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OK Computer - OKNOTOK 1997-2017

If you happen to be a fan of this album then here’s something you might want to get your mitts on. The whole album remastered plus the B sides from the singles of the time plus the holy grail for Radiohead fans,  three unreleased and long sought after tracks dug out of the vaults. All formats have all the bonus stuff on so if you miss out on the opaque blue vinyl you are still ok (computer).  

Snow Patrol

Gary, Nathan, Paul, Johnny, and Jonny return at last with Wildness. Quite a few years in the making, not least as it was scrapped and begun again from scratch midway in, the album reliably packs enough crestfallen indie plodcore to soundtrack an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy. The discerning fan may pick from black vinyl, picture disc, basic CD or deluxe CD with hardback book.

Tracyanne & Danny
Tracyanne & Danny

This is a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin collaboration between Tracey Anne Campbell of Camera Obscura and Danny Coughlan (Crybaby).  A classic get together story, they liked each other's music then decided to collaborate. This took a number of years to sort out but they hooked up at Edwyn Collins' highland studio with the great man himself producing.  

Halo Maud
Je Suis Une Île

French singer-songwriter Maud Nadal releases the debut LP from her Helo Maud project via Heavenly. Nadal's time as a touring member of Melody’s Echo Chamber and Moodoid have clearly had some influence on the Paris-based artist. Tracks like ‘Tu Sais Comme Je Suis’ and ‘Baptism’ are lovely, dreamy psych-pop takes that balance retro compositional sensibilities with modern production chops.

Fonda 500
I Heart Fonda 500

I never thought I'd hear the name Fonda 500 again but here they are back after ten years with their mixing bowl of indie-pop sounds from electronica to sunshine pop and everything in between. The band were much lauded back in the day and having taken their time over this they have created something timeless and joyous with a total disregard for the confines of genres.  

Ari Roar
Calm Down

Who doesn't love green vinyl? Bella Union continue their run of badass releases with this album from Texan singer/songwriter Caleb Campbell, aka Ari Roar, a 60's-inspired pop record that fuses languid, lo-fi vibes with garage-band energy. Nods to psychedelia amp up the energy, while Campbell's tender voice delivers intimacy and immediacy. 

Near Future
Ideal Home

‘80s electro-poppers Blancmange are still going, who knew! Neil Arthur, now the only member has collaborated with Bernholz, an electronic artist who performs solo and as part of Gazelle Twin, as Near Future. Ideal home is a minimal, glacial, remote and quite beautiful album which has developed slowly between the pair over a couple of years. LP and CD on Blanc Check Records.

Pictish Trail
Who’s Comin’ In?

The Pictish Trail is just one of many projects that Johnny Lynch is involved in. From running Fence Records and Lost Map Records, the musically obsessed Scot has also collaborated with James Yorkston, Malcolm Middleton and Adem with whom he formed Silver Columns. Recent events in his life include supporting Belle and Sebastian and signing to Fire Records to release his new album Future Echoes from which Who’s Comin’ In? is lifted. This 12” features remixes by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and KT Tunstall, credited as Tunnelz.

Hue / Nil

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Eleanor Friedberger

Rebound is the fourth solo album by Eleanor Friedberger, which follows 2016’s New View. Since going solo from The Fiery Furnaces, a band she was in with her brother, Friedberger has quietly been getting on with her business and writing some pretty classy indie rock, taking inspiration from The Beatles through to ‘70s folk-pop. LP and CD on Frenchkiss.

Fra Lippo Lippi
Golden Slumbers: The Very Best Of

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Blue Hawaii
Blooming Summer

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Modern Studies
Welcome Strangers

Recorded in the charmingly-named Pumpkinfield Studio in Perthshire, the elaborate Welcome Strangers is what Scottish quartet Modern Studies did next. Drawn from the myriad interests of all four members, the album dresses a core of folk-pop compositions with all sorts of subtle electronics, experimental instrumental and recording techniques and a wide array of sound sources.

Charles Watson
Now That I’m A River

Charles Watson claims that he has now become a river, but how can that be? Much more believable is that he is a member of both Slow Club and The Surfing Magazines, and that he is now rolling solo on record for the first time. Now That I’m A River is a self-produced album that takes Watson’s literary songwriting into some interesting, sampletastic directions. Out on Moshi Mosh.

Young Guv
2 Sad 2 Funk

The loveable scamps at Glasgow’s Night School (Happy Meals, Julia Holter) have locked down the latest LP from Young Guv. The Canadian artist has about a decade of releases under his belt at this point, but 2 Sad 2 Funk ranks among his best. Channelling Toro Y Moi, Prince, Porches and more, this is a synth-pop album that manages to be simultaneously funny and affecting.

