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SEA + AIR are a married duo with a pan-european outlook. Evropi is their second record of what they call ‘ghost pop’: this term doesn’t seem to refer to hauntology, but rather the resurfacing of instruments and styles of old Europe in the midst of full-blown pop songs. Evropi is released on th...view item »

All a Man Should Do

All A Man Should Do finds Lucero in a gnarly Americana mood. Lyricist and leader Ben Nichols has a snarly tone and a writer’s eye for the interesting parts of human relationships. The music behind him features bold brass, which pulls the regular band line-up onto a higher plane. Released by ATO Re...view item »

Pagans In Vegas

This new Metric album, their first for three years, has the band’s classic combination of synthesisers and drum machines with live band and acoustic instrumentation, all lead by Emily Haines’ vocals. Pagans In Vegas is a slick synth-pop slab, released by Crystal Math Music as a CD or as a co...view item »

Hope Fading Nightly

Tellison have their third album to show to the world: another twelve tracks of indie pop-rock! The band seem to have held the sound of the mid-2000s indie boom close to their hearts, and Hope Fading Nightly sounds pretty tightly of that era. They know what they are doing though, with all the anthemic choruses in the rig...view item »

Paul Smith & The Intimations

Four years in the making, ‘Contradictions’ is the latest record release by Maximo Park leader Paul Smith. The project, which began life on the road, draws in influences far and wide from the charms of the North East to the gritty sounds of Brooklyn and shows a more vulnerable side to this dynamic lone wolf of pop....view item »

Gwilym Gold
A Paradise

Gwilym Gold has produced his debut album, entitled A Paradise. And what a contemporary record it is, combining Gold’s stately talents at the piano with London beat-scene production from the likes of Darkstar and Hyetal. And Nico Muhly even brings ...view item »

Gardens & Villa
Music For Dogs

Music For Dogs would appear to be not so much about dogs as about contemporary culture and Los Angeles. No bad thing, as Gardens & Villa kick out with a jittery, overstimulated energy that well suits these modern times. Fast moving synth-pop duo (all the best synth-pop is by duo’s eh?) on the Secretly Canadian...view item »

Peaking Lights
Cosmic Logic

The lush dub pop of Peaking Lights returns for another round with the dutifully titled 'Cosmic Logic', offering up more squeaky electronics, flat-lining beats and eerie good times. They last appeared with 'Lucifer', but 'Entity' makes the synth pop more overt, keeping the minimalist approach but upping the playfulness. ...view item »

Notget (Lotic Fromdeath Version)

Part of Bjork’s Vulnicura remix series, in which a favoured artist is given a single sided 12” to reimagine one of the album’s tracks. This one is Lotic’s work, and he chooses to surround Bjork with a churn of organ loops and other, more unidentifiable sounds. Th...view item »


What an introduction. Vision’s debut album Inertia will blast off your eyebrows with pure velocity and raw force, imprinting their name on the face of the world. Drowned in noise and distortion, the band's grudging guitars and hazy vocals deliver top notch shoegaze with a tasty West Coast finish. ...view item »

Beth Orton

High time for some reissues of Beth Orton albums don’t you think? The Rhino label think so, and thus they have pressed to (180g) vinyl this album, along with Comfort of Strangers. Daybreaker scored into the Top Ten when it was first released in 2002, and it finds Orton in a lounging folkt...view item »

Beth Orton
Comfort Of Strangers

High time for some reissues of Beth Orton albums don’t you think? The Rhino label think so, and thus they have pressed to (180g) vinyl this album, along with Daybreaker. Comfort of Strangers was recorded with the help of Jim O’Rourke as producer, so you just know that every little c...view item »

Neon Indian
VEGA INTL. Night School

Neon Indian has only been sighted in one-offs and collaborations for quite a while now, so it is more than welcome to see the release of VEGA INTL. Night School, his third full-length. Partly recorded on a cruise ship(!!!), the record is suitably trash-groovy and fun, pulling in influence from Palomo&rs...view item »


