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The Outdoor Types
Jangler Swifteye/ I Am A Steeplejack

Outdoor Types: 'Jangler Swifteye' 7" (Hand Of Glory) Debut release on this new label, continues the vogue for all things folk with a voice and fiddle led ode. Kinda reminds me further on of the melding of a anthemic post-punk outfit like The Alarm crossed with someone like Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit. One part folk with a dash of stadium r...view item »
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My Education
Concentration Waltz

Also proving that Texas is the new erm...oh I don't know...are My Education. We liked them so much we gave them a full 7" to ply their majestic trade. If you like the grandiose post rock of Godspeed you Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai then I really think you are going ...view item »
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The Moths
Games / Wild Birds/ Valentine

THE MOTHS: "Games" is a new 7" single on Label Fandango. I once went out with a girl who had a very real fear of moths, she just didn't like the idea of them or the look of them. I don't know what she'd make of these Moths. Nagging incessant vocals driven by spiky guitars and an insistent beat. Reminds moi of something from 70's, a b...view item »
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Meat Market
Too Tired

Meat Market - a great name for a band, I’m sure we can all agree, but what do they sound like? Well, I just put the needle down on their new 7” and they sound like energetic punky power-pop with bright and slightly glammy delivery which has shades of Marked Men, Young Offenders, Heavy Times, even the...view item »

Sam Mccarthy

This is a 500 copy, limited 7" release on Bumpman original 45's by Sam McCarthy. Sam plays folk/country rock and the A side 'Cherrytree' is a well polished, super produced country rock track something like those made popular by the likes of Garth Brooks but it sounds more like the Pogues to me. The B side 'In It to Win It' is a notable contras...view item »
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The Vaccines
English Graffiti

English Graffiti is the third full length album by West London’s very own indie-rockers, The Vaccines. This time they enlisted the help of producer Dave Fridman (who has worked with The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev among others) to hone their sound. Recent singles Handsome...view item »

Wolf Alice
My Love Is Cool

The debut album from London’s Wolf Alice, My Love Is Cool take further leaps into rock territory following their folksy beginnings. Very in tune with the modern strain of motorik krautrock whilst retaining an ear for melody, it’s like a diluted Sonic Youth for the kids. Out on CD and vinyl double LP from Dir...view item »

Islands Lost At Sea Vs Soft Priest
The Way We Played It Yesterday

A new split 7" release on Akoustik Anarkhy sees Islands Lost at Sea pitted against Softpriest. ILAS's debut "The way we played it yesterday" is synthetically backed experiment in feedback guitar noise with a breakdown that utilises what sounds like finger pianos and a kazoo. An ecelectic approach like that should make the long player...view item »
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The Honeymoon Machine
Faith In People

The Honeymoon Machine have a new single out of plodding mundane sounding indie with an obvious affinity to Oasis without The Beatles infatuation. If that sounds as appealing as I think it does then you know what to do!...view item »
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Bad Days / Eve's Child

Heb Hex is a collaboration between Hebronix (ie the fella from Yuck) and Neil Michael Hagerty (Royal Trux dude). ATP have decided that 'Bad Days' is good enough to release onto a 7” and they have pressed up 500 copies. S...view item »
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Love Is Suicide

Finally on tangerine vinyl is a 7" by Headtapes called 'Love is Suicide'. Reminds me a lot of the darker side of New Order with bits of Soft Cell, Nine Inch Nails and Ladytron. A bit rock, a bit goth - some of the melodies remind me a bit of Maps but a much more gothy Maps that have spent time trawling around the fringes of the city in long ov...view item »
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Guided By Voices
Jon The Croc

Rolo Tomassi

Rip-roaring Sheffield powerhouse Rolo Tomassi are back with new album Grievances. The fourth studio album progresses further into melodic realms complete with Tortoise-esque drums and jangly post-rock guitar lines leading to a quintessentially epic Rolo Tomassi finale. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Holy Roar....view item »

Gay 90's

You know times are hard when the flexi's start making an appearance. It's getting real expensive to produce 7”s nowadays so maybe it's the way to go. Either that or it's purely for novelty reasons...who knows. This flexi 7” on Italian Beach Babes features the talents of the gr...view item »
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She Get It/ Friday Don't Need It

