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Corin Ashley
Broken Biscuits

Former member of The Pills and touring member of The Cardinals, Corin Ashley had started working on Broken Bisquits when he suffered a severe stroke. After a year he managed to bring himself back from partial paralysis and finish it. A heady mix of The Beatles, power po...view item »

The Hayman Kupa Band
The Hayman Kupa Band

When dreams come true  - part 435. Darren Hayman was watching Emma Kupa's band Standard Fare one night and thought to himself "I'd like to be in a band with her". So he made it happen at here it is. The two songwriters shared ideas, wrote songs together then asked a couple of musician pals to help flesh out...view item »

The Stevens

The Stevens might have the sort of name that is easy to forget but we think you might like their music. You certainly will if you like brash and melodic power pop. The Melbourne band make the kind of fuzzy lo-fi pop that isn’t as straightforward as it initially seems. It’s twists and turns recall B...view item »

Avey Tare

Oh to be an Animal Collective fan and have this constant stream of music coming at you. Here's the latest solo release from their Avey Tare which is produced by another one from the collective Deakin and is self-described as an electro-acoustic movement through leaves rock and dust made in ...view item »

Cruise Control

Listen in to Johnny Jewel’s package of highlights for the summer, all carefully picked out from the 2017 release roster of the Italians Do It Better label. Cruise Control features seventy-nine minutes premium smooth-synth material from Chromatics, Nite Jewel and Glass Cand...view item »

Johnny Jewel

Johnny Jewel’s dark disco has adorned many soundtracks including Drive and Lost River. His new album features a load of unreleased solo material, including few of his works for the third season of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Includes a couple tracks with his groups De...view item »

Hulaboy / The Safe Distance

Here's one of those good old fashioned split albums and both sides feature former Boyracer and current Emotional Response honcho Sir Stewart Anderson. Hulaboy is his long running collaboration with Eric Stoess of Hulahoop and they make bittersweet pop with nods towards Postcard and Flying Nun. O...view item »

Mondo Cozmo
Plastic Soul

From a landscape gardener to a true gem in the underground pop-rock scene, Mondo Cozmo has become a chart topping artist in the US. His moody vocals and relaxed backing music give a recognisable theme to his music- think Primal Scream of the future. Plastic Soul is available on vinyl LP and CD, on &lsqu...view item »

Street Gnar
Shrine EP

Street Gnar, aka Lexington, Kentucky’s Case Mahan, has already got tapes out on Burger Records and Night People and now there’s this seven-song 12” on Atelier Ciseaux to add to the list. I’ve not caught any of tho...view item »

Ask The Deep

Available as six panelled digipak CD with mini poster or gatefold LP with download code, on Morr. Ask The Deep is Icelandic musician Sóley Stefánsdóttir’s (or simply Sóley) sophomore album. Minimalist darkened pop songs, with hints of Dead Can Dance ins...view item »

The Television Personalities
They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles

The TVP's third album was originally meant to be a retrospective to mark the passing of the band. In the end this was only a blip in a lengthy and brilliant career, but it does focus the mind on the excellence of the band's early years, which are showcased here largely in outtake form, with the odd new track thrown in for good measure. D...view item »

Television Personalities
The Painted Word

Eighties underground post-punk group Television Personalities were a key part of the scene, lead by Dan Treacy’s smart lyrics and songcraft. 1984’s The Painted Word is their fourth record and one of their finest, winning much love for its slightly darker and more psychedelic sound. It receiv...view item »

Television Personalities
Mummy You're Not Watching Me

Eighties underground post-punk group Television Personalities were a key part of the scene, lead by Dan Treacy’s smart lyrics and songcraft. Mummy You’re Not Watching Me is their second record, released in 1982 and packed full of special little indie pop songs. It’s getting a very hand...view item »


These two are actual cousins but that hasn't stopped them collaborating on a sleek electronic project where influence is taken from the likes of James Blake, Lauryn Hill, and The xx.  Out of this they have produced a pop sensibility that balances low lit late night atmos...view item »

Florence Raynaud

Florence Raynaud, the frontwoman of Croque Madame, here presents her first solo release, a 7” single. Singes is centred around Raynaud’s highly characterful French language vocals, with a cluster of strings and piano and bouncy pop rhythm section around her. A very strong de...view item »