Slime is the project of Newcastle solo artist Will Archer, who presents his debut with this here album Company. Slinky slow jams refracted through modern indie-electronica production tactics seem to be the order of the day here. Available as standard record or CD, or as independents-only white vinyl wit...view item »

Sweet Baboo
The Boombox Ballads

‘The Boombox Ballads’ is the fifth album release from Sweet Baboo. In an effort to move away from the singer/songwriter label he had grown uncomfortable with and focus more on the craft of being a singer, Baboo teamed up with arranger Paul Jones, whose vivid accompaniments channeled the work of the likes of Scott Walker or Harry Nils...view item »

Le Millipede
Le Millipede

Le Millipede is the work of one of those impressively capable characters, making whole records himself out of a smorgasbord of instruments. On this self-titled record, he lets his skills go wild, piecing together intricately twinkling percussion lines, with harmoniums, trombones and stylophones carrying the tunes on top. On Alie...view item »

Gary Numan & Tubeway Army
Premier Hits

Wow! Premier Hits is a full compilation of literal hits from synth-pop pioneer and industrialist Gary Numan, with (of course) his Tubeway Army in tow. The songs are split over four sides of vinyl, the first time this collection has appeared in this format. Includes favourites like ‘Cars’ and...view item »

Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso brings together Meath (Mountain Man) and Sanborn (Megafaun) to form a compelling duo making sharp pop music. HSKT compiles a series of remixes of their single of that name, with artists like Dntel and Hercules & ...view item »

Meilyr Jones
Refugees / Birds

Meilyr Jones splits this single between a heartfelt solo piano and voice song, Refugees, and the full baroque orchestral sweep of Birds. Both pieces showcase a grand musical style and a reality-rooted lyrical intent, with lines including “switch off the television”. Refugees / Birds is out ...view item »

Simon Love
It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Simon Love used to make music with his band, The Loves, but now he loves alone. It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time is a homage to seventies-soft-rock-pop records, and consequently is slightly epic. Guests include DJ Emperor Rosko, A Little Orchestra and none other t...view item »

DRC Music
Kinshasa One Two

Another collaborative charity effort from electronic cathedral Warp records. It looks like a well worthwhile set up, recorded in Kinshasa with a selection of Congolese musicians. Ranging in style from heady Massive Attack meets King Midas Sound trip-hop melting into rustic soulful party f...view item »

Bleeding Heart Pigeons
A Hallucination

I believe this is Bleeding Heart Pigeons debut release, an EP on Virgin EMI. A Hallucination has a slightly epic seam running down the middle of its churning indie rock, not to mention some unusual breakdowns. Everything sounds very fully-formed for such a brand new band. Heavyweight 12" vinyl with band-produ...view item »

The Strypes
Little Victories

Cherub-like Irish four-piece The Strypes caused a stir with their debut album, Snapshot because they looked (and were) so young yet rocked so convincingly. The band have spent two years touring the world before returning to the studio to record their second album, Little Victories. Expect even bigger things fro...view item »

The View

The 5th studio album from The View, Ropewalk is produced by some of The Strokes boys and mixed by Justin Gerrish from Vampire Weekend. The View sound a lot more like Vampire Weekend, with that chilled out indie music that washes over you with the occasional catchy hooked laced i...view item »

Hey Lover Boy! (An Assortment Of Girlie Tracks From The 60s)

Hey Lover Boy! (An Assortment Of Girlie Tracks From The 60s) contains a veritable plethora of lesser known girl group tracks from the 1960s. This 25 track collection will have any avid collector of such sounds watering at the mouth. Hey Lover Boy! (An Assortment Of Girlie Tracks From The 60s) is available on CD....view item »

The Fratellis
Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied

The Fratellis are still around! Who knew? Album number four is Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied, and they travelled all the way to LA to make it, arguably giving it a sunnier sound than earlier material recorded in the Scottish homeland. 11 tracks, or 18 if you spring for the deluxe edition or the LP. On Cooking Vinyl....view item »

Ultimate Painting
Green Lanes

Ultimate Painting is a bit of a side project, taking up the personal time of Jack Cooper of Mazes and James Hoare of Veronica Falls. Here on Green Lanes they get to kick back a little from the driving indie-rock formula, making low-key lyrically-focused...view item »

