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The Break

Following a career that has, to date, seen her collaborate as a guest writer and vocalist on the Greek independent scene with the likes of Fever Kids, then release two solo albums in 2015 (Σtella) and 2017 (Works For You), The Break is the first internationally released album from Σtella, full of curious wormholes and wanderings but underpinned by classic pop melancholy. 

Nicolas Godin
Concrete and Glass

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Super Natural

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The Strange Ones: 1994-2008

A super treat for Supergrass fans. We have a best of - Strange Ones: 1994-2008 - which will be available in various formats depending on what your wallet will allow. The headliner here is the 6LP box set with their original albums on picture disc and 13CDs including the albums, unreleased live performances, radio sessions acoustic sets, remixes, B-sides, non-album singles, acoustic versions, demos, out-takes and oddities and rarities - that’s a whole lotta tunes. Alternatively, there are the essential tracks on 2LP or CD which will supply you with hit after hit.

En Attendant Ana

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Orphans / Arabesque

With the imminent arrival of Everyday Life, Coldplay’s first album in four years, we have a two track 7” single to whet your whistles. It features two new songs - their first new songs in two years - Orphans and Arabesque. The fans are already referring to these songs masterpieces, apparently.
  • Vinyl 7" (0190295355180)
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Gabrielle Aplin
Dear Happy

An upbeat affair informed by her experiences touring and travelling over the world, Dear Happy is the third studio album from English singer-songwriter Gabrielle Aplin. Ranging from intimate, piano-based ballads to arena-filling pop, the 14 tracks showcase some new sonic influences, as well as familiar ones. 


So what has happened to her eye then? Looks a right mess. People have streamed her music billions of times, she's been on the cover of things, got GRAMMY nominations and all sorts. This, her second album, sounds like a mellow Kate Perry to me but I'm sure the younger members of our office will tell me she's a brilliant subversive pop artist that I'm too old and jaded to enjoy.   
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Withered Hand
Ten Years

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More. Again. Forever.

Although they’re as much maligned as they are worshipped, Courteeners are undoubtedly one of the very last of the old-fashioned Big British Guitar Bands. In January 2020, Liam Fray and his faithful lieutenants will release their sixth studio album, with the bold but ambiguous title More. Again. Forever. 

The Big Moon
Walking Like We Do

The Big Moon made a big splash in 2017 with debut album, Love In The 4th Dimension, which contained catchy hits such as Cupid. Now they’re back with their highly anticipated sophomore album, Walking Like We Do. Their previous success shows here as they were shipped off to Atlanta to record with renowned US producer Ben Allen III. Expect big things from The Big Moon.

The Chap
Digital Technology

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Whyte Horses
Hard Times

Manchester’s Whyte Horses ply their trade in psychedelic pop. They are fronted by Dominic Thomas who also runs the reissue label Finders Keepers. They have a few highly regarded albums behind them now and Hard Times is another future classic to add to their oeuvre. Includes a cover of Plastic Bertrand’s Ca Plane Pour Moi.

Bombay Bicycle Club
Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

Having built up a large and dedicated fanbase over the course of four excellent albums before their hiatus in 2014, the mighty Bombay Bicycle Club will finally break their silence with their fifth LP Everything Else Has Gone Wrong in January 2020. Frontman Jack Steadman says it’s “an album for anyone who’s ever turned to music in a time of need”. With things being the way they are, I think we could all do with that. 


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Double Mixte
Romance Noire

Double Mixte are a French duo of Clara Apolit & Thomas Maan, newly signed to Johnny Jewel’s Italians Do It Better label. They make music influenced by 70s French film soundtracks with evocative lyrics. Romance Noire is their new album, and because he’s the boss, Johnny Jewel produced it in his own inimitable style.

