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Austra are an electronic act led by Kate Austra Stelmanis. She has a revolving cast of musicians helping her out, but she is the only permanent member. HiRUDiN is her fourth album. The album details how it feels to be in a toxic relationship and the empowerment that comes with managing to get out of it.
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The Monochrome Set / Catenary Wires
2019 Japan Tour 7

Functionally titled, this is a split 7" vinyl single featuring London’s post-punk revivalists The Monochrome Set with 'Mrs Robot', and on the flipside Catenary Wires with 'I Wish You Were Here Now'. Both tracks are previously unreleased exclusives, released together for their tour of Japan last year. 
  • Vinyl 7" (SHADE 027)
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Pet Shop Boys
I don't wanna

'I don't wanna play' by Pet Shop Boys is a single lifted from their 2019 album 'Hot Spot'. It is available as either a 12” single or CD single and features four versions of the track. It kicks off with the album version we all know and love, followed by a Mano Le Tough remix. It is followed by not one but two remixes by David Jackson. The CD includes additional track 'New Boy'.
  • Vinyl 12" (X20023VL)
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The Man Who Died In His Boat

Originally released in 2013, this album was recorded by Liz Harris alongside her best-known work, Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill. It’s in the same stylistic ballpark - ethereal, heavily reverbed electric guitar and vocals with dark and mysterious undercurrents, sometimes swimming into clearer focus when Harris switches to acoustic. Out of print for a while and now back on CD.

Summer Breeze

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Piper 3CD Collection

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Manuela Iwansson
Strangers on a Train / Blank Surface

Manuela Iwansson first made music with Swedish indie / punk band Terrible Feelings. The band have now split and she has gone solo with a double A sided single. Strangers on a Train mixes ‘80s post punk and late ‘70s leather clad rock with a catchy chorus. On the flip, Blank Surface is a slice of anachronistic goth pop. Both tracks will dig their claws into you and not let go. On Night School.

Other Lives
For Their Love

Five years on from their beloved Rituals album, Oklahoman indie-rockers Other Lives give us their fourth studio effort, For Their Love. Consisting of ten tracks put down at their own Cooper Mountain Studios, it’s rooted in the blissful moments that made Rituals such a success yet still takes their sound in a new, darker direction. 

Lanterns On The Lake
Spook The Herd

Returning for their first album in nearly five years, Spook The Herd is the fourth studio effort overall from Newcastle-based indie quintet Lanterns On The Lake. Having worked with the Royal Northern Sinfonia in the meantime, the band are now more detached from their roots than ever and embracing a wider range of influences. As the pointed title suggests, Spook The Herd seeks to explore the psychological manipulation that the media is able to have on people. 


Sorry have only been seen so far on a grab bag of singles so its high time they delivered their debut album. The North London crew are nothing if not shape shifters and have a thrillingly open minded nature to their music making. This hotly anticipated debut was, for example, influenced by Aphex Twin and Tony Bennett (and possibly Ronnie Corbett though citation needed).  It's a very now record  - filled as much with experimentation as it is with pop hooks.   

True Blue

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Love Letters

To this writer (and please forgive my bias) this was their best record. Predecessor The English Riviera may have had the consistently great tunes and dance-pop moves that saw it reach near iconic status but Love Letters was a more out-there experimental work that ranged from Motown pop (the title track) to introspective yearning (I'm Aquarius) to superb shimmering jangle pop that brought to mind the likes of Love and the Teardrop Explodes. Not particularly a fan favourite it seems but Love Letters is a diverse and fascinating document. 


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Healing Potpourri
Blanket Of Calm

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Baxter Dury, Étienne de Crécy, Delilah Holliday

Three-way pile-up collaboration between Dury-the-younger Baxter Dury, Delilah Holiday of the scratchy punk group Skinny Girl Diet, and Etienne De Crecy, a French dance music maker. How do these three overlap you might wonder? Well, debut release B.E.D will show you: with direct and emotional power. Released by Heavenly.

Super Furry Animals
Super Furry Animals At The BBC

Welsh psychedelic pop heroes Super Furry Animals are going to make some fans very happy with the release of this box set. It contains all of their BBC sessions dating from 1996-2001, very much their golden period. They were recorded for Mark Radcliffe, John Peel and The Evening Session. 4LP box set or 2CD set containing three tracks not on vinyl. Both versions limited to 500 copies.

