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The Murder Capital
When I Have Fears

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Press Club
Wasted Energy

Wasting no time in following up last year’s angsty Late Teens debut album, Australian act Press Club announce their next effort Wasted Energy. Spearheaded by the recent ‘Get Better’ single, and including a terrifying account of singer Natalie Foster being stalked on ‘Thinking About You’, it promises to double down on what made their debut so compelling. 

Dry Cleaning
Sweet Princess EP

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Ocean Hug

A seemingly innocuous side-project from Speedy Ortiz’s Andy Molholt and Ava Luna’s Julian Fader which began at a performing arts summer camp, Coughy is one of the most wildly creative and fluid bands in recent memory. Ocean Hug is their ridiculously fertile debut album released a few months back, and it gets a limited edition white vinyl issue. 
  • Vinyl LP (JNR294LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Afghan Whigs
Black Love

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Kings Of Leon
Youth & Young Manhood

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The Futureheads
The Futureheads Live at Pop Recs

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The Hives
Veni Vidi Vicious

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Teardrop Factory
Thrash In The Heart

Fuzz rock layabouts Teardrop Factory's debut record, 'Thrash in the Heart', isn't quite as metal as it sounds, especially when you consider their last release was called 'Topshop EP' (named one of Norman Records' singles of the year). Instead, the band offer a great deal of affection for the loose and careless indie rawk of the 90s, as well as the noisier ventures that came with it - My Bloody Valentine name-drops are imminent. 'Thrash in the Heart' was recorded in the band's bathroom, and it shows. It's being released on Faux Discx.    Tracks: 3AM Coke Dream Bleed Peel Slowly A Way Away Taste Like Medicine Deeper + Deeper Ex-Friends Now We Shatter Colour of Bones Circles Spider Baby Superimposed Fake Tan

Joy Division
Unknown Pleasures (40th Anniversary Edition)

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C:U / Question Mark

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The Stroppies
Maddest Moments / Architectural Charades

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The Wedding Present
Jump In, The Water’s Fine

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Press Club
Late Teens

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Hey Colossus
Carcass / Medal

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Six By Seven
Das Ist England

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Mikal Cronin
Undertow / Breathe

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Man & The Echo
Men Of The Moment

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Dude York

Dude York’s second LP for Hardly Art - third if you count a Christmas album they made back in 2017 - finds the Seattle trio rockin’ harder than ever before. Falling is an album full of great grungy chugs and pretty, melodic and very pop-punk vocals. The press release says Falling would do well ‘sandwiched between Jimmy Eat World and Third Eye Blind’ on alternative radio - wouldn’t we all eh?

Von Sudenfed
Tromatic Reflexxions

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Robert Pollard with Doug Gillard
Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department

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Robert Pollard
Kid Marine

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Blue Fat Pussy

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Death Cab For Cutie
Blue EP

2018's Thank You For Today suggested that it wasn't quite all over for Death Cab For Cutie as they rediscovered at least some of the things that made them special in the first place. Like Interpol before them, they've chosen to follow up an album with a 5 track EP length release. Is this a new thing to do? We'll see if it catches on. Meanwhile the least you can do is enjoy some more emotional guitar pop from Ben Gibbard and the boys.  

Kaiser Chiefs

Duck is the new album by Kaiser Chiefs. What I’m going to focus on here is the eleventh track, titled Kurt vs Frasier (The Battle For Seattle). What are we to take from this, as a song, from Kaiser Chiefs? Where do Nirvana or Dr Frasier Crane, or indeed Seattle, fit into the universe of Kaiser Chiefs? Why have they done this? I wish I knew. On Polydor.

Galaxy Fingers
The Last Bastion Of Fox Quality

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Legacy 12

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Kill It Kid
Feet Fall Heavy

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Another Sky
Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds

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Disco Inferno

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Pearl Jam
Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam’s album Lightning Bolt, unfortunately not named for the avant-metal band, is a comfortable listen for fans of the old rock 'n' roll sound of the band, without being too precious or uptight about it. Recommended for anyone who is a big fan of Vedder’s talent of singing through the nostrils. On limited vinyl LP.

Martin Frawley
Undone at 31

Martin Frawley (previously of The Twerps) has suffered a break up and needs someone to talk to about it. It turns out that person is you lucky listener! Undone at 31 is a chronological journey along with Frawley as he adjusts to the next stage of his life told through the medium of incredibly catchy indie rock and pop.

