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Kim Deal
Walking With A Killer / Dirty Hessians

Following her departure from the reformed Pixies, Kim Deal has made this limited 7” of solo material to coincide with her recent ATP gig, and this is the first record that she h...view item »

Ghost Music
I Was Hoping You'd Pass By Here

Mumbling quartet Ghost Music quietly crawl into existence with I Was Hoping You'd Pass By Here, an understated debut of brushed-aside melodies that harkens back to the second-tier of classic indie rock: think of all the New Zealand shamble bands on Flying Nun and all the bands who made Pavement a little b...view item »

Nihilist Glamour Shots

It feels like Cabbage - pronounced like Farage, probably - should have left us alone long ago. As such, it’s quite a surprise to find out that Nihilist Glamour Shots (Christ) is their debut (!) LP. The ‘songs’ here come with titles like ‘Molotov Alcopop’ (ffs), ‘Reptiles State Funeral...view item »

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Available on 7” vinyl on Sour Mash. Now on their second album Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are doing a bang up job of showing Noel’s softer songwriting side (but please don’t tell him that). Riverman is the third single from Chasing Yesterday, slowing joining the rest of his platin...view item »

Cowboy Junkies
The Trinity Session

Cowboy Junkies famously recorded The Trinity Session in just one night with just one microphone in 1987, and yet thirty years later we are still listening to this beautiful suite of Americana / country music. This reissue of The Trinity Session adds two tracks that didn’t feature on the original release, ...view item »

Doolittle 25

In celebration of its 25th anniversary (yes, 25th!) 4AD is releasing a deluxe version of the Pixies’ pivotal second studio album Doolittle. This three-CD/double vinyl package includes all the album’s B sides, Peel Sessions and demos alongside the original album for the first time ever, with nearly half of the tracks being commer...view item »


There’s a feeling that you get when you find out a great band is about to release another album, and it’s a good feeling. Just like Alvvays’ retrostyled artwork, soaked in the hazy colors of an 8mm film, never fails to invoke great associations. Antisocialites will follow up their excellent self-titled...view item »

The Times
Go! With The Times

The Times were a post-punk/indie band from London. They were led by Ed Ball who had a stint in Television Personalities with school friend Dan Treacy before forming Teenage Filmstars, a band that eventually morphed into The Times....view item »

Dream Wife
Dream Wife

Debut from three-piece Dream Wife. Hailing from Brighton, London and Reykjavik, the project which began as a ‘fake band’ for an art project has morphed into something much more legit. Lively, colourful indie rock with sharp vocals and spiky political lyrics. They are now a long way from their lo-fi origins and claim ...view item »

The Golden Age of Not Even Trying

Debut LP from the young four-piece Dead! hailing from the Isle of Wight. Its title ‘The Golden Age of Not Even Trying’ hints at some of their audible grunge influences, but their sound also takes some even heavier hints from contemporary pop-punk. Fierce and snappy. Out on Infectious Music....view item »

H.C. McEntire

Lionheart is the debut solo album by indie/country band Mount Moriah frontwoman H.C. McEntire. The album is personal and autobiographical in terms of people and places and mixes her own slants on country, pop and gospel. It came about through her wish to rescue country music from the hideous stereotypes which ar...view item »

The Lovely Eggs
This Is Our Nowhere

The Lovely Eggs have perfected the DIY punk aesthetic over the course of a clutch of singles, two EPs and three albums. Their new album, This is Our Nowhere, consolidates their position of not-giving-a-shit punk attitude whilst adding a touch of psychedelic nonsense. There will be a special limited edition black and whi...view item »

Dead Can Dance

Aion is probably the most accessible and widely enjoyed album by non-hard core Dead Can Dance fans. Released in 1990, Aion shows Dead Can Dance, the duo of Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry, exploring styles of Medieval times and the Renaissance. The production is excellent, and it ranks among DCD's best albums. Aion opens with "The Arrival and the...view item »

A Heartbeat From Eternity

Swedish rockers Easy are coming up to three decades since their debut album Magic Seed dropped. A lot has changed in the musical landscape since, but you wouldn’t know if from listening to A Heartbeat From Eternity. This is whimsical, well-crafted indie-pop in the same mould as Ride, ...view item »

