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Marching Church
Live at Third Man Records

Ellias Bender Ronnenfelt (Iceage’s tortured artist in residence) takes his Marching Church project to Third Man Records. The live treatment suits Ronnenfelt very well. While his Scandi-Nick Cave thing can come across a bit laboured on his studio LPs, the frenzy of recording in the moment lends great bluster to these two pieces of Gothic Americana.

Dick Stusso
In Heaven

Given that most of the original tapes for Dick Stusso’s sophomore LP were lost after his house was burgled, it’s a miracle that In Heaven has seen the light of day at all. However, after that misfortune the Oakland raconteur rolled up his sleeves and redid the LP. Now the wrong side of 30, Stusso’s lyrics turn away from the post-Beck zen-bum outlook of Nashville Dreams to deal with mortality and the future. The music, however, steers close to the bluesy-croonerdom that has served Stusso well in the past. Think Mac Demarco if he paid more faithful homage to his influences.


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Robert Earl Thomas
Another Age

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Twin Peaks
Sweet '17 Singles

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John Bramwell
Leave Alone The Empty Spaces

John Bramwell does it the hard way. Playing 300+ shows per year, travelling in all weathers in a camper van armed with only a guitar and a dog. No wonder it's taken him time to come up with his first album of original material away from I Am Kloot. His careworn voice and melancholy songwriting has won him lots of fans and this album is inspired by his travels taking the music to the people. 

The Apples In Stereo
Velocity Of Sound

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The Flaming Lips
With A Little Help From My Fwends

In absolutely horrific news, Flaming Lips have seen fit to re-make 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band' with a selection of people they call their 'fwends', the thought of which makes me puke with the whole matey celeb pointlessness of it. Miley Cyrus is on there as is Juliana Barwick and My Morning Jacket. Sometimes the worst ideas turn out ok but I have visions of the Bee Gees still despairing appearance of the film version of the album back in 1978. Flaming Lips have done some good music over the years so I hold out some kind of hope. But on paper a terrible, back-slapping,  vapid idea. 

Paranormal Romance

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Salad Boys
This Is Glue

Salad Boys impressed with their debut, Metalmania, back in 2015. A mere three years later the New Zealanders return with their second album, This Is Glue. It’s everything Metalmania was but more so - the hooks are hookier and their approach to the album is a more mature one. This is all good news for fans of REM, The Bats, The Clean, Yo La Tengo, The Feelies and Ultimate Painting, because this is a record you will like. If you act quickly you can get a limited edition powder pink coloured vinyl version, otherwise it’s black vinyl or CD.

Speedy Ortiz
Real Hair

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Performance and Cocktails

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Title Tracks
2 Song 7 Inch

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Talk About Terry

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Joan As Police Woman
Damned Devotion

Damned Devotion is the 5th album proper album by Joan As Policewoman. It sees the Connecticut-born singer/songwriter returning to the emotionally charged music of her earlier releases, such as 2006’s Real Life. Damned Devotion has lyrics tinged with regret about her previous mistakes in love and life.

The Wombats
Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life

The Wombats are back back back, with their fourth album to date: who knew? The mid-2000’s indie upstarts are now an international proposition, and they’ve got some synths now too. Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (is this a problem The Wombats face?) is released on the group’s own imprint in both CD and vinyl editions.

In The Flat Field (Omnibus Edition)

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The Magic

Deerhoof went from the first ideas of The Magic to the finished album in just 7 days, and that sense of frenzied immediacy is tangible in the fresh flavours of the music. As ever, the band deftly navigate a busy landscape of musical styles, often managing to follow experimental avenues and rock out at the same time. Fun times, on Upset The Rhythm.

Red River Dialect
Broken Stay Open Sky

Fourth LP from London-based indie folk outfit Red River Dialect. Tender and sensitive stuff, with atmospheric guitar and string arrangements alongside frontman David Morris’ breathy and honest vocals. Broken Stay Open Sky is their first release on Paradise of Bachelors. Delicate stuff, but it's ok - the vinyl LP comes in a heavy-duty jacket.

