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Oscar Scheller

Once touted as the saviour of British pop in some quarters, songwriter-for-hire and producer Oscar Scheller returns with his sophomore album HTTP404. Boasting collaborations with Lily Allen, Ashnikko and Sarah Midori Perri of Kero Kero Bonito, it promises a more reflective take on the exuberance of his debut Cut & Paste. 

Current Affairs
Object & Subject

Current Affairs sound like they might have been a skinny tied new wave band but no they are from now and they are from Glasgow. They feature members of the likes of Anxiety, the Royal We and Shopping and make scratchy, semi-discordant post-punk just ripe to headline your Wharf Chambers all dayer with gothy/soulful vocals atop future party tunes.  

Vanilla Shell

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Sparrows is Ryota Miyake from Japanese synth group Crystal. On new album, Berries, he mixes all the best synthy bits Crystal had to offer with inspiration from the Beta Band and the expansiveness of travel. All together it comes out as oddball yet sweet psych pop, ideal for soundtracking a road trip.
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Prefab Sprout
From Langley Park To Memphis

Part of a wider re-issue campaign co-ordinated by Sony with the band’s Paddy and Martin McAloon, Prefab Sprout are re-releasing their third studio album From Langley Park To Memphis. Housing their most famous track, the UK no.7 hit ‘The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’, it was originally released in 1988 and arguably represented the apex of their commercial fortunes. 

Yukihiro Takahashi

Just before he properly got going with Japanese electronic innovators Yellow Magic Orchestra in 1978, Yukihiro Takahashi, released a solo album, Saravah! It is an album central to Japanese music of the ‘70s. It is a mix of disco Funk, synth Pop, ambient, French exotica and bossa nova, and as you can probably tell from the album cover, it’s pretty slick.

Gary Numan

Gary Numan’s fifth album, 1981’s  Dance, gets a much-needed reissue. After squishing the original 50 minute album onto one LP, compromising the sound of the recording, it now gets room to breathe over three sides of vinyl, with a fourth side being filled with singles from the era. Numan’s famed electro-pop gave way to some jazzier stuff as he introduced saxophones to the album. Guests include Mick Karn from Japan and Roger Taylor from Queen. Purple vinyl 2LP on Beggars Banquet

Belle and Sebastian
Push Barman To Open Old Wounds

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Prefab Sprout

Part of a wider re-issue campaign co-ordinated by Sony with the band’s Paddy and Martin McAloon, Prefab Sprout are revisiting their 1984 debut album Swoon. Announcing to the world their distinctive style, it was produced on a small budget yet immediately caught the attention of critics, paving the way for a successful career. 

Tony Njoku
Your Psyche's Rainbow Panorama

Your Psyche's Rainbow Panorama by Tony Njoko was inspired by a 150 metre long glass walkway in the Danish city of Aarhus. The walkway was the work of Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson entitled Your Rainbow Panorama. It was the size of the project that inspired Njoku to make this visceral avant-pop version of what he saw, reflect different human emotions in each track.


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Transportation EPs

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Altid Sammen

Danish 4AD signees Efterklang are known for their pop experimentation, flirting with a range of genres including post-rock, indie pop, electronic music and art pop. On ‘Altid Sammen’, their first proper studio album in 7 years, they add baroque instrumentation to their rich musical tapestry. ‘Altid Sammen’ is a record which focuses on themes of togetherness, searching for meaning in nature, death, the afterlife, friendships and the bonds we create with others.
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Prefab Sprout
A Life Of Surprises: The Best Of

A double-album re-issue of A Life of Surprises, the 1992 compilation from often-overlooked English pop band Prefab Sprout. Spanning their first five studio albums, from 1984’s Swoon to 1990’s Jordan: The Comeback, plus two exclusive singles ‘The Sound of Crying’ and ‘If You Don’t Love Me’. 


Not to be confused with the utterly cack mid-Noughties band responsible for the irritating ‘Monster’, this Automatic are a three-piece from Los Angeles who’ve gained a reputation for their incendiary live shows, inspired by psychedelia and punk. Signal is their debut studio album, and comes in a special indies-only red vinyl version. 

