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Gruff Rhys
American Interior

Super Furry Animal Gruff Rhys unveils his latest epic project this week, of which this album is only a part. 'American Interior' is not only an album, but also a documentary film, a book and a phone app, documenting a recent US tour-cum-history-expedition in which Rhys retraced the steps of an historical ...view item »

My Autumn Empire
The Visitation

There's some very pretty pastoral psychedelic pop business on this new CD from My Autumn Empire, the one out of Epic45 who's not EL Heath, whose previous 'II' album was quite popular if I remember rightly (nor the one who Field Harmonics - Clint). H...view item »

Pure X

Oh, we have a post-it on this one! "Falsetto-voiced laid back nice-ness a la Radar Bros" says the stockroom elf. I'm listening now and he's right, this is proper silky AOR type business with glacially chiming guitars and breathy falsetto harmonies. Opening track 'Starlight' sounds exactly like a half-speed ...view item »

The Icypoles
My World Was Made For You

This is quite a sweet thing......if you like 1950’s/60’s girl group stuff and The Moldy Peaches. The band, some formerly in Architecture In Helsinki,  are obviously completely in love with the naive doo-wop pop of the era but play thei...view item »

Lykke Li
I Never Learn

I Never Learn is Lykke Li’s third album and conveniently wraps up a trilogy. The Swedish singer recorded the album after a relationship break up. The album’s title and other songs such as Sleeping Alone and Never Gonna Love Again show she’s writing from experience. Lykke Li...view item »

Lily Allen

Sheezus is Lily Allen's third album. It Features the singles "Air Balloon", "Our Time" and "Hard Out Here". All formats include the bonus track "Somewhere Only We Know", a cover of the Keane hit which Lily took to number 1 in the UK. Sheezus is available on vinyl LP,...view item »

Sky Swimming

Here's the debut album of silky synthpop from turbulent lovecouple Elephant, a graceful collection of languid, sun-bleached yacht pop full of soft synth and chiming guitar and sultry female vocals which the press release describes as "uniquely curvy". It's dreamy stuff, cool and measured and inviting in a strangely detached sort of way. ...view item »

We Have Band

They have band! Billed as a return to the dancefloor, this is the third album from London electro rockers We Have Band. Movements was produced by the band in their studio at home, with help from DFA/LCD Soundsystem man Tim Goldsworthy. Plenty of that familiar DFA shine, here.&nb...view item »


Food is the 6th album by Harlem born songstress Kelis.It has been described as being her most lyrically honest album to date. As well as being a singer, Kelis is a qualified Le Cordon Bleu sauce chef, so unsurprisingly her love of food influenced the album. Food was produced by...view item »

Weird Drift

The sticker we’ve written on the front of the promo reads “Paradinas and wife. Good.” That could pretty much do as a review but I’m sure you want a bit more jam to lace the bread, right? Well the second collaboration for the pair (Paradinas being the U-Ziq/Pl...view item »

Supreme Cuts
Divine Ecstasy

Chicago production duo Supreme Cuts drop their debut LP 'Divine Ecstasy' on Memphis Industries this week. This pair are new to me but within a few tracks I'm enjoying their easygoing, genre-jumping house-pop style. Old school Chicago house shines through as the main influence on the first couple of tracks, the tracks are led by crisp programmed ...view item »

Ben Watt

Its hard to say when or why Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn became such national treasures as there was a time in the late 80’s where they were in severe danger of being shot for crimes against music. Their early solo albums and the first flush of Everything But The...view item »

St. Vincent
St. Vincent

Having been a fan of St. Vincent since the very beginning, I was eagerly awaiting this album, and safe to say it did not disappoint. St. Vincent has always had a very unique style, and it feels like the fine tuning she has been doing has really paid off with this self-titled album because it sounds so innately S...view item »

Side By Side

Side by Side is the debut album from French duo Candidate and was originally released in 1987. The boy-girl pair from Nancy followed on from the success of Nancy bands such as Kas Produkt, by singing in English yet remaining popular elsewhere in Europe. Side by Side is available on blue vinyl, limited to 300 co...view item »

The Acid
The Acid

The Acid are Steve Napela, RY X and Adam Freeland who between them have a rather illustrious list of successes; a grammy nomination, top 40 album success and a widely respected DJ. They combine in an “Avengers” type collaboration of excellence to create some deep R&B inspired minimal techno. A 12” p...view item »

