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Fly Invisible Hero

BDY_PRTS (most likely an abbreviation of ‘Beady Parts’) introduce their debut LP Fly Invisible Hero via Aggrocats. Strongly audiovisual, the band consists of Jill O’Sullivan (Sparrow and the Workshop), Jenny Reeve (Strike the Colours) and Johnny Scott (The Kill...view item »

Amber Run
For A Moment, I Was Lost

One of those bands who have become absolutely massive without you actually noticing them doing so, the Nottingham four-piece up the emotional ante for their second debut LP. Fans of London Grammar and Kodaline - hell, even Coldplay - will enjoy the grandiose rise-and-fall of songs like ‘St...view item »


Mode is the second album from synth-pop four-piece Brett (also know as The Dance Party) and the synths are even lovelier and the falsetto vocals even higher. The group are obviously influenced by 1980s synthesizer textures, but they also draw on modern pop productions and s...view item »

Sob Stories
Debut 12-inch

Taking their cues from the joyous jangle of ‘80s guitar bands, Sob Stories' aptly titled Debut 12-Inch sees the Bay Area band whizz through guitar pop without leaving you time to get bored. The band are led by Joel Cusumano, previously of power-pop band Talkies, so his melodic credentials all check out. 12...view item »


It’s been a few years, but Baths (aka Will Weisenfeld) appears to have found the time among all the anime and computer games for another Anticon album. Led by affable, confessional songwriting, Romaplasm swings to the steps of camp, bubbly poptronica. It comes off as more lyrical, a touch lighter and more spacious...view item »

The Charlatans
Over Again

The Charlatans are still going strong and here unleash a Christmas present to all their remaining fans in the form of this funky patchwork quilt of a song taken from their recent 'Different Days' opus. Not sure what is on the B-side as we haven't been given any information. Hopefully a life sized 3D hologram of Tim ...view item »

The Lemons
Hello, We're The Lemons

Originally released as a cassette tape on Gnar Tapes, Hello, We’re The Lemons now gets a full-blown vinyl issuing on Burger Records. The Lemons are a straight-down-the-line pop band, all about shiny-smiley melodies and songs about ice creams and candy. Lovely stuff. This edition has a whole 28 tracks!...view item »

Virna Lindt

This 1983 debut album from the Swedish singer-artiste Virna Lindt was explicitly written and recorded with the notion of stylish European cinema soundtracks in mind: what fertile and chic sonic territory to be working in! Shiver’s orchestral pop is suitably sweeping and cool, and Lindt has just th...view item »

The Charlatans
Different Days

The Charlatans release their first single from their recent 'Different Days' LP and it's the title track and it includes a rather decent remix by those elder statespeople of electronica and industrial music Chris and Cosey. They add a disco pulse to the track and take almost everything else off.&nb...view item »

When Doves Cry

Warner Bros present a series of Prince reissues, this time focused on 12” singles. Reissued in their original vinyl formats with the original artwork and their original B-sides, these singles are available again just as they were meant to be experienced. When Doves Cry, the lead single from the Purple Rain...view item »

Vulnicura Strings (The Acoustic Version: Strings, Voice and Viola Organista Only)

Bjork is really treating her fans with this album round: following on from the marvellous original and the recent remix series, we now have a version of Vulcinara that strips everything back to just vocals and strings, with several new parts being recorded especially. Naturally the results are gorgeous. On One Little In...view item »

Choir Boy
Sunday Light

Choir Boy is not a project of an unaccompanied acappella male chorister, but the dream-pop outfit of former punk rocker Adam Klopp. Sunday Light is a bright and melancholy pair of 80’s-flavoured new romantic pop music, catchy and grand but also essentially bedroom in feel. 7” single on DAIS....view item »

Spirit Fest
Spirit Fest

Spirit Fest is an expanded form of the wonderful Japanese group Tenniscoats, wherein the two Coats are joined by Markus Acher and Cico Beck of Notwist, and Matt Fowler of Jam Money. Recorded in Munich in winter,...view item »

