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The Vaccines

They are not altogether bad the Vaccines are they? There are certainly worse crimes than writing insanely catchy pop tunes. This latest offering is the first thing to come from their upcoming album which is due in May. That's a long time to wait so get your fix now. The tune sorta sounds like what I imagine the Drums wish they s...view item »

Dracula Legs
Sand to the Beach

Some eerie and emotive punkish sounds from Dracula Legs. Sand to the Beach consists of two mid tempo rock n rollers from the hairy fellas. Loads of riffs, an ardent wailing vocals and driving drums hold these two together. Imagine if Morrissey was fronting The 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster. Out on 7" vinyl from Two Piec...view item »

The Seven Twenty
The Seven Twenty

This is the self-titled debut album from The Seven Twenty, who play a lo-to-medium-fi kind of rock music. Could be relatively standard issue, but actually from the get-go this record feels immediately like a favourite obscurity from 1973 (in a good way). A quick 30 minute dash through 8 songs, as a debut should be. Black and whi...view item »

Vindication Blues

Second full-length album from Luckless, a New Zealand solo artist who holds her PJ Harvey-esque voice in between moody, fuzzy indie rock backing. There is a strong 90’s alternative feel to his record, very capably pulled off. Vindication Blues is Luckless’ first outing on vi...view item »


Younghusband return with their third and perhaps most advanced album Dissolver. Simultaneously insular and yet somehow endlessly widescreen this cool, calm and confident collection of guitar-loving songs is deliciously dark, tender and authoritative in equal measure. Out on CD and vinyl LP from ATP Recordings....view item »

Stargaze & Greg Saunier
Deerhoof Chamber Variations

Greg Saunier, one of the main movers in Deerhoof, has been working with contemporary group s t a r g a z e to turn a number of his band’s songs into an instrumental chamber piece. He’s got great skills, so Deerhoof Chamber Variations turns out wonderfully; totally new but al...view item »


Following on from their collaboration with Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan, Soulsavers are releasing another, totally different album. Kubrick’s all-instrumental pieces were informed by the great director’s films and the moods they conjure. Lots of lush string-scapes going ...view item »

Hermits On Holiday

Drinks appears to be the bizarro-side-project of Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley, in which they cast aside their usual singer-songwriter / hardcore punk focuses and get unusual. Hermits On Holiday has odd spoken word over the top of nervously bouncy instrumentals, and forms a satisfying, an...view item »

Cage The Elephant
Tell Me I'm Pretty

Cage The Elephant return with their 4th full-length album, another set of sneery rock tracks. Tell Me I’m Pretty is a little bit blues-rock, a little bit garage-rock, and some of those guitar parts even hint at 70’s-esque classic-rock. And what a strong mixture all those different rocks make here. Out on Col...view item »

Across The USA In 51 Days: The Movie

Merchants of heavy sludge The Melvins evidently have a lot of stamina: not only have they been playing and releasing for many decades, they also undertook a 50 state US tour in 51 days back in 2012: wow. Across The USA In 51 Days: The Movie is just that, a document of that tour shot mostly on the band’s phones for...view item »

River's End

Mammut have usually sung in their own native Icelandic: naturally though, they can also do English, as River’s End thoroughly proves. Proper Bella Union stuff this, the band playing carefully constructed dramatic indie behind wistful female vocals. And all meticulously produced as well. 12” ...view item »

Few More Days To Go

Fufanu mix together a strong dose of 80’s goth rock and a smaller dose of post-punk with modern day electronic production styles. Few More Days To Go is their first full-length album, and shows off their full range, including unexpected weird little interludes. CD or LP on the One Little Indian label....view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
Urge For Offal

Birkenhead's realest and most rambling rock band, Half Man Half Biscuit, occasionally creak out of the woodwork to throw sporadic new tunes and records our way. 'Urge For Offal' is one such moment, a completely spur-of-the-moment record that continues the band's tongue-in-cheek and delightfully surreal take on post-punk. ...view item »

Pleasure Leftists
The Woods of Heaven

First full-length album from Pleasure Leftists, a four-piece who tear into their tracks pretty aggressively. The songs on The Woods of Heaven have an 80’s-indie tone to the guitar sound and a gothic distance to the vocals, and the rhythm section has an irresistible sense of forward drive. LP on Deranged Records....view item »

