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Arbor Labor Union
I Hear You

On I Hear You, Arbor Labor Union make a heavy, repetitive rock ‘n roll from droning bass and abrasive guitar. The group were previously known as Pinecones and the name change has also meant a development in their sound, which has become heavier and more experimental, but also just more fun...view item »

Head Wound City
A New Wave of Violence

Head Wound City (now there’s a strong descriptive name eh?) contains members of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blood Brothers and The Locust and they are vexed by the world. Debut album A New Wave Of Violence is a fierce, heavy thing, drawing post-hardcore and noise rock so...view item »

Alas Salvation

With a couple of singles on Fat Possum and an EP on Third Person records, riot inducing noise-rock trio Yak turn to Octopus for their Debut album Alas salvation. With elements of Death from above 1979 and squealing of Lightning Bolt in a noisy garage band package. Catchy and sweaty. Is ...view item »

Parallel Lives

Shimmering guitar rock sounds from New Jersey’s Gates here, who filter their radio-friendly indie sound through a production style that nods towards shoegaze and post-rock to achieve some smooth results. Parallel Lives is their second full-length album, and is released via the Pure Noise imprint....view item »

Band of Skulls
By Default

New rock action from Band Of Skulls, with their fourth album. By Default is maybe not a super-wise name for a rock band to choose for their album, although actually the group get into some not-so-generic territory at times, switching between big arena rock moment...view item »

Yoni & Geti

Yoni & Geti are Yoni Wolf of Why? and Serengeti, and they’ve not been heard together since 2011. But now Testarossa is here, and it just so happens to be a narrative-heavy record, the pair telling the tale of 2 characters in a troubled relationship. This is to...view item »

White Lung

White Lung’s new album Paradise comes with the approval of Annie Clark aka St. Vincent, so you know it’ll be a well thought-through work. Their indie-punk-rock is full of fierce energy, but the songs are also very lyrically involved. And Paradise wastes no time, fir...view item »

Into It. Over It.

Evan Weiss’ brings back his project Into It. Over It. for a full-length record of new songs. Standards was written alone in a cabin in the woods before being filled out into full-scale band compositions. So the intimacy of the songwriting is balanced by the widescreen scale of the arrangements: pe...view item »

The Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit return with KIN, their first record in 5 years. As well as the band’s own elegant performances, the album also features some considerable guests, including Mark Lanegan and members of Archie Bronson Outfit and Gallon Drunk. The LP is pressed to 180...view item »

Mountains and Rainbows

Mountains and Rainbows are a good-time Detroit band led by Matt Z, the drummer in Tyvek. They are one of those bands who become legendary on their local circuit, but aren’t fussed with spreading the word any further (th...view item »

The Future

DTHPDL is Alastair J. Chivers doing his own thing, indulging his fondness for dark, hazy synth-pop vibes. The Future, which also features assistance from Humdrum Jetset and D. McDonald, is an atmospheric bundle of songcraft and no mistake. It is released as a cassette o...view item »

Gimme Fiction

I read a few reviews of Spoon's new album that made me want to go out and buy it. Luckily I get to hear records at work and after one listen I relegated it to the increasingly huge 'disappointment'  and 'its nothing like how they've described it in the reviews' file in my head. It kind of sounds like everything else. Its a bit funky...view item »

10,000 Maniacs
Our Time In Eden

Our Time In Eden is the fifth record in 10,000 Maniacs catalogue, and was initially released in 1992. After this, singer Natalie Merchant moved on to fresh pastures, so she is in wistful swan-song mode here. Lush folkish pop music with a tint of darkness is what 10,000 Maniacs ...view item »

Guided Meditation

When he isn’t playing with Everyone Everywhere, Matthew Scottoline is squirrelled away making tracks for his alt-rock, mostly-solo project Hurry. Guided Meditation cites Weezer and Dinosaur Jr as influences, and that’s accurate, but I must s...view item »

Manic Street Preachers
Everything Must Go: 20

The first album that the Manic Street Preachers made post-Richie, Everything Must Go is one of their major statements. 20 years on, it now gets its reissue dues in the form of a hefty box: the original album on CD and vinyl, a CD of bonus tracks, and 2 DVDs worth of contemporary footage. There is also a...view item »

