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Tristesse Contemporaine
Stop and Start

Tristesse Contemporaine are a Japanese / Swedish / Anglo-Jamaican trio based in Paris, where they generate indie-style electro-pop. Stop And Start is their third full-length album, and it pulses onwards and upwards with behind-the-shades swagger and cool pop catchiness. Released on CD and LP with an artsy photographic c...view item »
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Le Ton Mite
Passe Compose Futur Conditionnel

Le Ton Mité is a hard-to-pin-down collective with one McCloud Zicmuse sitting at the centre (other participants include members of Deerhoof and A Hawk And A Hacksaw). Passe Compose Futur Conditionnel packs an impressive 50 songs into 67 minutes, covering a wide s...view item »

The xx
I See You

Are you ready to weep? Here come sad Londoners the XX with a brand new album and following on from Jamie's solo success it sounds like they've brought some upbeat dance floor energy into their misery. Hall and Oates sampling lead single 'On Hold' shows them sounding relatively upbeat.  Comes on all sorts of different format...view item »

Brent Cash
The New High

Brent Cash is a pop mastermind like they used to make ‘em, building songs with an almost symphonic level of lush detail. He even plays all the instruments himself (apart from the strings)! As you can imagine, all that takes time, so The New High is his first album in fi...view item »

Allison Crutchfield
Tourist in This Town

Swearin’s Allison Crutchfield returns with a solo debut full-length in tow. “Tourist in This Town” re-introduces Crutchfield with a more complete realisation of her skill in songwriting, arranging and instrumentation. Bringing synths into the mix, the album was recorded with Jeff Zeigler and shows off its sheen...view item »

Infrared (Deluxe)

This is the deluxe edition of the 'Infrared' EP by this soul star favoured by some of the younger people in the office. Here she collaborates with some like-minded folk (Kingdom, Prince Will) on some smooth auto-tune friendly R&B and to make things even more exciting this time they've added a bunch of remixes too. ...view item »

Bat For Lashes
If I Knew / In Your Bed

Two new tracks from Bat For Lashes most recent album The Bride, released as a double A-side 7” single. If I Knew is a tenderly dramatic piano ballad, while In Your Bed broadens the instrumentation somewhat for an intimate song of longing. Natasha Khan has a lot of charisma in her...view item »

Sacred Paws
Strike A Match

Sacred Paws, the new band name of members of former noise pop group, Golden Grrls, is a pairing of Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers. “Strike a Match”, the pair’s debut as Sacred Paws, will be released through Glasgow’s Rock Action Records. If you are a fan or Sleater Kinney or The Raincoats you are sure to like this co...view item »


Chastity is the project of Brandon Williams, broadcasting from a Canadian suburb that is apparently positioned so that Toronto is tantalisingly out of reach. The frustration of youth is a key theme on Peroxide, a song as heavy with emotional drama as it is with reverb, piano and big-chorus drums. 7&rdqu...view item »

David Bowie
A Reality Tour - Live

A Reality Tour - Live is both a live album and a greatest hits from the star king of our hearts, David Bowie. The setlists for this, his final tour, span the range of that enviable career, so you get fresh spins on all your favourites. And the presentation for this first-time-on-vinyl edition is grand: 3 translucent blu...view item »

Rose Elinor Dougall

Stellular is the second solo album by ex-Pippette, Rose Elinor Dougall. It’s her first album in nearly 7 years, following on from 2010’s Without Why. Dougall describes the album as being more confident than her previous work. It’s a thoroughly modern album with some classic songwriting soundtr...view item »

Little By Little

Australian duo Sodastream return to recorded music for the first time in a full decade. Little By Little is a record in the band’s classic guitar-pop tradition, full of songs that have lovely details squeezed into every corner: intimate and epic at the same time. CD and LP editions on their own Sodastream Music im...view item »

St. Francis Hotel
Stay As You Are / You'd Gotta Be Alive

St. Francis Hotel are no different to many production duos in that they are an enigmatic pair, preferring to stay out of the limelight and let their music do the talking. Where they do differ, perhaps, was noted on their debut single Mondello - a fresh slice of soulful and melodic retro pop. Now their latest 7” of...view item »


Cancer is Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild and Kristian Finne Kristensen, of When Saints Go Machine and Chorus Grant respectively. Totem is the first public release of their work together, exploring human relationships, especially through the prism of darker mome...view item »

