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Lee Ranaldo
Electric Trim

Ranaldo is often seen as second fiddle to Thurston Moore's sonic experimentation but is still loved by obsessive Sonic Youth fans around the world, 'Electric Trim' is the follow up to 2013's more song based 'Last Night On Earth' and is a collaboration with producer Raül ‘Refree&rsqu...view item »

Go Away EP

Florida punx UV-TV turned heads with their debut LP Glass earlier this year. A short five months later and they’ll be dropping this EP on Emotional Response (City Yelps, Sleaford Mods). The three-piece tear through two new bits and cover tracks by The Prim...view item »

Dream Boys / Pet Gazelles

Barringtone is Clor's Barry Dobbin playing deconstructed avant pop which consists of a heady brew of power pop, madcap wig outs and anthemic riffs all performed at breakneck speed. This is his second double A side 7" recorded for Onomatopoiea and it's hardcore influenced pop blasts will surely blow away any cobwebs. ...view item »

Guided By Voices
Let's Go Eat The Factory

Got a confession to make...I've never been a big fan of Guided By Voices. I'm not sure why, after all they tick most of my boxes in terms of style and content and they were highly active at the most significant period in my musical development. I guess it's the volume of work I always foun...view item »

Deer Tick
Deer Tick Vol. 2

It’s been four years since their last record, and now Rhode Island based Deer Tick drop two at the same time, each showing a vastly different side of the band’s persona. Vol. 2 is highly energised and raucous garage/punk rock. 10 new tracks that’ll get you up and at ‘em. LP and CD released throug...view item »

Deer Tick
Deer Tick Vol. 1

Four years since their last record, Rhode Island based Deer Tick drop two at the same time, each showing a vastly different side of the band’s coin. Vol. 1 is their more stripped back, mellower acoustic side. 10 thoughtful, engaging tracks for the lazy, lonely afternoon.LP and CD released through Partisan....view item »


Disappearing further down the rabbit hole of noise and feedback, Spectres here lift as much from their recent remix album Dead as they do from any of their own releases. The swaying-at-the-edge-of-the-room dirges here will woo fans of Girl Band, Daughters, Sonic Youth e...view item »

Jack Cooper

As his debut solo record, comprised of 9 gorgeous tracks, Sandgrown is the hometown-inspired creation of British experimentalist Jack Cooper. Whilst Blackpool provided the specific inspiration for this evocative piece, the nostalgia is universal and is designed to move individuals from a...view item »

L.A. Witch
L.A. Witch

The latest release from the country vocalist and musician L.A Witch. A classic combination of 50’s/60’s style backing track that pairs up with the distorted vocals that gives you an insight into the fed-up and tired world that L.A Witch gives access to in this record. Available on vinyl LP and CD on Suicide ...view item »

Lower Slaughter
What Big Eyes

A complete and utter madness of a record from Lower Slaughter - featuring Ex Divorce vocalist Sinead Young. What Big Eyes is their debut album and it re...view item »


You want to be the first of your friends to know. The first to taste the distorted post-punk allure of INHEAVEN. And we're here to help you with that. Their first single Regeneration is out, the 7" beautifully designed and packed with heartfelt youthful energy. It sounds like a movie scene in which last night’s pa...view item »

Everett True
The Electrical Storm (Grunge: My Part in its Downfall)

Everett True is an alternative music lifer, publishing magazines, books and articles about sounds for decades now. The Electrical Storm, subtitled Grunge: My Part In Its Downfall is a collection of stories that trace True’s path through the music scenes with which he’s been involved...view item »

Roddy Woomble
The Deluder

Saddled with a name only one letter away from 'Womble' the Idlewild frontman has had to work hard for his credibility. Here he unleashes his fourth solo album which carries on the sometimes REM-ish sound of his former band with a new batch of atmospheric slightly off kilter independent guitar rock.  ...view item »

Foo Fighters
Concrete and Gold

Dave Grohl and Co. return for the ninth Foo Fighters album. Concrete and Gold sees new member Rami Jaffee (The Wallflowers) join the fold on keys and delivers 11 tracks of their inimitable mix of hard rock (there’s some serious riffage in here) and sing-along-abil...view item »

