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The Flaming Lips
Lightning Strikes The Postman

If you didn't know already, Wayne Coyne's merry psychedelic nuisances love to release things, and they especially love to do it in weird formats. Behold this CD version of 'Lightning Strikes the Postman', taken from their pre-symphonic 'Clouds Taste Metallic' era. This tune has an alternate mix with old guitarist Ronald Jones, and of course...view item »

Fly By Alien

VANT’s single Fly By Alien is a high energy pop-grunge / pop-punk tune about an extraterrestrial encounter that leaves humanity with a message: something to think about there. Record Store Day 2016 stock, with very limited quantities available. Pressed to alien-style luminous vinyl, on Parlophone....view item »

Clean Cut Kid
Pick Me Up

Clean Cut Kid are a Liverpool indie band who have yet to release a full-length album. Fans will thus grasp Pick Me Up, their third single, with great enthusiasm. Indie radio anthem status could well await this bouncy pop tune, which is backed by an exclusive demo version of ‘In Your Eyes’. Limited edition Re...view item »

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Mother’s Milk

Universal offer up a vinyl reissue of The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ fourth album Mother’s Milk. Before releasing the album the band tragically lost their singer and then drummer. The new line-up, including John Frusciante, crafted the distinctive blend of funk, rock and...view item »

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
The Rarity of Experience Pts. I & II

Chris Forsyth is a guitar virtuoso, but one who decides to use his powers for good, not evil. Which is to say that he avoids tedious technical showcases in favour of expansive, classic-feeling jams with his excellent Solar Motel Band. The Rarity of Experience Pts. I & II is released as a double CD a...view item »

La Sera
Music For Listening To Music

La Sera (the band of former Vivian Girls member Katy Goodman) release their fourth album, on which they’ve lost none of their flair or energy: indeed, Music For Listening To Music exists on that lovely access of dream pop and noise pop. The album was produced by none other than ...view item »

Out Of The Garden

The garden in the title of Tancred’s new album Out Of The Garden must surely be the Garden of Eden: these songs are lyrically centred around the transgression of Judeo-Christian norms, with an emphasis on "feminine expectations". The group’s pop-punk power is as strong as ever, driving the message squarely h...view item »

Big Star
Complete Columbia: Live at University of Missouri

In one of the more surprising moves of the '90's former Box Top and professional grump since 1976 Alex Chilton was persuaded to reform his classic early '70s power pop band Big Star. The two surviving/interested members were joined by crazy haired Seattle two-some the Posies. This collection is the complete reco...view item »

Sunset Sons
Very Rarely Say Die

This record was recorded with the production assistance of an Arctic Monkey and a King Of Leon, which serves as pretty decent shorthand for the mainstream contemporary rock sound of Sunset Sounds, a band of Australians and Englishmen who met whilst surfing. Very Rarely Say Die is releas...view item »

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
That's It Baby Right Now We Got To Do It Let's Dance! (Live in Tokyo 2015)

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - That’s It Baby Now We Got To Do It Let’s Dance (Live In Tokyo 2015) Captures the world’s wildest rock ‘n’ roll three-piece on top form. Armed with only two guitars, a drum kit and a theremin, JSBX burn through songs from their Freedom Tower...view item »

METZ / Mission of Burma
Good, Not Great / Get Off

Once a RSD item, now just a simple item, this 7" sees post-hxc tinged noise folk Metz go toe to toe with post-punk legends Mission of Burma. They do a punk swap by covering each other's tunes, with the former going in on "Good, Not Great" and the latter having a crack at "Get Off". A classic fairp...view item »

El Pintor - Remixes

Having run out of anagrams for their own name, NY post-punks Interpol now look to other artists to create them for their music. If you ever wanted to know what one of their sounds would sound like run through by sample goblin Panda Bear, look no further; we've also got edits by industrial dance crew Factory Floor, fuzz droner Tim Hecker and...view item »

The Ukrainians

Now  - like once parent band the Wedding Present - only releasing records on Record Store Day, the Ukrainians have this year chosen to re-issue their 1993 second album adding four bonus tracks. The Ukrainians mix post punk guitars with more traditional mountain music to create a high intensity blast of genr...view item »

Treetop Flyers

Second full-length album from indie-poppers Treetop Flyers. Palomino was produced and recorded in-house, at the group’s own Soup Studios. Death and lost love are strong themes throughout the record, but the production and the songwriting doesn’t get bogged down into excessive melancholy. CD ...view item »

