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Bryan's Magic Tears
4 AM

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The Twilight Sad

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The Callas with Lee Ranaldo
Trouble and Desire

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Lost Under Heaven
Love Hates What You Become

Ebony Hoorn and Ellery James Roberts (both of Manchester’s Wu Lyf) return with a second LP from their newer project Lost Under Heaven. The soberingly-titled, Mute-released Love Hates What You Become is solid, emotive alt-rock brimming with unrestrained vocal expression and lovely production. A band really going for it.

Snow Patrol
Final Straw

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Snow Patrol
A Hundred Million Suns

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Be The Cowboy

Mitski’s fifth LP - and second for Dead Oceans (Slowdive, Khruangbin) - finds the singer finding great emotional depth in her mixture of college rock, grunge and twee-punk. Her poised vocals and narratives about personal struggle and inner strength are wed to similarly emotive instrumentals across these fourteen tracks. It makes for a defiant and ultimately uplifting listen on Be The Cowboy.

Papa M
Highway Songs

Suprise! David Pajo (who became known from his time in Slint) releases a new solo album under his Papa M alias, the first for absolutely ages. Nine tracks of American sound that we predict, on the basis of the single ‘Walking On Coronado’, to be excellent. LP / CD / cassette tape editions available on Drag City.

Guided By Voices
100 Dougs

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Pedro The Lion

Phoenix is the first Pedro The Lion album in 15 years. Head Pedro, David Bazan, took himself on a journey round his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona whilst not enjoying a solo tour in 2016. This led him to thinking about how things used to be before the band dynamic changed and the band broke up - the way he wrote, the way he worked. This led him to get the band back together. The whole experience of going back inhabits the album's lyrical themes. CD and LP on Big Scary Monsters.

Rotting Pinata

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The Young Gods
Data Mirage Tangram

Swiss industrial legends Young Gods return with their first album in nine years. Data Mirage Tangram took shape from the most skeletal beginnings of songs being performed at a festival residency before being given bulk and structure on the road over a three year period. According to head Young God Franz Treichler, it’s the only time an album has arrived from a fully collaborative effort. Double LP and CD on Two Gentlemen.

Night Beats
Myth Of A Man

Night Beats with their fourth studio LP here (and the second they’ve put out via Heavenly). The press release for Myth Of A Man claims that this is a record that can already go toe-to-toe with the classics. It might be a bit early to be making such proclamations, but this is certainly a well-heeled collection of Lee Hazlewood-esque psych-country.

The Decemberists
Travelling On

The Decemberists like to release B-side EPs. Travelling On, released on Rough Trade, is a 5-track collection of tunes from their previous full-length album, I'll Be Your Girl. It contains 4 tracks from the Exploded Edition and a full band version of Travelling On. The title track's a grand wee foot-stomper. 

Not With That Attitude

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Shimmer and Spin

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SILKess Demon
Wet Woman

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Girl One And The Grease Guns/ Jen Schande
Suburban Robot / The Russian / 97 Tables

New split from everyone's favourite local record label Squirrel Records. One side features new songs from the mysterious Girl One And The Grease Guns, the B-Side includes Jen Schande, who is best known by fans of Squirrel Records as featuring of one of the early Cribs singles. Expect fuzzy electronic noise. 
  • Vinyl 7" (SQRL 42)
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Girl One And The Grease Guns
The Strange Little Lines That Humans Draw In The Dust

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Dance Music

Mastersystem are double-brother proposition, featuring the two Hutchinsons from Frightened Rabbit and the Lockeys of Editors and Minor Victories. Dance Music is their debut album, and it, naturally, is not really dance music. What it is is fuzzy, heavy, dark but high-energy music with guitars and such. Its released on Physical Education Recordings.

Brian Jonestown Massacre
Dropping Bombs On The Sun (UFO Paycheck)

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Royal Trux
White Stuff

First new album in 19 years from 'the Worlds Greatest Rock and Roll Band'. When I think of Royal Trux I can only remember the time my brother  - when asked by their record label where the band could stay after a Leeds show - suggested a quaint ivy clad Wetherby guest house complete with trademark poodle yapping about. How Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty would have fitted in in such environs would have been interesting given their rock and roll debauchery image and love for the white stuff they presumably titled this album after.  

