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I Don't Run

Sophomore effort from formidable Spanish four-piece Hinds, following up 2016’s successful Leave Me Alone. Their playful garage-pop benefits this time from the input of The Strokes’ producer Gordon Raphael. I Don't Run is inspired by their life-altering last couple of years. Out on Lucky Number and available on indies-only clear vinyl.

Maritime Tatami

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Isaac Gracie
Isaac Gracie

Hot new British soft rock prospect Isaac Gracie's self-titled debut album comes out on the tail of a series of well received singles.  On it the young Londoner gets to grips with himself and his anxieties. Virgin EMI have very kindly given us some indies only yellow vinyl copies of this limited to 500 copies.


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Chrome Sparks
Chrome Sparks

Chrome Sparks is the recording moniker of Jeremy Malvin. He liked the name so much that he decided to name his debut album that too. There’s a buzz about this guy following a couple of well received EPs on Future Classic, the label that has been home to Chet Faker and Flume. He recorded it partly in a secluded cabin in upstate New York and partly in a studio in Brooklyn. If you like The xx, Machinedrum, Toro y Moi and Flume then you should definitely check this out. LP and CD on Counter Records with artwork by Tonje Thilesen.

Confidence Man
Confident Music For Confident People

Debut LP from enigmatic four-piece Confidence Man. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, the group have made a name for themselves with outlandish performances and a small collection of irresistibly catchy releases with pleasingly cynical lyrics. For disillusioned youths who still like to get down. On Heavenly.

Asobi Seksu

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Josh Rouse
Love In The Modern Age

Seemingly like everyone else who used to make music with guitars these days, Josh Rouse has put down his axe and bought some synths to inspire his 12th album, Love In The Modern Age. He’s thrown ‘80s sophisti-pop, indie rock, latter-period Leonard Cohen and New York new wave into the pot to cook this up. LP and CD on Yep Roc.

Scented Pictures

You won’t be hearing any porkies from confirmed ex-Liar Aaron Hemphill any longer. This is his new solo project, Nonpareils. It’s reminiscent in some ways of his former band, with discordant, psychedelic electronics in place of the strained guitars of Drum’s Not Dead, say. But he’s also got plenty of peculiar, skewed new productions going on here.

Louise Lemón
Purge LP

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Feels Like Air

London youngsters Island have been making waves with their fervent indie pop over a couple EPs and their single Try, which is taken from their debut album Feels Like Air. There’s a limited edition coloured vinyl version if you’re quick, otherwise you can get black vinyl and a lavishly packaged CD. On French Kiss.

Typical Girls Volume Two

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Play: The B-Sides

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Fra Lippo Lippi
Stitches and Burns

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Better Than That

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Daphne & Celeste
Daphne & Celeste Save The World

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Fable Electric

Ah.....ah. Got you. The press release days 'all female' so if anyone wants to get upset then the band presumably endorse that characterisation. Anyway they play a kind of blend of grunge, dream pop and folk which has led to tours across Europe and even support from the paragons of taste at 6 Music.   

Hey Elbow

Second album from Swedish art-pop (what else?) band. Oddly their name has nothing to do with Guy Garvey & co. but everything to do with The Knife. They share a vocal delivery but beyond that, Hey Elbow are more interested in the woozy and atmospheric than the Dreijer's pointed angularity.

Lazy Day
Weird Cool

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Daphne & Celeste

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The Drink

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Damaged Bug
Cold Hot Plumbs

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Terry Malts / Kids On A Crime Spree
Our Love

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Hurry Up We're Dreaming

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We Love Life

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Alex Highton
Welcome To Happiness

The third LP from Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Alex Highton, and his first since 2014’s Nobody Knows Anything, is a nice wedge of off-kilter electro-pop ditties. Conceived alongside producer Jonathan Czerwik, Welcome To Happiness weds Highton’s touching tales to instrumentals reminiscent of Hot Chip, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and the more sober end of Beck’s discography.

Marc Almond

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Places We Don’t Know

Keane once talked about 'Places Only We Know' but Gothenburg based producer Carl Gasbo is more concerned with the places we don't know on this debut. The album is full of his pleasantly chilled uplifting R & B with guests galore including London electronic duo TENDER. Will sound good on the Chart Show or whatever. 
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Chad Valley
Imaginary Music

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Gary War
Gaz Forth

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Detox Twins
In The Hospital Garden / Transformation

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Starchild & The New Romantic

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The Big Moon

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Ezra Furman
Big Fugitive Life

Ezra Furman has done a lot for our office unity in that we all hate him. However outside of these four walls he's very popular what with his squeaky songs and disregard for saxophone conventions. This is a collection of songs that seem to have all found a home here and Ezra touchingly dedicates it to all the refugees of the world.

