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Perpetual Surrender

They’re making a film about Diana (the car crashy one) with Naomi Watts weirdly looking too much like her. The whole things scares me so I’m not gonna talk about it again. It was to neatly lead me into this band called Diana and their new album on Jagjaguwar which is out this week but I feel like I&rsquo...view item »

We Share The Same Sun

Electronic Rock

The teenage pet project of Andy Popplewell (who has since gone on become on of the UK’s leading independent tape engineers/editors/archivists) is a quite unique record but one which fits in with the recent vogue for re-issues from the most unlikely and unusual of sources. Popplewell at aged 17 built his own synthesizer - which is an achiev...view item »

Washed Out

After the genre-defining ‘Life of Leisure’ EP  it was difficult to know where Washed Out (aka Ernest Greene) was going to go. Sadly the answer as provided by debut album ‘Within and Without’ was largely “unimpressive one-dimensional limpness”. The sort of record that jus...view item »

Found A Flat / Ride The Horsey

The immediate thought that popped into my head when I listened to this was that it sounds like a slightly less developed LCD Soundsystem. The track 'Found A Flat' successfully keeps the tension which the song creates throughout.This is done with joyful synth layers that continue to build. The second song is a stab at a more dancey atmosphere, wh...view item »
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Yves/ Son/ Ace
Dead Life

We’ve got a new parcel from Clan Destine in today so no sooner have I got my head around the crumbling darkness of the new “eyedoublecross” album than I’m straight back in the murk with this droney, pulsating album of post-industrial post-dub post-pop weirdness by...view item »

Cop City / Chill Pillars
Gift Shop / Brand New Neighbour Blues

HoZac keep bringing the goodness this week. Here’s a 7” from the bizarrely monikered Cop City / Chill Pillars (it’s not a split, that is the name of the band). The sounds they make are no less weird, a kind of lo-fi devolved post-rock’n’roll sound which owes clear debts to ...view item »

Misty's Big Adventure
The Family Amusement Centre

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Swim Deep
Where The Heaven We Are

Swim Deep can write great tunes there is no doubt about it. Early singles 'King City' and 'Honey' are excellent examples of the bands capability with fantastic choruses. However this album does not live up to the early releases, the song writing is lacklustre and most of songs sound like fillers. This album does s...view item »
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Arts & Leisure
Choose Your Adventure

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The Love Language
Ruby Red

The Love Language, aka Stuart McLamb, recorded his first album on his own with a four-track, then went on a critically acclaimed tour with a seven-piece band, reassembling the songs as he went. 2010's 'Libraries' was also a solo affair. This time he's brought in 20 different musicians from all over the world and the result, thou...view item »
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Bird Nest Roys
Me Want Me Get Me Need Me Have Me Love

More New Zealand re-issues on Captured Tracks, this time from a band I don’t recall hearing at the time of my youthful obsession with all things antipodean. From the opening track it has all the hallmarks of the classic off kilter pop that emerged from the region at that particular time. Guitars chug a...view item »


Allen Callaci & Adam Lipman

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The North Sea (Franz Ferdinand)
Todd Terje Remixes

On the front, in huge letters it says ‘The North Sea’. Except this release hasn’t anything to do with the Digitalis owner’s pet project. The typeset and fact that it’s on Domino Records gives away that it is by Fran...view item »

Sleeping Bag
Women Of Your Life

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Venus Bar

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After Dark II

David Lynch
The Big Dream

Submitting yourself to its hazy beauty may prove challenging for some, but for those willing to explore these unsteady climes, the journey will provide countless delights for the senses. It’s more of an unconscious escape hatch that Lynch has constructed with intangible aural elements--a fantasy place that he allows us to walk arou...view item »

Splish / Wet Dog

My hometown of Nottingham occasionally knocks out a great band and Cantaloupe are definitely one of those, mixing synth-pop, kraut, electro, post-rock with great results, ‘Splish/Wet Dog’ is a superb catchy plonkathon of a single out on Hello Thor Records on 12” vinyl and digital download, Can...view item »
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Tim Burgess
The Doors Of Then - I Am Yours I Am You

Here’s an interesting record. It’s got BJM’s Anton Newcombe putting a couple of tracks from Tim Burgess’s excellent recent ‘Oh No I Love You’ under the knife and turning them into something a bit different and as y...view item »

