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Mammal Hum
What's Behind Us Is Not Important

Wow. Well this is a nice suprise for anyone missing the kind of insane ‘60s styled pop that burst out of the Elefant 6 stable all those years ago. Forgetting about the opening tune which is a bit of a red herring, straight away we’re into ‘Man On Fire’ which combines a ...view item »

Egyptian Hip Hop
Good Don't Sleep

Egyptian Hip Hop is still an enigma to me. Their sound is spiritual and other worldly, teetering on psychedelic. It is not commercial at all even though everything sounds incredibly well orchestrated for their style and a total bliss to listen too. If you want something really new. Try this album now. Key tracks are "Yoro Diallo" which sounds li...view item »

Lymbyc Systym

From the very opening seconds of this album, when Prairie School bursts exuberantly from the speakers, you can tell you're in for something special. This is electronica (or is it post rock?!) at its most accessible - I could try and describe it as a more energetic version of The Album Leaf, or Ratatat with more varied instruments, but neither of...view item »

Two Door Cinema Club

Beacon is eminently enjoyable, solidly upbeat throughout, maybe a bit airier than their last (especially towards the end of the album). This album, while being the weaker of the Two Door Cinema Club's album, is still fantastic. If Tourist History was their college album, this is their "first job" album. It is also more musical; there is greater ...view item »

Animal Collective
Centipede Hz

First up, I’m pretty much an Animal Collective non believer. Ok, I’m a partial believer. Parts of ‘Merriweather Post Pavillion’ were excellent. Parts of it. But just like a child hepped up on E-numbers you had t...view item »

C. Spencer Yeh

Following that there 7” record that revealed another side to CS Yeh he’s here with a full length for De Stijl continuing his foray into more traditional song based pastures. As the title suggests this is a move in a new direction as this time round he’s dropped the drones and racket in favour of a more experimental pop approach...view item »

Drop Your Soul

Cor, this EP starts off with a well slow tune, like trip-hop/R’n’B slowed down to a crawl propped up with angelic lady on vocals and then halfway through this ricocheting dimension-shearing sound comes to visit oh-so-briefly, juddering into my ears like an aural swordfish going for...view item »

The Heavy
The Glorious Dead

The Heavy blends retro-soul, R&B, funk and garage rock to produce an awesome musical stew. Honestly, I was a little worried that the success of The House that Dirt Built would make the band a little complacent, and churn out something ultimately forgettable. They've done exactly the opposite and put out what is probably a better album musica...view item »

The Sea & Cake
One Bedrom

With One Bedroom, The Sea & Cake once again deliver the goods. Though clocking in at around 40 minutes, and offering the curious listener minimal cover art without any lyric sheet whatsoever (both trademarks of previous TSAC releases), One Bedroom offers the listener a panorama of beautiful sounds and plays on words that only singer & so...view item »

Race Horses

An elegant and sophisticated sophomore album from these Aberystwyth/Cardiff youngsters. I was a little cynical about them last time despite really liking their accomplished music but they seem to have lost their arch ironic weirdness and become all soulful, classy and eighties. If I didn't...view item »

Group Rhoda
Out Of Time - Out Of Touch

Group Rhoda is, somewhat confusingly, the solo project of Mara Barenbaum, who uses synthesisers, analogue effects and drum machines to craft brittle, precise minimal pop songs inhabited by her haunting, echoed voice. It’s got a bit of a modular post-dub warmth to it which is a littl...view item »

In Limbo

Ah, I read summat about this lot in t’paper the other week. One of them is ex-Here We Go Magic (did well to get out of that particular sinking ship). Opener sounds like a miniature ...view item »

Minotaur Shock

Blooming heck where did this guy suddenly stick his head up from? Apparently It’s been four long years since his last outing and he obviously didn’t fluff-up the cash cushions much at 4AD as he’s landed right back at home base on the much more suitable Melodic! W...view item »

Fragrant World

I was disappointed to see some of the lukewarm reviews on various websites. It's perhaps understandable though, there are no tracks that are quite as straightforward & accessible as, say "Ambling Asp" or "Madder Red" from their last album. However, this album is more complex, and ultimately more rewarding as a result. I disagree completely w...view item »

