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A Terrible Splendour

Bleach Blood
The Young Heartbreakers Club

Are you looking for some post punk which manages to mix gospel choirs with synths? Then you have come to the right place. Bleach Blood have wowed with their debut EP, born from teenage songwriting and transformed into this delightful little four track 12” vinyl. catchy,  foot-tapping, punky and a litt...view item »

tUnE-YaRdS As Yoko

On this 10”, quirk-pop queen tUnE-YaRdS has her way with a couple of Yoko Ono originals, with a cover of ‘We’re All Water’ followed by a remix of ‘Warrior Woman’. The cover is a skeletal and poppy run through the song with cut-up vocal h...view item »

John Grant
Pale Green Ghosts

I absolutely loved the soft-rock 70's sheen that was all over John Grant's debut solo album "Queen of Denmark" and was really looking forward to his follow up. "Pale Green Ghosts" is quite different. It has an dark electronic sound that matches the nature of the lyrics perhaps better than its predecessor. The lyr...view item »

Tales From Terra Firma

Stornoway's second full length record is a showcase of creative songwriting and lush musicality. The collection is perhaps more studio friendly than its predecessor, but still offers plenty of material for the band's exciting live performances. Stand outs include the melancholy "Farewell to Appalachia," "Invite to Eternity," and Brian Briggs' cl...view item »

Miracle Mile

This lot a from Portland, Oregon and seem very happy chappies. Well you would be wouldn’t you? I’m sure it’s better living there than grim old West Yorkshire. They perform a kind of fluffy electronic danceable pop that puts me in mind of people like Phoenix and ...view item »

X Ray Pop
Pirate! The Dark Side Of The X

We are in despair. We’ve listened to three records in a row that were so bad we just couldn’t bring ourselves to review them and I’ve thrown them into stock hoping people are daft enough to buy them. Instead we delve back to 1985, so hop into the back of my Vauxhall Cavalier sports hatch and I’ll put this tape into the ta...view item »

!!! (chk chk chk)

Sacramento funk punkers !!! (usually pronounced chk chk chk) offer up their fifth long player ‘Thr!!!er’, although previous efforts like ‘Louden Up Now’ and ‘Myth Takes’ seem to have a real energy about them, this feels a lot like the whole disco/post-punk thing has been ...view item »


We’ve had a few interesting debuts this week and this mini-LP from Chicago duo Acteurs is no exception, harnessing a hypnotic technoid pulse and some classy production touches for a fried slice of dystopian cyberpunk synth-(anti)pop. Repetition is the name of the game here, with a relentless mechanical throb and a dense sub-bass pulse are ...view item »

Lesser Evil

Wherein the artist known as Doldrums zaps their enemies thusly and shoots electronica in the bullseye of targets. Lesser Evil takes on dance jams you'd "listen" to (more like, intuitively absorb) in clubs with the noise music you go see to be scared by. The result is a mess, but one you don't wa...view item »

Golden Grrrls
Golden Grrrls

After a couple of singles and a tape, shamblepoppers Golden Grrrls finally have a full-length LP ready for public consumption, and an infectious little concoction it is too. The trio knock out tumbling, busy pop songs with a C86-style unselfconscious abandon which belies the constant stream of inescapa...view item »

Karen Gwyer
Needs Continuum

I’m so tired today I misread the press release of this. It says she “makes slow-burning and sexy ‘bath house’” and I read that as bath noises... Making slow-burning and sexy bath noises is a world apart from bath house! Either way she’s in the bath and cleanliness is next to godliness and you gotta love a clea...view item »


There are a few of us here a little bit in love with New Zealand and the music that comes from it. As a young man, once weaned off Farley’s rusks, I graduated to the school of New Zealand skewed pop as performed by the likes of The Chills, The Verlaines, ...view item »

Concrete Knives
Be Your Own King

Concrete Knives have a sound that balances experimentally edgy and listenable dichotomies. Be Your Own King nods to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Arctic Monkeys, where a glossy-production carries up-tempo, harmony-fronted rock anthems. Be Your Own King features singers Morgane Colas and Nicolas Delahaye whose youthful call and response and joint-h...view item »

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro
Adam Green & Binki Shapiro

What you've got here is two musicians who happen to be good friends who happen to have gone through breakups around the same time...who happened to write an album about their experiences. It's a very atmospheric and emotionally telling ride. The songs lyrically dance around some very personal views that are quality enough to justify this collabo...view item »

Milky Wimpshake
Heart And Soul In The Milky Way

It's getting on for 20 years since Milky Wimpshake put out their first (cassette) album, and now here they are with their fifth! MBV would call that productive, Ty Segall would call it lazy, you make up your own mind. Anyway, you probably know what to expect fro...view item »

Somewhere Else

I was curling my top lip out five minutes ago in frustration, trying to think who the second track here reminded me of. It was then that the dreadful image of Peter Cetera singing a ballad by Foreigner came floating sinisterly into the vacuous and hideously-lit main arena of my mind and I realised this is where the post-...view item »