Unhappy Fly
Unhappy Fly

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Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe)

The great thing about Metronomy is that their career is a don't quite get the same thing each time round. This, their remarkably titled debut, shows a sound miles away from the pleasant pop of 'Love Letters'. It's wild electronica with fuzzy guitar riffs and nary a vocal in sight. First time on vinyl from this previously much sought after artefact.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (BEC5156466)
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How It Feels

Her fixation with all things science-fiction, as well as the distinctive Scouse brogue of her vocal delivery, have made her one to watch over the last year or so, and now singer-songwriter Zuzu presents her latest EP, How It Feels. Presented on 12” vinyl, her latest effort houses her four most recent singles, including the brand new one ‘Skin And Bone’. 
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Scott Hardware

Engel is the second album by Toronto musician Scott Hardware. The album was inspired by the WIm Wenders film Wings of Desire and displays similar ups, downs, darkness and mundanity as the film. His music may appeal to fans of Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley, but unlike those guys he keeps his vocals really low in the mix.
  • Vinyl LP (TER065LP)
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The Little Hands of Aspahlt
Half Empty

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Beat Happening
We Are Beat Happening

Will you just look at this. The holy grail for fans of Beat Happening and fans of underground lo-fi pop in general. Beat Happening were pioneers of the lo-fi and indie-pop movement and now you can get all six of their albums packaged up in a 7LP set with a 40 page book and liner notes from like minded soul Lois Maffeo. Remortgage your house. Do whatever you have to do (legally) to get this.  

Steve Mason
About The Light

The Beta Band are a distant image in the rear view mirror of Steve Mason these days. Following their break up he continued under the King Biscuit Time moniker before releasing Boys Outside (2010) under his own name. About The Light is his fourth solo album. Previously all of his solo albums have been made alone, this time he got his live band involved from the start to try and capture the energy of their live show. Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs) produced the album. LP and CD on Domino imprint Double Six.
  • Vinyl LP (DS121LPX)
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  • Vinyl LP (DS121LP)
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Purity Ring

Nearly five years after we last heard from them, Megan James and Corin Roddick announce their third studio album as Purity Ring. Womb, with a loose thematic thread of a search for comfort and peace, finds the duo forging cutting-edge production techniques with their irrepressible knack for melody and harmony. 
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Half Waif
The Caretaker

Half Waif is Nandi Rose, a singer, songwriter, musician and producer from Brooklyn, New York. She refers to her music as ‘mood ring pop’ and as her album, The Caretaker, finds her in fantastic form, whatever ‘mood ring pop’ is, it seems pretty good. She cites Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos as influences, but takes those influences in her own direction.

Anna Burch
If You're Dreaming

If You’re Dreaming is the second album by Detroit singer / songwriter Anna Burch. She started out as a touring member of Frontier Ruckus before quitting music to return to college. It wasn’t long before music got her back. If You’re Dreaming follows her 2018 debut Quit The Curse. Her music is ‘60s influenced indie-pop / folk-rock. She has previously cited Elliott Smith and Alvvays as influences.

Amy Studt
Happiest Girl In The Universe

Title possibly ironic on an album by a singer-songwriter whose career perhaps mirrors Scott Walker in that Amy Studt had two tries at being a bona fide pop star in the early 2000's before retreating to a rural cottage to plot her next move. She returned from exile with darker and more tortured songs of which Happiest Girl In the Universe is the latest batch. Here she ruminates bleakly on her life journey on an album of equal parts failure and redemption all the while accompanying herself on an assortment of instruments all topped off with her exceptional voice and arrangement talents. Sometimes it's the tortoise that wins the race. 

Ren Harvieu
Revel In The Drama

Singer / songwriter Ren Harvieu was discovered via MySpace when that was a thing. She was nominated for the BBC Sound of 2012 which is also the year she released her first and until now, only album, Through The Night. It’s taken a while due to a horrific injury but now she’s back with Revel In The Drama. The album was co-written by Harvieu and Romeo Stodart of The Magic Numbers, so you can expect a catchy tune or two.

Confusing Mix of Nations

New York's Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock were doing pretty well for themselves as Regal Degal but were preferring the after show dancing to the actual performances so they aligned their music accordingly, made a swift name change to CMON. The resulting debut album aligns their old band's atmospherics with a kind of kinetic four to the floor dance music reminiscent of Drugdealer or Mild High Club. 

