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The Drums
Abysmal Thoughts

The Drums have released a twelve-part full length record entitled ‘Abysmal Thoughts’. The release can be described as a glorious delirium of multi-instrumental excellence. Pierce has found himself in full control of every aspect of this record, including the songwriting. This mix of cool vocals, ...view item »

The Horn The Hunt

On this 7” here we’ve got Leeds duo The Horn The Hunt dropping a couple of tracks. According to Business Lady here, these two were tipped for megastardom until they got dicked around by some lame amateur London label. It’s got quite ‘80s dance rock sort of producti...view item »
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Despite the affectation many bands are suffering from of having a vocalist who sounds eerily like the Animal Collective guy - those guys really have had an enormous influence over pretty much everyone, though having said ...view item »
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Driver Drive Faster
To Return

A little bit like my life this record appears to be going nowhere when about halfway through it suddenly changes gear and becomes rather brilliant. There’s a lot of indie pop about this week and I think I’m suffering from over exposure but this has a harder edge and harks back ...view item »

Teen Daze
All Of Us, Together

You just know what to expect from Teen Daze before you hear it. Firstly that awful name, secondly the Washed Out-aping sleeve artwork and within 30 seconds the...view item »
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Wild Honey
Torres Blancas

The name Wild Honey would suggest a Beach Boys influence and the laid back grooves of their ‘Friends’ album is certainly evident but these laid back summery songs more recall Astrud Gilberto having a party round Stereolab’s house. The fact that Sean ...view item »


As TALsounds, Natalie Chami improvises with synthesisers and looped vocals in intensive sessions. She then offers up the results without using overdubs, only mixing carefully to make each performance sound true to itself. With that in mind, Lovesick is a remarkably songish set of pop-abstract tracks. Re...view item »

Schole Collection Box

Check this out Schole fans: the label is celebrating its tenth birthday with this hefty five CD box-set! The Schole Collection Box contains highlights from across the label’s substantial catalogue, arranged chronologically by release date. Artists represented include Daisuke Miyatani, Quentin Sirjacq...view item »

The Seldom Seen Kid

I tired of this album very quickly. The song "Grounds for Divorce" is really rocking, perhaps the best song on the album. "Friend of Ours" is very poignant and also very good. However, most of the other songs are lacklustre. They just feel like they are more built than inspired (if that makes any sense). If you are looking for a great Elbow album t...view item »

The Pipettes
Earth Vs The Pipettes

Blanche Blanche Blanche
Papas Proof

I remember enjoying these guys’ last one on Night People so I’ve got high hopes for this one here. It opens with a crazy bit of multi-vocal counterpoint which is quite poppy but things soon get synthy as it turns i...view item »
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As we found out last week a lot of musicians are so up their own arses that they couldn’t even spell the word ‘humility’ so its nice to see a bit of humour in the works with this set of otherwise melancholic songs. On the front sleeve the record company has paid for a sticker...view item »

Mind Enterprises
Summer War / Sister

The back of the sleeve is upside down. Is that intentional? Who knows in this topsy-turvy world of pop music.  I’m also getting into my usual confusion with Italian boys’ names - this guy is called Andrea. I’ve also seem him being called Nicola. What a confusing wor...view item »
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Orca Team

Reading other reviews for this Portland-based group the word “surf” keeps on cropping up, though it’s surf influenced rather than outright Dick Dale ‘60s retro as they also have plenty in common with the shuffly indie of the likes of ...view item »

The Fiction Aisle
Heart Map Rubric

Sad bunch The Fiction Aisle wince the night away with a series of boldly sentimental indie pop tunes lit with the fiery guitars of Coldplay and Embrace plus the melodic delicacy of Death Cab and the Shins. This anthemic, t...view item »


Here’s a band on 4AD I’ve never heard of before, Indians, with a song called ‘Cakelakers’ which somewhat seasonably is reminding me a great deal of the popular Christmas carol ‘Joy To The World’. I’m genuinely uncert...view item »
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Fresh Eyes / Fixxx

