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S (Jenn Ghetto)
Cool Choices

The all-too-simply named S is the project of Jenn Ghetto, who makes slow-moving bedroom pop on guitar and records it to four-track. Her sparse arrangements, accompanied by her calmly devastating voals, recall Lotte Kestner in her Trespassers William incarnation. 'Cool Choices' is pretty ironically named for a record this downbeat and scathing, b...view item »

Smashing Pumpkins

The fourth Smashing Pumpkins record, 'Adore', was originally released three years after the exhaustive, sprawling double album 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness'. 'Adore' saw the band move away from their alt rock/grunger perspective into prescient electronica territory. It's being reissued now with unheard demo materia...view item »

Minus The Bear
Lost Loves

'Lost Love' follows up Minus The Bear's fifth record, 'Infinity Overhead', celebrating the band with a collection of recordings culled from the last decade or so. The math, prog and all things complex outfit consider these songs more than merely rarities or b-sides, though, having carried them in their heart for years but never found the proper ...view item »

The History Of Apple Pie
Feel Something

The History of Applie Pie continue to shoot for that blissful shoegaze sound on 'Feel Something', their washed out second record. It follows up 'Out of View', and sees the band trying to expand again, with "Tame" featuring a piano lead and "Shake" bringing indie rock dude Gary Jarman (of Cribs fame) into the fray. They're still noisy, but they l...view item »

Dark Dark / Manhattan

Indie rock quintet Suzerain take a lot of photos in black and white and also occasionally write and record some music; the 'Dark Dark / Manhattan' 12" is a showcase of the latter, with two tracks that meld conventional guitar jamming with some weirder inspirations: hints of New Wave, Trent Reznor and krautrock Bowie. ...view item »

Purling Hiss

Purling Hiss continues his stoned out slacker indie rocking on 'Weirdon', following up the heavy action of 'Water On Mars' with a dosage of more relaxed pop. There's still a lot of guitar ascension, though, with feedback smothering the song-writing gleefully. Mike Polizze continues doing exactly what he's best at doing: riffing, cussing and chil...view item »

Mass Spectrometer
Guild Hall

‘Guild Hall’ is the second release by Mass Spectrometer, which is the output of Leeds based kiwi producer Michael Canning, and drummer Richard Beech. Guild Hall follows on in the melodic but uncompromising footsteps of the first Mass Spectrometer release, the album ‘Music for Engines in Overdrive’. This EP of 6 pi...view item »

Negative Scanner
Ambitious People / Evening News

Phil just posted this 7" in my reviewhole saying I'd like it because it's a punky thing on Trouble In Mind. He's correct in his assessment that I like punky things and Trouble In Mind, so what's going on here? Their singer has quite a striking voice - androgynous and belted out with vigour in a way that reminds me of some of the recent ...view item »

Lonely Wholesome
Vanity/ Lethargy

This is Jonah Falco of Career Suicide/Fucked Up/Mad Men/Smart Boys fame. These tracks are reminiscent of Wire in their more 'pop' moments and maybe even the Buzzcocks....view item »

Be Slowly

'Be Slowly' is the debut album from Birmingham-based indie/dream pop band Jaws. Taking their primary influences from early 90s shoegazers, the band swim in a sea of swirling fuzz, suppressed vocals and subtle melodies that nod towards Ride but also to acts like the Stone Roses. Jaws are devotional to guitar music at large, whether it's got a sla...view item »

Teardrop Factory
Thrash In The Heart

Fuzz rock layabouts Teardrop Factory's debut record, 'Thrash in the Heart', isn't quite as metal as it sounds, especially when you consider their last release was called 'Topshop EP' (named one of Norman Records' singles of the year). Instead, the band offer a great deal of affection for the loose and careless indie rawk of the 90s, as well as t...view item »

Youth Culture Forever

Not sure who Paws are but because of their new record I've become quite enamoured by the photography of Gracie Magee whose sublime imagery bookends what is essentially an early Cribs-ish display of Yankophile bluster and submerged student anthems. It starts off almost like Ash by way ...view item »

Catfish and The Bottlemen
The Balcony

Named after a chance encounter between lead vocalist Van McCann and an Australian busker called Catfish the Bottleman, this gaggle of Llandudno-based indie rockers have already been featured on the Radio 1 playlist, and this their debut album was overseen by über producer Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys / Adele). Add to that a slot at pretty muc...view item »

