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Filthy Friends

Wearing sunglasses like old people do, this is the latest supergroup featuring Peter Buck (R.E.M) and Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows/REM). This time they've hooked up with not inconsiderable talents of Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) for some snotty and raucous avant rock. Yup I just he...view item »

The White Stripes
There's No Home For You Here / I Fought Piranhas

The White Stripes invite you to remember a time when they released killer singles and existed as a band and whatnot; that time had something to do with an Elephant, if I recall, and "There's No Home For You Here" is invited along in the crew of 7"s that seeks to canonize their best moment. Comes with a b-side known...view item »

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Holy Mountain

The new album from Noel Gallagher’s current project High Flying Birds, Who Built The Moon?, is out now, and here to accompany it is this natty Maxi single. Holy Mountain is a storming track featuring Paul Weller on the old organ, and this release adds an instrumental vers...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Heart Like a Levee

New material from Hiss Golden Messenger, written during challenging times, like all the best country-derived music is. Heart Like A Levee is available in regular and fancy editions of both the CD and the vinyl versions: the deluxe ones add grand packaging, a poster, and a CD of a whole extra album, named Vestapol...view item »

Field Music
Field Music

Totally baffling album of the week comes from Field Music. Imagine Shudder to Think's vocalist joining forces with a load of 10cc obsessives sitting in a room studying the art punk dynamics of prime Wire whilst listening to the Beach Boys & Cardinal. Phew!!! Exhausted? This debut is a stunning ...view item »

Lost In The Night

Alt-rockers with blues in the heart and soul in their lungs, Palace are set to release their first ever EP, 'Lost In The Night'. The Londoners mix and match guitars that are floaty and meditative with louder, rawer excursions that reminisce over bands like Buffalo Springfield. Should be good, because everybody gets the blues, right?...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Sun Ship

Well the good news is that there's a new the Brian Jonestown Massacre album due in October but while we wait for “Third World Pyramid” to land we must be grateful for these two taster tracks released on honey coloured vinyl (how delightful). If it beats the incredible 'Revelation' I'll eat a horse but it's alway...view item »

The Twilight Singers
Dynamite Steps

When I say this is the new band from Afghan Whigs feller Greg Dulli, I am of course talking piffle as they are now 5 albums in (and this is apparently the first for 5 years). How the time drifts past. Dynamite Steps consists of cinematic widescreen American guitar music, with a feel of driving at high speed through desert-scapes. Mark Lan...view item »

The Rifles
No Love Lost (Remastered)

Yes, we are at the historical stage where the bands of the mid 2000s indie rock wave start reaching anniversaries… Can it have been just 10 years since the lads of The Rifles first hit the pages of the NME? This is a remastered reissue of their debut No Love Lost, out on Right Hook with 2CDs of B sides and bonuse...view item »


Japanese band Tricot set up their own record label, Bakuretsu, alongside the band and after 12 releases have signed with Big Scary Monsters. Mixing the complex time signature changes and layering of bands such as Battles and Don Caballero with the catchy harmonies of J-pop and beyond. Think of a...view item »

Kurt Vile
God Is Saying This To You

If you know Kurt Vile than you know what to expect. Beautiful, dark, haunting songs primarily made up of acoustic guitar and vocals. If you don't already know, Kurt can play. He has a brilliant fingerpicking style and a hauntingly honest tongue. The highest point on this album for me is "My Sympathy". This is a really good record that has altern...view item »

Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire

First reissued in 2005 after the success of Funeral, Arcade Fire’s debut EP gets a second CD reissue makeover for any fans unwilling to buy a grubby second-hand copy ...view item »

Faerground Accidents

A preposterous looking collection of freaks, Faerground Accidents are much more than a dressing up box on a stage. Their cinematic, poetic music has lots in common with the earlier work of fellow Sheffield weirdos Pulp along with the rainy day driving rock style of the Chameleons or ...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!

'Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!' is Nick Cave's attempt at making a bona fide garage rock record, one that's rough around the edges to match the snarl in the singer's voice and the sewage in his songwriting. It's a coarser, heavier affair than normal, and also signals the end of founder Mick Harvey's tenure with the band....view item »

Origin Of Symmetry

It's the Muse album that has the slightly louder and more abrasive songs than the other Muse albums! Wherein they ruin a perfectly good Nina Simone standard in "Feeling Good" and do some other stuff with pop rock that once got compared to Radiohead but would probably actually just get remixed by Moby....view item »

Good Nature

Turnover have been growing and growing since the release of their first, much more aggressive album years ago. Good Nature is the third record from the US band and it brings with it eleven whole new levels of emotion- each song belonging to its own. Keeping with the direction that Turnover have found themselves going in...view item »

Elliott Smith
From A Basement On The Hill

Elliott Smith  - From a Basement on a Hill (Domino) FB- I thought he was dead C- .... er... it was recorded pre-death FB- are you sure its not recorded by Badly Drawn Boy cos it sounds just like him. C- hey mate BDB ripped off Elliott Smith not t'other way round DB- both scruf...view item »


Here is your chance to scoop up vinyl reissues of some of James’s vintage albums, courtesy of Mercury. Seven, which I’m afraid is their fourth album rather than...view item »

Pablo Honey

Pablo Honey is not one of Radiohead's later, more complex, and what their egotistical "true fans" like to call their most "intellectual" album. Big deal. Get over it. I love Kid A and OK Computer just as much as anyone else, but Radiohead had to start somewhere and Pablo Honey seems just the perfect place. I've heard that the band regrets writin...view item »

The Drink

Second full-length album from The Drink, an ethereal indie-pop band whose members also play / have played in groups like The Wharves and Shield Your Eyes. The latter band might surprise you, as nothing on Capital sounds much like them, but The Drink do have similarly de...view item »

The Replacements
Songs For Slim EP

I have had a hard time getting into these new Replacements recordings for various reasons. I guess it is just kind of lacking vitality and spark and the performances seem a little restrained as if they were not too familiar with the material. Not bad though, just kind of tired, which is the opposite of the previous reunion songs like "Pool" and ...view item »

Superfuzz Bigmuff

Down In Albion

It might surprise a few people to learn that I quite like the new Babyshambles album. Its as dishevelled as a dog in the rain and it features some of the worst singing since .......ever. But I kind of like the whole on the edgy feeling of it and the fact that beneath the mess there are some quite pretty melodies. Of course its no better ...view item »

Pay No Attention

Too Pure have been running their monthly 7” Singles Club for long enough that they’ve amassed a catalogue 100 releases deep! They’ve decided to celebrate by issuing this limited edition LP of premium selections from the 7”s to date: Pulled Apart By Horses, Menace Beach and Hookwor...view item »

Pulled Apart By Horses
One Night In Heaven

Look, we found a remnant from Record Store Day 2015! This vinyl treat is a limited edition live recording of Pulled Apart By Horses, captured in furious full flow. The record is titled One Night In Heaven after the London venue where gig took place, and you can almost hear the night’s sweat pushing through your sp...view item »

Elliott Smith
Figure 8

They tried to make him look younger on the sleeve by sticking him in a cardigan and airbrushing his face and that pretty sums up this record by the renowned songsmith. Where earlier albums had that raw lo-fi appeal, 'Either/Or' had all the good songs, 'XO' did the same with higher fi production, 'Figure 8' was the one where nuts and bolts were a...view item »

The National
Trouble Will Find Me

Sixth studio album from critics’ favourite The National. Following the massive success of ‘High Violet’ and a string of festival headlining spots, ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ has got the music press and fans alike salivating. From the offset this sounds like a band that have honed the...view item »

Thigh Master
Early Times

It is with great excitement that Brisbane cornerstones of indie-rock, Thigh Master, announce the release of their debut long-player, “Early Times”. Mixed and recorded by Blank Realm guitarist Luke Walsh, “Early Times” is an album packed with massive guitar hooks, introspective lyricism, and seismic infectiousness....view item »


QTY are a New York band doing the New York rock thing, and this self-titled album is your first full-length opportunity to get stuck in yourself. QTY is no-nonsense business, with daily life stories told over wi...view item »