The Nightingales
Mind Over Matter

The Nightingales were formed by former Perfects frontman Robert Lloyd. They recorded a whole host of LPs and singles throughout the 1980s. Lloyd reunited The Nightingales 10 years ago, eschewing the usual 'greatest hits' style tour to refresh them as a confrontational and c...view item »

Shinola Vol. 1

This record has a lot of great songs; well-produced, well-written tracks from the brothers Ween. As far as I can tell, the only reason why they weren't included in other albums would be that none of them seem like they would `fit' in the context of anything previously released. Solid songs from start to finish. They're the kind of songs that Wee...view item »


Debut album Dirty Sprite 2, I mean, Pyro from London/Belfast duo Rews. Following their single 'Miss You In The Dark', the pair further establish their energetic rock-pop sound. Loud and lively, Mark Radcliffe has compared them to the likes of Royal Blood. Is he right? Make up your own ...view item »

The Monochrome Set

London’s Monochrome Set were post-punk before the genre was even defined, falling into stylistic territory somewhere between Magazine, Orange Juice and Blue Orchids. Their influence was evident in the more arch corners of Britpop...view item »

The Brotherhood of Lizards

Been waiting a long time for this to be re-issued. This is the short lived 'other' band of the Cleaners From Venus main man Martin Newell but there's not all that much difference in the sound. It still has that perfect '80s update of classic '60s pop and the sort of melodies that other bands would kill for. Once again it was ign...view item »

Cleaners From Venus
The Best Of

Straight outta 1980’s Wivenhoe came Cleaners From Venus, the magical DIY pop project of Martin Newell. This Best Of compilation plucks choice tracks from a nine-album career, presenting multiple sides of the Cleaners’ sound, always made in the moment and on Martin...view item »

The Official Body

The Official Body is the third album by London post punk trio Shopping. It follows on from 2013’s Consumer Complaints and 2015’s Why Choose. The band were initially signed to Milk records, a label run by the band’s rhythm section, Andrew Milk and Billy Easter. They were quickly snapped up by Fat Cat Records, a ...view item »

This Is It

Neither MJ nor the Strokes, This Is It belongs to the wonderfully named ShitKid, whose debut Fish garnered an understated following here and there. Pop being pissed off, that record bobbed along with a grunge snarl -- its followup diversifies her sound while maintaing its lo-fi spi...view item »


Popping up again after February’s Peroxide 7”, here’s a quick, propulsive EP of angst-ridden post-punk from Whitby, Ontario resident Brandon Williams, or Chastity...view item »

Mac DeMarco
Another One

Smooth rolling singer-songwriter duuude Mac DeMarco has a new record out, even though it was just a year since the last! Excellent work ethic. Another One has eight fine tracks of his sauntering melancholy style, featuring not a note from anybody but DeMarco himself: a real solo album! Out on Captured T...view item »

Hey Colossus
Dedicated To Uri Klangers

The Hey Colossus juggernaut revs up again, this time for a retrospective release. Dedicated To Uri Klangers aims to feature at least one track from every one of the noisy collective’s albums from 2002 to 2013 (although the messy nature of the band means no ...view item »

They Might Be Giants
I Like Fun

I love They Might Be Giants but with every album they release I worry that it won't be very good. For every terrible album they've made there'll be a good one right after .....and even on the bad albums there's a great track or two. But wouldn't it be nice to have a really great all the way through They Might Be Giants LP? Here'...view item »


I’m not quite sure how a band who formed at a high school have ended up recording with Ryan Adams and being released on Rough Trade within two years (though my guess would be family money and some industry connections), but there we go. Starcrawler are just such a band, and their high-energy youthful rock ...view item »


Live album that documents Mudhoney’s 2016 European tour. LiE's release coincides with the 30th anniversary of the band and features eleven tracks from across those three decades. After all that time the superfuzz is still super, the bigmuff is still big and the riffs... hoo-boy the riffs. ...view item »