Magic Seed

This record was claimed by NME to be a record that would break the British snobbery towards European acts who play 90's rock music. Whether or not it did is entirely a personal opinion. Magic Seed by Easy has been remastered on A Turntable Friend and both the vinyl and CD are housed in gatefold packaging. 

Dream Wife
Fire EP

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The Limiñanas
Shadow People

Shadow People is the fifth album proper by Perpignan’s hazy psych-pop duo The Liminanas. Their sound is harks back to Serge Gainsbourg’s work with female vocalists such as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. Needless to say, then, that they exude cool. 180g vinyl LP, in a gatefold sleeve, and CD on Because Music.

Lonely The Brave
Dust & Bones EP

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Ultimate Painting

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DZ Deathrays
Bloody Lovely

The latest LP from Down Under’s answer to Royal Blood is as Aussie as a Kangaroo eating Vegemite out of a cork hat. It’s called Bloody Lovely because singer Shane Parsons considers the phrase “brutal and beautiful, and super Aussie”. You could kind of apply that description to the record too. Lots of riffs, lots of choruses, lots of fun. At the time of writing, the top comment on the lyrics video for single ‘Total Meltdown’ just reads ‘yeah c*nt’. Too bloody right mate!

Recreational Hate

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The Killers
Day & Age

Here are the Killers, surfin’ on reissue waves with 180-gram vinyl iterations of selected albums. First unleashed in 2008, this is the band’s fourth album Day & Age. By this point, they’ve really nailed the radio-friendly, overproduced alt-rock sound. Unlike the yelling on e.g. Hot Fuss, Brandon Flowers’ voice is also much more controlled and elegant.

Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts specialise in a sort of post-hardcore pop-punk, with tight instrumentation, barked vocals and slamming choruses. It’s eerily like listening to Blink 182, Sum 41 and all those other early 2000s bands - only in 2017! Even the song titles - ‘Applause’, ‘Smooth It Out’, ‘Feel Alive’ etc. - pull off a decent pastiche of the golden years of Kerrang! Magazine.

The Fall
The Fontana Years

Woaah there. A 6CD box set emanating from the type Mark E Smith and his merry troupe were signed to Fontana. This includes classic albums Extricate, Shiftwork and Code: Selfish plus all the singles, B sides  and John Peel Sessions from the era which was one of the most creative and vital periods of their long history.  

Goat Girl
Crow Cries

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Xylouris White

Mother is the third album by drum and lute combo, Xylouris White. The duo consist of Dirty Three drummer, Jim White and lute-playing Crete native, George Xylouris of Xylouris Ensemble. The album forms the third part of loose trilogy of albums with 2014’s Goats and 2016’s Black Peak. Jim White is known for collaborating with a number of artists including Smog, PJ Harvey, Cat Power, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and most recently on Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett’s Lotta Sea Lice.

All These Worlds Are Yours

Expansive garage rawk hijinks mark the new release from HOLY, who builds hooking songs around wide-open sonic environments. All These Worlds Are Yours breaks free of Hannes Ferm's initial life as a home recorder and sees him getting his songs a little more widescreen. For fans of psych-tinged indie rock.

Brendan Benson
Half a Boy (And Half a Man)

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Ghost Music
I Was Hoping You'd Pass By Here

Mumbling quartet Ghost Music quietly crawl into existence with I Was Hoping You'd Pass By Here, an understated debut of brushed-aside melodies that harkens back to the second-tier of classic indie rock: think of all the New Zealand shamble bands on Flying Nun and all the bands who made Pavement a little bit more melancholy and you'll already be familiar with this record of lo-fi serenity.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

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Yo La Tengo
Fade: Deluxe Edition

Big ol’ box of Tengo here. The band’s 2013 LP Fade, a collection of poignant indie-pop in the mould of Eels and Superchunk, was rightly celebrated on release. Now Matador have bulked up Yo La Tengo’s 13th album for a re-release. The deluxe edition of Fade finds the original track-listing backed by a second disc of B-sides, rarities, remixes, live versions and covers.

