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Eyeless In Gaza
Winter Sang

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Le Butcherettes

Having enjoyed exposure in recent years derived from being featured on ‘True Detective’, as well as being selected as the theme song for the 2015 World Series, prolific Mexican garage punk outfit Le Butcherettes present their latest EP Don’t Bleed, housing some of their most melodic and straightforward material yet. 

Scott & Charlene's Wedding
When in Rome, Carpe Diem

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Primal Scream

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The Four Sisters

If the candle-lit nuance of the third Velvet Underground and Big Star albums, Galaxie 500, and Kendra Smith’s Guild Of Temporal Adventurers is your thing, then Entlang's 'The Four Sisters' is probably for you. The Wellington-based dropped a very limited selection of material back in the 90's, and this is the Kiwi's at their most refined.
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All Or Nothing

Rachel Aggs has had a good 2019, releasing brilliant albums with Trash Kit and Sacred Paws. She now returns to Shopping for their fourth album, All or Nothing. As the band are now split between LA and Glasgow it meant they had to find time when they could get together. The album came out of an intensive two week writing and recording sesh. Expect their usual bold, post-punk sound, but this time with added pop sensibilities.


Emo punks Cursive have passed the time since their inception writing about the difficulties of settling down and keeping the love you've found. Tim Kasher has effectively made it his life's work to expose, via shouting, the stresses of domestic living, and has also made some great, weird concept albums about relationships like The Ugly Organ. After a pithy dud in I Am Gemini, their 2012 rock 'n' roll monodrama, they return with Vitriola. An absolute classic Cursive album name, the record promises a return from founding drummer Clint Schnase, and considers (what else) the dystopia hellscape we're living in. It will no doubt be melodic, brash and all at once.

Liam Gallagher
Now That I’ve Found You

Now That I’ve Found You is a single taken from Liam Gallagher’s second solo album, Why Me? Why Not? It sounds kinda like Oasis with a bit more of a ‘60s jangle. No doubt the chorus will have fans singing along at gigs, whether he reaches his dream of playing to massive fields of people or whether they’re just in medium-sized venues.

A Northern View

A hotly-tipped property ever since Kim Deal contributed to their debut single ‘Twisted Arrow’ five years ago, A Northern View is the second studio album from Irish group Arborist. Recorded in the prestigious surroundings of Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, this bucolic collection prominently features the distinctive violin playing of Emma Smith. 

Thurston Moore
Spring Swell / Leave Me Alone

Thurston Moore is releasing three 7” singles. Each will contain moments from his lives shows in 2019. They will also see the former Sonic Youth man discover his inner Manc by including a cover of a New Order song on each single, which he recorded in Salford. Spring Swell /Leave Me Alone is released through Daydream Library and includes an 8-page zine.
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Thurston Moore
Three Graces / Leave Me Alone

Former Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore is releasing three seven inch singles. Each will include live track from 2019 live shows and a New Order cover on the B-side, which Moore and his band recorded in Salford. Three Graces / Leave Me Alone is released on Daydream Library and comes with an 8-page zine.

Mikal Cronin

Mikal Cronin, pal of Ty Segall, has done a Justin Vernon. Following a bit of a rough time in his personal life, he took off to a cabin in the woods with his cat. After getting the space he needed, Seeker became a thing. He wrote and demoed most of his fourth LP there before a forest fire made him flee. He’s also dropped the number as album name formula that has seemingly worked for him previously. The recording of the album was heavily influenced by the Beatles’ White Album.

Purple Pilgrims
Perfumed Earth

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Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure

Bringing back some of the musicians who’ve helped him bring his musical visions to life since the group’s establishment in the early Noughties, Brian J. Sulpizio releases his seventh Health&Beauty album Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure, which may his most sophisticated and rewarding yet. 

The Wannadies
Be A Girl

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Up All Night

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Juliana Hatfield
Juliana Hatfield Sings The Police

American cult icon Juliana Hatfield continues her planned series of cover albums of artists that had a formative influence on her in her youth, with this 12-track tribute to The Police. While they’ve often been unfashionable, Sting’s former outfit wrote songs of great thoughtfulness and humanity, elements which Hatfield brings out with her own style on Juliana Hatfield Sings The Police. 