Small Black
Real People

Used to have a bit of a soft spot for Small Black back in 2010 fueled mainly by an excellent split with Washed Out. I believe they may have even helped out as Washed Out’s backing band around the same time...might have made that up though. I guess after the disappointment of ‘Within And Without’...view item »

The Crookes

Sheffield four-piece The Crookes met, whilst probably quite drunk, at the Fuzz Club in the city. Soapbox was recorded in Italy in an old church on top of mountain. The band have been fairly prolific since their 2010 inception, releasing a mini album, two full length albums and a single before their latest offering, ...view item »

Jasmine Minks
Cut Me Deep - The Anthology 1984-2014

These Cherry Red compilations are truly a treat for fans of 80’s indie pop who wish to re-discover some of the lesser sung guitar strummers of the era. On this compilation there are over 50 songs across two CD’s for less than twelve quid. Nuff sed. It seems almost implausible now that before Oasis...view item »

School Of Language
Old Fears

Memphis Industries bread and butter Field Music (a.k.a the Brewis brothers) have a tendency to split themselves in two from time to time with Peter working under the pseudonym The Week That Was and David taking on the School Of Languages name. I believe this is sec...view item »

Evan Ønly
No Matter What EP

Hello. I’m from the 80’s and I’m here to review the new maxi single from Evan Only. Certainly those boys from Johnny Hates Jazz should be watching their backs as Evan Only are here to claim their sophisticated pop crown. With a voice one part Green...view item »


Wildewoman is the debut album from New York five-piece, Lucius. The band feature the vocal talents of Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe, who sing dual lead vocals. Lucius have been wowing crowds across the United States, playing in sold out venues. Wildewoman is available on indies only limi...view item »

De Lux

Skateboard tricksters Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco make up LA duo De Lux. Voyage is their debut album. Their sound can be described as new romantic punk meets LCD Soundsystem with elements of Talking Heads and Brian Eno. If you didn’t know any better you would ass...view item »

Busman's Holiday
A Long Goodbye

Busman’s Holiday are a duo made up of brothers Lewis and Addison Rogers. The boys make indie-pop music together and harbour little quirks such as using a suitcase as a bass drum. Their musical cvs include touring with Swedish indie-popper Jens Lekman when Addison played drums and Lewis being the original guitarist in Sleeping Bag. A Long G...view item »

The Unknown

The office post-it imp has been at it again, this time emblazoning the front of the new Dillon album with a sticker saying "Really good Klima/Bjork electronic/female". I have to say his pithy six-word summary is reasonably accurate. This is an album of slinky and understated electronic pop from the The xx/...view item »

Anthems For The Micro-Age

First up in my Friday review pile is this LP by Roladex, a modern synthpop duo armed with an impressive arsenal of classic synths. You can tell they're very proud of them because while they don't include their own names anywhere in the album art, they do list all their equipment. As for the music itself, they seem to be taking their cues from ea...view item »

The Wolfhounds
Anthem / Middle-Aged Freak

Indie rockers The Wolfhounds formed in Romford in 1985. The band split, or went on hiatus, in 1990 after releasing four albums. Anthem/Middle Aged Freaks is the third single they have released since their reformation in 2005, following on from Cheer Up and Divide and Fall, which both received great cri...view item »

Beyond Ugly

Like a smorgasboard of sound, Malachai don’t particularly stick to a particular style thus destroying yesterdays office discussion that you could judge a record by the first track only. If you judged this one by opener ‘Sweet Flower’ you’d have it down as a kind of gritty, sink-dwelling ...view item »


Here’s some soaring indie pop business from London quartet Famy, who’re rocking a bit of an epic pop aesthetic like Alt-J with yelpy and strained vocals that will divide opinions right from the start I suspect. They do help contribute to the epic aesthetic, particularly with ganged-up whoa-ohs backing him ...view item »

White Hinterland

Baby is the third album by White Hinterland, aka Casey Dienel. Dienel has juxtaposed deep, dark songs with gospel and R&B, music she has always loved. Baby was recorded with the help of Dienel’s friends Sean Carey (Bon Iver), Neal Morgan (Bill Callahan, Joanna Newsom) and Cole Kam...view item »

Lace Curtain
The 3rd EP

This is apparently the third EP by post-Total Control coldpoppers Lace Curtain, but only the second that I've heard. There are four songs on here and they're all patiently-paced and understated chunks of synthpop somewhere between Hot Chip, New Order...view item »


