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Half Japanese
Charmed Life

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Green River
Olympia, Tropicana, 1984

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Teenage Fanclub
The King

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MOURN and Chastity

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Capsule Losing Contact

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Raw Honey

Before Michael Collins decided on the name Drugdealer he was alternately known as both Salvia Plath and Run DMT. As such, it might be best not to expect anything too serious from the Millennial Ariel Pink on his second Drugdealer LP Raw Honey. This is an album of possibly-post-ironic blue-eyed soul jams that sound like, I dunno, Bread or something. Raw Honey’s general air of disaffected frippery is aided by the fact that Mac Demarco produced this thing.

Gently Tender
Some Hard Advice

Gentle Tender take their name from an Incredible String Band song. They play a mix of old folk and soul with elements of ‘60s and ‘70s psychedelic pop. They feature members of The Palma Violets and The Big Moon. Some Hard Advice is their new single which follows their debut 7” Two Chords Good. 7” single on Zöetrope Records.
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Gang of Four
Happy Now

Post-punk icons Gang Of Four return with their ninth studio album HAPPY NOW, funded by their considerable fanbase via PledgeMusic. Already trailed by a download-only EP last year titled Complicit and a single a few months back ‘Paper Thin’, this new effort, available on CD as well as vinyl, promises the same political urgency as ever. 

Dialect / Talkboy
In My Zone / Wasting Time

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Modest Mouse
Too Many Fiestas for Reuben / Cowboy Dan

As a reminder of just how weird and wonderful the Modest Mouse universe was in its early days -- in its scratchy guitar tones, as well as in Isaac Brock's unhinged voice -- Glacial Pace and Fat Possum are reissuing their primitive classics, along with a little helping of 7" to sweeten the deal. The 7" that accompanies the reissue of 'The Lonesome Crowded West' features a take on "Cowboy Dan" taht invovles Mr. Beat Happening (aka Calvin Johnson), as well as a B-side from the record, "Too Many Fiestas for Rueben". A lovely little origin story and a must have for indie rock geeks.

Silver Tongues

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Big Business
The Beast You Are

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Amusement Parks On Fire
Road Eyes (Deluxe)

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Cage The Elephant
Social Cues

Cage The Elephant’s finest moment will always be the time when singer Matt Schultz guested on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. The image of him air-guitaring along with R.E.M.’s ‘Shiny Happy People’ - and the subsequent ribbing of him by Simon Amstell - will linger long in the Norman Records™ hive mind. That said, if you were going to make a ‘best of the rest’ list for Cage The Elephant then their fifth LP Social Cues would have a shot of being amongst it. This is canny art-blues in the Black Keys/Alabama Shakes vein. Der-ner dun-dun derr.

Field Medic
fade into the dawn

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Headless Chickens
Body Blow

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Evil Blizzard

This live double album captures Evil Blizzard - the Preston band known for their four bassists and fondness for rubber masks - headlining Summer Rock Solstice Festival in 2018. The sound falls in various places between classic heavy metal and positively grizzy sludge - with the bass turned up to 11.

Elliott Smith
Either/Or: Expanded Edition

Twenty years on from its initial release, Elliott Smith’s much-beloved third album Either / Or receives an Expanded Edition reissue. As well as the original album in remastered form, this edition adds a disc of 1997 live recordings and as-yet-unreleased studio recordings. 

Porcupine Tree

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Ex Hex
It’s Real

Ex Hex are back with their second album , It’s Real. Mary Timony (Helium, Wild Flag) is joined by Bat Fangs’ Betsy Wright and Laura Harris. It’s Real is the follow-up to 2014’s Rips and like its predecessor, will provide riffs and hooks galore, but this time they’ve used the studio to make their sound bigger, stretching beyond what they thought were their previous limits. One to look forward to for fans of unbridled guitar fun and tunesmithery. LP and CD on Merge.
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Interview Music

One of the very few bands with not one but two members named Rod, Idlewild have come a long way since their punk rock beginnings. The Scottish band are very adept and marrying their highlands heritage with a kind of widescreen poetic rock music that has garnered lots of comparisons to R.E.M. Here they are with their first since 2015's Everything Ever Written and shows them still as inspired as ever.     