The Feelies
Here Before

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Insecure Men
Karaoke for One: Vol. 1

As we don't work in the London-based media, we don't get on with all the Fat White Family and related stuff we have been told to like so the likes of Insecure Men have rather passed us by. No doubt the Quietus will be on board with this new album from the toothless wonders as they rattle through covers from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, The Carpenters and Peter Andre. One for the end of year lists.     

The Terminals

The Terminals are arguably one of the finest examples of the New Zealand indie underground: they did contain members of a whole host of other Flying Nun bands after all. Uncoffined is their debut album, from 1988, and it is at once dark-edged and beautifully tuneful. It's had a remaster, and is now reissued by the HoZac Archival label.

Fontaines D.C.

I've never heard of them. Seriously, I've never heard of them. They made four hotly received double A-side singles last year which I never knew about and got airplay on Steve Lamacq (which I never heard) and have played sold out shows across Europe which I never attended. Turns out they play snotty indie/post-punk with vocals that seem to sit somewhere between Mark E. Smith and Cathal Coughlan. But what do I know?  

Pedazo de pastel

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Nada Surf
Never Not Together

Never Not Together is the ninth album by New York indie rock band Nada Surf. Having been together as a band for the best part of thirty years, the title seems to refer to the band as much as anything else, apart from when head Surfer Matthew Caws collaborated with Juliana Hatfield under the name Minor Alps, of course. If you want guitars and melody, look no further.

Jake Bugg
Kiss Like The Sun / Be Someone

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The Homesick
The Big Exercise

Having established a fearsome reputation as a live band that’s gotten them signed to iconic indie label Sub Pop, Dutch outfit The Homesick have taken a bit of a left turn on second album The Big Exercise, infusing their intense post-punk with a much wider range of instruments, from piano to clarinet. 

The Growlers
Natural Affair

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The Deer
Do No Harm

The Deer hail from Austin, Texas. For years they have ploughed the folk / Americana furrow. For their new album, Do No Harm, they’ve reached for a bigger sound and bigger hooks whilst retaining their big heart. It would seem they’ve moved into the space opened up by the emergence of Big Thief, which is no bad thing. Fleetwood Mac fans might want to take a look here too. 
  • Vinyl LP (KS0042LP)
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The Twang
It Feels Like (You're Wasting My Time) / Tinseltown In The Rain

Birmingham’s favourite indie sons, The Twang, digitally released four singles taken from their If Confronted Just Go Mad album. Rather than just having them floating around in the ether, they are making solid, holdable product out of them as two ltd 7” singles. Here we have the double A sided It Feels Like (You're Wasting My Time) / Tinseltown In The Rain. Buy ‘em and wear ‘em out or buy ‘em and keep ‘em in pristine condition - the choice is yours!

Silversun Pickups
Neck Of The Woods

2019 is the year that might be remembered for that Silversun Pickups re-issue campaign. You can now get all four of their early records on coloured vinyl courtesy of Dangerbird. The last of which - Neck of the Woods - was released in 2012 and showcased their emo-based highly tuneful guitar rock coming across something like a squeakier Death Cab For Cutie. Lovely sleeve art I have to say.  

Old Team / Mogwai Remix

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Self-titled 2011 debut album on the Fat Possum label from American/New Zealand indie-pop favourites Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Ruban Nielson’s “junkshop record collector pop” vision took flight the first time around, as Unknown Mortal Orchestra scooped NZ’s Taite Music Prize the year after its release. 

Have We Met

Nice sleeve art. Looks like Destroyer (aka Dan Bejar) is heading down the eccentric path on his thirteenth album which comprises of recordings culled from home brainstorming sessions and stuff recorded in his kitchen. The music was then worked on and remixed and only finished when collaborator John Collins had to go help his wife give birth. Stream of consciousness stuff from an artist refusing to rest on any kind of laurel.     

The Icarus Line
Avowed Slavery

Hey, this aint no “follow up” number, this is a the other arm getting a shot; this is the Slave Vows era of the Icarus Line getting its I’s dotted. A sort of finality at play here, “Avowed Slavery” is the companion release to 2013’s well received SLAVE VOWS album, this completes the circle of fury.With the video release of “City Job” at the end of 2013, and the Slave Vows album still making people talk, it was time to put these songs to wax, prepare the world for The Icarus Line's next move. Five tracks spread over the two sides, this mini album serves as a Slave Vows booster jab, the feral verocity of the last album is in spades here, maybe even more so, the fire in the band’s belly is roaring, and its only when the last track closes down do you realise quite fully, the impact.