Black Honey

New single from hot new Brighton rock band Black Honey. This song features exactly one riff and that riff, if you would permit me, is very good. Youtube commenter Higgy reckons they sound like a female fronted Arctic Monkeys. That's not far off, so long as we're talking about the sleazy, slicked back h...view item »

The Primitives
New Thrills

Vintage guitar pop delivered in fine style by The Primitives, back again with songs as bright and fun as ever. New Thrills is a four track maxi-single packed with sweet indie sing-song vocals, catchy guitar riffs and a garage-surfy vibe. Summery super songs! Edition of 1000, pressed to 10” vinyl on the Elefant lab...view item »

Trespassers William

Slow team Trespassers William reissue one of their many requiems just in time for RSD: 'Anchor' is early days for the band, back when they were teens trying to one up Slint in the race for prodigal indie rock talent. These tracks see the band begin to traverse their twin sounds: wide-open ambient 'scapes and plain but plaintive indie pop so...view item »

Chantal Acda
The Sparkle In Our Flaws

Chantal Acda may be familiar through Sleepingdog, her rich collaboration with Adam Wiltzie of Stars Of The Lid. The Sparkle In Our Flaws has her melancholy vocals floating above delicate instrumental constructions to which Peter Broderick and Sh...view item »

Early Birds

It’s a shame there’s two grimacing fuck-tards from Leeds City Council digging a hole in the road just outside my window, it would have been nice to sit here in peace and ponder the merits and pitfalls of this unexpected comp from our fave Icelandic pop pixies. Instead it sound...view item »

It's Never Been Like That

Album number three from those slick Parisian pop fellows Phoenix. It’s Never Been Like That was something of a hit on initial release in 2006, pleasing listeners across the spectrum with its mixture of soft rock textures, pop melodies, and louche Frenchness. Reissued in a vinyl format by Rhino....view item »

David Bowie
Pin Ups

Parlophone reissued a range of David Bowie albums in the Five Years boxset in 2015: now these nice 180g vinyl versions are being released individually too. Pin Ups, released in 1973, finds Bowie covering a number of his 60’s favourites, including tracks by The Who and ...view item »

Lanterns On The Lake
Until The Colours Run

Lanterns on the Lake. A band who, if you read the internet regularly, are pretty much universally loved. People utterly worship them. I saw this with my own eyes when I witnessed them live and seemed to be the only person in the room not moved to tears. It's easy to see why they appeal, they marry win...view item »

John Maus
Screen Memories

John Maus returns! Six years have passed since ‘We Must Become The Pitiless Censors’ -- during which time Maus has toured, released a rarities collection and finished his doctorate in Political Philosophy. He sounds as towering and stately as ever on Screen Memories; the record is another personal one which ...view item »

Baxter Dury
Prince of Tears

His first release on Heavenly Recordings, Baxter Dury continues his lo-fi pop forays with Prince of Tears. Dury’s fifth album is brimming with his usual downbeat musings on relationships and excess but this time includes an orchestral score which melds with Dury’s usual synth instrum...view item »

The Monochrome Set
Spaces Everywhere

Back in their third incarnation, The Monochrome Set are releasing twelfth album. The band hasn't left behind their old sounds and tendencies, and in ways Spaces Everywhere has audible roots in the eighties. However, the old-school blues and new wave are combined with a fresh sounds that make thi...view item »

Autre Ne Veut

The Mary Onettes
The Mary Onettes

Swedish dreamers The Mary Onettes released their eponymous debut album ten years ago, and a decade is a good amount of time, so here it is again! The Mary Onettes is a sens...view item »

Pete Astor
Water Tower

Pete Astor was in both The Loft and The Weather Prophets, two bands who were signed to classic indie label Creation back in the day. On his new single, Water Tower, he is joined by and indie supergroup featuring James Hoare of Veronica Falls/Ultimate Pai...view item »

