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The Dø
Both Ways Open Jaws

This is sounding proper amazing on second listen. A Parisian duo specialising in sultry grown-up pop and tender mature indie with intricate arrangements and delectable hooks, I'm utterly entranced by the conclusion of the second song, 'Gonna Be Sick', a luscious emotive number I find very...view item »

Evans The Death
Evans The Death

Last time I heard these guys I kinda marked them down as fairly anonymous twee girl-fronted indie pop along the lines of Allo Darlin' but putting this disc on my player blasts those preconceptions out of the window a little bit as the first track opens with some impressively gnarly bass ...view item »

The Hundred In The Hands
Red Night

Red Night is more layered then the first album, this is an album worth listening to and getting to know. The beautiful voice of Ellie Everdale contrasted by Jason Friedman's excellent guitar and synth work is a surprise with every beat. The moody Empty Stations contrasts with the delight of Come With Me. Incredible vocals and lyrics along with v...view item »

Bear In Heaven
I Love You, It's Cool

Its amazing that a band can release two albums of Pitchfork-approved pop music  whilst muggins here  remains completely oblivious to  them. There again so much comes out each week that its impossible for the busy man to keep up. They have a terrible name (what is it with band na...view item »

Glaqjo Xaacsso

patten's glitchy electronic work is blunt and forthcoming, melding together the sensibilities of acts on early days Warp and contemporary Anticon with music that is better codified as avant-garde, drawing on musique concrete and dream pop. Glaqjo Xaacsso traverses many different styles to...view item »

Empire Sound

Now that I've opened up and admitted the thing that all readers of these reviews over the past few years will ave known for a long long time, namely I don't have a fucking clue what I'm talking  about, the pressure is off. Giving me this record is like giving it to Syd Little and asking...view item »

Rocket Juice & The Moon
Rocket Juice & The Moon

I want to instantly dismiss this project as pointless celebrity backslapping of the highest order but looking into it further, this Rocket Juice affair is actually pretty decent. As you can imagine, there has to be a story behind why Tony Allen (probably the world's greatest living drumme...view item »

Other People's Problems

Breton. Dearie me, what have FatCat gone and done now? I don't understand this kind of smart hipster pop. Blurry stumbling uninspired hip-hop beats or crashing empty sounding drums; cascading streams of irritating edits and/or clunky loops, de-rigeur string samples; bored flat half-spoken ...view item »

Free Time

It's taken a little while but the drifting dreamy Beach Boyscapes of Panda Bear's lauded 'Person Pitch' record is finally being re-produced by others hoping to catch onto some of the magic that catapulted that album into the stratosphere. Firstly the excellent recent single by Jagwa Ma bu...view item »

Girls Names
Dead To Me

So here's a supernaturally buzzing ghost-pop band from Belfast, olde Northern Ireland! I'm quite simply obsessed with this album & keep listening to the bastard thing slavishly, seemingly caught up in a delirious trance of heady nostalgia. But these cats is also minty fresh with the finest killer hooks & a casual effortlessness that is q...view item »

Belle and Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian released their first record, 'Tigermilk', way back in 1996, when indie pop was fresh and new and barely a teenager. It's the start of a long songwriting career for Stuart Murdoch, who was the only songwriter for the band at this point, and shows off soft, delicately made songs that hadn't quite become fanciful and twee yet....view item »

Spoek Mathambo
Father Creeper

These guys are Sub Pop's first African signing apparently. I can certainly see the appeal. The first track on here sounds almost exactly like N.E.R.D., from the busy, stylish, danceable production to the lazy vocal style, and the similarities to that band are a recurring theme throughout...view item »

Sore Eros
Know Touching

I had a dream last night that I owned a rabbit and I went away for the weekend and forgot to feed it. When I got back it had been forced to eat its own ears. So is it just a coincidence that I get the new Sore Eros album to review? (boom boom!). Its currently playing and what I'm thinking about is this:- isn't The Wire's so called 'hypnagogic' p...view item »

