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Roberts & Lord

This appears on Sufjan Stevens Asthmatic Kitty imprint and is a multi choralled collaboration between Simon Lord and Rafter Roberts. Simon Lord was the vocalist in Simian the band that spawned Simian Mobile Disco who spawned James Ford who has produced just about everyone in the last few ...view item »

Love Inks

Hmmm? Indie pop with a sweet female vocalist, twinkly guitars and drum machine.. Kinda sounds like The xx. Or somewhat similar to Young Marble Giants if you wanna go back to 'da source'. It's a nice tune I've got to say. All pretty and understated and not remotely outstaying its welcome. The B-side mines a similar furrow and although it's also v...view item »

Kai Fish
Life In Monochrome

Kai Fish is/was the bassist from the Mystery Jets, a band I never had a huge amount of time for really. Heard a couple of their songs and filed them under 'adequate', you know... I've got to admit this album's pretty interesting, though. Kai for the most part plays airy downbeat indie pop with lush arrangements and immaculate production, lik...view item »


You know what this record sounds like? My first impression is that it sounds a bit like if the singer from 12 Rods started singing in Band of Horses. As a fan of both bands (or at least their first couple of albums) that's fine by me. I'm also a little bit struck by how similar it sounds to the Social Climbers reissue I just reviewed. Gl...view item »

The Ladybug Transistor
Clutching Stems

This group has been recording music for twenty years under the name The Ladybug Transistor. I have no idea what a Ladybug Transistor is supposed to be, and you know what? I don't care. Anyone who makes music this good can go by any bizarre name they want. The lead singer reminds me a lot of The Reivers, and the spirit of the music falls along th...view item »

Darren Hayman
The Ship’s Piano

Darren Hayman makes a lot of music. Known primarily for his stint as singer-songwriter of indie-pop favourites Hefner, nowadays he can be found writing and performing with various characters including members of The Wave Pictures and 'Allo Darlin whilst making an effort to perform live ...view item »

Red Shoe Diaries
When I Find My Heart...

For my final review from my vantage point at the towers overlooking a chimney, a billboard and a Mental Health Unit (into which I've at various points been 'escorted' following review-based violence) a band named (according to Dave) after a borderline soft porn David Duchovny vehicle. A r...view item »

Moustache Of Insanity
Album of Death

As a man with a history of facial hair and mental illness, I suppose I was the obvious candidate to review this album. It's a pretty charming little oddity by a couple of guys who play in Darren Hayman's band as far as I can tell. They play slightly shambolic twee pop with lots of cheap synths and geeky lyrics which seem to be predominantly abou...view item »

Steel Yourself

The 2nd bugger is by Portland, Maine's SONTIAGO and switched things around a bit. It's like proper crashing future-hop with sassy, soulful & brooding female vocals, thumping drums, twinkling samples & an eerie kaleidoscope of uncluttered, invigorating sound. I can hear spots of Nicolette here, early Luscious Jackson there, even...view item »

Housse De Racket

Blood Orange
Coastal Grooves

This is another great album from Blood Orange. This new album kicks off with the track "Forget It" which is a great track and a great way to start the album. His guitar playing on this album sounds great too and really helps the songs shine and sound great. There are also some awesome vocal performances on this album which sound great. Another h...view item »

Delay Lama
Mk. 1

Now a CD from the amusingly named Delay Lama on Sophamore. 'MK.1' collects recordings from 1997 and 2000 when it was a solo project . This is essentially one long track that begins like a fuzzy humming drone piece but becomes more rhythmical as it evolves. Then different parts are more minimal with strange guitar and electronic sounds and peculiar ...view item »

Neverest Songs
Paper Trumpets/ Softly, Quite Softly, Quite Softly

Okay, first thing's first  - I don't like the name. Too much like Everest the double glazing people. But try as I might, that is the only negative thing I can say about this fabulous single. The main track 'Paper Trumpets' is a lovely haunting lullaby of a tune with exquisite picked acoustic guitar and excellent vocals which burst into ...view item »

Steve Mason & Dennis Bovell
Ghosts Outside

Steve Mason's 'Boys Outside' album from 2010 has been reworked by Dennis Bovell in a dub style. Why? I don't know. The original album was a pretty decent slice of Mason's lazy lollopy style where after many years of underachievement he finally got his ideas into some kind of order. It'...view item »

Naked Lunch
Military of The Heart

Naked Lunch have a 7"/CD single out on Weekender. It's called Military of The Heart and it's like a more passable Travis or something.......view item »

OK Tokyo

OK Tokyo! OK Sushi! OK bad music! OK! Not OK! Bad! Sums! Wacky high-pitched squeeky voice! Really 'heavy' guitars! A cool, 'experimental' electronic breakdown! Limited edition orange vinyl! I wish I was dead! ...view item »


Shangri-La by Yacht gets a double white vinyl reissue - the first time it’s been available since 2011. Shangri-La was the band’s second album to be released on DFA records following 2009’s acclaimed album See The Mystery Lights. Shangri-La saw the band making...view item »