The Icarus Line
Slave Vows

Here we have the fifth LP from the somewhat down-on-their-luck LA punk band The Icarus Line. Slave Vows is as torrid a listen as they have given us yet, but also one of the more mature works Joe Cardamone And His Un-Merry Men have produced. The likes of Iceage and Daughters are invoked, but lengthy and ambitious cuts such as opener ‘Dark Circles’ could pass for an early masterpiece by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Squirrel Flower
I Was Born Swimming

Ella O’Connor Williams presents her debut album under her Squirrel Flower alter ego, a persona she adopted as a child. Having grown up surrounded by music, the 23 year old’s debut album I Was Born Swimming is another gem from the same kind of creative fountainhead that produced Soccer Mommy, Julien Baker and Frankie Cosmos. 

Happy Mondays
Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)

Squirrel And G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out) by Happy Mondays was the first time we were introduced to the nonsense ramblings (not a criticism) of Shaun William Ryder. They went on to be quite well known in their hometown of Manchester and beyond. It was originally released by the legendary Factory Records in 1987 and was produced by John Cale, once of The Velvet Underground. Features the singles 24 Hour Party People and Tart Tart.

Black Aura My Sun

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David Cronenberg’s Wife
The Octoberman Sequence

David Cronenberg’s Wife return with their first new release in three years. The Octoberman Sequence is an EP of ramshackle, snarky indie rock from a band who are easy to warm to. DCW are mates with The Fat White Family, and cuts like ‘Rules’ and ‘The Dude Of Love’ demonstrate that some of FWF’s Country Teasers-aping cowpunk style has rubbed off on this lot. They’re good for a ballad too. Nice record.

100 Broken Windows

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Some Music for Robby Müller

A six-track vinyl album released in tribute to legendary Dutch cinematographer Robby Müller (Dead Man, Paris Texas and 24 Hour Party People), recorded by SQÜRL as the soundtrack to filmmaker Claire Pijman’s documentary Living The Light. The artwork includes two luminous Polaroid images taken by Müller himself. 

High-Rise Mannequins

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Sorry For The Late Reply

Sløtface, pronounced ‘Slutface’ which is how they used to be known, hail from Norway and play a brand of '90s / early '00s pop-punk. Melodic and a bit noisy, with loads of energy. Sorry For The Late Reply is the band’s second album and follow-up to the Norwegian Grammy winning Try Not To Freak Out. Features the singles Telepathic, Sink Or Swim, Stuff and S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

The Monochrome Set
Little Noises 1990-1995

The Monochrome Set have always been prolific - spewing out albums at a rate of knots that put other bands to shame. They are best known for their early '80s records but after a split in 1986 the band reformed in 1990 and released five new albums over the next five years. This lesser known era of the band is perfectly captured on this 5CD set which presents each album plus a grab bag of bonus tracks. 
  • CD box set (CRCDX88)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Easter / Bromide
Doubt Rings / I'll Never Learn

After being introduced by a mutual friend, Manchester band Easter went down to London to play with Bromide and they got on, musically and personally. Simon, singer in Bromide, thought they should put out something on his label, Scratchy. Split single Doubt Rings / I'll Never Learn is what they recorded. Easter mix the sounds of Yo La Tengo, Buffalo Tom and Swell, whilst Bromide take their influences from Big Star, Nada Surf and classic New Zealand power pop. Includes download with extra tracks.

Happy Mondays
...Yes Please!

...Yes Please! is the fourth album by Happy Mondays, originally released in 1992. It will forever be known as the album that cost far too much to record and sold too few copies to recoup the costs, thus bankrupting Factory Records. It was produced by Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club fame. Features the singles Stinkin’ Thinkin’, Angle and Sunshine & Love.

Tell Your Friends

Michael are a band who rose from the ashes of The Quietus approved London psych outfit Bad Guys. One interesting fact about Michael is that none of the members are called Michael. There's surreal lyrics and heavy psych riffs abound on their debut long player Tell Your Friends. Get on it. On Cracked Ankles.