Music Exists Box

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Odessey & Oracle

Crocoroma is the third LP from the French band who name themselves after a classic album by The Zombies, Odyssey and Oracle. For this they’ve blended French folk and pop and take their influences from ‘60s and ‘70s acts White Noise, McDonalds and Giles, 10cc, Robert Wyatt, the ‘70s Brazillian sounds of Caetano Veloso, Clube da Esquina and French chanteuses France Gall and Brigitte Fontaine.

Silver Tongue

Fernando Torres has retired from professional football, but don’t worry, he hasn’t embarked on a musical career. No, this is Torres, AKA McKenzie Scott and Silver Tongue is her fourth album. This the first album she has produced by herself after previously collaborating with PJ Harvey cohort Rob Ellis. Expect a mix of guitars and synths, sparkling new wave sounds some irresistible hooks and the odd brooding number all about the journey of love.
  • Vinyl LP (MRG707LPC1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only

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The Good Will Out

Desperately looking for the next Oasis, the industry happened upon the Huddersfield brothers McNamara and snapped up Embrace for mega-bucks in the late Nineties. Their first three albums now get the re-issue treatment, including their 1998 no.1 debut The Good Will Out, housing three anthemic UK Top Ten hits in ‘All You Good Good People’, ‘Come Back To What You Know’ and ‘My Weakness Is None Of Your Business’. 

Warm Digits
Flight of Ideas

Warm Digits is a lovely, comfortable, cosy name for a band, don’t ya think? The Newcastle-based duo return with Flight of Ideas. Bouncing synths, a blizzard of guitar and some day-glo jittering funk are topped off with guest vocals from Paul Smith of Maximo Park, The Lovely Eggs, The Orielles, Rozi Plain and Emma Pollock.


After they were shortlisted for the 2018 Welsh Music Prize for their debut Trunks and bagged support slots with IDLES and The Lovely Eggs, big things are rightly expected of Seazoo’s second album Joy. Specialising in grin-inducing, heart-leaping indie pop, their exceptional live form has accurately been captured by producers Ben Trow and Mike Collins. 

Zero 7
The Garden (Special Edition)

The Garden was the third album by chillout electronica types Zero 7. It was originally released in 2006. The album was notable for featuring guest vocals from Jose Gonzales and Sia. The CD version of this special edition features even more tracks, and those include more tracks featuring the aforementioned stars which have only previously been available digitally.

Great Shakes Volume 1 & 2

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I Feel Alive

If you want a bit of guitar pop with literary lyrics and sublime hooks, then look no further, I Feel Alive is the fourth album from Canadian band, TOPS. The album has a defiantly ‘80s sound with a soft rock feel that, in terms of production, occasionally veers into Like A Virgin-era Madonna (remember that album was a Chic production). This could well soundtrack your summer.

Alexandra Savior
The Archer

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Beach House
Thank Your Lucky Stars

Suprise! Don’t let the fact that Beach House’s last full-length album Depression Cherry was only released two months ago fool you: they are, nevertheless, back with a new record now! Thank Your Lucky Stars isn’t a rarities collection or anything like that, but a full-blown album of their typically lush blooming style. On Bella Union.


For their third studio album, London electronica outfit Fassine look at figures who live stoically at the fringes and extremes of modern British society, as well as marginalised communities. Forge is also instrumentally both heavier and more forceful than when the trio last released a full-length three years ago. 

Waking Hours

In response to the disintegrating chaos of the modern world, one which requires us to always be ‘on-brand’ and filling each moment with activity, New York’s Evan Shornstein gives us his second full-length Photay album Waking Hours, a meditative and calm plea for being satisfied with simply being. 

Crossing Prior Street

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Basia Bulat
Are You in Love?

The tumultuous events of life, such as falling in love, and the passing of her father, have informed the creative process behind Are You In Love?, the fifth studio album from Canadian singer-songwriter Basia Bulat. Taking in classic rock to Sixties girl-group pop as influences, it’s a masterful and mature collection that arrives on opaque beige vinyl. 


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Tears For Fears
Songs From The Big Chair

One of Tears For Fears best selling albums on picture disc. Reasons to be cheerful. Songs From The Big Chair hit the shelves, and promptly flew off them, in 1985. It contains the singles Shout, Head Over Heels and Everybody Wants To Rule The World. The album is being reissued to coincide with the Classic Albums documentary.