Silk Flowers
Ltd Form

Here's an interesting one. Silk Flowers are a New York synth trio, and on this record they're knocking out some smooth, dark analogue synth gems. It's pretty spare stuff, but the melodies are totally hypnotic and there's clearly been a lot of attention and love put into the tones th...view item »

Misty's Big Adventure
I Can't Bring The Time Back/ Serious Thing

Phil is rather pleased with himself for his obscure reference to Real Tuesday Weld. He reckons that Misty's Big Adventure's 'I Can't Bring The Time Back' sounds like them. It's a quirky little number with some horns and that.... It's a 7" on Label Fandango....view item »

Volume On

Quite like what I've heard from Tanlines so this 'everything they've released so far on one CD' jobby is just the ticket. I guess they're gearing up for a full length some time in the near future but for now you'll have to settle for this two CD of EP's and remixes. Tanline's stand out tune so far for me is 'Real Life', it's included here and so...view item »

Cheval Sombre
I Found It Not So/ Where Did Our Love Go?

Following up the lathe cut with Sonic Boom and a single for Irelands's Trensmat label Cheval Sombre is back on Static Caravan with Sonic Boom at the production controls and Dean Wareham on guitars with partner in crime Britta Phillips on MicroKorg and Celesta. This is only the third single from this New York artist who seems to be gathering a huge ...view item »

Dum Dum Girls
He Gets Me High

The latest release from the Dum Dum Girls is a four track romp that has all the usual hall marks of a Dum Dum Girls record, if only more refined. These ladies have a particular amount of sass that I really like (Sass? Hey Dave the 1950s just called..they want their dialogue back). The Dums totally have there sound down and its great to listen to...view item »

w h o k i l l

Who the hell IS this Woman? I really enjoyed bits of her last record and was especially impressed by the accompanying DVD which gave the general public a revealing glimpse into her innovative recording, looping & layering techniques. Accompanied by just one fellow equipment manipulator she sculpted an astonishingly vibrant sound-world from o...view item »

Greatest Hits
Danse Pop

Who calls their band Greatest Hits? The best band ever I guess. Now, as I'm sure most of you are aware just about anything coming out on Olde English Spelling Bee must obviously be good, so this is bound to amaze and excite in equal measures right? Ok, I've put it on and (no surprise) it's good...crazy good. Not an easy one to get my head around...view item »

Secret Cities
Strange Hearts

I've not heard this band before, just picked this one out of the review box on the strength of its art, which is proper '70s-style psychedelia like I've not seen in a while. Turns out it's actually pretty great, so that's a nice surprise. These guys play drifty falsetto-voiced psychedelic pop, kind of like a much more polished Ariel Pink's Haunt...view item »

Grace Records- The 1st 5 singles

Now a compilation of the label GRACE RECORDS and her first 5 singles that were limited to 300 and all sold out. So here's your chance to own them again on CD for the first time. Featuring FURY OF THE HEADTEACHERS, STOPSTARTS, ORPHANBOY, LINEAR AND THE HOME WRECKERS CLUB. Its a pretty cool release as all the song...view item »

The Glitter End

If I was the bass player in Pocahaunted I'd be well pleased. Because unlike being the bass player in most bands (I.E. a quiet introverted sensitive kind or a walking penis with wanky hair) you actually get a record deal! JUST FOR BEING THE BASS PLAYER OUTTA POCA-blinking-HAUNTED!! OK, she's from L.A. and every fucker gets a deal in L.A. maaan......view item »

All Bob Minor/ Too Easy

Ah, a Leeds band. This is indie pop much as it was in the early 90s, with falsetto vocals and chiming guitars. It's quite bouncy, and despite only being a two-song release both the tracks are fairly long. In its best moments it reminds me of Shudder To Think, but then there are also bits where it reminds me of Gene and My Life Story. If that's w...view item »

Pat Jordache
Future Songs

This lo-fi TV on the Radio inspired home recorded pop is not what I was expecting for some reason but life is nothing if not full of surprises so as it's now on the stereo I'm happy to have a plunder through this lovingly crafted work. Pat Jordache has a history as a member of a band with the person from Tune-yards (and you can stick your daft c...view item »

The Wombats
The Modern Glitch

The Wombats are really good at coming up with catchy tunes and lyrics. Most of the songs have an infectious chorus. Vocalist Matthew Murphy has an intriguing and very pronounced Liverpudlian accent and his songs are lyrically complex, melancholic, self-deprecating and often-times nerdy. There are only a few songs that just didn't quite do it for...view item »

The Mighty Roars

I've just scared the pants of Ant with my hilarious Irish accent pretending Daft Punk were from Ireland. Ho ho... it's a barrel of laughs here. THE MIGHTY ROARS have a new single out One Little Indian which is a fast and furious number making me think it's going to appeal to fans of Yeah Yeah Yeahs...view item »

