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Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert
What The Night Bestows Us

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The Depreciation Guild
In Her Gentle Jaws

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I Was A King
Slow Century

I Was A King sang about him on their eponymous debut and now they’re recording album No. 5 with him. The him we refer to is Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub. Slow Century is the fifth album by Norwegian indie-rockers I Was A King. The band are influenced by greats such as Big Star, The Byrds and The Beatles and have worked with such luminaries as Robyn Hitchcock, Danielson and Sufjan Stevens. You know you want to give this a go don’tcha? LP and CD on Coastal Town Recordings.

Shady Bug
Lemon Lime

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Lucille Furs
Another Land

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I Can Fool Anybody In This Town

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Rocket Girl 20

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Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1

Oxford's second biggest band return with more stadium-sized teeth gnashing. It's part one of a two part extravaganza of new music that is said to be their most ambitious work yet with prog structures ambient interludes, the kitchen sink and lots of pontificating on the state of the world. You'll get this one first then once you've recovered, part 2 will follow later in the year.    

The Minus 5
Stroke Manor

My goodness what a backstory. This ain't no average the Minus 5 record. Turns out leader Scott McCaughey suffered a stroke which nearly killed him and wiped his entire musical history from his brain. But rather than wallow in misery he started his recovery by writing a new album. The results are as fragmentary and scattershot as you would imagine. Peter Buck (REM) and Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) helped him makes sense of it all. 
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Say Sue Me
We've Sobered Up

  • Vinyl LP (DAMNABLY075)
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Courtney Barnett
Everybody Here Hates You

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Old Time Relijun
See Now and Know

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Debut album from SASAMI, the very exciting Los Angeles based indie rock songwriter. Written partly while on tour with Cherry Glazer, SASAMI's song are a painful but necessary look inward that everyone can learn from. Melodic but restrained, and with instrumentation that can veer between the more dreamy and the more rocky. On Domino. 

Flight of The Conchords
Live in London

The Flight Of The Conchords TV series finished its run way back in 2009 - that was 10 whole years ago. Since then Brett McKenzie has become an Oscar-winning songwriter and Jermaine Clement has been adding his voice to films such as Despicable Me, Moana, and The Lego Batman Movie.  The duo reunited to tour the UK in 2018. Their London show was recorded for an HBO TV special, and now it’s available on LP, CD and Cassette via Sub Pop. Includes two bonus tracks that were not included on the TV special.

Black Country, New Road
Athen's, France

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Meat EP / Meta EP

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Kristin Hersh

Reissue of the eighth LP from Throwing Muses’ Kristin Hersh here. Crooked is a set of moody, brooding ballads that coalesce around Hersh’s stoic lyricism. Her husky alto adds real gravity to these already heavy tunes. As such, Crooked is an LP in the best Americana tradition, up there with Mark Lanegan and Wilco.


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Coming to the B-list of a commercial radio station near you! Shadowboxer is the debut album of Sydney based stadium-indie rock band Mansionair. Incredibly slick songs with huge catchy choruses and a looming atmosphere made of whooshing synths. Ideal music to drive home or cook a nice dinner for you and your family to.

Invasion Of Privacy (The Black Album)

It had to happen at some point. Yes, after Red, Green, Blue and the rest, we now have Weezer’s Black Album. Technically this thing is called Invasion Of Privacy but we can pretty much guarantee no-one will be referring to it thus five years from now. This LP has been produced by Dave Sitek and sees the band going for that sort of nerdy white-boy funk thing that has been tried by everyone from Nickleback to Jack Penate over the past few years. We could have seen that coming too.

Good Fruit

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The Japanese House
Good At Falling

Got a few ‘Japanese’ bands knocking around at the moment, haven’t we. Not as in bands from Japan, as in bands called things like Japanese Breakfast and The Japanese House. The latter is the solo project of Amber Bain, who has released this here debut LP on Dirty Hit - a label set up by, among others, the late Ugo Ehiogu. Good At Falling is a collection of synth-ified indie-pop tunes in the vein of mid-period Bon Iver.