Doolittle 25

In celebration of its 25th anniversary (yes, 25th!) 4AD is releasing a deluxe version of the Pixies’ pivotal second studio album Doolittle. This three-CD/double vinyl package includes all the album’s B sides, Peel Sessions and demos alongside the original album for the first time ever, with nearly half of the tracks being commercially released for the first time. Featuring memorable tracks like "Debaser", "Here Comes Your Man" and "Monkey Gone To Heaven", this reissue is a reminder of just how important Doolittle was.
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There’s a feeling that you get when you find out a great band is about to release another album, and it’s a good feeling. Just like Alvvays’ retrostyled artwork, soaked in the hazy colors of an 8mm film, never fails to invoke great associations. Antisocialites will follow up their excellent self-titled debut, with more crystal-clear high notes from singer Molly Rankins floating over the band's shoegazy pop.

The Underside Of Power

Well this is interesting. Algiers are an incendiary new outfit who aren't content to sit back and let the revolution slide, instead they bark out politically themed lyrics over music which takes in everything from Northern Soul to grime to post punk. The lead track has been described nail on head as Suicide meets the Temptations and could well be a future classic. Also Matt Tong from Bloc Party on drums and we know how good he is.  

The Times
Go! With The Times

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Dream Wife
Dream Wife

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The Golden Age of Not Even Trying

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H.C. McEntire

Lionheart is the debut solo album by indie/country band Mount Moriah frontwoman H.C. McEntire. The album is personal and autobiographical in terms of people and places and mixes her own slants on country, pop and gospel. It came about through her wish to rescue country music from the hideous stereotypes which are synonymous with the genre. The album was recorded at home and on the road when she was part of Angel Olsen’s touring band. LP and CD on Merge.

Dead Can Dance

Anglo/Australian duo Dead Can Dance make one of the most unique sounds in pop. Lisa Gerrard's vocals swoop over Brendan Perry's worldly multi-instrumentalism in a way few if any have matched. Aion was their fifth album (initially released in 1990) and sees to duo make a more concise and focussed job of presenting their sprawling vision.  

A Heartbeat From Eternity

Swedish rockers Easy are coming up to three decades since their debut album Magic Seed dropped. A lot has changed in the musical landscape since, but you wouldn’t know if from listening to A Heartbeat From Eternity. This is whimsical, well-crafted indie-pop in the same mould as Ride, The Lemonheads, Yuck et al.

The Nightingales
Mind Over Matter

The Nightingales were formed by former Perfects frontman Robert Lloyd. They recorded a whole host of LPs and singles throughout the 1980s. Lloyd reunited The Nightingales 10 years ago, eschewing the usual 'greatest hits' style tour to refresh them as a confrontational and contemporary punk band. Their new album, Mind Over Matter, was recorded in Germany and is released on Mancunian, John Robb's Louder Than War label.

The Monochrome Set

London’s Monochrome Set were post-punk before the genre was even defined, falling into stylistic territory somewhere between Magazine, Orange Juice and Blue Orchids. Their influence was evident in the more arch corners of Britpop and, arguably, the Dunedin Sound groups. Their fifth album since their reunion a decade ago retains all their breezy and spiky melodicism.

Bang Bang

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The Brotherhood of Lizards

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Cleaners From Venus
The Best Of

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The Official Body

The Official Body is the third album by London post punk trio Shopping. It follows on from 2013’s Consumer Complaints and 2015’s Why Choose. The band were initially signed to Milk records, a label run by the band’s rhythm section, Andrew Milk and Billy Easter. They were quickly snapped up by Fat Cat Records, a label they’ve called home ever since.


