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Paul Draper
Grey House

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John Maus
Love Is Real

There is an alternate timeline in which John Maus, rather than Ariel Pink, was the one who collaborated with Madonna.* You only need to listen to Maus’ 2006 LP Love Is Real once to know that it would have been something worth hearing. The academic punk heartthrob is in majestic form here. Psychedelic minimal wave paeans like ‘Rights For Gays’ and ‘The Silent Chorus’ spiral ever-higher. *In this reality Maus divides his time between being a massive pop star and president of the U.S.A.. It’s a great timeline.

Maps & Atlases
Lightlessness Is Nothing New

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Happy Rhodes

Here's arty US pop singer Happy Rhodes. Ectotrophia is the first properly compiled anthology of her work. Her music blends classical influences, acoustic guitars, synths along with her remarkable and endearing four-octave range voice. It all came to life in upstate New York, away from the hustle and bustle, in the mid ‘80s when she was a mere teenager. Fans of Kate Bush may find much to like here. Double LP and CD on Numero Group.

Breaking God's Heart

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In a bid to outdo their previous moniker the Bees and make it something even more inconsequential this Isle of Wight collective have now renamed themselves 77:78. Remember it if you dare. The Bees were always great and this promises to be too with influences ranging from 'Smiley Smile' era Beach Boys to King Tubby to Syd Barrett. 
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Molly Nilsson

Single contains two entirely exclusive new songs from Molly Nilsson, everyone’s favourite Swedish indie-synth-pop singer. These songs deal head-on with love and its consequences, via Nilsson’s much-loved cool and downbeat sound. Released in a limited edition of 800 7”s, each housed in a lino-block stamped sleeve along with a download card. On Night School.

LCD Soundsystem
American Dream

You can have a strange relationship with LCD Soundsystem, a bit like Marmite - you either love them, or hate them. This ten track release, entitled American Dream, is no doubt a great collection of tracks for any LCD fan but might not be for everyone. Available on Vinyl LP and CD on DFA / Columbia.  
  • Vinyl Double LP (88985456111)
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Marina and The Diamonds
Better Than That / Can't Pin Me Down

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Simon Love
Sincerely, S. Love x

Once you get past the naff cover artwork and title, Sincerely, S. Love x is a good fun romp from twee-pop chanteur Simon Love. Across the ten tracks here, Love does that sort of Belle And Sebastian/Arab Strap/Regina Spektor thing of fusing folk-pop tropes with wry, self-deprecating lyricism. He seems like a nice bloke. Out via the prolific Tapete Records.

King Krule
Czech One

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Craft Spells
Idle Labor

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Ana Silvera

In 2011 Ana Silvera composed her piece Oracles in response to losing her mother and brother in quick succession. Playing it to sell out shows with Imogen Heap, she went into the studio in 2015 with Bill Laurance (Snarky Puppy), Jasper Høiby (Phronesis) and a number of musicians to lay it down. Finally released through Gearbox this is a truly soul stirring affair.

Years & Years
Palo Santo

New record from popular young people band led by charismatic and enormo-browed singer Olly Alexander.. currently Harrogate's biggest export. The trio play a highly commercial brand of synth pop that appeals to the X Factor crowd but by way of catchy songs and Alexander's left wing, openly gay persona dig a little deeper than the usual download chart tat. 

Prince Pansori Priestess

Bamboo is a new collaboration between members of Peepholes and Trash Kit. What they are all about is busy, colourful, slightly off-key synth-pop. Prince Pansori Priestess is highly listenable (and often danceable), whilst also not sounding quite like anything else. Pressed to 180g white vinyl, in a limited edition of 500 copies on Upset The Rhythm.

Even As We Speak
Feral Pop Frenzy

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Choose Life

Glaswegian, Night School Records manager and probable trainspotter Apostille (one Michael Kasparis) upsets the rhythm on Upset the Rhythm with his new album Choose Life. This one follows 2015’s Powerless with upbeat retro (especially the bass) synthpop. Good luck un-seeing the cover photo ever.

Water Sign

Whether Johnny Mackay - the guy on the cover of Water Sign and 100% of the members of Fascinator - takes his whimsy seriously or is just having a laff may be up for debate, but you certainly can’t fault him for effort. The eleven pop songs on this LP are called things like ‘Sex Crystals’ and are all administered with an archness that may or may not be knowing. Either way, this should be worse than it is. Imagine a Frankenband constructed from Empire Of The Sun, Darwin Deez and The Happy Mondays that - somehow! - ended up being good.

