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Dry The River
Alarms in the Heart

The press release says "For fans of Mumford & Sons, Dog Is Dead and Stornaway". Oh, Phil, why do you let this stuff in our office? Apparently I'm the office Dry The River expert because I saw them by accident once at a festi...view item »

Mimicking Birds

Introspective rustic acoustic pop with electronic embellishment from a man known as Nate Lacy, along with his two cohorts Aaron and Adam. No they're not a Christian sect (I don't think). This is an album of restrianed, organic pop, appealing lyricism and subtle contemporary touches and the vinyl carries a download card....view item »

Mozart's Sister

Mozart's Sister is the moniker of gleeful synth pop songwriter Caila Thompson-Hannant, who's been active making EPs for three years now. Last year, she released 'Hello', a 12" EP with four sparkling, slightly debased tracks which showed off her various musical personalities: from the smirking groove of "Contentedness" to the super melodramatic p...view item »

Beach Day
Native Echoes

'Native Echoes' is the second record to come from Florida's chilled out garage rockers Beach Day, who make breezy music to sing to palm trees. Their tight surfer guitar work recalls a variety of catchy outfits such as Best Coast, Cults and Wavves, driven by a few chords, moving at a steady pace and settling in nicely under the sun. You...view item »

Cibo Matto
Hotel Valentine

I thought these girls had split up! Apparently not, although this is their first album since the late '90s. You wouldn't know it to listen, though, with the Tokyo-via-New York duo picking up where they left off with their disarming hybrid pop which takes in everything from hip-hop, soul, Latin, jazz, dub, big beat, drum'n'bass...precisely the ki...view item »


Embrace return after seven years with their eponymous 6th album. The band disappeared after the unprecedented success of two number one albums, Out Of Nothing and This New Day, returning to their hometown near Huddersfield to reconnect with their roots. Embrace still has all the trademarks of t...view item »

The Free Fall Band
The Münster Sights

The Free Fall Band hail from a small village north of Barcelona and their music is imbued with the vibrancy of youth that they exude from every pore. Their music is a fresh and melodic as they are youthful, citing influences such as The Beatles, The Shins, The Zombies and Jonathan Richman. T...view item »

Black Bananas
Electric Brick Wall

Oh cool, Jennifer Herrema's Black Bananas are back this week. Their 'Rad Times Express IV' debut got plenty of spins from me so I'm happy to announce that they've not really fucked with the formula that made that album so much fun. In case you missed that one, the style in question is a louche neon mutated soulpop/drug-rock hybrid with the "Pa...view item »


The music industry beggars belief sometimes. Even in its most ludicrously coked up insanity, how can anyone sit down and decide that this is a releasable piece of music. Secretly Canadian  - what in God’s name has happened to you? For the record its a highly scrubbed piece of Disney-inspired fluff. The songs all sound they sho...view item »

Concrete Love

Here is a new album by The Courteeners. Big in Manchester aren't they? But not many other places. Just taken a listen and its not as lad rock as I expected. Pretty tuneful laid back and pretty indie-rock. They are on sunday brunch on channel 4 so find out for yourselves. Just played another track and its brasher and a bit Interpol-y. Deluxe...view item »


Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Literature construct classic breezy intelligent indie/jangle pop with a sweetly fey demeanour. Aimed squarely at fans of the Field Mice, Orange Juice, McCarthy and The Smiths, this album comes over as classic-sounding Slumberland fare with hearty nods to the glory days of the late 80's ...view item »

Latimer House
All The Rage

Described by Gary Crowley as “something rather ace sounding” when he first played This Is Pop on Amazing Radio, the opening track on All The Rage, the debut album from Latimer House, sets the tone for this collection of guitar-driven pop. From the earthy string arrangements on Burn, the dreamy reverberation of Your Love, the ...view item »

David Myhr

David Myhr and his tongue-in-cheek power pop first found a home with Swedish act the Merrymakers, and he went on to release his solo record 'Soundshine' in 2012; it's now getting a vinyl reissue. Full of the kind of stuff that makes Swedish twee pop what it is -- simple choruses, quirky sprinklings of synth and crystal clear guitar -- Myhr ...view item »

Boy Names
Instant Ambition

Boy Names are a trio based in Brixton who make upbeat, good vibes indie pop informed by the 80s, RnB and soul, with a little bit of twee on top for good measure: "Instant Ambition" is all about the hooks and silly vocals. This single is being released in the form of a cassette tape, and comes with a download code....view item »

