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Amateur Best
They Know

Amateur Best presents the second single from his album The Gleaners, titled They Know. This is a sharp slice of bouncy alt-pop, driven forwards by Joe Flory’s soulful, restrained vocals. Backed with a track exclusive to this release and remixes from none other than Richard Norris...view item »

Girl At The End of The World

It has apparently been 32 years since James formed: hard to believe eh? After such a long stint, they’ve elected to make a brand new record (their fourteenth). The Girl At The End Of The World is an electronically tinged set of excited indie numbers, the band obviously still enjoying the creative process. CD or do...view item »

The Space Lady / Burnt Ones

LA residents Burnt Ones describe their brand of fuzzy psychedelia as “amateur” and “guesswork” which suggests to me they have a sense of humour at least. They asked the otherworldly Space Lady to split an album with them and she said yes. Side one belongs to her - she glides through dream...view item »

Panda Bear
Crosswords EP

If you just can't get enough Animal Collective/Panda Bear/Avey Tare etc etc etc then here's a five track EP which contains absolutely no songs whatsoever off Panda Bear's recent 'Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper' record. Instead there are three completely new tracks and two older reworked ones all recorded under the watchful eye of Sonic Boom. I...view item »

Guilty of Love

Unloved is a collaboration between David Holmes, True Detective score composer, Keefus Ciancia and songwriter Jade Vincent. They cite ‘60s girl groups, Jack Nitsche, Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota and Raymond ...view item »

Lanterns On The Lake

Lanterns On The Lake return with Beings, an album that drives forward a little more directly, a little more forcefully, than some of their previous work. Their broad range of instrumentation feeds into vividly detailed song constructions: just the right number of textures to make each track something to explore. Release...view item »

Nicolas Godin

After becoming bored with the huge success of AIR, Nicolas Godin has decided to treat us to his solo work. On Contrepoint, one of our favorite 90s French producers sheds a new light on the intricacies of Johann Sebastian Bach’s solo piano works. And, not surprisingly, the result i...view item »

Somerset Catalog
Lonely Fang

Containing members of Alan Alda, Bela Karoli, Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story), Instant Empire, Rabbit Is A Sphere, Poet’s Row and The Big Get Even, Somerset Catalog is one helluva Colorado supergroup. Self described as bubblegum doom-pop, their album Lonely Fang deals in uplifting ideals and resigned...view item »

Sun Club
The Dongo Durango

Sun Club have allowed over a decade to pass before recording their debut album: consequently, they have honed their sound to perfection. The Dongo Durango is full of pop songs that are kept fresh with unexpected rhythms, rare time signatures, and some wildly energised vocals. Released by ATO Records....view item »

Kill The One You Love

Kill The One You Love is the first full-length fruit of the collaboration between Clifford John Usher and Lindsay Pitts, working under the name GEMS. They’ve made a record that sounds like wide-screen electro-pop made by shoegaze fans, with plenty of brooding electronic swells swe...view item »

Darren Hayman

English songwriter Darren Hayman returns with another album of stripped down songwriting in Florence. With 14 albums to his name Hayman offers a steady hand of experience and a DIY aesthetic. Written and recorded in his friend’s apartment in Firenze, Italy, it’s a homely collection of acoustic guitar numbers...view item »

The Leaf Library
Daylight Versions

Daylight Versions is the debut album by London four-piece The Leaf Library. They’ve stepped away slightly from the Stereolab influenced sound of their early singles to incorporate the fuzzy warmth of Yo La Tengo, the intelligent meanderings of Talk Talk and the me...view item »

Digital Shades Vol.1

The first in M83’s ongoing ambient series Digital Shades, founding member Anthony Gonzales explores a world of M83 songs, but without those pummeling drums. Volume 1 focuses on Brian Eno-esque drifting pianos and synthesizers, but claims more of your attention than, for example, Music...view item »

Mueran Humanos

Miseress is the second album from Argentinian duo Mueran Humanos. They manage to create dark foreboding pop. Imagine the captivation of Coil with some analogue warmth and depth of How To Destroy Angels all chucked in and mixed at Einsturzende Neubauten's studio, and I t...view item »

Untitled (Five Tears)

