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Graham Jones
Strange Requests And Comic Tales From Records Shops

Strange Requests and Comic Tales from Record Shops comes from Graham Jones who has 30 years experience of being a record company sales rep. It’s a book of amusing anecdotes and ridiculous requests received and heard in record shops over the years. Illustrated by Kipper Williams whose work ...view item »

Misty Roses
Puce Woman

'Its Christmas time...there's no need to be a cunt...' outake from the 'Do They Know It's Christmas Time' sessions. Geldof had been out the night before and had quaffed enough whisky to drown a whale and staggered into the studio and tried to get a track going and was wrestled to the grou...view item »

Mama Shamone

I just knew I wanted to review the Mama Shamone single. 'Over' is the melting pot where every style of pop music from the 80's and early 90s is steamrollered into oblivion not unlike a big floppy disco juggernaut crashing into your face. Martin Rushent was indeed the maverick who propelled The Human League to stardom and he fills this bugger with a...view item »

Make This work

The Magistrates... This weeks new hot shit. We had squillions of pre orders for this so it's a one per person job. I was so not expecting it to sound like Jamie Lidell when it came on! Indie soul music!! The voice and vocal melody reminds me of Prince. I kind of like it which I didn't think would happen. It's smooth but rough... the music sounds ve...view item »

The Vaccines
English Graffiti

English Graffiti is the third full length album by West London’s very own indie-rockers, The Vaccines. This time they enlisted the help of producer Dave Fridman (who has worked with The Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev among others) to hone their sound. Recent singles Handsome...view item »

Think Cynic

Lads lads.... it's great being in a band but why follow a sound that's sailed a year ago. Here is LINEAR and their new single Think Cynic and if wasn't for every other fucker already established producing this sound then they might just have a chance. Having said that its not without its merits and I quite like the singer, and with...view item »

Jamie xx
In Colour

In Colour is the debut album by Jamie xx, from the Mercury Music Prize winning band, The xx. Over the past six years Jamie xx has worked with and re-worked the likes of Radiohead, Alicia Keys and Florence & The Machine but his crown...view item »

Wolf Alice
My Love Is Cool

The debut album from London’s Wolf Alice, My Love Is Cool take further leaps into rock territory following their folksy beginnings. Very in tune with the modern strain of motorik krautrock whilst retaining an ear for melody, it’s like a diluted Sonic Youth for the kids. Out on CD and vinyl double LP from Dir...view item »

Prinzhorn Dance School
Home Economics

Prinzhorn Dance School crafted this collection with a first-take kind of ethos, so that Home Economics does not lack in freshness. Released on DFA, this carries many of the familiar hallmarks of that label (such as a tight, funky rhythm section), but comes from this side of the Atlantic, giving a different angle....view item »

The Social Club Nº5

I.U.D: 'Ffing' 7" (Social Registry) Limited edition Social Club no.5 series 7" single (750), utilises eerie film samples on the introduction giving way to a freeform scree and primal dirge layered with vocal yelpings and doom-mongering, primitive sounding drums.The flip side goes further back to nature with Gang Gang Dance style guttural ...view item »

Found/ How To Swim

Now a few 7”, the first being a split from HOW TO SWIM and FOUND on Creeping Bent and first up we have FOUND with Static 68. It's understated and gentle with quirky keyboards and wobbly but pleasant harmonies backing up a Beck style man and his guitar. In fact no...view item »

Gossamer albatross
The Ground Will Take Us Down

We got our mitts on the debut 7" from Gossamer Albatross. 'The Ground Will Take Us Down' was recorded and mixed by Hugo Manuel of Jonquil fame. This is essentially a folk pop record with acoustic guitar and fiddle, brimming with heart and soul. This isn't a genre I'm particularly fond of but this is a decent tune. Good honest music with a slig...view item »

The Gentle People
Plastic City

The Gentle People were always one of the dubious acts on Rephlex, cheesy pop music & loungecore for ironic eyebrow raisers everywhere. They've joined the ranks of Elefant records for whom they've provided a new 7" called 'Plastic City'. I'm sorry but this dated pile of doo-doo sounds like Robots in Disguise, the joke electro group on The M...view item »