Maximo Park
As Long As We Keep Moving

Maximo Park are still going strong, still wearing the hat, and still nailing it live. As Long As We Keep Moving is a live document, recorded at Vada Studios, with an array of the band’s finest tunes from across their career represented, with all the extra energy of a Maximo Park performance. On Cooking Vinyl.

Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog released their latest album, Critical Equation, last year. They also began to tour. Then they took a break from touring. To celebrate the tour getting back up and running they’ve found two tracks from the Critical Equation sessions that never made it on to the album. Can She Dance and Can’t Catch Me make up the Critical 7”.

Footnotes - Best Of (92-94)

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Dream Chaos

Wyldest are an English/Estonian band who have enjoyed critical success following a couple of EPs in 2018. Here we have their debut LP, Dream Chaos. It mixes dream pop, shoegaze and certain ethereal qualities that make you want to reach for comparisons to Slowdive, Warpaint and Cocteau Twins. LP and CD on Hand In Hive.

Sundara Karma
Ulfilas' Alphabet

Reading hipsters Sundara Karma attempt to transition from buzz band to in-it-for-the-long-haul band with sophomore LP Ulfilas’ Alphabet. The nuts and bolts of this shift are that they’ve done a Tame Impala and beefed up their arena-indie sound with some disco and that. Single ‘One Last Night On This Earth’ sounds a bit like ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ by Kiss.

Hot Water Music

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Into Red

The hotly-tipped FEWS return with their sophomore LP. Much like their buzz-building 2016 debut Means, Into Red contains a string of powerful post-punk tracks that also draw plenty of influence from noise-rock. Motorik grooves backbone tracks such as ‘Business Man’. It all adds up to something not dissimilar to Iceage.


Coldharbourstores have succeeded in making an album in a shorter time than fourteen years! Hot on the heels of 2017’s Wilderness is 2019’s Vesta, which was produced by Graham Sutton. Vesta has that classic gorgeous bright sound, somehow ambient and exciting all at once. Coldharbourstores’ third album is released on the Enraptured label.

Du Blonde
Lung Bread For Daddy

Du Blonde is the alter ego of Beth Jeans Houghton, whose first album Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose (2012) was released under her own name with the backing band The Hooves Of Destiny. Since then she has made one previous album under the Du Blonde moniker, Welcome Back To Milk (2015). Her new album, Lung Bread For Daddy sees her taking from both previous albums, mixing proto-punk, psych rock and ‘70s songwriter styles. Lyrically she is unflinching in her catharsis with themes of loneliness, anxiety and the problems arising from living in too many different places. LP and CD on Moshi Moshi.
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The Lemon Twigs
Brothers of Destruction

We got into a few arguments with customers about this lot. You love 'em, we find them intensely annoying. Anyway we're in the minority as they are doing pretty well for themselves with their brand of showmanship, music hall and proggy pop. This features an extra six tracks that weren't released on the recent 'Do Hollywood' so like 'em or loathe them you can't complain you are not getting value for money.  

Death From Above 1979
Heads Up Demos

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Cellar Doors
Cellar Doors

Cellar Doors are a band from San Francisco, but they have connections closer to home as they are managed by Stephen Holt of Inspiral Carpets. Their music is rooted in psychedelia with elements of indie rock and post-punk. All-in-all, a melodic, powerful and danceable proposition, I reckon. Their eponymous debut is released on LP and CD via Hear Here.

Strange Creatures

The Deputy Leader Of The Labour Party’s favourite band return with their third LP and first full-length since 2015’s Undertow. Strange Creatures is a ten-track affair that sees Drenge’s muscular brand of hardcore indie-rock refigured for the night-time. Not in a they’ve-gone-disco sense - in the eerie, uncanny, nocturnal sense.

Post Earth

Feels make equal amounts of noise and melody. Post Earth is the L.A. four piece’s follow-up to their self-titled debut, released through Castle Face, which was produced by none other than Ty Segall. Here, they switch labels to Wichita and soak up influences from The Breeders to Warpaint to Queens Of The Stone age.

