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Prefab Sprout
Steve McQueen

Other than the odd '80s hit here and there Prefab Sprout have never had the commercial success they deserve but this could be to do with them never touring and chief sprout Paddy McAloon increasingly resembling some Grizzly Adams/Moondog cross breed. They have though achieved a cult following and critically lauded with McAloon being regarded as a songwriter of the highest order. Steve McQueen was their second album and probably a career highlight. It contains several classics such as When Love Breaks Down, Faron Young and Appetite. Gorgeous music. 

Katy J Pearson

Katy J Pearson is a singer / songwriter from South West England, but her sound has a touch of the South West USA about it. There’s a country swagger about her new single, Tonight, but it is tempered by her ability to write a cracking pop tune and some good ol’ British arranging and production. Features a cover of M. Ward’s Poison Cup on the B-side.
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Oliver Spalding

Set your watches as November is on its way and it could well be a perfect time to listen to this debut LP by Oliver Spalding. He says that Novemberism is about being as miserable all the year round as you are in November which is a terrible thought. His music though could help soothe your worry and is R&B influenced electronic melancholy with nods towards Bjork and New Order.

New Order
∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes..

Well, New Order have already released live albums with titles like In Concert and Live at _____, so I guess they had no choice but to go with ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) for this one. This set found the band collaborating with Liam Gillick’s 12-piece ‘synthesiser orchestra’, making it something of a unique collection, with favourites and rarities all re-imagined here.
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Taylor Swift

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Molly Burch
The Molly Burch Christmas Album

Oh lord we're getting the Christmas albums appearing on the site already and my local Boyes store already has its selection boxes on display. I'm writing this in October but by the middle of December we might be wanting a bit of this to go with our mulled wine. It's a Christmas collection from Austin chanteuse Molly Burch where she covers the usual classics (Auld Lang Syne, Last Christmas) and adds in a few originals and rarer seasonal compositions. Also: Ginger cat on cover.    

School of X

School of X is the experimental art-pop project of Rasmus Littauer. If I had an excellent name like Rasmus I’d probably release music under that name, but ho-hum. Destiny is an intimate record about how and why choose what ultimately controls where we end up. Recorded with a band that features his two brothers, Jakob and Simon along with singer, Soleima.
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The Basement Takes (2015-2016)

Indie pop band and viral sensations Varsity came together unexpectedly one night in Chicago where three future members of the band were about perform solo at open mic type thing. Impressing each other with their sounds, the became a trio. A bassist and drummer were soon added to the line-up. The Basement Takes (2015-2016) collects together bits and bobs from early years including So Sad, So Sad, previously only available digitally.
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Grün Wasser
Not Ok With Things

Keely Dowd and Essej Pollock started making music together as Grün Wasser back in 2015. The Chicago-based electronic duo have an ethical stance of solidarity by those who have been left without following the negligent decisions of the powerful. Not Ok With Things sees the duo address their issues such as gender imbalance and personal battles with alcoholism. Meaningful pop music. 
  • Vinyl LP (HD62)
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Blue Hawaii
Open Reduction Internal Fixation

Naming their fourth record after the kind of surgery required when Agor badly injured his heel on tour, Open Reduction Internal Fixation sees Blue Hawaii in great form, spanning house, garage and electronica. Bandmate Ra went through her own emotional damage with the disintegration of a long-term relationship, making the new record a bold and cathartic one. 

Choir of Young Believers
This Is For The White In Your Eyes

On the surface of it, This Is For The White In Your Eyes seems to indicate it will be like any amount of Scandinavian indie-pop that has occasionally wrecked the charts over the last decade. But Jannis Joya Makrigiannis and his Choir of Young Believers give everything on their debut album a sense of genuine and well-observed grandiosity. 