Bleeding Heart Pigeons
Anything You Want EP

Bleeding Heart Pigeons are an indie rock band from Ireland. Anything You Want is a four track EP with some solid, impassioned tunes. The sound is like early Radiohead meets a bit of Pulp perhaps, via a bit of White Lies. It’s really solid, catchy stuff wit...view item »

The Sisters of Mercy

Floodland was the first album produced by Sisters Of Mercy version two, released in 1987. One of the most successful examples of their morose gothery. This box-set reissue is a sprawling beast, adding the three 12” singles released in the same period, each of which is rich with alternate and extended mixes and non...view item »


Purple is the fourth album by Baroness. The album is more direct and succinct than its predecessor - the sprawling double album Yellow & Green. It is being released on the band’s own label, Abraxian Hymns. The album was recorded by Dave Fridmann, known for his work with Flamin...view item »

Warm Brains
Big Wow

Warm Brains is the solo project of Rory Atwell, who has inhabited the throbbing core of the noisy punkish indie scene for the last few years, through production and engineering work for all the main names. No surprise then that Big Wow sounds exactly as it should: melodic but sharp, with plenty of forwa...view item »

The Besnard Lakes
The Golden Lion

Golden Lion (not to be confused with Gold Lion by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) is a taster of what’s to come from husband and wife duo The Besnard Lakes in 2016. With new album A Coliseum Complex Museum cresting on the horizon, this 12” single features three tracks to whet your appetite for their unique brand of mel...view item »

Hippo Campus
The Halocline EPs

Hippo Campus are a quartet of young guns who are proud to hail from Minnesota. Their sound is a fresh, upbeat-sounding indie rock that glistens in the sunlight. The Halocine EPs bundles up their debut EP Bashful Creatures with the brand new, Alan Sparhawk-produced South. CD on the Tran...view item »

Let's Wrestle
Let's Wrestle

The Let's Wrestles return this week with a new album on FortunaPOP!. They seem to have matured from their obnoxious early shamblepop into a more polished kind of indie-pop, tightly delivered and full of falsetto vocal harmonies. I'm eating tacos with my housemate and he just said it sounds like the Kaiser Chiefs...view item »

Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus are a quartet of young guns who are proud to hail from Minnesota. With the deep talents of Alan Sparhawk of Low producing them, what could go wrong? Their EP South is a set of upbeat-sounding indie rock that glistens in the sunlight. The 12” vinyl is released by the T...view item »

Two Gallants
We Are Undone

Sometimes these artists pick the weirdest titles. We Are Undone seems curious, as Two Gallants in fact just finished this album, their second on ATO records. Then again, the title is a critique of our consumerism-driven society. And of course, we agree. But we’d like to recommend you to buy this record anyway...view item »

Le Volume Courbe
I Wish Dee Dee Ramone Was Here With Me

Le Volume Courbe is the project of Charlotte Marionneau, a french-born singer songwriter now based in London. I Wish Dee Dee Ramone Was Here With Me is released on Pickpocket Records - a label co-owned by Marionneau with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. The album r...view item »

Alex Bleeker and The Freaks
Country Agenda

Another warm collection of country-tinged tunes from the every-improving Alex Bleeker & The Freaks. As bass player in Real Estate Bleeker knows a thing or two about intelligent songwriting - proven further here with Country Agenda - a passionate yet understated album. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Sinderlyn....view item »

Spray Paint

Spray Paint are an Austin, Texas group of post-punk activists, and Dopers is their fifth record, as well as being their second record of this year. Full credit for that work ethic. Their music is audibly the product of a tight discipline crossed with an ecstatic energy. The LP is available on Monofonus Press....view item »

Kurt Cobain
Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings

Montage of Heck - The Home Recordings is the long awaited soundtrack to the only fully authorised documentary about grunge legend Kurt Cobain. This album contains early home recordings, including snippets of what would become full Nirvana songs, made by Cobain giving an intimate view of his creativ...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Mini Album Thingy Wingy

Mini Album Thingy Wingy features seven new tracks by The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Anton Newcombe recorded the songs over the last year in his Berlin studio. Initially influenced by The Rolling Stones’ psychedelic phase, Newcombe has been incorporating ‘90s ...view item »