The Monochrome Set
Fabula Mendax

Riding in on the first wave of post-punk (apologies for the inappropriate surfing analogy), The Monochrome Set got the ears and tongues of Edwyn Collins and Morrissey (back when people still respected him) wagging. The band have also been an influence on Graham Coxon, Divine Comedy and Franz Ferdinand. Their latest album Fabula Mendex, is based on the scribblings of Armande de Pange who was a pal of Joan Of Arc. History and indie pop all at once.

Faux Pas / Uncle Buzzard
That's My Ego / Big Cat

The new singles by Manchester-based indie punks Faux Pas and Leeds-based psych-po 5-piece Uncle Buzzard, come together as a double A-sided 7”. That’s My Ego shows Faux Pas maturing as songwriters as they discuss the pursuit of perfection, whilst Big Cat sees Uncle Buzzard’s shimmering sound shrouding some heavy subject matter.

Sui Zhen
Losing, Linda

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Dope Lemon
Smooth Big Cat

Dope Lemon is a project from Angus Stone. 'Smooth Big Cat' is the second album under this moniker from Stone. You may remember him as one half of Australian duo Angus & Julia Stone. They played some laid back folk-pop. 'Dope Lemon' is also very laid back but with a little more hazy, lazy, fuzz around the edges. 
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Boy & Bear
Suck On Light

Suck On Light is the fourth album by Australian indie rock/folk combo, Boy & Bear. Their frontman, Dave Hosking, suffered from illness. The album was recorded with producer Colin Dupuis and charts his difficult road back to good health and also expresses the euphoria of being fit and well once more. Good on ya, Dave! 

Fantastic Planet

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About Work The Dancefloor

About Work The Dancefloor by Georgia is euphoric electro-pop that defines the ecstacy of dancing the night, and the early morning, away. It mirrors Georgia’s own experiences with club culture and showcases her ability to blend her influences into a concise dancefloor banger. Includes a remix by The Black Madonna. On Domino.

Really Well

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Cause and Effect

After Roy Keane and perhaps Robbie Keane, post-Coldplay soft-rockers Keane are the third-most-famous of the Keane-clan. We imagine a hewn-from-granite hardman like Roy is positively revolted by the fact that he shares a name with this bunch of Snow Patrolers, but maybe he’s got used to them by now. Or maybe he simply gives them not a second's thought. Anyway, on Cause And Effect - the band’s fifth LP and first for seven years - we find them up to their usual tricks. Expect to hear lead single ‘The Way I Feel’ during TV coverage of football tournaments for the next few years.
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If you’re a big M83 (aka Anthony Gonzalez)  fan, as I’m sure lots of you are, you’ll be aware of his 2007 album, Digital Shades Vol. 1, which contained some Eno influenced ambient outtakes that couldn't find a place on any of his albums. 12 years have passed and M83 has amassed  enough material for a second helping, DSVII. This time there’s an ‘80s sci-fi element to the music. Eno is still clearly an influence but there’s evidence he’s been listening to Mort Garson, John Carpenter and Suzanne Ciani, too.
  • Vinyl Double LP (M7017)
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Pictures of Pictures

Cones co-founders Jonathan and Michael Rosen spent their childhood eating cereal and banging along homemade drums to the Bee Gees. Interesting stuff from the press release but crucially it omits to tell us which cereal. Their close upbringing has spread into adulthood with the duo finally releasing their debut LP of lush orchestrated pop inspired by the classic artists of yesterday. I think this is *cone* to be special......... 

The Juan Maclean
The Brighter The Light

Unfairly overlooked in his Noughties heyday, Juan MacLean returns with the first album under his eponymous electronica project the Juan MacLean in half a decade. His long friendship with one James Murphy probably tells you enough about what it sounds like. Contains the single ‘Zone Non Linear’, and is released by the legendary DFA imprint. 

Kate Bush
The Sensual World

She’s not wrong, y’know - it really is a Sensual World that we live in. Kate Bush had a tough task following up Hounds Of Love (who wouldn’t?), but with her sixth studio LP she passed the test with ease. The Sensual World is a quixotic art-pop masterpiece from the artist who wrote the book on such things. Finishes with ‘This Woman’s Work’. Originally released as the ‘80s drew to a close, this new edition has been given a remastering job by Parlophone.

