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Little Red
Listen To

Sounds like piss poor demo off cuts from The Coral. Which should not be taken as an indication that I think The Coral are any good either. Which rather goes to show that this is worth nought of your hard earned IMHO ...view item »

The Arcs
Outta My Mind / My Mind

As a prequel to their debut album, ‘Yours, Dreamily’, multi instrumentalists The Arcs release their second 7’’ single ‘Outta My Mind’, including an otherwise unreleased track, B side ‘My Mind’. Mixed and recorded in various locations over a two week period of informal sessions, the tracks have a in...view item »

Lawrence Arabia
Chant Darling

Lawrence Arabia. He's got a nerve hasn't he? On his debut this talented NZ native was caught blatantly ripping off someone's image from over a century back like some big fancy dressing novelty berk. I liked his music though, thought his harmony drenched West Coast pop & glam hybrid sounded pretty cool & fresh and I must admit, nothing much ...view item »

Brain Cream

Triple whammy - available on Digipak CD, Vinyl LP and Cassette from Burger Records. Returning to their original label for their fourth album Brain Cream. Jaill offer brilliantly crafted lofi jangly pop songs akin to Fingers Cut, Megamachine (if they had a budget), acoustic guitars cheeky synth here and ...view item »


Headphones are a group who are proud to stand behind only synthesisers (and drums), rather than any guitars. Headphones is their debut record (and indeed their only record), released in 2005 and now reissued by Suicide Squeeze on white vinyl. Indie synth-rock with a strong ear for melody and a songwriter’s touch....view item »

Surfing The Void

The newie from Klaxons has all the hallmarks of a great record..well, its got a Cat in a space suit on the front cover. Which gets my vote any day of the week, sir. The songs have oblique references to space and time travel. Which also gets the nod from me sir. It has a dry sound that do sent pulverize your ear holes, it sort of rubs them fondly...view item »

Camera Shy
Camera Shy

Awwww listen to this. It's like it has been made by a nice group of cuddly teddy bears. Lovely soft jangly pop with breathy vocals and summery vibes. Fans of late '80's indie pop will know what I'm talking about if I say it's a cross between The Apple Moths and The Artisans. For anyone with half a life think the Sundays, the Smiths and Sarah Rec...view item »

Mucky Sailor
Early Lad

Leeds lads Mucky Sailor release their debut long player 'Early Lad', it's a crazy mix of prog synths and math rhythms, rumour has it that they're pretty bonkers live and it really shows on record too, 'Tranzpennine Express' is like Jethro Tull being stage invaded by ...view item »


The first track on 'Cancelled' by Kingsauce sounds well like 70's MOR popsters Supertramp with elements of 10cc. Second tune 'Prozac with Sugar Smacks' reminds me of a pumped up Beatles tune like 'Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey'. 'The Uneasy Reader' sounds like a kitsch 60's pop music. 'Our Gang' sounds like Squeeze!!! 'C...view item »

Jeremy Jay
A Place Where We Could Go

This twee pop singer/songwriter employs a more-than-half-spoken style that is supported by a lo-fi guitar-piano-drums combination. It gives a narrative feel to the songs. A Place Where We Could Go is Jay's first full length album. His melodies hearken back to an earlier 1960s rock era, while his lyrics are reflective of the challenges of li...view item »

David Evans
Internal Temporal Order

A new name to add to the pile of pale and interesting electronic producers taking initial cues from Kraftwerk and their like (more on them later). Evans describes this album as an attempt to play electronic music on acoustic instruments and on opener '1am to 2am' he gets it spot on with a lovely tune that builds u...view item »

The Interiors
Delays Are Dangerous

The Interiors are from Sheffield, starring on the Phantom Power label, purveyors of meaty indie pop tunes with a chunky, tuneful soul. They've filled their debut album, Delays Are Dangerous, with fuzzy guitars, pummeled bass, stomping drums and old time tunes with an effervescent bounce. The male singer has one of funny hyper voices like the chap f...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Blue / Solitare

As promised indie-pop charters Marina and The Diamonds are back with a banquet of tasty pop morsels. Blue/Solitaire is a juicy double-header from the colourful album FROOT. Part of the drip-fed series of seven inches, it’s a fine little collectible. Out on coloured vinyl 7” from Atlantic....view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Gold / Forget

Back with a delicious collection of tasty treats, chart-botherers Marina and The Diamonds present Gold/Forget. A delightful duo of tangy pop songs from the colourful album FROOT. As part of a series of seven inches, it’s a tantalising little collectors piece. Out on coloured vinyl 7” from Atlantic....view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Savages / Weeds