Bressa Creeting Cake
Bressa Creeting Cake

Bressa Creeting Cake’s self-titled debut album arrived on New Zealand’s crucial Flying Nun label in 1997, ready to amaze and surprise people with their unusual stylistic mixture. Prog rock, psychedelic and underground indie pop all play a role, with the band using stacks of ideas on each song. Double LP on Flying Nun...view item »

Lo-Fi Fnk

Sleepless, eh? Story of my bloody life. This is a singles club type thingy and it's a reasonably insubstantial breeze of housey electro-pop which wouldn't be out of place playing over the top of the emotional climax of Kevin and Perry Go Large.. I'm only assuming that there might be an emotional climax in there, I HAVEN'T SEEN IT HONEST HONEST H...view item »

Get People
Careless / Odyssey

I think Hit Club might have something to do with the indie tastemakers over at Young and Lost Club.. I'm not totally sure. But apparently they're deffoes behind Egyptian Hip-Hop in some way too and everyone's buying their stuff at the moment so that seems good I think. Get People do a bright, bouncy, slightly tropical and heavily 80s-influenced ...view item »

A Place You Like

Indie-rockers ISLAND are slithering into the public consciousness with their promising glut of singles. A Place You Like justifies this rise in prominence that has seen the group already sell out a London Scala show before a debut album is released; catch them live and/or on record at any cost....view item »

More Exits To Garageland

I remember Garageland, They were one of those ‘90s New Zealand bands who came to the UK and threatened to make it big but didn’t because no New Zealand band ever does (except Crowded House). They made a skewed type of Flying Nun style garage (natch) rock with some Sonic Youth...view item »

The Last Of The Lovely Days
Just A Chance / There Are No Words

The Last Of The Lovely Days are a new post-punk group built around the songs of Annie O’Rourke and also featuring musicians from The Others and Smile Down Upon Us. They make their debut with this double A-side 7” single of big melodic action. Just A Chance / Ther...view item »

Lana Del Ray
Lust For Life

Now where have I heard that title before? Nope. It's not coming. Anyway here is global superstar Lana Del Ray with her guest straddled fourth album. The Weeknd, A$AP Rock and Stevie Nicks all make appearances here and its absolutely heartwarming to see her grinning away on ...view item »

Live At The Lovesong

What. A. Life. One morning Spain’s Josh Haden woke up and thought "You know, I'd like to go on tour in L.A.” We’ve all been there. Thing is Josh made it actually happen and his band booked a residency at an LA speakeasy called The Love Song Bar. He also taped the results which you ...view item »

Something To Tell You

America's favourite sister act, Haim, are back with Something To Tell You - the release of their sophomore album. The eleven-track offering, containing lead single 'I Want You Back', sees the trio build upon a critically-acclaimed debut with exciting, forward-thinking and bold songwriting....view item »

Lush Purr
Cuckoo Waltz

If you, like me, were devastated when the Yawns split up then the related Lush Purr offer some hope for a better future. They make dreamy lo-fi pop that has an off kilter feel about it with nods to Cowtown, Bis and Urusei Yatsura. Why does so much good musi...view item »

The Test Of Time

Funny how things come back round. German indie imprint A Turntable Friend were all but forgotten despite releasing a plethora of cool indie 7"s in the early '90s. They returned last year with an excellent single by Wakefield's Drahla and look to again become a force of good in indie circles. Here is a compilation of the best bit...view item »


RAC (Remix Artist Collective), setup and lead by André Allen Anjos drops his new full length album on Counter Records. Refined electro pop-come-disco with a grand 80s glamour.  With all but the outro bringing a different collaborating artists. Featuring Rivers Cuomo, Chaos Ch...view item »

The Maccabees
Wall Of Arms

This album has such a fuller sound than their previous, very creative guitars, and addictive bass and drums. The lyrics are more mature, but still retain hopeful yet ironic charms of the previous album. Fun bouncy songs are in abundance on this, but we also have songs like the mellow, jangly and scratchy "Seventeen Hands" or closing floating Hym...view item »

Captain Free

This is the third album by Greek-born artist Katerina Koutouzi also known as Fos, entitled Captain Free. The record takes you through what can only be described as a soundscape of acoustic-electro and experimental pop, combined with a solid use of airy vocals and synths.  The record is released on her own label &ls...view item »

Same Old, Same Old

This is a fuzzy, buzzy racket. We were sold the last single as a Vivian Girls spin-off but there's no-one called Fiona or Madison in the Vivian Girls, so therefore I supremely doubt we've been told the truth. It's a shit crooked business is this. The first side I encounter on here is a hollowed-out mid-paced scuzz-ball of a tune that sounds more...view item »

