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Purling Hiss
High Bias

High Bias is studio album number six for Purling Hiss. They are the project of Philadelphia-based musician and slacker Mike Polizze. Polizze mixes sludgy grunge, psychedelic shoegaze and lots of guitar solos. Following on from his previous two albums Water On Mars and Weirdon I think it’s probabl...view item »


Health&Beauty (their spacing) have been around a long, long time (since 2003 in fact) so why are they cutting through now? Well it's perhaps that this version of the band that backed Ryley Walker on his incredible 'Primrose Green'. We know then that they have 'chops'. The music here appears to be jagged indi...view item »

Dinosaur Jr.
Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not

Fresh from his recent purchase of a brand new VW Golf, J Mascis returns with his legendary band to prove that he still knows as much about slacker indie rock as he does about best value family hatchbacks. There's a limited colour...view item »

Spray Paint / EXEK

Spray Paint are an Austin, Texas post-punk group, with a music that is audibly the product of a tight discipline crossed with an ecstatic energy. Here they share a split with Australians Exek, who synth up their post-punk sound. 400 7" copies pressed up for an Australian tour, released by the Homeless...view item »


Blossoms are an indie band from Stockport. Their stock is rising fast in 2016: they came 4th in the BBC’s new music poll and their first single, At Most A Kiss shot to number one in the iTunes chart. Its follow-up Getaway also proved to be a success and they’ve wowed with an appearance on Later....view item »

Savoy Motel
Savoy Motel

Members of Savoy Motel have come together after years playing in other bands most notably Cheap Time but here they are enjoying themselves with a kind of slinky take on indie rock that reminds me of a more scratchy Beck or a more sexy the Strokes. All fuzzy guitars and falsetto ...view item »

Helms Alee

Helms Alee have an entirely blasted sound, as though every part of their heavy mathy rock has been cleansed with a highly-pressurised jet of sand. After that process, the songs on fourth album Stillicide come out taut and wiry and powerful, though still with some hard-won anthemic climaxes. Out on Sargent House....view item »

Ed Harcourt

Singer/Songwriter Ed Harcourt has taken on an ambitious project with his latest album Furnaces. Taking a break from writing hits for the likes of James Bay and Paloma Faith, he has enlisted the help of producer Flood to make the colours brighter, the dark bits darker an...view item »

The Rifles
Big Life

The Rifles are one of those bands who do very well for themselves thank you despite generally being under the radar. This is their 5th (!) album of driving anthemic mod-ish pop rock. You can see why they are popular on the live 'circuit'. They better watch out though as this is on Cooking Vinyl, the label where bands go to die. ...view item »

Turn On The Bright Lights

The formidable debut from Interpol, Turn On The Bright Lights, which turns 15 this year. In that early-2000s city environment, the New York post-punk revivalists dished out generous helpings of gloom, brooding vocals and those headily dark basslines that we’re still enjoying now. LP or CD on Matador....view item »

Django Django
Born Under Saturn

Born Under Saturn is the second album (at last!) from Django Django. From the sound of ‘First Light’, the initial single, it seems that Django Django will be targeting summer happiness with these thirteen tracks. A blend of '60s harmonies and more contemporary synth-basslines turns out to be...view item »

Spend The Night With...

New York five piece Cheena bring a truly American rock ‘n’ roll sound to the table on their debut album, Spend The Night With….They cook up a glam-tinged sound that falls somewhere between Kiss and the New York Dolls that is also likely to please fans of Royal...view item »

The Cobra Lamps
The Cobra Lamps EP

Barrie Cadogan leads Little Barrie, and has also played guitar sideman to acts like Morrissey, Primal Scream and Edwyn Collins. The man knows his rock music, and now he’s doing it on his own for the first time, as The Cobra Lamps. This deb...view item »

Johnny Foreigner
Mono No Aware

Album the fifth from Birmingham’s Johnny Foreigner, who still sound as hopped-up and energetic as ever, somehow. Mono No Aware barrels along with bouncy riffs and those unbeatable of all dual vocals keeping the fun levels high. Premium noisy indie-pop-punk. Released by the Alcopop! label. Yes come on!...view item »

