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The DMA’s are a three piece who present a classic 90’s Britpop sound, and yet they hail from Australia! Whatever is going on? This self-titled EP is their first major release, available on CD or on nice white vinyl. Would suit fans of Oasis who want to listen to a band that isn’t actually ...view item »

Last Year's Men
Clawless Paw

I like this instantly! Here’s a 7” from Last Year’s Men on Indiana’s excellent Sophomore Lounge label, with huge drums and handclaps and saturated, fuzzy, overdriven guitars over yelping tuneful vocals which bring to mind Ty Segall’...view item »

Waiting: The 15-Year Anniversary Deluxe Edition

‘Waiting’ is the debut album by New Jersey post hardcore band Thursday, originally released in 1999 on New Jersey label Eyeball Records, which was in it’s infancy at the time. The record made a small impact at the time of it’s original release but was quickly established as a classic retrospectively following the release ...view item »

Circa Waves
Young Chasers

Hyperactive Ramones-equse pop with a hint of the Arctic Monkeys on this debut album Young Chasers from new band on the scene Circa Waves who’ve already made a splash touring for the NME Awards. Recorded at the RAK studios in London back in late 2014 and bursting out at the end of March 2015.  One for fans of the Zuton...view item »

Thin Walls

Drawing on indie rock peers known for their ornateness and on others for the lack of word mincing -- from Grizzly Bear to the Arctic Monkeys -- Balthazar make sure they reference their influences' penchant for writing melodies and choruses, creating heart-throb pop ...view item »

Southern Comfort

Australia’s Southern Comfort are made up of guitarist Angie Bermuda and vocalist Harriet Hudson Their new single will appeal to fans of The Dum Dum Girls, Circle Pit and Wax Idols among others. Suzanne is available through HoZac Records on a limited edition black vinyl 7” single (400 copies)....view item »


My fave Welsh grunge rock wannabees McLusky have a multi track 3 CD compendium swansong posthumous thing out on Too Pure. CD1 is all the single 'A' sides. CD2 is all the single 'B' sides. If you collected all the CD singles you'll have 'em all already. But you won't have the 22 unreleased tracks on the 3rd CD. 13 studio, 9 live @...view item »

The Staves
If I Was

‘If I Was’ is English acoustic folk rock trio The Staves' follow up to their stunning 2012 debut 'Dead & Born & Grown'. Produced by American, indie folk band Bon Iver's Justin Vernon following an extensive tour together and a trip to Eau Claire in Wisconsin which resulted in the recording sessions that would form the bas...view item »

The Chemicals

The Chemicals is a rather exciting thing: a totally stand-alone single that marks the first all-new music from alt-rock favourites Garbage in three years. Released for Record Store Day 2015, we have, thankfully, come across a few more of this 10”, but hurry hurry, stock is limited. On Stun Volume....view item »

The Sidekicks
Runners in the Nerved World

Built To Spill meets Snow Patrol, to be honest: the desperate and strangely gorgeous vocals Steve Ciolek offers up for Runners in the Nerved World recall the canon indie yelps of Dough Martsch, while the rest of the Sidekicks offer a mix of uplifting Sup...view item »

Of Montreal
Aureate Gloom

‘Aureate Gloom’ is Of Montreal’s thirteenth full-length album and the songwriting and playing on this record are a testament to how together a band can sound when they’ve developed a long term friendship and strong musical intuition for each other.  The result is the perfect balance of caffeinated music with edgy bea...view item »

Mystery Artists

One of those Record Store Day titles that is still around. These Mystery Artist records could literally be by anyone but if you were hoping to here some rare Kraftwerk song then you ears might be given a flush by the Ramones and Husker Du who we can reveal are the artists in question here. Bag a slice of po...view item »

The Flaming Lips
Bad Days

‘Bad Days’ is part of a series of three 10’’ EP’s to mark the twentieth anniversary of The Flaming Lips critically acclaimed seventh album ‘Clouds Taste Metallic’. Each EP includes material previously only available on CD and they’re all on different coloured vinyl. Featuring primitive demos of &ls...view item »

The Flaming Lips

Out of all the re-issues coming from The Flaming Lips this Record Store Day I am looking forward to this one the most. All three of the singles from the 1995 Clouds Taste Metallic are getting the vinyl treatment, in colour no less and if I had to choose one to spin it'd be Brainville. Although not my favourite track from Clouds, (that medal goes...view item »