Take The Kids off Broadway

Open up any review of TTKOB and you'll likely find the same analysis: Foxygen lift their influences out of the 60s and 70s, throw them in a blender, and spit out rock 'n' roll. Though such an analysis minimises the creative energy and effort that went into this album, it isn't far from the truth where the sound is concerned. However, it does lea...view item »

Yves/ Son/ Ace

Yves / Son / Ace is the solo guise of Factums and Love Tan man Matthew Ford. ‘Unsung’ was previously released as an un-mastered cassette for the excellent Night Pe...view item »

Antony & The Johnsons
Cut The World

In a musical culture often, and increasingly, populated by narcissistic and negative lyrics, Antony's work calls attention to important, timely issues of our day like gender equality and peace with truthfulness and optimistic poeticism. And even if they are cliche for some, the way they are presented in the musicality of the album breaths new li...view item »

The xx

Well well well. I knew I was right about these being something special like, but I never expected their post-modern take on the sensitive indie-soul of Everything But The Girl to be quite the world-beater it has been. Then again the vocalistic dynamic between the girl Romy and ...view item »

Harper Lee / Cats Run Free

There used to be a band called Harper Lee but this is not them. This is actually by Tigercats but their name is not on the front cover so I wouldn’t know. I...view item »

Wet Hair
Spill Into Atmosphere

I’ve been monitoring the progress of Raccoo-oo-oon lads Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes with interest as they have slowly dragged their fractured fre...view item »

The Very Best

These guys played at a recent festival I attended. I had never heard of them, but I was blown away. MTMTMK is a terrific mix of catchy dance tunes with more rhythmic tracks featuring experimental sounds. "Kondaine" and "We OK" are about as peppy and upbeat as you can get. "Bantu" is a favourite of mine, featuring a beautiful singer, Baaba Maal. "Ad...view item »

John Maus
A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material

It’s pleasing to see that in the same week R. Stevie Moore’s career gets its much needed day in the sunshine (thanks to a compilation on O Genesis)...view item »

Saturday Night Gym Club
How To Build A Life Raft

Well I’m fucked if anyone will ever get me to the gym, especially on a Saturday night. What’s wrong with getting pilled-up and shaking your stuff to banging techno in a grim cold leaky warehouse somewhere surrounded by gurning munters and spannered girls in hotpants and furry ...view item »


Aw...poor Shrag. This Brighton girl/boy indie-pop phenomena have been criminally ignored by Norman over the years. I’m sure they sell a fair few records but it’s only recently we’ve been kind enough to bestow the odd offhand o...view item »


I think ‘din’ could be the correct word to describe this mishmash of an album. This is someone out of Pit Er Pat, who were a band with songs etc, who has now journeyed wildly into the world of cut up splintered R&r...view item »

Dirty Projectors
Swing Lo Magellan

It must take an awful lot of work to be as annoying as Dirty Projectors. The whole thing screams New York Art School at you so loud that you just want to hurl the thing out the window and listen to that new Stock Aitk...view item »

Yola Fatoush
Yola Fatoush EP

Lots of 7”s this week but this must surely be one of the best. Opener ‘Celine’ is a kind of Shangaan Electro mashed up with Washed Out blast o...view item »

Saint Saviour

Spaceships Are Cool
We Were Here

These guys Spaceships Are Cool have sent us a couple of albums. Their old one and their new one. It's my job to write some words about their new one, which comes in a really nice two-colour screenprinted red card sl...view item »

Bloc Party

There are some definite 4-star songs on this album as well as some 2-star songs.... which brings me to a lower 3-star rating for Four. Mostly I'm just confounded by the disjointedness of the entire work - it's Bloc Party in places and just very odd experimentation in others. I'm all for a band branching out but when you release an album it shoul...view item »

Echo Lake
Wild Peace

Gutted for this band, they’ve very recently announced the sad passing of their drummer just days before the release of their debut album. Mucho condolences from Auntie Norman to the remaining members and also the laddie’s friends and family. I’d like...view item »