Erin Anne
Tough Love

Released a few months ago in the summer, Tough Love was the much-anticipated full-length debut album from Erin Anne, and delivered on all the promise that her early output with REGI RKT had promised in its lo-fi yet determined energy. This new edition, via Carpark Records, comes on Coke bottle green coloured vinyl. 
  • Vinyl LP (CAK140LP)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

A Girl Called Eddy
Been Around

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Lemon Lord

Who wants some slightly sophisticated French synth pop? Polycool have taken influences from the likes of Metronomy and Unknown Mortal Orchestra to craft an all analogue album of vintage pop experiments that can be played out on the dancefloor or at home with headphones clamped to ear. Cool and unique they tie all this in with multimedia experiments in comic books and a snazzy website.   
  • Vinyl LP (POLY001)
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The Cranberries
Something Else

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Easy Life
Junk Food EP

With the patronage of Annie Mac under their belts courtesy of their charismatic brand of funk, hip-hop, funk and soul, hotly tipped British newcomers Easy Life deliver their latest EP Junk Food. It contains a brand new single ‘Sangria’, a hook-up with British newcomer Arlo Parks, as well as more brand new tracks including future single ‘Dead Celebrities’. 

Seeking Thrills

Georgia Barnes, better known simply as Georgia caused a stir back in 2015 with her self-titled debut. Seeking Thrills is her latest album, a dancefloor focused album that aims to kick off 2020 with some pop-punch. If you’ve heard her recent single, About Work The Dancefloor (included here), it gives you a good idea of the vibe on this album. Also includes the single, Never Let You Go. 
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Utakata No Hibi

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Pleasure Principle
Pleasure Principle

Pleasure Principle is the solo project of Paul Ramon, the drummer from French dream-pop act Bryan’s Magic Tears. His self-titled debut album sees Ramon exploring the world of dance music and synthesisers, but keeping one foot in the DIY punk roots that have informed his style in the past.  
  • Vinyl LP (BB122LP)
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Field Music
Making A New World

New album from Sunderland area clever clogs Field Music. But it's not just any old new album this is a song cycle based on the first world war. The idea started from a project they were working on with the Imperial War Museum about US War Department publications but grew as the brothers wrote pieces about various elements of the aftermath of the war such as skin grafting, the dada movement and office work. They aren't just any ordinary band are they? 

Disco Lights

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Sarah Records put out a few classic indie records in their time by artists such as The Field Mice and The Orchids. Unisex, the second album by Reading three-piece, Blueboy, was no exception. This is the first vinyl reissue since its original 1994 release. After a bunch of singles and three albums the band went their separate ways joining bands such as Arabesque, Lovejoy and Another Sunny Day.


Prince’s archives must be one of the most lusted-after collections of presumed wonder in modern music, so plenty of people will be delighted to see this major new release. Originals features fifteen songs that Prince wrote for other artists (most of them hits), except that here we finally get to hear the great man’s original versions recorded himself, all but one of them previously unreleased. Damn.

Dolly Mixture
Demonstration Tapes

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Serotonin II

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Coming eight years after his first album Total, during which time he’s helped to produce the likes of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Frank Ocean, Sébastien Akchoté (known as SebastiAn) at last delivers his sophomore studio effort. Using his expanded rolodex of contacts, Thirst includes guest spots from the likes of Syd (The Internet), Sparks and the aforementioned Charlotte Gainsbourg. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (BEC5543956)
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Fever Ray
Plunge Remix

Fever Ray is of course the solo project of never-knowingly-not-dressed-like-a-loony The Knife singer Karin Dreijer. 'Plunge' was their second album and garnered lots of praise so it's time to get the remixed version. Most of the remixes are by people I'm too old/out of touch to know of but one of them is Björk so that is a bit exciting isn't it? The likes of Glasser, Paula Temple and Faka also get their hands dirty. 

Little Dragon
Season High

A new full-length from Little Dragon, the alternative pop / R&B band from Sweden. Season High was produced by James Ford from Simian Mobile Disco, and his involvement really activates the electro-pop dance music powers that lurk within the band: check out ‘Sweet’ in particular for a tune that’ll spin all over the place come summer. On Because Music.
  • Vinyl LP (BEC5156852)
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Matt Maltese

Ostensibly sold to us as a break-up record, Matt Maltese’s second studio album Krystal is much more introspective than that, dealing with personal frustrations and re-doubling of efforts, having been dropped by Atlantic who had released his debut album Bad Contestant last year. Recorded and produced largely in his bedroom in Elephant & Castle in London, it’s an unshackling of creativity that ought to pay dividends. 

