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Ad Infinitum

An assured fourth album from Seattle-based Telekinesis, Ad Infinitum is gloriously bathed in analogue electronics and features Michael Lerner's trademark knack for infectious power pop melodies of the highest order. Out on Digipak CD and vinyl LP from Merge. LP includes 3 bonus tracks and free download code....view item »

Salad Boys

DIY indie pop in that rich New Zealand tradition, that’s what we have here with Salad Boys. The album title, Metalmania, is a bit of a misnomer really. This debut full-length is a fleet-footed thing, bouncing poppy melodies along over a guitar / rhythm section churn. Satisfying stuff. Released by Trouble In Mind....view item »

Epic Soundtracks
Rise Above

Rise Above by Epic Soundtracks was originally released in 1992 and features guest performances from J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Roland S. Howard (The Birthday Party) and Martyn Casey...view item »

The Garden

The Garden hail from California, premium territory for punks. They describe themselves as part of that genre, but there is a lot more to the group than that, as they dabble in electronics too. The band is a two-piece, and the two are twin brothers: a close relationship that gives them intuitive bass / drums chemistry. haha ...view item »

The Enemy
It's Automatic

Well well, a new album from The Enemy, one of the prime movers of the tail end of the fondly-remembered ‘landfill indie’ era. With It’s Automatic however, they have broadened their scope a little by writing songs outside that template, which seems to be working out for them. On VAM Records....view item »

Wax Idols
American Tragic

Third album from Wax Idols. American Tragic finds the group, previously keen on the gothish aesthetic, going full-blown 80’s rock. Hether Fortune, who is responsible for everything we hear (save the drums) presides over each track with an icy determination in her voice. Released on the Collect lab...view item »

Tijuana Panthers

Tijuana Panthers seem rather proud of Poster, the album seemingly representing a step-up from the torrent of material they used to release. Still though, these twelve songs were recorded in just a couple of days, and the energy of that timescale certainly comes through. Poster is released by Innovati...view item »

Feels Like

Bully are a group who make punk’n’grunge tinged rock music, and do so from a base in Nashville. They do their thing fairly effectively, with the requisite amount of grit in singer Alice Bognanno’s voice, and suitable amounts of fast-paced guitar business. You know how it goes. All self-produced too. Mmmmm. On C...view item »

Eagles Of Death Metal
Zipper Down

Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes’ almost-but-not-quite serious rock band Eagles Of Death Metal return with their fourth full-length, Zipper Down. It has the heavy touch typical of Homme, but with extra touches like silly operatic backing vocals. And then there’s ...view item »

Blitzen Trapper
All Across This Land

Over the years Blitzen Trapper have incorporated just about every kind of guitar based music into their sound from indie-folk, alt. country, alt. rock and psychedelia. It seems the experimentation with different styles has paid off as their new album All Across This Land seems to tie up all the these strands into one fo...view item »

Noonday Underground
Body Parts For Modern Art

Noonday Underground is the project that Simon Dine uses to indulge his deep, deep love for the 1960s mod sound. Body Parts For Modern Art is three-part set of his work on one disc, including vocal tunes, instrumentals, and instrumentals that have been messed around with. Lots of unreleased material thro...view item »

Soldiers of Fortune
Early Risers

Soldiers Of Fortune are not so much of a supergroup, more a super collective. They started as an anti-band doing the absolute opposite of what you’d expect a band to do - nothing. It was the brainchild of sometime Interpol bassist Brad Truax. Mike Bones joined in and got t...view item »

Shannon and The Clams
Gone By The Dawn

Shannon and The Clams specialise in short-but-sweet ornate rock tunes, and Gone By The Dawn has a full complement of such numbers. This record is, on the surface, relatively straightforward, but the production and aspects of the instrumentation are subtly quite weird. Out on the the Hardly Art label....view item »


Gizmodgery was first released in the year 2000, and it sounds at least as fresh now. Self are quite rightly proud of having recorded the whole of this LP with... toy instruments designed for children! The album sounds remarkably developed with that in mind, though it certainly has an infant’s joy as well. Reissued...view item »