Savaging Spires
We Should Be Dead Together

Apparently this new Savaging Spires LP is "a precursor to upcoming album 'Horizon'" but in this review I'm going to write about it as if it was an album in its own right, because heck, it's got 11 songs on it and it's on an LP! The artwork is extra confusing because it looks like side A is just one song and side Two has the other 10 songs on it,...view item »

The Safe Distance
Songs EP

The Safe Distance are an international, oddball-pop supergroup featuring Crayola on vocals and guitar (Sarandon / A Witness, UK), David Nichols on drums, (Cannanes / Huon, Australia), and Stewart Anderson on bass and organ (Boyracer etc, USA). Their latest 4 track, 7’’ EP lies at the power pop end of the C86 spectrum...view item »

Girl One And The Grease Guns
Bashed, Beaten And Broken (Trip The Switch)

‘Bashed, Beaten And Broken (Trip The Switch)’ is the latest in a prolific run of 7’’ singles by ambiguous DIY Leeds band Girl One And The Grease Guns. The A side is an eerie, new wave, synth goth/pop track with adorable drum machine rhythms. The B side is more of a lo-fi, X Ray Spex homage about being made of plastic....view item »

The Rosebuds
Sand + Silence

After recording some initial demos in North Carolina, The Rosebuds headed to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to record with their old friend and former band member Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). Their comfort and connection with Vernon allowed them to stretch their creative limbs, as Vernon gently teased out some of the band's most stellar musical performances...view item »

Bear In Heaven
Time Is Over One Day Old

Bear In Heaven’s new album is aptly titled ‘Time Is Over One Day Old’. It’s a record with a visceral relationship to time and its processes. Where invulnerability and ambition can support you as you grow, at some point they become dead weight and being true to yourself means casting them off, starting anew. This plays out...view item »

The Raveonettes

Having been a little disappointed at the lack of pop tunes on the new Holly Herndon offering, I now turn to a band who I'm confident will deliver on that front. The Raveonettes have been plugging away for years honing their darkpop/shoegaze aesthetic, and interestingly on 'Pe'ahi' they combine this with some surfpop and tropicalia elements to ...view item »

Woman’s Hour

Woman's Hour are not your average band. The first clue comes in the name of the London-based swoon-pop four-piece, taken from a beloved female-focussed news and culture show on BBC Radio 4. The second is in their graphic, striking monochrome visuals, meticulously curated in collaboration with TATE and MOMA certified fine artists Oliver Chanarin ...view item »

Sam De La rosa

"Sam De La Rosa makes his solo debut on Burka For Everybody. In his last album, Sam De la Rosa, known for being Led Er Est´s lead singer, features a sound that resonates with sci-fi soundtracks and, by means of structure, depicts an aural yet lethargic ascension to outer space. His obscure and rusty pop songs, incorporating...view item »

One Happy Island
Your Flaws Aren't Picturesque

One Happy Island is the sound of friends having fun! Brad, Shannon and Meghan recorded this latest album in front of an intimate audience at Armory Sound in Somerville, Massachusetts. The recording is crisp and completely captures their sense of infectious energy and musical aspirations. Although undeniably twee and sporting a cultivated...view item »


Ultraίsta, the multimedia trio comprised of vocalist/artist Laura Bettinson and multi-instrumentalist/producers Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker. Founded in London in 2011 on a mutual love of Afrobeat, electronic and dance music, visual art and tequila, Ultraísta has created 10 tracks of exquisitely crafted electronic kraut-pop fo...view item »

Technology + Teamwork
Small Victory

Oh God we have three copies in of this. Its one of those records which sound wrong at both speeds despite it having vocals. No 45rpm is far too fast. Its 33rpm. The whole thing is very wrong sounding anyway. Its a slice of electronic pop that nods towards Hot Chip and so it should, the lady half has performed wit...view item »

Roman Ruins
Source of Pride

Cyan Haze On Milky White Colored Vinyl.  Source of Pride is the second full-length album by Roman Ruins (Graham Hill). The album continues his exploration into the distinctive yet evolving sound of his solo recording project. The songs on Source of Pride formed as Hill moved his family from Oakland to New Orleans, where he now lives and wor...view item »