Pom Poko

Norwegian group Pom Poko drop their debut LP on Bella Union. The group cite a pretty mixed bag of influences - Death Grips and Ali Farka Toure are both name-checked in the press release for Birthday, but unfortunately so are Vulfpeck, so this could really go either way. As it is they don’t really sound like any of that lot - groups like Deerhoof and The Mae Shi spring to mind as Pom Poko power through a collection of zany power-pop-punk numbers.

Major Murphy
Lafayette EP

A selection of bedroom recordings made by Major Murphy while they were still figuring what exactly Major Murphy was going to be. The Lafayette EP, named for the house which contained said bedroom, shows a more gentle and less assured side of the band. A fascinating document for anyone who enjoyed their debut No. 1. 
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Half Japanese

....And they are invincible aren't they? Jad and David Fair have long been proponents of outsider music but now in 2019 they sound rather steady and listenable if it weren't for Jad's screechy freeform vocals which continue to give the band an air of unpredictability in the best traditions of Daniel Johnston and Jonathan Richman.    


For his fifth album, Michael Benjamin Lerner wanted to do it alone. Though previous Telekinesis albums have seen Lerner playing everything, Effluxion is the first where he has handled everything up to the production. A power-pop record with a spectacular sense of intent, and is filled with the catchy hooks and uplifting choruses we expect.

Man & The Echo
A Capable Man / White Culture

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Shadow On Your Heart

Threatmantics hail from Cardiff, Wales. Essentially an indie band, they mix everything from folk to pop to metal into a big pot labelled ‘rock ‘n’ roll’. Shadow On Your Heart is their first album in 7 years and is self-released. They previously released their debut album Upbeat Love (2008) through Domino imprint Double Six. Limited to 300 copies in hand printed sleeve.

Savage Mansion
Revision Ballads

There’s this great bit in Peep Show where Super Hans explains away the unfairness of a situation to Jez by simply saying ‘it’s a Savage Garden, my friend’. We can’t say for certain what Glaswegian DIY-punk Craig Angus is getting at by naming his project Savage Mansion, but one spin of Revision Ballads implies that things may be a bit brighter for Angus than they were for Jez in that moment. Revision Ballads is an LP of breezy, grungy pop tunes ala The Lemonheads, Pavement and all that other good stuff from the ‘90s.

The Manhattan Love Suicides
More Heat! More Panic!

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Homeshake is the project from Peter Sagar  - an escapee from the Mac De Marco touring band who has already issued several dollops of R&B influenced lo-fi pop. Helium is the product of both a much clearer mental state for the artist and of a new home recording set up which allowed him to tinker further with his tracks following increased interest in ambient and electronic compositions.

Methyl Ethel

Australian art-rock combo Methyl Ethel enjoyed some success with their second album, Everything Is Forgotten. They matched dark lyrics with sparkling melodies and songs such as ‘No.28’ and ‘Ubu’ were among some of 2017’s best moments. Now they’re back with a follow-up, Triage. It finds the band in a more contemplative mood than usual.

The Power Of Failing

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The Wedding Present
Marc Riley Sessions Volume 3

The Wedding Present certainly get on with Marc Riley: he has brought them in for sessions on numerous occasions over the years, and this release collects tracks from some 2015 and 2016 sessions. Some Present classics, plus a fetching cover of the Nancy Sinatra Bond theme ‘You Only Live Twice’. Marc Riley Sessions Volume 3 is released by Hatch Records.

William The Conqueror
Bleeding On The Soundtrack

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Fontaines D.C.
Too Real

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Vintage Crop
Company Man

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Bob Mould
Sunshine Rock

Just look at that sleeve. Bob Mould is obviously in a better place than where he was around the time of his 1990 album Black Sheets of Rain. But there's a point to the all the happiness. Bob is content in Berlin and instead of a raging anti- US administration album as you might expect, he's celebrating the good things in life as a means to stay alive during these dark years. 


