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Three different drummers appear on ZebrAa, drawn from throughout Aa’s career to date. So many drummers! That means that inventive percussion is at the heart of the record: electronics and vocals have plenty to add, but triple-drummer polyrhythms are damn hard to overshadow. Vinyl release on the Fire Talk label for...view item »

Teenage Fanclub

Caledonian indie veterans Teenage Fanclub are back with their tenth album, Here. It is their first album in 6 years following 2010’s Shadows. Norman Blake, Raymond McGinley and Gerard Love have contributed four songs each to the album which shows the band as masters of their craft. Here is releas...view item »

Sailor & I
The Invention of Loneliness

Sailor & I is one of those projects that grabbed people's’ attention big-time with a few big-deal Soundcloud uploads a few years ago. Now a full album’s-worth of material is ready to go! The Invention Of Loneliness is informed by club electronics and songwriting both, with a healthy streak of epic ambien...view item »

Cate Le Bon
Mug Museum

With a new album in the works and her oddball collaboration as the Drink bringing her to new listeners it's a decent enough time for Cate Le Bon's earlier work to be re-issued. This is her third album and it showcases her way with a wandering and winsome melody. Duran Duran fans should note that her real name is Cate Timothy. ...view item »

A Beat Of Silence

The latest release from Rayon, aka Markus Archer, aka singer of The Notwist. Though A Beat of Silence is a quiet and considered record, several of the numbers here create ambient textures via the use of organic rather than effect-laden instrumentation. See how the title track and &lsquo...view item »

Carla dal Forno
You Know What It’s Like

Carla dal Forno, who has previously been active in Tarcar and Mole House, has a thickly melancholy singing style that somewhat recalls Nico. Solo debut You Know What It’s Like is an album of highly personal songs, but, because this is out on Blackest Ever Black, i...view item »


Vancouver-incepted six-piece Brasstronaut are a mysterious entity, and one that cannot be assigned to a single genre. Their 2016 released self-titled album melds pop, rock and jazz using synths, clarinets and intricate rhythms in a way that has attracted critical acclaim from the left and the right of the Atlantic pond...view item »

Jamie Lidell
Building a Beginning

Really smooth music from Huntingdon's answer to Marvin Gaye. Liddell has been soulful for many years but he sounds like some kind of cross between Gaye and Stevie Wonder slinking his way through a batch of laid back electronic soul. He uses the cream of the world's best session musician to create this soporific,...view item »

Soft Hair
Soft Hair

This is the duo of Connan Mockasin and Sam Dust (LA Priest/Late of the Pier) in collaboration. They simply can't be serious these two (just look at that sleeve) but both have form when it comes to making slinky Prince-like soft pop.  Check out the video for 'Lying Has to St...view item »

Eno / Hyde
High Life

Does Karl Hyde have the worst hair in popular music? Anyone who saw Eno/Hyde’s recent performance on Jools Holland will be wondering. Its kind of combed forward at the top, no fringe, semi mullet at the back and dyed a terrible shade of blonde. He’s grinning away on the inner photo to this companion piece to the duo’s recent al...view item »

Clear Shot

They are a strange lot Toy, they never completely blow you away but they are very pleasant to listen to. This is their third album and they recorded it themselves then sent it over to the states for a bit of gloss. It carries on the moody krauty template from previous albums and lead track 'Fast Silver' has some rather mood...view item »

Crystal Fighters
Everything Is My Family

All the bands with ‘Crystal’ in their name always make me think of hazy fuzz-guitars, but Crystal Fighters have more than that up their sleeve on this new album (their third). Everything Is My Family is born out of the band members’ various gap-yearish global travels, and they all came back with a new ...view item »

No Monster Club
Where Did You Get That Milkshake

No Monster Club is the project of the prolific Dublin-based producer Bobby Aherne. Having already released a dozen albums, Aherne's style is a tongue-in-cheek take on pop music, mocking a lot of contemporary pop while being compared to "a stripped-down sugar high Pet Sounds". 'Where Did You Get That Milkshake' is the band's first 7" with contrib...view item »