Killer Brain Waves

Asylums are new and hungry, apparently born of a need to get on with it and make stuff, regardless of outside support. Killer Brain Waves is a fast and thrashy pop-punk that has some feelings about the state of things: and boy is it going to tell you about those feelings… loudly! CD and vinyl editions on Cool Thi...view item »

Happy Accidents
You Might Be Right

The latest band to bubble up through the UK’s fertile DIY indie-punk scene is Happy Accidents. Several of the songs on debut full-length You Might Be Right deal with social anxiety, but they do so in a totally non-anxious way: this band sound confident in their own powers. Out on the Alcopop! label....view item »

The Sisters of Mercy
Vision Thing

Classic Leeds hard-rockers Sisters Of Mercy’s third album, 1990’s Vision Thing, gets the deluxe reissue treatment. Now this is called a Vinyl Collection for a reason: as well as the whole original album on wax (natur...view item »

Myths of The Near Future

Really unsure what the frig to make of KLAXONS. 'Myths of the Near Future' is upon us, a hastily constructed alter of polished fizzing space age pop, kinda like Hot Chip with a Prodigy tee-shirt & bigger glowsticks . These guys know how to shake up the bland world of indie as it stands today, injecting the scene wit...view item »

Faith No More
We Care A Lot: Deluxe Band Edition

This release looks all the way back to 1985 and the debut of original vocalist Chuck Mosley’s Faith No More. We Care A Lot is roughly produced (the band had no money) but full of flavour and 80’s flair. It has been out of print absolutely years, so here comes a Deluxe Band Edition remix with 9 extra...view item »

Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding are a Melbourne band who play a slackery kind of indie rock. They wear it so naturally that it seems like they might have just tumbled straight out of bed and onto the stage, the loose riffs just pouring off the fingers. It’s got a lovely feel to it. Delivered is out on the Fir...view item »

Exit Calm
The Future Isn't What It Used To Be

Absolutely massive sounding LP from England’s Exit Calm. Reminds me of “Storm in Heaven” era Verve, early Puressence, with a dash of Ian Brown and Kasabian for good measure....view item »


Named sorta in praise of Harry Nilsson, and sorta just because Wilco are enjoying a continued burst of self-contented idiocy (Wilco: The Album anybody? Star Wars?), this record sees the alt-country outfit go largely acoustic, following the quick 'n' loose record before it with more of the sa...view item »

Car Seat Headrest
Teens of Denial

Car Seat Headrest is the project of a man (Will Toledo) who is only 23; and yet this is his thirteenth album under the name. With a production ethic like that you know Toledo isn’t messing around, and indeed ...view item »

Phantom Forth

Phantom Forth recorded The EEPP for release on Flying Nun in 1984. It offers an insight into one corner of New Zealand’s low-key DIY underground scene: apparently a dark and shadowy corner judging by the coldwave / post-punk stylings on display here. This Dark Entries reissue is fully remastered, features 2 bonus ...view item »

The Grifters
One Sock Missing

The Grifters were a Memphis-based indie band with a scrappy, lo-fi, happily-noisy kick to them, particularly on their earlier records. One Sock Missing is one of those records, a fun alt-rock tumble with a distinctly 90’s feel. Initially released by Shangri-La Records and now reissued by Fat Possum....view item »

The Grifters
Crappin' You Negative

Here come The Grifters, a Memphis-based indie band with a scrappy, lo-fi, happily-noisy kick to them, particularly on their earlier records. 1994’s Crappin’ You Negative is one of those records, and arguably the band’s best. Thoroughly-90’s DIY action. Initially released by Shangri-La Record...view item »

Continental Drift

This release is totally a team effort, with the Fortuna POP! and Slumberland pairing up to release a four-way split between Mercury Girls, Wildhoney, The Spook School and Tigercats. So that’s four different spins on the lively indie-pop sound, dosed with more or less punk,...view item »

Drive-By Truckers
American Band

Drive-By Truckers celebrate their twentieth anniversary with their eleventh album, very directly titled American Band. It is of course a strange and heavy time to be American, and that’s how the Truckers feel about it. This is ...view item »

