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Attaining attention from the likes of BBC 6 Music and Dazed, Sportsman (aka Per Magnusson) is becoming a Scandinavian 'one to watch'. His elegant and long-awaited debut is crammed with creativity; shimmering synths, luxury rhythms and crisp drums all represent Magnusson's global expeditions and his evocative visions....view item »

Kumisolo & Joe Davolaz
Kabuki Femme Fatale

Kabuki Femme Fatale is the result of a collaboration between synth-pop artiste Kumisolo and Swedish tropical-groove band Joe Davolaz (odd the former name belongs to the solo artist and the latter the band eh?). Lush spacey pop is the order of the day, with beautiful influences taken various plac...view item »

Banishing Ritual

Rad trio music from Liv Willars, Heather Perkins (also of Slowcoaches) and Jen Calleja (also of Sauna Youth). As Feature, these three create awesome jet-propelled melodic-punk / drone-pop (their own awesome descriptors) with a fierce DIY and ant...view item »

He's A Liquid

Extremely limited vinyl 12” compilation from Metamatic records. This EP collects various covers of songs from John Foxx’x Metamatic album, all by artists he loved. The tunes on He’s A Liquid are diverse, but they’re all indebted to Foxx’s abrasive and melancholic ap...view item »

Butcher Boy
Bad Things Happen When It’s Quiet

Been awhile since we've heard from Butcher Boy (2011 to be exact) but here they are with three fresh new recordings - a three part story told from different perspectives. The band wrote the pieces whilst making trips to Cape Cod National Seashore and showcase a new ambitious take on their wordy, literate indie-pop.  ...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Covers EP remixes: PART I

Milk anyone? Not content with releasing a bunch of Franz covers a while back Domino are releasing 2 12” singles of remixes of those brilliant cover versions. Milk anyone? The 1st EP sees LCD Soundsystem's take on Live Alone remixed by Toby Tobias turned into a bland house mix with th...view item »

L.A. Takedown

Aaron M. Olson leads his seven piece band L.A. Takedown into the creation of some really intricate music on their second album II. These compositions are busy but tightly controlled, with melodic lines and groovy-rhythms twisting around each other to form precise and proggy pieces. Released by Ribbon Mu...view item »

The Distractions
Kindly Leave The Stage

The Distractions declare an end to their long career (although said career did have a three-decade gap in it) with their third album, Kindly Leave The Stage. By making an active decision, the band get to fully define their exit, with at least half the album’s tracks being actively about departure or endings. Lovel...view item »

Glass Vaults
The New Happy

Psychedelic indie pop band from New Zealand Glass Vaults return with their sophomore album The New Happy. Following on from Sojourn the album pushes more sunshine pop whilst retaining the psych tonality of their more sun-kissed shoegaze. Up-beat, loving, fun and incredibly positive. That’s good, yes?...view item »

Os Peregrinos
Canto Peregrino

Os Peregrinos here release a mini-album in the lesser-spotted format of the 10” record. Canton Peregrino continues Elefant’s ‘New Adventures In Pop’ series, gifting us the wonderful new Spanish pop / jazz / bossa nova stylings of this group. Limited edition of 500 10”s, pressed to grey viny...view item »


Cherry Red dive back into the 80’s for this imagined follow-up to that legendary NME C86 compilation: the comp that launched a thousand indie bands. Everything on C87’s three discs was recorded in 1986 or 1987, so the tracklisting is ‘realistic’, not to mention stuffed to the brim ...view item »

Allo Darlin'

Allo Darlin' don't really suit my musical sensibilities and there's probably better people out there to review this record so apologies in advance. As you're probably aware, Allo Darlin' are the darlings of the UK indie-pop scene. Formed and fronted by Austr...view item »

The Proper Ornaments
Waiting For The Summer

The Proper Ornaments comprise of Veronica Falls man James Hoare alongside another man from Argentina, single-handedly attempting to thaw Anglo-Argentinian relations with their brand of homespun ‘60s influenced pop music. They really do sound like some long lost...view item »