Finders Keepers follow their 'universally loved by everyone on the planet pretty much' Pomegranates comp with this... The first of a reissue programme of the Iranian '70s starlet Googoosh. Who? Apparently all of her records were destroyed after the Iranian revolution of 1979 so her wares have been tricky to find should anyone have actually heard...view item »

May You Marry Rich

One of the things on my review pile this week is an album by Colourmusic, who I haven't heard before. Nor is there any information in the press release so I'm just going to dive into this one blind. It's quite an interesting record actually, a kind of dreamy '80s-style pop but with some droney experimental leanings and breathy reverbed vocals....view item »

Tokyo Police Club

I tried to give this LP a preliminary listen at dinner time last night, but it quickly became apparent that this kind of stridently produced indie pop is a bit too hyper-present and distracting to eat to so it didn't last long. 'Forcefield' is album number four from indie poppers Tokyo Police Club. It's a collection of pretty strong guitar pop...view item »

On The Beach

Some down beat rhythms from Joakim. On The Beach is the four tracker from the Parisian producer. Having a go at the Neil Young track, our Joakim leaves the tempo alone but mutates the instrumentation into a blend of subs, synths and robotised vocals, like a downbeat downer Daft Punk Tron vibe. With remixe...view item »

We Are Catchers
We Are Catchers

We Are Catchers is not a plural as you might assume but one chap, Peter Jackson. He is catcher. He's gone and made an album of lovely psych-pop just like they used to in the '60s, heavy influence from both Beatles and Beach Boys clearly present. Second track 'Tap Tap Tap' provi...view item »

Francois & The Atlas Mountains
Piano Ombre

I always think I must be extra difficult to get your music noticed in America or the UK if you speak in a foreign language - It is seen by the perpetually dense and arrogant English first speakers that you don't seem interested in their markets or you are pretentious or nationalistic. Domino have been braver for years with...view item »

The Delaplains
The Other You EP

It’s always good to catch a band on their way up, earning you a certain amount of cred with your mates as you can be the one to introduce them to the next big thing. Here’s one for you, jangly indie pop from Manchester-based The Delaplains. Rocking that 1960s guitar vibe; it’s cool stuff from the music capital ...view item »

Ellis Island Sound
Intro, Airborne, Travelling

This is a long running collaboration between Pete Astor (Weather Prophets) and David Sheppard (State River Widening, Snow Palms).  The main track i...view item »

Mark Morriss
A Flash Of Darkness

Once the singer with much loved indie band The Bluetones, Mark Morriss has gone solo. His new album A Flash Of Darkness, his second solo outing, is released on the Acid Jazz label and contains the single This is a Lie. The single has received airplay from Dermot O’Lea...view item »

Art of Noise
Live At The End Of A Century

This limited edition picture disc, Live At The End Of A Century, features three tracks from the Art of Noise album Reconstructed….For Your Listening Pleasure, which was originally released in 2004. The line-up featured three original members: Paul Morley, Trevor Horn and Anne Dudley with the edition of 1...view item »

Withered Hand
New Gods

New Gods is the second album from Edinburgh-based singer Songwriter Dan Wilson, aka Withered Hand. With the aid of a grant from Creative Scotland, Wilson was able to utilise everything a proper studio had to offer to bring his folk-rock musings to life. Assisted by producer Tony Doogan, New Gods features g...view item »

Electric Ocean

I haven't encountered these Scraps before but this album they've done for Fire Records is pretty nice. For some reason I looked at the cover and thought it was going to be some kind of cheeky indie rock business but actually it's quite a glacial and understated synthpop sprawl topped with wistful Scottish-accented female vocals, conjuring an aes...view item »

Joan As Policewoman
The Classic

I spent a long time getting Joan As Police Woman confused with Emmy The Great and unintentionally snoozed on checking her out. I only realised my error recently upon hearing her latest single 'Holy City' and discovering that actually she's a big-lunged soul lady who's snuck comfortably into the ...view item »

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy
You Are Everything

Nice package! This new LP by the former The Church man in collaboration with friend Martin Kennedy from All India Radio contains a vinyl, a download AND a CD of remixes, and bonus tracks! I never got massively into The Church but my dad always reckoned they were ...view item »

The Take Off And Landing Of Everything

Another Elbow album, their 6th. The Take Off And Landing Of Everything follows the platinum album Build A Rocket Boys and is likely to continue their ascent into superstardom. Jimi Goodwin from Doves and Manchester’s Halle Orchestra make guest appear...view item »