The Bitter Springs
The Odd Shower + Excretus In Completus

London band The Bitter Springs have been making music since the mid ‘80s, initially under the name The Last Party before evolving into The Bitter Springs in '96. They’ve been doing this for a long time. In recent years they’ve felt a little ignored by fans so have only bothered releasing music digitally. They have finally decided to release an album physically again though, and The Odd Shower surprisingly is the band’s first full length album to be released on vinyl. 

Beat Hotel
Beat Hotel

Beat Hotel are a band with a real British indie heritage and have been a long time in the making. The band are made up from members of The June Brides, The Loft, The Weather Prophets, Distractions, Mudlow, Mojo Fins and Lolita Storm and the idea for a band was formed after a couple of the guys met in 1988. The band make a sound reminiscent of  that golden age of indie, so should appeal to those that were there the first time around, and have an eponymous mini-album to prove it. 

Shana Cleveland
Night Of The Worm Moon

Shana Cleveland is the voice of La Luz, but working solo for a change on this here Night Of The Worm Moon album allows her to travel further afield in terms of sound and content. This is an LA dreamer’s album, with UFO sightings and other night-moods represented with sun-tipped psychedelic singer-songwriter new-folk. Very West Coast, very good. On Hardly Art.

Guided By Voices
Suitcase 4: Captain Kangaroo Won The War

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The Twang
Everytime / Dream

So you downloaded the four singles from The Twang’s If Confronted Just Go Mad album, but that’s not good enough, you need a physical product you can hug and kiss, right? Well, luck you - the Birmingham indie band are releasing them as two limited 7” singles. Here we have the double A sided Everytime / Dream to have and to hold, forever and ever. 

The Lovely Eggs
This Is Our Nowhere

The Lovely Eggs have perfected the DIY punk aesthetic over the course of a clutch of singles, two EPs and three albums. Their new album, This is Our Nowhere, consolidates their position of not-giving-a-shit punk attitude whilst adding a touch of psychedelic nonsense. There will be a special limited edition black and white vinyl version released for Record Store Day 2015, which precedes the official release of the album.

Live and Loud

Shot at their homecoming show in Seattle on December 13th 1993, Live And Loud was aired on MTV but has never been available as a stand-alone audio release. Originally included as part of the In Utero super deluxe re-issue in 2013, it’s now available by itself, on double vinyl with a ‘replica backstage pass’ download card. 

The Cuckoos
I Hate Love

You would have thought by now that there'd been a band by the name of the Cuckoos. Seemingly not and this Austin, Texas band have decided that it's the perfect moniker for their blend of New Wave, punk and disco. This debut full length follows an earlier EP which was compared favourably to the likes of Joy Division, Pink Floyd and Tame Impala. 
  • Vinyl LP (JJR2020001)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)

Parquet Courts
Mardi Gras Beads

Released in time for Record Store Day’s Black Friday, NYC indie favourites Parquet Courts deliver a special new 7” single housed in a classic Rough Trade sleeve. It pairs ‘Mardi Gras Beads’ - from the group’s most recent studio album Wide Awake! - with a brand new track on the B-side, ‘Seems Kind of Silly’. 
  • Vinyl 7" (RT0002S)
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The Telescopes
Strange Waves

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Rainbows From Atoms

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The White Stripes
The Complete John Peel Sessions

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L’Epee are an indie-rock supergroup featuring Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Lionel and Marie Liminana of ...wait for it…The Liminanas and Emmanuelle Seigner of Emmanuelle and Ultra Orange. Dreams is their first single and comes as a 12” with two further tracks. Surely you’re going to be interested in this, right?!
  • Vinyl 12" (AUK132-12)
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The Slow Readers Club
The Joy Of The Return

Manchester’s Slow Readers Club get themselves back to the recording studio following their Live From Festival No. 6 LP for their fourth album proper, The Joy Of The Return. The album was written whilst on tour, a change in method for them, which allowed more time for the songs to evolve. Rest assured, the pulsating drums, searing guitar lines and sky-reaching choruses are all present and correct.

Chastity Belt
Chastity Belt

Following a re-energising 18 months or so recording solo or playing with different bands, Washington’s Chastity Belt return with a fourth album of thoughtful and expressive punk. A self-titled effort, it was recorded with Jay Som’s Melina Duterte and saw the quartet force themselves out of their comfort zone, adding newer sonic elements to the mix. 

