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The Just Joans
No Longer Young Enough

The Just Joans are another winsome indie-pop band who are doing pretty well for themselves now that people like twee-pop again. For ten years they have been making the kind of heartfelt music that will appeal to fans of Magnetic Fields and the Pastels and here discuss the realisation that you'd prefer a quiet night in than going...view item »

Alex Cameron
Forced Witness

Forced Witness is the latest album from Alex Cameron who has had a little bit of help from his friends with this one; including Brandon Flowers of The Killers, Weyes Blood and Angel Olsen. Having jetted about between Vegas, LA and Berlin to reco...view item »

A Moment Apart

ODESZA's 'A Moment Apart' represents their progress as a duo. The combination of synth lines, weighted atmospheres and a more mature sound create familiar feelings of nostaalgia, optimism and hope for any listening to this standout album. 'A Moment Apart' features many guests, such as Leon Bridges, Regina Spektor, and RY X, showcasing ODESZA's e...view item »

Anna Of The North

After working with Vessels in 2016, Norwegian singer Anna Lotterud backed by New Zealand producer Brady Daniell-Smith bring their debut full length to Different Recordings as Anna Of The North. Lovers holds dreamy electronic pop with a glistening finish, softly sung and...view item »

Happy Abandon

Debut full length from North Carolina based three piece Happy Abandon, and it’s a powerful starting statement. Mixing the likes of Conor Oberst, Bon Iver, Alt-J, and Sigur Ros Facepaint presents soaring vocal harmonies with catchy, driving indie a...view item »

Pinky Pinky
Pinky Pinky EP

If there's one place to thrive as a musician, it's LA. This proggy three-piece seem to have embraced the West Coast environment with their self-titled, and not plinky plonky, Pinky Pinky EP. If nothing else, this four-track offering - co-produced by Hanni El Khatib and Johnny Bell - is an assured slab of...view item »

Zola Jesus

Big gothy bugger Zola Jesus has covered herself in oily stuff on the cover for this and it looks pretty cool. Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil's best but I don't think that's what she's used unless it's really gone off or a poorly rhino has shat in it or something. This doesn't really sound like her other stuff - it's pretty much a pop EP to be ...view item »

Modern Studies
Swell to Great

Modern Studies have knack for creating haunting, doomed landscapes that retain a sense of beauty, with lo-fi and dated instrumentation. If you ever wanted to watch The Wicker Man, mute the final damning scene and play something above it, then nothing would be more fitting then Swell to Great. ...view item »

Soundwalk Collective with Jesse Paris Smith (featuring Patti Smith)
Killer Road

Soundwalk Collective were pleased and surprised to end up working with Patti Smith after a chance airplane meeting. Together with Patti’s daughter Jesse Paris Smith, the ensemb...view item »

New Order Presents Be Music

Be Music is the umbrella name for the various extracurricular activities that the individual members of New Order got up to in their time away from the band. Lots of productions and remixes for acts including Section 25, A Certain Ratio and Factory Floor. This o...view item »

H. Hawkline
I Romanticize

Making the sort of wandering oddball pop music that could be filed alongside fellow Welsh people Super Furry Animals and Cate Le Bon, Huw Evans (aka H. Hawkline) gets closer to greatness here helped by Ms Le Bon as well as Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa. He says ...view item »

The Clientele
God Save The Clientele

The Clientele make timeless 60's west coast US pop music. They've been doing it for ages now and they're so good at it now, listening to the new album now you'd think they were from the US west coast and not London. 'God Save The Clientele' is more classic vintage Clientele gear and put simply it's great pop music. Great stuff!...view item »

The Punishment of Luxury

Here they are again. Visually mismatched oddball synth duo who after 30 odd years of creating weird sounds and adding catchy melodies are still at it. The Punishment of Luxury is described as a daring and dazzling synth pop opus and from the sounds of it OMD are being weird. I like it when they are weird. ...view item »

Dent May
Across The Multiverse

Despite singing about his desire to never move to LA in previous recordings, Mississippi-born musical whizz-kid Dent May has now done just that - apparently to change his backdrop and find new inspiration. After all, that’s where his heroes Brian Wilson, Harry Nilsson and Van Dyke ...view item »