The reissue juggernaut continues apace with the debut album from Garbage. Their unique and quintessentially 90’s take on pop and grunge led to great critical and commercial success, whilst Shirley Manson’s goth-lite image triggered an outbreak of crushes up and down the country. Out on 2CD and 2LP vinyl from Stunvolu...view item »

The Spills
Collecting Dust

The Spills are an indie rock four-piece from Wakefield in Yorkshire. Their debut album, Collecting dust marries youthful exuberance with classic American guitar pop that recalls mid-era Pavement and Weezer. It's one of those records that rewards the listener with repeated listens, there...view item »

Born Ruffians

Ruff by Canadian four-piece Born Ruffians sees the band back on form, but perhaps sounding a little different than you might expect. Their roots as Pixies/Strokes/Talking Heads loving basement dwellers are back. They’ve scraped away the polish of 2013’s Birthmarks to reveal the...view item »

Mike Krol

Mike Krol presents his third record, and his first for famed indie label Merge. Turkey is a direct thrashload of lo-fi indie-punk-pop, rich with analogue hiss. In fact, the instruments all seem to slide together into one big high-energy mess. This is a lot of fun. LP comes with a nice newsprint-esque insert....view item »


This is the debut 7” single by three piece Thalassocracy, featuring Art Is Hard records’ own Richard Walsh (vocals and guitar), Slothboat music blogger Lloyd King (bass guitar) and Playlounge’s Sam Watkins (drums). ‘Graves’ is a low fi, melodic pop song played through muddy guitars, carried along by laid back vocals...view item »


Autobahn are a group in thrall to the good old days of post-punk, where sternly grooving basslines could drive everything forwards and vocals could echo around as if they were in a dilapidated warehouse. Dissemble, the group’s debut album, carries this vision through with intense focus. On Tough Love....view item »

Lou Barlow
Brace The Wave

New Lou Barlow album! Brace The Wave is the third album Lou Barlow has recorded under his own name. It’s his first since Goodnight Unknown in 2009. Barlow was a key figure in the alternative Boston, Massachusetts music scene in the late ‘80s and ‘90s firstly with Dinos...view item »

Yo La Tengo
Stuff Like That There

Yo La Tengo have been making some of the best American indie music for 30 years now. Their new album, Stuff Like That There is a sort-of companion piece to their classic album Fakebook which contained re-imagined Yo La Tengo songs and selected cover versions. For this new album, the concept is ...view item »

The Bluetones
Return To The Last Chance Saloon

Reissue of the 1998 album by The Bluetones. Return To The Last Chance Saloon was one of the group’s most popular records, and it is itself returned to by this expanded reissue. The full original album is boosted with a live Newcastle gig, BBC radio sessions from the period, and each band member’s favourite B...view item »

Ride Your Heart

Here’s an excellent CD of good old fashioned ‘60s influenced girl fronted indie rock in the vein of Best Coast or Golden Grrrls. This sort of garagey girl-group influenced pop all too often seems flabby, referential and stale, but these sisters have really...view item »

Dope Body

The straight-up punx of Dope Body's last record, Lifer, ain't got nothing on this. Based on "Old Grey", Kunk is set to be a record of dissonant, tangly post-hardcore that sounds like Woody the Woodpecker pecking against the heads of the folks in Metz. This secretly avan...view item »

Royal Headache

Ten tracks of highly direct indie-pop-rock from Sydney’s own Royal Headache. Fronted by the improbably (and inevitably self-) titled Shogun, the four-piece group play songs that contain energy in the playing and tru-emotion in the lyrics. Yep, its all here. High is released on the What’s You...view item »

Hooton Tennis Club
Highest Point In Cliff Town

Wirral based, indie rock four piece Hooton Tennis Club gained attention with debut single ‘Jasper’ on Heavenly Recordings, having signed to the label after being spotted only three gigs into their careers by Carl Hunter (The Farm). ‘Highest Point in Cliff Town’ is their debut album release on the label and if the taster s...view item »