Live On KAOS-FM, Seattle - 1987

Here is a slab of rock history. The first ever recording session of Nirvana (then known as the marginally less appealing Skid Row). This was a live session for the KAOS FM radio station and was the first time the band had ever been recorded. Hear the lads trying stuff out that would lead to them being rather popular indeed. &nbs...view item »

Here Comes Washer

New York duo Washer make their debut full-length with Here Comes Washer. With only two of them, they are focused on going a long way with a little, meaning that each element of each track is tightly in place and used for as long as it has value. Sharp garage-ish punk that slips from quiet-and-creepy to loud-and-poppy. L...view item »


Oh goody, a new single from Slaves! The chirpy Tunbridge two have grabbed Sockets from their album Are You Satisfied?, and backed it with a B-side. The music is fairly straight-forward punk rock, but it’s the vocals that get me: aggravating shouts, and not in the good way. Heavy-vinyl 7” on Virgin E...view item »

Half Japanese
Volume 4: 1997-2001

Volume 4: 1997-2001 is the final installment of the Half Japanese reissue series on Fire Records. It contains the albums Bone Head, Heaven Sent and Hello. Heaven Sent is pressed on vinyl for the first time. Half Japanese, led by Jad Fair, were an...view item »

Miracle Legion
Portrait of a Damaged Family

Ah now this is more like it Record Store Day. 'Portrait of a Damaged Family' was Miracle Legion's fourth and to date final record but they'd got themselves in a right old muddle with their record company at the time so it was only given a small release. In fact as a Miracle Legion obsessive I only found out about it's existence years later. For ...view item »

Self Defense Family
The Power Does Not Work In the Presence Of Nonbelievers

Extremely limited vinyl 12” produced by Self Defense Family for Record Store Day 2016. The Power Does Not Work In the Presence Of Nonbelievers is bleak and dysfunctional blues rock, with some post-punk drones added for good measure. Overdriven guitars mix with motorik drums and melancholic melodies....view item »

Hyper Vessels

Hyper Vessels perfectly captures Audacity’s gnarly punk and its sense of being both tight and loose at the same time. Anything goes for this band, as long as it’s heavy and fast; sometimes they’re catchy, sometimes they’re abrasive, and there’s always a decent overdriven guitar solo...view item »

John Congleton and The Nighty Nite
Until The Horror Goes

John Congleton has made a name for himself producing for eccentric indie artists such as St. Vincent and David Byrne. With Until The Horror Goes he and his band The Nighty Nite show that they can be just as playful and witty. Congleton’s strained and deadpan vocals hold together a den...view item »

Blood Sausage
The Short and Painful Life of…

I'm trying to remember anything about Blood Sausage. I remember them being around at the same time as Cornershop and Huggy Bear (members of the latter appear here). They were a punk and poetry ensemble led by Dale Shaw who went around upsetting people and causing general mayhem. This is the...view item »

The Fall
Bingo Masters at The Witch Trials

Mark E Smith's increasingly loose grip on his back catalogue continues with this vinyl edition of a live gig from 1978. Just look at that sleeve. How in any way does it fit in with the cut and paste collages of the era? It's going to look awful in your collection but at least musically it captures the early Fall at their most intense with a wild...view item »

Lost Time

Album the third from Tacocat, a group who spit intelligent fire about a few of the bullshit aspects of society: sexism and disrespect for service industry workers for starters. The songs are propelled with a beautiful pop-punk sound, bright melodies and thrashed guitars. Lost Time...view item »

Still Life of Citrus & Slime

The initials CFM stand for Charles Francis Moothart, a veteran of bands including The Moonhearts, The Epsilons and The Ty Segall...view item »

The Coral
Distance Inbetween

Distance Inbetween marks the return of psychedelic indie-rock band The Coral. Six years have passed since 2010’s Butterfly house, which was the first album without guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones. The band are still helmed by James Skelly but now welcome ex-Zutons...view item »


Self-titled debut album from UK stoner doom activists Henge. All the elements are firmly in place, from the lumbering, endlessly propulsive rhythm section to the pummelling down-tuned riffs of the guitars. And lets not forget the howling vocals, or the sense that each member of the band have spent the last week in a narcotic haz...view item »