Dent May
Warm Blanket

One day you are branding a ukulele and getting yourself signed to Paw Tracks, the next you are sounding uncannily like Gruff Rhys, performing knockabout summery pop music and being photographed in the bath on the front of your latest opus. He’s a funny one ...view item »

Dent May
Do Things

So this is the guy who used to have a magnificent ukelele but threw it away to create the kind of summery pop that sounds the spit of Gruff Rhys. It’s all Beach Boys...view item »

Heartache City

The sixth album from Bianca and Sierra Casady a.k.a Cocorosie is as intriguing as each of the previous works by the creatively evolving duo. Heartache City comes out on their own label Lost Girl, and takes the band back to their DIY roots, utilising vintage toybox instruments played at their farmhouse studio in Southern...view item »

Zoos Of Berlin
Lucifer In The Rain

Detroit avant-popsters Zoos Of Berlin with their new album ‘Lucifer In The Rain’, a pleasant mixture of modern chamber pop with a little hint of Bowie-lite and glam pomp, ‘Lucifer In The Rain’ is a slow building album of jangled guitars and foot tapping rhythms with a soft vocal li...view item »

Wrong Words
Everything Is Free

We’ve got a big pile of psychedelia in this week from Trouble In Mind, including this sophomore album of ‘60s/'70s-flavoured power-pop from The Wrong Words, taking Big Star/Replacements...view item »

You’re Welcome

Ten tears into the Wavves project, Nathan Williams has gone from super lo-fi DIY to major-label-signed and now back to some sort of midpoint. You’re Welcome, the sixth Wavves record, is released on Williams’ own Ghostramp label, but features all the producti...view item »

Pet Shop Boys
Inner Sanctum

Pet Shop Boys! As ever, the mighty pop duo have a hot single on their hands in the form of Inner Sanctum, taken from their recent Super album. This 12” release boosts the single with 2 demo versions and, more remarkably, a remix from the one and only Carl Craig! Craig str...view item »

The Naked and Famous
In Rolling Waves

Well, it's certainly not a bad album; it's just not what I was expecting. Most of the songs are sort of slow/pensive and they're a little repetitive. The ideas here are solid, but I wish there were more ideas per song. Also, this album lost a lot of the "pop" that "Passive Me..." had. Again, not a bad album, but not what I expected. AGAIN, I'm n...view item »

Duke of York

A somewhat atypical release for Editions Mego here, being a set of actual pop songs. Granted, HOX produce fairly experimental pop songs: what else would you expect from two members of Wire and He Said Omala respectively? Duke of York is their second album, following up their debut from ...view item »

Modern Addiction

Debut album from London based indie pop duo Tender. Made up of James Cullen  and Dan Cobb the pair craft emotionally explosive pop music that excels at juxtaposing upbeat and melancholic themes, with Roosevelt esque basslines and groove matched with up close heart wrenching...view item »

Kate Nash
Made Of Bricks

Come on admit it. You've been counting down the days until the 10th anniversary of Kate Nash's debut 'Made of Bricks'. Now known more for being an activist and political mouth piece this harks back to the time she made actual music. She was dead sassy back then - a bit like a perky and tuneful Janet Street Porter...view item »

The Mynabirds
Be Here Now

This entire album was written AND recorded in two weeks, yet listening to it you really wouldn't think it at all. Be Here Now is the latest release from The Mynabirds. Never a stranger to bring politics into their music, lead singer Laura Burhenn speaks about how the album is a voice for those left behind by current day...view item »

Benjamin Clementine
I Tell A Fly

I tell a fly get out of the goddamn kitchenette! Awful creatures. Mercury Prize winner Benjamin Clementine has announced his second album which is described as empathetic and compassionate. Hard to be either of those things where flies are concerned but there's also anger here which is far more apt an emotion. He's recently...view item »

Mary Epworth

Elytral is the second album by English singer/songwriter Mary Epworth. Her 2012 debut album, Dream Life, contained some wonderful melodic pop songs that took in psychedelic and folk influences. This time she turns to her dark side adding fractured soundscapes, avant-garde electronics, prog and free jazz to the ...view item »