Jacob Fletcher
Don't Go Down/ Burn

Again on Fitzrovian Phonographic we have Jacob Fletcher with Don't Go Down Burn. A hypnotic, emotive verse with hushed and nasal vocals. Sounds like he's singing from behind a curtain until the fabric is thrown back and we're into a grand chorus with trumpets and electrical guitars combining with powerful effect. B-sides an acoustic guitar and...view item »
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The Flaws
No Room

The Flaws are another of these 'The' bands and they have a debut 7" out on Sound Foundation Records. All of these are starting to sound the same these days and to be honest I can't tell 'em apart anymore. It could be good? It could be bad? I've no idea.... You're usual indie affair though.......view item »
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Come and See the Lights

There's a good picture of these lot on the internet with an afghan hound each. I think they are afghan hounds - I'm not a total expert on dogs but its a good photo nonetheless. The music is in the angsty post Bloc Party/Foals genre with a lot of bluster and a singer who has obviously been listening to his Band of Horses. Big rock music for mount...view item »
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Pleasure Palaces

Errors return with a new LP and little in the way of press info to explain what they've been up to since the last release let only how they ended up sounding so much like Washed Out. Yep, looks like Errors - the post-rock band it's OK to like, have gone all dance-pop oriented. Weather it'...view item »

The Dukes Of Hang Gliding
The Murder Song

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Crayonsmith/ Elk
Heaven Is An Aeroplane / Wet Stars

The split single. An amazing way to hear two bands for the price of one. This offering from the label that brought you such classics as 1985's Screwdriver/Bad Brains split “Ebony & Ivory” sees two quirksome pop bands vying for position on the starting grid of life. Forcing ...view item »
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Cola Shock Kids

Cross The Line

  Cristine:'Cross The Line' (Mute Irregulars) Where raucous, grungy rock meets raw synth swirls over an incessant, chant-along vocal line. Is this the sort of pop made by kids who have just got what both Suicide and The Stooges were up to? Yeah, raw uncompromising digital dirge and animal drums. The flip is a Jesus & Mary Chain style wall ...view item »
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Cyanide Pills
Apathy/ Conspiracy Theory

Former Utopia/Michael L. Clamp/The Philanthropists

The split 7inch from Former Utopia/Michael L. Clamp/The Philanthropists is a corker and is well worth a listen. MJC offers a rendition of the classic Cole Porter song Don't Fence Me In. It's an earnest enough version, just a voice and guitar... both sound great, The Philanthropists song is called I Love Mickey and lasts about 2 seconds. It's an ode...view item »
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Clean George IV
First Blast Of The Trumpet Against.....

CLEAN GEORGE IV with First Blast Of The Trumpet against the monstrous regiment of woman. What a title for such a straightforward song. have a listen yourself. Not a bad job and would benefit form a few listens with some dueling guitars going on and B-sides got some good lyrics on. The...view item »
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Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds
You Let Me Go

Cheeky Cheeky & The Nosebleeds are up next with 'You'll Let Me Go'. Yawn... It's sending me to sleep this one. Apparently the NME and Jo Wiley have been biggin' these up so there you go... The gods have spoken ...I struggle to find a single element that I like about 'You Let Me Go'. Not that I hate it or anything. I don't hate anything... Apart...view item »
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The Relationship
Oh Allen / Young Temptations

Weezer guitarist Brian Bell steps out of the shadows with his other outfit The Relationship. Fans of Cuomo et al won’t be disapointed. Oh Allen offers a belter of a chorus in that age old power pop tradition of strong, simple melodies. Backed up by Young Temptations on the B side. Out on vinyl 7&rdqu...view item »

Boy Kill Boy
Civil Sin

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The British Public

The British Public sound nice enough. They have a slightly twee sound that reeks of indie foppery. Shit I can almost smell the cardigans and teacups from here. The A side is about being attacked by bears and the bloody aftermath. The track on the flipside is about breasts and them getting bigger. The songs are concise and well produced and the c...view item »


