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Leverage Models
Leverage Models

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The Magic Theatre
The Long Way Home

Disquiet EP

A gothic blend of post-rock and electronica from Iceland’s Bloodgroup. Shimmering synths and unapologetically glitchy beats combine with icy vocals like Evanescence covering Depeche mode. Featuring remixes from Com Truise, Girl Unit, Keep Shelly in Athens and Renaissance Man. Out on 12” vinyl from Sugarcane Recording...view item »
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Robert Haagsma
Passion For Vinyl (A Tribute To All Who Dig The Groove)

I have to say, as a long-time vinyl collector (Nine years this year) and as a fan of many different types of music, this book really blows me away in it's diversity and it's representation of what many consider not just an addiction, but a passion - Collecting vinyl records, all sizes, all genres across many different labels. I only own a modest...view item »

Stars Shine Bright / I Can Feel Your Love

London duo Paradise have a new one out on Dirty Bingo. A-side ‘Stars Shine Bright’ sees the duo cracking out the SP-404 and the arpeggio generators to bring that soundtrack to a non-existent film feel to their already established soft lad indie anthem template. ...view item »
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Good Evening Washington D.C., Live at 9.30 Club

Experimental music is best when it’s being created in a live environment. That’s where the fizz and crackle of creativity sparks music into newer, original forms of life. Yeasayer have toured extensively helping to foster a hub of new ideas out of older songs that fans love. This live album from the Brooklynites was ...view item »


Here we have a fresh remix 12” featuring Darkstar’s own recycling of two tracks from their acclaimed album News From Nowhere. Timeaway and Hold Me Down provide a sleek A side, whilst the B-side sees Kollaps have a stab at You Don’t Need A Weatherman. Out on 12” ...view item »

Douglas Dare
Seven Hours

London based singer-songwriter Douglas Dare has come up with an intriguing little debut EP for Erased Tapes. Recorded in south-london bedrooms and practice spaces with drummer/producer Fabian Prynn,  ‘Seven Hours’ is the result of a collaborative process that captures ideas in their infancy and transforms them into odd and impre...view item »

Crazy Fucking Dreams

Yeah tell me about crazy fucking dreams. My god.  Taking Michael Stipe and Peter Buck to a Leeds industrial estate to meet with a very overweight and slovenly David Holmes was just the tip of last nights oddball affair. Anyway Bangers create enjoyable punky racket with some...view item »

Sullivan & Gold
For Foes

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Laura Mvula
Sing To The Moon

I love hearing a choir belting out something melodic with energy whether its Mozart’s Requiem or The Brothers and Sisters singing Dylan’s Gospel so I was intrigued by Laura Mvula’s debut album. For most of this album, there’s no real ...view item »

Saâda Bonaire
Saada Bonaire

I’m so obsessed with the ‘80’s these days that I’m seriously considering buying a ticket to ‘Lets Rock Leeds Live’ - the family friendly 80’s festival featuring Alexander O’Neal, Brother Beyond and Nick Heyward amongst others. C’mon it will be great.   Sadly not confirmed to play...view item »

Emily Underhill

Jake Bugg
Shangri La

Jake Bugg is back with his second studio album Shangri La. Produced by Rick Rubin, the record is named after his studio in Malibu, California, where the recording took place in the summer of 2013. Writing a much anticipated follow up album was never going to be an easy to task for the much celebrated singer-songwriter, ...view item »


Hayat Zor EP

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Danielson Famile
Fetch The Compass Kids

A Prayer for Every Hour

Danielson Famile
Album Bundle

Jeffrey Novak
Lemon Kid

Cheap Time frontman Jeffrey Novak drops his third solo effort this week, and it’s a rambunctious trip through the psych-pop backwoods as you would expect from this chappie, only this time round he’s reined in his more anarchic instincts to put together a collect...view item »
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Lily & Madeleine
Lily & Madeleine

Lily and Madeleine’s eponymous debut starts with a few notes on piano that sounds like some bloody Coldplay song, but fortunately “Sounds Like Somewhere” goes on to please us with more gentle melody and harmonies that we enjoyed on their debut EP “Weight Of The Globe”. This album is a far more produced affair than h...view item »