Ultimate Painting
Dust On My Eyes

Well this is nice. It’s two totally exclusive unavailable elsewhere tracks from pretty darn nice indie-poppers Ultimate Painting. We already know them from such albums as last years ‘Dusk’ where we found that  their charming understated indie rarely fails to satisfy. Lovely stuff. ...view item »

big tide
Half The Time

Leeds-based Liverpool-born Ben Thomas began his journey as Big Tide when he hooked up with Eagulls/Pulled Apart By Horses producer Matt Johnson. Taking his influences from The Byrds, Big Star and Teenage Fanclub he’s created some pret...view item »


Definitely one of my highlights of 2009, such a grower. It features one of the most addictive tracks ever released, Under you spell, and you need this. Johnny Jewel for president! ...view item »

Bona Drag

This 1990 compilation of Morrissey’s first run of singles and b-sides made for one of his best albums. Besides the hits (Sudehead, Everyday Is Like Sunday, November Spawned A Monster), he’d continued the Smiths tradition of hiding the odd gem on a b-side or the flip of a 12” (the self-depr...view item »

Girl Ray

First ‘proper’ release for youth band Girl Ray, following some online-only tracks. Trouble is the work of three people scarcely out of school, and their bright indie-pop outlook is a welcome corrective to the cynicism of people like you (yes, you). 7” single released as part of the Moshi Moshi singles ...view item »

Tanya Donelly
Swan Song Series

Tanya Donelly founded Throwing Muses. And also The Breeders. And also Belly. So she certainly knows what she is doing when it comes to left-of-the-mainstream songwriting. Most of the contents of Swan Song Series were previously released as digital EPs: now they are gath...view item »

Half Waif
Probable Depths

Half Waif (the solo project of Nandi Rose Plunkett, also spotted in the band Pinegrove), released Probable Depths...view item »

Euros Childs
House Arrest

House Arrest is the 13th solo album by former Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci mainman Euros Childs. It was recorded in Elton John producer Gus Dudgeon’s Cardiff studio by Stephen Black, better known to us as Sweet Baboo. Euros Childs is never short of melody o...view item »

Fujiya & Miyagi
Transparent Things

First-time vinyl release of the Brighton band’s third LP, from 2006. There are some obvious Neu! moves here and there, but unlike many Can copyists, these guys were, uh... canny enough to retain the slinky funk aspect Damo and co. delivered. Clever proto-Sleafords lyrics a...view item »

The Apples In Stereo
Her Wallpaper Reverie

Album the third from The Apples in Stereo, first released in 1999. Her Wallpaper Reverie is a relatively quick spin, clocking in at just under half an hour, and is notable ...view item »

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Rest is the fifth album by singer/songwriter, actress and offspring of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg. The album was produced by Ed Banger fella SebAstian who has also lent his talents to Frank Ocean among others. Paul McCartney...view item »

Lomond Campbell
Only A City Apart

Scottish label Triassic Tusk does good by everyone again by uncovering this lost EP by Lomond Campbell. Originally privately commissioned and pressed very limitedly. Following their music for all policy they have stuck ‘em out for us to enjoy. Fitting sweetly next to King Creosote, Only A City Apart...view item »

The Apples In Stereo
Tone Soul Evolution

It's the second album by The Apples In Stereo, released in 1997 but apparently never available in its originally-intended master until this reissue right here! Tone Soul Evolution is a fabulous example of the band’s experimentally-tinged dreamy-psychedelic indie pop, produced in a 24-track studio for maximum expre...view item »

Half Forward Line
The Back of Mass

I’m already interested in an album when it was recorded over two days in a Derelict Irish Rural Pub. Was it derelict at the start of the sessions, or just at the end? I also like short sharp albums, so Half Forward Line’s half hour stomper - a jangler, a power-popper, a sharp dose, a pounder - has lots going for it. We’...view item »