So.. Volcanology by Brooklyn. Christ on a bike. It's jaunty, it's got 'ooh-oohs' and 'ba-bas' and it's WELL indie. At the start it upset my ears and by the end of the A-side the upset had trickled down my food pipe and infected my already black heart. Now I'm not even sure if I like music anymore. Looking on the bright side, there's also a remix th...view item »
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All Your Favorite Bands

‘All Your Favorite Bands’ is the highly anticipated, fourth album release from LA based, rock four piece Dawes, out on their very own label Hub records. With the exception of the title track, which was written in collaboration with Jonny Fritz, every track on the album was written by Taylor Goldsmith and the album really showcases th...view item »

Frankie & The Heartstrings

A brand new record (the first since 2013) from Frankie and his band of loyal Heartstrings, now featuring the recognisable vocal contributions of a former Futurehead as well. Decency sounds pretty decent all told, the indie melodies catchy, the riffs and strums of the gu...view item »

The Blueskins
Change My Mind

THE BLUESKINS are back with a new single taken from the lynx deodorant advert on telly.... You know the ones which try and make you think wearing their own brand of chemicals will make you successful with women. Yes of course you do. Note that Lynx don't do a similar thing aimed at women.... that's because women aren't stupid but the fac...view item »
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Bluesky Research
Fittest of The Fittest

Another 7" on Regal from BLUESKY RESEARCH entitled 'Fittest Of The Fittest'. It's meat and potatoes gear this. Safe, over polished. How can you polish something so much and still make it dull? It defy's the laws of modern science. This sounds like a really lame cross between Jane's Addiction and Oasis but lacks the power and energy of either. ...view item »
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The Boggs
Arm In Arm

The Boggs are back with a new single from their up and coming 3rd album. Despite their shite name I don't mind these too much. They did a single sometime back I was so taken with I even took one. 'Arm In Arm' is the name of their new one and it's a right old glam stomper... I don't mind it if I'm honest. They seem to be able to string a song togeth...view item »
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Anoraak / Team Ghost

Air Cav
Alliance/ Branches

Firstly, a 7" by Air Cav. Manchester's latest colossal grey hopes release 'Alliance', reportedly the highlight of their mucho buzzed about live set. They've blatantly been swotting up on very early New Order (Movement/Everything's Gone Green) , trying to blend a contemporary euphoric pop sound with a sturdy 'lectro/rock twist and coming up wit...view item »

Albatross Conspiracy/ Tam Rush
Split Single

Blind As Faith

My Morning Jacket
The Waterfall

Recorded in Stinson Beach CA, ‘The Waterfall’ is Louisville Kentucky based rock quintet My Morning Jacket’s seventh full length album, due for release on ATO Records/Capitol Records. Following in the footsteps of their highly acclaimed Grammy nominated 2011 release ‘Circuital’, ‘The Waterfall’ is a focus...view item »

Wild Nights

Due for release on the 8th June 2015, ‘Wild Nights’ is the new album release from Manchester four piece PINS. ‘Too Little Too Late’ will be the first single release from the album, due out on 7” on the 30th of March and if it’s relentlessly aggro, primitive rhythms, fuzzed-out crashing guitars, heavy melodic b...view item »

Before The World Was Big

Relief and elation fight eachother as Girlpool release their new record Before the World Was Big! Thank goodness for that; following on from their EP of spry, confrontational jangle pop, they offer more songs about personal growth and identity, intertwined with unbelievable melodies that are modestly stat...view item »

No Joy
More Faithful

The third LP from No Joy is More Faithful which delivers some beautiful shoegaze that whirls around in reverb and almost chant-like vocals which layer over one another before being hooked back to earth with some concrete guitar work. It’s full of ethereal melodies which glance toward Slowdive ...view item »

Great Lake Swimmers
A Forest of Arms

The most demonstrably Canadian Canadian’s Great Lake Swimmers return with album number six. On A Forest of Arms these reliable and salubrious songsmiths continue to tug on heart strings and evoke wide open North American spaces. The album was uniquely recorded across said landscapes, haunting acoustics captured in...view item »
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Cosy EP