40oz On Repeat / West Coast

40oz On Repeat / West Coast is the new double A sided single from Fidlar. The L.A. skate-punk four-piece have been gaining interest from fans and media alike since their clutch of EPs in 2011 and 2012 and their self-titled debut which was released the following year. Both tracks featured here are taken from their forthc...view item »

Le Butcherettes
A Raw Youth

Le Butcherettes are a rock group with a dangerous feel to them. Led by singer and whirlwind personality Teri Gender Bender, they grind out fully-fledged rock music, Teri’s snarl setting the tone. The guests (Iggy Pop and John Fruiscante) give some clue to ...view item »


Boysetsfire are a post-hardcore (or ‘Heartcore’, as their press release would have it) band who’ve been around for over twenty years. The time has come for a self-titled album, a sort of state-of-the-band record: Boysetsfire is an intense hardcore ride through melodic, emotionally charged material, and...view item »

Complete Strangers

Vetiver’s new LP, titled Complete Strangers, is reportedly designed with the strange atmosphere of the can’t-sleep early hours in mind. Consequently, the tracks sound just a little woozy, just a little off. Beautifully easy-flowing songs of course, but with a complex undercurrent. Just how I like it. Out on ...view item »

Million Dead
Harmony No Harmony

Million Dead (lest we forget, the original band of Frank Turner) effectively ceased to be ten years ago, following the release of this album. In commemoration, Harmony No Harmony is seeing reissue, the record’s first outing on vinyl. And what vinyl! Double LP, pressed to transparent yellow wax, in...view item »


Kagoule are bright young things, newly active and now releasing their debut album, Urth. The trio take their cues from the late 80's and early 90's, specifically post-hardcore. For teenagers, this is accomplished stuff: the drums pound, the bass rumbles prominently, the vocals sound detached. On Earache....view item »

The Secret History Volume 1

Pavement were arguably the greatest American band of the ‘90s. The Secret History Vol. 1 compiles 30 tracks from the band’s early days, 25 of which have never been available on vinyl before. There are b-sides, Peel Sessions and a live concert from the time when Slanted & Enchanted was their...view item »

Grant Hart
Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo is an acoustic live album by Grant Hart. It was recorded in Seattle in 1994. The set shows Hart at his most vulnerable as his desperation is laid bare in his honest lyrics from songs that are stripped to the bone. Ecce Homo contains songs from his time with Husker Du, Nova Mob...view item »

Best Friends
Fake Spit

Old school, upbeat and energetic punk rock: Best Friends know the shortcut into our hearts. With fuzzy guitars and youthful vocals, Fake Spit is the second single off their album Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane. My mum always warned me about choosing my friends wisely, but with these guys I just can't go wrong....view item »

Raft Records Compilation

Raft Records is a new endeavour from The Vinyl Factory, with an apparent focus on directly targeted garage rock styles. This Compilation shows off four bands, some of them brand new: Niqab, Puffer, Jet Black and Skinny Girl Diet are the groups on offer. Present...view item »

The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience
I Like Rain: The Story of the Jean-Paul Sartre Experience

The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience were a New Zealand indie rock group operating in a low key way and releasing on the beloved Flying Nun label. Now we have I Like Rain, compiling all three of their albums along with a round-up of bonus material. All remastered and beautifully packaged in both CD and LP formats, on Fire Re...view item »

Beachwood Sparks
The Tarnished Gold

Beats Misplaced

GT hammer out down-tuned wind-tunnels of blues-rock guitar-noise on Beats Misplaced, to great effect. This is their second album, and clearly the group have figured out what they are about. The beats don’t sound all that misplaced though: sounds like they are busily driving things along to me. On Communicating Ves...view item »
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Since We've Become Translucent

Since We’ve Become Translucent was Mudhoney’s 2002 effort, a typically sludged-out guitar-fest. Arguably they had moved out of the garage a little by this point, but there is no disputing that this is still firmly a Mudhoney record: lyrics are snarled out, and guitar pedals remain ...view item »