Hounds Of Hate
Hounds of Hate

This lot make me think of Kate Bush which is always a good thing. I love thinking of Kate Bush. She's the friend I never had. The cover of this record is a load of wonky ole snakes which is quite eye-catching and it gives you an idea of the wonkyness within. This is a deep record. The sound is slow and heavy, there's samples everywhere (one...view item »

Belle and Sebastian
Dear Catastrophe Waitress

“Dear Catastrophe Waitress” contains some of Belle and Sebastian’s most poppy songs such as “Step Into My Office, Baby” and “I’m A Cuckoo”. The latter even has a touch of Thin Lizzy about it. “If She Wants Me” is a gentle funk number, however &l...view item »

James Ausfahrt
Party For The Arty People Arty For The Party People

James Ausfahrt: 'Arty For The Party People / Party For The Arty People' (Fridlyst) Is a 22 track psuedo cabaret styled electro-pop oddity. It almost has the hallmark of a singer songwriter stuck with his pre-sets but with a handful of songs. At times very kitsch, camp and oh so intentionally annoying; with misplaced chords and keys and cheesy inter...view item »

About Group
Start And Complete

This is a collaborative effort between Poindexter from Hot Chip, Charles Heyward out of This Heat, a Spring Heel Jack and another bloke. Poindexter sings and plays lovely sounding Wurlitzer and Hammond organs, backed up by Hayward's very busy drumming. The effect is something akin to an early Steely Dan practice session. The sound is very raw an...view item »

Printed Circuit

Printed Circuit!! We've missed you here at Norman towers! God bless you and your uplifting posi style chip tunes! It's been a while since the amazing 'The Sound Of The Wonderful Technique' hit my CD player for the first time so it's a pleasure to see another LP has finally materialised. Combining her love of nerdy sequence based electronica and ...view item »

The View
Which Bitch

On first listen I was a little surprised and slightly disappointed. It definitely has some of the "typical" View sounds but it had a few surprises. Once I sat down in a room (and not in my car) with the lyrics sheets, I was amazed at how great this really was. The songwriter is quite talented and the way he can write such diverse songs and cleve...view item »

Architecture In Helsinki
Moment Bends

You'll feel embarrassed for liking this for about 30 seconds, before that feeling dissolves into unhinged glee. I definitely had a 'WTF moment' when I heard the opening bits of the first track, "Desert Island", followed by a mild panic attack, thinking that AiH had ditched everything I liked them for. Luckily, by the end of "Desert Island" I was...view item »

Land of Bingo
Bottle It In

I keep getting asked to go on holiday in Wales but I have so far refused, my reluctance based upon two childhood incidents - once because when I went on holiday there when I was 10, it rained solidly for two weeks. The second that Malcolm Pugh my Welsh near-neighbour and owner of a white poodle continuously stopped me from playing football in th...view item »

A Grave With No Name
Streams / Feathers

"This is a real keeper...proper dazed pop scree. killer". Not my words the words of an over excited press release. A proper keeper eh? Neville Southall there was a good one. Anyway's as they say this one is a 'keeper', a 'killer' if you like. One side sounds like a lo-fi re-work of Mercury Rev's 'Holes', the other a Spector-ish take one of Danie...view item »

The Go! Team
Buy Nothing Day

I was surprised by how much I didn't hate the new Go Team album although I can't even remember if I even actually heard them the first time around. I feel like I did even though I'm fairly confident I didn't 'cos they were, like, totally everywhere at the time. 'Buy Nothing Day' features Bethany Cosentino "of Best Coast/previously of Pocahaunted...view item »

John Foxx And The Maths

More serious business coming my way. This time it's a collaboration between John Foxx (Ultravox) and producer Benge (synth power nerd) who are going all out with the analogue synths on 'Interplay'. There's a lot of boring nerd talk in the press release about how the album was recorded and what was used to achieve the desired results but today th...view item »

Lesser Known

Adventure is the work of Baltimore resident and Wham City associate Benny Boeldt. Not familiar with his 2008 self-titled debut but from what I've heard of 'Lesser Known' I'm confident that this lad's got the skills. Boeldt looks to 80's music and video game culture for his influences and, as a result, 'Lesser Known' sounds like a retro-futurist ...view item »

Best Of Gloucester County

Those who stumbled across the trailer for 'A Family Movie'  - a 2006 film about the ongoing multi limbed sprawl known as 'Danielson Famile' would have seen leader Daniel Smith performing in front of baffled onlookers dressed as a tree. They would have also been aware of the slightly disarming religious undertones to their ...view item »

Giving and Receiving

While not as musically interesting as Lake's other releases, this album's lyrics have a little more occasional bite to them as well as a bit more humour. There are not a lot of surprises on this album if you've already listened to the band, but it is nonetheless a nice addition to their previous works, offering more enjoyable lo-fi odes to bette...view item »

The Human League

Credo is not The Human League's best work but it is also not their worst. It falls somewhere in the middle. At first listen, I did not like Credo, but with repeated listening, I began to hear the hooks. The production isn't nearly top notch as Secrets is, but it isn't horrendous. This is a great album from Human League, more modern but matured. ...view item »

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