Las Kellies
Suck This Tangerine

Argentinian group Las Kellies return with their fizzy post-punk and new wave designed to get the party absolutely started. Lauren Laverne loves them (Las Kellies not tangerines - though maybe she likes both  - who wouldn't?) and maybe you should too. There's just the two of them but they make a nice big danceable racket.  

Nap Eyes
Snapshot Of A Beginner

Nap Eyes’ fourth studio album Snapshot of a Beginner sees the Canadian indie-rockers growing ever more comfortable with and confident in their sound. Although still centered around frontman Nigel Chapman’s freewheeling jamming sessions, on this occasion the band went into The National’s studio in New York state to put the loose song structures in place before most of the creativity started. 


You see if you were googling the band Extraa without the additional 'a' you will come up with all the other 'extra' type things on the internet. Like extra soft tissue paper. Thankfully they've added an extra 'a' to the end to distinguish. Now that we know that we can listen to Extraa til our heart is content and what we'll find is a France-based pop band with catchy songs, smooth production and an interest in the classic songwriting of the past. We could have something extraa special here. 
  • Vinyl LP (RPUT35)
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Euros Childs
Gingerbread House Explosion

It seems a long time ago now that Euros Childs fronted the eccentric Welsh collective Gorky's Zycotic Mynci and he's probably better known for a long running solo career. His previous album Olion was an instrumental affair but Gingerbread House Explosion (yum) sees a return to those lilting tones. The Sweet Baboo produced album sees Childs tackling all kinds of wayward subjects including someone who becomes obsessed with another persons bins. 

From Gas to Solid / you are my friend

Third album from inexplicable Austrian chart topper Soap&Skin. I say inexplicable not because the music is bad, far from it, but because this is clearly not 'pop' music. From Gas to Solid / you are my friend is an album of sparse gothic beauty, which explores Anja Plaschg's sense of self as she is she encounters parenthood and the album cycle. 
  • Vinyl LP (PIASR1040LPX)
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  • CD (PIASR1040CDX)
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Drawn From Memory

Desperately looking for the next Oasis, the industry happened upon the Huddersfield brothers McNamara and snapped up Embrace for mega-bucks in the late Nineties. Their first three albums now get the vinyl re-issue treatment, including their 2000 sophomore effort Drawn From Memory, which spawned four UK Top Forty hits in the shape of ‘Hooligan’, ‘You’re Not Alone’, ‘Save Me’ and ‘I Wouldn’t Wanna Happen To You’. 

Bonheur ou Tristesse

Lesneu follow somewhat in the trail of the likes of Beach House in making slow moving but quite grandiose dream-pop. The singing is particularly interesting sounding like a cross between the guy from Band of Horses and the guy from R.E.O. Speedwagon. It works though  - it's really yearning stuff with melodies reaching towards the stars.    

Put The Shine On

Since forming over 15 years ago, sisters Bianca "Coco" and Sierra "Rosie" Casady have quietly become one of modern music’s hardiest survivors, their ‘freak folk’ sound also influencing many subsequent artists. They’re now on their seventh CocoRosie album, and Put The Shine On has a shout at being their best effort to date, and certainly their boldest and most experimental. 

Bobby Conn

Bobby Conn has been quiet of late with his previous album clocking in around 2012 but like a lot of artists, the mess of things has persuaded him to make new music. Conn has always been something of a protestor and here turns his attention to addiction and recovery in particular with regard to how self help has replaced community care. But don't worry  - musically it's a blend of uplifting art and soul with nods towards 10CC, J. Dilla, D'Angelo 

Carla dal Forno
So Much Better

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Through Water

Four years on from her acclaimed debut Long Way Home, touted by none other than Billie Eilish as a key influence but which passed under the radar of the public at large, British star Holly Lapsley Fletcher releases her second Låpsley record. Following the more mature change in tone signalled by last year’s These Elements EP, Through Water represents exactly the kind of thing that mainstream breakthroughs are made of. 

PC Music Vol 1 & 2

PC Music is a London based label whose USP is to put records out that are surreal or hyper real takes on pop music. This double LP or CD contains two albums worth of what they have given to the world since the label’s inception in 2013. Artists include Hannah Diamond, Danny L. Harle, Life Sim and label founder A.G. Cook.

