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Hannah Lou Clark
It's Your Love

Hannah Lou Clark follows up her attention-grabbing Silent Type EP with It’s Your Love, a new set of songs whose genesis lie in touring. Definitely plenty of energy flying around, though without losing the introspective aspect of the ly...view item »

In The Shower

This was the first “proper” full-length album release from HOMESHAKE, following a smattering of fine cassettes, initially issued in 2014. Weirdly-tinged bedroom indie-R&B is the name of the game, with main man Peter Sagar slinking around his songs like someone with love on his mind. In The Sh...view item »

The Liminanas

The Liminanas are a French band, though you don’t need me to tell you that: just listen to those breath vocals! Malamore is their fourth album, and it finds the band very relaxed in their sonic niche: sunny, sexy, laid-back pop. It must be said, they do it well. Malamore is released by Because Music....view item »

Faraway Reach

In approaching their second album Classixx wanted to feature numerous vocalists with varying styles and make themselves the constant that tied them together, so the aptly titled Faraway Reach features How To Dress Well, T-Pain, Passion Pit, De Lux, ...view item »
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Jeff Runnings
Primitives and Smalls

Jeff Runnings is usually busy working with his group For Against, but he’s taken some time out to make his solo debut under his own name, Primitives and Smalls. Shiny synth-pop with an 80’s feel is the name of the game, and Runnings is a pro at it. The album is released by S...view item »

Street Chant

The influential New Zealand label Flying Nun release Hauora, by Street Chant, on vinyl LP. The band make witty pop-punk full of yearning melodies and rich Pavement-inspired guitars. Despite the sophisticated songwriting there’s still plenty of gnarly, distorted guitar solo...view item »

The Temper Trap
Thick As Thieves

We haven’t heard from Australian fellas The Temper Trap in a full 4 years, but that’s just because of the heavy effort they’ve been putting into new album Thick As Thieves. Widescreen arena pop-rock aplenty here, put together with a keen ear for...view item »

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight
Casino Drone

I’m frankly a little disappointed that Casio Drone isn’t just an album of Casio keyboard drones. But that’s probably a minority opinion, as the actual sound of Mike Adams At His Honest Weight is richly-textured independent pop, warm and friendly and full of wit. There is some ambience too to be fair&he...view item »

Something More Holy EP

Morly, probably best known as the former singer for Gayngs, shows that her soulful voice isn’t her only musical asset with these solo recordings: her productions are inventive and subtle. This release gathers together last year’s debut solo EP ...view item »

No Manchester

No Manchester by Mexrrissey is a Mexican tribute to Morrissey. Camilo Lara, a Mexican DJ, producer and founder of M.I.S.(Mexican Institute of Sound) and bandleader Sergio Mendoza, who has worked with Calexico, have gathered together a crack team of top ...view item »

The High Violets
Heroes and Halos

The High Violets have many years of dreampop experience (this is their fifth album), meaning that they can be truly relied upon to provide that special woozy feeling to the listener. Heroes And Halos has learned all the lessons of shoegaze, and marries them to proper pop structures. CDs and a limited edition of 250 viny...view item »

Bloody Knives
I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This

Bloody Knives are an intense proposition, producing what might be considered to be shoegaze via a noise-rock approach. The soundfield is saturated with layers of distorted guitars, delicate vocals floating in the middle. But too much filth is laden on for bliss-out relaxation to be an option. I Will Cut Your Heart Out For Th...view item »

Brilliant Sanity

Seeking out the art of the perfect pop song, Teleman’s second album Brilliant Sanity captures some of the joy that went into the creation of the music. Well honed and impeccably played, featuring the four piece, with brothers Tommy and Johnny on vocals, guitar and synth  drummer Hiro Amamiya and Pete Cattermoul on bas...view item »

David Bowie
Bowie at the Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68 -72

Bowie At The Beeb: The Best of the BBC Radio Sessions ‘68 - ‘72 compiles the finest moments from across 12 different sessions, so there was plenty of material to choose from. This release is also the first time that this collection of early David Bowie has been pressed to vinyl! Quadruple LP set, with a book...view item »