Intergalactic Lovers

Third LP from Belgian indie-rockers Intergalactic Lovers. Frontwoman Lara Chedraoui’s vocals recall Cat Power or Karen O, delivering delicate lyrics over substantial guitar riffs and staunch Interpol-style basslines. The sound of a well-travelled band r...view item »

Palm Honey
Starving Hysterical Naked

The title is of course an ode to Ginsberg but the music here is more in thrall to that poet of the guitar Sir Thurston Moore. This is Palm Honey's heaviest offering yet and shows the band at their rawest and most visceral coming across like a cacophonous garage band. Faint hearted - please look away now. ...view item »

Peter Perrett
How The West Was Won

Peter Perrett was of course singer in the Only Ones who were most famous for the monumental 'Another Girl, Another Planet'. Here he returns with his sons in tow for his first music in over twenty years. The gentle Lou Reed ish compositions are overlaid with his distinctive drawled vocals. The so...view item »

Surf Philosophies
Surf Philosophies

Look at those two lank hairs on the sleeve...I suspect some of that hair is not real. Anyway these two are a Swedish band who sound nothing like what you think a band called Surf Philosophies would sound like. Instead think of freaky day-glo keyboard-led psych with nods to Animal Collective, Bayonne...view item »

Madeline Kenney
Night Night At The First Landing

Madeline Kenney presents her debut full-length album, which she wrote, arranged and recorded entirely herself and mostly at home. Night Night At The First Landing might initially come across as a straightforward...view item »

Mountain Moves

Jittery art rockers Deerhoof normally make their splintered music in isolation but here on their new album they have opened the door to the outside world and collaborated with the likes of Matana Roberts,Lætitia Sadier and Juana Molina. They also have a go at a Bob...view item »

The Just Joans
No Longer Young Enough

The Just Joans are another winsome indie-pop band who are doing pretty well for themselves now that people like twee-pop again. For ten years they have been making the kind of heartfelt music that will appeal to fans of Magnetic Fields and the Pastels and here discuss the realisation that you'd prefer a quiet night in than going...view item »

Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith

Directed by Tindersticks’ Stuart Staples Minute Bodies takes archival footage made by F. Percy Smith and sets it to a score created by Tindersticks and a series of guest musicians including Thomas Belhom, Christine Ott, Da...view item »

Happy Abandon

Debut full length from North Carolina based three piece Happy Abandon, and it’s a powerful starting statement. Mixing the likes of Conor Oberst, Bon Iver, Alt-J, and Sigur Ros Facepaint presents soaring vocal harmonies with catchy, driving indie a...view item »

The National
Sleep Well Beast

The National have slowly seeped into our consciousness over the past few years simply by selling truckloads of records and becoming a thing we regularly compare other bands to when at a loss to describe moody rock music. Their success really is quite remarkable. Anyway here’s another album which contains more of...view item »


It's unbelievable but true. Milburn are back. The Sheffield band who sounded 'a bit like the Arctic Monkeys' have put ten years of differences behind them and reunited to the excitement of their adoring fan base. Not only have they reformed to play sell out shows but there's a new album too. Who next? Th...view item »

Amen Dunes

The press guff compares it to Plastic Ono Band and War on Drugs but the opener here, ‘White Child’ more resembles a lo-fi out-of-key Oasis. Dreadful. Lets skip to track 2 then and this is much better. Its a lo-fi 3 chord fireside strumalong which resembles ...view item »

The Chills / Martin Phillipps
The Curse Of The Chills / Martin Phillipps Live At The Moth Club

This is a must-buy for any self respecting fan of New Zealand legends the Chills, a major new documentary on the band and in particular their leader Martin Phillipps. The film contains never been seen footage as well as interviews with Phillipps and close family. The DVD is coupled with CD of Phillips live at the Moth Club in Lo...view item »

Man and The Moon

Indie pop veterans Spearmint never give up do they? And despite being around since the mid '90s they continue to produce their neat Pulp meets Lightning Seeds pop on this their first new recordings in quite a few years now. With plenty of trumpets parping away Shirley this will appeal to their l...view item »