Relaxed Fit

Picked this one up as the sleeve is fully vibing and I get the impression they’ll be blissful Cyndi Lauper-esque ‘80s pop gems nestled comfortably in the grooves. I might be wrong but here goes... Yeah, I was a bit wrong about that but this is sounding cool. Super lo-fi poppy oddness is definitely the order of the day. It kin...view item »
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Vicissitude is soul-grabbing for those who can appreciate mature and deep soothing hypnotic twinkling amazing sounds. The Deluxe Edition has 2 new songs and 8 remixes which are a fun take on the albums poppers. I think, if put on the spot, I would have to say that A.M.A is my favourite track. However, having said that, I've had favourite Maps tr...view item »

Darren Hayman & The Short Parliament

Former Hefner fellow Darren Hayman is back with an album of seventeenth century folk songs that follows on from his critically acclaimed album ‘The Violence’. Available in a deluxe packaging featuring a lush booklet of Darren’s notes, lyrics, and image...view item »

Part Time

I was rather taken by Part Time’s previous album ‘What Would You Say’, which presented a kind of modern bedroom take on classic uplifting ‘80s soft pop and yet somehow avoided the cloying and cheesy pitfalls thanks to a great ear for a hook and some well chosen chord changes. Now he...view item »
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David Byrne / St Vincent
Love This Giant

What is this unholy pairing? I have to admit to be kinda surprised these two were collaborating to make an album and I was equally fascinated by the chin mangled artwork. I feel bizarrely transfixed by David Byrne’s bumchin which has kept...view item »

17 Pygmies

Interesting how these four lads from Liverpool manage to capture the essence of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Tom Jones and Nancy Sinatra simultaneously while playing the sitar. Fooking amazing!...view item »
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Field Harmonics

In a sign of the audience-splitting effect that this new album from Epic 45's Rob Glover is likely to have it fell on me, by far the least experienced of our venerable reviewing staff, to offer my services as an objective gun for hire. Or, as Phil put it, "you can be the review bike". I think it's fai...view item »

Darren Hayman And The Long Parliament
Four Queens

Frankie & The Heartstrings
The Days Run Away

The Travellers
Summer With No Sun/ 74 Times

I read about this lot somewhere ....but where??? So many things pop through my head on a daily basis that there is no room in there anymore and most of the information gets squeezed back out.  It seems that we have had a few records in by this lot  previously and another reviewers comment that the singer sounds a bit like Cerys Matthew...view item »

We Show Up On Radar
Sadness Defeated

Empire Of The Sun
Ice On The Dune

Album number two of bracing pop extroversion from aussie duo Empire of the Sun. Kind of like a joke where the protagonists have forgotten it was all just supposed to be a bit of fun, Ice On The Dune brings the falsetto-pop in twelve spades, either on CD or LP via EMI. Ex Sleepy Jackon and ...view item »

Mood Rings
VPI Harmony

You know you can sometimes click play on a compact disc player and you know that something is going to be good. Occasionally I’m wrong, very, very wrong but this debut album from this Atlanta 5 piece immediately has a sound that is satisfying on the ear, that is, if you enjoy delayed, reverbed guitars, cymbal washes and vo...view item »

Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust's first album was interesting- basically a platform for Amber's lush vocals. Perhaps a bit on the mellow side, but compelling. I have often placed that album on par with the more mellow of, but possibly the best of, another fantastic band 'Dark Dark Dark'. If either Black Mountain or Lightning Dust remotely interests you, I encour...view item »

Pete Um

Oh god its Um. Its Um everyone. CLEAR THE BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!! Um is a madcap from Cambridge who isn’t Syd Barrett but could be if Syd Barrett was still alive, still making ‘music’ and mad as a march horse. This was originally released back in those sun dappled ...view item »


A few years ago an unusual thing happened. I got massively into Zola Jesus and that’s despite one of the jokers here telling me she sounded like Shakespeare’s Sister. ‘Stridulum II’ is still one of my most enjoyed records of r...view item »


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Pan Aurora

Another part of our Monopsone - Fragments triple bill (see also Darko and The Declining Winter), here are Pan Aurora whose sound is a very European style electronic pop which sits ...view item »
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Getting Closer

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Victoria and Jacob

“Somewhere between Kylie Minogue, Young Marble Giants and The xx”, lies the press release. It possibly, at a push, sounds a little like Kylie Minogue, nothing like the others. Yes everyone it’s festival season and Victoria and Jacob have managed ...view item »
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Icky Blossoms
Icky Blossoms

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Husky Rescue
The Long Lost Friend

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Miles Kane
Don't Forget Who You Are (the album)

"Colour of the Trap" was good, and I thought this one would be similar to it--but it's a thousand times better! The songs have more substance to them, and they have a lot more "thickness"--bass, guitar, drums, etc.--and overall I think it's written much better than the first. Some songs have a notable 60s sound to them, with an added heavier roc...view item »