The Duckworth Lewis Method
Sticky Wickets

The Duckworth Lewis Method was a collaboration between the Divine Comedy honcho Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh of Pugwash where the duo combined their love of the rarely seen bedfellows of cricket and melodic soft rock. Sticky Wickets was their second album of sweetly tuneful cricket-themed musings all of which are better than Howzat by Sherbert. 

Örvar Smárason
Light Is Liquid

Twenty years after co-founding múm back in 1997, Örvar Smárason at last takes a dip solo with the rather trippily-titled Light is Liquid. Órvar’s touch in múm is traceable in the brittle melancholy, twee cuteness and rattling early 2000s bedroom electronica beats of these songs - especially the two featuring Sillas. But the album also reaches further into graceful synthpop territory.
  • Vinyl LP (MM161LP)
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The Boxing / Park Fires
Circles / Wake Me Up

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John Maus

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Now, I thought Ash had given up after 2001’s Free All Angels album, so it was a surprise to find them releasing a new album, Islands in 2018. It turns out however, that I was totally wrong, and all though productivity has slowed since their late ‘90s heyday, they’ve still been making albums. Islands is their 7th offering, with the original 3-piece still intact, and comes three years after 2015’s Kablammo! Available as fancy metallic silver vinyl LP, black vinyl LP and CD on Infectious Music.
  • Vinyl LP (INFECT423LP)
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Paul de Jong
You Fucken Sucker

Best known as one half of folktronicists The Books, Paul De Jong has a nice little side-hustle in the form of his solo material. His follow-up to 2015’s IF augments the lustful experimentalism of The Books with the wide-ranging yet clear-headed aesthetic of an auteur. There’s r&b, spoken word, New Age drone, prog-metal and much more in the 14 tracks of You Fucken Sucker. Out via Temporary Residence.

OOoOO & Islamic Grrrls
Faminine Mystique

oOoOO, look who it is! Witch-house’s least Google-friendly artist is back after a few years away, and the return of Christopher Dexter Greenspan comes in the form of a collaborative LP with glumwaver Islamic Grrrls. Faminine Mystique - pronounced ‘famine in mystique’ is sort of what you’d end up with if 808s and Heartbreaks-era Yeezy had done a song for Drive.

Die Antwoord
Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid

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Die Gesunden
Die Gesunden

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Dead Husband

Four cuts of dramatic, EBM-tinged techno - set to racing Italo tempos - from Boston duo Dead Husband. Classic chord sequences dutifully lead fraught vox samples through these dark, exquisitely-produced tracks. I'll wager some of this will crop up in the melodic range of a few dark parties. Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri.
  • Vinyl 12" (IDOL003)
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Simian Mobile Disco

Simian Mobile Disco’s fifth studio-length album builds a sonic soundscape that sounds equally as powerful blasting through your headphones on the morning commute as it does in a sweaty club at 4am. It’s all pretty Bladerunner-esque as the techno machine that is Simian Mobile Disco collaborate with the very human voices of Hackney-based collective The Deep Throat Choir. Named after the cloud-like formation starlings make as they swoop and whirl in union, ‘Murmurations’ swirls together the natural and electronic and creates something sublime. 

Nite Jewel
Want You Back

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If I Can't Hold You Tonight

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Zola Jesus
Okovi: Additions

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Sons of Raphael
Eating People

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You've Earned The Right To Be A Dick

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Caroline Says
There's No Fool Like An Old Fool

Apparently Austin musician Caroline Sallee AKA Caroline Says worked three jobs when writing songs for this her second LP. So if you count writing music as a job then that's four. Who says musicians have it easy? Anyway this is an album influenced by moving to a new town, living in awful places shot through with the on the road melancholy of Bruce Springteen's 'Nebraska'.    

Zero 7
7 X 7

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Natalie Prass
Natalie Prass

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Bill Baird
Summer Is Gone

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Tess Roby

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Sarah Mary Chadwick
Sugar Still Melts In The Rain

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Pig City

Tigercats come through with their third LP, and first for new label El Segell De Primavera (Primavera Sound). Though born of frustration with the incessant march of gentrification in their native East London, Pig City channels this fury with righteousness. Afrobeat, psych-rock, indie-rock and Gang Gang Dance-esque globalist pop are all tossed into the pot. Tracks like ‘Perfect Fried Chicken’ bring to mind some sort of collaboration between Ebo Taylor and Kurt Vile.

