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Royal Trux
Quantum Entanglement

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MTV Unplugged In New York (25th Anniversary Edition)

Regularly heralded as one of the finest live albums of all time, Nirvana’s iconic MTV Unplugged In New York is being re-issued in expanded form to mark the 25th anniversary of its release. Kurt Cobain’s songwriting was revealed to be just as emotionally hefty, even without the dynamism of Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl’s normal volume - indeed, the thought of Grohl drumming with brushes is a strange one even now. The double-vinyl package features the original tracklisting, in addition to five bonus rehearsal performances that were previously only available on the DVD edition. 

Gaz Coombes
Sheldonian / Live / EP

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Ezra Furman
Twelve Nudes

Ezra Furman, whilst always sounding like Ezra Furman, tends to dabble in different rock sub-genres. With new album Twelve Nudes, he claims it is a punk record. He hurt his throat through singing so hard whilst making it, so there is blood on the tracks here. It was recorded in Oakland, CA under the influence of booze and cigarettes. The title refers to the songs on the album being there with nothing to hide.

Live at Third Man Records

Rostam (Batmanglij) is one of the clever clogs who used to be in Vampire Weekend. He fled that band presumably when he couldn't stand the preppy Paul Simon-isms anymore and formed his own indie/tronics act Rostam. He has released one album so far Half Light and his little jaunt to Third Man should get him a few more followers. This recording of the performance contains songs from the album and new stuff too. 
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Tracy Bryant

Formerly the lead singer of L.A. band Corners, Tracy Bryant has become a significant figure in the city’s underground music scene during the 2010s. The start of the next decade brings the release of his third solo album, Hush, recorded over six months in the mountains of California’s Topanga Canyon, and seeing him in the most direct lyrical form of his career. 

The Fall
Medicine For The Masses - The Rough Trade Singles

Medicine For The Masses by The Fall contains the four 7” singles they released through Rough Trade in the band's early days. It includes classic tracks such as How I Wrote Elastic Man, Totally Wired and Kicker Conspiracy. Of course you want it. 4 x 7” single box set with 4 button badges, limited to 1000 copies on BMG.

A Beautiful Thing: IDLES Live at Le Bataclan

Recorded at the end of a massive, celebratory world tour in December 2018 at Paris’ prestigious Le Bataclan, IDLES tore through a cathartic set of highlights from their career so far, including covers on top of tracks from their two beloved albums Brutalism and Joy As an Act of Resistance. That set is captured on new live album A Beautiful Thing - available on 2xCD or limited edition clear multi-coloured vinyl (orange, pink or lime green). 

The Vaccines
What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

The Vaccines burst onto the scene with this thrilling debut album back in 2011. There were sold out shows, appearances on Jools Holland before releasing a single and people like Alex Kapranos and Debbie Harry in their audiences. They were quite the thing back then and the album didn't let anyone down with its visceral and raw garage rock and sing along tunes.

Satis Factory

Second album proper from Mattiel, following hot on the heels of the word-of-mouth success of last year’s self-titled debut. Although the working relationship between Mattiel Brown and her producer / creative partner Jonah Swilley remains unaltered, as does the distinctive lo-fi sound, Satis Factory is a notable musical expansion. 

Big Stick
Much Of The Best Of Big Stick

Highlights from the career of New York alternative rock outfit Big Stick, released on the cult outfit’s own label Drag Racing Underground. Collecting 15 tracks over two sides of clear vinyl document the duo’s ups and downs, packaged with an art collage from John Gill and Yanna Trance themselves. Features the song 'I Look Like Shit'.
  • Vinyl LP (DRU002LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Matthew Sweet
Kimi Ga Suki * Raifu

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As our boss prepares once again for this eight day festival and gets his candles all nicely lit, we have a collection of new and original Hanukkah songs by the likes of the Flaming Lips, Yo La Tengo, HAIM, Jack Black and I for one am delighted to see Craig Wedren of the mighty Shudder to Think on the list. חנוכה שמח to all. 