Hana Vu
How Many Times Have You Driven By

Dreamy bedroom pop and lo-fi hip-hop beats from Los Angeles based Hana Vu. Despite only being 17, Vu's been writing music for years, and has even collaborated with Willow Smith. On How Many Times Have You Driven BY she explores the knife-edge that is solitude, in which Vu has found a place to pursue her craft. On Luminelle Recordings, a new Fat Possum offshoot.

The Fallen Leaves
Out In A Forest

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National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
Standards Vol. IV

The National Jazz Trio of Scotland are the collective led by heavily bearded composer Bill Wells. Thing is they are neither a trio nor play jazz. However they are from Scotland so that bit is correct and the album does contain moments of jazz amidst its outsider pop and modern composition. As well as ten Bill Wells originals there is a collaboration with Aidan Moffat and a cover version of fellow eccentric Scot Richard Youngs.  

The Hit Parade
Oh Honey I...

Secretive, ageless indie outfit The Hit Parade drop in from their native habitat (the 1960s) to deliver a new 7”. The titular A-side ‘Oh Honey I…’ recalls Shelagh Delaney’s drama A Taste of Honey and/or its 1961 film adaptation, while the B-side ‘History of Art’ pays homage to the late novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard. As always, it’s a labour of love by the band - cut by hand, recorded in mono, limited edition.

Let’s Eat Grandma
I’m All Ears

Teenage duo Let’s Eat Grandma aim to consolidate their position as creative and dynamic artists in a world of musical homogeneity. I’m All Ears is bigger and bolder than debut LP I, Gemini, whilst also knowing when to rein in the ferocity or majesty. They’ve enlisted the help of a range of renowned producers too: David Wrench(The xx, Frank Ocean Caribou), SOPHIE (Madonna) and Faris Badwan (The Horrors). Double LP (including limited edition translucent yellow vinyl if you're quick enough) and CD on Transgressive.

I Will Not Return as a Tourist

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It's hard to say how Alt J were Grammy and Brit award nominated for their last album This Is All Yours but it did actually happen. They've been all over London recording this one and the sounds of the lead track 3WW this could be their most experimental work yet. Pretty interesting stuff it has to be said.      

Florence + The Machine
High As Hope

Florence Welch and her Machine are back with fourth album High as Hope. Besides the usual lineup, this time the Machine can count Jamie xx, Kamasai Washington, Sampha and Tobias Jesso Jr. among its turning cogs. Despite the collaborations, things tend to sound quite stripped-down and sincere, as Welch gracefully covers love, loneliness and other intimate lyrical topics.

The Best & The Rest Of The Island Years 74-78

Although they've intermittently done brilliant stuff over the years (and continue to do so), the golden era for Sparks was probably the 1974-1978 era when they were signed to Island. This included great albums such as Kimono My House and Propaganda. This collection comprises the 'best' bits and on LP2 you get the 'rest' - i.e. all the B sides from the period.   

Wild Moccasins
Look Together

New West Records (All Them Witches, Ben Folds) drops the third LP from Texan group Wild Moccasins. Look Together will be seen by history as the moment the band went for broke trying to make it as a Big Pop Group. Produced by Ben H. Allen, who has helmed records for Gnarls Barkley and Animal Collective, tracks like ‘Longtime Listener’ have choruses aimed squarely at late-afternoon main stage slots. Time will tell if Wild Moccasins have their wish granted. Blondie spring to mind, but if they were, like, Of Montreal instead.

Saint Ballantine
All Saint’s Day

Nice to see the old album title artist name pun gag is still in circulation. Saint Ballantine (Brooklyn buddies Andrew Thomas Reid and Brian Marc, the latter of Denitia & Sene) specialise in downtempo electro-soul with muscular, often fuzzy and occasionally gloopy basslines and multitracked vocals. The track ‘Follow’ also features Macklemore and Ryan Lewis collaborator Hollis.

Love Is Dead

This is Chvrches latest record called Love Is Dead and it contains a whole load of sparkly new tracks that, at some point, you'll hear floating around on the ol' radio. These 13 tracks are available on multiple formats; two vinyl LP's, one blue coloured and one transparent, and on CD. Released on Virgin EMI.