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Penelope Isles

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Pursuit Of Momentary Happiness

Yak is pretty much the epitome of the indie power-rock trio. From riffs that approach The Black Keys levels of addictiveness to noisy genre-defying jams that reminisce a higher paced Spiritualized, their second album Pursuit of Momentary Happiness has exactly what you’d expect of a band living in their car with nothing but their Big Muff pedals to keep them warm.

The Cure
Greatest Hits

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Current Affairs
Breeding Feeling / Draw The Line

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Entracte Twist
Entracte Twist

Self-titled album on Requiem Pour Un Twister from Parisian band Entracte Twist. Post-punk in the 70s style which means: jangly guitars, driving drums and a tasteful amount of synthesiser. This is the sort of music that is described as being effortlessly cool, which certainly isn't helped by the band singing in the language of effortlessly cool, French. 

La Houle
Premiere Vague

Premiere Vague is the debut album from French underground newbies La Houle. After a couple years spent over here in England they've moved back to France to release a record that on the official shogaze-o-meter lies a bit closer to Slowdive than to My Bloody Valentine. Which is to say, they've got a moderate amount of effects pedals and you can actually here the singing.

Ian Brown

With the big paydays from those Stone Roses reunion gigs apparently wrapped up for now, Ian Brown has got back into solo music-making: Ripples is his first solo material to land in nine years. The wider Brown family are all over this record, with Ian’s sons contributing to both songwriting and musical performances. That’s pretty sweet really. Ripples is out from Virgin EMI.

Guided By Voices
Just To Show You / Knife City

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Pip Blom

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Mike Krol
Power Chords

Garage-punk upstart Mike Krol returns to Merge with his fourth LP Power Chords. This one is very much a record that does what it says on the tin. Cuts like ‘An Ambulance’ and ‘Little Drama’ are blown-out rockers that recall Wavves and Colleen Green. Swearin’’s Allison Crutchfield, Sleeping In The Aviary’s Elliott Kozel and Enon’s John Schmersal all guest.

Cherry Glazerr
Stuffed & Ready

Cherry Glazerr’s debut album, Apocalipstick, was a success and consequently the band have spent most of the time since its release touring. They have found themselves sharing bills with Pixies, Flaming Lips, The Breeders and Slowdive, to name but a few. Whilst their music has at some point clearly been influenced by these bands, we can hope their second album. Stuffed & Ready, which was recorded mid-tour, is strengthened even more by seeing these bands at close quarters.

The Entrepreneurs
Noise & Romance

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The Moth & The Flame

The Moth & The Flame’s latest LP Ruthless was conceived in the shadow of singer Corey Fox donating one of his kidneys to a friend in need. A noble act indeed, and also definitely a life experience that you can spin an album’s-worth of songs out of. Said album continues the trend of The Moth & The Flame’s previous records, which is to say that it’s festival-ready U.S. indie-pop of the Naked & Famous/M83 school.

Honey Lung

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Le Butcherettes

Le Butcherettes new album bi/MENTAL is here, and it is once again packed full with lively attitude and vivid instrumental action. This one was produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads, so it has a very fine sparkle and glimmer to it. All the fun of good punk-rock music with extra gnarly vigour. Released by Rise Records.

What Chaos Is Imaginary

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White Lies

Five is the er….fifth album by London three-piece White Lies. The facts Normanites might like to know is that it was produced by Ed Buller (Suede, Boo Radleys, Pulp etc) and mixed by Alan Moulder (JAMC, Ride, NIN etc) and renowned producer, Flood, plays synth on it a bit too. LP and CD on PIAS.

Deer Tick

In 2017, Rhode Island rock/folk/rock/country/rock band Deer Tick released two compilation albums, Vol.1 and Vol.2. Now they’re giving us Mayonnaise, which is a close relative, containing alternative versions of songs first released on the two volumes. What I want to know, however, is why did they call this Mayonnaise when the first two had such prosaic names? Surely Mayonnaise should be called Vol.1 & 2 v2.0, shouldn’t it? LP on Partisan Records incl. Bonus 7”.

