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JC Flowers
Driving Excitement and The Pleasure

New on ATP Recordings is the debut full-length of JC Flowers. Driving Excitement and The Pleasure is a collection of super-tuneful indie-pop, dripping with lavish production techniques seemingly cribbed from vintage French rock-chanteuserie. All rounded out with a cover version of the David Bowie and ...view item »

J Churcher
Borderline State

J Churcher has worked on his debut album for the past 2 years, and you can hear the work: these productions are full of floaty organs and big guitars, all coated with a warm curtain of shoegaze-aesthetics. Borderline State, which also features the vocals of Anna B Savage, is a strong suite of classic wi...view item »

10,000 Maniacs
In My Tribe

In My Tribe is an excellent example of early 10,000 Maniacs, being initially released in 1987. The songs are beautiful pieces of folkish alt-pop, although the lyrical themes get pretty heavy if you listen: child abuse, illiteracy, war… A set of politically conscious 80...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
Around The World In A Day

Prince’s post-Purple Rain album found the sex-funk overlord’s run of mastery continuing. He wound back from the commercial hit-making slightly in favour of some wild psychedelia, but 1985’s Around The World In A Day still c...view item »

The False Foundation

Archive are evidently in it for the long haul: The False Foundation is their tenth album! Ten is also the number of members involved in the group, meaning no shortage of ideas buzzing around in the studio. What has come out is a prog / post rock record of sorts, but with more electronics than guitars. Sniff around the a...view item »
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Let's Eat Grandma
I, Gemini

Norwich duo Let’s Eat Grandma have their debut album to show to you. I, Gemini is a release with a love of texture at its heart: a very wide variety of instrumentation (mandolin, synths, harmonica) has been used here to keep these poppy tracks highly interesting. Some new sound seems to be hiding behind every corn...view item »

Soren Juul
This Moment

Danish singer songwriter guy Soren Juul is now recording under his own name after a tumultuous three year period where he was presumably stung by our Brian's 4/10 review of his last album under the Indians moniker. He need not worry. 4AD are still on his side and Brian is long gone so we can instead enjoy the gl...view item »
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Speedy Wunderground - Year 2

Speedy Wunderground is a label set up by South London producer Dan Carey. The idea is to produce 7” as quickly as possible. Year 2 is a compilation of the singles released in the label’s sophomore year. Includes now established acts such as Teleman and Kate Tempest...view item »

Vulnicura Live

Live recording of Icelandic songstress Bjork's grammy nominated album 'Vulnicura', which also saw her win best international female at The Brit Awards. Recorded on her 2015 tour, the album includes all the material from the original album, plus a few chosen from her previous work. Nicely packaged in a wound die-cut sleeve. ...view item »

Art Official Age

This is Prince's thirty-third record, if you can believe it: it's bound to be good, since thirty-three is eleven times a magic number. Art Official Age is only one of his recent slew of releases but offers up a few pop outbursts that have been excitedly waiting in the wings, including the s...view item »

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures
My Ass

Stanley Brinks (who you might know best as the guy for Herman Dune) has built up a good working rapport with The Wave Pictures, and My Ass finds their collaboration in as fine a condition as ever. Several tracks have the names of cities, and wittily document experiences there. A jaunty ...view item »

So Long Forever

Really they shouldn't be allowed to be called Palace  - it's too confusing for long term Will Oldham fans. Anyway this is their debut album after a smattering of EPs and they are certainly giving it a nice long run up (just look a that release date). They play atmospheric gently lilting music with strained vocals that ...view item »

Boxed In (featuring Formation)
Running Out

New release on producer Dan Carey (Franz Ferdinand, Django Django)'s new label Speedy Wunderground. Boxed In (otherwise known as Speedy collaborator Oli Bayston) do electro rock indie which is sort of in the Keane vein. This was apparently written and recorded in under three hours, for that 'spontaneous' feel. ...view item »

Oslo House
Plateau / Kamo River

Oslo House is a solo project of Phil Serfarty, previously known for spitting fire as part of Omi Palone before that band crumbled into non-existence. Plateau / Kamo River is a good start as a solo artist, changing tack with something a lot calmer and more overtly melodic. This 7” ...view item »