Jasmine Minks
Another Age

Everybody remembers Alan McGee’s indie label Creation, home to Teenage Fanclub, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, Jesus & Mary Chain and some willfully obscure band called Oasis? Well, Aberdeen indie-poppers Jasmine Minks...view item »

Spinning Coin

After a couple of excellent 7"s and some pretty sweet support slots Spinning Coin finally drop their big debut album. This Glasgow band have slowly honed their sound of luscious indie-pop that takes inspiration from the golden ages of indie (both C86 '80s and early '90s grunge) but crucially remembering to add in future classic ...view item »

David Bowie
The Next Day

Aiming for comeback of the year before he was usurped by My Bloody Valentine, David Bowie delivers his first album in what...like...a million years and you have to hand it to him, the silence has paid dividends. Had he been releasing albums and touring over...view item »

Tom O.C Wilson
Tell A Friend

Having released a fair amount of material in other guises, Tom O.C Wilson makes his first outing under his own name, with an album of jaunty, unpredictable tracks. Though poppy in general, there's a distinct air of strangeness, with shifting time signatures, instrumental hooks and meandering vocals coming at you from all angles....view item »

Dawn People
The Star Is Your Future

Dawn People's category defying character is no surprise given the wide ranging influences that have fed its creation. Opening with hip-hop tempo beats, jazz flute and distinct Avalanches style plunderphonics, the palette twists and grows over the album, introducing warm synths, loungey grooves and additional madness to the mix....view item »

Light Upon The Lake: Demo Recordings

While we excitedly wait for the second album from Chicago duo Whitney, they have served up their debut in its rawest form with Light Upon The Lake: Demo Recordings. As the guys move on from a cathartic songwriting and recording experience and a grueling touring schedule, they are keen to show where their critically acclaimed deb...view item »


On her third opus, Dominique Dillon De Byington (or Dillon to us music listeners) looks at something over to the right. Enough about the cover - Kind is a feast of brass instrumentation over an electronic pop backdrop, with Feist and Bjork comparisons to boot. As with all...view item »


Tusks, aka Emily Underhill, is a rising star of many talents. As producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist she if fully in control of her music, creating expansive, emotional pop from icy shards of synth, guitars and voice. Dissolve is her debut album, following on from the 2014 EP Ink. Her singular vision for her music has dra...view item »

Martin Carr
New Shapes Of Life

Martin Carr was the guitarist and principle songwriter for always critically successful and momentarily commercially huge Liverpool band The Boo Radleys. New Shapes of Life is his third solo album and follows on from 2014’s The Breaks. After a period of writing songs for pop...view item »

The Sand Collector's Dream

A ten track release from the really really sad (apparently) US based band Carta. Their fourth record that makes you want to think about every little thing you've ever said or done to anybody and apologise with your hearts' greatest meaning. The Sand Collector's Dream is available on Vinyl LP and is released on Saint Mar...view item »

Sephine Llo
I, Your Moon

I, Your Moon is the debut release (unless you're counting her previous EP) from Sephine Llo. From roots in classical music both from pure enjoyment and via academia, this record is a breath of fresh air. Not only that, the entirety of the release if dedicated to her husband who passed away weeks after discovering they were expecting a baby. As y...view item »

Robert Forster
Songs To Play

Robert Forster has been a busy man in the seven years since his last solo outing, The Evangelist (2008). He has worked as a producer and a writer and overseen the compilation of G Stands For Go Between, the box set that reprises the work of his band, the legendary antipodean tunesmiths The Go Betweens...view item »

John Grant
Gets Schooled

Catherine Ringer
Chroniques et Fantaisies

Catherine Ringer is one of the premier performers of French language rock music, and Chroniques et fantaisies is her new 2017 album. This is her second album as a solo artist (following her time in ...view item »