Masters Of Reality
Reality Show

My first exposure to The Masters of Reality was with the self-titled record which I lovingly referred to as the "Kill the King Album". Chris Goss's ability to write both wonderful ballads, and at the same time rock with the best of them just made them the band for me. I believe this disk would be more for fans that know the group and are familia...view item »

Blind Pilot
And Then Like Lions

It's a sad fact that many of the best album come after periods of loss. Blind Pilot’s Israel Nebeker has cultivated this album after the death of his father and the end of a relationship. Therefore it's going to be a sad affair though at times uplifting as Nebeker looks to the future. Blind Pilot have performed on &ls...view item »

Domestic Landscape Activities

You just know from that title that this has some severe Pavement influences going on. But these ain't new pretenders this is a re-issue from a cassette only release back in 1994 where every college long hair played their guitars sideways and ranted noisily about appliances. This rabble feature folks from New Bad Things...view item »

Disappointment Island

Bands putting out an album after a few years is like meeting an old friend: they’ve changed, but you still recognize them. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes not so much. This Town Needs Guns added a member and is now known as TTNG. And thankfully it’s not a let-down at all, despite being called ...view item »

The Julie Ruin
Run Fast

The new band from Bikini Kill/Le Tigre lady Kathleen Hanna (hopefully that’s shifted a few copies already) is a raucous age-defying affair and also features Bikini Kill alumni Kathi Wilcox. They certainly sound reinvigorated, veering wildly between sexy slithery '60s sleaze w...view item »

Wymond Miles
Call By Night

Singing with a great sense of drama and intensity, Wymond Miles is finally back with a follow-up to 2013’s Cut Yourself Free. Sandwiching more gentle tracks between grand compositions on the beginning and the end of Call By Night, Miles brings his infectious Americana rock to its full potential....view item »


Well it's on Burger so you'll have some idea what to expect. The press release uses words like 'cacophonic' and 'disharmonic' but otherwise makes very little actual sense. The internet throws up phrases like 'garage pop' and 'psychedelic rock'. Hey, it's on Burger - we know what a fun blast it's going to be. ...view item »

Ritual Howls
Into The Water

Detroit three-piece Ritual Howls make a dark country goth sound with a widescreen view. Their third album, Into The Water, brings you rumbling, distorted bass and controlled feedback over synths and drum machines that provide the platform for Paul Bancell’s deep, growling voice. Nightmarish and grisly but with a p...view item »

The Computers

The Computers are members of a very exclusive set: rock bands that come from Exeter. It ain’t easy being a rocker in the South-West... Birth / Death is their third album of soulful garage action, and boy do these fellas put some energy into it. Out on One Little Indian, with cover art from veteran 4AD artist Vaugh...view item »

The Shins
The Shins Live At Third Man Records

Can’t say I’ve really heard much by the The Shins and to be honest this isn’t blowing my mind but they seem like popular lads and almost single-handedly saved Sub Pop records so you gotta be grateful for that. Here they present a live show cut directly to ac...view item »


Emotional hardcore band Frameworks return with a second full-length, sounding both more emotional and more hardcore than ever before. The heartfelt anguish of the frontman can’t be disputed as he howls his throat raw over the actually-quite-pretty instrumental tracks, and the whole thing has...view item »

King Tuff
Wild Desire / Hole In My Head

Not heard this King Tuff lad before. Judging by this 7” he makes melodic garagey power-pop which will appeal to fans of the likes of Ty Segall, ...view item »

Biffy Clyro
Only Revolutions

Only Revolutions was something of a turning point for Biffy Clyro when it was released in 2009, pushing them up into the big headline-grade rock leagues. Named after a Mark Z. Danielewski novel, it’s full of big storming anthems and heavy melodic crunch. 180g vinyl reissue on the 14th Floor imprin...view item »

The Garbage & The Flowers
The Deep Niche

The Garbage & The Flowers came and went so fast in the middle of the 1990’s that if you blinked, you missed it: you almost certainly don’t have one of the original 300 hand-printed copies of The Deep Niche. But, collectability aside, this is beautiful, delicate music, special enough to be kept firmly in ...view item »


Pylon existed right in the centre of that fertile Athens, GA scene in the early 80’s until they spontaneously vanished. This record isn’t just a live Pylon show: it's a document of the last set they ever played. The group sound on premium form, the vocal howls as demented as you like while the rhythm...view item »