This band combines the talents of Blue Roses’ Laura Groves and the head-scratchingly-named Tic Zogson of Young Turks infamy. Here they’re making some spacious, slow-paced synthpop with ...view item »
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Despite there having been two songs played since, we still all have the Adele song in our heads. It has to be said that this won’t shift it. Actually first up, lets talk Club AC30 - what a funny label. Having released ...view item »

She's The Wave

Good lord, this is bonkers. I thought these guys would just be some indie band but instead I’m getting some kind of future-acid techno-rock apocalypse with hyperactive beats and full-voiced female vocals. It’s a whole mish-mash of indie-dance, glitch-hop and a hint of dubstep ...view item »
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The Race Is On

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Bell Gardens
Full Sundown Assembly

Kenneth Gibson (Furry Things) and Brian McBride (Stars of the Lid) have come together to produce this lovingly executed slab of orchestral pop. First things first, it sounds like neither of the projects t...view item »

Municipal Dances

Karras is the pairing of two members of Maximo Park and The Rakes, stepping away from the smart indie rock their ‘main’ bands are known for with a debut album of instrumental pop, bustling with kitschy disco and pulsing krautrock influences. Municipal Dances show that the ga...view item »

Man Of The World

Baio, aka Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend, presents his second solo album, which, from its sleeve art presentation to its songwriting and production, dives straight into the shiny-sheened aesthetics of the 1980’s. Baio is obviously having fun here, with bright and lovely mel...view item »

My Panda Shall Fly & Adventure Elephant
Maccron Accent / Opening Brace

Life In Film
Cold Wire

The debut single from much-hyped London band Life in Film proves that sometimes, hype is well deserved. This young indie band look like they could go far with this tight, well-crafted single, with elements of Johnny Marr’s guitar and Nick Cave’s angst. Keep an eye out for the al...view item »
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On The Spines Of Old Cathedrals

Limited edition single taken from Shrag’s third album Canines. Joyful harmonies and influences including New Order and Chic make for an upbeat track which brings to mind hot summer’s days and the feeling that you get when you feel unstoppable. Lyrically brilliant from Helen King. 7” vinyl....view item »

Sofa Club
Actual Video

Sofa Club are a trio from Staten Island who play bouncy and slightly saccharine ‘80s-inspired synthpop which brings to mind all sorts of bands; ABC, Duran Duran and The Human League, or more recently Passion...view item »
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Amateur Best
Too Much

Four Songs for Fifty States

Kuroma are led by Hank Sullivant, ex-MGMT touring guitarist, and can often be seen on tour with the psychedelic pop group.  This EP, creatively titled Four Songs features, you guessed it, four songs which show off the raw, unpolished and yet strangely tight tracks from the band. Clear vinyl 10" on Bigger Splash Records...view item »
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Let's Say We Did
Hello Creatures

Remember the ‘90s? God, I do. Amongst some amazingly brilliant stuff a lot of the bands from then were rubbish weren’t they? Utter Garbage. We must remember this amongst the clamour to re-listen, re-work and re-issue all things early ‘90s. But that doesn’t stop a whole host of young pretenders being deeply in thrall to th...view item »
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Grass House
And Now For The Wild

Dead serious these lot. They have a very serious sleeve with lots of smoke coming out of a volcano on one side and on the other a very serious looking industrial area, somewhere akin to Middlesbrough. The song starts deadly serious, however, when they sing cuckold, it sounds rather like cuckoo. The song builds in momentum, the vocals somewhere b...view item »
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The Sufis

Not since “Start” by The Jam has the bass line to The Beatles “Taxman” so obviously stolen as on “All Of The Time”, the opening track of The Sufis “Inventions” album. Although this is a more wonky, broken take on it. The album is steep...view item »
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Amber Arcades

The new EP from Amber Arcades was recorded over the course of two days in New York. Cannonball features a lovely cover of Nick Drake’s ‘Which Will’ and a track with guest vocals from Bill Ryder-Jones, plus three more original Arcades numbers. Quality p...view item »