Wimps are a Seattle-based punk/lo-fi/new wave three-piece who feature vocalist Rachel Ratner from Butts, Matt Nyce from Meth Teeth on Bass and The Intelligence drummer Dave Ramm. Their album, Suitcase has punk attitude, lo-fi scratchiness and the angular nature of new w...view item »

Wreckless Eric

Wreckless Eric releases anew! The old Stiff punk recorded this first new material in a decade in and around his house in the USA, with amplifiers apparently squeezed into every corridor (a vision I rather enjoy). The scratchy attitude of his past mixes with typically American sounds and lyrical themes. amERICa (hmmm...)...view item »

MTV Unplugged

MTV Unplugged by Placebo sees the band not being content with stripping back their songs to their bare bones. Brian Molko and co. wanted to do something special to contribute to the on-going history of MTV Unplugged. Available on a staggering number of formats: Double vinyl LP picture disc, 180g double vinyl LP...view item »

The Cult
Hidden City

Hidden City is the 10th studio album by The Cult. The album is the final part of a trilogy comprising of 2007’s Born Into This and 2012’s Choice of Weapon. The duo of Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy have been proving they still have what it takes as a live band too with last year’s perfor...view item »

Supersonic Scientists / A Young Person's Guide To Motorpsycho

Supersonic Scientists / A Young Person’s Guide To Motorpsycho is, as the second half of that title suggests, a compilation of essential works by the band. Over the years they have worked their way into a precisely balanced groove of psychedelic rock that is only sometimes as heavy as the name Motorpsycho might sug...view item »

Bill Ryder-Jones
West Kirby County Primary

Ex-Coral guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones wrote and recorded West Kirby County Primary in the bedroom he grew up in at his Mother’s house. The album, his third, was then given some TLC at Liverpool’s Parr Studios. The lyrics are personal to the point that you feel you are listening in when you sho...view item »

Darren Hayman

English songwriter Darren Hayman returns with another album of stripped down songwriting in Florence. With 14 albums to his name Hayman offers a steady hand of experience and a DIY aesthetic. Written and recorded in his friend’s apartment in Firenze, Italy, it’s a homely collection of acoustic guitar numbers...view item »

Turin Brakes
Lost Property

Veteran indie guys Turin Brakes are back with album number seven: Lost Property. Eleven new songs that track the band’s journey through life with typically warm guitars, or occasionally something a little darker (as on the last track, ‘Black Rabbit’). Released in a vinyl edition (but also, contrary to ...view item »

Chris Cornell
Higher Truth

This is quite a long stray from Soundgarden and Audioslave. With his songwriting ksills, Chris Cornell seduces the listener to listen to his unique voice, now in a more traditional rock setting. Maybe, above all the searing guitars of a whole grunge movement gone by, there is a Higher T...view item »

The Tallest Man on Earth
Dark Bird Is Home

Fourth album from acoustic troubadour The Tallest Man On Earth. On Dark Bird Is Home the Swedish Dylan-voiced songwriter Kristian Matsson brings a welcome touch of Springsteenian/David Brent chord structuring to his palette, whilst retaining that soft, heartfelt tenderness for which he is known and often loved. Out on L...view item »

Car Seat Headrest
Teens Of Style

Car Seat Headrest is the lo-fi indie rock project of Will Toledo, and although he has released before, this is his first full record with a whole band behind him. The extra beef behind the songs on Teens Of Style is very welcome, as are the extra touches (a little synth hovering here, a little counter-m...view item »

Le Butcherettes
Shave The Pride

Le Butcherettes are a rock group with a dangerous feel to them. Led by singer and whirlwind personality Teri Gender Bender, they grind out fully-fledged rock music, Teri’s snarl setting the tone. The Shave The Pride single is backed by an exclusive B-side that features King Buzzo ...view item »

Electro-Shock Blues

Eels! That’s how the brief Superbowl advert that bandleader E put together goes, and it is also how we responded when we saw the crate-load of reissued Eels albums that Universal have sent through to us. Second album Electro-Shock Blues has never been released on vinyl before, and...view item »


Eels! That’s how the brief Superbowl advert that bandleader E put together goes, and it is also how we responded when we saw the crate-load of reissued Eels albums that Universal have sent through to us. Shootenanny! is their fifth album, recorded in only 10 days for that extra di...view item »


