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The Blue Hour

Well. They are back. David Bowie might be dead but Suede are still alive right? So everything is ok. This one follows on fairly swiftly from their successful 'comeback' LP 'Night Thoughts' and shares the line up with their classic 'Coming Up' record. Expect a lot of wrought songs about being outsiders in suburbia and wandering around the city feeling a bit isolated. 

The Replacements

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Digital Garbage

Apparently, Mark Arm wanted to write an album with lyrics akin to early Beach Boys records - a more holiday-ish vibe. The leader of Seattle grunge….can we still use the word grunge?....okay, garage rock legends, Mudhoney has instead decided that powerful social commentary suits their music better for new album Digital Garbage. Please Mr. Gunman and Next Mass Extinction both reference problems in America’s recent political and social history. LP, CD and Cassette on Sub Pop.

Parquet Courts
Wide Awake Remixes

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Useful Toil

For those not yet forlorn enough, may I suggest the appropriately titled Useful Toil, which should sleepily descend melancholy on you without fuss. Dream pop cut from the finest reverb cloth, Welfare take their favourite genre and give its ethereality a lushness, offering acoustic guitars, strings and flutes, plus some of that organ that makes Beach House so good. A sure to be gorgeous release.
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The Blue Angel Lounge
In Times 2006 - 2010

Germany’s Blue Angel Lounge seemed to drop out of a view for good a few years ago: but now they offer us this collection of demos (including those for some of the greatest tracks) and previously unheard recordings. In Times 2006-2010 contains 20 tracks in all, and is released by 8MM Musik and ‘a’ Recordings.


Despite their name Hater are quite the romantics at heart. The Scandinavian four piece play heart-on-sleeve indie rock with memorable melodies, chiming guitars and just a bit of synth haze.  A perfect summer soundtrack that has led them to be compared to the Chills, Snail Mail and the Concretes. 
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The Fratellis
Costello Music

Costello Music was the debut album from Scottish indie rock sensations the Fratellis. It was an immediate critical and commercial smash taking the lad-rock blueprint of the likes of the Libertines and Arctic Monkeys and making a fresh and likeable batch of punk-pop ditties suitable for air punching at the summer festivals. 

The Dial

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Open Mind - The Best Of Blackfield

Long-serving rockers Blackfield issue a Best Of collection via Kscope. The band draw from a five-album discography for Open Mind, and the fifteen tunes here serve as a neat overview to the body of work Aviv Geffen and former Porcupine Tree member Steven Wilson have built up over the years. Though Blackfield’s music has taken in everything from chamber-pop to trip-hop down the years, all of their stuff has a strong whiff of The Bends/OK Computer-era Radiohead.

The Joy Formidable

Welsh power-trio The Joy Formidable follow-up 2016’s Hitch with their fourth LP. AAARTH is arguably the band's most full-blooded release to date. Songs such as 'Dance Of The Locust' and 'The Wrong Side' are full of bombastic guitar lines, cinematic strings and some show-stopping loud-quiet-low moments. Genre-wise it sits somewhere between Biffy Clyro, Jack White and St. Vincent. Out via Full Time Hobby sub-label Hassle (Tubelord, Lonely The Brave).

Heavens To Betsy
These Monsters Are Real

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Slow Crush

Slow Crush release their debut LP via Holy Roar (OHHMS, Rolo Tomassi). Many bands claim a shoegaze influence these days, but Aurora is a record truly worthy of the tag. The huge walls of sound and towering drums of tracks like ‘Shallow Breath’ merit genuine comparison with My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless.

Grow Into It

The London trio Doe turned some heads with 2016’s Some Things Last Longer Than You, and now they’re back with another set of grunge-ified indie-pop in the form of Grow Into It. They have, indeed, grown into it here. Their songwriting is more mature and considered than in the past, and their lyrical ambitions both more mature and better-realised. This one was produced by Matthew Johnson of Hookworms/Suburban Home fame.