Kim Deal & Morgan Nagler
The Root / Range On Castle

Always got plenty of time for Kim Deal. While her former band name gets dragged through the dirt, Kim is having fun playing with a bunch of people and releasing these nice 7” records of the results. This one is more collaborative than ever as Kim shares vocals with Whispertown singer Morgan Nagler. As a result I just can’t ge...view item »

Little Neon Limelight

Not a metal band but in fact catchy pop at its finest, Houndmouth have released another eleven track album for anybody who loves to bob their head to a sturdy beat with some polyphonic vocals thrown in. Little Neon Limelight sees the Indiana quartet continue on its path of unpretentious and terribly pleasant pop songs....view item »

Will Butler

Policy is the debut solo LP from Arcade Fire’s Will Butler. Though with contributions from Jeremy Gara and various other musicians, most of the music here was played by Butler himself. Using traditional song structures and clean arrangements, Policy depicts a variety of clashing emotions, and recalls the best in American ...view item »

Half Japanese
Volume 3: 1990-1995

The reissue campaign of the whole Half Japanese oeuvre continues with Volume 3: 1990 - 1995, which serves up their three albums from that period, We Are They Who Ache With Amorous Love, Fire In The Sky and Hot. Wild, skronky mad-rock from these noisy masters, full of explosive childish energy....view item »

Fawn Spots
From Safer Place

Fast incredulous punks Fawn Spots take a spot on the floor and listen to the sounds of Husker Du and their likes, hoping one day they can make something half as punx. Forward however many years and From Safer Place tears things up in all the right ways, maintaining that scr...view item »

Cold War Kids
Hold My Home

In my age baffled state I'd have said Cold War Kids would be a bit 'punk rock' but the track I just heard was kinda 'heartland rock' with a big booming foghorn of a voice belting it out. Like the Hold Steady crossed with an air raid siren. Sure to get bagfuls of airplay on XFM.  They've played 'Live at Third Man' so they ca...view item »

Evans The Death
Expect Delays

These catchy-song producing kids have undergone some line-up changes, but the songs still retain their qualities. Evans the Death’s second album is promised to further venture in their own direction, and as with all second albums, we’re eager to see which path that is. Expect Delays is almost here, and apart...view item »

Put It This Way In The Headlines

Featuring members of Simian Ghost, No Coda and Alpha Mound, Swedish collaborators Aerial have produced the perfect and uniquely Aerial mix of post-rock sincerity and an almost poppy/singalong songwriting style. ‘Put It This Way In The Headlines’ is a chillingly atmospheric record with all the visual depth and power of bands like God ...view item »


If you’ve heard enough UK and American variations on the Joy Division post-punk sound, why not try a Russian version? Motorama are just that, though I don’t mean to disparage the the quality of their approach. Poverty is their third album, and the fact that Talitres are spreading this beyond...view item »

John Wesley Coleman III / Followed By Static
Personality Pancake / Bacon Bear

Raucous garage rock from two of Austins favourite rock bands, John Wesley Coleman and Followed By Static. They have 4 tracks each to offer and they are all quite excellent. Up first is John Wesley Coleman, who gets things going in suitably raucous manner. Their 4 tracks sound great, they have Nuggets style guitar fuzz, served up with the bes...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The Good Son

A seminal album from Australia’s finest gets the reissue treatment from Mute. Recorded during Nick Cave’s loved up Brazilian period, The Good Son sees him in a chipper mood following the dark and downbeat sound on Tender Prey. Out on CD + DVD set & vinyl LP w/download code from Mute....view item »

Foo Fighters
Sonic Highways

This year, Dave Grohl was commissioned to travel over the States and document different recording studios, investigating their own distinct sounds and personalities. HBO then turned the footage into 'Sonic Highways', following the band as they made their eighth, probably rawking, certainly growled and definitely guitar-slidin' record. This here ...view item »

Ex Hex

Firmly rooted in late seventies North American pop-punk-rock, Mary Timony’s new band, Ex Hex, have given us an album to jump around and sing-a-long to. An instant and instantly essential record that knocks Wild Flag, an album I love by the way, into a cocked hat. She’s al...view item »

