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The Clientele
Music for the Age of Miracles

Oh thank God a new the Clientele album and by the time it comes out it will be near autumn so you can listen to this while wandering down leafy lanes at dusk - the perfect setting for Alistair MacLean's melancholic form of 60's influence psych and jangle. They now have a santoor (a kind of Indian dulcimer) on board but this just...view item »

Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma are a four piece from New Zealand and Willowbank is the name of a wildlife reserve in the band’s hometown. It was devastated by an earthquake in 2011 and is still on the mend. Yumi Zouma’s soothing pop should aid in its...view item »

Saba Lou
Planet Enigma

Debut from Berlin-based Saba Lou, minimalist acoustic songwriter fresh out of high school. Produced by her father, King Khan, Saba Lou’s LP provides quirky and observational lyrics over sparse guitar. Blending folk influences with sweet 60s-flavoured rock, Planet Enigma evok...view item »

King Krule

Having gone pretty quiet, the interweb returned ablaze for King Krule recently with announcement that his 2013 debut LP, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon will be followed by The Ooz...view item »


Though OSHH - Osian Howells to his ma - deals in heart-swelling synth-pop ala Depeche Mode, there is a healthy pinch of psychedelia to his music that sets him alongside other Welsh artists like Cate le Bon. The two sounds make for a neat combination, and as such the overall feel of OSHH...view item »


CousteauX have reformed after a 15 year hiatus and added an X to their name. The London-based duo of Irishman Liam McKahey and Beruit-born Aussie Davey Ray Moor had critical and relative commercial success in the early 2000s with their sophisticated lounge pop-meets indie rock sound. Their new self-titled LP features a guest app...view item »

Ten Fé

Ten Fé are a smooth outfit who carefully cut together indie rock aesthetics with electronic grooves. The band’s album was produced by Ewan Pearson, who knows the Ten Fé sound so well that he was asked to remix Turn into an up-and-bouncing house number. 7” singl...view item »

Depeche Mode
Where's The Revolution

Unbelievably Depeche Mode still release their music on CD single and here is the first taster from their new album 'Spirit'. It's a doomy piece of synth rock as you might expect and comes in tow with gloomy Anton Corbijn video in black and white as you might expect. Perfect miserable, desolate music for these torrid times. ...view item »

Depeche Mode
Going Backwards

Going Backwards is the second single to be released from the long running electronic rockers latest album Spirit. They are one of the few bands on the planet who still have the clout to sell CD singles and this comes with a whole host of remixes from the likes of Soulsavers, Chris Leibing and Maya-Jane Coles.&n...view item »

Sound of Ceres
The Twin

Follow-up album time with The Twin churning them out. After 2016’s debut LP, Nostalgia for Infinity, pop duo The Twin ain’t waiting abo...view item »


Soft-voiced crooner Mirah was asked to do the soundtrack for  BRIC Arts/Media House in Brooklyn and so enlisted composer and world's best Derek side project Jherek Bishoff to do the strings and stuff. Eventually it occurred to them to release the stuff....and so they have! On K Records of course.  ...view item »

The Granite Shore
Suspended Second

Gotta say, with that album cover and title, I was expecting ambient German techno. But no, The Granite Shore’s second LP, Suspended Second is a glori...view item »

Greatest Hits

Bjork. Iceland's first lady is back to cash in on all things called Christmas with a greatest hits compendium. Never been one to cash in before now has she....... Anyway there's a standard dbl LP and CD with all of the greatest hits on apart from her biggest hit (Oh So Quiet) which you can understand w...view item »

The Perfect Summer

Pugwash trail their forthcoming new album Silverlake with this single, The Perfect Summer, pleasingly released in September....view item »

David Bowie
A New Career In A New Town (1977 – 1982)

Calling all very rich Bowie fans, you are in for a treat. This collection compiles all his albums between 1977 and 1982 which of course takes in his now classic 'Berlin Trilogy'. Not only that but 'Lodger' has been remixed by Tony Visconti and includes a bonus collection of single versions, non-album singles, b-sides and songs featured on soundt...view item »