Super Whatevr
Never Nothing

Combining the anthemic nature of nineties alternative rock and indie music with a low slung swagger and melancholic fuzz, Super Whatevr touch on a lot of bases. The enticing arrangements in their tracks suggest a classic pop sensibility but with enough freshness to win new followers in a competitive environment....view item »

Wide Open

Artful shambles Weaves released a loud and lovely debut a year ago so it seems only right they do it again: their guitar rock is bursting at the seams, barricade-tumbling wonder and they continue to dance about the limits on Wide Open, which offers a slightly poppier approach to a band who used to get in,...view item »


I've never yet liked a band from Canada but all that could be set to change with the release of the debut from this raucous, squealing band from Toronto. They make a right old racket but also fill their songs with hooks and melodies. The sort of arty rock made by people who aren't afraid of pushing envelopes.     ...view item »

Bonny Doon
Bonny Doon

The first forays into early Smog like songwriting for the former punks known as Bonny Doon (I think I once went on holiday there). They got sick of punk (haven't we all) and instead tried to play their songs as quietly as possible which has resulted in an album of quietly pressed pop melodies that should make yo...view item »

Haley Bonar
Impossible Dream

That pretty cool cover artwork is a clue to the rather nifty indie-pop going on inside Impossible Dream by Haley Bonar. It’s hook-full pop with scratching guitar and deep, sexy vocals. There’s soaring synths and Spector-ish reverb and it’s overall just good fun and an album to mess about to wit...view item »

Field Music

What can I say about 'Measure'? It's all over the shop, a sprawling mass of fractured grooves and foolhardy reinterpretations of music that, under general circumstances, should be left well alone. It's not unfair to call Field Music the 10CC of our time but that would be forgetting the influence of The Beatles, Roxy Music, Queen, Sparks, Led Zep, S...view item »

The Liminanas
The Woods / The Inventor

Melding sugar-sweet vintage pop with sun-bleached psych, The Liminanas beam their utopian brand no better than on their The Woods / The Inventor release. Formed by Lio and Marie Liminana, the two-track pressing offers Django Django-esque outback guitars and the odd stark, h...view item »

Pins and Needles

Indigo’s Pins and Needles is a DIY slice of noisy indie-pop. This vinyl 7” on Estuary showcases the band’s extremely youthful and confident rock music. The guitars are nice. the hooks are catchy and they’ve nailed some shouty dynamics too. This single is borrowed from the EP of the same n...view item »

Less Win

Danish trio Less Win boast boldly about lots of elaborate non-rock influences (John Coltrane and King Tubby for example), and then try and graft what they’ve learned back onto a rock framework. Trust doesn’t sound like a dubbed-out free jazz party, but it does have some fine...view item »

The Shins
The Worms Heart

The creative whizz behind The Shins, James Mercer had an itch he needed to scratch following the recording of their last album, Heartworms, and scratch it he did. He re-recorded the album, introducing acoustic guitars and a slower tempo to fast tracks and injecting the slower tracks with a bit of rock oomph. The Worms Heart was ...view item »

Big Thief

Brooklynite 4-piece Big Thief bring us their eagerly anticipated sophomore full-length release, Capacity. Adrianne Lenker's songwriting is concerned with identity and the many faces we present as women and men. The band continue to train ever brighter lights upon the wonders of the world, while drilling down into t...view item »

Wolf Parade
Apologies To The Queen Mary

I like zis Wolf Parade album I've been enjoying for a good few weeks now. There's not too much that yanks my hat off from Sub Pop these days but occasionally something good comes along and this is that something good. They're Canadian (from Montreal) and sound a hell of a lot like Arcade Fire. Not as classy or orchestral...view item »

Heron Oblivion
The Chapel

The live Heron Oblivion experience is right here on this slice of wax, recorded in front of an adoring San Francisco audience at The Chapel. All the best tracks from the band’s first album as well as some previously unreleased tracks, recorded with extra vigour and in fine analogue quality. Vinyl release....view item »

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten remains a serious landmark in alternative rock, playing an important part in determining the direction of popular rock music in the 90’s. Its also considered one of the band’s very best records, so what's not to like? Ten has sold millions of copies to date, but thi...view item »

