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The Divine Comedy

Foreverland is the first album by The Divine Comedy in six years. Neil Hannon has kept himself busy though: His side project The Duckworth Lewis Method released a second album, He’s composed a choral work which was performed at London’s Royal Festival Hall and even written a...view item »

Venus II
Inside Your Sun

Australia based Jarrad Brown of Eagle & The Worm and Ryan Grieve of Canyons make up Venus II. Pushing their two worlds together the result sounds like a child of madchester and would fit right in popping pills at the Hacienda and doing the bez walk. Trippy, ...view item »

Dennis Callaci
A Bed of Light

Delightful, rough and ready, quirky, lofi indie pop songs that fans of stuff like Smog will absolutely lap up.  Mostly known for his huge amounts of work in the band Refrigerator, and having gone under monikers even his own press mock him for, A Bed of Light is Dennis Callaci&rsquo...view item »

Las Causas Perdidas

Neleonard release their debut full-length via Elefant Records, who have been supporting them with a series of single releases for a while. Las Causas Perdidas is an instantly affecting body of sweet indie pop, with plenty of melancholy beauty and lyrics sung in Spanish. CD or clear vinyl LP editions on Elefant....view item »

Midnite Spares

Melbourne crate diggers Instant Peterson and Andras Fox compile this cheeky little compilation of the strange and wonderful avantgarde pop underbelly of Australia (and some from further afield) from the 80s and 90s. With Poets of the Machine “playing Arabs in the park” and Mix asking you about your m...view item »

Jamie Isaac
Couch Baby

Understated electronic songcraft from Jamie Isaac here, with contemporary textures building on solid structures (Isaac apparently always grounds his tracks in piano). Both the CD and the vinyl editions of Couch Baby come with a nice little fanzine thrown in, which also contains a download for a mixtape ...view item »

Beach Baby
No Mind No Money

The kindly named Beach Baby continue to make a watery indie pop as much in reverence to the clean-as-whistle nostalgia vibes of Mac DeMarco and Hospitality as it is to the weird scrambled egg rawk of older lo-fi acts. 'No Mind No Money' is their new record and ...view item »

Chook Race
Around The House

Young Australians Chook Race will pump you up with their speedy guitar energy whilst simultaneously relaxing you with the comforts of their sound. It's no critique to say that Around The House feels familiar: it has all the trappings of jangly DIY indie pop music á la Flying Nun, and that just feels right. Out on...view item »

The Wedding Present
Going, Going…

Could you have ever imagined that in 2016 there'd be a new Wedding Present album? They have seemingly been content to rest on their nostalgia laurels over the past few years but they show that there is some fire still there with this 20 track album of linked songs which begins with four instrumentals.  "Some things just don...view item »

The Invisible
Life's Dancers (Floating Points Remix)

The Invisible’s lauded ‘Patience’ LP now yields a track with the full Floating Points treatment. Sam Shepherd drops the science (and a cello) to rework ‘Life’s Dancers’ into a fine space-funk epic. Plus he produced a new track on the flip. Busy boy. 180g black 12&rdqu...view item »

Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon
Same Language, Different Worlds

Peter Gordon has a long history of working with the likes of Arthur Russell and other remarkable New York types, and Tim Burgess of The Charlatans obviously jumped at the chance to collaborate with him. Their Same Language, Different Worlds is Russell-e...view item »

Vince Mole & His Calcium Orchestra

What isn't boring is yet another Whiskey. After this there won't be any for a while as I let the plethora of releases sell a little so I can get some cash back to do more. Expect the next batch in Sept/ Oct. Anyway finally out is the long awaited joint release between Jonathon Whiskey and Hap...view item »

Sleigh Bells
Jessica Rabbit

Sleigh Bells return with their first album in fully 3 years! Jessica Rabbit is just as it should be, with big fat pop song bangers driven by giant beats and pushed through filters of happy noise. The (limited to 1000 copies) LP edition is pressed to blood red splatter vinyl and comes with an exclusive bonus single-sided...view item »

Close Eyes To Exit

Klangstof, otherwise known as Norwegian chap Koen van de Wardt reaches dizzy heights of comparison, with Thom Yorke and Sigur Ros being thrown out by listeners. Signed to Mind of a Genius, his first album Close Eyes to Exit is lush, filled with a huge variety of influences from hip hop to elaborate Scanavian dre...view item »