Klaus Joynson & The Type 40
New Adventures in Time & Space - 12 Songs for 12 Doctors

Klaus Joynson set out on a mission to record a Doctor Who concept album in which every Doctor (and their corresponding era) is represented by a song. So that’s 12 Songs for 12 Doctors, with a few little bonus pieces bolstering the tracklist up to 18. The styles vary enormously, and each track is busily fi...view item »


Liima is effectively a side-project of Efterklang, in which the members of the beloved Scandinavian group make the kind of music that Efterklang would never make. EG, nostalgic full-bore...view item »

Lost Horizons

Despite having a sleeve which looks like a black metal opus, Lost Horizons is the new project of Simon Raymonde once of Cocteau Twins now of Bella Union. He's teamed up here with former Dif Juz drummer Richie Thomas. Guests are aplenty including Marissa Nadler Ghostpoet and most fascinating...view item »

Hanne Hukkelberg

Trust is the long awaited fifth album from Nordic electronic sound artist Hanne Hukkelberg. A nine-track collection of fine easy listening dance tracks that almost sound like they could be on in some indie dance...view item »

Slow Club
Yeah So

Slow Club. Norman Records are the slow club, this came out last week and seeing as though I was stuck in the middle of a muddy field in Lancashire trying to erect a tent whilst drinking some stupidly strong cider the overworked boys opted to give 'Yeah So' a miss in favour of some of the more challenging & esoteric varieties of music we sell. S...view item »

Gel Set
Body Copy

Gel Set is the solo project of Laura Callier (Simulation). After releases on Modern Tapes and Moniker Records, her second full length album comes on 2MR. ...view item »


Varying from ten to eleven tracks depending on which version you get, Cuckoo is the dark and almost gothic release from Curve. The record explores a completely different world from other release by them, an open book of new personal ideas. Available on Vinyl LP and CD and is released on 3 Loop Music. ...view item »

Strawberry Runners
In The Garden, In The Night

In The Garden, In The Night is the first ever vinyl release by New York-based indie-poppers Strawberry Runners. It follows a self-released cassette and self-titled CD. The five-piece, led by songwriter Emi Knight, originally hail from Denver, Colorado. Their brand of lush indie-pop (they use trumpets and stuff like that) is emph...view item »

The Van Allen Belt

Null + Void

Null + Void’s cold and sharp synth-pop has attracted such attention over the last decade that new album Cryosleep has been able to attract some weighty guest vocalists to contribute: not only members of The Big Pink and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but also synthwave king ...view item »

The Cornshed Sisters
Honey & Tar

The Cornshed Sisters’ four members are all singer-songwriters in their own right, giving this Newcastle-and-surrounds group a great weight of talent to build an album out of. Honey & Tar, their first r...view item »

Happy Meals

Minimalist disco and sultry synths are the order of the day on Glasgow-dwelling duo Happy Meals's debut album. Boyfriend / girlfriend Lewis Cook and Suzanne Rodden have been making sweet music together since high school. Cook is also a member of Scotland's premier Hawkwind tribute band, trivia fans! On vinyl or CD. Do you want fries with th...view item »

The New Faith
Me On You

Believe it or not, emerging Brighton outfit The New Faith don’t sound like the song ‘True Faith’ by New Order. What they do sound like, on this debut vinyl/CD on Faith Healer Records, i...view item »

Charles Howl
My Idol Family

The titles of Charles Howl’s album My Idol Family specifically identify Lou Reed, Damon Albarn...view item »


Her last release sold out really quickly and had a horse on the cover. Not sure if these two things are related but we'll find out with this latest release (no horse).  This is in fact a vinyl re-issue on Ninja Tune of her breakthrough 2015 album and perfectly showcases her hazy and housey take on pop and r&b.  ...view item »

Mariam The Believer
Love Everything

Mariam The Believer is in fact the same Mariam who is so amazing in Wildbirds & Peacedrums, and who delivers mind-blowing performances in the Fire! Orchestra...view item »