Screaming Females

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Royal Trux
Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs was the fourth album by never knowingly not wasted duo Royal Trux. It blends the experimental isn't of their previous work with an increasing song driven the Rolling Stones influence.  In fact the 'Trux often come across as a kind of mutant 'Stones,  taking their classic rock 'n' roll churn to far out sonic places. 

Sea Legs / Dense
Favourite Doll / Fever Dream

Come Play With Me have long been releasing split 7"s by some of Leeds and districts best and most undervalued bands. This latest release by Sea Legs and Dense has been chosen from over 100 bands by a committee who sat at a panel at the Live at Leeds conference.  Have they made the correct choice? Buy to find out. Plus points go to whoever put the pylon on the Dense sleeve. Nice touch.  

Screaming Females
Rose Mountain

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English Weather

NME-touted FEET hail from Coventry, and here’s their debut single. The cover is a bit 1994 alt-rock, isn’t it? So is the music, in fact. The song even bears an uncanny resemblance to ‘Stupid Girl’ by Garbage; just a bit less electronic and dancey, a bit more about the need to bring an umbrella when going outside in England.

Ode To Joy

Ode To Joy is the 11th album by Wilco. The title is taken from a 1785 poem by Friederich Schiller. Thematically, however,  it is concerned with something much more recent - the rather unsettling political climate and trying to find joy during this time. Wilco boss man, Jeff Tweedy, is hopeful that there is more love than hate out there, but is also aware that hate can be lurking just around the corner, so warns us that we’ve got to be careful. 

Archers of Loaf
Icky Mettle

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Comet Gain
Fingerprint Ritual

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After PINK we have PUNK. The sophomore LP from the much-hyped Japanese group Chai finds them once more wringing musical gold from their ‘neo-Kawaii’ aesthetic. That means that here we have a selection of whip-smart, ebullient funk-punk jams which challenge conventions of beauty and cuteness. Think Liquid Liquid, Gang Gang Dance and Le Tigre all getting together and having a bloody great time. Really good.

Archers of Loaf
Vee Vee

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Divine Intervention

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Pure Guava

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The Twilight Sad
Rats / Public Housing

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De Nachten

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Trash Kit

Trash Kit are a three-piece comprising of Rachel Aggs (Shopping, Scared Paws), Rachel Horwood (Bas Jan, Shopping, Bamboo) and Gill Partington. Horizon is their third album and first in five years. With the members being active in many other musical projects, lots of influences feed into the Trash Kit sound, but it’s fair to say that The Raincoats and Sleater Kinney have been fairly influential here.

Big Stick
Sauced Up Santa

Despite their long, storied and beloved cult discography, it’s incredible to think that Big Stick had never released any Christmas / seasonal music until now. This 12” EP, Sauced Up Santa, corrects this - inspired by an encounter that singer John Gill actually had with a tipsy mall Santa when he was five. 

Hurt Valley
Glacial Pace

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Origin Of Muse

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Fu Manchu
King Of The Road

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The Kiwi Animal
Music Media

Music Media was the first album, originally released in 1984, by The Kiwi Animal, a New Zealand duo made up from Brent Hayward formerly of This High and Smelly Feet, and Julie Cooper. Their DIY acoustic sound was self-proclaimed as 'New Acoustic Music'. They expanded to a trio with the addition of Patrick Waller for further releases.

Pip Blom

Pip Blom are an indie band from Amsterdam. They are fronted by 20-year old Pip Blom.  Boat is their debut album following a successful year of EPs and singles that have enjoyed airtime on BBC 6 Music. Their influences seem to come from bands such as The Breeders, which is no bad thing. It looks like Pip’s star is on the rise.

The Fidelity Wars

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Sunflower Bean
Show Me Your Seven Secrets

Sunflower Bean are a New York band with a sound somewhere between shoegaze and certain strands of post-punk. The Show Me Your Seven Secrets EP is their debut release, and it makes for a very strong introduction. Six tracks of thickly-produced, tight-yet-loose jams, pressed to clear vinyl on Fat Possum.
  • Vinyl 12" (FP15151)
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Lovetune For Vacuum

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TFCF (420 Estuary Angler Edition)

Unbelievable special edition 2LP in custom spray painted sandpaper sleeve this contains unreleased tracks and outtakes not included on the 'TFCF' album. As ever with Liars the band are unafraid to step into unfamiliar sonic territories and this latest album is no different. This highly collectible release will be an essential addition to the standard release.  