Zen Mantra
Zen Mantra

Zen Mantra, aka Sam Perry, produces his own songs from his bedroom studio, managing to achieve the perfect level of dreaminess that allows simple indie-pop songs to elevate the listener to some higher plane. Operating out of New Zealand, young Sam has now joined the roster of Flying Nun, ensurin...view item »

Uncle Tupelo
Still Feel Gone

The reliably excellent Music On Vinyl reissue Uncle Tupelo’s second album on 180 gram vinyl. Still Feel Gone consolidated the band’s pioneering blend of jagged American angst and heavy alt-country melancholy. Some of the songs also show the experimental direction that Jeff Tweedy wou...view item »

Death Cab For Cutie
Codes and Keys

Coming off the success of Narrow Stairs, we got introduced to the sound of Codes and Keys with the lead single "You Are A Tourist" a catchy tune with all the staples of any good Death Cab For Cutie song. Codes and Keys for some felt like 'more of the same' from the Seattle quartet, but it is an album tha...view item »

Pity Sex
White Hot Moon

Michigan’s Pity Sex shift to a slightly different gear on this album, the follow-up to their debut Feast Of Love. On White Hot Moon the scope is larger, the grungey indie-punk being better spread out, through both production and songwriting. Released by Run For Cover on CD and coloured vinyl editions....view item »

The Fall
The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall (Expanded Edition)

Beggar’s Banquet are launching the next phase of their Fall reissue campaign, hooray hooray! Here we have a deluxe double pack that combines the (relatively) ‘mainstream’ The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall with The Wonderful and Frightening Escape Route of The Fall. Bargainous rei...view item »

Country Teasers
Destroy All Human Life

Edinburgh’s Country Teasers released their third album, the ambitiously-titled Destroy All Human Life in 1999. It finds them cutting back on the explosive mess of their earlier sound, allowing the cutting lyrics of Ben Waller and the alt-country musicianship to shine through clearly. Includes a ...view item »

Saqqara Mastabas

Close collaborators from their shared time in Fiery Furnaces, Matthew Friedberger and Bob D’Amico (also of Sebadoh) have gone wild and spiritual with this Saqqara Mastabas project of theirs. Libras sounds something roughly like the kind of pagan r...view item »

Wolf Solent
EP 2

Wolf Solent is solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Danny Barton. Originating from York, Barton learned his trade playing guitar, bass and drums in various garage and psych bands. Recorded and performed entirely by Barton at his home studio in 2014, ‘EP 2’ consists of seven, moody psychedelic garage pop songs with the subtle vocal s...view item »

Tired Of Tomorrow

Tired Of Tomorrow is the second album by Philadelphia’s nihilistic shoegazers Nothing. It’s the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album Guilty of Everything. The fuzzy guitars and swirling melodies reference the glorious grungey shoegaziness of the ‘90s. Tired Of Tomorrow ...view item »

Strange Little Birds

Garbage are back with a new full-length album, their sixth! They’ve retained their anthemic 90’s alt-rock sound: in fact, the band have suggested that this album found them going right back to first principles, rather than “fussing over” their sound too much. Strange Little Birds, their first alb...view item »

Robert Pollard
Of Course You Are

Guided By Voices’ leader Robert Pollard is back with another solo outing (his twenty-fourth(!)), a suite of classically rock-based tunes and dextrous songwriting.. One track even has an appearance from that deliciously proggy instrument, the mellotron. Of Course You Are is released on the Fire Ame...view item »

Heavy Times
Black Sunglasses

Heavy Times are a garage-rock band who are always worth your attention: for this new single on the HoZac label they add raw synth to the mix, where it sits comfortably with the frantic rhythm and Nick Cave-esque vocals on the title cut. The Black Sunglasses single is limited to 500 7” vinyl copies...view item »

Kitchen's Floor
Battle Of Brisbane

Grinding garage rock 'n' roll from Brisbane malcontents Kitchen's Floor. The guitars seethe, the drums pound, the bass thumps and the vocals express existential terror through a filter of cynicism. For fans of Australian legends like The Saints, Radio Birdman and The Celibate Rifles...view item »