I Remember

AlunaGeorge - that’s... Aluna Francis and, um, George -- return to follow up their corporeal ‘Body Music’, with I Remember. It promises 12 more tracks of pop at the very edge, with a soulful feel; in the way they do so confidently. Plus, the title track was helmed by Flume. So there&rs...view item »

Ali Muhareb
Walkin’ / Thunder & Lightning

It has been said that Ali Muhareb has a similar twisted, creative brain as the Flaming Lips overlord Wayne Coyne. Muhareb, who hails from Portland, Oregon, makes electronic music and has been touring the world extensively. Walkin’/Thunder & Lightning is his debut release and is available on 7&...view item »

Hoops EP

This glittery indie pop sounds like it was either recorded or played back underwater. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Sunbeams glistening through and lapping against your feet, blurring the edges, it’s dreamy and quite intoxicating. Hoops soothe away the annoyances of the day, why have you put the heating on and op...view item »


The second single to be released for Trentemøller’s upcoming album Fixion, and is one of the four tracks that will feature long-time collaborator Marie Fisker. Trentemøller is a shapeshifter, moving between groovy, verging on cheeky synth dance tracks and leftfield e...view item »

Sin Fang

Sin Fang’s Spaceland is glistening R&B electronic pop with a deep yet ultimately joyously freeing rumination that you can imagine working closely with Jónsi and Alex Somers would bring. On one hand heavy bass and hi-hat bangers, the other delicate and vulnerable. Featur...view item »

Blood Orange
Freetown Sound

Freetown Sound is the third album by Blood Orange aka Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion, Test Icicles). It follows on from 2011’s Costal Grooves and 2013’s critically acclaimed Cupid Deluxe. Hynes took on the Blood Orange moniker after moving ...view item »

Depeche Mode
Construction Time Again

After an album of rather varied quality in A Broken Frame, Depeche Mode really came together for Construction Time Again. Maybe it was the arrival of Alan Wilder, or the marked improvement in both Martin's songwriting and David Gahan's vocals. I believe that it's a combination of all three. Whereas A Broken Frame saw Martin trying to fill the void ...view item »

Depeche Mode
Speak & Spell

Speak and Spell was Depeche Mode's debut album, originally released in 1981. The album is notable for showcasing the talents of Vince Clarke, who was the chief songwriter. Clarke left the band after it was released. Among many of the classics on here Just Can't Get Enough is probably the most well known. ...view item »

The Ocean Party

Melbourne-based indie-pop six piece The Ocean Party make the kind of fresh indie music you’d expect from an Aussie band. Similar to recent favourites The Goon Sax and The Phoenix Foundation. You will hear cap-dothing to Gayngs and Destroyer through their u...view item »

Of Montreal
Innocence Reaches

Kaleidoscopic super-band of Montreal have reached their fourteenth album: with that much of an established career, Kevin Barnes is entirely free to lead his merry players down all sorts of fantastic avenues: lots of synth-pop, exploding vocal harmonies, experimental sound collage, dance beats etc. And typically ...view item »

Junk Son
Beginning, Ending, Pretending

Junk Son are a Goldsmiths band, though with the pleasing twist that some members of the group studied popular music while others trained in contemporary composition. That uncommon pairing is responsible for the more unusual edges that really make the music stick. Debut album Beginning, Ending, Pretending is released by ...view item »

Arc Iris
Moon Saloon

Follow-up to 2014's eponymous debut, 'Moon Salon' is a heavier and less whimsical offering from Rhode Island-based Arc Iris. The band have built up a worldwide following, not least due to their elaborate live performances and stage shows. Singer Jocie Adams wrote all the songs in a log cabin with no electricity or running water, trivia fans. LP ...view item »

Django Django
Hail Bop

We’ve sold bucketloads of Django Django records and this is the first time I’ve heard ‘em. I kept wanting to hear the album but every time I went to play it the cupboards were bare as we couldn’t keep the thing i...view item »