Tunn Star

Earring are a very fine guitar / drums duo from Chicago, presenting their debut full-length on Brooklyn’s Fire Talk label. Tracks like ‘Dark Heart’ almost recall Codeine in their slow speed and thick heft, but the pair are nimble on their feet elsewhere. Top end noisy-fuzzed guitar action here ...view item »

Home Of The Brave

Prose are three lads from Manchester whose anthems of growing up, life and love are imbued with a working class narrative. The band’s popularity has risen exponentially since signing with British producer Naughty Boy and yet bigger things are expected following their debut album Home Of The Brave....view item »

Bear's Den
Red Earth & Pouring Rain

Bear’s Den’s latest album Red Earth & Pouring Rain was recorded in Wales, and yet the Drive-like sleeve art and the sleek sheen of the music had me convinced that this was an L.A. affair. These are big heart-pumping ballads, still in-keeping with the group’s alternative folk background but...view item »

Modest Mouse
Night On The Sun

These songs are from half of the Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks EP which is phenomenal. All tracks were recorded during the Moon and Antarctica sessions, which is my personal favourite album. Shortly following this was the release of Isaac Brock's side project Ugly Casanova's only album Sharpen Your Teeth, which is an absolutely amazing...view item »


Solid sophomore effort from this young power trio. Bodacious is more dynamic than their debut 409 and shows a range of styles / influences from rock, punk, funk, reggae and ska. Bodacious is a fantastic album especially if you like pop-punk with excellent drums and clever/cute lyrics. "Bliss" is the third cut on the album and is one of the catch...view item »

Confirmation Bias

Yeesh isn’t the name of Kanye’s next LP, it’s a Chicago based indie band and Confirmation Bias is their second LP to bring stomping riffs and wailing vocals with plenty of feedback. It’s heavy, raw indie rock and grunge with a lo-fi feel. You really get a feeling that the...view item »

Thalia Zedek Band

Thalia Zedek has worked in plenty of bands, from Come to Uzi to new group E. But her Thalia Zedek band is the purest Zedek outlet. New record Eve has plenty of driving alt-rock power and emotionally heavy lyrics, although the presence o...view item »

Harm Wülf

Harm Wülf is the solo outing of G. Hirsch, the main man in Blacklisted. He doesn’t sound happy on Hijrah, although it may just be the roughness of his voice giving that impression...view item »

Terry HQ

With the sad demise of Wogan there's room for another Terry in town. This Terry contain members of Total Control and make music which owes a lot to those scratchy post-punk types. They often sing all together in a kind of communal depressed football team style. For fans of early the Chills, Swell Maps...view item »

The Posies
Solid States

Solid States is the first record from The Posies since the death of their drummer last year, and as you’d expect, a clear melancholy is audible here. It isn’t a morose record (indeed, it’s a lovely set of pop songs), but there is a depth of emotion even stronger than on their previous seven albums. Rel...view item »

When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired

Mothers are an indie-folk-rock four piece from Athens,GA who have been making waves in the online and printed music press as well as on mainstream radio stations. Their debut long-player When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired explores the big questions: what is our value, what is our place in the universe, mortalit...view item »

Jad and David Fair
Shake, Cackle and Squall

Jad and David Fair will be more familiar as the brothers behind Half Japanese, but this session sees them casting off other members and the moniker for stripped-back fun. Shake, Cackle and Squall is a drums-guitar-voice set of wonderfully-titled weirdo rock songs, as uninterested in doi...view item »

Spring King
The Summer

Spring King have been working hard the old fashioned way by doing actual gigs supporting the likes of everyone before recording their debut album. Therefore they will have garnered a fanbase slavering in anticipation.  This their new single sits somewhere in between Interpol and the England football team ci...view item »

Elysian Fields
Ghosts Of No

New York dreamy sleepwalkers Elysian Fields are back once more with their eighth album in over twenty years. Jennifer Charles’ airy vocals drift over deep and melodic soundscapes that will take you outside your body if you’re not careful. Ghost of No features mastering by Mark Plati, creatin...view item »