James Righton
The Performer

With Klaxons having split some 4 years ago, frontman James Righton has decided to go it alone and release a solo album, The Performer. He has been busy since Klaxons demise, releasing music with Shock Machine and playing with Arctic Monkeys. The music on this album takes its cues from places you might not expect - Roxy Music, The Beach Boys, R.E.M. and Nick Lowe. The album explores how fatherhood has changed him as he considers if he’s now living two separate lives - one as dad, one as The Performer.

Marble Arch
Children Of The Slump

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Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down are a San Francisco-based indie band with roots in alt-folk and influences that range from country to hip-hop. They are fronted by Thao Ngyuen who has, in the past, collaborated with Joanna Newsom, Andrew Bird, Portland Cello Project and Marah. Temple is the band’s fifth album and first since 2016’s A Man Alive.

Greentea Peng

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Steven Wilson
The Future Bites

The Future Bites is the sixth album by singer, songwriter and producer Steven Wilson. The album explores how modern life’s addictions and fads, from detoxing to anxiety, branded trainers to teeth whitening affect us. Wilson has been a part of numerous musical projects, most notably Porcupine Tree. He has also recently been responsible for re-mixing and re-mastering some classic prog rock albums, a genre close to his heart.
  • Vinyl LP (CAROL021LPX)
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  • Vinyl LP (CAROL021LPC)
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  • Vinyl LP (CAROL021LP)
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Ricky Music

Aaron Maine aka Porches is back with his fourth album and the news is coming through is that it was written when he was madly in love. Therefore its full of emotion, confusion and the thrill and the yearning that being in such a situation can provoke. It contains 11 sleek electronic pop tracks full of honest lyricism and there's a couple of big star guests in Mitski and Dev Hynes (Blood Orange etc). 
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Ultraísta are a trio comprised of Nigel Godrich, known for his ‘super producer’ status with Radiohead, session drummer Joey Waronker (REM, Roger Waters, Elliott Smith) and Laura Bettinson (FEMME, Lau.ra). Godrich and Waronker have also worked together as Atoms For Peace. When they come together as Ultraísta the trio mix afrobeat and electronica. ‘Sister’ is their second album.

Whitmer Thomas
Songs From The Golden One

Whitmer Thomas is a very typical millennial performer. He's a comic, a skateboarder, a musician and he doesn't comb his hair on his album sleeves. My grandparents would be horrified but he's done pretty well for himself fronting his own HBO comedy special and now releasing songs from the series. If you are worrying that comedy and songs go together like the words 'Not the Nine O'Clock News' and 'funny' then you have to realise that Thomas makes intrepid darkwave  - a little like John Maus and full of witty asides and observations. 
  • Vinyl LP (HAR122)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

L.A. Takedown
Our Feeling Of Natural High

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Fake Laugh
Dining Alone

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The Wants

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Echo Echo

As a collection of bold and stripped-back acoustic nuggets, IAMX (aka Chris Corner) release their latest offering in 'Echo Echo'. The multi-instrumentalist has created a delicate yet potent collection of tracks, which float by with an effortless level of craftsmanship. Sunday morning acoustic vibes at their best.
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Honey Cutt

Honey Cutt is one of those groups that is half-solo project and half-band. The leader here is Kaley Honeycutt, a singer-songwriter in the Snail Mail mould who is backed up by bassist Ari Blut and drummer Chris Chew. Together they make twee-punk ditties whose ramshackle nature sometimes belies hefty subject matter – everything from toxic masculinity to grinding poverty.
  • Vinyl LP (KR227LPC1)
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Darwin Deez
Darwin Deez: 10 Yearz

What is this? A re-issue? A re-press? There can't be any sane reason why Darwin Deez debut is being re-issued other than he needs some money to re-perm his hair. He's one of those blokes who began with a song so great that it towers over the rest of his catalogue dwarfing everything else he has done. 'Constellations' is that track and it's the best thing the Strokes didn't do. Still, if you are fan of quirky, scratchy New York pop, you'll find plenty more here to enjoy.   