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Hey Colossus
Dedicated To Uri Klangers

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They Might Be Giants
I Like Fun

I love They Might Be Giants but with every album they release I worry that it won't be very good. For every terrible album they've made there'll be a good one right after .....and even on the bad albums there's a great track or two. But wouldn't it be nice to have a really great all the way through They Might Be Giants LP? Here's hoping. Still brilliant live though. 


I’m not quite sure how a band who formed at a high school have ended up recording with Ryan Adams and being released on Rough Trade within two years (though my guess would be family money and some industry connections), but there we go. Starcrawler are just such a band, and their high-energy youthful rock debut is now available from Rough Trade.


Live album that documents Mudhoney’s 2016 European tour. LiE's release coincides with the 30th anniversary of the band and features eleven tracks from across those three decades. After all that time the superfuzz is still super, the bigmuff is still big and the riffs... hoo-boy the riffs. 

Super Whatevr
Never Nothing

Combining the anthemic nature of nineties alternative rock and indie music with a low slung swagger and melancholic fuzz, Super Whatevr touch on a lot of bases. The enticing arrangements in their tracks suggest a classic pop sensibility but with enough freshness to win new followers in a competitive environment.

Wide Open

Artful shambles Weaves released a loud and lovely debut a year ago so it seems only right they do it again: their guitar rock is bursting at the seams, barricade-tumbling wonder and they continue to dance about the limits on Wide Open, which offers a slightly poppier approach to a band who used to get in, race through and get out.


I've never yet liked a band from Canada but all that could be set to change with the release of the debut from this raucous, squealing band from Toronto. They make a right old racket but also fill their songs with hooks and melodies. The sort of arty rock made by people who aren't afraid of pushing envelopes.     

Bonny Doon
Bonny Doon

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Haley Bonar
Impossible Dream

That pretty cool cover artwork is a clue to the rather nifty indie-pop going on inside Impossible Dream by Haley Bonar. It’s hook-full pop with scratching guitar and deep, sexy vocals. There’s soaring synths and Spector-ish reverb and it’s overall just good fun and an album to mess about to with ya mates. Available on CD or as a vinyl LP.    

Field Music
Field Music (Measure)

Measure was probably the biggest haul of Sunderland art rockers Field Music so far. The sprawling album contained 20 tracks of their clever meanderings that recall the likes of 10CC, Sparks, Prince, Talk Talk, David Bowie and literally anyone who has done something interesting with guitar music over the years. You're going to have to put in a long shift to get through it but the rewards are many. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (MI0149LPX)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

The Limiñanas
The Woods / The Inventor

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Trembling Blue Stars
Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires

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Pins and Needles

Indigo’s Pins and Needles is a DIY slice of noisy indie-pop. This vinyl 7” on Estuary showcases the band’s extremely youthful and confident rock music. The guitars are nice. the hooks are catchy and they’ve nailed some shouty dynamics too. This single is borrowed from the EP of the same name.

Less Win

Danish trio Less Win boast boldly about lots of elaborate non-rock influences (John Coltrane and King Tubby for example), and then try and graft what they’ve learned back onto a rock framework. Trust doesn’t sound like a dubbed-out free jazz party, but it does have some fine textures and a good bit of drive. It’s out on The Big Oil Recording Company.

The Shins
The Worms Heart

The creative whizz behind The Shins, James Mercer had an itch he needed to scratch following the recording of their last album, Heartworms, and scratch it he did. He re-recorded the album, introducing acoustic guitars and a slower tempo to fast tracks and injecting the slower tracks with a bit of rock oomph. The Worms Heart was born, a reversal of the original album in every way. LP and Cd on Columbia.

Sonic Youth
The Diamond Sea

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Big Thief

Brooklynite 4-piece Big Thief bring us their eagerly anticipated sophomore full-length release, Capacity. Adrianne Lenker's songwriting is concerned with identity and the many faces we present as women and men. The band continue to train ever brighter lights upon the wonders of the world, while drilling down into the darker recesses of the human condition. That's deep. LP and CD on Saddle Creek.