Anna Of The North
Dream Girl

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Rituals of Mine
Sleeper Hold

Created out of personal tragedy, with vocalist Terra Lopez experiencing the death of her father and her best friend within six months, Sleeper Hold is an intensely moving new EP from alternative R&B act Rituals of Mine. It’s presented here on a limited edition 12” opaque purple vinyl. 
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Emily Reo
Only You Can See It

Only You Can See It is Emily Reo's second album. It's upbeat and energetic and sounds like if pop stars used Game Boy's to make their tracks rather than Ableton. This collided with Reo's classical voice training makes for an album where anything feels possible. On top of everything the lyrics are deeply personal and poetic. On Carpark.

Tahiti 80
Fear Of An Acoustic Planet

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Chris & Cosey

Both previously members of pioneering industrial music legends Throbbing Gristle, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti teamed up to form Chris & Cosey in 1981 and released a series of acclaimed records. Heartbeat served as their debut album that same year when released via Rough Trade, and it cleaved quite closely to TG’s sound, all harsh dissonance, cut-up samples and cold, dystopian sequences of synth and drum machine. It now gets reissued on purple-coloured vinyl. 

Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough

The Clavin sisters straighten themselves out for their third Bleached album, appropriately titled Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough. That struggle for sobriety has led to some of the group’s most honest writing yet, with former Vampire Weekend producer Shane Stoneback ensuring they’ve lost none of their melodic precision. 

Happy New Year

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Céline Gillain
Bad Woman

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Peter Ivers
Becoming Peter Ivers

Peter Ivers is one of those people who everybody in the world of music seemed to know, but he was virtually unknown to the general public. A songwriter whose principal instrument was the harmonica, he was described by Muddy Waters as the greatest harp player alive. He’s opened for the New York Dolls, John Cale and Fleetwood Mac. 'Becoming Peter Ivers' is a compilation of his work, lovingly compiled by RVNG Intl. Ivers was, tragically, the victim of a violent murder in 1983. The case, sadly, remains unsolved.


London’s Heavenly Recordings reissue a long overdue j-pop classic by four-piece kawaii-overloaders CHAI. PINK was first released as long ago as February 2018 by Burger Records, so it’s great to see it available once again, uh, on this side of the pond. The band’s brief, energetic songs explore pop culture at its most excessive and materialistic, and of course it’s strangely compelling.

Private Life

Calm down everyone! Stop shouting at each other! Goodness me - Tempers, tempers. Despite having a name that implies vitriol, this NYC duo actually serve something closer to angst than anger on their latest LP Private Life. Entries such as ‘Capital Pains’ (geddit?) find singer Jasmine Golestaneh dealing with the mess of city living over urgent, widescreen synth-pop beats. The War On Drugs and Future Islands are close compadres of Private Life.

Liz Lawrence
Pity Party

Liz Lawrence is one half of electro-pop duo Cash + David (She’s David) and has collaborated with London indie band Bombay Bicycle Club, who have in turn worked on her music. Pity Party is her latest album, and this is a truly solo venture. As well as writing and performing it all, she forced herself into the producer’s chair for the first time, an initially uncomfortable seat which ultimately reaped great rewards.

Hayden Thorpe

It was commendable that the Wild Beasts split up when they did but the concern is...what will happen to the other two? The singers should be ok. I assume the low-voiced one will make a solo album in time but first out the blocks is the high-voiced one also known as Hayden Thorpe. His voice is so distinctive that it's going to sound like the Wild Beasts but a listen to early tracks reveals a soft sophistication and haunted balladry.      

Prefab Sprout
Let's Change The World With Music

This Norman Records Description Writer (tm) is, as a few of you may know, the world's biggest Prefab Sprout fan. So I'm pleased to see all their vinyl being re-issued. Even I would probably be hard pushed to describe Let's Change The World With Music as a classic though. It was originally meant to be the follow up to Jordan: The Comeback but was shelved until 2009 and released as the original demos. It's an of-its-era oddball record with some deeply religious overtones. Still, discerning music listeners need to lap up every nook and cranny of Paddy McAloon's ever-shifting muse.   

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Thousand Knives Of

A timely re-issue of the first solo album from the legendary Ryuichi Sakamoto. 'Thousand Knives Of' was originally released back in 1978, when Sakamoto was still in the equally groundbreaking Yellow Magic Orchestra, and established a blueprint for both artists going forward. Notably, this is the first time that the record is being released on vinyl outside of Japan. 