It Is What It Is

Melbourne based Oldmate was initially the solo project of Pat Telfer from Australian band Bitch Prefect (what a name) but has since progressed into a band of 7-10 strong musicians including members of Wireheads and Peak Twins. Still predominantly led by Telfer, ‘It Is What It Is’ is Oldmate’s debut LP, and continues in the same...view item »


Kasabian returned this year with their first record since 2011, the at least accurately titled '48.13', which occasionally hopped genres into electronic experiments and a bit of feature rapping amongst the duo's dedication to making their standard alt rock. Released on a 10" at the same time as lead single "Eez-eh" comes...view item »

Esben And The Witch
A New Nature

I was once very dismissive of this Brighton band. I think it was their first EP on Matador that irked me. Their name too. I think a lot of music in 2010 annoyed me. Maybe I wasn't very happy at the state of it all? Anyway, along with Thought Forms (another female-fronted 3-piece they have strong ties with) t...view item »

No Seattle: Forgotten Sounds Of The North-West Grunge Era 1986-97

If you're a grunge fanatic and feel like learning everything you could possibly learn about the North-West scene that graced the world from the late 80s right through to the decline of the 90s, you should probably listen to 'No Seattle: Forgotten Sounds Of The North-West Grunge Era 1986-97'. This massive collection brings together and maps the b...view item »

Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead are one of those slow burning bands, getting slightly bigger, slightly slicker on each release. Their previous 'Penny Sparkle' was a little too slick for my tastes so it will be interesting to see where they go next.  They are to be admired  -  21 years and still going strong  - as their press blurb states -the...view item »

Pulled Apart By Horses

Leeds-based Pulled Apart By Horses have returned with a brand new, much-anticipated 12 track album 'Blood', self-released through their own label 'Best of the Best'. Following on from 2012's 'Tough Love', recent single and opener 'Hot Squash' has already impressed the likes of Zane Lowe, while 'Lizzard Baby' was honoured with Radio 1's Trac...view item »

Half Japanese

Shambling dissonant geek-rock/fidelity-eschewing godheads Half Japanese shock the indie world with their first new studio album in 13 years. Always an acquired, divisive taste, this brother-led band of envelope-pushing ragamuffins nevertheless are hugely influential on the US underground and way beyond. This is a real treat for haters of contemp...view item »

Morning Parade
Pure Adulterated Joy

An indie pop band from none other than Essex, Morning Parade offer up a synthy slice of electro-pop on their new record, quite fittingly titled 'Pure Adulterated Joy'. The record recalls Rogue Wave in their colourful electronic phase, while utilising the kind of scorching guitar riffs Coldplay wept into on 'X & Y' and bringing piano to ...view item »

Teenage Guitar
More Lies From The Gooseberry Bush

Robert Pollard is the ringleader of the merry indie rock men Guided By Voices, who have been releasing dozens upon dozens of records since the late 80s. Pollard is renowned for making surreal jangle pop classics that are snipped off at the ends, traditionally playing them out at under two minutes at length. As such, he's got a lot of time t...view item »

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Wig Out At Jagbags

When I saw Stephen Malkmus had a new album out I have to admit, I  let out a slight giggle. I just looked at the title and thought  - ah he’ll be dicking about again, over egging the guitar solo pudding and generally adding a little more tarnish to his slowly growing back catalogue. Yet when we played the record in the office thi...view item »

The Rentals
Lost In Alphaville

At last, after a fifteen year wait, The Rentals release their third Album Lost in Alphaville. The band features Weezer bassist Matt Sharp and the glorious tones of Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe from Brooklyn band Lucius...view item »

Where Were You Then?

Further were an early 90s indie rock band indebted less to the wordy, snarky bands around them and more to the slow, sludgy guitar jams of bands like Dinosaur Jr; just listening to "Filling Station", the guitar duelling instrumental that opens to 'Where Were You Then?', is proof of that. Further were super lo-fi and fit snugly into an indie rock...view item »

The Vines
Wicked Nature

'Wicked Nature' is the sixth record from Australian garage rockers The Vines and their first since 'Future Primitive', released three years ago. It's a double LP with twenty two songs on it that exhaust the material the band have been working on in their time away. It's also the first time frontman Craig Nicholls has dared produce one ...view item »

