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Sky Valley Mistress
Faithless Rituals

Sky Valley Mistress come, leather clad, from Blackburn and make the kind of blistering modern rock ‘n’ roll that we’ve seen in recent years from Jim Jones Revue, Rival Sons, Royal Blood, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Eagles of Death Metal. Faithless Rituals is their debut album. On New Heavy Sounds.


A baker’s dozen of tunes from one of the mid-2000s indie bands who have grown old with the most grace. 'Marauder’s lead single ‘The Rover’ kind of sounds like Preoccupations having a go at covering ‘Mr. Blue Sky’, and in its own way it’s a charming post-punk ditty. They should have really called it Our Love to Maraud, but then again Interpol are not a band famed for their sense of humour.

John Dwyer
Vinegar Mirror

Just in case you didn’t know, John Dwyer is not only the creative and driving force behind everyone’s favourite San Francisco rock band Oh Sees and co-owner of the Castle Face label, he also likes to take photos. Vinegar Mirror is a coffee table book filled with his photos taken between 2009 and 2013. The book depicts what caught Dwyer’s eye from his home in San Francisco to pretty much everywhere else.

Trust The River

So much attention was lavished on The Mars Volta (and deservedly so) after the dissolution of At The Drive-In that many overlooked the fact that Sparta - the other splinter band formed by Jim Ward and Tony Hajjar - were pretty damn great too. Trust The River is the first studio album from them in 14 years! 

Green / Blue
Green / Blue

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Chelsea Wolfe
Pain is Beauty

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There Is No Year

Algiers hail from Atlanta, Georgia, apart from drummer, Matt Tong, who comes from Bloc Party. They mix disparate styles such as post-punk and gospel into one rocking sound. The band also take influences from non-musical sources such as southern Gothic literature and politics. There Is No Year is their third album.


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Alienbaby Collective
Fishbowl / Terrestrial

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Gravves / Deh​-​Yey
Split EP

Two blasts of noise from the west of the UK here. Gravves hail from the North Wales border and make a cacophony of noise that has seen them gain a large and rather fanatical following due to their endless tour schedule. Deh-Yey emerge from the mean streets of Chester and the two of them make a full on rock racket with their large guitar sound and pummelling drums. 
  • Vinyl 10" (RB002)
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Uneasy Laughter

The 2018 self-titled debut album by LA trio Moaning rocked with echoes of goth and grunge running through its veins. For their new outing, Uneasy Laughter, on Sub Pop, they’ve put down the guitars and picked up, or stood in front of, synths and laid down some beats. It’s an album about going through anxiety in the modern age. Undoubtedly a bunch of people will find a friend in this LP.

Kristin Hersh
Wyatt at the Coyote Palace

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The Lottery Winners
The Lottery Winners

A discovery of the esteemed Seymour Stein (co-founder of Sire and who signed Madonna, Ramones, Talking Heads) a couple of years back, Lancashire’s exceptional The Lottery Winners have taken their time preparing their first full-length statement, honing and polishing their existing catalogue of live favourites to translate their sound effectively to the studio. 

The Twang

Hot on the heels of 2019’s album, If Confronted Just Go Mad, Birmingham indie band The Twang are back with Amsterdam, an EP of acoustic songs. Three of them are brand spanking new, along with a version of their single Dream which is arranged to fit the mood of the EP.  Despite the stripped back production, these songs have The Twang stamp all over them.

Bonny Doon
Blue Stage Sessions

Bonny Doon play some beautiful, laid-back psych-folk grooves. You will usually find their records, such as the beautiful album Longwave (2018) on the Woodsist label, which is owned by Jeremy Earl of the band Woods. Blue Stage Sessions is a live album recorded at Third Man Records and features cuts from the length and breadth of their catalogue.