Summer Girlfriends

The Magic
Ragged Gold

I don’t know how this has happened but at least three of us recognise immediately the first song on this, seemingly without having previously heard it. ‘Lightning Strikes’ is a very strong opener, a direct cross between Junior Boys...view item »

Gary Sloan and Clone

Now this is interesting. Coming out of Alaska in 1980 this a rag tag hybrid of of synth pop, New Age, lo-fi blues, techno, folk funk and prog rock, throughout its extremely melancholic and affecting. Opener ‘Harmonitalk’ is like Devo and Kraftwerk collaborating to play the Theme f...view item »

Blanche Blanche Blanche
Wink With Both Eyes

Ooh, I don’t know a thing about this band but these Night Peoples tend to be right about a lot of things so I’m all ears here. What’s going on on this record is a nice big slice of ‘80s-influenced lo-f...view item »

Hot Chip
In Our Heads

I was dreading this moment. Dreading it......But wierdly this morning the new Hot Chip single came on the Radio 6 whilst I was devouring breakfast and I didn’t turn it off! Now there’s a first.  So after a slew of successful side projects they are back and now on Domino ...view item »

Miaoux Miaoux
Light of the North

The problem with The Postal Service ‘Give Up’ album is that so many people have tried to ape its melancholic synth pop sound. The opener here sounds so much like it that it negates the  need to pine for a...view item »

Petition/ My Better Self

This is the thickest record I've ever seen. It's so thick - it's like a breezeblock! It looks like two records stuck together. The record player can't cope with its sheer weight. Thicker than a danish pastry!! I have previously thought Tennis...view item »

St Gregory Orange
Midnight at the Sycamore Lounge

Not much is known about these lot and all the comparisons I’ve read seem to sound nothing like them (they don’t sound like Pulp or Arab Strap, for exa...view item »

Van She
Idea Of Happiness

Let's say you planned a trip to a tropical island. You decided to take this trip by yourself. I'd say this album will completely come along with you, when you're on the beach, in the sand and sun. This is pretty much the soundtrack. "Jamaica" is a hit from the 80's. Pretty much the first single style. But that being a great cut, itself does noth...view item »

The Charlatans
Tellin Stories

The Charlatans have never been the luckiest of bands. They have had one member briefly sent to jail and more importantly had to cope with the tragic death of Rob Collins. While I don't feel that this album is as flawless as previous Charlatans albums the lapse is forgiveable in light of the tragedy the group suffered during the recording of this...view item »

An Awesome Wave

It could be my age but I despair of the constant use of the word 'awesome'. They all use it here at Norman Towers - the young lads. Anyway let's see if there is anything awesome about this much heralded debut. I've read tonnes about this band in every publication from 'Metro' to 'Horse a...view item »

The Secret Society of The Sonic Six
Pick Up

Who the fuck are these weirdos? This is one of those mad records that sounds like Add N [to X] at first with banks of gurgling, fizzy chattering bulky synths entwi...view item »

Oh Holy Molar

An odd signing for Kranky in that they are a) a trio from England and b) tend towards a particularly flavoursome chamber pop rather than the ambience that dominates the label. Built around the piano and cello of main person Lucinda Chua (also a Stars ...view item »

Both Lights

We played this in the office the other day and there was moaning. There often is but there was extra moaning. I've blocked it all out now but I wanted to hear these guys properly so I chucked it in my bag to give it a spin at home. It's only been on for a couple of minutes and I don't rem...view item »

Moody Gowns / Bearfoot Beware

We're doing our supporting the local scene thing here with this new split 7” from Leeds's own alt-pop weirdos Moody Gowns and Bearfoot Beware. On the Moody Gowns side there's a bouncy little number called 'Stepmother' which marries Oingo Boingo-style wonky outsider pop with a kind o...view item »

The Times
This Is London

The Times were an ‘80s post-punk/indie band formed from the ashes of Teenage Filmstars by Ed Ball (Also previously of Television Personalities). This Is London was their 2nd album, originally released in 1983 and had a sound influenced by &l...view item »