The Hives
Barely Legal

Eek. They couldn't get away with an album title like that in 2017. This was the debut album from the band Alan McGee promised us would be our 'new favourite band'. They weren't but they had a good career anyway and this re-issue celebrates the 20th anniversary of this record of blistering punk music.   ...view item »

Songs of Praise

Songs of Praise is the debut LP from Londoner five-piece Shame, who've gained traction in the South London gig scene. Lively and insistent post-punk from an energetic young band who don’t shy away from politics and confrontational lyrics. Available on CD, cassette tape or vinyl (regular black or ...view item »

Live at Third Man Records

Woods are a reliably American band who’ve been mixing folk and soul and funk and indie for a decade now. This particular release documents what happened when Woods played a live set at Jack White’s Third Man Records, recorded in meticulous analogue detail on audio-lover ...view item »

Adam Franklin
Iron Horse / Born To Lose / Thursday's Child

Adam Franklin out of Swervedriver here pays tribute to two fallen heroes, Lemmy and David Bowie, with a pair of cover versions. Motorhead’s Iron Horse / Born To Lose sits interestingly next to Bowie’s Thursday’s Ch...view item »

Echo & The Bunnymen
Ocean Rain

'Ocean Moon' was initially released in 1984 by Echo & The Bunnymen, who are now recognised as one of the most formative post-punk bands. The record carried on the band's interest in using ornamenting arrangements to complement their despondent sound, including a string section, a la what the Waterboys did in order to make their simple rock m...view item »

To Kill A King
The Spiritual Dark Age

The Spiritual Dark Age, is the third album from London based (though formed in our fair Leeds) stadium folk-rockers To Kill A King. These are big songs, covering lofty topics including a biting attack on televangelist and fraud Peter Popoff, and squabbling gods. Though their over-riding theme, is to try and...view item »

Arrows Of Love
PRODUCT: Your Soundtrack To The Impending Societal Collapse

Not to be confused with SOPHIE’s album of the same name, the second LP from East London bohemians Arrows of Love does a fine job of plugging the gap left by the ongoing hiatus of Fat White Family. There is genuine bite to tracks like ‘Toad’ and ‘Predictable’ that wi...view item »

The Courtneys
The Courtneys

The Courtneys are from Vancouver, but it’s immediately obvious that they’ve found a fitting home on New Zealand’s Flying Nun. Their 2013 debut, reissued here on black or limited blue vinyl, showcases an unfussy garage indie style that doesn’t slavishly ape ...view item »

Stef Chura

A DIY hero in her home state of Michigan, Stef Chura’s LP for Saddle Creek is a smart and confident grunge revival record. Shades of Colleen Green, Angel Olsen and Girls colour Messes, and Chura’s voice is a commanding presence. She shows go...view item »

The Rifles
Singles Collection

London-based indie band The Rifles were inspired to put a band together by seeing Oasis at Knebworth. Since then they’ve released five albums, a few EPs and a load of singles, the best of which are gathered together on Singles Collection. So, if you were wondering what an ...view item »

Filthy Friends

Wearing sunglasses like old people do, this is the latest supergroup featuring Peter Buck (R.E.M) and Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows/REM). This time they've hooked up with not inconsiderable talents of Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) for some snotty and raucous avant rock. Yup I just he...view item »

The White Stripes
There's No Home For You Here / I Fought Piranhas

The White Stripes invite you to remember a time when they released killer singles and existed as a band and whatnot; that time had something to do with an Elephant, if I recall, and "There's No Home For You Here" is invited along in the crew of 7"s that seeks to canonize their best moment. Comes with a b-side known...view item »

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Holy Mountain

The new album from Noel Gallagher’s current project High Flying Birds, Who Built The Moon?, is out now, and here to accompany it is this natty Maxi single. Holy Mountain is a storming track featuring Paul Weller on the old organ, and this release adds an instrumental vers...view item »

Hiss Golden Messenger
Heart Like a Levee

New material from Hiss Golden Messenger, written during challenging times, like all the best country-derived music is. Heart Like A Levee is available in regular and fancy editions of both the CD and the vinyl versions: the deluxe ones add grand packaging, a poster, and a CD of a whole extra album, named Vestapol...view item »