Cavern of Anti-Matter
void beats/invocation trex

Cavern of Anti-Matter is a new group led by Tim Gane of Stereolab! void beats / invocation trex has the classic gorgeous motorik vibe that Stereolab alumni do so well, sucking you into its world. Guest appearances from Bradford Cox of Deerhunter...view item »

Neon Neon

New Order
Tutti Frutti

Even if you are literally New Order, having a Hot Chip remix adorn your single must still be very exciting. Can they do any wrong? It seems not: their version of New Order’s Tutti Frutti has the glorious pop sensibility and the deep dancefloor authority that you’d expect fro...view item »

Teen Suicide
It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot

Recorded in just over a year with a sizeable group of collaborators and performers ‘It’s The Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir The Honey Pot’ is the latest album from Maryland rock outfit Teen Suicide and according to the band it will be their last. Consisting of 26 tracks covering an array of genres including punk, nois...view item »


Starless is a project of Paul McGeechan (Love & Money), featuring full-blown dramatic sweep courtesy of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Collaborators also include members of The Bathers, The Blue Nile and Capercaillie, al...view item »


The new album from Anthony Gonzalez’ blockbuster synth-pop project M83 is packed to the gills with fluorescent sounds, with influences taken from all Gonzalez’ favourite genres. Junk features some of the deepest 80’s worship we’ve yet heard from M83...view item »

Amen & Goodbye

Amen & Goodbye is the fourth album by Brooklyn’s Yeasayer. It follows up their 2012 album Fragrant World but eschews its penchant for all things digital. The lead single, I am Chemistry features vocals from Suzzy Roche of legendary folkies, The Roches. The ba...view item »

A Mineral Love

The iconic Warp records bring Bibio’s A Mineral Love to vinyl LP and CD. Bibio is constantly tweaking and developing his sound, and on this album he has shifted towards electronic funk. Here soulful vocals and boogie basslines float on a sad undercurrent. This record is another leap forward for Bibio&rsquo...view item »

The Foetals
Meet The Foetals

The Foetals is what happens when Jolan Lewis, veteran of bands like The Pink Teens and Temple Songs, strikes out on his own to let his deepest sonic loves run wild. Proper 60’s-esque pop is put through the lens of obscure American lo-fi bands. Meet The Foetals is ...view item »

Adieu or Die

Aries is the solo project of Isabel Fernández Reviriego, who is responsible for every little detail of these rich productions. Her Spanish-language vocals, harmoniously multi-tracked, fly around the centre of the mix, surrounded by stacks of shiny sound. Adieu Or Die has that sugar-rush effect of...view item »
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Unknown Mortal Orchestra / SILICON

Unknown Mortal Orchestra and SILICON are two solo projects from brothers Ruban and Kody Nielson. On the Phone vinyl 7” the pair remix each other’s work for the Jajaguwar label. Some brotherly competition definitely motivates these playful tracks, but...view item »

Welcome The Worms

Bleached return with a follow-up to their sun-kissed debut Ride Your Heart. The rough, and gratifyingly old fashioned, garage of their debut is much the same, but when you have a great melodic and abrasive sound why change it? But Welcome To The Worms is also more ambitious, with great songwriti...view item »

Psychic Lovers

Psychic Lovers is the debut album from Danish producer Dinner and it sharpens the melancholy synth pop of his first three EPs. Anders Rhedin’s sound pushes the textures and production of 1980s pop into extremes, including his distinctive croon. By doing this he highlights just how strange and sad thes...view item »
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September Girls
Age of Indignation

Dublin band September Girls make a jittery art-rock built from ghostly vocals and atmospheric guitar playing. Age of Indignation is their second studio album and channels their interest in Irish politics and feminism into a wall of distortion and effects. Fortuna POP! release the album...view item »


Halfaxa is the second record from Claire Boucher aka Grimes, originally released in 2010, before she became a tremendously big deal. It still has that home-grown vibe, with Boucher’s hazy productions coalescing around her remarkable vocals like a cloud. The feel is of woozy retrea...view item »