Rose McDowall
Cut With The Cake Knife

Rose McDowall was a member of much-loved indie darlings Strawberry Switchblade, and Cut With A Cake Knife compiles songs that were originally intended for that group's second album. Instead, McDowall recorded them herself over 1988 and 1989. Lovely and bright indie pop from a...view item »

In Kind /Amends

Here’s a new EP from Braids, not to be confused with ‘90s emo legends Braid, their first new material since their much liked debut LP ‘Native Speaker’. It’s a very slick and highly produced proposition, with prominent female vocals, atmospheric...view item »

First Light

Fader is a new band made up of two well versed electro synth stalwarts Neil Arthur (Blancmange/Near Future) and Ben Edwards (Benge/John Foxx And The Maths). Their debut album First Light brings a refined 80s sound which...view item »

Can You Deal?

Bleached are a band built around a pair of sisters based in the teeming metropolis of Los Angeles. Their music is brimming over with femme energy, mixing the sweet melodies of classic pop with a tough rock bite. Can You Deal? is a bold set of four new tracks, released on 12” white vinyl by the Dead Oceans label....view item »

Liminality EP

This is the very first EP from Mella, the solo project of one Liam Ramsden. Though Liminality is the first time these tracks have been released, ‘Old Friend’ might be familiar to fans of Black Mirror, where it was featured. Mella songs aren’t afraid to investi...view item »


Looper was formed by ex-Belle and Sebastian bassist Stuart David with his wife, crafting indie-folk-pop tracks that are filled with a warm and playful nostalgia. Originally only available as a download alongside their 5CD compilation These Things, Mute have given Offgrid:Offline...view item »

Former Bullies

Stalwarts of Manchester’s DIY scene for years now, Former Bullies make charming lo-fi pop that recalls the best that that city has offered up over the years. Plenty of Velvet Underground in there too, particularly on lead single ‘Stranger’. Now on their fourth album, the band have honed their c...view item »


As the club-ready brainchild of Parisian 'Dombrance' and Mancunion Dave Shaw, DBFC draw influence from a wide plethora of musical tangents - from British shoegaze to underground French club scenes. Jenks is their debut, and one that refuses to place any restrictions on a free reign of creativ...view item »

David Byrne
Live From Austin, TX

Here's a chance to buy a slice of, renown singer-songwriter, David Byrne's evolution on the live arena. Live From Austin, TX showcases the ex-Talking Heads member's on-stage flair perfectly. The performance, shot in 2001 soon after the release of 'Look Into The Eyeball', is an absolute mu...view item »

Wounded Healer

In what amounts to a dreamy record, drenched in psychedelic surroundings, Wounded Healer is the stunning 2017 release of Maryland-based trio Celebration. In personifying what the group describe as a "contrasting" three recent years, the release tackles an array of emotions - remaining consist...view item »


Charmingly nonchalent, ShitKid is Gothenburg's Åsa who has made an anti-pop statement with Fish. A post-feminist, post-punk album using plenty of distorted guitar and riding digital rhythms, her album follows in the devastating wake of her grungey debut single, Oh Please Be A Cocky Cool Kid. Televisi...view item »

Novo Amor
Bathing Beach

Wistful, unrestrained and tranquil - Bathing Beach is the brainchild and dreamy universe of Welsh multi-instrumentalist Novo Amor. The release centres around an intense plethora of emotions, whilst consistently retaining an ethereal beauty. Loose yourself on Amor's beach of tranquility....view item »

Mac DeMarco
This Old Dog

Here he comes again, wearer of North America's filthiest dungarees, that gap toothed smile presumably still intact. Last year's 'Another One' had him a little more measured and melancholy and certainly the first two tracks teased from this have a similar hushed vibe but with that twanging jangling guitar and warm mid fi pop sound intact...view item »

Walls Of Dada
Walls Of Dada

Walls Of Dada are not quite a true absurdist Dada performance act: they are actually more into coldwave synth-pop. One member of Six By Seven and one member of The Dandy Warhols pooled their collections of vintage synths and guitars and made this record old-style: everything put through amps and...view item »