Mercedes Marxist

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Siouxsie and The Banshees
The Rapture

The Rapture was the 11th and final studio album from Siouxsie and the Banshees and was part produced by John Cale. The album continued the band's legacy of producing innovative and fresh work at a time when many of their contemporaries had either split up or were treading water. Though not sporting any notable singles the record continued the Banshees obsession with the darker side of pop with disquieting lyrics to match.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (SATBLP14)
  • £22.99 £18.49 (saving: £4.50)


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Possible Humans
Everybody Split

It’s been an achingly long six-year wait for Melbourne’s Possible Humans to deliver their debut album Everybody Split. Indeed, when it was announced on April Fool’s Day 2019, many assumed it was a joke. But the quintet delivered a brilliant record, encompassing all the best reference points in DIY/underground history.

Grey Hairs
Health & Social Care

Building up their reputation in touring with the likes of Sleaford Mods prior to the album's release, Nottingham punk act Grey Hairs deliver a scathing third album in Health & Social Care. Their first record in three years, it’s an intelligent, vitriolic yet human experience designed to weed out the part-time punks. 

Live From The Artists Den

Hear Soundgarden live in concert in 2013, on the ecstatic final date of their King Animal tour. Over two and a half hours, they twenty-nine songs, including (almost certainly) all your favourites. This concert, well regarded by fans for some years, is now getting a really serious release, ranging from a double CD to a big old boxset. On Polydor.

The Love Language
Baby Grand

Extremely big rock music from Stuart McLamb’s The Love Language. Baby Grand (more grand than baby) is a product of McLamb picking up sticks and moving from Virginia to California, where he found the light to be particularly inspirational. Soaring choruses and huge production makes this built for the stadium. On Merge. 

B Boys

Rhythmically clever New York punkers B Boys bring you Dudu. The last album was called Dada, so perhaps Didi, Dede and Dodo are forthcoming as well. Anyway, the band continue along the trajectory of their punk and post-punk predecessors (The Clash, Wire) to comment, often humorously, on everyday life in this absurd civilisation of ours.

Mini Mansions
Guy Walks Into A Bar…

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David Nance Group
Peaced and Slightly Pulverized

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Strange Ranger
Remembering The Rockets

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In Every Dream Home

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School of Language

A concept album about Donald Trump that’s funky as hell, you say? Weird request, but okay, here it is. 45 is the new album by School of Language, aka David Brewis, one half of Field Music. It takes aim at the 45th president of the United States and his hangers-on. Inspired by the writings of Watergate journalist, Bob Woodward, Moneyball guy, Nate Silver, and the music of James Brown, The Meters, Sly and the Family Stone and Free.  

Everything Hits At Once: The Best Of Spoon

Everything Hits At Once: The Best Of Spoon gathers together 12 tracks spanning the Austin, Texas band’s 26 year career. To bring things right up to date, Britt Daniel and the gang have included a brand new track called 'No Bullets Spent', which punches with a weight equal to their other most-loved songs.


Many Fugazi fans know and love the Instrument documentary. Filmed in the run-up to the band’s 1995 LP Red Medicine, the movie busts a few myths about the band and features some cracking footage to boot. It goes without saying that Instrument has got some great songs in it too. Those tunes are collected here on this new eighteen-track release.

J. Robbins

J. Robbins had his fingers in a lot of pies in the ‘90s. The most notable pie was Washington DC band, Jawbox. He also worked as a producer and engineer in his own Baltimore studio with bands such as Clutch, The Dismemberment Plan and The Promise Ring. He has been working as a solo artist since 2010. His latest album, on Dischord, is Un-Becoming.

Arcade Fire
Creature Comfort

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Who Killed Sgt Pepper?

At last! A re-issue of The Brian Jonestown Massacre LP which prompted the spat between our very own Phil Leigh and Brian Jonestown Massacre leader Anton Newcombe which culminated in the latter very accurately labelling the former a 'grumpy little tit'. Re-live that moment whilst listening to the album Phil described rather inaccurately "a bit like every period of Primal Scream on one album".   

Mac McCaughan

Superchunk fans rejoice because Mac’s back! This time with a solo album under his own name, Mac McCaughan delves into the soft-focus nostalgia of ‘80s introspection. Non-Believers is a sweet collection of personal songs about the ambiguity of transition. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Merge.

Guided By Voices
Cool Planet

Nice price on this post-reformation album from  the ever-busy Guided By Voices. Most of their 'classic line up' stuff between 2010-2014 was pretty decent but by Cool Planet they were perhaps scraping that particular barrel clean. Still, there's plenty of lo-fi sludge to wade through here in search of the odd sparkling gem and it's probably going to be the last Pollard/Sprout collaboration for some time. 