Wild Belle

Wild Belle are a Chicago pair who infuse enough reggae influences into their electro-indie-pop music that they went ahead and recorded Dreamland, their second full-length album, in Jamaica. The record is more than ready to be played on the radio, but welcome little details (a...view item »


Sunshine is the debut single of Xylaroo, a new band made up of 2 sisters. Sunshine by name and sunshine by nature, this is a sugar-sweet indie-pop single and no mistake. The flip-side contains their take on Arctic Monkeys’ ‘I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor’, and the ...view item »

TOM And His Computer
Small Disasters EP

Thomas Bertelsen has been actively involved in DJing and production for quite some time: his new alias, TOM And His Computer, now releases its first EP. Small Disasters is largely electronic and tuned to the dancefloor, but guitars and vocals lead some songs too. 12” release on Anders Tren...view item »

Le Super Homard
Maple Key

Le Super Homard are a three-piece electronic pop band. They were formed by Christophe Vaillant, who was previously in ‘60s-style beat group Pony Taylor. The lineup is completed by Vaillant’s brother, Olivier and Pandora Burgess.  They wear their influences, such as Stereolab and...view item »

Juniper Moon
El Resto De Mi Vida + Singles Y Rarezas 1999-2003

Juniper Moon are lesser-known cult favourites, beloved of certain in-depth pop-punk fans. Their only album, El Resto De Mi Vida, is reissued here along with a disc of Singles Y Rarezas, which means their entire recorded output is here (some of it on vinyl for the first time). Energetic, sunny and gorgeous, lots...view item »

Cullen Omori
New Misery

New Misery is the solo debut from Smith Western frontman Cullen Omori. These eleven songs borrow the charm of his old band, along with melancholic indie-rock songwriting and ghostly lo-fi vocals. You can choose between authentic cassette, CD, standard vinyl or limited independent-only coloured v...view item »


Hyperocean is the third album from experimental pop eccentrics Niagara and rather than easing off, this record is more dense and intense than previous releases. These are dark and complex electronic pop songs with dizzying arrangements and plenty of experimental freak-outs. Available on limited vinyl LP and CD f...view item »

David Bowie
★ (Blackstar)

David Bowie has another new album out! The mysteriously titled ★, which is less mysteriously known as Blackstar is his first new material since the weird single Sue (or in a Season of Crime) in 2014 and first album since the brilliant The Next Day in 2013. ★ is available on CD and on vinyl wit...view item »

Lost It All

United Sounds of Joy
United Sounds of Joy

A stunning self-titled debut from United Sounds of Joy. Both artists originally worked together in Dream City Film Club, but as a duo make a downbeat dream-pop with experimental tendencies hidden in catchy hooks.  A really lovely slice of psychedelic noir powered by sultry vocals and elegant arrangements....view item »

Solar Bears

Irish electronic Duo Solar Bears have signed to Sunday Best for their new album Advancement. Their previous two releases, including the critically acclaimed Supermigration, were on Planet Mu. The pull of their new home was made all the more magnetic due to the fact that avant-g...view item »


Those Efterklang guys are busy people eh? Here they spin-off once more, to help Tatu Rönkkö with his Liima project. ii is their debut album, and is a heavily textured trip, each track bristling with detail. All developed on the fly in a series of week-long residencies. CD or n...view item »

Gling Glo

I never would have guessed that Bjork could have tackled these songs but, oh, was I wrong. This is the most technically challenging material I've heard her perform and she sounds wonderful, emotional, passionate and at her prime. These are like cabaret songs and her voice is incredible and so well trained. She has no trouble keeping up with the pia...view item »

Death And Vanilla
To Where the Wild Things Are

Recorded using a ten pound microphone they found at a flea market, Death and Vanilla have, on this their third album, really captured the sights, the sounds, the smells of all the best bits of late '60s/early '70s dreamy pop. Their sound is woozy, evocative and blatantly in thrall to the kaleidoscopic sounds of Broadcast, the BB...view item »

Clean Cut Kid
Pick Me Up

Clean Cut Kid are a Liverpool indie band who have yet to release a full-length album. Fans will thus grasp Pick Me Up, their third single, with great enthusiasm. Indie radio anthem status could well await this bouncy pop tune, which is backed by an exclusive demo version of ‘In Your Eyes’. Limited edition Re...view item »