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
It's Blitz

Time for a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album! Happy time for Brett if no-one else! It's called It's Blitz! and the cover is quality, I want to squish eggs and freeze time in this manner! As the lead single and lead track 'Zero' does remind me a fair bit of 'Gold Lion' from the last one in that it sounds totally underwhelming at first but kind of gets under...view item »

Television Personalities
Beautiful Despair

Beautiful Despair is an unreleased album by cult indie band, Television Personalities. Unreleased until now, that is! The album was recorded, but unfinished in 1990. Some tracks appeared in different guises elsewhere, but this is the first time they’ve been released in their original form. A couple of the tracks mention th...view item »

Treeboy & Arc
Not Yet

Treeboy & Arc are a bunch of 19 year-old kids from Leeds. Despite the Pet Sounds-aping cover of their new single, Not Yet, they sound nothing like The Beach Boys. Instead, with the help of MJ from fellow Leeds band Hookworms on production duties, they go for a fairly meaty post-punk ind...view item »

Pleased To Meet You

Tuck into some James why don’t you? Mercury are launching a series of reissues of the britpoppish band’s albums, and Pleased To Meet You is the last album they ...view item »


Vinyl reissues of some of James’s vintage albums, available now thanks to the Mercury label. Millionaires is the last James ...view item »


Mercury are launching a series of reissues of britpoppish band James’s albums, and here is their 1997 effort Whiplash, which was partially produced by no less than ...view item »

Dream Themes
20 Golden Greats

Formerly the backing band for Timperley’s favourite son, Frank Sidebottom, Dream Themes have since carved out a niche for themselves by performing classic TV themes to appreciative audiences. Their debut LP, 20 Golden Greats is the final, and it has to be said, rather celebratory release from the Too Pure ...view item »


Psychedelic bedroom pop from Palace’s bassist Skinshape. On Oracolo Will Dorey takes over all the instrumental duties and produces a joyous, dense and groove-heavy vinyl LP and CD. Borrowing influences from hip-hop, soul and funk, but spun through his unique one-man band aesthetic, Dorey i...view item »

Matthew and Me

Like your guitars woozy and twinkling? Sucker for a lush soundscape? Prefer Bon Iver before he discovered auto-tune? Then Starpoint is the EP for you. Matthew and Me (that’s Lucy Fawcett) have crafted four tracks of spare and spectral alt-rock and Ben Howard colla...view item »

Thee Mvps

Thee MVPS have been doing their thing ferociously all year long, and now they round out 2017 with a quick new single. Sesh stares modern millennial life fully in the face, and it isn’t impressed by what it sees, and throws some punchy punky guitar shapes in response. Sesh is a 7” single from Too Pur...view item »

The St Pierre Snake Invasion
Dick E Mozart

The St Pierre Snake Invasion’s new single, part of the Too Pure Singles Club, makes  a mockery of its own 7” format by being only one minute and sixteen seconds in length (although there is also a B-side). Dick E Mozart packs a lot into its tight duration though, sludging up your stereo with frantic har...view item »

Dart EP

It's guaranteed noise mischief from Leeds local Blacklisters who mix the genre's snarky, dry and all-out weird humour with the necessary guitar discordance and angularity. With song titles that go above and beyond the call of duty Mclusky felt, their influences are on the sleeve...view item »

Brightonsfinest Volume 2

Brightonsfinest 2 is a compilation album of favourites that the label’s site and radio show have championed. They’ve moved beyond the parameters of the Southern city to collect tunes from a nationwide range of acts like Sundara Karma, The Big Moon and Temples. Indie fans will likely ...view item »

Dinner Party
Too Live To Die

Dinner Party are a fuzz-rock band from Manchester. The Three Piece are made up from members of other Manchester bands such as Former Bullies, Irma Vep and Sex Hands. Too Live To Die is their second album and follow-up to their debut, Swinging. Fan...view item »

Average Sex
Ugly Strangers

'Ugly Strangers' is a wonderfully up front indie rock track that has a unapologetic directness. The band's depiction of getting by in London should be wonderfully familiar, like the infectious and comforting propulsion and rhythm patterns of the song. Fun, honest songwriting from a promising new group....view item »


Soundgarden’s 1994 classic Superunknown gets a 20th anniversary reissue with not one, but two deluxe versions to choose from. It will also be available on vinyl. The Super Deluxe version is an expansive 5 CD package featuring the remastered album, demos, rehearsals and b-sid...view item »

The Neighbourhood
Wiped Out!