Marina and her chart-hardened diamonds return with a series of seven inches from the new album FROOT. Savages/Weeds is a cool and crunchy collection of sweet-tasting pop tunes that forms a pleasingly colourful collectors item amongst the set. Feast your ears. Out on coloured vinyl 7” from Atlantic....view item »

Hairy Hands
Within A Palms Reach

Despite being a hairy get I've always managed to avoid having hairy hands [...or a hairy head! - Mike]. Do hairy palms count? Well here's the first release we've stocked by Hairy Hands which is a whopping 15 track long. It's an unusual listen as well. I'm only 3 tracks in and after a trac...view item »

Mister Divine / Shadows

You may well have seen Naytronix’s Nate Brenner already, as part of tUnE-yArDs touring band. But you haven’t heard the music of this solo project yet, as this single is the first ever release under the name, in advance of his upcoming album. Funky-weird 70s style goodness. Mister...view item »


Batteries is the solo project of Steven Clark (aka Sci-Fi Steve) of legendary Glasgow, disco punks Bis. This self titled debut LP release is full of concise, new-wave confidence. The guitars have been beefed up to an almost agro rock sound but there’re still plenty of pop moments carrying his trademark vibe of positive cyn...view item »

The Gossip
Joyful Noise

I understand a band must grow and their sound must change but... Its sounds are submissive to the conservative side of what the band is not. It does not contain the shredding or thrill of guitars that many have raved about. It does not have the power of Beth's essence and does not showcase the strengths of Hannah or Nathan. It is way too mellow,...view item »



She’s A Witch

Big love in the world of hype for London-based Gengahr. She’s A Witch is a catchy little number that could quite easily be an MGMT B-side. Memorable hooks and a subtle inflection of prog stylings to the guitar work. They’ll no doubt soundtrack an advert and get massive. Out on 7” vinyl from Transg...view item »

Flying Matchstick Men
All Yr Secrets

So from such sublime delights to the Flying Matchstick Men single on One Records which is so contrived it made me wish I too was constructed of wood as it would be easier to set fire to myself and rid myself from having to review this. Think of a sub-Kaisers band trying to be so painfully trendy it hurts. Only 500 on 7" tha...view item »

The Earlies
Bring It Back Again

The Earlies  - does anyone agree with me that they are totally shit? No? Oh well. I've been waiting for a chance to say how overrated I think they are and I'm going to bloody well take it with both hands. Predictable as a wet weekend in Whitby, they bore me quite literally to tears. Stupid twatty little synths and hippy dippy lyrics...view item »

The Dodos
Time To Die

I quite liked that first Dodo's album. There was some decent pop songs on there and somehow I ended up managing to listen to it way more than I expected to. I played Time To Die this morning and thought the main change with it was it there seemed to be a distinct lack of upbeat pop songs which ruled the first album. The sound isn't a million miles ...view item »

The Dears
Ticket To Immortailty

brand new Dears single and the singer still sounds like Damon Albarn.... not a bad tune at all on Bella Union called Ticket To Immortality... almost like Elbow with a bit of umpf behind 'em... ...view item »

Death From Above 1979
The Physical World

Death From Above 1979 still exist! 'The Physical World' is the first record in ten whole years from the dance-punk elephants, and continues where they left off: a ridiculous amount of sounds are packed in by Jesse F. Keeler, who keeps songs jumping through hoops -- from no frills punk into ditties of piano and splashes of synth -- while Sebastia...view item »

The Dutchess & The Duke
Live at Third Man Records

Jack White continues to play his post-White Stripes roll as benefactor / entrepreneur with records like this one. Released by his Third Man label, and indeed recorded Live at Third Man Records, this is the first album in a while from The Dutchess & The Duke. Excellent harmonies carr...view item »

Secret Diary

The superb synthpop soundtrack to 2011’s ‘Drive’ has been a resounding success and a strong seller here over the past year or two. It’s already made a minor star of Kavinsky, whose slick debut LP of electro-house synth wizardr...view item »

We Were One

Columboid score the soundtrack to the end of days...they are the bringers of death...they are the answer to my Gothic dreams. Formed around the nucleus of singer/keyboardist Ryan Hamilton in his NYC basement back in 2009 and joined by Benjamin (Drums, Vocals) and Russell Higbee (Hamilton's PA childhood friend, ex-Coyote band mate, and main Man- ...view item »