I Can Feel The Night Around Me

When he isn’t playing bass in The War On Drugs, Mr Dave Hartley is making his own hazy synth-indie under the name Nightlands. Third album I Can Feel The Night Around Me appears to have an image of a desert at dusk, which represents the record’s sound fairly neatly. This is l...view item »

Arda & The Stolen Moon
Minutes Into Years

Arda G, the central figure of Arda & The Stolen Moon, is an Armenian-Cypriot singer-songwriter from the indie-folk school whose material cuts right to the heart of her life and loves. Her vocals are earnest and the band’s performance dramatic when necessary, so their Minutes Into Years album c...view item »

Cate Le Bon
Crab Day

Cate Le Bon’s fourth album Crab Day is a record of the Pacific Ocean, near which it was conceived of and recorded. The atmosphere clearly had an impact, as Cate and her band all sound loose and chilled, as though the sea air and the sand in their feet has let them forget all else but the song...view item »


ULTRAS is not an album of field recordings of football gangs (although that would be good), but it does carry a certain violence to it. ULTRAS is Gav Prentice (he of Over The Wall fame) plus a number of Scottish producers, making up a racket of distorted guitar-driven pseudo-hip-hop wit...view item »


If you can't get enough of that nostalgic and plaintive jangle pop sound as purveyed by the likes of Real Estate, Horsebeach and Wild Nothing then Hoops could be the band for you. After their excellent and swoonsome self titled 12" last year 'Routines' promises an album of perky...view item »

The Primitives
Lovely - 25th Anniversary Edition

Lovely is an excellent record, with a sound that finds the right balance between rough and polished and a style that fuses 60's bubblegum pop, the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Ramones and C86 jangle with catchy, memorable tunes. "Shadow" even manages a clever homage to the cinematic, psychedelic (and slightly goofy) sound of Bollywood. Tracy's vocals ...view item »

Clinically Blasé

Whilst its tasty selection of rhythms and groove's are firmly rooted in a retro glut of dancefloor-ready genre's, M.O.O.N's blend amounts to a much more forward thinking method. On this occasion, Clinically Blase is a 10-track slice of synth-heavy and jazz-chord-fuelled expedition....view item »

The Rhythm Method
Party Politics / Home Sweet Home

Propelled by relentless piano stabs and tight, crisp drumbeats - Party Politics / Home Sweet Home offer neat and accessible pop tracks that are quintessentially London-orientated. Retaining a 90s house tinge and sounding strangely similar to karaoke backing tracks, this is a bold, heartfelt and immediate offering. ...view item »


Twenty years into a career as topsy turvy as their music Danish prog-poppers Mew unleash their seventh album hot on the heels of 2015's '+ -'. 'Visuals' suggests a band keen on writing in a spontaneous manner using all the bleakness they encountered in 2016 to add a darkness to their '80s influenced progressive music. &n...view item »

The Raveonettes
2016 Atomized

The Raveonettes set themselves that good old task in 2016: release a single every month for the whole year. Now they usefully round them all up for those who were slow off the mark last year: 2016 Atomized shows the results of this explorative process, which vary in style and sound. CD and LP editions available from ...view item »

Little Cub
Still Life

After a couple of extended singles in 2016 through Closing Time and Domino London’s Little Cub are exploding onto Domino with their debut full length. An adept mix of indie pop and electronica production Still Life features tracks that range from solid indie shuffle grooves to Caribou esque house....view item »

The Fleur De Lys
You've Got To Earn It

The Fleur De Lys will make any self-respecting mod weak at the knees. They’re the band that the awful Ocean Colour Scene only wish they could have been. They have cool connections – Jimmy Page produced their first single, Jimi H...view item »

Kiss & Tell

Described as ‘Glasgow’s premier secret party band’, Babe have released a new record after a two year absence entitled Kiss & Tell. It’s not very common that a relatively indie band can combine dance and disco music with indie pop and it turn out okay but Babe blend their sound to also include...view item »

Belle and Sebastian
The BBC Sessions

Belle & Sebastian. How those words used to instill horror into the heart of Philthy Phil formerly known as Fat Barry. He thought they were sickening vermin who needed putting down cos they didn't play grinding Chicago style mathrock and wore cardigans & read some classic books and wrote songs about foxes & horses and Bobby Dylan. And we...view item »