Silver Eye

Seemingly content to veer between dark electro-pop and dark cinematic folk it looks like Goldfrapp have swayed back towards the electronic side of things with this their 7th album. Looks like they've gone for a star studded cast this time round with St Vincent, John Grant, Wild Beasts...view item »

London O’Connor

London O’Connor gives his debut album O∆ a ‘proper’ CD and vinyl release, after it was initially issued only on Soundcloud. London moves freely between different genres: all we can pin him down on are his themes, ...view item »

Fantezi Muzik

Trailblazers in their native Turkey for embracing safer-space politics and writing songs that foreground the struggle for transgender rights (‘Lubunya’, the 7th track on Fantezi Muzik), Jakuzi work righteous ideas into their woozy brand of synth-punk. There are shades of Brian Ferry and Berl...view item »

Jamie T
Power Over Men

Jamie T is back in business with a new album, Trick. This single taken from the album makes a nice strong statement with it’s BDSM sleeve art and vibe of female Power Over Men, with the track working the usual Jamie T rock-songwriter vibes. Pressed to ball-gag-yellow 7” vinyl in lim...view item »


Literally the most hated band by my late friend Archie, Foxygen would have incurred his wrath further by unleashing an album they are calling 'big band' music. The fact that they have enlisted those awful brothers the Lemon Twigs into their line up tells you all you need to know. Lead single 'Follow the Lea...view item »

Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr have announced Apocalipstick, their new album, set for release on 20th January 2017. Recorded at Hollywood’s nominal Sunset Sound studio with celebrated producers Joe Chicarrelli (The White Stripes, The Strokes, My Morning Jacket) and Carlos De La Garza (Paramore, Bleached, M83), this is the band’s debut album for Secr...view item »

Luxury Death

One half of them used to be in Nai Harvest but now they do this sort of Stevie Nicks-type thing called Luxury Death. ‘Glue’ is a very good synth-pop song - the verse ticks along pleasingly, with Ben Thompson (the Nai Harvest one) and Meg Williams sharing vocal duties. However, the wa...view item »

Don't Stop / Water Flow

Klyne are a Dutch group making electro-pop that manages to be proper pop (e.g. you could play it on the radio and use it on stylish adverts) as well as proper electro (e.g. the synths bite just right). Their Don’t Stop / Water Flow EP contains four tracks of this, and i...view item »
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Future Politics

Austra’s third album Future Politics arrives just at the right time. It has the ambitious mission of making sense of the current state of the world. Future Politics is filled with crystalline anthems, inspired by group leader Katie Stelmanis’ time living in Montreal and Mexico City, that have enough...view item »

The Stray Trolleys
Barricades and Angels

If, like me, you've fallen in love with the music of Martin Newell via the various the Cleaners from Venus and the Brotherhood of Lizards re-issues on Captured Tracks then here's another one to add to the list. This delves further back in time to the late '70s and Newell's rickety new wave outfit the Stray Troll...view item »

Three EPs, 2012-2014

Do you remember what you were like in 2012? I had a crazy mustache (it was good, trust me (I’m serious)), long hair and a crazy girlfriend. It’s good to remember times gone by, even if you’re glad they’re over. That’s what Dinner thought while recording his debut album. Here are his three EPs from t...view item »
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The Flaming Lips
Oczy Mlody

Fewer band's have remained so deliciously weird and consistently influential in the universe of alternative rock than The Flaming Lips. Led by the eerie and pounding The Castle, Oczy Mlody becomes the latest addition to a bulging catalogue - which continues to reinvent and surprise o...view item »

The Drifters

Sleek synth-pop from French duo Zooey, making their debut with The Drifters. The album is a cool thing, sometimes giving off 60’s loungey vibes and sometimes indulging in library music textures. The Drifters also includes a reworking of a Bill Callahan number (‘The Country Song&rsqu...view item »

Bic Runga
Close Your Eyes

New Zealand pop royalty Bic Runga releases a new record consisting of two original tracks and ten covers. The singer-songwriter interprets works from the likes of The Beach Boys, Kanye West and The Meters to Nick Drake, Neil Young and more, putting a psychedelic pop twist on her favourite music for her first full-length album in...view item »


If you've never heard his songs 'Artifice' and 'Lessons', I'd highly recommend them. SOHN has only officially been around for a couple of years but as soon as he hit the ground he proved himself as both a talented songwriter and a very clever electronic musician, mixing the two gifts into one rather addictive package. ...view item »