Sufjan Stevens

So I'm brilliant. Have you heard? I'm years ahead of my time. Good old me eh? You probably don't remember me rabbiting on and on droning endlessly about Sufjan Stevens 'Michigan' album years and years ago. Before you could even be bothered to be born. Hang on,   I think I'm turning into Everett True. Anyway here's Sufjan'...view item »

Royal Blood
Royal Blood

Rock two-piece Royal Blood have paid their dues doing lots of pleasant tearing up of shit in quaint environments, and are now set to release their self-titled debut, featuring the two singles that have won them love so far: "Little Monster" and "Come On Over". The record continues to try and amp everything up to a volume dial that reads MAX, so ...view item »

Mutual Benefit
The Cowboy's Prayer

This digitally remastered reissue of 2011's 'Cowboy's Prayer' was previously only available as a download. Now, with a new album due and a substantial tour of the US, Canada and the UK in the pipeline, Boston-based Jordan Lee and his ever-changing gaggle of backing musicians release their debut EP on vinyl and CD. Lyrically rich, this record dea...view item »

The Unsemble
The Unsemble

A Jesus Lizard and an Einsturzende Neubauten and another guy? Playing instrumental rock? This is relevant to my interests. The album itself is somewhat different than you might expect, though, far from a rehash of Duane Denison, Alexander Hacke or Brian Kotzur's prev...view item »

Happy Jawbone Family Band
Happy Jawbone Family Band

Eighth album from Vermont mentalists The Happy Jawbone Band. The band have generally released home-recorded stuff up to now, and there was a lot of it. Previous album 'Taste the Broom' was a sort of compilation, whittled down to nine songs out of the hundreds these guys have recorded. Here though, they've been into a proper recording studio and ...view item »

Black Bananas
Electric Brick Wall

Oh cool, Jennifer Herrema's Black Bananas are back this week. Their 'Rad Times Express IV' debut got plenty of spins from me so I'm happy to announce that they've not really fucked with the formula that made that album so much fun. In case you missed that one, the style in question is a louche neon mutated soulpop/drug-rock hybrid with the "Pa...view item »


You know that feeling when you like a bit of guitar so much that you just want to stop and cuddle it.....well the opening few seconds on this second album by Australia’s Popstrangers have me waiting with my arms outstretched. Its a swirling, churning four note figure that reminds me of something early 80’s, ...view item »

David Kilgour And The Heavy Eights
End Times Undone

There's something incredibly comforting about New Zealand indie music of a certain pedigree. Just seeing how popular The Clean and The Chills remain after so many years is most heartening; I've been a raging fan of The Clean since finding a vinyl of 'Vehicle' for three quid in ...view item »

The Wind-Up Birds
Poor Music

Leeds locals The Wind-Up Birds make raw post-punk about being British and out of touch with things -- which certainly sounds like post-punk. 'Poor Music' is the follow-up to their debut record, 2012's 'The Land', and retains the band's dedication to black comedy and moody riffs. The record is as loose and meandering as an early 90s ind...view item »

Spider Bags
Frozen Letter

I must have listened to Spider Bags' most recent album 'Shake My Head' at least 100 times. To my ears it's right up there with Bikes' self-titled LP and anything by Ty Segall or The Intelligence in terms of untouchable modern-day garage pop (if you know me, you'll know that's...view item »

DZ Deathrays
Black Rat

Like many bands these days, these are a two piece but sound like there are about a million of them on the recording. They make a brash noisy grungy effort that compares with the likes of Royal Blood and touring partners Blood Red Shoes but they have a metal sheen to them, not grungy as such but like hair metal gone pop punk. Like many people, th...view item »

The Gaslight Anthem
Get Hurt

'Get Hurt' is the fifth record from New Jersey's proudest punk rockers the Gaslight Anthem, known for a nostalgic, Springsteen-touting sound that rivals even the Hold Steady. The band's Americana tinged punk is set to be changed up on this record, as frontman Brian Fallon has expressed a wish to try something new, dipping into folk as ...view item »


The latest in an increasingly long line of bands with Google-friendly spellings. ‘Trams’ just wouldn’t do as you will be lumped in with all those vehicles in Blackpool. Now as far as I’m aware these are the latest kids on the block and by far the best thing to come out of Chichester for a long while. There is an a...view item »

Into It. Over It

Into It. Over It. have become a group that show us that the innermost workings of one mind can represent so many. All different. All the same. Intersections is colorful but not full of drivel or loquacious exposition. It isn't pretentious. It's just raw and fucking heartwarming. The record’s high peak, “Upstate Blues,” displays...view item »