Washed Out
Mister Mellow

Washed Out’s new album of bright and dreamy summer pop-not-pop arrives with a full-length visual accompaniment, in which each of Mister Mellow’s dozen tracks is matched with a different medium of visual moving art. It's a great addition to  the Washed Out aesthetic, which is very much a...view item »

C Duncan
Wanted To Want It Too

After gaining a Mercury prize nomination and a boat load more production skills with his debut album, C Duncan, returns with a new single. It’s a huge washy and glorious synth-ballad. Straight shooting drums and walking bass line with almost orchestral synth arrangements, and his layered voice floating around somewhere in ...view item »

C88 - Deluxe 3CD Box Set

C88 continues a fruitful series of compilations in the wake of the seminal NME C86 tape, summing up the bustling underground indie scene of the late 80’s. C88 contains three discs and seventy-one tracks worth of fine material from artists as varied as The Stone Roses, Choo Choo Train...view item »

C Duncan

Available on LP or CD on FatCat records. This is the wondrous debut album from sun-dappled Glaswegian C Duncan. 'Architect' is a fantastic album just waiting be be played on your stereo through summer. Will appeal to fans of Django Django, Sufjan Stevens and last years pop master Stephen Steinbrink.   ...view item »

Shapeshifter / Bloodlines

"Shapeshifter" is the best Tokolosh song yet with clever lyrics. It kind of reminds me of a Skull Kontrol/Monorchid/Circus Lupus song (lyrically-I guess The Fall, by extension) but with more of electronic/folk feel. I hope they release and LP soon. The artwork for this is also tops. PERFECT....view item »

Prefab Sprout
Steve McQueen

Other than the odd '80s hit here and there Prefab Sprout have never had the commercial success they deserve but this could be to do with them never touring and chief sprout Paddy McAloon increasingly resembling some Grizzly Adams/Moondog cross breed. They have though achieved a cult following and critically laud...view item »

Francis MacDonald & Harry Pye

Well this is nice. It's nice to be nice. Francis McDonald is drummer from those happy little jumper boys Teenage Fanclub and here he is writing songs with London based artist Harry Pye (mmm Pye). They sing sweet songs about everyone from Jean Luc Goddard to Mike Love in that unashamedly tuneful cardigan-friendly style of ...view item »

Grace Sings Sludge
Life With Dick

Grace Sings Sludge is the solo outing of Grace Cooper of The Sandwitches and The Fresh and Onlys, recorded at home where the full intensity of Grace’s yearning and unsettled lyrics can be properly expressed. Life With Dick, which is adorned with s...view item »

Toro Y Moi
Boo Boo

It really is about time Toro Y Moi made a good record. This one comes after a period of self reflection presumably after he realised how bad his previous record What For? was. Taking influence from artists ranging from Gigi Masin to Frank Ocean, initial impressions seem to be more R&...view item »

Dead Gaze
Somewhere Else

Dead Gaze is Cole Furlow. He gets this guy James Alexander Warren to drum with him. He sorta does that watery lo-fi semi-hypnogogic pop thing a bit like what Gary War does I guess. Or Ariel Pink? Yeah deffoes some of Ariel Pink, especially when he does his wonky falsetto wailing. 'Somewhere Else' is definitely a pretty nice tune, slow-paced and ...view item »

The Blanche Hudson Weekend / Horowitz

Not only have my ears been blasted by the fire alarm this morning, trebly in itself but no more trebly than this record. It's so trebly my ears are screaming out in pain. It's a two-sided slab of indie pop fuzz, both from different bands but they sound the same. I can't tell which side is which as the label doesn't really explain. Does it ma...view item »

Declan McKenna
What Do You Think About the Car?

