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Simulation Theory

When rock band Muse properly jumped the shark is probably very much up for debate, but I’d say that the Simulation Theory cover firmly settles the question in terms of their artwork. Looks like fan art. Anyway, this eighth studio album of theirs is full of colossal space-rock-pop, the kind of thing that these fellas really excel at. Big and dramatic and fun.

Fleet Foxes
First Collection 2006 – 2009

Fleet Foxes are having a little party, and to help them celebrate the 10th anniversary of their critically acclaimed eponymous debut album they are releasing a tasty box set: First Collection 2006-2009. It will include a 12” vinyl LP of their first album plus two 10” vinyl EPs - Sun Giant EP and Fleet Foxes EP the latter having only ever been available as a CD-R. A fourth record will contain eight b-sides and rarities. There will also be a 32-page book and some other bits and bobs. Also available on CD, but in CD size. It’s a limited edition release so get your skates on Fleet Foxes fans! Box Set on Nonesuch.

Jon Fratelli
Bright Night Flowers

Often referred to as ‘the label where bands go to die’, Cooking Vinyl didn’t manage to kill off The Fratellis. Their last album, In Your Own Sweet Time, was a top 5 success! Hooray! Either side of his group’s album, Jon Fratelli has released solo albums. His latest, Bright Night Flowers, is a more laid back affair than you might expect with most of the songs having been written on the piano. 180g vinyl LP and CD on Cooking Vinyl.

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe
Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe

Though only one of them features on the cover, this is the second collaboration between husky chanteuse Tess Parks and never knowingly not soaking wet Brian Jonestown Massacre leader Anton Newcombe.  Expect slow moving druggy melodies and something that sounds a bit like Hope Sandoval fronting the Brian Jonestown Massacre. A sound that surely is only a good thing. 

The Glands
The Glands

The Glands were an indie rock band from Athens, Georgia who took their influences from classic ‘60s rock and ‘90s bands such as Pavement (listen to opening track 'Livin' Was Easy'). Their self-titled album was the second of two that they would release in their time and was originally released in 2000. Singer and main songwriter, Ross Shapiro sadly died in 2016. LP and CD on New West.

The Glands
I Can See My House From Here

I Can See My House From Here gathers together the work of Athens, Georgia indie rockers The Glands. It includes their debut album, Double Negative, their eponymous second and their posthumous third, Double Coda. Their creative force, Ross Shapiro, died in 2016. There is also a 52 page book with pieces written about the band by Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo), James Mercer (The Shins), Patterson Hood (Drive-By Truckers), comedian David Cross and Pitchfork scribe Stephen Deusner. 5LP box set on New West.

The Glands
Double Thriller

The Glands’ debut album, Double Thriller, was originally released in 1996. The Athens, Georgia band were lead by the late Ross Shapiro. If you’re a fan of ‘90s American indie but have never come across The Glands, you really should check them out…..and what better way with this - it’s first time on vinyl. Also available on CD on New West.

The Glands
Double Coda

The Glands’ main man Ross Shapiro died in 2016. Double Coda collects together 23 songs that he had written and recorded in the 16 years between the band’s second album and his untimely death. It serves a follow-up to their self-titled album from 2000 and a worthy final chapter for a band who burned out rather than faded away. A must for fans of the band who thought there would be no more. LP and CD on New West.

Mount Eerie
Clear Moon / Ocean Roar

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Comet Gain
If Not Tomorrow

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Tokyo Police Club

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Bill Ryder-Jones

Former The Coral bloke Bill Ryder-Jones drops his latest solo effort via Domino. Yawn is another record of furrowed-brow indie-rock from a man who always has a lot on his mind. The often-lengthy runtimes - most of the ten tracks here are over five-minutes - give Ryder-Jones the space for slow builds and thoughtful meditations on life. Musically the LP is frequently reminiscent of Elbow, Idlewild and Frightened Rabbit.