Body of Light
Let Me Go

The Arizonan brothers who make up Body of Light are having a great time here emulating their (presumed) childhood heroes: Let Me Go is a full-blown synth-pop album of grand proportions, with bold drums and darkwave-influenced vocals. They’ve done such a great job that you might assume this was a 1980’s reiss...view item »

Hannah Peel
Awake But Always Dreaming

Concept album from Irish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hannah Peel, exploring the descent into dementia. Beginning with the hope and exuberance of childhood, and charting love and life before a shift of pace represents the confusion and fuzziness of late-life dementia. Bright and joyful, yet at times dark and percussive. This is Pe...view item »

Martin Rev

Suicide synth-hero Martin Rev treated the world to this solo album back in 2009. And you might be surprised by how it sounds: none of that Suicide pummel here. Instead, Stigmata is a set of seemingly religiously-inspired pieces for synthetic orchestra: the sound of some strange future s...view item »

The Prophet Hens
Popular People Do Popular People

Ah, this is what I’ve been after. The last few weeks have seen a slew of re-issues from bands of varying vintage emanating from New Zealand and they are all very good and we are always very nice and it’s good to see but it’s sooooo exciting to see a brand new band emerge out of the isle who, from the very first seconds, have ev...view item »

Jamie T

Popular rap rock dude Jamie T is back after a gap of two years with more massive ear worms that you'll know even if you claim otherwise. Lead single 'Tinfoil Boy' is both emo-tinged and moshpit friendly which bodes well for an album of expansive /punk/reggae/rap/pop that is sure to be one of the years bigger releases. He's one o...view item »

Slow Club
One Day All Of This Won't Matter Any More

Slow Club doesn’t exactly take it easy. Only a year after I Swam Out to Greet You, the duo, consisting of multi-instrumentalists Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor, is back. Working with American southern-folk producer Mathew E. White, the duo were able to reinvent...view item »

Local Natives
Sunlit Youth

Third one from the very much still existing Local Natives, whose winking take on baroque pop charms those who love their lushness perfectly imperfect. Over their first two records this group proved themselves very Fleet Foxes and sorta of Montreal, but Sunlit Yo...view item »

J Churcher
Borderland State

J Churcher's debut album hearkens back to the 90s psychedelia of Slowdive and Mazzy Star. Haunting, reverb-drenched vocals sit atop hazy soundscapes and fuzzy guitars, all of it rooted in Churcher's formidable songwriting and compositional flare. With elements of chamber-po...view item »

How To Let Things Go

JOOVE broadcast from Tel Aviv, where Aviad Zinemnas and Yuval Shenhar construct their own personal take on electro-pop songwriting. How To Let Things Go’s 5 tracks have some deep echo, some dramatically wearied vocals, and snatches of folk musics alongside the keyboards and electr...view item »

What Are We Fighting For

Here come Dodgy in 2016 with a brand new album featuring the original 'classic' line up. The press notes suggest they've been listening to such Norman-friendly bands such as Atlas Sound, White Fence and Can and the band certainly seem to feel that this is their best work. So really who are ...view item »

The Hairs
While I Hated Life, Barbarian

Hair eh? What would we do without it. The Hairs are a freak-pop collective showing influences ranging from comic books to K Records to houseplants to Flying Nun to anxiety to prison stays. Sounds very promising indeed and the sort of crazy unique thing you may have read about in Bananafish circa '92.  ...view item »

The Legends
It's Love

From Sweden with love, Stockholm band The Legends deliver an album of characteristically smooth songs about love and life. It’s Love is their fourth studio album and the first since Johan Angergard turned forty. Fans of his Labrador label won’t be disappointed with these lush, emotional recordings. Out on vi...view item »

Los Flechazos
Dias Grises - 25th Anniversary Edition

Los Flechazos provide funky British mod-groove garage sounds by way of Spain. They make for a damn fun listen. Dias Grises is their 1996 mini-LP, presented here with its six tracks bolstered by extra singles and B-side tracks. Released by the Elefant label in celebration of their 25th birthday. 1000 white vinyl copies w...view item »

Los Flechazos
Alta Fidelidad - 25th Anniversary Edition

A well-deserved reissue of the last album by Los Flechazos, 1995’s Alta Fideliad. Funky British mod-groove garage sounds by way of Spain: lots of fun. Alta Fideliad Includes the band’s covers of songs by The Supremes and The Who. Released by the Elefant label in cel...view item »