Chris Weisman
Chaos Isn’t Single

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Garden City Movement

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Fickle Friends
You Are Someone Else

Let's face it, we are bunch of old men selling young people music that we neither like nor understand. Here's the latest lot to send us further spiralling out of business. Fickle Friends are a wildly commercial dance pop outfit that will appeal to fans of the 1975 and Chvrches. I'll occasionally hear stuff like this at my gym.     

Django Django
Surface To Air

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Under The Iron Sea

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Creep Show
Mr. Dynamite

Creep Show is a collaboration between John Grant and dark, electronic funksters Wrangler. Their debut album, Mr. Dynamite, is a surreal and experimental journey through the brooding underbelly of pop and funk. They throw together sounds from every imaginable analogue drum machine and synth you can imagine. John Grant’s penchant for dark humour in his lyrics is present and reinforced by Wrangler vocalist, Stephen Mallinder, of Cabaret Voltare fame. LP and CD on Bella Union.

Essaie Pas
New Path

Montreal electronic duo Essaie Pas are back with their fifth album (their second on DFA Records) ‘New Path’, a riff on Philip K. Dick’s dystopian sci-fi novel A Scanner Darkly. Their particular brand of coldwave songwriting lends itself beautifully to the doomy subject matter at hand, the disembodied chants and aggressive percussion amping up the beautifully bleak atmosphere.

The Recognitions

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Holy Fuck
Bird Brains

Holy Fuck let us check in on how they are doing with this nice little four-track EP of new jams. Bird Brains shows that they’ve still got it: that knack for mashing together crunked-out dance rhythms and jagged noisy bits into an addictive whole. 10 inches of Holy vinyl, released by Innovative Leisure.

The Fratellis
In Your Own Sweet Time

After the release of Costello Music in 2006 and the success of that song that everyone sings….er….*consults Google*….Chelsea Dagger, I thought Scottish lad rock band The Fratellis had disappeared. It turns out I had just stopped paying attention. They have now released four successful albums, with a fifth, In Your Own Sweet Time, here for your delectation. Expect more shouty, stomping anthems to soundtrack your night out.

The Magic Gang
The Magic Gang

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Death of Lovers
The Acrobat

Death of Lover’s are a whole extra band from the guys behind Nothing, in which they write and perform songs that are a little bit different. This is actually their debut full-length album after several years of activity, and it shows a band clearly enjoying themselves playing with an eighties post-punk-pop milieu. The Acrobat is released by DAIS.
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Dub Narcotic Sound System
Rhythm Record Vol. One

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The Monochrome Set
1979-1985: Complete Recordings

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Whyte Horses
Empty Words

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Martha Ffion
Sunday Best

Warm bit of jangly folk pop from Martha Ffion. She has a wonderful ear for melody, and everything thing she does is so charming that it's impossible to dislike. Sunday Best is for fans of the likes of Laura Marling, and The Magnetic Fields, and those who just want to listen to something pleasant and good.

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (which is Ed Schrader and his buddy Devlin Rice) decided to get serious with this record, enlisting pal and playful genius Dan Deacon as producer and close collaborator. Riddles benefits from a fleshed-out Deacon sound, which allows the Music Beat style to really shine and grow. On Carpark.

Jonathan Wilson
Rare Birds

Super-producer, maker of very long albums and friend to the stars Jonathan Wilson is back with his third full length album. Though his previous two records harked back to the Laurel Canyon scene of the late 60s, this his third full length is enamoured by 80's production of the likes of Peter Gabriel and Talk Talk. Thus making his widescreen music sound a lot like that of War on Drugs.   

The Style Council
The Cost Of Loving

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The Style Council
Confessions Of A Pop Group

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Meadow House
Misadventures On The Scorn Cycle

Originally sent out at random to all manner of unsuitable places, 'Misadventures on the Scorn Cycle' sees a long-awaited vinyl release for Dan Wilson's sonic experiments as Meadow House. For the uninitiated, Wilson has a particularly English style of songwriting - imagine Chris Morris crossed with Syd Barrett and you are somewhere close. Part genius, part idiot, this is a rambling, absurdist outburst crammed with bits of sheer pop brilliance.
  • Vinyl LP (KINGSARMS17)
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Sun Seeker
Georgia Dust

Sun Seeker are a Nashville group who are only now being revealed to the wider world, through the efforts of Jack White’s Third Man Records. Georgia Dust is their debut single, and marks out a rich, country-influenced americana territory. A beautiful, melancholy way to make a start. 7” vinyl single.
  • Vinyl 7" (TMR322)
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(What's The Story) Morning Glory?