Grandfeathered is Pinkshinyultrablast follow up album on Club AC30, a more experimental pop affair than their debut, a more expansive and layered fuzzy pop sound. Warm swathes of fuzz peeling back to playful Foals esq beats and picks. Chuck in some of Braids’ beauty and some of ...view item »

Big Ups
Before a Million Universes

Before a Million Universes is the second full-length from this noisy NYC three-piece. Big Ups make a razor-sharp post-punk full of hardcore vocals, low-slung bass and ragged guitar playing. Comparisons to Fugazi and Minutemen are deserved, but the band make their own sound from ...view item »

Dean Wareham
Dean Wareham

Here comes the ex Galaxie 500 frontman with a new album. I wonder if they get offered big money on the table to reform. Probably. Anyway he seems happy to do his own thing these days and in tandem with producer Jim James (My Morning Jacket) he has produced a much more upbeat set of songs this tim...view item »

Violent Femmes
We Can Do Anything

We Can Do Anything is the ninth album from The Violent Femmes and the first new material from the dauntless three-piece in 15 years. The album finds the band in an alluring and exuberant mood mixing their own takes on folk, jazz, blues, punk and rock ‘n’ roll which stretch from the minimal to the cosmic. ...view item »

Nada Surf
You Know Who You Are

A brand new record from veteran alt-rockers Nada Surf, operating now as a four-piece. You Know Who You Are has been worked on over a number of years, and mixes together all the styles they’ve figured out over the years, with fast n’heavy rockers sitting alongside almost americana-like introspective numbers. ...view item »

No Ditching

No Ditching are a new DIY pop punk group from the rich Durham scene, where this sort of thing rules the roost. No Ditching are in fact made up in part of members of Martha, a big Durham deal. But No Ditching are their own band, and Inseparable is their own 7”, wit...view item »

Linton and Stewart / The Aislers Set

A V Linton is a legend of underground indie pop.  The Aislers Set were a much loved band as we all know but even further back there was amazing work in the 90’s with Henry’s Dress, but the last release from The Aislers Set was in 2003, making this...view item »

Rats On Rafts
Some Velvet Morning

Rats On Rafts boldly take on Some Velvet Morning, a classic tune by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. Their take is a low-slung noisy-rocky version, with howled vocals that Nancy would never have approved of. The B-side is taken from their last album, the acclaimed T...view item »

The Drones
Feelin Kinda Free

Feelin Kinda Free is album number 7 from The Drones, with producer and drummer rejoining the fold after a decade away. The Australian group are highly critical of the socioeconomic consensus, and the lyrics attack it while the band’s music sounds blasted and drained, but with enough energy left to fight back. Out ...view item »

Held In Splendor

First catching my ear with their Warpaint/Vivian Girls style debut, Quilt have certainly soaked up some West Coast psychedelic influences in the meantime. This is a varied album which veers all over the place showcasing a band obviously in love with music from the 1960’s hey...view item »

Purling Hiss
Something EP

As Purling Hiss, Mike Polizze makes indie fuzz-pop which pushes the ratio between fuzz and pop so far that these 4 tracks are as much texture as song. This is a welcome balance. The Something EP was all recorded at home, with every instrument played by Polizze. This 7” vinyl relea...view item »

Hills End

Hill’s End is the debut full-length from DMA’s, a present day Australian group who nevertheless manage to sound exactly like a band from 1990’s Great Britain. Even the vocals sound totally Mancunian. If you like your guitar-pop edging into Britpop territory though, this’ll work nicely for you. On...view item »

That Fucking Tank
China Tour seven-inch

Very limited tour 7” from That Fucking Tank. China Tour captures the brutal, free-form assault that this noise-rock band produce. Their math rock elements have been eased off a little for a more textured sound. But there’s still plenty of distorted tapping and harsh noise if that’s your thing. The vinyl include...view item »

Die Alone

Debut full-length from Gazebos, a band made up of members of other bands, including Butts, Spurm, and Bread & Butter. As well as their own indie-garage-pop originals, the band also cover a track by Suburban Lawns and a song from the Grease soundtrac...view item »
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Pizza Time

Burger Records bring us the debut of Spanish garage punks Pizza Time and their reassuringly crude and energetic stoner rock. They make a rough-edged Dinosaur Jr. style racket, but never forget to include great hooks. After a handful of killer cassettes and singles you can finally get ...view item »