The Alty-Jays release an album that is set to be the best of their career to date, largely because it doesn’t feature all that much of their own music. Rather than being a new record from Image Of A Triangle, Reduxer is actually a collection of eleven ‘reinterpretations’ of tracks from the band’s third LP Relaxer. The fact that people like Danny Brown, Pusha T, The Alchemist and Little Simz are involved in Reduxer improves its chances considerably.

Art of Doubt

Big Band Metric release their new collection of Big riffs and smooth vocals on a collection of 12 songs which is possibly the first record in 2018 to tap into the cultural and political anxiety. But are Metric going to be quashed by Trump etc? No they bloody well aren't.  Instead they've created the most Metric album yet. 
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Secret Machines
Ten Silver Drops

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Richard Reed Parry
Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1

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Tony Molina
Kill The Lights

I just can't believe they are marketing this as an album. It's over by the time you've blown your nose but on the plus side the music is absolutely brilliant. Tony Molina writes perfect mini-jangle pop things that sound like a pint-sized Teenage Fanclub or the Byrds. Opener “Nothing I Can Say” is so good but I'd be happy if it was three times it's length. I suppose that's what the repeat button is for. 

Dot Dash
Proto Retro

Dot Dash, who presumably have taken their name from the Wire song, feature ex-Swervedriver drummer Danny Ingram, ex-Julie Ocean bassist, Hunter Bennett and Terry Banks from Tree Fort Angst and Sarah Records band St. Christopher. Proto Retro is their 6th album and sees them performing without ex-Minor Threat and Youth Brigade member Steve Hansgen. Their hardcore edge has been replaced by a new wave jangle, but this is no bad thing as they sound great! CD on The Beautiful Music.

Maybe More

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Lala Lala
The Lamb

Unfortunately (or fortunately) nothing to do with La La Land, The Lamb is in fact the sophomore LP from Chicago-based singer-songwriter Lillie West’s Lala Lala project. West and her group do that sort of post-Deerhunter lo-fi grunge thing that the likes of Waxahatchee and Colleen Green also excel at. There’s real ache and passion to West’s lyrics that set Lala Lala apart. Out via Hardly Art (La Luz, Chastity Belt).

Anxious Trend / In Glass

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Dilly Dally

After a couple of years of thrills and spills touring in support of their 2015 debut LP Sore, Dilly Dally return to Partisan for another crack. By all accounts the band almost called it quits after their first album dropped, but fortunately for them and their fans they got it together enough to turn in nine more bits of grungy alt-rock anchored on singer Katie Monks’ ragged howl.

Mutual Benefit
Thunder Follows The Light

In his Mutual Benefit guise, NYC singer-songwriter Jordan Lee has recorded with artists like Julie Byrne and covered Vashti Bunyan’s Just Another Diamond Day in full. Safe to say that you can go into his latest full-length Thunder Follows The Light expecting a light touch. Lee weaves ten spare, spectral pieces here, lightly dappling his time-worn voice-and-guitar combo with synths and orchestral instruments in a manner that recalls Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie And Lowell.

In This Light And On This Evening

The third album from this highly derivative yet universally popular group. In This Light And On This Evening showed the band start to shake off the Joy Division-on-an-off-day vibe of their first records and start to introduce electronics into their dark sonic stew. Features the 'classic' ‘Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool’. 

The Smiths
Strangeways Here We Come

This 1987 album was the final chapter for one of the most prodigiously brilliant and era-defining bands of the 80s. It tends to steer away from the jangly guitar style that Johnny Marr was best known for, with more varied production than before. Hence, the glam stomp of I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish, the proggy jam Death of a Disco Dancer, and the extended-intro, string-laden Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me. Morrissey was melodically impressive as well as genuinely witty and capable of human empathy in these good old days, and I Won’t Share You ends the album and the band’s career with a sad and touching sentiment. Rourke and Joyce rarely get the plaudits they deserve, but as ever The Smiths sound like a proper four-piece. May they never ruin their legacy by reforming, and we can remember and still enjoy them like this.