In a world where instant gratification is the norm, patience has become a rare commodity. For Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett, who make up indie-folk duo Luluc (pronounced Loo-LUKE), letting things unfold in due time not only def...view item »

La Roux
Trouble In Paradise

The daughter of TV’s June Ackland (The Bill) is back for another go after a successful first outing. In my review of her first album era single ‘I Am Not A Toy’ I was already talking about what would happen when the time came for her ‘difficult’ second album to appear. Well here it is, the ice cream hair has...view item »

Donovan Blanc
Donovan Blanc

Captured Tracks valiant and worthy attempts to fill the world with dreamy, jangly 80’s-inspired pop continues unabated with this laconic album by a couple of New Jersey strummers. The sound is of course lovely, lots of jangling guitars referencing Real Estate, Field Mic...view item »

Season Sun

Debut album by the new band formed by Super Furry Animals’ Guto Pryce and his wife Lindsey Leven. Folky female vocals atop ’60s-influenced psych-pop and motorik synth-prog. Like a shinier Stereolab or a more bucolic Broadcast, ‘Seasoned Sun’ also features contributions from fellow Super Furry Animals Cian Ciaran a...view item »

The Forest & The Trees

Hailing from Stockholm, couple Linnea and Joel Edin, aka The Forest & The Trees are a striking addition to the canon of quintessential bittersweet indie-pop to emerge from Sweden in recent years. Creating delicately crafted songs, their work showcases a talent for combining playful melodies with the perfectly balanced harmonies of their voca...view item »

This Silent Year

Scottish lo-fi folksters back with an album that's been two years in the making- a fact reflected in the depth and expansive reach of the band's sound that has grown to incorporate elegantly arranged strings and harmonium in addition to the more ubiquitous guitar, organ and drums. All these elements gently carry the melancholy themes of loss tha...view item »

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Days of Abandon

Twee creeps The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart continue to delve into romances that make them lovesick and day jobs that make them think of magic netherworlds instead. The pop hooks are as reliable as ever on Days of Abandon, which recalls Heavenly, Haim and Tom Petty all at once. Nice elucidated shoegaze p...view item »

The Rusty Suns
Lover Not a Fighter / Loco

Some records we like, others we don’t but at the end of the day everyones really trying their best and thats all you can ask for. This is a perky little number full of parping horns and jaunty rhythms. It starts off sounding a little like Vampire Weekend with a slight African feel to the guitars bit as...view item »

Devon Williams
Gilding The Lily

Former Osker vocalist Devon Williams has brought out album number three of his ambitious soft-pop business on Slumberland. It's a finely crafted blend of different types of music with -pop suffixes; power pop, indie pop, psych pop and jangle pop. Pretty much everything but punk-pop. Williams has a likeable voice and the songs are sometimes sli...view item »

Fear of Men

Brighton’s Fear of Men drop their debut LP this week, an ambitious and sprawling piece which takes in elements of dreampop, coldwave and minimal indie rock for a delicately formed pop aesthetic which will appeal to fans of Broadcast and the Cocteau Twins and ...view item »

Bright Light Bright Light
Life Is Easy

'Life Is Easy', hey? If this album title is a statement that's supposed to endear Bright Light Bright Light to potential audiences, I'm not sure I'm part of that target market. An appearance from Elton John and the phrase "strong support from Graham Norton on Radio 2" continue making me feel like I've got the...view item »

Adult Life

Cocktails know growing up will kill you, eventually. But somewhere between the mundane strictures of a responsible American life in the 21st century, with its attendant student debt, meager 401 (k)s, and the macro brew-soaked recklessness of youth is a sweet spot. This is where the San Francisco quintet's debut LP Adult Life resides. Gone is the...view item »

Donnie & Joe Emerson
Still Dreamin' Wild : The Lost Recordings 1979-81

I may be misguided here but I’m going to lay the blame for the current fetish for unearthing lost private-press records right at the door of Donnie and Joe Emerson. Well, not them as such but the industry that has grown up around the unearthing of their ‘Dreamin’ Wild’ album. It seems anyone who recorded an album ...view item »


The singer of avant-garde electro-punk outfit Brazilian Girls, Sabina Sciubba is a multi-lingual artist whose music transcends both space and time. The new music is inspired by the rock and pop classics of the ‘60s and ‘70s but within more contemporary recording techniques. Across no less than five different languages, h...view item »

