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Sea Pinks
Rockpool Blue

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Ingus Baušķenieks

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Distance, Light & Sky
Gold Coast

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Liela Moss
My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth

It’s been a busy couple of years for Liela Moss. After releasing two records in as many years with main group The Duke Spirit, Moss keeps her foot on the gas by dropping her debut solo LP. My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth is an LP of stirring, folkish and vaguely psychedelic songcraft that will appeal to fans of Jane Weaver and Melody’s Echo Chamber.


Planningtorock are planningtorelease a new LP for the first time since 2014. Powerhouse finds the Berlin-based artist back on DFA Records and turning in ten pieces of stormy queer-pop. Single ‘Transome’ is a winning combination of How To Dress Well-style r&b and dinky dancehall synths. One of the tracks was co-produced by Planningtorock’s close friend Olof Dreijer (The Knife).

The Smoking Trees
The Adventure Continues

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Eliza and the Bear
Group Therapy

A few years ago Eliza and the Bear seemed destined to be the next big thing. Things didn’t take off as their major label would have like so they were unceremoniously dropped. Their new album Group Therapy, was written during this upheaval and has served as the title suggests it would. Making it and writing about anxiety and depression has been a valuable cathartic exercise for them. LP and CD on Be-Known.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Dazzle Ships

It's a great time to be an Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark fan: forty years on from the group’s formation, four of their classic albums are getting reissues. 1983’s Dazzle Ships is a particular winner, as it veered dramatically away from chart-popping synth-pop and into some real tasty experimental territory: musique concrete and shortwave radio samples and the like. Unpopular at the time, but recognised as an underrated gem since then.

Reverse Family
My Songs About Life Mid Crisis

There's an air of flippancy about Reverse Family's latest full-length - My Songs About Life Mid Crisis; but actually, this is a well structured slab of funk-infused glam rock. Tracks such as 'Way It Goes' are driven by drunken guitar solos and lyrics that hardly appear sober, but the whole thing amounts to a very satisfying listen.
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Club Dread

Justin Majetich has previously released on Winspear Records (The Lemon Twigs, The Pills) as CARE, but this LP sees him adopt a new moniker. The Majetic sound certainly alludes to club music on Club Dread, but these tracks are neither dancefloor fodder or the deconstructionism of someone like Ziur. Rather, what we have here are intersections of Perfume Genius/How To Dress Well-style queer pop and the freighted maximalism you sometimes find bolting out of the LuckyMe stable.
  • Vinyl LP (WSP027LPC1)
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Part Time
Spell #6

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Captured Tracks CT10: Volume 1

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In Mirrors
Escape From Berlin

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The Only Ones

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Empress Of

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Superhuman Happiness

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Peter, Bjorn and John
Darker Days

Peter, Bjorn and John, who are a fully-fledged real band and not just a holding company for advertising royalties from ‘that’ song, present their eighth full-length album, Darker Days. The title is appropriate, as the three singer-songwriters each took on the theme of darkness when writing their respective material, lending their beautiful music a certain undercurrent. Released by Ingrid.

Now (in a minute)!

21-year old artist Evangeline Ling and long running singular producer David Wrench team together for the unlikely and hard-to-Google duo audiobooks. Now (in a Minute)! is their debut album, and consists of Ling’s short stories and dreamy vocals, set to Wrench’s strange beats and soundscapes.

Malka Spigel
Rosh Ballata

Malka Spigen! She was a member of Minimal Compact until they split up in 1988, but in 1993 she made something remarkable: the Rosh Ballata album. This is a set of music that is simultaneously happy-days nineties pop, experimental international trip-hop, and much more besides. Features contributions from Colin Newman and Anton Shammas. Reissued by Swim.

Cite Lumiere
Le Songe de Kepler

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Meggie Brown
10/ 6

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Just The Right Height
Let Forever Be Only You Tonight

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Still Corners
Creatures of an Hour

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The Apple Tree

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Benjamin Schoos feat. Dent May & Laetitia Sadier
All Night Every Night / Je Ne Vois Que Vous

Never too early to start fending off the winter blues, eh? Belgium’s Freaksville label boss and dashing crooner Benjamin Schoos’ new song ‘All Night Every Night’, where are found his first all-English lyrics, is packed with enough sappy sunshine to see you at least as far as Chrimbo. Dent May graces the title song with his presence while Laetitia Sadier features on the flip.