Babes are made up of members who are all either siblings or cousins to each other. Must be an interesting dynamic, especially as they’ve been playing together since they were mere children. Untitled (Five Tears) is their debut, taking a classic girl-band ‘Wall of Sound’ approach and updating it for con...view item »

The Chills
The BBC Sessions

Over three years in the mid-eighties, Kiwi pop stars the Chills hopped overseas and recorded some music at the BBC in the process. Thankfully enough, that music was recorded for the Peel Sessions, and the twelve tunes that came out of the good times are now documented on this compilation.  ...view item »

The Spook School
Try To Be Hopeful

Another joyous queer punk outing from The Spook School. Following their critically acclaimed debut, Try To Be Hopeful is a high-quality blend of lo-fi guitar crunch, sizzling pop melodies and intelligent lyrics about sexuality, identity and having a good time. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Fortuna POP!...view item »

Long Beard

Long Beard, the alias of Leslie Beard from New Jersey, took four years to create Sleepwalker, a mix of woozy vocals and blissful guitar which brings the sound into the realm of bands like Lush; it’s almost eerily beautiful, unsettling and enthralling all at the same time. One to listen to ...view item »

Martin Courtney
Many Moons

Martin Courtney is the frontman of indie dudes Real Estate, but for Many Moons he has stepped aside to do some solo work. The songs he performs here are a little more inward-looking, and are produced with a slightly psychedelic haze: very pleasing. Additional parts by James Taveniere of...view item »

Light EP

ODESZA follow up their hugely popular album In Return with this new single, featuring the very welcome vocals of Little Dragon. Lush electronic sonics, swelling to big crescendoes. Also included on the Light EP are live recordings of three of the group’s singles, making this a hit-packed ...view item »

The Lost Tapes Record Club
Songs For Secret Apocalypse Vol. 1

The Lost Tapes Record Club is a project curated by Brian Campbell and Carl Turney of Clinic. The idea is to rediscover lost music such as live bootlegs, long forgotten jam sessions and field recordings. Songs For Secret Apocalypse Vol. 1 is the first in a series of 7” singles containing such music...view item »

Fear Of Fours

Fear Of Fours is the second album by English electro-pop duo Lamb. It was originally released in 1999. The title makes reference to the pair’s dislike of the four/four time signature that electronic music seemed to automatically fall into. Instead Lamb, with their blend of singer/songwriter and dr...view item »

The Delta

The debut album from the mysterious Brolin arrives in all its minimalist glory. Having brushed shoulders with the likes of Luke Abbott and Peaking Lights, The Delta sees the UK producer stepping out alone. It’s all about instilling his heartfelt songs with shimmering production and house-tinged electronics. A conf...view item »

Luke Haines
British Nuclear Bunkers

Luke Haines has a gruelling concept for for his latest LP. British Nuclear Bunkers is about just that: a post-nuclear-apocalypse world of underground bunkers. Conveyed, naturally enough, through the medium of analogue synths squeezed into a rock-like format. 10 tracks and a bonus 7” for purchasers of the vinyl. On...view item »

Autre Ne Veut
Age of Transparency

Arthur Ashin’s work as Autre Ne Veut tends to take R&B and tweak it with bits of various other musical styles. Age Of Transparency is his most varied yet, but he always builds around a rich pop core. Joel Ford of Ford & Lopatin helped with production, lend...view item »

The Shoes

Chemicals is the third album by French electronic duo The Shoes (not the ‘70s US power-pop band!) Taking their influences from coldwave, ‘90s UK trance, new wave and EDM and fuelled by pizza and sushi these ten tracks were recorded in New York, Paris, London and Reims. They enlisted the help of many vocalist...view item »


Everybody Lusts for some vintage chorus-soaked pop songs every now and then, and so does Lusts. Their debut Illuminations sheds some light on the Stone brothers’ love for the combination of vintage sound and modern pop-songs, and includes their three catchy singles Waves, Mouthwash ...view item »

Fall In EP

This is the very first release from Pixx, a new artist from the countryside that borders London’s sprawl. She is both a soulful singer-songwriter and a canny electronic producer, and the Fall In EP shows that she can merge those two practices together very well indeed. She’ll go far. Debut 12” record o...view item »

Kirsten Morrison
Double, Double, Toil And Trouble (feat. Lene Lovich)

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble is based on Macbeth in case you didn’t realise: you should have done though, as Kirsten Morrison has basically set that whole speech to music. Witchy operatic vocals with assistance from Lene Lovich, backed by gothy, melodramatic music. Good for Halloween....view item »

Alcopop! And Dog Knights Productions Presents...