Various Artists
The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume 2

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Animal Collective
The Painters EP

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Erica Eso
129 Dreamless GMG

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Gaz Coombes
World's Strongest Man

This Norman Records™ blurb writer loved Supergrass as a wee nipper, so it was with glee that he clicked through to write the description for the new Gaz Coombes LP. Then he read the press-release for World’s Strongest Man. The former SG frontman’s third solo album claims to have taken inspiration from ‘Grayson Perry’s The Descent of Man, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, Californian weed, British woodlands, unchecked masculinity, Neu! and hip hop (and a whole lot more besides)’. Could go either way, this one. Mind you - ‘Deep Pockets’, the record’s first single, is a promising start. It’s a sort of psych-rock reimagining of Wayne Smith’s ‘Under Me Sleng Teng’. Hopefully the rest of the thing falls on the right side of the fence.


The golden period for the reformation of '90s bands continues apace with news of the first Belly album in 20 years. Tanya Donnelly's post Throwing Muses/the Breeders outfit have reformed with all the original members for a ten track album that adds to their catalogue of pleasant alternative rock.  

Jeremy Jay

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Jane Weaver
The Lightning Back

To accompany her very large tour with the Public Service Broadcasting, vintage synth loving fan of all things kosmiche Jane Weaver has unleashed a single from her highly acclaimed 'Modern Kosmology' album and dragged those squirming, wriggly noise people Sex Swing in for a remix. Limited edition 7" on Fire.  

Baxter Dury
Miami - Remixes

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Black Moth Super Rainbow
Panic Blooms

Welcome back Black Moth Super Rainbow, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania purveyors of music every bit as wacky and colourful as their name suggests. Their sixth LP Panic Blooms, six years since the last one, comes packing the gleefully messy, awkward, vocoded pop productions familiar to fans of previous output. But I daresay the tone this time is a touch more melancholy than usual.

Katie Von Schleicher
Glad To Be Here

Katie Von Schleicher returns with the first material since her 2017 LP Shitty Hits. ‘Glad To Be Here’ and ‘Party Dawn’ were recorded in the artist’s home of Maryland while on a break from touring, and the pair serve as Von Schleicher taking stock of how things are going. The pair are both bright-eyed, bushy-tailed leftfield pop numbers with plenty of idiosyncratic quirks, not a million miles away from Cat Power. Out via Full Time Hobby (The Hold Steady, Timber Timbre).

The Calling EP

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The Slow Readers Club
Build A Tower

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Motorcycle Song

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The Radio Dept.
Teach Me To Forget

The Radio Dept. follow up their return album Running Out Of Love album with an EP called Teach Me To Forget, which contains an extended 12”  version of the title tune, a pair of entirely new songs, and three exclusive remixes. A nice little variety package offering different angles on The Radio Dept., released by the Labrador label.

Speedy Ortiz
Twerp Verse

Twerp Verse is the third album by Massachusetts indie-rockers, Speedy Ortiz. The band are fronted by ex-Teacher, songwriter and gnarly guitarist, Sadie Dupuis. They have been gaining a solid following over their seven years for their modern take on ‘90s american indie having toured with Thurston Moore, The Breeders and Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks. Available as pink with rainbow splatter vinyl LP, which also includes a bonus 7” and lyric insert, standard black vinyl LP with lyric insert, CD and Cassette.


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Grayson Gilmour

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Laura Veirs
The Lookout

When she’s not teaching kids to play the guitar, Laura Veirs is a singer/songwriter. A good one too. The Lookout is her tenth album and first since her collaboration with like-minds Neko Case and K.D. Lang. The Lookout is inspired by wanting to take care, be aware and look after each other. This need was fired in Veirs, like so many things these days, by the aftermath of Donald Trump becoming president. The velvet voices of Jim James and Sufjan Stevens feature. Gold coloured vinyl LP and CD on Bella Union.

Low In High School

Once something of a hero yet now an actual idiot, the announcement of a new Morrissey album still manages to rustle up some kind of excitement in a world of increasingly homogenous and uninteresting pop stars. Giving a rare voice in the indie world to right-leaning Brexiteers and Farage acolytes, fans will hope that there's something left in the old quiff before it flops off completely.    

Jesus Jones

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Electric Guest

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Haunted Hearts

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World Complete

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Helvetia make a guitar-rock that sort of lopes along casually: not so much in a slacker way, more in the sense suggested by the name of the album. Dromomania is a sort of ‘dissociative fugue’, and the band sound somewhat dissociated from the world around them. Surprisingly, this is a big plus, giving the album a strong atmosphere. On Joyful Noise.

Julian Cope
My Nation Underground

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The Beat Escape
Life Is Short The Answer's Long

Montreal duo The Beat Escape come through with their debut LP for Bella Union. It’s an expansive, glacial synth-pop record that sounds like something from the golden age of Factory Records given a makeover for the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Tracks like ‘Seeing Is Forgetting’ and opener ‘Sign Of Age’ marry near-ambient synth work to minimal drum patterning and vocals so cloaked in reverb they might have been recorded in a canyon.