Beth Orton
Central Reservation - Expanded Edition

It was released in 1999 as a follow up to the acclaimed Trailer Park and received a Mercury Music Prize nomination and helped Beth earn a BRIT Award in 2000 for Best British Female. The album also features in the book, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The album featured the hit singles Stolen Car and Central Reservation and is n...view item »

Sylvan Esso
Sylvan Esso

The beats sounds like rusty toy car’ bells making music when they were nostalgic for their time in the countryside. And then the vocalist sounds like she grew up in a big house, and spent her life singing about what the world looked like, and had these elaborate dreams and fantasies about an outside world she’d never seen, ...view item »

We Are Catchers
Tap Tap Tap

Mike has briefed you in more detail on the merits and otherwise of their simultaneously released debut album here but this single features one of the stronger tracks off the album so is worth some text of its own. With an all star cast including ...view item »

How To Dress Well
What Is This Heart?

Tom "How To Dress Well" Krell is back this week with a new album of his understated neo-soul crooning. 'What Is This Heart' is a softly grooving collection where his silky voice often rings out over the most fragile and wispy of backings, only occasionally bursting into life in moments of triumphant alien synth-funk, as he does in the final mo...view item »

Julianna Barwick

The wonderful Julianna Barwick has a new album out this week, allowing me to start my day of reviews in uncontroversial territory as the sun streams through the windows and she bathes us in her ethereal loveliness. On this one she’s gone to Iceland to record with Alex Somers (...view item »

Black Strobe
Going Back Home

Three songs on this EP here from Black Strobe, aka Arnaud Rebotini. On side A is 'Going Back Home (Extended Mix)', a curious mix of 'Introspective'-era Pet Shop Boysish synthpop and drawn out uplifting cosmic disco-house business full of funky guitars and handclaps and cheeky drum programming and bloopy synt...view item »

Tarpits and Canyonlands

An album that is “loaded with charm, playfulness and an unpredictable bent that keeps every song interesting,” it deserves a wider audience. The re release is also a specially mastered hi end release and Bombadil is set to tour for the bulk of 2014, so they’ll be able to give this magical album the support it initially deserved...view item »

Changing Light

Always fond of the first clutch of albums by this lady, a kooky New York diva who seems to have spent almost her entire career on K records of Olympia, WA. I cannot even recall quite what her last one was like through the dense mists of time but I'm not sure it was as commercial is this latest collection. She's not dressed up like some w...view item »

Dignan Porch

Not paid a huge amount of attention to the London based outfit Dignan Porch before. They began life as solo project by Joseph Walsh that has slowly evolved over a couple of albums and singles (primarily for the excellent Captured tracks label) into a full band effort. ‘Observatory’ is the groups first LP for ...view item »

Love Frequency

I bloody loved that Mercury-winning Klaxons album. I don't know why, I never exactly listened to it much soon after release. Then they had a record with a "catstronaut" on the cover that sold like a bag of greased up adjustable cardboard spanners. Good picture though. These day-glo fools are back and musically they've regressed beyond pop parody...view item »

Peter Matthew Bauer

So then Walkmen fans.  You wait ages for a solo project from one of your lads and two come along at once. Following on from frontman Hamilton Leithauser’s recent croon-some album we now get bassist/organist Peter Matthew Bauer’s solo effort which, like Mr Leithauser’s effort, has r...view item »

Lana Del Rey

I've been listening to this whilst eating a couple of sandwiches. There is one absolutely great song on this record 'West Coast' which has the dark and dusky Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks sound before spluttering into an incredibly lovely breathy chorus. Its like ...view item »

Alexis Taylor
Await Barbarians

I do wish I had an ounce of Alexis Taylor’s self confidence. I find it amazing when musicians have the balls to record and release an album without seemingly ever having previously shown the talent to do such a thing whereas I can't put a leg inside a trouser of a morning without being wracked with doubt. Here he is then, vocally t...view item »

Röyksopp & Robyn
Do It Again

Swedish singer Robyn and Norwegian electronic duo Royksopp have teamed up to record Do It Again, a mini album which is regarded by both acts as a true collaboration, a meeting of minds. The album precedes a new Royksopp full length album later in the year. The trio really felt like a ba...view item »


