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Kaiser Chiefs

Duck is the new album by Kaiser Chiefs. What I’m going to focus on here is the eleventh track, titled Kurt vs Frasier (The Battle For Seattle). What are we to take from this, as a song, from Kaiser Chiefs? Where do Nirvana or Dr Frasier Crane, or indeed Seattle, fit into the universe of Kaiser Chiefs? Why have they done this? I wish I knew. On Polydor.

Galaxy Fingers
The Last Bastion Of Fox Quality

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Body Of Light
Time To Kill

Dark synth-pop brothers Body of Light are still at it on Time To Kill, their third album. Odds are they've been compared to Depeche Mode before, but I'm gonna do it anyway, because they sound quite like Depeche Mode. As an album it represents refinement of their sound, a refinement that lets them go deeper and darker than ever.

Another Sky
Life Was Coming In Through The Blinds

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Four Tries Down / It’s A Mess

Malmo's Hater return with a standalone 7" featuring two brand new tracks and following on from their Fire debut Siesta from back in 2018. They make dreamy, angular pop music with vocal nods to Nico cutting through guitar led ambience to wallow in what they self describe as a beautiful mess. Title may or may not be Rugby related. 
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Yellow Days
Harmless Melodies EP

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Lloyd Cole

Consisting of fewer, longer songs and minimal lyrics, Lloyd Cole’s 11th solo album sees the indie legends face up to the inevitability and uncertainty of ageing. Guesswork, as opposed to his last outing Standards six years ago, also embraces electronic textures, adding up to one of the most profound records he’s ever released. 

We Can Be One

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Some Minds

Flume’s new track, Some Minds, gets the white label treatment. The Australian producer has enlisted the singer of Miike Snow to assist with some dramatic, sweeping vocals, which fit very nicely with this widescreen electronic pop number. On the B-side is an extra-housey Flume’s remix of Collarbones’ ‘Turning’. On Future Classic.

Baxter Dury
Len Parrot's Memorial Lift

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Songs about settling down always worry me. It's can't be easy to find inspiration about a trip to IKEA to get a new bedside cabinet. However, settling is apparently what this album is about. On initial listen it's soothing and melancholy electronic pop with very pretty vocal harmonies. Sounds pretty lovely actually. Limited coke bottle colour spot gloss sleeve for Indies only.    
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The Beatles
Abbey Road

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Toro Y Moi
Outer Peace

Toro Y Moi's prolific Chaz Bear moved for awhile to the wilds of Portland to make his previous album Boo Boo. Whilst there he got to thinking about how technology ruins our day to day lives and the constant instant gratification we experience. I hope this leads to a Toro Y Moi album that we can enjoy as much as his earlier albums as Chaz himself could possibly do with a step away from the computer to re-discover some form. 

Of Monsters and Men
Fever Dream

They became the first Icelandic band to reach one billion streams for their ubiquitous hit ‘Little Talks’ at the start of the decade - now, Icelandic group Of Monsters And Men deliver a third studio album. Produced once again with the help of Rich Costey, Fever Dream represents a subtle change of direction, if lead single ‘Alligator’ is anything to go by.

St. Vincent

Masseduction is the new album from St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark. It is her 6th, if you count the one she did with David Byrne. As the title may suggest, themes of sex, power, vulnerable relationships and death weave throughout the lyrics, which are autobiographical, according to Clark. Musically, Clark’s inventive guitar, synth and electronics create a punchy sonic backdrop.

Los Retros

Los Retros, aka 19 year-old Californian dude, Mauri Tapia, makes music inspired by ‘70s AOR and leftfield Hispanic pop. A weird, ostensibly incompatible mix, you may think. However, the resulting sound will delight fans of Mac DeMarco. Retrospect, his debut EP, could well be the soundtrack to your hazy summer days.

Alice Cohen & The Channel 14 Weather Team
Artificial Fairytales

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School of Language

A concept album about Donald Trump that’s funky as hell, you say? Weird request, but okay, here it is. 45 is the new album by School of Language, aka David Brewis, one half of Field Music. It takes aim at the 45th president of the United States and his hangers-on. Inspired by the writings of Watergate journalist, Bob Woodward, Moneyball guy, Nate Silver, and the music of James Brown, The Meters, Sly and the Family Stone and Free.  