The Orange Glow

Globelamp is the solo project of Elizabet Le Fey, formerly of Foxygen but now boldly doing her own thing. The Orange Glow is a strong statement, with Le Fey’s songs swaggering and swooning around like the sun-and-angst tinged music of 70’s California: the al...view item »


Anohni of Antony And The Johnsons presents her solo project. Production assistance from big-guns Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never make this a kaleidoscopic electronic experience, her ever-soaring vocals above a busy dance-swirl. Ecstatic and experimen...view item »

Wesley Fuller

He’s got the hair, he's got the attitude, he’s got youth on his side and he’s got the tunes! Wesley Fuller is an Australian native, who has surrounded himself with some of Melbourne’s brightest young talent. His new single Melvista is a bubblegum delight! Purple vinyl 12” on 1965 Records....view item »

Black Lights

Icelandic trio Samaris overcame great European distance to make their third album Black Lights, with the members split between The Hague, Berlin and assorted other locations. Hasn’t hindered them though: as well as bringing a touch of Berlin techno underpin...view item »


San Francisco based David West has many faces, from his work as guitarist and vocalist for Rank / Xerox and Rat Columns as well as another electronic project Lace Curtain. Liberation is his latest, somewhat theatrical synth pop, and wouldn’t sound amiss wi...view item »

Weird Dreams
Luxury Alone

Weird Dreams is the solo work of Doran Edwards. This album is particularly solo, as no other hands touched it until after it was mixed. That means we can guarantee that Luxury Alone sounds exactly as it was meant to. The making of th...view item »

Evans The Death

Evans The Death have always been an intense blast of a listen, but their previous albums have tended to be grounded in pop songs. Not so on Vanilla, which is dark, jagged, and more than a little sonically weird. Needless to say, this is a positive development, setting ...view item »

Field Studies

Quasi has yet to replicate their incredible live sound on record. Only 'R&B Transmogrification' comes close, although it is far too dry sounding. On this album Sam Coomes, once again, churns out some great melodies and great rhymes. However, much of the kick of the two previous albums are missing--which means that the sounds here are far rem...view item »

Luv Cry

Apparently no relation to the Four Tet shuffle-anthem, Samuel’s Luv Cry is a 4 track set of futuristic R&B. Samuel’s vocals are full of feels, and they are suppo...view item »

R&B Transmogrification

Very welcome re-press of Quasi’s 1997 debut studio album. Quasi’s approach to indie rock always sounded interesting, with rockin’ tunes jammed out on fuzzy guitars and fuzzy harpsichords and low-key vocals. Only the 2 of them, but they k...view item »

The Associates

Sulk was The Associates crowning glory. Originally released in 1982 it mixed David Bowie and Scott Walker influences with the New Romantic pop of the day. It was widely critically acclaimed and was named Melody Maker’s album of the year for 1982. It was the last album to include t...view item »

Alex Cameron
Jumping The Shark

Whenever he's not the frontman for Australian electronic outfit Seekae, Alex Cameron is busy walking around looking like an old horse-race gambling addict. But even if his looks were a gimmick, he's definitely not Jumping the Shark wit...view item »

The Brilliant Corners
Heart On Your Sleeve - A Decade In Pop: 1983-1993

Indie-poppers The Brilliant Corners had a mean way with a single during their time. This compilation gathers up all 10 of them, along with their B-sides and a bunch of previously unreleased demos and live versions. Heart On Your Sleeve - A Decade In Pop: 1983-1993...view item »

The Radio Dept
Clinging To A Scheme

Clinging To A Scheme was The Radio Dept.’s 2010 return, after several years away, to reclaim their position at the top of the Swedish indie-pop pile. This third album often settles into an intoxicating dreamy haze of vocals, soft guitars and organ, but also grabs influence from P-funk: real beats! Reissue from Lab...view item »

Spring King
Who Are You?