2good4me / My Toy Remixes

After releasing their album Still Waters earlier in 2016 Breakbot have gathered a some of their producer friends to have a few cracks at their leading singles 2good4me and My Toy. Featuring remixes from Fatima Yamaha, Canblaster...view item »

Sleep Party People

Sleep Party People started out as the solo home recording project of Brian Batz, and although he’s picked up some bandmate assistants for touring, he still writes, performs and produces everything you hear on Lingering. Quite the feat when you hear how fully-formed these bright-eyed epic-pop minia...view item »

Guerilla Toss
GT Ultra

Guerilla Toss set a psychedelic tone immediately and very clearly with the artwork for GT Ultra, by housing the album in a sleeve of vintage acid blotter designs. Heavy. The music is pretty lysergic too, cramming in slightly too many elements into the busy, energetic mix of their songs, in a pleasingly wild way. Get hea...view item »


The danceable sweetness of Batch is both teeth rotting and euphoric enough to spark a generous sugar rush. This Coventry quartet have produced a nippy nine-tracker destined to propel their unique brand of sarcastic pop further up the ladder of the murky indie underground - certainly if Billie Jean-esque lead single 'Aw...view item »

Hazel English
Just Give In / Never Going Home

Hazel English was originally from Australia but more recently has been sunbaked in California where she has concocted this heady brew of blurry jangle pop. Amid the jangling guitars and sweet melodies, her voice soars which has led to comparisons to DIIV and to her touring with hat wielding reformed shoegazers ...view item »

Chad Valley
Equatorial Ultravox Addendum

Chad Valley prepares dance floor friendly electronica with keening vocals and punch the air synth motifs and here we get a vinyl re-issue of his earlier EP now with two tracks added and a remix which appeared on the zombie flick 'Warm Bodies'.  His live set is described as 'the best in the business' by the confident press r...view item »

Lipstick Stains / Still Counts

An extremely limited record store day release from Minneapolis’ Poliça. Double single on white 7” features two brand new collaborative tracks. Being well versed in crafting multi-layered melancholic soundscapes as well as crunchy and crisp electro working with Boyz Noize and Spank Rock...view item »

The Maccabees
Given To The Wild

Think of the atmospherics of Coldplay with the driving energy of Mumford & Sons. I actually discovered this band after hearing them on "Mumford and Sons and Friends". Every single song soars and this is one of those very rare hooked-on-first-listen experiences - one of those rare albums that you can listen to, through its entirety, over and ...view item »

Nite Jewel
Real High

Ramona Gonzalez returns to her Nite Jewel project with long time collaborator Cole M.G.N. for her fourth album. Featuring works with Dâm-Funk, Droop-E, and Julia Holter, Real High offers future pop ballads and dance floor ready st...view item »

Nick Hakim
Where Will We Go Pt. I & II

Mixing his competence on piano with a variety of musical disciplines that make him sound slick, professional and tremendously emotional -- like James Blake in another, slightly different life -- Nick Hakim presents his new record, 'Where Will We Go Pt 1 & 2'. The instrumental flourishes are largely the work of Hakim himself, who cr...view item »

Helado Negro
Private Energy (Expanded)

In receiving its first vinyl pressing, an Expanded version of Private Energy has come some way since its original release on small cassette. Whilst everything about the electronic landscape has evolved and developed, this revitalised brainchild of Helado Negro still has a firmly lodged place on th...view item »

Theme Park
Is This How Its Starts?

London-based Theme Park are the youthful creators of colour-splurged indie-pop. Coming four years after a successful-but-not-ground-breaking-debut, the trio return with Is This How It Starts - a piece that solidifies the group's bold pop ambitions. Expect chiming guitars, sweet harmony and et...view item »


Asgeir is a member of The Lovely Lion and a native of Iceland, sometimes singing in the language. Afterglow is an album of sleekly modern electronic pop, with Asgeir’s voice dancing acrobatically around the swish tunes. Available on a variety of formats, including the deluxe 2CD v...view item »