Out Of The Garden

The garden in the title of Tancred’s new album Out Of The Garden must surely be the Garden of Eden: these songs are lyrically centred around the transgression of Judeo-Christian norms, with an emphasis on "feminine expectations". The group’s pop-punk power is as strong as ever, driving the message squarely h...view item »


This is Erasure’s fifth record, a platinum synth-pop super-hit upon release in 1991. But the vinyl edition of Chorus has been out-of-print for most of the intervening years, having never been reissued… Until now! Mute have pressed up a new brace of 180g vinyl copies, presented with the original artwork and ...view item »

I Say I Say I Say

This was Erasure’s sixth record, and jumped straight to number 1 upon release in 1994. And yet, the vinyl edition has been long out-of-print! No longer, as Mute have pressed up a new brace of 180g copies of I Say I Say I Say’s majestic synth-pop, presented with the original artwork and packaging....view item »


This was Erasure’s fourth record, a super-hit when it was released in 1989. With all 4 singles selling very well, it’s fair to say that the bold and bright synth-pop of Wild! played a serious part in defining the sound of that year. And yet, the vinyl edition has been long out-of-print! No longer, as Mute ha...view item »

Masha Qrella

Masha Qrella’s new record vanquishes the shyness that has played a part in some of her earlier music, replacing it with an emotional forthrightness that bewitches. Keys sings, in detail, about Qrella’s inner life, over subtle electronically-tinged pop songs. Cool, noirish stuff. Out on Morr ...view item »
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Fuga Al Paraiso

The new album by Modular sounds like it could easily be from an old library-music or TV-soundtrack oddity, or maybe a mid-period Stereolab album. Don’t take that as a criticism: not only are the songs of Fuga Al Paraiso executed perfectly in terms of their lounge-kraut-pop style, but the songwriti...view item »

Matthew E White & Natalie Prass
Cool Out

He sings really quietly does Matthew E White. His voice is so soft and gentle, yet also soulful. Here he collabs with pal Natalie Prass who also sings in soft tones. With Stones Throw artist at the controls it all adds up to a classic duet in the style of a heavily stoned 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart'. ...view item »

Neon Indian
Psychic Chasms + Mind CTRL

Psychic Chasms crosses genres and sub-genres and kind of ends up mostly electronic, but very psychedelic chill-wave. Don't think about it too much, it's lovely and that's all that matters. What I most appreciate about the music is that each song is very distinct, a fully realised idea with a sort of beginning, middle and end. No mucking about he...view item »

Neon Indian
Era Extrana + Errata Anex

Era Extrana is very different, but it has grown on me since I first heard it. The first few goes around the songs blend together without any real instant connections, but soon they worm their way into your mind and you find yourself looking for them. Errata Anex contains re-workings from the Era Extrana - The Boyd Rice remix is fantastic. It is ...view item »

The Anchoress

When A Woman Is Around

Tangible Excitement! / Ginnels

Here’s a split between Irish group Ginnels and excellently-named new band Tangible Excitement! (the exclamation mark is part of the name). Fizzy, energised indie-pop from both sets of players: Ginnels just about have the edge on jangle though. Pressed to various different colours of vinyl:...view item »

Thomas Cohen
Bloom Forever (single)

Bloom Forever is the first single to be taken from Thomas Cohen’s debut album of the same name. The former S.C.U.M. frontman returns with a refined sound that relies on his diverse folk and pop songwriting skills and soft vocals. This vinyl 12” is released by Stolen ...view item »

The Magnificent Tree

Hooverphonic's The Magnificent Tree is very particular, and if you're not much into the Trip-Hop sound, you might not dig it. There's some weird ones, like "Frosted Flake Wood"... it's more like soundstage music to some weird psychedelic play and it paints some strange pictures of a boy talking to a psychedelic mushroom who asks the boy to eat h...view item »

Girls Names
Zero Triptych

Girls Names return here with an 11-minute opus on a 12” for Tough Love. Yes - that is the sound of envelopes being pushed by the Irish troupe, whose surfy beginnings seem eons away, here. Their attempt at the Triptych structure establishes some abstract soundscapes before embarking upon a post-punk/new wave tip, w...view item »


