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The Glitterati
You Got Nothing On Me

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The Gilded Palace of Sin
You Break Our Hearts, We'll Tear Yours Out

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Ghost Outfit
I Want You To Destroy Me

It’s hard to believe that Manchester’s Ghost Outfit are a two piece, this debut for the Sways label has the big sound of a full band with a crunch of guitar and thundering drums. ‘I Want You To Destroy Me’ seems like the first proper rock album I’ve revi...view item »
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Punk Rock Vampires

The Futureheads
Skip To The End/ History Itself

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White Reaper
White Reaper Does It Again

White Reaper do sneery-vocalled rough-tinged indie-rock, and they do it pretty well. The lead melodies, often carried out by a keyboard, are bright and shiny, whereas the guitars have a grimey crunch to them. White Reaper Does It Again is, illogically, their debut album, and it’s coming out on Polyvinyl....view item »

Francis International Airport
In The Woods

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Franz Ferdinand
Walk Away

First let's get this Franz Ferdinand Xmas single out of the way. It's really hard to cynical about 'Walk Away'. Unlike the jawdroppingly annoying 'Do You Want To', this has everything you'd want from a Kapranos & Co ballad. An opening guitar line that screams "classic" as it seems so familiar before it tumbles into the kind...view item »

Forward Russia
Breaking Standing

The Foxes
Lover, Killer

In essence, The Foxes' ability to produce honest, raw and yet unique energised rock and roll seems to be nothing short of effortless in this track. The Kinks-esque opening firmly roots 'Lover Killer' in the realms of a guitar-led sound followed by profound urbanised lyrics. The greatest compliment one can pay to this scintilating three minutes i...view item »
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Flying Matchstick Men
All Yr Secrets

So from such sublime delights to the Flying Matchstick Men single on One Records which is so contrived it made me wish I too was constructed of wood as it would be easier to set fire to myself and rid myself from having to review this. Think of a sub-Kaisers band trying to be so painfully trendy it hurts. Only 500 on 7" tha...view item »
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Flash Fiktion

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Fear of Music
Fear Of Music

And on to Fear Of Music who have a 6 track EP on Blowout records which sounds a bit like Cooper Temple Clause to me. It's a bit Britpop and a bit shouty.... cue the noisy guitars and hey presto you have indie shouty anthemic gear which is kind of OK ish but it's all been done a squillion times before.  There's a bit of...view item »
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Fear of Music
We Are Not The Enemy

Onto Fear of Music who release their debut 7"/CDs on Fastermusic. It's called 'We Are Not The Enemy' and it's medium paced average indie type gear which is very MTV2 and it reminds me of  Cooper Temple Clause, Feeder and other such great, great bands. Am being terribly polite about this bit we think it's a bi...view item »
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The Features
That's The Way It's Meant To Be

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Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe
I Declare Nothing

Anton Newcome of The Brian Jonestown Massacre has been working with Tess Parks for a little while, and the collaboration has now borne fruit in the form of I Declare Nothing, ten sprawling tracks of hazy tone, languorous vocals from Parks over Newcombe&...view item »

Walter TV

Walter TV are contemporary nomads of Canadian basement origins. ‘Blessed’ was recorded and mixed between the bands shared apartment in Montreal, LA and on tour (whilst members Joe and Pierce were away touring with Mac DeMarco). It’s DIY surf metal, with punk sensibilities and an obvious soft spot for heavy metal shredding....view item »

LA Priest

LA Priest (aka Sam Dust) is not from LA, but from the UK, where his former band Late Of The Pier used to kick up a storm. Inji is his first solo release, and is filled with curious touches. Weird digital pop music with a joyous tinge. Attractive (and, if you want it to be, green!) vinyl...view item »

Eyes & No Eyes
Eyes & No Eyes

Here’s an album of strident indie pop from Eyes & No Eyes. This quartet play a moody kind of indie pop which is presented with epic and loud production here, filling the spaces between guitars and vocals with droning cello and vintage analogue synths. This is one of several of these super-slick indie rock records I’ve had to revi...view item »

Eureka Machines
Everyone Loves You

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Electric Spoon
You/ The End Begins

