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The Last Shadow Puppets
Everything You've Come To Expect

The Last Shadow Puppets was what we thought a one off collaboration between Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane but now they are back all grown up with a second album. While their debut was excellent piece of cinematic pop, lead single here "Bad Habits' is a growling piece of rawk. Early indications say ...view item »


I like Mew. I like Mew lots.... I don't know why but they've got summat about them which makes me like their music. It's pretty quirky indie stuff and it can be a bit all over the place at times. We got their new album (Frengers) in today on CD only (no vinyl) and it's all rather good. A bit of...view item »


Austin, Texas based musician Bayonne creates hypnotic dream-pop which pushes together Philip Glass/Steve Reich trance inducing repetition and Joanna Newsom’s folk-pop balladry. Listen to Spectrolite a few times and you’ll pick out something different to love...view item »

Black Grape
Pop Voodoo

The first new material in over twenty years sees Black Grape release, what might be, another classic on the Brit-rock scene. Shaun Ryder sees himself delve into the world of politics once again, specifically taking a dig at a certain US president. Pop Voodoo is the long awaited record that is available on vinyl LP and C...view item »

Soccer Mommy

Sophie Allison - Soccer Mommy to you lot - describes her music as ‘chill but kinda sad’. She’s right you know. Having upped several albums to Bandcamp throughout her teenage years, the 19-year-old’s persistence and knack for a good tune has been rewarded with a compilation-plus-some-new-bits on Fa...view item »

Joanna Gruesome
Peanut Butter 

‘Peanut Butter’ is twenty five minutes of hyperactive, violently melodic, aggressive, economic pop that’s packed full of tasty hooks and screams from highly acclaimed Cardiff based pop punk ensemble Joanna Gruesome. Recorded in Leeds at Hookworms frontman M.J’s Suburban Homes Studios, the album comes with the following wa...view item »

Chivalrous Amoekons
Fanatic Voyage

Chivalrous Amoekons is a tribute to classic British punks The Mekons, put together by Bonnie Prince Billy and his merry men. Fanatic Voyage is authentically loaded with oi-energy, performed ...view item »

Perfect Body

A three-piece band from New Zealand, Mermaidens have released a ten-track record entitled Perfect Body. A quality blend of garage style psych-rock combined with the youthful but reluctant vocals of Gussie and Lily. The release gives you a warm and dream-like feel as you listen to one of the genres up and coming new kids...view item »

Epic Soundtracks
Film Soundtracks

Epic Soundtracks is Kevin Godfrey, who in turn was one of two brothers at the core of post-punkers Swell Maps. Film Soundtracks is some of his solo material, which tends to be more intimate than his punky drumming work. Spend some time with it thanks to Troubadour, who are releasing ...view item »

Naomi Punk

Really oddball sounding lo-fi sound collage rock from this three piece who have toured extensively with Parquet Courts to the point where their Andrew Savage writes the press release here. He's smitten for sure. I'll take his word. It's really wobbly off kilter stuff but there's pop hooks 'neath the sludge. ...view item »

Arcade Fire
Everything Now

Kings of the grandiose Arcade Fire return with their fifth studio album, four years after Reflektor. Produced by Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, Steve Mackey from Pulp and Markus Dravs (Björk, Brian Eno...view item »

Glass Animals
How To Be A Human Being

Oxford's Glass Animals have been all around the world and have directed all the inspiration that they found in travel into this their second LP. They have also considered their audience and seen that they react to big grooves and drums and have therefore stepped things up this time round. Certainly lead single 'Life Itself' melt...view item »

Arcane Roots
Left Fire

Left Fire is the first EP from UK based math-rock trio Arcane Roots. A cracking dive into the complex, and sometimes crowded, progressive metal and maths rock scene. Released on ‘Play It Again Sam’, ...view item »

Juliana Hatfield

Juliana Hatfield, whose career stretches back to the early 90’s, thought she was finished with songwriting until a certain presidential election happened. Like (we predict) quite a few artists, this jolted her into creativity, speedily writing and recording fourteen songs of vivid music. The results are here on Pussyca...view item »

Guantanamo Baywatch
Desert Center

These punningly named rock and rollers offer up their second LP which contains more examples of their unique take on '50s inspired rock and roll. They land somewhere between Violent Femmes, Rocket From the Crypt and Eddie Cochran offering grungy bar room brawls to crank up the jukebox ...view item »