Spring King are a band who cite a wide variety of influences, but the ones that they show in their music seem to be Arcade Fire, Ty Segall and Black Lips making a more polished garage sound. Who Are You is their new single which was produced and mixed by their very own singing drummer, Tarek M...view item »

Peter, Bjorn and John
Breakin' Point

Swedish trio Peter, Bjorn and John were going to call their 7th album Thriller 2, which would have been nice. In the end they plumped for Breaking Point. In contrast to the power pop sound on their previous album Gimme Some they’ve gone for big pop songs here, influenced by the ease with which fe...view item »
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It’s time to retrospectively enjoy Air, and enjoy them we will. The French electronic duo have been making music for 20 years now, so they’ve called this ‘best of’ compilation Twentyears. The album features their career’s greatest hits such as Sexy Boy and Kelly Watch The Stars...view item »

Ford And Lopatin
Emergency Room

This is a pretty little thing. The new Ford and Lopatin single is a picture disc 12" that comes in four different variations. They're all pretty similar, though, so I'm not sure I'd recommend shelling out the full fifty-six smackers for the set...the only variation between them is a different X-ray picture on the B-sides. Musically, we've got th...view item »
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The Blue Swell

Beverly return with a new line-up, refreshed energy and a second album. Joined by members of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Crystal Stilts, the band are more shoegaze-pop than ever, with Drew Citron...view item »

Nico Yaryan
What A Tease

Nico Yaryan was, until recently, pursuing a musical career as the drummer in Hanni el Khatib. But there is more to his skills than drums, as this brand new solo material demonstrates: Yaryan sings and songwrites here, producing some smooth, laid-back indieish numbers. His debut solo LP What ...view item »

Super Furry Animals

It’s reissue time for the alt kings of Wales. The fourth album by Super Furry Animals is a lo-fi effort that’s packed with pop sensibilities. Notably their first release with lyrics entirely sung in Welsh, Mwng was described by Rhys as their ‘pop strike’ after failing to make chart headway in Eng...view item »

Amber Arcades
Fading Lines

Heavenly records release Fading Lines, the dreamy debut from Amber Arcades. Beach House’s slow melancholy is an obvious reference for the group, but they add enough unique instrumental touches and electronic textures to stand out. This inventive indie-pop is perfect to dri...view item »

Fear of Men
Fall Forever

Fear Of Men present their second full-length record, Fall Forever. The sleeve are offers a guide to their sound: sensual, intimate and close, yet also abstracted, made strange by unusual textures. That darkness is very welcome, as it casts an interesting light on the group&rs...view item »

Darren Hayman
Thankful Villages Vol. 1

Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner), themed this release (the first in a series of 3, we are told) around visits to English villages: specifically, the ones who lost no soldiers during World War 1. This heavy subject matter leads to intimate music, with each song of Thankful Villages Vol. 1 exploring the...view item »

Kib Elektra
Blemishes EP

You might have heard or seen Abi Bailey’s many instrumental performances alongside artists like M.I.A. and Brian Eno, but you probably haven’t heard her as a solo artist. As Kib Elektra, she sings delicate songs over a backdrop of synth, guitar and international fiel...view item »

Cat's Eyes
Treasure House

Cat’s Eyes has turned out to be a remarkably durable collaboration: Rachel Zeffira and Faris Badwan (him from The Horrors) recently soundtracked Peter Strickland’s film The Duke Of Burgundy. New album Treasure House is a lush and dr...view item »

Ben Watt
Fever Dream

Ben Watt, best known as one half of Everything But The Girl (with Tracey Thorn), returns to his initial starting point as a solo singer-songwriter. Fever Dream is an intimate set of traditio...view item »

The Big Eyes Family Players

Following a series of albums veering from instrumental soundtrack work to folk songs in collaboration with the likes of James Yorkston and Adrian Crowley, the Big Eyes Family players are set to release their first album of new material in over six years. 'Oh!' is a lush and melancholic take on the type of space ...view item »

The Explorers Club

It's safe to say that the Explorers Club are influenced by the Beach Boys. Just look at that album title and sleeve.... then look at this one. They painstakingly try to re-create the post Pet Sounds era ...view item »

Magic Potion
Pink Gum

Debut full-length LP from tuneful Scandinavian indie-pop outfit Magic Potion, who play with a nonchalant charm. Pink Gum was recorded onto reel-to-reel and produced by the band themselves, lending things an intimate lo-fi feel. A cosy happy listen. The vinyl edition of Pink Gum is released by PNK SLM....view item »