Black Honey
Black Honey

The press release for the eponymous debut LP by Black Honey begins by claiming that there’s no band around who’s quite like this Brighton quartet, but in the following paragraph it name-checks Garbage, Lana Del Rey and David Lynch. That just about sums up this one. Black Honey are cool and they and know it.

Blood Red Shoes
Get Tragic

Look how airbrushed they are now. This is probably the point in the biography of Blood Red Shoes where all hell breaks loose. They'd already split up once and gone off in very separate ways before reconvening until the guitarist broke her arm after falling off a motorbike. Her mother might well be furious with her but it led to the band using more synths and exploring new sounds and then going to LA (as you do) to make this 'comeback' album. It's one of those that could be brilliant or terrible. Let's find out...

The Sisters of Mercy
Greatest Hits Volume One: A Slight Case of Overbombing

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Black Belt Eagle Scout
Mother Of My Children

Black Belt Eagle Scout seems to be taking off. The solo-project by Katherine Paul brims with the different musical influences from her youth--from her Native family’s powwows to old grunge mixtapes, and is already a big hit on the blogs and streams. And we get it, Mother of my Children is a fuzzy and also very soulful affair. For fans of Chastity Belt, Pity Sex.

City of Daughters

Not satisfied with being a critically acclaimed prolific singer/songwriter Dan Bejar, AKA Destroyer is also a member of Canadian band The New Pornographers along with AC Newman and Neko Case. Destroyer, however is his main focus. City Of Daughters was his second album proper, and is getting the reissue treatment to celebrate its 20th anniversary. City of Daughters marks his first leap forward, introducing more instruments and production techniques to his previous efforts which consisted of voice and acoustic guitar. Opaque red vinyl LP on Merge.


Destroyer AKA Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Bejar used a backing band for the first time on his third album, Thief. At the time of its release in 2000 it was considered his best to date, the sound of an artist hitting his stride, and remains a jewel in his back catalogue to this day. Bejar is also a member of The New Pornographers. Orange vinyl LP on Merge.

The Blinders

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Cowboy Junkies
The Caution Horses

Cowboy Junkies. Love it. The Caution Horses was the third studio LP from this Magic Mike-ass band. This album was originally released in 1990, meaning it just missed the being caught up in the slipstream of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ (that song would hit the Billboard top 10 in January of the following year). If Cowboy Junkies had waited a year then this album would probably have shifted millions of units, but of course we can’t know the future. Anyway, The Caution Horses is a fine alt-country record.

The Shifters
Have A Cunning Plan

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Thalia Zedek Band
Fighting Season

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Blitzen Trapper
Furr (Deluxe Edition)

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The Wave Pictures
Canvey Island Baby

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Robert Pollard
Waved Out

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Sum of All Your Parts

 Fatherson release their third LP via Easy Life (Amber Run, Arcane Roots). The group bridge two great Scottish rock traditions - their sound is equal parts Biffy Clyro-style muscle and twee-rock sentimentality ala Frightened Rabbit (R.I.P. Scott Hutchison). It’s no coincidence that they’ve shared stages with both down the years. Sum Of All Your Parts brings a newly anthemic gloss to proceedings that might make this record a massive hit.

Night Shop
In The Break

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The Goon Sax
We're Not Talking

The junior to The Go-Betweens' senior, this very good band features Louis Forster, son of Robert, probably none too happy about this endless comparison, but I just really like the word junior so was compelled to namedrop. They released a real Norman beloved record in Up to Anything and for this here follow-up they've hopped over to Melbourne to record with James Ceecil and Cameron Bird, who both know several things about indie pop via their time in overtly-saccharine super group Architecture in Helsinki.