Coves are an English duo whose music seems like a constant struggle between psychedelic garage and luscious, minimal pop music. Peel, from 1965 Records, does a good job of capturing this dynamic; the glowing production is much more polished, but they’re still committed to lo-fi instru...view item »
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bis / Big Zero
Boredom Could Be Good For You / Tear It Up and Start Again

One for all you fans of day-glo buzz pop. Scottish indie veterans Bis play a brand new song that apparently has gone down a storm at their recent live shows. Overleaf young Reading upstarts Big Zero make synth driven pop fun that sounds like Devo hanging out with Weezer. Just 500 of these little blighters.   ...view item »

The Honeymoon Killers
Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel

The Honeymoon Killers were a Belgian band fronted by Yvon Vromman. They formed in 1974 but it wasn’t until the early ‘80s and the release of Les Tueurs de la Lune de Meil in 1982 that they started to tour the rest of Europe. The British music press and French TV loved ‘em and Les T...view item »

The Coral
Distance Inbetween

Distance Inbetween marks the return of psychedelic indie-rock band The Coral. Six years have passed since 2010’s Butterfly house, which was the first album without guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones. The band are still helmed by James Skelly but now welcome ex-Zutons...view item »

Everybody’s Dying To Meet You

Flowers follow up their Bernard Butler produced debut with Dying to Meet You, on vinyl LP and CD. Their dreamy shoegaze-inspired sound reminds us of the golden-age of 4AD records, when guitars were chilled and vocals hushed. The fuzzy, slightly melancholy sound of this three-piece strike a perfect balance of pun...view item »

Beautiful Lies

The third album from singer-songwriter Birdy sees her connecting her powerful voice with dream-pop structures, diverse instrumentation and unforgettable choruses. Beautiful Lies, on vinyl LP, CD and deluxe CD from Atlantic, is phenomenally confident and fully-formed, easily moving between genre ...view item »

Dean Wareham
Dean Wareham

Here comes the ex Galaxie 500 frontman with a new album. I wonder if they get offered big money on the table to reform. Probably. Anyway he seems happy to do his own thing these days and in tandem with producer Jim James (My Morning Jacket) he has produced a much more upbeat set of songs this tim...view item »

Sometimes / Breaking My Phone

Sometimes/Breaking My Phone is the newest vinyl 7” from Oscar. The two tunes, taken from Oscar’s imminent album, capture his infectious mixture of Brit-pop songwriting and noisy US indie elements. The witty lyrics and deadpan delivery make it sound like a glorious offcut from The...view item »

Day Wave
Headcase / Hard To Read

This vinyl LP and CD from Fat Possum records combines Day Wave's new EP, Hard to Read, with last years Headcase EP as well. Both releases are intimate and lo-fi synth pop experiments, that borrow equally from confident west coast music and introspective bedroom rock. Warm s...view item »

Long Way Home

Lapsley is the solo project of one Holly Fletcher, a highly-capable singer and producer of mournful neo-synth-soul. Long Way Home documents some of the wild changes that have resulted from the success of previous albums. This personal touch carries through every aspect of Long Way Home, as ...view item »

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
A Man Alive

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down are a San Francisco-based indie band led by Thao Nguyen. A Man Alive is the band’s fourth album and follow-up to 2013’s We Common, which featured a duet with Joanna Newsom. On A Man Alive Nguyen wanted to bring bass and beats to the...view item »

Linton and Stewart / The Aislers Set

A V Linton is a legend of underground indie pop.  The Aislers Set were a much loved band as we all know but even further back there was amazing work in the 90’s with Henry’s Dress, but the last release from The Aislers Set was in 2003, making this...view item »

Trek with Quintronic
Landing Plus

An interesting curio from back in 1981 and by gosh it sounds it. No timeless retro futurism here. This sounds like all the David Bowie-aping synth bands of the day, from Tubeway Army to Ultravox to Visage. Th...view item »