The Joy Formidable
Wolf's Law

The Welsh trio are back with the ambitious follow up to their breakthrough Big Roar debut. The indie/noise pop of Big Roar favourites like “Whirring” and “Chapter 2” are not as abundant on Wolf’s Law. They seem to have grown, the lyrics are more personal, the pianos ubiquitous and soundscapes that would impress ...view item »

The Ruby Suns

I’ve had better nights’ sleep. Not a wink ‘til about 2am then a dream about being stabbed to death. Nice, eh? But even with a full night’s glorious shuteye, I would still hate this record with every fibre of my being. From the opening track it’s clear that its horrid vapid pop. I don’t know what it’s aim...view item »

Lonely Hours

Girlseeker are a trio featuring two synthesizists and singer/guitarist Alexander Fnug Olsen, and this is a charming little nugget of lo-fi garage pop which as you would expect is drenched in ‘80s style keys, but that’s offset by quite a buzzy and obnoxious garage guitar tone and a ...view item »

Edwyn Collins

As I noted on a previous Edwyn Collins review, it’s very hard to critically assess his music post illness as it’s such a major achievement that he’s actually making music again. The same will be true if (fingers crossed) Vini Reilly recovers ...view item »

Esther Maria
The Abyss

Starting with a slow, swoonsome melodica-led instrumental, this second album from the British born, Denmark based singer songwriter kicks into life with a descending acoustic guitar figure and her impressive voice, an octave-defying thing that swoops in all the right places. It’s hard th...view item »

New Order
The Lost Sirens

New Order as we know it are no more, with Peter Hook bowing out a few years back, but they’re still operating as a live unit without him and here they scrape the bottom of their Hooky barrel with a mini-album of eight songs which didn’t make i...view item »


I'm always a bit wary of bands who get nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, I can't recall anything good that has won, and the list of nominees is rarely much better, Field Music and Laura Marling being the recent exceptions. Villagers do sound very much the kind of thing the Mercury Music Prize judges are after. This is quite good - a bit lik...view item »

Wrong / The Road To War

I’ve not heard Apostille before, but further investigation reveals it to be Night School honcho Michael Kasparis’s solo thing. ‘Wrong’ is a murky little pop ditty with fractured little...view item »

The Blanche Hudson Weekend
The Deep Thrust EP

A retro CD single type thing for you from Leeds popsters The Blanche Hudson Weekend. Opener ‘Consume Me’ uses  the bass line from Joy Division’s ‘Isolation’ but adds...view item »

Dutch Uncles

The press release helpfully mentions a whole host of artists to use as comparison to this Manchester five-piece but not seemingly the ones I know as poindexter and his bespectacled crew. Yes, there is no getting away from it there is more than a passing resemblance to ...view item »

Cayucos / Swimsuit

Aha, some indie pop! This is especially welcome today because I’ve just had a marathon slog reviewing the new Scott Walker album which, whilst great, was pretty intense. Not this, though! This is bright and breezy jangly summer indie like they wr...view item »


Bastards is all remixes of Biophilia, and so far I like most of the remixes better. But I know how it goes with Bjork: at first I may not like a song all that much, but a few months go by and it is my favourite. She is a stunning genius, I don't think I could name a more authentic and free human being. This compilation of remixes is definitely e...view item »

The Beatles
Magical Mystery Tour

I always used to think that Magical Mystery Tour was one of the lesser Beatles albums, but it actually contains some of their best and most interesting songs. Forgetting the loose 'Magical Mystery Tour' premise of the title track, when you dig into the album you find gem after gem; "The Fool on the Hill" and "Penny Lane" are among McCartney's caree...view item »

The Beatles
Past Masters

If you wanted to introduce anyone to The Beatles this would be the best place to start. Past Masters obliterates the need for any Beatles compilation albums. Chronicling the bands entire singles and B-sides releases from “Love Me Do” to “Let it Be”, Past Master’s has an extensive track ...view item »

Holy Shit
You Made My Dreams Come True

When I started this review I briefly got this band mixed up with their contemporaries Holy Fuck, causing a brief “this isn’t what I expected at all!” moment before I realised my mistake. Anyway, this is quite a brash bit of weirdpop...view item »

Dirty Projectors
About To Die

Never found the time to check out Dirty Projectors. Felt well ignorant when some friends were kicking out in the van the other day. I thought to myself ‘these lot sound a lot better than I was expecting’. Well, new 12” single &lsq...view item »

Animal Collective

Animal Collective’s records have inspired reactions from excitement to disappointment to downright distaste over the years, with their recent technicolour explosion Centipede Hz often falling into gratingly hyperactive, bright and wacky ...view item »

Omega Male
Omega Male

Features David Best from Fujiya & Miyagi it says on the sleeve. Presumably not the David Best I used to work with, a man who coined the ‘shuffling bits of paper around’ phrase that perfectly describes much of the office work I&rsq...view item »

Rowdy Superstar


I don’t know a lot about this lady but apparently she’s been having all sorts of superlatives thrown around regarding her act so I guess it’s about time I got involved. What’s happening on this here CD is an album of incredibly slick, heavily vocal-led experimental...view item »