Imperial Teen
Feel The Sound

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The Ballet
I Blame Society

Future Bible Heroes
Memories of Love, Eternal Youth, Partygoing

Julia Holter

All I bloody hear is Julia Holter this, Julia Holter that. I can't even get on the bus without someone or other murping on about her as the new face of experimental pop. Well you can hardly call this pop but it's a thoroughly engaging listen from start to end. Re-released as it was meant to be (the original vinyl edition was an abridged version)...view item »

Majical Cloudz

Majical Cloudz is the alter-ego of Montreal’s Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto, who play minimal electronic pop with bold vocals and understated rhythmic patterns and synth melodies. The two of them seem to have a kind of Pet Shop Boysy symbiosis, with Welsh taking care of the vocals and Otto dealing...view item »



More fuzzy guitar pop music, certainly more in a 90s style. You’d think from the sleeve that this was some kind of synth/horror music. If that’s what you want then you will be disappointed by that flat out West Coast punk pop on show. It’s as commercial as a clown's red nose. ‘Hand Pistol’ recalls ...view item »
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  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs

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Alex Bleeker and The Freaks
How Far Away

Oh, how delightful, Alex Bleeker & The Freaks have a new album out on Woodsist. The assembled Freaks on this record include characters from Woods and his other band Real Estate...view item »

On Rapids

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Any Love is Good Love

Collated as a response to the hateful Daily Mail’s outing of a transgender person, which led to a violent assault, this compilation is a roaring collection of everything from defiant punk, indie pop and more introspective pieces. With a foreword by Stonewall campaigner Peter Tatchell. Proceeds go to Youth LGBT Manchester. CD from Limi...view item »

Parlour Flames
Parlour Flames

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Access All Arenas

Good live album here. The cheers from the audience do not impede the songs but rather add to the ambiance. The production quality is superb and sounds great while driving on the highway at night. Despite admittedly nit-picky gripes, Access All Arenas is still a stellar live album, and one that any Justice fan will pick up and immediately enjoy. I f...view item »

Dark Dark Horse

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Hanging Gardens

Noah And The Whale
Heart Of Nowhere

I tend to hate it when bands change their sound too dramatically from when I first fell in love with them. Noah and the Whale have definitely changed, but in a way that still reflects all the aspects for which I first came to be a fan. This album is like a perfect blend of the others, though definitely resonating more with The First Days of Spri...view item »
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Small Black
Limits Of Desire

Hey nostalgia fans - remember chillwave? It was only a couple of years ago that we were wowed by a selection of bands, usually from the west coast of America, seemingly in thrall to China Crisis and Madonna B sides. Small Black were part of this - I remember they had one really good song. In my review of...view item »


Wampire's Curiosity sounds like it was recorded in lo-fi on purpose, to possibly give it a more nostalgic sound... possibly, but it sounds great anyways. Their sound is reminiscent of surf, a little psychedelic mixed with new wave. I loved this album from start to finish. There were no big surprises except for the opening track "The Hearse" and ...view item »

Wild Nothing
Empty Estate EP

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Wild Nothing’s previous long player ‘Nocturne’; an album which incorporated a lot of the best bits of ‘80s indie (China Crisis, The Lotus Eaters, The Smiths) into a n...view item »


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Mexicanos Infectados

Lust For Youth
Growing Seeds

Oh bloody hell here come the goths again. My mate used to come to Leeds just to go goth spotting and believe me, there was a fair amount of the pasty-faced miserablists shuffling around back in the ‘80s. I think they stay in their caves more of late, Leeds is a bit too cosmopolitan ...view item »

Just Handshakes
Say It

Having dropped the ‘We’re British!’ bit, and having only recently recovered from the experience of giving a drunken Brian a lift back to Leeds in their hatchback following their show in York last year when he’d ‘missed’ his train, Leeds-based indie-pop sensations Just ...view item »

Careless Woman

I Am Kloot
Natural History - Remastered

Say Hi To The Band

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  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74


Another pleasant little pop gem on Secretly Canadian, Cayucas’ debut ‘Bigfoot’ is a bouncy summertime record full of Beach Boys-esque sunshine, Caribbean rhythms and classic pop songwriting. ‘High School Lover’ is all ‘50s diner bub...view item »

The Neighbourhood
I Love You

  • Reduced from £8.99 - saving you £4.49

The Loudspeaker Ensemble
The Sky Will Always Be There For You

  • Reduced from £4.49 - saving you £2.24

The Carrots
New Romance

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James Blake

The story goes something like this, precocious young man releases slew of excellent electronic 12”s garnering the love of head nodding types before doing an about turn into whiney electro soul on debut album leaving most previous fans crestfallen but forges  headlong into a kind of coffee table soul with the soul bit taken out garneri...view item »