The Machismo's
Fake Live EP

The Machismo’s have decided to take on some old tunes with new recordings on this here Fake Live EP: make of that title what you will. Four of their scraggly, messy guitar tunes, including two tracks prefaced ‘Machisimo’s pay tribute to 90’s uk jungle scene’. Excellent. Sel...view item »

All Yours

Widowspeak produce a beautifully languishing music, Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas winding their melodic lines together. Hamilton sings gently but passionately, and the band’s instrumental backing billows slowly. All Yours is a very accomplished third album...view item »

Jesse Hackett
Junk Circle Star

Having been through the Albarn-apprenticeship of Gorillaz’ live band and Africa Express, and even wandering into Thom Yorke’s touring group, Jesse Hackett is now finally ready to release his first own-name solo record into the world. Junk Circle ...view item »

History of Touches (Kramphaft Remix)

Always one with a taste for grand projects, Bjork has launched a remix series for her latest album Vulnicura, the remixers hand-chosen by Bjork from a pool of up-and-coming producers she admires. Kramphaft takes on History Of Touches with a lushly spacious cloud of synth choir ...view item »

Zoo Animal
Zoo Animal

Zoo Animal are a three piece from the good ol' U.S of A. and have a taut dry sound that I quite like. It reminds me of early Cat Power in the vocal styling's and delivery of singer/guitarist Holly Newsom. Some of the songs are heartfelt minimalist ballads, some of them stomp around like a kitten in heavy hiking boots. The whole thing is hel...view item »

The Zutons

was really hoping the new Zutons single called Valerie was gonna be a cover of the ole Stevie Winwood tune. Then I was hoping it would be a cover of the class Baby Bird tune of the same name. Alas I'm subjected to something which sounds like the Coral doing AOR. If that appeals then please buy them. Brian says he's...view item »

Half Smile

Weevil is that nice chap from Vendor Refill who we like here. They have their 2nd single out on Wichita which is a big fluffy slighty clicky bouncy indie affair somewhere between New Order and The Notwist. Springy.......view item »

Wake The President

A Scottish based band fronted by identical twins whose tunes are, by all accounts, hook infested earworms...is this the new Proclaimers album? Sadly not, it's the newie from Wake The President. These guys (twins Eric and Bjorn Sanberg) seem to be pretty good at writing literate pop dittie...view item »

Walk The Moon
Walk The Moon

Walk the Moon, from what I can gather, are a horny bunch of guys, but they make some fun music. They are lyrically creative at times, repetitive at other times. The music has a fair amount of synth in the background, and they are upbeat and catchy. So even though I don't always care for their lyrics, the music is usually so darn catchy that it d...view item »

The View
Bread and Circuses

After kicking the indie brit rock scene in the butt with 2006's Hat's off to the Buskers, The View went in a bit of a different direction (a much more unsuccessful direction) with their 2nd album Which Bitch? in 2009. Thankfully, they're a bit more grounded with their 3'rd record. Even on the first spin, I really couldn't identify a bad song on ...view item »


A box has just arrived and the new VELMA CD 'Ludwig' has just lept out at me and landed in my review pile. I have opened the jewel case and carefully inserted it into the drawer of the compact disc player and proceeded to press the play button. The laser is now reading the binary information, in fact the sonic vibrations are c...view item »

Steven A Clark
The Lonely Roller

Steven A. Clark has a neo-soul, electro-R&B kind of sound, his emotive crooning sitting atop a bed of expansive synth-lines and neat, funky bassline. The Lonely Roller has Clark’s charismatic, emotive vocals and the swinging productions to back him up: I’m sure he’ll do well. On Se...view item »

Seconds / JOYA

Alternative indie-rockers Seconds showcase their dissonant-and-catchy sound together with partners in crime JOYA. Made possible by the folks at Soft Power, this split EP gives us a positive outlook on the future of indie pop, with JOYA keeping an eye on the melodic and gentle side of things. A match mad...view item »


