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Sebastien Tellier

Domesticated is the 7th studio album (not counting the four soundtracks he’s composed) by French singer / songwriter and all-round talent Sebastien Tellier. Expect more soulful synthpop-cum-electronica from the man who once threw the curveball of  representing France in the Eurovision Song Contest. On Records Makers.

Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson is known as the lead singer and founder of English progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. Though some of their recordings were pretty much Wilson solo albums in all but name, it wasn't until 2009 when he struck out completely on his own. Insurgentes is the sort of album you'll get from a musician who has been stockpiling work. You get ballads, anthems, noise and everything in between and it's all now re-mastered and re-issued on Kscope.  

Jennifer Touch
Behind The Wall

Following a series of EPs and singles dating back to the middle of the 2010s, Behind The Wall is the long-awaited full-length debut from Berlin-based artist Jennifer Touch. Spearheaded by the mesmerising darkwave of lead single ‘Chemistry’, it’s a successful collision of vintage electro-pop influences with menacing industrial ones. 

Hazel English
Just Give In / Never Going Home

Hazel English was originally from Australia but more recently has been sunbaked in California where she has concocted this heady brew of blurry jangle pop. Amid the jangling guitars and sweet melodies, her voice soars which has led to comparisons to DIIV and to her touring with hat wielding reformed shoegazers Ride. 

White Tail Falls
Age of Entitlement

White Tail Falls is the project of Irwin Sparkes. He comes at folk and laid back pop from a leftfield perspective, citing influences such as Nick Drake, Yo La Tengo, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Kevin Morby. Age Of Entitlement is a wondrous album of beautiful sounds, with lyrics ranging from self-reflection to everyday observations, informed by a turbulent time the Londoner spent in New York.  On Physical Education Recordings. 

The Bats
Compiletely Bats

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Team Picture
The Menace Of Mechanical Music

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Mercury Rev
Bobbie Gentry’s The Delta Sweete Revisited

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Empress Of
I'm Your Empress Of

In between world tours with Lizzo, Blood Orange and Mura Masa, Los Angeles-based singer Lorely Rodriguez somehow found some spare time last year to record her third Empress Of album. I’m Your Empress Of looks to break Rodriguez into the mainstream, her acrobatic vocal style backed with forceful synth-pop. 

Le Tigre
Le Tigre

Le Tigre were a political pop trio led by chief Riot Grrrl Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin). Their eponymous debut was originally released in 1999 and is now reissued on vinyl. The fusion of politically charged feminism and angry pop has made this a classic. This album contains arguably their best moment with the opening track, Deceptacon.
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Uneven Paths (Deviant Pop From Europe 1980 - 1991)

Even by the standards of Music From Memory, this is an oddball. Label founder Jamie Tiller gets together with Parisian crate-digger Raphael Top-Secret to comb the annals of 80s/early 90s European music and find the weirdest stuff they can that still has a hint of a pop sensibility about it. Unsurprisingly, it’s a mixed bag - synthwave sits alongside avant-jazz; spoken-word pieces suddenly break out into Depeche Mode-style electro-pop; disco beats come topped with shoegaze atmospherics. A lot of fun to be had here.


EOB is Ed O’Brien from a band you may know called Radiohead. Whilst the rest of his bandmates were off doing their own thing Ed thought, rather self-deprecatingly, that no one would be interested in an album by him. However, he amassed a bunch of songs that he thought were worthy and Earth is the collective result. The songs genre-hop from the fragility of folk music to the euphoria of house and are underpinned by their memorable melodies and unflinching lyrics.

Beach Fossils
Clash The Truth

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Wesley Gonzalez
Appalling Human

After the apparently confident title of his debut album, Excellent Musician, indie-rocker Wesley Gonzalez turns on himself with its follow up, Appalling Human. He says that life - therapy, relationship break-up, family arguments - got in the way as he set out to record his second album. This led to him reevaluating his life and catharsis by way of confessional lyrics. The album is more electronic than its predecessor, apparently influenced by Ghanaian House Music. 