Always Returning

Always Returning comes with a 2-Disc 24 page booklet media book with the second disc being an instrumental version of the album. Engineers, who currently comprise Liverpudlian multi-instrumentalist Mark Peters, celebrated  German ambient artist/producer Ulrich Schnauss and London based drummer and composer  Matthew Linley,...view item »

The Districts
The Districts

The Districts are my new found favourite band. I was sold when I heard the first line of Lyla. I saw them play at Leeds festival and I was mesmerised, they are so passionate and intense and really know how to rock. The vocals are perfection.. clear but gritty at the same time with so much emotion. I've listene...view item »

World Gang
Mechanic The Mushroom / Dolphin Smiles

The opening few bars of this collaboration between one of Modest Mouse other bloke sounds remarkably like electronica duo Remote Viewer or any number of late 90’s/early 2000’s two pieces. It then bursts into life with some bouncing beatery an...view item »

John Garcia
John Garcia

With VISTA CHINO, Garcia makes music very close to his Kyuss roots, but on this self-titled solo album, he ventures into first-class, very catchy rock songs that commute equally between classic rock and concise stoner elements. Featuring legendary Robby Krieger (The Doors) on guitar duties in 'Her Bullets Energy' - John Garcia has delive...view item »

The Raveonettes

Having been a little disappointed at the lack of pop tunes on the new Holly Herndon offering, I now turn to a band who I'm confident will deliver on that front. The Raveonettes have been plugging away for years honing their darkpop/shoegaze aesthetic, and interestingly on 'Pe'ahi' they combine this with some surfpop and tropicalia elements to ...view item »

Man At Arms
A Waste Of Time And Space

Man at Arms makes music that has been called "The most masculine thing I've ever heard," "articulate" and "like Primus" (which they sympathize with, but are reluctant to understand). A gracious critic once wrote of them: "Fuck you America, this is what you should be listening to." The band's first full-length album A Waste of Time and Space (com...view item »

Remember Remember
Forgetting The Present

Here’s the latest from Remember Remember, described by our Phil as “Progwai” when it was on the office stereo the other day. I’m actually quite fond of this lot, thankfully, and on ‘Forgetting The Present’ they’re continuing along similar twinkly and cinematic line...view item »

Modest Mouse
This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About

Originally released in 1996, ‘This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About’ is Modest Mouse’s debut LP, and made a significant mark for the band. Expanding upon the themes of emotional and geographic isolation present in their early material, the album sees the band mixing slow, brooding numbers with thrashing g...view item »

The Icarus Line
Avowed Slavery

Hey, this aint no “follow up” number, this is a the other arm getting a shot; this is the Slave Vows era of the Icarus Line getting its I’s dotted. A sort of finality at play here, “Avowed Slavery” is the companion release to 2013’s well received SLAVE VOWS album, this completes the circle of fury.With the vid...view item »

I Am An Island

Ross Leighton's reflections on isolation - all packaged up in the kind of "propulsive, anthemic indie-rock" that their fans believe this band offers. "For me it's about being busy all the time and thinking that you're always seeing everyone, but you're not, really." Not sure what that means, Ross, but I'll take your word for it....view item »

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Days of Abandon

Twee creeps The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart continue to delve into romances that make them lovesick and day jobs that make them think of magic netherworlds instead. The pop hooks are as reliable as ever on Days of Abandon, which recalls Heavenly, Haim and Tom Petty all at once. Nice elucidated shoegaze p...view item »

Sic Alps
She's On Top

The ever-prolific Sic Alps are back once again this week, this time spreading three tracks over a 12” for Drag City. They’ve got Chris Woodhouse recording and mixing it and I have to say this is a much more accessible and less lo-fi record than we’ve re...view item »

Tyler Mae
Warriors / Do Or Die

Tyler Mae have had a run of festival appearances and support slots with Example, Enter Shikari and King Blues and Warriors/Do Or Die has been played on Radio 1, XFM and appeared on the Kerrang playlist. Look out for their tours in 2015. Warriors/Do Or Die is available on 7” single through ...view item »

Django Django
Django Django

At first, I was not too excited by this album. By the third listen, I was hooked. It is dynamite! Best of all, it's an album you can listen to all the way through and not hit a stinker. It reminds me of '60's & early '70's albums that had songs skilfully put together in order to create a great effect 'as a whole.' Too often, alternative band...view item »