Blood Orange
Cupid Deluxe

Blood Orange is back with a new album this time called "Cupid Deluxe" this album continues with his streak of great albums. This new album kicks off with the great track "Chamakay" which is a great track and a great way to open the album. It also has a great groove and features some great instrumental work. The production on this album also real...view item »

Wish Hotel EP

Ducktails are about to be at the end of an experiment that sees the reviewer write whilst exceedingly hungry. If a record sounds great when you are as hungry as I am then it must be pretty exhilarating to recently-fed people.   Following on from the mixed bag that was ‘The Flower Lane&...view item »
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Eric Whitacre
Enjoy The Silence

Vocal performer Eric Whitacre decides to loosen up and cover a Depeche Mode song because that's always going to be the way forward New wave meets virtuoso a cappella and hilarity does not occur, but good times certainly do. There's also a b-side, which in a classic and wonderfully ...view item »

The Strypes

It's really encouraging to hear such great rock and roll from these young ones. While their style draws from a number of 60's bands, it's obvious they get most of their material from the mid 70's pub rockers, Dr. Feelgood in particular (several of the songs on this album are ones Feelgood also covered). I'm glad they're so young because that mea...view item »

Mariam The Believer
Blood Donation

I have been listening to the album blood donations for a about half a month now and i have really gotten attached to it. I had first heard about her hen a youtuber i follow called Anthony Fantano had like one of your videos. It was the video for the song "Somewhere else". I was so intrigued, the melody of that song was constantly in my head... a...view item »

Big Sister
Lets Go Fly A Kite / Step Outside

Big Sister are Nico and Joahnna Curwood on vocals and guitar and Remi Lamarcq on bass. Loud noise-fired guitars fuelled by a love for the wah wah pedal not matched since the heady days of Eddie Hazel of Funkadelic. On Crocodile Records, who have vowed to smooth the edges off raw bands and send their music out ju...view item »

The Reverse
Kind Words For Cruel Times

Debut album from North London Indie kids The Reverse. The band have played alongside The Klaxons and The Wave Pictures and have been compared to both Belle and Sebastian and '90s Sheffield pop supergroup Pulp. In the words of a review on their website "It's very much not shit." Well that's a relief. Available on a compact disc with a picture of ...view item »


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Kiran Leonard
Bowler Hat Soup

Boyish new crooner Kiran Leonard brings out his debut LP of sentimental singer-songwriter psychedelia this week on Hand of Glory. A writer of heartfelt songs with a bold, plangent delivery over a widescreen bedroom-indie backing, Leonard has, at the tender age of 18, come up...view item »

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
Take Me To Land Of Hell


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The Young Knives
Sick Octave

The Young Knives stab back with their fourth full-length album: Sick Octave. Credit where credit’s due: this work was self-produced and self-released, and for all the band’s occasional inconceivable quirkiness, the individual drive behind the work really pays off. The band's endeavour cannot be faulted. ...view item »

Lace Curtain
Falling / Running EP

This record has a sticker on it declaring it the “New project from Mikey Young, David West and James Vinciguerra from Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Rat Columns, Rank/Xerox et al&rd...view item »

Joanna Gruesome
Weird Sister

"Heard it all before blah blah blah". I'd like to be all "whatevers" about this album but it's so damn lovable and exuberant that I'd feel like some schoolyard shithead that's just knocked the specs off some poor shy kid and stolen his Monster Munch. I'd feel bad if I accused them merely of aping early ...view item »


Scottish art crew Monoganon do some mathy addition and subtraction and cos and sin nonsense, crafting a record that's as exuberant and free-wheeling as it is technically devotional: the time signatures that drive F A M I L Y stutter and change, but these tracks move with the slow, evocative beau...view item »

E.L. Heath

Wow, El Heath has really upped his game on this latest offering. The Epic 45 lad has previously churned out some thoroughly charming pastoral psych-pop under his own name, but this new album seem an altogether more ambitious. With a wide cast of friends assisting him, the Shropshire-based songwriter has put together...view item »