It just goes to show that my boss knows little to nothing about what I think constitutes a good record. On this particularly beautiful but painfully quiet Tuesday afternoon (buy some records people) he’s left me with the debut album from Disclosure to review! Thanks m8. As you can imagine I’d ...view item »

Tom Vek

Tom Vek was one of those mid 00's anomalies - a genuinely interesting purveyor of progressive bedroom pop who seemed to pull these quite wonderful earworms from his hide like he was picking a fluffy piece of lint from his sleeve. Then studying it scientifically through his clever boffin specs. He likes his specs so much he had them as star featu...view item »

The Brute Chorus
The Brute Chorus

I've got to hand it to The Brute Chorus, recording your debut album live to three hundred of their tightest bro's is a risky yet suave move. 'The Brute Chorus' is an expertly recorded and mixed live document of a band at the height of their performing power. It must have taken fucking ages to rehearse the tracks to the point where they could knock ...view item »

The Fresh & Onlys
House Of Spirits

Do they ever stop for a minute? There has been a case in the past for the Fresh and Only’s taking a fallow year out, writing some truly decent songs and waiting for the right time to strike. Here, they continue the pursuit of 80’s flavoured raincoat rock that they started edging towards on the ‘Soothsayer’ EP. Nod...view item »

Tomas Barfod
Love Me

Thomas Barfod’s debut album Salton Sea was highly praised by respected websites such as Pitchfork upon its release. He also caught the ear of Secretly Canadian who have signed him up for his sophomore effort, Love Me. The album features guest appearances from Luke Temple, Night Be...view item »


Listen to 6 Music on a regular basis and between the Elbow records, they sometimes sneak in songs by other people. One thing they’ve been getting rather excited about of late has been Teleman. Now I’d never heard of them but I was aware of the band they rose out of namely ...view item »


Money is the new single from Worcester indie band Peace. It follows on from their debut album In Love which did well both critically and commercially. Money is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming album Happy People and is backed with an exclusive non-LP track, Flirting USA...view item »

The Proper Ornaments
Wooden Head

Here we have a Veronica Falls bloke and his new album with The Proper Ornaments From the get go ‘Wooden Head’ is drenched in breezy Velvet Underground summer pop with a little Byrdsian jangle thrown in, with a gentle and lazy...view item »

Ghost Twins
Never Fear Total Failure

This album from Derby-based pairing Ghost Twins has a mish-mash of competing influences which always prove interesting to the listener, from rock, punk, and hardcore, to electronica and pop. It might sound disparate to read, but really works in sound. Fantastic experimentation makes for a good listen. On vinyl....view item »


It's weird. I was listening to the Paws record and despairing that I maybe, possibly didn't like indie music anymore. It made me feel really sad. Then I heard the new Gold-Bears album on the wholly reliable American indie stalwart Slumberland Records and sat there with a big shit-eating grin on my face. Suddenly it's t...view item »

Alice Boman

EP II by Alice Boman is the second release on Happy Death, the fledgling London label. Boman's ethereal and ghostly tones were perfectly suited to the secluded Swedish log cabin where EP II was recorded and will certainly please fans of Stina Nordenstam. EP II is available on limited edition 12...view item »

The Bats
Compiletely Bats

Captured Tracks continue their admiral quest to re-issue every single band who came out of New Zealand in the 1980’s. The Bats were a different proposition to the likes of The Chills, The Clean and The Verlaines in that they peddled a...view item »


I'm glad I picked this up as I’m quite enjoying it. They are a trio playing a kind of murky form of left field rock that has traces of grunce and 90’s slacker rock lurking about but if you are wanting a catch all comparison then is Warpaint will be what you are after. Opener ‘Lands of Gold and Gre...view item »

Pet Shop Boys

Now this is more like it! The last Pet Shop Boys album 'Elysium' I thought was a bit patchy and downbeat but this time they have come out all guns blazing. This doesn't so much hark back to the glory days of their 80s output as give it a complete reboot for 2013. They haven't sounded this relevant since 'Very' in 1993. A superb collection of tun...view item »

Haunted House
Lost in a Forest / Shoulders

There’s a post-it on the front of this 7” where a colleague notes “Orbital dude and lo-fi troubadour Lianne Hall together. How did that happen?” Well, dear reader, your guess is as good as mine, but that’s what this Haunted House is (not to be confused ...view item »