Sounding like the end of a long day of sun-soaking, Cosy is filled with gentle surf guitars that keep rolling onto the shore. Headland could be a choice pick for a Late Night Tales mix, but instead it’s a splendid 5 track 12”. Limited to 500 editions worldwide, and on clear vinyl at that. Surf’s up, du...view item »
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The first ‘proper’ album by Ash since Twilight of the Innocents a whole eight years ago… Kablammo! announces itself rather firmly with that title, and the first single, ‘Cocoon’ matches that tone with straight-down-the-line riffs and a sweeping chorus. “We have lots of energ...view item »

Speedy Ortiz
Foil Deer

On gatefold 12” Vinyl or CD  both with pull-out poster, or as a limited edition gold 12” w/ chapbook and sticker. A cleaner, clearer, and almost less angsty sophomore album from Speedy Ortiz. Maybe Sadie Dupuis is all of the above as well. Pushing their sound away from something akin to ...view item »

British Sea Power
The Decline Of British Sea Power

2003 was a bit before the vinyl craze we find ourselves in which will explain this reissue of British Sea Power’s debut LP from 2003, The Decline of British Sea Power  - some classic, footstompin' indie rock with solid guitar hooks and catchy choruses. Here we have a vinyl LP reissue, a 2CD is...view item »

The L-Shaped Man

You don’t usually get break-up albums from hardcore bands, but the recent break-up of Ceremony’s singer, Ross Farrar is the driving force behind their new album, The L-Shaped Man. Lyrically, the album charts the experience of losing someone you love and coming out the other side a changed person. Musically, ...view item »

Total Babes

Sharing a drummer with Cloud Nothings and featuring the synth stylings of Emeralds’ John Elliot, Total Babes are sure to pique interest across the spectrum. Heydays is a summer-ready jaunt in the vein of Tokyo Police Club or Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Out on digipak CD and vinyl LP from Wichita....view item »
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The Helio Sequence
The Helio Sequence

From Portland, land of third wave coffee snobbery, lesbian bookshops and free range elderly care, The Helio Sequence are back with their sixth self-titled album and first since 2012’s Negotiations. Going for 30 years has helped hone this duo into the tight, hip sound they rock. On Sub Pop records, on vinyl or CD. One for f...view item »


South-London indie band Childhood's debut album Lacuna is a chilled out, melodic record. Featuring the singles “As I Am” and “Falls Away”. Lacuna was produced by Dan Carey (Steve Mason, Toy). This is an indies-only vinyl version including a bonus 7” fea...view item »

The Pre New
The Male Eunuch

Featuring members of both World of Twist and Earl Brutus, The Pre New have captured a place in our hearts with their minimalistic and sardonic electronic music. The Male Eunuch is their second full length album and expected to feature a bunch of curious, catchy and addictive tracks, appealing to all your potentially gen...view item »
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The Ends
You Write The Hits (I Write The B-Sides)

Gritty, in yer face punk attitude and drenched in the sweat of high energy performance, The Ends are four-piece indie rock band from Canvey Island. Their new single is You Write The Hits (I Write The B-sides). Imagine if the Arctic Monkeys added a young Damon Albarn and Gra...view item »

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Chasing Yesterday

The second solo album by the man from Oasis who isn't the singer. Noel's music is safe as a Volvo and is made up of mid paced ballads and non threatening rockers. This of course is more than enough for much of his fanbase and tracks like “Ballad Of The Mighty I” show that he can still wring out a tune if he wants to....view item »

Zefur Wolves
Zefur Wolves

Zefur Wolves hail from Wales, but this self-titled debut record takes in Mexico and North America, both in the literal sense of being recorded there, but also in the sense of a grand musical, lyrical and emotional tour. Sometimes synth-draped, sometimes laden with grunge guitars, Zefur Wolves ends up in some interesting...view item »

The Fall
Sub-Lingual Tablet

The Fall have been in existence for 39 years and massively influential to a lot of bands that really matter (e.g. Pavement). Mark E. Smith is the only constant in an eternally revolving cast of musicians. Despite the ever-changing personnel, The Fall will always sound like ...view item »

Surfer Blood
1000 Palms

A little of surfer/indie chillwave rock is always much appreciated, and Surfer Blood do a splendid job at concocting a perfect mix. Lo-fi drums and lush guitars, with pleasant vocal harmonies, these guys make you feel like summer is here. The forecast: 1000 Palms will be the soundtrack of your summer road trips....view item »


