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Shivum Sharma
All These Years EP

Produced by the geezer (Liam Howe) who did the recent FKA Twigs killer and some Tom Vek stuff, All These Years is the EP follow up to Shivum Sharma’s debut album Follow. It’s some good old angsty electro indie pop in the vein of vomitingly dull ...view item »

Good Grief

Grawl!x is the solo project of Derby shoegaze veteran James Machin (My Psychoanalyst). This debut solo album ‘Good Grief’ is a dreamy pop record with great attention to detail that draws you into a rich soundscape with it’s sweet melodies, hazy guitars and haunting, melancholic vocals....view item »


Multilingual melodic pop from 19 year old twin sisters Lisa-Kainde and Naomi Diaz. Daughters of late Cuban percussionist Anga Diaz, Ibeyi elegantly fuse traditional Cuban sounds with a contemporary ear for hip-hop and electronic percussion. A graceful blend of vintage soul and modern production. Out on CD and vinyl LP from XL....view item »

Jib Kidder
Teaspoon To The Ocean

First album from Jib Kidder for Weird World/ Domino Records. Coming from a myriad of disparate inspirations including Arthur Russell, Lindsay Buckingham, Meat Puppets and Gary Numan as well as the spangling of Vietnamese slide guitar, the New York-based multimed...view item »

The Goastt
Long Gone

Five track EP from Sean Lennon and his partner both in life and in music, Charlotte Kemp-Muhl as GOASTT or The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger. More fun psych rock, moving away from his father’s legacy and further into Sean’s own sphere of influences. The art of fine songwriting is on display here and it’s very ve...view item »

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Phoenix’s Lisztomania was the sound of the summer in 2009; the poppy, indie, feel-good track just perfect for having a right good dance to. The album is a treat for anyone hoping for a lesson in alternative rock joy. This French band really know how to hit all the right buttons, and even better, the right notes....view item »

The Cure
The Only One

Oh dear oh dear....The Cure are back with a single called 'The Only One'. From the very first second onwards it sounds exactly like The Cure, tuneful indie with a Fat Bob vocal so whiny that it is actually dangerous to the ears. This song is a form of torture and proceeds to go precisely nowhere. It has the feel of a sweaty middle aged double gl...view item »

Wall of Blue Sky / Harbour

Daringly limited to 99 copies, this 7” on Sunstone Records contains two tracks from an unfamiliar Swedish band named Haleiwa. They sound upbeat and smooth, with perhaps a hint of lingering melancholy underneath. I guess a Wall Of Blue Sky has an aspect of oblivion to it, as well as the promise of sunny days....view item »


Fans of sweet alternative folk should really give this a whirl as it's such a lovely and charming listen. Lindsey West has a beautiful voice which is given ample space amongst's the guitars, banjo, ukelele, accordian and harmonium. The songs are magical and it's an enchanting listen throughout. If you like Serafina Steer and that type of stuff then...view item »

Drug Train
Drug Train

Is there ever a shortage of pretty girls with singing with melancholy faces? We don’t think so, and neither should you. Drug Train’s self-titled 7” single, featuring gentle postpunkchillwavey tracks Ambition in You and Soulmate has got all that. It is the future stopping briefly at your d...view item »


Although they never crashed, Phoenix is doing their name honor by rising from their nonexistent ashes with these reissues. Their debut album United is finally out on vinyl again, available for all those fans who learned to appreciate these Gallicians’ catchy pop songs after Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix....view item »

A Guide For The Perplexed

Featuring a Sgt Pepper’s sleeve style supergroup assembly of guest artists including Pete Doherty, Albert Hammond Jr, Fionn Regan and Emma Gillespie, the HELSINKI band itself is also a force to be reckoned with drummer Seb Roachford (Polar Bear), double bassist Spencer Brown (Andy Sheppard), guitarist Matt Park (Mystery Jets), keyboardist ...view item »