Cool Like You

Just look at the sleeve? Wouldn't you just want to hang out with those guys? They are like Embrace but with cool lights. Well last time round Blossoms knack of writing catchy post Oasis anthems and adding enough 80s production to get local radio programmers everywhere putting away their Howard Jones LPs was a winning formula.  Now it's that 'difficult' second album. They have a great car. They'll be ok. 

Jessie Baylin
Strawberry Wind

Syrupy 1970s songwriting from Nashville musician Jessie Baylin, written with the admirable goal of appealing as much to children as to adults. This is a goal that enough children’s film companies seem to forget to take on board, but it’s also scarce in the Anglo-Western music world. Baylin’s mature and kind voice impart whimsical lyrics and warm melodies - think Beatles, Carol King, etc.

Camila Fuchs
Heart Pressed Between Stones

...I guess ATP isn't completely dead? Camila Fuchs releases her second album Heart Pressed Between Two Stones, on the label arm of the Arsene Wenger of music festivals. Triumphant electronics and pained vocals make for a very intense listening experience as informed by pop music as it is experimentalism.

Half Waif

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Hearts Hearts
Goods / Gods

Second album from fidgety Austrians Hearts Hearts. You may have noticed their penchant for forward slashes which for them represents a kind of freedom. Well here we have an album that is somewhere nearer the experimental end of pop / rock. In the end all I can do is leave you with the decision to buy / don't.
  • Vinyl LP (TOM152LP)
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New Order
Waiting For The Sirens Call

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Jane Weaver
The Architect EP

Featuring this years most pretentious press release (which we'll do our best to transcribe into actual words) is this new 12" from top notch Manchester kraut pop lass Jane Weaver. The lead track is eight minutes of kraut grooves and gives fans who loved her 'Modern Kosmology' record more propulsive cosmic pop. Plus two more new tracks and obligatory Andy Votel mix.  

Nap Eyes
Whine of the Mystic

‘Whine of the Mystic’ is the first full-length album from Nap Eyes, recorded live, straight to tape with no effects or overdubs. This recording style complements the ethos of the playing which is confidently economical in a way that reminds me of the instantly addictive bass lines of Kim Deal. For fans of The Clean, The Verlaines or The Go-Betweens.

Still Circles

This is a very pretty debut LP from Bradford duo Still Circles. It’s a record of well-groomed, emotive electronic pop songs of the Cocteau Twins school. Natalie Kolowiecki’s breathy croon recalls Polica’s Channy Leaneagh, and along with Jack Donnison she’s constructed seven ethereal instrumentals to back up the vocals. Think Forest Swords, but nicer and with singing.

Tommy Mandel
Mello Magic

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Alexis Taylor
Beautiful Thing

New solo business from voice-of-Hot Chip Mr Alexis Taylor! While his solo work in the past has often tended towards quiet intimacy (such as the self-explanatory Piano), fourth solo record Beautiful Thing, which was produced with UNKLE man Tim Goldsworthy, has plenty of big dancefloor pop heft to it, as well as the ever-intriguing Alexis touch. On Domino.

Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart

Produced by MJ from Leeds psychedelic noise Gods Hookworms, this is Durham-spawned power pop outfit Martha's second album. Comprising J. Cairns and Daniel Ellis on guitars, Naomi Griffin on bass and Nathan Stephens Griffin (drums), with all four members providing the vocals and song writing, Martha (which is none of their names) do upbeat pop with highbrow lyrics inspired by Coronation Street and supermarkets. Choose between mustard and blue-with-orange-splatter vinyl. Ah Hell, get both. 

Bring It On (20th Anniversary Edition)

It’s been twenty years since Gomez, the Southport indie five-piece with three lead singers, released this debut and nabbed the coveted Mercury Prize. So if you’re after the vinyl, here’s an anniversary remaster. If you’re after the CD, here’s an anniversary remaster plus three more discs comprising never-before-heard demos and outtakes, the 1998 Glastonbury and BBC sessions performances and a 10,000 word essay by Paul Stokes.

Girl Ray
The Way We Came Back

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Safe in Silence

Bristol's Snails come out of their shell (sorry) with this their debut LP on the mysterious though collectible Feral Child imprint. They play a typically English form of song craft taking it's queues from the whimsical '60s work of the Kinks and Syd Barrett but their song structures and particularly the vocals of Dan Weltman are very reminiscent of under-rated English pop group Teleman.
  • Vinyl LP (FC04)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Tim Burgess
As I Was Now

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John Davis
Spare Parts

  • Vinyl Double LP (SHR171)
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J Fernandez
Memorize Now

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Six By Seven
04 (Deluxe Edition)

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D.A. Stern
Aloha Hola

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The Year Dot

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