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Menace Beach
Lemon Memory

Leeds’ very own Menace Beach return with Lemon Memory, which was apparently produced with the self-conscious intention of making something a little more restrained than Ratworld. They’ve pulled it off too, with tightly focused songwriting and production that lingers on the brink of fuzz overload wit...view item »

Images du Futur

Montreal quartet Suuns are back with their second album ‘Images Du Futur’ on Secretly Canadian this week, after their excellent debut ‘Zeroes, QC’ a couple of years ago. This time around the brooding tension is upped as they conjure a series ...view item »

Rough Master

Halifaxians Mauno take an unconventional approach to pop music, almost deconstructive. Pulling elements apart and focusing on them with fresh eyes. Resulting in strangely familiar but also completely alien experiments in pop structure and tones. Lot’s of “what the hell was that? Put that on again” going on here...view item »

Mapping The Rendezvous

The Courteeners are one of those bands while not famous nationally, have gathered an enormous following which allows them to play gigs in front of 30,000 people. Their previous album 'Concrete Love' did very well for them and there's no reason why the perky well crafted indie rock of this, their fifth album won't follow sui...view item »

Terry Malts
Lost At The Party

Overdriven indie pop that keeps the grit and drive of their favourite punk albums. Think The Buzzcocks or The Undertones waking up and getting into joyous pop. Keeping the riffs, the energy and the trashy back line sound, but a sprinkle of catchy oohs and ahhhs and cleanly sung vocal choruses. Positive energy....view item »

Ultimate Painting

Ultimate Painting are a laid back duo of Jack Cooper and James Hoare who sound like if they have a plan it is to make a distinctly English version of the kind of fresh as a breeze guitar tunes the Velvet Underground blueprinted on their third album. Indeed this is the third record from our heroic duo and once again it has been r...view item »

Game Theory
The Big Shot Chronicles

This isn't even the greatest Game Theory album but is still one of the finest most energetic bursts of oddball future thinking power pop seen in the '80s.  Scott Miller and pals had the route to my heart back then and this record contains some of his most direct pop bursts such as 'Erica's Word' and blitzkrieg opener '...view item »

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Modern Ruin

Frank Carter, formerly of mighty howlers Gallows, releases his second album with current band The Rattlesnakes. As the title Modern Ruins might suggest, Carter hasn’t finished being angry with the state of the world, though his songs aren’t quite so snarled ...view item »

Walter Schreifels
An Open Letter To The Scene

Walter Schreifels has plied his trade in hardcore / post-hardcore bands like Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksands and Rival Schools. But get this: he also plays song-based melodic stuff on his own! An Open Letter To The Scene was his solo debut, released in 2010 but long since ...view item »

Ian Sweet

Ian Sweet (which is a band by the way, not an individual man) release their full-length debut in the form of Shapeshifter. Brooklyn-based Jilian Medford drives the group with her self-inquisitive lyrics and unusual singing style, with the rest of the Sweet outfit weaving strange instrum...view item »

Peter Doherty
Hamburg Demonstrations

Erstwhile Babyshambler and Libertine Mr Peter Doherty comes back with a solo record, put together in Hamburg. Hamburg Demonstrations skims across an array of pop culture and political references (Graham Greene, the Paris attacks, Amy Winehouse), offerin...view item »

Fu Manchu
We Must Obey

Originally released in 2007 and now on limited vinyl, We Must Obey came in at the heavier end of the mainstream stoner rock spectrum. Take Queens of the Stone age and force feed them Black Sabbath for 20 years and throw in some of Nirvana’s angst and humour (yes, humour). Big riff...view item »

Blonde Redhead
Masculin Feminin

Here’s an excellently in-depth archival release for Blonde Redhead, one of 90’s New York’s finest outfits. Masculin Feminin contains the band’s first two albums in full, plus all the surrounding extra material from the time (singles, radio sessions, demos etc.). Also, for a little perspective, tw...view item »

Kings Of Leon

The Kings Of Leon return in order to sell several hundreds of thousands more records: Walls ought to do the job perfectly. These fellas know how to make well polished rock music in their sleep by now (this is their seventh album), and this won’t disappoint the fans they’ve picked up. The cover art is a bit d...view item »