Oh lord he's going to be a star isn't he? Just look at that album sleeve. Please calm down ladies (and gents). On first listen his songs sound worryingly good. Tuneful indie-pop sitting somewhere between Jake Bugg and Mac De Marco. Tuneful and singalong enough to appeal to the youth but also plenty of self cocki...view item »

David Bowie
Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles '74)

This high-quality live recording of David Bowie circa 1974 was released for the very first time this Record Store Day: now it makes the transition from the triple LP to the double CD format. Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ‘74) is from a significant point in Bowie’s career, and features all ...view item »


John Moen and Chris Slusarenko have been pals for 20 years. Playing with the likes of Stephen Malkmus, Robert Pollard, Decemberists and  Elliott Smith, they only stepped out of the shadows to form Eyelids relatively recently despite a desire to write togeth...view item »

Kane Strang
Two Hearts and No Brain

The first properly distributed LP by lo-fi pop hopeful Kane Strang who writes catchy and radio ready themes that would appeal to fans of Car Seat Headrest and Alex G. These are slick and polished vignettes which could see Strang become your new favourite 90’s slacker revivalist....view item »

Beach House
B-Sides and Rarities

Beach House present a comprehensive selection of their B-sides and rare tracks in one handy compilation, with recordings that stretch from 2005 to 2015. Treats include a surprising cover of Queen’s ‘Play The Game’ and a slowed down ‘Cough Syrup Remix’ of ‘10 Mile Stereo’...view item »

Lucky + Love
Lucky + Love

Los Angeles April Love and Loren Luck bring their self released debut full length as Lucky + Love. Lots in here for fans of New Order, Depeche Mode, and Cocteau Twins. Driving electro synth-pop tracks, with a raw, yet high fidelity DIY aesthetic...view item »

The Hit Parade
Cornish Pop Songs

Indie hotshots THE HIT PARADE release their seventh album on JSH RECORDS 'CORNISH POP SONGS' includes twelve barn-storming new tunes inspired by the seagulls and the mackerel fishermen of Cornwall.This record features their single 'There's Something About Mary' ('A BONA FIDE SMASH' said Drowned In Sound) and other rocking tunes inc 'Rainy Day In...view item »

Moon Diagrams
Lifetime of Love

Finally, Deerhunter's sticks-man Moses John Archuleta is releasing his first solo album, as Moon Diagrams. It took Archuleta 10 years to assemble Lifetime of Love. The record sees him reassemble the processes of love and grief in his life, through his unique filter of ambient techno and crafty pop ...view item »

All That We've Become

After a long wait, Society have finally released upon to us their first full length debut record. A captivating combination of experimental indie-rock has given room for All That We’ve Become to grace its presence on earth. More than just a side project, Jamie Girdler and ...view item »

Toro Y Moi
Causers Of This

In the top ten of pretty much everyone's 'one to watch in 2010' lists, Toro Y Moi (a.k.a Columbia, South Carolina's Chaz Bundick) has alot of hype to live up too on his debut 'Causers Of This'. Mashing up the sounds of Psychelia, Indie Rock, Electronica, Soul and R&B into an accomplished pop smoothy Bundick's music sounds informed and modern, a...view item »

Flotation Toy Warning
The Machine That Made Us

London based five piece Flotation Toy Warning return with their second full length album thirteen years after the first. The Machine That Made Us is a glorious spaced out trip through indie pop with all the warmth and comfort of home. There are elements of Spiritualised and lo-fi pop with odd instrument...view item »

Slow Club

Slow Club are here with their sophomore album. This time round they sound a bit more polished than last time, it seems to me like an album that was written in the studio. This is quite slick and catchy boy/girl indie pop. The girl does most of the singing actually. Sometimes it's quite synth-heavy, sometimes it's more jangly. At one point t...view item »

Goodbye Bangkok

'Goodbye Bangkok' is the debut album from Hull based group Lymes. The group was founded by singer-songwriter Rich Gilbert who seems to have some kinda of mysterious musical history that was abandoned in favour of a degree then a six year stint living in Southeast Asia. It was here that that...view item »

Orca Team
Take My Hand

Orca Team are back with a nice little surf pop ditty called 'Take My Hand', disappointingly not a cover of Matt Berry's recent pop gem of the same name. The A-side here has a blurred '60s shuffle all reverbed up to give the production a Doors-esque feel. The groove is totally danceable and the...view item »

Dominant Legs

The press release says “Arthur Russell playing the Aztec Camera back catalogue”. From the sound of the first two tracks I can shorten that to a more succinct quote - “Haircut 100”. They have the st...view item »

Peak Twins / Scott & Charlene's Wedding

Geidi Primes

Montreal's Claire Boucher has surprised me here with her album. I was so utterly stumped and perplexed by her split with D'eon that I didn't actually know what was going on. On 'Geidi Primes' her wonky ethereal folk with beats initially sounds like old Too ...view item »