Modern Life Is Rubbish

Modern Life Is Rubbish announced Blur as a serious proposition. They carved out an identity, both musically and image-wise for themselves that moved away from the indie-by-numbers of their debut album, Leisure. It earned them comparisons of great Englishness previously characterised by The Kinks and Smal...view item »

Midnight Snack

Homeshake a.k.a Peter Sagar follows his 2014 debut with Midnight Snack, a distinctly R&B tinged collection of synthesizer jams. After leaving the Mac DeMarco touring band it’s clear that Sagar has had time to reflect and express some of his post-tour comedown anxieties in this record. Out on CD and vinyl LP fr...view item »

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
The Echo Of Pleasure

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart return with their fourth full-length album, the moodily titled The Echo of Pleasure. The band’s sweet melodies and synthy wall of sound production style is all comfortably ...view item »

Fitness Forever

Fitness Forever is the electronic music project of Carlos Valderrama - no, not the mop-haired former Colombian midfielder. Third album, Tonight is packed with Italian disco which is guaranteed to set the pace and keep going for a great night. Four years as a DJ have lead him to th...view item »


Cults  - yes they did spell their name correctly - have returned with their second effort and according to the press release are now working in technicolour rather than their previous black and white. It says these songs are bursting with melody and invention using new song structures and buzzing synths to forge their brave...view item »

Jamila Woods

First LP from Jamila Woods, whose influences include Toni Morrison and Kendrick Lamar. After providing vocals for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Chance the Rapper (who features on HEAVN), Woods’ v...view item »

The Chromatics
Kill for Love

Chromatics' Kill for Love is the latest record by the label Italians Do It Better and this album does not disappoint. Following the 2007 album Night Drive, Chromatics continue their domination of music with this album. Sounds like a slow dance at a disco with the most a...view item »

Kele Okereke

He just can't decide what he wants to be can he? The singer in worn out Brit band Bloc Party, fun electronic troubadour and now folk influenced confessional singer songwriter. Whichever style he pursued once thing is for certain  - his lyrics (and his music for that matter) never seem to get any better. ...view item »

Lina Tullgren

Captured Tracks have unearthed yet another quietly impressive singer-songwriter in the form of Maine resident Lina Tullgren. There are shades of Joanna Gruesome, Ought and Colleen Green across Won as Tullgren turns in a record of well-groomed, vagu...view item »

Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii are back after a 4-year hiatus. Tenderness sees Ra and Agor re-combining to write songs about unreciprocated love, musing on relationships conducted via the internet -- with all the implicit and explicit, unreal / false sense of intimacy -- and the contradictions inherent in t...view item »


My favourite albums tend to be the ones where a successful band leaves behind their signature sound and ventures into new realms that you wouldn't have expected them to and this is no exception. That's not to say that Blur were always the indie pop meets music hall of 'Parklife' and 'The Great Escape', there was definitely evidence of them wanti...view item »


Righto then. When you're down & jaded that there's nothing truly new, fresh & exiting in the broad spectrum that is the world of popular music, that It's all been said & done a million times over, then who do you count on to return with something astounding? Yes. Bjork. The Icelandic wonder pixie is back with a brand new albu...view item »

Take Me Apart

More brilliance incoming from Kelela, who if you can believe it is only now giving us her full-length debut after her hit mixtape Cut 4 Me and her recent esoterically produced Hullucinogen EP. A record cited by Kelela as being about "dissolving" and then choosing to rebuild our romantic...view item »

Depeche Mode
The Best of Volume 1

Well this has a much different track listing than the 'best of' I have on tape with a few album tracks thrown in for good measure yet it still has all the brilliant singles from 'See You' to 'Everything Counts' and 'Enjoy the Silence'. Originally released in 2006, now is your chance to get it again on triple vinyl.  ...view item »

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Hell / Laid

In 2009 New York’s The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart burst on to the scene fully formed with a self-titled album that showed a band who could turn their obvious indie-pop influences into something fresh. On their new EP, Hell/Laid, their influences are clear to see once again. They give us one original track, which...view item »