Holy Family

A fair chunk of this record was recorded live in Montreal, so perhaps there is something in the air that makes this release sound a little bit Canadian- Arcade Fire with added pop. Although the music may sound familiar, don’t let that put you off Holy Fire’s new record, Values, because it’s very much a...view item »

Nadine Shah
Holiday Destination

Nadine Shah’s new and third album Holiday Destination is a vigorous and punchy engagement with some of the heavy things that have been happening lately, refracted through her second-generation immigrant identity. Shah’s songs are catchy, tough, and supported by the saxophone of Pete ...view item »


Despite the similarities between Albarn's main gig and his contributions here, Gorillaz isn't an Albarn solo album in disguise; Nakamura's bass- and beat-oriented production gives the album an authentically dub and hip-hop-inspired feel, particularly on "Rock the House" and "Tomorrow Comes Today." Likewise, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Miho Hatori...view item »

London Grammar
Big Picture

With a follow to 2014’s If You Wait due out later in 2017, London Grammar offer up the second single to come from their new album. Produced by Jon Hopkins, Big Picture is a rolling cinematic piece that pushes the band further away from their power pop ballads into something a bit mor...view item »

Light In Your Mind

London based CYMBALS return to Tough Love for their third full length and follow up to 2013’s The Age Of Fracture. Light In Your Mind is a testament to the band’s solid synth-indie-pop as well as a mark of growth - moving into more expansive pieces and instrumentals alongside the catchy pop songs. F...view item »

Death From Above
Outrage! Is Now

Third full length album from disco rockers Death From Above. Joining forces with Queens Of The Stone Age/All-American Rejects producer Eric Valentine they focus their chrome bright dance music with punk fever creating the soundtrack to dance to at the end of the world. Death gro...view item »

The Loved Ones

This looks promising. Flyte are an English alternative pop band with nods towards Orange Juice and Simon and Garfunkel. This is their debut album which showcases their shimmering, very English sound which has a vintage , sepia-tinted tone but their songs are complex too with a hint of Sp...view item »

The Vaccines
Come Of Age

The album obviously doesn't sound much like their debut; however, it is not bad thing at all. The Vaccines sound is still very much catchy and consuming. When you listen to a Vaccines record it is very difficult to pay attention to anything else. This is especially true with this album. Come of Age is in no way shape or form background music. Th...view item »


After releasing her Clever Disguise EP in 2016, Australian singer-songwriter Gordi returns to Jagjaguwar with her debut full length Reservoir. Her unique spin on alternative pop is firmly rooted in the school of Peter Gabriel and filled with cinematic grace, leaning towards the fringes of ...view item »

Unfurnished Rooms

New material from 80s synth pop mavericks Blancmange. These days they just consist of singer Neil Arthur helped out by producer extraordinaire Benge (John Foxx, Gazelle Twin). Here the duo mine a rich and fertile stream of electronic rock and are helped out by uber fan John Grant...view item »

Shock Machine
Shock Machine

Remember the Klaxons? Of course you remember the Klaxons! James Righton was in that band and here he debuts a new project that tributes the weirdos of mainstream pop with unabashed sentimental fervor. Inspired by ELO and Roxy Music and even a bit of later-on McCa...view item »

Sleeping In My Own Bed

Ah my own bed. One of the main reasons why I can't keep a relationship together. Can't sleep in anyone else's. Oh no. Anyway here comes soft voiced crooner Morly aka Katy Morley who offers delicate and and refined soulful r&b influenced pop with hints towards Lapsley and Amy Winehouse. Polis...view item »

Grizzly Bear
Painted Ruins

Grizzly Bear have been away for about five years now and have now returned with their first since the wild and windy ‘Shields’. Early tasters of their new material give the impression that they are heading in a well constructed synth pop direction with their unique take on harmony and melody intact. B...view item »


Ferdous Dehzad and Nick Klein release their debut full length as electronic pop two piece Klyne. Minimalist, synthetic and a warm soul at it’s pop covered core, the dutch duo have made a move on to Because music, fitting neatly alongside Metronomy. Danceable tracks with a ...view item »