Lady Gaga

Here's something to get us through the crisis - the promise of a new Lady Gaga album. Cue excitement amongst her 162 million little monsters fanbase. CHROMATICA is said to be a cyberpunk record (perhaps a bit like Billy Idol's 1993 album?) and sees her working with producers such as Mark Ronson, Sophie and Boys Noize.  
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Drab City
Good Songs For Bad People

Drab City are newly signed to former Cocteau Twin, Simon Raymonde’s Bella Union label. Good Songs For Bad People is their debut album. It combines the sounds of the classic David Axelrod albums, Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience with dub, hip-hop, dream-pop and jazz. Lyrically, themes such as love, alienation and revenge dominate.

Check Masses
Night Life

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Ben Shemie
A Single Point of Light

Making the most of the continued hiatus of his band Suuns, the group’s lead singer Ben Shemie presents his second solo album in as many years in A Single Point of Light. Manifestly brighter and more optimistic than the slate-grey A Skeleton, there’s still a darkness to the lengthy psychedelic explorations here. 
  • Vinyl LP (HITD 052)
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Richard Walters
Golden Veins

The author of four critically acclaimed albums and EPs since he began his career in the early Noughties, English singer-songwriter Richard Walters releases a new studio full-length. Golden Veins hopes to capitalise on the exposure he earned with 2016’s A.M., several of whose tracks featured on shows such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the re-booted ‘Magnum P.I.’. 
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Eileen Gogan and The Instructions
Under Moving Skies

Under Moving Skies is the new album by Eileen Gogan and The Instructions. Gogan, an Irish singer / songwriter, also produced the album. There’s a whole bunch of guests on here including Sean O'Hagan, Cathal Coughlan, Damian O'Neill, Terry Edwards and Stephen Ryan. Gogan’s voice has been likened to Sandy Denny and Kirsty MacColl. The music on offer takes its cues from a number of influences including Neil Young, Richard & Linda Thompson, Yo La Tengo, REM, Patti Smith and Can. Sounds pretty good, right?

Katie Von Schleicher

Consummation is the new album by Katie Von Schleicher, known as the keyboardist and vocalist from Brooklyn indie band Wilder Maker. It is an album that has depression, devotion, power, and anxiety as its core subjects. It is inspired by the oft-unanalysed subtext of abuse in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and the books Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado, Outline trilogy by Rachel Cusk, and A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit.

Choir Boys
Gathering Swans

Choir Boys are an indie pop band from Salt Lake City, Utah. They are absolutely not to be confused with English chorister boy band The Choirboys, of for that matter English rockers The Quireboys, known for their 1990 smash hit ‘Hey You’, or even Australian hard rock band The Choirboys. I know, it’s a minefield, right? Gathering Swans is their sophomore album which features tear-inducing melodies and songs that will demand repeated listens. Oh, and there’s also a Christian vocal group known as Choir Boyz.
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Jamie Webster
We Get By

At one point performing in front of 60,000 fellow fans of his beloved Liverpool F.C. in Madrid around the time of last year’s Champions League final, singer-songwriter Jamie Webster looks to gain a nationwide following with his debut studio album We Get By, a collection of earthy and optimistic guitar-pop that’s attuned to his hometown’s rich musical heritage. 

LA Priest

Off-kilter wonk-popper LA Priest (aka Sam Dust) returns with 'GENE' - a sophomore album capitalising on the knob twiddler's debut offering. The experimentalist was previously the leader of cult favourites Late of The Pier and similar sensibilities can be heard in the works of LA Priest - but with a more twisted and avant garde approach.