Alcopop! and Dog Knights Productions Present features four bands performing two new tracks each: Johnny Foreigner, Playlounge, Doe and Doctrines. Artist Lewes Herriot tried to sum up the aura of each band by decorating 4 rooms for the cover artwork. Put together by self...view item »

Deep In This Iris

Deep In The Iris is the third album by experimental pop band, Braids. The three-piece upped sticks from Montreal, Canada to record the album in Vermont, the mountains of Arizona and upstate New York. Deep In The Iris delivers both power and fragility from it’s lush acoustic instrumentation and refined ele...view item »

Dan Friel

Dan Friel comes at things the right way, starting with a small, simple set-up and wringing all he can out of it. In his case, a Yamaha Portasound toy keyboard is at the core of everything, Friel overcranking it and using it to mimic a whole range of instruments. Life is a record of high-energy, lo-fi me...view item »

Skylar Spence
Prom King

Ryan DeRobertis's development of a live act involving a full band has influenced the evolution of his music to the extent that his latest album as Skylar Spence is a fuller bodied effort than ever before, drawing on disco, R&B and UKG along with his trademark plaintive vocals. Fans of Chromeo...view item »

Olga Bell

Olga Bell has a knack for detail: some of the tracks on new mini-album Incitation are stripped back to the minimum of elements: clipped beats and distant bass backdrops. Bell’s excellent voice is always present though, sounding intimate and close in the midst of these wide, sparse soundscapes. On ...view item »

Human Requirements

Sci-Fi Steven from Bis has a new solo project, and Batteries is the name he’s given it. Human Requirements allows you to sample from the debut album of the project with two tracks, one taken from the record and one exclusive to this 7” release. Politically driven indie-pop r...view item »

Simon Love
The New Adam And Eve

Here we have the lead single from Simon Love’s new album It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time. The song, titled The New Adam And Eve, is a tale of a jealous lover longing to attack and brutalise anyone he perceives as competition, told over a jaunty indie-chamber-pop tune. An Oasis cove...view item »

Here We Go Magic
Be Small

Here We Go Magic have their fourth album up and ready to go, and it finds them in a more positive mode / mood than ever! Be Small is full of tightly orchestrated pop songs with an ornate proggish twist. Eleven tracks on Secretly Canadian, released in standard formats and as coloured vinyl exclusive to independent shops....view item »


Akase is the joint work of Harry Agius (who produces as Midland) and songwriter Robbie Redway. Together, they make electro-pop with full-blown club credentials: Murmer clicks boldly into action at the start before Redway’s soulful vocals move in. ...view item »

Nicolas Godin
Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde

Nicholas Gödin is probably best known to you as half of French duo Air, but he’s been making music of his own as well. His stately electro-orchestral pop single Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde is presented here in its original form, as well as in a wide variety of remix versions by Jus...view item »

World You Need A Change Of Mind

The press release describes this re-issue as long awaited but also notes that the original album was released in 2012. That's just three years ago - not that long. Anyway it showcases ol' longhair before he disappeared completely up his own arse. He's at his best here with his brand of smooth updates on all those '70's and '80's soul smoochers y...view item »

Alex G
Beach Music

Beach Music is the seventh album by Lo-fi troubadour Alex G and follow-up to DSU which was no.37 in Norman’s top 50 albums of 2014. Alex G, full name Alex Giannascoli, takes his influences from all sorts of American indie of the ‘90s, mainly the good stuff - Pavement...view item »

Die Katapult
Kristall Reinheit

Die Katapult are half Spanish and half Swedish (although apparently they prefer German to either of their native languages, having titled every part of this release auf Deutsche). Kristall Reinheit somehow moves from Toru Takemitsu-esque strings to moody Euro-synth-pop and makes it work. White 10”...view item »