Eels! That’s how the brief Superbowl advert that bandleader E put together goes, and it is also how we responded when we saw the crate-load of reissued Eels albums that Universal have sent through to us. Souljacker is album number four, which cranked up the rock and the heavy to h...view item »

Ghetto Ghouls

Album number two from Ghetto Ghouls, an Austin, Texas group. Their first record was more of a scuzz-punk explosion, but Collisions is somewhat more restrained. Although let's be clear, this is the tense kind of restraint, that could kick out again at any moment. LP release on the label Monofonus Press....view item »

Dilly Dally

Dilly Dally were formed by Canadian high school friends and self-taught guitarists Liz Ball and Katie Monks who bonded over a love of Nirvana and Pixies. Thier debut album Sore, as you’d expect from their influences, melds '90's guitar noise with pop sensibilities and a touch of...view item »

The Mantles
All Odds End

The Mantles rose from the Bay Area’s garagey folk-rock scene citing Nuggets and The Velvet Underground as their influences. Their sound has progressed from being fairly loose and noisy to ploughing a more mellow, melodic furrow. All Odds End is a beautifully made guitar pop album that recalls Pais...view item »

Year Of Birds
Flypaper & Other Stories

This reminds me of the '80's. But not the usual '80's but the '80's of the Ron Johnson label and the likes of Bogshed, Big Flame and Stump. Nine short and extremely lop-sided shards of shouty, angular pop punk. Vocals are distorted throughout, even on 'Blon...view item »

Gun Outfit
Dream All Over

Gun Outfit are a closely entwined band who sound very much like they operate out of California, which they do. Carrie Keith and Dylan Sharp’s vocals complement each other perfectly, while the forwards-on-the-freeway rhythm section and the desert-dusty guitars all slot perfectly into place....view item »

Alcopop! And Dog Knights Productions Presents...

Alcopop! and Dog Knights Productions Present features four bands performing two new tracks each: Johnny Foreigner, Playlounge, Doe and Doctrines. Artist Lewes Herriot tried to sum up the aura of each band by decorating 4 rooms for the cover artwork. Put together by self...view item »

Then Thickens

Colic is the new album by Then Thickens. The indie band from Chorley, Lancashire began as solo project of Jon-Lee Martin before expanding to the five-piece we have here. Their debut album, Death Cap at Anglezarke was critically acclaimed with a whole host of DJs from Radio 1 and 6 Music praising their efforts. ...view item »

Holy Sons
Fall of Man

Holy Sons is the monikor under which Emil Amos picks up his guitar and his four track, and pours his heart out, as i’m sure he does in his other, very different projects - OM, Grails, and Lilacs & Champagne. Apparently he’s written and recorded o...view item »

Enter Shikari
Slipshod (Urbandawn Remix)

Slipshod (Urbandawn Remix) is an accompaniment tp the Hospitalised version of Enter Shikari’s Mindsweep record, in which the Hospital Records roster of esteemed Drum & Bass producers rework the Shikari originals. So Urbandawn grafts the Shikari...view item »

Human Requirements

Sci-Fi Steven from Bis has a new solo project, and Batteries is the name he’s given it. Human Requirements allows you to sample from the debut album of the project with two tracks, one taken from the record and one exclusive to this 7” release. Politically driven indie-pop r...view item »

Vertical Slump
Ruined Value

Vertical Slump are post-punk four piece whose members have been in bands such as Shopping, Gloss Rejection, Omi Palone and Circuit Breaker. Ruined Value is a confident and vigorous 4-track EP which was produced by Mark Jasper. Part sweet and melodic, pa...view item »

Half Japanese

Boo! documents Half Japanese’ European tour, where they treated our continent to their wild and unique self-trained sound. A full 24 tracks. The LP, part of Fire’s campaign to reissue every one of the band’s records, comes packaged with a mask that you can pop out and wear! How cool is that?...view item »

Royal Trux
Hand of Glory

Hand of Glory is the tenth album by Royal Trux. It consists of recordings made by founding members, guitarist Neil Hagerty and vocalist Jennifer Herrema between 1985-89 and was originally released in 2002. The album is split into two halves conceptually: Domo Des Burros an...view item »