Bird Dog
Misty Shrub

Los Angeles-based five-piece Bird Dog play indie-rock that is imbued by the hazy mountains of Southern California: classic Americana with a rock crunch. Their new EP, Misty Shrub marks the start of their grand plan: to bring romance to the wonder of the West. Their sound has been likened to Band of Horses...view item »
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Vita Bergen

Disconnection is the first full-length album from Vita Bergen, a Swedish band who’ve been creating a fair bit of heat since their Curtains EP. Plenty of the chaos of their live shows has been channeled into this record, but so has a fair deal of hushed, chiming intimacy, as in ‘Schoolyard’. ...view item »

Sonic Youth

Master-Dik is one an early piece of the Sonic Youth puzzle, an EP released the year before their Daydream Nation. As well as the title track, this collection includes a scrappy series of short tracks that span beatboxing, sound collage, and ...view item »

The Underground Youth

The Underground Youth are a band for whom demand has always outstripped supply, so don’t hang around on this Fuzz Club release of Mademoiselle! This 2010 record was only ever released online before, so this is the first opportunity to get a physical copy of this particular strain of lo-fi psych-folk. CD and 1000-c...view item »

Bees and Seas: The Best of Slobberbone

Since 1992 Slobberbone have been making a chaotic grunge rock with witty lyrics and catchy hooks. Now New West have decided to release a greatest hits for this Texas institution. Bees and Seas: The Best of Slobberbone on 2 CD or double vinyl LP carefully selects the songs that best represent the...view item »

Bent Shapes
Wolves of Want

Bent Shapes hail from Boston, where they appear to lead the indie-pop scene. Second full-length Wolves of Want has sing-song boy-girl vocals, catchy riffs, and songs about living life and mental illness. This first pressing of the vinyl is strictly limited: probably your only...view item »

Parlour Tricks
Broken Hearts/Bones

Broken Hearts/Bones is the third album from Parlour Tricks and sees them continuing to blend indie rock and big-hearted pop. Their elaborate three-part harmonies and downbeat instrumentation are a distinctive blend and chilled-out playing and songwriting are top-notch. On CD and vinyl LP from Bar-No...view item »

Atlas sound
Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel / Another Bedroom EP

Shoehorning this review in here. That's HERE. Yarp. It's a CD by Atlas Sound who is Bradford Cox from Norm faves Deerhunter. Don't know how to accurately describe this but it sounds like future shoegaze to me. Beautifully atmospheric music with drifting clouds of treated guitar fog hovering over minimal percussion, vocals floating spectrally at...view item »

Wild Nothing
Life of Pause

Album number 3 from ambitious indie musician Jack Tatum, best known as Wild Nothing. Life Of Pause is a bold new collection, bringing in the likes of saxophones and marimbas to the melancholy smooth-indie mix. The result is a superbly textured, well produced record, each song full of layers to peel away...view item »

So Pitted

Debut full-length from So Pitted, a Seattle trio with heavy chops. neo drips with drawl and distortion, the members of the band readily trading instruments and vocal duties. CD and LP editions, plus a special, white vinyl ‘Loser Edition’, available only via independent record shops. On Sub Pop....view item »

Death Cab For Cutie

Once upon a time bands would put a couple of great records out on an indie label, sign to major and promptly be ruined. It seems to happen less these days but Death Cab for Cutie have recently signed to a major label - how will they fare with the major label sandpaper treatment? ...view item »

Death Cab For Cutie
Narrow Stairs

Narrow Stairs possibly gets lost between their most recent release Kintsugi and the immaculate Plans album of 2005, but it really shouldn't be. Narrow Stairs like most Death Cab albums is very aware of a clear thematic sound that keeps all the songs flowing nicely but makes room for exciting experimentation on the odd track. This album's stand o...view item »

The Fall
Wise Ol' Man

The Fall follow up their most recent album Sub Lingual Tablet with this EP. Wise Ol’ Man (is that supposed to be Mark E. Smith?) mixes all-new tracks with a smattering of remixes, instrumentals and edits, as well as a reversioning of old festive favourite ‘No Xmas For John Quays&rsq...view item »

All Them Witches
Dying Surfer Meets His Maker

Having released much of their previous material themselves, All Them Witches are putting their latest psych-rock epic through the New West label. Locking themselves away in a Tennessee cabin for 5 days, they’ve emerged with Dying Surfer Meets His Maker as a result. Whilst there is a definite groove; switching betw...view item »