Sin Fang
Sad Party

Sing Fan (aka Sindri Már Sigfússon) is an Icelandic alt-rock pioneer, returning with bittersweet experimental pop album 'Sad Party'. Recorded by Sigfússon alone in an old wooden studio in Reykjavík, this is a highly introspective piece - which builds in pace, before a melancholic conclusion creates an ambiguous ending.

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol Reworked features 16 of the band’s songs that they have reworked in some way. It’s not clear yet how they have been reworked, so could you could be hearing Run in an rib-cracking techno style, Chasing Cars in the style of Napalm Death, Chocolate à la Daniel O'Donnell. We’ll see, but my suggestions are likely to be wide of the mark to be honest.

Rachael Dadd

Though her surname is Dadd, Rachael Dadd plays nothing like dad-rock so anyone else other than me with that thought can get it right out of their heads. Instead she plays a kind of conceptual, contemporary folk music that has already lauded her plaudits across the globe. This her her first on Memphis Industries following on from work with a slew of different labels. Like most other records in 2019 it in inspired by and a protest to the recent political landscape.   

The Divine Comedy
Infernal Machines / You'll Never Work In This Town Again

The Divine Comedy’s recent album Office Politics was their highest charting album, which surprises me given their success in the late ‘90s. I guess it shows that Neil Hannon has still got it. Infernal Machines / You’ll Never Work In This Town Again is a double A sided single, with both tracks lifted from Office Politics.

M. T. Hadley

M.T. Hadley hails from London. He first came to prominence when his soulful slice of dream-pop, Janet, hit the airwaves via Frank Ocean’s blonded radio show for Apple Beats 1. High praise, indeed. We’ve a long three-year wait for any more from him though, and here it is, a debut album, Empty. Fans of James Blake, Metronomy, Mac DeMarco and Connan Mockasin would be advised to give this a spin. Includes Janet, Rattle and Private Eye.

Young Guv
Guv I & II

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After the acoustic diversion of his last album, 2017’s Fatherland, Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke tacks back to the dancefloor template that informed his previous solo records. 2042, led by the socially and politically aware lead single ‘Jungle Bunny’, is also more like a Bloc Party record than any of his solo material, most similar to the difficult but rewarding A Weekend In The City. 


Electronically-enhanced rock duo Ummagma return with their first album in seven years, and their first to ever be released on vinyl. With the long wait explained by the years it took them to move from Russia to Canada, Compass is the album that most accurately reflects the band’s post-genre approach. 
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Arda & The Stolen Moon
Minutes Into Years

Arda G, the central figure of Arda & The Stolen Moon, is an Armenian-Cypriot singer-songwriter from the indie-folk school whose material cuts right to the heart of her life and loves. Her vocals are earnest and the band’s performance dramatic when necessary, so their Minutes Into Years album can be pretty effective and affecting when it all clicks together. LP / CD release on Jazmin Road.
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  • CD (JZR001)
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The Destroyer - 2

Montreal’s TR/ST comes through with the promised second chapter of his The Destroyer series. As it was with Part 1, The Destroyer - Part 2 is another set of sensual darkside synth-pop from the one born Robert Alfons. Alfons’ writhing delivery is a thrill throughout. Fans of Zola Jesus and Boy Harsher should throw themselves into The Destroyer - Part 2 with relish.

Lazarus Kane

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Wallis Bird

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Pet Shop Boys

The boys are back in town! Agenda is a brand new Pet Shop Boys EP of four tracks, arriving with a typically crystal clear sonic (and visual) aesthetic. First track ‘Give Stupidity A Chance’ is a political song that is positively dripping with irony, which Neil Tennant naturally delivers with aplomb. Agenda is on x2.

Ariel Pink
Odditties Sodomies Vol. 2

The second of three new releases from the archives of Ariel Pink during the time he recorded under his Haunted Graffiti guise, Odditties Sodomies Vol. 2 exhumes another batch of out-takes, demos and non-album tracks. Vol. 1 was originally released back in 2008, and this follow-up of sorts is released via Mexican Summer. 