Weird Little Birthday

'Weird Little Birthday' is the self produced follow up to the critically acclaimed eponymous debut EP released earlier this year from South London trio Happyness. Drawing of the influence of college rock bands such as Sparklehorse, Pavement, MGMT and Yo La Tengo, ‘Wierd Little Birthday’ is a record which plays on the difficult balanc...view item »

Everything Everything
A Fever Dream

Manchester-based jittery popsters Everything Everything return with their fourth album and the follow up to 2015's ‘Get to Heaven’. Expect more polished but whip-smart electronic pop that somehow manages to be structurally interesting and playlist and dancefloor ready. Teaser track 'Can't Do' cert...view item »

Willie J Healey
People and Their Dogs

Described as 'quirky but cool' in the press release and that isn't too far from the truth. Saying that, I didn't understand that apparently 'cool' and 'quirky' were oxymoronic. A great release from the Oxford based singer-songwriter Wille J Healey under the title People and Their Dogs. This record is available on Vinyl ...view item »

Kelley Stoltz
Que Aura

Remember the Beatles? Kelly Stoltz has done on previous albums but here he dips into other forms of anglophile music with nods to Pulp, Fleetwood Mac (they were kinda English) and the Cleaners From Venus. Quality power pop from a man who deserves to be known mor...view item »

Amy O

Amy O has many years of lo-fi bedroom recording behind her, meaning that she arrives at her second ‘proper’ label-released album with serious instrumental and songwriting powers. Elastic is a highly ...view item »

Tiny Magnetic Pets
Deluxe / Debris

Taking influence from Bowie's Berlin period and '70s kraut-rock, Dublin's Magnetic Pets veer between near perfect synth pop and longer wig outs. They have plenty of celeb fans too - Kraftwerk's Wolfgang Flur collaborates here and OMD's Andy McCluskey and Visage's Rusty Egan are long term admirer...view item »

The Dears
Times Infinity Volume Two

The second half of a two album project from Canadian indie rock band The Dears, three years after the first instalment. Their seventh album is uplifting baroque pop with a Ben Folds or Penguin Cafe Orchestra warmth and sense of playful freeness, reflective of good times. LP and CD through Danger...view item »

Ford And Lopatin
Channel Pressure

Very much excited about the arrival of this album. Ford & Lopatin (formally GAMES before the lawyers stepped in) are a MIDI obsessed, synth pop generating duo consisting of Joel Ford (formally of Tigercity) and Daniel Lopatin...view item »

Trust Fund
Seems Unfair

Trust Fund is essentially singer/songwriter Ellis Jones supported by a revolving cast of musicians. Seems Unfair is their second album and comes just 9 months after their cracking debut No One’s Coming For Us. Seems Unfair was produced by Hookworms’ MJ and ...view item »


Triptides are just great and I'd be prepared to go into battle with anyone who says otherwise. They play superb jangle-some '60s inspired guitar pop with nods to the Byrds, REM and Pink Floyd. Their last album 'Azur' saw them at the top of their game so our entire offic...view item »

Trailer Trash Tracys

Drifting from the standard song structure and into a much more experimental and indie sound, Trailer Trash Tracys give us their second full length on Double Six entitled Althaea. A great mix of softly sung vocals and varying genres from Japanese tropical to Latin influenced indie. Available on special edition turquoise ...view item »

Cinema Red and Blue
Come Back To The City, Babyface

As Fortuna Pop takes itself off this mortal coil it finishes with a flourish, bidding farewell with a series of releases including this one -- it's by a supergroup which contains members of Comet Gain, Crystal Stilts and Pale Lights. They 'farted out' (their words) these songs which have a West ...view item »

All This Life

Great news for fans of music as Starsailor release their first album since 2009. We may mock but these lads from Wigan have sold an incredible amount of records over the years  - over three million of the buggers shifted. So how will they fare in 2017? We're not sure. This is out on Cooking Vinyl  - the label bands go ...view item »

The Coral
Roots & Echoes

Hey The Coral new Album entitled Roots & Echos on Deltasonic records.Why do I feel so deeply uncool to say this is a great summer pop album. What is it about the retro scousers that makes me feel like its a guilty secret. Well this is a delicate album of imagination and "killer" hooks, harmonies and a sound so jelled and focused it ma...view item »