The Monochrome Set

Trace back from The Last Shadow Puppets, Franz Ferdinand et al any you’ll find The Monochrome Set. They originally formed in 1978, as part of the first wave of post-punk, and give most contemporaries a run for their money. Grand and smokey dive bar music, that would fit soundtracking a com...view item »

F*Ckin’ Ziggurat

Fancy zine / book assembled by Emotional Response, featuring deep interviews with lots of cool bands from around the world, including No Monster Club, Primitive Calculators and Quaaludes. And the 70 beautifully-bound pages are accompanied by 17 songs on an accompanying CD, so you can read about ...view item »

The Wave Pictures
A Season In Hull

On A Season in Hull, the fourteenth studio album from English rockers The Wave Pictures, the group return to their lo-fi roots. Recorded live with a single microphone, this vinyl LP on Wymeswold Records relies on impeccable songwriting and charming grooves. The immediacy of the recording reminds...view item »

Kishi Bashi

Sonderlust may sound merry and shimmery, but it is a record produced from the depths of a challenging personal struggle: Kishi Bashi’s marriage was on the brink of collapse. The heavy situation inspired a heartfelt record of beautiful electronic / orchestral pop music, with Bashi’s soul bare...view item »

Bad Humors

Kim Pflaum’s latest incarnation MADEIRA is as sweet and soft as the cake that shares it’s name, though I think that’s as far as the comparison can (and should) go. Lovingly warm synth-pop songs. Lights up, end of night, one last track songs that could soundtrack a group of friends in a taxi hom...view item »


For their second album, Donkey, the raucous Brazilians are back, once again trying to party their way into my heart. Though my first listen was rather un-noteworthy (I was admittedly, pretty distracted), every listen since then has been an exciting, infectious affair that I just can't get enough. The punchy drums and bouncy bass line that herald...view item »

Rory Wynne
Why Don't You

Stockport songsmith Rory Wynne will be far too young to remember the recipe swapping television treat from the 1980's but here he's turned off the tv and gone out to do something more interesting instead. He's made two bursts of noisy home made pop that seem to reference the Arctic Monkeys and Jake Bugg but adds...view item »

Boys Forever
Boys Forever

Boys forever is the alias of Glaswegian all-rounder Patrick Doyle. Doyle wrote, sung and played every instrument on this vitriolic pop debut. Recorded in LA, whilst maintaining the misery of the grey London winter in which it was written, 'Boys Forever' is pop music with an evil twist. Available to pre-order on vinyl or cd....view item »

2 Bears
The Night Is Young

Happy men The Two Bears release their second album of upbeat dancefloor fun. Its light, fluffy and frothy dancefloor stuff for having a dance to after work. The press release rightly suggests that it's like a taster menu; bits of hard house, soft reggae, punchy ragga, tear-jerkers, funk, soul and everything in between. I'm not hap...view item »

David West
Peace or Love

Rat Columns guitarist and musical artist David West splits his time between the USA and Australia. Influenced by free-spirited artists throughout history, Peace or Love is an album of softly-strummed indie and unfettered soundscapes that also takes in disco and soul-tinged pop along the way. West's labe...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
Parade (Music From The Motion Picture Under The Cherry Moon)

Posthumous re-release of Prince's seminal eighth studio album, and the soundtrack to 1986's 'Under the Cherry Moon'. This contains some proper Prince classics such as 'Kiss' and 'Anotherloverholenyohead'. This album sold two million copies when it was originally released. Pure, classic Prince. Pre-order on vinyl now. ...view item »

Crystal Castles
Amnesty (I)

Synthsperts Crystal Castles detail their first record in a hot minute, and their first since Alice Glass departed the band. Their gothic new wave sound gets a lil' bit of a fresh start as they close the chapter on their album trilogy with a new one that, judging by "CHAR", is just as hyperactive, seemingly marryin...view item »

The Gossip
Music For Men

With their first mainstream release, Gossip still holds true to their underground punk sound. The guitar is raw and the drums are punchy, but lack the in your face kick and snare of most modern releases. The real clarity is given to Beth Ditto's vocals that may not be as refined as Ann Wilson or Pat Benetar, but share a similar power and energy....view item »