Pet Shop Boys featuring Years & Years

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Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins

Sparks have done many great things over the course of their forty plus years in show business none of which was the title of this their sixteenth album originally released in 1994. It was their first album in six years which is a long time for these prolific brothers so it was gratefully lapped up by both long term fans and those who had come to the band courtesy of the Brit-pop likes of Pulp and Suede who both had a bit of Sparks showmanship in their bones. 
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Past Tense - The Best of Sparks

Will you just look at them. In no way does that sleeve represent the quality of (most of) the music represented here. Sparks have been going for fifty goddamn years moving through glam-rock, disco, synth pop, neo-classical, avant-garde or whatever they decided they would do that day. This is their first ever career retrospective ranging from 1967 to 2017's rather good Hippopotamus. I'd say more Sparks than you ever need but the truth is you can never get enough Sparks.  
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Weather Underground

Aberdeen’s contribution to Britpop came in the guise of Geneva. They were labelmates of Suede on Nude, racked up a handful of Top 40 hits and a Top 20 album with their debut album, Further. The band split when Nude folded. Now they have reformed, second album Weather Underground is reissued through One Little Indian. This should go down well as it balances the jangle-pop of songs like Dollars In The Heavens with the Radiohead-ness of songs like Museum Mile. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (TPLP1534)
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Half Moon Run
A Blemish In The Great Light

A Blemish In The Great Light is the third album by Canadian band, Half Moon Run. They hit the bullseye when two tracks from their first album, Dark Eyes, were playlisted on BBC Radio 1. Constant touring and hard work has seen the Montreal band, who’ve been described as indie-rock, alt-folk and alt-pop, grow in stature.

Cold War Kids
New Age Norms 1

New Age Norms 1 is the new album by Californian indie band Cold War Kids. It’s the band’s 7th album. They’ve come a long way since their second single “We Used To Vacation” hit the radio waves in 2006, cementing their place as a regular festival band with a loyal fan base prepared to part with their cash. One can only assume that this album is the start of some sort of series. 

Nina Atsuko
Play Room

As a rare slice of 80's urban jazz fusion, Nina Atsuko's 'Play Room' very much glided the wave of the big Japanese city pop revival, but with the singer-songwriter's very own unique slant on things. Nearly 40 years since its original release, this 10-track-long piece is a real Japanese city pop gem waiting to be re-discovered.

Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey

Jazzateers are an indie band from Glasgow whose origins are in the Postcard Records stable along with the likes of Orange Juice and Josef K. Their story is an up and down one, littered with unreleased albums, splits and reformations which meant they never quite made it like they perhaps should have done. Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey is an album they recorded when things seemed to be on the up, touring with Lloyd Cole and with their single, Pressing On, being given the single of the week accolade in the NME. The album was then, in true Jazzateers fashion, never released - until now! Maybe now is their time to shine.


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Cigarettes After Sex

Promising more blissful, narcoleptic dream-pop after the success of his early singles, Greg Gonzalez delivers his second Cigarettes After Sex album, Cry. Recorded and finessed by Gonzalez himself during sessions in the middle of the night in Spain, it’s another suite of meditations on intimacy and heartbreak.

Amy O

Amy O AKA Amy Oelsner hails from Bloomington, Indiana and makes indie pop records. Her music recalls sounds from the 90s as well as a romanticism for the 50s. The Amy O project started way back in 2005 as a solo project but has since blossomed into a three-piece band with Justin and Nathan Volmar on bass and drums respectively. 
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Mitra Mitra

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Black Marble
Bigger Than Life

Buses. Inspiration for many musicians over the years the latest of which Chris Stewart. His ride into the studio on the Echo Park to downtown L.A. service provided the inspiration for Bigger Than Life his third album under the Black Marble moniker. The result is fresh and lively synth pop on which Stewart played every instrument. Kudos to the bus driver for enabling this to happen.  