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
Advance Base Battery Life

Casiotone FTPA. Oh!... the sound of one lovelorn bearded fellow & his lo-fi acoustic/electro pop gems. Not much new to say about this man as I seem to get every fucking release he does just about & I've already waxed lyrical about how fond I am of his stuff! This latest 'Advance Base Battery Life' is a compilation of obscure singles, split ...view item »

Joanna Gruesome / Trust Fund
Split EP

Fuzz is love: this split EP sees noise punx Joanna Gruesome continue their persistent assault on our indie rock ears with their pissed off shoegaze and gleefully screamed vocals. On the other side, though, there's also the one-man-band Trust Fund, which belongs to Ellis Jones, who makes a sound that lands between grainy indie rock and unhinged f...view item »

Lucky Soul
Hard Lines

A cracking new full length from Lucky Soul entitled Hard Lines. A quality ten track record that combines the fruity youthfulness of many noughties styles, the ever progressive indie-pop scene and nostalgic hints of the disco years. Available on coloured vinyl double LP, black vinyl LP and CD....view item »

Snow In Mexico
Juno Beach

Renowned for their deep mixes, Italian producers Snow in Mexico are showcasing their compositional qualities once again. On their third release Juno Beaches, the two are displaying the near infinite possibilities of the Roland Juno synthesizer. This release is limited to 250 pressings, so don't sleep on it!...view item »

Ten Flowers

Kalbells is Kalmia Traver of Rubblebucket, working solo for the first time. Ten Flowers is a kaleidoscopic suite of playful and colourful electronics, dotted with percussions and field recordings and, of course, Kalmia’s voice, which weaves itself all around and a...view item »

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve
The Soft Bounce

Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, the pairing of Richard Norris and Erol Alkan, are best known for their space-psychedelic remixes of indie and dance tunes, but The Soft Bounce has them producing a full suite of original material that swims through synth-pop and acid drops. Guests include ...view item »

Oro Swimming Hour
Penrose Winoa

A massive sixteen-track release from Oro Swimming Hour that gives you a sense of wellbeing and general ‘feel good’ vibes. Daft in places and self-confessed lo-fi bedroom music, but Penrose Winos is no rushed record and should be in no sense under-valued as a collection of soft and almost melancholic tracks. ...view item »

Yumi Zouma

Straight outta New Zealand, Yumi Zouma present their debut full-length album, following on from a handful of singles and EPs. Yoncalla is a super-sleek set of synth-pop, pulsing with a subtle, early-on-a-summer-evening kind of feeling. The kind of music to make y...view item »

Makeness & Adult Jazz
Other Life

After their recent album on Tri Angle - Earrings Off!, which showed little to no respect to straight line towing indie rules the UK experimental four piece have teamed up with Scottish disco oddball Makeness. Take Eggshell vocal oddness and add a hunk of catchy disco goodness. That’s a head sticker, I&rsq...view item »


London, England's Ilk have teamed up with composer, produced and sometime house tinker Matthew Herbert for their full-length debut Y U. The arty experimenters find the confidence to voyage into the niches and crevices where caverns of found sound and halls of pop overlap. The guys -- Bob, Olly and Tom -...view item »

Miles Brown
Seance Fiction

Miles Brown is probably best known as a member or horror synth mega-lords The Night Terrors, and whilst musically very different the tone is very much still there. Replacing ominous theremins and in-your-face terrifying organ stabs with playful synthesised chip music akin to College or T...view item »

Holy Other

Holy Other return with their much-anticipated debut full length ‘Held’. After the uber-success of mini album ‘With U’ (a record tastefully described by ex-packer, serial artist offender and all round good dude Dave as &lsquo...view item »

Rat Boy

“Homer, are we in some sort of fiduciary trouble?” “Oh, Marge, my loyal wife. Of course not. And Lisa, my little princess. And who could forget dear Rat Boy?” “Rat Boy? I resent that.” “Rat Boy, I told you before. Stop gnawing on the copy of Slaves...view item »

Ripe & Majestic

Tobacco, also of Black Moth Super Rainbow, has done a lot of great work over the last decade, including a major TV show theme and work with Aesop Rock as well as solo productions. ...view item »