A Distant Fist Unclenching

A Distant Fist Unclenching by Krill was produced by Justin Pizzoferato, who has also worked with fellow Bostonians, Dinosaur Jr and Speedy Ortiz. The album marks a progression in their sound whilst keeping everything that was good about their earlier recordings. Their complex and unusua...view item »


Torche are monoliths of the heavy rock scene whose ascent to power came about through a clash of infectiously heavy melodies perfectly complimented by grungey, downtuned, discordant rock. Their debut album with Relapse, 'Restarter' is a ten song manifesto of thunderous, heavy rock glory. In spite of it’s undisputable heaviness it has a pop...view item »

The Black Ryder
The Door Behind The Door

Filled with gentle, carefully built pop songs that swell to a dreamy climax, The Black Ryder is finally back with their sophomore record. The Door Behind the Door promises to please fans of rich, lush pop songs with emotion weight, to draw you into the dreamworld this soft and somehow real world, created specially ...view item »

Range Anxiety

Twerps have spent some time touring with indie rock's chillest, including Real Estate and notorious shoe merchant Mac Demarco. Their record, Range Anxiety -- which, from its title, sounds one half Pavement, one half Parquet Cou...view item »

OK Junior
The Floating Formation EP

Finally a CD/10" has arrived on a label called Seldom by a band called OK Junior who have been championed by XFM & featured in the NME. according to the sticker on the back. It sounds like a perfectly competent blend of lo-fi folk & muffled trip-hop beats with spacey vocals. Sounds very much like another...view item »

The Manhattan Love Suicides
More Heat! More Panic!

The Manhattan Love Suicides (less from-New-York than you might think) seemed to be over as of 2009, but lo and behold, 2015 sees the release of More Heat! More Panic!, only their second full-length album. Good fun fuzz-guitar noise-pop action. The LP is available in collaboration with the Squirrel Records and Odd Box la...view item »

The Black Angels

The Black Angels are a psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas. Passover is their debut album. The band describe themselves as playing “Native American drone ‘n’ roll”. This psych-rock classic is available on a limited edition cassette of 1500 hand-numbered copies in a c...view item »

A Place To Bury Strangers

Kings of the effects pedal A Place To Bury Strangers have a new album out after a heavy couple of years touring and writing in Brooklyn. The band have taken an experimental step forward, but still pack a punch with noise-infused rocky smashers. Their love of Joy Division still shines through. On CD and vinyl....view item »

Bad History Month / Dust From 1000 Years
Famous Cigarettes

Their name must be hip, because it’s ironic: Dust from a 1000 Years doesn’t sound old at all, but rather fresh. Which is really just a crazy coincidence because it’s not a Bad History Month at all, seeing as it brought us this swell split EP! Which, I might add, is limited to 308 (curious numbe...view item »


Mourn like the old-school punks, but, like, the good ones that we don't listen to enough: they cite the song-writing of PJ Harvey as an influence, as well as the lo-fi indie pop antics of Sebadoh. Their sound is fitting: Mourn has confrontation at all costs, and...view item »

Kim Deal
Biker Gone / Beautiful Moon

Although she’s quite possibly completely insane, these Kim Deal 7”s are always worth picking up though you sorta know they’ll all be collected on an album at some point. Here are another two slabs of excellence, the A side is rather Sonic Youth-y with some seriously discordant guitars with th...view item »

Alabama Shakes
Sound & Color

Progressing confidently from their classic rock origins, Alabama Shakes deliver a crisp and funky album in the form of Sound & Color. Recorded in Nashville, they retain that Southern personality whilst clearly spending more time on the minutiae of songwriting. Out on 2LP ltd clear vinyl, 2LP vinyl and CD from Rough ...view item »


As easy as it is to describe Grinderman as a dirty album that spits rock bullets, it's actually a quite artful collection of songs, full of inventive twists, turns and sounds. It's challenging to the ear at first because it is so different from anything else you might hear, but great albums are often like that. You expect them to sound a certain...view item »

Cold War Kids
Behave Yourself

I can think of no other way to describe this EP other than to say that it contains the most 'grown up' songs CWK has released. I am very impressed with these four songs. As the band says in the liner notes, these songs didn't belong on Loyalty to Loyalty because they did not quite fit the sound of the entire album. Cold War Kids are not a super ...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The Boatman's Call