The Smiths
The Smiths

The Smiths must have sounded like nothing else in 1983. The band were a live tour de force but also poetic and lyrical. The Smiths was their murky debut and contains several future classics. Match the Byrds like guitar playing and a particular kind of Manchester melancholy with a vocalist who sounds like a demen...view item »

Faith No More
King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime

King For A Day Fool, For A Lifetime was the fifth album by Faith No More and was originally released in 1995. It was the follow-up to their classic Angel Dust. The album was the band’s first without influential guitarist Jim Martin which meant a change in direction for them. This reissue comes with a seco...view item »

Baby Loves a Funny Bunny

They totally panicked on their name and went for the word that best described their conundrum, but fuck's music is far more intuitive, delving into indie rock both melancholy and winking with sweet, Americana inspired melodies and embellishing arrangements. Baby Loves a Funny Bunny, also a weird name, is ...view item »

Joy Division
Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes

Man, I think we need a new category of success: big enough that people will be interested in a whole LP of alternative mixes of studio sessions. Here we have Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes of Joy Division, including both embryonic versions of favourite songs and snatches of studio chat and instrumental doodlings....view item »

Jad Fair, Tenniscoats and Norman Blake

What a team-up: Jad Fair of Half Japanese plus the wonderful Tenniscoats, as well as Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub. With this personnel, Raindrops could hardly fail to be one the most playful and odd records of the year, and it does not disappoint! Lo...view item »

Manchester: North Of England - A Story Of Independent Music Greater Manchester 1977-1993

Manchester  - good isn't it? Well you can now buy every single musical sound that came out of the city on this bumper 7CD box set. As well as the usual big hitters you'll want to dig deep and get it for some of the more esoteric stuff such as brilliant overlooked indie bands Dub Sex, King of the Slums as we...view item »

Beech Creeps
Beech Creeps

Beach Creeps' debut record is a chunky slice of emotive alt-rock, with guitars muted and then squeezed until all the strings have lost their life and are all tucked out. With a vocal obscured in the mix that recalls Superchunk but less clear, they use a base appro...view item »

Manchester Orchestra
A Black Mile To The Surface

Emo gruff Manchester Orchestra, known also as Andy Hull, has roared his way through records about being friendless and loveless, combining indie rawk crunch with the kinda pop-punk self-pity afforded to the Brand News of this world. His new record, A Black Mile to the Surface, sees h...view item »

The Kooks

Only recently we were smitten all over again by the re-issue of the Beatles 'Sergeant Pepper's'... and 2017 has even more treats in store with a vinyl re-issue of the Kooks 'Konk'. This was their second album and features such hits as  ‘Ooh La’ and  ‘Sofa Song’. Klassic Kooks - we ...view item »

The La's
The La's

Oh those poor the La's. Just imagine the internet meltdown if they ever decided to release another note of music. As it is we have to make do with their debut and only album being re-issued over and over and over again. It is of course a brilliant record despite what Lee Mavers thinks and here it is once again on 180g vinyl with...view item »

The Killers
Sam's Town

Superficially this record reveals more American influences than the debut. There are the obvious vocal and lyrically similarities to Bruce Springsteen. However, when all is said and done, what I hear are the same influences as on Hot Fuss - Queen, Bowi...view item »

My Sad Captains
Sun Bridge

Lustrous dream pop is the name of the game for My Sad Captains who after a line up reshuffle continue to make their vast and expansive music. Though there are elements of kraut rock and psych wibbling in place this promises to be an album for fans of beautifully realised intricate shoegaze and guitar pop. ...view item »

Pete Fij / Terry Bickers
We Are Millionaires

In which the former Adorable and House of Love/Levitation men continue their bromance project about love and loss. They are heavily indebted to such luminaries as Simon and Garfunkel, the Velvet Underground and Johnny Cash. Expect bruised, broke...view item »

Everything So Far

Everything So Far contains everything that New Jersey folk-rock band Pinegrove have released so far, hence the title. That means their debut album plus a bundle of EP and single tracks from these compelling songwriters. This collection was originally put out as a cassette, bu...view item »


Danish five piece Lød grab the post-punk pot, chuck in bits of NEU!, Veit Cong, This Heat, and sense of a need to dance. Their debut release, Folder holds a krautrock groove and constant forward momentum, with a nod to no-wave sound experimentations and B...view item »

Jad Fair & Kramer
The History Of Crying

Jad Fair, half of Half Japanese and a regular collaborator with plenty of other acts (Daniel Johnston! The Pastels) here teams up with Kramer, the mysterious and legendary producer / label-runner who worked with Galaxie 500 to name but one band....view item »