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What So Not
Not All The Beautiful Things

After Flume split away from the collaboration, Emoh Instead has kept growing What So Not, with collaborations with the likes of R.L. Grime and Ganz. Now dropping his debut full length through Counter. Features collabs with Skrillex, Toto, BUOY, Daniel Johns, and Rome Fortune. Big room beats meeting your sky reaching needs.

World Beyond

The legendary synth pop duo had their seventeenth album released last year on Mute. This surprising and intriguing set of reinterpretations features a Belgian ensemble linked to several modern classical outfits and composers. What you get is Erasure's classic ethereal dance-pop done up in graceful orchestral timbres. Lovely.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

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David Byrne
American Utopia

David Byrne returns with his first solo record since 2004, American Utopia features an extensive list of collaborators that include Oneohtrix Point Never, Jam City, Happa, Sampha as well as production from Brian Eno and Rodaidh McDonald. Modern producers with Byrne’s inimitable positivity, these are set to be some modern classics.

Neko Case
Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule

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Raf Rundell
Stop Lying

Raf Rundell is of course one of the bears in 2 Bears (with Joe Goddard), but here he stands alone as a solo artist. Stop Lying is a direct and sincere response to both fatherhood and the current general state of the world, though it certainly inhabits the same playful groovy electronic sound world as Raf’s past work. Released by 1965.

Nabihah Iqbal
Weighing Of The Heart

Need to get through the dark winter months? Nabihah Iqbal is here to help you survive, with her warm and dreamy debut album on Ninja Tune. Formerly known as Throwing Shade, we already knew she had an eclectic style. The Weighing of the Heart promises lots of post-punk influences combined with gentle synthesizers and blissfully floaty vocals.

Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy, aka Sophie Allison, a 20 year old from Nashville, has previously made some lovely mid-fi music that would please fans of Boston bands of the 1990s, as detailed on her recent compilation, Collection. Her proper debut album, Clean, gives her a bigger stage and bigger production values, but the songs remain true to her roots. Clean was produced by War On Drugs/Deerhunter producer, Gabe Wax.


Ok actual gonna-be-big record time. This hotly tipped million piece have already released two stellar singles and proved that not everything on Jools Holland is the worst music to blight humanity but now it's time to drop the big one. We are expecting multi-layered technicolour pop with nods to the Avalanches, Beck and Devo.  Hopes is high. 

Love Is A Basic Need

Brighouse Britpoppers Embrace have reached the seventh album of their career, and in doing so they reckon they’ve gone back to their roots, doubling down on their instincts and their own sound. Love Is A Basic Need is ten tracks of traditional Embrace, released on CD and double LP by none other than Cooking Vinyl.

Artificial Flavoring

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Air Waves

Third full-length from Brooklyn-based Air Waves, aka Nicole Schneit. A collection of melodious but powerful indie pop tunes, covering themes from Schneit’s mother’s battle with cancer to queerness and identity politics in the age of Trump. Out on Western Vinyl, on black LP, an indies-only coloured version and on CD.

The Shacks

NYC buzz-band The Shacks may have soundtracked an iPhone commercial with a cover of the Ray Davies ditty ‘This Strange Effect’, but they’re out to prove they’re not just the next Stereogram/The Caesars/Franz Ferdinand (oops) with their debut LP. Haze, dreamily produced and full of melodies jacked from the Roy Orbison songbook, might just have enough to pull it off.

Jackson MacIntosh
My Dark Side

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Tracey Thorn

Tracey Thorn’s first album of original material in seven years, Record, sees her surrounding a 9-minute dub/disco epic centrepiece with more concise and vigorous electro-pop. The lyrics ar of a personal and political subject matter, focusing on themes close to her heart such as feminism. There are guest performances from Jenny Lee Lindberg and Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint and Corinne Bailey Rae. 

Lost Girls

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Richard Youngs

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In Tall Buildings

If you're wondering who specifically is in these ostensible tall buildings, it's Erik Hall, a nerd-of-all-trades in the sphere of songwriting. His project continues to communicate a whole lot of self-reflection and deprecation on Akinetic, a record of vices shot through a shiny musical metropolis of big, busy pop music.