Julia Holter

Now I was shouting about Laurel Halo a bit a while ago. Last night I heard that same lush, spangled space-pixie vibe that adorned the King Felix EP seep through my kitchen door again as I was reckoning up this here bejewelled pop opus whilst dressing my salmon. This Julia Holter is the woman&n...view item »

The English Riviera

Their 'classic' breakthrough record. Whereas before they'd hinted at pop classicism amongst the housey electronics, here they penned a gorgeous love letter (ha!) to their homeland. The faux naive pop moves are on show throughout, opener (sort of) 'We Broke Free' is an absolute stunner. More consistent and smooth that the quirky 'Love Letters' it...view item »

Zulu Winter

I have to admit I knew literally nothing about this band but on a recent visit back home, this album was on one of the listening stations in the local record store I was browsing. I liked what I heard from the couple of songs I sampled. Zulu Winter is an up-and-coming band from the UK, and if you are not familiar with their sound, think ...view item »

Simian Mobile Disco

Imagine if patterns weren't. Okay? Good. You've got Unpatterns freshly implanted in your suggestible mind, a record of relentless pop grooves and electro that swings from the vines. Simian Mobile Disco continue doing what they do best on this record, button-mashing their dance sensibilities with...view item »


Recently voted best new track by Pitchfork, the lead track here sounds like a depressed beyond tablets Justin Timberlake after he’s just missed a birdie putt on the 18th green. A nice melancholic r & b swinger in the place where chillwave meets Neptunes style haunted soul wave. ...view item »

Fay Hallam & The Bongolian
Lost In Sound

Turing Machine
What Is The Meaning Of What

Dunno what's going on with this new Turing Machine record. It came out last week on Temporary Residence and for some reason we only got one copy on ...view item »

Father John Misty
Fear Fun

"Fear Fun" is ex-Fleet Foxes drummer, J. Tillman's first album under his new pseudonym Father John Misty and his first solo outing since his departure from Fleet Foxes. To my ears it marks a bit of change in sound. The J. Tillman stuff I'd heard was rather dull so I didn't investigate much further than one album...view item »

Mystery Jets

This album has a bit of southern flavour but is still written from this band's unique musical point of view. Blaine, the main vocalist, has a beautiful voice and imbues the songs with soul and honesty. There is another guy who sings lead vocals sometimes, usually on the less emotional and more poppy songs, which are also great listening. Standou...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Electra Heart

Marina & The Diamonds’ albums are being reissued! Electra Heart was her second record, and is full of proper pop bangers. You can get the vinyl edition, or there is a CD version with four bonus tracks. I’d recommend the CD, as one of the bonus tracks is named ‘Sex Yeah’, surely one of the mos...view item »

Advance Base
A Shut-In's Prayer

So this is the new project from the man who brought you Casiotone For The Painfully Alone and its a beautiful collection of downbeat torch songs which brings mostly to mind Magnetic Fi...view item »

The Hundred In The Hands
Keep It Low

I heard Phil say “feckin' Warp” this morning. Oh, what have they done now? I think he actually said “it's feckin' warm”, but he might as well have said “feckin' Warp” as I'm not 100% sure of the value in this six track 12” from ...view item »

Bobby Conn

Everyone's favourite entertainer Bobby Conn is back with another album of his wacky politically-outspoken genre-jumping synthetic soul-pop for your ear cavities. I'm struggling to find things to say about this one because I'm pretty sure you'll a...view item »


This is a pretty cool record. Dunes are a trio who play quite minimalist indie pop with a strong '80s new wave meets new romantic sort of feel to it. Everything's swathed in that certain type of reverb that always brings those times flooding back with a skeletal post-punk feel to the comp...view item »

The Time And Space Machine
Taste The Lazer

Richard Norris, perhaps best know for his work as part of The Grid has forged something of a fine discography as Time And Space Machine, early mini album releases now hard to find unless you are prepared to shell out 40 even 50 quid for a vinyl copy. Happily you can still pick this up for a reasonable...view item »

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