Joan As Police Woman & Benjamin Lazar Davis
Let It Be You

The next step for the eclectic career of Joan As Policewoman is this collaboration with the similarly busy Benjamin Lazar Davis. Let It Be You pulls in a little Central African influence (the pair met through some international projects), but mostly works it into smart Brooklynite pop music. This debut ...view item »

Red Fang
Only Ghosts

Grab your favourite 24 pack of brewskis and get this thunder on. Hard rocking riff-tacular that reminds you to not take yourself too seriously. Catchy as Queens Of The Stone Age, riffs of The Sword, and sometimes as hard hitting as Baroness. But mainly head nodding goodness. And beards, and beer...view item »

Beyond The Fleeting Gales

Crying is a thing we do lots of here at Norman Towers especially when someone dings the bell every two seconds but this Crying is an indie pop three piece out of New York which makes sweet pop music influenced by Motown, prog rock and electronics. A crazy mix but one which is as easy on the ear as a cotton wool ball or a ...view item »

The Notwist
Superheroes, Ghostvillains & Stuff

German indie weirdos The Notwist present their first ever live recording. Performing tracks mainly off of their albums Neon Golden, The Devil, You and Me, and Close To The Glass. Sounding somewhere between Efterklang’s off kilter pop, and Radiohead electronic exp...view item »

Jack White
Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016

Here’s the opportunity for a different angle on the busy career of Jack White. While White is usually electrified, these are Jack White Acoustic Recordings, and they span his whole career to date, from 1998 White Stripes material to 2016 solo material. Includes some real deep cuts...view item »

True Widow

Emotive and kindly metal tunes from True Widow, whose democratic sound gives a look into the wizened guitar tone of Earth, the slowcore patience and swell harmonies of acts like Low and the riffology of some of yer louder shoegaze favourites. Avvolgere come...view item »

Return To Love

LVL UP (I assume it's meant to be Level Up as in LVL 42) are a bunch of slacker guitar slingers in thrall to the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel and Mount Eerie but with a tough melodic pop/rock sound that comes in somewhere betwixt Pavement and early Death Cab...view item »

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
Broken Lines

They have an incredible name and a hilarious line-up that includes members of indie-proggers the Mars Volta, metal mains Mastodon, math deathcrushers Dillinger Escape Plan and... the singer from Alice in Chains. There you have it, music has become fan fiction...view item »

We're All Gonna Die

We’re All Gonna Die is the fifth album by LA folk-indie-rock band Dawes (not to be confused with The Doors or Dawes bicycles, for that matter). Band leader Taylor Goldsmith likes to write about difficult situations people get into but will temper that with a positive ending. We’re All Go...view item »

Fu Manchu
Slow Ride/Future Transmitter

Stoner dudes Fu Manchu turn their attentions to Slow Ride a classic piece of boogie from groovy old rockers Foghat. Plus a Fu Manchu original, the first they’ve released for 2 years. This 7” single on At The Dojo (with a choice of red or transparent vinyl!) is mainly destine...view item »

Beach Slang
A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings

The latest in a long line of 'beach' bands, Beach Slang are doing for today's teenagers perhaps what the Beach Boys did for those coming of age in the 1960s. They are altogether a brasher proposition however with buzzsaw guitars, shouty emo-influenced vocals and thumping drums. In fact, the title A Loud Bash...view item »

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
I Had A Dream That You Were Mine

This titanic super-duo of indie pop feelings-havers contains one Walkmen frontman and one Vampire Weekend songwriter -- Hamilton Leithauser is the former and Rostam Batmanglij the latter. With Leithhauser's band dissolving as Batmanglij qu...view item »

Martin Bramah
The Battle Of Twisted Heel

Martin Bramah was in the original line-up of The Fall, 40 or so line-ups ago. In fact, he was the singer until King MES took the throne! Mark gets a dissing on The Battle Of Twisted Heel, Bramah’s 2006 solo record, which was deeply rare up until n...view item »

Blue Orchids

Blue Orchids are a sort of alternate-universe vision of what The Fall could have been: they are comprised of the original line-up of the band after Mark E Smith headed off to form Fall...view item »

Blue Orchids
The Once and Future Thing

Blue Orchids are a sort of alternate-universe vision of what The Fall could have been: they are comprised of the original line-up of the band after Mark E Smith headed off to form Fall...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Ultimate Painting