New Dreams

During my pre-description warm up I was taking a guess as to how JFDR would be pronounced. I guessed 'jaffadur' but I'm a million miles wrong as it is actually Yo-Frida. Of course! Silly me. This is the second album from the Icelandic singer and the press release comes up with several adjectives to describe its contents including heartbreak, beauty, innocence, love. loneliness and sausages. Of which one is completely made up. Your guess.  
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Mild Minds

Benjamin David has been involved in a number of projects - some of which have seen him earn Grammy nominations. Here, he is diverting the public’s gaze from his name, making music under the moniker Mild Minds. The lack of attention to who he actually is has enabled him to make an album free of expectation in Moods. Here we have some smooth house and club grooves enriched by David’s vocal talents.
  • Vinyl LP (COUNT203)
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Laumė, rhymes with the surname of Kim Pflaum, formerly of Yumi Zouma. It is her synth pop project straight outta New Zealand. Waterbirth was made with the assistance of French producer Rude Jude and is inspired by the time she nearly drowned and was saved by two people thus getting a second chance. Musically she takes inspiration from singular female artists such as Sade, Kate Bush and Grimes.
  • Vinyl Double LP (CAK139LP)
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Peter Bjorn and John
Endless Dream

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Hail Nothing

In the wake of the adoration for their previous releases five years ago - the saudade EP and soma full-length - the immensely talented Singaporean duo .gif deliver another idiosyncratic album in Hail Nothing. Over its eight tracks, Weish and Din take unexpected liberties with concepts of form and content, with their trademark haunting vocals and leftfield lyrics punctuating it. 

Captured Tracks CT10: Volume 2

A decade of Captured Tracks, eh. What kind of world would we be living in if the Brooklyn label hadn’t risen to the top of the indie-rock pile since launching back in 2008? Would Mac Demarco still be eating his own shoes, cartoon-hobo style, in a Tribeca loft rather than cooing politely for huge crowds of dope-fugged Millennials? Would Meredith Graves be sewing up dresses rather than flying high at Kickstarter? Would we have had to deal with DIIV? Who knows. What we do know is that the second volume of their 10th-anniversary sampler CT10 is very reasonably priced.
  • Vinyl LP (CT289LP)
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Akiko Yano
Iroha Ni Konpeitou

Hailing from the heady days of 1977, its Akiko Yano’s brilliant album Iroha Ni Konpeitou, boosted to a wider audience through WEWANTSOUNDS quality reissue job. With sessions in (and musicians from) both Tokyo and New York, Yano was able to create a fabulously funky kind of pop beauty. Features Haruomi Hosono and David Spinozza!

The Sea and Cake

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Anna Calvi

Inspired by her work on the ‘Peaky Blinders’ soundtrack, Anna Calvi decides to revisit her 2018 studio album Hunter and re-record seven of its songs in stripped-down, reconstructed form, with the help of Courtney Barnett, Julia Holter and IDLES’ Joe Talbot among others. Renamed Hunted, the inner vulnerability of these songs is now foregrounded. 
  • Vinyl LP (WIGLP466)
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Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs Present The Tears Of Technology

Yet another fantastic compilation curated by Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley (this time in league with bandmate Pete Wiggs), The Tears of Technology is a double-vinyl package charting the incredibly fertile period in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s when new British acts were experimenting with synthesisers, flying in the face of popular wisdom that saw the instruments as dehumanising machines sucking the soul from music. Features tracks from the likes of OMD, Simple Minds, The Human League and Eyeless In Gaza. 

Jerry Paper

Abracadabra is the new album from musician, producer and oddball Jerry Paper. I mean, look at the cover, he has eyes on stalks, man! It is his seventh solo album and is recommended for fans of Connan Mockasin, Drugdealer and Mild High Club. His press release also notes that fans of Scott Walker and Steely Dan would like this, which they may well do, but I can’t help thinking he’s being a little cheeky.
  • Vinyl LP (STH2427LP2)
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Momoko Kikuchi

Re-mastered from the original tapes and pressed onto purple vinyl, J-pop pioneer Momoko Kikuchi’s Adventure returns to the LP format for the first time since its release way back in 1986. The sound of an already established artist discovering the full extent of their potential (Kikuchi had only just turned 18 when it was released), Adventure utterly encapsulates the sound of Eighties Japanese pop. 

Julia Bardo

Julia Bardo has a name that sounds like she should be famous. She isn't yet but she will be  - whether that's with her involvement in post-punk up and comers Working Men's Club or with her solo work. The latter is an attempt to create something solely her own work and is inspired as much by '60s heroes like Nancy Sinatra as much as it is by more modern singers like Cate Le Bon and Marissa Nadler. One to watch, for sure.