Kiran Leonard
Western Culture

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Proper Ornaments

One of them is in Ultimate Painting and Veronica Falls, another is in Toy and Pink Flames. Thus have we Foxhole, a record that abounds in sweet harmonies, clever songwriting and jangles galore that was put together between bouts of work with their other projects. Lead track ‘Memories’ is Lennon-pastiche par excellence. Vinyl and CD from perennially-good Tough Love (Let’s Wrestle, Cymbals Eat Guitars etc.).

Rock and Roll Part Three

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Say Lou Lou

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Apple Boutique
Love Resistance

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Keiron Phelan
Peace Signs

Kieron Phelan (of State River Widening, Smile Down Upon Us and Littlebow) recorded this cosy album with Brona McVittie, Oliver Cherer and numerous others with Ian Button and Giles Barrett at the mixing desk. Lyrical themes include wayward Japanese satellite Hitomi (charmingly personified as ‘Satellite Hitori’), Scandi-noir literature, Late Middle Ages poet Geoffrey Chaucer and hippies.
  • CD (GDNCD027)
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Sandro Perri
In Another Life

Sandro Perri's newest record sees the avant-folk musician bringing in new aesthetics previously explored in his electronic project Off World. Utilising gorgeous guitar meanderings alongside creaking, squelching, zapping synths, he offers a twenty-plus minute track made with the aim of sounding "infinite". Verse after verse after verse, it sounds newly pretty; the second side of the record sees Perri improvise lyrics over a serene musical ballad in "Everybody's Paris", which is then reinterpreted by Destroyer's Dan Bejar and the Deadly Snakes' André Ethier. A fascinating u-turn.

Django Django
Winter's Beach

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Neneh Cherry
Broken Politics

Neneh Cherry produced by Four Tet: what a contemporary dream team eh? Broken Politics is an album that engages with the dark nonsense-scape we live in, with Neneh’s lyrics and vocal delivery packing a smart punch. Broken Politics, which also features 3D from Massive Attack, is released by Smalltown Supersound.

Parallel Universe Blues

Parallel Universe Blues is the 6th album by Papercuts, AKA singer/songwriter Jason Quever. Quever recently relocated from San Francisco to Los Angeles and the album’s lyrics are informed by this upheaval. Despite a longer break between albums than usual, Quever’s excellent songwriting and atmospheric production that recall’s bands such as The Velvet Underground, Spiritualised and Jesus and Mary Chain are both firmly in place. White vinyl LP or CD on Slumberland.


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Lights On Moscow
Aorta Songs - Part 1

Lights on Moscow is a project with its routes in the cities of New York and Newcastle (nevertheless: Moscow!), formed by a member of Lanterns On The Lake and a member of Editors and Minor Victories. Aorta Songs - Part 1 is their four track EP, made up of material that the pair have been brewing on for just the right amount of time. On Physical Education Recordings.


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Carla dal Forno
Top Of The Pops

Originally released this Spring, here is a further pressing of Carla Dal Forno's album of covers entitled Top of the Pops. I'm not sure if Liliput were ever on Top of the Pops but they are here alongside the Fates, Renee and the B52s (who have definitely been on Top of the Pops.  Six interpretations showcasing Dal Forno's minimalist post punk stylings.  


Scandinavia has long been a rich source of inventive, soul-scouring, corrosively dark yet complex pop; here's Farao with her sophomore LP 'Pure-O' to continue the tradition. The new record is themed around those old cousins beauty and destructiveness and plays out their course throughout our human relationships. Farao uses a tactile and organic palette to bridge the gap between humanity and the inorganic. This is going to be emotional, I can sense it. Coming at you soon via Western Vinyl.