A collaboration between Jack Cooper & James Hoare of Mazes & Veronica Falls fame, respectively. Sharing the songwriting evenly between the pair, they craft some fine, Velvet Underground-esque indie rock ranging from the chilled to the pumping. A great combination of the lads intertwining vocals and jangling guitars....view item »

Super Low

Warehouse are an Atlanta GA band who tap into the marvellously fertile Athens jangle pop/art rock scene of the early 1980's. In fact the band provide the perfect R.E.M like backing for the remarkable growling vocals of Elaine Edenfield who bears an uncanny resemblance to Pylon's Vanessa Briscoe Hay. Quite r...view item »


Phantogram’s new album Three finds them fully evolved into a proper alt-pop outfit with massive-sounding singles and a well-earned swaggering attitude in the vocal performances. And the choruses, oh the choruses… This one should do well. Three is released on CD and on LP via the Fiction label....view item »

A Corpse Wired For Sound

Noise pop pals Merchandise come back around for 'A Corpse Wired For Sound', ditching the cleaner, more accessible rocking rawk music of their last record for their more disguised and discarded sound. Expect enduring songs buried under a lot of rubble and a gentle nod towards hardcore. ...view item »

Heads Up

Warpaint decide to direct their audience literally by naming the first single from their new record "New Song". Cool: the band's slow, brooding rock ascent may or may not continue on their follow-up to 2014's self-titled effort (plus Lindberg's solo LP), but the opening single has a glitching electro-pop glare and sparkly s...view item »


Swing and sway to your heart’s content with this one. Layers and layers of guitars, sweetly understated distant vocals all blocked together as a soothing harmonious duvet for you to wrap up in. Big and satisfying chords with the tones of Smashing Pumpkins, a bit of My Bloody Valentine, and The Cure...view item »


First up we had Women and once that band imploded we got Viet Cong and now we have Preoccupations which is basically the new name for Viet Cong. If last year's previously self-titled record is anything to go by this will be another strand of magical avant rock from the Calgary crew. They special...view item »

God Damn
Everything Ever

God Damn heavy. God Damn funky, and hell, God Damn catchy. Back for their follow up album on One Little Indian, and they bring the 70s rock riff, 90s grunge rage the head bang-ability and thick singable guitar leads of Royal Blood or Muse, big double vocal choru...view item »

Crippled Black Phoenix

Crippled Black Phoenix return with another heavy record of faded glamour and melancholy prog / post-rock / metal constructions. Varying line-ups mean a broad sound-range across the span of the album. Bronze is available in a plethora of formats: regular CD, deluxe CD with bonus tracks, and three different colours of dou...view item »

Tim Presley
The Wink

No relation to Elvis, Tim Presley has obviously spent far too much time hanging out with Cate Le Bon if the sounds of 'Clue' are anything to believed. It's not dissimilar to their collaborative effort as the Drink in that it features jerky post-punk rhythms and weird detached vocals. In fact the...view item »

Band Aparte
Memory On Trial

Los Angeles based gothic punk duo Band Aparte are here to make you pull your favourite sad-dance moves. With the obvious nods to Joy Division but new life injected with development on spacious synths and drum programming, gets you swinging like the kids from Homerpalooza… (that is a Simpsons refe...view item »

Hey Colossus
Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo

Ooof, here’s the chunky new offering from UK noise rockers Hey Colossus, reinvigorated by the addition of an ex-Part Chimp on drums and this time round opting for a more hi-fi approach to their sound, recording these tracks live to tape throughout 2012. The band m...view item »

Cymbals Eat Guitars
Pretty Years

Pressed so loud that I literally jumped out of my skin when it started playing, this is the latest album from the formerly interesting indie rockers continues their run towards mainstream rock with belched, vomited vocals over friendly indie rock guitars and synths that don't get let you think too hard. Strangely Springsteen - perhaps this ambit...view item »

The Verve
A Northern Soul

This 1995 album brought 3 huge singles - This Is Music, On Your Own and History, But you lot want more? Well it is now remastered and presented with all of the B-sides for each individual release as well as early versions of songs, unreleased studio tracks, live sessions and interviews. Good enough?...view item »