Youth Mode

Straight from the stables of LuckyMe’s finest, Edinburgers NAKED are releasing their debut. Supposedly, Youth Mode deals with the problems we all face on a daily basis: anonymity in crowds and the limits of online interaction, all set to dreamy melodies from guitar and vox. Meanwhile, expect cold and star...view item »

Julia Holter
Have You In My Wilderness

‘Have You In My Wilderness’ is a collection of dreamy, atmospheric, intimate ballads textured with the imagery inspired by various literary references, exploring familiar themes such as love and human relationships in a way that is enigmatic and slightly unnerving. The record seems to be drawn from a more personal source than her fir...view item »


Chorusgirl (apparently named in reference to frontwoman Silvi Wersing’s experiences of playing supporting roles in other bands) are a noise pop band heavy on the pop. The songs are tuneful and bouncy, with that breezy vibe that the best of this kind of material always has (but with heavy lyrical content). ...view item »

Love Is Here

Love is Here was originally released in 2001 when there was a post-britpop boom in singer/songwriter-type bands such as Coldplay and David Gray. Starsailor, named after a Tim Buckley album, very much fit in with that crowd. The band won many fans for their earnest songs...view item »


Surrender is the third album from British electronic duo, Hurts. It follows on from their commercially successful albums Happiness and Exile which made the top ten in the UK and several other european countries. It contains the singles Some Kind Of Heaven and Lights and was produced b...view item »

Half Moon Run
Sun Leads Me On

Can we call this post-Biffy Clyro? Post Temper Trap? Perhaps not, but that’s sure to put you in the ballpark. Sun Leads Me On is the second album from Canadian band Half Moon Run. It’s heart on sleeve stuff that’s sure to do obscenely well at the summer festivals. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Glassnote....view item »

The Clientele
Alone & Unreal: The Best Of The Clientele

The Clientele were a bunch of school friends from Hampshire who shared a love of Galaxie 500, Felt and The Zombies. In the early ‘90s, from this template they created their own version of pop music - pure, distanced and haunting. The band re-invented their sound in the mid...view item »

In Dream

This is The Editors fifth studio album, ‘In Dream’ and their second release featuring the ‘new’ line up of the band with founding members Tom Smith, Russell Leetch and Ed Lay being joined by Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams. Following two years of intensive world tours, the five piece has taken a step away from the stra...view item »

Iko Cheri
Dreaming On

Marie Merlet (performing here as Iko Cheri )essentially decided to get serious about making music after being asked to do so by Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab, and that makes for a pretty strong recommendation. Dreaming On is a suitably dreamy set of gentle Gallic pop son...view item »

Mercury Rev
The Light In You

Oooh look, a new Mercury Rev album looms on the horizon! The Light In You is the first we've heard from the group since Snowflake Midnight a full seven (!) years ago. 2015-era Rev material is sweeping and symphonic again, Jonathan Donahue's nigh-on Disney vocals swooping above ...view item »

Swim Deep

Swim Deep are an indie-pop quintet from Birmingham. Mothers is the band’s second album. Their sound is seemingly influenced by the credible pop acts of the early-to-mid ‘80s. The band are part of the emerging B-Town scene in Digbeth along with Peace. On coloured vinyl LP and C...view item »

Thee Cee Cees
Solution Songs

Thee Cee Cees do that rare thing of explicitly positioning themselves as a political group. So here, with Solution Songs, we have 11 tracks that take on the political status quo with anger, vigour, and old-school rhythm’n’blues. Featuring members of The Bluetones and Joe Strummer...view item »

The Vaccines

The Vaccines released their English Grafitti album recently, and people sure did like it (number three in the sales charts). Those people may be happy to see the release of 20/20, a single from the album released as a 7" single. This portion of guitar energy is pressed in a limited edition, on Columb...view item »

Every Open Eye

Chvrches return with Every Open Eye, their second album. This is an impressively full-blown synth-pop record, almost recalling a Taylor Swift or a Robyn. Pretty notable levels of craft for a band only two records in. The last album sold plenty, and this one sounds like it could sell yet...view item »

Mammoth Penguins
Propped Up / Thinking Of You

The first single from debut album Hide And Seek, Propped Up sees Cambridge indie-pop three-piece Mammoth Penguins embrace the punk style of The Slits with the pop songwriting sensibilities of Superchunk. Big choruses for small, sweaty stages. Altogether now! Out on limited blue vinyl 7" on Fortuna POP!...view item »