Wooden Arms
Trick Of The Light

Norwich based five-piece Wooden Arms release their second album, furthering their genre fluidity and pushing modern classical, trip-hop and experimental closer and closer together. With multiple sides to their coin they play between theatrical, ethereal, cryp...view item »


FM-2030 is the very first album to be released by Reptaliens, a band who feature a stellar line-up drawn from bands such as Wampire, Brainst...view item »

Simian Mobile Disco
Attack Decay Sustain Release

Originally released in 2007, this limited edition of ATTACK DECAY SUSTAIN RELEASE celebrates the tenth anniversary of this seminal debut album by Simian Mobile Disco. Remastered onto double vinyl, this electronic classic is now getting the deluxe vinyl treatment it deserves. Singles I Believe, ...view item »

Alex Lahey
I Love You Like A Brother

Emanating originally from Melbourne, Alex Lahey originally went to university to study jazz saxophone. Luckily she realised that this was a terrible waste of time and so embarked on an arts degree and set about making relatable fuzz pop that sounds like Courtney Barnett sandpapered in order to fit onto college r...view item »

The Zephyr Bones
Secret Place

The Zephyr Bones are a part-Chilean, part-Catalonian band who make blurry psych rock and dream pop that they have labelled ‘beach wave’. Now based in Barcelona, the birthplace of the band’s rhythm section, they have set up their own recording studio there. This all lends itself to the debut album, Secret Place,...view item »

Dýrð í dauðaþögn

Iceland, that place responsible for pretty much a one hundred percent return rate on excellent artists, offers up Asgeir along with all the rest, an indie pop songwriter working in more traditional conditions to create soulful, heartfelt songs we can all translate. His work is occasionally complemented with electronic flourishes that make for a ...view item »

Oscar And The Wolf

Oscar And The Wolf returns to Play It Again Sam for his second full length album. Electrified and diverse synth pop that jumps from up beat electro soul, R’n’B and disco to vibrant pop and darker introverted Purple-esque moments. Inspiration ranges from falling in love with a vampire to the urge to m...view item »

Three Futures

Reina plays it out to Carragher. Now on to Alonso. Alonso to Mascherano, who then gives it to Gerrard. Gerrard … striding forward confidently. He’s in a good position. Oh, what a lovely pass! It’s through to Torres! Torres shapes to shoot... and comes through with an LP full of quietly experimental i...view item »

Kiran Leonard
Derevaun Seraun

Kiran Leonard's music wields emotional outpourings and emo math demolitions into one sporadic and dense rock pantomime, sounding like Adult Jazz if they couldn't tidy their room and Jeff Buckley with half the restraint. He follows the excellent Grapefruit ...view item »

Jaws of Love.
Tasha Sits Close To The Piano

Kelcey Ayer (Local Natives) is Jaws of Love. This is a man who knows his way round a love song. Ayer laid down Tasha Sits Close To The Piano in a three-day burst. The piano is front and centre on this collection, with synth and voice propelling the melodies. For fans of James Blake and Bon Iver. Limited LP on K-Rizzla R...view item »

Walter TV
Carpe Diem

These indie warblers made a mini-shambles with their excellent record record Blessed, so it's to the good that Walter TV are back to make another dream-sequence ruckus. Veering slightly more towards a professional production than past endeavours, they continue to pack hooks in a sound that paraphrases the...view item »

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are a London based three piece who are now on their fourth album and continue to make old fashioned style pop, blues and soul using analogue gear. Weirdly Phil likes them despite them not having anything to do with Geoff Barrow. Anyway this should see them continue on their singular path and ensure healthy...view item »

Misty Coast
Misty Coast

Misty Coast are a band whose name is inspired by the location of their hometown - the oft overcast mountainous, coastal town of Bergen in Norway. Their sound, however, is influenced by another coast - the psychedelic sounds of  the west coast, Southern California. The Duo are made up of Linn ...view item »

Think Tank

And to think, I almost dismissed this album. Heck, this being my second Blur album (yes, I'm so far behind the times, I can barely see straight), I was ready to dismiss them altogether. On first listen, "Ambulance" sounded dissonant and illogically-rooted, with no discernible melody whatsoever. "Crazy Beat" was a bland attempt at gettin' some ro...view item »