The German Measles
Color Vibration

The German Measles are from the Vivian Girls label. They are peddling a raucous garage rock sound, that sounds like it was made in some seedy basement in Noo Yawk. Actually it has a slight Phil Spector-esque production sound, really textured and swathed in reverb. I guess that's where the Spector comparisons must end, as these gents wont start shoo...view item »

Fun Adults
Sap Solid/Acacia

I pulled one of these in our stock room earlier before and I was slightly bemused by the name. Fun Adults...where do these guys get their names from? Well this is their debut single for Tough Love (though it’s...view item »

Fake Male Voice
Fake Male Voice

Fake Male Voice is a bloke from TV on the Radio who I'm fairly ambivalent towards, I do think they've got some great tunes and that though. I guess the band name on this self-titled picture 7"/DVD set (in the same series as the ones we've had from Liars and Of Montreal in the recent past) is a bit of a sly pisstake of himself, especially ...view item »

Economy Wolf
Theme For Yellow Kudra

The lure of Economy Wolf has to be the fact there's a slightly hairy naked man in his underpants on the cover, arms out stretched clearly asking why? Why indeed. You should never judge a book by it's cover though as the music on offer is more like My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, ie the rockier end of shoegazing. It's good as well. The flipside h...view item »

Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs
Evil Mothers

‘Evil Mothers’ is a new tune from the ever glamorous CB&V’s that DOES NOT feature on their debut album ‘Clarietta’. It’s an exclusive see. Expect a tuneful glam-stomper in that Reed meets Bolan style they’re are beginning to perfect. The recording is dodge but the tune is okay....I guess. The...view item »

The Relationship
Oh Allen / Young Temptations

Weezer guitarist Brian Bell steps out of the shadows with his other outfit The Relationship. Fans of Cuomo et al won’t be disapointed. Oh Allen offers a belter of a chorus in that age old power pop tradition of strong, simple melodies. Backed up by Young Temptations on the B side. Out on vinyl 7&rdqu...view item »

Crash, Burn & Cry

ONBC is not a solo project, as I first assumed on seeing the cover art, but a four piece band, dwelling in cosmopolitan Copenhagen. Debut record Crash, Burn & Cry is full of excellent harmonies between the two female singers of the group, with a rich seam of glamorous melancholy running through the whole affair. On ...view item »

Butterfly Bangs
Junk Sky

Goodddddd! Help me please! Now i've got the Butterfly Bangs. 'Junk Sky' sounds like Gene with some wailing berk who's half Kevin Rowland, half Alex Kepranos over the top of this...this...THIS TURGID NONSENSE! This is just conveyor belt jangle pop for the radio. It's like a frigging meccano set for 4 year olds. Constuct yr own 3rd rate &qu...view item »

The British Public

The British Public sound nice enough. They have a slightly twee sound that reeks of indie foppery. Shit I can almost smell the cardigans and teacups from here. The A side is about being attacked by bears and the bloody aftermath. The track on the flipside is about breasts and them getting bigger. The songs are concise and well produced and the c...view item »

This Way / That Way

The Bangbangbang 7" on New Slang Records. It's called This Way and it's a direct cross between The Bellrays and The Gossip. Loads of energy in the female fronted indie pop thing. I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who would love this. I'm not really one of them. ...view item »

Banjo or Freakout
Left It Alone

A clear vinyl. I like that. Would I buy that for a dollar?? Maybe. The new single from Banjo or Freakout floated past me before I even realised I'd listened to it. So I played 'Left It Alone' again. The words "Powerfully Foppish" sprang to mind. It's got anthemic leanings, ala Fleet Foxes or dare I say it My Morning Jacket but its nice en...view item »

Applicants/ Open Mouths

Again on Brainlove records I have a split by THE APPLICANTS and OPEN MUTANTS a rock and roll affair. Notice on the cover they're got the worst make up job ever. Looks like its been done by a drunk. Sounds like a lot it was a lot of fun to make but singing about "crappucino" by the Applicants is...view item »

Before We Forgot How To Dream

SOAK is a young Northern Irish singer whose debut album is this right here. Before We Forgot How To Dream melds together her wistful lyrics (just look at that title) with a slinking musical backdrop that channels classic soul crossed with an indie aesthetic. CD or vinyl available, out on Rough Trade....view item »

FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks)

Definitely not enough of this kind of thing happening these days: a totally implausible collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, excellently titled FFS. The self-titled album brings us something more than just a blend of Franz’s indie-rock and Sparks...view item »

Everything Everything
Get To Heaven

Everything Everything return to your ears with a whole new album, with eleven tracks of their trademark indie complex-pop. The arrangements are busy, but arguably blended with pop dynamics a little better than on their past work. The three-part vocal harmonies backing up Jonathan Higgs’ swooning vocals also make a return. ...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Immortal / I’m A Ruin

There's a lot of 7" incoming from bombastic pop star Marina and her Diamonds, all of which waits in thrall of her upcoming third record, Froot. Pretty great album name -- sounds like the word foot, and also the word root, which is neat, I guess? Immortal / I'm A Ruin is...view item »

The Magic Whip

The first album from Blur in twelve years, born from a chance cancellation of a gig back in 2013, much to the disappointment of fans at the time but to their unbridled bouncy joy today. With original members Graham Coxon, Damon Albarn, Alex James and Dave Rowntree, returned from cheese dreams and high musical art to produce the ...view item »

So You're Mine

The Crumplehorns are an indie-rock four-piece from Scarborough. They claim to  have an eclectic mix of influences from post-punk to Krautrock, but these ears hear Pulp and their ilk. So You’re Mine is pressed on transparent yellow vinyl with two extra tracks. There is a download too, which gi...view item »


The first ‘proper’ album by Ash since Twilight of the Innocents a whole eight years ago… Kablammo! announces itself rather firmly with that title, and the first single, ‘Cocoon’ matches that tone with straight-down-the-line riffs and a sweeping chorus. “We have lots of energ...view item »

Part Time
Virgo's Maze

New Part Time music is out now: a double album no less, available as 2LP, CD, or even cassette tape, all courtesy of Burger Records. Virgo’s Maze has twenty tracks of good-times indie pop fun, including the sexily-titled numbers ‘Touch Me Responsibly’ and ‘Pussy Of My Dreams’....view item »

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Some twenty first century scorn from Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Multi-Love is the next instalment from the art-pop freaks. This one is full of Ruban Nielson's dreamy croon, swaying synthesisers and grooved out bass & drums. It sounds like Steely Dan, Tame Impala and Deerhunter somehow co...view item »


Available on CD vinyl LP on Ehse Records. Wume are April Camlin and Al Schatz from Baltimore. Recording away in their basement, playing with synths and developing grooves galore. with a similar tone to Apparat Organ Quartet, Maintain is a collection of tracks, old and n...view item »

Slow Steve

6 Track EP, available on 12” vinyl or CD from Morr Music. Rémi Letournelle is Slow Steve. With lofi, fuzzy synthesizers, clanky distorted percussion and everything lovingly understated, you can see why they draw comparisons to Ariel Pink or Air. Like a pop song...view item »

El Perro Del Mar
El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del Mar first released this self-titled album in Sweden 10 years ago, so why not release it again? The record has a sound I can only describe as ‘muted-jaunty’, pulled down further by Sarah Assbring’s morose tones. Compelling! This reissue is on green vinyl, the original album accompanied by an extra 1...view item »

Tender Prey
Organ Calzone

Tender Prey is the solo work of Laura Bryon, making indie-punk-pop with a lo-fi aesthetic.  Some of the Organ Calzone cassette (her longest recording to date) sounds the vocals are bleeding in from the bottom of a long corridor, although tunefulness is maintained. Drums provided by Emma Thomas of Islet...view item »

Florence + The Machine
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

The one woman renaissance boombox is back. Florence and the Machine returns with How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful which is their third album. It’s more of what we love most from Florence; grandly orchestral pop with an ethereal transitory feeling as waves of backing vocals drift until Florence’s voic...view item »


Cinerama, aka the band of Wedding Present guitarist David Gedge, are here with a somehow familiar new release. That is because Valentina represents Gedge’s fulfilled ambition to completely rework his other band’s said-same album in orchestral, cinematic style, sans indie-rock guitars. LP and...view item »

Hot Chip
Why Make Sense?