The Pearlfishers
Love & Other Hopeless Things

Ah, The Pearlfishers! following a Scottish tradition for blissful alternative pop music without really being noticed since 1991. Obvious points of reference are Surf's Up-era Beach Boys, The Beatles and Teenage Fanclub but there’s elements of Prefab Sprout and Michael Head that appear in the songs of head Pearfilsher David Scott too. Love & Other Hopeless Things is their new album. LP and CD on Marina.

Bloom Offering
Womans Work

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Grace Lightman
Silver Eater

Judging by the cover of Grace Lightman’s debut LP, it would appear that the title - Silver Eater - is to be taken literally. While it’s not exactly good practice to eat silver or encourage others to do so, things pick up when you get past that bit and on to the music. This is electro-pop at once poised and off-kilter. Silver Eater is not dissimilar to St. Vincent’s recent output.

Learn To Let Go / Body Love

Guess it's been a while since you needed physical records to become the next big thing. Two-girls-from-North-London duo IDER have been causing digital ripples on the interblogs since they released Sorry way back in 2016. Now they've decided to join the cult of actual vinyl with their first ever physical release, featuring smooth and gentle electronic singles Learn To Let Go and Body Love, as well as two accompanying remixes.
  • Vinyl 10" (GLS023910)
  • £6.49 £5.19 (saving: £1.30)
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  • Limited edition
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Ada Lea
What We Say In Private

Musician and artist, Ada Lea, hails from Quebec, Canada. She seems just as at home with a double bass as she does with an electric guitar. Her inspiration comes from a number of sources - artists such a Frida Kahlo and Eva Hesse, the writing of Sylvia Plath, folk/blues troubadour Karen Dalton and all-round genius Nina Simone. What We Say In Private was borne out of a sleepless, yet productive, period of time following a break-up.


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Swimming Girls
Existential Fears

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Great Dad
Great Dad

Great Dad are an electronic duo from London with a DIY aesthetic. Their weird electronic sounds are met with vocals that have been through all sorts of manipulation. What we can draw from this self-titled, self-released cassette is that good or bad, everything seems to balance out in the end. The pair also have another, guitar orientated band, Worm Hears.

Public Service Broadcasting
White Star Liner

40,000 copies sold of their last album.... selling out the Albert Hall? Well our favourite 'putting-bits-of-old-commentary-over-second-rate-post-rock' lot are back with a 4 track EP which you could have got for free by taping off 6 Music when it was broadcast. This time they have turned their attention to that time the Titanic went down. Whatever half remembered nostalgic subject will they latch onto next?  

Emotional Education

There’s been a buzz about Ider for a while now. Their debut album, Emotional Education, arrives amongst great anticipation. The electro pop duo are flatmates Lily Sommerville and Megan Markwick from London. Their album, as you might guess from the title, explores different aspects of our emotions whilst asking a few questions as well as coming up with a few answers.
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A Certain Ratio
Dirty Boy / Shack Up (Remixed)

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Yasuaki Shimizu

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The Fall

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Grim Town

22-year-old Northern-Irish singer-songwriter SOAK releasing her second full-length album, Grim Town. We haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but the first two singles Knock Me Off My Feet and Everybody Loves You suggest it’s got plenty of great and catchy pop songs to make you wonder what you've done with your life so far.

Death And Vanilla
The Tenant

Here is a first vinyl press for Death and Vanilla's unreleased live score for 'The Tenant' (Roman Polanski). They recorded it in 2015 in Spain alongside a showing of the film and shows the bands at their most cinematic, avant garde and minimalist.  Amazing that people still have anything to do with Polanski's work but it's a funny old world.  
  • Vinyl LP (FAME383LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

London Grammar
Oh Woman Oh Man

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Bloc Party
Silent Alarm Live

One of the most well-received, influential and fondly-remembered British indie debuts of the Noughties, Silent Alarm by Bloc Party gets the official live album treatment. Recorded from various performances throughout 2018’s European tour, including the memorable Ally Pally homecoming, the songs still sound crystalline and inventive today. 