Nocturnal Koreans

After finishing their self-titled 2015 album, post-punk unit Wire discovered they had material that didn’t fit that album’s themes. So, we get Nocturnal Koreans, a compilation of album offcuts that are as jagged and powerful as anything the band have recorded. The freedom of releasing music outside&n...view item »

Dry Food

The kids are coming up from behind… Ellen Kempner is a very skilled 21-year old, which means she combines the ability to sound just as you want your punkish-indie singer-songwriters to sound with the electric energy of youth. Dry Food is her debut full-length under the Palehound moniker, out on H...view item »

The Dandy Warhols

So who won? The Dandy Warhols or Brian Jonestown Massacre? I think it's quite obvious on musical terms even if the Warhols may have more bulging pockets. There's not quite as much excitement about this album as there was for BJM's 'Revelation' and whereas that album was a tour de force of psychedelic musics rich...view item »

Man Made
TV Broke My Brain

Man Made are a new Mancunian indie rock band! This particular group have focused their thinking on the other side of the Atlantic, with an American alt-rock tinge to the vocals and to the production, handled by Ray Man. I’m probably also obliged to mention that the band’s Nile Marr i...view item »

Blaney (featuring Mark E. Smith)
Urban Nature

Ed Blaney was formerly a member of The Fall, which is probably what made it possible for him to enlist Mark E. Smith himself to provide vocals on his album He’s lucky Smith did...view item »

Black Market Music

Black Market Music was the third album to be released by androgynous alternative rockers Placebo. It followed on from the massive success of their sophomore effort Without You I’m Nothing. The band have sold over 12 million albums inspiring legions of fans to start their own bands. Black Mar...view item »

Dr. Dog
The Psychedelic Swamp

Dr. Dog are at last releasing their long-schemed big concept album: and so, The Psychedelic Swamp. For a taste of just how psychedelic the record is, just take a look at the cover art… In fact, the band somewhat recall The Flaming Lips here, both in sound and in grand sweeping ambition. CD and &l...view item »

East Of Venus
Memory Box

East Of Venus is a new band formed out of members of Luna, The Feelies, Winter Hours and plenty more besides. The resultant alt-rock super-brew is sure to satisfy fans of all of the ...view item »

Street Chant

The influential New Zealand label Flying Nun release Hauora, by Street Chant, on vinyl LP. The band make witty pop-punk full of yearning melodies and rich Pavement-inspired guitars. Despite the sophisticated songwriting there’s still plenty of gnarly, distorted guitar solo...view item »

Nada Surf
Let Go

Let Go is the third record that Nada Surf have to their name, first released in 2002 but now back out in the world once more. Their sweeping, breezy alt-rock sound is in full effect here, with plenty of the songs having party-grade pop immediacy. This LP reissue courtesy of M...view item »

Dick Diver
New Start Again

New Start Again is the debut full-length album of Australians Dick Diver. First released in 2011 by Melbourne’s Chapter Music, it’s now being reissued on Trouble In Mind. The sound is a sunny, rambling kind of indie pop: touches of 90’s slackerism but fronte...view item »

Get Gone

Seratones hail from Louisiana, but have wide-ranging ambitions. On Get Gone, which is their debut full-length album, they pull in the finest influences from the surrounding regions, leading to songs that are soulful, jazzy and bluesy all at the same time, not to mention the garage-heat of their riffs. Nice. Out on Fat P...view item »

Future of The Left
The Peace & Truce of Future of The Left

Future of The Left return with their fifth album, another set of grinding, noisy, shouty rock music. From Wales. The Peace & Truce of Future of The Left finds Andy Falkous using his sardonic lyrics and throaty howl to lead his troops into 13 fairly hardy songs. CD and LP release on the Prescriptions...view item »

Night Moves
Pennied Days

Night Moves present their second full-length album, Pennied Days. Synth-driven modern rock music, with wistful echo on the vocals and some 80’s-grade epic guitar. Texturally, Pennied Days puts me in mind of Phoenix, though the underlying songs have a clear original rock / R&B influenc...view item »