For Against
Mason’s California Lunchroom

Mason’s California Lunchroom was For Against’s second album for the Rainbow Quartz label, their fourth album in all. It was originally released in 1995. The band, who hail from Lincoln, Nabraska, moulded their darkwave sound through being influenced by a lot of independent British music that was around in the early ‘80s. Reissue LP and digipak CD on Saint Marie.

The Charlatans
Up At The Lake

Up At The Lake by The Charlatans was originally released in 2004. In comparison to other albums by the North-West indie old-hats, it doesn’t seem to be quite as well remembered. The critics liked it back then though. Anyhow, here’s your chance to relive it with a lovely vinyl reissue. 180g LP on Virgin.

Double Negative

Two years on from the excellent Ones and Sixes Low have headed back down Highway 53 to Eau Claire to resume work with producer B.J. Burton (Bon Iver, James Blake) on an album which is said to be an unflinching eleven track quest to be loud, abrasive and commanding. A Low record that fights against itself....shades of 'Drums & Guns' perhaps? Once again Low move with the times. Truly always different, always the same. 

John Garcia
John Garcia And The Band Of Gold

Providing vocals for legendary stoners Kyuss will probably always be John Garcia’s greatest merit, but that doesn’t mean the man sits still. He’s played with a bunch of bands that were a lot like Kyuss but just not as good, and also makes solo albums. The humbly titled John Garcia and his Band of Gold is his latest effort, and you’d be right to expect tasty licks and high-pitched vocal wails, but with a bit more bluesy twang than classic stoner rock. 

Mac DeMarco
Salad Days Demos

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The Go Betweens
Right Here

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Manchester Orchestra
The Black Mile Demos

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Sugar & Spice EP

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IDLES / Heavy Lungs
Danny Nedelko / Blood Brother

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Customer Copy

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Karlstad EP

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Never Odd Or Even

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Meanwhile Gardens

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J Mascis
Elastic Days

J Mascis writes a new album, a new album writes J Mascis. Elastic Days is his third solo studio LP away from the daily grind of being in Dinosaur Jr. As with previous albums Several Shades Of Why and Tied To A Star, this one finds The World's Slacker Dad focussing on the acoustic side of life. There’s a bit of a Woods vibe to numbers like ‘See You At The Movies’.

Cuckoo Spit EP

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The 1975
A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Extremely (and unfathomably to people over 40) popular group the 1975 return with the thankfully shorter titled follow up to the one with the extremely long title. Who knew that when Tim Healey and Denise Welch got together this would be the result but there we are. That last LP reached number one on both sides of the little puddle we call the Atlantic ocean and interest is at fever pitch for this one. 


Sad Americana lot Pinegrove dropping by with their third full-length now. Skylight sounds a bit like Death Cab for Cutie and Wilco got together for an album they didn’t really want to make. The result is a decent bunch of catchy sing-along anthems for when you’re stuck in rainy rush-hour traffic.

Pure As Fear

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For Against

US post punk band For Against returned to the fold in 1993 after a five year hiatus with their third album, Aperture. Following in the footsteps of bands signed to Factory and 4AD, it could be argued that their take on darkwave foreshadowed bands such as Interpol. Reissue LP and digipak CD on Saint Marie.

Knife of Sin

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The Bronx
New Joy

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Manic Street Preachers
This is My Truth Tell Me Yours - 20 Year Collectors Edition

20 years ago the Manic Street Preachers released This is My Truth Tell Me Yours which you can now buy once again on a 20th anniversary special edition. Get not only the original album but a load of demos, live rehearsals and remixes. Don't miss out on the album NME gave 7/10 back in 1998 and features the hit 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next' and other songs.     