Emotional is the new duo of Sian Dorrer and Adam Parkinson, who between them have played in outfits including The Bomber Jackets, Dane Law, Ravioli Me Away and plenty more. Electronic pop of all stripes is what floats Emotional’s boat, wit...view item »

The Pace Of The Passing

Toothless is the new project of Ed Nash, who you’ll surely know from his time in recently-dissolved indie group Bombay Bicycle Club. New debut album The Pace Of The Passing is a punchy set of indie-pop that also features Marika Hackman and Tom Fleming...view item »


Aquilo are an outfit who have become very good at producing the kind of dramatically-wrought neoclassical piano and cinematic vocal music that gets featured in major movies and TV shows (as indeed Aquino’s music has been). Silhouettes...view item »

Late Night Tales presents AFTER DARK: Nightshift

Here comes musical connoisseur, Bill Brewster with his second ‘After Dark’ compilation. He's been digging at those crates again findingall kinds of obscure oddities and secret recordings and a healthy dose of classic oldies.   s unmixed tracks via download code as mp3/wav.  ...view item »

Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu has finally returned from their stint at the Black Lodge, but perhaps they have taken some madness with them. After recording and touring with the popular Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, they are now returning with FORGET, packed with eccentric electro-pop, overdriven vocals and utterly danceable rh...view item »

Ten Fé
Hit The Light

Sounding like Bruce Springsteen overdubbed an M83 record, Ten Fé are ridiculously appealing. Once you hear the first synthesized notes on single Overflow, you can picture yourself riding across the American deserts in an 80s convertible - but also somehow in the future....view item »


Youngsters these days just keep cranking out brilliant band-names. Cairobi’s self-titled debut album is released in a tragically inappropriate season, as is evident by the very first chords of their single Lupo - this is summertime music. Fuzzy guitars, fuzzy bass in fact, hazy vocals, and dreamy drums, this is th...view item »

Giant Rooks
New Estate

Giant Rooks are a German band from the small (but pleasingly named) town of Hamm, but they have big ambitions and a big sound. The New Estate EP really soars in places, pushing towards indie-rock / alt-pop anthem territory. Catchy tunes and tight production can take you a long way. Six track EP, released on CD and vinyl...view item »

Carson Cox, Sam York & Austin Brown
Fire Dance

Carson Cox (Merchandise), Sam York (Wall) and Austin Brown (Parquet Courts) join forces for a proper weird little punk and electroclash oddity. Fire Dance, on vinyl 7” from Wharf Cat Records, channels art-disco and electro but amplifies everything until it...view item »


Before she morphed into Stacey Q of ‘Two of Hearts’ fame, the singer was working with the musicians who would come to form her backing band as SSQ. So essentially this is the first Stacey Q record, reissued here on wax with bonus tracks and in an array of colours. It’s a bunch of chirpy, punchy synth-pop dittie...view item »

Wild Beasts
Boy King

Sporting a sleek new logo and a slick new sound, Kendal's biggest ever export (bar the mint cake) are back with their increasingly commercially-aimed sound that might give the Hot Chip's and the Metronomy's a run for their money. Where they once sang "The messed bottom bunked bed of the dead, this fouled fal...view item »

Dim Peaks
Time of Joy

It’s a strange contrast going from reviewing the mind-bending new Oneohtrix Point Never offering to this thoroughly pleasant bit of twinkly Americana-pop by Dim Peaks. It’s all gently plucked guitars and tasteful shuffling arrangements strongly reminiscent of The ...view item »

Young Hunting (L.A)

Harmony laden and incredibly laid back, meticulous, measured, sweet and woozy. The good thing about “Hazel” by Young Hunting is that there’s not much else like this around at the moment, Young Hunting stand alone. “Into Yr Mind” is beautifully executed, like all the songs on here, and is reminiscent of ...view item »

Alan Vega Martin Rev

The follow-up to Suicide's 1977's legendary eponymous trail blazer. 'Alan Vega Martin Rev' (named after the two members of Suicide, in case that isn't obvious) was originally released in 1980 and produced by Cars frontman Ric Ocasek. A lighter and fluffier animal than its predecessor, but still bearing a healthy kick of venom. Reissued on vinyl....view item »