The Chills
Snow Bound

I've just danced around the room and celebrated as if I'd won the World Cup as there's a new the Chills album due. The legendary New Zealand group returned in 2015 with the excellent Silver Bullets which was as good as anything they recorded in their heyday. Their precise yet emotional economic pop is certainly welcome round here.  

Mr. Airplane Man

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Kleenex Girl Wonder
Vana Mundi

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Typical Girls Volume Four

Emotional Response has had great success so far with their girls-to-the-front compilation series Typical Girls, so much so that they have been deluged with a wealth of the highest grade material from punks and post-punks and now have enough material for two more editions! Wasting no time, they are consequently releasing volumes 3 and 4 simultaneously! Volume 4 features cool artists like The Primitives, Cruel Summer and No Love.

We Were Promised Jetpacks
The More I Sleep The Less I Dream

Fifteen years after they formed, these Scottish rockers are still grumbling about The Lack Of Jetpackery. The More I Sleep The Less I Dream, their fourth LP but first for Big Scary Monsters (Blakfish, Minus The Bear), finds We Were Promised Jetpacks turning in another collection of emoish, post-rockish, post-hardcoreish indie anthems. Very much of the Idlewild/Biffy Clyro/The Twilight Sad school.

Colleen Green
Casey’s Tape / Harmontown Loops

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Menace Beach
Black Rainbow Sound

Yeah, a Leeds band! Menace Beach are Liza Violet and Ryan Needham of 'the scene'. Their third album, Black Rainbow Sound, is distinct from their past efforts in that it was conceived entirely in the studio. Though more dense and experimental than before, their poppy no-wave is still as fun as ever. And this time features a cameo from The Fall's Brix Smith!

Basement Revolver
Heavy Eyes

Canadian three-piece Basement Revolver - no relation to Velvet Revolver, and for that we should be thankful - drop their debut LP via Fear Of Missing Out. They do a fine job of wedding that sort of Millennial shoegaze thing that Lana Del Rey does with the fuzzy pop nous of Colleen Green and Wavves. Contains ‘Johnny’, which was a mini hit on the net back in 2016.

The Hellenes
I Love You All The Animals

The Hellenes are helmed by the Rain Parade co-founder Matt Piucci alongside a whole host of players and guests who have links to the wondrous 80s Paisley Underground scene and beyond. It's a while since we heard from these people but from the sounds of it they are still in thrall to the harmonic likes of Big Star and the Beach Boys but perhaps with some slightly more out there influences of Brian Eno and Soft Machine. Looking forward to it. 

MTV Unplugged 1991

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The Pact

Boston fuzzy post-grunge outfit Slothrust have moved to Los Angeles for their fourth album. For some reason, that means The Pact sounds a bit cleaner than we're used to. Of course, front-woman Leah Wellbaum still has her angry and slightly self-loathing lyrics, and they're still set to very catchy riffs. Great if you like Speedy Ortiz, Chastity Belt.

The Stallion
The Dark Side Of The Wall

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Sauna Youth

Sauna Youth’s third album, Deaths, mixes a whole lotta genres into their punk sound. The London-based group forced a deadline on themselves by booking the studio time before anything was written. This meant the creative process was turned on its head and time limits meant whichever band members could make it to sessions each week played whichever instrument needed. The lyrics touch on politics, action and inaction, the drudgery of work, the fun of leisure and the nuisance, or otherwise, of distraction. LP and CD on Upset The Rhythm.

Eric Bachmann
No Recover

Former Archers Of Loaf/Crooked Fingers mastermind Eric Bachmann drops the third LP under his given name. No Recover isn’t a title that screams positivity, and despite the many gentle acoustic treatments and ringing vocal harmonies that crop up here the overall feeling of the album is bittersweet. It’s not exactly a sad record, but there’s certainly a lacing of melancholia to the tracks here. Imagine Fleet Foxes if they’d been through the ringer a few times.
  • Vinyl LP (MRG628LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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La Luz
Floating Features

Fuzz pop daydreamers La Luz do their quartet rock for a month down the line with more sun (we hope) than this one. Floating Features sees them churn out some of their most lyrically aspirational work yet, doubling down on the hooks and harmonies that make them so good. Will most likely rule.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
If I Love You

12” vinyl re-issue of If I Love You?, an EP released by the legendary Brian Jonestown Massacre back in 2001. A seven-track collection, it acted as a bit of a clearing house. The first three tracks on side one are version of songs from Bravery, Repetition & Noise, while the second side houses unused tracks that date right back to the band’s origins in the early Nineties. 