Band of Skulls
Love Is All You Love

It what seem like an unusual move for a traditional rock band, Band Of Skulls hired producer Richard X for their latest album Love Is All You Love. He has encouraged the band to experiment and add some electronic elements to their sound. It is still a rock album, but with an extra pop punch. Various LP and CD versions available, also available on cassette on So Recordings.

Twilight Splendour

Housewives have made the classic move for their second album, moving from a guitar-dominated sound to a more electronic presentation. With this change has come an increased interest in What Technology Means These Days, which makes for some strong lyrical-sonic juxtapositions. Twilight Splendour is out on Blank Editions.
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Skinny Girl Diet
Ideal Woman

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Holy Moly & the Crackers
Take A Bite

Holy Moly and the Crackers are 6-piece band from Newcastle. They unashamedly do their damnedest to make music that everybody will like. It’s easy-to-swallow mix of folk, blues and indie rock that has drawn comparisons to The Gossip, Arctic Monkeys, Gogol Bordello and the B52s. Take A Bite is their new album. LP and CD on Pink Lane Records.

Beach Slang
Broken Thrills

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Talk Talk
Laughing Stock

The final album from a band who evolved from synth-pop into intricate, unbelievably delicate avant-jazz compostion. This reissue comes 26 years after the original release but the music hasn't aged a bit. 'Ascension Day' churns and whirrs whilst 'New Grass' tugs the heart strings just as strongly as before. Absolutely essential.
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The Lemonheads
Varshons II

The Lemonheads first album since 2009 and it's......another covers album. This means that Evan Dando hasn't released one single original song since 2006. Still, the Lemonheads were kings of the cover version in their day and here take on the likes of Yo La Tengo, Bevis Frond, NRBQ, the Eagles, the Jayhawks and loads more.    

W. H. Lung
Incidental Music

Emerging out of Manchester, W.H. Lung are a primarily studio-based project making music that between shimmering synth pop and infectious kraut rock. Theirs is a sound that encompasses parts of Talking Heads, BEAK and Cavern of Anti-Matter for a raucous and inspiring groove-ridden sound. The Dinked people love them therefore they get their own Dinked Edition (whilst stocks last). That name? It's a Chinese supermarket in Manchester. Of course!      

She Says

It's the first music from Gurr since their riotous, award-winning debut from 2016, In My Head. Recorded at the UFO Studios in Berlin, the psychedelic and dream pop influences across the 7 tracks on She Says create a lush wall of sound around the themes of heady-highs and devastating lows. 

Stubborn Heart

Ratso is a long-term fixture of New York’s music scene, and has written the memoirs of some big stars, including Anthony Kiedis. Now he is flipping the tables and, aged seventy, is releasing his own album for the first time. Stubborn Heart features one Dylan cover and eight original songs, some of them co-written with John Cale, with musical assistance offered by Sharon Robinson, Warren Ellis and Nick Cave. Quite the line-up for a writer’s album!
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Sharon Van Etten
Remind Me Tomorrow

Remind Me Tomorrow is the first album in four years by Sharon Van Etten. Despite not making any solo albums in that time she’s been rather busy having a baby, gaining psychology qualifications, working with David Lynch and writing a score for the movie, Strange Weather. All this action has lead to her making a more upbeat album. Produced and arranged by John Congleton. LP or CD on Jagjaguwar.

The Pale Fountains
Something On My Mind

The Pale Fountains were of course the band formed at the beginning end of the long career of Mick Head (Shack/Michael Head and the Strands). They produced two fantastic albums in Pacific Street and Across the Kitchen Table but this anthology concentrates on rounding up their early singles and unreleased material adding in a few live tracks. They also throw a bonus live CD into the bargain.  