Jackie Lynn
Jackie Lynn

Jackie Lynn is a fictional construct, written and sung into being by Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux. This character, who appears to have a chequered past, is also into lush pop drama, and is helped along by ...view item »

Mueran Humanos
El Circulo

This latest one from Vanity Case comes from Berlin-based Argentinian couple Mueran Humanos, who on ‘El Circulo’ mix a tribalistic mechanised stomp with hypnotic slow-building melodies and chanted vocals, building to a churning ritual-rock fug that recalls Hawkwind and ...view item »

Sun Seeker

A matter of months after releasing their debut single, Nashville based four piece Sun Seeker return to Third Man records for their debut EP,  Biddeford brings six tracks of lovingly warm indie rock written with wistful pop sentimentality and happy folk contentment. Notable influences from The Byrds...view item »

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys singles always get the proper old-school pop 12” treatment, and Undertow, the latest from their recent Super record, is no exception! The track itself gets remixed twice by Tuff City Kids, while Baba Stiltz gets to work on ‘Burn’. Plus a new vers...view item »

LCD Soundsystem

Who likes to exercise? Well I do so I should be interested in this piece of music that Nike commissioned James Murphy to make in 2006. I'm not sure though. The mid tempo house chords and Chic-ish melancholy might make me all slovenly on the treadmill but it's a perfect piece of post exercise comedown music. Now re-issued by Rhin...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
I Would Die 4 U

Warner Bros present a series of Prince reissues, this time focused on 12” singles. Reissued in their original vinyl formats with the original artwork and their original B-sides, these singles are available again just as they were meant to be experienced. Here we’ve got the extended 12” mix of I Would Die 4 ...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
Let’s Go Crazy

Warner Bros present a series of Prince reissues, this time focused on 12” singles. Reissued in their original vinyl formats and with their original B-sides, these singles are available again just as they were meant to be experienced. This one has the exciting ‘Special Dance Mix’ of Let’s Go Crazy...view item »

Prince and the Revolution
Purple Rain

Warner Bros present a series of Prince reissues, this time focused on 12” singles. Reissued in their original vinyl formats and with their original B-sides, these singles are available again just as they were meant to be experienced. Here’s the uber-classic Purple Rain, backed with an instrumental version of...view item »


Feist’s third album, “Metals”, is arguably her best. It opens with “The Bad In Each Other”, a sparse, dusty guitar and percussion arrangement which builds towards a swelling chorus with brass, strings and soulful harmonies from all girl vocal trio Mountain Man. The use of Mountain Man as backing singers is a real pl...view item »


Vocoder heavy synth pop from two primary school teachers on William Burnett’s W.T. label. One half of Teachers is acid house and techno producer Tagwell Woods. Their debut 12” Boys is filled with soft experimental pop tracks via Kraftwerk single note melodie...view item »

Ice Choir
Two Rings

The new project from POBPAH's Kurt Feldman that reminds me of 1980s chart music, not that that's a bad thing! It's a GOOD thing!! This is like The Pet Shop Boys on acid!! Or maybe The Pet Shop Boys....on crack!! Ice Choir have a rhythmically bombastic sound and a production sheen that...view item »

New Build
Misery Loves Company

Hot Chip. It's fair to say I'm no fan. Still, I'm a very nice man really so I'll put all my prejudices aside and take this New Build record on its own terms. It features two members of Hot Chip alongside another chap called Tom. According to the press release they aspire to &l...view item »

Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen

With a name like Casiokids you know what to expect. It's like Twilight Sad calling themselves Noisy, Shoegazey Scottish Lads. This has the feel of a group who have heard that Postal Service album and thought 'we can do that' but forgetting to write any songs (thanks Mike for that analogy). ...view item »

My Lady of Clouds
Your Name In Secret I Would Write

I had to announce to the world (well, just this office to be honest) that I hadn't just flipped the Bright Archer record when playing this disc. It's probably unfair for me to say that the albums are alike when they are completely different except that both are winsome ladies strumming gu...view item »

Frankie Rose
Cage Tropical

Frankie Rose has been around a bit having been a member of Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls. This is her third solo album and initial clues to it's sound would suggest the sort of tightly knit kraut-pop similar to that recently made successful by the like...view item »

Vinyl Williams

Remarkable album this for the solo project of a 25-year-old. Although to be fair Vinyl Williams gets that surname from John Williams the film composer. That would explain some of the impressively grand sprawl that he has managed to pull together for Into’s fourteen tracks, none of which contain a ...view item »