Dias Raros

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When I Get Home

Earning rave reviews upon its surprise release back in January, Solange’s second studio album When I Get Home at last gets a proper vinyl edition, arriving on a special clear LP. Including insightful highlights like ‘Almeda’, Solange can now surely do no more to shake off the insulting tag of merely being Beyonce’s sister. 
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Wild Nothing

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Your Hero Is Not Dead

After some promising singles and lots of hot tipping it's time for London songwriter Westerman to drop the big one. His well crafted electronic pop and soulful rock moves have been compared to the likes of Arthur Russell and Peter Gabriel  - so that place where the slightly experimental meets the mainstream. All bodes well...hopes are high for this one. 

My Autumn Empire
Oh, Leaking Universe

July Skies/epic45 member Benjamin Holton drops a solo LP under the guise of My Autumn Empire. Anyone who’s copped an earful of previous MAE LPs will be expecting plenty of lush, folky acoustic guitar on Oh, Leaking Universe. They won't be disappointed, but they should also be aware that Holton’s chucked some electronics into the mix this time. The addition of synths and drum machines give tracks like ‘Frost On My Shoes’ a bit of a The War On Drugs feel.

The House Of Love
Shine On

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On A Promise

Stewart Anderson's long running pop/punk vehicle Boyracer returns good and strong for 2020 with what we think is their 13th full length record. Like their other work it's full of short, sharp DIY punk rock songs led by Anderson's emotional delivery above squalls of feedback and guitar racket. On a Promise could be seen as a celebration of sorts of the 30 year lifespan band with various guests from their past popping up for cameos.  
  • Vinyl LP (ER105LP)
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Those with long memories might recall Liverpudlian indie-rock outfit Hot Club De Paris in the late Noughties. Doomshakalaka is a new solo project from the former band’s bassist and singer Paul Rafferty, who’s subsequently fronted punk band Bad Meds, and its first, self-titled album is due in the summer on Moshi Moshi. 

Smart (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

Smart was the debut album by the only Britpop band to be named after a Woody Allen film, Sleeper. It was released in 1995, which means it is now 25 years old. To celebrate we have a 25th Anniversary Deluxe version of the album which features 10 extra tracks made up of b-sides and rarities from the same period. This was the album that contained the single Inbetweener and its follow-up Vegas.

Trixie Mattel

Following the chart success of her second album One Stone in 2018, American drag queen superstar Trixie Mattel brings her new album Barbara to vinyl and CD. Named in honour of the Barbie doll look which inspired her aesthetic, it includes a Lavender Country cover and a love song dedicated to actor Jesse Eisenberg. 


Criminally underrated in their original incarnation in the Eighties, Neil Arthur’s Blancmange return with the outfit’s ninth studio album since its reactivation at the beginning of the 2010s, and 12th overall. Recorded at Benge’s Memetune Studios in Cornwall, Mindset shows why Blancmange has been so influential on so many big electronic acts in recent years, but keeps things sharp and contemporary. 

The Phoenix Foundation
Buffalo (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

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Beginning life as a bedroom project from composer Adam Pardey and then expanded through connections at Leeds College of Music around 2014, Caro at last releases its debut studio album, Burrows, after a long string of excellent singles. Cathartic and emotional, it’s 21st century post-pop at its finest. 
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Blake Mills
Mutable Set

For his fourth studio album Mutable Set, the hugely in-demand Blake Mills buddied up with his friend and fellow songwriter Cass McCombs. The result is about as diverse a set as could be imagined while still contained within the singer-songwriter paradigm - narrative storytelling bristling with optimism to abstract, impressionistic and decidedly downcast reflections. 

Aldous RH
Respect 4 Devotion

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Ian Chang
属 Belonging

City Slang delivers the first full-length album from producer Ian Chang. Featuring collaborations with the likes of KAZU and Kiah Victoria but whose real strengths lie in its deeply moving instrumentals, 属 Belonging dwells in fine lineage of electronic music inhabited by a definitively human spirit. 
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Jonathan Something
Cannibal House Rules

Bringing back his mixture of baroque pop, energetic folk and plain old rock’n’roll for a third outing under his moniker of Jonathan Something, Connecticut artist Jon Searles releases Cannibal House Rules. Enamoured with the music, film and general pop ephemera of the Eighties, it feels like a soundtrack to an imaginary movie. 