Show Me The Body
Body War

Show Me The Body are bringing back old-school noise rock vibes, with obnoxious vocals, stop-start heavy rhythms and distortion a-go-go. The tracks feel like they have been dragged out of the dirt, but they still have a jerking groove to them. Full-length debut Body War is a vinyl release out on Loma Vista / Concord....view item »

Shovels & Rope
Little Seeds

The husband and wife duo Shovels & Rope continue their explorations of American music and life with Little Seeds. Folk and country musics weigh heavily on their songs of hardship, but they aren’t afraid to thrown in slices of rough guitar noise to spice the pot. Little Seeds is released by New West on...view item »

Honey Bucket
Magical World

Quick and simple and smiley and fun indie-pop-punk from Portland, Oregon. Honey Bucket have written and recorded 13 tracks straight from the garage, with entertaining lyrics and some catchy guitar tricks. Nothing too complicated, but you’ll find yourself very much satisfied by Magical World. Out on Metal Postcard....view item »

The End Of Comedy

Nowhere near as psychedelic as their moniker might suggest, Drugdealer are in fact a collaboration between LA-based artist Michael Collins (Salvia Plath / Run DMT) and Natalie Mering from Weyes Blood and and Ariel Pink. Travel-inspired whimsy which explores spaghetti westerns, perceptions of social media and Jean Baudrillard....view item »

Say Yes! A Tribute To Elliott Smith

Say Yes! Was the last original song Elliott Smith played live before his untimely death, with friends coming together to complete his unfinished works, and now a HUGE line up of people gathering to pay tribute to him. A fine tribute indeed, poignant and lovingly covers of his original acoustic songs. On the whole, unrel...view item »

The Wedding Present
The Hit Parade

The Wedding Presents Hit Parade, originally released as 12 singles, one for every month of the year. Now with this re-release you dont have to worry about finding all 12 like i had to do! To add to the aesthetic of this album, it is being released on coloured vinyl (of course Gedge's powerful lyrics and thrashing guitar lines make this a great L...view item »

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding
Mid Thirties Single Scene

Scott and Charlene's Wedding always strike me as the kinda guys that getting out of bed is the biggest undertaking of each day. That they can even get it together to record songs is therefore a surprise but there's something in their rough and ready compositions that cuts through all the intellectual bullshit elsewhere. These ar...view item »

Scarlet Rascal
Scarlet Rascal

Textured and matured indie with one foot in noise rock post punk walls of sound, with Talking Heads esque vocals and rolling basslines, interesting and off kilter. Debut album comes on CD and vinyl through Geoff Barrow’s (Portishead) Invada imprint and mixed by Barrow and Craig Sil...view item »

Empire Blood & Bones

Having been a staple part of the Leicester scene since their first release in 1998 Echolocation mix a big band sound of trumpet, cello, flugel horn, piano synthesis and orchestration with front man Peter Ingram’s bitingly introspective to sometimes semi-political poetry. Sleaford Mods meet...view item »

Urusei Yatsura
You Are My Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura were the type of scrappy noisy pop protagonists that would probably do quite well if they were round these days so what better time for Rocket Girl to compile a compilation of all their radio sessions from the mid '90s. Indeed this collection is essential for any aficionados of '90s lo-fi slacker rock.  ...view item »

Slushy Guts
Honey Is Not For The Mouth Of An Ass

Gleaming passed lo-fi, scoffing and laughing, and jumping headfirst into the no-fi pool Stephen Keane’s Slushy Guts project dabbles in a range of acoustic-folk-rock-noise. Recorded on cheap equipment and distorting vocals, production doesn’t really exist on this record, but that’s what makes it...view item »

Family of the Year
Family of the Year

LA alt rock four piece Family of the Year win the coveted most unexpected band my dad likes trophy of 2016. Their shining power up is tween sitcom friendly with blinding melodies and those hazy West Coast themes that comes from having orange juice on tap. Kind of the Beach Boys meets Weezer...view item »

Enter Shikari
Live at Alexandra Palace

Enter Shikari release the sixth edition in their ‘bootleg’ series of live documents, with what must surely be the largest to date: Live At Alexandra Palace. Pretty much the whole show is here, spread across 2 CDs or 2 splatter-coloured LPs, depending on consumer preference. Relive the experience of February ...view item »