Happy People

Second album from Midlands-based Peace after 2013’s In Love. Written on and influenced heavily by their extensive touring, it’s an indie rock smasher for fans of Foals, Vampire Weekend and the Maccabees. Available on double yellow/blue vinyl, single yellow vinyl or CD with additional digi-pack. So many optio...view item »

The Charlatans
Modern Nature

‘Modern Nature’ is the brand new album from Manchester indie mainstays The Charlatans. It is the first release since 2010’s ‘Who We Touch’ and the first without the late Jon Brookes. Released in honour of their good friend and drummer, ‘Modern Nature’ features eleven new tracks and an abundance of contri...view item »

Cherry Ghost
Herd Runners

Our ever-industrious post-it imp has taken a listen to this new Cherry Ghost CD despite already knowing he doesn't like the band. "Sounds a bit better than normal", he concedes, before nominating me for the job of reviewing it. I'm not sure what I've done to deserve this auspicious opportunity, but I'll take it.   ...view item »

Francisco The Man
Loose Ends

Francisco The Man attempt to bowl some indie rock strikes with Loose Ends, a record that takes queues from the most anthemic of alt rock, crushing together ceaseless vocal melodies with swirling guitar effects and a lot of that "heart" thing. Loud, shoegaze and pop, Loose Ends is a hero...view item »

Invisible Familiars
Disturbing Wildlife

From the mind of Jared Samuel as Invisible Familiars, with guests including Scott Metzger, Ryan Sawyer,  Cibo Matto, Nels Cline, and Jolie Holland. Working with the backing band of Sean Lennon, this album is one for fans of Marc Bolan and T Rex, chilled-out jazzy songwriter numbers, cups of tea and Scrabble. CD and vinyl on...view item »

Royce Wood Junior
The Ashen Tang

Crisp R&B productions from London-based Royce Wood Junior. Jam-packed with layers of instrumentation, The Ashen Tang is an impressive collection that retains soulful songs at its core. An instant hit for fans of James Blake and the current crop of melancholy London-centric producers. Out on CD & vinyl LP from 37...view item »

H Hawkline
In The Pink Of Condition

Inspired by the early solo work of Paul Mccartney and taking his name from American author Richard Brautigan’s The Hawkline Monster, this stunning album from H Hawkline is his first full LP on Heavenly Recordings, and the third album from Huw Gwynfryn Evans. Clever wordplay and sharp smart guitars. Surreal, clever, melodic...view item »

Hold On It's Easy

Interesting release here. Cornershop have elected to take their debut album Hold On It Hurts, from way back in 1993, and remake it for 2015. But! You will notice that this album is titled Hold On It's Easy, which signifies that the style of these versions is a lot smoother, a lot more orchestral: a lot ‘e...view item »


Wierdly the titles on this records by these modern day twee-poppers both (almost) reference the names of recent lady companions of mine....most possibly to rub in my uselessness in such matters. On the A side ‘Joanna’ is a tale of someones deep depression over a kinda perky sorta shambolic strummy shamble. The lady’s voice is s...view item »

Julee Cruise
Floating Into The Night

Reissue of Julee Cruise’s debut album, from 1989. Cruise is of course a muse of David Lynch, who, along with his long-term co-conspirator Angelo Badalamenti, produced and wrote the album. Most notably contains ‘Falling’, the theme song to a certain TV show thos...view item »

All We Are
All We Are

All We Are are made up of an Irishman, a Norwegian and a Brazilian who all met at university in Liverpool. The band’s democratic approach to song-writing allows all three to get involved, turning their love of hip-hop and soul into what bassist Guro Gikling has dubbed “Psychedelic Boogie”. All We Are have recen...view item »

Of Montreal
Skeletal Lamping

The artwork present in of Montreal is garish, colourful, disturbing, cartoonish and entrancing. All of the words I used to describe the art in this band compliments their music perfectly, particularly in their visually stimulating live shows. It's no surprise that the man behind the band's art is the brother of Kevin Barnes (the lead singer and ...view item »

The Thrills
So Much For The City

Remember the sheer, unadulterated joy of love at first sight? It's unfair to single out individual songs on what is an inspirational collection that needs to be listened to in its entirety for maximum impact. It's exciting, powerful and life-affirming music that really does sweep you to any place you prefer to be. As a debut album I have no doub...view item »