Party In The Dark

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The Sundowners
Ancient Cares / Pig Pen Blues, Stinkeye

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Jeremy Tuplin
Pink Mirror

Jeremy Tuplin has a lovely voice. It has stability without being authoritative. It's charming without being sleazy. It's the kind of voice I would very happily listen to for the standard length of a indie rock album. Pink Mirror is an album that reminds us of the dangers of looking back too fondly and does so in Tuplin's so-called 'space-folk- style.

Richard Swift
Ground Trouble Jaw / Walt Wolfman

The wonderfully voiced and sadly late Richard Swift first released Ground Trouble Jaw as a digital EP in 2008. Secretly Canadian are here to give it the vinyl treatment at least, aligning it with 2011’s Walt Wolfman EP for good measure. Both EPs represent Swift’s warmth and humour, kind voice and charming mixtures of indie, doo wop and R&B.

Sparrow Steeple
Tin Top Sorcerer

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The Ceiling

Jaws are back with album number three, The Ceiling. The Birmingham dream pop band get lumped in with the Digbeth B-Town scene - a scene that supposedly revolves around The Twang, Swim Deep and Peace, although they deny existence of such a scene. The band are popular with Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens. LP and CD on JAWS.

Sonny & The Sunsets
Hairdressers From Heaven

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Zefur Wolves
Truth Is In The Stars

Consisting of Cian Ciaran (Super Furry Animals) and Estelle Ios (Baby Queens), indie meets soul on Zefur Wolves’ sophomore album Truth Is In The Stars. Although it’s also available on CD, that eye-catching artwork will definitely look much more impressive rendered in glorious 12 inches by 12 inches.

The Saxophones
Singing Desperately Suite

When their recent album, Songs Of The Saxophones was in the can, The Saxophones, Alex Erenkov and Alison Alderdice, kept hold of the musicians that helped them to record some more songs. Singing Desperately Suite is the result. It recalls the work of Antonio Carlos Jobim and the recent output of Low. 4-track 7” EP on Full Time Hobby.


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Ty Segall & The Freedom Band
Deforming Lobes

It’s rare that there’s a time without a new Ty Segall studio album either newly released or on the horizon. Just to make sure you don’t forget he exists there’s Deforming Lobes, a live album recorded live to tape in LA by Steve Albini. He’s backed by The Freedom Band who’ve been his musical unit of choice since 2016. LP, CD and Cassette on Drag City.

The Infinite Circle

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Street Spirit (Fade Out)

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Show Me The Body
Dog Whistle

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Kate Nash
My Best Friend Is You

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Lower Slaughter
Some Things Take Work

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Et album two, Brutus? Yes, the Belgian trio are back, serving up eleven new songs with Hassle Records. Nest isn’t quite as exciting an album title as that of the debut, Burst, but I wouldn’t worry about it lacking any of the energy and strength of the debut. Nest finds the group more settled and confident than ever.

A. Swayze & The Ghosts

Scrappy and belligerent garage-punk group from Australia, treading that sloppy-tight balance with a real sense of vigour and gnarled energy. Yelped vocals, scathing guitar lines, this isn’t reinventing the wheel, but it knows what it is and does it well. A. Swayze & The Ghosts are a promising young band and this 12” single titled ‘Suddenly’ comes out via Rough Trade.

Fixed Water

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Blank Statements
Blank Statements

Blank Statements’ eponymous debut album was released on cassette in 2018. This is the first vinyl pressing. The Melbourne-based band were clearly brought up on a diet of The Raincoats and The Au Pairs, unless they just listened to them lots before decided to make this album. The band count members of The Stroppies among their number, so their influence is present too. LP, limited to 200 copies, on Tough Love.

The Fall
The Rough Trade Singles

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Orville Peck

New album from the incredibly named Orville Peck (presumably named after a bite by green be-nappied 80s puppet). Mr Peck makes the sort of strung out Americana that also catches a kind of shoegaze drift. It's all love and loss croons, desert highways, no good hustlers, dogs in lying in dust,  pylons glinting in the late afternoon sun.      