The Magnetic Fields
Love At The Bottom Of The Sea

I feel like a totally ignorant tit right now. I must confess that I've never heard The Magnetic Fields until now....and this is their tenth studio album! I feel awful. Sorry lads. The press release tells me that this is a return to their synth based experimentation's of the mid 90's and ...view item »

Jeff And Jane Hudson
In My Car/ Computer Jungle

Captured Tracks and Dark Entries recent reissue of Jeff And Jane Hudson's 1983 debut 'Flesh' has done wonders for the duo, introducing them to a new generation of music listeners and cementing their position as one of the prime movers in America's synth movement of the 80's. After the demi...view item »

In A Dim Light

Already in 2010, when I stumbled across Nedry's debut album, 'Condors', thanks to one of my Myspace searches for new music (remember Myspace? Was very useful back then), I knew I found something special. A trio by way of London, Osaka and Guildford, Nedry drifts somewhere in the weird fringes of the musical spectrum. ...view item »

Leaders Of The Free World (Deluxe Edition)

This is a strong pop ballad band and this third album, Leaders of the Free World, is the best place to start because it has their most accessible melodies and the perfect mix of slow-tempo and mid-tempo pop ballads, which will draw comparisons, musically, to Coldplay and, vocally, to ...view item »

The Mercury Craze

Speaking of SUBTLE they have a new single out called ' The Mercury Craze' which features a Soft Pink Truth mix and a guy from Wolf Parade singing on some track or other. I could be more informative but hey that's why you love us right? We don't care. Honest.... I quite like this but mainly cos I'm a fan of Dose One...view item »

Living: 2009 - Present

This record is a live album that sees Tearist doing what they do best. These L.A. types have forgotten more than I know about playing live and this collection of songs (culled from various shows at various locations) is a rather heady offering. Building on songs driven by synths and intens...view item »

Simian Ghost

Steve Moore
Primitive Neural Pathways/Vaalbara

Right. Busy Lady has just wet her knick-knacks over the list of this chap's expensive synths. His synths are so amazing & sought-after that he probably keeps them in a titanium lined nuclear bunker deep in a forest. Where currently he doodles around and builds authentic homages to Jean Michel-Jarre, the only 70's synth pioneer it's not actua...view item »

New Build
Yesterday Was Lived and Lost

Al & Felix have put together a gem. In the jangley synth bounce of "Schism of the Mind" and the pop flecked warm buzz of "Do You Not Feel Loved?" especially, fans of Hot Chip will find a familiar something to love. "Miranda, Be My Guide" takes you back to 80's pop and the album keeps at least one foot there unt...view item »

Nite Jewel
One Second of Love

Nite Jewel (a.k.a Ramona Gonzales) is looking a lot moodier on the sleeve of her new album than she did on 'Good Evening'. I wonder what might have happened? I hope she's OK. Maybe she's just tapping into that moody sultry popstar look the kids seem to be into these days...who knows. Rig...view item »

School Of Seven Bells

A band with that most trusted of career trajectory of starting promisingly and managing to get worse on each release, School of Seven Bells have veered from a a vaguely interesting nu-gaze (sorry) proposition that showed hints of heading in a direction that could be termed interesting, to...view item »

The Hairs
I've Been Working Out

Pretty charming little number here. On this seven we've got three songs from The Hairs, which as far as I gather is the new project from Knight School's Kevin Alvir, and it's catchy indie pop with a bit of garagey fuzz and repetitive hooky choruses. There's kind of a wistful almost shoe...view item »

Porcelain Raft
Gone Blind EP

This is the work of Mauro Remiddi, a native of Rome, Italy. The first track here 'Gone Blind' knocked my little socks off with its pastoral lo fidelity glow. It arrives almost at the exact midpoint between Real Estate's watery, reverbed guitar compositions...view item »

Velvet Davenport
Warmy Girls

Velvet Davenport's experimental pop sounds have somehow passed me by but here they are with thier third release for Moon Glyph. Spear-headed by chief songwriter Parker Sprout, Velvet Davenport have produced their most ambitious and daring collection to date featuring more of everything! M...view item »