Connan Mockasin & Dev Hynes
Myths 001

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Beach House
Depression Cherry

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Stone Irr

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sir Was
Holding On To A Dream

Joel Wästberg, best known under his stage name sir Was, is mixing up pop, soul and hip-hop once again for his latest studio effort Holding On To a Dream. Consciously going lo-fi for an authentic vinyl sound, the new album includes a sparkling collaboration with Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano, titled ‘Deployed’. 


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Marc Almond
Stardom Road

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Alex Cameron
Miami Memory

Step aside dad rock, Alex Cameron's here and he's got something called stepdad rock in the shape of Miami Memory. It's hard to know exactly what that means but part of it seems to be about looking out rather than in. Musically we've got overwrought and emotional anthems with a bit of saxophone and church organ for good measure.


Emancipation was the Prince album that saw him wriggle free of his contract with Warner Bros and he subsequently declared it to be his most important album yet. The freedom let Prince experiment freely with an assortment of genres including house music and blues and even toying with a cover of Joan Osbourne's 'One of Us'. This is its first time on vinyl and it comes in a six LP set on purple (natch) vinyl or easier to handle 3CD set.  

Metronomy Forever

Where has Metronomy’s Joseph Mount been since 2016’s Summer 08 album? Well, he’s been hanging out with Robyn and contributing to her album, Honey. He’s back on home turf now though with another Metronomy album called Metronomy Forever. Working with Robyn and moving from Paris back to England to live on a hill have informed and inspired the new set of songs.

Adult Baby

Having made her name as the lead singer of indie-rock veterans Blonde Redhead, Adult Baby represents the first-ever solo album from Kazu Makino. Featuring contributions from some stellar names include Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, Son Lux’s Ian Chang and none other than the legendary Ryuichi Sakamoto, the album is an opportunity for the star to reveal a new aspect of her personality. 

Greatest Hits

Have you ever listened to Bjork and thought 'this sounds interesting but her back catalogue is sprawling and daunting I just want to hear the best bits'? Well we have the answer in Bjork's Greatest Hits. being Bjork she couldn't just do things normally so asked her fanbase to pick their favourite tracks via an online poll. This is a blessing that means her dreadful It's Oh So Quiet debacle is thankfully missing. Also bear in mind that this was originally released in 2002 so you need to look elsewhere for anything after that. Still, a very useful intro.  

Spinning Coin
Vision At The Stars

Wee Scottish indie-pop sensations Spinning Coin return with their first new music since 2017s well regarded 'Permo' LP. Again being released by the Pastels Geographic imprint, this first taster has been co-produced by the Peter Pan of indie-pop himself Stephen Pastel. Surely one of the best of the new indie-pop lot this will appeal to fans of Teenage Fanclub, Orange Juice and Josef K.  


Even I have to admit that Alvvays debut album was a bit of a classic. The Canadian band hit indie-pop right in its mid-fi heart with a string of chiming gems which recalled the likes of the Delgados and Camera Obscura but with a bit of the Breeders avant rock edge priming it ready for a bigger world than the badge and hairclip brigade. 

Belle and Sebastian
Days of the Bagnold Summer

Fiddly-diddly-dee, a new Belle And Sebastian LP. Days Of The Bagnold Summer might be an extremely Belle And Sebastian-type thing to call your record, but it’s actually not a title that the band came up with themselves. Rather, Days Of The Bagnold Summer is Simon Bird’s film of the same name (yes, him from The Inbetweeners), which is itself adapted from a graphic novel by Joff Winterhart. Bird wanted B&S’s 1996 tune ‘Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying’ for the movie, but the band went one better, re-recording both ‘Get Me Away…’ and ‘I Know Where The Summer Goes’ in addition to eleven new tunes.

Jenny Hval
The Practice of Love

Musical witch lady Jenny Hval is back to cast her sonic hexes ‘pon us once more. Hval’s seventh LP 'The Practice Of Love' is another fine work of modern-day Gothicism from the Norwegian artist, one in which she leans a little heavier into the pop stuff than she has done previously. Julee Cruise, Visions-era Grimes and that there David Lynch are the related artists you’re grappling with on 'The Practice Of Love'.