False Heads
It's All There But You're Dreaming

London post-punk three-piece False Heads got together in 2015 and spent four years honing their craft, writing and recording songs. Their best 12 tracks, so far that is, are present here on their debut album It’s All There But You’re Dreaming. Five of the tracks you may have heard on the EPs Gutter Press and Fall Around, but they’ve been given a bit of a makeover for the album. Rifftastic and earwormy.

Slum Of Legs
Slum Of Legs

Slum of Legs are a self described queer noise - pop band who make danceable music perfect for a night down Wharf Chambers. They come from Brighton (natch) and blend a fragmented cut up approach to their music with a similar aesthetic to their artwork. This is their debut full length which is as melodic as it is experimental and as compassionate as it is furious with the ways of the world. Think the Shaggs, Erase Errata, ESG. 

Dan Lyons

Having released a steady stream of singles and one EP since he turned solo a couple of years back, former Fat White Family member Dan Lyons presents his debut full-length effort. SubSuburbia presents a “semi-fictionalised” version of modern, divided and unequal Britain, inspired by retro indie and replete with spoken-word interludes. 

Trey Gruber
Herculean House Of Cards

The untimely loss at the age of just 26 of Trey Gruber - and therefore his band, Parent - was a real tragedy for the Chicago DIY scene, just as they looked on the cusp of nationwide indie success. Three years after his death comes Herculean House of Cards, a double-vinyl collection of previously unheard demos compiled by his family and friends, which will forever be testament to his talent. 

Dig Up The Dead

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The Snuts
Mixtape EP

The Snuts have a name so simple and so ridiculous that they may well become very popular. They certainly share a lot in common sonically with the early days of another preposterously named band Arctic Monkeys such is their zest of simple, catchy and rather snotty pop. The weight of Parlophone is right behind these guys so expect big things.  

Human Impact
Human Impact

Human Impact are a band made up from members of Swans, Cop Shoot Cop, Xiu Xiu and Unsane. As you can imagine from that mix of musicians their eponymous debut contains some gritty, post-industrial rock and punk. Whilst the band draw on the artistic successes of their past, they also give a new spin on it with their widescreen sonic assault.

Early Day Miners
Placer Found (20th Anniversary Edition)

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Circa Waves
Sad Happy

Despite having already released an album in April this year, Liverpudlian indie outfit Circa Waves are not only doing it all over again within the space of 12 months, they’re releasing a double-album too. Sad Happy, arriving in March 2020, is a 14-track album split into halves reflecting two moods. As well as a black vinyl single LP edition, there’ll be a limited edition gold double-vinyl package that physically splits the two halves onto separate discs. 

The Districts
You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere

Pennsylvania indie-rockers, The Districts, are back with their fourth album, You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere. It’s the follow-up to their well received 2017 album, Popular Manipulations. The band’s front man, Rob Grote, describes the album title as being unachievable, putting off death and sticking around forever with your better half. I’m guessing he likes to dream about that though.


You would have thought Orchards was already used up as a band name but seemingly not as this Brighton quartet have utilised it as their moniker. The band - who feature at least one moustache - play a vibrant form of festival-friendly indie-rock fronted by pastel-suited frontwoman Lucy Evers. Seems they have enough big hooks to have gained support from 6 Music Radio 1 and NME. 

Deap Lips
Deap Lips

Deap Lips is a collaboration between Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips and Deap Vally, the L.A. rock duo made up of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards. Judging by the two tracks that have been released so far this eponymous LP has a sound that meets somewhere between not what you would imagine and exactly what you would imagine.

Carla Geneve
Carla Geneve

Without even looking at the press release or knowing anything about her I deduced that Carla Geneve was Australian. She just kinda looks Australian. She follows in the path of a lot of all the other female Australian singer songwriters (Stella Donnelly, Courtney Barnett et all) in producing solid and confessional indie-rock with a strong '90s vibe.  
  • Vinyl LP (DASH058LPX)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Figure and Ground

Montevale are a post-minimalist duo from Stuttgart. They feature composer and philosopher Thomas Sattig and Ahlie Schaubel who was previously in ‘90s bands elektrolochmann and Monochrome. Figure and Ground is the duo’s second album and has been five years in the making. Whereas their last album recounted the findings of a 10 year journey, this is seemingly about feeling closer to home and was written and recorded in their purpose built studio.