Wolf Solent

Wolf Solent’s EP//3 is the final installment in a trilogy of EPs by Danny Trew Barton on Sea records. Barton’s unique mix of psych and cheeky upbeat drum rhythms makes for shoegaze you can dance to... Many tracks start with you expecting it to go one way, but then happily break away to somet...view item »

The Glowing Man

The gargantuan behemoth that is 21st Century Swans comes to a close with The Glowing Man, another large double. A very wide array of instrumentation is in play here, all feeding into the need for these songs to expand and explode. Presented on 2 CDs or 3 LPs, all...view item »

Giant Sand

proVISIONS is Giant Sand’ 2008 record, reissued now by the Fire label. As well as main Sandman Howe Gelb, this double-disc collection also features vocal assistance from Neko Case, M Ward and Isobel Campbell, while PJ Harv...view item »

Knock Knock EP

‘90s indie pop is really back isn’t it? Here’s a chunky bit of polished post-grunge fuzzpop from Darlia, about whom I know nothing. It’s kind of like the band you formed in school when they only things you listened to were Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili ...view item »

Teen Suicide
It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot

Recorded in just over a year with a sizeable group of collaborators and performers ‘It’s The Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir The Honey Pot’ is the latest album from Maryland rock outfit Teen Suicide and according to the band it will be their last. Consisting of 26 tracks covering an array of genres including punk, nois...view item »

Primal Scream
Live In Japan

Live In Japan was recorded in 2002, which Primal Scream fans will know puts the band at the peak of their powers, following the releases of XTRMNTR and Evil Heat. Lots of that material appears here, played with aggressive vigour by a line-up that included Kevin Shields. Premium ...view item »

Frightened Rabbit
Painting Of A Panic Attack

Frightened Rabbit return with their fifth album, Painting of a Panic Attack. The Scottish indie band have gone through some line-up changes, added some electronic elements to their guitar-based sound and have Aaron Dessner of The National in the producer’s chair. Frontman Scott Hutchinson&...view item »

New Madrid

New Madrid’s new album magnetkingmagnetking spreads all the way over 2 LPs and 15 songs, painting their psych songcraft over a large canvas. It means they get to show off all their styles, though all are linked through a strong dedication to the groove and a hazy feel. Released by Normaltown Records....view item »

B Boys
No Worry No Mind

Coming at you straight out of Brooklyn, NYC, are the trio of B Boys, who play a cool kind of surf-garage punk-rock (surfing in the garage? Does that work?). They might recall fellow New Yorkers Parquet Courts to some ears: they certainly have the energy and the chops for it. No Worry No Mind is out on C...view item »

Prism Tats
Prism Tats

Prism Tats release their debut full-length album, a groovy rock thing. Garett van der Spek‘s vocals are bold and soft at once, mixing up the vocal traditions of rock and R&B to compelling effect. Behind him, the band follow suit with a sound that struts and pulses. This self-titled record is out on the...view item »

A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog are a Texas outfit who boldly bring back the glory days of glam rock, splashing sequins and sparkles all over the place with their riff-centric boogies. Plus, lyrics that can be favourably compared to Sparks! Pile is thei...view item »

The Foetals
Meet The Foetals

The Foetals is what happens when Jolan Lewis, veteran of bands like The Pink Teens and Temple Songs, strikes out on his own to let his deepest sonic loves run wild. Proper 60’s-esque pop is put through the lens of obscure American lo-fi bands. Meet The Foetals is ...view item »

Welcome The Worms

Bleached return with a follow-up to their sun-kissed debut Ride Your Heart. The rough, and gratifyingly old fashioned, garage of their debut is much the same, but when you have a great melodic and abrasive sound why change it? But Welcome To The Worms is also more ambitious, with great songwriti...view item »

White Denim

White Denim’s high-energy garage/indie hybrid has always been built on loops developed in extensive jams. Stiff pushes this even further, in fact, making the songs looser than ever before. There’s bluesy riffing, weird little rockabilly breakdowns and a general experimental motivation to include what...view item »

Black Mountain

JagJaguwar release Black Mountain’s newest slab of ferocious and psychedelic hard rock. Available on CD, black double vinyl LP and very limited white double vinyl LP, IV borrows the tough template of 1970s hard rock, but also blends a jam-band mentality and some analogue synth worship. Her...view item »