Le Kov

Gwenno Saunders’s award-winning 2015 debut Y Dydd Olaf was comprised of songs in Welsh, with one in Cornish. This follow-up is exclusively dedicated to the latter language, which is spoken fluently by the artist. The lyrics are partly based on local legends of sunken cities, which have particular metaphorical weight when considering the implications of a dying language, set to suitably melancholy, sub-aquatic piano and synth arrangements. . There’s also a cover of local hero Aphex Twin’s Hy a Scullyas Lyf a Dhagrow, and a guest rap from Super Furry Animal Gruff Rhys. 
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Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys made a big noise on the club scene with their debut single West End Girls, however, it was the re-recorded version that got them noticed by the record buying public. The number one hit, with lyrics inspired by hip-hop and TS Eliot, set them apart from other acts and cemented the duo as chart stars throughout the ‘80 and ‘90s. West End Girls is only one of a number of smash hits on their debut album, Please, from 1986. Here it is remastered on 180g vinyl or 2-CD, the latter containing a bonus disc of remixes and b-sides.

Pet Shop Boys

Actually was the second album by ‘80s synth-pop duo Pet Shop Boys, and like it’s predecessor, Please, it’s crammed with hits. It’s A Sin, Rent, Heart and What Have I Done To Deserve This? all feature. The latter featured vocals from Dusty Springfield and began a reawakening of her career. Reissued on 180g vinyl and a 2-CD version which contains a bonus disc with remixes and demos.

Pet Shop Boys

1988’s Introspective saw Pet Shop Boys approach the album format a little differently - certainly for a pop album. Each of its six tracks were epic in length, and the ones chosen for singles had to be edited down somewhat. Their new sound was overseen by Trevor Horn, the first time he’d produced the duo. It didn’t seem to stymie their success at all, however, as it contains their cover of Always On My Mind, a monster hit and Christmas number one in 1987, no less. Remastered 180g vinyl and 2-CD, the latter containing a bonus disc of demos and alternative mixes.

The Bluetones
Expecting To Fly

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Fever Ray

Well I don’t know about you, but this is very exciting. Karin Dreijer has of course been busy making magic with The Knife for much of the intervening period, but it’s been absolutely years since they stepped out as their solo project Fever Ray. But now we have a whole new album, 'Plunge', to get lost in! Released by Rabid Records.
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Wilma Archer

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Lake Ruth
Birds of America

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Trés Oui
Poised To Flourish

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Belle and Sebastian
How To Solve Our Human Problems (Parts 1-3)

Back in the day (eg in the nineties), Belle & Sebastian were renowned for the extraordinarily high quality of their EPs, so it's great to see the band returning to the format, perfect for their smart indie pop. How To Solve Our Human Problems has been released as three separate EPs, but is also available all together, either on a single CD or in a vinyl box-set.

Alive In New Light

Some predictably vampy Queen-core from former Sneaker Pimps vocalist Chris Corner here. IAMX’s Alive in New Light goes for an old Gary Numan vibe and ends up with a new Gary Numan vibe. Corner throws his voice all over the place as if trying to win a competition he never entered in the first place.
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Mark Renner
Few Traces

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Gift Wrap
Losing Count

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Totally Mild

Totally Mild hail from Melbourne and are fronted by vocalist Elizabeth Mitchell. Her is the band’s second album, which follows their 2015 debut, Down Time. Their indie-pop sound is lushly wrapped, a perfect vehicle for Mitchell’s pitch-perfect voice and balances darkness and light with panache.

Primitive Motion
House In The Wave

Piano, saxophone and a cast of comfortingly familiar atmospheric sounds blend together in this would be film soundtrack. Primitive Wave have created an album that sounds as natural and inviting as can be, the timbres and atmosphere lacking studio polish, but taking on instead an intimacy rarely felt.

Hannah Peel
Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia

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Holly Miranda
Mutual Horse

Songwriter star Holly Miranda makes further vital strides in her sound with Mutual Horse, her fourth and most outwardly developed LP -- she's drawn in collaborators including TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone and My Brightest Diamond's Shara Nova. It's 2009 again and I feel fine! As ever, Expect Miranda to seamlessly blend high and wild textures and the sheen of a synth with reflective hush.

Liza Anne
Fine But Dying

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Lo Moon
Lo Moon

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C Duncan
For (Autumn Rebuild)

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U.S. Girls
In A Poem Unlimited

Canada-based noise-popper Meg Remy – AKA U.S. Girls – is set to release her 6th studio album on 4AD, her second for the London-based label, in February 2018, and in true Remy fashion, it's packed with personality. Exploring spiritualism, religion, violence and power, she weaves together evocative samples, slow-burning funk and emotionally charged synths into a railing political vision, even using disco as a rallying cry for pacifism (Mad As Hell). 

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