Vancouver-based artist Christopher Smith takes his laidback five-piece Dralms into rich emotional realms with Shook. Like a less sexy Air or a more sexy Antlers, Dralms are a dreamy, meandering prospect shown in their best light by superbly lush production. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Full Time Hobby....view item »

Peter Lyons
Oh, To Pull You Up

Peter Lyons has some big electronic-pop chops to show off, and Oh, To Pull You Up is the place to do it. His first solo EP (following collaborations with Kelly Leathem and Sadler’s Wells) has four dramatic tracks with tightly textured production and Lyons’ h...view item »

Ben Folds
So There

Combining his love of stringed instruments and chamber music with his firmly rooted pop sensibilities, Ben Folds is back with ‘So There’. Consisting of eight tracks of chamber pop songs performed by Ben Folds and the yMusic Ensemble, the album also includes a 21 minute piano concerto with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra....view item »

Chad Valley
Entirely New Blue

Chad Valley, in this case, is a writer of colourful and openly expressive pop songs and not a manufacturer of children’s toys. His second album, Entirely New Blue is a complex album of depth and maturity showing that he is progressing in the right direction. His career thus far has seen him collaborate with the li...view item »

Swim Deep

Highly rated Birmingham indie-pop five piece Swim Deep have a new album out soon entitled Mothers. To wet your palate, a 7” of Namaste will be preceding its release. The single will be backed with Everything is Possible which is exclusive to this release. It's limited to 500 copies so don't hang ...view item »

New Order
Music Complete

And just like that, a brand new New Order album! Music Complete is their first since 2013, and is notable for a complete lack of Peter Hook, who grumped his way out of the band a while back. A fresh, Mute-worthy sound, wrapped up in a typical Peter Saville sleeve! Available on double LP (only black viny...view item »

U.S. Girls
Half Free

We don’t know many people who spend their free time listening to U.S. Girls, like, talk, or whatever. Unless they’re actually Toronto-based Meghan Remy on her new album Half Free. Working with members of DFA and Fucked Up, she’s put together a fri...view item »

Youth Lagoon
Savage Hills Ballroom

Savage Hills Ballroom is a significant record for Youth Lagoon main man Trevor Powers, apparently seeing him trying to peel back both personal limits and sonic restraint. The result is a record that is deeply personal whilst also sweeping grandly through an array of electronic soundscapes, pop sensibili...view item »

Fever The Ghost
Zirconium Meconium

Zirconium Meconium showcases the sound of Fever The Ghost, a weirdo-pop four-piece. A psychedelic core certainly runs through the ideology of the group, but the sounds they work with marshal synths, drums, guitars and heavily-reverbed, lightly-unhinged vocals. Comes out sounding quite nice. On Heavenly....view item »


The Rouseau sound essentially melds soulful, introspective pop vocals with serious sub-bass and spacious synthesiser melodies. Salt has a strong feeling of simmering intimacy, like a mournful contemplation of love gone wrong. This is Roseau’s first record for the Big Dada label, and comes as a CD ...view item »

Ad Infinitum

An assured fourth album from Seattle-based Telekinesis, Ad Infinitum is gloriously bathed in analogue electronics and features Michael Lerner's trademark knack for infectious power pop melodies of the highest order. Out on Digipak CD and vinyl LP from Merge. LP includes 3 bonus tracks and free download code....view item »

Hooton Tennis Club
Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair

Hooton Tennis Club have their full-length debut lying just around the corner, but for now here is another single to whet appetites. Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair is a friendly slice of indie pop, with some mega-twee lyrics about going for a walk in the park / going swimming. Sweet. 7” on Heavenly....view item »

Salad Boys

DIY indie pop in that rich New Zealand tradition, that’s what we have here with Salad Boys. The album title, Metalmania, is a bit of a misnomer really. This debut full-length is a fleet-footed thing, bouncing poppy melodies along over a guitar / rhythm section churn. Satisfying stuff. Released by Trouble In Mind....view item »