Novella, of sunny Brighton, are devoted '60s counterculture fans, and they aren’t afraid to display that in their music. Land is their debut album, and it brings together the two opposing ends of that sphere of influence: the acid-blasted riffing and the blissed psychedelic pop. Arrives neatly in the present day v...view item »

Totem Terrors
Hard Science

DIY Cardiff noise rock duo Totem Terrors return following the underground success of their fan funded debut ‘Repeat Play Torrent Rar’ with the highly anticipated release of their new album ‘Hard Science’. Released on their own independent label Diet Pops, beautifully packaged in artwork by Adventure Time (OMG!) illustrato...view item »

7 (Or 8)

LP available on either 12” vinyl or CD on Kill Rock Stars. The title 7(or 8) encapsulates a fair amount of Kinski, with a vast amount of material this is their 7th (or 8th depending on who you ask) LP. Recorded with Phil Manley of Trans Am, its a fuzzy, broken tube amped rock riff...view item »

God Damn

Midlands favourites God Damn have been playing remarkably loud sludge-rock around the UK for a few years now, and One Little Indian have decided that the band are worthy of the release of Vultures, their debut. A really grimy, pained sound, nailed to tunes that stick. Thirteen tracks, stretching all the way from the fas...view item »

The Granite Shore
Once More From The Top

If there ever were a tax-funded project to praise the true British pop folk music, it would sound like The Granite Shore. With their debut album Once More From the Top, these fine fellows under the guidance of Nick Halliwell sing of the pastoral life, subtly reminiscent of late 60s and 70s pop compositions....view item »

Cotton Candy / Storm O.K.

Thick with fuzz, overdriven guitars march on these poppy songs of Keroscene’s new 7”. A-side Cotton Candy brings a chorus you’ll be humming all day, set against a distorted post-punk vibe. AA-side Storm O.K. comes with more electronic influences, mixing synthesizers with classic grunge riffs....view item »

Modest Mouse
Interstate 8

Interstate 8 is the second EP released by US indie band, Modest Mouse. Originally released in 1996, this vinyl has been long out of print and therefore highly sought after by fans and collectors alike. It contains the band's first ever demo recordings which were recorded in Isaac Brock's garage. Recommended!...view item »

Modest Mouse
Too Many Fiestas For Rueben / Cowboy Dan

As a reminder of just how weird and wonderful the Modest Mouse universe was in its early days -- in its scratchy guitar tones, as well as in Isaac Brock's unhinged voice -- Glacial Pace and Fat Possum are reissuing their primitive classics, along with a little helping of 7" to sweeten the deal. The 7" that accompanies the reissue of 'The Lonesom...view item »

Palma Violets
Danger In The Club

The Palma Violets return with Danger in the Club to rip things up again after their debut LP, 180, which was hyped to buggery by NME and then ended up to be a decent record. They continue here with some heavy-hitting, punky, chorus driven rock tunes designed to make you rock-out, puke-up and hav...view item »

Rose Windows
Rose Windows

Rose Windows eponymous new album is their second. They’re obviously employing the same tactic that The Velvet Underground used when naming albums. The six-piece from Seattle take their influences from many aspects of their homeland’s musical history such as west coast psychedelia, proto-metal and fol...view item »

Mac McCaughan

Superchunk fans rejoice because Mac’s back! This time with a solo album under his own name, Mac McCaughan delves into the soft-focus nostalgia of ‘80s introspection. Non-Believers is a sweet collection of personal songs about the ambiguity of transition. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Merge....view item »

Bearfoot Beware
World Owes You Nowt

Post-Math-Hardcore? Yeah I think that works for Bearfoot Beware, a young Leeds crew releasing their debut here on Voice of CHUNK Records. Nine months in the making, World Owes You Nowt crunches and rolls and thrusts forwards, and with suitably pained vocals to boot! Artwork for the LP by Crow Versus Crow....view item »