Marquis Cha Cha jumping on the folk bandwagon shouts Flip as I put on the new single by ELECTRIC SPOON. Nice simple plucking guitar with gentle voice following the guitar line. It Sounds like a badly recorded Nick Drake which gives it a timeless feel and. Yeh really drifty and lovely voice...a simple pie. Like a cream scone rather then a lemon meri...view item »
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Leaders of The Free World

This is a strong pop ballad band and this third album, Leaders of the Free World, is the best place to start because it has their most accessible melodies and the perfect mix of slow-tempo and mid-tempo pop ballads, which will draw comparisons, musically, to Coldplay and, vocally, to Peter Gabriel. Don't let these comparisons bother you. Elbow is n...view item »
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Effi Briest

I don't know this band. I know of them and I've heard them but I don't understand them. I think that's what I meant. I don't understand them. Maybe now is the time. After all if Blast First and Sacred Bones are on the case then maybe it's just me? I was expecting a maximum goth-out and there's certainly a fat goth element hanging around here. Si...view item »

Eight Legs
Searching For The Simple Life

If I could get to purchase the cd I would be estactic as I'm not really having much luck at the moment. Finding this web page has given me a glimmer of hope thank you. ...view item »
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The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster
Rise Of The Eagles

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Early Man
Early Man

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Earth The Californian Love Dream
Porn Star

Earth The Californian Love Dream. Catchy name.... Their last single sold in buckets and I've no idea why. The new single is called Porn Star and is available on 7" and CD (both formats limited). On the cover you have a slightly saucy image for the tissue brigade out there. Though pop the record on and flacidity will take over once m...view item »
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Eastern Lane
I Said Pig On Friday

I do like this new single by Eastern Lane on Rough Trade records. I Said Pig On Friday is on 7" and CD. All three of us here have been racking our brains as to what this sounds like. It's very classic sounding indie gear and the tune is good. Bonus! The vocals are ace and none of us can work out who it ...view item »
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Some Cities

Just got the new Doves album in on dbl LP or this super special CD cloth box with the album, a poster and a DVD in. It's really far too nice to open but I have to say this is one of the most lovely looking things I've seen in all my years of doing this. No idea what it sounds like cos I'm scared to open it. Very pretty.......view item »
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The Draytones
Up In My Head

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The Domino State

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Peter Doherty
Last of The English Roses

Perhaps I'm not the best person to review a Peter Doherty record but there you go. I took the job on. Someone has to do it. You need folks to work in the sewers, do the bins, milk pigs, etc cos without those people society would collapse. That and everything would get very smelly and there would be no bacon... Doesn't he have an annoying...view item »
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Hellhounds On The Prowl

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The Disappointments
Reasons To Revolt


I Used To Dance With My Daddy

Datarock have delivered a bland electro pop tinged track that's immenently forgettable. I'd head straight for the flipside of 'I Used To Dance With Daddy' which is a bit better. It's a remix by Subsource with slighly beefier beats and more of a crunchy sound.Out on Nettwerk. That yer lot from me......view item »
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Coin Op
Friendly Fire (mini LP)

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Chronicles of Adam West
We Walk Unbalanced

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The Child Ballads
Cheekbone Hollows (Pop 1/2 Life)

I've yet to hear anything on Loog that remotely interests me. Let's see if THE CHILD BALLADS' Cheekbone Hollows (pop. 1/2 Life) EP will remedy this........... Erm nope....view item »

Uncovered By Heart

The Cherubs are getting plenty of good press at the moment following a couple of sold out singles. If you go way, way back in time and listen to the first Go-Betweens album before they got themselves sorted out they kind of sounded like this.......jerky songs, new wave vocals and scratchy guitars. Its the sound of a bands first f...view item »
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Comfortable Silence

Cazals latest single 'Comfartable Silence' has just  arrived from the Young and Lost Club label.. This is fairly upbeat, chirpy guitar indie............view item »