Meilyr Jones

Meilyr Jones’ album 2013 is intended to convey to the listener the experience of being Meilyr Jones during the year 2013, which it achieves through the medium of broadly orchestrated melodic pop songs. As well as Jones’ vocals, we have trombones, choirs, french harps, bassoo...view item »

s a r a s a r a
a m o r f a t i

It is impossible not to mention Bjork here. Signed to her label One Little indian, the debut album from french singer/songwriter/electronica-madwoman s a r a s a r a is tonal and heavy. A sort of uber R&B with Amon Tobin production values and Bjork-come-Coco Rosie...view item »

Jake Bugg
On My One

As far as I am aware, this is Jake Bugg’s first foray into production after his previous album, Shangri La was produced by none other than Rick Rubin. A bit of a leap for Bugg perhaps who wrote, played and produced everything except three tracks produced by Jacknife Lee. P...view item »


London based Emily Underhill has been snapped up by One Little Indian as Tusks. A Four tracks of diverse and slickly executed tracks with For You’s Cinematic Orchestra esque opening dropping into a spacious FKA Twigs style beat as pitched vocal chops swirl around ...view item »

Man & The Echo
Man & The Echo

Warrington born four-piece Man & The Echo are so named after a poem by W.B. Yeats. This is unsurprising, as their self-titled debut has poetry and lyrical philosophy to boot, all delivered in a sincere north-western accent. Warmly reminiscent of some of the earlier pioneers of the genre (think Pulp...view item »


For those who haven't been keeping count this is Crocodiles 6th LP. Where does the time go eh? The title refers to a condition close to Phil's heart - insomnia. And despite their lack of sleep the duo have come up with a collection of perky collection of piano 'n' synth tunes. Certainly the track I'm listening to sounds a b...view item »


Magik*Magik is Minna Choi, a musician who has appeared on recordings and in performance with stacks of great musicians, from Jonny Greenwood to Death Cab To Cutie. For this self-titl...view item »

CC Dust
Shinkansen No. 1 / New Ways

CC Dust are a new band with an old sound, fully embodying the heart and soul of 1980’s synth-pop. Shinkansen No. 1 / New Ways throbs with David Jaques’ melodic basslines and soars with Maryjane Dunphe...view item »

Amps For Christ / Woods
Amps For Christ / Woods

Shrimper! I remember you. The label that in the mid 90's brought you lo fidelity efforts from Lou Barlow, Mountain Goats, Refridgerator, is still going strong and busying itself marrying hot pro...view item »
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The Radio Dept.
Running Out Of Love

The new Radio Dept. album has been on the brew for six years now, and is now ready to be served up. Running Out Of Love expresses frustration with the direction of development in the band’s native Sweden, with a pumping electro-pop musical backing. Melancholy vibes, fiercely expressed. Released by the Labrador lab...view item »

The Beat Escape
The Beat Escape

Starkly immediate and organic, is the self-titled record thought-up by Montreal duo - The Beat Escape. Naked drum machines sit alongside haunting harmonies and faint chord progressions, that conjure up both nostalgia and melancholy. Lo-fi, yet smooth - this is the height of chilled. Close your eyes, and escape into thi...view item »

Las Kellies
Friends & Lovers

Las Kellies are one of the finest garagey outfits operating out of Argentina, where they keep the grrrl flame burning brightly. Friends & Lovers is a lovely shimmering groove-garage set that makes the listener think of happy times in the sun. Friends & Lovers is released on CD and on LP by the Fire labe...view item »

Hooton Tennis Club
Big Box of Chocolates

Although it may not sound like it from the title, Big Box Of Chocolates sees Wirral indie band Hooton Tennis Club come of age, exploring themes of love and loss. The band recruited the legendary Edwyn Collins to produce the album. It is their second album and follows on from their vivacious debut Hi...view item »

Arab Strap
Arab Strap

Look at them there on the sleeve. They look a lot older than that now and to the delight of their fans have reformed for a few shows this October. To tie in with this comes this compilation of some of their best bits as well as rarities and B sides etc.  Arab Strap were always a lot more than their pished up image suggested...view item »

American Wrestlers
American Wrestlers

American Wrestlers are a new lo-fi project by 20-year-plus indie veteran and proud Scot, Gary McClure. McClure's journey has seen him move from his home in Scotland to Manchester and finally to Missouri where American Wrestlers took shape. Recorded on an 8-track and using cheap and basic instruments, McClure wri...view item »