Death in Vegas
The Contino Sessions

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Pet Shop Boys
Burning The Heather

Pet Shop Boys are are heading into their 39th year as a musical duo. By the time the Rolling Stones hit that landmark people had been saying they were over the hill for 20 years or so. The Pet Shop Boys longevity may have something to do with their uniqueness - a big part of that it Neil Tennant's articulate speak-singing. Here is their new single, Burning The Heather, from their latest album, Fundamental.

Gaz Coombes
Sheldonian / Live / EP

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Ezra Furman
Twelve Nudes

Ezra Furman, whilst always sounding like Ezra Furman, tends to dabble in different rock sub-genres. With new album Twelve Nudes, he claims it is a punk record. He hurt his throat through singing so hard whilst making it, so there is blood on the tracks here. It was recorded in Oakland, CA under the influence of booze and cigarettes. The title refers to the songs on the album being there with nothing to hide.

These Elements EP

Having been one of the most hotly tipped newcomers in British music, Holly Lapsley Fletcher has been somewhat M.I.A. since she released the artful pop of her debut album Long Way Home a long three-and-a-half years ago. This new four-track EP, These Elements, is her first new Låpsley music in that time, and shows a markedly different sound and more assured presence than before. 

Björk / Fever Ray / The Knife
Country Creatures

Ooph this is rather heavy on the ‎Karin Dreijer. They appear as both Fever Ray and part of the Knife on this remix 12" of Björk's 'Country Creatures'. Yet each track is different - one moody and frenzied, one bouncy and pulsating. As a return favour Bjork has remixed a Fever Ray track which will come out separately. Who says the Swedes and the Icelanders don't get on?

Girl Ray

A follow-up to their lush, intimate debut album Earl Grey that established them as one of the country’s best new indie groups, Girl Ray broaden their sonic palette for sophomore effort Girl. Meant as a tribute to their childhood love of pop and R&B, producer Ash Workman has twisted their sound into something sharper and more dancefloor-orientated. 

Like A Virgin

Like A Virgin was the second album by Madonna, released in 1984, it was the album that propelled her to global superstardom. It’s packed with hits such as the title track, Material Girl and Angel. A lesser known album fact about this album that will go down well today is that it was produced by Nile Rogers. Rogers also plays guitar on the album with his Chic bandmate, the late, great Bernard Edwards playing bass. 
  • Vinyl LP (0603497849284)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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Happy Meals
Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice is a shimmering record of fun-time synth-pop bounce, from Glasgow pop duo Happy  Meals. As well as making the music, the band have also been busily working away on making the actual physical albums: the whole edition of 500 LPs have been hand-painted in a rich marbled style by Happy Meals themselves.

The Spook School
Dress Up

Dress Up is the debut LP from Scottish DIY punks The Spook School. This is one of those records that makes you feel like you've found a new friend by the end of it. Across a baker’s dozen of songs the band pen witty, moving odes to gender, identity and social anxiety. Sonically we’re talking charmingly ramshackle jangles ala Ezra Furman and Joanna Gruesome. A winning record.

Crumb EP / Locket EP

Hot off the back of the release of their debut full-length album Jinx earlier this year, New York-based quartet Crumb make their previous EP releases available on a single vinyl package. Containing 2016’s self-titled EP and the following year’s Locket EP, it shows their evolution from college project to full-time touring concern. 

Mumford & Sons
Sigh No More (10 Year Anniversary 7-inch box)

It’s been ten years since Marcus Mumford and his plum-throated Sons wiped away our tears and asked us to 'Sigh No More'. It worked - the banjo-twanging Chappiness of tracks like ‘The Cave’ and ‘Little Lion Man’ has cured all our ills, healed all of our divisions and meant that there have been no reasons to sigh since (not in the United Kingdom, anyway). To celebrate a decade of sigh-less bliss 'Sigh No More' has been reissued as a boxset of 7” singles that each come in expensive papier. You also a bunch of images and a ribbon. Here’s to many more years in which we shan’t sigh one single time.

Death and Vanilla
Are You A Dreamer?

Super Swedes Death and Vanilla return for their first album since 2015's To Where The Wild Things Are. The group peddle a lovingly retro form of synth and dream pop which has drawn comparisons to Broadcast, Cocteau Twins and is heavily influenced by library music, German Krautrock and 60s psych. I daresay you are going to love it. 