The Great Distraction

Our next door neighbours (they rehearse next door) Leeds electronic rockers Vessels drop the big one on their fourth album by working with actual big rock stars the Flaming Lips and John Grant. This one pulls out all the stops  - a tour de force of electronic rock that should see them move ...view item »

A House In The Trees
What Am I Supposed To Do EP

The label is actually literally sincerely called Handsome Dad Records and they're putting out this EP from A House In the Trees, a band who make dance music. The audacity. Using textures ambient and structures pop, they come up with something of a Portishead c...view item »

The Beatles
Yellow Submarine

Okay, okay it's not their best work, but that still means it's a masterpiece when it's by The Beatles. The main thing that brings this album down is the musical score of the animated movie... which comprises all of side 2. Focusing primarily on side 1 there are some brilliant tracks on 'Yellow Submarine'. First off you have the eponymous track w...view item »

Ryan Power
They Sell Doomsday

Ryan Power has been quietly getting of with creating meticulously detailed music for several years now. Hailing from Burlington in Vermont, the songwriter, producer and "musician's musician" has built a reputation for well-crafted music and creative lyrics over seven albums. They Sell Doomsday references but expands upon the rea...view item »

Cold Specks
Fool's Paradise

Fool’s Paradise is the third album by Cold Specks, real name, Ladan Hussein. This time, the critically acclaimed singer explores how it feels to be female, part-Canadian, part-Somalian by revisiting her roots. Her raw, soulful voice is a perfect companion to the cathartic nature of the ...view item »

Cut Copy
Haiku From Zero

Haiku From Zero is the new album from Australian electronic band, Cut Copy.The album was recorded in Melbourne, New York and several places in between. It seemingly owes a great debt to Deerhunter and Animal Collective producer Ben Allen, whose work on this album ...view item »

Chris Weisman
Play Sharp To Me

Chris Weisman is a hero of underground pop, creating beautiful tunes that sound like versions of Beach Boys / Beatles songs made casually and in secret by an artist with no need or desire to temper his weirdnesses with any mainstream concerns. Play Sharp To Me is therefore an extremely ...view item »

John Foxx and The Maths
The Machine

This is a specially composed soundtrack for an adaptation of EM Forster's short story The Machine Stops which explores our increasingly complex relationship with technology. This eerie and evocative score was composed by electronic music veteran John Foxx working along side Benge. Artwork is by the people respon...view item »

Emily Haines
Choir Of The Mind

Emily Haines’s run of good form continues. In the same year as a new Broken Social Scene record, the Metric singer drops her first solo LP in more than a decade. Largely written and recorded at the piano, the singer and her Soft Skeleton entourage spin out deft and layered...view item »

Jay-Jay Johanson

Jay-Jay Johanson’s 1996 debut Whiskey gets a twentieth anniversary reissue thanks to WORT Records. Vintage trip-hop stylings via the French nation, with a languorous, almost croonerish vocal style. Pick it up on vinyl so you can have skinny Jay-Jay...view item »

Sparrow People
I Thought Of You / Baby Foxes

Sweet and winsome Australian pop from people who were one in the rather great Minimum Chips. It sounds rather similar to those marvellous purveyors of strum 'n' sing the Cannanes in that everything sounds like people picking up instruments for the first time. It's naivety though is what gives it it's charm....view item »

Midnight Sister
Saturn Over Sunset

Juliana Giraffe and Ari Bazoulian who make up Midnight Sister are described in the press release as “intense creatives” - a daunting prospect but a tag they want to cement on Saturn Over Sunset. It certainly has plenty of gorgeous instrumentation from a wide array of...view item »

Hannah Peel
Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia

Imagine going from Barnsley to outer space. This is what Northern Irish electronic artist Hannah Peel explores on this new opus. It's the story of an elderly pioneering electronic music artist who dreams of leaving her Barnsley home and seeing Cassiopeia for herself. Peel realises this with horns by those responsible for Tubular...view item »