Field Music
Field Music

Totally baffling album of the week comes from Field Music. Imagine Shudder to Think's vocalist joining forces with a load of 10cc obsessives sitting in a room studying the art punk dynamics of prime Wire whilst listening to the Beach Boys & Cardinal. Phew!!! Exhausted? This debut is a stunning ...view item »

Lost In The Night

Alt-rockers with blues in the heart and soul in their lungs, Palace are set to release their first ever EP, 'Lost In The Night'. The Londoners mix and match guitars that are floaty and meditative with louder, rawer excursions that reminisce over bands like Buffalo Springfield. Should be good, because everybody gets the blues, right?...view item »

The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Sun Ship

Well the good news is that there's a new the Brian Jonestown Massacre album due in October but while we wait for “Third World Pyramid” to land we must be grateful for these two taster tracks released on honey coloured vinyl (how delightful). If it beats the incredible 'Revelation' I'll eat a horse but it's alway...view item »


Easy listen seems to be the mission statement of weathered US alt-rockers, Luna. Here is a repressing of a 13-year-old Rendezvous - which still sounds fresh and timeless enough to have been released yesterday. Its opening track, Malibu Love Nest, is perhaps its highlight with he...view item »

The Twilight Singers
Dynamite Steps

When I say this is the new band from Afghan Whigs feller Greg Dulli, I am of course talking piffle as they are now 5 albums in (and this is apparently the first for 5 years). How the time drifts past. Dynamite Steps consists of cinematic widescreen American guitar music, with a feel of driving at high speed through desert-scapes. Mark Lan...view item »

The Black Angels
Directions To See A Ghost

Describing their music as "hypno-drone-rock'n'roll", the Black Angels actually make that brainwashing kind of psych rock where the guitars sound like a watch being dangled in front of you. 'Directions On How To See A Ghost' continues the political inclinations of the band's lyrical and sonic motifs, influenced in particular by the apocalyptic no...view item »

The Rifles
No Love Lost (Remastered)

Yes, we are at the historical stage where the bands of the mid 2000s indie rock wave start reaching anniversaries… Can it have been just 10 years since the lads of The Rifles first hit the pages of the NME? This is a remastered reissue of their debut No Love Lost, out on Right Hook with 2CDs of B sides and bonuse...view item »


Japanese band Tricot set up their own record label, Bakuretsu, alongside the band and after 12 releases have signed with Big Scary Monsters. Mixing the complex time signature changes and layering of bands such as Battles and Don Caballero with the catchy harmonies of J-pop and beyond. Think of a...view item »

Kurt Vile
God Is Saying This To You

If you know Kurt Vile than you know what to expect. Beautiful, dark, haunting songs primarily made up of acoustic guitar and vocals. If you don't already know, Kurt can play. He has a brilliant fingerpicking style and a hauntingly honest tongue. The highest point on this album for me is "My Sympathy". This is a really good record that has altern...view item »

Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire

First reissued in 2005 after the success of Funeral, Arcade Fire’s debut EP gets a second CD reissue makeover for any fans unwilling to buy a grubby second-hand copy ...view item »

Faerground Accidents

A preposterous looking collection of freaks, Faerground Accidents are much more than a dressing up box on a stage. Their cinematic, poetic music has lots in common with the earlier work of fellow Sheffield weirdos Pulp along with the rainy day driving rock style of the Chameleons or ...view item »

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!

'Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!' is Nick Cave's attempt at making a bona fide garage rock record, one that's rough around the edges to match the snarl in the singer's voice and the sewage in his songwriting. It's a coarser, heavier affair than normal, and also signals the end of founder Mick Harvey's tenure with the band....view item »

Origin Of Symmetry

It's the Muse album that has the slightly louder and more abrasive songs than the other Muse albums! Wherein they ruin a perfectly good Nina Simone standard in "Feeling Good" and do some other stuff with pop rock that once got compared to Radiohead but would probably actually just get remixed by Moby....view item »

Good Nature

Turnover have been growing and growing since the release of their first, much more aggressive album years ago. Good Nature is the third record from the US band and it brings with it eleven whole new levels of emotion- each song belonging to its own. Keeping with the direction that Turnover have found themselves going in...view item »

Elliott Smith
From A Basement On The Hill

Elliott Smith  - From a Basement on a Hill (Domino) FB- I thought he was dead C- .... er... it was recorded pre-death FB- are you sure its not recorded by Badly Drawn Boy cos it sounds just like him. C- hey mate BDB ripped off Elliott Smith not t'other way round DB- both scruf...view item »


Here is your chance to scoop up vinyl reissues of some of James’s vintage albums, courtesy of Mercury. Seven, which I’m afraid is their fourth album rather than...view item »

Pablo Honey

Pablo Honey is not one of Radiohead's later, more complex, and what their egotistical "true fans" like to call their most "intellectual" album. Big deal. Get over it. I love Kid A and OK Computer just as much as anyone else, but Radiohead had to start somewhere and Pablo Honey seems just the perfect place. I've heard that the band regrets writin...view item »

The Drink

Second full-length album from The Drink, an ethereal indie-pop band whose members also play / have played in groups like The Wharves and Shield Your Eyes. The latter band might surprise you, as nothing on Capital sounds much like them, but The Drink do have similarly de...view item »

The Replacements
Songs For Slim EP

I have had a hard time getting into these new Replacements recordings for various reasons. I guess it is just kind of lacking vitality and spark and the performances seem a little restrained as if they were not too familiar with the material. Not bad though, just kind of tired, which is the opposite of the previous reunion songs like "Pool" and ...view item »

Down In Albion

It might surprise a few people to learn that I quite like the new Babyshambles album. Its as dishevelled as a dog in the rain and it features some of the worst singing since .......ever. But I kind of like the whole on the edgy feeling of it and the fact that beneath the mess there are some quite pretty melodies. Of course its no better ...view item »

Pay No Attention

Too Pure have been running their monthly 7” Singles Club for long enough that they’ve amassed a catalogue 100 releases deep! They’ve decided to celebrate by issuing this limited edition LP of premium selections from the 7”s to date: Pulled Apart By Horses, Menace Beach and Hookwor...view item »

Pulled Apart By Horses
One Night In Heaven

Look, we found a remnant from Record Store Day 2015! This vinyl treat is a limited edition live recording of Pulled Apart By Horses, captured in furious full flow. The record is titled One Night In Heaven after the London venue where gig took place, and you can almost hear the night’s sweat pushing through your sp...view item »

The Replacements

Hootenanny was the second album by Minneapolis band The Replacements. It was originally released in 1983. The album is notable for singer and guitarist Paul Westerberg swapping instrumental duties with drummer Chris Mars and Tommy and Bob Stinson swapping bass and guitar duties. It also included a ...view item »

Elliott Smith
Figure 8

They tried to make him look younger on the sleeve by sticking him in a cardigan and airbrushing his face and that pretty sums up this record by the renowned songsmith. Where earlier albums had that raw lo-fi appeal, 'Either/Or' had all the good songs, 'XO' did the same with higher fi production, 'Figure 8' was the one where nuts and bolts were a...view item »

The National
Trouble Will Find Me

Sixth studio album from critics’ favourite The National. Following the massive success of ‘High Violet’ and a string of festival headlining spots, ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ has got the music press and fans alike salivating. From the offset this sounds like a band that have honed the...view item »

Thigh Master
Early Times

It is with great excitement that Brisbane cornerstones of indie-rock, Thigh Master, announce the release of their debut long-player, “Early Times”. Mixed and recorded by Blank Realm guitarist Luke Walsh, “Early Times” is an album packed with massive guitar hooks, introspective lyricism, and seismic infectiousness....view item »


QTY are a New York band doing the New York rock thing, and this self-titled album is your first full-length opportunity to get stuck in yourself. QTY is no-nonsense business, with daily life stories told over wi...view item »