There is very little known about the music on Why Make Sense? the new album from indie/electronica act Hot Chip but what is known is that every sleeve for every copy on CD or vinyl will be subtly different due to a never-before-used printing technique. Hot Chip fans will be delighted! The album was produced by the band ...view item »

Jean-Jacques Perrey & David Chazam

There is a rich tradition of odd-ball French electronic music. However from Jean-Pierre Massiera to Pierre Henry, none are as bizarre and utterly engaging as Jean-Jacques Perrey and at the grand age of 86, the master is releasing a new LP, ELA, along with the apprentice, ...view item »

Dave McCabe & The Ramifications
Church of Miami

Dave McCabe & The Ramifications is a new musical enterprise from the former guitarist/frontman of The Zutons that marks an effort to move away from guitar based songwriting. Drawing on his love of DC comics and the dystopian science fiction of Philip k Dick as well as the musical influences of eighties UK new wave electro and Krautrock, this...view item »

Miaoux Miaoux
School Of Velocity

Miaoux Miaoux’s new and second album School of Velocity is so bright and shiny you should probably put on sunglasses before listening to it. Wild electro pop that just piles synth upon synth, this could certainly soundtrack some exciting times over the course of your summer. Released by Chemikal Underground....view item »

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
The High Country

Don’t let the almost-implausibly-fey-indie band name fool you, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin have produced a highly energetic record of distorted action. The High Country is probably the most furiously forward-pushing the band have ever sounded, and frankly it sounds pretty great. On Polyvinyl....view item »

Bernard + Edith

Bella Union present the debut album of Bernard + Edith, a Manchester duo who pull together a range of dark-electronic-pop influences. Jem is full of highly detailed miniatures, carefully layered up into uncanny wholes. Fans of The Cocteau Twins or Fever Ray might well have a good time. ...view item »


Novella, of sunny Brighton, are devoted '60s counterculture fans, and they aren’t afraid to display that in their music. Land is their debut album, and it brings together the two opposing ends of that sphere of influence: the acid-blasted riffing and the blissed psychedelic pop. Arrives neatly in the present day v...view item »


Boys is the fifth album by psych-pop band, Crocodiles. Not content with sitting still, the band's love of travel saw them jetting to Mexico City to record their new album with producer Martin Thulin. Their surroundings have influenced this colourful record adding Latin influences to a sound that perfectly straddles the ...view item »

Abram Shook
Landscape Dream

Following up last year’s Sun Marquee, an album called Landscape Dream was always going to furrow similar sunny and soulful territory for Abram Shook. Abram spreads his yacht-chill over 12 tracks that would sound ridiculously exotic yet enjoyable if blaring from a boombox during an afternoon of barbecuing ...view item »

Jad Fair & Norman Blake

Jad Fair and Norman Blake last worked together in 2003 on the Jad Fair & Teenage Fanclub album, Words Of Wisdom And Hope. Musically, Yes is more in the vein of Teenage Fanclub’s hook-laden guitar pop than the jarring stabs of Half Japanese, but Jad Fa...view item »

Piney Gir

The sound of Piney Gir is a sound of handcrafted playful delicacy: indi pop that dips into all sorts of sounds and genres, a pleasing melodic melange. mR hYDE’S wILD rIDE (which is even more irritating to type than to read) has twelve songs, tracking a loose narrative of Gir’s experiences of...view item »

Summer Camp
Bad Love

Bad Love is the third album by Summer Camp. Their previously successful recipe of distorted guitars, thick, fuzzy synth lines and glorious pop melodies is refined here to make an album of joyful kitchen sink indie pop. Bad Love is available as an 'indies only' limited vinyl edition of 300 copies with a ...view item »

Paul de Jong

Paul de Jong, formerly of The Books, releases his very first solo record, and IF is an excellent piece of work. de Jong combines all manner of unusual samples from here and there into curious and catchy wholes, underlaid by his gorgeous string-playing. Fun and lovely, released by the Te...view item »

Charlie Tipper Experiment
Mellow On

Have you ever found yourself thinking: “gosh I wish there were another class Britpop/-rock band around”? Veteran Bristol musicians Charlie Tipper Experiment have heard the considerations you took care to hide from your hip friends and are happy to cater to them. Mellow On is filled with original popsongs. No...view item »

