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The Days
No Ties

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Dutch Uncles
Dutch Uncles

The debut LP from Manchester's favourite sons (well, Stockport - not far off), it's very much a straight out of the gate moment for Dutch Uncles on this wonderful release. It's where it all began and thank christ for that. A must for fans and first timers, it's got more bangers than you can believe. Try not to get caught up dancing in the living...view item »

Treasury Library Canada

Woodpigeon release their second album called Treasury Library Canada. I like the title. I think it's nice. The album itself is reasonably pleasant commercial singer songwriter music. Fans of Iron & Wine and Grizzly Bear are supposed to like this apparently but it's a wee it more commercial than those bands. There's some hints of (very) early Sn...view item »
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Shana David
Terminally Bourgeois

I kind of want to do the Fleet Foxes single because I thought the last one was surprisingly amazing but I'm pretty sure they don't make a habit of reaching those heights so I'll leave it alone. Just an insight into our selection process for you there. Instead I've got 'Terminally Bourgeois' by Shana David, it's about our Phil and his Cravendale...view item »
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Cap Pas Cap
We Are Men

'We Are Men' is a 12" by Cap Pas Cap. They do a kinda punk-funk thing with dinky echo-laden new-wave guitar shapes and a vocal that occasionally decends into Einar Orn style yelp territory. It's pretty cool in a 2005/6 style way. I must confess I think the remixes on this record are irritating to the point of me wanting to get a bus out into L...view item »
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Fight Like Apes
And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion

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Same Mistakes

OK I'm now sat on a chair that's too low and I can barely reach the keyboard. What chance do Voo have I ask... Here they are with the first fruits from their new album (I think?). I like the name.... I like the idea of creeping behind people and shouting it really loudly at their unsuspecting heads. Sweet dreams... This is some polished indie rock ...view item »
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Tiny Dancers
Free School Milk

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  • Reduced from £15.49 - saving you £7.74


This Esser guy is the latest in a long line of dandy types who obviously want to inject the bland charts with a vaudeville, theatrical twist. And on 'Satisfied' I gotta hand it to him. Blending a reggae lite/dancehall rhythm with an eerie ballroom sensibility and a catchy as SARS lyric, he makes for a fresh & strangely addictive pop contender. ...view item »
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Desolation Wilderness
White Light Strobing

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Up In The Clouds

I always liked the idea there was a band called Keith. Brian has just parped up he sounds like Six By Seven's Chris Olley's son. That's about as good as I could do on their new 7" 'Up In The Clouds' which is far from inspirational but it does have a reasonably rousing chorus that makes me think it's not that shit after all. ...view item »

Trash Fashion
Nights Of Error

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Simon Bookish

On to Simon Bookish who is a right theatrical chappie. His new album 'Everything/ Everything' has landed courtesy of those quirk pop lovers Tomlab. And they don't come much more quirkier and poppier than Mr Bookish. When I hear him he's everything I wanted Patrick Wolf to be without the twatty jumpers. Part poet, part musical genius he strings toge...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

Hob Talk

El Guincho

I really like this CD it has a lot of influences but overall it has a Caribbean/tropical/festival feeling which is something I haven't really heard before. The songs are mostly up beat and depending on the listener all that comes to mind is bright colours & excitement like a kaleidoscope on every listen. Try to give it a good listen to see i...view item »
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Various (Aislers Set, Bearsuit, Comet Gain etc)
Be True To Your School (A Fortuna Pop Sampler)

The Worries

  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £3.99

Hollywood, Mon Amour
Hollywood, Mon Amor

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Mt. Wilson Repeater
Mt. Wilson Repeater

Chemikal Underground having paid off their mortgages with the Mogwai re-issue thingy are all set to return very quickly into debt with an album by Jim Putnam of the Radar Brothers, going under the name Mt. Wilson Repeater. Thats not to put Jim or his band down - they are very fine indeed. Its just that in this day and age this self-titled effort is...view item »
  • Reduced from £8.99 - saving you £4.49

The Faint

Unlike their previous three albums, Fasciinatiion doesn't really have any overarching theme, instead jumping around from childhood injuries to the price of fame to the problems of mixing religion with war. The Faint have always been at their best when their lyrics coincide with their music, and when it comes to th...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

I Wish

Now BRINKMAN with I wish. After a single on Label Fandango they're signed to EMI, made them resurrect the His Masters Voice label and cobbled together some guitar pop songs. Very traditional sounding English brit pop from the Blur, Travis Kinks camp. Not demanding in anyway and as a result a bit ...view item »
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Sportsday Megaphone
I Think It's Love