Originally released in 1997, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ album The Boatman’s Call was a move toward the more gracefully melancholic from the gloomy Antipodean from the previous Murder Ballads, with his most personal album to date. A classic for anyone who doesn't own it yet, and Nick Cave’s most critically acc...view item »

The Districts
A Flourish And A Spoil

'A Flourish And A Spoil’ is Pennsylvania rockers’ debut LP through Fat Possum Records. Produced by the ever-reliable John Congleton, who has previously worked with St. Vincent and Angel Olsen, its bluesy garage rock aesthetic, uplifting guitar and feedback serves as an appropriate follow-up to the band’s debut EP released earli...view item »

Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep

It's the skramz kids! Enter Shikari's deeply sighed post-hardcore emotions are on display agaiin, presented ecstatically on 'The Mindsweep', which continues to see the band swing wildly between the punky fury of the Blood Brothers, the obnoxious EDM of Skrilly, the prog metal of System of a Down and infectuous indie melodies that recall early Bl...view item »

Live At The Paramount

Apparently Nirvana were only ever properly recorded to film on one occasion, and guess what? This is the DVD of that occasion! In 1991, the year of Nevermind, the band were on their way up, up, up, and Live At The Paramount captures them on electric form. HD footage transferred from 16mm film and with a 5.1 sur...view item »

A.C. Temple / The Wedding Present
Miss Sky / Undercurrent

Finally out on vinyl again, this 7” is practically free with any order. Originally released with Ablaze! magazine, the A.C. Temple / The Wedding Present split single, featuring the songs Miss Sky and Undercurrent, makes the excellent addition to your order, not to mention its role in expanding yo...view item »

Triptides / Laser Background
Set You Free / Disappearing Ink

We’ve got this split 7” this week from office favourites Triptides and Laser Background, who I’ve never heard of. I’m listening to the Laser Background side first because I’m pretty sure I’ll like the Triptides one so I’m saving t...view item »

Murder By Death
Big, Dark Love

Country pub rock from Indiana’s Murder By Death. With fifteen years in the business the lighters in the air anthemic nature of these ten songs boast an earned authenticity not always present with this nostalgic, folksy band. Still, Big, Dark Love is sure to soundtrack a few emotional bromance film sequences. Out o...view item »

Sunday International
So Calm

A new single from SUNDAY INTERNATIONAL 'So Calm' is fresh out the box on Future Butterfly Records. The dude singing here sounds well gutted, I'm amazed he made it out of bed and down to the studio. He actually says 'you make me feel like wearing my pyjamas' and then goes on to rhyme pyjamas with bahamas which...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The Firstborn Is Dead

Although it's not as wild and frenetic as From Her To Eternity, The Firstborn Is Dead is a more focused effort featuring better overall playing from Cave & The Bad Seeds, and stronger songwriting. Drawing particularly on the deep well of American blues and folklore for this album, rather than Goth obsessions, Cave here has an album that is a bit...view item »

Perfect Pussy
I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling

I Have Lost Desire For All Feeling first gained attention when it was self-released as a demo EP back in 2013. Subsequently, Perfect Pussy's brand of urgent and febrile noise-punk continued to prevail with their 2014 debut LP Say Yes To Love being critically praised...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Tender Prey

I am not a man who gives out 10/10's lightly (despite what me review history may suggest) but Tender Prey is one of those albums that is without a doubt a masterpiece. Tender Prey is a dark album, written in the late 80's when Nick Cave and about half of The Bad Seeds were struggling with a heroin addiction, but s...view item »

Ty Segall

Because the fruit equivalent of garage punk is in fact lemons -- citrus is full of lo-fi potential, don't you know -- Ty Segall once called a thing Lemons, and this is that thing. This smattering of psych melds '60s melodies with atmospherics of a dystopian decade that has yet to come. ...view item »

Half Japanese
Volume 2 : 1987-1989

Wow, three whole Half Japanese records in one set! Volume 2 provides you with ‘Music To Strip By’ (1987), ’Charmed Life (1988) and ‘The Band That Would Be King’ (1989). I’m sure you would agree that that is a very healthy portion of these arty-punky-silly legends. Nicely designed book...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
No More Shall We Part