The Great Tyrant
The Trouble With Being Born

The Great Tyrant is the original band of the members of Pinkish Black, for which the two of them were joined by their sadly now deceased friend Tommy Wayne Atkins. Their second album, The Trouble With Being Born, was never released following the death, until now. Similarly heavy and pro...view item »

Pinkish Black
Bottom Of The Morning

Pinkish Black manage to sound a lot like the constant stream of old horror movie soundtrack reissues we get here: but they are brand new! They’ve really nailed the sound and the vibe though, as Bottom Of The Morning had me imagining scenes from the kind of film it could feasibly accompany. On Relapse....view item »

Boy & Bear
Limit of Love

Boy & Bear are an Australian indie/pop/rock five piece from Australia. They’ve been listed in a USA Today feature as one of the five best Australian bands around today. Limit Of Love is their third album and was produced by Ethan Johns, who has worked with the likes of Laura Marling...view item »

Cruising EP

Cruising’s self-titled debut EP pushes itself forward with post-punk swagger. The Irish band take their name from a gay slasher film from the early '80s, which is a great place from which to start. Cruising probably won’t shock anyone to quite that extent, but it will please with its energetic guitar-led jam...view item »

The Sunset Strip
Stone Lazy

Aussie indie heroes The Sunset Strip took their influence from The Byrds, Neil Young & Crazy Horse and Dinosaur Jr creating a brand of melodic, sludgy, guitar-heavy alt. rock that wowed the critics but not the cash registers. Stone Lazy was supposed to have been rel...view item »

Laying Down Rock

Drinks is a collaboration between Welsh singer/songwriter Cate Le Bon and White Fence main man and American, Tim Presley. Their sound could be described as Arthur Lee-meets-Nico on the verge of self-destruction. Laying Down Rock is take...view item »

Primitive Parts
Parts Primitive

Tight little garage rock trio from London here, with constituent parts taken from Sauna Youth, Male Bonding and Monotony. That kind of pedigree unsurprisingly makes Primitive Parts a strong proposition, and their almost self-titled debut Parts Primitive...view item »

Chris Cornell
Euphoria Morning

Euphoria Morning by Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell was originally released in 1999 and it was his first solo album. He recorded the album after Soundgarden split up but before he went on to form Audioslave with members of ...view item »

Enter Shikari
The Mindsweep: Hospitalised

This is the Hospitalised version of Enter Shikari’s Mindsweep record, in which the Hospital Records roster of esteemed Drum & Bass producers rework the Shikari originals. So we have the likes of Danny Byrd and London Elektricity pumping up tunes for t...view item »

Why Choose

Shopping follow up their self-released debut album with Why Choose, on FatCat. The band’s sound comes from a rich lineage of angular post-punk, which is not to say they don’t sound fresh. You can alternately thrash and dance to their business, good stuff. If you get hold of the limited first pressing of the ...view item »

In Dream

This is The Editors fifth studio album, ‘In Dream’ and their second release featuring the ‘new’ line up of the band with founding members Tom Smith, Russell Leetch and Ed Lay being joined by Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams. Following two years of intensive world tours, the five piece has taken a step away from the stra...view item »

Mercury Rev
The Light In You

Oooh look, a new Mercury Rev album looms on the horizon! The Light In You is the first we've heard from the group since Snowflake Midnight a full seven (!) years ago. 2015-era Rev material is sweeping and symphonic again, Jonathan Donahue's nigh-on Disney vocals swooping above ...view item »

The Fresh & Onlys
Early Years Anthology

A very valuable release here from The Fresh & Onlys, compiling together top-notch early material. The Early Years Anthology is bursting at the seams with Bay Area DIY garage-punk fun, and is released with the assistance of John Dwyer (Thee Oh Sees) on his very own Castle ...view item »

The Vaccines

The Vaccines released their English Grafitti album recently, and people sure did like it (number three in the sales charts). Those people may be happy to see the release of 20/20, a single from the album released as a 7" single. This portion of guitar energy is pressed in a limited edition, on Columb...view item »

Girls Names
Arms Around a Vision

Third album from Northern Irish band Girls Names, titled 'Arms Around A Vision'. With their usual abstract approach alongside cross-Europe influences ranging from Italian Futurism to Russian constructivism - it’s one for the muso in you. One for fans of Roxy Music and Joy Division. On cream vinyl, vinyl and CD on Tough Lov...view item »