The Spinanes

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State Champion
Send Flowers

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Richard Swift
The Hex

Richard Swift sadly died on 3rd July, 2018. He was 41 years old. The gifted musician, songwriter, producer and filmmaker had worked with a number of acts in his career including Damien Jurado, The Shins, Foxygen (producing their first and best album) and The Black Keys. The Hex is Swift's final album which he completed shortly before his death. He put everything into this record - from cathartic songs about his late sister and mother to a patchwork of influences such as Doo-Wop, Wall of Sound, Funkadelic, Captain Beefheart, Bo Diddley and Link Wray. It’s a real shame that it will be his last album, but it looks like he has unwittingly saved the best until last. LP and CD on Secretly Canadian.

Half Man Half Biscuit
Let's Not

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The Wombats

Liverpool indie-popsters The Wombats released their fourth album, Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (and they would know because they’re all gorgeous!) earlier in 2018. Not resting on their laurels, they have some new material already - Bee-Sting b/w Oceans is released on 7” transparent vinyl through their own label, The Wombats.

Where Wilderness Grows

Gengahr, a band probably named after a Pokemon, have their second album ready to go, and it’s a twelve track tour of the group’s current capabilities. Where Wilderness Grows is bright and tuneful indie, recorded with Neil Comber at the production controls. Both the CD and the vinyl editions come with a download code for some live recordings. On Transgressive.

Cloud Nothings
Last Building Burning

Great news! Cloud Nothings have made their loudest record to date! It's also one of their fastest. The Cleveland OH band have drafted in Randall Dunn (Sunn O))), Earth etc.) to help replicate their intense and powerful live sound on this thirty-minute one-sitting-listen slab of racket churn.  

Circa Waves
What’s It Like Over There?

What’s It Like Over There? Is the third studio album from Liverpool indie rockers, Circa Waves. The album was produced by the legendary Alan Moulder and melds thrilling rock with sharp pop. The band have toured with the likes of Temples, Royal Blood, The Libertines and Interpol. LP and CD on Prolifica Inc.

Mandolin Orange
Tides of a Teardrop

Tides of a Teardrop is about as sad as it sounds, with the songs on this album searching for weights to bear. Country music mister and misses Mandolin Orange try to deal with the death of Andrew Marlin’s mum by writing songs about it. The result is a quiet and introspective album with mournful tunes, wailing violins, and slow-paced vocals. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (LPYEP2638X)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Richard Ashcroft
Alone With Everybody

Richard Ashcroft, as you probably know, was the lead singer with The Verve. Alone With Everybody was his debut solo album, and moved Ashcroft even further away from The Verve’s early shoegazing sound. It was very popular with people who like this kind of thing upon its release in 2000. Chris Martin of Coldplay has apparently hailed Ashcroft as the greatest singer in the world. 180g vinyl repress on EMI.

Pale Waves
All The Things I Never Said EP

Debut EP All The Things I Never Said from indie pop outfit Pale Waves, a quartet hailing from Manchester. Taking subtle hints from 80s synth-pop acts like The Cure and much heavier ones from the likes of The 1975 (the group are endorsed by Matty Healy himself). Out on clear red 12" vinyl, on Dirty Hit.

Dead Naked Hippies / No Fixed Identity
Young Male Rage / 123

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Dead Letter Office

R.E.M. in the early days were a great B sides band. They always ensured that each single came with a gaggle of excellent additional tracks. Dead Letter Office does the decent thing and round these up on one collection. From the sublime (their take on Pylon's 'Crazy') to ridiculous (laugh-a-long versions of Aerosmith's 'Toys in the Attic' and Roger Miller's 'King Of The Road' - it's all here.   

Possum Moods
Northern Times

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DOG Power
DOG Power

Following a couple of singles, New Zealand duo DOG Power release their eponymous debut album. The duo are made up of Sam Perry, a singer songwriter with an indie pop slant, and Henry Nicol, an experimental musician. It’s probably down to the latter that, although the pair make pop music, it is brooding and dark. An obvious reference point would be early Depeche Mode, but there are also guitars slicing through the electronics. There’s something about them that most definitely ties them to the Flying Nun stable, too. LP on Flying Nun.