Memory Tapes
Grace / Confusion

Memory this, memory that. I can’t discern one Memory band from the other these days. This one seems to have decided that the way forward is to melt early Depeche Mode with mid ‘70s synth prog. The opening track here is a mish mash of variou...view item »

Maigret Jnr
Sick Friends EP

Like anyone, I can have a low voice if I want to- especially if I’m in full on seduction mode (readers, please calm yourselves) . I’m not sure how low it would be if my name was Rupert b...view item »

Scott & Charlene's Wedding
Para Vista Social Club

Craig Dermody, head dude of the Neighbourstastic Scott and Charlene's Wedding, should probably try to cheer the fuck up a little.  Because for all the woes of small-town living in Australia it seems to equip one with the wherewithal to produce a superb little album.  An album full of the woes of small-town living in Australia, ...view item »

Of Montreal
Daughter Of Cloud

I remember back in the day when no one bought Of Montreal records apart from a handful of eccentric loonies and now you’re all at it. All of you! In fact so many of you are buying them there’s now a CD of early out of print singles and rare trac...view item »

Altar Eagle

Digitalis honcho and North Sea dude Brad Rose spends his downtime on this Altar Eagle project with his wife Eden Hemming, where far from the cha...view item »


Another of these youngsters brandishing a form of sad, soulful confessional chamber pop for these strained times, this young south Londoner looking to dust his work with something a little bit special. It's hard in this over-peopled musical climate to make a difference but he's certainly tryin...view item »

Banana And Louie
Alphabet Soup

Banana & Louie is Matthew Stead and Sharon Leach from A Fine Day For Sailing, although apparently it’s a closely guarded secret which one of them is Banana and which is Louie. Long story short they had the idea of maki...view item »

This Many Boyfriends
This Many Boyfriends

Hmmmm. This is the kind of indie I’d have adored as kid. TMB are apparently from Leeds and do the scratchy tub-thumping jangle pop of old, late ‘80s style, Malcolm Eden/Morrissey/twat out of Gene-es...view item »

Mart Avi
Vision / Noble Heart

I’ve not happened upon this fellow before. I don’t even know if Mart Avi is his real name, but what he’s doing here is most tasty. It’s slow, sensual r’n’b with a kind of lounge-dub slant, soulful vocals and slinky looped grooves, along with a leftfield play...view item »

AC Newman
Shut Down The Streets

“Shut Down The Streets”, A.C. Newman’s third solo album is a more gentle set of songs than its predecessor, “Get Guilty”. The songs are both sad and happy in their subjects due to goings on in his personal life at the time of writing. The tone is set by its brilliant opener, “I’m Not Talking”. &ldq...view item »

Mumford & Sons

This album is not bad, but it's not great either...definitely not as good as Sigh No More. The album starts incredibly strong; the first track is probably my favourite off the entire album, but after a few songs it slows down quite a bit and each song starts sounding like the last, and the question, "Is that the same banjo riff I heard in the la...view item »

New Relics

The last Errors album ‘Have Some Faith In Magic’ was a pleasing step up for the Glasgow post-electro-pop rockers and I guess they’re just going with the momentum because here’s a brand new eight-song mini-album les...view item »

Sun Airway
Soft Fall

Soft Fall is about as lush as electronic-based pop music can get. Jon Barthmus literally floods your ears with gorgeous textures, strings, and beats. Close sounds a bit like Coldplay if Coldplay were not so cloying, and the title track is a pulsating rhythmic experience that sounds inspired by New Order. On the surface, Soft Fall sounds less dir...view item »

Taken By Trees
Other Worlds

Concretes chanteuse Vicky Bergsman has released an album with Panda Bear in the past that she recorded in an inspired mood following a trip to ...view item »

The Soft Pack (The Muslims)

The Soft Pack were called The Muslims before they had to change their name for one reason or another. Whatever moniker they have traded under, they have always been a force to be reckoned with and the opening track here ‘Saratoga&rsqu...view item »

Pet Shop Boys

Always loved this duo. Brings back a flood of memories just listening to their timeless sound. This is another solid collection of catchy songs by the Pet Shop Boys, an album that should please most longtime fans. It truly is impressive that they can keep putting out albums as consistently good as this one. As on past albums, you will find some ...view item »

Moon Moods

This is the new album from Diva Dompe (ex-Black Black and Pocahaunted). Its a mish mash of skewed R’n’B and failed dancefloor classics recorded in a wholly cu...view item »

Unnatural Helpers
Land Grab

Here’s a band I’ve never heard of before, Unnatural Helpers, knocking out a brand of indie rock that sounds ever so familiar already. They’re the kind of band that was ten a penny in the post-grunge era, with spiky mid-paced pop...view item »

Mammal Hum
What's Behind Us Is Not Important

Wow. Well this is a nice suprise for anyone missing the kind of insane ‘60s styled pop that burst out of the Elefant 6 stable all those years ago. Forgetting about the opening tune which is a bit of a red herring, straight away we’re into ‘Man On Fire’ which combines a ...view item »

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