Junior Boys
Big Black Coat

Junior Boys haven’t released a full-length album for half a decade: a good length of time in which to carefully construct a very strong brace of soulful synth-pop songs. Big Black Coat has a sleeve straight out of the 80’s, and there is an aspect of that in the style of the sound. But the production also has...view item »

Girl Ray
Earl Grey

The contemporary wave of lo-fi, angsty and juvenile guitar balladry isn't threatening to seize anytime soon. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of The Big Moon and Goat Girl, Girl Ray are in the centre of the scene. Their debut, Early Grey, strikes gold and fulfils every hope held by a growing fando...view item »

Black Grape
Pop Voodoo

The first new material in over twenty years sees Black Grape release, what might be, another classic on the Brit-rock scene. Shaun Ryder sees himself delve into the world of politics once again, specifically taking a dig at a certain US president. Pop Voodoo is the long awaited record that is available on vinyl LP and C...view item »

David Bowie

Although you might reckon that the world is quite well stocked with David Bowie best-of compilations already, this one is new to 2016 and therefore includes two songs from Blackstar! The other unique feature is an unreleased mix of ‘Life on Mars?’: oooh. And of course, four vinyl sides packed full of familia...view item »

Caroline Says
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong

Soft vocals and chilling rhythmic melodies are what start to bring this entire record together piece by piece. Caroline Says is a cracking addition to the singer-songwriter scene, bringing with it a collection of experimental pop and folk-style indie in this nine-track release. 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong is av...view item »

Jagwar Ma & Dreems
Another Day In The Sun

Another Day in the Sun was originally by The Moffs. It was a jangling slice of ‘80s Australian psychedelia. Here, Dreems aka Angus Gruzman and Jaguar Ma aka Jono Ma, have collaborated to make a slow and beautiful, dream-like version that they've stripped down and rebuilt with infl...view item »

Jagwar Ma

Much-lauded Aussie duo Jagwar Ma release their debut album this week, apparently the product of a period of seclusion in France with “an 808, a Fender Jaguar, a laptop and a pair of vintage Neve console channels”. The result is a hazy mixture of classic synth sounds and summery indie-dance. The...view item »

Jagwar Ma
Every Now & Then

Catchy vocal hooks, groovy electronic pop and all with a big hats off nod to 90s dance culture. Jagwar Ma bring heady euphoric acid bass lines, warehouse club chords stabs and vocal loops and vibrant and drug-laced energy of Madchester. Deserves long exposure trippy music videos with vibrant cartoons, melon twisting....view item »

Howie B & Craig Richards feat. Shaun Ryder
Old Boys

Howie B (Daddylonglegs) and Craig Richards (Fabric music director) team up with Happy Mondays frontman and party starter Shaun Ryder on Old Boys. three tracks of bizarre and experimental electronics, with the title track featuring Ryder’s unforget...view item »

The Beast

This new single from another one of those London Grammar-type singers sets itself apart for three reasons: It’s got a great beat, sort of like this mash-up of Sophie’s ‘Hard’ and Death Grips’ ‘Anne Bonny’ I heard on YouTube once. ...view item »

Imitating Aeroplanes
Planet Language

A combined effort from The Wombats and Team Me brings about Imitating Aeroplanes. Keeping in tune with both of the bands own uniqueness, Planet Language ...view item »

Kaleidoscope EP

Once post-Britpop and sad but now firmly fluorescent anthem merchants, Coldplay and their "allthiest" frontman Chris Martin bring out a new EP that shows just what the big time has done to them. A live version of a hit with The Chainsmokers plus new tracks "All I Can Think About Is You" and "...view item »


Here we have a reissue of Starfucker’s debut full length album on Badman Recordings from 2008. This trio from Portland make undeniably fun, upbeat electro-indie-pop, and their debut is simultaneously laid back and sundrenched whilst being a solid party starter. Re-packaged with brand new artwork and a bonus track....view item »

J. Bernardt
Running Days

Taking some time out from the day job, Balthazar member Jinte Deprez comes through with ten tracks of chest-swelling indie-’n’-b. The press release claims influence from How to Dress Well and Gorillaz, but there’s also more than a pinch of Plan B and Ad...view item »