School Damage
School Damage

Defined by off-kilter keyboard riffs and swerving basslines, brand new outfit School Damage are stamping their mark on leftfield Aussi-pop scenes. "I think the internet calls it a quarter life crisis" explains Carolyn Hawkins, on the motives behind her self-titled debut; hence why this piece provides the perf...view item »

Emily Hall
Folie a Deux

‘Folie à Deux’ is award winning British composer Emily Hall’s debut collaborative release with Icelandic singer songwriter and multiple times Björk collaborator, Sjón. Hall’s composition a piece of modern folk storytelling written for two vocalists, an acoustic harp and an electro-magnetic harp....view item »

I Know It’s You

I thought it was on the wrong speed but the only way to get it going faster would be to put it onto 78rpm... This is dainty, home-made electro pop with strangely muffled female vocals. The singer sounds like she has had something stuffed into her mouth and I can’t make out a bloody word she is singing. Initially bland enough to fea...view item »
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David Woodcock
Beggars Can't Be Choosers

Immediately regretting picking this one out for review. David Woodcock is one of those singer-songwriters that likes to mix swinging 60’s London pop with music hall whilst throwing witty lyrics and bouncing piano motifs about like it ain’t no thing. I’m sure he goes down great playing to local London pub crowds but on record it...view item »


A taster from Lo-Fang’s album on 4AD, Blue Film. Matthew Hemerlein is a classically trained musician who has been inspired by his travels from his home in Maryland to Cambodia and Bali. He plays all the instruments on the album leading to a rich sound taking in everything from drums to piano and cello. On 12&rdquo...view item »
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White Haus
White Haus EP

White Haus is the alter-ego of ex X-Wife chappie Joao Vieira, who’s pulling no punches on this debut EP of hard-hitting post-punk house action. The obvious comparison here would be LCD Soundsystem, keeping a chaotic live vibe going with dense polyrhythms and cheeky neon synths and ice cool spoken vocal...view item »
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Ski Lodge
Big Heart

The difference between the last track I played on the Surf City album and the first track on this album could probably only be heard by people with dog ears. Its more poppy, indie, surfy stuff with heavy nods towards Best Coast and the type of chirpy upbeat simple indie pop that seems to be de rigueur these days....view item »
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Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation

New single on Everyday Life Recordings/Rocket Girl, Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation have already garnered praise from Marc Riley and on this lovely caramel coloured vinyl seven inch they blast out shiny summer pop in the style of ...view item »

Manila Ice

Being described as somewhere between Connan Moccasin and Frank Ocean is no mean feat, with previous releases on XL through their Abeano sublabel and working projects Bee Eyes and Mind Slums Lex records have snapped the 26 year old Filipino up for a full length. Expect woozy guit...view item »


Sprinters to all intents and purposes are Wigan's answer to Real Estate. Now based in marginally more fashionable Manchester, the group play a high octane form of janglesome indie pop which suggests that Wigan is the sunniest place on earth. If on the Manchester scene Horsebeach bring the murk a...view item »

The Delta Bell
Wasted / The Back Of Your Mind

Here's a 7" of laid back countryish indie from The Delta Bell, who mixes a classic sweet Loretta Lynn-ish croon with a strange London inflection that pulls things in a strange Lily Allen/Amy Winehouse direction. 'Wasted' is a shuffly plodding ...view item »

I Do Not Love

This one here is a four-song 7" by Massachussetts indie-poppers I Do Not Love, and it's a breathy and earnest affair with lovely chiming guitars and deep vocals and lots of reverb all over everything, kind of floating around somewhere between Real Estate and The Smiths and the ...view item »

St Deluxe
Plastic Eyeballs / On The Moon

Lana Del Rey
Born To Die

Lana Del Rey released Born To Die and spent a great deal of time breaking pop music with her contentious but incredible songs and their sombre, devastated predilections. Melodic and melancholy, and emo before the emo revival, Born To Die resulted in a handful of pretty eternal singles, from "Born To Die" to "Blue...view item »

Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor steps away from the pop star spotlight of Hot Chip (or indeed the improv lamplight of About Group) for a subtle solo album in a shaded corner. Piano was recorded by Alexis alone, with just his voice and a grand piano, both untreated by effects. New songs a...view item »


French pop singer Camille might be new to many, but with her debut being back in 2002 she is far from just a singer from Paris. Her tracks are always playful and performed with an almost childlike sense of innocent fun/silliness. Burps and raspberries are common place amongst serene harmonies and big drum percussion. Imagine ...view item »

Sweet Sweet Silent

'Sweet Sweet Silent' by Sivu is a sad but interesting story of singer James Page's struggle with something called Meniere’s syndrome, a disease of the inner ear which causes vertigo and eventual permanent loss of hearing, on this the follow up to 2014's ‘Something on High’ he faces the challenges...view item »

Moon Lagoon

Mike Gale (Black Neilson) together with Andy Reaney (The Elders), Claire Bennett and multi-instrumentalist Joe Bennett (Goldrush, The Dreaming Spires) release their fourth record in as many years as Co-P...view item »

Beth Ditto
Fake Sugar

Beth Ditto, known as the driving force of The Gossip, is now back back back with her first solo album! Fake Sugar is a powerful statement of soulful rockin’ pop, imbued with Ditto’s charismatic personality and mighty voice. Fake Sugar is released by Virgin EMI, with...view item »


1115 are a bit of an enigma. Vocalist Fehler Kuti teaming up with the mysterious “Grey” (Julian Maison/G.E.F.) for their Post-Europe “Opera”. Dark, psychedelic, distubing yet playful, their debut full length is an artistically fr...view item »

Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils present their first recorded work since 2013. Somersault is a heartfelt indie album from Brooklyn, notable for featuring guest vocals from Cities Aviv and Rachel Goswell of Slowdive! Elsewhere, the band’s guitars etc. line-up is bolstered by strings,...view item »

Sweet Baboo
Wild Imagination

Welshman Stephen Black has multi-talented fingers in many pies, running his label Businessman, as well as playing on record with contemporaries such as Cate Le Bon, Slow Club, and Teleman. His solo project Sweet Baboo now comes back to Moshi Moshi with it’...view item »

Molly Nilsson

Swedish-born, Berlin-dwelling, world-travelling singer Molly Nilsson is deep into her career now, and she is still feeling melancholy. Imaginations puts her feelings into sweet synth-pop songs that swoon moodily in the way only Molly Nilsson songs can: cool, catchy, nostalgic and distant-eyed. Imagi...view item »
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Youth Lagoon
The Year Of Hibernation

Apparently this lad has been sending the blogosphere into a frenzy for a while. Once again I actually fail to hear how? I mean, I bloody hate shit like Washed Out, never a more appropriate name in showbusiness though looking at his popularity I am obviously clueless! YL is actually called ...view item »

Age of Anxiety

Debut album released by 4AD. Put this one in your bag with Fever Ray, Grimes, FKA Twigs, Youth Lagoon, and maybe Sonic Youth. Dusty and warbled near psychedelic electronic production have a post punk charge, a dash of krautrock, and a message of self identity an...view item »

Jesse Ruins
Fractured Holy Symmetry

'A Film' was a record by shoegazing, pop dreaming, electronica-tinkering band Jesse Ruins, and 'Fractured Holy Symmetry' is a companion piece for all those who loved it, featuring remixes by artists such as Soft Metals, Naliza Moo, Radio Friends and Diane Halls, as well as six new Jesse Ruins tracks. A varied offering of noise and synt...view item »
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Lake Komo

It’s new indie pop from Lake Komo with their debut 7”, Thinktank released on fledgling label Human Music. Lake Komo are based in Manchester and hail from Lancaster and Kendal. Their music is cold, electronic indie pop which feels synthetic, with even a bit of autotune in there to remind you of awful ...view item »
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Toro Y Moi
What For?