Captured Tracks CT10: Volume 2

A decade of Captured Tracks, eh. What kind of world would we be living in if the Brooklyn label hadn’t risen to the top of the indie-rock pile since launching back in 2008? Would Mac Demarco still be eating his own shoes, cartoon-hobo style, in a Tribeca loft rather than cooing politely for huge crowds of dope-fugged Millennials? Would Meredith Graves be sewing up dresses rather than flying high at Kickstarter? Would we have had to deal with DIIV? Who knows. What we do know is that the second volume of their 10th-anniversary sampler CT10 is very reasonably priced.
  • Vinyl LP (CT289LP)
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The Tubs
I Don't Know How It Works

Owen 'O' Williams & George 'GN' Nicholls lead The Tubs. These two guys were the primary songwriters in Joanna Gruesome, and therefore really know how to write a melodic, noisy indie tune. I Don’t Know How It Works is their new single. This 7” features the B-side Silver Moon. On Prefect Records.
  • Vinyl 7" (PREFECT02)
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Roy Montgomery
Last Year's Man

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Dexter & Sinister

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Once & Future Band
Deleted Scenes

Channelling all the finest and most tasteful Seventies influences, from Bowie to the better end of prog-rock, and released on John Dwyer’s Castle Face imprint, Oakland’s Once & Future Band deliver a brand new studio album in Deleted Scenes. Recorded to magnetic tape, these songs sound truly unique! 
  • Vinyl LP (CF127)
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Groovy, distorted psych punk on very gorgeous, and very limited, red and white splatter 10” vinyl. EP1 emerges from the deranged minds of trio Muertos. These tracks distill the atonal riffing and droning vocals of post-Velvet Underground garage into a pure snotty essence of amplifier fuzz and catchy hooks.

The Fiery Furnaces
Blueberry Boat

Back in the days when it was a proper print rag, you could always tell a good album by a 1 out of 10 score in NME. That judgement ensured I picked up Fiery Furnaces second LP which took the bluesy White Stripes rock of their debut and ran with it to the asylum taking in bits of Beefheart, Zappa and the Cardiacs along the way. It's bonkers but brilliant. 

Jad Fair And Daniel Johnston
It's Spooky

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Eternity Bay

Eternity Bay is the second album from husband-and-wife duo The Saxophones. Their first record, Songs of the Saxophones, was written on a boat, and that sense of time-and-place is present again on Eternity Bay. Woodwind, guitar and soft vocals are the dominant sounds, but the influence of jazz is detectable in the way the songs meander and gently drift. 

Øyvind Holm
After The Bees

Beeeeeeeees. Bzzzzzzzzzzz. Oyving Holm was once in the rather great '90s psych pop lot Dipsomaniacs but these days is probably better known as a member of Americana band Sugarfoot. After the Bees his his attempt to explore the more melodic side of his songwriting with hints of the old psychedelic stuff but with a more straightforward hooky rock/pop dynamic. Buy it for the honey  - or just as a gift. 

Luke Haines & Peter Buck
Beat Poetry For Survivalists

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The No Ones
Sun Station

The tragically self-deprecating No Ones are made up of corners European and American and make for something of a super-group if you happen to like R.E.M., I Was A King or The Minus 5. Peter Buck and buds have here created a 7" of pop chime, using cool-guy guitars, close harmonies and a good belting of hard psych. 