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
It's Blitz

Time for a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album! Happy time for Brett if no-one else! It's called It's Blitz! and the cover is quality, I want to squish eggs and freeze time in this manner! As the lead single and lead track 'Zero' does remind me a fair bit of 'Gold Lion' from the last one in that it sounds totally underwhelming at first but kind of gets under...view item »

Television Personalities
Beautiful Despair

Beautiful Despair is an unreleased album by cult indie band, Television Personalities. Unreleased until now, that is! The album was recorded, but unfinished in 1990. Some tracks appeared in different guises elsewhere, but this is the first time they’ve been released in their original form. A couple of the tracks mention th...view item »

Treeboy & Arc
Not Yet

Treeboy & Arc are a bunch of 19 year-old kids from Leeds. Despite the Pet Sounds-aping cover of their new single, Not Yet, they sound nothing like The Beach Boys. Instead, with the help of MJ from fellow Leeds band Hookworms on production duties, they go for a fairly meaty post-punk ind...view item »

Pleased To Meet You

Tuck into some James why don’t you? Mercury are launching a series of reissues of the britpoppish band’s albums, and Pleased To Meet You is the last album they ...view item »


Vinyl reissues of some of James’s vintage albums, available now thanks to the Mercury label. Millionaires is the last James ...view item »


Mercury are launching a series of reissues of britpoppish band James’s albums, and here is their 1997 effort Whiplash, which was partially produced by no less than ...view item »

Dream Themes
20 Golden Greats

Formerly the backing band for Timperley’s favourite son, Frank Sidebottom, Dream Themes have since carved out a niche for themselves by performing classic TV themes to appreciative audiences. Their debut LP, 20 Golden Greats is the final, and it has to be said, rather celebratory release from the Too Pure ...view item »


Psychedelic bedroom pop from Palace’s bassist Skinshape. On Oracolo Will Dorey takes over all the instrumental duties and produces a joyous, dense and groove-heavy vinyl LP and CD. Borrowing influences from hip-hop, soul and funk, but spun through his unique one-man band aesthetic, Dorey i...view item »

Matthew and Me

Like your guitars woozy and twinkling? Sucker for a lush soundscape? Prefer Bon Iver before he discovered auto-tune? Then Starpoint is the EP for you. Matthew and Me (that’s Lucy Fawcett) have crafted four tracks of spare and spectral alt-rock and Ben Howard colla...view item »

Thee Mvps

Thee MVPS have been doing their thing ferociously all year long, and now they round out 2017 with a quick new single. Sesh stares modern millennial life fully in the face, and it isn’t impressed by what it sees, and throws some punchy punky guitar shapes in response. Sesh is a 7” single from Too Pur...view item »

The St Pierre Snake Invasion
Dick E Mozart

The St Pierre Snake Invasion’s new single, part of the Too Pure Singles Club, makes  a mockery of its own 7” format by being only one minute and sixteen seconds in length (although there is also a B-side). Dick E Mozart packs a lot into its tight duration though, sludging up your stereo with frantic har...view item »

Dart EP

It's guaranteed noise mischief from Leeds local Blacklisters who mix the genre's snarky, dry and all-out weird humour with the necessary guitar discordance and angularity. With song titles that go above and beyond the call of duty Mclusky felt, their influences are on the sleeve...view item »

Brightonsfinest Volume 2

Brightonsfinest 2 is a compilation album of favourites that the label’s site and radio show have championed. They’ve moved beyond the parameters of the Southern city to collect tunes from a nationwide range of acts like Sundara Karma, The Big Moon and Temples. Indie fans will likely ...view item »

Dinner Party
Too Live To Die

Dinner Party are a fuzz-rock band from Manchester. The Three Piece are made up from members of other Manchester bands such as Former Bullies, Irma Vep and Sex Hands. Too Live To Die is their second album and follow-up to their debut, Swinging. Fan...view item »

Average Sex
Ugly Strangers

'Ugly Strangers' is a wonderfully up front indie rock track that has a unapologetic directness. The band's depiction of getting by in London should be wonderfully familiar, like the infectious and comforting propulsion and rhythm patterns of the song. Fun, honest songwriting from a promising new group....view item »

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