The Wedding Present
Going, Going…

Could you have ever imagined that in 2016 there'd be a new Wedding Present album? They have seemingly been content to rest on their nostalgia laurels over the past few years but they show that there is some fire still there with this 20 track album of linked songs which begins with four instrumentals.  "Some things just don...view item »

The Juliana Hatfield Three
Whatever, My Love

Juliana Hatfield has released a ton of albums since leaving ‘80s Boston three-piece Blake Babies, however, with her band The Juliana Hatfield Three she had only released one, 1993’s Become What You Are, until now. More than 20 years later the band have reconvened to record ...view item »

The Hecks
The Hecks

The Hecks have a whole world of alt and avant-rock styles under their belt, and they deploy what they know with real aplomb. This self-titled album often feels like some vintage Sonic Youth, with just the right balance between indie-poppy songcraft and flared-up noisi...view item »

We Fucked A Flame Into Being

Maarten Devoldere is one of the frontmen in Balthazar, but he is also Warhaus. This project is all about late-night songwriting, in the vein of previous moody artistes like Leonard Cohen. The guitars and synth-sounds of We Fucked A Flame Into Being are a perfect fit wit...view item »

Pearl Jam
Off He Goes / Dead Man

Pearl Jam reissues! As well as 2 mid-90’s albums, we have the accompanying singles: here is Off He Goes / Dead Man from 1996’s experimentally-leaning No Code. We’re told that the song is essentially about Eddie Vedder himself being a bit of a dick. Now re-pressed on 7” v...view item »

Pearl Jam
Who You Are / Habit

High time for some Pearl Jam reissues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the No Code-heralded next phase of their career. As well as the albums, we have the singles: Who You Are / Habit was the first single from No Code. The drums and sitar-heavy sound was pretty surprising new territory for ...view item »

Pearl Jam
Hail Hail / Black, Red, Yellow

It's time for some Pearl Jam reissues! As well as two mid-90’s albums, we have the accompanying singles: here is Hail Hail / Black, Red, Yellow from 1996’s experimentally-leaning No Code. Although Hail Hail is a proper rocker really... Now re-pressed on 7” vinyl by ...view item »

Pearl Jam
Given to Fly / Pilate & Leatherman

Pearl Jam reissues! As well as 2 mid-90’s albums, we have the accompanying singles: here is Given To Fly from 1998’s Yield, backed with Pilate & Leatherman. Moody smouldering alt-rock songcraft of the kind that Pearl Jam truly excel in. Now re-pressed on 7” vinyl ...view item »

Pearl Jam
Wishlist / U & Brain of J (Live)

Pearl Jam reissues! As well as two mid-90’s albums, we have the accompanying singles: here is Wishlist from 1998’s Yield, backed with U and a live version of Brain of J. Proper old alt-rock Pearl Jam songcraft, apparently recorded more or less as an improvisation. ...view item »

Day Of The Dead EP

Remember that 'Day of the Dead' mammoth compilation thingy the National curated? Well 4AD have released a limited edition 12" vinyl of the four song 'Terrapin Station (Suite)' with folks from Grizzly Bear, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, TV on the Radio, Sonic Yout...view item »

To Be Kind

I've spent my life a little afraid of Swans. They're pretty violent bastards. I saw one proper going for somebody's arse on a canal barge once. Serves them right for drunkenly hanging it off the edge. Michael Gira, the singer from the rock band Die Schwäne, doesn't so much peck your arse as kick it; metaphorically, cerebrally and ...view item »

Twin Atlantic

GLA is the highly anticipated new album by popular Scottish rock four-piece Twin Atlantic. It is their fourth long-player following on from past successes Varium, Free and Great Divide. They are favourites of Radio 1’s Annie Mac and are known for hits such as Heart and Soul and ...view item »

Beef Jerk

Australians Beef Jerk offer up their debut full-length for widespread commercial release following a self-release last year. Tragic sounds precisely zero like the sleek, clean kitchen units on the sleeve look: nope, this is jumpy, jaunty indie pop, with occasional dips into heavyweight lyrical subject matter. Out on Tro...view item »