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Liz Phair
Liz Phair

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The Wrens

Will the Wrens ever make a new record? That is the question many people are still asking. While you wait you could do worse than check out again their debut Silver originally released in 2005. Its blend of shoegaze and indie-rock slowly but surely gave the band a large cult audience who lap up the slithers of music the band have unleashed since. Comes on coke bottle clear vinyl. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (CR00246)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Albert Hammond Jr.
Off Cycle

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The Hold Steady
Four on Ten

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Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Tequila Island

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures don’t seem to be able to stay out of their respective recording studios, so why shouldn’t they collaborate, eh? In fact, Tequila Island is their fifth album together. Working alone, the two acts are incredibly prolific, releasing 12 albums between them since they last collaborated in 2015. If you’re a fan of both you’ll either be delighted that there’s some new stuff or annoyed they’re making you spend more money. New records are always nice, though, aren’t they?

Hungry For Stink

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The Claim
The New Industrial Ballads

It's always driven me a bit crackers when modern folk artists sing about dingly dells and wenches on horseback rather than continue the folk tradition by singing about issues of the day. The Claim couldn't claim (ha!) to be a folk band but the returning Medway Scene band here sing about such 2019 issues as economic migration and the changing industrial landscape. True folk music then but expect more thoughtful and literate English guitar pop from this long running concern.  

A Pathetic Youth

British punk rock outfit Gloo’s backstory seems ideal for making their kind of music - a childhood spent in the dull, faded Sussex seaside town of Littlehampton, lack of opportunities and drudge jobs. Their debut album Pathetic Youth channels all of that frustration into loud yet melodic punk nuggets. 

Fat White Family
Tastes Good With The Money

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Garden Centre
A Moon For Digging

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The Murder Capital
Green & Blue

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Hot Shorts
I Understand And I Wish To Continue

Hot Shorts hail from rainy Manchester. They love all 90s alt rock so much so that they’re trying their best to replicate the sound of the ‘90s through their hooky, guitar laden songs. I Understand And I Wish To Continue is their debut album. If you like Weezer, Cherry Twister or ‘90s bands of their ilk then this is for you.
  • Vinyl LP
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Halfbird was the third album by San Francisco indie rock absurdists Deerhoof. The band formed in 1994, so 2019 marks their 25th anniversary. Halfbird is being reissued by Joyful Noise along with debut The Man, The King, The Girl and sophomore album, Holdypaws. This is the first time the album has been issued on vinyl, and it’s on pink/yellow split colour vinyl n’all! 
  • Vinyl LP (JNR319LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Carnage Hall

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The Afghan Whigs
Black Love - 20th Anniversary Edition

Reissued and remastered for its 20th birthday, comes Black Love - 20th Anniversary Edition by Ohio-based The Afghan Whigs. Initially released in the spring of 1996, this two-disc offering amounted to the band's fifth studio album - one that propelled the garage-rock stars forward. Includes a whopping 9 previously unreleased recordings - essentials for fans. 

Tapes #1-3

Hoops, or in everyday life Drew Auscherman, has released three EPs of lo-fi guitar + electronics pop on cassette over the last few years. Now, the opportunity has arisen to acquire all that tasty material on the vinyl format! The warm warble of the original tape production is still there, but the convenience and prestige suits the quality of the material. Double LP from Fat Possum.
  • Vinyl Double LP (FP16441)
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Show Me Light and Love / Winter Wonderland

It's that time of year again. The beginning of the influx of indie Christmas 7"s. The Snowflakes label is one of the biggest manufacturer of these and here we have L.A rockers Livingmore doing a double A Side. One one side is an original, heartwarmingly dedicated to the singer's grandmother who like a lot of ladies her age likes to keep the Christmas traditions alive. On the flip is a romp through Winter Wonderland. The band sound like Blondie crossed with the Everly Brothers it says here so that's kinda Christmassy, right?  
  • Vinyl 7" (SNOWFLAKE23)
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Swimming In Thunderstorms

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American Football
American Football (debut)

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The Charlatans

This was from back in 2001 when Twitter wasn't a thing and Tim Burgess had 'normal' hair. It was their seventh album and contained such smash hits as 'Love Is the Key' and 'A Man Needs to be Told'.  If that doesn't convince you to re-purchase then remember that Jamie Oliver said that this album has been a really big inspiration for his cooking.  