Black Rivers
Black Rivers

Two thirds of Doves, twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams launch a new project called Black Rivers. There’s certainly a lot to enjoy for fans of their previous work with both brothers sharing vocal duties to bring a sort of yearning escapism to the songs. Out on CD & vinyl LP from Ignition....view item »

Carl Barat And The Jackals
Let It Reign

Apparently Carl Barat elected to form his new band The Jackals by posting an ad online and seeing who responded. I don’t know how much input the resulting crew had to the sound of this record, but they certainly seem to know how an ordinary Carl Barat record should sound, because that is w...view item »

Belle and Sebastian
Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance

Great music; terrible album titles. That's the golden rule of Belle & Sebastian's output, a band notorious for popularising a smart and lyrically persuasive version of pantomimic twee pop. Stuart Murdoch's song-writing gets more intimate here, occasionally losing its show-boating and cheeky feel for songs abou...view item »

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis The Third

Winsome middle class siblings Kitty, Daisy and Lewis reappear for a third album of laid back old timey organic grooves. If lead single "Baby Bye Bye" sounded just a little too close to Mike Read's "UKIP Calypso" then the lyrics chart a more lovelorn territory that should help get it onto an advert before the summers out. Pr...view item »


Diagrams is a project by songwriter and producer Mr Sam Genders. His previous album was pretty good fun. Here on Chromatics Gender’s voice sounds a bit like that of an annoying priest who waters everything he says down a bit with a sickly smile and finishes his sentences with “God be with you and your family...view item »

Don’t Take It Personally

'Don't Take It Personally' is experimentalists Niagara trying on a variety of left-field tricks, marrying psych-rock to Eastern dance music and playing with a hell of a lot of synth. Tracks such as "Currybox" are indicative of Niagara's attempt to make irresistible hooks that are also thought-provoking, taking gloomy synths and pairing...view item »

Bishop Allen
Lights Out

The wispy and never complaining indie pop of Bishop Allen has been absent from our lives for the last five years, and 'Lights Out' finally sees its return. Think sweet melodies and witty takes on love songs -- be it from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Jens Lekman or Best Coast -- and you'll get close to the sound this twee...view item »

Via Tania
Via Tania & The Tomorrow Music Orchestra

The cover to Via Tania’s record Via Tania & the Tomorrow Music Orchestra looks deceptively like something from the Blue Note catalogue, with Tania looking like a vintage jazz singer or big band leader. In fact we have something a bit more vulnerable; a wonderful selection of airy, bluesy, folk tunes with some ...view item »

Mac DeMarco
Demos Volume 1

Chill daddy and stoner seminar leader Mac DeMarco actually did a few takes of the songs on 2 and Salad Days, if you can believe it. His sunshine pop is given an origin story with Demos Volume 1, a nice little CD that puts the inner workings of his recent songs on display. If yo...view item »

Alex Calder
Strange Dreams

Full length indie pop album from Alex Calder, another talented singer/songwriter from Edmonton, Canada. Focused, psyche and spooky songs meet jangly bright guitar in this album on Captured Tracks. Once one half of Makeout Videotape with Mac DeMarco, now doing his own lo-fi thing. Fans of Deerhunter will love it. Vinyl and CD....view item »

Cheap Red
Cheap Red

Cheap Red is a new band formed by 555 lord and leader Stewart Anderson (him of Boyracer fame) and his missus Jen Turrell (also of Boyracer, Possum Moods etc). There's a couple of other folks in there before you think their hogging all the limelight including my favourite named popstar of the week Arland Nicewander. Amazing. This self titled debut i...view item »

Hannah Peel
You Call This Your Home / Song for the Sea

This is reasonable lady fronted soulful slightly 60's sounding pop music. Not as bad as Duffy, not up to Saint Etienne standards but probably sitting somewhere between the two. Its nice and safe and does the job with efficiency, I'd like to see a bit more daring with the production (by Tunng's Mike Lindsay incidently), its a bit....well....limp....view item »

