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Virna Lindt

This 1983 debut album from the Swedish singer-artiste Virna Lindt was explicitly written and recorded with the notion of stylish European cinema soundtracks in mind: what fertile and chic sonic territory to be working in! Shiver’s orchestral pop is suitably sweeping and cool, and Lindt has just the right air of insouciance about her to make the whole thing work. Reissued by Les Disques du Crepuscule.

Django Django
Tic Tac Toe

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The Charlatans
Different Days

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When Doves Cry

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Choir Boy
Sunday Light

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Spirit Fest
Spirit Fest

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Black Honey

New single from hot new Brighton rock band Black Honey. This song features exactly one riff and that riff, if you would permit me, is very good. Youtube commenter Higgy reckons they sound like a female fronted Arctic Monkeys. That's not far off, so long as we're talking about the sleazy, slicked back hair version of those South Yorkshire boys.

The Primitives
New Thrills

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Trespassers William

Slow team Trespassers William reissue one of their many requiems just in time for RSD: 'Anchor' is early days for the band, back when they were teens trying to one up Slint in the race for prodigal indie rock talent. These tracks see the band begin to traverse their twin sounds: wide-open ambient 'scapes and plain but plaintive indie pop songs. Lovely, of course. Of course.

Chantal Acda
The Sparkle In Our Flaws

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David Bowie
Pin Ups

Parlophone reissued a range of David Bowie albums in the Five Years boxset in 2015: now these nice 180g vinyl versions are being released individually too. Pin Ups, released in 1973, finds Bowie covering a number of his 60’s favourites, including tracks by The Who and Pink Floyd. This LP release uses the 2015 remasters.

Camera Obscura
My Maudlin Career

My Maudlin Career was the fourth (and to date penultimate) album by Scottish pop people Camera Obscura originally released in 2009.  Their cinematic Northern Soul-influenced indie-pop has only gained traction in the intervening years and following the tragic death of founding member Carey Lander, the band have tentatively started to play shows again. What better time then for a re-issue.  

John Maus
Screen Memories

John Maus returns! Six years have passed since ‘We Must Become The Pitiless Censors’ -- during which time Maus has toured, released a rarities collection and finished his doctorate in Political Philosophy. He sounds as towering and stately as ever on Screen Memories; the record is another personal one which will haunt and invigorate. He even designed and built the modular synths he plays on it. Polyphony abounds! LP / CD on Ribbon music. 

Baxter Dury
Prince of Tears

His first release on Heavenly Recordings, Baxter Dury continues his lo-fi pop forays with Prince of Tears. Dury’s fifth album is brimming with his usual downbeat musings on relationships and excess but this time includes an orchestral score which melds with Dury’s usual synth instrumentation to create a sublime album brimming with hints of Serge Gainsbourg but with a very English charm.  

Jorge Elbrecht and Ariel Pink
Hang On to Life / No Real Friend

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The Mary Onettes
The Mary Onettes

Swedish dreamers The Mary Onettes released their eponymous debut album ten years ago, and a decade is a good amount of time, so here it is again! The Mary Onettes is a sensitive album of anthemic indie, sure to reach into your heart and soul alike. Revisit this little cult favourite on vinyl or on CD, via the Labrador label.

Pete Astor
Water Tower

Pete Astor was in both The Loft and The Weather Prophets, two bands who were signed to classic indie label Creation back in the day. On his new single, Water Tower, he is joined by and indie supergroup featuring James Hoare of Veronica Falls/Ultimate Painting/Proper Ornaments fame, Franic Rozycki and Jonny Helm from The Wave Pictures and Pam Berry from Withered Hand and Black Tambourine. Astor is releasing the single via his new label Tapete. Initial releases on the label have been rather interesting.

Ultimate Painting
Dust On My Eyes

Well this is nice. It’s two totally exclusive unavailable elsewhere tracks from pretty darn nice indie-poppers Ultimate Painting. We already know them from such albums as last years ‘Dusk’ where we found that  their charming understated indie rarely fails to satisfy. Lovely stuff. 

big tide
Half The Time

Leeds-based Liverpool-born Ben Thomas began his journey as Big Tide when he hooked up with Eagulls/Pulled Apart By Horses producer Matt Johnson. Taking his influences from The Byrds, Big Star and Teenage Fanclub he’s created some pretty classy sixties-tinged power-pop with his new single Half The Time. Two track 12” pressed on 140g black vinyl.