Dean Wareham
Luna Demos

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Each One Teach One

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Debut EP from wannabe New Yorker Yuno. On Moodie he finds a weird middle ground between Grizzly Bear's poppier moments and the freedom of Lil Uzi Vert while longingly looking across from the country from his West Coast home. There's also a hint of Len's 'Steal My Sunshine', which in my books, is always a good thing. 
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The Amazing
In Transit

The fifth LP from The Amazing features more of the heartfelt, slightly shoegazey indie-rock that has served the band well up to this point. Tracks like ‘Rewind’ and ‘Pull’, with their delicate grooves and singer Christoffer Gunrup’s dreamy vocal, come off as pitched somewhere between The Antlers and The National. Out via Partisan Records.


Slug is the recording alter-ego of Ian Black, who was once a touring member of fellow Sunderland musos and label mates, Field Music. HiggledyPiggledy is Black’s second album and follow-up to 2015’s Ripe. Expect more XTC-meets-James Brown-Meets-John Bonham indie rock grooves. CD and LP on Memphis Industries.


Their post-punk almost clocking in at ‘normal’ punk BPM, Moaning are releasing their debut self-titled album. Expect catchy singalong self-deprecating lyrics accompanied by very fuzzy basslines. Moaning is available on CD, cassette, vinyl and super-sexy special edition pink ‘Loser’ vinyl, if that’s what you want to be called by artists whose work you’re buying.

Pinkus Abortion Technician

"BASS, how low can you go" as Chuck D once said, well pretty low when you combine A.) The Melvins stoner sludge rock and B.) two, yes TWO bass players, expect Buzz Osborne's usual brand of Godzilla sized riffs with the addition of Butthole Surfers four stringer Jeff Pinkus and Melvins/Redd Kross/Off! bassist Steven McDonald adding bowel expelling bottom end to 'Pinkus Abortion Technician'.

King Tuff
The Other

Despite being a recording artist in his own right, King Tuff AKA Kyle Thomas has also performed as part of Ty Segall’s backing band, The Muggers. The Other is King Tuff’s fifth album and first since 2014’s Black Moon Spell. LP, CD, and Cassette on Sub Pop. There’s also a limited ‘indies only’ coloured vinyl version if you’re quick enough.

Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert
Here Lies The Body

Look at this all-star cast. Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat teams up with guitar ace RM Hubbert in a super-sized collaboration that also includes guest appearances from Siobhan Wilson (cello/vocals) and Rachels Rachel Grimes on piano. All comes out on Mogwai's Rock Action to keep it all in the Scottish family.  

Wavves & Culture Abuse
Up and Down / Big Cloud

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Bikini Kill
The Singles

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The Molochs
Flowers In The Spring

Now, now, look at you now, Flowers In The Spring-do. The Molochs aren’t Travis - who is? - but the Californian group certainly share an ear for melody with the Glaswegian group (‘Sing’ is an anthem and if you think otherwise then you’re wrong). This is an LP of laid back, '60s-inspired college rock that would have shifted serious units in the early ‘90s. The Molochs probably won’t like it if we point out the similarities between ‘Too Lost In Love’ and Hanson’s ‘MMMbop’, but if you’re going to write songs that sound like Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’ then we’re afraid that we have no choice but to compare them to Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’. (Hanson, it should be reiterated, are no Travis.)