Luke Haines
Smash The System

Former Auteurs and Black Box Recorder man Luke Haines, who hates everyone and everything, returns with a new solo album. Smash The System is a classic sounding rock songwriter record that alludes to such figures as Bruce Lee, Ulrike Meinhof, Mar...view item »

It's Time To Vanish

Spearmint are the sort of '90s survivors that could have had Pulp - like success if the planets had arranged themselves a tad differently. Instead they soldier on into 2016 with a new album which re-unites them with producer John Etkin-Bell for an album of sunny side up pop tunes that are reminiscent o...view item »

Modest Mouse
The Lonesome Crowded West

Modest Mouse’s third LP, ‘The Lonesome Crowded West’, was originally released in 1997, and ultimately helped to mould the American indie rock sound that became synonymous with the Pacific Northwest. Its endemic, influential sound has been copied from both sides of the Atlantic, but its honest existentialism makes it a modern da...view item »

Giant Sand
The Sun Set Vol. 1

Howe Gelb’s highly-regarded Giant Sand project is wrapping up after 3 decades of loyal service to Americana and alternative country. Consequently, the whole album catalogue is being reissued over 3 big box-sets, divided alphabetically rather than chronologically...view item »

Jutland Songs
Charm on the Chain / Spark Out

Jutland Songs are a bunch of people who have also played in other bands (Eska, Danananakroyd etc) and here write songs that hark back to that golden period of indie rock that we knew as the 1990s. You know the kind of thing: Sebadoh, Superchunk, Polvo...view item »

Lovely Bad Things
Teenage Grown Ups

Lovely Bad Things blast straight out of LA with their latest adorable album / racket: Teenage Grown Ups. The quintet swiftly follow in the wake of their contagious EP ‘Homebodied’, combining boy-girl...view item »

Butterfly Effect Compilation

A compilation from the Darlington based label Butterfly Effect, showcasing the varied wealth of talent from the north of England. Including tracks from acts The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens, Veil, Avalanche Party, Twist Helix, Kobadelta, James...view item »

His Clancyness
Isolation Culture

Isolation Culture could signify the moment that Jonathan Clancy and his merry troupe peek over from the underground. Their brand of charming yet dark guitar pop has here been produced by a mixture of MJ (Hookworms) and Stu Matthews (Beak) giving it that all important mid-fi sheen that brings to min...view item »

The Sisters of Mercy
Some Girls Wander By Mistake

Big box set showcasing the early years of preposterous Leeds goth rockers Sisters of Mercy as their brand of dark and swirling rock got increasingly popular culminating enormous sounding rock hit 'Temple of Love'. Lots of rare and early goth fun and includes the 'Temple of Love' and 'Under the Gun' 12"s.  ...view item »


INHEAVEN will release their self-titled debut album on September 1st. Not straying away from their indie rock identity, the album expresses the energy and electricity of which makes the band so easily recognisable. The 12 track debut album is available on both CD and Vinyl, available on Play It Again Sam....view item »

Oh Sees

Rebranded garage rock professors Oh Sees have become a little more informal with this one -- "please, call me Oh Sees", they ask as you step into their office for a chat. Cool dads. They follow up duelling records A Weird Exits and An Odd Entrances (one a hard-hitting, twice-drumme...view item »

Gold Class

A record built on heartbreak, on the feelings left behind and on the sofa in the house of a friend of a friend. Drum is the ten-track record from Gold Class. The release highlights the struggle that we go through in the time of relationship breakups with hints of Morrissey-esque vocals throughout. Avail...view item »

Six By Seven

Six By Seven have been a long running psych/kraut/alt rock band who are now pretty much run by leader Chris Olley. This albums sees him further explore his roots in the now very fashionable German kraut rock and kosmische scene and has only used instruments and equipment that were available in the era. ...view item »


Liars are back. After a three year absence the off-kilter group return with a new footprint in their skewed journey in dark experimental lands. This time, with eleven-track TFCF, the band couple their line up upheaval with a revolutionised sound - one which smears the line between acoustic and electronic....view item »