The Ting Tings
We Started Nothing

Wow, I see we are getting reissues of The Ting Tings debut album now… Crazy days. So it has been a decade since We Started Nothing first hit our airwaves, with all i...view item »

David Bowie
Who Can I Be Now? [1974 - 1976]

Who remembers David Bowie? Well in 1974 Bowie went to America and recorded a heap of albums including 'Diamond Dogs', 'Young Americans', 'Station To Station'. Well, they've all been collected here with a separate album full of all the singles and B sides from the era and 'The Gouster', previously unreleased as a concept album. &...view item »

Little Cub
Breathing Space

Debut EP from South London based four-piece Little Cub. Intricate electronica with heartfelt lyrics, this offers three remixes of the tune 'Breathing Space'. The band's first two tracks are available to download free from their website: www.wearelittlecub.com. Here, however, we offer you limited edition vinyl. ...view item »

Regina Spektor
Remember Us To Life

A pop pianist from back when the genre tag anti-folk was still in rotation, Regina Spektor's been at the songwriting game for a long time, making records with the very same winking, critical poignancy that endeared folks to 500 Days of Summer (a film in which her music starred). Her last record pr...view item »

Pubic Intellectual - An Anthology 1986-2016

How to describe Momus to the average human? Kind of bizarre eye patched prolific electronic pop person. Somewhere between Jacques Brel and the Pet Shop Boys if such a thing could be imagined. Anyway this is the first ever career spanning compilation celebrating 30 years of his wild and wonderful career. ...view item »


It’s great when you hear trip-hop done well, filling the gaps left by Massive Attack et al. SPC ECO (Pronounced Space Echo) do it with feverish charm, and don’t miss a beat. Whilst you are tempted to say ”Hello again 1997 era Portishead, always a pleasure.” they do breath...view item »

Field Music

Field Music are keeping the Rock N' Roll dream alive. They play those songs like they damn well mean it and somehow still manage to sound fresh to my ears even though their sound is basically a Supertramp/10CC/Beatles/Led Zeppelin hybrid. How they manage to keep squeezing awesome tracks o...view item »

Django Django
Born Under Saturn

Born Under Saturn is the second album (at last!) from Django Django. From the sound of ‘First Light’, the initial single, it seems that Django Django will be targeting summer happiness with these thirteen tracks. A blend of '60s harmonies and more contemporary synth-basslines turns out to be...view item »

Building Instrument
Kem Som Kan A Leve

Building Instrument are a group that are satisfyingly hard to pin down: they throw together combinations of (say) zither, kazoo, percussion and electronics, and it’ll coalesce into some mystical song-atmosphere. Nicely done. Some of material on second album Kem Som Kan A Leve was written with Kurt Schwitte...view item »

Ages and Ages
Something to Ruin

Heart lifting pop that sounds like it was recorded in your front room. It wasn’t. It was captured by Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock’s studio, but the personality of this record is it’s strength. Acoustic indie pop filled with gleeful melodies and laid back choral vocals done by all of the ban...view item »


A dramatic piece of synth-song from OVVLS. Winter is dominated by potent vocals and very firm drumming: on the second side of the tape is an exclusive spoken-word version. Released as a strictly limited edition of 50 cassettes by OVVLS themselves: each of the tapes has a unique 1/50th of the original ...view item »

Car Seat Headrest
Teens of Denial

Car Seat Headrest is the project of a man (Will Toledo) who is only 23; and yet this is his thirteenth album under the name. With a production ethic like that you know Toledo isn’t messing around, and indeed ...view item »

Continental Drift

This release is totally a team effort, with the Fortuna POP! and Slumberland pairing up to release a four-way split between Mercury Girls, Wildhoney, The Spook School and Tigercats. So that’s four different spins on the lively indie-pop sound, dosed with more or less punk,...view item »

Paul Haig

Paul Haig was of course a member of that sharp-edged indie band Josef K; later on he became a proper pop star. This compilation, aptly titled Metamorphosis, documents the period of change, with singles, EPs, 12”s and live material, as well as collaborative music made under the Rhythm of Li...view item »