The Hit Parade
The Golden Age of Pop

Pop. What even is it? Many different things to many different people but the pop The Hit Parade talk about is the 60s sort of jangling guitars, melodic vocals and lovelorn lyrics. They have made it their life's work to try to recreate this sound on something of a shoestring. The Golden Age of Pop is their latest burst of activity and comes with a free comic (about pop naturally). 

New Cold Dream

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Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

Part of his initial big burst of activity between 1998 and 2007, Underground is the album that everyone forgot. Look for it on Wikipedia...I've tried and I've failed. Anyway it was his inaugural release of his initial barrage of creativity originally self released in 1999 before getting a proper release around 2007. Early Ariel Pink - can't be an easy listen but always fascinating. 

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

Looks like a load of Ariel Pink albums are coming back out on 2LP vinyl and here is his 2006 album Loverboy. Though it was his sixth album, it was part of his series of early lo-fi works which pretty much gave carte blanche to anyone wanting to re-work soft rock, funk and '60s pop into their own strange shapes. Loads of people followed but Ariel Pink did this stuff first. 

Winky Wagon - Best of the Psy-Fi Years

Having recorded three seminal albums for Acid Jazz Records in the early Nineties, legendary British outfit Corduroy moved labels and laid down two pretty incredible records that were soon known to the Addison brothers’ fans as the ‘Psy-Fi Years’. This new compilation Winky Wagon collects the best of this output, with the vinyl coming on special light-blue discs. 

Juana Molina

Argentinian experimental / folktronica guitarist Juana Molina turned up at Roskilde festival in 2018 to find her band’s instruments weren’t there. She had her guitar, so they played on with the instruments that were there. This meant playing improvised arrangements of her songs. It went down a storm, so they decided to take the ideas into the studio. Forfun, a 4-track 10” EP of reworked songs is the result.

Lou Hayter
Cherry On Top

Originally appearing at the end of last year and enjoying heavy rotation on BBC 6Music, this is a 12” single release for ‘Cherry On Top’, a piece of feather-light funk that served as the debut solo single for Lou Hayter. The long-of-memory among you may recognise her as a member of the short-lived New Young Pony Club back in the mid-Noughties. Features instrumental and a-cappella versions on the B-side. 

Stereo Total
Yéyé Existentialiste

Stereo Total have been around for 20 years apparently and here they have a well deserved best-of compilation, Yéyé Existentialiste, taking form as a double vinyl LP. The Stereo Total sound is generally joyous French pop which whistles along at a pace and has an air of chic that can only be achieved from a French female vocalist. However they bridge many genres along the way, from indie to electro to New Wave and the 28 tracks on this compilation reflect their diversity.

Chris & Cosey

Both previously members of pioneering industrial music legends Throbbing Gristle, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti teamed up to form Chris & Cosey in 1981 and released a series of acclaimed records. Trance, their second album and released in 1982 via Rough Trade, helped establish their minimalistic, abrasive and skeletal electronic sound. It now gets reissued on gold-coloured vinyl. 
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My Resignation

Aussie duo Geowulf return with their second LP. My Resignation is a set of rose-tinted alternative pop/rock tracks that often come with an electronic tang. The likes of lead single ‘I See Red’ combine the wistfulness of Saint Etienne with the sort of bold choruses that PJ Harvey was dealing around the time of Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea.
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Larry Gus

Subservient is the fourth release for DFA by Larry Gus AKA Panagiotis Melidis. He sings in Greek and English over a mix of pop-oriented funk and Mediterranean rhythms. The album’s theme centres on how to balance family life with his artistic leanings, and really just how to survive when the world is seeming like everything is going wrong.
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Paul Vickers And The Leg

A chance meeting of two veteran acts from the British alternative rock scenes around ten years ago - Edinburgh-based quintet The Leg and ex-Dawn of the Replicants frontman Paul Vickers - produces a fourth collaboration album between the two artists, and the first on their new home of Tenement Records. Jump sees them indulge in yet more idiosyncratic indie with touches of punk, folk and reggae. 