Live On Mars: London Astoria 1997

To celebrate 20 years since their debut album 1977 was released Ash are doing a run of shows performing the album in it’s entirety and releasing this little doozy. A live album from when they played 5 nights in a row at the London Astoria. Features all their hits Goldfinger, Girl from Mars as wel...view item »

Holy Oysters
Holy Oysters

60/70s psyche inspired indie pop from Parisian band Holy Oysters, dragging the genre into 2016, kicking and screaming. There’s a bit of Currents stage Tame Impala mixed with crystal clear electro-pop production, glistening synths and guitars that stopped sounding like guitars four pedals ago. Thes...view item »

Pavo Pavo
Young Narrator In The Breakers

As otherworldy and retrofuturist as its utopian record sleeve, Young Narrator In The Breakers is the 2016-born brainchild of Pavo Pavo. The Brooklyn-based five-piece flex their weightless off-kilter pop into a multitude of spaces in what amounts to a thoroughly inquisitive yet enjoy...view item »

Douglas Dare

First up the most important question. What is that in his mouth? It looks like it could be some kind of bird or something. Not a good idea. This is Dare's second album and like many records comes out of what sounds like a horrible relationship breakdown. Dare sings about identity and the sort of fakery that goes on when someone plays around behi...view item »

Our Daughter’s Wedding
Moving Windows

Reincarnated onto vinyl and CD from Futurismo, is Moving Windows - the 1980's brainchild of highly underrated American synth-punks Our Daughters Wedding. Produced by big hitters David Spradley (Funkadelic) and Colin Thurston (Duran Duran, Iggy Pop), this reissued version fires the trio into t...view item »

Lawrence Arabia
Absolute Truth

New Zealand’s Lawrence Arabia hopes to make a breakout with Absolute Truth, reaching for a wider international crowd than his current Kiwi / Oz fanbase. There is a rich detail to the sunny pop sound of this album, as though each musical surface was carefully thought about and polished to a sheen. Out on New Zealan...view item »

Pet Shop Boys
Say It To Me

The Pet Shop Boys have always been well-remixed, and Say It To Me, the latest release from their current Super album, is no exception. Real Lies, Tom Demac, Stuart Price and Offer Nissim all work their magic across both CD and 12” release...view item »
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Sam Coomes
Bugger Me

With his career seemingly continually funded by Domino Records despite not that large a percentage of the music listening public being all that interested, Quasi organ guy Sam Coombes unleashes his solo debut which as you might imagine sounds like a light hearted organ-based funfair ride. The big question is whe...view item »

Empire Of The Sun
Two Vines

Although the press release cheerfully discloses that their debut Walking on A Dream sold 1.5 million copies it fails to confirm sales of it's follow up Ice on the Dune. Something went very wrong between the two albums but there's hope yet for Empire of the Sun if they can just stay clear of being too cheesy. ...view item »

Can't Touch Us Now

Madness really like London don't they? Love the place. Can't stop talking about it. It's a shame their previous album 'Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da' was as much of a dud as its title as the earlier 'The Liberty of Norton Fulgate' was a superb late period piece. From the sound of lead single 'Mr Apples' the nutt...view item »

Few Bits
Big Sparks

Berlin band Few Bits move to [Pias] for their sophomore album of doped up and hazed out jangly, shoe-focused, indie pop. On songs like Anyone Else there’s a 90s teen flick nostalgia going on here, there’s angst but it’s all a bit soft focused, while Summer Sun sits back more and offers more dr...view item »


Cardinal are a duo made up of American singer/songwriter Eric Matthews and Australian Richard Davies (The Moles). Giving 60s orchestral pop a modern twist with lush harmonies and soft melodies. Originally released in 1994, this eponymous debut album was at odds with the noisier guitar bands that...view item »

The Anchoress
Confessions of a Romance Novelist

Confessions of a Romance Novelist is the popular debut album from The Anchoress, full of grand and ambitious pop music. This is the deluxe new edition of the album, released as 2 CDs or as 2 LPs, with both editions featuring 5 exclusive bonus acoustic tracks. The CD set also includes a handsome booklet. On Kscope....view item »

La Femme

French indie pop with many twists. With songs like Sphynx being (relatively) straight hitting synth pop and Où Va Le Monde delving into french folk pop indie, with flanger soaked guitar strums and a frolicking pace, to the near psychedelic Septembre. La Femme don’t really sit still, but wi...view item »