Brendan Canning
Something For All of Us

On Brendan Canning's first 'solo' effort (and the second in what is intended to become a long list of titles in the Broken Social Scene Presents series) the singer-songwriter works to show that he is as instrumental to Broken Social Scene's influential catalog as Kevin Drew. Something For All of Us is a ...view item »
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The Capitol Years
You Can Stay There

Apparently Philadelphia's The Capitol Years have done a bit of musical overtime performing as Daniel Johnston's backing band recently, which is a bit of an honour I guess. On 'You Can Stay Here' they pump out an woozy, effortless sort of FM radio rock that I can imagine fans of bands like Semisonic being into. The cool dudes, in other words. CD...view item »
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Black Mountain
Black Mountain - 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

We are now at the time that mid-2000s albums are reaching ten year anniversaries… And Black Mountain’s self-titled debut slab of jammed-out rock is in just such a situation! Here it is reissued, the full album presented, as is the custom, alongside some juicy bonus tracks on 2 CDs or 2 LPs. Out on Jagjaguwar, with s...view item »

The Bruces
The Shining Path

The Bruces
The War Of The Bruces

The Broadways
Greetings From The Broadway

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The Brothers Movement
The Brothers Movement

Play Some D (Reissue)

Now Brassy are one band I'd love to see in the charts. Just imagine Muffin Spencer on TOTP being sassy & gorgeous everywhere! Yum..Well here's their chance 'cos WIIIJA have seen fit to re-issue the fine 'Play Some D' which is being exposed to a wider 'audience' through some poxy mobil...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Boy Kill Boy

Boy Kill Boy will easily win their way into the hearts of Britpop lovers around the world. Their music is upbeat and excellent for dancing with friends. Fans of Kaiser Chiefs will take to Boy Kill Boy rather well. Chris's voice is very similar to Ricky's. I saw Boy Kill Boy perform a couple of month's ago and ...view item »
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Born Blonde
I Just Wanna Be

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Blood Red Shoes
In Time To Voices

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Bloc Party
Silent Alarm Remixed

Bugger me, all we need is a Bloc Party remix ALBUM. I hate indie remixes. They're for indie kids who are scared of real club music, like a safety blanket, stabilisers or training nappy. "Oh mummy, take me away from that HORRID techno, it makes my ears hurt" The days of Weatherall are over I tell thee. So you get a CD or ...view item »

Black Helicopter
Don't Fuck With the Apocalypse

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The Black Madonnas

Black Mountain
Wilderness Heart

Black Mountain are a ROCK band! And they don't mess about either. 'Wilderness Heart' is littered with blues influenced Led Zepp-a-like jams that will no doubt appeal to those of you with RAWK in your heart. I can't really decide how i feel about these lot but they certainly know what they are doing. The dual boy/girl vocals are righteous and fla...view item »

The Blackout
The Beijing Cocktail

Really well put together rock format - great, simple but effective main riff and good vocal melody. They are great at creating dynamic in their arrangements. There's no doubt this a great band - but are they going to be legendary? ...view item »
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The Blackout
Children of the Night

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The Bishops
Higher Now

I got into that Bishops album that came out a while back. It seems 1-2-3-4 want you to get into it as well as their re-issuing all the singles with new B sides. 'Higher Now' has been out before and it's a forceful slab of 60's sounding beat pop music. Moptop tastic!...view item »

The Big Pink
A Brief History Of Love

2009's brightest hopes nearly split the office down the middle so severely last Friday there was almost blood & tears! Uncle Phil & AngryKidBrett (tm) were at loggerheads over whether we should still be pushing bands that are chartbound & have several thousand folks already shouting their name from vile magazine/gutter press column inch...view item »
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Beijing Bubbles: A Soundtrack And A Trip To China's Underground

The Barlights

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The Basement
I Just Caught A Face

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5 Imaginary Boys

You'll find Connections at the place where traditional indie and punk cross paths, where things aren't quite chill but they are fun, not quite slacker but definitely stoner. '5 Imaginary Boys' is their newest EP and offers raw pop tunes that harken back to the days when Guided By Voices could get at your heart and be done with...view item »