The Fresh & Onlys
Wolf Lie Down

The latest chapter in the ongoing sound world of the Fresh and Only's took them three years to complete but continues the anything goes art punk/ technicolour garage pop of their previous five full length releases. The band is nothing if not multi faceted and here take you on a journey through jangle pop, desert rock and primiti...view item »

Arcade Fire
Get Right

I guess this is time for Arcade Fire fans to get very excited. Their new single, Get Right was an outtake from the James Murphy produced Reflektor album. The band had previewed the song live as early as April 2014, but it has not been released until now. The 7” vinyl single is backed with...view item »

Brand New
Science Fiction

Formidably emo stalwarts Brand New used to write immature pop-punk about their ex-girlfriends but turned it around on The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me; they've supposedly been maturing ever since, taking the brooding Daisy as an opportunity to churn noise rock around in the mud. N...view item »

Baby In Vain
More Nothing

This Danish trio have a razor sharp and slightly off kilter take on noise rock taking influence from shoegaze, Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney in songs that manage to be both hard rocking and dreamy. Not for the faint hearted, they make a right old racket which has earned them live slots with Jesus a...view item »

Neko Case
The Worse Things Get, the Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You

Latest album from former New Pornographers singer-songwriter Neko Case, winning the award for longest album title of the year so far (let’s call it 'TWTGTHIFTHIFTMILY'!) and a pretty straightforward pop/rock album from a usually more folk/country kinda girl. Neko offer...view item »

A Giant Dog

The fourth full length record from A Giant Dog entitled Toy. A solid mix of indie-rock and percussion pop that combines nicely with joint male and female lead vocals. The band continuously refuses to lose any of its charm and spontaneity that has kept the fire burning oh so bright. Available on vinyl LP and CD.  ...view item »

Dirt Of Luck

Nineties alternative-rockers Helium have had their catalogue out of print for longer than is really decent, but this wrong is now being righted with a run of vinyl reissues on Matador. 1995’s The Dirt Of Luck was the band’s debut full-length album, and many reckon it their finest. It certainly has the sweet ...view item »

Expect The Best

As if Widowspeak have been around for seven years? Life, it would seem, really does come at you fast, and this band of hybrid folk rock and dream pop continue to make strides in their sound, now coming a long way from their Fleetwood Mac inspired debut. A record of patient deliberation and th...view item »


Merge bring us this reissue of North Carolina based Superchunk’s self-titled debut full length. Available on vinyl for the first time since 1990. It’s their first album, so it is suitably raw, messy, fun filled and damn pleasing. What more do you want from punky indie-rock? Includes download code for an 11 track live...view item »

Ends With And

Nineties alternative-rockers Helium have had their catalogue out of print for longer than is really decent, but this wrong is now being righted with a run of vinyl reissues and this new compilation of rare material! Ends With And is stuffed to the gills with demos, B-sides and  unreleased tracks, sourced from vario...view item »

Exile In The Outer Ring

Following two broken indie big-hitters in Past Life Martyred Saints and the more polished Future's Void, EMA offers up a twilit record about the bubbling anger of the American Midwest. The themes on Exile In the Outer Ring  are prescient and the music continues EM...view item »

Howie Reeve
smaller, now

The new record from Howie Reeve is smaller, now. Sitting on his own for quite a few years now after playing with many indie-pop and indie-rock bands has enabled him to gather a great deal of experience and musical wisdom. This record is available on vinyl LP on The Audacious Art Experiment / Red Wig. ...view item »

Taiwan Housing Project
Veblen Death Mask

Taiwan Housing Project contains Mark Feehan who used to play with Harry Pussy, which should be reason enough for you to pay attention. The other member is Kilynn Lunsford, formerly of Little Claw, and their debut album Veblen Death Mask is a glorious me...view item »

Kamikaze Girls

Straight outta the Leeds DIY scene burst the duo of Kamikaze Girls. Their debut album, Seafoam concerns itself with mental health issues and is full of personal and candid anecdotes. They explore a gamut of influences spanning shoegaze, punk / Riot Grrl and fuzz pop along the way. A couragous, positive and imp...view item »