Classic sounding pop-rock (with an indie tinge) led by a Fender Rhodes organ. That instrument gives a certain hue to Gurgles' sound, refreshingly different to much of the Bradford scene from which they come. In fact, Gurgles feature a member of both Mucky Sailor and Nope, so pro...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Froot Presentation Box

Mariana & the Diamonds ready their third record Froot this year, a fluorescent collection of pop songs that come together with the production council of Faultline. Here's a box you can put all of the to-be-released 7"s in for presentation purposes, because apparently that's a thi...view item »

Creeping Pink
Mirror Woods

John ‘Thee Oh Sees’ Dwyer’s Castle Face label puts out this new album from Creeping Pink, a great slice of oddity that hazes all over the place. Sonic elements include piano, organ, guitar, and a whole lot of unidentifiable stuff that gives Mirror Woods an excellently strong sense of c...view item »

12 Desperate Straight Lines

Michael Benjamin Lerner is a one man band otherwise know as Telekenesis. I really enjoyed the self-titled mid-fi debut from Telekinesis, particularly the single "Coast Of Carolina". "12 Desperate Straight Lines" is the follow-up. It has higher production values making the songs a bit punchier, and probably sound more like other bands such as The...view item »

Oppenheimer and Woodstock

This album isn't easy to get into, you have to give it your time to be rewarded. It contains a lot of undercurrent darkness about society and humanity of today, but I have to say I get uplifted by it, perhaps a paradox. The arrangements are first class and bands like Keane and Coldplay should take a look at this to make better substantial record...view item »

Samo Milagro

Samsun is the nom-de-plume of a Floridian guy called Justin who has constructed a wildly spangled & kaleidoscopic disco odyssey here. 'Samo Milagro' does indeed share parallels with both Four Tet's dreamier elements & the more ambient & cosmic side of this much-loved woozy chill-wave shit. Mount Kimbie have been mentioned amongst the...view item »

The Stands
All Years Leaving

The Stands emerge with their debut CD/LP which somehow managed to irritate me after about 20 seconds when we listened to it the other day. Its tuneful sunny country rock that takes all its influences from The Byrds and Bob Dylan. The single 'The River Runs Over Me' is by far the best thing her...view item »

Hannah Peel
Rebox 2

Rebox is the title that Hannah Peel gives to her series of cover EPs, in which her voice and a small hand-cranked music box are the primary instruments. John Grant, Perfume Genius, East India Youth and Wild Beasts provide the songs covered on Rebox ...view item »

Spy 51
Want Some

Did anyone read that well creepy article in Vice about the Jap dude who'd fallen in love with this cyber age doll he bought on the net? Well Spy 41 appear to have a similar fetish judging by the sleeve of this here single. "Want Some" It's strummy polished anemic/anthemic ndie which I've just fucked off in favour of some obscu...view item »


I'm never been that good with industrial based music. It's often too harsh & stentorian for me. Sow's new album, however, has a brooding post trip-hop edge juxtaposed with a sort of DHR harshness that does nothing to dull the blatant (fetish) club shagging edge these powerful rhythms conjure. The press for this album is quite intriguing, just f...view item »

Hippo Campus
Bashful Creatures

Hippo Campus are a Minnesota quartet of bright young fellows, now presenting their debut EP to the world. Bashful Creatures was produced by Alan Sparhawk, though this group are brighter and swifter than his Low. The EP (or mini LP, the press release can’t make up its mind) is rele...view item »

We Are Shining

Producers Morgan Zarate and Acyde are collectively known as We Are Shining. Their spontaneous and unpredictable nature makes their music impossible to pigeonhole. Both have put records out on the Mo’ Wax label in the ‘90s, whilst more recently Zarate...view item »

St. Catherine

Matt Mondanile is back with another solo effort under his moniker Ducktails. This one, St. Catherine, will be your summer soundtrack. It promises to be packed with laid-back songs like we’ve come to love them from Mondanile’s other project, Real Estate. It&rsq...view item »