Cheer Up London

Well this new single, from questionably named Tunbridge Wells duo Slaves, is awful from pretty much all perspectives. Bringing us back to lower-end mid-2000s indie with some patronising lyrics: the B side to the Cheer Up London 7” single is titled Why Would You?, and that just seems to sum it all up....view item »

Actions and Indications

Seaweed are eighties northwest punks, formed by singer Aaron Stauffer (Spook & the Zombies) and best friend Clint Werner (guitar) who then recruited Wade Neal on guitar, John Atkins on bass, and drummer Bob Bulgrien. Seaweed played over a thousand shows throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as recording five pop punk albums from 1989 to 1...view item »

Stolen 6

The Strypes
Little Victories

Cherub-like Irish four-piece The Strypes caused a stir with their debut album, Snapshot because they looked (and were) so young yet rocked so convincingly. The band have spent two years touring the world before returning to the studio to record their second album, Little Victories. Expect even bigger things fro...view item »

Babes In Toyland

Babes In Toyland's third record, Fontanelle, sees reissue on Rhino. Coming straight outta 1992 with a very grungy rock sound. Some would call it riot grrrl, though I'm hesitant to as I know the group weren't keen on being identified as such. Singer Kat Bjelland wrote most of the songs an...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Green Lanes

Ultimate Painting is a bit of a side project, taking up the personal time of Jack Cooper of Mazes and James Hoare of Veronica Falls. Here on Green Lanes they get to kick back a little from the driving indie-rock formula, making low-key lyrically-focused...view item »

The Machismo's
Fake Live EP

The Machismo’s have decided to take on some old tunes with new recordings on this here Fake Live EP: make of that title what you will. Four of their scraggly, messy guitar tunes, including two tracks prefaced ‘Machisimo’s pay tribute to 90’s uk jungle scene’. Excellent. Sel...view item »

Eleventh Dream Day
Works For Tomorrow

Eleventh Dream Day have been going hard at it since the 1980s, indie rocking onwards into the horizon. Works For Tomorrow grew out of a live residency in a small Chicago club, and it shows: sweat and audience energy is clearly the environment these songs dwell in. The album is out as LP or CD with Thrill Jockey....view item »

Ezra Furman
Day Of The Dog

After hearing “My Zero”, the catchy indie-pop nugget, I really didn’t expect “Day Of The Dog” to sound the way it did. Although it’s his fifth album, I was previously unaware of Ezra Furman. This album is basically a rock ‘n’ roll album, and I mean proper milkshakes-at-the-diner 50s rock ‘n&r...view item »

Albert Hammond Jr.
Momentary Masters

From Albert Hammond Junior - the chap from the Strokes - comes this jangly indie pop album titled Momentary Masters. Ten tracks which he thinks ‘are the best that he’s ever written’. Well, we’re not going to argue. Tight, fun guitar tracks - definitely harking back to early Strokes material. One for fans ...view item »

The Bravery

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The Young Playthings
Back to the Future

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I hate writing Yourcodenameis:Milo. Stupid stupid way of writing your band name.... They have a new single out as well which is emo'ey kind of rock. You can tell they've been listening to Muse & Placebo but they come off whiffing a bit more of Biffy Clyro with hints of the aforementioned bombasts. I believe Brian...view item »
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Young Heart Attack
Misty Rowe

Talking of Rex, they also saw fit to introduce Young Heart Attack into the public consciousness. Now on big daddy label, XL, they unleash the worst single yet of their hopefully brief career . 'Misty Rowe is like Jet being spit roasted by The Black Crowes & AC/DC while ...view item »
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen O was in her peroxide blonde phase for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' fourth album Mosquito, an under-produced, raw sounding album that some said lacked some of the vibrancy of their earlier work. She may have been having more fun in her blonde days, but she also had less energy in the recording studio. On vi...view item »

The Wolfmen

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Slightly Delighted

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White Light Parade
We Start Fires

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Whirlwind Heat

The story of falling in love and then being betrayed by that person you trusted is a common theme in music and one that I myself can identify with. Well, Whirlwind Heat have put together a four track EP with a track called Reagan. 'I fell in love with you, you stole my heart, now I cant stand you, you love someone else' the simplicity a...view item »
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Delta Spirit
Ode To Sunshine