Twin Peaks
Lookout Low

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Chaos and Disorder

Chaos and Disorder was the last album Prince made for Warner Brothers before the big falling out. Despite it featuring some of his most addictive pop tunes yet, he refused to promote it and so it kind of slipped away and has been long out of print. Now he's dead and so there's no-one to for them to argue with, Sony have re-pressed it onto purple (he'd like that bit) vinyl.  

Sequoyah Murray
Before You Begin

Sequoyah Murray steps out with an LP on Thrill Jockey. Before You Begin is a set of synth-heavy and somewhat experimental indie-pop tunes, one that draws on the queer-pop stylings of Perfume Genius, Active Child and How To Dress Well while maintaining the questing soul of Calling Out Of Context-era Arthur Russell. This is a really strong debut record.

Robert Sotelo
Infinite Sprawling

Robert Sotelo returns to Upset The Rhythm with another set of charmingly idiosyncratic ballads. Sotelo has always had a knack for combining the intimacy of your classic singer-songwriter fare with the angular quirk of post-punk - think a plugged-in Richard Dawson, John Maus with the effects switched off, or perhaps a more erstwhile King Krule. Infinite Sprawling chronicles changes in Sotelo's life - a move from London to Glasgow, a final trip to visit his mother in Argentina - with affecting sensitivity. This one has the potential to be a cult hit, so maybe cop Infinite Sprawling early in order to claim bragging rights later on.

Air Con Eden

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Good Luck, Kid

US trio Joseph return with their new album, Good Luck, Kid. They have left behind the folk sound of their first album to make a collection meatier pop/rock songs. The album is supposed to play out like a road movie. The themes are positive, about finding yourself and fighting for what’s important. It was produced by Christian “Leggy” Langdon known for his work with Meg Myers and Charlotte OC.

Broken Chanter
Broken Chanter

David MacGregor from Scottish pop lot Kid Canaveral does the solo thing as Broken Chanter collaborating with a hotchpotch of all stars including Emma Kupa of Mammoth Penguins and members of Withered Hand. It's an opportunity for MacGregor to show the sensitive side of his songwriting crafting heart-tugging songs with an ear for melody.   


Virginia band Turnover turn over (ahem) a new leaf on new LP Altogether. Where once this band dealt in angst-ridden emo, now they’re all about the pop stuff. Tracks like ‘Plant Sugar’ skip along with the breezy abandon of Blossoms while ‘Much After Feeling’ is basically Toro Y Moi. There are certainly parallels in development between Turnover and Ceremony.

Bernard Grancher w/ Laetitia Sadier
L'immodéré bien-être de l'imbécile

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Something Like A War

After a period of almost four years since their last studio album, during which time they’ve DJ’d and toured extensively and collaborated with the likes of Solange and Blood Orange, Kindness - a.k.a. Musician Adam Bainbridge - produce a double-LP effort Something Like a War. With a full-band backing for the upcoming 2019 tour, this ought to be Bainbridge’s masterpiece! 

My Life Story
World Citizen

Seven years on from their tentative reunion, anti-Britpop auteurs My Life Story deliver their fourth studio album after a 19-year gap. Fronted by the ever-acidic Jake Shillingford on vocals, always one of the Nineties’ most underrated lyricists, World Citizen was crowd-funded from their fanbase through PledgeMusic, and ought to pick up the thread from where they left off all that time ago. 
  • Vinyl LP (MLS2LPX)
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LCD Soundsystem
Confuse The Marketplace 

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Adam Green
Engine of Paradise

With mouth on permanent droopy open mode Adam Green has enjoyed a long and varied career since he formed the Moldy Peaches with Kimya Dawson in the mid '90s. His most recent solo work was a film interpretation of Aladdin in which the cast were all made of papier mache. His 10th solo album Engine of Paradise is perhaps less loopy concerning itself with ruminations on life and the afterlife. He occasional knocks great songs right out of the park so as always this will be an essential listen. 