The Besnard Lakes
The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night

Ooh, this one starts off a bit epic. Washes of watery ambient sound give off a Pink Floyd-y vibe before proggy vocals and chuggy strumming make their way through the haze, dreamily repeating the mantra "You're like the ocean". It seems safe to say that they're not shy about going big and ambitious with shit, something confirmed by the cop...view item »

Kiran Leonard
Pink Fruit

Kiran Leonard is an indecently good musician, bearing in mind his tender age of 20. This isn’t even his debut… Pink Fruit is excerpted from his new full-length album Grapefruit, and the track takes several unexpected (but welcome) left turns over the course of its impressive 16 minutes. Single side...view item »

Eric Bachmann
Eric Bachmann

You know Eric Bachmann from his time in Archers of Loaf and Crooked Fingers, but this solo record finds him breaking away from his typical character-based approach for a series of personal songs written around th...view item »

Ghost Riding

RNDM is a project formed by members of Pearl Jam, Three Fish, Fistful of Mercy, and Bombardiers. The title single Ghost Riding is a playful nostalgia trip of pop ballad sing along, while NYC Freaks is led by a thick bassline groove and cheeky g...view item »

I Don't Want To Be Anywhere But Here

Raucous indie pop anyone? Yes, I know it’s not 2004 anymore but Ceres are still rocking with some hard indie rock on I Don’t Want to be Anywhere But Here. Driving drums and thrashing guitars gel with some punchy vocals to make an album for a little hidden-bedroom-headbanging. CD or yellow col...view item »

Charge Group
Escaping Mankind

Escaping Mankind is the debut for Australian four piece Charge Group and has been pressed by Hobbledehoy Records to 180 gram vinyl LP. The group make a an emotive indie-rock with added electric violin and some post-rock crescendos too. This album is equal parts catchy melodies and frantic build-...view item »

Eleventh He Reaches London

Hobbledehoy Records release the third album for post-hardcore enthusiasts Eleventh He Reaches London. Banhus sees the band’s trademark dynamics tied to sharper song structures and an emphasis on melody. The current line-up even incorporate some folk and pop elements alongside their lo...view item »

Bury Me At Makeout Creek 

Bury Me At Makeout Creek (excellent Simpsons referencing there) is the third album from Mitski, released in the States in 2014 but only now making it across the water for an official European release. Heartfelt indie-pop-punk songwriting from a strong and varied talent: Mitski had previously scored work...view item »

Nap Eyes
Thought Rock Fish Scale

Nap Eyes’ previous release Whine of the Mystics was quite a brooding melancholic affair, with their follow up Thought Rock Fish Scale they have opened the windows a bit, and there is an air of romanticism to their brand of indie pop. Recorded straight to a 4-track in single takes - no overdubs to be found...view item »

Game Theory
Lolita Nation

Game Theory’s Lolita Nation was released in 1987 at the prime of U.S. dream-pop and has been out of print since then. So, Omnivore have got involved and pressed this lost-classic to translucent green double vinyl LP and CD, with new material (it has 48 tracks!). This dense and experimental pop music i...view item »

The Vaccines
What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

This album really is very definitely the cat's arse!!What is it that the music media see in bands such as this?  It was bad enough when the NME was shouting about how good The Libertines were (they weren't), but this album really hits new lows.It's bad enough that the X-Factor-loving masses think that 'indie music' is embodied by ...view item »

Holy Esque
At Hope's Ravine

At Hope’s Ravine is the debut album from Glaswegian four-piece, Holy-Esque. The band set out to do things on an epic scale with an anthemic mix of post-punk and electro-pop. They have been likened to bands such as U2, Simple Minds, Echo & The Bunnymen, ...view item »

Is The Is Are

DIIV have produced a whole 17 songs for their hard-to-say-out-loud second album Is The Is Are. Zachary Cole Smith (formerly a Darwin Deez associate) has led his band into the fruitful territory of melodic shoegaze-tinged dream pop, which they perform with aplomb. CD or double LP on the ...view item »

Sunflower Bean
Human Ceremony

Sunflower Bean release their debut full-length album, Human Ceremony. Apparently the band decided to deal with the question of what sort of music to make by resolving all their different interests (dream-pop, heavier rock forms etc.) into one sound. The results sound pretty damn fully-formed, so good on them. Released b...view item »