Love Is A Basic Need (Orchestral)

It’s the semi-final of the 2018 Fifa World Cup™, and it’s Germany vs. England. After a thrilling contest that involved a bust-up between Gundogan and Henderson, a perfectly good goal by Draxler that was disallowed despite the use of VAR and Marcus Rashford nutmegging Mats Hummels, it’s finished a draw and gone to penalties. Germany have won the toss and are kicking first. They’ve duly plugged all five - Pickford got a hand to Werner’s, but he couldn’t keep it out. Plucky old England have matched them on the first four - Stones (bottom-right), Welbeck (Panenka), Kane (blasted in off the bar) and Loftus-Cheek (another Panenka), Lions the lot of them. But now it’s crunch time. A sharp intake of breath from every member of the playing and coaching staff. They know that if they miss this one, their Jules Rimet will remain gleaming and the Years Of Hurt counter they have hanging in the toilets at the FA will have to wait four more years before it is reset. Up steps Raheem Sterling, the man above all other men that some would love to see fail. He’s got some chutzpah, after all the pre-tournament gripes, to put himself on the line like this. In a sense he's already won, though in a more real sense he very much hasn't. Manuel Neuer, the first goalkeeper to play with a broom, spits on his gloves and paces his line, eyeballing Raheem the whole time. Raheem just stares at the ball, trying to figure out which of the Adidas Telstar 18’s thermally-bonded panels will connect most truly with the laces of his garish boots. Gareth Southgate - a man who knows a thing or two about missing penalties in semi-finals against Germany - stands, face drawn, on the halfway-line, his arm around Stuart Pearce who is there for some reason. Back home you could hear a Pimms drop. A statue of Horatio Nelson gains sentience and raises its sword to the sky. Pints hover in mid-air. Big Ben ceases to chime. England expects… … as the credits begin to roll, bringing the curtain down on the England men's team's biggest game for a generation, an orchestral rendering of something from Embrace’s top 5 album Love Is A Basic Need is piped into a million living rooms.

Adult Books

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The Now Now

After the messy and uninspired Humanz, The World’s Most Famous Virtual Group™ needed a shake-up. So Gorillaz have locked up their bassist and hellraiser-in-chief Murdoc and drafted in a new member, Ace, in his place. The Now Now features eleven new tunes from Damon Albarn and his Merry Men. Early signs are promising - first single ‘Humility’ features George Benson and sees them rediscover a little of the sunny charm of Plastic Beach.

All We Are
I Wear You / Honey

All We Are came together under unlikely circumstances, bringing together people it would cost a lot of postage to get here and there: comprised of artists from Norway, Ireland and Brazil, the band met in Liverpool an started making indispensable music with a lot of harmonizing and communal affection. The 'I Wear You / Honey' 7" teases their forthcoming record, which is produced by Dan Carey, of Hot Chip and M.I.A. fame. These dudes don't really sound like M.I.A. though.

Amateur Best
Be Happy / The Wave

  • Vinyl 7" (DD010)
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Amateur Best
Ready For The Good Life

  • Vinyl 7" (DD013)
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New Build

Fear And Doubt EP

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Melody's Echo Chamber
Bon Voyage

Melody Prochet is back -- finally, after very nearly a six-year wait -- with her gloriously panoramic psych-pop project Melody's Echo Chamber. Following a lengthy absence and illness, Bon Voyage is the sophomore follow-up to Prochet's self-titled debut of 2012. We hope for great things after her initial opus: an enchanting blend of breathless pop and whirlwind psychedelia. Plenty of expansive grooves are promised. 

A Sentence

Have any of our customers ever been to prison? Well Mike Rowley AKA Component #4 used to work in one and this EP is inspired by the sounds and smells of what goes on behind bars. It is a concept piece about young person frustrated by their life taking in real events and mirroring Rowley's own thoughts and feelings. 

Roma di Luna
We Were Made To Forgive

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Sink Ya Teeth
Sink Ya Teeth

NYC, London, Berlin … Norwich? The East Anglian city might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of danceable post-punk, but Sink Ya Teeth emerge from Norfolk with an LP to give the likes of ESG and !!! a run for their money. They’ve toured with the latter, as well as Moon Duo, and are about to set off for a jaunt with A Certain Ratio. The likes of ‘Pushin’’ and ‘Glass’ are fun, lithe electro-pop jams.

Danny Goffey

Who knew so many different artists would emerge out of Supergrass? Well ok there's two in Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey. The latter was formerly known as Vangoffey and released a much praised solo album in 2015 but now he's back under his birth name.  Like every other record in 2018 it is inspired by the events going on around us...and guess who sings on it? None other than Sir Brett Anderson of Suede.   