Chicago-based producer and Sooper Records owner Nnamdi Ogbonnaya releases another album as NNAMDÏ, arriving three years after the critical success of Drool. Mixing up hip-hop, DIY indie, gospel and West African music, Brat is more introspective than its predecessor but no less dazzling or defiant of arbitrary genre-labelling. 

The Vaselines
Son Of A Gun

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New Order

Low-Life was the moment New Order truly crossed over from post-punkers with the DNA of their previous incarnation Joy Division still in their bones to the innovative dance-rockers they later became. It was notable for three excellent examples of their new form with tracks like Sub Culture, The Perfect Kiss and Love Vigilantes but tracks like Elegia show that they'd lost none of their skill for transcendental atmospherics.  
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The 1975
Notes On A Conditional Form

I’m sure there’s a tingle of anticipation for a new album by The 1975. This one is called Notes On A Conditional Form. The band have been making headlines for their support of environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg as much as they have for their music. With their care for the environment in mind, they have chosen not to shrink wrap the CDs and LPs. Good on ‘em.

Animal Collective
Ballet Slippers

It seems totally insane that it has been ten years since Animal Collective's high watermark Merriweather Post Pavilion album. To celebrate, the band are issuing this 3LP live album containing tracks from the album and other favourites performed in concert on their 2009 tour.  A fascinating document of a unique and mind bending band at their peak.
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La Roux

Considering we’re talking about somebody who destroyed the singles chart in 2009, it’s surprising to learn that Supervision is Elly Jackson’s first La Roux album in nearly six years, and only her third altogether. Nevertheless, it’s full of the kinds of flourishes that have always made her music stand out, with eight deep cuts of melodic electro-pop brilliance. 
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Meryem Aboulouafa

Moroccan-born star Meryem Aboulouafa was something of a musical protege even before Animal63 head Manu Barron began working with her three years ago. Re-recording several of the tracks she wrote as an architecture student in Casablanca with new collaborators, Meryem is the rather stunning result, indebted as much to classic rock and pop songwriting as to the timeless and cutting-edge avant-garde pop it most immediately fits alongside. An album of the year contender. 

The Rainbow Children

The rediscovery of Prince’s fascinating and labyrinthine back catalogue continues apace, with his 2001 album The Rainbow Children being re-issued on crystal clear vinyl. Inspired by his conversion to the Jehovah’s Witness faith, the CD versions have long since gone out of print and original vinyls change hands for hundreds of dollars. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (19075918041)
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Prince and The New Power Generation
One Nite Alone... The Aftershow: It Ain't Over!

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Prince and The New Power Generation
One Nite Alone... Live!

One Nite Alone...Live! By Prince and the New Power Generation was recorded during a tour of North America, following the release of The Rainbow Children LP in 2001. At this time, the NPG included John Blackwell, Renato Neto on keyboards, Rhonda Smith on bass  and Eric Leeds, Candy Dulfer and Maceo Parker on saxes. The set list was made of tracks from The Rainbow Children along with hits from his back catalogue. He would go on to record the intimate studio album, One Nite Alone, following the tour.
  • Vinyl LP box set (19075935441)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Jade Hairpins
Harmony Avenue

Harmony Avenue is the debut album from Jade Hairpins, a side-project from Fucked Up’s Jonah Falco and Mike Haliechuk. Their first 12” was quietly dropped on the same day in 2018 as their parent band’s Dose Your Dreams, originally intended as an extension of that album’s themes, but since then their songs have taken on a life of their own, with Falco and Haliechuk pushing for their release separately. 