Modest Mouse
Too Many Fiestas For Rueben / Cowboy Dan

As a reminder of just how weird and wonderful the Modest Mouse universe was in its early days -- in its scratchy guitar tones, as well as in Isaac Brock's unhinged voice -- Glacial Pace and Fat Possum are reissuing their primitive classics, along with a little helping of 7" to sweeten the deal. The 7" that accompanies the reissue of 'The Lonesom...view item »

Other Lives

Other Lives started life in Oklahoma before moving their operation to the hip and happening city of Portland. The effect of moving to a new place has had on them is shown in their third album, Rituals with themes of travel and isolation. The album was produced by the band with the help of Joey Waronker who has worked wi...view item »

The Leisure Society
The Sleeper / A Product Of The Ego Drain

I rattled on last week about The Leisure Society so I won't repeat the whole tale but here is the re-issue of their debut album 'The Sleeper' which is back out on Full Time Hobby with better distribution and mountains of press to come i'm sure. If you didn't buy the record when it first came out then I'd heartily recommend it to anyone who likes Su...view item »

Dancing at the Blue Lagoon

Cayucas are a band centered around two twin brothers, indulging their childhood ideals about the place that they now actually live: Los Angeles refracted via pop culture and distanced once more by time and memory. The results are a sunny retro-Californian beach album, pretty nice to listen to in the right setting. Dancing at...view item »

Ela Orleans
Upper Hell

Upper Hell is Ela Orleans’ much anticipated follow up to the magical Tumult in Clouds album from 2012. The noir pop wizardess teams up with uber-producer Howie B for her new music, and seductive, brilliantly evolved sounds are the inevitable result. On the man’s HB imprint on CD and vin...view item »


+- is the new album by Danish art-rockers, Mew. Their sixth studio album was produced by Michael Beinhorn.This is an album of  pop hooks set against a sweeping backdrop of prog-ish indie rock. The band source their influences from far and wide. There is also a guest appearance from Bloc Party&rsquo...view item »

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow is the alias of George Lewis Jr. Eclipse is his third album and major label debut. His previous albums, Forget, 2010 released on Terrible and Confess, 2012, released on legendary indie label 4AD. Lewis earned his touring chops whilst supporting Florence & The Machine and The Stroke...view item »

Stranger Cat
In The Wilderness

Sufjan Stevens’ right hand woman takes centre stage here with her new project Stranger Cat. With a CV that takes in the likes of The Shins, Sharon Van Etten and Son Lux, Cat Martino belts out a number of tunes with her sights trained directly at the radio. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Joyful Noise....view item »

Lightning In A Twilight Hour
Fragments Of A Former Moon

Lightning In A Twilight Hour is the new project led by Bobby Wratten, formerly of Field Mice and Trembling Blue Stars. Fragments Of A Former Moon is the full-length follow up to the mini album, Slow Changes, which served as an introduction to Wratten's new material. Fans of ...view item »


Thrillingly forward-pushing shoegaze-sun-punk record from Froth. With Bleak, they sound sunny and bright, but that title is not a misnomer: touches of darkness lie beneath. But shouldn’t there always be a melancholy undercurrent to your beach frolics? This will work nicely. Out on Burger Records....view item »

Biff Bang Pow!

12” vinyl LP on Poppydisc. Indie pop band from London Biff Bang Pow!, formed by Creation records boss Alan Mcgee produced 6 albums between 1983 and 1992. Waterbomb was best of compilation that was originally released in 2003, and has now been remastered by band member and original producer ...view item »

Peine Perdue

‘Disparitions’ is the first vinyl, full length album by Berlin based artist/musicians Peine Perdue (aka Stephane Argillet and Coco Gallo). Released on French label Medical Records, ‘Disparitions’ is a poetic, mathematical, pattern inspired abstraction of economical synth-pop, coloured by the eclectic personality of it&rsq...view item »

Darkness Falls
Dance and Cry

Following their critically acclaimed debut ‘Alive In Us’, ‘Dance And Cry’ is the latest album from Copenhagen based rock/pop duo Darkness Falls. The album is an accomplished blend of atmospheric yet danceable, melancholic pop with layers of electronic dance and heartbreaking vocal styles resulting in a world of haunting c...view item »