Thin White Rope
The Ruby Sea

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Thin White Rope
In The Spanish Cave

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Thin White Rope

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Thin White Rope
Exploring The Axis

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For Against
Shelf Life

Pioneering darkwave/post-punk band, For Against, have been plying their trade on-and-off since 1984. Shelf Life was their 5th album and was originally released in 1997. They take their influences from early 4AD and Factory bands which was odd for a band from midwest USA at the time. Reissue LP and digipak CD on Saint Marie.

Reverse Family
My Songs About Life Mid Crisis

There's an air of flippancy about Reverse Family's latest full-length - My Songs About Life Mid Crisis; but actually, this is a well structured slab of funk-infused glam rock. Tracks such as 'Way It Goes' are driven by drunken guitar solos and lyrics that hardly appear sober, but the whole thing amounts to a very satisfying listen.
  • Vinyl LP (RF050)
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Live in Toronto Canada

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Birds In The Ground

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Paint is the solo project from Allah-las guitarist and singer Pedrum Siadatian. He started to record some of his weirder ideas on a four-track back in 2016 around the time of Allah-las third album, Calico Review. Taking inspiration from Kevin Ayers, Julian Cope, Syd Barrett, R. Stevie Moore and Lou Reed, his ideas have grown into a perfectly imperfect eponymous debut album. LP and CD on Mexican Summer.

JEFF The Brotherhood
Magick Songs

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Captured Tracks CT10: Volume 1

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Jamie Lenman
Live at St Pancras

Here's a recording of interestingly coiffured troubadour Jamie Lenman performing at an intimate show around the release of his previous album Devolver. As well as playing songs old and new and well as some well chosen covers, he takes part in a question and answer session which helps connect him to the audience. A live album with a difference then. 

Advance Base
Animal Companionship

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Laura Gibson

Goners is Laura Gibson’s fifth album, but her first after having completed an MFA in writing, which brings a particular mature depth to her lyrics, which explore strange and dark feelings of grief and loss. These songs are brought into being by a band that includes Dan Hunt and Dave Depper, and with Gibson sometimes stepping away from the guitar into Wurlitzer and tape loop territory. Out on City Slang.
  • Vinyl LP (SLANG50169LT)
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

Goshen Electric Co.
The Gray Tower / Ring The Bell

Tim Showalter, AKA Strand Of Oaks is a huge fan of Jason Molina and his band Magnolia Electric Co. With Jason Molina sadly having passed away, the band were no more. However, Tim Showalter got the chance to front the band, assembled as Goshen Electric Co. for a morning in the recording studio which resulted in new versions of two songs from the band’s back catalogue: The Grey Tower and Ring The Bell. 7” on Secretly Canadian.

Brix & The Extricated
Breaking State

We knew when Brix Smith-Start talked about putting the Extricated on hold after Mark E Smith's death then it wouldn't be for long. The outfit have emerged out of tribute band territory to forge their own sound and last year's 'Part 2' wasn't bad at all. Expect moody post punk soundscapes led by Brix's Hollywood meets Manchester yowl. If we can't have the Fall anymore then this is something at least.  

The Posies
Amazing Disgrace

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Helena Deland
From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" Vol. III & IV

Yes, we know there’s a lot of bedroom synth-pop knocking about these days, but just hear us out for a second. This one’s good. No really, it is. Helena Deland is a very engaging presence on the five songs that make up From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" Vol. III & IV. ‘Claudion’, for instance, is like being stared at really intensely by Ezra Koenig as he recorded ‘Diplomat’s Son’. You can’t tear your eyes away.

Ian Sweet
Crush Crusher

Ian Sweet, AKA Berklee College of Music-educated Jilian Medford makes experimental but accessible indie rock. Her second album, Crush Crusher was recorded with Gabe Wax at Rare Book Room studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - a place that has seen Bjork, Dirty Projectors and Deerhunter pass through its doors. It was this that really spurred Jilian on to test her limits in the creation of her new record. LP and CD on Hardly Art.

Value Void

Value Void, from London, have a debut album ready to be heard. One of those bands often sighted at the finest DIY venues in the city, now their lovely indie-pop post-punk can be heard on your stereo. Nothing too fancy, just young, heartfelt music made with guitars, enthusiasm and inventiveness. Released by Tough Love.