American Weekend

For her first record as Waxahatchee, Katie Crutchfield hauled up in her room with a guitar and a lot of remorse, crafting skeletal folk-punk songs about relationships and romantic non-starters. It's a less electric and rawking affair than her previous work in P.S. Eliot with twin sister Alison (of Swearin'), instead recalling the artists on Plan-It-X as well as Hop Along and Nana Grizol.
  • Vinyl LP (LPDG051X)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

U.S. Girls
Heavy Light

'Heavy Light' is the seventh album by U.S. Girls, the versatile musical project of Meg Remy. It follows up her massively critically acclaimed 2018 album 'In A Poem Unlimited'. Remy’s work has often concentrated on other characters of her making, on 'Heavy Light' she focuses on herself and the value of hindsight. The album was co-written by Basia Bulat and Rich Morel and recorded live using no less than 20 musicians.

Sea Girls
Under Exit Lights EP

Formed in London in 2015 and steadily building their reputation through hard touring ever since, indie-rock quartet Sea Girls are preparing their fourth EP release. A six-track collection containing the recently released single ‘Ready For More’, Under Exit Lights could be the moment that a wider audience pays attention. 


Wisconsin five-piece Disq enter their collective twenties with their latest album, out in early March via Saddle Creek. Positioned between alt-folk, post-punk and lo-fi indie, Collector is assembled from demos put together over the years by the band’s various members and licked into shape by veteran producer Rob Schnapf. 

Soccer Mommy
color theory

Color Theory by Soccer Mommy (AKA Sophie Allison) is the follow up to 2018’s rather marvellous Clean. Here she lays herself bare to listeners through unflinchingly honest lyrics that detail her struggles with mental health and her family. It seems that writing about these issues has been a cathartic process for the resilient 22 year-old.

Greg Dulli
Random Desire

As frontman of The Afghan Whigs and The Twilight Singers, Greg Dulli has always been a keen student of the extremes of the human condition. Forged in the aftermath of the Whigs’ last album In Spades and the death of their drummer Dave Rosser, he presents his excellent first solo album, Random Desire. 

Jack Medley’s Secure Men
Secure As Fuck

Secure As Fuck is a posthumous release of experimental sessions from Jack Medley’s Secure Men, which the late Brixton promoter recorded with Dom Keen. After Medley’s passing in May this year, a GoFundMe campaign was set up to release the results of that unique session, presented here on a limited run of black and pink splatter vinyl. All proceeds will go to Music Minds Matter. 
  • Vinyl LP (BLANG80LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

This Is Not a Dream

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Real Estate
The Main Thing

Rejoice - a new Real Estate album! The New Jersey band’s knack for guitar jangle and glorious melodies has cemented their status a favourite around these parts over the years. Their new album, The Main Thing, is inspired partly by the Roxy Music song of the same name, simply because 5 albums into their career they need to be making music that sounds that good. Features a guest appearance by Sylvan Esso on the album’s first single Paper Cup.


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Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs
Under The Covers - Vol. 3

Under The Covers Vol. 3 is the third album of covers by singer / songwriter Matthew Sweet and Bangles’ guitarist and singer Susanna Hoffs. This time they tackle songs by R.E.M., Kirsty MaColl, The Clash, Roxy Music, The Smiths and Marshall Crenshaw’s My Favourite Waste of Time, a 1986 hit in the UK for the one and only Owen Paul - remember that? Anyway, there's lots more too!
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEMREC705)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs
Under The Covers - Vol. 2

Under The Covers Vol. 2 is the second collaboration between singer / songwriter Matthew Sweet and Bangles guitarist and singer Susanna Hoffs. As the titles suggests, it is an album of covers, and the songs comes from all directions: Covers of songs originally by Television to Carly Simon, Grateful Dead to Blondie and Big Star to Queen and lots more. Dhani Harrison and Yes guitarist Steve Howe put in guest performances. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEMREC704)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs
Under The Covers - Vol. 1

A re-issue of a low-key yet sparkling collaboration album between alternative rock artist Matthew Sweet and former Bangles singer Susanna Hoffs. Originally released back in 2006, Under The Covers, Vol. 1 features sumptuous covers of the Beatles, the Velvets and Dylan among others, and now comes on double silver vinyl. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (DEMREC703)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Cure

Disintegration was The Cure's 8th studio album and one of their bleakest. After a few years of commercial success, the band returned to their gloomy gothy roots on an album that - despite it's lack of actual tunes - has since become somewhat of a classic. Despite it's unrelentingly somber mood it still contains future the Cure staples as Lullaby, Plainsong and Lovesong. One way or another it is a true artistic statement from Robert Smith and his long running collective.  