XII Bestias

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These New Puritans
Inside The Rose

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The Modern Age

No-one thought this would happen, including the band. Sleeper have a new album out. It’s their first in twenty-one years, since the heady days of Britpop, and it’s called The Modern Age. The band used to be made up of three guys and a girl, now they’re made up of a novelist, two music lecturers and the ex-Prodigy bassist. All the old traits are in place - observational lyrics, catchy hooks and producer Stephen Street, but they’ve also been shrewd enough to make an album for The Modern Age (see what I did there?).

This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You)

Veteran alt-country mister Lambchop releasing with perhaps his thirtieth. For This (Is What I Wanted to Tell You) Kurt Wagner teamed up with fellow alternative country scenester Matthew McCaughan, known for playing drums for sad beard Bon Iver. The new album continues with the thoughtful mix of electronics and quiet country sounds started on 2016’s FLOTUS. 

Meat Puppets
Dusty Notes

The Meat Puppets are unique for two reasons. 1) They had really long hair but were good. 2) They made a kind of roots - influenced rock but were also good. This is their (oh I don't know) billionth album and it's perfectly titled for the kind of music they make. Leader Curt Kirkwood's son is involved making this a right family affair along with his dad and uncle. A nice family business.   

La Dispute

Fourth album from Michigan post-hardcore rockers La Dispute. On Panorama that band continue making very earnest and emotionally accessible hardcore that isn't afraid to experiment with more post-rock structures. See the spoken word delivery and loud-quiet-loud of single 'Fulton Street I'. On Epitaph.   
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Nothing Happens

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The Ninth Wave
Never Crave Attention

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The Ninth Wave

The press release characterises the debut 10” from Glaswegians The Ninth Wave as noise-rock, but really the four tracks on Reformation are post-punk in the vein of Echo and the Bunnymen. That means soaring guitars, huge drum beats and impassioned vocals. Imagine The Horrors if they swapped out affected dourness for youthful vigour. They’re probably named after a Kate Bush song.

Dragon Welding
Dragon Welding

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KT Tunstall
Eye To The Telescope

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Sonic Youth
NYC Ghosts & Flowers

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The Fall
Mark E Smith’s Personal Holiday Tony Tapes

It has started. Ozit Dandelion the label that brought you that fake Martin Hannett compilation have now been given access to a mixture of live and studio recordings from the late and great Mark E. Smith and his the Fall. We all know it will be utter rubbish barrel-scraping stuff but it's the Fall innit? Expect plenty more similar releases over the coming years.   

Heaven in the Dark Earth

What do you get when you get two math rock stalwarts who've worked with the likes of Earth, Exes and Sex Swing and reconnect them after they drifted apart. The answer it turns out, is Markers. On Heaven in the Dark Earth, Jason Carty and Jodie Cox make vulnerable sounding stripped back post-rock in the vein of Rodan's more introspective moments.

PJ Harvey
The Community Of Hope

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Sonic Youth
Washing Machine

A return to in-print and on-vinyl status for a few Sonic Youth albums. 1995’s Washing Machine contains examples of the band in weirded 60’s girl-group mode (‘Little Trouble Girl’), as well as ‘The Diamond Sea’, the only 20+ minute, whole-side noise jams ever to make it to a ‘proper’ Sonic Youth studio album. Double LP reissue.

Witching Waves
Fear Of Falling Down

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Look Blue Go Purple
Still Bewitched

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Joy Division & New Order
Total (From Joy Division To New Order)

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Stephen Malkmus
Groove Denied

We've all had mid-life crisis moments. For example, my dad sold the family car and bought himself a motorbike. This album is most likely Stephen Malkmus's mid-life crisis moment. For many musicians a mid-life crisis moment sees them embracing electronica and IDM after years of chugging along with guitars. So this could be as good/bad as Bob Mould's 'Modulate' album.   