Depeche Mode
Black Celebration

Black Celebration is Depeche Mode's fifth album, and was originally released in 1986. It is regarded by many fans of the band as their zenith, and with good, disturbing cause: the dark sound that was nascent on Black Celebration's predecessors, Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward was...view item »

Depeche Mode

101 captures Depeche Mode at the very end of a colossally long 1989 tour (yep, 101 shows…) and at the peak of their powers. So that means an hour and a half of mega-hits played out to an adoring crowd, with bangers including ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ and ‘People Are People’ in the mix....view item »


Throws is the new sound of the musicians formerly known as Tunng, nigh on a decade since that project’s last album. The folkishness has mostly faded, and electronics are very much at the fore: this is almost synth-pop at times! Good to see that there is still plenty of interesting life in this resurrected ...view item »

The Slow Show
Dream Darling

Powerful, string backed, slow crescendo ballads of The National with deep and nearing on breaking baritone soft spoken vocals reminiscent of Lambchop. Big piano chords and warm trundling bass and drums, huge, yet subtle swelling orchestral pieces back the drama and intimacy of these songs for a little self refle...view item »

U.S. Girls
Go Grey

'Go Grey' is the second outing from hypnotic space face Megan Remy, a.k.a U.S Girls. Recently hailed as the new Eno by press folk and people who should know better, U.S Girls are a serious proposition in the new world of huantological, hypnogogic space rock and pop with 'Go Grey' sounding not unlike something beamed down from outer space. Merging t...view item »

D.D Dumbo
Utopia Defeated

D.D Dumbo is the solo alias of Oliver Perry out of Castlemaine, and this is the debut Dumbo full-length. Utopia Defeated sounds like a clever clogs songwriter such as Nik Kershaw performing at some kind of tropical party, with guitars that swing from ga...view item »

Jenny Hval
Blood Bitch

We here at Norman love Jenny Hval, so this new album is a happy occasion for us. Blood Bitch engages with black metal, 70’s horror films and menstruation, ending up in a typically fantastic experimental song-suite. Oh, and Norwegian noise heavyweight Lasse Marhaug is on production duties too! On S...view item »

Sam Evian

Premium is the debut album of Sam Evian, who makes classic-sounding soulful pop music through a shiny contemporary dream-electronic filter. It’s an effective (and affecting) approach! Personnel include Shahzad Ismaily, two members of Here We Go Magic and the saxophonist from the C...view item »

Tales of Us

It gives me hope as a man over 40 that Alison Goldfrapp is 47 and her musical partner Will Gregory is 53. There again he did play in Tears for Fears so he’s no spring chicken. Sadly though, all this googling them means that I need to inform Phil that Alison is now dating...view item »

Oh Well Goodbye

This is a vinyl debut from a Liverpool band who successfully mesh shoegaze guitars with some nice funky '80s style bass and the sort of naive songwriting that used to come from the pen of Bernard Sumner. Atmospheric guitar spangled, reverb drenched pop that will appeal to fans of DIIV, the Cure and New Order. ...view item »

Saint Etienne
Foxbase Alpha

Perfect synthesis of bric-a-brac pop and post-rave beat-making, featuring era touchstone ‘Only Love Can Break Your Heart’, a sublime take on the Neil Young track. Heavenly celebrated the 25th anniversary of Saint Etienne’s 1991 classic ‘Foxbase Alpha’ with an extensive set of reissu...view item »

Mapping The Rendezvous

The Courteeners are one of those bands while not famous nationally, have gathered an enormous following which allows them to play gigs in front of 30,000 people. Their previous album 'Concrete Love' did very well for them and there's no reason why the perky well crafted indie rock of this, their fifth album won't follow sui...view item »


Motorama create melancholic pop from their home studio in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. Dialogues is their fourth LP and has infectious melodies layered with pulsating synths and slouching vocals. There’s something naiive and fun about these homemade tracks, but they are ultimately very well crafted p...view item »

The Clock Comes Down The Stairs

The Clock Comes Down the Stairs was the second album by Cork based 80s pop gurus Microdisney and begins the move from the masterful indie pop they purveyed on Everything is Fantastic to the more sophisticated Steely Dan/Prefab Sprout soft pop they would work with on later albums. Like their other work it c...view item »