The Hives
I'm Alive

It’s been five years since Swedish rockers, The Hives, released any new material. For some of us, the guy writing this for example, it’s seems even longer. So for those of us who have forgotten about them or were just wondering what had happened to them, their new single, 'I’m Alive', makes a statement suggesting that they are, indeed, still very much around. 'I’m Alive' is backed with 'Good Samaritan', on Third Man Records.


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St. John

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Ones and Sixes

A bloke called Alan who’s a member of Low says of One and Sixes; “I'm not going to tell you what this record is about because I have too much respect for that moment when you come to know it for yourself”. He goes on to talk about “the moment” and all that. All I know is that they continue with their slow sleuthing indie rock, which also has hints of traditional folk. They're singing well known tunes and just giving you a generally good time. Don't let up on the harmonies, y'all. Available on 2LP or CD.  
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Swimming Girls
Existential Fears

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Dean Wareham Vs. Cheval Sombre
Dean Wareham Vs. Cheval Sombre

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Mac DeMarco
2 Demos

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She Keeps Bees

Hamburg’s BB*ISLAND presents the first She Keeps Bees album in four years. Kinship finds Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant joined by Eric Maltz and Last Good Tooth’s Kevin Sullivan and Penn Sultan. Larrabee’s brooding songs reflect family loss, political woes and the disenchantment currently facing anyone paying attention to our betrayal of the planet.

You Know

Spotlight-shy rock drummer, Jake Waltzman, plied his trade in a number of Magic City - that’s Birmingham, Alabama - bands such as Vulture Whale, Ham Bagby and The Wes McDonald Plan. He’s now rebranded himself as Jaco and become less shy, getting front and centre to blast out some indie rock and power pop grooves on his new album, You Know.


Those of you clamouring for the fourth METZ LP will have to wait a little longer, but Automat should be more than enough to tide you over. This rarities compilation spans the band’s career to date. Taking in demos, B-sides, hard-to-find singles and releases previously only available on YouTube, Automat is a testament to the consistency of one of our hardest-working noise-rock bands.
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Heaven is Humming

Finally arriving a frustrating three years after their immensely promising debut EP Dusk of Punk, it’s time for the first full-length album from Los Angeles’ experimental rockers Goon. Heaven Is Humming takes very familiar sounds from the annals of punk and indie but makes them into something elemental. 


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One Thousand Violins
Halcyon Days / Like 1000 Violins

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Manic Street Preachers
A Design For Life

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Bloc Party
Silent Alarm Live

One of the most well-received, influential and fondly-remembered British indie debuts of the Noughties, Silent Alarm by Bloc Party gets the official live album treatment. Recorded from various performances throughout 2018’s European tour, including the memorable Ally Pally homecoming, the songs still sound crystalline and inventive today. 

Ejector Seat Reservation

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The Wannadies

You may not know this but the Wannadies did another album other than Be A Girl and another song other than 'You and Me'. For proof, here it is. It's called Yeah and it was released in 1999. It sees them leaning towards a more electronic sound with some danceable grooves. It contains some of the songs the band plays live whilst everyone waits for 'You and Me'.   
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP2304C)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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The Agent Intellect

‘The Agent Intellect’ is the third release from Detroit post-punk band Protomartyr (featuring Joe Casey on vocals, Greg Ahee on guitar, Alex Leonard on drums and Scott Davidson on bass guitar). Frontman Joe Casey describes the sample track ‘Why Does It Shake?’ as a "back-handed ode to humanity's resilient self regard in the face of inevitable oblivion. Then the trap door opens.” It’s a dark, seething industrial track with an aggressive undercurrent that sounds a bit like Joy Division.
  • CD (HAR091CD)
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Cagework hail from South-West England. They look to US ‘80s and ‘90s alternative music for their inspiration. Post-hardcore, lo-fi, emo and weird folk all feature in their work. A stand alone single, 'Simmer', was released in 2018 and received airplay from the likes of Huw Stephens and Gideon Coe. Their eponymous debut album is short, but perfectly formed. On Physical Education Recordings.

Liquid Skin (20th Anniversary Edition)

After Gomez recorded most of their debut, Bring It On, in a garage on a four track, its success meant that follow-up Liquid Skin enjoyed a very different birth. The album was recorded in top-notch studios, allowing them more sonic scope with the music being informed by their experiences of touring America. 