Drab Majesty
Modern Mirror

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Taken By Trees
Other Worlds

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The Wannadies

You may not know this but the Wannadies did another album other than Be A Girl and another song other than 'You and Me'. For proof, here it is. It's called Yeah and it was released in 1999. It sees them leaning towards a more electronic sound with some danceable grooves. It contains some of the songs the band plays live whilst everyone waits for 'You and Me'.   
  • Vinyl LP (MOVLP2304C)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Kayla Guthrie
Falling Star

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David Byrne
Grown Backwards (Deluxe Edition)

Grown Backwards was David Byrne’s first for Nonesuch Records. It was originally released in the weird non-vinyl times that were 2004, so this reissue, 15 years later, is the first time it’s been released on vinyl. It sees Byrne being uncharacteristically personal and emotional. It includes a duet with Tropicalia star Caetano Veloso and a bunch of extra tracks. Double LP on Nonesuch.

Friends In The Bubble Bath Remixes

Everyone is a fan of audiobooks except us at Norman Records. And maybe that's not fair on the others who work here  - it probably just comes down to me not liking them. I tell you who does like them though, Welsh songstress Gwenno, and the guy from Factory Floor both of which are really happy to provide remixes. (David) Wrench does a mix too but he's already in the band so doesn't count.      

First Aid Kit
You Are The Problem Here

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London Grammar
Big Picture

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First Aid Kit
Tender Offerings

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Everything Everything
Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread

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Jay-Jay Johanson

Accompanying four-track 12” single release to go with Jay-Jay Johanson’s new studio album Kings Cross. Boasts exclusive Jeanne Added duet ‘Fever’, album tracks ‘Heard Somebody Whistle’ and ‘Not Time Yet’, plus a bonus dub version of ‘Not Time Yet’. Given his Nordic upbringing, it should be no surprise to hear his vocals have been described as "melancholic".
  • Vinyl 12" (29MU025)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Liquid Skin (20th Anniversary Edition)

After Gomez recorded most of their debut, Bring It On, in a garage on a four track, its success meant that follow-up Liquid Skin enjoyed a very different birth. The album was recorded in top-notch studios, allowing them more sonic scope with the music being informed by their experiences of touring America. 

National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
Standards Vol. V

National Jazz Trio Of Scotland, in case you weren’t aware, are of course no such thing, being instead Bill Wells and collaborators. Standards Vol. V makes great use of Gerard Black’s tenor vocals. Some of the selections are true Standards (something from Fiddler On The Roof, a Scots ballad and a song from Shakespeare), and some are original. All are lush. Released by Karaoke Kalk.

Stereo Total
Ah! Quel Cinéma!

French/German lo-fi garage/electronic duo Stereo Total release their 17th album Ah! Quel Cinema! It is an album that they are so proud of they’ve put two exclamation marks in the title. All you really need to know, however, is that on of them is called Francoise Cactus - she's the French half. On Tapete.


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Imperial Teen
Now We Are Timeless

Now We Are Timeless is the sixth album by US indie-rockers, Imperial Teen. The band feature Roddy Bottum, formerly of Faith No More. This is their first album in 7 years, so all you fans out there may have been missing them. I, on the other hand, assumed that their 1996 debut, Seasick, featuring the catchy single, You’re One, was a one-off event. How wrong I was.

Panda Bear
A Day With The Homies

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Various (The Bangles, The Three O’Clock, The Dream Syndicate and Rain Parade)
3 x 4

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Jose Gonzalez
Let It Carry You Remixes

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Ian Brown
First World Problems

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The Pictorial Jackson Review

The Pictorial Jackson Review is not only brilliantly titled but is one of the best of the latter day Felt records. It's full of wonderfully brief tunes which more often than not sound comically in thrall to Bob Dylan. Try listening to How Spook Got Her Man without thinking of the grizzled troubadour. 
  • Vinyl LP (FLT187)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Jasmine Minks
Step By Step

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Suzi Wu
Error 404

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Keel Her
With Kindness

Winchester's finest Keel Her was once extremely prolific with a host of releases going back to when Rose Keeler Schaefler was just 14 and indeed made an album with similarly prolific guy R Stevie Moore. Things have been quiet in the last few years as she battled other demons but now she is back with a new splurge of material which will hopefully cement the promise shown by her earlier releases.  