Glass Beach
The First Glass Beach Album

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Twin Atlantic

Having toiled their way to two UK Top Ten albums in a row, Scottish alternative rock act Twin Atlantic present their fifth studio album Power, and their first on Virgin EMI. Having taken a short breather from the substantial successes they’ve enjoyed, the quartet enter the second decade of their career with renewed vigour. 

Basic Plumbing
Keeping Up Appearances

If only this album didn't have such a tragic backstory then I'd be regaling you with Patricia Routledge-related jokes. Instead, Basic Plumbing is made up of the final recordings of rather talented songsmith Patrick Doyle who sadly passed away in 2017 and is perhaps best known for his Boys Forever project.  This showcases his love for The Breeders and R.E.M and has been released in conjunction with his family with all profits going to the L.A. LGBT Centre and CALM. 
  • Vinyl LP (BP1LP)
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October Drift
Forever Whatever

Thanks to a burgeoning reputation forged by their well-oiled live shows, sweet power-rockers October Drift - who burst onto the scene in 2015 - finally present their debut album. The eight-track 'Forever Whatever' promises to be a fresh spin on towering influences, from The National to Joy Division and New Order.

The Strange Ones: 1994-2008

A super treat for Supergrass fans. We have a best of - Strange Ones: 1994-2008 - which will be available in various formats depending on what your wallet will allow. The headliner here is the 6LP box set with their original albums on picture disc and 13CDs including the albums, unreleased live performances, radio sessions acoustic sets, remixes, B-sides, non-album singles, acoustic versions, demos, out-takes and oddities and rarities - that’s a whole lotta tunes. Alternatively, there are the essential tracks on 2LP or CD which will supply you with hit after hit.

Wolf Parade
Thin Mind

Having released the caustic Cry Cry Cry shortly after their reformation three years ago, Canadian post-punk revivalists Wolf Parade have wasted no time on their next project. Due for release in January, Thin Mind was produced by the celebrated indie aesthete John Goodmanson (Bikini Kill, Death Cab) and contains a loose narrative framed with post-apocalyptic themes. 

Get Out My House

Get Out Of My House is the third album Liverpool pop-punk band Sheepy. There is no doubting their ability for writing short punchy, hook-laden songs that will have the mosh pit bouncing. They also have a plan to get an entry in the Guinness Book Of Records for the speed at which they write songs. Fans of The Offspring and Green Day - this is for you. 
  • Vinyl LP (BLANG83LP)
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A People's History of Gauche

Washington D.C. band Gauche make the move to prestigious indie imprint Merge for their latest album. A People’s History of Gauche also saw the band work with outsiders for the first time on production, with Parquet Courts’ Austin Brown involved with this collection socially and politically on-point material. 
  • Vinyl LP (MRG683LPC1)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Eyeless In Gaza
Ink Horn/One Star

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Colour-splashed, like its singular and mysterious sleeve, Supermercado ushers Corridor in a new direction whilst retaining the group's trademark sound. The melodies are poppier and more potent than any previous, and so Quebec's most exciting art-pop outfit continue to make international waves.

Sissy Space Echo & The Invisible Collaborators / The Edible Eyes
The Butterfly (Fill The Frame) / You're Void

A split 7” single from two bands making their debuts. Following the dissolution of Girl One and the Grease Guns earlier in 2019, frontwoman Sissy Space Echo forms a new backing band The Invisible Collaborators for a new drone-rock-inspired track titled ‘The Butterfly (Fill The Frame)’, backed with ‘You’re Void’ by synth-based act The Edible Eyes. 
  • Vinyl 7" (NPN 10)
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  • Limited edition

Guided By Voices

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More. Again. Forever.

Although they’re as much maligned as they are worshipped, Courteeners are undoubtedly one of the very last of the old-fashioned Big British Guitar Bands. In January 2020, Liam Fray and his faithful lieutenants will release their sixth studio album, with the bold but ambiguous title More. Again. Forever. 

The Big Moon
Walking Like We Do

The Big Moon made a big splash in 2017 with debut album, Love In The 4th Dimension, which contained catchy hits such as Cupid. Now they’re back with their highly anticipated sophomore album, Walking Like We Do. Their previous success shows here as they were shipped off to Atlanta to record with renowned US producer Ben Allen III. Expect big things from The Big Moon.