Awesome Color
Electric Aborigines

I haven't given this album as much of a chance as I would like to, but on first listen it's not as immediate as their first album and doesn't seem to be any more interesting. The only really immediate track is "Already Down," probably because I'm a sucker for minor-key arrangements. This album not only has more songs, they are also longer, so it...view item »
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The Audience

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Arrington De Dionyso
I See Beyond The Black Sun

The best thing about this album is how it all flows in a sequence carrying you along on a mood, on a journey, with purpose and emotion, and a great ending. The Les Grenouilles de Cherbourg is like a fun encore, but to me the album really ends spectacularly with Pluto in Capricorn, which is how it was originally conceived. If you like this album,...view item »
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ARE Weapons
ARE Weapons

Comedy album of the week award goes to ARE Weapons. You've got have some sort of respect for Rough Trade over the years bringing a wide range of quality music to us but what the feck do they think they're doing bringing this pile of absolute cock to my attention. Like a bad Carter The Unstopp...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74

Apostle Of Hustle
Folkloric Feel

Apostle Of Hustle
Eats Darkness

This LP and band/group I have never heard of, but I was looking up a list of Indie Rock artists and this band popped up. I thought I'd check into them, and as I shouldn't, I before hand already assumed that it probably would be just okay. To my surprise, it isn't. In fact, it's pretty good and quite unique. If you want something pop, light rock, bu...view item »
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Big As The Sky

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Ambulance Ltd
Stay Where You Are

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

What Went Down

Oh look, a new Foals album! This is the first we’ve heard from Foals since 2013, when their last full length, Holy Fire, was released. What Went Down lavishes us with ten tracks, and is available as LP, CD, or in a deluxe edition paired with a DVD containing enigmatic ‘additional vi...view item »

Akira The Don
When We Were Young

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34

Action & Action
A Fire in an Obscure Building

Absent Kid
Shame On Us All

God!!!  Now mad Ant works here, he gets all the kraaaaaaaaaaaang grrrrrrrrrrrr noise & chinstrokey electronic stuff cos he's got designer Plastikman techno specs & I haven't. Bah! All I get is all the indie cocks. & white middle class suburban hopelessness & deluded fame academy wanabees. And Absent Kid. Abse...view item »
  • Reduced from £3.99 - saving you £2.79

Abandoned Pools

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £6.64

Cemetery Highrise Slum

Creepoid are an indie rock group with just a touch of psych licking at the edges of their sound. Maybe even a dash of grunge as well? Cemetery Highrise Slum is their third album, and is by all accounts pretty much the strongest representation of what they get up to do date. CD or LP on Collect Records....view item »

A Dream Outside

Fresh new debut album from fresh new band Gengahr, with an indie sound led by swooning vocals, wide guitars and warm melodies. The record is released on the Transgressive record label, and while I wouldn’t go so far as to describe the band’s sound as transgressive, Gengahr do provide pleasing sonics....view item »

Herd Songs

‘Herd Songs’ is the debut EP from Elk, a band which formed from the ashes of math/jazz pioneers Andy, Glenn and Ritch. Released on the inspirational Sheffield DIY label, The Audacious Art Experiment (Nope, Cowtown, ZA!), these ten tracks of intricate, soulful post rock, are the result of a two year collaboration with producer Karl Sv...view item »

Zulu Winter
We Should Be Swimming

The second single from these Lamacq approved darksters. The lead track is a slab of catchy techno influenced pop music with a dark heart and a hummable chorus but it never really stings. It's slathered in keyboards and so sits somewhere between Friendly Fires, The Killers and Mystery Jets...view item »
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Woman's Hour
Jenni/ Human

Woman's Hour are a new group gaining high praise in the likes of Loud & Quiet magazine. Originally hailing from Kendal but now residents of 'that London', the group formed out of a mutual boredom for their surroundings though I also get the impression that they may have seen a opportu...view item »
  • Reduced from £4.99 - saving you £4.00

Shotgun Smile

Winterville are a debut single brandishing proposition, & the last from me today. 'Shotgun Smile' sounds like a junior Nirvana spliced with Soundgarden being bothered by a less terrifying Mule who've gone gay & started bumming Pearl Jam. So is it any good? ...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Lying Fuck