Snow Patrol
Take Back The City

Snow Patrol have confused us all by recruiting an American singer who sounds a bit like Dave Grohl and rocking out a revolutionary anthem called 'Take Back the City'. If this won't get all of us apathetic losers off out of our armchairs and out protesting in the streets nothing will.. Unfortunately for these jokers we'll probably be holding signs s...view item »

Sky Larkin
The Golden Spike

The Sky Larkin album has landed in all it's fine glory. The Golden Spike is 12 tracks of pure quality indie pop. Each year I like about one indie album (on average).... Last year it was These New Puritans and the year before it was the Young Knives and I think this year it's gonna be this one. I've been reasonably taken by the singles but I've not ...view item »

Painted Palms

Electronic pop duo Painted Palms play panoramic, electro synth pop compositions with rich layers of vocals inspired by sixties pop, eighties synth pop, and early nineties Creation Records bands. Their sophomore release ‘Horizons’ was mixed by DFA house engineer Eric Broucek (LCD Soundsystem, Classixx)....view item »

Screaming Mimi
Leap Into My Fervent Arms

I have a bit of a soft spot for Screaming Mimi. I think I'm at a stage in my life when the indie music I can cope with has female vocals on it (bar the odd exception). It sits more comfortably on my fat ears. I'm pretty sure we gave 'em single of the week a while back for their debut... I can't remember.... It would take me seconds to check but oh ...view item »

Screaming Mimi
Electric Thighs

You know that woman who's in the X-Men who fucks people up when she kisses them? I think the singer from Screaming Mimi must be the natural evolution of that concept with her 'Electric Thighs' - she'll take you home, you'll crawl into bed all excited like, then suddenly spark start flying to an exaggerated crackling sound and before you know it you...view item »


Multiverse could have been one of those well dodgy band names but luckily it's merely the title of an album by Say. Their sleeve is a bit cosmo-cheese but their hugely addictive & playful modern psychedelic pop is anything but. Recorded lavishly to bring out the best in their chiming guitars & effortless layered harmonies, they owe a seriou...view item »

Karen O
Crush Songs

Karen O is the frontwoman for indie rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who released their fourth record, 'Sacrilege', last year. 'Crush Songs' is a record of solo recordings she has been quietly and secretly collecting since 2006, based on the time when she "crushed a lot". The record is being released on Cult records, the label run by Strokes' frontman...view item »

Star EP

Repomen- Star EP CD on Phantom PowerQ. What is it?A. It's a 4 track CD single you melonQ. Who are they?A. From what I know they're a bunch of lads from Sheffield who play a more timeless style of indie rock.Q. What is this EP like?A. It's a reasonably strong 4 tracker of polished sounding indie rock. The...view item »

The Research
The Way You Used To Smile

New single from The Research  - Fats wants it reviewing which unfortunately means I have to listen to it again. The B side on the CD is a nice piece of wonky indie pop. The A side makes me want to slap every single person involved. Far too twee indie pop with whiny vocals about some poor sap who has split up with his girlfriend. Get...view item »

Lucas Renney
Strange Glory

This guy used to sing in a band called The Golden Virgins, who by all accounts were the best thing to come of Sunderland since Niall Quinn. But unlike the genial Irishman who is the chairman of Sunderland FC Mr Renney comes on like a more miserable Elliot Smith. This album has its foot firmly pressed on the pedal of sadness and is intent on driv...view item »

Rabbit Season
Slow Math

Rabbit Season are a new band to me and here's their new album called 'Slow Math'. We have a handful of upfront copies which are hand numbered and screen printed. So be quick if you want one. Musically it's a bunch of lo fi electro/electronics which I can see appealing to you who've got into the 'Italians Do It Better' gear. The press release says m...view item »

The Presets

After big success with the previous two albums, The Preset disappeared to go away and put the next big album together: Pacifica. I had expectations for this album but it never really gets going to the climatic heights of or their past work. I hear the same sounds in different configurations and its more of a chunky 80s house album than the nerve...view item »

Paradise Island (Jenny Hoyston)
Seeing Spots

The latest in the Latitudes series is by Paradise Island. Jenny Hoyston (Erase Errata, California Lightning and Subtonix) sounds a little like if Peaches were playing 'Rid Of Me' era PJ Harvey. The repetitive riffs are intense and the delivery is passionate. Sounding not unlike Le Tigre...view item »

How Does It Feel?