Vehicle Blues
Vehicle Blues

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Ethers are a supergroup. Well, to those who are au fait with the Chicago indie rock scene they are, anyway. They are made up from members of Radar Eyes, Heavy Times and Outer Minds. Their brand of mid-fi, hook-heavy indie recalls band such as Royal Headache, Reigning Sound and The Feelies. LP and CD on Trouble In Mind.


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Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood
With Animals

Mark Lanegan - former Screaming Tree, part-time Queen of the Stone Age - teams up with his old chum Duke Garwood for their second LP in a half-decade (though they’ve worked on some stuff together in between). Lanegan’s vocal performance on With Animals is rote at this point - if you’ve liked his rich baritone in the past (and most people have) then you’ll like it here too - but the music is some of the most interesting he’s been involved with in a while. Full of smoky organs and gently pattering electronic drums, this record is reminiscent of when Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds did a stylistic 180 on Push The Sky Away.

Sonic Youth
Murray Street

'Murray Street' is the go to album for a 2000s era Sonic Youth record. Here the alternative rock legends balance their melodic ear with their formless tendencies. Avant-rock staple Jim O'Rourke joined the band as their official fifth member, adding twinkling electronics and sprawling textures to their sound.

Screaming Trees
Sweet Oblivion

Screaming Trees were of course the birthplace for whiskey-soaked everywhere man Mark Lanegan but were also vital players in the Seattle grunge scene even if they didn't get the same mainstream success as Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Sweet Oblivion was their most successful album and had its own hit single in Nearly Lost You. Now nicely re-issued to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  

Twelve Divisions of The Day

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Turkish Delight
Howcha Magowcha

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Girl One And The Grease Guns
Night Of The Living Electrical Appliances

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Experimental but in the fun way indie rock from Chicago duo OHMEE. As both Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart are classically trained pianists they decided to leave the keys behind for Parts and focus on the humble guitar to constrain themselves into making something interesting. Best here though is the pair's constant vocal harmonising, allowing the different qualities of their voices to play off each other.
  • Vinyl LP (JNR268LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Sons Of Raphael
A Nation Of Bloodsuckers

The first ever EP from Sons Of Raphael, the London duo who are not only sons, but also brothers. A Nation Of Bloodsuckers contains four tracks, and if you can look past the come-on-then-mate swagger of the cover artwork, you might find a lot to enjoy in the shoegaze-tinged widescreen indie-pop within.

Speedy Ortiz
Foil Deer

On gatefold 12” Vinyl or CD  both with pull-out poster, or as a limited edition gold 12” w/ chapbook and sticker. A cleaner, clearer, and almost less angsty sophomore album from Speedy Ortiz. Maybe Sadie Dupuis is all of the above as well. Pushing their sound away from something akin to Silkworm, and maturing with songs that are from a less unhappy place pushing into almost Pixies like territory.

Big Red Machine
Big Red Machine

Ahh these minstrels will soothe my jangled nerves. Big Red Machine is a collaborative record between Bon Iver Sadboy 2.0 Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner, songwriter and guitarist in The National. Dessner seems to be at the desk on this one, while Vernon's doubling down on his 808s And Heartbreaks-in-a-forest thing. It won’t come as a surprise for us to tell you that Big Red Machine’s self-titled debut LP is the most earnest album ever made.

Sufjan Stevens
The Avalanche

If Sufjan Stevens lengthy and complex Illinois album isn't enough for you then here comes The Avalanche a collection of outtakes and alternative versions of tracks from the album. Sufjan's throwaways are better than most people's keepers so this is another treasure trove of treats from the pied piper of indie folk. This new edition comes on special coloured vinyl of Avalanche White and Hatchback Orange.   

I'm Terry

Hello Terry. Rather than a person (like Venables) Terry is in fact a band from Australia none of which (to my knowledge) are called Terry. According to the press release Terry romance the mundane but at the same time share ideals with Steely Dan and 10CC neither of which are mundane. They are meant to make you queasy.