Hayley Ross
The Weight of Hope

The Weight of Hope is the debut album from Brighton-based singer and songwriter Hayley Ross, and everything about it suggests a future classic. Four years in the making and informed by a host of rock and alternative classics ranging from Dylan to the Velvets during a childhood surrounded by music and creativity, it was mixed by John Leckie at Abbey Road studios. 

Printer's Devil

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Close Lobsters
Post Neo Anti (Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols)

As absolutely incredible it is to have Close Lobsters back I'm not feeling that artwork... and the title is certainly a mouthful but it's the sounds inside that count. The band first came to prominence on the legendary C86 album and their jangly indie-pop went down well on both sides of the atlantic ocean. There have been reformations over the years but (deep breath) Post Neo Anti (Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols) is their first album since 2009. 

Shiny New Model

Brooklyn quintet Bodega (and not the Nottingham venue of the same name) have announced a mini-album titled 'Shiny New Model'. It features eight songs of big grooves and wistful melodies. FFO Parquet Courts, Shame, and Idles. What is a mini-album anyway? Where is the line? Is it just an EP? Answers on a postcard.

Our Girl
Live At St Pancras Old Church

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Lavender Flu
Barbarian Dust

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Today's Active Lifestyles

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The Fratellis
Half Drunk Under a Full Moon

Amongst the good news of the announcement of a new album, glass half empty the Fratellis fans may fret that their sixth album emerges on Cooking Vinyl  - a label with a rich history of managing to kill off once successful bands.... the Dignitas of record labels. Never mind, it's sure to be full of their foot stomping indie anthems. Certainly Jon Fratelli is proud as punch  - he lavishes praise on lead track Six Days In June as if it were a new favourite track by another artist. 


L'épée is a collaboration between Brian Jonestown Massacre main man, Anton Newcombe, French psych-pop duo, The Limiñanas and French actor, former model and singer, Emmanuelle Seigner. Diabolique was recorded in The Limiñanas studio in the south of France then taken to Berlin by Anton, where he gave the songs a darker, more psychedelic edge. 

Q And Not U
Different Damage

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Sandy (Alex G)
Live at Third Man Records

Sandy (Alex G)'s last album 'Rocket' was just superb. A favourite here for both home and office so it's nice that he got invited to play hits from that and his other albums live at Third Man. Not only that it got recorded and now unleashed for his adoring fans. Listen to his lovely songs being played live and just imagine for a second that you were there. 
  • Vinyl LP (TMR530)
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Iron and Wine
Live at Third Man Records

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Delta Sleep
Ghost City Rarities

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Stolen 6

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Thee Oh Sees
An Odd Entrances

Thee Oh Sees take a slight break from their constant forward motion by adding something to a previous release: An Odd Entrances is to be considered as a sister album to A Weird Exits. Dwyer and co here explore the flipside to their usual frantic garage thrashings, with a set of calmer tracks full of cellos and flutes. Gorgeous as ever of course. On Castle Face, naturally.

The Fall
Totale's Turns (It's Now Or Never)

The Fall have always been fond of a live album and this goes all the way back to 1980 when they issued 'Totale's Turns' but as always with the Fall there's studio recordings mixed in there as well just to confuse matters.  Here you get a 140 gram re-issue of the original album. A nice way to celebrate Mark E Smith's 60th.  

The Wedding Present
Marc Riley Sessions Volume 4

Here we have Marc Riley Sessions Volume 4 by Leeds indie legends The Wedding Present. Of the nine songs that make up the latest installment, they go all the way back to tracks from their debut album, George Best to early singles collection, Tommy, up to recent single Jump In The Water’s Fine. On Hatch Records.