The Twang

NEONTWANG is the doggedly upper-case new record from The Twang, available from Jump The Cut on either CD or NEON green vinyl (see what they did there?). I seem to remember The Twang as being a fairly straight-forward indie guitar band, but either I’m wrong or they’ve developed over time: som...view item »

Spring Offensive
Young Animal Hearts

Young Animal Hearts is the debut album of Spring Offensive, a guitar-based indie band hailing from Oxford. They have a slightly angular sound, lots of harmonies, that kind of thing. The recording of the album was paid for entirely by a crowdfunding campaign (well done guys!), and is out on their own Spring Offensive Rec...view item »

Team Spirit
Team Spirit EP

The sleeve of this record looks pretty evil, so I figured it was going to be a bit of a bad-vibes metal band or something, but that’s not the case as I put the disc on the player. In fact Team Spirit are peddling a relentlessly upbeat take on that late ‘90s pop-rock sound, nice chunky rhythm section, S...view item »

Pyrolator's Traumland

The Ata Tak label founder and experimental musician known as Pyrolator strayed off his usual path with his 1987 album, Pyrolator’s Traumland. The album was more of a conventional pop/jazz effort which could have seen him break the charts. The album polarised opinion between fans and critics. This reissue gives eve...view item »

Carla Bozulich

Oh, Boy. Here's an album which really needs more than the perfunctory half-hour review I have time to give it, but that's how the release schedule works sometimes. So many records, so little time! Here the inimitable Carla Bozulich of Evangelista/Geraldine Fibbers notoriety delivers her "pop album" (her ...view item »

Ruby Friedman

Life is the first single by New York based singer/songwriter, bandleader and composer Ruby Friedman to be released on Room 609 Records. It is her fourth single in total, the previous three being self-released. Her songs have been used on TV shows such as America’s Got Talent, Sons Of Anarchy and Justified. ...view item »

Blood Oranges
The French Word For Love

Leeds very own Blood Oranges have a newy out on Things To Make And Do and it’s purest twee/indie-pop all the way. No harm in that mind, especially for fans of the genre. Personally I thought Blood Oranges had split up or at least change their name but here they are with a t...view item »

Kevin Morby
Harlem River

This is the solo vehicle from the man who, as well as being one half of The Babies, also acts as Woods bassist. A very busy lad, but not busy enough to write this quite lovely homage to his recent home of New York City.  Opener ‘Miles Miles Miles’ has that swooning sty...view item »

Sargent Place

Sargent Place is the 7th studio album by slowcore legends Spain. The album is regarded as being the Los Angeles four-piece’s best work since their 1995 debut, The Blue Moods Of Spain. The band are fronted by Josh Haden who is the son of jazz legend Charlie Haden. Sargent Place features a ...view item »

Ava Luna
Electric Balloon

Stumbled upon these guys while checking out bands from SXSW 2012. I was not expecting something even more addicting and polished than their Ice Level album . These guys seemed to have really found their sound and they are having a blast. Without trying to explain their sound I would say the first track "Daydream" and "Electric Balloon" gives you...view item »

John Harle & Marc Almond
The Tyburn Tree - Dark London

Marc Almond and John Harle have been reading spooky history books about London, it would seem: it all comes out here on The Tyburn Tree, named for a popular hanging spot from back in the day. Iain Sinclair turns up on it, so that is pretty much a London seal of approval right there eh? On spanky nice do...view item »

Morning Phase

Every few years Beck does the decent thing and releases an album of haunting acoustic tracks, usually when he’s had a relationship break up or is in the middle of some kind of crisis or other.This album seems to have come following several wilderness years for Mr Han...view item »

Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing a.k.a Jack Tatum returns with his newie on Bella Union entitled ‘Nocturne’. With ‘Gemini’ being such an unexpected, out-of-nowhere style hit I wa...view item »

Arthur Beatrice

Arthur Beatrice sounds like the name of a man, but this isn't a man singing on this record. Further research indicates that Arthur Beatrice is in fact a four-piece, with vocalist Ella Girardot backed by a man called Orlando Leopard and two brothers called Elliot and Hamish. 'Midland' is their new single, and it's a slick and understated ...view item »

Blue Film

I tried to review this record yesterday. I really wanted to like it, 4AD have put out a lot of things I really like, both in the past and more recently, but they seem to have dropped the ball a little here. Lo-Fang is the alias of Matthew Hemerlein and this album is full of sweeping, brooding, cinematic pop with falsetto vocals and violins and s...view item »

Eleanor Friedberger
Personal Record

It seems that following her escape from brother Matthew, Eleanor Friedberger has made records that eschew completely the bonkers avant pop of The Fiery Furnaces to create something that veers past a more stra...view item »