Space Daze
Follow My Light Back Home

Danny Rowland's songwriting is based around startling guitar playing -- knotty acoustic riffs complemented with fragments of guitar twang -- and the hushed tones of his own voice, which brushes up against his songs modestly and comfortably. 'Follow My Light Back Home' takes these soft arrangements and gives them elements of grandiosity, wit...view item »

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Only Run

I've been having a listen to this whilst ruminating on mortality. Its been 10 years since Clap Your Hands Say Yeah emerged and here they are still plodding on, peddling a vibrant kind of Killers-inspired take on flag-waving stadium pop on opening track 'As Always'. 'Blameless' is equally Flowers-lite and I'm likin...view item »

La Petite Mort

James are back with their with their 11th full-length album and first in six years, La Petite Mort. The album was produced by Max Dingel who has previously worked with the likes of The Killers and White Lies. Tim Booth suffered loss of him mother and a close friend shortly before work commenced on the album. It ...view item »

Giana Factory
Lemon Moon

Giana Factory have been described as Denmark’s answer to Warpaint. They are led by Louise Foo, who happens to be the sister of Sharin from the Raveonettes. Lemon Factory is their second album and follow up to the internationally acclaimed Save The Youth. Giana Factory...view item »

Eno / Hyde
Someday World

This promo came complete with a post-it from our pithy stockroom gremlin which cuts straight to the chase. "Not great, irritating vocals", he opines. I don't know if my consequently lowered expectations have anything to do with it but I'm finding the vocals on this record pretty bearable. It's not quite what I was expecting though - Karl Hyde of...view item »

Covered In Black

On Sounds Familyre, the label run by Daniel Smith the mostly bonkers leader of Danielson. Its a nice suprise to hear a lush sounding album of '60's influenced acoustic pop as the only video of them I could find on that thing we call the internet showed three or four girls clawing at a rather worried looking pian...view item »

Owen Pallett
In Conflict

'Bor-ing' says the post-it note and despite all Pallet's orchestral best intentions I'm sort of agreeing. He's like an X Factor sandpapered Arthur Russell, everything is in place; violins are continually a-staccato, arrangements are Dirty Projectors ambitious an...view item »

Sam Smith
In The Lonely Hour

Sam Smith won the BBC Sound of 2014 award, an accolade also won by Ellie Goulding. His first appearance as a singer came on Disclosure’s hit, Latch. In making his debut album In The lonely Hour, he said that he wanted to take a risk, which is probably why he allowed ...view item »

Speedy Wunderground - Year 1

Producer, Dan Carey started the record label Speedy Wunderground with the idea of recording and releasing singles very quickly, without months of over-production or a heavy marketing machine. The songs are recorded in one day and mixed the next, then released ASAP. Speedy Wunderground Year 1 is ...view item »

Does The Fish Have Chips - Early and Late Works 1986-1989

Whether you're hearing them for the first time or travelling backwards in time, hearing Stump is like trying to walk with a moon-boot on one foot and a flip-flop on the other. This compilation gives Stumpophiles the last squirts of their output- a wobblier version of 'Ice The Levant' and the two lost Edward Ba...view item »


Ahhhh, fuzz. Not to complain about my lot in life or anything but Perfect Pussy 7" aside I've not heard enough distorted guitars this week...until now! Trouble In Mind have sprung to the rescue with this triumphantly enjoyable debut by London bedroom pop newcomer Tyler Zypreska, whose opening instrumental 'Shooting Chickens' has fuzz by the buck...view item »

Wild Beasts
A Simple Beautiful Truth

Clint just walked into the office as I was cranking up this hand-stamped white label on the old plate warmer over there. He laughed and exclaimed that he'd had a dream last night that he was at work reviewing this very record. I saved a man from his dreams coming true. What an awful cad I am! Clint is the resident office 'Beasts fan but ...view item »

Julia with Blue Jeans On

Spencer Krug has released some really noisy and eventful music. To hear him in such a relaxed and stark atmosphere emphasises even more how introspective and dark this album really is. It's like seeing your buddy who has always been the life of the party just sort of sitting in a corner and thinking deeply about his life. The lyrics here are wel...view item »

Fujiya & Miyagi
Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners is the fifth album by Brighton-based four-piece Fujiya & Miyagi. The album sees them going back to their electronic roots that made their first two albums by using their old synthesizers and samplers in conjunction with the modern equipment they have become accustomed to. Artif...view item »