The Clean

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The Wave Pictures
City Forgiveness

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Girl Ray

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Girl Ray

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Tanya Donelly
Swan Song Series

Tanya Donelly founded Throwing Muses. And also The Breeders. And also Belly. So she certainly knows what she is doing when it comes to left-of-the-mainstream songwriting. Most of the contents of Swan Song Series were previously released as digital EPs: now they are gathered together in this attractive 3CD / 3LP set. On American Laundromat.

Half Waif
Probable Depths

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Euros Childs
House Arrest

House Arrest is the 13th solo album by former Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci mainman Euros Childs. It was recorded in Elton John producer Gus Dudgeon’s Cardiff studio by Stephen Black, better known to us as Sweet Baboo. Euros Childs is never short of melody or pleasingly weird lyrical themes and House Arrest proves that his cup still overfloweth with tunes-a-plenty.

Fujiya & Miyagi
Transparent Things

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The Apples In Stereo
Her Wallpaper Reverie

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Charlotte Gainsbourg

Rest is the fifth album by singer/songwriter, actress and offspring of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg. The album was produced by Ed Banger fella SebAstian who has also lent his talents to Frank Ocean among others. Paul McCartney, Connan Mockasin, Owen Pallet and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk make contributions too. Double LP and CD on Because.

Lomond Campbell
Only A City Apart

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Half Forward Line
The Back of Mass

I’m already interested in an album when it was recorded over two days in a Derelict Irish Rural Pub. Was it derelict at the start of the sessions, or just at the end? I also like short sharp albums, so Half Forward Line’s half hour stomper - a jangler, a power-popper, a sharp dose, a pounder - has lots going for it. We’ve got members of So Cow and Oh Boland if they mean anything to you, and we’ve got songs about social anxiety which will probably mean something to all of us. “The Back Of Mass” comes on cassette - perhaps all they had to record on in the pub.


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CS + Kreme
CS + Kreme

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Jasmine Minks
Another Age

Everybody remembers Alan McGee’s indie label Creation, home to Teenage Fanclub, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, Jesus & Mary Chain and some willfully obscure band called Oasis? Well, Aberdeen indie-poppers Jasmine Minks were the first band to release anything on the label. Another Age is being reissued on vinyl to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the feat.

Spinning Coin

After a couple of excellent 7"s and some pretty sweet support slots Spinning Coin finally drop their big debut album. This Glasgow band have slowly honed their sound of luscious indie-pop that takes inspiration from the golden ages of indie (both C86 '80s and early '90s grunge) but crucially remembering to add in future classic melodies to the equation. 

Tom O.C Wilson
Tell A Friend

Having released a fair amount of material in other guises, Tom O.C Wilson makes his first outing under his own name, with an album of jaunty, unpredictable tracks. Though poppy in general, there's a distinct air of strangeness, with shifting time signatures, instrumental hooks and meandering vocals coming at you from all angles.

We Can Die Happy

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Dawn People
The Star Is Your Future

Dawn People's category defying character is no surprise given the wide ranging influences that have fed its creation. Opening with hip-hop tempo beats, jazz flute and distinct Avalanches style plunderphonics, the palette twists and grows over the album, introducing warm synths, loungey grooves and additional madness to the mix.


On her third opus, Dominique Dillon De Byington (or Dillon to us music listeners) looks at something over to the right. Enough about the cover - Kind is a feast of brass instrumentation over an electronic pop backdrop, with Feist and Bjork comparisons to boot. As with all great pop songs, this deals with love, that old thing with all its ups and downs.
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Tusks, aka Emily Underhill, is a rising star of many talents. As producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist she if fully in control of her music, creating expansive, emotional pop from icy shards of synth, guitars and voice. Dissolve is her debut album, following on from the 2014 EP Ink. Her singular vision for her music has drawn comparisons to label-mate Bjork.

Past Life Martyred Saints

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Martin Carr
New Shapes Of Life

Martin Carr was the guitarist and principle songwriter for always critically successful and momentarily commercially huge Liverpool band The Boo Radleys. New Shapes of Life is his third solo album and follows on from 2014’s The Breaks. After a period of writing songs for pop stars, Carr was jolted into action after the death of David Bowie, realising how important it was to take his art seriously. New Shapes of Life, therefore came from a completely clean slate with Carr putting his heart and soul into the project.