Clone Quartet
Carousel/ Played To Death

Clone Quartet: "Carousel" (Tigertrap) Apt title, this is the sort of so-called up lifting pop that gets played first thing in the morning on your more alternative/commercial radio station. Not exactly the kind of tune that gets me bounding out of bed first thing, in fact if I heard it i'd probably turn it off, that is if it hasn't finishe...view item »

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands came in with a huge bang on their self-titled album. What followed was a soft whimper that made a lot of people wonder if they truly had lost all that they had in one fell sweep. Hysterical is a welcome return for a band that could have easily hung up their tools and walked away. Granted they suffer somewhat in comparisons to new...view item »

Cats For Peru
Attack of The Pitching Machine

The cover of this Cats For Peru CD looks well indie pop. I guess it's a tiny bit indie pop but there's more ambition on show here (I'm not even sure what ambition means in this context to be honest) with some twisty, turny tracks that rock and prog around a bit while the singer guy does his singing bits. He's clearly the main focus with his Thom Yo...view item »

Captain Polaroid
Other Short Stories And Better Works of Fiction

Now a couple of releases on Filthy Little Angels starting with CAPTAIN POLAROID. Entitled Other Short Stories And Better Works Of Fiction it's another youthful guitar pop/rock act with standard pop hooks with synths. Pretty charming and simple music with the vocals driven through some strange dist...view item »

Years & Years

Years & Years are a London-based electro-pop trio who have spent the last four years touring worldwide, picking up the prestigious BBC Sound of 2015 poll award on their way. Built from layers of bittersweet, softly sung, emotional vocals over sharp, upbeat rhythms, their music is a powerful blend of danceable balladry....view item »

Under The Skylon

Candidate have a new album out called 'Under The Skylon'. A collection of 'future folk & pastoral pop' says some duffer from Rolling Stone. There's elements of Turin Brakes (without the godawful whining), a soupcon of C86 jangle  & the result is some polished, incredibly accomplished songs. A ...view item »

The Busy Signals
Busy Beats

Busy Signals- Twee beats mixed with Elephant Six style pop sensibilties. Busy Beats is CD only...view item »

By The Sea
By The Sea

Here’s an album by By The Sea, who specialise in that ‘60s-influenced reverb-drenched wishy-washy MOR-pop that Real Estate are so much better than everybody else at. Not to say it&rsquo...view item »

Buen Chico
The Seasons EP

Buen Chico are a long serving Leeds indie-rock staple. After two full length rekkids and a few other bits and bobs to their name, Morgan Tatchell-Evans (singing, guitar), Kirsty Dolan (bass, singing) and Alan Kenworthy (drummer and cousin of the real Kenny) have been on a short break to write songs and re-evaluate their musical direction. They r...view item »

Broken Records
Let Me Come Home

This is a great sophomore effort by this Scottish outfit. The singer has a unique semi-quavering voice with a melodramatic quality that suits the music and would equally suit him on stage in a musical. Some songs are aggressive but with a dark hue. Opening cut "A Leaving Song" finds Sutherland carving his way through jangly and buzzing guitars s...view item »

The Boy Least Likely To
Be Gentle With Me

Next we have the new single from The Boy Least Likely To. a Jo Wiley favourite which is enough to crack this 7" on your knee in an instant but wait give them a chance. These are a happy bunch jigging around a xylophone pleading with us to be gentle with them.. It's walking a fine line between a twee Black Lace and Dadly Dr...view item »

Bonde De Role
Office Boy

Someone else I haven't got Bonde De Role yet. I wanted to like 'em but I can't help but feel it sounds a bit rubbish. Almost like a slowed down Helen Love or something... essentially it's MIA for the indie folk. So it serves a purpose.... as does the person giving you your burgers at the checkout. I don't have to write about them though. This also ...view item »

Swim Deep
One Great Song and I Could Change The World

Interesting to release a song named One Great Song And I Could Change The World: the boast seems arrogant but the word ‘could’ suggests that this song is not a great one after all… This 7” of sweeping indie pop from Swim Deep is in a limited edition, released as part of RCA Records’ Chess ...view item »

Mates Of State
You’re Going To Make It

Almost a decade since their last UK appearance, Connecticut-based, indie/synth/pop duo Kori Gardner (vocals, organ, piano and guitar) and Jason Hammel (vocals, drums, percussion and synth) finally announce their first release in four years. Their long awaited EP ‘You’re Going To Make It’ consists of five tracks of pure emotion,...view item »