The Ocean Party
The Oddfellows’ Hall

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Jealous Of The Birds
Wisdom Teeth

Jealous of the Birds returns after 2016’s Parma Violets. Naomi Hamilton’s new EP Wisdom Teeth finds the Northern Irish indie songwriter pondering such topics as a life in music and the reconciliation of inner and outer selves. She does so with dextrous, poetic lyrics and excellent, folky choruses, in which her voice takes off beautifully.

The Ninth Wave

The Ninth Wave is a famous Russian painting. It also happens to be the name of this new ‘80s style new wave/goth/indie combo. Whether or not they took their name from the painting at this point is unknown. What I can tell you is that their new EP is called Flesch and that this is the kind of stuff that will get played a lot on 6 Music. In summary: likely to do well. CD EP on Distiller

The Fall
58 Golden Greats

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Given Up EP

There once was a band called Whenyoung / Who left Limerick for London / With Cranberries covers and numerous others / They’ve now quite a reputation! With apologies to Whenyoung and the people of Limerick in general. The trio’s new single ‘Given Up’ goes for snappy and poignant alt-radio-rock with a winning chorus.

This One's For The Dancer & This One's For The Dancer's Bouquet

Wolf Parade’s and Sunset Rubdown’s Spencer Krug makes provisions for his comeback tour in ten years by calling it quits with final album This One's for the Dancer & This One's for the Dancer's Bouquet. It’s under his more leftfield Moonface moniker, pitting his sumptuous voice against oddball indie rock, replete with many instruments, textures and a fair few lyrics from the point of view of the Greek mythological Minotaur. About time somebody told his story.

In The Flat Field

Where did it all begin? Well, for Bauhaus (and thus arguably for all goths), it began in 1980 with In the Flat Field, a hell of a statement any way you cut it. Serious chugging rock heft underpins Peter Murphy’s highly characterful vocals: you can kind of see how it created a whole idiom in its wake. Reissue editions on 4AD.
  • Vinyl LP (CAD2901LPX)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Eliza Shaddad

Eliza Shaddad has threatened an LP for a while now. In Future she's come through with a debut full-length for Beatnik Creative that makes good on the promise of her early EPs. Shaddad confesses to listening to plenty of Hole and Portishead in the run up to Future, and their influence is palpable here. See also PJ Harvey and Lyla Foy. You’ve got the keys, now Shaddad and drive.

Hey Colossus
Live at Magasin4, Brussels

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Perfect Body / Zac White
Fields / Spent On You

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The Cure
Acoustic Hits

Released for record store day 2017, here we have the second cd from The Cure’s greatest hit compilation released in 2001 getting it's own vinyl release for the first time. Acoustic versions of all the tracks that featured on the main compilation. Features versions of Lullaby, Friday I’m In Love, Boys Don’t Cry. Double vinyl on Polydor.

Head Carrier

Here comes the second post-reunion album from the legendary Boston outfit whose previous effort 'Indie Cindy' garnered mixed notices but was still at times a fine blast of noisy avant rock. Now having finally settled on a bassist with the Kim clone Paz Lenchantin now snugly ensconced into the line up, it's time to see whether the band really still mean business.  

In Our Circle

Nathan Amundson makes some of the slowest and smokiest guitar music out there, and he does it under the alias of Rivulets. Previous records have been candle-burning delights to rival the languishing intensity of Jason Molina; In Our Circle showcases him as all of his best selves, whether he's attaching space rock to his resume or doing harshed pastoral psychedelics in the vein of latter day Neil Young. As always, a lot of it is sad and hopeless, because, yeah, Rivulets album.

Ryley Walker
The Lillywhite Sessions

Dave Matthews Band recorded an album with producer Steve Lillywhite which was scrapped at the label’s behest. Now, this bit confuses me - the press release here describe the album in terms I would not match with Dave Matthews Band such as ‘art rock’ and ‘masterpiece’. However, they are terms I can associate with Ryley Walker who has tried his hand at re-recording the album, The Lillywhite Sessions. Although the Dave Matthews Band version was scrapped, some tracks showed up on their 2002 album Busted Stuff. From hearing those tracks I think they might sound rather fine in the hands of Ryley Walker. LP and CD on Dead Oceans.