The Clang Group

Hey who says that old guys can't still rock? Clive Langer was famed for being in much enjoyed '70s group Deaf School as well as being Madness and Morrissey producer but woke up aged 60 and decided to form a band. The excellent art rock they produce could easily come from musicians half thei...view item »

Ultimate Painting

Ultimate Painting are a laid back duo of Jack Cooper and James Hoare who sound like if they have a plan it is to make a distinctly English version of the kind of fresh as a breeze guitar tunes the Velvet Underground blueprinted on their third album. Indeed this is the third record from our heroic duo and once again it has been r...view item »

The Prophet Hens
The Wonderful Shapes Of Back Door Keys

The Prophet Hens previous release 'Popular People do Popular People' has to be one of the most thrilling Antipodean releases of recent years perfectly updating that Chills sound with a heap of sparkling tunes. We are very excited then to hear this magnificently titled follow up which promises a marriage of C86 jangle, early...view item »

The Moles
Flashbacks and Dream Sequences : The Story of The Moles

Formed by singer/songwriter Richard Davies in Sydney, Australia at the end of the 1980s, The Moles released two EPs and one full-length album before relocating to New York to release two singles. The band then moved to London and broke up despite favourable reviews from the British music press. The band reformed...view item »

Gruff Rhys
Set Fire To The Stars

Good isn't he? This soundtrack to a film about Dylan Thomas's first week in the USA has a warm hopeful feel with the Super Furry Animals lad effortlessly blending cocktail jazz, Americana and Atomic Age bop using vintage instruments and live takes. Recorded at the same time but in very different circumstances to his last LP...view item »

Ian Sweet

Ian Sweet (which is a band by the way, not an individual man) release their full-length debut in the form of Shapeshifter. Brooklyn-based Jilian Medford drives the group with her self-inquisitive lyrics and unusual singing style, with the rest of the Sweet outfit weaving strange instrum...view item »

Alien Ensemble
Alien Ensemble 2

Micha Archer of The Notwist (along with drummer Andreas Harberl) set up Alien Ensemble to explore instrumental arrangement, to take it down a gear, and strip things back. Their second album is further stripped back with it sounding like a backing band to jazz pieces without the ...view item »

Blue House

Suppose is the debut album from London outfit Blue House, who play DIY guitar pop with wistful lyrics about relationships and loss over plenty of indie guitar jangle. They sound pretty fully formed given that it’s only been a year since the band was formed. Suppose is released in a limited edition of 500 ...view item »

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir
The Systems Are Failing

Well, Moby’s back, and he’s pissed. His new incarnation with The Void Pacific Choir removes the pianos and string sections, and the down beat pleasantness. It seems angry, almost Gary Numan inspired electro punk. Huge pounding kick drums, overdriven beds of synths and near shouted, a...view item »

Xeno & Oaklander

Fifth album of analogue-synthesised electro-pop songcraft from this Brooklyn duo. Xeno & Oaklander’s songs are stately and aloof in that classic distant-stare synth-pop way: this could easily be a lost find from a central European country in the late 80’s, though it was recorded in the Tom Tom Club...view item »

Two Door Cinema Club

Indie rock cannon fodder Two Door Cinema Club still exist, why not, and their new record Gameshow will appease fans of their clean, pop-oriented songwriting while introducing little ripples in the sound that characterised predecessor Beacon. Remixes and stuff if you go deluxe, otherwise just carr...view item »

The Notwist
Superheroes, Ghostvillains & Stuff

German indie weirdos The Notwist present their first ever live recording. Performing tracks mainly off of their albums Neon Golden, The Devil, You and Me, and Close To The Glass. Sounding somewhere between Efterklang’s off kilter pop, and Radiohead electronic exp...view item »

The Yearning
Evening Souvenirs

Prepare yourself to be whisked away by a wall of complete charm. 70s Burt Bacharach instrumentation and sorrowful glitz. Joe Moore’s compositions and productions take you back in time, through soft focus, and Maddie Dobie’s heartbreaking vocals underpin the nature of the tracks being...view item »