Our Love To Admire

Although we can mock (and the Guardian already did) about literally every album getting the re-issue treatment, 'Our Love To Admire' was one of Interpol's strongest albums. Dark brooding post punk that showed there ...view item »

Death From Above
Outrage! Is Now

Third full length album from disco rockers Death From Above. Joining forces with Queens Of The Stone Age/All-American Rejects producer Eric Valentine they focus their chrome bright dance music with punk fever creating the soundtrack to dance to at the end of the world. Death gro...view item »

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
Dreaming In The Non-Dream

The press release for this is almost as long as Chris Forsyth's last album. I see the words Pere Ubu, Neu and Roxy Music in there so I'm assuming this next opus contains moments of '70s art rock amongst the blistering solo's and heat hazed Americana that he produced on earlier work. Prolific tho...view item »

The Vaccines
Come Of Age

The album obviously doesn't sound much like their debut; however, it is not bad thing at all. The Vaccines sound is still very much catchy and consuming. When you listen to a Vaccines record it is very difficult to pay attention to anything else. This is especially true with this album. Come of Age is in no way shape or form background music. Th...view item »

The Shins
Port Of Morrow

Sacking your entire band. Good idea or not? In most cases not, as great bands seem to be more than the sum of their parts. The Shins James Mercer has gone from being so much part of a band that when I saw them on an early tour he stood off to one side on stage  overshadowed by the key...view item »

Hamell On Trial
Tackle Box

Described as the anxiety-induced, claustrophobic spirit that the USA now inhabits, Tackle Box is the heavily politically involved, sometimes quite humorous, release from Hamell On Trial. Pretty much recorded by himself in his own home studio, this record is a great mix of fast paced, drilling vocals and acoustic guitar ...view item »

The Travelling Band

A ten track release from The Travelling Band entitled Sails. This can be described as a grunge inspired rock album that has musical content very similar to a lot of the bands in the top 40, but without being as annoying as the bands in the top 40. This record is available on coloured Vinyl LP and CD and is released on S...view item »

The Part That No One Knows

A twelve-part release from melancholic punk-rock outfit Pinact. This record follows on from the debut that was raw, bedroom rock, where as this is a much more well produced sound - good or bad thing? Down to personal taste. The Part That No One Knows is available on vinyl LP and is released on Kanine. ...view item »

Alex Chilton
A Man Called Destruction

Following on from his wildly successful stints in the Box Tops and Big Star, Alex Chilton spent his remaining years as a kind of musical troll, constantly switching styles and annoying his audience. A Man Called Destruction was his 1995 comeback and featured an eclectic mix of garage rock, jazz and r&am...view item »

Cage The Elephant

Cage The Elephant have risen up and got quite a big following for themselves. The group, who were originally from the US but now live in London, have released a massive twenty-one track double vinyl LP on RCA called Unpeeled that contains a fair few tracks from many different live shows all over the USA. ...view item »

Viet Cong
Viet Cong

Some men from the band Women get together and put out a full length record. Viet Cong have previously released one tape and a single. They sound like Women in some parts, but Women after quite a few more drinks inside them. Lovely off kilter guitar parts wrap around tight drums (think fried out Nugge...view item »

Everything Everything
A Fever Dream

Manchester-based jittery popsters Everything Everything return with their fourth album and the follow up to 2015's ‘Get to Heaven’. Expect more polished but whip-smart electronic pop that somehow manages to be structurally interesting and playlist and dancefloor ready. Teaser track 'Can't Do' cert...view item »

Amy O

Amy O has many years of lo-fi bedroom recording behind her, meaning that she arrives at her second ‘proper’ label-released album with serious instrumental and songwriting powers. Elastic is a highly ...view item »

The Duke Spirit
Sky Is Mine

It was only May last year that we were listening to the progressive 'big music' of the Duke Spirit's 'KIN' but here already is a new one in which they once again get upset by all sorts of subject matter. They are one of the UK's most distinctive rock based acts and here plough further loud furrows accompanied by guests J...view item »