Skunk Anansie
Paranoid & Sunburnt

Finally, after a wait of a few years we have a new repress of Skunk Anansie's scorching debut album, Paranoid & Sunburnt. Their sound was truly multi-racial and (unusually for the times and the height of Britpop) politically-charged. A heavy sound influenced by classic British metal (Sabbath) and sweaty, grimy funk (Sly Stone et al), the band thrust the corruscating and provocative Skin into a ready spotlight. And songs like "Selling Jesus" were the perfect showcase for that thrillingly powerful voice. On One Little Indian records.

Mass Gothic
I've Tortured You Long Enough

Husband and wife duo Mass Gothic drop their sophomore LP via Sub Pop. If a title like I’ve Tortured You Long Enough has you imagining brutal metal breakdowns or claustrophobic industrialism, then fear not! For in this instance it’s actually quite a wry choice. The tunes here are more Bat For Lashes than Cancer Bats, albeit with a bit of that quirky Brooklynite flavour that is all the rage these days. Available as CD, LP and tape.

Pete Spiby
Failed Magician

Guitarist Pete Spiby, formerly of alt. rock bands Black Spiders, Groop Dogdrill and Future Ex-Wife thought his career was over after an operation on his hand meant he could no longer play. Black Spiders tried a few farewell shows and Spiby realised he could play without pain. He had to get back to doing the only thing he knew how to do - rock. Failed Magician is his debut solo album. LP and CD on Be Lucky.

The Kooks
Let’s Go Sunshine

Still being deafened from the roars of the crowds reverberating in their ears from their last arena jaunt, the Kooks return with a bold album inspired by British life, break up and recovery and lost innocence. They've already had one billion streams on various platforms and by my calculations that should result in about 76 album sales.  

MTV Unplugged 2001

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The Telescopes
Stone Tape

6 more tracks of distorted noise and out there shoegaze from Stephen Lawrie's now pretty legendary thirty year old project. This time it's a bunch of racket and improvisation exploring 'Stone Tape Theory whereby inanimate objects can absorb energy from living beings. 'Scuse me while I go shout at my sausages.  

Courtney Barnett
City Looks Pretty / Sunday Roast

City Looks Pretty/Sunday Roast by Courtney Barnett is a special release for Record Store Day. The limited edition 12” features two tracks from her second album Tell Me How You Really Feel. The record perfectly displays the two sides of Courtney Barnett - upbeat and quirky vs reflective. On Marathon Artists.
  • Vinyl 12" (MA0124)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
  • Last copy

Even As We Speak, Boyracer, Action Painting!, Secret Shine
Four Band Compilation (Ex-Sarah Records Bands)

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Invitation To Her's

Barrow/Norway hook ups Her's have aligned themselves with a never ending cycle of album titles. 'Invitation to Her's' follows the compilation 'Songs of Her's' and we predict the next one with be 'Thrown out of Her's' or 'The Police Were Round at Her's' or later their Go-Betweens covers album 'Her's Handwriting'. Aaaaaanyway this is tipped to be one of the biggest indie debut's this world has ever seen. 

Dance On The Blacktop

Third album from New York shoegazers Nothing. Built on a hardcore foundation, the band have a bit more bite than you'd usually expect from the genre. Dance On The Blacktop celebrates the band's love for 90s anglophone guitar music so who better to produce it then John Agnello who's worked with Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr?

Pale Waves
My Mind Makes Noises

Their minds may make noises, but it’s the ones they get out of their instruments that we’re more concerned with over at Norman Towers. Pale Waves is the band. My Mind Makes Noises is the LP - their first LP in fact. It contains some already-massive songs (‘There’s A Honey’, ‘Television Romance’) as well as some soon-to-be-massive songs (‘Eighteen’, ‘Black’). The group would say it sounds like the Cocteau Twins, The Jesus & Mary Chain, maybe even Madonna if they were feeling particularly flush that day.

The Seventeenth Century

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