The Neighbourhood, aka The NBHD, are and electro-rock quintet from California. Wiped Out! is their second album and follows 2013’s angst-ridden album I Love You. Thier mix of angsty lyrics, polished production and traditional songcraft left critics split but is likely to appeal to teenage...view item »

The Verve
A Storm In Heaven

Debut album from The Verve (back when they were just 'Verve"), remastered and piled in with a tonne of ridiculous goodies. Including all the tracks from their EPs before the album, two radio sessions, acoustic versions, a DVD of live and studio videos and even two unreleased studio tracks – South Pacific...view item »

Blitzen Trapper
Wild and Reckless

Portland’s own Blitzen Trapper  present an album described as “Half musical - Half rock-opera” (which in my mind is a bit like being half strangled / half drowned), it’s also a companion piece to their 2008 album Furr. We have seven songs from the production with the themes (“darker dys...view item »

Future Islands
In Evening Air

Making the big leap from Upset the Rhythm to Thrill Jockey Future Islands have delivered a beautiful yet curious debut in the form of 'In the Evening'. I've been following the band closely since I was lucky enough to play with them in Nottingham last year and their progress in that time has been immense, so much so that it's almost impossible to...view item »

Wolf People
When The Fire Is Dead in the Grate

After all of this slickly 80s fare that's about it's good to hear some real music, by real men, with real beards, drinking real beer by a real fire. Wolf People are a kind of progressive folk act that remind me of damp moss. They epitomise the colour green, and you kind of expect them to be half man, half tree. ...view item »

White Room

Brighton indie five-piece White Room release their double EP, Eight, on Deltasonic. Their psych-pop takes nods from contemporary faves like Pond and Temples, while the vocals seem to take cues from the likes of Drowners. They’ve ran with the idea of the number eight structurally and thematically, with song...view item »

The Killers
Hot Fuss

What a time to be alive. Fumbling over the lyrics of Somebody Told Me, hunting down crushes on MySpace, and worrying about the exact definition of “indie rock” - Hot Fuss surely embodies 2004 (but without the facial acne). Now finally reissued on beautiful 180 gram vinyl. Relive The Killers' fi...view item »

Solid Gold

More indie pop from the ever busy Emotional Response. What we have hear are two fuzzy and catchy slabs of old school indie with nods towards the Darling Buds and Shop Assistants as well as a healthy dose of shoegaze blur. It is full of vigour and fun and the lead guitar is very busy indeed twirling all over plac...view item »

Jason Molina
The Black Sabbath Covers

Black Sabbath’s influence runs far and deep, emerging in some unexpected places… Such as in the recorded catalogue of Magnolia Electric Co. singer-songwriter Jason Molina. These intriguing covers of ‘Solitude’ and ‘Snowblind’ were recorded at home in the 90&r...view item »

The Early Years

Krautrock-influenced London band The Early Years formed in 2004 and were signed to Beggars Banquet after airplay from Steve Lamacq and Huw Stephens. After their debut album received rave reviews, the band embarked on the usual round of tours and festivals before deciding to take a break in 2008. Now, 10 years after their first album, here is the...view item »

I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings

I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings is the sound of the mighty Radiohead touring their Kid A and Amnesiac albums circa 2001. The more electronic tunes get spun out into some beautiful expanded shapes (8 minute version of ‘Everything In Its Right Place’!) and until recently, this was the only ...view item »

Blk Jks
Mystery EP

The Breeders
LSXX (Last Splash 20th Anniversary Edition)

If you didn't like Last Splash the first time round, then you shouldn't be allowed out on your own. Also, you won't find anything on here to change your mind. The number of people who actually need this many versions of 'Divine Hammer' and 'Cannonball' are going to be pretty limited... This made a lovely christmas present, but there's nothing on...view item »