The Districts
Popular Manipulations

The Districts are a real indie rock band, writing about their lives and loves and singing it out above sharp and sweeping anthemic guitars. Popular Manipulations is an emotionally engaged set of rock music that is grown-up, but not so much so that it loses its vulnerability. Released on CD and LP by Fat Possum....view item »

The Dears
Times Infinity Volume Two

The second half of a two album project from Canadian indie rock band The Dears, three years after the first instalment. Their seventh album is uplifting baroque pop with a Ben Folds or Penguin Cafe Orchestra warmth and sense of playful freeness, reflective of good times. LP and CD through Danger...view item »

Guided By Voices
Just To Show You / Knife City

Here's a 7" taster of something from America's most tired band and official power pop grand pops Guided By Voices forthcoming boringly titled 'How Do You Spell Heaven' album. It includes an exclusive B side and comes on limited translucent green wax . Warning: listening to it might not enhance your life in anyway whatsoever. &nb...view item »

Piano Magic
Son De Mar

First time on vinyl for Piano Magic's wonderful, evocative soundtrack for the Bigas Luna film 'Son de Mar' (which translates as 'Sound of the Sea'). Mixing Godspeed like string arrangements with beautiful Max Richter like neo-classical compositions and rustic field recordings, Piano Magic made a soundtrack ...view item »

The Last Dinosaur
The Nothing

An eleven piece record from London’s very own The Last Dinosaur. A collection of songs written about lead singer, Jamie Cameron’s, youth and the struggles he faced as he powered through in his teenage years. The Nothing is possibly the right title for this record as it captures melancholy and sadness at its ...view item »

The Sherlocks
Live For The Moment

Double-brother-pair four-piece and self-proclaimed ‘real band’ The Sherlocks are getting pretty big these days, with their big guitar anthems growing bigger by the day. Live For The Moment is their debut album, released after a good-sized gestation period. Punchy rock for the lads, out on Infectious Music....view item »


They may be almost impossible to google but Birmingham two piece Superfood produce lad-friendly indie tunes with sample-led dub leading to the sort of technicolour sound we once heard in the days of Brit pop. Generally tunes to bounce around to, they have their more reflective moments too and aren't afraid to feck with the formu...view item »

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Source Tags & Codes

Post-hardcore weirdos ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead make a constant splurge of their structures and melodies, spilling their guts the way old prog rockers did. Their agreed-upon opus, Source Tags & Codes is an explosive record of bellowing dynamics and reverse-engineered hooks. Rei...view item »

The Smiths

First: The only reason this album did not get a five-star rating, is that this is a Smiths album, and as such, must live up to some pretty high standards. Now, unfortunately, I never had a chance to catch their live acts, but I do imagine that some piece of their worth as a live band were due to Morrissey's enigmatic stage performance, which isn...view item »

The Smiths
The World Won't Listen

If you value quality of quantity then The World Won't Listen is for you (over Louder than Bombs). Aside from just a compilation of various tracks from their canon; this Smiths album is a wonderfully thought out collection of songs. It's a arrangement that flows wonderfully together, from one song to the next. For me, that's a crucial aspect of a...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus

Ah, the unlucky thirteenth record. Always a hard one to make, although not so for Nick Cave, who chews up superstition and then spits it onto the ground and maybe writes a song about how pathetic it all is. 'Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus' is a knotty double record that takes on two different drummers for each side and was written over twelv...view item »

All This Life

Great news for fans of music as Starsailor release their first album since 2009. We may mock but these lads from Wigan have sold an incredible amount of records over the years  - over three million of the buggers shifted. So how will they fare in 2017? We're not sure. This is out on Cooking Vinyl  - the label bands go ...view item »

Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund
Split EP

Fuzz is love: this split EP sees noise punx Joanna Gruesome continue their persistent assault on our indie rock ears with their pissed off shoegaze and gleefully screamed vocals. On the other side, though, there's also the one-man-band Trust Fund, which belongs to Ellis Jones, who makes a sound that lands between grainy indie rock and unhinged f...view item »