Nite Jewel
Liquid Cool

Her first album in four years, Liquid Cool brings Nite Jewel back with a danceable slice of indie pop and chilled, synth-ridden instrumentation. The press release says it’s “Janet Jackson produced by Kraftwerk”. I can see where it’s coming from with Nite Jewel’s ethereal vocals drif...view item »

Pain Is Beauty

OVVLS make their debut release, a 7” single they are releasing themselves. Pain Is Beauty was co-produced with Brian Campbell of Clinic, and there is certainly a touch of that band&rsq...view item »

HiFi Sean

Once singer in indie also rans the Soup Dragons, Sean Dickson is how a highly respected DJ and by the looks of things has a lot of very good contacts in the 'biz' too. Where else would you see Norman Blake rubbing shoulders with Yoko Ono, Fred Schneider with Bootsy Collins and an appearance from sadly deceased Suicide...view item »

Roisin Murphy
Take Her Up To Monto

She's quirky and she's popular on 6 Music. Roisin Murphy was formerly in trip hop group Moloko but now makes oddball solo albums that have an electronic oddness about them that contrasts with her dramatic, breathy vocal delivery. This is her latest and follows up the very successful and Mercury Prize nominated 'Hairless Toys'. &...view item »


The Cosines (Alice Hubley and Simon Nelson) met in 2009 on a London tube train after attending a Stero Totale gig. Hubley asked Nelson to "go round and unblock her drains" and, a shelf, two curtain rails and a blind later they finally got down to the nitty gritty and formed a band.  Drawing comparisons to New Order and Stereolab, with some ...view item »

Eric Copeland
Black Bubblegum

Black Dice dude Eric Copeland continues to create music that somehow sounds completely messed-up and rather poppy: Black Bubblegum indeed. This new album is particularly dub-focused, skanking up and down and round and round, festooned with all sorts of weird slices of sound. CD or pink-coloured vinyl on...view item »

Katie Dey
Flood Network

Katie Dey’s music is a busy psychedelic scrawl with bright pop songwriting projected onto it. So many bits and pieces flowing past your ears that you just lie back in the sun and go with it. Flood Network follows on from the acclaimed asdfasdf, and feels like just as much of a winner. A co-release between...view item »

Washed Away

R-OO-N-EY! Should he be played up front or at the top of a diamond formation in midfield? He’s certainly made that position his own in recent years and at the end of the day, he’s got to be England’s future. Although this Rooney seem to be an indie-pop band from LA who have teen-friendly pop for you to jump aro...view item »

Hollow Sunshine
Bible Sea

Hollow Sunshine pairs talents from Deafheaven and Other Houses together for the creation of total electronic music. Bible Sea has a hazy, thick texture, with Morgan Enos’ vocals drifting through the mix as if half-buried in old synthesisers. It feels almost narcot...view item »

Puro Instinct

Despite that super vintage-looking cover artwork, Puro Instinct are a group that exist in the here and now. They have a totally classic synth-pop sensibility, but every part of their sound is draped with shimmery shoegaze textures. You can also hear that Autodrama was recorded in Los Angeles: this is a hot sunny record ...view item »

Holy Day / Mirror

Motorama are a Russian band with three albums under their belt. Holy Day/Mirror are their latest efforts and are chilled out, slouching synth pop of the highest order. Inspired by the Manchester indie scene, this 7 inch single has a warm electro feel, like a party winding down in the early hours, when it’s...view item »

Stephen Steinbrink

Now Stephen Steinbrink's previous album 'Arranged Waves' was one of my favourite albums of...um...what year was it again? A truly, undervalued classic. This is his follow up and early indications show the same jangling soft pop at play, perhaps with a few more '70s FM radio influences but that is never a bad thing. Lovely gentle music for fans o...view item »

The Sun Days

As band names start to run out we begin to get subtle variations. This is not in fact 90s dreamers the Sundays but instead the Sun Days. see what they did there? Musically it sounds like a rather rambunctious the Sundays with the type of good time indie pop that bands like the Hummingbirds and ...view item »

Cibo Matto
Stereo Type A

Cibo Matto translates from Italian as Food Madness. Worth knowing. The Japanese hip hop/electro/indie-pop duo of Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda formed in 1994. Stereo Type A was their critically acclaimed second album and was originally released in 1999. Its eclectic mix of sounds have been likened to summer in New York Cit...view item »