Sonic Youth

Goofin’ records repress Sonic Youth’s art-rock masterwork Sister, and they’ve even included a download with the vinyl LP. On their fifth album the band’s dissonant no-wave drones are as heavy as ever, but they’re tied to sharper songwriting and thoughtful ...view item »

Courting Strong

Bit of lively and highly melodic indie pop here from Martha, a band not a person. It's on FortunaPOP! and it's produced by Hookworms wunderkind MJ so my expectations are high. It's fast-paced and has a chunky late '90s power pop sound to the guitars. The songs are all quite wordy with boldly delivered boy/girl v...view item »

Surfer Blood

Snowdonia is the fourth album by Floridian indie band Surfer Blood. It’s the band’s first album since the tragic death of guitarist Thomas Feteke. Bassist Kevin Williams also left the band, prompting high school friends Michael McCleary and Lindsay Mills to be recruited on guitar and bass respectively. ...view item »

The Hayman Kupa Band
The Hayman Kupa Band

When dreams come true  - part 435. Darren Hayman was watching Emma Kupa's band Standard Fare one night and thought to himself "I'd like to be in a band with her". So he made it happen at here it is. The two songwriters shared ideas, wrote songs together then asked a couple of musician pals to help flesh out...view item »

The Stevens

The Stevens might have the sort of name that is easy to forget but we think you might like their music. You certainly will if you like brash and melodic power pop. The Melbourne band make the kind of fuzzy lo-fi pop that isn’t as straightforward as it initially seems. It’s twists and turns recall B...view item »


That sleeve art says it all really. Dasher have all the fuzzed up grunge of early '90s underground rock in place so much so that you can almost taste the dry ice when listening to them. Early impressions are somewhere between early Pixies, Jesus Lizard and My Bloody Valentine at...view item »

Long Live Life

Affable garage rock group Francobollo have me just burning my entire hand to contend with, so let’s see how they do. Utilising a fairly light pelting of distortion in their songs, they make ‘Long Live Life’ sound both scuzzy and crystal-clear, offering pretty simple rawk songs that play with melancholy but mostly devote themsel...view item »

The Arcs
Yours, Dreamily

The Arcs are somewhat of a supergroup featuring The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, Richard Swift, Leon Michels, Homer Steinweiss and Nick Movshon. Yours, Dreamily is the band debut album, and like a lot of Auer...view item »

Dan Croll
Emerging Adulthood

Liverpool-based songwriter Dan Croll is showing no signs of slowing down, his folk-infused electronica is pushing boundaries and raising eyebrows. On this occasion, with Emerging Adulthood, Croll has formed a gorgeous follow-up to his 2014 debut Sweet Disarray. EA also features ...view item »

Stay Cool

Taking a step back from the in your face poppier productions from their last album, Twinsmith have stripped back and gone for a more personal touch. Stay Cool brings softened and hazy pop-rock that lands smack in the centre of a venn diagram consisting of Phoenix, Fleetwood Mac, and ...view item »

The Wedding Present
Live 2007

Imagine the scene. You’ve waited a lifetime for the Wedding Present to play ‘George Best’ in its entirety and it’s finally happening. You and thousands of others are baying for the band to take the stage and then you hear…..”Oh why do you catch my eye, then turn away?”...view item »

Bressa Creeting Cake
Bressa Creeting Cake

Bressa Creeting Cake’s self-titled debut album arrived on New Zealand’s crucial Flying Nun label in 1997, ready to amaze and surprise people with their unusual stylistic mixture. Prog rock, psychedelic and underground indie pop all play a role, with the band using stacks of ideas on each song. Double LP on Flying Nun...view item »

Harrys Gym
Old Man

This sounds kinda icy. I guess them being from Norway'd probably explain that one. I guess I'm thinking of a far less idiosyncratic indie pop version of the Knife here. The lady's vocals quite remind me Linda Perhacs whose reissued LP on Mexican Summer everyone should buy RIGHT NOW. Chad Valley is on flipside remix duties and brings some sunshin...view item »

Damn Vandals
This Amazing

Can't find any believable info on Damn Vandals so I'm gonna take their Last FM biog on face value and assume they actually met on an internet graffiti forum and then got into some hilarious adventures that resulted in them forming an indie pop band. 'This Amazing' is at best a Nick Cave B-side ramped up with a slight rockabilly feel. Flip that m...view item »