Sea Legs / Dense
Favourite Doll / Fever Dream

Come Play With Me have long been releasing split 7"s by some of Leeds and districts best and most undervalued bands. This latest release by Sea Legs and Dense has been chosen from over 100 bands by a committee who sat at a panel at the Live at Leeds conference.  Have they made the correct choice? Buy to find out. Plus points go to whoever put the pylon on the Dense sleeve. Nice touch.  

Comet Gain
Fingerprint Ritual

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After PINK we have PUNK. The sophomore LP from the much-hyped Japanese group Chai finds them once more wringing musical gold from their ‘neo-Kawaii’ aesthetic. That means that here we have a selection of whip-smart, ebullient funk-punk jams which challenge conventions of beauty and cuteness. Think Liquid Liquid, Gang Gang Dance and Le Tigre all getting together and having a bloody great time. Really good.

Stephin Merritt

Stephin Merritt is of course the grump behind the Magnetic Fields, the 6ths, the Gothic Archies etc etc. The man is a songwriting machine and Obscurities collects up all the detritus from his career, It includes material from all those aforementioned bands as well as some solo stuff. All are non-album bits and bats put into one place for your listening ease.   

The Magnetic Fields
The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees

Here is the very earliest material by Stephin Merritt’s ever-excellent ensemble The Magnetic Fields. Their first two albums 'The Wayward Bus' (1991) and 'Distant Plastic Trees' (1992) contain some real gems of dinky keyboard-pop, including the cult favourite ‘100,000 Fireflies’ (not the Owl City song. Imagine though...)

The Magnetic Fields
The Charm of The Highway Strip

Always loved that title....and the music ain't all that bad too. The Charm of the Highway Strip was the third the Magnetic Fields album originally released in 1994. It was the first record on which Stephin Merritt took over all lead vocal duties and his distinctive baritone informs a bunch of songs that are clever and romantic odes to country music and life on that dusty old road. 

The Magnetic Fields
Get Lost

Get Lost was this Norman Record Description Writer (tm)'s first introduction to the wonderful swirling pop world of the Magnetic Fields. It still stands (to me anyway) as one of their finest efforts. Certainly it's one of their most covered records with the Divine Comedy (twice), Tracey Thorn and Advance Base all interpreting songs from the album. 

Divine Intervention

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Helium Remixes

Helium is the fourth album by Homeshake. Homeshake is the indie / R&B / dream pop project of Montreal musician Peter Sagar. Helium Remixes features nine tracks from its parent album remixed by the likes of Laurel Halo, Jessy Lanza, TAYE // PAL and Ciel who were invited by Sagar to give the tracks a new life.

Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

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Ariana Grande
My Everything

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Ariana Grande
Yours Truly

Inspired by all the greats (Houston, Aguilera, Carey), this is the first album from former Nickelodeon child star Ariana Grande. It's a batch of smooth running '90s inspired R&B with a wide vocal range and lyrics about how you can reach up and be yourself and always follow your dreams etc. Now available on vinyl thanks to Republic Records. 

Will Samson

Paralanguage is the fifth album by Will Samson. The album was inspired by the experiences following the sudden death of his father and experiences with magic mushrooms. It even includes some vocal performances recorded whilst experiencing the effects. The album had some musical assistance from violin player Beatrijs De Klerck who plays with A Winged Victory For The Sullen and Ben Lester and Jeremy Boettcher who play with S. Carey.

Blaue Blume
Bell Of Wool

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Kasper Bjørke
Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Architecture & Morality

Good time to be an Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark fan: to celebrate forty years on from the group’s activities, some nice reissues have been put together. Architecture & Morality, from 1981, is one of their very greatest releases, making a huge impact on British synth-pop. Also, a great album from fans of the mellotron.

Pip Blom

Pip Blom are an indie band from Amsterdam. They are fronted by 20-year old Pip Blom.  Boat is their debut album following a successful year of EPs and singles that have enjoyed airtime on BBC 6 Music. Their influences seem to come from bands such as The Breeders, which is no bad thing. It looks like Pip’s star is on the rise.

Love You To Bits

Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson’s first No-Man album in 11 years, Love You To Bits finds this English art-pop duo in very fine form, particularly considering they’re into their fourth decade. Completely different to the melancholia of Schoolyard Ghosts when we last heard from them, it consists of two 20-minute long and multi-segmented pieces. Love You To Bits could be the group’s best release to date, and certainly their most ambitious. 