Foxes in Fiction
Trillium Killer

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Menschen am Sonntag - Live in Berlin

As mum return to Berlin for their third time soundtracking the seminal German silent movie Menschen am Sonntag, the band’s Morr Music label has seen fit to release recordings taken from the previous two performances of their score. This 10" features exactly the sort of glitchy-yet-chest-swelling cinematic ambiences that one would expect mum to contribute to such a project.
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Rozi Plain
What A Boost

Winchester's finest (other than the cathedral maybe) Rozi Plain is back with a brand new album. Her fourth (we think) is another self produced effort following on from the much acclaimed Friend released on Lost Map back in 2015. She's a busy lass, playing with This Is The Kit as well as touring her own stuff, painting boats, being creative and all those good things. There was a Dinked edition but it's gone now slowpokes.   

Pet Shop Boys

I haven't kept up with the Pet Shop Boys since about..ooh...It's a Sin but they've continued to release albums every few years to their rabid fanbase. Electric was their 2013 effort which got great reviews and was actually their highest charting album. Looks like I've got some catching up to do....    

Lou Rebecca

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Sorry Girls

The burgeoning Montreal DIY dream pop outfit, Sorry Girls, release 10-track offering 'Deborah'. It's as much about aesthetics as it is the heartfelt narratives found within their catchy pop formula. Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan Konrad Obront's debut is crammed with earnest earmworm melodies and candid lyricism - all carefully crafted over a two year period.

Like A Villain
What Makes Vulnerability Good

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Year Of The Witch

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The Golden Filter
End Of Times

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Chain Tripping

Dance-punk veterans Yacht give us their seventh studio album, and third on impeccable imprint DFA. Recorded between their home in L.A. and a studio in Texas, Chain Tripping sees Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans in strikingly different mood than normal, utilising AI and machine-learning technology to push their art past new boundaries. 
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4 Down - Puzzled Together by Bullion

The fourth annual instalment of the DEEK imprint’s series of cover albums, 4 Down - Puzzled Together… is assembled by Bullion’s Nathan Jenkins (of 'Blue Pedro' fame). Led off with a version of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Kathy’s Song’ and boasting incredible versions of XTC and Mazzy Star among others, it’s another real treat. 

Do You See The Falling Leaves?

Experimental Swedish quartet Broen are Bella Union's next big hope. Their debut 'I Love Art' was a very modern kind of record mixing jazz, psychedelia, hip-hop and everything in between into their great melting pot. They push that vision even further on this album on which they attempt to find new ways to connect with the listener. Indeed the title 'Do You See The Fallen Leaves' is said to reference whether we all see lonely people and can we offer friendship. Nice sentiment.   

Essaie Pas

James Murphy’s DFA heralds the return of Montreal electronic duo Essaie Pas - who include Marie Davidson, who found success last year with her solo hit single ‘Work It’ - with a brand new single. ‘Earth’ is a deliberately retro-sounding collision of Nineties trance and techno, released with another new track ‘Corps Étranger’ and a Marco Passarani remix of the title track. 

The Versace Experience: Prelude 2 Gold

First time on vinyl for the album Prince made to be given to attendees of Versace's collection at Paris Fashion Week 1995. Back then it was a tape only release which over the years has changed hands for eye watering amounts but wait long enough and everything becomes available eventually and so now even us mere mortals can hear the rare and remixed tracks it touted. 

Dirty Mind

The recently-departed Prince was renowned for his Dirty Mind, and he was never concerned about showing it: the title his third album displays it proudly. So buy this LP reissue (you won’t be stream it online, Prince’s lawyers are too good) and get dirty… It’s what he would have wanted. On Warner Bros.


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The Lilac Time
Return To Us

"Return to yesterday" sang the Lilac Time on their 1987 nearly hit of the same name but twenty two years on they announce Return to Us which is their tenth album to date. These days they are all Duffys with leader Stephen 'don't call me Tin Tin' Duffy joined by Claire Duffy and Nick Duffy on an album of further explorations of the gentle folk-inspired melodies that they have always peddled. One of Britain's most underrated songwriters, it's gladdening to see Duffy still going strong on a homely album of world weary musing and sepia-tinted nostalgia.  

