World Of Pooh
The Land Of Thirst

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Nothing Valley

Melkbelly are born out of Chicago’s busily bubbling underground DIY music scene(s), with members who have played in all sorts of contexts and groups over the years. Debut album Nothing Valley is an angular and direct record of high-energy rock music that manages to be experimental and catchy all at the same time! LP and CD editions on Wax Nine.

The White Stripes
The Hardest Button To Button / St. Ides Of March

The White Stripes remember a time when they released a shittonne of impressive singles, each on the classic Elephant. "The Hardest Button to Button" is counterpointed by "St. Ideas of March" on the flip, a cover of the Solded Brothers. A nice way to commemorate one of the best pop/garage rock bands that ever did feature Jack White.

Ten Fé

Ten Fé are a smooth outfit who carefully cut together indie rock aesthetics with electronic grooves. The band’s album was produced by Ewan Pearson, who knows the Ten Fé sound so well that he was asked to remix Turn into an up-and-bouncing house number. 7” single on Some Kinda Love.

Half Japanese
Half Gentlemen / Not Beasts

The very first record from the Fair brothers’ cult band Half Japanese. Half Japanese are notable for a number of reasons, one of which is making their debut a triple album! This set captures the whole thing, as well as another CD of bonus tracks. They are also notable for their refusal to play (or tune) their guitars properly, as you’ll hear (note that this is a good thing).

The Perfect Summer

Pugwash trail their forthcoming new album Silverlake with this single, The Perfect Summer, pleasingly released in September. The single, which is fully imbued with those lovely Pugwash indie-pop vibes, is extra-summery thanks to the vinyl, which is “ice cream swirl coloured”! Limited quantities only, out on the Lojinx label.
  • Vinyl 7" (LJX109V7)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Channel Four

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As You Please

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The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
The Echo Of Pleasure

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart return with their fourth full-length album, the moodily titled The Echo of Pleasure. The band’s sweet melodies and synthy wall of sound production style is all comfortably in place, but some of the childish matters of the heart that drove earlier Pains songs have been replaced with a mature depth of feeling, borne out of frontman Kip’s impending fatherhood. Out on Painbow.

Paul Weller
Paul Weller

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Relatives In Descent

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Pale Seas
Stargazing For Beginners

On the verge of a promising breakthrough, Pale Seas suddenly disappeared. Five years later Stargazing For Beginners finally appears. In the intervening years the band have perfected their craft to create an expansive indie sound akin to Doves or The Verve.  Working with producers who between them have worked with The Verve, Michael Kiwanuka, Devandra Banhart and The Bees has helped their focus. The band’s leader Jacob Scott takes his influences from Neil Young, Elliott Smith and Half Japanese as well as seeing his artist mother devote her life to her art.


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The Weather Station
The Weather Station

Self-titled and self-produced, The Weather Station is a collection of softly sung tracks that open your eyes to a fair few different genres. On her fourth record, Tamara Lindeman is able to bring together country with pop, and indie with rock and manages to do it well. This eleven-track record is available on Vinyl LP and CD.

Canon Blue
Lasso Yo

It’s a hat-trick for Canon Blue as Lasso Yo is the producer-songwriter’s third LP. I’m immediately getting M83 feelings here. It’s the vocals, being all distant and epic and profound and saying things like “ye-ye”. The instrumentation is some surging pop which cleverly utilises a range of instruments. It’s a producer’s album this one.   
  • Vinyl LP (TRR292LP)
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Oren Ambarchi
Stacte Karaoke II

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The Wedding Present
Marc Riley Sessions Volume 2

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Patrick Watson
Close To Paradise

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Patrick Watson
Wooden Arms

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Live At The Googolplex

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