With a background in punk bands, South Carolinian producer/ singer songwriter Chaz Bundick began making bedroom music under the name Toro Y Moi in 2001 and went on to pioneer the sludgy electronic sound that pre-empted chillwave. ‘What For?’ was recorded during an intermission from working on a record for his dance project Les Sins, ...view item »

Big French
Stone Fish

A second full-length album of the strange and personal weird-pop vision conjured up by Quentin Moore and the rest of the Big French crew. Stone Fish’s sixteen tracks are tight but wobbly, pirouetting quickly between different high-technique guitar parts, grooves and melodic ideas. Plus keen exploi...view item »
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Napoleon IIIrd
The Great Lake

Napolean IIIrd (aka James Mabbett) has certainly clocked up the miles since his last album six years ago. He moved from Yorkshire to London (boo!) then back to Yorkshire (yaay!) and here has documented his experiences into a bold and brave record that deals with grief, humanity and hope over the course of five lengthy and intens...view item »

The Guy With The Gammy Eye

More ecstatic musical adventure from Speedy Wunderground, here. Peluche take silvery guitar riffs a la Beach House and wrap them around proggy ambient textures that wouldn't be out of place on either an old Kayo Dot record or a newer Camel one, before a dr...view item »

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
The Dying Of The Light

Mr Noel Gallagher recently released his latest album with his High Flying Birds, named Chasing Yesterday. Possibly quite a revealing title for the former Oasis man to choose? Anyway, The Dying Of The Light is taken from it, and is backed with an exclusive demo version of &lsquo...view item »

The Strokes
Comedown Machine

To my mind The Strokes’ career hit the rails when they failed to title the follow up to wildly successful debut ‘Is This it?’ ‘Is This It?’. On previous album ‘Angles’ the pre-publicity surrounded guitarist Nick Valensi describing the recording process as “awfu...view item »

Mt. Wolf

Comparisons will be made, Sigur Ros being one of the most frequently-drawn similarities, but the truth is Mt. Wolf are onto something original. Aetherlight is their debut offering and it's a record that simmers away, constantly threatening to boil over into chaos. Don't take this thirtee...view item »

Ben Lee
Awake Is The New Sleep

Awake is the New Sleep was Australian wonderkid, singer/songwriter and Evan Dando admirer, Ben Lee's fifth album and was originally released in 2005. Har Mar Superstar, Jenny Lewis and actor Jason Schwartzman make guest appearances. It was produced by B...view item »

Malcolm Middleton
You & I

A taster for his forthcoming 'Summer of '13' record this 7" contains three new tracks from the former Arab Strap bloke with his cheeky brand of Scottish pop. On Nude. I had no idea that label was still going. You learn something every single day including how to flub your way to a word limit.   ...view item »

Virginia Wing

Probably one of the better Record Store Day releases this year, ace London quartet Virginia Wing tease you a couple of new tracks from what will be their brand new record in due course. If it's anything like the last one it will appeal to fans of Broadcast, Stereolab and fans of all things kraut and pop.  ...view item »
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Lolina (Inga Copeland)
Live In Paris

Under the moniker of Lolina, former Hype Williams provocateur Inga Copeland played a show Live In Paris, which she is now self-releasing. The set was a typically odd one, with Monopoly-related spoken vocals and abstract electronics in edition to Inga’s cutting-edg...view item »

It Must Be Grubs

Superband three piece Grubs are Roxy (Two White Cranes, Towel, Joanna Gruesome) drummer Jake and Owen (Caramel, Joanna Gruesome). Their debut ‘It Must Be Grubs’ is a very limited co release from the excellent, home grown Tuff Enuff and Reeks Of Effort record labels. Grubs music consists of beautifully crafted, vocal lead harmonic pop...view item »
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Matthew Edwards & The Unfortunates

Depicting Matthew Edward’s return to England, and Birmingham after living in California for two decades, the follow up to 2012’s The Fate, Folklore shares a loving theme reflecting the previous work’s title. This indie-folk-pop is tinged with simultaneous adoration and sadness at returning to ...view item »