Nots are almost a straight-forward noisy indie-punk band: indeed, they play that role with tremendous success. But they also have prominent daubs of synthesiser all over their sound, sometimes supporting the tune, sometimes adding fizzing texture-blasts. Plus a little riot grrrrl bite: all very good. Cosmetic is out on ...view item »

Lucy Dacus
No Burden

Debut full-length from the inquisitive voice of Lucy Dacus. Young Dacus (currently 21) writes and sings of self-identity, difficult friendships and other tricky matters, over some classic indie-guitar. This is mature-grade music-making, an impressive and confident start. No Burden is released by Matador...view item »

Big Deal
Say Yes

Big Deal consider this new record to complete an informal concept trilogy with their first 2 albums, Lights Out and June Gloom. But Say Yes doesn’t feel like an ending: as might be expected from an album that follows a tour supporting Depeche Mode(!), the duo are in full-bore ene...view item »

Hallelujah! / Holiday Inn

Two Italian groups share some 7” wax on the latest split from Maple Death Records. Holiday Inn play stripped-back synth-punk and Hallelujah! play full-band noise punk, but what we can’t stress enough is how lo-fi, overdriven and just generally blasted both acts sound. Messy and nasty and ever so much...view item »

The Metatrons
Patterns of Chaos

Bumping some happy fuzzy indierock, The Metatrons sound like somebody condensed a teenager’s perfect summer’s day into a song. On their new album Patterns of Chaos, the band from Hertfordshire continue their expedition into the territory of jangling pop with cheerful vocal harmonies that will make your ...view item »

Gift of Life

VHS are a bleak-stare post-punk outfit with a fierce outlook and a blasted aesthetic. Main songwriter Josh Hageman uses his day job to provide heavy tales of medical sufferings, which are capably accompanied by the wiry-harsh guitars and relentless rhythm section pummel. Gift of Life is out on Suicide S...view item »

Empty House

Snøskred (always great to get a chance to use the beautiful ‘ø’ character) are a Norwegian band who, with Empty House, are making the shift from their previous shoegaze approach towards a more slackery indie vibe. There is a very fine warmth to the music, a laid-back approach. Released by Riot ...view item »

10,000 Maniacs
In My Tribe

In My Tribe is an excellent example of early 10,000 Maniacs, being initially released in 1987. The songs are beautiful pieces of folkish alt-pop, although the lyrical themes get pretty heavy if you listen: child abuse, illiteracy, war… A set of politically conscious 80...view item »

Gone Is Gone
Gone Is Gone

Gone Is Gone is super-group assemblage of heavy rockers: members of Mastodon, At The Drive-In and Queens Of The Stone Age are all present and correct. Needless to say, the sound is h...view item »

Parking Lot / The Answer

‘90s influenced melodic, indie-rock band Vant have been touted as a band to keep an eye on. The London four-piece’s mix of attitude, aptitude and pop-grunge sound has certainly created a buzz with Parking Lot making the Radio 1 playlist. Parking Lot / The Answer is available on 7” single on Pa...view item »

Deap Vally

Deap Vally are a punk-poppish LA duo. Like most punk-poppish LA duos, they have stackloads of swagger and a tasty fuzz on their guitars. Femejism rattles through 13 tracks, some of which veer away from noisy pop songs into more experimental / proggy zones. Good time music with kick-ass attitude! On Cooking Vinyl....view item »

As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours)

Sophia are back after a seven year hiatus and their droning shoegaze is as razor sharp as ever. As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours) is an epic collection of indie-rock with plenty of post-rock guitars and some neoclassical touches added for good measure. Released by The Flower Shop Recordings ...view item »

No Grace

Pop punkers Paws have reached the sort of crossroads where they had to give up or go shiny. So they've enlisted the Blink 182 producer and made the sort of big pop thing that will make or break them. It's angsty skateboard-friendly pop rock with plenty of tunes to thrash your head around to enthusiastically.&nbs...view item »

Puberty 2

New Yorker Mitski makes weird-indie music with a defiant angle: as a Japanese-American woman in a scene dominated by white males, she has plenty of fun mocking and undermining traditions with songs like ‘Your Best American Girl’. Puberty 2 is a sharp and confident songs, released by Dead Oceans....view item »