This boxed set is a mixed bag, with some great parts redeeming the release. I rather enjoy the Live Studio versions. They don't add much to the newer songs, as they were already recorded with brass, but older tracks (especially I Miss You) are particularly enhanced by the new takes - I only wish there were more reinventions (like a few more of t...view item »

De Lux

Wrap your ears around the modern funk adventures of L.A two-piece De Lux. Filtering the wit of Talking Heads and ramming it through a contemporary kaleidoscope Generation is all urban panic and 21st century anxiety wrapped up in shimmering nu-funk gems. Out on CD and vinyl double LP from Innovative Leisure....view item »

Big Deal
June Gloom

Post-Saville its probably a wise move for Mute not to push the vaguely peado-friendly line The Guardian adopted when trying to push this band's first album something along the lines that the man is in his 30’s, the lady still a teenager and they might....or might not have shagged at one point and it was all....view item »

BC Camplight
Lord, I've Been On Fire

BC Camplight or Brian Christinzio is a multi-instumentalist and general tunesmith. This is cracking song from his 2007 album "In The Blink of a Nihilist". It has the musicality and melodic sensibilities of Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney. There's a bit of Emitt Rhodes and Jellyfish going on in there too. If you wanted to dip your toe in the wate...view item »

Princess Chelsea
The Great Cybernetic Depression

Princess Chelsea’s music is a heady concoction, her reverbed vocals sitting in the middle of a many-layered blur of synths. The Great Cybernetic Depression is surely the pinnacle of her work so far, bright and poppy at the same time as sounding like a narcotic haze. Released on Lil’ Chief / Flying Nun....view item »


Whipcrack drum machines and darkly low-slung synths drive NUN’s self-titled debut forwards. This is a pretty great sound they have, tightly focused and propulsive. The band are from Melbourne, but no Australian sun has seeped into these recordings. LP packaged along with a poster, released on HoZac....view item »

Artefacts For Space Travel
Power Of The Brain

Artefacts For Space Travel. Nice name. W.S.Burroughs sourced apparently. They've a 6 track CD on Stolen comprising of slightly psychedelic fuzzed up indie pop that reminds me by the second track, of Dawn of the Replicants. Wonky lyrics put through some flange spazzzz pedal and slightly discordant scratchy rifferama. Like it loads. I actually respec...view item »

Christopher D Ashley
Cruel Romantics

Olof Arnalds

‘Palme’ marks the return from Icelandic singer and multi-instrumentalist Ólöf Arnalds. As her fourth full-length, this is Arnalds' most collaborative and poignant work to date: featuring alongside Arnalds are friends and luminaries Gunnar Örn Tynes (founder of electro-folk collective múm) and Skúli Sverrisson (also known fo...view item »

And What Will be Left Of Them?
The Dance, Damn You, Dance EP

New itchy yipping single from And What Will Be Left Of Them? The opening track is the kind of thing you'd get if Bromheads Jacket listened to Melt Banana as well as The Jam (& had a female singer). Not half as mental or disastrous as that could imply. Instead you get 4 tracks of shouty boy/girl indie with a bit o...view item »

A Mountain of One
Collected Works

Thank you Mountain of One for existing and releasing their song Innocent Reprise, I always come back to it and it's one of those songs you're thankful for after going back and hearing it. So now I find myself listening to this album on spotify, wondering what else hides here. But all I know is that this is a collection that is worth being judged...view item »

On Off

On/Off’ is Crumplehorns 3rd release. Homaging Krautrock and, arguably Joy Division, it has 70's prog rock keyboards, hypnotic bass, clanging guitars and controlled vocals. It's a real stomper, a song to get lost in and to soak up it's different textures and colours. Out on 7" vinyl from Big...view item »

Herd Songs

‘Herd Songs’ is the debut EP from Elk, a band which formed from the ashes of math/jazz pioneers Andy, Glenn and Ritch. Released on the inspirational Sheffield DIY label, The Audacious Art Experiment (Nope, Cowtown, ZA!), these ten tracks of intricate, soulful post rock, are the result of a two year collaboration with producer Karl Sv...view item »

Mumford & Sons
Wilder Mind

Mumford & Sons are finally back with their third full length. Britain's most successful family project since the start of the monarchy has plugged in their acoustics and completed the transfer to rock. On Wilder Mind, you can witness Mumford & Sons find a new path, if first single the Wolf is any i...view item »