Wilsen are a Brooklyn-based trio who made some waves with their 2017 album I Go Missing In My Sleep. Ruiner is the follow up and sees the band toughening up their sound somewhat and escaping out of the shadows of their debut. Their music is a lovely romantic emo-twinged thing that brings to mind Big Thief and Death Cab For Cutie. 

Peggy Sue

Not the subject of that Buddy Holly song but the fourth album from the London based duo. They blend the classic songwriting nous of the 60s Brill Building lot with the amped up fuzz of '90s stalwarts such as Blur and the Breeders. Lyrically they drench their harmonies around tales of love and loss. Simples. But effective. 

Even As We Speak
Blue Suburban Skies

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Blake Mills
Blake Mills

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Happy Mondays
The Early EP's

Hey....sorted etc. Drug-addled but fooking influential Madchester posse Happy Mondays are re-issuing their early EPs on an LP box set. It contains the Forty Five, Freaky Dancin/The Egg, Tart Tart and 24 Hour Party People EPs all remastered and on different coloured vinyl. It's like a kaleidoscope of sounds and colours, man. Gonna cost you forty big ones. See ya down the Hacienda. #stillravin'. 

See My Girls

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The Men

The Men are like a microcosm of men as a whole in that they are both good and bad.They do great things and they do less great things but I think we're all still ok with them being around. They've actually been rather consistent over the last few years and this stability has led to their new album Mercy on which they make music with some of the classic rock moves of the 70s era old timers alongside the experimental churn of someone like Suicide.   

Induction Party

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Parquet Courts
Tally All the Things That You Broke

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Desert Sessions
Vols. 11 & 12

Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), the master of 21st Century meaty-rock collaborations, hereby offers his joint effort with help from a handful of esteemed industry friends. Featuring appearances from members of likes of Warpaint, Scissor Sisters, ZZ Top and Royal Blood, this will mark the first Desert Session release in 16 years - but boy has it been worth the wait.

3D Routine

Having enjoyed a brilliant couple of years thanks to surprise hit ‘Alternative Facts’ and BBC 6Music playlisted ‘Gig Economy’, plus support slots with the likes of Stereolab and The Lovely Eggs, Leeds trio Mush announce their debut studio album 3D Routine. Mixed by Dream Wife / our girl producer Andy Savours in their hometown’s Green Mount Studio, it’s set to carry on the abstract, socially incisive post-punk of their recent Induction Party EP. 

Surfer Blood
Carefree Theatre

Surfer Blood’s career has been punctuated by tragedy and some, what can only be described as, bloody stupid behaiviour. They released an impressive debut in 2010, Astro Coast, which earned them support slots with Les Savy Fav and Pixies and have gone on to record a further four albums. Now we have Carefree Theatre, recorded in their hometown of Kanine, Florida. The emphasis is on short and poppy songs.

Kill Your Boyfriend

Depths Records presents the new single from Italian duo Kill Your Boyfriend on 7” vinyl. Characterised by the doom-laden vocals of Matteo Scarpa and the manic drumming of Antonio Angeli, ‘Elizabeth’ is one of their strongest songs to date, and comes with a remix from Preoccupations guitarist Daniel Christiansen. 
  • Vinyl 7" (DEPTHS001)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Lucy Dacus

2019 captures seven one-off songs that Lucy Dacus has recorded and released throughout the year, tied to specific holidays, under the umbrella of one EP. Dacus originals like ‘My Mother & I’ appear alongside cover versions of classics - Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’ and Édith Piaf’s ‘La Vie En Rose’ being the best. 