Build A Rocket Boys!

'Build A Rocket Boys!' is the extremely charmingly named sequel to Elbow's Mercury Prize winning album with that song everyone knows on it. Don't let that give you the wrong impression though, there's still an adventurous rock band under everything. Miraculously, despite all the time he spends on the radio, Guy Garvey's can still belt 'em out with the best of 'em.

Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage
Bad Wiring

Prolific songwriter Jeffrey Lewis presents his new band The Voltage (same line-up as before though!) for what’s sure to be another thrilling entry in his vast discography. Bad Wiring is produced by veteran Roger Moutenot, and is released by Moshi Moshi as a regular vinyl, indies-only poppy red vinyl, or Dinked Edition pale blue vinyl. 
  • Vinyl LP (MOSHILP97X)
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The Delines
Scenic Sessions

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Enter Shikari
Common Dreads

Enter Shikari were massively hyped when they emerged in the mid-2000s under the ‘Screamo’ banner. Their concerts were chaotic and the kids seemed to love ‘em. The politically charged Common Dreads was the band’s second album, originally released in 2009. Ten years on, with a lot of pressure from fans, they have decided to repress the album in vinyl, and why not, as the band seem to go from strength to strength. 

Willie J Healey
Hello Good Morning

“The prettiest people would do the ugliest things,” writes Willie J Healey himself by way of explaining his new single ‘Songs For Joanna’. It’s a terrific summation of that feeling of not quite being able to connect with mainstream society, and it’s a theme that occupies the rest of Healey’s latest four-track EP, Hello Good Morning. 

No Treasure But Hope

Nottingham stalwarts Tindersticks return with a twelfth full-length release - 'No Treasure But Hope'. Made in just five days, the record is an intentional change of direction for the five-piece. In a strive to create instinctual material, not overthinking and sanitising every element, the band yet again present a previously unseen side to themselves.

Liam Gallagher
I've All I Need

Liam Gallagher has a brother. Technically, he has two. He now also has a 7" called "I've All I Need" which I am probably not going to listen to, but I do think about Oasis once a fortnight and I'm okay with having that much of LG in my head. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Liam has a brother.
  • Vinyl 7" (0190295643485)
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American Football
American Football (LP3)

20 years ago American Football, formed by Mike Kinsella of Cap’n Jazz, made their eponymously titled post rock-meets-emo debut and split up. The album is highly regarded in many quarters, including here at Norman Records. A follow-up surprised us in 2016, with Mike’s brother Nate expanding the line-up, and now we have the third installment. Features guest performances from Hayley Williams of Paramore and Elizabeth Powell of Land Of Talk.

Josef K
The Scottish Affair (Part 2)

Scottish post punk band Josef K started life on Postcard Records along with the likes of Orange Juice. 'The Scottish Affair (Part 2)' was recorded in Brussels in April 1981 when the band were in their pomp. Recorded directly from the mixing desk and newly remastered for this release. On Les Disques Du Crepuscule.

Emily Jane White
Immanent Fire

It seems Emily Jane White has gone big on her new album, Imminent Fire, bringing in strings, choirs and heavy guitars. The big sounds on offer are tempered by her voice in this truly widescreen affair. Lyrically she concerns herself with the urgent issues facing the future of the environment and feminism. 

The Ninth Wave

The Ninth Wave claim they are doing something unique and by the looks of their influences it is hard to argue. The band cite JJ Cale, Stevie Nicks and AC/DC as inspirations  - basically their parents record collection. However, what they emerge with is sure-footed power-pop and post-punk with a few things to say about the world young people live in today.  