The Maladies of Bellafontaine
Black Biro / Longsocks

More lady fronted stuff from Static Caravan - the A side is the winner of today's best tune. The vocals are remarkably similar to the lady from The Sundays (ask your grandma) and the tune is a lovely jaunty, quirky thing that recalls Birdie, Broadcast, Misty Dixon. Lovely summery, breezy pop music. The B side is darker and folkier recalling...view item »

Inverted Island

Theres a new (its definitely new right?) 7" on Static Caravan called 'Inverted Island' by something called Obfusc.Oh come on guys who is going to remember that name. you'll never get on Top of the Pops. Thankfully the music is a rather wonderful rhodes piano led dubby electronica which recalls such past luminaries such as Plone, Mercury Progra...view item »

Antelope (Remixes)

Here Static Caravan are treating us to a pair of remixes of the track 'Antelope' from the debut Diagrams mini-LP (Sam Genders from Tuung's new outfit for those late to the party), all pressed into see-through purple vinyl in an edition of 300. These are pretty comprehensive reinventions,...view item »

Erland & The Carnival
Was You Ever See

Erland And The Carnival are a supergroup of sorts featuring a chap called Erland (surprisingly), Simon Tong (from The Verve, The Good The Bad The Queen) and Nick Nock (drummer who's worked with Macca on The Fireman project thing he does). It's pretty crazy sounding psyche pop harking back to the good ole days that were the 60's well before the like...view item »

Timber Timbre
Hot Dreams

Canuck Kirk “Timber Timbre” Taylor (“Soldier Spy”) returns with a new album this week, and no sooner do I start writing about it than Kim comes over saying it’s like Nat King Cole and Roy Orbison and Leonard Cohen. “It’s like a big hotchpotch of things that are really ...view item »

Man Without Country
Maximum Entropy

A stir-fry of miscellaneous emotions from Man Without Country. Maximum Entropy is a revitalization of the mid-80's synth pop golden era. Remember Simple Minds? The Jesus and Mary Chain? Well, they certainly do! Whilst that's going on, put some Annie Lennox-esque guest vocals on there too, ya know - for the total rinse o...view item »

The 1975
The 1975

I cannot see how this band have managed to sell out shows at massive venues such as Alexandra Palace. The vocals are so whiny it hurts; they bring absolutely nothing to the table. The instrumentation is awful. There is no raw and real emotion in any of the instruments, the guitars are low in the mix as is the fashion in pop music these days. WAR...view item »

The Dø
Shake, Shook, Shaken

French-Finnish cool electro pop from The Dø. Lots of dance sounds and percussion, stripped back of ‘real’ instruments in favour of a more eclectic electric sounds. Cartoony, bright and fun, definitely one for fans of La Roux. Very good stuff from the two-piece band. On Wagram, available on bot...view item »

Wet Paint

Second EP from Atlas to see in 2015. This four-track EP on London's COJA Records features the vocal talent of Kristina Paraskeva from Youth, as well as remixes from Kalyde as well as Luvian, a friend and collaborator. Original, stripped back, ethereal, chilled-out sounds from the unoriginally named duo. Vinyl 12"....view item »


New double LP vinyl and CD from Archive. Restriction is a series of angsty and moody electronic-meets-acoustic-croon tracks. Not quite trip-hop, but not quite straight pop either, this album is being released on their own label Dangervisit. Expensive but rather meandering, you're never quite sure where they're going to ...view item »

Kim Deal
Are You Mine / Wish I Was

Although I’ve not been quite as blown away by Kim Deal’s recent 7” series than some around here these are still a special collection of songs and, of course, highly collectable. This is the third in the series, and is very similar to the others in style in that it's a folky, twinkly affair with lyrics which immediately ...view item »

Modest Mouse
White Lies, Yellow Teeth / Buttons to Push the Buttons

Modest Mouse are celebrating the days when they were at their rawest, playing stunningly rough guitar and howling lyrics for lost souls over disorientating dissonance. 'This Is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About' and 'The Lonesome Crowded West' are two early entries in the indie rock canon, and they're being reissued so we can ...view item »