 Debut full length album from Peder Losnegård’s Lido moniker. A heavy and highly polished mix of pop, hip-hop, dance and electronica. Swinging from Efterklang esque light melodic pop to synth heavy trap beats a-la Rustie covered in and vocoder-ed raps. Featuring...view item »


Collected anthology of French electronic two piece Mikado. Made up of singer Pascale Borel and multi-instrumentalist Gregori Czerkinsky, their ligh...view item »

Band Of Holy Joy
Funambulist We Love You

Lovely new stuff from great old group Band Of Holy Joy. Funambulist We Love You fully engages with the current state of affairs in 2017 (not always the case with bands know...view item »


Rostam (Batmanglij, also known as Boys Like Us) is most known for being in Vampire Weekend, as well as working with Frank Ocean, Solange and The Walkmen. Half-Light is his debut solo album, filled with cinematic electronic pop that pull...view item »

Cristobal And The Sea

The press release talks of this album taking the listener into an "alternate reality where humans care for each other and the environment". So either buy this album or vote for a Labour government to make that a reality.  They use things like Brazilian pop and Syrian musical influences to concoct their form of 'exotica' - an escapist realit...view item »

Wesley Fuller
Inner City Dream

Wesley Fuller’s opening remarks on the record is that the gap between the biggest artists in the world and small indie music is far too grand. He happens to be right. Inner City Dream is the twelve-piece record that explores the journey that many bands and indie folk have to battle in order to gain the attention t...view item »

Moses Sumney

If I had Moses Sumney’s voice I’d lose all my friends. That’s because I wouldn’t stop singing. If you had a voice this beautiful, this rich, this dynamic, why would you? Sumney’s debut LP, out on Jagjaguwar, is a record of lush contemporary soul akin to Bobby Womack...view item »

Brian Wilson
Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology

Covering more than thirty years across nine different solo albums, Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology is a comprehensive celebration of the great man’s solo career through 18 songs over two vinyl LPs. A collection of studio and live recordings, this compilation also contains two previously unreleased tracks, one of which...view item »

Marc Almond
Shadows and Reflections

If anyone is perfect for singing an album of 1960's torch songs and baroque pop it's Marc Almond. He has previous in the genre (and has scored huge hits too) but here he covers some of his favourites by the likes of Burt Bacharach, The Action, The Yardbirds, Bobby Darin...view item »

David Bowie

Reality is David Bowie’s 23rd solo album. The album contains a cover of The Modern Lovers' Pablo Picasso and a cover of George Harrison’s Try Some Buy Some which were originally intended to appear on Bowie’s Pin Ups 2, but the album never mat...view item »

Ariel Pink
Another Weekend / Ode To The Goat (Thank You)

Super annoying but rather essential weirdo pop man Ariel Pink continues to change the name of his own game with "Another Weekend", a dabbling in a downbeat version of sunshine pop that retains some of the obnoxious advert antics of Pom Pom. "Another Weekend" starts as an acoustic ballad, breaks ...view item »

Carmen Villain
Infinite Avenue

Carmen Villain’s first album since 2013’s Sleeper looks likely to find the singer moving into ever-more expansive sonic territory. This move was threatened by Infinite Avenue’s light-as-gossamer first single ‘Planetarium’, a track that sounded like Radiohead’...view item »

Lazy Day
Ribbons EP

Ian put this on and I thought oh not more of his shoegaze -- but then I remembered Lazy Day were on Lost Map and there singer is called Tilly Scantlebury which is one of the better names in rock. They make music that sounds like it comes from the 90s with slightly flangy guitars and melodic vocals and sits somewhere between ...view item »

Daniel Wylie's Cosmic Rough Riders
Scenery For Dreamers

I can't quite figure out the history here. Daniel Wylie was in Cosmic Rough Riders then he left to pursue a solo career while they carried on without him but now it seems Cosmic Rough Riders are his. Go figure. Anyway he's back with several slabs of spangling guitar pop with nods to Teenage Fanclub and B...view item »