Natalie Prass
The Future and the Past

Natalie Prass was so appalled at the Trump election result that she re-wrote her album to reflect her swirling emotions. She then chose to wear a bow-tie on the album sleeve but the less said about that the better. 'The Future and the Past' taps into 80s pop, 90's r&b with some emotional ballads thrown in amongst a myriad of technicolour grooves.    
  • Vinyl LP (ATO0421LP)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (ATO0421CD)
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J. McFarlane's Reality Guest
Ta Da

J. McFarlane breaks temporarily from Twerps to pursue a solo project. A minimalist construction of keyboards, feather-touch guitars, wind instrumentation and songwriting that can only be summed up by the irritating word 'quirky', Ta Da was originally issued in her native Australia via Hobbies Galore, but now gets a worldwide release on Night School. 


The lack of space in SadGirl’s name is important. Water is an album of double-retro piano-led pop that yearns for that time in the ‘70s when people loved remembering the moonlit pop of the ‘50s - albeit with a distinctly modern edge. Google Sad Girl with a space, however and you’ll find yourself in a different sound world, listening to some brooding electronica. On Suicide Squeeze.

The Pale Fountains
(There's Always) Something On My Mind

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As anyone who knows their Peep Show can attest, negative orgones are generally to be avoided while positive orgones should be hunted down with glee. Sarasara’s sophomore LP is an Orgone that falls into the latter category - if a guest spot from Peter Doherty doesn’t scream benign energy then we just don’t know what does. On this record the French chanteuse spools out electronic pop of the sort that one tends to associate with FKA Twigs.


Australian singer/songwriter and guitarist, Olivia Jayne Bartley, makes music under the name Olympia. Flamingo is her second album, following on from 2016’s Self Talk. Judging by lead track, Hounds, Flamingo will be an album of punchy, 6 Music-friendly alt-pop which could well shift a few units.


Described as sounding like literally everything all the way from Grimes to fka Twigs this is the debut album from producer BABii ( Babii) and it's produced by none other than Sir Adrian Sherwood (On-U-Sound System). Expect hook laden electronica with dark industrial undercurrents and if you are very quick there'll be a super duper Dinked version. On Death Waltz Originals. 

New Order
Tutti Frutti

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Let's Pray / I Will Be The World

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Hot Chip
A Bath Full of Ecstasy

How nice of them. Hot Chip got lots of pleasure from making this latest album of theirs and they want to pass that joy onto the listener. Some may say that it would have been even nicer of them to keep it to themselves. That said if they bring some joy into some peoples world who are we to argue. Expect joyful dance pop led by a tiny voice.   
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Everything Is Recorded
Close But Not Quite

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Fake Laugh
Honesty / Surrounded

We loved his debut self titled album from last year which promised a new talent who could get close to the classic 80s indie songwriters like Roddy Frame or Paddy McAloon. Kamran Khan has the sort of talent that it's hard to bottle  - a fluid melodicism that makes his dream pop glide above everything else in the genre.  

Lazy Day

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Tom Tom Club
Tom Tom Club

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Void Vision
Sub Rosa

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Haruomi Hosono
Cochin Moon

Cochin Moon is Haruomi Hosono’s 5th solo album, inspired by a trip to India and set as the soundtrack to a non-existent Bollywood film. The record was originally released in 1978 and as such was massively ahead of its time with its manic electronic instrumentation. FFO Cluster, Aphex Twin. Artwork was provided by Tadanori Yokoo.

Juramento Mantarraya

Isabel Fernández Reviriego - the former singer of Charades - comes through with her latest LP as Aries. Juramento Mantarraya is a delightful record that kaleidoscopes a multitude of styles into a bright and shiny electro-indie sound. This album bursts at the seams with ideas, and Reviriego is a charismatic ball of positivity up front. Dirty Projectors would be pleased to have made Juramento Mantarraya.