Alexis Taylor
Listen With(out) Piano

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The Amazing Singing Record

The Amazing Singing Record contains eight up-and-coming artists from Arizona. Each act contributes two songs. From the wonky country of Gene Tripp, the soothing analogue pop of Electrsad, lof-fi beauty of Amatuer Hour, The throat-ripping anthems of Cereal Milk, the overdriven riotous energy of The English Teeth, the reverb-drenched pop of Diners, the melodic indie of Nanami Ozone to the emotional indie-rock of Lil Bobby Jr. this will be of great interest to fans of US indie rock. Limited edition of 300 vinyl LPs on Emotional Response.
  • Vinyl LP (ER52)
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The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One

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Xander Duell
Experimental Tape No2. Vol 1

  • Vinyl LP (MEX083)
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Jane Weaver and Virginia Wing / Death And Vanilla / Noveller
Lost Library

The return of Fire records "Lost Library" series is a stormer with Jane Weaver singing atop Virginia Wing on a Suzanne Menzel song, Noveller tackling John Carpenter's 'The Thing' and Death and Vanilla re-imagine Bert Jansch's “Moonshine”. All showcase the female fronted bands on Fire's roster. So even better right?  

Obedient Wives Club
Murder Kill Baby

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Haruomi Hosono

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Haruomi Hosono
omni Sight Seeing

Haruomi Hosono, reissued here to the joy of all! Omni Sight Seeing was recorded in 1989, during a period where Hosono’s Yellow Magic Orchestra was taking a break. Never one to rest on his laurels, Haruomi spent this time making this beautiful international pop record. Reissued on vinyl for the first time outside of Japan, thanks to Light In The Attic.
  • Vinyl LP (MHJL72)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl

Haruomi Hosono

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Trevor Powers
Mulberry Violence

Not to harp on about it because he's clearly moved on but Trevor Power used to make beautifully emotive dream-pop under the name Youth Lagoon. Throughout those years Power was learning more and more about different styles of music and art, and on Mulberry Violence brings together a wide variety of ideas and sounds to create something stranger and more textural than his past work. 

Blissing Me

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Cigarettes After Sex
Cigarettes After Sex

This is the debut full-length album from Cigarettes After Sex, following up on a number of EPs. They’ve stepped things up for the occasion, with a sound more widescreen than ever before. The songs are romantic in subject matter and sonic construction: this could well be the soundtrack to your next heartache. CD and LP editions available on Partisan Records.

Chilli / Dubwood Allstars ReRub

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Sunset Blush

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Music Exists Disc 3

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French upstart—and Youtube sensation—Ta-Ra (formerly known as Ta-Ha) drops her debut vinyl release with ‘SunrayZ’, a mini LP showcasing her trademark ethereal R&B. She’s dark and brooding on ‘Kawasaki Ninja’, and chill and dreamy on ‘Death Ray’, but it’s her syrupy, molasses-soaked vocals that hold it all together seamlessly.
  • Vinyl LP (HC054)
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The Sugarcubes
Great Crossover Potential

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Sunstack Jones
Sunstack Jones

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Eyes of Others
I See You In The Shrubs

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Gruff Rhys

Here's the latest from Super Furry Animals' Gruff Rhys which is his first for Rough Trade in quite some time. He's recorded it with composer Stephen McNeff and the (wait for it) 72 piece BBC National Orchestra of Wales. That's an amazing amount of people/instruments. Early indications suggest it is his best album to date which is quite some going as the lad is a very consistent performer as it is.  

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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This Is Morrissey

The last of the famous international letdowns oversees the umpteenth cash-grabbing compilation release of his over-long and formerly-distinguished career. It’s a confused selection from a confused man, taking in as it does live tracks, alternative mixes and a couple of mid-period classics. Songs that used to mean so much to us - ‘Ouija Board, Ouija Board’, the majestic ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’ - sit alongside concert takes that, once upon a time, would have been worth the hassle. But therein lies the problem - This, pissing on his own bonfire, Is Morrissey. The vinyl has sleeve notes written in French, because of course it does.

The Soft Moon
The Soft Moon

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Losing You

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Virginia Wing
Ecstatic Arrow

Changes can take time and Virginia Wing have slowly been morphing from a Broadcast-like psych pop band into something much more psychedelic and esoteric. Hints of greatness were found on their previous 'Measures of Joy' album but 'Ecstatic Arrow' should see the full hatching of the new band. Last year's collaboration with XAM Duo was excellent so we have high hopes for this.  

Jamie Isaac
(04:30) Idler

Croydonian jazz-popper Jamie Isaac is ready with a second album proper in (4:30) Idler. This one is largely informed by the young fellow’s troubles with insomnia, as evidenced by such sober titles as ‘Doing Better’, ‘Maybe’ and indeed, ‘Sleep’. Vintage synth electronica and R&B cling to a jazzy frame, allowing confessional weariness to coexist with warm pop hooks.