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble
Find Me Finding You

New sounds from a new outfit of Laetitia Sadier, the queen of Stereolab. This debut album of the Source Ensemble features some familiar collaborators, as well as guest spots from the likes of Rob Mazurek and Alexis Taylor. The smoothly groovy flavour of all ...view item »

Heather Trost

Heather Trost, who, as one half of A Hawk And A Hacksaw, has hefty credentials from playing with Neutral Milk Hotel, Thor Harris, Beirut and more. Her solo work is now flourishing, with Agistri arriving on the back of a 7” and a cassette. The albu...view item »

Isla Del Rojo
Isla Del Rojo

Guitarist and composer Ulrik Ording and drummer Daniel Ögren step away from their Mainekk project and after having both worked with Anna Von Hausswolf journey somewhere much lighter with Isla Del Rojo. Focusing heavily on folk music and all that entails, an...view item »

Earth Body

As a nine-track expedition, Local Action label present Earth Body - a full-length that contributes to the modern evolutions of UK post-dubstep. Deadboy's latest release is influenced by spheres of R&B, house and dance - which fuse exciting new elements to the producer's trademar...view item »

Jessica Says
Do With Me What U Will

Jessica Says had her career rudely interrupted by a major accident eight years ago, but she now returns to the musical arena with a record that engages with that recent past. Do With Me What U Will is a mature and catchy pop record that features Jessica’s cello as well as her vocals. CD / LP relea...view item »

Sylvan Esso
What Now

Electro-pop duo Sylvan Esso made up of Amelia Meath and Nicholas Sanborn (Made Of Oak) move to Loma Vista for their sophomore album What Now. Meath’s vocals range from CocoRosie fragility to a pop choir version of Zola Jesus, whil...view item »


Leslie Feist comfortably forms part of the burgeoning spearhead of Canadian talent taking over the world. Nearly six years since her last release, Feist returns with an expansive and immersive full-length - crammed with organic production, sweet hooks and a cheeky Jarvis Cocker cameo. This is a creative ...view item »

White Violet

White Violet’s process for this record involved a year-long process of writing pairs of songs, each pair consciously developing on the themes of the previous. The resulting album Ages ended up being about time and ageing and adulthood, with songs that manage these themes intimately and maturely. Released on vinyl ...view item »

Los Angeles Police Department
Los Angeles Police Department

Since being a member of LA indie rock band Warm Weather, Ryan Pollie has gone it alone as the not google friendly Los Angeles Police Department, and has been signed to Anti-/Epitaph. A wondrous twist on indie pop, there’s elements of lo-fi, Bowie, Feist, a...view item »

The Chills
Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets is The Chills first new record since Sunburnt in 1996. Their distinctive, complicated and smart guitar pop mixes lyrics of desolation with memorable, bright melodies. The Chills, along with bands such as The Clean and The Verlaines were p...view item »

The Chromatics
Night Drive

Chromatics' 2007 album Night Drive is synthy perfection. The album follows a loose concept of going on a night drive (thus the clever title) and while listening to this, you can imagine the entire journey. Johnny Jewel, the musical genius behind this album, is also responsible for a handful of tracks on your favo...view item »

Vauxhall And I (20th Anniversary Definitive Master)

When Steven Patrick’s fourth album was released in 1994, it felt like his most well-rounded and mature work. The intervening years haven’t called for any revision of that assessment. While it might have less bite than the Mick Ronson-produced Your Arsenal, the sound is warm and epic. Guitarists ...view item »

TV On The Radio
Return To Cookie Mountain

I'd say the only gig that's ever had both me and our man Clint both "rocking" at the exact same time, all the way through was TV on the Radio a couple of years ago. They sent shivers up my spine throughout, precisely because they looked & felt so natural but offered a sublime & original take on thought provoking electri...view item »

TV On The Radio
Dear Science

I've pretty much obsessed about TV On the Radio since I first heard 'em. The 1st 2 albums were smart. I can't decide which I prefer as both have some tremendous songs on. So here's the 'difficult' third album 'Dear Science'. I was blown away by the opener.... Amazing skewed pop with some gorgeous feedbacky guitars in the background smothered in inc...view item »