Slug are the latest band to come from Sunderland’s thriving music scene. They are the brainchild of Ian Black who earned his stripes as a touring member of fellow mackems, Field Music. The ideas for the music on debut album, Ripe come from the deepest recesses of Black’s mind combining many ...view item »

The Leisure Society
The Fine Art Of Hanging On

The Fine Art Of Hanging On is the fourth album by The Leisure Society. The album has a theme of hanging on running through its songs although the band did not intend to make a concept album. As with previous albums, the complexities involved in their songwriting, arrangements and musicianship are all present. This, coup...view item »

Ava Luna
Infinite House

Third full-length from New York’s compositional tricksters Ava Luna. Crisp production from Dave Friedman allows them to fully realise a sound they seem to have been searching for since the start. Soulful psychedelic funk with joyous crescendos and head-turning structures abound. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Western Vinyl....view item »

Matt and Kim
New Glow

From the superhappy intro-song-to-the-Community-tv-series about suicide, Matt and Kim have now arrived at a cheerful pop sound with some cozy trap influences somehow meshed in comfortably. New Glow has got a new sound going for the duo, while still keeping in touch with their old joy. Also, who could say no to such happ...view item »

Sleeping In The Backseat

Tigercats are a party band comprised of singer/guitarist Duncan Barrett, his brother Giles on bass, Laura Kovic on keyboards and vocals, Jonny Evans on drums and Paul Rains (Allo Darlin’) on guitar. ‘Sleeping In The Backseat’ is a lovingly crafted, record of sophisticated pop songs with contagious hooks and danceable rhythms, e...view item »

Death And The Maiden
Death And The Maiden

Supported by an earnest bass meandering through synthesized landscapes, Lucinda King’s vocals are perhaps the most human aspect of Death and the Maiden’s self-titled debut. The melancholy guitars and hot-on-your-tail drums contrast splendidly with her emotional singing, making the album an inten...view item »

Stealing Sheep
Not Real

Stealing Sheep’s second album, Not Real, comes packaged within enticingly curious cover art: you know that these are legs, but how many, whose, and in what configuration? The music may prompt some of the same questions, as Stealing Sheep’s sound is a surreal and colourful form of pop music....view item »

Bop English
Constant Bop

Bop English is the solo project / labour of love of White Denim frontman James Petralli. Debut Constant Bop has been in the workings for years, and that time and craft is evident in the depth of the recordings. Available on CD, but if I were you I’d get it on vinyl, which is pressed to blue and ye...view item »

Many Faces Out of Focus

Pictures are repressing this debut release from Essex producer Stuart Howard aka Lapalux, a time capsule from his formative days. While recent output has borderline trap tendencies, Many Faces Out of Focus lies within the ambient/'post-dubstep' scene of 2010-12, with downtempo beats and hazy synth textures galore. ...view item »

Toro Y Moi
Freaking Out

Toro Y Moi's new album is full of house style stomp and squelch. Its five tracks wouldn't sound out of place on the Golden Child soundtrack. It has electro grooves and soulful vocals in abundance. It starts off with a track called "All Alone" which has a really good beat and solid bass grooves. This level of quality doesn't dip...the grooves...view item »

Captain Of None

Loopy beauty from French multi-instrumentalist Cecile Schott a.k.a Colleen. Playing the baroque instrument, treble viola da gamba, and singing in a folky whisper, she brings to mind the loop-based works of Robert Fripp or more recently Dustin Wong but with a stronger leaning towards songcraft. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Thrill ...view item »

Peach Kelli Pop
Peach Kelli Pop III

The third (obviously) release of Allie Hanlon’s bubblegum pop solo project. Peach Keli Pop’s sound is damn lovely to be quite honest, sounding just exactly like you want it to, where 50’s aesthetics meet with punk drive. Hanlon plays all instruments and writes all songs: great work! On Burger Records....view item »

Young Fathers
White Men Are Black Men Too

Boldly titled follow-up album to Young Fathers’ award-winning debut, White Men Are Black Men Too. This group are not afraid to stir things up with their lyrics, their politics and their productions, which continue to mix hip-hop structures with all sorts of not-so-expected sonics. Released by the Big Dada label....view item »