When We’re Still EP

When We’re Still EP is the latest music from Island following their 2018 debut LP, Feels Like Air. The London band trade in earnest indie singer/songwriter type stuff, which is no doubt, destined to be entertaining large crowds at arenas nationwide in the not too distant future. The EP is a mix of new and old material and includes the track Lyra, the first track written by the four-piece.


Though they’ve only been going for a couple of years, the Blue Flowers imprint have already proven themselves adept at spotting talented young singer-songwriters who operate in that kind of King Krule mode. Joining the likes of Westerman and Puma Blue on the label’s roster is young Londoner Joviale, whose debut EP Crisis is another set of soulful and brooding bedroom indie tracks. We expect Joviale’s star to rise pretty high off the back of this one. Crisis was produced by Bullion, dontcha know.

Ghost Orchard

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Frankie Cosmos
Close It Quietly

Fourth album proper from Frankie Cosmos, Greta Kline's project that has slowly become a fully fledged band. Close It Quietly, sees the once anti-folk act morph fully into something more like the weirdo-pop of Broadcast and Stereolab. Lyrically we find Kline reflecting on herself, and the state of the world. Who isn't nowadays?

Lower Dens
The Competition

It’s a little strange to think of Lower Dens as elder statesmen of indie, but the dream-pop duo have now been going for nearly a decade. Their fourth studio album, 'The Competition', is befitting of their status in 2019, their normally languorous demeanour now injected with more urgency in a suite of songs examining the dehumanising effects of the twilight of capitalism. 

Andre Ethier
Croak In The Weeds

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Lana Del Rey
Norman Fucking Rockwell!

Geographically confused chanteuse Lana Del Rey returns with her sixth album and her first since she discovered swearing. She's pictured on the cover cavorting with none other than the grandson of Jack Nicholson and possibly as a matter of note I should say that it contains fourteen new songs most co-written with fun.'s Jack Antonoff. Buy your copy from Norman Fucking Records.      

Venus In Leo

Astrology's hot in 2019. 'Venus In Leo' is the fourth album from HTRK, the minimal electronic duo. Theirs is a sound that is finds an intense sadness in mundanity, that is communicated with minimal beats now freed from their noisy shells. As a Leo, I should probably have something to say about the album title. Unfortunately I know literally nothing about astrology.

Jack Peñate

One of the many fleetingly massive indie artists who made second records that totally flopped in the mid-Noughties, Jack Peñate returns with his first new music in over ten years. His experience in writing and production in the interim has served him well, to which this new 7” single ‘Prayer’ attests. 


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Pixelated Red Squirrel

This takes me back to the mid 90s and the brilliant Bristol scene which included Movietone, Flying Saucer Attack and Crescent. Stephen Lane aka Vase was always on the outside of that scene wandering around it like Noel Coward evading a Velvet Underground rehearsal. He is still making his quaint English songs but this time from the flatlands of Norfolk. This 13 track self released CD is a long awaited return from this perennial outsider. 
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When The Tree Bears Fruit

You know Giggs? Yes, as in the rapper. Nowadays he’s all about drinking cinnamon tea with Drake, but back at the start of the career he was a proper hard-nosed MC who made tough, nasty street-rap. However, because he came from England rather than the United States, his bars were also full of the humorous everyday tit-for-tat one found in grime. One of his early singles, 2008’s ‘Uummm!’, is notable for two reasons. The first is that it cemented one of Giggs’ catchphrases, which is basically him just grunting loudly on-beat ('uhhngh!'). The second is that features an all-time great lyric; ‘Hollow Meets Blade and that Ard sh*t/Came up from the dirt like a parsnip’. ‘Came up from the dirt like a parsnip’ is the sort of thing that lodges in your brain for life and influences all of your subsequent interactions with the word ‘parsnip’. As such, it’s hard for this Norman Records™ chum-swiller to listen to 'When The Tree Bears Fruit', the debut LP from Australian band Parsnip, with fresh ears. Sure, this is an album of charming twee-punk in the vein of Girlpool or The Courtneys. Yeah, songs like ‘Lift Off!’ render positivity in melody in a manner that Jonathan Richman would be proud of. Of course, it’s a winning opening gambit from a group that we’re rooting for. But you know what? On every single one of these indie-pop ditties I’m just waiting for someone to barge up to the mic, shout out the SN1 crew and then launch into a verse of Dracula-voiced gutter-rap. And until we get Giggs to reprise his verse from ‘Uummm!’ over one of Parsnip’s summery jangles, this Norman Records™ text-chump won’t be able to sleep easy in his bed. Parsnip, Hollowman, you know what to do. Uhhngh!