Gabriella Cohen
Pink Is The Colour of Unconditional Love

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Jorja Smith
Lost & Found

Following a bunch of self-released singles, Walsall-born Jorja Smith drops her debut album, Lost & Found. The twenty year old is known for her collaborations with Stormzy, Drake and Kali Uchis, but the twelve tracks on her debut give her the chance to show us the real Jorja Smith. LP and CD on FAMM.


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Get Well Soon
The Horror

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Jonathan Bree

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Laura Jean

Chapter Music present the latest LP from Australian Music Prize nominee and Jenny Hval collaborator Laura Jean. Devotion is quite a departure from the music of Jean’s previous albums, with the singer trading her previously folksy sound in for a peppy synth-pop look. Tracks like ‘Girls On The TV’ and ‘Touchstone’ wouldn’t sound out of place on Italians Do It Better.


Scent are a three-piece from London who play what I can only describe as semi-ethereal indie-pop. Kim EP is their debut single. The band are keen to throw people like me, who try to tell the general public about them, off their scent (no pun intended) with weird and incomprehensible press releases. Anyway, they’re new to Wichita Recordings and they have a pretty good track record of signing successful bands, so why not give 'em a go? One sided 12" single, limited to 300 copies.
  • Vinyl 12" (WEBB515T)
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Richard Thorncroft
The Unadorned Truth

Aptly described as “Erotic Power Rock”, and that pretty much sums it up, throw in every possible 80s cliché and you’ve got this three track single from Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barrett), also known as Mindhorn, the detective from Barrett’s latest film of the same name. With tracks like You Can’t Handcuff The Wind you can’t really go wrong for a laugh.

Richard Youngs

  • Vinyl LP (MIE 009)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition

The Golden Age of TV / Engine
Television / And I Say

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Music Exists Disc 4

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Kero Kero Bonito
Bonito Generation

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Night Flowers
Wild Notion

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  • Vinyl 7"
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All The Little Lights

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Palm Springs
No Love Is Ever Lost

Palm Springs are from London and from Brighton, where they seem to have tapped into a deep lineage of guitar-focused classic indie rock. But with a few licks of electronica around the edges too! No Love Is Ever Lost is released on 12” vinyl via an imprint operated by Palm Springs themselves: Random Acts Of Vinyl.


Thomas Kuratli returns for his second album as PYRIT. Control explores what it's like to be locked inside a machine drawing from influences like Portishead, David Lynch, and The Haxan Cloak. Watch out Charlie Brooker, there's a new creative stylishly stidying the horrors and wonders of technology. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BKM16)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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A Certain Ratio
Good Together

Good Together was originally released in 1989 and marked a temporary foray into the world of major labels for A Certain Ratio. After five albums with Factory Records, the Manchester post-punk band signed for A&M for album number 6. Presumably they wanted to be label-mates with Sting. Good Together is reissued by Mute (who DO NOT release Sting records) and available on white double vinyl LP and CD.

Karen Meat
You’re An Ugly Person

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John Foxx
Metamatic (Deluxe)

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Joe Goddard
So Much / Human Touch

After a decade and a half with Hot Chip, time as half of 2 Bears, owning the record label Greco Roman and two solo albums, Joe Goddard has decided to focus his energy on the club scene with the first of two 12” singles. So Much brings some deep house to the floor whilst the flip, Human Touch ploughs the dark electro furrow. 12” on Domino.

Bas Jan
Yes I jan

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School Damage
Sings... Four Songs About One Cat

Australian quartet School Damage have followed up their debut LP, Battered Lives with Sings….Four Songs About One Cat, an EP dedicated to their maverick cat, Lumpy. The band started as a bedroom project for Carolyn Hawkins before expanding into a four piece. They take their influences from The Particles, Young Marble Giants and The Vaeslines and feature members of Chook Race, Parsnip, Ausmuteants and Frowning Clouds. 7” on Upset The Rhythm.

Rest In Peace

Boys is actually a girl (oh whatever next?) Nora Karlsson from the north bit of Sweden who once played in psych pop outfit Holy but now goes it alone.  She's moved on from her initial lo-fi recordings and is now is seen as one of Sweden's most accomplished songwriters garnering praise from all sorts of mags.  
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Camera Obscura
Break It To You Gently

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Gamma Ray / Bonfire Blondes

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Lou Champagne System
No Visible Means

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LA Vampires With Maria Minerva
The Integration

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