Exit Index

New Grooms! The New Yorkers haven’t been spotted in full-length format since 2015, but when they decided to rectify that, they didn’t waste time: apparently Exit Index ...view item »

Jaye Bartell
In A Time Of Trouble, A Wild Exultation

A mature-feeling selection from Jaye Bartell. Third album In A Time Of Trouble, A Wild Exaltation was recorded in live sessions in Bartell...view item »

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura are back with their own brand of tweeness on that Spanish label known as Elefant Records. Quite like this one too. Laid back indie prettyness with a theremin. Got a sun kissed Hawaiian feeling to it. Imagine a nice twee pretty indie band making music on Waikiki beach and this is what it would...view item »


Bjork's masterwork. On her fourth record, the Icelandic pop artist started marrying her trip-hop backdrop with a hugely expansive and coldly experimental sound. This record was perhaps her darkest entry yet and did Post one better by boasting an orchestra of several billion -- each making strings swell, drums ...view item »

Depeche Mode
Cover Me (Remixes)

Essex’s most brooding sons, Depeche Mode, returned this year with a new album ‘Spirit’ and as tradition dictates latest single ‘Cover Me’ has been let loose with a raft of up to the minute remixers. Erol Alkan’s own rock inspired roots make him a natural choice,...view item »

Strange Words and Weird Wars

Marnie, formerly of Liverpool electronic heroes Ladytron, follows her 2013 Crystal World album with Strange Words and Weird Wars. This is modern pop that takes is cues from the likes of La Roux, Kylie Minogue and Ladyhawke. There’s also a, presumably, tong...view item »

Synth Wave – Volume 1

Synth Wave - Volume 1 intends to showcase the rude health of the global synth scene, pulling in artists from countries including Sweden, Argentina and Brazil. Turns out, the many kinds of alt-pop that have synthesisers at their core are producing top-grade material right now: artists like Massive ...view item »

Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Welcome to the Pleasuredome

The 1980’s superclassic Welcome to the Pleasuredome by Frankie Goes to Hollywood gets reissued! But it isn't just any old reissue… This ...view item »

Display Homes
Climate Change

Display Homes comprises chums Steph, Darrell and Greg from the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. While openly admitting to haphazard, amateur origins on the local DIY indie scene, the band sounds confident, competent and cheerful on this self-titled 7” debut. This is all about having fun with a ...view item »

Full House - The Very Best of Madness

There’s been no shortage of Madness comps over the years, but none more comprehensive or revelatory than this up-to-date career-spanner. Almost evenly split between their initial chart-dominating 80s run and post-reunion highlights, it presents the (occasionally still) Nutty (former) Boys as a British institution of 40 yea...view item »

Oh No Ono

Right then, one thing I can say about this new Oh No Ono record 'Eggs' is that its my favourite album of the year so far. It was my official 'waking up' music this morning and after a madcap dash through the snow to assist in hyperactive world of Norman Records I find its the first record on my pile to review. Strangely for such a super album the f...view item »

The Gist
Holding Pattern

The Gist were made up of main members Philip Moxham and Stuart Moxham of Young Marble Giants. After releasing a debut full length ...view item »

Snow, Moon, Flowers

Barren land shoegaze from Shinowa, whose 7" showing here is plenty of sad. A smorgasbord of hazy guitar deluge and whispered vocals, their sound has both the expansive of meandering psych rock and the emotional sensitivity of '90s indie pop. An interesting sound that packs movement into a fogged landscape....view item »

David West with Teardrops
Cherry On Willow

David West started out in distant Perth before working his way up through various cities (Melbourne, San Francisco) and bands (Rat Columns, Liberation) before reaching New York and this solo album with backing group Teardrops...view item »


Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam are a pair of cousins who reside in sunny Melbourne. Inspired by James Blake, The xx and Lauryn Hill they make electro-pop as Kllo. Whilst the music is grounded in pop tradition, their use of UK Garage, 2-Step and R&B ...view item »

St. Vincent

Masseduction is the new album from St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark. It is her 6th, if you count the one she did with David Byrne. As the title may suggest, themes of sex, power, vulnerable relationships and death weave throughout the lyrics, which are autobiographical, according to C...view item »

The Sea and Cake

Transcendent without being overbearing like a lot of jazz can be, mainstream enough to appeal to pop sensibilities yet sophisticated and smart. The quietest moments of Steely Dan, perhaps "Aja"'s "Deacon Blues" or their later work "Two Against Nature" gives one a reference point where they leave off and the Sea and Cake take the most subtle poin...view item »

The Antlers

Familiars is the fourth studio album by Antlers after a relatively fallow three years which saw the release of just two EPs: Together and Undersea. Familiars was self-produced but the talents of Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Future Islands) were utilised to mix the album. Familiars is available on indie...view item »

Tori Amos
Native Invader

Native Invader is the thirteen-track release (+two bonus tracks) from Tori Amos. A fantastic record that brings so much with it in terms of quality sound and a great addition to the indie rock scene. The record ...view item »

Real Estate
Real Estate

It's another big week for Woodsist releases this week with a ton of stuff coming out including Real Estate's debut S/T album. These New Jersey indie pop upstarts have impressed with single 'Fake Blues' and the album is proving itself to be a winner too. Ten tracks of blissed out, beer soaked, bong smelly interpretations of modern country and folk p...view item »

The Jazz Butcher
The Wasted Years

The Jazz Butcher was an indie band born in the 80’s, and here we have their fantastic earliest albums, as released for the Glass label. That’ll be Bath Of Bacon, ...view item »

Jessie Ware

After starting her career guesting on tracks by SBTRKT, Disclosure and Bobby Womack, singer-songwriter Jessie Ware gained rather a lot of attention. Her first album, Devotion, was released in 2012. The critically acclaimed Tough Love followed in 2014 and now comes Glasshouse whi...view item »

Kings Of Leon
Mechanical Bull

Its so cool. I wanted it for ages and convinced myself to buy it and after I finished listening I wanted to listen to it again. Super awesome, well worth the money....view item »

Cut Worms
Alien Sunset

Max Clarke, the human being behind Cut Worms, presents a selection of intimate and direct demos recorded at home. Despite this provenance, these six tracks really feel fully-formed: the slightly fuzzy edges to the sound just makes ...view item »

Too Real

West coast producer Giraffage brings his debut full length album after a handful of releases on Fool’s Gold and Dim Mak. Glistening synth pop with the slick production of Flume. Featuring guest col...view item »

I <3 Art

Norwegian indie pop group Broen’s second full length album is one of those that goes to show “indie-pop” can mean just about anything. The group, made up of members from acts such as Atomic...view item »

Pet Shop Boys
Elysium (Remastered Edition)

Pop heroes Pet Shop Boys continue their Catalogue: 1985-2012 series of album reissues with Elysium from 2012, which was produced with Kanye West producer Andrew Dawson.. These LP and CD reissue packages come with a lusciously produced suite of extensive liner notes and archive ...view item »

The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead (2017 Master) [Deluxe Edition]

Another magical example of when a single LP gets turned into a 5LP box set. The Smiths 4th best album finally gets the big set treatment with demos, b-sides live tracks and a DVD featuring Derek Jarman's short film made to accompany the original release. A must for all fans of this most special of bands. "Slip them into...view item »

Lolina (Inga Copeland)
Relaxin' With Lolina

Limited pressing, self-released 3 track CD. Inga Copeland hits again under a different moniker, and away from Hype Williams her experimentation has been boundless. Under the Lolina name she pushes the R’n’B grooves and discordant piano riffs even further than Copeland...view item »

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