New Skin

Debut album from London voice JONES. Having written a set of thoughtful songs (‘melancholic but optimistic’ she says), a killer production team including Lana Del Rey, Savages and Sam Smith associates have provided JONES with the proper-pop landscape...view item »

Francesca Lago
Mirrors Against The Sun

Francesca Lago produced new album Mirrors Against The Sun with just 2 close collaborators (apart from Max Lotti’s credit for ‘noise guitar’ on 1 track), who drape her vocal songcraft and guitar lines with synth, cello and drum rhythms. It’s a very full and sweeping alt-pop sound ...view item »


Quirky bedroom-recorded indie pop from Bristol's Nicol Parkinson, aka Palomica. With influences such as Jad Fair and Tori Kudo’s Maher Shalal Hash Baz clearly audible, 'Petito' takes pretty pop songs with vast lyrical content, then presents them against a backdrop of deliberately careless and brilliantly confusing instrumentation. Ava...view item »

Summer 08

Summer 08 by Metronomy recalls a time when musical polymath and mop-haired dreamboat Joe Mount was out night after night constantly drinking and playing gigs in dives to promote his forthcoming second album Nights Out. Mount remembers the time as being “Quite Manic”. Rather than move on, after all h...view item »

The Posies
Solid States

Solid States is the first record from The Posies since the death of their drummer last year, and as you’d expect, a clear melancholy is audible here. It isn’t a morose record (indeed, it’s a lovely set of pop songs), but there is a depth of emotion even stronger than on their previous seven albums. Rel...view item »

Clever Disguise

Blending warm electronic production and earthly acoustic textures with epic 80s choral-vocal stylings akin to Peter Gabriel (as well as many other links with him) South Australian resident Sophie Payten certainly produces ballads that are wise beyond her 22 years. As brooding as it is delicate, and jeeez... catc...view item »

Bat For Lashes
The Bride

After time spent dabbling with the Sexwitch side-project, Natasha Khan returns to her original moniker for the first Bats For Lashes album in 4 years. At the core of the record is the dark tale of The Bride, a figure whose husband-to-be is killed in a car crash: a suitable narrative for...view item »

White Lies

Friends is the fourth album by synth-rockers White Lies. The album is centred around the theme of changing relationships. With their three previous albums breaking the top 5 and the fact that they’ve re-signed with music industry behemoths BMG, big things are expected from the Ealing three-piece’s new l...view item »

Spring King
The Summer

Spring King have been working hard the old fashioned way by doing actual gigs supporting the likes of everyone before recording their debut album. Therefore they will have garnered a fanbase slavering in anticipation.  This their new single sits somewhere in between Interpol and the England football team ci...view item »

Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe)

The great thing about Metronomy is that their career is a journey....you don't quite get the same thing each time round. This, their remarkably titled debut, shows a sound miles away from the pleasant pop of 'Love Letters'. It's wild electronica with fuzzy guitar riffs and nary a vocal in sight. First time on vinyl from this pre...view item »

Gary Cook
The Fabulous World Of Gary Cook

Very little is known to have come out of Barrow-in-Furness - the Cumbrian town at the tip of the Furness peninsular. Lots of ships and submarines were built there, Liverpool and England captain Emlyn Hughes was born there and its bus depot was referenced in a 1980s Chewits commercial. There was also its thriving but largely self-contained music ...view item »

Papa Topo
Opalo Negro

Papa Topo have been busily active for 3 years, and are at last ready to release their debut full-length recorded statement (following a 10” and some 7”s). Opalo Negro is, at its heart, a disco-pop record (although it also has some indie-punkishness to it) brimming...view item »

The Frank & Walters
Songs For The Walking Wounded

Unbelievably the Frank and Walters are still going. They had some success in the '90s but a presumably just a cult concern these days.  This is their first record since 2012 and has a guest appearance from Cillian Murphy the actor bloke. They still play your standard driving dark indie type thing. Go and see them play down ...view item »

Dirty Mind

The recently-departed Prince was renowned for his Dirty Mind, and he was never concerned about showing it: the title his third album displays it proudly. So buy this LP reissue (you won’t be stream it online, Prince’s lawyers are too good) and get dirty… It’s what he would have ...view item »

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