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The Coathangers
The Devil You Know

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Hot Water Music
The New What Next

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Stella Donnelly
Beware of the Dogs

Stella Donnelly ain't going to take any shit. Abusive men, idiot bosses and clueless exes all get it in the ear on this debut album but, as on her debut EP Thrush Metal, she is armed with loads of lovely tunes. Her winsome, post-grunge songwriting has something in common with the early records of Liz Phair and she has a way of tempering her anger with an ability to bring out the beauty in the world. 

Robert Pollard
EAT 15: (Dislodge) The Immortal Orangemen

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The Murder Capital
Feeling Fades

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Bec Stevens
Why Don't You Just

Bec Stevens is a singer/songwriter from Tasmania, now based in Adelaide, Australia. Her songs start out as you might expect - girl and guitar. But then her band comes in and it seems to aid her catharsis. Something pissed her off, and here she is on her second EP, Why Don’t You Just, letting it all out. 12" vinyl and CD on Hobbledehoy Records.

The Get Up Kids

It’s been eight whole years since Kansas emo types The Get-Up Kids graced us with an album. Problems is their new long-player, and they’ve had problems. From loss to loneliness their catharsis comes from massive, anthemic, sing-a-long choruses. You’ll aid their recovery more by joining in with them when you go and see ‘em live. On Big Scary Monsters.

Better Oblivion Community Center (Phoebe Bridgers & Conor Oberst)
Better Oblivion Community Center

Better Oblivion Community Center might be a brand new name but the betting is that you'll know the people involved. Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst are both well known solo artists in their own right but here they work together on an album conceived and recorded in the hot L.A summer of 2018. Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) is on it, John Congleton co-produces. 

Snow Patrol
When It’s All Over We Still Have To Clear Up

When It’s Over We Still Have To Clear Up. As much as it pains us to say it, Snow Patrol are correct. It appears that what is being cleared up here are the golden years of the Northern Irish group. A decade on from ‘Chasing Cars’ and eighteen years after the initial release of When It’s Over… the band are re-releasing their sophomore LP. It’s a perfectly clement collection of soft-rock, but the fact that you can picture a young Marcus Mumford lustily belting these tunes out in his university dormitory somewhat taints the experience. Comes with a couple of bonus tracks.

Perfect Son

My mum tells me that I’m the Perfect Son, so I’m not really sure what this fella’s playing at. Get off my turf, Perfect Son! Anyway, the artist born Tobiasz Biliński and known for a few years as Coldair has come out swinging on Cast, his first LP for Sub Pop. Cast is a record of brash, confident electro-pop of the Gary Numan/Depeche Mode school.

Howe Gelb

Former Giant Sand frontman Howe Gelb makes it a cool two-dozen solo albums with Gathered. On his latest LP we find Gelb doubling-down on that Tom Waits-inspired sound that has served him so well of late. We’re talking more The Heart Of Saturday Night than Mule Variations, by the way - crooners instead of howlers. Guests include M Ward, Anna Karina and the superbly-named Juan Panki.

Indoor Pets
Be Content

Most pets I suppose are indoors. Maybe rabbits, guinea pigs and horses would count as outdoor pets. And bees? Is a bee a suitable (predominantly) outdoor pet? Aaaanyway this is the debut record from this Kent power pop lot whose fuzzy infectious songs recall early Weezer and Ash and have already been grabbing ears on various 6 music playlists.  

Thin White Rope
Sack Full Of Silver

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The Charlatans
Everything Changed

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Six By Seven
The Things We Make

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Julien Baker
Red Door / Conversation Piece

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BBC Sessions

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William Carlos Whitten
Burn My Letters

I’ve never seen a press release have a dig at another band before but this one for Burn My Letters, the new cassette from William Carlos Whitten has a little stab at The Decemberists. Apparently, their cleverness ruins their music, but the booksmarts of William Carlos Whitten enhance his brand of dirty rock ‘n’ roll. William Carlos Whitten AKA Bill Whitten learned his trade in the gritty New York bands Grand Mal and St. Johnny. Mastered by Dave Fridmann. Cassette tape on I Heart Noise.

Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert
What The Night Bestows Us

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