The S.L.P.
The S.L.P.

One for Kasabian fans here - the S.L.P. is the new project from Kasabian guitarist and massive Leicester City fan, Serge Pizzorno. The name of the project, if you’re trying to work out what they stand for, are Serge’s initials - Serge Lorenzo Pizzorno. Musically, it’s similar to his parent band but there are some differences. For example, rapper, Little Simz, features on lead single 'Favourites'.

Free Love
Luxury Hits

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R. Stevie Moore & Gary Wilson
Fake News Trending

Fake News Trending sees the long-awaited union of two underground legends. Lo-fi pioneer R. Stevie Moore and lounge jazz/punk impresario, Gary Wilson have crossed paths plenty in the past, but never recorded together. Includes guest appearances from Jason Falkner, Jad Fair, The Distillers’ Ryan Sinnott and Black Heart Procession’s Pall Jenkins. On the Tim Burgess-owned O Genesis label.

Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta
Pre-Sunrise Authority

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Trembling Eyelids EP

An EP of cinematic indie-pop from Brazilian duo Aldo here. Trembling Eyelids is full of that sort of anthemic, chest-swelling bedroom songwriting that has worked so well for the likes of Hot Chip and Metronomy down the years. There’s also a slightly hypnagogic vibe to cuts like Trembling Eyelids’ title-track that will please fans of Ariel Pink and Johnny Jewel.

Velvet Negroni

When people are asked to name musicians from Minneapolis they tend to get stuck pretty much as soon as they say Prince. Perhaps the rapidly-rising Velvet Negroni will be able to help add to that list in the near future. NEON BROWN, the debut LP from the one born Jeremy Nutzman (what a name), contains a sort of hybrid hip-hop/r ‘n’ b style that the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd have struck gold with in recent years. And yes, Velvet Negroni does sound a bit like Prince at times as well.

The Slow Show
Lust and Learn

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Live At The BBC

25 years ago Blur apparently lived at the BBC. Sorry, no, Blur played a live session for BBC Radio 1. This was, of course, around the time of their very famous third album, Parklife, which included the hit I Am The Fly by Wire, Sorry again! I mean Girls & Boys. Girls and Boys is one of the four tracks on this Blur Live At The BBC EP along with Jubilee, Trouble In The Message Centre and Lot 105.
  • Vinyl 10" (0190295439620)
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The Brothers

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Jay Som
Anak Ko

Jay Som is solely responsible for Anak Ko. She was songwriter and musician, producer and engineer. The result is a record that is indisputably hers. Though she proudly wears her influences on her sleeve (Cocteau Twins, the Cure etc...) there is no denying that she makes the realm of dream pop entirely her own. 

The Unforgiving Current

Manchester-based songwriter Ryan Kennedy was inspired by his recent move to Tokyo on his fourth Horsebeach album The Unforgiving Current. The lonely, nocturnal travelogue feel of the record expresses that indescribable sense of loneliness that, weirdly, only comes in extremely populous city centres. 

Lina Tullgren
Free Cell

A significant expansion on the aesthetics of her ambitious 2017 debut album Won, Lina Tullgren could win a much bigger fanbase with her sophomore effort Free Cell. Dynamic and tense, while retaining the elements of introversion and reflection that made her debut so acclaimed, Captured Tracks have got themselves another real diamond. 
  • Vinyl LP (CT309LP)
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The Sisters

Before Chris Martin and Co. vied for world domination with the likes of U2 and….oh some other bands. Before the thought of marrying Hollywood superstars, let alone consciously uncoupling from them, had entered Mr. Martin’s head, Coldplay released a double 7” EP called Brothers & Sisters. Now it’s being reissued by Fierce Panda as two 7” singles. This one is The Sisters and features the songs 'Brothers & Sisters' and 'Only Superstition'. 
  • Vinyl 7" (ning424B)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Charli XCX