Violent Light

Brooding Brooklyn band, Milagres’ last album, Glowing Mouth, was written from a hospital bed in a vicodin fog following a climbing accident suffered by singer, Kyle Wilson. Its themes centred around the fragility of life. Conversely it’s follow up, Violent Light is about living life and flippin&rsqu...view item »

Reverend and The Makers
Thirty Two

Thirty Two is the fourth album from Sheffield indie-rockers, Reverend and the Makers, following on from 2012’s @Reverend Makers. Thirty Two was produced by Jon McClure, James Welsh and Ed Cosens from the band with the experienced hand of ex-Killing Joke bassist and super producer...view item »

Matthew And The Atlas
Pale Sun Rose

Spacey, jaunty foot-tapper from London-based folk act Matthew and the Atlas. Forget about the tepid faux folk nonsense made stratospheric in recent years by the likes of Mumford and Sons and Noah and the Whale, Matthew and the Atlas have a genuine ageless folk feel and are a refreshing change from all that. Limited edition 7" vinyl in a pleasing...view item »

You Send Me Up / You're Madder Than Me

Its not every band take their primary influence from Van Der Graaf Generator but here’s a possibility. Coming from the international pop hotbed of Bradford (see also: Kiki Dee) and rejoicing in the names Augustin Bousfield, Nanette Brimble and Bradley Cunningham,  the group have recorded...view item »

Arthur Beatrice
Working Out

Working Out is the new album by English indie-poppers Arthur Beatrice. The band Formed in 2010 and were awarded the accolade of the Guardian’s New Band Of The Day in 2011. They have been compared to The Sundays, The Smiths and The XX but all you really need to kno...view item »

Blood Of The Bull
Bend Over

There are four songs of indie rock on this 12" EP. It's quite a simple aesthetic - chunky fuzz guitar, Doorsy organ playing and simple Meg White-esque drumming, with Hillary Van Scoy (who also played all the instruments) leading it all with her strangely sing-song voice whose tones blend with the organ in a really strange, almost unnerving way w...view item »

Baader Meinhof
Baader Meinhof

A concept album from Luke Haines as Baader Meinhof between Auteurs albums, the record and band name comes from the names of two of the Red Army faction and details the history of the group. With five new bonus tracks, four of which were previously unreleased. Also the name of a weird type of synchronicity. Googl...view item »

Abram Shook
Sun Marquee

Another retrospective review as its already in the shops and available to purchase, you lucky, lucky  people. This is the debut album from a lad who has been all around this great big world but he can’t find his baby and only on occasion here has his full muse intact. What we have is another variation on the ‘chill-wave&...view item »

Keel Her
Keel Her

Rose Keeler-Schaffeler has been making music for so long that I had to check that this was her debut album. It is. On it she's put together 18 of her lo-fi pop miniatures for your lucky ears. It can take a couple of tracks to settle in as you get used to the foggy vocals and spluttering guitar trails, it's somehow both tinny and discordant and r...view item »

Gardens & Villa

Gardens & Villa is essentially avant garde electronic pop musician Danton Eeprom. Dunes was recorded at his home studio and combines near-the-knuckle lyrical references and dancefloor sensibilities. His impressive oeuvre encompasses a wide range of genres and influences. Dunes is av...view item »

Maximo Park
Too Much Information

There was something about the early Maximo Park that suggested that they could become one of my favourite bands. Their North Eastern accents, the obtuse lyrics about the Northumbrian coastline and pit villages, just the merest hint of Prefab Sprout. But then everything went rather bland and boring and I lost...view item »

Beat Hotel (featuring Jim Shepherd)
Best of Our Years / The Fire

It says ‘featuring Jim Shepherd’ all over it but I didn’t know who Jim Shepherd was. Turns out he was the lead singer in the Jasmine Minks. It also features a host of other luminaries from the era, the one from The Weather Prophets...view item »

First Base
First Base

HoZac have some hot platters for us this week in the shape of a couple of new additions to their Archival series, resurrecting some overlooked power-pop by Chicago's Epicycle and Toronto's First Base. Oh wait, what's that? This is a new album, apparently. You wouldn't know it to listen to it, though - this is by-...view item »

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Sophie Ellis-Bextor gets kind of smooth and orchestral on Wanderlust, an album that placed her at number four in the pop charts. It isn’t often that we feature music as successful as that here… Wanderlust is less dancefloor-focused than the usual Ellis-Bextor fair, perhaps due to t...view item »