Shine 2009
Our Nation

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Ores & Minerals

Manchester indie tykes Mazes are back with another album, leading off the press release with the self-same Zane Lowe quote which opened the press release for the debut. While some things haven’t changed, however, it’s immediately clear on listening to the record that these boys have grown up a lit...view item »

The Swamps EP

Ever since I’ve worked here I’ve kept seeing records by this band coming in and out of the shop and I’ve somehow managed to go all these years. Finally I get to answer some (but not all) of my burning questions about this band today. Who are they? What do they sound like? Is it pronounced “widow speak” or “wid...view item »

School of Night
School of Night

School of Night is the solo project of Antlers dude Darby Cicci, and on this debut EP he’s showing off five tracks of impeccably polished darkpop with an emotional falsetto (Phil points out he sounds like Chris Martin). It’s moody and downbeat but smooth and soulful, with warm round bass tones and flutte...view item »
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Polly Scattergood

Got one of those indescribable feelings about this album, that state of mental flux that dictates you are both mildly annoyed yet charmed by a suite of songs. Polly's a kooky ethereal pixie from Colchester in Essex if yr unacquainted thus far with her cutsie orchestral heartbreak electro pop and piano-laced balladry - I don't know why I'm partic...view item »

Of Montreal
Lousy with Sylvianbriar

The somethingth album from the Athens, Ga lot is, despite its title, a generally straightforward affair full of 70's style country rock inflections that may leave fans of their early all-over-the-shop meanderings wondering what has happened. Possibly the point where their penchant for eccentric stagewear was deemed more important than their...view item »


Minneapolis combo Polica have been getting a lot of attention since their previous album ‘Give You The Ghost’ hit to widespread acclaim last year. We sold quite a lot of it but I never actually heard that album, so now I’m getting caught up on what the kids are into via their latest album ‘S...view item »

The Herms
Drop Out Vol:1

Here we have a collection of demos, rarities and general oddities from The Herms, a ramshackle bunch of lads that make the strangest of lo-fi garage pop with a surreal edge. I'm always amazed at how a lot of these garage rock/pop bands sound so old, like they've stepped into a time machine and recorded their album back in 1975, I guess The Herms...view item »
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La Luz
It's Alive

I’ve been enjoying this album ever since the promo arrived in our office a few weeks ago. La Luz are playing the kind of blurry, wistful ‘60s inspired pop that you’re used to hearing from your Beach Houses and your Best Coasts ...view item »

The Cavalry Never Showed Up

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Frederick Michael St. Jude
Here Am I

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Tera Melos
X'ed Out

Love Inks
Generation Club

A soft, supremely subliminal record from Love Inks here, who continue to understand the need for the minimal and the understated in drama. Generation Club is the band's dreamiest work on display, with "Solar Diary" treading a middle-ground pace as Sherry LeBlanc intones softly and hazily. Altogether ...view item »

i EP

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Les Maitres

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Frankie Rose
Herein Wild

When the promo for the latest Frankie Rose album fell through our letterbox here at Norman HQ I instantly fell in love with it. So to get to tell you peeps in internet land all about it is an absolute pleasure. Cutting her musical teeth with indie bands such as Dum Dum Gi...view item »

Red Movies

Local Natives

Local Natives’ debut album, Gorilla Manor, was full of international chart superhits - the likes of World News, Airplanes and Who Knows Who Cares should rightfully have made this band a household name. The problem was no one much heard these smash hits, so the band didn’t get very far. Three years later they returned...view item »

Caviare Days
Caviare Days

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Days Are Gone

Haim delivered some of the stand out singles from 2013 with 'The Wire', 'Forever', 'Falling' and 'Don't Save Me'. This album continues in this fashion with a host of more great song writing and smooth production. The synths on 'My Song 5' are thunderous; this song in particular really shows how diverse the band can be. I would strongly recommend...view item »

Pop Will Eat Itself
Now For A Feast - Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition

These Days

The playful, sophisticated dance pop of Italian duo M+A's second album These Days is so seamlessly hooky and compelling that upon listening it's hard to imagine a world without it. It's a perfect distillation of a yearning for endless summer. M+A's 2011 debut Things. Yes was an inventive and spirited exploration of an organic, heartfe...view item »
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Wax Idols
No Future

Once again HoZac give us some gold, this time in the shape of San Francisco's Wax Idols, who play girl-fronted post-punk that could have come from any point in the past 30 years. The drums and bass are thumping and the guitar is skeletal and all the songs have catchy tunes and big choruse...view item »
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Fire Within

British singer-songwriter Jasmine van den Bogaerde, aka Birdy, really can't fail at becoming massively famous now. Her debut single, a version of Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love' was a huge radio hit, and she's since gone on to collaborate with some big name producers who have worked with Adele, Arctic Monkeys,Sigur Ros and Beyonce. Her debut album was ...view item »

Larry Gus
Years Not Living


Forest Swords

I just listened to the execrable new album from Money, or at least as much of it as the office could bear before Phil insisted I switch it off some way into track four. My despair has been eased somewhat by the fact that I have this absolute corker of a new album by Forest Swords...view item »

Metal Rouge
Soft Erase

I just had the dubious pleasure of reviewing the heaving mass of collaborative darkness from Costin Chioreanu and friends and now I’m heading to similarly bleak places with this Metal Rouge LP on Emerald Cocoon. It opens with machine pulses and sheets of sharply distort...view item »

Souvenir Stand

Clarence Clarity
Save †hyself

Cloud Control
Dream Cave

Psychedelic pop from Cloud Control on their second album, Dream Cave. Melodic tunes with harmony based vocals, expect some nice reverb and some heavily percussive tracks which change from summery, fun numbers to dark, brooding pieces. CD and Vinyl lp. Vinyl is a gatefold with a booklet and download code included...view item »

Terry Malts
Nobody Realizes This is Nowhere

This is a lot out of San Francisco who, without reading any kind of sleeve notes/press release, you may think were from the tail end of punk. They have the buzzsaw guitars, slightly dishevelled arrangements and raw aggression of the likes of Buzzcocks, Ramones  and ...view item »


I had a Pikelet album ages ago but I don’t remember it sounding like this. Then again I can’t remember what day it is, or which way round to put my trousers on. Anyway this is their third album. They met when working as backing musicians for Ariel Pink (good luck ...view item »
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Potty Mouth
Hell Bent

Hailing out of Northampton, Massachusetts (NOT Northampton, Hampshire - they are two very different places), these lot have a nice line in tuneful slacker punk pop: one part Replacements, one part early Lemonheads - but with head firmly tilted towards the C86 janglings emanati...view item »

Sky Larkin

I've been away from doing reviews for a wee while and to be honest it takes a strong, focused mind to tolerate the sheer influx of new music, both good and bad, that we receive through our clattering, groaning doors. So to ease myself back into the madness I've opted to stay on safe ground with a band I've always really liked and admired, h...view item »

Manic Street Preachers
Rewind The Film

If you're a fan, consider that every Manics album has its own sound, its own look and its own feel. They're always true to themselves, but they dress their sound (and themselves) differently for every new venture, exploring, creating and reimagining their world. If you're expecting Send Away The Tigers or, going further back, Motown Junk, sure, ...view item »


Jackson Scott

The twelve tracks here are lonely, spacey, and despondent, but Scott's gift for melody makes for an engaging listen. This is a brand of lo-fi shoegaze that sounds (purposefully so) like it was recorded in Scott's own bedroom. The use of lo-fi makes Melbourne feel immediate, and even personal, even though there's a strange distance that Scott kee...view item »

Summer Camp
Summer Camp

Oh gawd, I thought I was taking one for the team by reviewing some kind of Tennis/Beach House/Best Coast style well-polished slacker pop but this Summer Camp album actually turns out to be some kind of soft, sticky ya...view item »

Willis Earl Beal
Nobody Knows

2nd album from eccentric Chicago artist has a fuller, more produced feel than the debut, but still puts Beal’s unusually expressive voice in the foreground as an unconventional storyteller with an insightfully twisted perspective. The music is a mix of acoustic folk, semi-smooth R&B/soul and street-corner bluesy boot-stompers—wit...view item »