Nikki Nack

I’ve never really heard nor taken any kind of interest in Tune-yards thus far, no-one else here will review it so I’m stuck with it. I was always put off by the daft capitalization that I simply just can’t be arsed with. Phil reckons her debut was a classic though and so here we are with a third effort which opens with ...view item »

The Lemon Twigs
Do Hollywood

Setting the bar at terrifying new levels for annoying-ness, LA rich kid duo the Lemon Twigs manage to invoke '70s Paul McCartney to such a face slapping degree that the album should come with a bonus aloft thumb. They also recall preposterous '90s power pop revivalists Jellyfish in the...view item »

Surfer Rosa

4AD have seen fit to re release the 1st 3 Pixies LP's on vinyl (Come On Pilgrim, Surfer Rosa and Doolittle) which is a very good thing as they shouldn't have been out of print in the first place. Some of the most important records you'll ever own. I remember being utterly obsessed by Pixies and when I saw 'em live it chang...view item »

Iron and Wine
Ghost On Ghost

Sam Beam is a pretty consistent artist. I can’t think of any of his albums that I have thought were not worthy of a few spins. His last couple of albums, “Kiss Each Other Clean” and now “Ghost on Ghost” have marked a slight departure from his acoustic folky work and he is bringing in new elements to his work. This a...view item »


As Pitchfork and the blogosphere go crazy over this lady, is it another case of us mere mortals being  left wondering what all the fuss is really about? Opener 'Infinite Without Fulfilment' sounds EXACTLY like an R&B hit of recent vintage that I just can't place and is a really i...view item »

Art Angels

Grimes is back, not that’s she’s been away really, but she certainly split some opinions when she released Go in 2014. With Art Angels she has turned away from the populist pop-trap fad and delivered 14 tracks of addictive leftfield pop. Featuring even more instrumentation played by herself as well ...view item »

Future Islands

Future Islands’ Letterman performance the other week became a sort of insta-meme sensation, and I’ve long been fond of the band so it was gratifying to see them get some widespread attention, with their gruff-voiced theatrics and soulful synthpop sound being a revelation to many. Our Clinton, however, had very different things to say...view item »

Return To The Moon

Menomena and the National are clearly good friends: earlier this year Pfarmers formed from members of each, and now another band has come to us with the former's Brent Knopf and the latter's Matt Berninger. I guess you could call it an indie rock supergr...view item »

Not To Disappear

Second album from Daughter, the slightly-ethereal, thoroughly-melancholic indie trio. They’ve been away for 3 years, and the time has allowed them to hone their frosted sound to a fine, sharp point: Not To Disappear is sincerely sad in sound and in words, but manages to avoid becoming maudlin. Out on 4AD....view item »

Camera Obscura
Desire Lines

Fifth album by Camera Obscura on 4AD, ‘Desire Lines’ sees the Glasgow band sounding more polished and fresh, this is a great pop record with a quite a grown up sound, ‘This Is Love (feels Alright)’ is a lovely slice of ...view item »

Rat Columns
Candle Power

David West continues work on his baby, the ever versatile Rat Columns, through a series of punk rock and pop plot twists that don't quite hook up but never really intend to. His EP for Blackest Ever Black under this moniker was tinged with a light psychedelia and had an earnestly classic feel...view item »

Julia Holter
In The Same Room

Julia Holter fans rejoice: here we have a set of live-in-the-studio performances of Holter material from each of her four albums. In The Same Room is the first in Domino’s new ‘Documents’ series, in which artists perform live in a studio, and it is a great beginning: Holter...view item »

Mice Parade

Mice Parade made a few good albums in the early 2000s which were impressive mainly for the incredible drumming of Adam Pierce (Adam Pierce=Mice Parade geddit?). He has a fantastic style that is technically brilliant but also fun to watch and listen to. When I saw them play live way back when, they had Dou...view item »


Sugar, her debut EP, is coloured by a subtlety of emotion and lingering nostalgia that encapsulates the maturity of her sound, all the while exploring the tempestuousness of relationships. “I guess the main theme of this EP is the what happens when you continue loving someone, even when you know it is bad for you,” she explains. &ldq...view item »