Zola Jesus

Foghorn-voiced chanteuse Zola Jesus has had a terrible time with death and loss recently so retreated to the woods near her childhood home to create this personal snapshot of loss and sympathy borne out of her experiences. It's fair to say that "Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey" this is not but instead a bleak meditation on tragedy. ...view item »

Go Away EP

Florida punx UV-TV turned heads with their debut LP Glass earlier this year. A short five months later and they’ll be dropping this EP on Emotional Response (City Yelps, Sleaford Mods). The three-piece tear through two new bits and cover tracks by The Prim...view item »

Say 123

London trio Flowers I'm sure are happy to contribute one more single to Fortuna Pop before the label calls it a day. Instead of recording new tracks the band picked out a couple of demos and previously unheard recordings including 'Rhodes' which was recorded in one take while they were waiting for the van to turn up. Wholesome i...view item »

Honey Hahs

Yes, their average age is under 12, but the first single from South London sisters the Honey Hahs is endearing for reasons beyond a that’s-nice-dear encouragement of youthful endeavour. ‘OK’ is a bittersweet acoustic ballad with strong harmonies and lyrics that are wise beyond the years of the people singi...view item »

Nick Nicely
Sleep Safari

Especially for fans of 'sleep' and 'safaris', Nick Nicely sets his new album Sleep Safari free to the world. This time, the 'psych legend' delves deeper into electronics while he keeps keeping on to weave a tapestry of psych-pop gold. None other than Clash Magazine have declared Nicely, 'profoundly psychedelic'. The new...view item »


Imagine Prince, but 4ever. Unfortunately it's not possible any more because scientists failed to crack eternal life before he snuffed it, but he has achieved immortality via this big box of Prince. Inside, 4 LPs of his biggest hits can be found including rarity 'Moonbeam Levels', as well as a 12-page booklet of some previously unseen shots ...view item »

Speakman Sound
Warm EP

Warm EP by Speakman Sound contains some soothing psychedelic dance, made with help from singer Frankie Forman. Warm is the follow-up to the Glastonbury-based production duo’s debut single In Flight. The pair have been getting lots of airplay from the likes of Lauren Laverne,...view item »

Angus & Julia Stone

Angus and Julia Stone are two siblings that have come together to create some nice sounding indie-pop music together. Some may find it a little weird that a brother and sister can sing to each other about their lovers and relationships, but I don't. Snow is a great sounding record that is released on [PIAS] Le Label and...view item »


The long-awaited release from Fink comes in the form of Resurgam. UK born but Berlin based band Fink give a much more mature and relaxed sound to this record, that must sur...view item »

Lone Taxidermist

Although it's hard to imagine anything that is described as a cross between Diamanda Galas and Victoria Wood being less than interesting there's something about this cavorting and naughty project that recalls Leigh Bowery's Minty project. It's all ethereal and theatrical. Rather like a dressing ...view item »

Anthology: Here Lies Pollyn

Pollyn have released three albums of smart and sexy electro-pop but as yet haven't got the critical or sales plaudits you might expect. The band are worshipped by the likes of Hot Chip and with this anthology of their released work should hopefully cross through. Their music really should be appealing ...view item »

Ariel Pink
Dedicated To Bobby Jameson

Ariel Pink’s eleventh full length album and his debut on Mexican Summer. Dedicated To Bobby Jameson is a woozy psychedelic pop journey through the tragic ups and downs reflected in Bobby Jameson’s life story, and his continuous struggle for success in the music industry (having recorded...view item »

Holy Oysters

There have been some very decent psych/indie/synth rock bands to come out of France, and Paris in particular. Holy Oysters are one of those bands. The Parisian five piece have released a nine-track album called Egonomy. Now, I have no idea what makes these oysters especially holy, but the record certainly sounds pretty ...view item »


Doppleganger was the debut LP for this sandblasted shoegaze outfit who were a ton heavier and danceable than the wan indie strummers of the day. Then pulverising record has been re-issued on vinyl but it might be the double CD you want which collects all their earlier EPs and features an Aphex Twin remix! ...view item »