The Nightingales
Pigs On Purpose

I was thinking this was a new album but, as usual,  I was hopelessly wrong. Our resident Nightingales expert Brian informs me this dates from 1982 and is a re-issue so just a few quick words. Very much in your strummy scratchy Josef K style with gnarled, angry vocals rating about this and that. There is...view item »

Cleaners From Venus
Number Thirteen

The next installment of the Cleaners re-issue project is 'Number 13'. Like all of these albums there are tracks you'll want to skip but also contain songwriting so fine you simply can't believe that someone somewhere couldn't nuture Martin Newell's wayward talent and turn him into an 80's pop hero. The opener here 'The Jangling Man' is superb an...view item »

Jad Fair & Danielson
Solid Gold Heart

With artists like Daniel Johnston you can see the idiot/genius dividing line is a pretty slender one, whereas I always had Jad Fair down as firmly in the idiot camp. Johnston’s naivity is thoroughly engaging, Fair’s always seemed somewhat studied - exemplified here where he gives shout outs to bo...view item »

Take Pride In Your Long Odds

Hardworking and prolific. Just two of the ‘compliments’ made about Will Johnson’s Centro-Matic in the press release. Despite the Robert Pollard-like prolificacy, the band are much more indebted to the southern rock boogie style of Drive By Truc...view item »


There’s a post-it on this one saying “‘97 math rock/twiddly post rock”, but thankfully an explanation is not needed today, for this is the long-awaited second album from post-Cap’n Jazz twinkledaddy pioneers Owls, aka Mike and Tim Kinsella with guitarist Victor Villareal and bassist Sam Zurick. I fo...view item »

Changing Light

Always fond of the first clutch of albums by this lady, a kooky New York diva who seems to have spent almost her entire career on K records of Olympia, WA. I cannot even recall quite what her last one was like through the dense mists of time but I'm not sure it was as commercial is this latest collection. She's not dressed up like some w...view item »

Robot Hive / Exodos

Not only is Clutch’s 2005 album, Robot Hive/Exodos being pressed on to vinyl for the very first time, but it’s a lovely 2LP deluxe edition. Over 50 minutes of classic Clutch spread over four sides of vinyl. The LP comes in a redesigned gatefold sleeve and is a must for all Clutch fans. Vinyl collectors ...view item »

The Flaming Lips
Peace Sword

I want to hear a cut that I can play all day long, all night strong. Something a bit like MGMT but, you know, when they were good. Or to have Animal Collective see what happens when you write big fat tunes and stop worrying about being clever. I would like these ...view item »

Dignan Porch

Not paid a huge amount of attention to the London based outfit Dignan Porch before. They began life as solo project by Joseph Walsh that has slowly evolved over a couple of albums and singles (primarily for the excellent Captured tracks label) into a full band effort. ‘Observatory’ is the groups first LP for ...view item »

Guided By Voices
The Bears For Lunch

Didn't expect this to actually live up to its glowing press release but it pretty much does. 'The Bears For Lunch' is the magic number three of a well-documented trilogy of new albums by the mid-’90s "classic" line-up of GBV. This obscen...view item »

Bob Mould
Beauty & Ruin

If not exactly seen as a comedic character, it sometimes seems that Bob Mould isn’t taken quite as seriously as he should be when the heroes of underground rock are discussed. Check yo’ history though;  two hugely successful bands in Husker Du and Sugar, some great ...view item »

American Football
American Football (debut)

American Football made indie rock and emo one in the same. The Kinsella bros switched from their hxc pranks as Cap'n Jazz into a band of open-book feelings, delicately drifting guitars and quietly fanfaring horns. Their debut LP is an absolute darling of its genre, beloved by many for whining out in the ope...view item »

Mission Of Burma / Wild Flag
What They Tell Me / Boom

I’m not sure what to tell you about this 7” because it’s going to sell itself and you already know who these bands are and you’ve probably even already heard these songs because they’re not new, but they did a show together and made this split as some kind of kee...view item »

Parquet Courts
Sunbathing Animal

Jewelcase CD. LP in gatefold sleeve, printed inner bag, download code. An exclusive LP version featuring a bonus one-sided 7” with an unreleased track. Tracks: 01 Bodies02 Black and White03 Dear Ramona04 What Color Is Blood05 Vienna II06 Always Back in Town07 She's Rollin...view item »