The Arms Of Someone New
Susan Sleepwalking

The Arms Of Someone New were an Illinois band who comfortably combined all their favourite genres into one sound: synth-pop, folk, industrial, ambient… Susan Sleepwalking, the duo’s first full-length album, was originally self-released in 1985, and has now been properly remastered and re-pressed to vinyl by...view item »

David Bowie

David Bowie reissue time! Heathen was his 2002 release and his 22nd album. He throws in a couple of covers to this one, including a nice version of Pixies ‘Cactus’. Heathen is understood to be one of the better late-period Bowie albums. The reissue is, of course on ...view item »


Vocalist Manuela Gernedel teams up with ex-Franz Ferdinand guitarist Nick McCarthy for a self titled full length of gentle, left-of-centre pop songs. Enlisting the help of some guest appearances from members of The Mystery Jets, Django Django, and Veroni...view item »

Élan Vital
Shadow Self

Elan Vital operate out of Dunedin, New Zealand, that hotbed of exciting creativity. The trio pull off a fine thing in taking the rich organ sounds of vintage days and applying their textures to the structures of synth-pop. Yum yum! Shadow Self is moody and danceable dream-pop to lose your head in, and it is released by ...view item »

Future Islands
The Far Field

Remember that funny dancing man off the telly? Well he's back with with 1980s era backing band for another album of emotional synth pop. 'The Far Field' was recorded at the legendary Sunset Studios with John Congleton yet still manages to sound like it was recorded on a state of the art digi-studio in 1985.  ...view item »


Efterklang release their brand new album. I managed to play it all the way through and the only thing I can tell you about is that is extremly twinkly. I think I need to sepnd more time with it but what I heard I quite enjoyed. It's not an album you can hear the once to get the most out of it. 'Parades' is its name.... ...view item »

Violents and Monica Martin
Awake and Pretty Much Sober

The first full-blown and full-length collaborative release of Violents and Monica Martin. Awake And Pretty Much Sober (a high bar to set eh?) is a pop album made by two electronic natives, sifting samples, instruments, vocal harmonies and much else into a set of bright and compelling songs. Awake An...view item »


As a squelching pool of nostalgic synthwork, College's third full-length album - Shanghai - is an enriching building block on top of an already sprawling collection. Inspired by the city itself, this gold-pressed LP is an offering absorbed in mystery and a perfect homage to one of the wo...view item »

The Legends

For anyone in love with the niche world of retro-furturist synthesizers - look no further. This gorgeous 16-track slab, coined Nightshift, embraces a deluge of vocoders and a shed load of analogue sounds in what makes up a Scandanavian electro expedition. This is The Legends; this is space-po...view item »

Sugar At The Gate

'Third time lucky' is curiously a commonplace notion, but Montreal-born TOPS' third album addition is no fluke. The ten-track sarcasm-infused release is drowned with ambition. "Living in LA was living out a teenage fantasy" - it's this liberation that's led to such a fresh and forward thinking slab of music n...view item »

Alice Jemima
Alice Jemima

Warm and sparse leftfield electronic pop from Alice Jemima, who shot into view with her stripped down/bare groove cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity. And after garnering a lot of support from Radio 1 and Amazing radio, she is now set to release her debut full length on Sunday Best. Includes he...view item »

Virginia Wing
Red Sails

A really funny looking bunch. I don’t know why just real funny lookin’. This, I believe is their second single. They peddle a sound which is sort of like an indie-fied take on Broadcast’s 60’s influenced drum and analogue-synth dream pop. It has all manner of influences worn proudly ...view item »

Paco Sala
The Silent Season

Full-length album number five from Paco Sala. The Silent Season was born out of improvised sessions with synthesisers, vocals, samples etc. Hazy pop is still the name of the game, but Paco Sala have deliberately allowed whatever ‘errors’ came through in their playing and production to stand,...view item »

The Perfect Kiss

The Perfect Kiss is Joe Moore (also of The Yearning and Lia Pamina), operating in electro-pop mode. In fact, apart from the excellent vocals of Holly Vanags, a particular Yamaha keyboard from 1985 is the only sound-source on Disconnect, with Joe...view item »

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