Endless Summer

Written over a period of a year, Icelandic musician Soley is back after collaborating with her long time friend Albert Finnbogason to give us a full length entitled Endless Summer. Soft and gentle piano notes flow under the sound of her throaty vocals to allow the music to enter your ears and caress your brain. Availabl...view item »

The Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips Onboard the International Space Station Concert for Peace

The Flaming Lips recreate seven cuts from their newest album Oczy Mlody in live performance at the International Space Station Concert for Peace, although we should warn you that this concert might possibly have been fictional… The music is tangible and real though, and bursting with psychedelic spacey l...view item »

Sandy (Alex G)

After doing many self recorded, produced and released records and cassettes, Philadelphia’s Alex G has rightly been snapped up by Domino for 2015’s Beach Music, and now they bring him back for his eighth full length. Rocket brings gorgeous suburban logfire songs, folk pop with a city backdrop. On vi...view item »

London Grammar
Truth Is a Beautiful Thing

After a huge build up with the steady release of tracks such as Rooting For You, Big Picture and Oh Woman, Oh Man, London Grammar are ready to release their follow up album on Metal & Dust. Double CD and vinyl versions come with exclusive tracks, different mixes, original demos & live versions....view item »

Gone Now

Jack Antonoff (previously of Fun. and Steel Train) went solo as Bleachers, writing for Taylor Swift’s 1989 and releasing his debut full length in 2014. Moving to Columbia for his sophomore album, Gone Now plays like a soundtrack to 80s fi...view item »

Little Dragon
Ritual Union

Ela Orleans
Circles Of Upper and Lower Hell

This is surely the most grandiose and bold statement in the musical career of the Polish born, Glasgow-based musician Ela Orleans. A varied amalgamation of all her previous work is presented as a sprawling double LP which is apparently loosely based on Dante's Inferno. Expect celestial ghostly pop songs, synthy textures and the grandest of grand...view item »

Billie Marten
Milk & Honey

Nice ethereal acoustic twiddlings from silky-voiced Ripon-based songstress Isabella Sophie Tweddle, aka Billie Marten. A Youtube sensation at the age of 12, Marten is now getting some serious attention, including a nomination for BBC Sound of 2016. And she's still only 17. According to her Wikipedia page she is, apparently, obsessed with alpacas...view item »
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Viking Moses / Sam Goodwill
Clown School / Oxygen

Two inventive songwriters share wax on this here split 7” single, recorded in Edinburgh last summer. Apart from their inquisitive approach to songcraft, the through-line connecting Viking Moses’ Clown School and Sam Goodwill’s Oxygen is folk artist Ceylan Hay,...view item »

Soft Cell
Non Stop Erotic Cabaret

The first album by Soft Cell, released in 1981 to much attention. Non Stop Erotic Cabaret is a true classic of sexy synth-pop, featuring both the enormously famous ‘Tainted Love’ cover and the infamous ‘Sex Dwarf’. No self-respected synth lover can be without this album, now reissued on vinyl by ...view item »

Pascal Pinon

Pascal Pinon’s third album is a truly serene and reflective one. Themed around the two sisters’ first separation from each other, whilst Jófríður went on tour with her other band, Samaris, Ásthildur stayed in Amsterdam to study. Written whilst apart and during brief encounter...view item »

Daniel Woolhouse
What’s That Sound

Daniel Woolhouse not under his Deptford Goth moniker is a different affair entirely. Less of the woozy downtempo melancholia, more life loving and richly organic indie pop songs. Piano, brass, piano and rich tone big band sound that’ll lift you right up. Hopeful summer afternoon driving spectaculars....view item »

High Sunn
Hopeless Romantic

High Sunn has racked up thirty releases to date, an impressive number even before you become aware that that accounts for just three years, or that Mr High Sunn is currently only seventeen(!!). It sounds absurd, but hey, just listen to Hopeless Romantic and you’ll find it hard to deny that the kid...view item »