The Tamborines
Sea of Murmur

The Tamborines debut album, Camera and Tremor, was a mass of swirling fuzz. Here, on their sophomore album, Sea Of Murmur, that psychedelic fug has given way to their melodic tendencies. They cite many great bands as influencing their sound including Teenage Fanclub, Sebadoh, The Velvet Underground, The...view item »

Modest Mouse
Strangers To Ourselves

Growling indie rock merchants Modest Mouse have detailed surreal car trips, painted cities, floated on and sailed doomed expeditions, and then they took a sabbatical. Now their buzzing guitars and the howl of Isaac Brock are back for Strangers to Ourselves, a much postponed, much anticipated new album. It...view item »

Faith No More
Sol Invictus

The eighteen-year wait for a follow-up to Album Of The Year is finally over! Faith No More return with their new album, Sol Invictus. The album features the singles Motherfucker and Superhero. I’m guessing that fans will be clambering over each other to get their hands on one of the 750 ...view item »

What Green Feels Like

Fingerpicky downbeat folk from Leeds-based Eaves. What Green Feels Like is the 20-something’s debut album following last year’s As Old As The Grave EP and continues to showcase his natural abilities as a young songwriter. The production is sparse but lush enough to embrace strings to emotive effect....view item »

Sergeant Buzfuz
Balloons For Thin Linda

Sergeant Buzfuz return with an intriguingly promising new seven piece line-up comprising of Willie Barr, Ian Button (Death In Vegas, Wreckless Eric, Go-Kart Mozart, Darren Hayman), Joss Cope (Julian Cope, Weather Prophets), Stu Crane, Polly MacLean, Eilish McCracken (Rose McDowell) and Joe Murphy. ‘Balloons For Thin Linda’ is Sergean...view item »

David Allred

David Allred, from Portland, Oregon plays a type of minimal alternative folk music. He is inspired by great singer songwriters such as Nick Drake and Elliott Smith. He also cites another great, Peter Broderick as an influence. Broderick produced Midstory and p...view item »

The Ukrainians
A Short History Of Rock Music

Turbo Fruits
No Control

Floating between catchy pop-rock songs, pot-smoker lethargy, and break-down-the-roof live shows, Turbo Fruits are everything you could want from a rock band - and their name sounds like an item from Mario Kart! No Control is their fourth album, and sees the band reaching a certain level of maturity. But not&nb...view item »

Too Little Too Late

Too Little Too Late is the first single to be lifted from PINS second album, Wild Nights. The all-girl indie four-piece from Manchester are showing a harder edge this time, firstly by using Queens Of The Stoneage producer, Dave Catching and secondly by covering The Misfits' ...view item »


‘Arizona’ is the debut album release from Mylets aka Henry Kohen, a child genius, multi instrumentalist who became the youngest artist ever to be signed to LA based record label/ management company Sargent House. In spite of the complicated arrangement of Mylets one man orchestra, the songs are catchy, infectious pop songs at heart, ...view item »
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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Live In Paris

Live In Paris by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club captures Black Rebel Motorcycle Club playing Live In Paris, on two CDs and a very dramatically-shot DVD too. As a bonus, you also get 33.3%, which is an up-close documentary film on the band. Strikes me as a pretty great deal. Out on the Abs...view item »

Hop Along
Painted Shut

The announcement of a new album by Hop Along is like receiving a letter from a disappeared friend. Ever since the formidable Wretches EP, when the band was still known as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis (Queen Ansleis having apparently hopped along by now), any news from the band is good news. Singer Fran...view item »

The Mountain Goats
Beat The Champ

Wordsmith, genius song-writer, metal enthusiast and all-rounder nerd John Darnielle has released roughly ten billion records as The Mountain Goats, and since transitioning from lo-fi cassette underdog to established folk hero, he's released classics such as Get Lonely and Transcendental Youth...view item »


Slug are the latest band to come from Sunderland’s thriving music scene. They are the brainchild of Ian Black who earned his stripes as a touring member of fellow mackems, Field Music. The ideas for the music on debut album, Ripe come from the deepest recesses of Black’s mind combining many ...view item »

Bop English
Constant Bop

Bop English is the solo project / labour of love of White Denim frontman James Petralli. Debut Constant Bop has been in the workings for years, and that time and craft is evident in the depth of the recordings. Available on CD, but if I were you I’d get it on vinyl, which is pressed to blue and ye...view item »