Ḣ-Camp Meets Lo-Fi

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Danish producer Anders Trentemøller returns after three years to deliver his fifth studio record. Dabbling in the fertile ground between indie and electronica since he first emerged back in 2006, Obverse sees him force himself out of his comfort zone and compose with little regard as to how to replicate the songs live. 


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Kincaid ft. Blancmange
Late For Sum

Father-son collaborations aren’t too common in pop, but the creative bond between Joe Arthur (Kincaid) and his dad Neil Arthur (frontman of English ‘80s synth-pop act Blancmange) is so compelling that they’ve decided to release a six-track mini-album together, following the warm reception given to single ‘Big Fat Head’ earlier this year. Late For Sum includes the original and remixed title track, plus four remixes Kincaid has delivered for Blancmange over the last couple of years. 

Driving / Trash In Bed

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Comet Gain
Fireraisers, Forever!

Fireraisers, Forever! Is the new album from Comet Gain. Seemingly, they are harking back to the Charlie Brooker/Chris Morris sitcom, Nathan Barley, bemoaning the rise of the idiot. They are the latest in a long line of artists to speak out about the current state of the world. It’s a bit more spiky than their previous album, 2014’s Paperback Ghosts. 

Blood Orange
Angel's Pulse

Oh here he is again. He gets where water won't....and stop sprawling so much on the sleeve. Sit up straight man. Maybe he has good reason to be tired as this mixtape release comes just months after his previous album proper Negro Swan. So it's being marketed as a mixtape rather than an album which seems to mean that it is an addendum of sorts to his last record - a series of sketches and ideas made in the months since. There's guests such as Toro Y Moi and Porches helping out. 

Julien Chang

At only 19 years of age (an age where I had barely learnt to speak) Baltimore resident Julien Chang is readying his debut. Chang (pronounced Chong just so you don't make an idiot of yourself) makes infectious electronic pop with nods to the jazz funk runs of the 70s and 80s. Sorta Toro Y Moi meets George Benson I suppose. Smooth yacht-ish rock that should be played all day long, all night strong. 

Molly Linen
Outside EP

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first timer

Check out that cover artwork. Dreamboat alert! And what’s more, pizzagirl has the tunes to back up his dashing good looks. On debut LP first timer the Liverpool-based singer-songwriter serves up some digitised indie-pop full of melody and verve. Opener ‘ball’s gonna keep on rollin’’ draws heavily on Pet Shop Boys while there’s a bit of OK Go to cuts like ‘body biology’.

Heaven's Club
Here There and Nowhere

Heaven's Club is the thing Shiv Mehra does when not touring and recording with his other project Deafheaven. See the titular connection? In this project he collaborates with many others to make a more ethereal, atmospheric sound which are borne out of deep-seated longing at work in their poetic and displaced lyricism. An album length fog of beauty and urgency, ripe for picking.    

Oscar Scheller

Once touted as the saviour of British pop in some quarters, songwriter-for-hire and producer Oscar Scheller returns with his sophomore album HTTP404. Boasting collaborations with Lily Allen, Ashnikko and Sarah Midori Perri of Kero Kero Bonito, it promises a more reflective take on the exuberance of his debut Cut & Paste. 

Current Affairs
Object & Subject

Current Affairs sound like they might have been a skinny tied new wave band but no they are from now and they are from Glasgow. They feature members of the likes of Anxiety, the Royal We and Shopping and make scratchy, semi-discordant post-punk just ripe to headline your Wharf Chambers all dayer with gothy/soulful vocals atop future party tunes.  

Vanilla Shell

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Sparrows is Ryota Miyake from Japanese synth group Crystal. On new album, Berries, he mixes all the best synthy bits Crystal had to offer with inspiration from the Beta Band and the expansiveness of travel. All together it comes out as oddball yet sweet psych pop, ideal for soundtracking a road trip.
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