Ali Whitton & The BrokeRecord Players / Sarah Williams & The So Called Friends

Ali Whitton & The Broke Record Players have a split with Sarah Williams & The So Called Friends. This is acoustic singer songwriter gubbins with a very slight country element that may well appeal to fans of The Young Republic and that sort of thing. 12" on Wakey's Louder Than Bombs. ...view item »

Go Tell Fire To The Mountain

Wu Lyf (World Unite Lucifer Youth Revolution) are a fresh out of the box indie rock phenomenon. After shunning the advances of various hipster labels of the land they've confidently stepped up to the plate with their own L Y F imprint (with assistance from Universal) to release this ultra confident, radio-friendly slab of 'heavy pop'. Produced b...view item »

Expensive Looks
Dark Matters

A hark back to basics (Ohhh!) from this dance lad Alec Feld, a New Yorker who just loves house music, disco and Ebeneezer Goode (probably). This LP/CD or whatever the fuck you wanna call it, “Dark Matters”, combines a lot of these elements and does feel like a loving homage to...view item »

The Occasional Flickers
Home Is A Four Letter Word

Morning everyone. Just got into work and I'm sat listening to the second album by Greece-born, Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Giorgos Bouras's group The Occasional Flickers. Originally conceived as a solo project, the group has slowly evolved into a full fledged band specialising in the...view item »

Charming Lady EP

My main man Mark Wright finally does the decent thing and unleashes this mad, eccentric 12” into a world that surely can't have been expecting such a thing. Maggie8 are that rarest of beasts, a band who have somehow found their own genre, cross pollinating British indie, Beirut style...view item »

Beach Fossils
What A Pleasure

A lot has been made of Wild Nothing's ability to re-create the finest moments of 80's melancholic indie pop but from the sounds of this EP these guys take the biscuit (lollipop?). They have a clearer, less cluttered sound and the sparseness of the drum machine, melodic bass and dual jangling guitars are exquisite reminders of those particular da...view item »

The Asa Hawks
Roadkiller EP

The lead track on this EP from Leeds alt-country types Asa Hawks is really reminding me of the Pretenders. They have that same kind of melodic straightforwardness to them. After that they strip things back down to more of a country feel, with added banjo (and I think I hear a bit of under...view item »

You're Never Going Back

This album from Brooklyn duo Coasting isn't technically new, but last time we had it in it was only available on vinyl and went so fast there was no point saying anything about it. Now, however, we not only have more vinyl copies of...view item »

Francois & The Atlas Mountains
E Volo Love

Francois & The Atlas Mountains are the first French act to be signed to Domino which begs the question - why has it taken them so long to branch out? I mean, France is only over there. Anyway, after a superb debut on Fence and a string of live dates that include support slots with King...view item »

Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics

What is it with the US indie underground? Why is it they can't leave the 80s Brit post-punk/indie scene alone? I'm not moaning - this album is mint. Just lay back and from the offset listen to New Order stroking Felt in a dusty cupboard. Add some other soft, hazy mellow fabric of your choice and you've got a fine bizarre love triangle. The wondr...view item »

Tyme. x Tujiko

Not sure about this, I realise it's probably really good but it doesn't really blow my sausage if you know what I mean? It's a highly polished and densely layered take (supposedly) on a genre called J-pop which is a cult style of clever Japanese pop music if you haven't figured that ou...view item »

Tiny Planets
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

Remember the early '90s?  I lived in a crumbling house with a drunk, a dysfunctional band, an influx of slugs, a man next door who used to appear unannounced at our kitchen window with food no-one would dare eat and a toilet block across the road where men used to have sex with each o...view item »

Black Light

Diagrams is the brainchild of ex Tunng and The Accidental chappie Sam Genders. It's quite a departure from the former projects of this leftfield songsmith.. His voice is still as strong (yet sometimes fragile) as it was when he was laying electronic folk hits upon ya, but gone is the more ...view item »