Too Young To Love

I thought this was gonna be some kind of indie pop 7” ('cause, y'know, most 7”s by people I've not heard of are) but actually I was way off. This is some kind of techno dance pop business, done very slickly with buzzy bass and intermittent, crisp beats and smooth gliding synths...view item »
  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £5.00

This City
We Move

This City. 'We Move' is generic, emo tinged anthemic indie rock that sounds like 26,000 bands I've heard before. They probably think they're up there with Fugazi & Les Savy Fav but they sound like a shit sandwich shuffling slowly into a bin to these ears. 7" only on Alcopop....view item »
  • Reduced from £2.99 - saving you £2.50

This Et Al
National Importance/ Moter Position

THIS ET AL have a new 7" out called of National Importance. Recorded just round the corner from here (Bramley). Certainly much nicer than Armley... Someone lifted my mobile phone from my coat pocket 2 days ago in Armley. I've never lost my phone before and I feel like I've been labotomized.... Mind you 2 days on and I'm actually enjoying the f...view item »
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Hey!!! we've got dueling guitars going on!!! It's like the 70 's. Here I've got STYLOFONE and 'Nighttime' and its the most incredible thing i've heard since a car alarm went off at 4 in the morning last night. Its like the Darkness at their worst, Spinal Tap at their very best. If this was tongue in cheek it would be a ...view item »
  • Reduced from £4.99 - saving you £4.00

I Got The Answer/ Sunflower Clock

With a name like SUPERCLUSTER i was expecting something a little more epic and powerful in a space rock sorta vein but instead i'm confronted with a real indie-pop oddity. The press release tells me these folks are a SUPERGROUP featuring members of the following bands; PYLON, THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, THE NEW SOUND OF NUMBER...view item »
  • Reduced from £5.49 - saving you £3.50

The Sound Team
Born To Please

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £3.00

Six Nation State
Where Are You Now?

Six Nation State have a new single out on Jeepster called Where Are You Now which is some bouncy proper old school indie. Reminds me of someone.... on the tip of me tongue.... bollocks....view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.24


747's are a new bunch of rugged handsome trad indie tykes who I'd gladly saw my dick off if it meant them & their ilk were swallowed up by a big fog of anthrax or eaten alive by a rabid 8 eyed monster! Unfair you say? We have limited copies of their heavyweight debut 7" available and it's called 'Equilibrium'....view item »
  • Reduced from £2.99 - saving you £2.50

Shudder Pulps
Housebound EP

Faux Discx consistently bring out good records, having brought us offerings from the likes of Hookworms, Cold Pumas and Vision Fortune over the last couple of years, so even when they’re putting out bands I...view item »
  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £5.00

My Old Lady

Super limited to 300 of which i'm reviewing number 288, 'My Old Lady' is release number two on the awesomely named Stumparumper records by Scribbler. This is a curious little release that is not easy to describe but it's most certainly a bedroom produced effort. Really minimal guitars with hints of reverb and a vocal is pretty much all you get. Sor...view item »
  • Reduced from £6.49 - saving you £5.50

The Rushes
Corner EP

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.24

Rival Joustas
The Masquerade

"now now now hey" sing the Rival Joustas in the intro to their debut single Masquerade. I was scared for the lads then as the verse is very formulaic but we're into the chorus and its surprisingly interesting with some thin unique production going on with the (posh Mark e Smith style) voice very prominent. The "now now now ...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74
  • Reduced from £4.49 - saving you £3.50


When you try and do a search on the old interweb for these cheeches you get fuckloads of information about rapids (like those that Meryl Streep rides down in A River Wild, you know water velocity and turbulence and all that) and a number of hotels in Michigan. Couldnt really find owt straight away for these guys so I, like a serial killer in a d...view item »
  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.50

Rainbow Family
This Is Not A Circular

This Is Not a Circular is very 60's sounding and is remeniscent of The Beach Boys or The Beatles. A more contemporary comparison would be Super Furry Animals. B-side 'Mr Picture Perfect' is another well written pop track with strings and what sounds like a triangle such is the ...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £2.00

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