El Deux + Martin Kraft
Nur Fur Madchen

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Novo Amor

Welsh singer-songwriter Ali Meredith-Lacey aka Novo Amor came up in the post-’Skinny Love’ boom of the early 2010s. While his voice has plenty of the Bon Iver’s about it, his music has maintained an earthier feeling than the Kid A-ish tangents that Justin Vernon has gone off on recently. His latest record Birthplace anchors spare vocals in a pretty contemporary folk style that also has a little Sigur Ros about it. Ali’s clearly quite the environmentalist - these LPs are made from recycled vinyl, and the video for the eponymous first single depicts a diver floating through a devastated ocean reef. Can’t knock him for trying. Out via AllPoints (James Vincent McMorrow, Ciaran Lavery).

Spirit Fest

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Forever Neverland

Forever Neverland is the second album by MØ, it comes four years after her debut, No Mythologies To Follow. The Danish singer, who is 30 - a fact that the press release deems important, has collaborated with several artists on the album to aid her pop/indie/electronic ways. These include American DJ and producer, Diplo and singer Charli XCX. LP and CD on Chess Club.
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The Beatles
The Beatles

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How To Dress Well
The Anteroom

We all can laugh now at how much I hated the last How to Dress Well album but maybe Tom Krell hated it too as he's followed it up with one long piece of psychedelic music that taps into the long forgotten experimental core of his band. This could be the best or worst thing you hear all year but at least he's left that boyband stuff back in 2016.    

My Baby
MOUNAIKI ~ By the Bright of Night

My Baby are a band from New Zealand and also from Holland, and they are presently releasing their fourth album., which is a kind of concept album with a full narrative about a character named Mounaiki. The story gives the band an excuse to dabble in 20’s, 30’s and 40’s genres, on top of their usual funk-folk, psych-blues sound-brew. Out on Prehistoric Rhythm Records.


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Calvin Johnson
A Wonderful Beast

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The Housemartins
London 0 Hull 4

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Sarah Nixey
Night Walks

Nighthawk and vocalist for Black Box Recorder Sarah Nixey’s third album is finally here. Night Walks caters right to those of us who need that sophisticated pop sound, loaded with electronics and very catchy. Nixey's voice covers the entire range from a suave whisper to ecstatic soprano high notes. 

Beach House

Beach House get to the stage in their career where they name the album after how many records they have released. So 7 is their 7th record and shows a bit of a creative rebirth for a band who never seem to stop. They had a more fluid way of working with this one which has taken them into new areas particularly as they were helped along the way by Pete Kember (Sonic Boom).  

Connan Mockasin

God help us all, he's back. Popular hedonist Connan Mockasin has probably been sleeping in his pillow fort for the last couple of years but he returns with more ineffable R&B tinged indie rock. Jassbusters is his third record and is apparently the prologue to a five-part film he's making, esoterically soundtracking this thing we don't yet know about. If you like Connan, you're probably fine without the context.  

Jerry Paper
Like A Baby

Of course it's not his real name. Jerry Paper is the alter ego of LA based songwriter and multi instrumentalist Lucas Nathan. This is his first record for Stones Trow following on from previous records on smaller imprints. It's lo-fi soul pop was co-produced by Matty Tavares (BadBadNotGood) and guest stars Weyes Blood and Alex Brettin (Mild High Club). 

Miss World
Keeping Up With Miss World

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A further addition to the 'call your band literally anything' brigade is this hot young group from Australia who have since moved to ...oooh...let's guess....Berlin! They've already had a staggering 90 million streams across various platforms which I'm sure means something to someone out there. Be interesting to see how these Daft Punk collaborating disco pop lot get on in the real world.  


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Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Out Of Touch

Fed up with today’s boring dystopia of perpetual connectivity and online networking? So is Helsinki tram driver-turned-cheerful-songwriter Jaakko Eino Kalevi. On new album Out of Touch, where vintage-sounding Finnish synthpop meets more modern influences, he embraces the joys of simply logging off for a while - among other things.

Los Campesinos
We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

Ah, Los Campesinos!. Early birds of the 2000s NME heartbreak-tweecore indie scene, their success with university freshers up and down the country was all but sealed. 2008’s We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, albeit a subradar piece knocked out half a year after the previous album, contained many a fan hit of its own, especially the title track.