Of Montreal
Innocence Reaches

Kaleidoscopic super-band of Montreal have reached their fourteenth album: with that much of an established career, Kevin Barnes is entirely free to lead his merry players down all sorts of fantastic avenues: lots of synth-pop, exploding vocal harmonies, experimental sound collage, dance beats etc. And typically ...view item »

Sunny Day Real Estate
How It Feels to Be Something On

Hey! They're finally reissuing this one! The secret favourite of many a Sunny Day Real Estate fan, 'How It Feels To Be Something On' started as something of a cashgrab project via Sub Pop (who were looking for a B-sides record to flog) but the band decided to record new material instead -- the result being this monolit...view item »

Darren Hayman and Papernut Cambridge
I've Been a Bad Bad Boy

Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner) has most recently been performing with Papernut Cambridge, a project run by former Death In Vegas guitarist Ian Button. Here Darren leads the ensemble in 2 tracks of lovely old-fashioned widescreen pop, present...view item »

Gap Dream
This Is Gap Dream

So this guy was in an early incarnation of the Black Keys but now plays an altogether different type of music. For a start it's good and secondly it owes more to Spiritualized and Spacemen 3 than whatever it was the Black Keys were tuned into. Certainly one for those who like their mind expandin...view item »

Dumb Numbers

Dumb Numbers is the dream supergroup of any respectable fan of heavy, sludgy, grungy guitar music. The rotating line-up includes representatives of Melvins, Dinosaur Jr, Einstürzende Neubauten, Jesus Lizard and more besides. II is the sound of some...view item »

The Cakekitchen
World of Sand

Coming not long after The Cakekitchen's marvellous 'Time Flowing Backwards' (also re-issued on Dais) comes 'World of Sand'. This time head man Graeme Jeffries worked with his live band and if the album doesn't quite have the magical charm of  'Time....' it has more variation and a slightly harsher sound palette. That's not to say that Jeffr...view item »

The Cakekitchen
Time Flowing Backwards

Another classic New Zealand gets a re-issue with this lovely 1991 era LP from Graeme Jeffries outfit. Jeffries had started out in ace post punkers Nocturnal Projections before forming the magnificent This Kind of Punishment with brother Peter. When the Jeffries brothers went their separate solo ways Peter seemin...view item »

Psychic Ills
Inner Journey Out

Psychic Ills’ new record is another ecstatic piece of psychedelic quality, working on an especially large scale. A broad cast of friends helped out with the recording, including Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star. Inner Journey Out is released by Sacred Bones, with sleeve art that imitat...view item »

The Cure
Entreat Plus

Universal continue in their valiant efforts to gradually reissue the whole hefty catalogue of The Cure. Entreat is a live album from the band’s enormous 1989 tour, recorded at Wembley Arena. The Plus signifies 20 minutes of extra material not available on the original CD. Seems to be the first vinyl relea...view item »


Good shouting band Pill move super-fast through embittered punk sagas along the lines of V.H.S, their guitar missives arranging counsel with a saxophone stomp that gives the record a second wind of urgency. It's one of the most expressive and exciting things you'll hear this year, is Conv...view item »

Have A Nice Life
The Unnatural World

Its always disconcerting to us when something starts flying off the shelves when we haven’t a) reviewed it b) listened to it c) even heard of it. We are, believe it or not, comprised of deeply flawed and sometimes useless human beings and so on occasion it is possible to completely miss stuff. As it is with this second album from t...view item »

Arab On Radar
The Yahweh Or The Highway Sessions

Arab On Radar flung themselves into oblivion some time ago, but these recordings have never previously seen the light of day. The Yahweh Or The Highway Sessions was recorded in 2001 at the same time as their final album, and the material carries the same sense of unhinged bro...view item »

JEFF The Brotherhood

Jeff The Brotherhood -- brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall hailing from Nashville, Tennessee -- are hard-rockin’ dudes, all right. But they’re possibly just a li-iiii-ittle bit stoned, too. I think. Opening track ‘Zone’...view item »

Public Access TV
Never Enough

The latest cool-swinging New York indie band present their debut full-length, Never Enough. Public Access TV have the classic stance and sunglass-wearing vocals of a Television, delivered with aplomb. The independent stores’ editions of Never Enough also throw in the exclusive four-track ...view item »