Patrick Jones and John Robb
Renegade Psalms

Poet Patrick Jones - the older brother of Manic Street Preachers’ Nicky Wire - and esteemed music journalist John Robb (owner of the Louder Than War site) collaborate on Renegade Psalms, a special record that collides the political with the personal. Jones provides words of hope as well as rage, as Robb scores the perfect backdrop. 

Stabbing Westward
Darkest Days

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Cloth are a three-piece from Glasgow who play an angular brand of indie-rock with additional electronics, two guitarists, a drummer and no bass player. They have been endorsed by BBC Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway, Huw Stephens from Radio 1 and Tom Robinson from 6 music. Their eponymous debut album was recorded at Chem19 in Glasgow.

John Frusciante
Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt

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A Quality of Mercy

This item has the same name as RVG’s debut full-length album, but please take note! This is the single, featuring the first track from that record along with a B-side you shan’t find elsewhere. A Quality Of Mercy was recorded live in a pub, and bristles with the appropriate energy of the context. 12” single on Fat Possum.

Out Of Time - 25th Anniversary Edition

Ah 'Out of Time'. The one with the hits on it. But also one of REM's bleaker albums. Like the preceding 'Green' it is a mix and match between upbeat pop '(err 'Shiny Happy People') and slower dirge-like composition that paved the way for their mid-career near masterpiece 'Automatic For the People'. Despite the odd stinker (what was 'Radio Song' all about?) 'Out Of Time' is a lovely shimmering album full of poetic grace. This re-issue comes complete with bonus 'demo' version of the album and B sides/outtakes etc.   

The Livelong Day

Dublin's Lankum have been gaining quite a following blend traditional Irish folk music with more modern day drone, post rock and psychedelia. So much so that big hitters Rough Trade have stepped in to release their new album the Lifelong Day. They use harmoniums and Uilleann pipes to create beautifully heavy soundscapes with an emotional heart at the core. Very affecting music that could help soothe us in these troubled times. 

Dead Can Dance

Spiritchaser was the final album Dead Can Dance recorded for 4AD before their 16 year hiatus. It was recorded in a church in Ireland and is mainly the work of founding members Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard. The album showcased a percussive sound that included elements of afrobeat and world music topped off as always by Gerrard's stunning octave leaping vocals. 

Beach Slang
The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City

Those who have listened to Beach Slang before will know that their music is influenced by The Replacements. New album The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City features former Replacements bass player Tommy Stinson which front man James Alex regards as a bit of a coup. The perfect player for his punk-cum-power-pop sound. The album was produced by Brad Wood who has worked with just about everyone at one time or another.

Amber Run

Nottingham trio Amber Run return with their third LP of plush stadium-indie. Philophobia tows the line between the widescreen rock sound of mid-period Bon Iver and those all-hands-in-the-air, tears-in-the-eyes, sunset-selfie anthems that acts like Rag & Bone Man and George Ezra dominate the airwaves with all summer long. Speaking of all summer long, what’s Kid Rock up to these days?

The Triffids
Born Sandy Devotional

The Triffids were one of 1980’s Australia’s greatest alternative rock groups. Grand, sweeping songs, driven by the basslines of Martyn Casey, later of The Bad Seeds and Grinderman. Born Sandy Devotional hasn’t been in print on vinyl since the original release in 1986, and is now handsomely remastered. Limited edition, on heavyweight vinyl.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Ghosteen is the new album from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the first since the heart-breaking Skeleton Tree in 2016. Recorded in Brighton, Los Angeles and Berlin, Cave says of the album that the songs on the first record are children and the songs on the second record are the parents. It seems he’s thought about it, anyway. 

Brix & The Extricated
Super Blood Wolf Moon

Brix and the Extricated are led by former the Fall member and ex-spouse of Mark E. Smith himself, Brix Smith Start. The band also included ex-the Fall members Steve and Paul Hanley and Steve Trafford. They are also named after the Fall’s 12th album. 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' is the band's third album in three years following on from last year’s 'Breaking State'. I wonder if they'll rack up as many albums as the Fall? A long way to go, but they're doing well.