Monster (25th Anniversary Edition)

Originally released in 1994, at a time when the band decided to tour again after a live hiatus but had enjoyed their greatest commercial successes yet, Monster occupies an odd place in R.E.M.’s story. Often described as a “rock” album (ironic quote marks intended) and characterised by a rawer, scruffier guitar sound, this curious album gets a 25th anniversary re-issue courtesy of Craft. LP, 2xCD and 2xLP re-mastered versions are available, but the deluxe box-set version is the eye-catcher, featuring five CDs including demos, live shows and a special 2019 mix, on top of a Blu-Ray disc that includes the Road Movie film, plus music videos for all six of Monster’s singles. 

Atlas Complex

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Yo La Tengo

For a long, long time there was no such thing as a bad or even a passable Yo La Tengo album - everything they touched was excellent. 1995's 'Electr-O-Pura' nestled between two of their best albums in 'Painful' and 'I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One', and 'Electr-O-Pura' itself is no slouch either. The record ranges from three-minute pop perfection ('Tom Courtenay') to gorgeous ballads ('The Hour Is Late') to stunning Krautrock workouts ('Blue Line Swinger'). All you need in life on one album.  

Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years Of Ash

Originally formed in the sleepy Northern Irish town of Downpatrick, cult favourite alt-rockers 'Ash' celebrate a quarter of a century in the game with 'Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years Of Ash'. The compilation is a fantastic mix of chart-ruffling hits, along with a brand spanking new track thrown in to boot.


Stray is the fourth album by New York-based post punk band Bambara. The theme of the album is death, set to a pummeling, brooding and atmospheric soundscape. They have toured with IDLES and 6 Music DJ Steve Lamacq is advocate. All you really need to know though is that their drummer is called Blaze.
  • Vinyl LP (WCR098LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Live Skull
Saturday Night Massacre

Live Skull are happy to described as ‘no wave psychos’. The New York band made a big din during the Reagan administration in the ‘80s. It’s taken until now, with an apparently equally weird if not weirder, administration running the US, for them to return. Saturday Night Massacre is the their first album in 30 years. The band feature Thalia Zadek (Come), Rich Hutchins, Mark C,Kent Heine and Marnie Greenholz.
  • Vinyl LP
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

The Kiwi Animal

Brent Hayward fronted New Zealand art rock band This High and then went on to release solo EPs under the name Smelly Feet. His next step was to hook up with Julie Cooper to form DIY acoustic band The Kiwi Animal in 1982. They were joined by Patrick Waller who played cello and a load of other things to make their second album, Mercy, originally released in 1985.
  • Vinyl LP (DR41)
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Iggy Pop
New values

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Blue Angel Lounge
A Sea Of Trees

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God Damn
God Damn

Interesting backstory alert. God Damn leader Thomas Edward got fired from his day job as a teacher for destroying bibles. Perhaps not the wisest thing to do in today's snooping society. Some of the themes of religion he was obviously struggling with find their way into the album which sees their powerful rock supercharged by being recorded in disused tube stations.  

Nathan Gray
Working Title

Working Title is the new album from Boysetsfire vocalist Nathan Gray. His previous album saw him consumed by the anxieties of his life. Here he turns everything around, looking to where he is now and how he got through it, offering help to those who may need it, via the medium of heartfelt alt-rock songs. 

Spanish Love Songs
Brave Faces Everyone

Los Angeles-based punk miserablists Spanish Love Songs deliver their newest studio album Brave Faces Everyone, arriving just a couple of years after 2018’s excellent breakthrough Schmaltz. Fans can expect more of frontman Dylan Slocum’s pin-point accurate descriptions of everyday life and romance. 

The Accidental Falls

Portland, Oregon supergroup-of-sorts, Eyelids, are led by Chris Slusarenko (Guided By Voices, Boston Spaceships) and John Moen (The Decemberists). Larry Beckett, who worked with Tim Buckley, offered to write lyrics for their new album. An amazing offer - but would the collaboration work? Eyelids went for it, because you shouldn’t turn down offers like that. Accidental Falls is the resulting album. It was produced by Peter Buck who also plays on the album. 

Parquet Courts
Monastic Living

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