Crippled Black Phoenix
Great Escape

Great Escape is the tenth full-length studio album from dark, epic UK rockers, Crippled Black Phoenix. The seven-piece are led by Justin Grieves and have included numerous collaborators among their ranks in the past. The album swells with anger in places and is unsettling in others. All this is tempered by a certain amount of compassion running through other songs. CD and LP on Season Of Mist.

Paul Smith

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Proper Ornaments

One of them is in Ultimate Painting and Veronica Falls, another is in Toy and Pink Flames. Thus have we Foxhole, a record that abounds in sweet harmonies, clever songwriting and jangles galore that was put together between bouts of work with their other projects. Lead track ‘Memories’ is Lennon-pastiche par excellence. Vinyl and CD from perennially-good Tough Love (Let’s Wrestle, Cymbals Eat Guitars etc.).

Blue Orchids
Righteous Harmony Fist

Martin Bramah was an early member of The Fall, but unlike so many of those Fallen soldiers, he has continued to develop and grow the musical territory of his particular Fall period. With his band Blue Orchids, his latest release is the punchy-sounding Righteous Harmony Fist, full of rich, punkish, Manchester power. Out on Tiny Global Productions.

Olympus Sleeping

Thought you’d heard the last of them, had you? Well, anything can happen in today’s crazy world, and that mortgage won’t pay itself. Dalston indie rock-dispenser Johnny Borrell’s band Razorlight is indeed back. Personnel have changed a bit since the last one a decade ago, but those jangling guitar melodies and energetic vocals are as intact as ever before.

Soft Hell

New York’s Pill cite their influences as rock ‘n’ roll legend The Big Bopper (he was on the same plane as Buddy Holly) and Ian Svenonius (Nation Of Ulysees, The Make-Up). This means for their second album, Soft Hell, you can expect a whirlwind ride from guitar and sax, melody and dark humour. The album’s oxymoron of a title references our acceptance of everyday drudgery. LP and CD on Mexican Summer.

Ty Segall
Fudge Sandwich

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The Soundtrack Of Our Lives
Behind The Music

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The Best Of R.E.M. At The BBC

You'll have to be a pretty big R.E.M fan to wade through the various sessions and live performances on the big bumper CD box set that accompanies this release. So how about this truncated version on both LP and CD  - a briefer flit through the best bits of the band's performances over the years at 'Auntie' as Wogan used to call it. 

Death Valley Girls
Darkness Rains

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Titus Andronicus
Home Alone on Halloween

Special releases for Halloween now, eh? That’s what we have with Home Alone On Halloween, the new 12” single from New Jersey's favourite Shakespeare aficionados Titus Andronicus. The three tracks here were recorded at the same time their last album, A Productive Cough. The title track is remix of the epic Home Alone from said album and is presented along with an obscure Bob Dylan cover and a 17-minute verbose spook-fest. Orange vinyl 12" on Merge, limited to 1300 copies.
  • Vinyl 12" (MRG666LP)
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Kurt Vile
b’lieve i'm goin down…

b’lieve i’m goin down… is album number six from troubadour Kurt Vile. What he has for us is a rich new collection of twelve songs, a kind of country-indie-rock that Vile is obviously extremely comfortable making. CD and 2LP editions, and also available as a triple-LP with six extra tracks, titled believe I’m goin (deep) down...

Grand Blue Heron
Come Again

With Come Again, what started out as a vehicle for Paul Lamont has now bloomed into a fully-fledged band. Lamont, together with collaborator Olivier Wychuyse, are Grand Blue Heron, a band whose influences are of the noisy and hardcore variety, but are also more than capable of holding down a mean melody.

Medicine Boy

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The Saxophones
Songs of the Saxophones

The Saxophones started as the solo project of Alex Erenkov. He wanted to incorporate some basic percussion into his sound so recruited his wife, Alison Alderdice, which also meant he could take her on tour with him. As you can probably tell from the cover of Songs Of The Saxaphones, he’s quite fond of her. Their influences all come come from leftfield sounds such as The Exotica/Hawaiian music of the 1950s - Edhen Abhez, Buddy Fo and Martin Denny to name a few, Vittorio Impiglia, a 1970s Italian outsider guitarist and west coast jazz. LP on Full Time Hobby.