Sports Team
Making Hay EP

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Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol Reworked features 16 of the band’s songs that they have reworked in some way. It’s not clear yet how they have been reworked, so could you could be hearing Run in an rib-cracking techno style, Chasing Cars in the style of Napalm Death, Chocolate à la Daniel O'Donnell. We’ll see, but my suggestions are likely to be wide of the mark to be honest.


Back in the day, i.e. 1991, Glen Galloway replied to an ad for a ‘lead singer, brain optional’ he got the gig. That band was John Peel favourites, Trumans Water. He’s now moved on to a new band, Sumatraban. Like Trumans Water, they call San Diego, California home and play a ‘reconfigured’ form of rock n roll. Interloper is their second album.
  • Vinyl LP (LUAU032LP)
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Some Bodies

Sunscreen by Some Bodies is an album of melancholic pop, honed from a history of listening to classic records. Into this cauldron, the band put The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Beach House, Sparklehorse, Tame Impala, Pixies and a splash of krautrock and mixed it all up to create a familiar, yet new sound. The track Higher Self has a certain Mansun-covering-Radiohead’s-Just about it. 
  • Vinyl LP (SBFMLP005)
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The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die
Assorted Works

I could fill up my word quotient just by repeating the band name. This is a twenty track resume of the long-windedly titled outfit's rarities collected from their ten years of existence. Compilation tracks, split singles, outtakes that type of thing. Um... An interim retrospective album then from The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die.  

False Advertising

Judging by their single, Influenza, False Advertising are digging that classic grunge dynamic of heavy guitar intro followed by bass-led verse. There's definitely a Nirvana influence going on here. They have been getting support from Radio 1 DJs Annie Mac and Huw Stephens and have recently toured with Jamie Lenman. Brianfreeze, their new album, shows their arena-filling potential.

No Justice

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Peter Astor and the Holy Road

Here is a re-issue of Pete Astor's third solo album following on from his stints in indie-pop legends the Loft and the Weather Prophets. It sees Astor gather around him some of the finest UK musicians for some classic English guitar pop that was predictably ignored in his home country but did very well indeed in France.   

The Cult
Sonic Temple (30th Anniversary Edition)

Released in the spring of 1989 and housing some of the group’s most popular songs, The Cult’s Sonic Temple represented the apex of their commercial success. Having been out of print for 20 years, it gets a deluxe 30th anniversary re-issue, on double vinyl, 5xCD box set and a special 7xLP limited edition collection. 

Giant Sand
Glum (25th Anniversary Edition)

Glum was the 11th album by Giant Sand and was originally released in 1994, hence this 25th anniversary reissue. The band, helmed as ever by Howe Gelb, also featured Joey Burns and John Convertino who went on to form Calexico, singer / songwriter Victoria Williams, Pete Holsapple of the dB’s, Chris Cacavas, Pappy Allen and singer / songwriter Lisa Germano. Their dusty Americana was, on this occasion, described by comedian Stewart Lee as ‘infant free jazz’.

Xylouris White
The Sisypheans

Australian drummer Jim White and and Cretan laouto player George Xylouris have known each other since the early ‘90s when Jim White played in Dirty Three with the Bad Seeds Warren Ellis. They have collaborated several times before. The Sisypheans is the duo’s fourth album, the concept of which came from conversations the pair have had over the past 5 years.

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete
De Facto

This is the fifth album from Mexican duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete which they claim will make your head go POW! I'm looking forward to that happening and maybe it will as they suggest that it's a cross between Low's recent experimentation and Tender Buttons era Broadcast. Hopefully that has sold a few copies in anticipation.  

Acoustic Foolish

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Hang on. I was thinking that Omni only released a new album earlier this year when in reality Multi-Task came out in 2017. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself.  Networker is their third album and their first since signing for Sub Pop. Theirs is a taut and wiry sound with nods back to Gang of Four and fellow Georgians Pylon and they have an ex Deerhunter in guitar ace Frankie Broyles. Networker turns up the 'fi' on their twisty turny sound but retaining the catchiness and freshness of their earlier work. 
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