The Gotobeds
Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic

The Gotobeds are a fired-up rock band with a jagged-edged, noisy sound: all gnarled and twisted and shouting. Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic, which doesn’t appear to contain any Red Hot Chilli Peppers covers, is released by Sub Pop in CD and cassette tape editions, plus two differently-presente...view item »

Bob Mould
Patch The Sky

Now that Husker Du aren't reforming (good), Bob can get on with making his solo albums. This latest one is a result of him spending six months in solitude (a long time to not see a human) and promises to be his darkest record in some time. I'd be interested to see a return to the 'Workbook' sound but who knows with Bob. His latt...view item »

Parquet Courts
Human Performance

Brand new music from Parquet Courts, New York’s much-loved indie-punks. Human Performance is a smooth evolution of their sound, as accessible as anything they’ve yet produced, but without losing any of the edge. CD and LP editions available, with the vinyl coming in a gatefold LP with an art booklet. On Roug...view item »

Grant Hart

Ouevrevue is a compilation album by Husker Du founder, drummer and songwriter Grant Hart. It gathers together odds and sods from 7” singles, EPs and compilation albums and is available on vinyl for the first time. The album includes cover versions of Love’s Signed D...view item »

Weird Dreams
Luxury Alone

Weird Dreams is the solo work of Doran Edwards. This album is particularly solo, as no other hands touched it until after it was mixed. That means we can guarantee that Luxury Alone sounds exactly as it was meant to. The making of th...view item »

A Youthful Dream

Though he is only young (A Youthful Dream is a fair title), it is nevertheless surprising that Mikkel Holm Silkjaer, main Yung man, has taken this long to produce a full-length album after the trail of DIY cassettes he’s left in his wake. It’s a well formed record, sounding properly produced...view item »

Field Studies

Quasi has yet to replicate their incredible live sound on record. Only 'R&B Transmogrification' comes close, although it is far too dry sounding. On this album Sam Coomes, once again, churns out some great melodies and great rhymes. However, much of the kick of the two previous albums are missing--which means that the sounds here are far rem...view item »

R&B Transmogrification

Very welcome re-press of Quasi’s 1997 debut studio album. Quasi’s approach to indie rock always sounded interesting, with rockin’ tunes jammed out on fuzzy guitars and fuzzy harpsichords and low-key vocals. Only the 2 of them, but they k...view item »

Moonface with Siinai
My Best Human Face

Wolf Parade were Vancouver's banner indie rock band, crafting a melodrama in three parts through 'Apologies to the Queen Mary', 'At Mount Zoomer' and 'Expo 86'. After their dissolution, guitarist Dan Boeckner stormed through creative projects such as Operators and Handsome Furs, while synth-yelper Spencer Krug for...view item »

Spring King
Who Are You?

Spring King are a band who cite a wide variety of influences, but the ones that they show in their music seem to be Arcade Fire, Ty Segall and Black Lips making a more polished garage sound. Who Are You is their new single which was produced and mixed by their very own singing drummer, Tarek M...view item »

Robbin' The Hood

Ska-punks Sublime went almost experimental with their second album Robbin’ The Hood, which was recorded to a 4-track machine at home, lending it a lo-fi feel. The band also quote, reference and sample a panoply of other artists from the reggae and rock worlds. Double LP, freshly remastered, on Universal....view item »

Second-Hand Smoke

Vintage ska-punk from American group Sublime. Second-Hand Smoke is a fairly suitable title: this 1997 release is a compilation with a real mixed-up tracklist, including remixes and recycling of older material, unheard stuff, and covers of the likes of Bob Marley. All remastered and re-released as a doub...view item »


Vintage ska-punk from American group Sublime. This 1996 self-titled album was their third and final, recorded in a heroin haze and cutting in hip-hop and bluesy influences to augment the ska. The tracklist includes cover versions of Bob Marley and Gershwin as well as a pile of Sublime...view item »

Stand By Your Van

Seminal Californian Ska band Sublime release remastered versions of seven of their albums on vinyl. This one, the amusingly named live recording 'Stand by your Van' was originally released following the untimely death of singer / guitarist Bradley Nowell. Sadly, the band didn't enjoy massive mainstream success until he was no longer around to en...view item »