Rodeo No. 5

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Donny Benet
The Don

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Badly Drawn Boy
Banana Skin Shoes

Twenty years after he scooped the Mercury Prize for his Badly Drawn Boy debut The Hour of Bewilderbeast, Damon Gough presents his ninth studio album, Banana Skin Shoes. It houses his recently released single ‘Is This A Dream?’, and constitutes one of his most heartfelt and fundamentally optimistic records ever.    *Comes with a 12" x 12" black and white art card to badly draw on while stocks last!*

The Primitives
Bloom! The Full Story 1985-1992

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Marker Starling
High January

Canadian musician Chris A. Cummings - known as Marker Starling - releases his ninth album High January. A back-to-basics affair with no orchestral flourishes, it’s his first to be recorded in the UK, backed by his live-band that includes High Llamas frontman Sean O’Hagan and a guest appearance from Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier. 

Rina Sawayama

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A collaborative project centred around former Friends Again member and producer Paul McGeechan, Starless returns for its second outing. Again featuring accompaniment from the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and even more guest stars, including The Delgados’ Emma Pollock, Earthbound is essential listening. 

Car Seat Headrest
Making A Door Less Open

Making A Door Less Open is a convoluted way of saying “Close the door”. It is also the first album of new material by Car Seat Headrest since Teens of Denial in 2016. It’s been four years in the making, and here’s why: Car Seat Headrest man Will Toledo recorded the album twice, with the help of his friend and drummer Andrew Katz. It was recorded once with guitars, bass and drums, then with synths. The two versions were then combined to produce the final album. If the results are as good as Teens of Denial then we’re in for a cracker!

Spirit Fest
Mirage Mirage

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Donny Benet
Mr Experience

Having built up an adoring cult fanbase through heavy recent touring around the world, Australian musician Donny Benét looks to capitalise on his hard work with fifth studio album, Mr Experience. Conceived of as a soundtrack to an imaginary dinner party in the Eighties, it’s built on consciously retro synthesisers and smooth, latter-day Roxy delivery. 

Darren Hayman
Home Time

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Gentle Breeze

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Sunshine Kiz

Assembled in the space of just six months, displaying the creative restlessness of its creators Piper and their ingenious lead singer Keisuke Yamamoto, 1984’s wonderful Sunshine Kiz followed up the genre-defining Gentle Breeze by including more vocal-orientated tracks and live instrumentation. 

Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2
Star Stuff

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David Sylvian
Dead Bees On A Cake [Expanded Edition]

Almost twenty years on from its 1999 release and David Sylvian’s Dead Bees On A Cake is still a contender for the best album-title of all time. The music’s not bad either. On his fifth solo LP, the former Japan frontman and Ryuichi Sakamoto collaborator opts for a breed of jazz-influenced folk-rock pitched somewhere between John Martyn and Tom Waits. This edition features four cuts that didn’t make the original track listing.


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Moses Sumney

Following his exceptional breakout album Aromanticism a couple of years ago, Moses Sumney returns with a hugely ambitious double LP. græ sees the Ghanaian-American in the same kind of shape-shifting sonic form that won him so many plaudits the first time around, with a massively diverse array of tracks on offer. 
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Arthur Russell
Another Thought

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Everything Everything

For their fifth studio album, the eclectic Everything Everything determined to pare down and economise their creative process. Teaming up with indie veteran John Congleton on production, Re-Animator sees the band mark the beginning of their second decade of existence with their most focussed record yet. 

Prince and the Revolution
Purple Rain (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)

Seriously exciting stuff here for Prince fans: as well as a remastered version of the deeply classic album Purple Rain, the CD versions of this reissue also include a whole disc of contemporary tracks from the great one’s immense and closely guarded archives, which haven’t even been bootlegged before! Revel in the rarities. On Warner Bros.