Art Brut
Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!

Berlin-based indie rockers Art Brut are back together for their first album in 7 years. Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! comes after lead vocalist Eddie Argos has lived a bit. In the intervening years he has been hospitalised, had a son, a relationship break-up, written a comic, a memoir and a musical. All this has informed the the upbeat post-punk that harks back to their 2005 album Bang Bang Rock and Roll. LP and CD on Alcopop!

Workin' Man Noise Unit
It's Not Nothin'

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Green River / U-Men
Away In A Manger / Blue Christmas

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Beach Fossils
Clash The Truth + Demos

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Esben And The Witch

Esben And The Witch return with a new LP on Season Of Mist. Nowhere is a very good metal album full of Gothic majesty. The passages of monolithic sludge are reminiscent of Sunn O))), but the way they often give way to moments of icy beauty is reminiscent of Converge and even a little Tool. Singer Rachel Davies recalls Chelsea Wolfe and (more obliquely) Beth Gibbons.


Very good Scottish shop Monorail put their money where their mouth is by releasing the debut LP from this Glasgow collective. Hairband (good that isn't it?) contain members of Spinning Coin and Breakfast Muff and play the sort of joyful, elastic music that you can imagine coming out of Glasgow particularly when you throw in influences such as Orange Juice, Television and Life Without Buildings. 

Urge Overkill

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Liz Phair
Exile In Guyville

You could get the super-duper 7LP re-issue or simply re-live the sounds of 1993 with this standard revamp of Liz Phair's classic work. A whip-smart out-of nowhere classic of lo-fi songcraft and lyrics which explored sex from the female point of view. Something that (believe it or not) was a rarity even then.   

Heaven Born and Ever Bright

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Sing To God

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Chris Cornell / Soundgarden / Temple Of The Dog
Chris Cornell

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Fall Into the Sun

Back after a two-year break-up, Swearin’ are releasing their first album in 5 years. Somewhere halfway between Wavves and Alvvays (but without v’s, for some reason) you’ll find Fall into the Sun. Come and get your fix of girl-fronted, clever and noisy indie-rock. Comes with a tiny hint of tasty self-deprication. 

Pop The Bubble EP

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Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins are so excited about the release of their brand new album that they’ve given it two or three titles! Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun. (didn’t I tell you?) is the first Smashing Pumpkins album for four years, and it notably features founder members like James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin for the first time this millenium. Released by Napalm Records.

Oh Dearism

The name itoldyouiwouldeatyou sounds like a potential collaboration between iamamiwhoami and Thom Yorke, but is in fact an NME indie band from London: Los Campesinos! meets Titus Andronicus, that sort of thing. Their debut album Oh Dearism is pressed entirely using leftover bits from other vinyl jobs, which is a great idea.

Hunters Chorus
Old Growler

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Stabbing Westward
Wither Blister Burn + Peel

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Sea Pinks
Rockpool Blue

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Mick Harvey and Christopher Richard Barker
The Fall and Rise of Edgar Bourchier and the Horrors of War

Guitarist and long time Bad Seed (of Nick Cave-related renown) Mick Harvey teams up with lyricist Christopher Richard Barker to create The Fall and Rise of Edgar Bourchier and the Horrors of War. First single sounds like a fuzzy, distorted and almost punky affair with cheery vocals chanting sinister lyrics. And why not?

Jon Spencer
Spencer Sings The Hits

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Those Who No

Aussie new wave/punk band Civic follow up their New Vietnam EP with Those Who No. As with their previous EP, Civic have taken sounds of the past and made them relevant for a new generation. They’ve even recorded their own version of Brian Eno’s Needle In The Camel’s Eye. Limited Edition 7” on Famous Class.

Stephen Steinbrink
Utopia Teased

And I thought Stephen Steinbrink was such a nice clean living young man. Well understandably perhaps, after the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland he went a bit off the rails... eating LSD daily, refusing to sleep and locking himself in his studio. The results are contained within Utopia Teased, an album which eschews the clear lines of previous albums for a rougher production which mirrors the dark days Steinbrink was having whilst making the record.  

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