How To Dress Well

How to Dress Well's Tom Krell has done a good job of lurching from murky chillwave wannabe to clean and sophisticated boyband wannabe in the space of just three albums. This latest album has been mixed by Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, fun.) and has the download chart-ready hi-end production values ...view item »
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Flock of Dimes
If You See Me, Say Yes

We've already had A Flock Of Seagulls, now we have Flock of Dimes which is the very slick pop project of Wye Oake member Jenn Wasner. Wasner sings sweetly over a guitar pop/electronica hybrid with the occasional clever production to keep things interesting. Certainly aiming high, this has been m...view item »

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
I Had A Dream That You Were Mine

This titanic super-duo of indie pop feelings-havers contains one Walkmen frontman and one Vampire Weekend songwriter -- Hamilton Leithauser is the former and Rostam Batmanglij the latter. With Leithhauser's band dissolving as Batmanglij qu...view item »


The Danish king of erotic minimal techno is back with a sweet 2xLP. If you're anything like me, you've followed Trentemøller ever since you watched space-dog Laika take off for space in the videoclip for Moan. Now with Fixion, it’s time to get yourself another fix from one ...view item »

The Age Of Fracture

This is my first exposure to London party-synthpoppers Cymbals. They've been going for a while and I've got precious little time to write this review. What's going on on this album is some danceable synthpop with elements of Passion Pit, Pet Shop Boys and ...view item »


The French lords of electro-house circa 2007-9 are back after quite some years away. Woman has the classic feel of Justice’s much-loved earlier material, but they haven’t ignored what music has been getting up to in the intervening years. For one thin...view item »

A Corpse Wired For Sound

Noise pop pals Merchandise come back around for 'A Corpse Wired For Sound', ditching the cleaner, more accessible rocking rawk music of their last record for their more disguised and discarded sound. Expect enduring songs buried under a lot of rubble and a gentle nod towards hardcore. ...view item »

Heads Up

Warpaint decide to direct their audience literally by naming the first single from their new record "New Song". Cool: the band's slow, brooding rock ascent may or may not continue on their follow-up to 2014's self-titled effort (plus Lindberg's solo LP), but the opening single has a glitching electro-pop glare and sparkly s...view item »

Nils Bech

Leftfield pop music, that moves away from the city and into the wilderness. Teaming up with young Norwegian producer Drippin’ snaps Nils Bech into an upfront force. When he is known for his ethereal, rapturous avantgarde pop songs, Echo is not so much a departure from this, but a focus and succinc...view item »

Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul
16 Visions Of Ex-Futur

Ex-Futur was released in 2014, and so many artist from across the musical plains loved it that much that they have come together with covers in their owns styles. Including Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague), London’s Bullion, delicate electro-pop fr...view item »

Pet Shop Boys
The Pop Kids

First material from the forthcoming brand new Pet Shop Boys album Super: oh my! The Pop Kids is a classic slice of premium dancefloor synth-pop from the kings of the sound, and is backed by 2 extra tracks and 2 of Pet Shop Boys’ own remixes, a dubby one and a narratively-extended one. CD ...view item »

Pet Shop Boys

British pop stalwarts the Pet Shop Boys drop the latest single from their latest album, the sleek Twenty-something. It can’t be denied that Neil and Chris know how to make...view item »


Step in digital post-reality with IOKOI, who makes her debut with this album. Liquefy is electronic pop that slithers around what you expect to hear, deploying beautifully strange textures and production design. The vibe is Holly Herndon-inspired, approaching a state of post-humanity. Out on the -OUS la...view item »

Laura Gibson
Empire Builder

Empire Builder is the result of Laura Gibson’s presumably quite upsetting experience of having her apartment building literally explode shortly after uprooting her life from Portland to New York. Tricky times, but they seem to have led to something beautiful: on this record Laura’s beautiful...view item »

New Order
People On The High Line

Here we have  12” white vinyl of the Claptone remix with a download code for the full remix package or a CD with that full package on it, including mixes by Claptone, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Hybrid, Planet Funk and Richard X. Enough to sink your teeth into there. The 7" h...view item »

The Shaggs
Philosophy of The World

Lots of people hate on The Shaggs, but what the hell do people know? This was a band that played rock music without needed to know how to play rock music, fitting together scraps of sounds into a broken approximation of the familiar. Which is to say that The Shaggs are great! Philosophy Of The World is ...view item »