Bombay Bicycle Club
Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

Having built up a large and dedicated fanbase over the course of four excellent albums before their hiatus in 2014, the mighty Bombay Bicycle Club will finally break their silence with their fifth LP Everything Else Has Gone Wrong in January 2020. Frontman Jack Steadman says it’s “an album for anyone who’s ever turned to music in a time of need”. With things being the way they are, I think we could all do with that. 

Ty Segall

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Get Fixed

Following their triumphant return back in 2017, reformed post-hardcore veterans Cursive deliver another new studio album, arriving in early 2020. Growing out from the same sessions that produced Vitriola, the 11 songs that make up Get Fixed address America’s continued slide into nativist ignorance. 


Having released three previous studio albums to date, American indie stars Pinegrove begin the new decade with their debut for Rough Trade. Described by lead singer Evan Stephens Hall as bearing a “heart-first” perspective, Marigold is the most ambitious take on their distinctive blend of folk, indie and country yet, as well as being their most empathetic and humanistic. 

Victories At Sea
Ice Data Centre

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John Frusciante

John Frusciante enjoyed two stints as guitarist in Red Hot Chili Peppers from 1988-1992 and 1998-2009. Frusciante’s solo albums have a bit of a cult following and there’s quite a lot of them too, 14 in fact. Curtains was his eighth album, originally released in 2005. It features guest spots from Autolux drummer, Carla Azar, upright bassist Ken Wild and regular collaborator, Mars Volta and At The Drive-In guitarist, Omar Rodrigues-Lopez.
  • Vinyl LP (RCM48959LPB)
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Shogun And The Sheets
Hold On Kid

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Better Oblivion Community Center
Little Trouble / Sleepwalkin' (Daydreamin' Version)

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Struck Gold

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The Lovely Eggs
This Decision

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Field Music
Making A New World

New album from Sunderland area clever clogs Field Music. But it's not just any old new album this is a song cycle based on the first world war. The idea started from a project they were working on with the Imperial War Museum about US War Department publications but grew as the brothers wrote pieces about various elements of the aftermath of the war such as skin grafting, the dada movement and office work. They aren't just any ordinary band are they? 

Sports Team

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Die Tür Ist Zu

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J.P. Shilo
Invisible You

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Kate Davis

Kate Davis has an impressive CV. A classical and Jazz prodigy, she has worked withHerbie Hancock, Ben Folds, Alison Krauss and Jeff Goldblum. Before co-writing ‘Seventeen’ with Sharon Van Etten she honed her indie-rock chops by listening to the likes of Beach House, Elliott Smith and TV on the Radio. Trophy is her debut ‘indie’ album, and it’s a cracker!

The Fall

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Henry's Dream

Reissue of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ seventh album, thanks to Mute. Henry’s Dream is something of a fan favourite as Cave albums go, and includes ‘Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry’ and ‘Jack The Ripper’. Very much a proper reissue, overseen by Mick Harvey, approved by Cave, and pressed to good solid 180g vinyl with a download code to boot!

Songs Of Consumption

English psychedelic/shoegaze/krautrock act Toy are coming up to a decade in their existence, and, following the critical acclaim that greeted their fourth album Happy In The Hollow back in January this year, they turn to the songs that inspired them for this eight-track covers album, Songs of Consumption. It includes tracks from diverse artists such as The Troggs, Serge & Charlotte Gainsbourg and Nico. They got the idea from the 7” bonus single of covers that accompanied the Dinked and Rough Trade versions of Happy In The Hollow, and three of those are included here. 

Fat White Family
Serfs Up!

Oh lord they are back. "The most gratifying and unexpected creative volte face in recent musical history!" screams the press release. The first track released from the sessions 'Feet' spends its time begging to differ as it just sounds like Fat White Family. But why let actual music get in the way of a hyped press release and their usual flirting with dodgy imagery. It's certainly something that never stopped Fat White Family before so in that respect it's same as it ever was. We'll reserve further judgement til we've heard the whole thing maybe.  

Arctic Monkeys
Fluorescent Adolescent

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The Fall
Bend Sinister / The 'Domesday' Pay-Off Triad-Plus!

We're still literally scratching the surface with the Fall re-issues, Beggars have been first off the mark and here re-issue 1986's semi forgotten Bend Sinister alongside a bunch of extra tracks culled from various singles. The CD has even more bonus stuff from peel sessions and even some unreleased takes. LP comes with replica program for the Riverside production of ‘Hey Luciani!’   

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