Lower Dens
Escape From Evil

New album from Lower Dens, that features a sound that maintains the cold distance of their earlier work whilst also somehow feeling warmer. Single ‘To Die In L.A.’ sets the tone with a beautiful melody and arrangements sweeping around Jana Hunter’s gorgeously stark voice. Escape From Evil is released b...view item »


White double 12” vinyl LP presented in a UV matte finish!?! Gabrielle Herst, having composed operas and for chamber orchestras wanted to focus on shorter vocal looping productions, with a perfect producer for the job in Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) her GABI alias...view item »

The Monochrome Set
The Lost Weekend

English new wave band The Monochrome set themselves apart from the sombre tones of post punk played by many of their late seventies and early eighties contemporaries through their dry wits and clean pop sensibilities. ‘The Lost Weekend’ documents the bands tenure at Blanco Y Negro records....view item »

Daffodil Days

Oscar may have flunked his attempts at further education being an art-school drop-out but he shows no signs of flunking in his music career. He has been quite prolific in the last twelve months, producing a number of songs or “Laptop Pop” in his bedroom. He takes his cues from ‘80s indie-pop and the likes of ...view item »

Jane Weaver / Tender Prey
Don't Take My Soul / Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Of My Heart

Jane Weaver’s Don't Take my Soul is an exposition of her gentle electropop and pretty, can’t-quite-put-your-thumb-on-it vocals, delivered appealingly and at high pitch. The 7” is split with Tender Prey, whose Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of my Heart is a promising snea...view item »

Living Fields

Ninja Tune roll another release off their Ford motors like talent factory. This time its Portico, you may remember them from their previous name of, Portico Quartet. They are supplemented with Joe Newman of Alt-J & Jamie Woon adding vocals to the leftfield experimental sounds of the band. Having been nominated in the past fo...view item »

Hannah Cohen
Pleasure Boy

Some intense and anxious sounds from Hannah Cohen. Pleasure Boy is the second full length from the American artist. The feeling of something slipping through ones fingers is inescapable on this one. Her heartfelt ethereal vocals are dripping with remorse and pierce the heart of the wall of synths and the ...view item »

Into Memory

'Into Memory' is artist Mark Rowley’s debut album under the pseudonym Component#4. Building on the sharp, economical electronic rhythms of his 2012 EP release on Wayside and Woodland records ‘Barbed Wire Sunday’. ‘Into Memory’ is a collection of songs inspired by Rowley’s childhood in the post-industrial, soci...view item »

Isle Of Dogs

From the first chords, you know this is a scrumptious indierock treat. 2012’s Isle of Dogs is finally reissued on vinyl for everybody who missed the boat the first time, right as Tigercats’ second album (Mysteries) is released. What convenient timing for all you fans of lighthearted and honest indie...view item »

Young Guv
Ripe 4 Luv

When he isn’t being all hardcore, Ben Cook (Fucked Up/No Warning) writes pop hits for Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift. With his Young Guv project, he (sort of) reconciles these two sides of his musical personality, offering exuberant tunes...view item »

Lurid Glow

College kids make the darndest music. Reptar's debut was recognized as a collection of crazy phantasms when it was released, and Lurid Glow promises to go in the same direction - but bigger, better and a tad more orchestrated. Expect danceable afrobeats with disorienting breaks, all soaked in an optimistic twe...view item »

Jerry Paper

Released under the moniker Jerry Paper, Dustin Payseur of Beach Fossils offers you a taste of his solo compositions. Carousel combines silly sounds into serious pop songs, which results in strange yet catchy songs with curious lyrics. At the same time accessible and intriguing...view item »


Groovy instrumental synthpop weirdos Cantaloupe deliver their debut ten track album Zoetrope. The Nottingham new-schoolers clearly have no time for trends and an abundance of time for rocking the rock out of their synths. Fun for all the family. Out on vinyl LP from Hello Thor Records. Limited to 500....view item »

Cristina Quesada
You Are The One

Silky like honey and sweeter than a kimono, Cristina Quesada’s voice is a tasty as midnight tacos. Her debut album You Are the One is packed with delicious covers and original work, all pop songs filled with lushness. There’s only 750 of these pretty white vinyl treats, so get your hands on one of them!...view item »

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