Animal City
See You In The Funny Pages

As well as getting copies of the first Giving Up album and the ace new 7” of blazing garage pop from Last Year’s Men, this week Sophomore Lounge have sent us this varied album of indie pop from Chicago qu...view item »
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Stubborn Heart
Better Than This

  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £3.49

Nicholas Chim

Second album from Singapore singer/songwriter Nicholas Chim is a forlorn collection of indie/folk love songs, from the opener ‘In The End’ you can tell he wears his heart on his sleeve. Initiated by a difficult end to a relationship, Chim pours out his heart through his lyrics but the music is surprisingly upbeat. Other acoustic folk...view item »

The Load

New on Memphis Industries, there are a tonne of records out there that sound like this - a mid-fi pop song somewhere between folk and electronica, it has a homespun feel leaving the track feeling curiously unfinished. What it does have is a catchy chorus, and main guy James Mathe has a voice that at ...view item »

The Shouting Matches
Grownass Man

In my experience, the average Bon Iver fan doesn’t seem to like Justin Vernon’s rock/blues outfit The Shouting Matches, but this is a decent album. Still imbued with the passion and feeling than inhabits Bon Iver, “Grownass Man” perhaps has more in ...view item »

Rainbow Arabia
FM Sushi

  • Reduced from £11.49 - saving you £5.74

Low Sea
Remote Viewing

I’ve done my own Remote Viewing recently trawling through the back catalogue of Haslingdon’s finest electronic duo Remote Viewer. But enough about my weird nocturnal habits, this is a very different beast. Produced by Human League producer Stephen ...view item »

Big Search
Distant Shore / Lost Coming Down

  • Reduced from £4.49 - saving you £3.50

Young Galaxy

Earlier this week I was temporarily put in charge of a child. Amazingly I got through the whole 30 seconds unscathed and didn’t manage to make any mistakes. I think I’ve finally grown up. From the sounds of their fourth album (fourth? who let that happen?) Young Galaxy are closer to the type...view item »
  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49

Black Bug
Reflecting The Light

Here’s a 45rpm LP from French-stationed Swedes Black Bug on the ever-reliable HoZac, ripping through 11 tracks of coldwave-influenced post-punk darkness drenched in chilly Carpenter synths and grungy distortion. Opener &ls...view item »

The Raveonettes
Pretty In Black

Pretty in Black is kind of a Scandinavian rockabilly electronica affair, recognisable but different and interesting. "My Boyfriend's Back" is a different arrangement than you've ever heard, and gives you an idea of the musical aesthetic at work here. I like this album quite a bit. It's my first exposure to the Raveonettes, and it won't be my las...view item »

Blanche Blanche Blanche
Wooden Ball

  • Reduced from £19.99 - saving you £9.99

Fol Chen
The False Alarms

  • Reduced from £14.99 - saving you £7.49


Johnny Powell And The Sad Face Of Infinity
The Difficulties of...

Dharma Bums singer/songwriter Johnny Powell releases his debut album of desolate folk musings, ‘The Difficulties of...’ is full of tender Americana love songs and mountainside laments. With titles like ‘A Predictable Folk Song With An Unpredictable Purpose’ and ‘A Supernatural C...view item »

Miss The Last Wave

  • Reduced from £10.99 - saving you £5.49
  • Reduced from £9.99 - saving you £4.99

The Raincoats
Extended Play

A strange thing happened to The Raincoats in the mid ‘90s. After being bigged up by Kurt Cobain, they reappeared and had a little indian summer to their career, having originally split up in the early ‘80s. I distinctly recall them supporting ...view item »

The Primitives
Everything's Shining Bright - The Lazy Recordings 1985-1987


  • Reduced from £13.49 - saving you £6.74


This album is the masterwork of 22-year-old Brit Stewart Howard, the first UK resident on Brainfeeder and an album which really bodes well for the future. Yep some of the sounds or those in vogue Flying Lotus flamming or witch-house weirdness but it’s expertl...view item »


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A Terrible Splendour

  • Reduced from £18.49 - saving you £9.24

Luxury Liners
They're Flowers

Bleach Blood
The Young Heartbreakers Club

Are you looking for some post punk which manages to mix gospel choirs with synths? Then you have come to the right place. Bleach Blood have wowed with their debut EP, born from teenage songwriting and transformed into this delightful little four track 12” vinyl. catchy,  foot-tapping, punky and a litt...view item »

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