It's weird. I was listening to the Paws record and despairing that I maybe, possibly didn't like indie music anymore. It made me feel really sad. Then I heard the new Gold-Bears album on the wholly reliable American indie stalwart Slumberland Records and sat there with a big shit-eating grin on my face. Suddenly it's t...view item »

The War On Drugs
Lost In The Dream

It comes to something where the general consensus is that its a positive thing if a record sounds like Don Henley’s post Eagles solo career. No-one likes a bit of good old L.A top- down yacht rock more than me but the late 80’s synth rock on this War On Drugs album get...view item »

The Bats
Compiletely Bats

Captured Tracks continue their admiral quest to re-issue every single band who came out of New Zealand in the 1980’s. The Bats were a different proposition to the likes of The Chills, The Clean and The Verlaines in that they peddled a...view item »


I'm glad I picked this up as I’m quite enjoying it. They are a trio playing a kind of murky form of left field rock that has traces of grunce and 90’s slacker rock lurking about but if you are wanting a catch all comparison then is Warpaint will be what you are after. Opener ‘Lands of Gold and Gre...view item »

Sufjan Stevens
Greetings From Michigan

The time Sufjan first came to some kind of international prominence was with this wonderful sprawl of a record that was the first of his supposed 50 albums about US states. That didn't happen but this and Illinois were more than enough. Intricate, literate song craft, beautiful folk melodies and my favourite lyric of all time "a...view item »

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

I'll be honest, I've never been much of a fan of Southern American-sounding music, be it the old delta country blues shit, Springsteen at his most Grandad's old country tapes poorly ripped from a de-tuned Radio 2 in the 70's and 80's (he was a bit deaf - go figure). I think Lee Bains and his tediously named Glory Fires,...view item »

Ryan Russell
Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham

Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham is a book of photographs by rock photographer Ryan Russell, who is known for snapping such bands as Death Cab For Cutie and Blink 182. The book is a photographic document of a trip Russell took from his home in Alabama to the north...view item »

Marijuana Deathsquads
Oh My Sexy Lord

Mad assed album this, loved it for the last two weeks. The main thing that captures you is the brooding apocalyptic nature of their music which weighs in some place between Crystal Castles, Schizo Fun Addict and early Holy Fuck. Live pulverising drums, eerie electronics, vintage synths and nightmare-ish effects-laden vocals result in a strange a...view item »

Archie Bronson Outfit
Wild Crush

Much like the latest Dan Sartain album, this newie from the indie rock journeymen Archie Bronson Outfit starts with a bang, opener 'Two Doves on a Lake' packing quite a kick with some dirty wah guitar, heavy and primitive MC5-meets-krautrock riffing, squealing baritone sax and enthusi...view item »

Blue Angel Lounge
A Sea Of Trees

Here's the latest offering on Brian Jonestown honcho Anton Newcombe's A Records, the third album by The Blue Angel Lounge. They make a kind of darkly psychedelic pop music which is informed by new wave, post-punk and goth, often coming across like a cross between the aforementioned 'Massacre and Ec...view item »

La Sera
Hour Of The Dawn

On the newest La Sera album, the former Vivian Girl who's not a Baby, Katy Goodman, heads into a harder-edged full-band territory than her previous bedroom efforts. She talks in the press release about being influenced by The Pretenders and The Sm...view item »

Les Big Byrd
They Worshipped Cats

Anton Newcombe's A Records seem to have been particularly busy of late, which is fine by me because I love all this hazy good-times psych stuff. This album by Stockholm's Les Big Byrd is no exception. This lot have a smooth and woozy take on this psychedelic krautrock style that's all the rage nowadays, and this debut album plants nine serious h...view item »

Hollywood Holidays - The Classic 1991 Radio Broadcast

Pixies continue to release every other record in existence with Hollywood Holidays - The Classic 1991 Radio Broadcast, which offers up a recording of a show they played the year they made like the Ramones and said adiós amigos. Following on from the release of final rec...view item »

Fort George EP

I’ve seen plenty of different colours of vinyl in my time, but ‘beer’ coloured vinyl? Fantastic. The reason for that is that Fort George is a brewery, and this EP of tracks from the Suicide Squeeze label has been pressed to accompany their new Suicide Squeeze IPA! Very neat. I’d like to see a lot more col...view item »