Little Racer
Split For The Coast / The Town

60s infused japery from these surf obsessed Brooklynahs (should that be Brooklynites..?) they appear to be a somewhat newish act as their MySpace page has all the information you need...NOT! Details and pictures of this perky pop act are quite thin on the ground but I reckon I've got what ...view item »

Buffalo Moon
Selva Surreal

Moon Glyph reappear on my radar with 'Selva Surreal', the debut LP from plucky upstarts Buffalo Moon. I'm pretty sure I've heard these folks before and I remember them giving of the same Stereolab-esque vibe they're nailing on opening tracks 'Vida Canibel' and 'Amores Perros'. It's an aff...view item »

Sewerpop (How The Castle Was Stormed)

Here's a newie on Wakey's own Philiphobia label. Noice! I was expecting a load of indie rock but the 1st minute is ambient noodlings... oh hang on there's the indie indie rock! 'The Timings Are All Wrong' is some skewed Yankophile indie rock along the lines of Built To Spill. Wonky rhythm...view item »

The Magnetic Fields
The Wayward Bus

This is probably The Magnetic Fields most uneven release, but this is, of course, due to the fact that these are Merritt's first records. Most people seem to complain about the track order more than anything, but I can see why The Wayward Bus was put first. If Distant Plastic Trees were up first, most people probably would not be able to sit thr...view item »

Miles Kane
Colour Of The Trap

I was pleasantly surprised when I started listening to Miles Kane. I loved The Last Shadow Puppets so I was excited when I found out the other half of Alex Turner's side project put out a record. On this album, you'll find simple, catchy alternative British rock songs. That's really all there is to it. If you are a fan of the ...view item »

Herman Dune
Strange Moosic

Herman Dune are a band I was quite fond of about a decade ago, so it's comforting to see these guys are still bringing out records. They're one of those bands whose albums just sound instantly familiar, totally warm and casual. Apparently Andre left the band a couple of albums ago which kind of surprised me since I always thought that the whole ...view item »

Dead Gaze
Dead Gaze

Fat Cat/Palmist have plucked this dude from a Mississippi backwater and brought his catchy songs out of hiding. In some ways a bit all over the place, there seems a unhindered approach to Dead Gaze’s fluid pop-song culture cherry-picking. However, it’s all held together by a fuzzy be...view item »

Kate Wax
Dust Collision

Upon first listen, the album reminds me of a darker, mellower, less dancefloor friendly version of Lida Husik's Faith In Space (even down to the similar record covers) Yet the combination of Wax's vocals (which sounds very similar to that gal from The Knife) and subtle hints of guitar and piano take Dust Collision into a darker place. Dust Colli...view item »

An Album By Korallreven

Korallreven brings you An Album By Korallreven, which makes perfect sense, I suppose, and it starts off with the gauzy layers of "As Young As Yesterday," which eventually resolve into a perky piece of shoegaze pop. The dreamy "Sa Sa Samoa" and sparkling "The Truest Faith" are full of hope. Not everything is all peachy, though: "Keep Your Eyes Sh...view item »

Small Black

Not the best song off the album but a good example of what they do which is determinedly in the chillwave bracket - basically its China Crisis playing in a wind tunnel, the B side is a Best Coast cover thus making Best Coast the most mentioned comparison band over the past two weeks, probably because everyone is starting to sound/look like ...view item »

Silk Flowers
Days Of Arrest

The last of this weeks Captured goodness comes courtesy of NY trio Silk Flowers and aren't they the lucky ones, getting the deluxe 12” single treatment. They've upped their game with opener 'Brush Fires', bringing a hi-end production to their ragged punk informed synth-pop and trea...view item »

From Silence

I'm not entirely sure about these two. There's a real resonance & dusky beauty about the arrangements which fall somewhere between Beach House and late-period Mercury Rev but also come imbued with a deep sense of chiming claustrophobia, that whole NY bleakness/beauty. See I really like them, ...view item »