A Tribute To Pet Sounds

Can’t go wrong with The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds now can you? This is one of those timeless classics deep enough to withstand endless interpretations, and so the organisers of the Levitation festival have invited a star-studded, psych-streaked cast to c...view item »

Malcolm Middleton
Summer of '13

The ex-Arab Strap songwriter Malcolm Middleton returns with his first solo album in seven years. Summer of ‘13 sees his dark and witty lyrics set to synths and strings as Middleton pays homage to Glasgow’s underground dance culture. This is a collection of bold, romantic and utterly ...view item »


Another set of main-stage big tunes from Australian producer Flume. Skin is an example of the consummate modern electronic pop album, pulling in bits and pieces of different dance musics to make a banging whole. The range of vocal guests is very impressive, including Little Dragon, Little Dragon...view item »

Catfish and The Bottlemen
The Ride

The second record from unfathomably popular indie rock group who have proved that having the worst name in the history of pop music and producing music that is by numbers at best is absolutely no hindrance to world domination. Kind of like a Manic Street Preachers without the politics which despite my personal despair leads to a...view item »

Bright Light Bright Light

Coming up with other pioneers of the repeato-bandname genre such as Everything Everything, Cheeky Cheeky, Now Now, and bunch of other ones I might have made up, Bright Light Bright Light certainly feel like a blast from the past: it's been three years since they released 'Life Is Easy' but their indie rock indie rock now melts i...view item »

The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds

Recorded music doesn’t get more iconic than this. Influential as it is, there’s nothing quite like Brian Wilson’s masterpiece, with its magical harmonies and arrangements. It’s hard to get jaded about or tired of. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid this album, no matter what you’re into, you o...view item »


The recently-departed Prince was always happy to pursue Controversy. This fourth album of his achieves that by combining Prince’s super-sexual obsessions with political comment (see ‘Ronnie, Talk to Russia’ for example). All to the funkiest imaginable synth-grooves, needless to say. Vi...view item »

Paul Draper

EP One is the solo debut release of former Mansun frontman Paul Draper. Over the three tracks Draper gives us a revenge-themed rock ‘n’ roll blunderbuss, a 6-minute epic that could soundtrack a spy movie and a shimmering pop song. Mansun fans will be clammering to get their mitts on this....view item »

Methyl Ethel
Oh Inhuman Spectacle

Methyl Ethel is the brainchild of Perth resident Jake Webb, who planned and actualised every last sound on this debut album of the project (live, they are a trio). Oh Inhuman Spectacle is a proper 4AD album, made up of melodic indie-pop songs with a slight psychedelic angle, all coated with an electroni...view item »

Adult Jazz
Earrings Off!

After their success with Gist Is in 2014, gaining adoration from Bjork and David Byrne (not the worst fans you could have) Adult Jazz have taken pages from their experimental endorsees and moved way into leftfield electronic experimentation. Bizarre off-kilter synths and horns coupled w...view item »

Kate Jackson
British Road Movies

After The Long Blondes’ untimely disbansion in 2008 Kate Jackson went on to working on her solo career, forming the Kate Jackson Group, working in The Wrong Moves and The Wilsons, as well working with Bernard Butler of Suede...view item »

Young Magic
Still Life

The new record from Young Magic grew out of an exploration of family history. Melati Malay dug into her Indonesian routes, extracting both intimate subject matter for lyrics and some wonderful sounds, including field recordings and gamelan samples. Still Life is a strong electronic pop record with a dee...view item »

Sharon Signs To Cherry Red: Independent Women 1979-1985

A big stack of awesome feminine sonic radicals are gathered up on this compilation, from searing post-punk to dub to rockabilly bands. Sharon Signs To Cherry Red: Independent Women 1979-1985 features a whole wonderful subculture, with tracks from Strawberry Switchblade...view item »


Companion’s 4 tracks were recorded in the same sessions as Braids’ album Deep In This Iris, and carry the feel of that record while also fitting rather well with one another. Fairly beautiful stuff. Both formats of the album come with a bonus sampler disc, showing off some of the other talent on the...view item »