Ode To Sunshine is the debut album of Delta Spirit, first released in 2008. The group are four albums in now, but for fans looking back, this one has been out of print a while, and thus hard to find. Thankfully though, Dualtone have stepped in with this 180g vinyl reissue to sate the fans’ need for Delta S...view item »

Out In The Light

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We Are Scientists
Chick Lit

Wake The President

A Scottish based band fronted by identical twins whose tunes are, by all accounts, hook infested earworms...is this the new Proclaimers album? Sadly not, it's the newie from Wake The President. These guys (twins Eric and Bjorn Sanberg) seem to be pretty good at writing literate pop dittie...view item »

Walk The Moon
Walk The Moon

Walk the Moon, from what I can gather, are a horny bunch of guys, but they make some fun music. They are lyrically creative at times, repetitive at other times. The music has a fair amount of synth in the background, and they are upbeat and catchy. So even though I don't always care for their lyrics, the music is usually so darn catchy that it d...view item »
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The Vichy Government

It's too early in the morning for this. A chirpy James Nesbitt/Gary Lightbody type perky Northern Irishman twittering on and on over some casio keyboard twinkles sounding something somewhere between 'Kissing with Confidence' by Will Powers, Jad Fair and John Shuttleworth. Safe to say thou...view item »
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The View
Bread and Circuses

After kicking the indie brit rock scene in the butt with 2006's Hat's off to the Buskers, The View went in a bit of a different direction (a much more unsuccessful direction) with their 2nd album Which Bitch? in 2009. Thankfully, they're a bit more grounded with their 3'rd record. Even on the first spin, I really couldn't identify a bad song on ...view item »
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Vile Imbeciles
D Is For W

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Send For The Sea

Uh Ohs
Cash Rich, Imagination Poor

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The Twang
Either Way

The Twang release their 2nd single called Either Way on 2 x 7" and CD. Available for 1.95 each for you can buy all 3 formats (all with different B sides on) for 3 quid. Yeah that's a ridiculously cheap deal which makes me think anyone who doesn't buy all 3 is stupid (if you're a fan that is). Of course if you didn't want to buy it at all that'...view item »

Let The Light In

The Tumbledryer Babies

I don't know quite what I was expecting from this one (big picture of a cow's face on the cover, production handled by Paul Leary who's done the duty for his own Butthole Surfers, Meat Puppets, Daniel Johnston etc.) but I wasn't expecting the first tune to sound like it could've been on the first Pipettes LP, albeit with an amusingly (and hopefu...view item »
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Tres Macacos
Take a Breath

Tres Macacos sound quite like Razorlight or Kings of Leon or maybe The Cribs or something at a push. They're from Wakefield, land of the free. Motherland to Black Lace, Ultrasound, Jane McDonald and ME (that's 'me' in capital letters, not yuppie flu). So some good things have come out of there. Is this 'Take a Breath' CD single one of them? Listen ...view item »

The Troubadours
(I'M NOT) Superstitious / Rome

The Troubadours had single of the week a while back with their cracking debut. Here's their new single '(I'M NOT) Superstitious' on hip happening Loog label and I have to say it's another great pop smash. Very merseybeat and I have to say I'm reminded a little of the pop sensation that was Cast. 'I'm Not Superstitious' is on limited edition 7"...view item »
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Seconds / JOYA

Alternative indie-rockers Seconds showcase their dissonant-and-catchy sound together with partners in crime JOYA. Made possible by the folks at Soft Power, this split EP gives us a positive outlook on the future of indie pop, with JOYA keeping an eye on the melodic and gentle side of things. A match mad...view item »

Luke Toms
Fools With Money

Luke Toms then. Not to be confused with your uncle who has the cabin. oh no.... This one is some new chap being hunted by record labels so I'm told. They'll tell you anything to sell records these days. Seriously. next they'll be saying this is actually worth some of the hype and you should buy it. Actually they'd be right!! Bouncy piano...view item »
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Tiny Masters Of Today