Lord Huron
Strange Trails

No, Lord Huron is not an aristocrat turned musician. It’s a band from Los Angeles who here present their second album Strange Trails. With country music really kicking off again in the US, the timing of this MOR post-Bruce Springsteen record couldn’t be better. Think The War On Drugs minus the drenched rever...view item »

The Underground Youth

The Underground Youth a.k.a Craig Dyer presents another psychedelic record from the industrial bowels of Manchester. There’s a sense of 90’s reverence on display without cosying up to outright nostalgia. Mesmerising and texturally rich, Haunted is just that. Out on CD and limited Coke Bottle colour vinyl LP ...view item »

Dinosaur Jr.

“Bug” opens with arguably the greatest song of the 80s and most definitely the greatest slacker anthem of all time “Freak Scene”. If that isn’t enough to make you buy it, then there are a further eight tracks that should swing the balance in favour of a purchase. Whilst not being quite as good, it carries on...view item »

La Luz
Weirdo Shrine

Recorded by Ty Segall in a makeshift surf shop studio, ‘Weirdo Shrine’ is doom surf band La Luz’s follow up LP to their 2013 debut ‘It’s Alive’. With songs about loneliness, infatuation, obsession and death, ‘Weirdo Shrine’ is eleven tracks of bittersweet, garage/sixties girl group inspired dark su...view item »

Black Mountain
In The Future

Great record throughout, and probably one of the better rock releases of last year, in my opinion - I got the CD first (as I found it cheap) then imported the vinyl - the CD stayed in the car for months. Although each song has a distinct sound, it is overall very reminiscent of Deep Purple, or even a less bombastic/operatic Uriah Heep (David By...view item »


6 track mini album available on 12” vinyl or CD from Club AC30. Darkle showcases Japan’s indie pop four piece Taffy’s bizarre blend of '90s british guitar riffs and esoteric Japanese dreamy pop vocals. A blend of Graham Coxon 4-chord stomp and Stone Roses psychedelia, ...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Love EP

Typical Girls

Typical Girls takes its title from a lyrics of song by The Slits, and it showcases an array of modern female-fronted bands who’ve taken up their might fem-rock mantle. Awesome punks from around the world are here, including Rakta, The Splits, Slum Of Legs and ...view item »


New R.E.M. reissues are afoot, getting some of that early I.R.S. Records material back into circulation. Eponymous is a greatest hits compilation covering the band’s career up until the point of its release (1988). Also, several hit songs are presented in alternate versions that are otherwise hard to come across. ...view item »


On their fifth album Language, Sex, Violence, Other? Stereophonics returned to their rockier sound, some people even regard it as a return to form, after a couple of more acoustic led albums. It was the first with new drummer Javier Wayler and features the number one hit Dakota along with Superman, ...view item »

Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Rush To Relax

Between hanging out with Koala bears and necking loads of Castlemaine XXX the Eddy Current Suppression Ring managed to record a super energetic and catchy record that sounds kinda early 90's. It's a right old post-punk garage fest with a poppy edge recalling ye olde Flying Nun NZ styles. What a tight bunch they are, and they can certainly writ...view item »

The Feelies
In Between

Just look at that beautiful sleeve. It signals the return of New Jersey's veteran pop meisters the Feelies for their first work in over six years. The band seem to exist on a different timescale to most bands and just release albums when they feel like it. Their laid back Velvet Underground inflected albums are ...view item »

The La's

If not quite the holy grail, this looks like an essential release for all those frustrated the La's fans. It features sessions from 1987 (natch) recorded at the Flying Picket and at Echo & the Bunnymen's studio. There's also a few live tracks and rarities which may part satiate those still hoping for new mat...view item »

The Kills
Black Rooster EP

This was the Kills first ever record from way back in 2002. This was when former Blyth Power and Scarfo guitarist Jamie Hince teamed up with Alison Mosshart once of Discount to play a little bluesy punk rock. The rest, they say, is history.  This hasn't been available for a...view item »