Little Man Tate
Nothing Worth having Comes Easy

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Son Of Dave
Hellhound EP

  • Reduced from £5.49 - saving you £2.74

It's A Musical
The Music Makes Me Sick

It's a musical are a Swede-German boy-girl positive pop duo. Single 'The music is makes me sick' tells the tale of a pop duo right miffed with the state of modern radio (get DAB enabled yo!). It's a pleasant little pop ditty that would sound just perfect on the radio. No guitars, nice vocal harmonies and the ever-reliant presence of a Yamaha organ ...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

The Verve

Most "reunion" albums are disappointing and many are downright terrible. Verve breaks the trend by offering 10 tracks that range from good to great. Most tracks are closer to "good," but there's no denying that this CD stands fine along side with Verve's 3 others from the '90s. If anything the tracks we get this time are more akin to their first...view item »
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Tin Man
Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

  • Reduced from £8.99 - saving you £4.49

The Ryes
How Come Loretta

  • Reduced from £1.49 - saving you £0.74

The Moonlight Radiates A Purple Glow...

  • Reduced from £0.99 - saving you £0.49

Ventimiglia 120899 EP

  • Reduced from £0.99 - saving you £0.49

The Gresham Flyers
Sex With Strangers

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

Karaoke Queen

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.24

Your Anchor

Danny Seim of Menomena fame has crafted an intensely personal album of avant-garde pop. Much of his work feels like something very private that wasn't meant to be shared and that quality makes it very compelling to fans. This isn't his first outing as a solo artist, in fact he has been producing music under Lackthe...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Late Of The Pier

Late of The Pier coming up near the rear then. Their brand new single called Heartbeat is a huge slab of cheeky 80's pop in disguise as the new wave of indie dance music. Though it does rock at times and towards the end there's a terrifying guitar solo which I think Stephen King should write a book about (if he hasn't already). In fact its a weird ...view item »
  • Reduced from £1.49 - saving you £0.74

The Cool Kids
The Bakesale

Cool Kids initial EP release is a breath of creativity. With pop princesses and sound alike bands taking over music these days, it's nice to find a group that sets themselves apart. The timing of creativity couldn't be better. Overall, Bake Sale is masterfully written rhymes put together with some nicely creative beats - all in a retro-style hip...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Dave Gahan
Saw Something Deeper & Deeper

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £1.74

Pifco A Go Go

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

Dumb Instrument
No-One Knows What It's Like to Be Me

  • Reduced from £7.49 - saving you £3.74

The Nautilus Years

Next in my lugs is a CD from Sweden's Surrounded on One Little Indian. 'The Nautilus Years' begins with a big metallic beat with a ton of reverb then weeping strings and a slightly tortured but tender and fragile vocal. A sad song but as the album progresses there is hope and it becomes more poppy and uplifting at times. It's all very dramatic and ...view item »
  • Reduced from £7.49 - saving you £3.74

Modern Guilt

And just out of nowhere is a band new Beck album. I'm sure these things seem to creep up on you. Gone are the months of plugging and radio/ magazine promotion in favour of rush releasing records before some spoddy nugget thinks he's doing the world a favour by uploading it to the internet. Maybe you wouldn't get to hear it otherwise if you didn't d...view item »

The Parks Dept.
The Weekend Starts Round Here

  • Reduced from £5.99 - saving you £2.99

Sigur Rós
Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust

This album, which translates to 'with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly' is pure enjoyment. With a standard rock band arrangement this group produces a landscape that reminds us of innocence...whether we knew any or not. A kaleidoscopic journey of sound. I am enthralled....view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

Lord Skywave
Lord Skywave

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £5.24

Little Man Tate
What Your Boyfriend Said / Shark Bite

  • Reduced from £1.99 - saving you £0.99

What You Get For Being Naive

  • Reduced from £8.49 - saving you £4.24

Third Hand Prophecy

  • Reduced from £8.99 - saving you £4.49

The Hot Puppies

Moving swiftly on from Free Kitten to Hot Puppies... I like the baby cats and dogs theme. I'd much rather be playing with puppies and kittens right now... So soft and cuddly wuddly. Our Phil couldn't do it though cos he's allergic to them... I really feel for him. My brother is allergic to rag worm blood but that's not all that bad.... So these lov...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.99 - saving you £2.50
  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £3.00

Born Ruffians
Red Yellow & Blue

BEST guitar-band album of the year so far! And best North American guitar band of the last 5 or so years without a doubt. Been loving these guys since their EP and single on XL/Abeano, and they're still doing well!If you hear they're just a ripoff of Vampire Weekend - their sound is hardly that similar, Born Ruffians were a band first, oh, and t...view item »

Dexter Bentley
Killer Kane/Swansong

Dexter Bentley has a 7" out on Blang which is a great little melodic number with wonderful harmonies, a strummy stroll down memory lane called 'Killer Kane'. It's got that old fashioned classic radio hit all over it with impassioned campfire folk vocals, rustic acoustic guitar and a foot stomping spirit. I'd like to think he looks like David e...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £2.00