Gary Numan

With hair blacker even than David Gedge, long term electronic pioneer and goth rocker Gary Numan is back with his 22nd album 'Savage'. Expect the normal terrifying electronic rock that could only be performed by looking menacing and being ladled with dry ice on an enormo stage. Long term fans will rejoice bleakly.  ...view item »

Tear The Roots

After two EPs London based synth-pop duo Kaleida return to Lex Records for their debut full length Tear The Roots. Stripped back electronic pop that is direct and embracing, with vocal strength of London Grammar or Lykke Li and the straight up appeal o...view item »


Oh my God remember this lot? So '80s in approach that they've now adopted the mid period shades and bowler hat look. To be fair their emotional brand of electro rock has done very well for them indeed particularly on the continent so expect more big music with hi-end X Factor production and easi-remember tunes.  ...view item »

Death and Vanilla

A prime slice of hauntology to get your teeth into here. Originally released on cassette last Halloween, this double LP features a live recording of Death And Vanilla’s soundtrack to Danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer’s 1932 classic ,Vampyr. For the performance, the psychedelic dream pop duo expanded their line up, incorporating an...view item »

The Veils
Nux Vomica

This is the highly anticipated second record by the London based indie-rock outfit The Veils. A cracking show of musicianship and a Libertines-esque approach to the lead vocals on the record from Finn Andrews. A true and laid back record that shows hints of perhaps the direction of indie in the future. Nux Vomica is ava...view item »

The Veils
Sun Gangs

The Veils' penchant for sharp guitar melodies, affecting acoustic slow-burners, and Andrews' inimitable vocals and nakedly emotional lyrics remain just as fine-tuned as ever before. While the record ends with a disappointing whimper, Andrews and his supporting cast have made another worthy addition to the band's neglected discography, one that fail...view item »

Celebrity Skin

Slicker, more polished and more produced than their two previous albums, "Celebrity Skin" sees Hole making a more radio-friendly sound. Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins helps out with a bit of songwriting and production and there's evidence of ...view item »

!!! (chk chk chk)
As If

!!! (or chk chk chk if you were hoping to say their name out loud) have another tight collection of indie-dance jams, although actually, if you ask me, plenty of these tracks sound like full on 12” club platters. These New Yorkers know what’s up. As If thus comes highly recommended for those...view item »

Lali Puna
Two Windows

Lali Puna are back after a seven year gap which saw the departure of founding member Markus Acher. The others seem to be continuing in a business-as-usual like manner though with an album of lush and focused electronica. There's guests too including DNTEL's Jimmy Tamborello and harpist Mary Lattimore...view item »


Once an absolutely amazing band Sparks have been pretty much smooth sailing through the last decade of their career with the sort of quirky operatic nursery rhyme-like compositions exemplified by 'Hippopotamus' the lead track from this their latest opus. Strangely for such an odd band they are much loved by 6 Music...view item »

The Just Joans
No Longer Young Enough

The Just Joans are another winsome indie-pop band who are doing pretty well for themselves now that people like twee-pop again. For ten years they have been making the kind of heartfelt music that will appeal to fans of Magnetic Fields and the Pastels and here discuss the realisation that you'd prefer a quiet night in than going...view item »

Alex Cameron
Forced Witness

Forced Witness is the latest album from Alex Cameron who has had a little bit of help from his friends with this one; including Brandon Flowers of The Killers, Weyes Blood and Angel Olsen. Having jetted about between Vegas, LA and Berlin to reco...view item »

A Moment Apart

ODESZA's 'A Moment Apart' represents their progress as a duo. The combination of synth lines, weighted atmospheres and a more mature sound create familiar feelings of nostaalgia, optimism and hope for any listening to this standout album. 'A Moment Apart' features many guests, such as Leon Bridges, Regina Spektor, and RY X, showcasing ODESZA's e...view item »

Anna Of The North

After working with Vessels in 2016, Norwegian singer Anna Lotterud backed by New Zealand producer Brady Daniell-Smith bring their debut full length to Different Recordings as Anna Of The North. Lovers holds dreamy electronic pop with a glistening finish, softly sung and...view item »

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