Life After

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The Soft Cavalry
The Soft Cavalry

The Soft Cavalry are a brand new duo featuring Steve Clarke and his wife who just happens to be the rather talented Rachel Goswell from Slowdive. Their self-titled debut is filled with dreamy and dramatic songs that takes its cues from Pink Floyd, Talk Talk and Mansun. Double LP and CD on Bella Union.

Spiral Stairs
We Wanna Be Hyp-No-Tized

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Tijuana Panthers
Carpet Denim

Scratch beneath the surface of the ostensibly sunny, energetic, catchy, Californian surf-punk of Tijuana Panthers and you’ll find a more wonderfully weird band than you might expect. Less 'Surfin’ USA' and more Freakshop USA. Carpet Denim is their wonderfully titled fourth album for Innovative Leisure.

Brought To Light

FatCat records have a long history of signing artists based on the strength of their labels, including now popular acts like Animal Collective, The Twilight Sad and Max Richter. Here on 'Brought to Light', they focus on DIY guitar music, choosing Cowtown, The Leaf Library, Lightning Bug and more. 

Peter Cat Recording Co.

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Burning House

Can’t go wrong with a bit of noisy guitar music now can you? Burning House are a group who are coming up right now, and Anthroprocene is their double-sized debut statement. Lots of texture (grungey crunch, drifting shoegaze, pummelling fuzz) going on here as well as solid songcraft underpinning the sound. These fellas might do well. On Miohmi Records.

MTV Unplugged Live

The legendary MTV Unplugged Live series puts Anglophile rockers DMA’S under the microscope, making them one of the few Australian acts to be granted the honour. Re-arranging their boisterous tunes for acoustic guitars, pianos and strings, the Britpop-indebted trappings of their songs are largely gone and reveal some proper emotional heft. 

Kyle Craft
Showboat Honey

The third LP from Sub Pop’s Kyle Craft is also the first he’s made with a full-time backing band. They’re called Showboat Honey, and the album that they’ve helped create is also called Showboat Honey. Craft cuts a charismatic figure here, presenting an impassioned rocker schtick ala Ezra Furman but with a bit more grungy bite in his grooves.

Dinosaur Jr.
Blue Room Sessions

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No Hot Ashes
Hardship Starship

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Papa M
A Broke Moon Rises

The main morsel of information to glean from the press release is that David Pajo's son is at least 29 years old.  Dad meanwhile after having thrown it all out there with the cathartic 'Highway Songs' returns to a more acoustic based sound using layers of guitars to build up his affecting compositions. This could be very lovely indeed. 

Ian Brown
First World Problems

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Fat White Family

Beloved by their fans and derided by doubters, the ever-divisive Fat White Family take their bow on Domino Records for forthcoming third album Serfs Up!, due for release later in 2019. With an emphasis on rhythm and mood, 'Feet' is its lead-off single, which represents a bit of the change in the bands style up to and including auto-tune.

Roy Montgomery

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Strange Times... Live!

English post-punkers The Chameleons originally released Strange Times back in September 1986. This new live version of the album was recorded during the group’s 2019 reformation tour at a gig at Preston’s Guildhall, and includes the Where In The World EP that consists of four of the group’s original songs, re-recorded in 2017. 

Guided By Voices
Motivational Jumpsuit

Never write off a Guided By Voices album. What at first sometimes sounds like a grey sludgy mess can in time reveal itself as pop confectionary of the highest order. Take Motivational Jumpsuit, the penultimate 'classic line-up' reunion album. It has a pleasingly crunchy mid-fi production through which emerge shards of classic songwriting with the added bonus of some Tobin Sprout gems. Nice price too on this (at the time of writing).   

Soft Walls
Not as Bad as It Seems

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Mark Mulcahy
The Gus

The Gus is the seventh solo album from singer/songwriter, Mark Mulcahy. The lyrics for the album are inspired by the writing of George Saunders. His short stories made Mulcahy sit up and take note, improving his lyric writing and abilities as a storyteller. In recent years Mulcahy has been touring with a reformed Miracle Legion - the band he started his career with in the early ‘80s - alongside his solo work.

Make Believe

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Julia Shapiro
Perfect Version

Having recorded and toured exhaustively with Chastity Belt for over half a decade, frontwoman Julia Shapiro recorded her first solo record during a period of upheaval in her personal life, suffering from depression as well as the collapse of her relationship. Perfect Version is an album about re-discovering control and personal satisfaction. 

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