O Fracas
Fits and Starts

I wasn’t sure 2008 could top last year for music releases, but it’s off to a great start with some incredible albums firmly under its belt, and it’s only May. Now we have O Fracas to join the likes of Portishead, Lykke Li and Midnight ...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

My Darling You
16 Major Problems

A Swedish indie duo on a Peruvian label? What the chuff? Goteborgian's MY DARLING YOU! provide effortlessly catchy indie pop, some acoustic, some electric, all supremely good quality. Smart, wry lyrics, warm production, accomplished arrangements, they appear to have it all in spades. The South American label Plastilina loved t...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49

Islands (Arcade Fire)
Arm's way

I was apprehensive. I enjoyed the previous Islands album... I liked how they experimented with their sound and style and each song was a departure from the last. However, this album is full, instrumental and cohesive. It's an album to listen to from start to finish. I love the hints of Russian/Eastern European themes throughout. It's hard to pic...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £6.24

Hot Chip
One Pure Thought

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £1.74

Chow Chow
Chow Chow EP

CHOW CHOW are a new signing to Fantastic Plastic. They're new self titled single is limited to 500 copies one each format and the 7" comes with a bunch of crayons so you can draw all over the cover. Alternatively you could crack the crayons out and add some colour to your living room wall. The blandness of the white be...view item »
  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £1.74

Sun Paulo
Electric Wisdom Sound System

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Look Up

Oppenheimer release a new 7" on Fantastic Plastic called 'Look Up'. Their album came out a while back on Smalltown America but Fantastic Plastic picked it up and if you ignored the reissue and you're not sure then maybe this 7" is a fun place to start. Hugely energetic indie rock which reminds me Ash when Charlotte Hatherley was involved....view item »

Tokyo Police Club
Elephant Shell

After not being keen on the recent single, I've managed to land Tokyo Police Club's debut full length 'Elephant Shell'. CD comes with Ltd bonus disc which features two exclusive tracks and remixes from Dntel, Tom Campesinos!, Flowers Forever, The Goodlife and Field Music. Brian has taken a moment out and stopped thinking about badgers and piped up ...view item »

The Triffids
Treeless Plain

Grand National
By The Time I Get Home...

One Night Only
It's About Time / Hide

Make Model
The LSB / Over And Out

Old Valve Radio

Awesome track, very catchy and upbeat ...view item »
  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £1.74

The Family Machine
You Are The Family Machine

  • Reduced from £6.49 - saving you £3.24

Les Fauves
N.A.L.T. 1 (A Fast Introduction)

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74

The Count and Sinden Ft Kid Sister
Beeper CD2

i love this redsoul remix, beeper beeper!!! sound of 2008 ...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.99 - saving you £1.49

Underneath The Radio

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £4.74


The next one is by Dels. 'Lazy' sounds like a lazy version of Kano with production by Joe Hot Chip who I'm guessing is from the rent a remix band of the same name. It's not offensive by any means just a rather average hip hop track . The flip 'Myself Malfunction' is a lot heavier with robotic vocal, darkside rave stabs. Its one of those itchy, tech...view item »

My Toys Like Me
All Over My Face

The Insect Guide
Sonic Boom Remix

Trash Fashion
Why Can't We Be Friends?

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Running Into Time

  • Reduced from £5.49 - saving you £3.84

Reset Start Again

  • Reduced from £8.99 - saving you £6.29


  • Reduced from £12.99 - saving you £9.09

I Was A Cub Scout
I Want You To Know That There Is Always Hope

  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99


  • Reduced from £1.99 - saving you £1.39

The Feeling
I Thought It Was Over

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

Back From The Bins

Guessmen: 'Back from The Bins' (Colab) Billed as a kind of Tom Waits meets Aphex Twin style collision, this 13 track assortment of obstacle course instrumentation covers the gruff howlings of what sound like a very drunk, very deranged man - hence the Waits comparison- The backing contains every instrument imaginable including all manner of horns, ...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74

Moto Boy
Moto Boy

Ant here. Yes I actually can carry 100 times my own bodyweight.... Lordy me this eponymous Moto Boy CD is a strange blend of crooner, Beach Boys and OMD with bits of 80's pop, swedish pop and all sorts. This is actually swedish so that bit makes perfect sense. Unfortunately this has Brian wanting to do a Brian Harvey and run himself over. I imagine...view item »
  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £8.04

Teenager (Aus)