The Twang
Either Way, It's The Best Of The Twang

Ten years into their career, indie boys The Twang now feel that they are in a position to compile and release a best-of album, featuring sixteen tracks grabbed from across their four albums to date. Hmmmm. Well, they’ve done it all the same, so you can get the excitedly-titled Either Way, It’s The Best Of The Twang from here if you want to. Released by Jump The Cut.

The Sciences

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The Dandy Warhols
Why You So Crazy

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Ryan Adams
Big Colors

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Barry Adamson
Memento Mori (Anthology 1978 - 2018)

He's been around a long time. From playing bass in Magazine to collaborating with Nick Cave and Jarvis Cocker to his nine solo albums to surely his greatest achievement  - finding and wearing the world's biggest pair of glasses. Now it's all been rolled up in an anthology which depicts an idiosyncratic life in music.  

Danko Jones
A Rock Supreme

Now, A Rock Supreme is a pretty bold title to choose for your album, and whether the new one from Canadians Danko Jones achieves enough greatness to warrant the presence of Coltrane’s ghost or not is up to you. What you can be sure of though is lots of high-rock, high-energy rock action, delivered at speed and without too much self-seriousness. On Rise Above.

The Twilight Sad

A few years ago it seemed like the Twilight Sad had had their day. Despite releasing a string of brilliant records they hadn't really crossed over to the success they deserved. Yet all of a sudden here they are with what could be the biggest album of their career. They've used the opportunity to make some pretty wild punctuation experiments and are very fond of the forward slash. Hopefully this will help their mopey Scottish noise pop get an audience amongst the hoards of people who have seen them support the likes of the Cure and Editors.  

Future Ruins

Actual new album alert from, shoegaze legends Swervedriver....and they've signed to Mogwai's Rock Action imprint for that extra coolness factor. We are told it has all the hallmark hard edged shoegaze with new flicks and tricks for 2018 listeners. Their re-issues have been flying out so time is nigh for their first material since 2015. 

Sunflower Bean
King Of The Dudes

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Pearl Jam

High time for some Pearl Jam reissues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the No Code-heralded next phase of their career. Yield, their fifth album, was originally released in 1998, and finds the band in proper alt-rock mode. This reissue, the first time Yield has been on vinyl since back-in-the-day, is out on Legacy in a die-cut jacket.

Almost Free

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David Vassalotti
Guitar Dream

David Vassalotti is probably best known as being the guitarist with Floridian 4AD indie band, Merchandise. Guitar Dream is his third solo album and was produced by his band mate, Merchandise vocalist, Carson Cox. It is sort of a break-up album featuring a revolving cast of crestfallen characters. The songs are more akin to the work of his band than his previous more experimental albums. LP and CD on Wharf Cat Records.

Green River
Rehab Doll

Mark Arm? Stone Gossard? Jeff Ament? Mudhoney? Pearl Jam? You love those bands, right? Well this is where it all started, Rehab Doll, the first and only full length LP by Seattle’s Green River. (It actually started with an EP and a mini LP shortly before this, but y’know what I mean.) The band featured all the above people and some other guys.You know what happened in Seattle and the music world after this, but check out what was the nascent Seattle music scene by buying this LP, or CD on Sub Pop.
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Arctic Monkeys
Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

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Tim Presley's White Fence
I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk

The germination of Tim Presley’s first LP as White Fence in four years came when he was crashing at the house of fellow DRINKS member Cate Le Bon. Unsurprisingly there is a bit of the Le Bons to the oddball pop of I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk. We reckon he's probably been listening to some Spiritualized too. Lead single ‘Lorelei’ has nothing to do with the Tom Tom Club song of the same name.

Sister John
Sister John

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Dylan Rodrigue
Cat's Game

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Bikini Kill
New Radio EP

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Bikini Kill
Revolution Girl Style Now!

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Treeboy & Arc / Jebiotto
Plastic Front / Get Down

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