Romantic Times

There's something about the Lewis myth that just doesn't stack up. I'm not entirely convinced that the whole thing is not an elaborate hoax. If the story they are telling is true - then its completely insane. Unbelievably since the recent re-issue of Lewis's 'L'Amour' album someone has found another album by a man who allegedly disappeared after...view item »

The Knife
Shaken-Up Versions

‘Shaken-Up Versions’ is a mini album featuring classic tracks by Swedish electronic music duo The Knife. The tracks here are reworked especially for their recent North American tour of 2013’s ‘Shaking the Habitual’ LP. Just as 'rejuvinating' as their live shows, it's sure to be mandatory listening for fans of t...view item »

Biophilia Live

Directed by Nick Fenton (Submarine, The Selfish Giant) and Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio) 'Biophilia live' is a concert documentary of Bjork's multimedia project performance at The Alexandra Palace in London towards the end of her 2013/14 tour. The show is a multi-platform, multi-instrumental, multi-media, mulit-everything ext...view item »

Six By Seven
KluB MiX!33

This a collection of Six by Seven man Chris Olley’s demos and home recordings. Initially appearing exclusively in care packages he would send to individual subscribers, these are raw, dark, industrial cuts. Original subscribers to Olley’s MuZiK KluB need not be too disappointed, as t...view item »

Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr's first solo album 'The messenger' had some really lovely moments as well as some thrilling ones. Should we worry that Marr is following it up so quickly? Well The Smiths were known for writing briskly so maybe nothing has changed. No soundclips are available (yet) but the press release talks of energetic, post-punk songwriting compl...view item »

Muscle Memory

Atmospheric offering from South London-based electro three-piece Dems. Melancholic and understated, this will appeal to fans of The XX and James Blake. Sad music with an undercurrent of pulsing electronica. Confident and contemplative music to sit in the dark to and ponder the meaninglessness of existence. ...view item »

Mega Bog
Gone Banana

Mega Bog's intoxicating pop music has a learning curve, sounding slightly off-centre at first but becoming more and more irresistible as time goes on. The whispered vocals, barely strummed chords and skittering drums often sound like they've been produced from the other end of a church, but they usually envelop into something full-bodied an...view item »

News from Nowhere

Being a bit of a Warp Records geek I’m surprised that Darkstar have completely passed me by so bear with me on this one, News From Nowhere starts off with a couple of nice floaty ambient tracks and by track three ‘Armonica’ the vocals become mo...view item »


Ooh, this is good. patten is back on Warp with more of his woozy mind-melting sound collages and it's really hitting the spot for me this morning. 'ESTOILE NAIANT' is full of shimmering, flickering multi-layered electronic chaos underpinned by silky melodies and grooves which ooze out of the speakers like treacle. He also seems to have taken Cli...view item »

Springtime Carnivore
Springtime Carnivore

Washed out & soulful pop songs from Springtime Carnivore aka Greta Morgan. Her self-titled record has elements of motown, twee-pop and mellow dramatic west coast stylings. It's chocka with catchy hooks, fluffy synths and slick production. If Camera Obscura met Feist in LA they'd probably make something like ...view item »

David McAlmont and Michael Nyman
The Glare

David McAlmont and Michael Nyman are having a “spexx off” on the front cover of their 'The Glare' CD. Nyman winning hands down with an ultra geek pair of thick framed round tortoise shell bins. Meanwhile McAlmont is sporting a more sensible metal framed pair that say both cool AND educated. So maybe he actually wins. Oh I don't know... ...view item »

The Auteurs
How I Learned To Love The Bootboys

As songwriter Luke Haines began to focus his energies on new musical projects, such as Black Box Recorder, his output with the Auteurs began to dwindle, and 'How I Learned To Love The Bootboys' became their final document, a moody, typically downbeat record with a dramatic, end-days feel (those strings!). Now it gets the reissue treatment from 3...view item »