David Bowie
Peter and The Wolf

Never one to miss up an opportunity to travel through time, David Bowie has a sick collaboration with Sergei Prokofiev for our ears here. Or, you know: not that. In all seriousness, though, folks, he does narrate Prokofiev's score for Peter And The Wolf here, performing written material by Prokofiev himself for the 1978 work. And then on the fli...view item »

Fake Laugh
Fake Laugh

Tuneful indie-pop from London/Berlin based Kamran Khan who has worked tirelessly to create his take on the ever popular jangle-pop genre.  There sure are some lovely sounds in here and this sensitive literate pop cold appeal to fans of the likes of Wild Nothing, Hoops and further back to Belle ...view item »


Emma Winston has sung in loads of folky acts such as Darren Hayman, Enderby's Room and Owl & Mouse, but this -- her first solo offering -- is completely different. She recorded it on synthesisers small enough to take on the bus and so it has more in common with the likes of Grim...view item »

Jad Fair, Tenniscoats and Norman Blake

What a team-up: Jad Fair of Half Japanese plus the wonderful Tenniscoats, as well as Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub. With this personnel, Raindrops could hardly fail to be one the most playful and odd records of the year, and it does not disappoint! Lo...view item »

Manchester: North Of England - A Story Of Independent Music Greater Manchester 1977-1993

Manchester  - good isn't it? Well you can now buy every single musical sound that came out of the city on this bumper 7CD box set. As well as the usual big hitters you'll want to dig deep and get it for some of the more esoteric stuff such as brilliant overlooked indie bands Dub Sex, King of the Slums as we...view item »

London Grammar
Oh Woman Oh Man

The third single to be released from the upcoming sophomore album by London Grammar Truth Is A Beautiful Thing. Following on from Rooting For You and Big Picture the trio continue to explore further into cinematic pop territories. Limited 7” features a track not on the album on it’s B-side ...view item »

Brush Your Teeth

Munich duo Beisspony have an LP of quirky experimental pop here. The first thing I'm reminded of is CocoRosie - this is very melodic and playful music with a very clear sense of identity, but the sonic experimentation here is more earthy in an almost arts and crafts way. There's typewriters and sewing machines and...view item »

Yoke Lore
Goodpain EP

Adrian Galvin of Yoke Lore is back, with his Goodpain EP for Independent Label Alliance. The Brooklyn-based songwriter -- of Yellerkin and Walk the Moon -- garnered rave reviews for his 2016 debut ‘Far Shore’ and many millions of legit internet streams. Righteous. His ‘dazzling, decons...view item »

Super Best Friends Club

A true indie record from Super Best Friends Club sees frontman Jonah Brody take a whole new approach into his vocal style. The whole band has seen a vast improvement to give a  much more mature style of musicianship that creates a psych and country mix entitled Loveblows. Available on vinyl LP from ‘Faith and...view item »

Pet Shop Boys

Good lord, a comprehensive series of Pet Shop Boys reissues! The pop heroes are giving every album a remastered reissue, pairing each record’s CD edition with an extra disc of Further Listening: demos, alternate remixes and other rarities from the period, m...view item »

Pet Shop Boys

Good lord, a comprehensive series of Pet Shop Boys reissues! The pop heroes are giving every album a remastered reissue, pairing each record’s CD edition with some Further Listening: demos, alternate remixes and other rarities from the period, some of which have never been released! Release, from 2002, ac...view item »

Pet Shop Boys

Good lord, a comprehensive series of Pet Shop Boys reissues! The pop heroes are giving every album a remastered reissue, pairing each record’s CD edition with an extra disc of Further Listening: demos, alternate remixes and other rarities from the period, some of which have never been released! Nightlife,...view item »

Lonesome Town

Heaven are a typically Italians Do It Better group, produced by the label’s bossman Johnny Jewel. Shiny synth-pop with super-melancholy vocals is the name of the game, and Heaven get it so right it's almost Lynchian. Lonesome Town is their five track debut release...view item »

Everybody's Happy Sometimes

Another indie pop release from the now reconstituted A Turntable Friend. TEA are a duo from the Isle of Man who are said to peddle indie pop that sits somewhere between the Field Mice and the Beloved. This was initially due in 1999 but is probably better off coming out in the more indie-pop frie...view item »

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