Time For Rodeo
So Toxic

Time For Rodeo are a Leeds band & have their spiffing debut 5 track E.P. released on the superb Misplaced Music. I'd like to think of the bands that inspire them but some clever nitwit has gone & put a sticker on the front to like, totally assist me!! So if you fancy a delightfully catchy amalgam of  &qu...view item »
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The Tamborines
Camera & Tremor

These guys stick safely to a kind of fuzzed-out psych/shoegaze shimmer on their debut album. And although i've heard plenty of Primal Scream or BJM records in my life, The Tamborines still successfully kick out a worthy racket. They often emulate the sound of the classic Creation bands - the opener reminds me of mid-period Telescopes - but you c...view item »
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East India Youth
Culture of Volume

Less than a year after his debut, the appallingly titled Total Strife Forever, burst onto the scene in a wave of hype, electronic whizzkid and social media busy body William Doyle is back after signing to big label XL. This is sure to be one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year; his euphoric live shows have helped build ...view item »

Kings Of Leon
Only By the Night

From way back when - when the Kings of Leon had beards and in fact, so did everyone else, their most recognisable fourth album Only By The Night has been reissued on double vinyl from Columbia records. What you’ve come to expect from the band - driving rhythms, cool bass lines and that distinctive gravel voiced sound....view item »


Slick, shiny and smooth, but also cold as an unpleasant February, Marriages present their first full-length album, Salome. Lively drums underpin post-punk vocals that might be described as ‘epic’, and a synth / guitar combo with wide eyes. Available on CD or vinyl, from the Sargent House label....view item »

Du Blonde
Welcome Back To Milk

Who is this really quite nude Du Blonde lady looking out on a new album on Mute? Why, its Beth Jeans Houghton. On Welcome Back to Milk she has stripped things down a bit, but this is still striking, strong and spiky song-smithery with lashings of aggression. Samuel ‘Future Island...view item »


Managing to come back from being really, really uncool after being mentioned in the resignation letter of a Labour shadow cabinet member, Drenge release their second LP, Undertow. Loud, one for fans of the Libertines and fast, rhythm-fuelled 90s Britpop.  The album deals with big themes such as love, loss and Arabic food. O...view item »

No News From Home

Not the eccentric label who have the audacity to release all your favourite records, but an equally exciting band of psychedelic-influenced mavericks. Houndstooth continue to define their sound with No News From Home, which sees the band follow up Ride Out The Dark with another rec...view item »

Charles Howl
Sir Vices

Draping a punk rock blueprint with swathes of psych guitar effects, Charles Howl delivers a confident throwback debut. Coming off like The Horrors with a little less gravitas, Sir Vices sits comfortably within the current crop of popular psych rock from Pond to Hookworms. Out on vinyl LP from Ample Play....view item »

Joanna Gruesome / Perfect Pussy
Astonishing Adventures EP

Following on from their recent split release with Trust Fund comes ‘Astonishing Adventures’,  a new split EP by indiepop noisemakers Joanna Gruesome and their American counterparts Perfect Pussy. This 7” EP features four remarkable songs showcasing some of the first new material from Joanna Gruesome since their 2013 debut ...view item »


The DMA’s are a three piece who present a classic 90’s Britpop sound, and yet they hail from Australia! Whatever is going on? This self-titled EP is their first major release, available on CD or on nice white vinyl. Would suit fans of Oasis who want to listen to a band that isn’t actually ...view item »

Last Year's Men
Clawless Paw

I like this instantly! Here’s a 7” from Last Year’s Men on Indiana’s excellent Sophomore Lounge label, with huge drums and handclaps and saturated, fuzzy, overdriven guitars over yelping tuneful vocals which bring to mind Ty Segall’...view item »
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Waiting: The 15-Year Anniversary Deluxe Edition

‘Waiting’ is the debut album by New Jersey post hardcore band Thursday, originally released in 1999 on New Jersey label Eyeball Records, which was in it’s infancy at the time. The record made a small impact at the time of it’s original release but was quickly established as a classic retrospectively following the release ...view item »

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