I'll Forget 17

It isn’t too easy getting attention in the music business when you are 18 years old and living in New Zealand, but Eddie Johnston aka Lontalius seems to have managed it, with attention paid by Ryan Hemsworth, Lorde and the Red Bull Music Academy. I’ll Forget 17...view item »


Quilt craft a careful, sensitive set of tracks here on Plaza, working in the mould of luscious, string-section-augmented, folk-pop-rock. It sounds like the output of some relaxed 1970’s Californians, in the best way possible. The band’s third album, Plaza is released by Mexican Summer, with an indie...view item »

Hills End

Hill’s End is the debut full-length from DMA’s, a present day Australian group who nevertheless manage to sound exactly like a band from 1990’s Great Britain. Even the vocals sound totally Mancunian. If you like your guitar-pop edging into Britpop territory though, this’ll work nicely for you. On...view item »

Sweet Baboo

As Sweet Baboo Stephen Black makes a charming pop-rock that sounds like the sweetest Super Furry Animals releases, and we’re not just saying that because they’re both Welsh. Dennis is a mini-album that combines a Christmas song, two songs from his most recent album and three covers. ...view item »

Lily & Madeleine
Keep It Together

Sisters Lily & Madeleine make a laid-back folk with jazzy edges and on Keep it Together have drawn together all the elements of their past releases. Their songwriting is strong and their dual vocals are charming. The pair have released on Sufjan Stevens label and his sound a good reference p...view item »

The Frozen Autumn
Time Is Just A Memory

The Frozen Autumn is an Italian band from Turin. They’ve released three albums since forming in 1993 and Time is Just a Memory is a six-track collection and a general overview of those three albums. The songs are dark, clinical synth tracks in the vein of Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twin...view item »

Steve Mason
Meet The Humans

Steve Mason of the Beta Band recorded this album with Craig Potter, best known as the producer and chap on the keyboards for Elbow. The follow up to Mason's ‘double political concept album’ ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’ this is a more straightforward and accessible undertaking. Tak...view item »

Seth Bogart
Seth Bogart

Seth Bogart (of noisy electro-punks Gravy Train and Hunx and his Punx) releases his first solo album, with the help of Bikini Kill icon Kathleen Hanna and fashion guru Tavi Gevinson. Cut loose from a band environment Bogart cranks up the cheap k...view item »

Pizza Time

Burger Records bring us the debut of Spanish garage punks Pizza Time and their reassuringly crude and energetic stoner rock. They make a rough-edged Dinosaur Jr. style racket, but never forget to include great hooks. After a handful of killer cassettes and singles you can finally get ...view item »

Unkle Funkle

Unkle Funkle takes a break from his time in White Fang to throw together this entertaining sound mass. Take a look at the sleeve art for Supernatural and you’ll get a feel for the sound: a colourful, shiny fantasy of electronic pop. Funkle is having fun here, and you surely will t...view item »
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All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

Decca release the debut of singer songwriter Aurora. On All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, her ambitious and dark songs are grounded in big, complex arrangements of horns, synths and plenty of other diverse instruments. She also sang the intimate Oasis cover from the 2015 John Lewis Christma...view item »

Scanner & Anni Hogan

Scanni is a collaboration between long-serving experimentalists Scanner and Anni Hogan, best known, respectively, for adventurous electronics and arrangements for the likes of Marc Almond. Also appearing on the record are guests that range from Swans’ Jarb...view item »

99 Cents

99c is the third album by American singer and producer Santigold. Santigold announced herself in 2008 with the critically and commercially successful self-titled debut which included Collaborations with Pharrell Williams and Julian Casablancas of The Strokes....view item »

Jenny Hval
Apocalypse, Girl

Since the release of her debut album in 2006, Jenny Hval has evolved an intimate sound that it uniquely hers. Her latest release ‘Apocalypse, Girl’ is a dreamy concoction of personal soundscapes, unspoken desires and memories inspired by classic science fiction films in which the world is run by auto-erotic choir girls who happen to ...view item »

New Order

Electronic art-rockers New Order with the third single from their acclaimed Music Complete album. Bernard Summer’s vocals are as melancholy and bittersweet as ever and the rapid-fire synths and heavy, twisting basline from Peter Hook make Singularity an album highlight. The selection of re...view item »