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits by one of the USA’s biggest alternative rock bands, Red Hot Chili Peppers was originally released in 2003. It contains 16 of their most popular songs including Under The Bridge, Give it Away and Californication. This reissue is pressed on 140g silver vinyl and housed in a g...view item »

Elliott Smith

Elliott’s third solo record, and his first after the break up of Heatmiser. An essential release in his back catalogue, Either/Or maintains the lo-fi intimacy of previous efforts Roman Candle and Elliott Smith, whilst upping the complexity and ambition of his arrangements. Miss Misery was even nominated f...view item »

Pearl Jam
No Code

High time for some Pearl Jam reissues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the No Code-heralded next phase of their career. No Code found the band kicking back against their success with a wider, more experimental range of sounds: a bit of psych, a bit of garage. This reissue, the first vinyl release for the al...view item »

A Sentimental Education

A Sentimental Education marks the exciting return of indie rock luminaries Luna, after thirteen years away. The album finds them covering songs by some of their favourite artists, a selection you may be surprise...view item »

Red Blinders

Red Blinders, the new EP from Swedish indie band, Hater boasts Marr-esque guitars and vocals reminiscent of fellow Swedes, The Concretes. The mix makes for melancholic hug. The band’s debut album, You Tried, which was released in 2016 made critics compare them to Canadian indie-poppers Alvvays...view item »

My Blood Carries My Dreams Away

On Permahorn's first release there's a distinct slow core influence, as well as a pace and hypnotic element drawn from shoegaze. Though familiar in structure, throughout the record there are lots of production tricks and unconventional ideas which add spark to this brooding, expressive journey through murky indie rock....view item »

The Chills
Pyramid / When The Poor Can Reach The Moon

The Chills comeback album 'Silver Bullets' really was a winner. A complex album which rewarded multiple listens and it's almost unprecedented for a band to be away for so long and come back with something that's almost the equal of earlier work. This Record Store Day release takes 'Silver Bullets' ...view item »

Amber Run
For A Moment, I Was Lost

One of those bands who have become absolutely massive without you actually noticing them doing so, the Nottingham four-piece up the emotional ante for their second debut LP. Fans of London Grammar and Kodaline - hell, even Coldplay - will enjoy the grandiose rise-and-fall of songs like ‘St...view item »

Lars Finberg
Moonlight Over Bakersfield

Lars Finsberg is a great guy who’s been in great bands, from Thee Oh Sees and Puberty to Wounded Lion and A-F...view item »

24 Hour Revenge Therapy

Cheeky emo punks Jawbreaker originally released '24 Hour Revenge Therapy' in 1994, as the follow-up to their sophomore effort Bivouac. Once again, the Jawbreaker combination is in full effect on this record, the whole party resting on the witty, self-deprecating lyricism of Blake Schwarzenbach and their raw, unhinged presentation through crashin...view item »

Alien Stadium
Livin' In Elizabethan Times

As abduction stories go, Alien Stadium’s one is… enthusiastic. Steve Mason (of Beta Band, King Biscuit Time and more recently, Steve Mason) and Martin Duffy (of Felt and Primal Scream) seem to have had a genuin...view item »

The Charlatans
Over Again

The Charlatans are still going strong and here unleash a Christmas present to all their remaining fans in the form of this funky patchwork quilt of a song taken from their recent 'Different Days' opus. Not sure what is on the B-side as we haven't been given any information. Hopefully a life sized 3D hologram of Tim ...view item »

Screaming Trees
Dust: Expanded Edition

Dust is album number seven by the Mark Lanegan-helmed Screaming Trees. It also happens to be their last full album before disbanding. First released in 1996, Dust is a dark and bluesy record of tough American post-grunge, haunting and heavy. This 2CD expanded reissue edition includes B-sides, l...view item »

Arcade Fire
Neon Bible

If 'Funeral' was a masterpiece of youth, hope and family, 'Neon Bible' is The Arcade Fire's declaration of maturity and loss -- thankfully the spark is still there. The Fire bombast through out 'Neon Bible' with images of lost humanity, and a desolate future, outcries for action and reformation before we're overtaken by our own weight...some cra...view item »