Babes Never Die

Glasgow’s Honeyblood return with their second album Babes Never Die. The band, now a duo following the departure of drummer Donna McVicar, seem reinvigorated following their line-up change. Their sound has been intensified with chunky riffage and punchy rhythms whilst they’ve retained their catchy melodies....view item »

Le Matos
No Tomorrow feat. PAWWS

Are you a fan of the new film Turbo Kid, trying desperately to find that compelling synth-pop tune that caught your ear during the film? Well look no further: that track is No Tomorrow by Le Matos with vocals from ...view item »

Nadine Khouri
The Salted Air

Nadine Khouri recorded her debut album with noted PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish, and it isn’t hard to spot a little of PJ in The Salted Air’s languid atmospheres and soft power. But Khouri’s Lebanese side brings further delicious ...view item »

Laurie Shaw
Felted Fruit

Amalgamating vintage sounds with a contemporary slant, not unlike Cate Le Bon, Laurie Shaw’s music emanates the gentle ebb and flow of soft vocals and warm fuzz. The 30 tracks on this double album are certain to make their impression on you, like crashing waves carve out the rocks of the shaw. One can’t help but feel this album&rsquo...view item »

She & Him
A Very She & Him Christmas

Christmas comes but most of the year. Here it is already like a train hurtling towards you down a darkened tunnel - tinsel, baubles, photocopier 'incidents' at work. And of course the record industry responds as it has done for the last few years not with gems from chart toppers like Wham...view item »

Heart Beach
Kiss Your Face

Tasmanian indie-pop trio Heart Beach follow up their 2015 self-titled debut album with “Kiss Your Face” on Sydney’s Spunk Records. Lead single “Brittle” channels the downcast melodies, waning vocals and bittersweet grooves that form the group’s ten-track LP. Record comes with a handy download ...view item »

Shining Bird
Black Opal

Shining Bird have been dreaming up Australian-tinged dream pop in Australia for several years now, and now have a second full length to share with the world. Black Opal is a big-sounding record that harks back to some of the more epic moments of 80’s pop: listen out for the gated-reverb drums! Released by the Spun...view item »


Following her EP on Fade To Mind, D∆WN returns to Local Action with a new album in tow, completing the trilogy after GoldenHeart and Blackheart. Redemption’s lead single “Renegades” sees her “Not Above That” producer Machinedrum return to collaborate on more exuberant electronic-R&B where...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
Back Again In The DHSS (+ Trumpton Riots)

North Sea Radio Orchestra

Joyful whimsy and mild dischord from North Sea Radio Orchestra on Dronne, their fourth album after a four year break where guitarist Craig Fortnam has been beavering away on his solo projects. Lots of influences come through, including Cardiacs, early Kraftwerk and Britten to make a wholly English sound. Limited...view item »

CC Dust
CC Dust

CC Dust make good old-fashioned synth-pop, driven by the cold-hearted relentless pulse of a vintage drum machine (the way it should be!). Maryjane Dunphe’s background in punk lends her vocals a strong edge, and musical partner David Jacques has a knack with the low-end grooves. Edition of ...view item »

Sundara Karma
Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect

You must have some lovely karma, to encounter such a gift on your life's travels. Some might argue that Youth Is Only Fun in Retrospect, but listening to Sundara Karma’s energetic and youthful debut album is already fun while you’re doing it. Just be ready to be bob your head and hum catch...view item »

La Casa Azul
Tan Simple Como El Amor

The joyful sound of La Casa Azul, back on vinyl thanks to Elefant Records 25th anniversary. This Spanish project embodies the sound of old-school disco and retro pop, convincingly pulling the listener back into their memories. Tan Simple Como El Amor, their 2003 album, is now reissued in a limited edition of 1000 LPs....view item »

La Casa Azul
La Revolucion Sexual

The joyful sound of La Casa Azul, back on vinyl thanks to Elefant Records 25th anniversary. This Spanish project fully embodies the sound of old-school disco-pop, convincingly pulling the listener onto an imaginary 1979 dancefloor. 2007’s La Revolucion Sexual contains classic covers like ‘Love Is In The Air&...view item »

Papernut Cambridge
Nutsplainin’ / Green Chaud

This single contains instrumental versions of Nutsplainin’ and Green Chaud, two tracks from Papernut Cambridge’s recent album Love The Things Your Lover Loves. The 7” comes in either a green or yellow sleeve, allocated randomly: there’s just no way of knowing which you’ll ...view item »