Imagine calling a band Brett. Just imagine. Out of Washington (DC not Tyne and Wear) they peddle an in-vogue style of 80’s influenced post chillwave pop. Opener “Chalon’ sounds like Small Black interpreting Heart’s ‘These Dreams’, it has a...view item »

The Sunshine Underground
The Sunshine Underground

Hope you like our new electronic direction. Leeds indie also rans embrace technology and turn themselves into a hybrid of late Human League and Arctic Monkeys circa ‘AM’. All sinewy electronic bloopery and laddish singalong. Like E...view item »

Ghost Stories

The hugely popular Coldplay release their 6th album Ghost Stories, the follow up to 2011's Xylo Myloto. Favourites of fans and mainstream radio alike, they continue their plan for world domination with huge gigs and TV appearances. Features the single Magic. Ghost S...view item »

Beautiful Boy
Home & Love Me More

Beautiful Boy’s de facto leader, Dane Etteridge wooed his friends into becoming bandmates when he played them his songs in demo form. The band quickly became a five-piece and honed their skills on the road. After some gigs in Brighton and high profile support slots with acts that Steve Lamacq gushes over like ...view item »

Tom Williams & The Boat
Easy Fantastic

Got a CD of pedestrian blues rock business here from Tom Williams & the Boat. It appears to have angered our post-it sprinkling stockroom goblin who simply says "Bluesy R6 rock, Gomez meets oh fuck". Gomez is a fair comparison, as are Razorlight in the...view item »

Young Magic
Breathing Statues

New York synthpop duo Young Magic return with a second album of woozy, ghostly synthpop this week, pairing dark, crisp beats with oozing FlyLo synths and breathy vocals multi-tracked and processed into alien neon smudges. The overall effect is sensuous and strangely intoxicating, a dense mist of indistinct pop with robotic minimal beats and oc...view item »

Alessi's Ark
The Still Life

Alessi steers her Ark into more varied waters on The Still Life. The loveable songwriter and singer crafted this new one largely with new US producer Andy LeMaster, hitting a Feist-esque rich streak of sound at times. The vinyl of the new one from Alessi’s Ark ...view item »

Jamie Lidell
Jamie Lidell

So it’s 1982 again and Prince is ruling the pop charts? Well that’s according to Jamie Lidell’s latest album anyway, this is so retro it actually hurts and I’m not normally one for dancing but in the right frame of mind I might actually get up ...view item »

Acrobat EP

Straddling the mid ground between Franz Ferdinand and Haircut One Hundred, Acrobat produce the kind of disco-influenced indie music that was de rigeur amongst the class of ‘82 with their white boy funk and arran sweaters. The basslines could have been playe...view item »

Man Without Country

British Sea Power
Machineries Of Joy

Here’s British Sea Power, back with their fifth album of sweeping and cinematic indie rock. These guys have been going for years and very much settled into their niche by now, effortlessly knocking out a fresh batch of confident pop ballads and angular indie rock anthems. It’s very slick...view item »

Kishi Bashi

Lighght is Kishi Bashi’s follow up to his acclaimed debut, 151a for which he was awarded the accolade of Best New Artist by NPR. 151a was recorded over a stretched out 4 years when, The singer, composer and violinist went on tour with the likes of Sondre Lerche, Regina Spektor an...view item »

We Cut Corners
Think Nothing

Think Nothing is the second album from Irish duo We Cut Corners. The album was produced by Tommy Mcloughlin (Villagers) and mixed by Ben Hillier (Blur, Depeche Mode, The Horrors, Elbow). The band believe that their sophomore effort marks a progression from their debut. Think No...view item »

White Women

Ten years on from their debut album, She’s in Control, Chromeo release their latest offering, White Women. The duo blend huge pop choruses with R&B sensibilities in coquettish fashion. White Women features a guest appearance from Solange and the massive Jealous (I Ain&rs...view item »

The Way and Color

I seem to remember hearing TEEN's debut album a year or two back and being fairly underwhelmed by their somewhat lo-fi multi-personality pop. Now they're back with a second album and 'The Way And Color' sounds like a whole different band, with slick, crisp production underpinning a series of confident, playful and punchy doses of future-pop. Eve...view item »

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