The Sand Collector's Dream

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Sephine Llo
I, Your Moon

I, Your Moon is the debut release (unless you're counting her previous EP) from Sephine Llo. From roots in classical music both from pure enjoyment and via academia, this record is a breath of fresh air. Not only that, the entirety of the release if dedicated to her husband who passed away weeks after discovering they were expecting a baby. As you can imagine, the record is full of genuine passion. Available on vinyl LP and CD, and released on Tape Club. 

Paul Weller
One Tear

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Robert Forster
Songs To Play

Robert Forster has been a busy man in the seven years since his last solo outing, The Evangelist (2008). He has worked as a producer and a writer and overseen the compilation of G Stands For Go Between, the box set that reprises the work of his band, the legendary antipodean tunesmiths The Go Betweens. Songs To Play finds Forster in a fun and adventurous mood. It is a mix of the melodic pop and singer/songwriter tunes you’d expect with the odd experimental twist.

Catherine Ringer
Chroniques et Fantaisies

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Klaus Joynson & The Type 40
New Adventures in Time & Space - 12 Songs for 12 Doctors

Klaus Joynson set out on a mission to record a Doctor Who concept album in which every Doctor (and their corresponding era) is represented by a song. So that’s 12 Songs for 12 Doctors, with a few little bonus pieces bolstering the tracklist up to 18. The styles vary enormously, and each track is busily filled with nice little references to Doctor Who and beyond. CD release from K.Ultrax.


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Sally Dige
Holding On

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Teenage Fanclub
I’m In Love

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Lost Horizons

Despite having a sleeve which looks like a black metal opus, Lost Horizons is the new project of Simon Raymonde once of Cocteau Twins now of Bella Union. He's teamed up here with former Dif Juz drummer Richie Thomas. Guests are aplenty including Marissa Nadler Ghostpoet and most fascinatingly Karen Peris of the horribly underrated Innocence Mission 

Hanne Hukkelberg

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Gel Set
Body Copy

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Strawberry Runners
In The Garden, In The Night

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The Van Allen Belt

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Null + Void

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The Cornshed Sisters
Honey & Tar

The Cornshed Sisters’ four members are all singer-songwriters in their own right, giving this Newcastle-and-surrounds group a great weight of talent to build an album out of. Honey & Tar, their first record since 2012, delivers on that promise, being a set of mature folkish songs with many rich four-part harmonies. Released by Memphis Industries.

Virginia Wing
Measures Of Joy

South London four piece Virginia Wing's debut album promises some slinky and dream-like electronic pop which owes debts to early Krautrock, revered Brum legends Broadcast and the Radiophonic pioneers of wibbly otherworldly electronics. Also see the trance-like post-punk rhythmic drive of, say, This Heat. 'Measures of Joy' is certainly a hazy montage of moody electronics, dreamily sung and sometimes spoken vocals, with subtle musique concrete influences. Indespensible, one of the best 43 minutes of the year. Proper full review to follow shortly but this crystalline beauty could creep onto a couple of end-of-year lists.

Happy Meals

Minimalist disco and sultry synths are the order of the day on Glasgow-dwelling duo Happy Meals's debut album. Boyfriend / girlfriend Lewis Cook and Suzanne Rodden have been making sweet music together since high school. Cook is also a member of Scotland's premier Hawkwind tribute band, trivia fans! On vinyl or CD. Do you want fries with that? 

Loch Linnhe

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Miss World

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The New Faith
Me On You

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Charles Howl
My Idol Family

The titles of Charles Howl’s album My Idol Family specifically identify Lou Reed, Damon Albarn and John Lennon as musical idols, and it is certainly possible to see these heavyweights emerging in Howl’s songwriting and production. You’ve got that sweet melodic pop-rock sensibility, with lightly-psychedelic touches and a playful vibe. On Oh Many Records.


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California Blue / Rock Yr Baby

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Lonesome Cowboy Bill

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Mariam The Believer
Love Everything

Mariam The Believer is in fact the same Mariam who is so amazing in Wildbirds & Peacedrums, and who delivers mind-blowing performances in the Fire! Orchestra. On Love Everything she guides every aspect of the gorgeous pop sound, bringing in collaborators (including Oren Ambarchi, Mats Gustafsson, Sofia Jernberg!) to help sculpt her vision. Beautiful stuff, out on Repeat Until Death.