All Visible Objects

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The Cardigans

Life was the second album by The Cardigans. In the UK it was originally released as a compilation featuring tracks from their debut album, Emmerdale and put the band on the map. Here we have it in its ‘as intended’ original track listing as part of the band’s back-catalogue vinyl reissue program. 180g vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve on Polydor.
  • Vinyl LP (5722093)
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Minna Miteru

Minna Miteru is a compilation of Japanese indie music. It was compiled by Saya who is one half of the duo Tenniscoats - you may remember their beautiful collaboration album with Scottish indie legends The Pastels. It features tracks by Tenniscoats with Yumbo, Zayanedo, Takashi Hattori, namaeganai, Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong, Alpha, Vagamoron, Kasumi Trio and much more.
  • Vinyl Double LP (MM168LP)
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Karen O & Danger Mouse
Lux Prima

Look who has got together to collab? It's just Karen O lead singer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and 'super' producer Danger Mouse who has worked with pretty much every musician ever. Together they've made a record which, reading between the lines, pushes each others sound out towards the furthest limits with the duo have inspiring each other to take risks. 
  • Vinyl LP (4050538446296)
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  • Vinyl LP (4050538446319)
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Pantayo is the self-titled debut from this all-female kulintang ensemble from Toronto, exploring their collective identity as diasporic Filipinas. Throughout this sonically diverse eight-track collection, Pantayo mix traditional instrumentation such as agongs, sarunays and gandingan with kick drums and synths to incorporate punk and R&B elements into their compositions. 

BC Camplight
Deportation Blues

Mental illness and addiction left Philadelphia-dwelling Brian Christinzio relocating to Manchester for a fresh start. He recorded the last BC Camplight album, How To Die In The North there with a new band. As soon as it was released he found out he was being deported. After going through a lot of red tape, his Italian grandparentage finally came up trumps and allowed him back to his Manchester life. Then Brexit happened. Deportation Blues is fuelled by the difficulty Christinzio has suffered since his deportation. The lyrics are from an angry place, but are delivered with such grace and melodic beauty, typical of Christinzio's previous work. 

Belle and Sebastian
Dear Catastrophe Waitress

I remember splurting my coffee all over the desk when I read that Trevor Horn had produced a Belle and Sebastian LP but the unlikely bedfellows worked well together. Horn drew out of the previous raggle-taggle collective more solid performances but wisely left at home his Frankie Goes to Hollywood effects box so the album just sounds like a Belle and Sebastian album...but more so. Features Actual Pop Hits including the Thin Lizzy aping (and referencing) I'm a Cuckoo.  

Lido Pimienta
Miss Colombia

Lido Pimienta is a Colombian musician and artist who now lives in Toronto, Canada. The themes of her work include gender politics, race, motherhood and identity. Miss Colombia melds cumbia, the traditional music of her homeland, with electronica. It follows her 2016 album La Papessa which won the Polaris (Canadian album of the year) prize.

I Break Horses

Swedish indie rockers I Break Horses - named after a Nineties Bill Callahan track - finally get around to following up their 2014 breakout Chiaroscuro. Originating as a solo project of lead singer Maria Lindén inspired by film soundtracks, the recordings gradually evolved into a third IBH album with Beach House producer Chris Coady on board, bearing the semi-political title Warnings. 

BC Camplight
Shortly After Takeoff

Philadelphia-born Brian Christinzio, the man behind the BC Camplight moniker rounds off his ‘Manchester Trilogy’ with Shortly After Take Off, an album he believes to be his best to date. The trilogy has told of his move to Manchester, his deportation, leaving loved ones behind, mental health struggles and now, although settled back in Manchester, the sudden death of his father and alcohol abuse. He writes about everything with heart-breaking honesty and with a certain amount of gallows humour.


One of the most eagerly anticipated debuts in a while, Buscabulla - a.k.a. Raquel and Luis Alfredo - at last present Regresa. Recorded at their home studio in Puerto Rico and with production from indie veteran Patrick Wimberly, it’s a volatile and ever-changing experience that reflects upon personal issues and those facing their home country. 

Never Let You Go

Never Let You Go is arguably (definitely!) the best track from Georgia’s second album, Seeking Thrills. It’s a mega-catchy pop hit that takes inspiration from ‘80s Chicago house and Detroit Techno. It comes as a 12” single with a remix from English producer Skream on the flip. On Domino.