Tiny Masters of Today! I love these little guys! Apparently former Norm-man Mingus Rude (gone but not forgotten) was a big fan too. Kids in rock are so often ridiculously irritating but this pair neatly sidestepped Hanson Drummer Syndrome by writing songs about things that kids should write about, like writing rude words on upside-down calculators ...view item »

Tiny Masters Of Today
Hey Mr DJ

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Tiny Masters Of Today
Hologram World

Having played major music festivals, SXSW, and many concerts in Europe and New York the band has already generated a huge fan base and received praise from many notable critics/publications. On their first record the band collaborated with many other artists such as Karen O., singer for the band Yeah, Yea...view item »
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Those Bastard Souls
Deby & Departure

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That Summer

Lay Down The Law/ Eye Need To Know

THE SWITCHES re release Lay Down The Law on 2 x 7" and CD. The best thing to talk about is the covers as the music all sounds the same these days . This one features the boys having a greasy spoon, necking some drinks, blowing bubble gum bubbles and they're being interviewed by the fuzz. Presumerably for the awful cover..... Commercial indie r...view item »

Electric! Kill! Kill!

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Super Adventure Club
Avoid Zombies

Rocking a classic power trio line-up and hailing from Glasgow, Super Adventure Club serve up a mixed bag of takes on classic stylistic approaches. Over eight songs they cover classic indie pop, rock, swing and jazz infusing each with enough quirky good times to keep even the most restless listener happy. Sighting Devo, Soul Coughi...view item »
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Bionic Jukebox

Best Friends
Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane.

Welcome to the debut album from fresh new Sheffielders Best Friends, setting their stall out with ten tracks of guitar stuff. Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane. almost recalls the sound of the mid-2000s indie wave, except with perhaps a little more in the garage and fuzz departments. Released by the FatCat label....view item »

Madame Helga

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The Stand
I'll Be There

With The Tides

The Black Tambourines
Domino / A Forest / Friendship 7

The Black Tambourines are proud to come from Falmouth, from whence they transmit their indie rock energy. This 12” serves as an interim release before their second album comes out, and most excitingly includes a cover of The Cure’s classic track ‘A Forest’, alongside two originals. Releas...view item »
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Blanket / Burning Bodies

The sound of young Denmark here: Yung are fresh and new and enthusiastic, their first release only coming out this year. Blanket / Burning Bodies manages to hold in balance melody and comprehensible vocals with a properly punk sense of forward drive and aggression. 7” single on the Tough Love label....view item »

Some Action
Some Action

More 7" action on Gigantic Music (The last one being that ace Cloud Room single) this time with a new single by Some Action. Its called 'Some Action' as well. Its raucous pub brawl style rock music in the vein of Kings of Leon or the Rolling Stones. Sounds like something else but I can't put my finger on...view item »
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Sun In My Pocket

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The Sonic Hearts
To Be Someone/ Oh My Heart

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RATATAT, (whose wikipedia page helpfully informs us are “not to confused with Rattata”, the Pokemon) are a Brooklynite duo who bring grooves to their listeners via mostly instrumental, predominantly electronic means. With Magnifique, they throw more guitar into the mix than we have come to expect from the la...view item »

Paul Weller
Going My Way

Going My Way is a single taken from Paul Weller’s latest album, Saturn’s Pattern, jaunting along between tender quiet piano-led parts and bouncier bits. He even gets a small choir to join in towards the end. The B-side, ‘I Spy’, is exclusive to this release, not appearing on the album. 7...view item »

Hermits On Holiday / Eighteen Teenage Revenge Fair

Drinks appears to be the bizarro-side-project of Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley, in which they cast aside their usual singer-songwriter / hardcore punk focuses and get unusual. Hermits On Holiday is the initial example of their unexpected sound, out in advance of the full album of the same...view item »

Snow White

New single from Snow White which has been compared to My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr. Yeah I suppose you could compare it to 'Feed Me with your Kiss' as performed by The Stooges. The previous sentence makes this sound great but actually it's not. It's just immediately obvious what they've been listening to. It d...view item »
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