Surf Friends
Dreams Are Real

Auckland’s shoegaze, two piece Surf Friends aka Brad Coley and Peter Westmoreland, are actual surf friends when they aren’t recording music together. Using just guitar, bass and drum machine, they create an impressively full sound, building poppy, burnt out, fuzzy melodies over driving psych/kraut rhythms. ‘Dreams Are Real&rsqu...view item »

Juniper Moon
El Resto De Mi Vida + Singles Y Rarezas 1999-2003

Juniper Moon are lesser-known cult favourites, beloved of certain in-depth pop-punk fans. Their only album, El Resto De Mi Vida, is reissued here along with a disc of Singles Y Rarezas, which means their entire recorded output is here (some of it on vinyl for the first time). Energetic, sunny and gorgeous, lots...view item »

Kiran Leonard

Kiran Leonard is an indecently good musician, bearing in mind his tender age of 20. This isn’t even his debut… Grapefruit has lots to show off, from fully rock-action passages to chamber orchestra sections and even some radio hiss ambience, all cemented by Leonard’s remarkable voice. ...view item »

Cullen Omori
New Misery

New Misery is the solo debut from Smith Western frontman Cullen Omori. These eleven songs borrow the charm of his old band, along with melancholic indie-rock songwriting and ghostly lo-fi vocals. You can choose between authentic cassette, CD, standard vinyl or limited independent-only coloured v...view item »

Sonic Youth

This is the Sonic Youth album I identify with most, originally released in 1992 when I was 18. I'd only heard "Goo" prior to this and loved it. "Dirty" was almost like a pop album in comparison. Opener "100%" was also the first single, despite the squalling feedback, Butch Vig's tight production made it very accessible. The same could be said of...view item »

The Thermals
We Disappear

The Thermals are an old-school punk-rock band, their tracks bursting with a sense of abandon. The Portland trio have been doing this for years, so all the elements (howled vocals, guitars to put a smile on your face) are perfectly in place; time hasn’t dulled their thrill though. Available on CD, or in a clear vinyl editio...view item »

Teenage Guitar
Force Fields At Home

More home-spun nonsense comes from Robert Pollard, who is frankly terrible at post-GBV retirement (which he has evoked twice now). Force Fields at Home sees his newest moniker Teenage Guitar spinning through jangle pop tunes similar to those of old, but without the same spr...view item »

The Joy Formidable

The third album from welsh indie-rockers The Joy Formidable is an ambitious and wide-ranging collection of feisty rock 'n roll. The band’s stripped back sound stops the songs from ever feeling overdone and the melodies are as lovely and as memorable as ever. Hitch is available on CD from Membran...view item »

The Coathangers
Nosebleed Weekend

Ten years into their activities as a band, The Coathangers release their fifth album, which maintains the best possible balance between experienced polish and the reckless sense of abandon that makes this garagey pop-punk work so well. Nosebleed Weekend is released on CD and LP by the Suicide Squeeze label: vinyl comes ...view item »

Black Peaks

Here we have the debut album from a Brighton band, Black Peaks. It’s rock all the way for these fellows, with the possible exception of a track called ‘Drone’, which is kind of drone. But mostly Statues is a tightly-knotted slice of arena-friend...view item »

Death Cab For Cutie
Tractor Rape Chain

The classic 'Bee Thousand' era Guided By Voices track has been reworked by Mark Kozelek pal Ben Gibbard and his Death Cab For Cuties for a indie-rock geek guy pleasing 7". There's another song on the B side but I'm not sure what that is. It will set you back £10.99. I got a nice Mexican Wrap, fries and hal...view item »

The Flaming Lips
Lightning Strikes The Postman

If you didn't know already, Wayne Coyne's merry psychedelic nuisances love to release things, and they especially love to do it in weird formats. Behold this CD version of 'Lightning Strikes the Postman', taken from their pre-symphonic 'Clouds Taste Metallic' era. This tune has an alternate mix with old guitarist Ronald Jones, and of course...view item »

Fly By Alien

VANT’s single Fly By Alien is a high energy pop-grunge / pop-punk tune about an extraterrestrial encounter that leaves humanity with a message: something to think about there. Record Store Day 2016 stock, with very limited quantities available. Pressed to alien-style luminous vinyl, on Parlophone....view item »