There was a girl on my course at university who was best friends with Charli XCX from school. This was just when Ms. XCX was beginning to become famous (we’re talking ‘Boom Clap’ days), and I often wondered if I’d ever get to meet her at a houseparty or whatever, but our paths never crossed. Her friend was nice though, so by that logic we’re going to say that Charli XCX is probably pretty nice too. Go Charli! Her third, sort-of-self-titled LP will surely cement her legacy as the premiere alt-pop star of our age - the inheritor of Lady Gaga’s crown, perhaps? Charli features the ginormous singles ‘1999’ (ft. Troye Sivan) and ‘Blame It On Your Love’ (ft. Lizzo). Haim, A. G. Cook, Cupcakke and a bunch of other famous names also contribute.

The Lightning Seeds

The band that brought us 'Three Lions', the Lightning Seeds, are reissuing their smash-hit album 'Jollification'. It's a gently psychedelic synth-pop romp that's full of Ian Broudie's winsome vocals, big choruses, and the odd hands-aloft moment. It's easy to write the Lightning Seeds off as a novelty act, but 'Jollification' goes a long way in showing how they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as bands like Pet Shops Boys, Orange Juice, and the La's.

The Stroppies
It's A Hit!

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Friendly Fires

In the eight years after indie/dance band Friendly Fires' album Pala, there was very little activity. Then suddenly they released a couple of singles and started playing live shows. The cat is now out of the bag and fans will be delighted to hear that album No.3, Inflorescent, is here. It was produced by the band and others including Disclosure. 

Jadu Heart
Melt Away

If you wear masks people are going to be curious. Who are they really? Is it a collaboration between Simon Le Bon and Geri Halliwell? Cliff Richard and Corey Taylor? No, it’s not. I don’t think so anyway. Jadu Heart are an alt. Pop / electronic duo from the UK who are currently enjoying their enigmatic status and keeping their audience intrigued. Melt Away is their new album, following on from a clutch of well received singles and EPs.

Abram Shook
The Neon Machine

Hailing from Austin, Texas, musician Abram Shook looks like he’s been beamed in from some alternative version of 2019 where the Seventies never ended, judging by the cover to fourth album The Neon Machine, but his Prince/Bowie party riffs and modern beats make his music some of the most loveable out there. 

Started Out

Georgia is a woman who makes electronic music. Started Out shows the influence of the Chicago house scene of the ‘80s and ‘90s on her music. She used a bunch of kit that the likes of Frankie Knuckles and Mr. Fingers used - 909 drum machines, analogue synths and the like. This 12” includes a remix by Tuff City Kids. On Domino.
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Circa 2000
Faith Healer

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Coming off the back of two years of hard touring following the viral success of her early singles and debut album, Shura (aka British-born artist Aleksandra Denton) presents her eagerly awaited sophomore record forevher. Themed around the emotional rushes of new love, it promises to be a warmer and happier experience.

Linda Guilala
Estado Natural

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New Order
Get Ready

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Zero 7
When It Falls

When It Falls is the second album by production duo Zero 7. It was originally released in 2004, so here we have a 15th anniversary edition, I guess. Its available on a 2CD version that includes a disc of remixes by artists such as Stereolab and Danger Mouse. It’s also available on heavyweight vinyl unlike the flimsy original pressing. Features vocals from Sia, Mozez, Sophie Barker and Tina Dico.

The Siddeleys
What Went Wrong This Time?

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Zero 7
Aurora / Mono

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Francis Lung
A Dream Is U

Genuinely warm and beautiful pop ballads from ex WU LYF man Francis Lung. Gone are the barely contained chaos and snarls of his past life and in its place is A Dream Is U, something almost... comforting. Captures that pleasant pastoral psychedelia the Beatles occasionally reached for. On Memphis Industries.

Rich Aucoin

Canadian pop wizard Rich Aucoin takes a similar approach to his music as Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips might...or even Dan Snaith AKA Caribou…..or perhaps even those MGMT boys. You get the idea anyway, there’s lots going on and it’s a not of this earth. Release is his third album. On Haven Sounds.

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