Grimes / d'Eon

A strange record this. Two Montreal artists seemingly united a quest for the perfect left-field future pop & modern Balearic attitude. Lets try the D'eon side first. He's the muntered semi-dread on the sleeve. After an odd new age-flecked opener which is virtually ruined by stuttering frequencies we get into the meat of the record and guess ...view item »

Wild Things

Wild Things is the third album by Ladyhawke, aka New Zealand singer/songwriter Pip Brown. Three singles have been released from this already - Sweet Fascination, Dangerous and A Love Song - and if they’re anything to go by then Wild Things is a return to the fabulous synth-pop of her 200...view item »

New Order
Complete Music

This deluxe edition of New Order’s most recent album presents the original album on one CD, and extended 12” mixes of every single track(!) on the other. So this release is perfect for anyone who fancies playing out new New Order in the club, or for those who just couldn’t get enough of the ori...view item »

Dave Gahan & Soulsavers
Angels & Ghosts

Hardcore Depeche Mode fans! We know you are out there, and in great numbers too. Your spiritual leader Dave Gahan has a new record out, collaborating with Soulsavers for the second time. They provide a dramatic backdrop for his studied drawl: Angels & Ghosts sounds nice and fresh, n...view item »

Throwing Shade
House of Silk

The iconic Ninja Tune label with more from their newest signing, Throwing Shade. This producer makes a glossy post-internet, alt-pop that would fit on the PC Music label. On this limited vinyl 12” icy synthesizers and off-kilter beats frame the artist’s eerie disembodied vocals,...view item »

Owen Pallett

Final Fantasy is no more, say hello to lawsuit avoiding skamp Owen Pallett. he's got a big new "home" though, Domino mansions in London, UK. And his new album is called 'Heartland'. I must say, this delivers for me where the damp squib that was the new Animal Collective EP didn't. It's very cinematic sounding, bursting with whizzy, spine-...view item »


Mirage is the third full-length album from Digitalism, where the Hamburg pair show that they still have the power to create huge chunky dancefloor anthems. Their broad-ranging approach to electro (taking in aspects of disco, rave etc. when it suits) serves them well, and this will fill many a floor this summer. On Magne...view item »

Virgin Suicide
Virgin Suicide

The self-titled debut full-length album of Virgin Suicide is laden with shiny pop touches, somehow sounding like 80’s synth-pop and 60’s girl-pop all at the same time. It’s a bouncy tuneful fun-time, as melodic as you like. Co-produced with Raveonettes veteran Sune Rose Wagner ...view item »

Britta Phillips
Luck or Magic

Britta Phillips strikes out with some solo material after many years working with Dean Wareham (ex-Galaxie 500) in Luna and Dean & Britta...view item »

Papernut Cambridge
Love The Things Your Lover Loves

Papernut Cambridge is a project helmed by Ian Button of Death In Vegas and featuring the considerable talents of Darren Hayman and Robert Rotifer among others. They do a sort of lushly orchestrated alt-chamber-pop-rock of the sort not much seen since the 70&rsqu...view item »


The time has come for Brodka, a big deal within Poland, to spread her sound further afield with a full international release of her album Clashes. Her music is legit pop, but it is also unafraid to experiment with texture and tone. Bonus booklet with the CD edition, and a set of postcards with the vinyl. On Play It Agai...view item »

Arthur Beatrice
Keeping The Peace

London quartet Arthur Beatrice follow up their successful debut, Working Out,  with Keeping The Peace - a confident and colourful pop record that has been influenced by the band’s recent and varied listening habits: Kendrick Lamar, Kasami Washington, Four Tet, Joanna Newsom and...view item »

Wild Palms
Live Together, Eat Each Other

Wild Palms made a point of spending ages making this album, reimagining all the songs and finessing all the production details. 5 years on, they have Live Together, Eat Each Other to show off, an experimentally-tinged modern alternative pop album of a high standard. It’...view item »


Xylaroo are a London-based country-tinged pop duo from Papua New Guinea made up from sisters, Holly and Coco Chant. Sweetooth is their debut album and contains the singles Sunshine and On My Way. They made waves recently with their delightful lolloping country version of Arctic Monkeys...view item »