Gut Reaction/ Mallard

The ploddy drum machine doesn't exactly excite but the noisy guitars and distorted vocals plonked on top, recalling Kurt Vile or Gary War, attempt to make up for it and do a decent job, particularly when the vocalist goes a bit mental halfway through and repeats the same line ad nauseum creating a disconcerting effect. Where's it going? I'm not ...view item »

A Place You Like

Indie-rockers ISLAND are slithering into the public consciousness with their promising glut of singles. A Place You Like justifies this rise in prominence that has seen the group already sell out a London Scala show before a debut album is released; catch them live and/or on record at any cost....view item »

More Exits To Garageland

I remember Garageland, They were one of those ‘90s New Zealand bands who came to the UK and threatened to make it big but didn’t because no New Zealand band ever does (except Crowded House). They made a skewed type of Flying Nun style garage (natch) rock with some Sonic Youth...view item »

The Last Of The Lovely Days
Just A Chance / There Are No Words

The Last Of The Lovely Days are a new post-punk group built around the songs of Annie O’Rourke and also featuring musicians from The Others and Smile Down Upon Us. They make their debut with this double A-side 7” single of big melodic action. Just A Chance / Ther...view item »

The War On Drugs
Future Weather

Sandwiched between the more conventional Springsteen stomp-rock of Wagonwheel Blues and the meandering, soundscaped slab of Americana that was Slave Ambient, the War on Drugs offered us Future Weather. If you liked the transience and guitar-abstracted haze of the band...view item »

Head Carrier

Here comes the second post-reunion album from the legendary Boston outfit whose previous effort 'Indie Cindy' garnered mixed notices but was still at times a fine blast of noisy avant rock. Now having finally settled on a bassist with the Kim clone Paz Lenchantin now snugly ensconced into the line up, it's time to see whether the band reall...view item »


“Menacing” and “Punishing” are common words when you search for this Dublin based trio. And.. well, they aren’t wrong. Think of Swans with a leaning towards Neu! krautrock driving rhythms. Swirls of loops and feedback clash and gather, falling in and out of harmony with a solid bass...view item »

Lush Purr
Cuckoo Waltz

If you, like me, were devastated when the Yawns split up then the related Lush Purr offer some hope for a better future. They make dreamy lo-fi pop that has an off kilter feel about it with nods to Cowtown, Bis and Urusei Yatsura. Why does so much good musi...view item »

The Test Of Time

Funny how things come back round. German indie imprint A Turntable Friend were all but forgotten despite releasing a plethora of cool indie 7"s in the early '90s. They returned last year with an excellent single by Wakefield's Drahla and look to again become a force of good in indie circles. Here is a compilation of the best bit...view item »

Manic Street Preachers
Send Away The Tigers - 10 Year Collectors Edition

Celebrate the tenth birthday of the later-period Manic Street Preachers classic Send Away The Tigers with these reissues on double LP and double CD plus DVD (house in a book) formats! As well as the original album, extra goodies include demos, B-sides, rare tracks and video of a 2007 Glastonbury set. Both editions out o...view item »

Kristin Hersh
Wyatt at the Coyote Palace

Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave) hereby releases her tenth album as a solo artist. And it's a big one. Wyatt at the Coyote Palace is a double record (featuring twenty-four tracks) written and recorded over the last five years. As rich and personal as anything by ...view item »

You've Got A Woman / Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can)

Signed to Secretly Canadian, Whitney are Chicago's modern day answer to indie-rock. Their latest single is a glut of material is promising, You've Got A Woman / Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can) is an intriguing duo that fail to bore at any moment. The release is direct, candid ...view item »

Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes

Seemingly everyone's top pick for the album of the year was the eponymously titled debut by the band Fleet Foxes. And it's justifiably so, it is a master-piece that singer/song-writer Robin Pecknold has concocted. Indie-folk/baroque-pop/psychedelic whatever you need to label it as, Fleet Foxes is heavenly from beginning to end with warm instrume...view item »

Fleet Foxes
Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes beautifully paint Yeats' 'Lake Of Innisfree' in musical form, with the same simple yearning for a simple life in a natural sanctuary transposed expertly into Peckner's words. The album wonderfully rolls from one highlight to another; the screamed frustration of 'The Shrine / An Argument' to the saxophone of that same song, all backed...view item »

The Telescopes
As Light Return

For the Telescopes Stephen Lawrie the familiar nostalgia circuit. He could, if wanted, get out on the road and play the shoegaze classics from the first couple of albums but no, this singular artist continues to stretch out into unknown waters. This new album features oscillating noise, feedback and out there detachment straddli...view item »