Girl Band
Holding Hands With Jamie

Debut album time! Here’s Holding Hands with Jamie by Girl Band. Annoyingly enough, Girl Band are actually four Irish blokes. Probably irony or something. Still, they produce some raw, energetic noisy rock and post-punk which fits in nicely with the Rough Trade label they landed with. ...view item »

Kurt Vile
b’lieve i'm goin down…

b’lieve i’m goin down… is album number six from troubadour Kurt Vile. What he has for us is a rich new collection of twelve songs, a kind of country-indie-rock that Vile is obviously extremely comfortable making. CD and 2LP editions, and also available as a triple-LP with six extra tr...view item »

Service Industry

Service Industry is the new album from Brooklyn duo, Lushes. It is a raw rock record which ditches the moments of serenity from their first album, What Am I Doing, in favour of focusing on the primal and visceral aspects of guitar and drums. The album was recorded and mixed by long-time Sonic Youth...view item »

Ad Infinitum

An assured fourth album from Seattle-based Telekinesis, Ad Infinitum is gloriously bathed in analogue electronics and features Michael Lerner's trademark knack for infectious power pop melodies of the highest order. Out on Digipak CD and vinyl LP from Merge. LP includes 3 bonus tracks and free download code....view item »

Salad Boys

DIY indie pop in that rich New Zealand tradition, that’s what we have here with Salad Boys. The album title, Metalmania, is a bit of a misnomer really. This debut full-length is a fleet-footed thing, bouncing poppy melodies along over a guitar / rhythm section churn. Satisfying stuff. Released by Trouble In Mind....view item »

Epic Soundtracks
Rise Above

Rise Above by Epic Soundtracks was originally released in 1992 and features guest performances from J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Roland S. Howard (The Birthday Party) and Martyn Casey...view item »

The Garden

The Garden hail from California, premium territory for punks. They describe themselves as part of that genre, but there is a lot more to the group than that, as they dabble in electronics too. The band is a two-piece, and the two are twin brothers: a close relationship that gives them intuitive bass / drums chemistry. haha ...view item »

The Enemy
It's Automatic

Well well, a new album from The Enemy, one of the prime movers of the tail end of the fondly-remembered ‘landfill indie’ era. With It’s Automatic however, they have broadened their scope a little by writing songs outside that template, which seems to be working out for them. On VAM Records....view item »

Wax Idols
American Tragic

Third album from Wax Idols. American Tragic finds the group, previously keen on the gothish aesthetic, going full-blown 80’s rock. Hether Fortune, who is responsible for everything we hear (save the drums) presides over each track with an icy determination in her voice. Released on the Collect lab...view item »

Tijuana Panthers

Tijuana Panthers seem rather proud of Poster, the album seemingly representing a step-up from the torrent of material they used to release. Still though, these twelve songs were recorded in just a couple of days, and the energy of that timescale certainly comes through. Poster is released by Innovati...view item »

Feels Like

Bully are a group who make punk’n’grunge tinged rock music, and do so from a base in Nashville. They do their thing fairly effectively, with the requisite amount of grit in singer Alice Bognanno’s voice, and suitable amounts of fast-paced guitar business. You know how it goes. All self-produced too. Mmmmm. On C...view item »

Eagles Of Death Metal
Zipper Down

Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes’ almost-but-not-quite serious rock band Eagles Of Death Metal return with their fourth full-length, Zipper Down. It has the heavy touch typical of Homme, but with extra touches like silly operatic backing vocals. And then there’s ...view item »

Blitzen Trapper
All Across This Land

Over the years Blitzen Trapper have incorporated just about every kind of guitar based music into their sound from indie-folk, alt. country, alt. rock and psychedelia. It seems the experimentation with different styles has paid off as their new album All Across This Land seems to tie up all the these strands into one fo...view item »

Noonday Underground
Body Parts For Modern Art

Noonday Underground is the project that Simon Dine uses to indulge his deep, deep love for the 1960s mod sound. Body Parts For Modern Art is three-part set of his work on one disc, including vocal tunes, instrumentals, and instrumentals that have been messed around with. Lots of unreleased material thro...view item »

Soldiers of Fortune
Early Risers

Soldiers Of Fortune are not so much of a supergroup, more a super collective. They started as an anti-band doing the absolute opposite of what you’d expect a band to do - nothing. It was the brainchild of sometime Interpol bassist Brad Truax. Mike Bones joined in and got t...view item »