Dog Bite

I'm finally nearing the end of today's review pile, but before I finish here's the second LP by Atlanta's Dog Bite, who play a kind of Wild Nothing-esque ketamine shoegoth which is alternately dreamy and dreary. It's like a foggy dream about Echo & the Bunnymen. There's lots of reverb and e...view item »


I guess you could call this a supergroup of sorts and one that has got me all of a quiver to be honest, led by former Cocteau Twins multi instrumentalist Simon Raymonde and featuring a host of special guests including Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway of Radiohead, Eric Puli...view item »

Girls Names
The New Life

I seem to have reviewed every Girls Names record to date. Every time the words ‘Echo’ and ‘The Bunnymen’ are 100% guaranteed to feature somewhere within. They are a Belfast four piece who peddle ...view item »

Chris Cohen
Overgrown Path

Cohen is, according to the press release, “the child of a former music business executive and a former Broadway actress”. Nice genes if you can get ‘em. ‘Overgrown Path’ reaches into my ears with slimy exploratory tendrils ...view item »

Yong Yong
Greatest It's

I very much enjoyed Yong Yong's debut cassette (now available on LP on Night School), really trippy and minimal but thoroughly melodic with it. It's a pleasure, then, to have another long-player in the office from them. If anything this is even more minimal than the first tape, broadly evoking a cross between the dubbed-out fever drones of ...view item »

The Hidden Cameras

Age is the 8th album from Toronto indie-poppers The Hidden Cameras. The band are essentially a collective, a revolving cast with singer and songwriter Joel Gibb being the central figure. Gibb took his inspiration for the album from adolescence and forbidden love. Age features the single Gay Goth Scene....view item »

You Me At Six
Cavalier Youth

You Me At Six just get bigger and bigger with their new album Cavalier Youth set to send them stratospheric. Prior to the release of their new album they have just completed their first headline US tour and had their biggest UK chart hit, things are on the up for this young rock band from Surrey. Availab...view item »

I Break Horses

A beautiful voice ties together some atmospheric and experimental, ultra modern sounds. When I say atmospheric, don't assume it's all just background music. You get the immersive “Heart to Know” that makes one feel almost enveloped under water with one's thoughts. The background tones in “Ascension” have a little bit of e...view item »

Purity Ring

Despite the fact that Promise Ring seem to show even less range than Grimes (no shame there), the voice and the drums take similar style hallmarks in a deeper, richer, and more engrossing direction. Grimes and Purity Ring both use vocal effects, but Grimes seems to rely mainly on reverb variations, natural voice modi...view item »

The Bones Of What You Believe

First off, the V in Chvrches needs to be addressed. Bugger off. Now that's done; these guys are a Glaswegian synth pop band with a heavier, M83 style, epic synth beat which meet some kind of CSS vocals and pop. It's possibly most similar in style to La Roux. In fact, the song 'Gun' remin...view item »

I’m Aquarius

Despite the press release boasting of them as “Britain’s most-loved, quintessentially English, modern pop act” and seeing their name everywhere from the Daily Express reviews section (the only page on which they aren’t talking about the weather) to ‘Modern Dog’, I’ve yet to knowingly hear a note of ...view item »

Washd / National

Straight outta the mean streets of York, UK come GirlsOnDrugs with this much heralded tune which has been selling like hotcakes within the fair city. And why? Because this is an utterly brilliant tune. ‘Wash’d’ is the kind of yearning yet futuristic track that the collaboration betwe...view item »

Rare Mod 5

The fifth edition of this popular compilation, Rare Mod 5 delivers another confident mixture of mod, soul and r&b tracks from the mid sixties. Rarely stretching past two and a half minutes, each song is a rare pop gem. A must for nostalgic psych-heads and fuzzed out poppers. Out on vinyl LP from Acid Jazz....view item »

Mean Lady
Love Now

When you first start to listen to this- I feel like you wait for a little too long and the all of a sudden Katie starts to sing and you can say...aaahhh.. and just relax and feel a little younger. A little bit country but most of all like you want to put on a flower crown and start to hulu hoop. She has a way of sucking you into feeling mellow a...view item »


From the heart of the Denmark underground came Menthol, with their debut EP from these two well known figures on the scene, Niels K. Eriksen and Kim LAS. Deconstructed pop with heavy, grimey bass and synth, along with Battles-esque vocals over the top. Limited edition of just 200 copies of this 12" EP on Cejero....view item »

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