Orchestra Of Spheres
Nonagonic Now

Bizarre fusion time!! Orchestra of Spheres are an artistic collective from New Zealand (that place that's close to but infinitely better than Australia) and they have garnered quite a rep in their homeland for playing lots and lots of shows and pushing back the barricades of normality (in...view item »

Maison Neuve

Spills Out

These Brooklynites have fused drum-driven noise records (opener `School Glue') with 60's melodies, almost Wilco like. Even though there is a song called `Zombies' on the album the legendary sixties band influenced the mellifluous `The Hole Night'. Stellar work with multivocals add more layers of sound, especially over the distorted bass line in ...view item »

Erleen Nada
Peachy Keen

Erleen Nada looks pretty cool. She looks like the missing member of the B-52s...after hanging about with Lestat and incurring a bite from the foppish vampire. The title track is called Peachy Keen and is like a spoken word piece set to quite minimalist techno. It's not something you could play to yer Dad. It's all "cunt" this and "fuck" that...view item »

The Stem and Leaf EP

Don't think I've ever seen Protectors but they are from Leeds so it's only a matter of time before I bump into them. Incidentally, this 12” EP was recorded by Matt Peel at Cottage Road studios which is where Cowtown recorded their last LP. Can't say I'm strong on opinion from what I'v...view item »

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror return with new album 'Interiors', the follow-up to 2009′s 'The Society For The Advancement Of Inflammatory Consciousness'. This LP is split into two parts, reflecting the duo's intentions to mix things up a bit. The A-side is made up of songs accompanied by programmed b...view item »

Audio Video Disco

This album is a great synthesis of classic 70s rock and electronica. Truly a match made in heaven. You still get your great heavy synth parts that Justice is known for, but there is a lot lighter synth play in this album. They said their previous album was intended for night and this one is intended for day. It’s fun and it's lively and do...view item »

City Vs Mountains / Rotating Cloud

The age old debate - city versus mountains. I still can't decide - they both have their own benefits. What about a City in the mountains - is that possible? Anyway this sounds like a cross between Toro Y Moi remixing Hall and Oates and the type of thumping pulsating music that would blast...view item »


Ruins is an awesome progression from Eyes At Half Mast. It's full of rich textures: distorted violin, loops, keyboards, and synthesised guitars. There's a new blend of grunge and grittiness with an extra layer of sonic goodness. You'll either love it or hate it (based on reviews I’ve come across). Fans of Do Make Say Think, Godspeed You Bl...view item »

Gentle Friendly

The ever canny Upset Di Riddim, London's purveyors of noisy outsider rock and interesting experimental pop have a new vinyl outing from Gentle Friendly. I cannot clearly recall a great deal about the last recording from this cracking duo except it was very well received in our old offic...view item »

Forest Fire
Staring At The X

New on Fat Cat, this is grand widescreen sounding arty rock but with a lo-fidelity clattering production that ensures it stops short of sounding like The Killers or some other sheeny guff. Instead the main comparison would be to The Walkmen or The National. The album is a slow burner but ...view item »

Gauntlet Hair
Gauntlet Hair

More weird American electronic indie pop with a reverbed tropical sound? Oh go on, you can't have had enough of these kooky kids yet surely? From the sloppy but gregarious sounding opener which carries hefty DNA samples siphoned from Animal Collective and MGMT we're in a delirious peyote ...view item »


Bjork is back after a three year hiatus with a brand new project. She doesn't do albums anymore... they're projects. This project just happens to be a new album which is released on vinyl CD and IOS app. For the less nerdy of you that's a piece of software for an iDevice (iPhone, iPad) and...view item »

Future Islands
On The Water

I play in a skiffle combo. I'm one of the finest wash board players on the scene. My skiffle group “The Skiffle-kult Third Album” have had the pleasure of sharing stage time with these synth wave muckers. Their newie “On The Water” is a bloody joy to listen to. It's...view item »

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