David Bowie
Five Years 1969 – 1973

Just when you thought you had a comprehensive David Bowie collection… Along comes Five Years 1969 - 1973, a colossal box-set covering the first ten albums the man made, plus a new double disc compilation of rare material from the period and a nice book. Available as a CD collection, or as thirteen 180g vinyl reco...view item »

Small Black
Best Blues

Small Back (the name presumably referencing Steve Albini’s Big Black?) release their third album, a well-polished slab of busily-textured electronic indie. Airy vocals waft through walls of synths and beats, and the general tone of Best Blues’ sound borders on ecstatic. On J...view item »


Debut full-length album from Claptone, an up-and-coming house-pop producer. The tracks on Charmer can and do go down very well on dancefloors, but there are touches of other styles too: the record does feature guest appearances from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Peter, Bjorn & John a...view item »

Real Lies
Real Life

Real Lies release Real Life, their debut full-length. Perhaps some meaning suggested by that parallel eh? Well the band do say that they set out to capture the paradoxical experience of young people today: and what better medium for that than electronic pop, which can be ecstatic and melancholy all at once? On Marathon ...view item »

The Names

It’s the season of solo projects here at Norman Records. Known as the bass-player for upbeat rockers Vampire Weekend, Baio has released a few catchy EPs. Now he’s treating us to a proper full-length album, which navigates the outskirts of poppy electronics. The Names combines those explorati...view item »

I Am A Wallet

McCarthy first picked up attention on that famed NME C86 cassette, where their shambling political indie shone brightly. I Am A Wallet, their debut full-length, came shortly after, and is now fondly loved. This 2LP comes generously adorned with posters, stickers, a booklet, press clippings, and a bonus 7” too! Ver...view item »

Giorgio Tuma with Malik Moore
My Lively Youth

Italian Giorgio Tuma is a punk at heart. He loves The Clash. In his teens however, strange new influences crept into his brain. Stereolab stood out to him and this led him to the likes of Os Mutantes and the bossa nova of Getz and Gilberto. His music generally m...view item »

Air Waves
Parting Glances

Nicole Schneit's Air Waves project returns with a second album drawing on an array of Brooklynite talent including  friends from Hospitality, Ava Luna, Woods and Crystal Stilts alongside Jana Hunter (Lower Dens...view item »

Charlene Soraia
Love Is The Law

Charlene Soraia is the latest Brit School singer-songwriter to step up to the pop plate. Love Is The Law is her second record, and a strong set of producers and co-writers have given it the right sheen for a hit. Lead single ‘Caged’ is a strong number about a bad relationship, already seeing radio success. R...view item »

Mild High Club

If Black Moth Super Rainbow got loaded on Quaaludes, maybe Mild High Club is what would happen. Their debut album Timeline is a severely poppy trip (not to be confused with a severe poppy trip), the songs coming at you through a dream-like sludge. Abandon your expectations, because Alexander Brettin wil...view item »


Fenster’s new record is the soundtrack to Fenster’s new film, Emocean. The band put the indie sci-fi picture together themselves, and from the sound of this musical accompaniment, it is probably quite a stylised, psychedelic production. Fenster’s third record of groovy...view item »

Micachu & The Shapes
Good Sad Happy Bad

After multiple outings composing soundtracks and contemporary classical pieces, Micachu is back with her band The Shapes for Good Sad Happy Bad. A hefty jam between the three showed them the way, and the record consequently has a beautifully fresh and free sound. Quality energy music, release on Rough T...view item »

Ms. John Soda

Ms. John Soda are a German duo made up of Stephanie Bohm and Micha Acher. Acher has played with The Notwist among others so it’s probably not surprising that they make a kind of indie-electronica hybrid. Loom is their third album and first recording since 2006’s Notes and the Like w...view item »

Empress Of

Empress Of is the recording alias of Lorley Rodriguez. She has spent most of 2014 recording and producing her debut album entitled Me. Lyrically, as the title may suggest, the album is of a personal nature with her thoughts and opinions laid out as if it were her diary. On Vinyl LP and Cd on Terrible Re...view item »


Tamaryn marries the always-welcome sound of shoegaze with celestial pop songs, the waveringly massive (and often groovy) backgrounds of guitar and synth supporting some bold pop vocals. Cranekiss, Tamaryn's third album, has to be their finest effort so far. On Mexican Summer, with a bonus boo...view item »

Do You Feel OK?