Four years of silence after The Boatman's Call could have left fans of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds a little disgruntled but then he brought out No More Shall We Part and frankly, he knocked everyone’s socks off yet again. Haunting, beautiful, at times crushingly sad, at others, wryly amused by the ridiculousness of life. A...view item »

Emperor Yes
An Island Called Earth

Emperor Yes is a trio moulded from producer Ash Gardner (known for work with singer-songwriter Emmy the Great), Adam Betts of math rock crew Three Trapped Tigers, and Hugo Sheppard, who was one half of indie pop duo Summer Camp. They come together in a new incarnation to make some truly cosmic rock that focuses on the blustery vocal harmoni...view item »

The Decemberists
What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

Most albums by The Decemberists have a strong narrative running through them (see The Hazards Of Love for example), but for this record, the band apparently let the songs develop into whatever forms seemed right. Consequently, What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World is The Decemberists in a different mode...view item »

The 1975
The 1975

I cannot see how this band have managed to sell out shows at massive venues such as Alexandra Palace. The vocals are so whiny it hurts; they bring absolutely nothing to the table. The instrumentation is awful. There is no raw and real emotion in any of the instruments, the guitars are low in the mix as is the fashion in pop music these days. WAR...view item »

Purling Hiss
Dizzy Polizzy

Dizzy Polizzy started life as a CDR containing six early recordings, circa 2004, Purling Hiss main man Mike Polizze had made with the help of drummer Ben Leaphart. By 2011, due to growing demand, Polizze made Dizzy Polizzy into a tour-only cassette which contained the original six tracks plus a...view item »

Spreading Rumours

Who are these? Some whippersnappers I can barely understand. The opening track sounds like Nirvana's 'All Apologies' as played by McBusted. I've just heard a steel drum. Its wierd though, I can hear melodies nicked from 'cool stuff' but its very tween - pop ...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Murder Ballads

Nick Cave and his perpetual gloomy face released Murder Ballads back in 1996 with the Bad Seeds to great critical acclaim and even commercial success. To his dismay, he was even nominated for MTV Best Male Artist of the Year, although he was withdrawn at his own behest. Also featuring Kylie Minogue, PJ Harvey an...view item »

Modest Mouse
White Lies, Yellow Teeth / Buttons to Push the Buttons

Modest Mouse are celebrating the days when they were at their rawest, playing stunningly rough guitar and howling lyrics for lost souls over disorientating dissonance. 'This Is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About' and 'The Lonesome Crowded West' are two early entries in the indie rock canon, and they're being reissued so we can ...view item »


Math punk. Is that a thing? Apparently so, it's just like math rock but punkier. This lightning-paced riff-loaded offering from London-based Axes (a four-piece hailing from Scotland, Denmark, Iran and... Essex) is fast, frantic and very fun. The sleeve features the band members on horse back. I hope the noisy music didn't scare the poor things t...view item »

Button by Button

Cozy Powell. Peeder Powell watch out. This is the debut release from Cozy who play a banging style of 70's glam power pop that gives Gary Glitter a run for his money. Fans of The Sweet and Bay City Rollers take note; there's a new gang in town and they are armed with fuzzy guitars, stack harmonies and stack heels galore. If you are allergic to h...view item »

Other People’s Songs

New album of cover versions from winsome acoustic guitar plucker Mike Kinsella aka Owen. Other People’s Songs contains 8 tracks tenderised versions of originals from the likes of Against Me! and Depeche Mode. Find out how he treats Descender from ...view item »

Little Elise

Games got a lot of admiration for their debut album of power pop and here they come with a raucous blast of 70's pop fun. One part Big Star, one part Dwight Twilley Band and one part Bay City Rollers this is an absolute heap of be-mulleted fun. They have all those 70's glam moves down pat that you'd swear that this was taken from the lower reach...view item »

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
Intensity Ghost

Drone conductor Chris Forsyth formed a band off the back of last year's 'Solar Motel', enlisting members of a variety of rock bands (including the ambient-leaning War on Drugs) to help him explore his rock 'n' drone'. 'Intensity Ghost' shows that band in full force, soloing until sore on tracks that are often purely instrumental, tightly-knit bu...view item »