Live In Berlin 1988

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Heron Oblivion
The Chapel

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PJ Harvey
To Bring You My Love

To Bring You My Love was the third album by P J Harvey and probably the one that cemented her as a force to be reckoned with. It is full of dark songs which exemplify her storytelling abilities and gained her the first of her Mercury Music Prize victories. Twenty five years n the album gets a re-issue on vinyl courtesy of Island. 

The Sexual Objects / Boards of Canada / Andrew Weatherall / Wavne

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Songs of Praise

Songs of Praise is the debut LP from Londoner five-piece Shame, who've gained traction in the South London gig scene. Lively and insistent post-punk from an energetic young band who don’t shy away from politics and confrontational lyrics. Available on CD, cassette tape or vinyl (regular black or sky blue). On Dead Oceans.

Exit Calm

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Adam Franklin
Iron Horse / Born To Lose / Thursday's Child

Adam Franklin out of Swervedriver here pays tribute to two fallen heroes, Lemmy and David Bowie, with a pair of cover versions. Motorhead’s Iron Horse / Born To Lose sits interestingly next to Bowie’s Thursday’s Child, especially when both have been put through Franklin’s totally different sonic filters. 7” on Club AC30.

To Kill A King
The Spiritual Dark Age

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The Soft Moon

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Wrong Creatures

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club remain firmly committed to the leather-clad rock’n’roll sonic lifestyle, standing up for their chosen ways. They have a new album, titled Wrong Creatures, that is positively overflowing with garage guitar riffs, oily basslines and raw vocal hollerings. Roll up roll up, BRMC fans. Wrong Creatures is released by Abstract Dragon.

The Sufis
After Hours

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Arrows Of Love
PRODUCT: Your Soundtrack To The Impending Societal Collapse

Not to be confused with SOPHIE’s album of the same name, the second LP from East London bohemians Arrows of Love does a fine job of plugging the gap left by the ongoing hiatus of Fat White Family. There is genuine bite to tracks like ‘Toad’ and ‘Predictable’ that will strike the fear of God into the more lily-livered listener.

The Courtneys
The Courtneys

The Courtneys are from Vancouver, but it’s immediately obvious that they’ve found a fitting home on New Zealand’s Flying Nun. Their 2013 debut, reissued here on black or limited blue vinyl, showcases an unfussy garage indie style that doesn’t slavishly ape the Dunedin Sound, but can be filed neatly next to the likes of The Clean and The Chills.

Stef Chura

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The Rifles
Singles Collection

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To The Door / Music!

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Filthy Friends

Wearing sunglasses like old people do, this is the latest supergroup featuring Peter Buck (R.E.M) and Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows/REM). This time they've hooked up with not inconsiderable talents of Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) for some snotty and raucous avant rock. Yup I just heard Buck's trademark jangle behind the angular arrangements. With lots of talent on show (including one of King Crimson) this actually could be good. 

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Holy Mountain

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Hiss Golden Messenger
Heart Like a Levee

New material from Hiss Golden Messenger, written during challenging times, like all the best country-derived music is. Heart Like A Levee is available in regular and fancy editions of both the CD and the vinyl versions: the deluxe ones add grand packaging, a poster, and a CD of a whole extra album, named Vestapol. On Merge.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Sun Ship

Well the good news is that there's a new the Brian Jonestown Massacre album due in October but while we wait for “Third World Pyramid” to land we must be grateful for these two taster tracks released on honey coloured vinyl (how delightful). If it beats the incredible 'Revelation' I'll eat a horse but it's always nice to hear new material from this long running psych collective. 
  • Vinyl 10" (AUK035-10)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Lost In The Night

Alt-rockers with blues in the heart and soul in their lungs, Palace are set to release their first ever EP, 'Lost In The Night'. The Londoners mix and match guitars that are floaty and meditative with louder, rawer excursions that reminisce over bands like Buffalo Springfield. Should be good, because everybody gets the blues, right?


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Mark Lanegan
One Way Street

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