Japanese Breakfast
Soft Sounds From Another Planet

Michelle Zauner’s project Japanese Breakfast releases its second album, Soft Sounds From Another Planet. It’s a record of cool synth songs, drenched in a powerful melancholy expressed by Zauner’s pop vocals and dramatic spoken-word. She looks to the skies and up into s...view item »

The Primitives

The Primitives are so jangle pop that they named one of their compilation records 'The Lazy Recordings'; eat that up, indie rock slackers. They've recently woken from their slumber to release a couple of singles, but 'Spin-o-rama' is the real deal, a new full-length of late '80s/early '90s melodies, raucous guitar and lethargic confidence....view item »

Abram Shook
Love at Low Speed

Love at Low Speed is an especially personal collection of songs by Abram Shook, delving into the end of an eleven year relationship with all the serious song-weight you’d expect from that. The music is gorgeous and fully-detailed, packed with sweet strings, groovy bass and Shook’s impressive...view item »

The Ruby Suns
Sprite Fountain

New Zealander Ryan McPhun who basically is the Ruby Suns takes this sound and runs with it even into the sort of dark places Dirty Projectors fear to tread. The sort of clever clogs pop music that may well appeal to ambitious fans of Field Music.  ...view item »


Loud drums these lot. Very loud drums with vocals that border on caterwauling, and guitars which have your regulation trebly Vampire Weekend sound and a general vibe of  David Byrne goofed up on too many E numbers. I wouldn...view item »

Zulu Winter
Silver Tongue

After an afternoon of reviewing largely vibrant sounds, I've finished up with a seven inch by Zulu Winter. I don't know whether to laugh, cry or go outside and aggressively smoke cigarettes whilst glaring at a particularly intere...view item »

Dear Prudence

Dearie me. I let the gaffer choose my pile this week and wish I'd never bothered. This 'Valentine' single is kinda Florence & the Machine meets late period All About Eve anthemic tosh that will be filling the airwaves all ...view item »

Object Permanence

You can always depend on Weird Forest to hit you hard with summat super left-field and oddball, be it the madness of Yo-Yo Expressway Diet or the ambient cunning of Lil' B's beat-less synth record 'Rain In England'. Guess you could call the label's agenda post-everything 21st century po...view item »

Verda Hugo

I'm so glad these guys spelt colours right. It would annoy me if they didn't. As ever it's a debut (I think most of these Too Pure ones are these days) and it's a right old jumble of styles. Firstly it's fast and frenetic and more unusually unpredictable...I'm listening to it and I've no ...view item »

The Dragon Flies Away

Bamboo features members of Trash Kit and Peepholes, but this is no side-project: their music is fully-formed, highly creative and, in the case of The Dragon Flies Away, rather theatrical. The Dragon Flies Away was originally released as a limited run of cassette tapes, but the ...view item »

Alex Calder / Homeshake
Nankhatai / Stuck Inside

Montreal artists Alex Calder and Homeshake both pull out an exclusive cut from their archives of bedroom-produced pop magic, in order to raise funds for the International Refugee Assistance Project. The Homeshake track is notable for its disorientating woozy tempo changes, and Calder...view item »

Depeche Mode
Music for the Masses

Music For The Masses by Depeche Mode was released just as the band were making it really big. The title suggested that the band felt as though they were making it for a large audience. As it turned out, they were. This was the breakthrough album for the band in the US. It was regarded by critics at the time as being the...view item »


Blur's debut back in 1991 brought along a blend of psychedelic rock and heavy guitars not too far from the sound of The Stone Roses or The Smiths. Though not too welcome by critics, as being too much like shoegazing (a musical trend that was on its way out), in recording "Leisure", along with Charlatan's U.K. and a handful of other bands, they l...view item »

The Drums
Abysmal Thoughts

The Drums have released a twelve-part full length record entitled ‘Abysmal Thoughts’. The release can be described as a glorious delirium of multi-instrumental excellence. Pierce has found himself in full control of every aspect of this record, including the songwriting. This mix of cool vocals, ...view item »

The Horn The Hunt

On this 7” here we’ve got Leeds duo The Horn The Hunt dropping a couple of tracks. According to Business Lady here, these two were tipped for megastardom until they got dicked around by some lame amateur London label. It’s got quite ‘80s dance rock sort of producti...view item »

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