Raf Rundell
The Adventures of Selfie Boy Pt. 1

Raf Rundell is a DJ and one of the wonderful Two Bears (with Joe Goddard), so he has no shortage of experience in the field of enabling happy times with house music. New solo recording The Adventures of Selfie Boy Pt.1 is, frankly, a big load of fun that will put grooves in your legs an...view item »

Leave Me Alone

Hinds are an all-girl indie four-piece with a DIY aesthetic. Their reverb-heavy guitars and call-and-response vocals are inspired by the ‘60s sun-kissed music of Californian beaches but also recall more modern bands such as Bleached, Best Coast and Dum Dum Girls. Their deb...view item »

Summer Moon
With You Tonight / Walk Out Music

Headed up by The Strokes bassist Nikolai Fraiture and features members from Jane’s Addiction, Au Revoir Simone, Uh Huh Her, and The Like. With You Tonight is upbeat and refreshingly groovy. Delayed and effected guitar licks with a...view item »

Allo Darlin'
Allo Darlin'

Allo Darlin' is ex pat Aussie Elizabeth Morris and various cohorts who conspire to produce honest-to-goodness rattly twee guitar pop & atmospheric indie that succeeds on many levels. After the daft smasheroonie 'Henry Rollins Don't Dance', I wasn't expecting such a well rounded album from these peeps, more a shambling whimsical novelty hit '...view item »

Once & Future Band
Once & Future Band

Once & Future Band are a full-on throwback to the rich flavours of the great orchestral-prog-pop of the 1970’s. This self-titled debut of theirs sounds like a mash-up of all the nicest bits from all those bands, but performed with such love and skill that it all sounds new and fun. Nobody does this kind of music anymor...view item »

Let's Pretend We're Married

When Prince makes the proposition Let's Pretend We’re Married to you, you know you are in for a hell of an evening. Especially if you take a look at the sleeve art too… This was one of the singles from the smash album 1999, and comes backed with the original B-side ‘Irresistable Bitch’....view item »

Dro Carey
Queensberry Rules feat. KUČKA

Returning after a mini hiatus from his relentlessly great release schedule, Dro Carey is back on vinyl 12” from Soothsayer. Queensbury Rules sees the house-not-house producer joined by KUČKA on vocals, and he just about manages to keep his experimental ideas in check...view item »
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Maggie 8 are certainly a perky bunch. First thing you need to know is that they pretty much invented their own genre with their (h)indie-folk crossover which they have spent time over numerous years tweaking. Second thing fact fans is that they contain a former Hood in boyish guitarist Mark Wright. This...view item »


The ongoing musical concern that is Maggie8 finally drop a debut full-length LP after shaping their east meets west indie pop sound over a number of EP’s, most notably ‘Charming Lady’ for Dance to the Radio and the self released ‘Merry Christmas One And All’.  ...view item »

Featuring "Birds"

Featuring “Birds” was the second studio album by Portland, Oregon duo Quasi. They were made up of organist and vocalist Sam Coomes who played in Heatmiser  and has since gone on to a solo career, and drummer Janet Weiss also of Slater-Kinney,&nb...view item »

Valley Hush
Valley Hush

Valley Hush would describe their music as ‘experimental pop’, a nice little genre pocket to sit in. Their songs are indeed songs, and catchy ones at that, but the duo make things happen with their productions that you might not expect to hear in your pop. Valley Hush is their debut full-length album, and is ...view item »

Teen Suicide
Bonus EP

Bonus is an extended collection of songs originally only available on Teen Suicide’s dropbox account. Hand picked, the six track EP contains a truly mind-opening medley of psych, pop and indie influenced tunes that have become part of band’s sound as...view item »

Kate Bush
Before The Dawn

Kate Bush’s mind-blowing run of 22 live shows in 2014 was a joy to those who were there: this release documents what went down in luxurious detail. Before The Dawn stretches live recordings over 3 CDs and 4 vinyl records, carefully arranged to fully express the concepts of the show. Released by Fish People....view item »

Super Furry Animals
Zoom! The Best Of (1995-2016)

Featuring songs off every album they have released, Zoom! Is a best of put together by the band themselves with every single they released and some of their personal favourites as well. A great way to go through the highlights of Super Furry Animals’ 13 year long catalogue. Comes on double CD on BMG. ...view item »