Shady Bard
From The Ground Up

'From' the Ground Up' is the debut album from Brum melancholists shady bard (so humble they choose lower-case) and it's a rousingly pretty/sad-hued treat from start to finish. Taking its cue from the twinkly songs of Sparklehorse, the earthy simplicity of early Coldplay & the epic, forboding echo of iLiKETRAiNS it embraces autumnal, environm...view item »

Golden Fable
Ancient Blue

The Welsh dream too, you know. Golden Fable are a trio of dream pop wizards, and they'e following up their debut record, 'Star Maps'. That record efficiently demonstrated their shimmering sound through synths, programmed drums and effects upon effects, but this record presents it even more neatly and emotively. 'Ancient Blue' goes in for th...view item »

New Build
Pour It On

‘Pour It On’ is the long awaited second album from Hot Chip’s Felix Martin, LCD Soundsystem’s Al Doyle and Tom Hopkins. Following on from their 2012 debut ‘Yesterday Was Lived And Lost’, this 10-track LP is unabashedly anthemic; it’s electronic music as its most cohesive and assured, with sonic shades of...view item »

Comet Gain
Paperback Ghosts

COMET GAIN return with their seventh album “Paperback Ghosts” on July 7th, their first since 2011’s critically acclaimed “Howl of The Lonely Crowd”. Recorded at Soup Studios with producer Simon Trought at the helm, and inspired by the psycho-geography of walks in North London woods and in the forgotten grey hinterla...view item »

Iceberg Nerves

A quartet of desert-dwelling Australian dreamers who also like pop, Lowlakes make dream pop that falls somewhere between the night-time dramatics of Trespassers' William, the synthy low-key side of Justin Vernon and the confrontational baritone vocals of crooners Majical Cloudz and Future Islands. 'Iceberg Nerves' is a mix of downbeat progr...view item »

Tyrannosaurus Dead
Flying Ant Day

For fans of fuzzed out indie rock from yesteryear with modern principles and a youthful exuberance, there's Tyrannosaurus Dead, who get by with sickly-sweet vocal exchanges (that recall a gentler Dan Bejar) and scuzzy chords that make you feel a lot of love. The succinct and always catchy enough 'Flying Ant Day' takes you back to the days of 'Sl...view item »


From a studio in the garage (isn’t it always the case?) comes an album of instrumental pop with a low-fi feel (well, it was made in a garage), with the man behind it all, London based sound engineer Mr James Yates, creating all the sounds, doing all the mixing, mastering, the whole shabang. Described as pop for short attention spans, S...view item »

Lost Girls
Lost Girls - Expanded Edition

Lost Girls' self-titled debut LP has been a long time coming: the original duo (Kitchen of Distinction's Patrick Fitzgerald and 4AD's Heidi Berry) formed in 1998 as somewhat of a work in progress, wrote some songs and played a handful of live shows. The band soon expanded with the addition of three more members (Ashley Wood, Dave Morgan and Kim ...view item »

Peter's Window
Last Summer on Earth / Grapey Day

A pop artist who's as renegade as a TV cop who doesn't play by the rules, Pete Nichols' debut record Last Summer On Earth / Grapey Day combines his love of easy, persuasive melodies and subversive, mislabelled sound effects. It's the kind of pop that sounds pretty and ugly at the same time, whic...view item »

Orange Yellow Red
A Rose Made Of Galaxies

The debut album of Orange Yellow Red, A Rose Made of Galaxies is a nice slice of pop, drizzled with a bit of shoegaze in places from the lead singer’s vocals and all that fuzzy guitar which swirls around -- a bit like bands such as Lush or Curve. However for the main part ...view item »

The Ting Tings
Super Critical

Shouty indie pop duo Ting Tings continue to be a thing with 'Super Critical', their third record to date. In their time away, it sounds like they've been listening to a lot of HAIM and digging the whole light disco homage thing. The guitars bounce in that direction, the percussion gets a little bit more primitive, and you are definitely exp...view item »