Brooklyn-based indie-dance duo MS MR are onto their second album, which is what you see before you. How Does It Feel? has a bright, energetic aesthetic with a considerable amount of disco and synth-wave textures in play: their sound is well-primed for summer festival-tents, no doubt about it. On RCA....view item »

Wrapped In Plastic

The credits for this album list each member of Blindness as playing their ‘proper’ instruments (vocals, bass, guitar), but each is also credited with ‘noise’. This bodes well. Wrapped In Plastic is a record of bright electro pop swathed in shoegaze atmospherics and driven by stern drum machines. ...view item »

Slim Twig
Thank You For Stickin' With Twig

Lonesome rockabilly artiste Slim Twig is still confounding people with psychedelic swirls on Thank You For Stickin' With Twig. Hey folks, it looks countrified, but what you're getting is the usual sonic liftoff of keyboards and guitars intersecting, compressed into the nostalgic sounds of the cassett...view item »


Charming bit of fairly minimal psychedelia here from American duo Niao, which consists of George Glikerdas doing vocals, samples (I'm kinda struggling to figure out where these are) and keys and Gordon Spencer-Blaetz bringing the rhythms. Churning, primal rhythms they are too, with a slightly...view item »

My Teenage Stride
Ears Like Golden Bats

My Teenage Stride next then...'Ears Like Golden Bats' I wonder if they're refering to the nocturnal flying kind or the sports equipment type. They sound reasonably miserable in an oldskool UK indie guitar pop kind of way. With lyrics like 'You're gonna let me down' and tracks titles like 'Depression Kicks' you know there's passion in there and even...view item »

Concert On A Twig

Morning, Dear! As I say to the cat each day. MorningDeer is in fact Krisztina Danyi, a Hungarian classically-trained vocal prodigy who has produced a series of lo-fi bedroom recorded music that veers between art-rock, experimental noise, and playful lo-fi indietronica with jazz.   It sounds a little like this: imagine if Amy...view item »


One of my favourite female voices of all time has glided heroically back into the frame. K records star Mirah - friend & collaborator of PW Eleverum from the Microphones, featuring on 3 tunes here - is a wonder to behold. On new album '(a)spera', her honeyed tones embrace atmospheric folk, experimental baroque pop & offbeat tropicalia, thes...view item »

Colleen Green
I Want To Grow Up

A minefield exploration of what it means to be loved and what it means to be an adult from Colleen Green. A major departure from her previous album, Green has reached out and asked for collaborators in the form of Jake Orrall and Casey Weissbuch. Indie pop at its finest from LA. Vinyl and CD on Hardly Art....view item »

Michael Vidal
Dream Center

You might know Michael Vidal as the frontperson of punk-people Abe Vigoda, but Dream Center, his first solo outing, shows a very different side of his musical thinking. This is a more indie-ish set of guitar pop songs, with a tinge of electronic ambience making up the background. Reissue of the original...view item »

Cerys Matthews
Baby It's Cold Outside

Right, don’t get me wrong, I like Cerys Matthews, I like her singing voice, I like her speaking voice, I like her radio show and I sort of fancy her in the way you used to sort of fancy your friends mum when you were 9. I have absolutely no idea what she is doing here but I sincere...view item »

Loose Talk Costs Lives
Wax & Gold

Loose Talk Costs Lives are a Leeds band who are peddling this Afrobeat-inflected indie rock that's so fashionable currently. I guess the most obvious and lazy comparison here has to be Vampire Weekend. I bet they get that a lot but whatever, they're making slightly smug indie pop with a nod to ...view item »

Little Red
Listen To

Sounds like piss poor demo off cuts from The Coral. Which should not be taken as an indication that I think The Coral are any good either. Which rather goes to show that this is worth nought of your hard earned IMHO ...view item »

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