Barrie are one of those cool bands from Brooklyn. Singles collects - surprise, surprise - their three singles to date. ‘Canyons’, ‘Tal Uno’ and ‘Michigan’ are all dreamy synth-pop tunes that come with a little of the halcyon r&b flavour of Blood Orange. There’s some Chvrches to ‘Tal Uno’, too. Singles is ballasted by two remixes - one by Brother Michael, one by Shura & FaltyDL.
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Talking Drums

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Marie Davidson
Working Class Woman

If you've yet to experience Marie Davidson's music as a solo artist then it's possible you may have encountered her on the Constellation label as a member of Essaie Pas, Land Of Kush or Les Momies de Palerme (amongst others). 'Working Class Woman', her fourth solo full-length, arrives on Ninja Tune and is the Montreal-based artist's most introspective and visceral work to date. Her sound absorbs influences from Italo Disco, proto-industrial, minimal synth and electro which she moulds into her own distinctive vision.

Arc Iris
Icon of Ego

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Soccer Mommy
Henry / I'm On Fire

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Anna Meredith

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Molly Burch
First Flower

This is the second album from Molly Burch following the success of her Please Be Mine album with its smoky jazz inflected vocals which led her to tour with Grizzly Bear, Courtney Barnett and others. Now with man friend in tow she returns to the scene with an album in which she delivers her most intimate thoughts, carefully composed with a seething anger just below the surface.   

Many Nights

Motorama surely have to be Russia’s finest indie-pop outfit, playing their dreamy wares to everybody across Russia and beyond. Many Nights, their fifth album, is light and punchy, bouncing along with a simple but infectious liveliness, good grooves, and that addictive jangle. Released by the Taitres label.

Saâda Bonaire
Saada Bonaire

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France Gall

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Mandala Brush

Spain return to Glitterhouse Records with their seventh studio LP. Josh Haden wanted to capture the energy of the band’s concerts on Mandala Brush. As such, all songs were recorded live and without a click track. This results in a nice ebb and flow to the brooding Americana-noir of tracks like ‘Maya In The Summer’.
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Erika Spring

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The Space Lady
On The Street Of Dreams

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Ava Luna
Moon 2

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La Luz / Scully
LAMC # 16

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The Blue Hour

Well. They are back. David Bowie might be dead but Suede are still alive right? So everything is ok. This one follows on fairly swiftly from their successful 'comeback' LP 'Night Thoughts' and shares the line up with their classic 'Coming Up' record. Expect a lot of wrought songs about being outsiders in suburbia and wandering around the city feeling a bit isolated. 

Christine and The Queens

Héloïse Letissier is back with a new album as Christine and The Queens! The French singer-songwriter now gives us 'Chris' as the follow-up album to 2014's 'Chaleur Humaine' which took France by storm and sold shedloads (millions, actually) just about everywhere else; including here at your humble Norman, in an expanded UK version in 2016. As before, the record is available in both French and English versions. It looks like Héloïse is fast becoming an icon of our times. Available an English double LP, a French 2x LP, a double CD and a super huge boxset of all the versions and a poster! On Because Music.

Amber Arcades
European Heartbreak

Dutch native Annelotte de Graaf (aka Amber Arcades) is a bastion of dreamy psych-pop, her sweet vocals floating peacefully over '60s-inspired twanging guitars, driving beats and jazzy horns ('Simple Song'). It's as contemplative as it is exciting, with light-footed synths peppering a deeply cinematic record. 

How We Made It

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The Fratellis
Costello Music

Costello Music was the debut album from Scottish indie rock sensations the Fratellis. It was an immediate critical and commercial smash taking the lad-rock blueprint of the likes of the Libertines and Arctic Monkeys and making a fresh and likeable batch of punk-pop ditties suitable for air punching at the summer festivals. 