Out Cold

I sat, yesterday, at my desk in despair. From across the room a sound drifted over. I was completely out of puff and ready to go to sleep but I still got myself up, staggered over and with my last breath enquired as to what it was. Such a rare thing to happen as I never like anything but this was a particularly interesting tune, one part ...view item »

Jonny Cola & The A Grades

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_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red

  • Reduced from £24.49 - saving you £12.24

Exit Calm
When They Rise

On lovely bright tangerine vinyl. Vocals = Liam Gallagher in a stadium. Music = U2 in an even bigger stadium. If you find mid-period Simple Minds just a little too subtle, give this a go. Its windswept mid ‘80s slightly melancholic stadium rock full of “meaningful” lyrics and skyscraping guitars. For all you closet Then Jericho...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

In 2013, Franz Ferdinand returned with a new album- "Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action". Musically the album can seen two ways- either as a return to form for the band or sticking to a sound that works for them. Well, they always stick to the same formula so you know what to expect, but that isn't a bad thing when it sounds like this. Fran...view item »

Forest Fire

The Drop

King Krule
6 Feet Beneath The Moon

Looking somewhat like my little brother aged six and armed with a voice something like a Billy Bragg who has the slathering, jowely mouth of a bloodhound, King Krule is certainly a distinctive artist and one who will divide opinion. He has slowly unfurled his talents over the...view item »

Sequel To The Prequel

Babyshambles have released a very fine album. Touches of country, reggae, rock, you name it, all come together to create their best record yet. I enjoy the overall joyous feeling they convey in this collection of songs. Their joy of making and playing these songs is clearly evident. The occasional off-key cater...view item »

No Ceremony

Manchester’s No Ceremony release their debut album on their own label NOC. After getting quite a few fans on the underground dance scene and playing the muddy fields of Reading and Leeds festival this weekend (poor buggers!), this much anticipated debut will probably shift some units, with a classic house ...view item »

Slim Twig
A Hound At The Hem

Here’s a pretty weird album, the latest effort from prolific Torontonian oddball Slim Twig and easily his most ambitious to date. He’s enlisted the help of various friends, notably including Arcade Fire&rsqu...view item »

Shadow Of Heaven

The singer from this band is really, really reminding me of somebody, but who? Answers on a postcard please. The closest I can get to it is that kind of strained high pitched nasal whine that they do best in Canada, a la Arcade Fire or Wolf Parade, but I’m sure there&rsquo...view item »

Andrew Cedermark
Home Life

Those underwater people at Underwater Peoples rarely disappoint. Here’s the latest from them - the second album by Andrew Cedermark, former guitarist from celebrated indie rockers Titus Andronicus. He’s playing some ...view item »
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Young Magic

Some decent quality experimental pop music from the NY based trio. Pulling in vibes from all over the place yet maintaing an album that is fully cohesive. There's elements of Fly Lo's Brainfeeder style hip-hop fused seamlessly with lovely vocal harmonies, west African rhythms and 60's psychedelic pop elements. A super lazy comparison would proba...view item »

Stick Me In My Heart

  • Reduced from £6.99 - saving you £3.49


The Sinclar Sinclair
The Dreamers Of The Dreams

Crack In A Stone

Scott & Charlene's Wedding
Any Port In A Storm

Craig Dermody’s happy campers have been on the radars of a few of us here at House Norman for a few months now. Their debut album, Para Vista Social Club, was one of the highlights of 2012 for me, and their last EP (Two Weeks...view item »

Pure Bathing Culture
Moon Tides

Going by their name alone I thought Pure Bathing Culture would be some sort of new age synth drift types along the lines of Food Pyramid or Dolphins into the Future. Turns out I am, as usual, way off. This is actually the ...view item »

Julia Holter
Loud City Song

The best experimental record of the year was for me undoubtedly by These New Puritans. I urge anyone with a passing interest in late period Talk Talk, Scott Walker or David Sylvian to take a listen to t...view item »

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