The House Of Love
Live At The Lexington 13.11.13

Remember when indie rock was made by people in the '80s? Probably not, right, because who was even alive then? Aside from everyone I work with? The House Of Love helped bridge that awkward period between the '80s and the '90s, when the genre saw a lot of stylistic changeover, but 'Live At The Lexington' sees them playing as recent as last year, ...view item »

The Horn The Hunt

Hazy analogue pop from Leeds-based The Horn The Hunt. Taking it’s title from a fusion of the latin words for land and faithful, Terrafidella offers expansive guitar-led songs with overtones of '90s stadium grunge. Synth flutters and the soaring vocals of Clare Carter fill the gaps in between the insistent drums an...view item »

Home Everywhere

Medicine make songs and then sabotage them until they're buried under a dusty pile of rocks, taking after the Perfect Pussy punx with the whole mission statement of "write pop, fuck it up later". Unlike the fuzz of their peers, 'Home Everywhere' has little interest in nostalgia, making the noise the main attraction and the tune under it a second...view item »

Dilly Dally
Candy Mountain

Toronto’s Dilly Dally formed in 2010 after discovering a shared propensity for dreamy guitars, weed and karaoke. With the addition of their two good friends, Corey Marshall (drums) and Michael Guiliani (bass) the quartet spent the years that followed playing anywhere they could with a PA, be it bar or basement. Now, with a solid fan base, ...view item »

Paul Smith & Peter Brewis
Frozen By Sight

The Sunderland/Newcastle axis of art rock is in full collaboration mode at the moment. The most esoteric could well be this meeting of Field Music's Peter Brewis with Maximo Park's Paul Smith. Brewis's complex chamber music compositions are a gorgeous backdrop to Smith's tales travel writing texts. It ocassionally hits dizzy heights and is nothi...view item »

Viktor Sjoberg
House Master

Pastoral experimantal poppy house music from this Swedish maestro who has now reached his 5th outing for the esteemed Kalligrammofon. His story about finding a bargain Chicago house LP at the age of 9 is quite sweet. I was still listening to Duran Duran back then so he's obviously tons cooler than me. This is his attempt to aurall...view item »

Wooden Aquarium

It's been a year since 2013's triumphant 'Ores & Minerals' and London based trio Mazes hone in on the best of their craft with 'Wooden Aquarium'; here, the hypnotic motorik rhythms and infectious pop melodies remain firmly intact. Though defying tradition and recording the album completely live in a studio, Mazes have not compromised their l...view item »


Looking for a present that will cheer up your nan and run on her '73 audio set-up? Now you have the opportunity to make your Christmas holidays bearable at the same time! With this collection of fresh collaborations, Random Acts of Vinyl brings Limited Edition 10” Joy to the birthday of our Lord and Savior. Merry Chri...view item »

Virginia Wing
Extended Play

I heard a tape from Virginia Wing a while back and wasn’t all that taken by them, but I’m giving them another go today in order to tell you what their new EP sounds like. It’s on the ever-reliable Faux Discx so I’m open to persuasion. I’m happy to ...view item »

Allo Darlin'
We Come From The Same Place

Anglo-Aussie indie-poppers Allo Darlin’ are back with their third full-length and a lot has changed since 2012’s ‘Europe’: coalescing the enthusiastic urgency of their 2010 self-titled debut with the introspective sophistication of its follow-up, ‘We Come From The Same Place’ combines the best of both worlds. ...view item »

Odd Rumblings

Pop music as refracted by glass, Odd Rumblings create a chilling atmosphere on their self-titled debut, only occasionally letting pop hooks pass through. These industrial-tinged songs rest on heavily effected soundscapes that echo outward for eternity, but are softened by emphatic vocal melodies that the duo find impossible to resist. It's DIY: ...view item »

Of Montreal
Cherry Peel

'Cherry Peel', the first record from the chaotic twee mess that is Of Montreal, was originally released in 1999. With its psych-folk undertones and gleefully experimental take on pop music, it slotted right into Elephant 6's canon, fulfilling their golden rule -- music should explode all over the place. Now it's back on vinyl thanks to Bar-None....view item »