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam
Blackout Cowboy

Robert Pollard is referenced in the press release for the new album by Birmingham's Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam. They say it is because they’re comparing the band’s prolific nature to his, but I think the real reason is that the band have taken their name from a yet to be released Guided By Voices album. They don’t sound much like Guided By Voices, however. They are an indie rock band who seemingly never turn the fi up past mid, though, but with a bit more of an in-your-face attitude. Blackout Cowboy is their latest offering. LP on By The Time It Gets Dark.

Exit North
Book of Romance and Dust

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The Dialogue Series

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Willie J Healey
666 Kill

Willie J Healey took a novel approach to writing the songs for his first record of new material since 2017 debut LP People And Their Dogs. As soon as an idea would appear in his head Healey sought to flesh it out without over-elaborating the writing process. The results are these six tracks of plaintive freak-folk that recall Neil Young, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Devendra Banhart. The title of ‘Guitar Music’ is a red herring - it’s actually Healey’s first song to feature no guitars other than bass.

R.E.M. At The BBC

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Minus The Bear
Fair Enough

Minus The Bear bring their 17-year career to an end with the release of Fair Enough EP. Their career has seen them build up a cult following with six albums and at least two handfuls of singles and EPs. Their sound marries dark subject matter with a brand of indie rock that will get you up on your feet. LP and CD on Suicide Squeeze.

Upper Wilds

Upper Wilds are a three-piece featuring members of Parts & Labor and Models Pterodactyl. Following in the noise-pop footsteps of their parent bands, on Mars, they being to ponder what living there might be like. Guest appearances from Mark Shue (Guided By Voices) and Katie Eastburn (Young People) among others. LP and CD on Thrill Jockey.

Primal Scream
Give Out But Don't Give Up: The Original Memphis Recordings

So here’s how it went down - Primal Scream release Screamadelica in 1991. It's a barnstorming success and wins the band the inaugural Mercury Prize. Bobby Gillespie et al then decamp to the southern states of the U.S.A. to record follow-up Give Out But Don’t Give Up with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and producer Tom Dowd. However, they subsequently decide that the takes aren’t up to much and re-do the whole thing when they get back to the U.K. Now they’ve changed their mind and deigned that the originals are, in fact, good enough to go public. Might be fun to cop this one and the other tapes and see which one you prefer.

Stay Out Late

Texas quintet Buxton emerge from an involuntary hiatus of strummer’s block with new album Stay Out Late. Aside from dictating to you how to spend your Friday night, the album comprises the results of reinvigorated creativity, the band having found itself back in the studio for the first time in years. The similarity of principle songwriter Sergio Trevino’s voice to Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor’s is quite remarkable. Has anyone ever seen them both in the same room?

The Cult
Pure Cult

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The Flaming Lips
Death Trippin’ At Sunrise: Rarities, B-Sides & Flexi-Discs 1986-1990

An extremely exciting release for all you fans of The Flaming Lips’ somewhat underrated earlier days. Death Trippin’ At Sunrise: delvers two LPs-worth of rare material, previously only sited on B-sides, compilations, and even flexi-discs, all dating from the chaotic yet fertile period 1986 to 1990. Double LP reissue from Warner Bros.


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Calvin Johnson
A Wonderful Beast

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Strange Entertainment

Twee-grungers Kagoule return to the fray with their sophomore LP Strange Entertainment. Now on Alcopop! after a stint with Earache, the band settle into their new surroundings with a playful record of loud-quiet-loud fare. Tracks like ‘Bad Saliva’ have a sort of pumped-up Trust Fund vibe to them. This one was recorded with Hookworms’ MJ at his Suburban Home studio.

St. Vincent

St. Vincent's new record is new in the quixotic way that 'new records' quickly following the last record are. In fact MassEducation is a reimagined version of Annie Clark's recent LP of blistering and Bowie-adoring pop music. Here the songs are rendered sparser and take on an entirely new way of living. I'm sure it's worth hearing.