Sleeping Beauties
Sleeping Beauties

If you’re expecting a babble of beautiful girls then the slouching, hairy blokes which make up Sleeping Beauties may leave you disappointed. The music on their eponymous LP however, is sure to please with its full on rock, primal guitar and slight psychedelia, think 13th Floor Elevators meets a bit of punk...view item »

Thee Oh Sees
Live In San Francisco

Thee banner garage rawk band played the Chapel out in San Francisco, launching their happy-go-lucky psychedelia into a crowd of possibly stoned hopefuls. This extensive set is presented not only as audio but in DVD format with photos to boot. Musically, it scales more towards their propulsive, loud, noisy side -- but th...view item »

Adore Life

Savages return! Second album Adore Life is just as ferocious as their debut, but the intervening touring has allowed them to be even better at it. Jenny Beth’s lyrics and vocal performance are scouringly energetic, especially in the particularly relentless single and leading track ‘The Answe...view item »

Royal Headache
Royal Headache

Royal Headache are an Australian garage band, known for their very raucus live shows (a few years ago the police stopped one of their shows at Sydney Opera House after a load of their fans crashed the stage). This is their 2012 debut album, prior to the better-known 'High' (2015). It's fast, noisy, fuzzy indie punk and you should get it....view item »

On Desire

Despite having a reasonable level of success with their first album, New York based (with a hint of Welsh) outfit Drowners second LP is filled with uncertainty and darkness. This time round the band write the songs collaboratively rather than coming from the pen of singer Matt Hitt. Still, their brand of dark post punk will appe...view item »

Cellular Chaos
Diamond Teeth Clenched

Cellular Chaos is a band born of the vision of Weasel Walter, who has worked with Jim O’Rourke, Lydia Lunch and The Flying Luttenbachers over the years. This project, now up to their second album, is a no-wave / post-punk glam-action group, with lashings o...view item »


Prix are a lesser-known band that came about when members of later-period Big Star shot off on their own. Historix is a set of ferocious mid-70’s rock music, packed with riffs and flaring vocals. Barely any of this material has been widely heard: 2 singles released at the time and a Japanese CD re...view item »

The Blood Tub Orchestra
The End of My Old Cigar

The Blood Tub Orchestra is a project designed to invoke the old of the British Music Hall, with versions of old-time London tunes given a bawdy new electrified spin. Featuring members of London Dirthole Co, Transglobal Underground and Echobelly, The End of My Old Ciga i...view item »

Scout Niblett
The Calcination of Scout Niblett

My friend Charlotte named her dog after Scout Niblett, and believe it or not, Scout Nibbler is probably one of the loveliest canines out there, proper daft-as-a-brush but with some rather intriguing human-like traits. It's nice to se the lady herself returning to the fray with a new album, 'The Calcination of.....', especially as she is one of the ...view item »

Richard Ashcroft
These People

Former Verve man Richard Ashcroft has more to say in 2016, in the form of his fourth solo album! His songcraft and production styles are comfortably reminiscent of 90’s / 2000’s indie-rock, with Ashcroft’s sentimental loverman vibes emerging in some of the more ballady numbers....view item »

The Blue Swell

Beverly return with a new line-up, refreshed energy and a second album. Joined by members of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Crystal Stilts, the band are more shoegaze-pop than ever, with Drew Citron...view item »

Basses Loaded

This Melvins album is named Basses Loaded because it is packed to the gills with notable bass players, up to a total of 6! As well as the regulars, we have Steve McDonald of Red Kross and OFF!, Jeff Pinkus of Butthole Surfers, and ...view item »

Ha, Ha, He.

Mourn made a Pretty Damn Good debut record quite recently: their self-titled hit the proverbial shelves in 2014, and proved a confident and knowing garage rock record, one that could wink back at the classics while crafting new enough hooks. Now they're back, and apparently amused, with 'Ha, Ha, He.'; one assumes the hooks while be as short 'n' ...view item »

Man Of Moon

Man Of Moon are a crew of young Scottish fellows, playing indie rock songs with a psychedelic, krautrock twist to them. Although it must be noted that the songs themselves always remain paramount: the heavy guitars and the motorik drums carry the songs, they don’t drown them in psych-fuzz. The ...view item »

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