El May
The Other Person is You

El May is a backing musician turned songwriter, who's moved from playing for Nada Surf and Luna to making songs in all the traditions of a solo folkie. Her songs are melancholic tales about break-up and devastation, transmitted through piano compositions and simple, indelible vocal melodies. Call it existential pop music: 'The Oth...view item »

The Voyeurs
Rhubarb Rhubarb

This lot used to be called Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs but have now mysteriously changed their name to the Voyeurs. Their music has changed ever so slightly and instead of evoking Television's 1970's New York guitar stylings, they now evoke Lou Reed's 1970's New York guitar stylings. The track I'm listening to sounds like an absolute mess so w...view item »

Chet Faker
Built on Glass

Having gained notoriety on Youtube with some soulful covers of big electronic/hiphop tracks including Burial (sans gritty percussion), Aussie songsmith Nick Murphy drops his debut album under the mildly irritating Chet Faker name. While billed as an electronica musician on various sites, the majority of the s...view item »

Arctic Monkeys

When Arctic Monkeys announced the first single on their new album, a US online mag ran the story to which someone in the comments below said “Great, I’ll tell my dad”. It perfectly sums up the concerns that have become increasingly evident over their last couple of albums; that their cheeky ...view item »


18+ return from mixtape hell with a whole lot of fresh ideas and their debut record, 'Trust'. The duo spend most of the record's runtime breathing and hyperventilating over delicate and sensual electro-pop tunes, leaving the textures and eclectic amples sparse and intimate, their vocals rising and falling against solid ground. Not for the faint ...view item »

September Girls
Cursing The Sea

The process of doling out reviews to our various staff is more fraught than you may think. This record seems to have been knocking about forever and still we wait on the review from its once enthusiastic champion. A sequence of implausible events have scuppered it but we are not letting it get away though, no way,  so September Girls, you a...view item »

Ace City Racers
Different Angle

I want to say Ace City Racers make garage rock, because how perfect would that be? It's not far from the truth: while this band popped out of the bedroom, twee pop style, with intimate and luxuriously silly songs that originally appeared on the gleeful Alcopop Records, they retain a rugged edge and a penchant for all things raw. This new 7" sing...view item »

Dean Blunt
Black Metal

This probably isn't the new Bathory album. Dean Blunt, previously of Hype Williams fame, is becoming one of the most singular voices and visionaries in what we would probably call 'experimental' music. He makes records that traverse genre after genre until they all diminish (seriously, though -- 'The Redeemer' is voicemail-core, with plenty of d...view item »

Insect Heroes

Sweet vocals, off kilter percussion and randomly layered electronic sounds characterise Insect Heroes' 'Apocalypso', which is actually way more cheerful and abundantly more twee than the metal name and artwork suggests. This record is recommended for fans of loopy indie pop bands such as the Unicorns and Islands, who make you feel through the mo...view item »

Soft as Snow
Glass Body Remixed

Houndstooth makes way for their old friends Soft as Snow, a duo whose name doesn't quite fit with the next-generation, sci-fi sounds they bring to their electro-pop. 'Glass Body Remixed' takes one of their prime cuts and reroutes it twice; first, Lucy of Stroboscopic Artefacts unleashes it onto the floor, and then Factory Floor's Gabe Gurnsey ex...view item »

Wednesday Morning Bootle Strand

Shellsuit homage the best of the folk, punk and indie rock canons in 'Wednesday Morning Bootle Strand', citing Simon and Garfunkel as an influence for their sound alongside the Velvet Underground, as if the bands are two flips of the same coin -- they mention the Smiths, too. Ultimately, this duo make contemplative guitar tunes that are eit...view item »

Helado Negro
Double Youth

'Double Youth' is the new record from electronic songwriter Helado Negro, who draws on his base of equipment (including bass drum machines, to get your body moving and your brain brooding) in order to make a sound in the palettes of ambient, IDM and synth pop -- all meshed together to bare his little soul. 'Double Youth' is influenced by funk an...view item »

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