Best Coast
California Nights

Just as the summer starts to rear it’s head in 2015, Best Coast return with a third album. The subject matter remains much the same (California! Summer! Hanging out!), as does the music, but the production values on California Nights are a notable leap up. It’s a catchy, lovely sound, and this is the fullest...view item »

Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Jaakko Eino Kalevi is a Finnish producer / singer-songwriter whose self-titled record shows off a smooth neo-R&B kind of sound. The album is out on Weird World as CD, LP, or special indies-exclusive LP edition with a bonus 7” and a comic that delves into Jaakko’s mythical personal history! You kn...view item »

It Hugs Back
Slow Wave

It Hugs Back present Slow Wave, the latest example of their exploration of the sounds at their talented fingertips. Here they target a gorgeous sweeping chamber pop, with layer upon layer of instrumental craft building up in each track. And ‘slow’ is indeed the name of the game. CD and LP versions are availa...view item »

Incredible Visions In Moscow

I know nothing about these guys. Let me have a quick read... Ok I'm still none the wiser. I can't find zip about 'em (boom boom). I can't believe there's not been a band called Zipper before. It seems like an obvious choice to me! Bouncy springy indie pop with fuzzy guitars and they appear to be singing in Spanish on one of the songs. How deligh...view item »

Kuki and The Bard
Dalai Lama / Journey

Kuki and The Bard are a brother and sister duo from the UK. They sounds like a right pair of hippies, having lived in India and Morocco and now in some kind of self-sustaining community in England. Good for ‘em, sounds like a jolly and I sure hope it’s as jolly as their single Dalai Lama, backed with...view item »


Originally from Liverpool, five piece Outfit have been spreading themselves around the globe for the purposes of touring, relocating and transatlantic relationships. Their second album release ‘Slowness’ is a very personal record about physical and emotional distance, explored through their haunted piano sounds, edgy synths and angul...view item »

Underground Railroad
25 / NYC (Money Money)

Underground Railroad have a double A-side out with '25' and 'NYC (Money Money)' taken from the album to fairly pointlessly fill out a load of precious, precious vinyl. I'll be kind and assume that this is aimed at people who might be interested in their album but don't want to shed out a load of wonga on the off chance that it's any good and would ...view item »

Stereo Total
Yéyé Existentialiste

Stereo Total have been around for 20 years apparently and here they have a well deserved best-of compilation, Yéyé Existentialiste, taking form as a double vinyl LP. The Stereo Total sound is generally joyous French pop which whistles along at a pace and has an air of chic that can only be achieved from a ...view item »

Tigers That Talked
23 Fears

Leeds' Bad Sneakers latest offering is by Tigers That Talked who on '23 Fears' do that whole epic impassioned indie pop/rock thing with yearning lyrics and dramatic post rock guitars building & diving, those trademark pretty underlying twinkles merging with Go Team!/Los Campesinos chanting/handclaps. It's a nice tune, if somewhat unmemorable. S...view item »

Swoop Swoop
Its Spring

Swoop Swoop: "It's Spring" (Metal Postcard) Formerly known as Streaky Jake and compared to Zach Rogue and Damien Jurado. Lo-fi production values, simple effective songwriting approach, no fuss-up and at em' folk-pop song....view item »

Flotation Toy Warning
Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck

Available on Double vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve, with download code. Originally released in 2004, Flotation Toy Warning provide some excellent psychedelic “space rock”, Floating, futuristic and very David Bowie. Howling organs, theremins and fantastical lyrical imagery. For Fans of Mercury Re...view item »

Southern Skyline
Candy Love

Really great to get to hear those never before heard Jim Ford songs. Swedish band Southern Skyline do a good job in getting the Southern feeling that Jim Ford´s music always showed. Get this limited edition single, if you are a Jim Ford fan, and if you´re not, it will be a good addition to your collection....view item »

Rainbow Arabia
Without You

Well it's chillwave time here and I intend to pit my reviewing wits (mediocre) against the might and fashionable nous of Rainbow Arabia (probably quite powerful). These guys remind me of Zola Jesus mixed with summat like... erm Washed Out. My knowledge of any genre is quite limited. (aside from Yacht Rock). This record has the following elements...view item »

Palm Springs
Seal My Fate / The Ebb Tide

Oh cheers. Another thing to make me feel old. Its 10 years since Palm Springs first ever release.... and there I was having them down as a new band. This is a lovely way to celebrate their 10th year. ‘Seal My Fate’ is a fantastic slice of strummy guitar pop with a chorus so catchy it could kill at ten paces. I’m struggling for ...view item »

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