Secret Cities
Walk Me Home

After nine long years of making music together, Secret Cities have finally made an album with all three of them in the same room. 'Walk Me Home' is a gentle bit of indie rock with boy/girl vocals and a chameleon-esque changeability, although the songs are without exception smooth and pleasant. Sometimes they're opting for windswept ...view item »

The DeSoto Caucus
The DeSoto Caucus

Liked this one immediately. These lads are part of the Giant Sand touring band and have played with Lambchop and assorted alt country types. Some of this type of music I find rather dull but like a lot of affilate Howe Gelb’s projects ther...view item »

The Mariner's Children

“Sycamore trees, I’m sycamore trees”, my dad once said in a moment of ‘wit’. What we have here is lollopy folk. One part Pentangle, one part Mumford. There’s a lot of this stuff about, often with a nautical theme it seems. What is it with this sea obsession? It’...view item »

British Sea Power
Machineries Of Joy

Here’s British Sea Power, back with their fifth album of sweeping and cinematic indie rock. These guys have been going for years and very much settled into their niche by now, effortlessly knocking out a fresh batch of confident pop ballads and angular indie rock anthems. It’s very slick...view item »

Sleep Kit
Sleep Kit

This is sounding good, its a one sided 12" by these German noiseniks onto which they manage to cram five tracks. Taking their principal cue from Sonic Youth it has all those screwdriver-in-the-guitar wierdly tuned things but married to a plaintive vocal which comes across more Jawbre...view item »

The Horrors

Epic indie poppers it's okay to like The Horrors are back this week, and since their new album hasn't arrived in the office yet I'm reviewing it from a test-pressing which we're giving away to a competition winner. I feel like I'm killing a unicorn. Don't worry though, dear competition winner, I'm wearing my special silk reviewing gloves. ...view item »

The Hive Dwellers

K Records honcho Calvin Johnson and his Hive Dwellers are back this week with another album of their deconstructed rock'n'roll country indie lo-fi minimal pop. They've got quite a bare bones thrown-together sound, with everything non-essential disposed of until only the very essence of the song remains. After a slightly shaky start they ...view item »

The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project
Axels & Sockets

The Gun Club were a kind of blitzkrieg punk blues group out of LA, an influence on a whole host of people such as R.E.M, The White Stripes and the nascent alt-country movement. Leader Jeffrey Lee Pierce succumbed to a stroke back in 1996 and it...view item »

Survival Knife
Loose Power

Glacial Pace Recordings brings us the debut album by Survival Knife, featuring ex Unwound lads Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno together with long time friends Kris and Meg Cunningham, ‘Loose Power’ follows on from a couple of successful singles on both ...view item »

The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett

Eels 13th album and Mark Everett’s 16th release, The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett was inspired by a vaguely explained (by Everett) personal loss and the regret he felt in the aftermath. The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett is available on clear do...view item »


Stallone are heavy, fast and technically proficient. Their talent is showcased on their debut 7-track mini-LP Mire. This will appeal to fans of bands like Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan. The album was recorded by Lewis Johns (Vales, ...view item »

The Amazing Snakeheads
Amphetamine Ballads

Aren't there a lot of Birthday Party-inspired bands popping up at the moment? It's like an epidemic! It seems to be what people want to hear, though, given how popular the likes of Fat White Family and Protomartyr are amongst today's y...view item »

Bed Rugs
8th Cloud

Taking their name from the Coen Brothers' classic movie, The Big Lebowski, and taking their musical inspiration from Revolver-era Beatles, Bed Rugs make glorious psychedelic nuggets of guitar pop. 8th Cloud is their full-length debut following on from 2013’s mini album, Rapids...view item »

Dark Arc

Saintseneca are an emo-tinged indie rock and folk act from Ohio, with principle songwriter Zac Little leading the way. Their Americana reflects the ambitions and uncaring attitude of folk punk artists old and new. 'Dark Arc' is their first record for ANTI-, and adds more flourishes and orchestrations into the mix, for good measure....view item »

Nine Black Alps
Candy For The Clown

Hailing from rainy Manchester, Nine Black Alps have been delighting us with their brand of English indie-grunge since 2003. Candy For The Clowns is their fifth album and is guaranteed not to disappoint. Features the singles Novokaine and Supermarket Clothes. Candy For Th...view item »

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