JW Ridley
Everything (Deathless)

JW Ridley brings his playful dream rock to Speedy Wunderground with the Everything (Deathless) vinyl 7”. Imagine a rich Fleetwood Mac sound, but sadder, more introverted and experimental. 1980s pop and rock textures are clearly a reference point, but updated with luscious synths and electronics....view item »

Nick Hakim
Green Twins

Nick Hakim’s debut album Green Twins, following up on a pair of very well-received EPs, is the result of a stack of musical experience and a battalion of inventive production techniques. Consequently, each track on Green Twins is positively brimming over with pleasing little sonic details, making the soul...view item »

BMX Bandits
BMX Bandits Forever

After 30 years in the game, Duglas T Stewart fronted BMX Bandits return to Elefant for their 13th album. A favourite of Kurt Cobain’s the Bandits have had numerous changing members always with Stewart at the helm. Described as a “gentle genius” ...Forever proves this p...view item »

Me and the Bees
Menos Mal

Me and the Bees are a Spanish indie pop band with the enviable power to summon up sheer joyous vibes with every one of its quick little two minute tracks. Menos Mal is happy hedonist summer music, built out of sweet vocal harmonies and cool chords. Ooh it's lovely stuff this is. CD / LP on La Castanya....view item »


Well, it may sound absolutely nothing like anything else the band's ever done, but this really isn't a terrible album. There's a kind of charming innocence about it that we haven't seen in any of their later work (no irony here), and while the songs aren't exactly awe-inspiring, tunes like My Lighthouse, Joking Aside, and Love Love are good enou...view item »

Kinder Versions

If you’re a fan of the Icelandic sound (there definitely is one) Mammút bring it in spades on their new album on Bella Union Kinder Versions. Post rock meets psychedelic, not as far or ethereal as Sigur Ros, but the gentleness is there, topped with the Björk meets ...view item »

Fotomoto/ The Workhouse

is a split between the Ukraine's Fotomoto and The Workhouse from England. Fotomoto first of all.. This is top.....Their track sounds like Blonde Redhead without the Sonic Youth obsession. Like a twee Blonde Redhead you could take home to meet your mum. It's a crackin...view item »
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Noonday Underground

Yes the above is celebrating the release of a brand new whiskey which the words absolutely and excited just don't go anywhere near to describing how I feel about it. One of my fave songs of last year and it's out in vinyl for the 1st time. 1000 copies in a lovely colour pic sleeve each with a label dis...view item »


David Cohn’s bizarre and comedic hip-hop and indie mashup moniker Serengeti’s breakthrough album from 2006, Dennehy is made available on vinyl for the first time, and it includes a bonus track called Amateur Surgeon and four further tracks that made up an unreleased EP called Be...view item »

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Shake The Shudder

New York’s hardy perennial dance-punkers !!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk remember) are in their twentieth year now, which gives Shake The Shudder a new angle. On the one hand, this is still joyful party-dance music. On the other, the band are feeling a bit more introspective and mature. But you know w...view item »

Marika Hackman
I'm Not Your Man

Marika Hackman’s second full-length album arrives with The Big Moon in tow as her backing band. I’m Not Your Man is a cool record, intimate when it needs to be and guitar-rocking when it feels like it. We have four different formats available (at time of release, depending on stock levels), ...view item »

Of Montreal
Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?

Now the new album from OF MONTREAL on polyvinyl. This isn't an album to brush off with a flippant comment. It's innovation and originality is to be admired as it veers from cheeky holiday disco to orchestrated pop. The vocals are double tracked and awkward, hitting some unexpected and swooping lines and you never know if its g...view item »

Drab Majesty

Drab Majesty is the solo project of Deb Demure, who you may have seen drumming with the band Marriages. On Careless he jams the sounds feelings of his 1980’s LA childhood into Depeche Mode-esque dark synth-pop. The vinyl is a fetching shade of black, pressed in a ...view item »

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