Still Corners
Dead Blue

Still Corners debut 'Creatures of an Hour' was a real favourite here at the towers. Follow up 'Strange Pleasures' went really slick so it will be interesting to see what they come up with this time. Now not on Sub Pop the band have regrouped and now unleash their latest batch of whispery synth blasted pop. ...view item »

Os Ovni
Let's Leave Reality

Os Ovni are an electro-pop duo from Florida. Let’s Leave Reality is their debut album. Psychedelic synthesizer experimentation with glistening harmonies -- speeding through space and time --portray a future world in which we’ll all be looking over our shoulders. Let’s Leave Reality is ava...view item »
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Something Cold

Here's a compilation called 'Something Cold' on a label called 'Something Cold'. It's becoming apparent on listening to the chilly platter in question that that something is a wave. A cold wave. I'm learning from the press release that Something Cold is a live showcase in Detroit set up in 2009 for "minimal synth, coldwave and industrial...view item »

Selector Dub Narcotic
This Party Is Just Getting Started

Calvin Johnson, the man with the lowest voice on the entire planet is back with more party jams courtesy of his slightly reworded Dub Narcotic brand.  This is a collaboration between Johnson and hip hop producer Smoke M2D6 and of course heavily features Johnson's trademark melodica puffing along with the dance pop gara...view item »


Yello, the Oh Yeah-producing synth-pop pioneers, are back with a thirteenth album, having been quiet for a whole nine years. Toy is as fun and groovy as the Swiss group’s classic stuff, with darkly deadpan vocals over bouncy synths. Double LP or CD editions on Universal. The cover is yello-wy which must b...view item »

Year Of The Rabbit (Redux)

Heart-warming, playful and delicate pop songs from Brooklyn based indie pop group. Formed of members from Bellows, Told Slant, and Florist. Sounding like Sea Oleena having a really good day on an indie film set, these 6 songs follow on from their full length release in 2015. Del...view item »

I've Seen You Drunk Gurl / Frankie Goes to North Hollywood

Chain Wallet
Chain Wallet

Chain Wallet have emerged from Norwegian city Bergen, but their use of synths and open-hearted indie pop energy mean that they could make a decent case for being Californians. This self-titled debut album of theirs has a dreamy evening-sun haze to it, sounding young and yearning and alive. Out on Jansen Plateproduksjon....view item »

The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night

Probably as I because I wasn't born at the time that The Beatles were making records, I tend prefer the albums from Rubber Soul onwards. "A Hard Days Night" does have flashes of their brilliance though and at least half of this album is brilliant. "If I Fell", "And I Love Her", "Anytime At All" and "Things We Said Today" are all great. The tracks I...view item »

The King Of Whys

Mike Kinsella has done a lot of time in the Chicago indie-etc. scene, in bands like Cap’n’Jazz, American Football and Joan of Arc. But his most personal music is made in his solo project Owen (no I don’t know the significance of the name). Much...view item »

Lung Dart

If you've been missing indie pop done by way of a James Blake and London Grammar hybrid -- whispers and high-strung romantics, placed over layers of ethereal gold dust and washy ambience -- then Lung Dart ask a pertinent question: "why don't yo...view item »

Depeche Mode
Some Great Reward

Some Great Reward was originally released in 1984. It was after its release that Depeche Mode started to gain a worldwide audience. The number of fans turning up to their gigs in the States increased noticeably and the album's biggest hit, People Are People was used by German TV as the theme song for their cove...view item »

Calico Review

Allah-Las dragged themselves off the beaches and palm-tree-lined boulevards of Los Angeles to record this third album of theirs. They did bring that warm, laid-back tone into the studio with them though: Calico Review feels like the kind of summer record you play as the evening starts to settle in. Out on Mexican Summer...view item »


The duo NAKED are new and young and vigorous, with a sound that drowns pop songs in wave upon wave of digital distortion and shreds of unidentified sound. They have a healthy disregard for the differences between melodic and noisy material. Debut album ZONE is a fiercely beautiful prospect, dwelling on modern isolation ...view item »
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High In Place

EZTV whet our whistles last year with their debut 'Calling Out' which updated the ace power pop of the likes of Shoes and Big Star for a young fresh generation of melody fans. Here, they've bought a new studio invited some friends like Jenny Lewis and Martin Courtney to help out...view item »

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