Exit Index

New Grooms! The New Yorkers haven’t been spotted in full-length format since 2015, but when they decided to rectify that, they didn’t waste time: apparently Exit Index was mostly recorded in a six hour session. Exit Index is indie-rock squeezed through an array of juicy effects pedals, sourced through frontman Travis Johnson’s co-ownership of Death By Audio. On Western Vinyl.

Jaye Bartell
In A Time Of Trouble, A Wild Exultation

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Camera Obscura

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Hot Chip
Coming On Strong

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Spent The Day In Bed

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Depeche Mode
Cover Me (Remixes)

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Strange Words and Weird Wars

Marnie, formerly of Liverpool electronic heroes Ladytron, follows her 2013 Crystal World album with Strange Words and Weird Wars. This is modern pop that takes is cues from the likes of La Roux, Kylie Minogue and Ladyhawke. There’s also a, presumably, tongue-in-cheek reference to ‘80s mallrat pop star Debbie Gibson with the track Electric Youth, also the name of  a Gibson album. But don’t worry, this sounds nothing like that.

Synth Wave – Volume 1

Synth Wave - Volume 1 intends to showcase the rude health of the global synth scene, pulling in artists from countries including Sweden, Argentina and Brazil. Turns out, the many kinds of alt-pop that have synthesisers at their core are producing top-grade material right now: artists like Massive Ego and The Stir Fry Pop Star prove that here. On Electro London.

Display Homes
Climate Change

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Full House - The Very Best of Madness

There’s been no shortage of Madness comps over the years, but none more comprehensive or revelatory than this up-to-date career-spanner. Almost evenly split between their initial chart-dominating 80s run and post-reunion highlights, it presents the (occasionally still) Nutty (former) Boys as a British institution of 40 years standing. No less than 42 tracks on a double CD, or 4-LP set with a pop-up gatefold sleeve.
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The Gist
Holding Pattern

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Dean Blunt
Stone Island

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Snow, Moon, Flowers

Barren land shoegaze from Shinowa, whose 7" showing here is plenty of sad. A smorgasbord of hazy guitar deluge and whispered vocals, their sound has both the expansive of meandering psych rock and the emotional sensitivity of '90s indie pop. An interesting sound that packs movement into a fogged landscape.

David West with Teardrops
Cherry On Willow

David West started out in distant Perth before working his way up through various cities (Melbourne, San Francisco) and bands (Rat Columns, Liberation) before reaching New York and this solo album with backing group Teardrops. Cherry On Willow is nice and poppy, feeling like a cheery stroll through some classic tuneful genres. Out on Tough Love.
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Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam are a pair of cousins who reside in sunny Melbourne. Inspired by James Blake, The xx and Lauryn Hill they make electro-pop as Kllo. Whilst the music is grounded in pop tradition, their use of UK Garage, 2-Step and R&B seamlessly fuses the old and the new. Backwater is available on LP and CD with a limited indies-only grey vinyl version if you’re quick enough!
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Tori Amos
Native Invader

Native Invader is the thirteen-track release (+two bonus tracks) from Tori Amos. A fantastic record that brings so much with it in terms of quality sound and a great addition to the indie rock scene. The record is actually quite relaxing and soothing, as Amos sings into your ears like silky milk. Available on Vinyl LP, deluxe CD and CD and released on ‘Decca’.

Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon
Around EP

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The Jazz Butcher
The Wasted Years

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Jessie Ware

After starting her career guesting on tracks by SBTRKT, Disclosure and Bobby Womack, singer-songwriter Jessie Ware gained rather a lot of attention. Her first album, Devotion, was released in 2012. The critically acclaimed Tough Love followed in 2014 and now comes Glasshouse which sees the culmination of three years work. Available on vinyl and CD on Island.

Kings Of Leon
Mechanical Bull

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The Maccabees
The Complete Collection

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Too Real

West coast producer Giraffage brings his debut full length album after a handful of releases on Fool’s Gold and Dim Mak. Glistening synth pop with the slick production of Flume. Featuring guest collabs with Japanese Breakfast, Harrison Lipton, and Angelica Bess from body Language. LP and CD on Counter.

I <3 Art

Norwegian indie pop group Broen’s second full length album is one of those that goes to show “indie-pop” can mean just about anything. The group, made up of members from acts such as Atomic, Mummu, and Your Headlights Are On fuse funk, jazz, twee pop and electronic experimental freedoms into such a joyful record. LP and CD on Bella Union.

Pet Shop Boys
Yes (Remastered Edition)

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