Joel Gion
Joel Gion

The Brian Jonestown Massacre tambourine batterer Joel Gion returns with another solo album where he marshals a troupe of his talented musician pals to concoct an album of calm and collected psych vibes. Expect sun-glassed and laid back sounds from this master of studied cool. Enormous sideburns essential. ...view item »

At The Drive In
Relationship of Command

This lightning bolt from the year 2000 is now widely available on sweet 180 gram vinyl. At the Drive-In teamed up with nu-metal’s Ross Robinson to visceral effect, turning a generation of the mislead on to music that was any-good. Replace your scratched old cd copy of Relationship of Command...view item »

Black Honey

New single from hot new Brighton rock band Black Honey. This song features exactly one riff and that riff, if you would permit me, is very good. Youtube commenter Higgy reckons they sound like a female fronted Arctic Monkeys. That's not far off, so long as we're talking about the sleazy, slicked back h...view item »

Built To Spill
There's Nothing Wrong With Love

Built To Spill’s second record here, first released in 1994. Their gorgeously slackerish indie sound is pretty much at its peak here, with favourites like ‘Distopian Dream Girl’ and ‘Car’ included. This reissue, on Up Records, is the very first time There’s Nothing Wrong With Love has...view item »

Blonde Redhead
Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons

The scariest horror flick soundtracks, to me, are always the ones with the least going on and a child singing an eerie minor key scale. That is exactly what I love about this album. It's creepy, haunting, strange -- yet believe it or not it's still pop music. They use the simplest things to make the eeriest sounds. Whether it be an 80's sounding...view item »

Memory Of A Cut Off Head

What must it be like to make a record every week? Well John Dwyer is trying to find out with his various Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees and OCS records simultaneously causing panic within our filing system. This latest release sees him reunite with vocal foil Brigid Dawson creating a hushed affair at odd...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Live at Third Man Records

Ultimate Painting is the pairing of James Hoare and Jack Cooper, known for their excellent indie bands Veronica Falls and Mazes (respective...view item »

Trembling Blue Stars
Fast Trains and Telegraph Wires

Man I'm picking 'em this week... OK, Trembling Blue Stars are another band I know nothing about so again, excuse my ignorance. Phil tells me they formed from the ashes of Field Mice adding a slightly more dance orientated/baggy sound to there previously ultra twee indie pop style. From what I can tell this is TBS's swan song so it's nice that El...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
The First Born Is Dead

The second record from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, back when they were working out how to reign in their creepy brand of blues rock. Recorded in Berlin in order for Cave's left-field inclinations to be taken seriously, rather than regarded with scorn, it features song-writing contributions from both Cave and his collaborator Mick Harvey, as wel...view item »

Dale Crover
The Fickle Finger Of Fate

Dale Crover is, of course, one of the core members of sludge legends Melvins, and as such has about a thousand releases to his name. But The Fickle Finger Of Fate is the first time, in all those decades of music-making, that Dale has released a full-length solo album! This rare treat mi...view item »

Manic Street Preachers
A Design For Life

The Manics' sombre rawk classic 'Everything Must Go' saw the band a little more streamlined and far less lyrically provocative, and 20 years on it fits quite neatly into an alt rock canon that could include 'The Bends' and 'Melancholie'. To celebrate this momentous anniversary thing, here's an EP 12" of single "A Design For Life", a song which i...view item »

Ty Segall and White Fence

Ty Segall and White Fence are two of the finest oddballs from the United States making that lo-fi garage pop that's all over the place at the moment. Segall shits out catchy scratchy ...view item »

Paul Banks

Main Interpol slightly strange man Paul Banks finally releases his debut album although he seems to have changed his name back from Julian Plenti. What on earth goes on in the man’s head? Who knows? Any...view item »

Mirror Being

Available on CD or Frosted clear vinyl with download card on Invada. Having been in Invada studios recently, recording their full-length due for release later in 2015, Invada have decided to press Berlin’s The KVB’s cassette onto CD and limited vinyl. An imagined soundtrack to a dystopian future, you’ll love it...view item »

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