Shannon and The Clams
Gone By The Dawn

Shannon and The Clams specialise in short-but-sweet ornate rock tunes, and Gone By The Dawn has a full complement of such numbers. This record is, on the surface, relatively straightforward, but the production and aspects of the instrumentation are subtly quite weird. Out on the the Hardly Art label....view item »


Gizmodgery was first released in the year 2000, and it sounds at least as fresh now. Self are quite rightly proud of having recorded the whole of this LP with... toy instruments designed for children! The album sounds remarkably developed with that in mind, though it certainly has an infant’s joy as well. Reissued...view item »


The reissue juggernaut continues apace with the debut album from Garbage. Their unique and quintessentially 90’s take on pop and grunge led to great critical and commercial success, whilst Shirley Manson’s goth-lite image triggered an outbreak of crushes up and down the country. Out on 2CD and 2LP vinyl from Stunvolu...view item »

The Spills
Collecting Dust

The Spills are an indie rock four-piece from Wakefield in Yorkshire. Their debut album, Collecting dust marries youthful exuberance with classic American guitar pop that recalls mid-era Pavement and Weezer. It's one of those records that rewards the listener with repeated listens, there...view item »

Born Ruffians

Ruff by Canadian four-piece Born Ruffians sees the band back on form, but perhaps sounding a little different than you might expect. Their roots as Pixies/Strokes/Talking Heads loving basement dwellers are back. They’ve scraped away the polish of 2013’s Birthmarks to reveal the...view item »

Mike Krol

Mike Krol presents his third record, and his first for famed indie label Merge. Turkey is a direct thrashload of lo-fi indie-punk-pop, rich with analogue hiss. In fact, the instruments all seem to slide together into one big high-energy mess. This is a lot of fun. LP comes with a nice newsprint-esque insert....view item »


This is the debut 7” single by three piece Thalassocracy, featuring Art Is Hard records’ own Richard Walsh (vocals and guitar), Slothboat music blogger Lloyd King (bass guitar) and Playlounge’s Sam Watkins (drums). ‘Graves’ is a low fi, melodic pop song played through muddy guitars, carried along by laid back vocals...view item »


Autobahn are a group in thrall to the good old days of post-punk, where sternly grooving basslines could drive everything forwards and vocals could echo around as if they were in a dilapidated warehouse. Dissemble, the group’s debut album, carries this vision through with intense focus. On Tough Love....view item »

Lou Barlow
Brace The Wave

New Lou Barlow album! Brace The Wave is the third album Lou Barlow has recorded under his own name. It’s his first since Goodnight Unknown in 2009. Barlow was a key figure in the alternative Boston, Massachusetts music scene in the late ‘80s and ‘90s firstly with Dinos...view item »

Yo La Tengo
Stuff Like That There

Yo La Tengo have been making some of the best American indie music for 30 years now. Their new album, Stuff Like That There is a sort-of companion piece to their classic album Fakebook which contained re-imagined Yo La Tengo songs and selected cover versions. For this new album, the concept is ...view item »

The Bluetones
Return To The Last Chance Saloon

Reissue of the 1998 album by The Bluetones. Return To The Last Chance Saloon was one of the group’s most popular records, and it is itself returned to by this expanded reissue. The full original album is boosted with a live Newcastle gig, BBC radio sessions from the period, and each band member’s favourite B...view item »

Ride Your Heart

Here’s an excellent CD of good old fashioned ‘60s influenced girl fronted indie rock in the vein of Best Coast or Golden Grrrls. This sort of garagey girl-group influenced pop all too often seems flabby, referential and stale, but these sisters have really...view item »

Dope Body

The straight-up punx of Dope Body's last record, Lifer, ain't got nothing on this. Based on "Old Grey", Kunk is set to be a record of dissonant, tangly post-hardcore that sounds like Woody the Woodpecker pecking against the heads of the folks in Metz. This secretly avan...view item »

Royal Headache

Ten tracks of highly direct indie-pop-rock from Sydney’s own Royal Headache. Fronted by the improbably (and inevitably self-) titled Shogun, the four-piece group play songs that contain energy in the playing and tru-emotion in the lyrics. Yep, its all here. High is released on the What’s You...view item »

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