Thomas Cohen
Bloom Forever

Bloom Forever is the debut album from songwriter and former S.C.U.M. frontman Thomas Cohen. On this vinyl LP and CD his delicate vocals are matched with ornate and grand arrangements, but he doesn’t forgot his post-punk roots either. The rich and delicate folk-pop songs are often disrupted...view item »

Shit Robot
What Follows

Shit Robot returns with a third full-length LP. What Follows is a real analogue synth album, discovered organically through playing around with equipment. The results are dancefloor-ready electro-pop, and A-list guests on the record include Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip and Nancy Wh...view item »

Beth Orton

Beth Orton drafted in Andrew Hung of Fuck Buttons to Co-produce Kidsticks. Whilst her voice is familiar, the music pushes the singer/songwriter genre to the limit. Beth Orton broke new ground mixing acoustic and electronic music on her debut album Trailer Park back in 1996, On ...view item »

Little Scream
Cult Following

Little Scream makes catchy indie electro-pop, the kind you can certainly shimmy to in your local discotheque. That said, some songs here go pretty deep and dark. Some of the guests on this record are pretty impressive: think Kyp Malone from TV On The Radio, Sharon Van Etten, and...view item »

Drab Majesty
Completely Careless (2012-2015)

This release presents the full discography, to date, of Drab Majesty, the atmospheric pop project of Deb Demure: that’s a couple of EP’s and an album’s worth of 80’s-feeling tunes. Completely Careless (2012-2015) is released on the DAIS label as a CD in a jewel case with slip and...view item »

Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing

LUH are an audio-visual collaborative duo made up of artist Ebony Hoorn and Ellery Roberts, the former WU LYF frontman. Following a number of visual and sonic releases of various str...view item »


Doprah are a New Zealand crew producing a deeply trip-hop indebted sound with live instruments (unlike in the sampletastic 90’s Bristol days). Wasting is their debut full-length, a highly atmospheric set boldly fronted by Indira Force’s spaced-out vocals. Out on the legendary Flying Nun labe...view item »

Man & The Echo
Vile As You Want

Man & The Echo make an acerbic and witty indie pop crammed with organs and jangly guitar riffs. On Vile as You Want, released by 1965 records on vinyl 7”, the four-piece skewer the ridiculousness of modern life over a background of 60s-inspired pop-rock. Beneath those charming melodies...view item »

White Lung

White Lung’s new album Paradise comes with the approval of Annie Clark aka St. Vincent, so you know it’ll be a well thought-through work. Their indie-punk-rock is full of fierce energy, but the songs are also very lyrically involved. And Paradise wastes no time, fir...view item »


This is Australian Ry X’s debut full-length album, a follow-up to his Berlin EP. Dawn is an emotionally frank piece of work, with Ry’s tender vocals bearing his heart over subtle instrumentals. The man’s got a pop sensibility but with a super-intimate approach. Dawn i...view item »

My Mystery

Destroyer’s tune My Mystery gets a reworking by the catchily-monikered producer DJjohnedwardcollins@gmail.com. There is a very welcome touch of the Pet Shop Boys to the f...view item »

Chris Cohen
As If Apart

Chris Cohen has played with Deerhoof, Cryptacise, Cass McCombs and plenty more, but here he leads proceedings himself. As If Apart is a lovely set of gentle guitar-led pop, somewhat in the vein of a classic San Francisco 70’s rock songwriter LP. Strong songs, but ...view item »

Peter, Bjorn and John
Breakin’ Point (single)

Announcing itself with a surely self-referential whistle (remember that single?), Breakin’ Point heralds the first Peter, Bjorn and John album in many years. This advance single is a sweet and catchy piece of melodic pop with lush swoony vocals. These 3 guys know how to make a tune eh? Released as a 7&rdq...view item »

10,000 Maniacs
Our Time In Eden

Our Time In Eden is the fifth record in 10,000 Maniacs catalogue, and was initially released in 1992. After this, singer Natalie Merchant moved on to fresh pastures, so she is in wistful swan-song mode here. Lush folkish pop music with a tint of darkness is what 10,000 Maniacs ...view item »