Velvet Crush
In The Presence Of Greatness

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Kurt Vile
Bottle It In

Well here's something rather exciting - a brand new album from melody-drenched longhair Kurt Vile. Thirteen new songs from the prolific troubadour to add to his storied back catalogue of laid back, stoned-out, gently rocking things. This time he's been inspired by travel and the exciting life experiences touring gives but also the heartache of being away from his wife and daughters. 


Haley is not a new person. It's a new truncated name for Haley Bonar (now McCallum). But it is a new sound for the Minnesota based artist who has used her name change to make a bold move by removing all vocals from her music. Bold because her music was pretty much based around her golden throated melodies. Instead you get synth driven music with lots of nods back to Brian Eno. God knows how it will affect her career and whether this will be a permanent move but it's nice to see an artist taking a few chances. 

Miss World
Keeping Up With Miss World

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Young Jesus
The Whole Thing Is Just There

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The Wedding Present
Huw Stephens Session

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Wild Cat Strike
Rhubarb Nostalgia

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Accustomed to Your Face

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Kolars are ostensibly a band that blend already mixed genres - desert disco? Glam-a-billy? Anyhoo, the LA duo are essentially an indie rock act with a USP of a drummer who tap dances on a bass drum whilst playing the rest of the kit in the traditional way. They’ve supported a real mixed bag of artists on their travels from Pussyriot to Alanis Morrissette and Built To Spill to RZA. Their self-titled album is available on CD and LP - be quick though, only 200 of the latter available.

You Say I'm Too Much, I Say You're Not Enough

Searing rock music from Welsh rock band Estrons. And I'm not just saying that because they've put a volcano on their album cover, this is proper pulse-quickening exciting stuff. Fast and catchy guitar riffs pair with vocalist Tali's visceral singing to make something with genuine weight. You Say I'm Too Much, I Say You're Not Enough, and I saw Estrons are just right.

Soccer Mommy
Henry / I'm On Fire

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Kristin Hersh
Possible Dust Clouds

Possible Dust Clouds is the tenth solo studio album from Throwing Muses leader Kristin Hersh. It’s an album of contrasts, dark and light, loud and quiet, chaos and calm. It’s her first for Fire Records and is being ‘bigged up’ as return to form, and we know the heights that form has reached in the past. LP and CD on Fire.


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Cat Power

Cat Power celebrates the great blues tradition of transience on her first album in six years Wanderer. It was written over the course of a couple years during which she toured, and travelled, and played. Folk and blues are fundamentally collaborative genres and Wanderer is no different, featuring old friends, and a tour mate in Lana Del Rey.

Many Nights

Motorama surely have to be Russia’s finest indie-pop outfit, playing their dreamy wares to everybody across Russia and beyond. Many Nights, their fifth album, is light and punchy, bouncing along with a simple but infectious liveliness, good grooves, and that addictive jangle. Released by the Taitres label.

Mini Mansions
Works Every Time EP

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Tim Cohen
The Modern World

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Peel Dream Magazine
Modern Meta Physic

NYC’s Peel Dream Magazine release their debut LP Modern Meta Physic via Slumberland Records. Yes, your hunch was correct - the band’s name is indeed a reference to the late John Peel. Peel would probably have liked this lot, especially if they’d surfaced around the start of the ‘90s at that time when shoegazified Velvet Underground paeans were all the rage.
  • Vinyl LP (LPSLR234)
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She Makes War
Brace For Impact

Not to be confused with She Keeps Bees, She Makes War is the solo project of Bristolian singer-songwriter Laura Kidd. On Brace For Impact, the fourth SMW LP, Kidd comes through with a mixture of tender torch songs and sparky, passionate indie-rock. There’s both a grunge and a Britpop flavour to tracks like ‘Devastate Me’, which obviously wouldn’t have been allowed in the 90’s but is fine now.

The Wave Pictures
Look Inside Your Heart

They promised you a second album in one year and here it is. Wymsbold-via-London trio The Wave Pictures return with Look Inside Your Heart, with cover artist Nina Garthwaite swapping out the last album’s lion for a delightful scarlet ibis. Recorded straight to reel-to-reel while rather merry, the US-tinged, narrative indie rock & roll songs are full of kindness, joy and contempt for computers.