Devon Williams
A Tear In The Fabric

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Vulture Party
Vulture Party

Comprising Louise Ward (vocals/piano/synth), David King (vocals/guitar), Dickson Telfer (bass) and Roddy Campbell (percussion), Scottish newcomers Vulture Party unleash their self-titled debut album. Their twin lead-singer approach makes their intelligent, inventive alt-pop all the more accessible, and Vulture Party should be the beginning of a noteworthy career. 

Find The Sun

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Depeche Mode
Speak & Spell | The 12” Singles

Depeche Mode get into the reissues game in a novel way. Ever the innovators, the group have eschewed the typical remastered-LP-on-heavy-vinyl thing for a series of box sets celebrating their 12” singles. This one focuses on the three hits that were born out of their 1981 debut Speak & Spell. That means ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, don’t you know! It also comes with a poster and a rare flexi-disc.

Depeche Mode
A Broken Frame | The 12” Singles

Depeche Mode were one of the first major acts to embrace the potential of the 12” single. During their heyday the group would drop luxurious vinyl releases of their hits, always with striking artwork and often featuring extended versions and remixes by the hottest producers. Now a selection of their best work comes remastered and reissued in this fetching box set. A Broken Frame also contains a poster.

Depeche Mode
Construction Time Again | The 12" Singles

Construction Time Again - The 12” Singles by Depeche Mode includes different mixes of tracks from the band’s third album of the same name. Get The Balance Right, Everything Counts and Love In Itself all feature in various guises over 6 12” singles along with live tracks from the era. 6x12” Box Set on Sony.

Belle and Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 3)

Belle & Sebastian have always excelled in the short format of the EP, so it is excellent to see them returning to the format with a new EP trilogy, named How To Solve Our Human Problems. This is the final one, and it features five lovely natty new songs from this indie heroes. Vinyl EP on Matador.

Belle and Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 1)

Back in the day (eg in the nineties), Belle & Sebastian were renowned for the extraordinarily high quality of their EPs, so what a pleasure to see them returning to the format. How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 1) contains five new songs from the pen of Stuart Murdoch and the fellas, and it's out on 12” vinyl.

Belle and Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 2)

Back in the nineties, Belle & Sebastian were renowned for the extraordinarily high quality of their EPs, so what a pleasure to see them returning to the format with a new trilogy of EPs.. How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 2) includes ‘I’ll Be Your Pilot’, their freshly released song dedicated to Stuart Murdoch’s son. Vinyl EP on Matador.

Florence And The Machine

Ceremonials was the second full length album from ol' foghorn voice Florence and The Machine. Her debut Lungs (and by gaw she had a set) was a million seller and Ceremonials carried on where that left off increasing the pomp with gospel choirs, celtic melodies a hint of goth all competing for space under her powerful wail. Paul Hepworth produced and helped make sense of it all. 

Snow Patrol
Eyes Open

Eyes Open was the fourth album by Snow Patrol, coming three years after its predecessor, Final Straw, in 2006. It shifted a lot of copies and was the biggest selling album of the year. The major label boost was really paying off. To make the album extra shiny, U2, Robbie Williams and The Killers producer Jacknife Lee was drafted in. Among the 60-odd musicians that played on the album, Martha Wainwright and The Vaselines Eugene Kelly are the standout names. Deluxe reissue LP on Polydor.

Television Personalities
And Don't The Kids Just Love It (30th Anniversary Edition)

Sold out - sorry!

Joan As Police Woman
Cover Two

Cover 2 is the second album of covers by Joan As Police Woman. Here she takes on songs by Michael McDonald, Outkast, Neil Young, Talk Talk, The Strokes, Prince, Cass McCombs, Blur and Gil Scott Heron. If you’ve heard her version of the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Fire, then you’ll be aware that these are reworkings, not just straight forward covers.

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