Kristin Kontrol

Kristin Kontrol used to helm Dum Dum Girls, but now steps out under this new moniker for some new vibes. Where Dum Dum Girls drew on tweaked-nostalgia for the girl-groups of the 1960’s, X-Communicate...view item »


The best way to celebrate the memory of the suddenly-departed Prince surely isn’t to read through hundreds of obituaries and thinkpieces. Do it right, and listen to some of the good man’s music. 1999 is his 1982 fifth album, and its synth-funky joys come sprawled across 2 LPs. Reissued by Warner Bros....view item »


Seeing the words "debut album" and Prince in tandem with one another is pretty disorientating, but PlectrumElectrum is a first, of sorts: his backing band 3rdEyeGirl step up here, hoping to bring one of pop music's greatest stars back around in a particularly prolific burst of his career....view item »

Zen Mantra
Zen Mantra

Zen Mantra, aka Sam Perry, produces his own songs from his bedroom studio, managing to achieve the perfect level of dreaminess that allows simple indie-pop songs to elevate the listener to some higher plane. Operating out of New Zealand, young Sam has now joined the roster of Flying Nun, ensurin...view item »

Death Cab For Cutie
Codes and Keys

Coming off the success of Narrow Stairs, we got introduced to the sound of Codes and Keys with the lead single "You Are A Tourist" a catchy tune with all the staples of any good Death Cab For Cutie song. Codes and Keys for some felt like 'more of the same' from the Seattle quartet, but it is an album tha...view item »

Total Time

Doomsquad is a Toronto-based art project made up of siblings Trevor, Jaclyn, and Allie Blumas. Hypnotic pulsating analogue synthesizer ladened beats akin to The Knife and vocal delivery that wouldn’t go amiss in dancier counterparts. The list of guest play...view item »

Yoko Ono
Yes, I'm A Witch Too

Yoko Ono is back, with a follow up record to her 2007 collaborative set. Yes, I’m A Witch Too features Ono herself working with all sorts, from Sparks and Death Cab For Cutie to tUnE-yArDs and Miike Snow, to a great many more nota...view item »

Petra Haden
Petra Haden Sings : The Who Sell Out

Here, Petra Haden takes one of the strangest (and best?) albums from The Who’s catalogue and makes it stranger. The Who Sell Out, the band’s advertising-themed experimental pop record, is performed in full by...view item »

Guilty of Love (single)

Unloved is a collaboration between David Holmes, True Detective score composer, Keefus Ciancia and songwriter Jade Vincent. They cite ‘60s girl groups, Jack Nitsche, Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota and Raymond Scott as...view item »

Petra Haden

Petra Haden is a total boss at performing fully-fledged instrumental pieces using only her voice. Here on Imaginaryland, she sings material by Enya and Johann Sebastian Bach as well as a range of originals, always through a multi-tracked chorus of inventive vocal techniques. This is her...view item »

Everything At Once

A new album from 90’s veterans Travis is here with us, and it is a fairly energetic proposition. Big sweeping choruses fly boldly around, all feeling very brightly coloured. Available as CD or gatefold LP, or even a deluxe CD edition with a Travis short film directed by Fran Healy. On the ...view item »

Misty Miller
The Whole Family Is Worried

Brixton resident Misty Miller has a classic mid-2000’s indie-rock sound with lashings of pop-punk and a grungy vocal attitude. Quite the change from some of her previous folksy music: pretty good going to have had a total style overhaul by age 21. The Whole Family Is Worried is a strong set, out on the Epic label....view item »

Gemma Ray
The Exodus Suite

Gemma Ray’s new album was recorded in Berlin, in the former Tempelhof Airport. The Exodus Suite is a dramatic set of tunes, a grown-up pop record with superb piano touches from Carwyn Ellis. The LP edition bumps 2 of the tracks from the CD edition onto a bonus 7”, packed alongside. On Bronze...view item »

David Bowie

ChangesOneBowie was the first David Bowie retrospective to be released and contained his best material from 1969 - 1976. It is reissued on vinyl and CD to mark the 40th anniversary of its original release. The compilation highlights how, in just seven years, Bowie was able to reinvent his sound and style several times....view item »

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