Palehound, which is basically just songwriter and guitarist Ellen Kempner, release Molly on vinyl 7” through Heavenly records. Although the stand-out feature is Kempner’s jagged and wired guitar playing, this miniature indie classic is also powered by tight repetitiv...view item »

Kane Strang
Blue Cheese

Proper DIY, bedroom garage from Kane Strang and Ba Da Bing! records. His guitars may be lo-fi and rough, but on Blue Cheese Strang also perfects weightless vocals that are reminiscent of Bradford Cox and some lovely varied arrangements full of keyboards and guitar melodies....view item »

Mass Gothic
Mass Gothic

The pressure of being the creative force behind New York band Hooray For Earth had gotten to Noel Heroux. Ten years down the line he had found himself being depressed and frustrated, being slap-dash and not giving his all. The only way to halt the decline was to break-up the band and start again. Mass Go...view item »

The Machismo's
Share One With A Friend

After an eighteen year hiatus The Machismo's return with the self-released vinyl LP Share One With A Friend. Not only is this a furious record of snotty no-wave, but the band have included two copies of the record in each package. If you love their distorted post-punk, then give the second copy to someone you lo...view item »


Debut full-length from new Londoners Telegram. Punkish indie with little touches of glam and psych garnishing the edges. The CD and vinyl versions of Operator have slight variations in tracklisting; what’s more, one of the vinyl editions is both coloured and signed! Released on the Gram Gram label....view item »
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Barry Adamson
Know Where To Run

After learning his trade through playing bass in Manchester punk band Magazine and 3 years playing with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Barry Adamson embarked on his solo career in 1988 with debut album Moss Side Story. Know Where To Run is his tenth album in a creative career t...view item »


Australian hard-rockers Wolfmother return with another slab of classic-style riff-storms. A perfectly executed exercise in 70’s style sound, complete with high, histrionic vocals. Victorious has been given a shiny coat of polish by big rock producer Brendan O’Brien, so it sounds just right. ...view item »

The Fat White Family
Songs For Our Mothers

Album number two from Fat White Family, that gang of nihilistic performance upstarts. Songs For Our Mothers promises to be spitting with hatred and negative energy, and probably lots of loud guitars as well. Includes the single Whitest Boy On The Beach. Released on the somewhat dubiously titled Without Consent ...view item »

Milk Teeth
Vile Child

Milk Teeth hail from Stroud in Gloucestershire. Vile Child is their debut full length album and follows two well-thought-of EPs. The band are influenced by many american bands of the ‘90s, pairing male and female vocals on top of sludgy guitars. Fans of Wolf Alice and Silversun Pickups...view item »

The Replacements
Let It Be

Let It Be was the third album by Minneapolis post-punk-punk band The Replacements and was originally released in 1984. The band were led by Paul Westerberg. Let It Be is one of the band’s best albums and is arguably the best album called Let It Be that’s ever been released....view item »

Peeling Out

Peeling Out is the new vinyl LP from Californian garage punk hoodlums Massenger.  This four-piece are hard and fast, but also have a knack for sweet surf-pop melodies and witty lyrics. Following up the dense guitar assault of their Banshee EP, this is groovy, teeth-gritted rock ‘n rol...view item »

Fever 121614

Fever 121614 captures Deerhoof playing live in concert in Tokyo last year, to the evident joy of their audience. The setlist goes deep into their repertoire, with fan favourites from several albums brought out to play. As ever, the band are melodic, complex and fun all at the same time, and the live audience brings out ...view item »

Iggy Pop
Post Pop Depression

Post Pop Depression finds Iggy Pop working with Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, a mighty pairing if ever there was one. Gnarly action with Iggy’s urban swagger and Homme’s rugged desert vibes: the rest of the band is made up of member...view item »

Communions EP+

This 7 track CD EP from Communions showcases a melodic DIY sound that borrow rough post-punk aesthetics and rigid New Order guitar work. This collection compiles the EP and an impossible to find early 7” and introduces the group’s exuberant mixture of punk and 4AD dream pop. Tough Love release this bittersweet CD....view item »