Young Romance

The album: Young Romance The artist: Roosevelt The song titles: things like ‘Take Me Back’, ‘Under The Sky’ and ‘Yr Love’ The guest list: Washed Out We’re spelling all this out for you, dear Norman Records™ customer, in terms designed for maximum recognition. We want you to memorise all of this, and we want you to do it quickly. Because there’ll come a time in the very near future where there will be no escape from the songs of this record. They will be on adverts. They will be on the radio. They will be referenced by Paddy McGuinness in his intros on Take Me Out. There’s absolutely no way that these tunes, almost Blairite in their populist ambition, will not be the soundtracks to our New England. And all this by an artist from the Rhineland.

The Black Queen
Infinite Games

The Black Queen is ex-Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato, along with Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv / Second Woman) and Steven Alexander (who have both worked with Nine Inch Nails). They create synth-spiked industrial music. 'Infinite Games' is their second album following on from 'Fever Daydream' which was also released on the band's own label.

Das Body
Das Body

Luminelle Recordings did good earlier this year when they released an excellent bedroom pop record from Helena Deland. This, the eponymous debut EP from Das Body (great name), is also pretty decent. The four tracks here are politely funky synth-pop with a bit of a Christine & The Queens thing going on. Numbers like 'Boys' also sound a little like that surprisingly good Paramore album which came out recently.
  • Vinyl 12" (LUM004LP)
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Goosebumps – 25 Years Of Marina Records

Who knew it was 25 years since Marina Records started releasing indie pop. Well it is. And to celebrate they've unleashed this 3LP or 2CD set of all their most important bits so you can celebrate in style. Contains tracks from the past present and future such as Shack, the Pale Fountains, the Pearlfishers, Paul Haig and many many more. 

School Damage
A To X

Pop music as made by Melbourne young guns doing it on their own, with a sparky, punky, jumpy guitar band vibe. School Damage have the tight drums, bright organ leads and anti-virtuoso vocals that really make this kind of music shine, and their second album A To X contains fifteen tracks of that goodness! Lovely stuff.

Bad Sav
Bad Sav

Featuring half the line-up of Death and the Maiden, and borrowing a drummer from Shifting Sands, Bad Sav is a noisy, shoegazy affair. The New Zealand trio has opened up a can of Whirr, added a pinch of Pity Sex, and sauced up a sweet self-titled debut of noise. LIYL Swervedriver, Kindling, or gherkins.

Tony Molina
Kill The Lights

I just can't believe they are marketing this as an album. It's over by the time you've blown your nose but on the plus side the music is absolutely brilliant. Tony Molina writes perfect mini-jangle pop things that sound like a pint-sized Teenage Fanclub or the Byrds. Opener “Nothing I Can Say” is so good but I'd be happy if it was three times it's length. I suppose that's what the repeat button is for. 

The Housemartins
The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death

It's quite silly to forget about the Housemartins when we recall great '80s indie bands. They were enormously popular at the time outselling all the people who have ended up more lauded. They were kind of like an 80s indie the Monkees. Catchy songs, fun personas but as with everything Paul Heaton has been involved in there were serious messages behind all the seemingly lighter than air pop fun. This is their second and final album from 1987.    

Piano & A Microphone 1983

Prince presented himself to the world with consummate showmanship and an enigmatic persona that made his fans want to know even more about him. Piano & A Microphone gives fans a insight into his inspiration and songwriting process. Taken from a home-recorded cassette in dating from 1983, this album features Prince playing early versions of classics such as Purple Rain and Strange Relationship, along with a cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘A Case Of You’. Available as an LP and CD package presented in a hardback book, vinyl LP and CD on Warner Bros.


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Mull Historical Society

Mull Historical Society is actually a man, named Colin MacIntyre, hiding within a fantasy organisation all the better to wow us with his songwriting (Colin is also an author and playwright) and his music, which in this case is produced by none other than Bernard Butler. Wakelines, MacIntyre’s eighth album, is released by Xtra Mile.

The Art of Pretending to Swim

The return of ol' wobble voice, Conor O' Brien has sat and made this latest Villagers record all by himself in his Dublin studio. Despite this lonesome pursuit, it's an album that adds all kinds of sonic detail and soulfulness to his songwriting resulting in possibly his most accessible music to date. There's an indie's only red vinyl version that comes with a bonus 10" (whilst stocks last of course).  

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