Bugs & Rats

An obnoxious kebab of unrest from Bugs & Rats. Adidas is a bilge pump of evil hardcore/punk-rock with a seriously demented garage ascetic. Overblown with distorted-to-the-max guitars, muddy vocal squawks and a battery of drums. It's somewhere between Converge and The Sonics. Out on vinyl LP from Feeding Tube Records...view item »

Smashing Pumpkins
Monuments To An Elegy

Now that Billy Corgan is done composing and performing eight-hour tributes to Herman Hesse novels -- and making Oneohtrix Point...view item »

The Phantom Band
Fears Trending

Some big sounds from Scots The Phantom Band. Fear Trending is the next installment from the half-dozen bunch. It's full of rocky guitars, wacky electronics and sincere Celtic crooning. It's proggy, post-rockish and has simple melodies which act as a contrast to the raucous instrumental madness. ...view item »

Don’t Say That

This Birmingham four piece are a joyous fun-packed group squarely aimed at the late teens/early 20's market with infectious danceable pop with noticeable hip hop and Beck influences. They have nothing important to say, their songs are generally about food and fun but I'm sure would sound life affirming down the indie disco. This is their first f...view item »

Yo La Tengo
Extra Painful

'Painful' was something of an early blueprint for another of Yo La Tengo's more beloved records, 'And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out'. Beyond their sickly blue covers, both are full of mumbled vocals, twilit riffs that slide seamlessly through the night, and romantic shoegaze outbursts. 'Extra Painful' compiles this old, understated effor...view item »

Tyrannosaurus Dead
Flying Ant Day

For fans of fuzzed out indie rock from yesteryear with modern principles and a youthful exuberance, there's Tyrannosaurus Dead, who get by with sickly-sweet vocal exchanges (that recall a gentler Dan Bejar) and scuzzy chords that make you feel a lot of love. The succinct and always catchy enough 'Flying Ant Day' takes you back to the days of 'Sl...view item »

Your Blues

Dan Bejar's indie rock eye-rolling continued with 'Your Blues', his sixth record, which wasn't a testament to how bored he was hanging about with the twee and sickeningly lovely New Pornographers, but was a wonderful bit of abandon for him. As is custom for the Destroyer project, it shows him in high-drama form, performing pantomimic songs in hi...view item »

The Amazing Snakeheads
Can't Let You Go

A Highland tantrum from The Amazing Snakeheads. Dripping with contempt, Can't Let You Go is a deluge of literal monosyllabic rage about how they just cannot seem to let this person go. Drenched in booze, fags, loud guitars, drums and shouting. I knew Limmy was angry, but now he’s bloody livid. Out on 7" vinyl...view item »

Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994-2014

Wilco have never been particularly good at hiding their so-called rarities away, half of their fan-base having already been treated to the stellar, suffocatingly intimate early versions of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot songs. Here, though, the band leave another offering: Alpha Mike Foxtrot coll...view item »

Joseph Coward
The World Famous Joseph Coward

'The World Famous Joseph Coward' is more of a projection than a fact: it's actually Joseph Coward's debut record, one that hopes to push Coward swiftly into the indie rock canon. Coward's song-writing is plaintive and traditional, taking inspiration from solo artists with the same wistful Romanticism while also trying to extract the fury and hot...view item »

Primus & the Chocolate Factory With the Fungi Ensemble

Wacky high energy Californian rockers Primus have been going for 30 years now, their unique brand of bass-heavy prog-funk silliness doesn't really need any introduction. Nor does the soundtrack to the musical film version of Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. On New Year's Eve 2013 the band performed their Zappa-meets-Beefheart-me...view item »

Tyred Eyes

Tyred Eyes are a three-piece from Göteborg in Sweden. They used to make clattering punk influenced by the oldies; now, they're opted to take on the oh-so-loud indie of the 90s they know and love. 'Elevator' is their new record and the follow-up to the direct, raucous pop music of their 'Ghost' EP, taking the band's noise in a more chil...view item »

Joshua WF Thomson
Platinum Metres

Calling out to the cosmos, it’s Joshua WF Thomas, via Hong Kong's Platinum Metres. The record, which has the same name as the label, is an attempt to convey human nature and a depiction of music from around the globe. The Plantinum Metres vinyl LP spans many genres and is full of collaborations from a wide ra...view item »