Clean Cut Kid
Make Believe

Though I would personally find it hard to sleep at night if I released a single as cheerful and optimistic as Make Believe, I shouldn't ruin the fun for those less pessimistic and cynical than myself. So what I will say is that the new Clean Cut Kid single is a highly polished and well written tune, with pl...view item »

Nouvelle Vague
I Could Be Happy

French covers band for lovers of beige Nouvelle Vague are back with another album titled I Could Be Happy. Featuring covers of the Ramones’ I Wanna Be Sedated, No One Is Receiving  by Brian Eno and All Cats Are Grey by The Cure, it’s a great album for those that love listening to background music. CD and vinyl f...view item »

Peculiar Blue
Don't Speak of Love

Acoustic three piece Peculiar Blue are singer Songwriter Paul Harrison and vocalist Lynn Harrison, featuring Grant Henderson playing Brazilian drums. In a departure from their usual style of bitter/sweet storytelling, ‘Don't speak of love’ was recorded in collaboration with local electro trance band Hexagons, overseen by drummer Gran...view item »

Whyte Horses & St. Barts Choir
St. Barts Choir perform Pop or Not (the music of Whyte Horses)

Earlier this year Manchester’s Whyte Horses released made a psych-pop album called Pop or Not. Then they got together with the choir of Haslemere primary school St. Bartholemew’s and re-did the whole thing, but with the kids singing. My cockles, consider them warmed. Out as LP and CD in December. It is prece...view item »

Paul Weller
More Modern Classics

More Modern Classics by Paul Weller is another new collection featuring the best tracks from the last fifteen years of the Modfather’s career. More Modern Classics is available as a double vinyl LP, a limited edition 3CD set including 20 additional tracks and 12 radio session tracks and standard...view item »

Croque Madame
Croque Madame

Croque Madame is a coming-together of some very individual creative minds: Dave Perlis, Rob Storey and Florence Raynaud. The French vocals of Raynaud lend an irresistible glamour and breezy sleekness to the project, and this debut album has the feel of an instan...view item »

Canciones De Temporada

This double vinyl reissue from Elefant records marks the label’s 25th anniversary and the rich, orchestrated pop of Canciones De Temporada is the perfect encapsulation of their approach. This is the only album the Spanish band Niza released, and it’s presented here with some gorgeous...view item »

Sam Kogon
Psychic Tears

Sam Kogon’s Psychic Tears has the feel of a vintage obscurity that didn’t get its dues in the 1970’s. And yet this is a brand new release! So give it those dues straight away. Psychic Tears is a lively alt-pop suite that fizzes with energy and melody and carries the stamp of old New York. Rele...view item »

Do Easy

As retro as its ethereal music videos and littered with wavy soft synths and echoing vocals, Do Easy is the accessible psych-pop produce of Canadians Tasseomancy. Tracks such as Missoula and Dead Can Dance & Neil Young are bound to send listeners on a...view item »

Alex Izenberg

Quaint, upbeat and starkly sparse is the 11-track record Harlequin, crafted by Los Angeles' Alex Izenberg - including the jittery plinky-plonk piano led lead single To Move On, which boasts a composition stripped back to the bone alongside chirpy falsetto. Izenberg immerses hims...view item »

DFA Compilation#1

Originally released in 2003, you know, when everyone used CDs. Now revisiting their first compilation, which put them down as a more than credible source of new productions, DFA are releasing it on vinyl for the first time. Featuring several unique visions of dance music from The Rapture, LCD Sound System, ...view item »

Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy

'Don't Let Your Son Grow Up To Be A Cowboy' brings together early work by the underground New Wave outfit Jazzateers, a session that was recorded for Postcard Records but had all but been forgotten by time. "Wasted" is a throughline to the emergent indie rock of the time, intended to be the very last single Pos...view item »

The Human League
Anthology - A Very British Synthesizer Group

Perhaps the perfect gift for the synth-pop fan in your life. A 3LP/2CD retrospective of British synth pop greats the Human League all the way from those early terrifying singles through the Top of the Pops years to their later less known work. Features more classics than you can shake a stick at alongside demos and rarities. The...view item »