Guided By Voices
How Do You Spell Heaven

Rather like Mark E Smith, Robert Pollard has a habit of pulling out a plum just when you are thinking it's all over. Re-grouped and re-invigorated with an (almost) all new line up, last years August By Cake was more like the band we remembered and hot on it's heels we get another. Fifteen new tunes from the fab (in...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The One EP

You may have heard the news of a forecoming 10th studio album from Anton Newcombe's group Brian Jonestown Massacre. 'The One' is a four track EP that precedes it's release with two tracks featured on the new LP accompanied by two exclusives. Recorded in Iceland and Berlin these tracks see Newcombe's lot jamming things out in a more dance orientated...view item »

The Amazons
Nightdriving / Stay With Me

Careful with that name lads or you'll have a litigious online retailer on your back. The Amazons create the kind of spiky indie gear that will probably guarantee a place on the Steve Lamacq show. Standard stadium leaning indie rock that you could see doing a purposeful job supporting the Manic Street Preachers.  ...view item »

Seize The Chair
Knew You'd Never Been There

Sheffield based Seize The Chair have their single Knew You'd Never Been There snatched up by the Too Pure Singles Club and put out on 7”. Warm and melodic with a soft grooving bassline, there’s a great 90s nostalgia to it. For fans of Ride and The Charlatans. Backed with bra...view item »

Pat Dam Smyth
Goodbye Berlin

Northern Irishman Pat Dam Smyth has, like so many artists before him, felt the creative pull of Berlin and written music about it. Goodbye Berlin is a 10” EP of song-focused rock music, with a cleaner, brighter, fuller sound than Pat’s previous lo-fi work and a particularly welcome bit of br...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Third World Pyramid

Their previous album 'Revelation' was to my mind one of the finest of their career so we are all hoping that the Brian Jonestown Massacre's late renaissance continues with this their 15th studio album. Anton hasn't exactly been sat around in the meantime, there's been tours, albums with Tess Parks, the ...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Bout Des Doigts

Fronted by the infamous and only constant member, Anton Newcombe, Brian Jonestown Massacre have seen more than twenty members pass through their ranks down the years but the quality has rarely erred. Although their sound is now well defined, different influences are picked up through the years. Bout Des Doig...view item »

Medicine Mountain

Chomper is a new band made up of hardy veterans of other bands, including such notables as The Men, Junk Boys and Guided By Voices...view item »

5 Billion In Diamonds
5 Billion In Diamonds

Garbage drummer Butch Vig has teamed up with a huge gang of players from acts such as Goldfrapp, Spiritualized, Alpha, The Ocean Blue, and The Soundtrack Of Our Lives to create 5 Billion In Diamonds. This superg...view item »

EP #260

Originally called Bad Rabbit and forming especially to create the soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch’s Limits Of Control, the three piece (that includes Jarmusch) renamed themselves SQÜRL and carried on after. With a number of releases on ATP and now on Sacred bones their strain of n...view item »

Jen Cloher
Jen Cloher

As a leading pioneer within Melbourne's rich DIY scene, Jen Cloher offers a self-titled ten-track which easily justifies her burgeoning reputation. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Courtney Barnett and Fraser A on Milk! label, it's onwards and upwards for this bold, witty and punk-tinged songwriter....view item »

Bo Ningen & Savages
Words To The Blind

If we may quote Bart Simpson, "I don't think any of us were expecting that". 'Words To The Blind' is the result of a bunch of punks making one thirty-seven minute track comprised of what they refer to as a "sonic poem" that has its roots in Dadaism and surrealist art. I'd say it's recommended for fans of both bands, but that'...view item »

The Cribs
24-7 Rock Star Shit

Feather-haired brothers the Jarmans reconvene following their successful 10 year anniversary tour of 'Mens Needs, Womens Needs, Whatever'. This brand new album has been recorded by none other than Steve Albini and marks a return to the bands roots with some raw and sharp as a tack punk rock stylings.   ...view item »

Paul Draper
Spooky Action

The press release states that Paul Draper was frontman of one "one of the most iconic bands of the late '90s". The band they are talking about is - unbelievably  - Mansun. They did though have a large cult following who have followed Draper into his solo work ensuring that his latest shows were regularly so...view item »

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