Essaie Pas
Demain est une autre nuit

Essaie Pas are an electro-disco-pop duo hailing from Montreal. Debut full-length Demain est une autre nuit is laden with atmosphere whilst also carrying great momentum: enough, in fact, that they supported Factory Floor on a US tour. French-language vocals keep their distance, while the rhythmic pulse k...view item »

Parlour Tricks
Broken Hearts/Bones

Broken Hearts/Bones is the third album from Parlour Tricks and sees them continuing to blend indie rock and big-hearted pop. Their elaborate three-part harmonies and downbeat instrumentation are a distinctive blend and chilled-out playing and songwriting are top-notch. On CD and vinyl LP from Bar-No...view item »

Pete Astor
Spilt Milk

You’ll know Pete Astor from his work with The Weather Prophets and The Loft. Here on Spilt Milk though he strikes out solo, letting his kitchen-sink indie pop songs play out exactly as he wants them to (although he is supported by members of Male Bonding, ...view item »

Wild Nothing
Life of Pause

Album number 3 from ambitious indie musician Jack Tatum, best known as Wild Nothing. Life Of Pause is a bold new collection, bringing in the likes of saxophones and marimbas to the melancholy smooth-indie mix. The result is a superbly textured, well produced record, each song full of layers to peel away...view item »

His Clancyness
Always Mist: Revisited

Jonathan 'His Clancyness' Clancy is a name I'm mostly just familiar with from his appearance on a carousel of top-notch splits with indie luminaries like The Babies...view item »

Eleanor Friedberger
New View

One half of Fiery Furnaces returns with her third solo album, New View. Eleanor Friedberger brings her distinctive attitude to some summery and upbeat indie-pop. Her singular voice ties together this collection of playful rock and pop and her more experimental interests are kept in check by ridi...view item »

Death Cab For Cutie

Once upon a time bands would put a couple of great records out on an indie label, sign to major and promptly be ruined. It seems to happen less these days but Death Cab for Cutie have recently signed to a major label - how will they fare with the major label sandpaper treatment? ...view item »

Death Cab For Cutie
Narrow Stairs

Narrow Stairs possibly gets lost between their most recent release Kintsugi and the immaculate Plans album of 2005, but it really shouldn't be. Narrow Stairs like most Death Cab albums is very aware of a clear thematic sound that keeps all the songs flowing nicely but makes room for exciting experimentation on the odd track. This album's stand o...view item »

Love Yes

TEEN are back with more shiny, funky soul-pop. Love Yes is principally about womanhood and expressions of sensuality that exist outside of the narrow corridor mandated by society. Wise songs, backed with infectiously grooving instrumental interplay. On the Carpark label as CD, 2LP, or an extra-limited transparent red vi...view item »

Animal Collective
Painting With

Animal Collective are back again! What strange areas have they wandered into this time around? The answer seems to be less harsh, but similarly frantic territory to Centipede Hz, though with a particular focus on shorter, faster songs. CD, LP and deluxe LP edition (that last one includes a psychedelic zoetrope-style sli...view item »


Beacon are a pair of New Yorkers, crafting sleek electro-pop with a lithe twist. For Escapements, their second album, they’ve enlisted extra help from Rory O’Connor, the drummer from Tycho, bringing some live percussion into the electronic mix. Released by the Ghostly Intern...view item »

Marina and The Diamonds
Family Jewels

Marina & The Diamonds’ albums are being reissued! Family Jewels was her debut record, the first we heard of her pop bangers and her dramatic, heavily-stylised vocals. Includes her first big hit ‘I Am Not A Robot’, which you’ll probably remember. Vinyl LP reissue out on Atlantic....view item »

I Don't Want To Be Anywhere But Here

Raucous indie pop anyone? Yes, I know it’s not 2004 anymore but Ceres are still rocking with some hard indie rock on I Don’t Want to be Anywhere But Here. Driving drums and thrashing guitars gel with some punchy vocals to make an album for a little hidden-bedroom-headbanging. CD or yellow col...view item »

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