And Nothing Hurt

The new Spiritualized album really is just the work of one man, Jason Pierce, who wrote and recorded the album on a laptop in a small room in his east London home. Yet Pierce is so meticulous that he found a way of making the record sound like a studio session, and only things bigger than he could get up his stairwell were recorded in a studio. So, it's going to be interesting to hear how a band with such grandiose ideas as Spiritualized sound with such severe constraints on the recording process.  

Hugh Cornwell

Hugh Cornwell, aka chief of The Stranglers, strikes out solo on this occasion with a two-part double album. Disc one of Monster is all new material, with each of the ten songs written about someone important to Cornwell. On disc two, we get to enjoy ten acoustic versions of classic Stranglers cuts. Out on Silvertone.

Echo & The Bunnymen
The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon

Ian McCulloch and co. have never been timid or averse to grand gestures, so this album of “improved” studio re-recordings of past highlights is well within character. The track list hasn’t been disclosed at the time of writing, but is said to include some new songs alongside the reworked hits. It seems safe to say that if you’re in the market for something new by legendarily mouthy and self-confident northerners you could very easily do a lot worse. Available on double vinyl, CD and cassette.


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Bloody Knees
You Can Have It

A band called Bloody Knees: that’s got to be a punk band of some kind right? Yeah pretty much, though a bit less wiry and a bit more indie than I would have guessed. You Can Have It is their newest release, featuring four new tracks and a nice picture of the lads in a swimming pool with their tour backdrop on the cover of the 12”. EP on Distiller.

Youth Killed It
What's so Great, Britain?

It’s easy to be cynical about bands like Youth Killed It. Yes their lyrics are a bit naff, and yes their Jack Penate/The Metros/The Holloways/Jamie T-Under-18s-Sunday-matinee-at-ULU vibe is somewhat behind the curve in 2018. But you know what? At least they do what they do with conviction. What’s So Great, Britain? - the follow-up to an LP called Modern Bollitics, which is an excellent thing to call your record - is a cheeky Inbetweeners-style lark.

Animals Acoustic

This Town Needs Guns, and the record-buying public need new wax, so the two parties have come to an arrangement agreeable for both sides. TTNG (as they’re now known) have agreed to do a special version of debut LP Animals in order to mark its tenth birthday, and all the 12” fetishists out there with a penchant for folksified math-rock have agreed to go in for a few copies of it. Vinyl enthusiasts of the world, unite!


Featuring former members of Deerhunter, post-punk outfit Omni hail from Atlanta, Georgia. The band combine über-precise beats and riffs with laid back Talking Heads style vocals. Recorded in the bands own practice space by Carnivores' Nathaniel Higgins, you can stay old school with the traditional black vinyl, or, for the more adventurous, why not try the purple?

Ron Gallo
Stardust Birthday Party

Ron Gallo was going through a difficult time when recorded his last album, Heavy Meta. This, he felt, prevented him from putting the real Ron Gallo on tape. With his new album, Stardust Birthday Party, he’s managed to find his essence. It’s still indie rock that fans of The White Stripes would probably like, though. Vinyl LP or CD on New West.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Let Love In

More reissue goodness from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds; this time it's the rather sweetly titled Let Love In, to which we ask Nick: what's the catch? The catch is of course that this is as ever a dark collection of cuts about loneliness and romantic insecurity (just look at those titles: "Do You Love Me?"; "Nobody's Baby Now"; Lay Me Low"). Somebody make a time machine and go back and hug the 1994 Nick Cave.

Adam's House Cat
Town Burned Down

Any of you cats like Drive-By Truckers? Then this one’s for you. Before forming DBT Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley were in Adam’s House Cat. Formed in 1985, they recorded one album in 1990 that never made it to the pressing plant. Nearly thirty years on and that LP is now seeing the light of day. Town Burned Down isn’t as refined a Southern rock record as the stuff Cooley and Hood would go on to create down the line, but there are still some fine tunes on here that make it worth a listen.

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