Katrine Stochholm
Danser Til Radio

Danish solo artist Katrine Stochholm flaunts her vivid imagination with this shimmering experimental electro-pop record. Stochholm's love of poetry and weird rhythms contribute to a wildly creative universe of wacky instrumentals and sweet Danish vocals. An 8 track album which contains the 2016 singles En Dejli...view item »

Lia Pamina
Love Is Enough

“Love is Enough”, the latest offering from Castellon’s Lia Pamina, is due to be released on limited edition vinyl with an included download code. In a collaboration with Elefant Records’ Joe Moore, Pamina brings us a distinct breed of musicality that harks back to the female vocalists of the 60s and 70s w...view item »

El Perro Del Mar

New record from international pop heroine El Perro Del Mar. KoKoro is full of life and love, with significant use of sound palettes from the Asian subcontinent. Musicians on the album include Johan Berthling (of Fire! and Tape) and Robyn collaborator ...view item »


Sad13 is the solo project of Sadie Dupuis out of Speedy Ortiz, in which she replaces the full band with sturdy drum machines, some fuzzed-up synths, and lots of lovely multi-tracked self-harmonies. Debut LP Slugger has a warm messy pop feel to it, with some real smart lyrics as well as ...view item »

Little Cub

Loveless is London-grown band Little Cub's first single release since their signing to Domino Recording Company. With lush electronic beats, mellow vocals and sparkling production, Little Cub's dreamy electro-pop offering is a pleasurable escape from reality. Released ...view item »

Adam Green

Adam Green has, it would appear, taken it upon himself to produce a film version of Aladdin, giving it his own, fairly radical spin (the lamp is replaced with a 3D printer) and bringing in his New York associates to assist. This is his soundtrack to the project, a decadent song suite full to the brim with Adam G...view item »

Virginia Wing
Forward Constant Motion

Virginia Wing’s second LP ‘Forward Constant Motion’ sees the band deviate towards a more expansive, focused sound but still retains some of the cosmic darkness of debut LP ‘Measures of Joy’. Still showing signs of a propensity for dreamlike, otherworldly themes, this record melds a successful hybrid of the sleepy ne...view item »

Toro Y Moi
Live From Trona

A live album, done a little differently. Recorded in the middle of the Californian desert, with the Trona Pinnacles as backdrop and no-one there, it’s probably the perfect setting for laid back, full band live versions of his biggest tracks from multiple albums. Also include one new track featuring The Mattson 2....view item »

You Are The One I Pick

Felix was a purveyor of smooth euphoric chart house numbers in the 90's such as the awesome 'Don't You Want Me', which was almost as memorable & catchy as the Human League number one smash of the same title. Felix in the 00's is also a Notts based M/F duo specialising in sparse, fragile, & wistful chamber pop that flutters, swoops & mea...view item »

Night Call

Electro doesn't get much better than this. And no wonder when you have a killer collaboration that is Daft Punk and SebastiAn. Lovefoxxx's vocals against that French electro sound and this is a no-mistake purchase. Highly recommended....view item »

Johnny Marr
The Messenger

Johnny Marr’s creative renaissance is long overdue. Its almost 30 years since he really jangled and strummed with real effect and having moved back from Portland to rainy old Manchester, getting the bus from Withenshaw to Whalley Range has obviously reinjected     some of the old spirit. This certainly sounds like...view item »

Stevie Parker

Consistently dreamy, sensual and ethereal is the London Grammar-esque Blue offering from Bath-born Stevie Parker. Soft synths and stripped back beats provide a sparse atmosphere for Parker's shimmering voice to flourish in this melancholic and ultimately highl...view item »


Some melancholic pop from Phoenix. Alphabetical is the sophomore full length from the French band, and it's getting reissued. Full synths, loads of guitars, slightly jarring grooves and smooth vocalisations. It's more stripped back and has a deeper R&B and soulful feel than their later effor...view item »


Three different drummers appear on ZebrAa, drawn from throughout Aa’s career to date. So many drummers! That means that inventive percussion is at the heart of the record: electronics and vocals have plenty to add, but triple-drummer polyrhythms are damn hard to overshadow. Vinyl release on the Fire Talk label for...view item »

Teenage Fanclub

Caledonian indie veterans Teenage Fanclub are back with their tenth album, Here. It is their first album in 6 years following 2010’s Shadows. Norman Blake, Raymond McGinley and Gerard Love have contributed four songs each to the album which shows the band as masters of their craft. Here is releas...view item »

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