Passion Pusher

Yay! Full on Beat Happening distorted lo-fi pop fun from this Edinburgh based sludge purveyor. What a bloody racket. He hollers through a distorted mic above the sort of two chord thrash made acceptable by Jonathan Richman and later fashioned into indie-pop by Scotland's own the Pastels. A ...view item »

Breakfast Muff

Leading with their Baby Boomers/R U A Feminist single Glaswegian DIY punks Breakfast Muff return to the Amour Foo label with their third album, and first one on vinyl. Made up of members from Hairband, Rapid Tan, and Spinning Coin, on Eurgh! They fight...view item »

Broken Social Scene
Hug of Thunder

Big Canadian enormous band Broken Social Scene reconfigure for their most sparkling album yet. With 15 members to try to coincide diaries then it must be quite the undertaking but they’ve made a bold and panoramic album that should shift them to the next level and make all that admin worthwhile.  ...view item »

A Walk With Love & Death

A Walk With Love & Death is a brand new album by Melvins in trio mode, and its a double! Split into a Death disc and a Love disc, and featuring guest appearances from the likes of The Pixies’ Joey Santiago and Teri Gender Bender, these hefty ...view item »

The Sticks

It's garage Jim but not as we know it. These jerksome Mancs played what was belived to be the highest gig in Europe in 2007. This feat was eclipsed by press photographers nightmare and all time bell-end Jay Kay from Jamiroquai who ponced about in a jet at over 35,000 feet. What a douche. Anyway, back to these lads! I'd say they remind me of lots...view item »

C88 - Deluxe 3CD Box Set

C88 continues a fruitful series of compilations in the wake of the seminal NME C86 tape, summing up the bustling underground indie scene of the late 80’s. C88 contains three discs and seventy-one tracks worth of fine material from artists as varied as The Stone Roses, Choo Choo Train...view item »

Stoner Witch

1994's 'Stoner Witch' was the Melvins second release on major label Atlantic, who dropped the band in 1997 and banned the group from releasing their follow-up 'Prick' under their own name when they took it to Amphetamine Reptile Records due to it being a bit experimental. 'Stoner Witch' remains a firm fan favourite - a Melvins classic from the M...view item »

Shapeshifter / Bloodlines

"Shapeshifter" is the best Tokolosh song yet with clever lyrics. It kind of reminds me of a Skull Kontrol/Monorchid/Circus Lupus song (lyrically-I guess The Fall, by extension) but with more of electronic/folk feel. I hope they release and LP soon. The artwork for this is also tops. PERFECT....view item »

Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith's eponymous album was his second and showcased a songwriter with incredible songwriting ability who doesn't like to show off. It's probably the album I like most after his masterpiece "Either/Or" I find the lo-fi recording adds a great deal to the emotion he puts into his performances and like the man himself, it's not showy or glo...view item »


Even though very much in their infancy, London based Pumarosa show that a butt load of effort pays off when developing a sound of your own. Their third short play release plays out post-indie rock with worldly wisdom, casting off the shackles of childish wonder with fond reflection. Vinyl released on Fiction. ...view item »

Grace Sings Sludge
Life With Dick

Grace Sings Sludge is the solo outing of Grace Cooper of The Sandwitches and The Fresh and Onlys, recorded at home where the full intensity of Grace’s yearning and unsettled lyrics can be properly expressed. Life With Dick, which is adorned with s...view item »

Panther In The Dollhouse

This is the sort of glam tinged cinematic rock you might expect from the '90s  - you know post Pulp and Beck all that but Whitehorse (must stop calling them Whitehouse) are from now and are from Canada. They mix up sleaze rock, lo-fi, surf rock and lethal riffs which has already earned...view item »

Workout / Color Of The Ocean

Portlanders Nature are the latest signings to this cute and enigmatic US indie. Is it just me or are any of you slightly disappointed when American 7"s don't have big holes in the middle you can stick your nose through? I find it most satisfying. I mean, surely everyone has a big flashing ...view item »

Band of Horses
Everything All The Time

Everything All the Time by Seattle's Band of Horses is not an overly complex record but its simplicity adds to its charm. A little bit rock, a little bit emo, and a little bit country, it wears its influences on its sleeve. Almost like a fine wine, you can distinguish the key ingredients as you swish it around in your mouth and after giving this...view item »

Guided By Voices
Cool Planet

Fire Records brings you the latest full length from the most hard working band in the world Guided By Voices, Pollard and chums have churned out another collection of their brilliant lo-fi indie rock and roll. I just don’t know how he does it, he must write songs in his sleep or while on the toilet. It’s like we’re always sayin...view item »