In On The Killtaker

In On The Kill Taker is one of Fugazi's most shamefully overlooked works, too straightforward to appease their later fans and not punx enough to piss off a hardcore kid the way they like it. What you get instead is a furious dance: some of the band's catchiest cuts, including "Public Witness P...view item »

The Afghan Whigs
Gentleman (Gentlemen at 21 Deluxe Edition)

21st anniversary reissue for the seminal 1993 album, complete with 17 bonus tracks - a collection of B-sides, live performances and demos. The album is available remastered, on vinyl (with none of the bonus stuff), CD, or on (Record Store Day only) very limited edition 3-album vinyl which includes the bonus stuff. ...view item »

Wedding Dress
Desperate Glow

If you collect up all the cosmic gloop oozing from a dozen excellent and oh-so-slightly experimental acts, you get Wedding Dress. The band features members of math rockers Maps & Atlases as well as Suns and Joans of Arc, though there's less of the noodling and more slow-burning. Layers of synth, industrial-sized percussion and sweet aco...view item »

The Ministry Of Wolves
Happily Ever After

Weird German fantasists The Ministry of Wolves base their songs around fairytales by The Brothers Grimm. And why not. Suitably dark and sinister, these tracks will surely reignite the nightmares you had as a kid when you woke up convinced there was a wolf under the bed or a headless wood cutter lurking in the bushes outwide. Theatrical, dark Ger...view item »

Dilly Dally
Candy Mountain

Toronto’s Dilly Dally formed in 2010 after discovering a shared propensity for dreamy guitars, weed and karaoke. With the addition of their two good friends, Corey Marshall (drums) and Michael Guiliani (bass) the quartet spent the years that followed playing anywhere they could with a PA, be it bar or basement. Now, with a solid fan base, ...view item »

Wooden Aquarium

It's been a year since 2013's triumphant 'Ores & Minerals' and London based trio Mazes hone in on the best of their craft with 'Wooden Aquarium'; here, the hypnotic motorik rhythms and infectious pop melodies remain firmly intact. Though defying tradition and recording the album completely live in a studio, Mazes have not compromised their l...view item »

TV Eyes
TV Eyes

Alright! Power pop revival! Let's all have a good time! TV Eyes! Let's go! Taking time off from his work making terrifying abstract compositions for television's 'Hannibal', Brian Reitzell meets up with pals Jason Falkner and Roger Manning Jr., so they can reissue their self-titled 2006 record, which was only ever released in Japan. On record, t...view item »

Wild Smiles
Always Tomorrow

Debut album from Winchester three-piece Wild Smiles. Catchy angst pop with a droney harmonic kick, the band have garnered attention from all over the shop, landing an endorsement by Gibson and a string of European live shows. Bit like Dinosaur Junior but with shinier shoes to gaze into. Nice if you like that sort of thing. ...view item »

Groove It Out

Outrageous funk-pop from LoneLady. Her new 12" single is a lesson in pure fun, reveling in the sounds of mid-80's Madonna and Talking Heads. Establishing an array of bum-wiggling loops, Groove It Out is undeniable infectious. The B side has a remix by Bristolian electronic avant-nutter Ekoplekz. Out on Warp....view item »

Big Star
Live In Memphis

Big Star were rock 'n' roll's most spectacular failures, ignored in their time but widely beloved now for their underdog story and inspiring power pop hooks. 'Live In Memphis' was one of their only recorded live shows, showing them off in 1994 when the stakes were low and the emotions ran high. Plenty of high points for Big Star are gifted to th...view item »


Finally one of the quintessential '80s pop/rock albums has been reissued! Underappreciated since its release, this self-titled album is sure to surprise you for being so well-conserved. Still fresh as a spring-time leaf, Green’s debut has not aged a bit. Treat yourself to a tasty music history lesson! Only 500 copies avail...view item »

Are We All In This Together

Twee pop at its most cringe-inducing high -- just check the music video for "Are We All In This Together", which is pretty cat-driven -- Arms are reliving the glory days when guitars where shimmering and yet drab, when only chords where played and drums were softly shuffled. Their debut record, also called 'Are We All In This Together', has shad...view item »

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