What Are We Fighting For

Here come Dodgy in 2016 with a brand new album featuring the original 'classic' line up. The press notes suggest they've been listening to such Norman-friendly bands such as Atlas Sound, White Fence and Can and the band certainly seem to feel that this is their best work. So really who are ...view item »

Night Beats
Power Child

Psychedelic Indie-rock band Night Beats have recently released their third album, Who Sold My Generation through Heavenly Recordings after impressive UK shows. Power Child is taken from that album whilst the b-side Wolf is exclusive to this 7”. The band, who started life as a duo...view item »

The Monochrome Set

Trace back from The Last Shadow Puppets, Franz Ferdinand et al any you’ll find The Monochrome Set. They originally formed in 1978, as part of the first wave of post-punk, and give most contemporaries a run for their money. Grand and smokey dive bar music, that would fit soundtracking a com...view item »

A Grave With No Name
Wooden Mask

A Grave With No Name is, obviously, not a cheerful project, but there is a stark beauty to Alexander Shields’ music under the name. Wooden Mask is a set of desolate experimental post-folk, “a meditation on renewal”. Vinyl and cassette editions are available, via the well-named Forged A...view item »

The Dillinger Escape Plan

The fact The Dillinger Escape Plan announced that they will be splitting up after the release of Dissociation and that the two are not connected feeds my need for irony for the day. After five albums, the record itself is as strong and fear mongering as they have ever been. Relentless. Relentless. Relentless. Relentless...view item »

F*Ckin’ Ziggurat

Fancy zine / book assembled by Emotional Response, featuring deep interviews with lots of cool bands from around the world, including No Monster Club, Primitive Calculators and Quaaludes. And the 70 beautifully-bound pages are accompanied by 17 songs on an accompanying CD, so you can read about ...view item »

The Wave Pictures
A Season In Hull

On A Season in Hull, the fourteenth studio album from English rockers The Wave Pictures, the group return to their lo-fi roots. Recorded live with a single microphone, this vinyl LP on Wymeswold Records relies on impeccable songwriting and charming grooves. The immediacy of the recording reminds...view item »

The Moles
Tonight’s Music

It's very good to hear Richard Davies's voice again. The man is a true original of skewed oddball antipodean pop music and it's been awhile since we've heard much from him following his string of decent solo albums and great collaboration with Eric Matthews as Cardinal. So like many others he's back using the na...view item »

Louder Than Love

The second album from Soundgarden receives a reissue. Louder Than Love (sadly they backed down on the original title, which was Louder Than Fuck) sits on the more metally side of the grunge spectrum, which was just beginning to firmly coalesce in 1989 when this was released. Vinyl reissue from Universal....view item »

Karma Seeker

VANT sound like an enthusiastic bunch of lads, playing a kind of indie that has strong poppy melodies and a shade of garage grit in the sound. No space is wasted on Karma Seeker: after the single and the main B-side (‘Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Berners Lee’) comes a quick extra song that lasts just 22...view item »

Essential Tremors
The Visitor EP

Jack White’s Third Man Records is well known for it’s nashville tinged love affair with the music world. Essential Tremors epitomise this with their leftfield approach that would prick the ears of fans of groups like The Book of Knots. There’s Tom Waits experim...view item »

The Julie Ruin
Hit Reset

Second studio recording from chief Bikini Killer Kathleen Hanna's current ensemble. The Julie Ruin were formed in 2010 and released their debut album 'Run Fast' in September 2013. This new offering expands on that sound, and brings something moodier yet more upbeat, and altogether more personal lyric-wise. Available to pre-order on white or norm...view item »

Butch Walker
Stay Gold

Butch Walker has penned songs for all the greats  - Frank Turner, Taylor Swift etc but he also writes tunes for himself. This latest effort will appeal to fans of the lesser spotted these days brand of American 'Cadillac rock' penned by the be-mulleted likes of Bon Jovi, ...view item »

Purling Hiss
High Bias

High Bias is studio album number six for Purling Hiss. They are the project of Philadelphia-based musician and slacker Mike Polizze. Polizze mixes sludgy grunge, psychedelic shoegaze and lots of guitar solos. Following on from his previous two albums Water On Mars and Weirdon I think it’s probabl...view item »

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