  • Reduced from £10.49 - saving you £7.34


On the same label we have Annemarie with abc on tv from............ Indonesia.. never heard a pop act from there, so my heart is with them from the start. It's sounding very cheeky English (or Scottish) jingle jangle pop. Male and female singer dance around with the sweet jangle of a Belle and Sebastian guitar and twee indie lovelyness. Inside is a...view item »
  • Reduced from £12.49 - saving you £8.74

Shoot Charlie
Junior Senior

Shoot Charlie with Junior & Senior again on Plastilina records. Hailing from Sweden and carrying the twee indie pop torch which Phil has labeled "tweedish". Sounding like The Go team or the B52's!! (or old Sarah Records records....) Sounds like a party in some brightly coloured living room where we're all high on fizzy drinks and birt...view item »
  • Reduced from £8.99 - saving you £6.29

Silje Nes
Ames Room

This CD has been highly addictive for me. I listen to a lot of music, but this stands out. The charm lies in a blend of adventurous experimentation with more catchy (yet subtle) elements of electronic music. Great experimental textures and layers of music are created here. At first I thought that the album dragged in a few places, but I think yo...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £6.64

Tiger My Friend

Domino have re-released the out of print debut album by Psapp 'Tiger My Friend' in sexual digipack stylings. Well it's as sexfull as a CD can be. Where's me vinyl Domino?? Anyway Psapp make the purest pop indie music which consists of Brazillian percussive beats, toys and some melty sweet melodies. I defy anyone to come up with a better line than t...view item »

Asobi Seksu

  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

The Delta Fiasco

The Delta Fiasco are a bunch of scousers I believe making some anthemic commercial indie rock. Shouty and catchy it will either have you singing along like a fat happy goon or crying into hands wondering why. Surprisingly I don't fall into either group, though I don't like this at all. The singer sounds like Marc Almond which is no bad thing. Paper...view item »

Cherry Ghost

  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Reverend and The Makers
He Said He Loved Me

OK onto Reverend & The Makers who appear to the the latest pop sensation to come into my ears. 'He Said He Loves Me' is their moving 2nd single which is stirring rousing pop music. Lyrics by Vicky Pollard of Little Britain this is a right ole pile of radio friendly banal tosh ready to invade your sub consciousness. It's annoyingly cat...view item »
  • Reduced from £1.99 - saving you £1.39


  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Mistakes In All The Right Places

  • Reduced from £7.99 - saving you £5.59

Beyond The Neighbourhood

  • Reduced from £15.99 - saving you £11.19

The Bluetones
The Garage Years

The Bluetones' first album Expecting to Fly was an impressively fully formed debut full of great songs including the single "Slight Return" and album tracks "Talking to Clarry" and "The Fountainhead." Admitedly they weren't the most innovative bands - their sound was like a jangly 90's version of the Byrds - but they had some success, even knock...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £6.64

The Concretes
Oh Boy

If you're into perfect indie pop music which I know some of you reading will be then check out The Concretes new single called Oh Boy. Its decent twee sounding indie pop with some echoey guitars which will make you want to sway from side to side knowingly. For fans of Camera Obscura etc........view item »
  • Reduced from £3.49 - saving you £2.44

To My Boy

  • Reduced from £9.49 - saving you £6.64

Jack Penate
Torn On The Platform

Now a Jack Penate picture disc which is part 2 of some contrived "set". Not really sure what to say really. Its like a cross between Jamie T with Housemartins style guitar chords (think happy hour). Sounds a bit Finley Quaye. Public school boy busker quips Mingus. So thin and whimsical it floats off our turntable like a frisbee. Torn On T...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

Bonde De Role
Office Boy Remixes

  • Reduced from £5.49 - saving you £3.84

Black Strobe
Burn Your Own Church

My introduction to Black Strobe was through the nearly perfect "Chemical Sweet Girl" EP. I'm a huge fan of their combination of vintage 80s synths and a very dark, aggressive sound. My least favorite thing about Black Strobe is definitely Arnaud Rebotini's voice. However, my favourite thing about Black Strobe is Arnaud Rebotini's compositions. U...view item »
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £6.99

The Emergency
Spending Time

The Emergency: "Spending Time" on Metal Postcard outta NYC recorded in Melbourne. Like a disco stomp pop tune with dub fx, handclaps (yeah!) and vocals like some post-poonk funk delivered in a casual, off hand- don't give-a-damn style. Similar in a fashionable style as many a release on DFA. ...view item »

Tiny Dancers
Hannah We Know/ I Will Wait For You

I heard Hannah on radio two and thought what a lovely song. I listened to find out who was singing it when i heard it was the Tiny dancers i was very pleased i have been waiting to hear something from since i saw them supporting Richard Ashcroft in Blackpool 2006. Brilliant. I am a fan. ...view item »
  • Reduced from £2.49 - saving you £1.74

We Are Animals

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