Everybody's Problem

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Lydia Ainsworth
Phantom Forest

Juno-nominated singer, all-round auteur and Botticelli fan Lydia Ainsworth presents her third studio album. An exercise in fantasy world-building, Phantom Forest promises to be the Canadian’s most ambitious record yet. This is pop music produced with the ear of a composer, which finds a place for both live and programmed instrumentation.


Post-Bjork? Her third solo record followed on from the gleeful and smooth Debut, and offered more of the same with slight experimental tinges that would reveal a more thoughtful and endlessly imaginative artist. With a huge backing band behind her and a knack for the sinister, Post started to hint at a new incarnation.


At the time, just after the turn of a new century, Vespertine felt like a logical progression from Homogenic, released four years previously. The increased orchestral presence is rich and lush, backed with more considered, detailed beats and songs which travel from the dark and folkloric to movingly romantic. 


It's called Debut because Bjork may be an accomplished, brilliant, wise pop musician, but she is also apparently a liar (in this small, irrelevant case only). This is actually her second solo record, and it's the best place to find the trip-hop, soft dance, good time version of an artist who went on to be a lot more elusive and challenging than this. "Crying" is actually laughing.

Alfie Templeman
Sunday Morning Cereal EP

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Mega Bog

Mega Bog is the somewhat misleading recording name of Erin Elizabeth Birgy. Misleading because her music mixes Joni Mitchell’s jazz-flecked albums with Laurie Anderson’s late ‘80s output rather than some sludgy-riffing rock band the name may conjure up. On her fifth album, Dolphine, she is joined by members of Big Thief, Hand Habits and Iji. On Paradise Of Bachelors.

Night Moves
Can You Really Find Me

Minneapolis duo, Night Moves, were likened to The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and Band of Horses when they hit town with their debut album Colored Emotions back in 2012. Their music was based on classic American pop and rock - Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac, Todd Rundgren - and twisted to make new cosmic shapes. Can You Really Find Me is their fourth album and finds them maturing. They’ve still got the hooks and the riffs, but now there’s an added emotional quality too.

En Solitaire

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Casi & The Blind Harpist
Sunflower Seeds EP

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New Order

Remember Republic? The New Order album with sleeve art that looks like a straight-to-video action movie languishing in a VHS bargain bin? Here it is reissued, by Rhino. The 1993 album includes the hit ‘Regret’, and was the last thing released by the band before their long hiatus. Remastered audio!

Daughter Of Swords

Break up albums have a habit of being mopey and sad. And that's okay! But these forget the other kind of break up. The kind that offers a fresh start and a new beginning. Daughter Of Swords' Dawnbreaker is just that. Optimistic, hopeful, and grounded. Alexandra Sauser-Monnig captures that hope, and the fear, with this collection of comforting indie-folk songs.

Echo Ladies
Echo Ladies

If you’re looking for the precise intersection of Alvvays, The Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order, then Echo Ladies’ EP could be exactly what you need for those late nights lying (alone) on your bedroom floor. Defining their sound as, “the feeling of nostalgia and hope for the future mixed with angst”, these Swedish school-friends are giving shoegaze the defiant female vocals it needs. 

Red Sleeping Beauty

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Daughters Of The Sky

Third studio album from Bamboo, the project formed by Peepholes’ Nick Carlisle and Trash Kit’s Rachel Horwood. Taking inspiration from the florid beauty of classic folk and the pristine ambient productions of Berlin-era Bowie, Daughters of the Sky is thematically underpinned by motherhood and nature. 

Liela Moss
A Little Bit Of Rain

Such is her desire to have things neatly categorised, Leila Moss follows up her impressive debut, My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth, with an EP of songs about rain. A Little Bit Of Rain features her versions of tracks by Eurythmics, The Cure, Scott Walker and Ann Peebles. The title nods in the direction of ‘60s folk icon Karen Dalton, who has been a huge influence on Moss.


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The Weight

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Vital Idles

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Stephen Duffy
I Love My Friends

While it made very little commercial impression at the time, former Duran Duran co-founder and The Lilac Time member Stephen Duffy garnered rave reviews, and a cult following including a certain Robbie Williams, for his emotionally raw 1998 solo album I Love My Friends. Just over two decades later, it receives a well-deserved release on vinyl for the first time ever.

Cherushii & Maria Minerva

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