Sorry Escalator
Generation Winter / Street Corner Absurdity

Dark and mysterious, Sorry Escalator are not one bit apologetic for their no-compromise approach in creating danceable-yet-twisted indie melodies. This pulsating release, Generation Winter/Street Corner Absurdity, signals the bands changing direction in tandem with joining...view item »

She's A Babe/ Makiadi

Not sure what to say about this as it reminds me of about 6 different things at once. I've begun on the final track 'Weaving Spiders' as I like the title most and its relative long length, languishing over the entirety of a side, gives me a chance to study their sound. This band have a sort of shambling, jangly early-mid 80s sound with one o...view item »

Channel Cairo
Elephant Room

Here's a new 7" from a band I know nothing about, Channel Cairo. As far as I gather they're an Anglo-French quintet based in London who play emotionally expansive piano-led indie rock. The A side here starts out fairly promising, with a vocal refrain ever-so-slightly borrowed from Free and some tasteful tinkling, but by the end of the track ...view item »

America 2 or Nahuel Huapa, A Saga: The Intense Vibes of the Rainbow, A Tale of Transformation Of My Brother

This feller baked my brain last time I attempted to review one of his collections of music. That was a pretty far-out record mind and here he indulges his free lo-fi folk persona. It works on many levels as he's obviously got music flowing through his veins so he simply does what the fuck he likes whether the results sound...view item »

Fool's Gold
Leave No Trace

This is one of those albums that is great at a party, or great for just lounging around. It always puts me in a great mood. I play it for my friends and while it's playing in the background they always ask who it is. The sound is very Afro pop/middle eastern but enveloped in the roots of rock 'n roll. "The Dive" and "Tel Aviv" are my favourite t...view item »

Kane Strang
Two Hearts and No Brain

The first properly distributed LP by lo-fi pop hopeful Kane Strang who writes catchy and radio ready themes that would appeal to fans of Car Seat Headrest and Alex G. These are slick and polished vignettes which could see Strang become your new favourite 90’s slacker revivalist....view item »

The Hives
Veni Vidi Vicious

Hate to say we told you so (we didn’t), but Veni Vidi Vicious is getting reissued on lovely silver vinyl. One of recent history’s more charming manufactured bands, there’s plenty of hits herein - ‘Hate To Say…’ of course, but also ‘Main Offender’ and ‘Supply and Demand’ (remem...view item »

Elliott Smith

“XO” was Elliott Smith’s fourth album, originally released in 1998. The fact that it was his major label debut combined with him having contributed songs to the “Good Will Hunting” soundtrack the year before, including the Oscar nominated “Miss Misery”, he was becoming increasingly popular. Here, the pro...view item »

J. Bernardt
Wicked Streets / On Fire

Big belter from Belgian songwriter Jinte Deprez who helps steer the big indie rock ship that is Balthzar. He's made a brass-booming, piano-slamming anthem in "Wicked Streets", where his soft and reliable voice slots in amidst a furious and keening band arrangement. It's catac...view item »

Fir Cone Children
No Gravity Girls

Fir Cone Children are the kind of band whose attention span is so short that they whip through 13 songs in just 28 minutes. They play catchy punked up twee-pop that is full of exuberant optimism with the sort of melodies that should really be written by grown ups. File alongside the Lovely Eggs as the sort of ki...view item »

The Vines
Highly Evolved

The Vines I'm not sure about. I tend to like the Beatlesy type songs they do but the more rocky ones just sound like everyone else. What the fuss is about I'm not sure...... The new album is in here and now. I'm not a big fan but there's plenty of gushing reviews out there for you to check out a...view item »

Milk Maid
Dead Wrong

Milk Maid return with a dramatic, malaise drenched, introspective piece of neoclassicism that is gut wrenchingly emotive and stays with you long after you first hear it...ermmm sorry about that...I got a bad case of review poncery there, I'm not supposed to...view item »

Stress Test

Performance art style sonics from this L.A. resident. It uses slithery, skronky electronics, confessional narrative and impromptu stratagems in an effort to brim the optics, confuse the mind and engage the body. Beginning as an exercise in speed and personality, “Stress Test” i...view item »

Lo Tom
Lo Tom

Nice story. This is the document of when Dave Bazar (Pedro the Lion) and some pals who had all known each other since they were teenagers got together to make some indie rock. Bet they had lots of fun like they did back in the early '90s. Certainly sounds like it. Emotional tight knit indie that would have helped you get th...view item »

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