Superhumanoids have a track on new record Do You Feel OK? titled ‘Norwegian Black Metal’, but don’t be fooled: this group would not go down well on a black metal bill. No, this is really an electronic-dance-rock band, a bright and anthemic thing to make people move and smile. Released by Innovative Lei...view item »

The Morning Benders
Big Echo

The Morning Benders' Big Echo is both accessible and elusive. I love their old school 50's sound. Much of the songwriting is simple: beautifully and thoughtfully crafted melodies sung beautifully, seamless transitions, etc. Every song is extremely layered, offering the listener a chance to discover something new even after multiple listenings. U...view item »


With their new and eccentric post-punk, I AM LONO are one of 2015’s interesting new acts. Their first and self-titled EP raises interesting promises for the band’s future. Already gathering a following for their live shows, the band’s first 10” white vinyl is their first adventure into recorded media. Lim...view item »

Amateur Best
The Gleaners

Amateur Best is Birmingham-based songwriter Joe Flory whose debut album No Thrills was a promising foray into bedroom pop. Apparently beginning life as a concept album about a doll’s house, The Gleaners quickly morphed into an all-out dance record, whilst retaining the melancholy of previous work. Out on CD and vi...view item »

Secret In The Dark

Monika, full name Monika Christodolou, grew up in Greece in a home where music was at the fore and with a family that regularly travelled. Her early years have seemingly shaped the travel hungry multi-instrumentalist. She had a hit in 2006 with Over The Hill which caused a bit of a stir in her homeland. She followed thi...view item »

Doe Paoro

Doe Paoro is a bright new voice in the indie electro-pop world. Working with past associates of Bon Iver and The Tallest Man On Earth, she has built up a series of dense productions infused with original 80’s synth-pop spirit. Just as well suited to a road trip montage in a film or to a ya...view item »


Dance duo Disclosure aka Surrey siblings Howard and Guy Lawrence were hugely successful with their million-selling debut, Settle. Sam Smith made his name with a guest vocal on their hit Latch. Their new album, Caracal, therefore has been eagerly anticipated. Sam Smith...view item »

The Bluetones
Return To The Last Chance Saloon

Reissue of the 1998 album by The Bluetones. Return To The Last Chance Saloon was one of the group’s most popular records, and it is itself returned to by this expanded reissue. The full original album is boosted with a live Newcastle gig, BBC radio sessions from the period, and each band member’s favourite B...view item »

Lana Del Rey

New record from quasi-Lynchian pop star Lana Del Rey. Honeymoon has the trademark Del Rey vibe: sunny production and subject matter (the lead single is titled ‘High By The Beach’ for example), but with a pitch dark undercurrent carried through the haunted vocals. Released as a CD, or as doub...view item »


Like the majority of Peaches output, her new album, Rub, hits hard. Lyrically the album deals with themes such as sex and politics. Musically, Peaches production defies genre pigeon-holing. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth and fellow Canadian, Feist make guest...view item »

Personal Computer

Personal Computer is the fine new record from Kody Nielson's project Silicon. This has to be the funkiest album to come out of New Zealand in years, mixing the textures and the compositional feel of disco and electo-pop with full-fledged songs. On Weird World, as a CD, an LP, and a deluxe LP ...view item »

Larry Gus
I Need New Eyes

Versatile Greek sampler and composer Panagiotis Melidis, better known as Larry Gus, invites us to drink in the infinite musicality of all the sounds around us. On his new album I Need New Eyes, with its rather painful album cover, Larry combines a rich multitude of samples with complex rhythms and catch...view item »

Death And Vanilla
California Owls EP

Hot on the heels of their much adored 'To Where The Wild Things Are' album, Death and Vanilla have given us another treat in the form of this limited edition 12" EP. It contains two songs from the album and two previously unreleased tracks which showcase perfectly their vintage retro-futurist sound which has drawn comparisons wi...view item »

40oz On Repeat / West Coast

40oz On Repeat / West Coast is the new double A sided single from Fidlar. The L.A. skate-punk four-piece have been gaining interest from fans and media alike since their clutch of EPs in 2011 and 2012 and their self-titled debut which was released the following year. Both tracks featured here are taken from their forthc...view item »

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