Macula Dog

Produced with the help of Ariel Pink acolyte Paul D Millar, the excellent Macula Dog return with a new four-track EP presented on 12” vinyl, titled Breezy. It follows four years on from their debut album Why Do You Look Like Your Dog?, and sees the band moving into slightly more conventional territory in terms of melody and structure. 
  • Vinyl 12" (WCR103LP)
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Lake Ruth
Crying Everyone Else's Tears

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How I'm Feeling

So Lauv (Latvian for 'lion' apparently) has proved pretty popular as a producer and songwriter for hire. To date he has mainly worked behind the scenes on the work of other artists but How I'm Feeling is his first full length as a solo artist. The little men on the sleeve all form a facet of Lauv's personality on an album with a credit listing so complex that you'll get a headache.  
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  • Lauv
  • Indie Pop / Experimental Pop / Electro-Pop

Øyvind Holm
After The Bees

Beeeeeeeees. Bzzzzzzzzzzz. Oyving Holm was once in the rather great '90s psych pop lot Dipsomaniacs but these days is probably better known as a member of Americana band Sugarfoot. After the Bees his his attempt to explore the more melodic side of his songwriting with hints of the old psychedelic stuff but with a more straightforward hooky rock/pop dynamic. Buy it for the honey  - or just as a gift. 

Look At Us Now Dad

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The Human League

Octopus was the 7th album by Sheffield synth-pop pioneers Human League. It was originally released in 1995. It is the first album by the band as the trio of Phil Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley.  Here we have a 25th anniversary reissue available on LP or 2CD, the latter format includes a bunch of bonus tracks.

U.S. Girls
Heavy Light

'Heavy Light' is the seventh album by U.S. Girls, the versatile musical project of Meg Remy. It follows up her massively critically acclaimed 2018 album 'In A Poem Unlimited'. Remy’s work has often concentrated on other characters of her making, on 'Heavy Light' she focuses on herself and the value of hindsight. The album was co-written by Basia Bulat and Rich Morel and recorded live using no less than 20 musicians.

Caroline Rose

On the cover to her last album Caroline Rose was pictured in a tracksuit with her mouth literally full to the brim with cigarettes. This one is totally different. which begs the question what would any artist have done before David Bowie or Madonna eh? Anyway on her second album Ms Rose makes an album even bigger and even badder and more glittery than her last one as she tries to find out what happens when fame and fortune fade. It would be unkind perhaps to suggest she will find out for herself soon enough.  

Pink Gloves
Los Angeles

Out on Italian's Do It Better is this latest missive from Prague's Petr Pliska as Pink Gloves. He peddles a form of melancholic synth pop which channels Junior Boys and Chromatics (Johnny Jewel produces here) and sees him cover the Robyn classic Dancing On My Own. Electronic pop for the lonely and the heartbroken. 
  • Vinyl LP (IDIB102)
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If You've Never Been

Desperately looking for the next Oasis, the industry happened upon the Huddersfield brothers McNamara and snapped up Embrace for mega-bucks in the late Nineties. Their first three albums now get the vinyl re-issue treatment, including 2001’s tender and underrated If You’ve Never Been. While it delivered two UK Top Forty hits in ‘Wonder’ and ‘Make It Last’, it flopped commercially and spelled the end of the band… for a while... 
  • Vinyl LP (830747)
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Un Deux Trois

French ‘60s influenced indie-pop three-piece Juniore have been described as a cross between Cat Power and Françoise Hardy. Un Deux Trois is the band’s second album. It follows their highly regarded 2017 debut, Ouh là là. The band are led by Anna Jean whose dad just happens to be Nobel Prize winning author, J. M. G. Le Clézio.

The Springfields
Singles 1986-1991

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Das Koolies
It's All About The Dolphins

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Caroline Polachek

She may just look like any old person soaking wet climbing up a rope ladder but she is Caroline Polachek and you may know her as the lead singer of Chairlift. Following the success of that band she's already tried her hand at a few side projects and written for Beyonce no less but now is the time for her debut solo album to be unleashed.  We're expecting idiosyncratic vocals and washes of sonically enthralling synth textures. This is sure to be hugely anticipated. 

Depeche Mode
SPiRiTS In The Forest

Containing full audio and visual recordings of their July 2018 shows in Berlin, which rounded off their exhaustive Global Spirit Tour behind their most recent album Spirit, Anton Corbijn’s absorbing Depeche Mode documentary film SPiRiTS In The Forest - originally released in November 2019 - gets a deluxe 2xCD / 2xBlu-Ray release. 

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