Clean Cut Kid
Pick Me Up

Clean Cut Kid are a Liverpool indie band who have yet to release a full-length album. Fans will thus grasp Pick Me Up, their third single, with great enthusiasm. Indie radio anthem status could well await this bouncy pop tune, which is backed by an exclusive demo version of ‘In Your Eyes’. Limited edition Re...view item »

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Mother’s Milk

Universal offer up a vinyl reissue of The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ fourth album Mother’s Milk. Before releasing the album the band tragically lost their singer and then drummer. The new line-up, including John Frusciante, crafted the distinctive blend of funk, rock and...view item »

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
The Rarity of Experience Pts. I & II

Chris Forsyth is a guitar virtuoso, but one who decides to use his powers for good, not evil. Which is to say that he avoids tedious technical showcases in favour of expansive, classic-feeling jams with his excellent Solar Motel Band. The Rarity of Experience Pts. I & II is released as a double CD a...view item »

La Sera
Music For Listening To Music

La Sera (the band of former Vivian Girls member Katy Goodman) release their fourth album, on which they’ve lost none of their flair or energy: indeed, Music For Listening To Music exists on that lovely access of dream pop and noise pop. The album was produced by none other than ...view item »

Out Of The Garden

The garden in the title of Tancred’s new album Out Of The Garden must surely be the Garden of Eden: these songs are lyrically centred around the transgression of Judeo-Christian norms, with an emphasis on "feminine expectations". The group’s pop-punk power is as strong as ever, driving the message squarely h...view item »

Big Star
Complete Columbia: Live at University of Missouri

In one of the more surprising moves of the '90's former Box Top and professional grump since 1976 Alex Chilton was persuaded to reform his classic early '70s power pop band Big Star. The two surviving/interested members were joined by crazy haired Seattle two-some the Posies. This collection is the complete reco...view item »

Sunset Sons
Very Rarely Say Die

This record was recorded with the production assistance of an Arctic Monkey and a King Of Leon, which serves as pretty decent shorthand for the mainstream contemporary rock sound of Sunset Sounds, a band of Australians and Englishmen who met whilst surfing. Very Rarely Say Die is releas...view item »

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
That's It Baby Right Now We Got To Do It Let's Dance! (Live in Tokyo 2015)

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - That’s It Baby Now We Got To Do It Let’s Dance (Live In Tokyo 2015) Captures the world’s wildest rock ‘n’ roll three-piece on top form. Armed with only two guitars, a drum kit and a theremin, JSBX burn through songs from their Freedom Tower...view item »

METZ / Mission of Burma
Good, Not Great / Get Off

Once a RSD item, now just a simple item, this 7" sees post-hxc tinged noise folk Metz go toe to toe with post-punk legends Mission of Burma. They do a punk swap by covering each other's tunes, with the former going in on "Good, Not Great" and the latter having a crack at "Get Off". A classic fairp...view item »

El Pintor - Remixes

Having run out of anagrams for their own name, NY post-punks Interpol now look to other artists to create them for their music. If you ever wanted to know what one of their sounds would sound like run through by sample goblin Panda Bear, look no further; we've also got edits by industrial dance crew Factory Floor, fuzz droner Tim Hecker and...view item »

The Ukrainians

Now  - like once parent band the Wedding Present - only releasing records on Record Store Day, the Ukrainians have this year chosen to re-issue their 1993 second album adding four bonus tracks. The Ukrainians mix post punk guitars with more traditional mountain music to create a high intensity blast of genr...view item »

Treetop Flyers

Second full-length album from indie-poppers Treetop Flyers. Palomino was produced and recorded in-house, at the group’s own Soup Studios. Death and lost love are strong themes throughout the record, but the production and the songwriting doesn’t get bogged down into excessive melancholy. CD ...view item »

Live On KAOS-FM, Seattle - 1987

Here is a slab of rock history. The first ever recording session of Nirvana (then known as the marginally less appealing Skid Row). This was a live session for the KAOS FM radio station and was the first time the band had ever been recorded. Hear the lads trying stuff out that would lead to them being rather popular indeed. &nbs...view item »