Monster Magnet
Dopes To Infinity

Dopes to Infinity is part of Spinefarm Records’ Monster Magnet reissue series and it’s a pleasure to have this low-slung, grotty stoner rock back on double CD and vinyl LP. This was the third of the band’s proper studio albums, and by this point they had completely perfected their noisy and dro...view item »

Monster Magnet
God Says No

Monster Magnet are a good old-fashioned stoner metal outfit, where the riffs are treacle-thick and boulder-heavy. God Says No was first released in 2001, their fifth studio album. Both the CD and the LP versions include a whole extra disc of rare cuts, plus newly-written sleeve notes and booklet. Reissued by Spinefarm....view item »

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet are a good old-fashioned stoner rock outfit, where the riffs are treacle-thick and boulder-heavy. 1998’s Powertrip includes their hit, ‘Space Lord’, as well as some of the most metal sleeve art ever. This reissue includes a whole extra disc of rare cuts, plus newly-written sleeve notes a...view item »

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet are a good old-fashioned stoner rock outfit, where the riffs are treacle-thick and boulder-heavy. Superjudge, their 1993 effort, includes a cover of Hawkwind: head straight to space! This reissue includes a whole extra disc of rare cuts, plus newly-written sleeve notes and booklet. On Spi...view item »

The Cave Singers

The Cave Singers are clearly children of the 1970’s: for much of new album Banshee, they are basically a glam rock band. The bass pulses, the drums shuffle, and Pete Quirk’s vocals are dripping with Bolan. This is their first record since they spent a year on solo and side p...view item »


Having given themselves a good number of EP’s and tour dates to build themselves up, Pinegrove are now ready to present to us their debut full-length. Cardinal is an array of rocking indie-country songs that feel rooted in lived experience and feeling. CD or coloured vinyl LP on Run For Cover....view item »

De Rosa

Third album by De Rosa, containing 11 further tracks of their woozy, motoriked indie. They have a touch of gloom to them (see track titles ‘Prelude to Entropic Doom’ and ‘Fauster’), but there’s nowt wrong with that. Released by Mogwai’s Rock Action label, on CD and heavyweight...view item »

The Donkeys
Midnight Palm

The Donkeys make thick nostalgic easy-listening, head-swinging indie. The San Diego four piece went into the studio with Thom Monahan (Vetiver, Fruit Bats, Devendra Banhart) to produce this mini LP. 5 tracks of unabashed looking back on fond memories. Cue old vi...view item »
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Ty Segall
Emotional Mugger

Announced through the unusual approach of sending out in the post VHS tapes with the album dubbed on, Emotional Mugger is the latest work from the very busy Ty Segall. Seems it’s another 11 tracks of that delightful garage-pop sound, Ty leading from the front with high-pitched vocals and fuzzy gui...view item »

The Besnard Lakes
A Coliseum Complex Musuem

The Besnard Lakes return! Strong themes of ghosts and nature run through the songs of A Coliseum Complex Museum, along with their skilled take on heavy-shoegaze-rock-pop (a cumbersome genre tag maybe, but that’s what it is!). Super-detailed ecstatic production duties carried out by band-leader Jace Lasek...view item »

The Replacements
Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash

Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash was the first album by the Paul Westerberg-led band The Replacements and was released in 1981. The album includes the songs Something To Du, a tribute to fellow Minneapolis band, Husker Du and Johnny’s Gonna Die, a song that...view item »

Streethawk: A Seduction

The 2001 album from Destroyer, Streethawk: A Seduction, properly reissued. Smart indie-tinged epic pop of the high quality you’d expect from Dan Bejar: indeed, this early album was one of the albums that established his remarkable reputations, containing many fan favourites. CD or LP editions avai...view item »

Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts

New record from Jeffrey Lewis, with backing band Los Bolts (which seems to contain most of the usual Lewis regulars). Manhattan has more intimately observed stories about interesting New York characters, sung and played with his usual upbeat bounce. Lewis’ own bea...view item »

Dressy Bessy

Dressy Bessy move in the same axis as the famed Elephant 6 Collective, and have the same open approach to collaboration: noted guests on Kingsized include members of The Apples In Stereo, ...view item »

Dracula Legs

Dracula Legs have that whole deep-voiced Southern preacher over Crampsy rock backing thing going on: ‘Grunge Country’ they call it, and that isn’t a bad description. Composed of former members of Friendship, the band have produced a strong new single in the form of Bulldoze...view item »

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