Here Comes Washer

New York duo Washer make their debut full-length with Here Comes Washer. With only two of them, they are focused on going a long way with a little, meaning that each element of each track is tightly in place and used for as long as it has value. Sharp garage-ish punk that slips from quiet-and-creepy to loud-and-poppy. L...view item »


Oh goody, a new single from Slaves! The chirpy Tunbridge two have grabbed Sockets from their album Are You Satisfied?, and backed it with a B-side. The music is fairly straight-forward punk rock, but it’s the vocals that get me: aggravating shouts, and not in the good way. Heavy-vinyl 7” on Virgin E...view item »

Half Japanese
Volume 4: 1997-2001

Volume 4: 1997-2001 is the final installment of the Half Japanese reissue series on Fire Records. It contains the albums Bone Head, Heaven Sent and Hello. Heaven Sent is pressed on vinyl for the first time. Half Japanese, led by Jad Fair, were an...view item »

Miracle Legion
Portrait of a Damaged Family

Ah now this is more like it Record Store Day. 'Portrait of a Damaged Family' was Miracle Legion's fourth and to date final record but they'd got themselves in a right old muddle with their record company at the time so it was only given a small release. In fact as a Miracle Legion obsessive I only found out about it's existence years later. For ...view item »

Self Defense Family
The Power Does Not Work In the Presence Of Nonbelievers

Extremely limited vinyl 12” produced by Self Defense Family for Record Store Day 2016. The Power Does Not Work In the Presence Of Nonbelievers is bleak and dysfunctional blues rock, with some post-punk drones added for good measure. Overdriven guitars mix with motorik drums and melancholic melodies....view item »

Hyper Vessels

Hyper Vessels perfectly captures Audacity’s gnarly punk and its sense of being both tight and loose at the same time. Anything goes for this band, as long as it’s heavy and fast; sometimes they’re catchy, sometimes they’re abrasive, and there’s always a decent overdriven guitar solo...view item »

John Congleton and The Nighty Nite
Until The Horror Goes

John Congleton has made a name for himself producing for eccentric indie artists such as St. Vincent and David Byrne. With Until The Horror Goes he and his band The Nighty Nite show that they can be just as playful and witty. Congleton’s strained and deadpan vocals hold together a den...view item »

Blood Sausage
The Short and Painful Life of…

I'm trying to remember anything about Blood Sausage. I remember them being around at the same time as Cornershop and Huggy Bear (members of the latter appear here). They were a punk and poetry ensemble led by Dale Shaw who went around upsetting people and causing general mayhem. This is the...view item »

The Fall
Bingo Masters at The Witch Trials

Mark E Smith's increasingly loose grip on his back catalogue continues with this vinyl edition of a live gig from 1978. Just look at that sleeve. How in any way does it fit in with the cut and paste collages of the era? It's going to look awful in your collection but at least musically it captures the early Fall at their most intense with a wild...view item »

Lost Time

Album the third from Tacocat, a group who spit intelligent fire about a few of the bullshit aspects of society: sexism and disrespect for service industry workers for starters. The songs are propelled with a beautiful pop-punk sound, bright melodies and thrashed guitars. Lost Time...view item »

Still Life of Citrus & Slime

The initials CFM stand for Charles Francis Moothart, a veteran of bands including The Moonhearts, The Epsilons and The Ty Segall...view item »

The Coral
Distance Inbetween

Distance Inbetween marks the return of psychedelic indie-rock band The Coral. Six years have passed since 2010’s Butterfly house, which was the first album without guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones. The band are still helmed by James Skelly but now welcome ex-Zutons...view item »


Self-titled debut album from UK stoner doom activists Henge. All the elements are firmly in place, from the lumbering, endlessly propulsive rhythm section to the pummelling down-tuned riffs of the guitars. And lets not forget the howling vocals, or the sense that each member of the band have spent the last week in a narcotic haz...view item »


Grandfeathered is Pinkshinyultrablast follow up album on Club AC30, a more experimental pop affair than their debut, a more expansive and layered fuzzy pop sound. Warm swathes of fuzz peeling back to playful Foals esq beats and picks. Chuck in some of Braids’ beauty and some of ...view item »

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