Wake Ooloo
Hear No Evil

Wake Oooloo might not be a name immediately familiar to you but you may prick up your ears when I tell you that this is members of the Feelies. It was made in one of the Feelies characteristic breaks from doing anything at all and showcases a more muscular sound informed as always by the ghosts of the Velvet Underground and Television. One of the Feelies less known spin offs comes on a vinyl edition of 500 on Wouldn't Waste records.    
  • Vinyl LP (WWR-16)
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  • Limited edition
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Xiu Xiu
Girl with Basket of Fruit

Having briefly set Xiu Xiu aside to drop an album under his own name, Jamie Stewart is back on his xiulshit. The project's latest LP, Girl With Basket Of Fruit, is a frantic listen intended to convey the general mayhem of emotion that is being alive in 2018. It does a pretty good job, too - try the feverish, Scott Walker-inspired ‘Scisssssssors’.

Massive Attack
The Spoils

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Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures
Tequila Island

Stanley Brinks and The Wave Pictures don’t seem to be able to stay out of their respective recording studios, so why shouldn’t they collaborate, eh? In fact, Tequila Island is their fifth album together. Working alone, the two acts are incredibly prolific, releasing 12 albums between them since they last collaborated in 2015. If you’re a fan of both you’ll either be delighted that there’s some new stuff or annoyed they’re making you spend more money. New records are always nice, though, aren’t they?

Things To Make And Do

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Gary Numan
The Pleasure Principle – The First Recordings

The Pleasure Principle - The First Recordings is a bunch of demos and outtakes from the sessions that produced Gary Numan’s first solo album. The songs were recorded mid-April, 1979, whilst Tubeway Army’s second album, Replicas, was residing at number one in the album charts. Numan decided to drop the Tubeway Army name and release the album under his own (stage) name.

Gary Numan
Replicas – The First Recordings

The second and final album from Gary Numan’s band Tubeway Army before Numan embarked on his celebrated (and ongoing) solo career, Replicas housed the UK chart-topping hit ‘Are Friends Electric?’ Now, the early sessions for the seminal record, including a John Peel session, are exhumed and presented on double ‘sage green’ vinyl. 

Town Centre

Squid came to being when the members all converged on Brighton. The young five-piece now base themselves in London. Their brand of post-punk and disco-funk is getting tongues wagging in the biz. They’re a typically wacky bunch who cite Captain Beefheart and pickle among things they like. Their latest EP, Town Centre is produced by Dan Carey and will be released on his Speedy Wunderground label. 

Eiko Ishibashi
The Dream My Bones Dream

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FKA twigs

One of the most anticipated sophomore album releases of the decade is finally upon us! Released over half a decade ago, Tahliah Debrett Barnett’s debut FKA twigs album LP1 was one of the most thrillingly original and forward-thinking pop releases in years, its shifting rhythms and immersive soundscapes informing a great deal of subsequent music. The intervening years have seen Barnett suffer physical and emotional upheaval, something that’s informed the sound and themes of Magdalene. Features production from Nicolas Jaar.

Night Flowers
Fortune Teller

London's Night Flowers have slowly been getting known for their emotional dream pop that recalls those early 90s bands that time forgot who trailed in the wake of the likes of the Sundays and Belly. On this their second album they continue to marry '80s and '90s influences for big venue-ready indie pop with jangling, dreamy guitars skirting round Sophie Petit's swooping voice. Straight ahead stuff but with a crucial emotional core that ensures these songs yearn effectively.    
  • Vinyl LP (DBR018VL)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
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When Saints Go Machine

Oh when the saints, oh when the saints, oh when the saints go.....machine. Nope. Doesn't have the same catchiness. However When Saints Go Machine are a Danish three piece who seem to blend every form of music ever made (ok then dance, post-punk, two step, rap, electronica) into a unique whole which has drawn comparisons to the melting pot that Arthur Russell had on the boil. They even collaborate with the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra. So damn deep.  
  • Vinyl LP (ESC116)
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1999 (Remastered)

Containing a whopping 35 previously unreleased recordings, the career-defining '1999' album of pop-rock royalty Prince is here re-issued. This super deluxe version also includes a live album, along with various other goodies which celebrate Prince's enormous worldwide impact - quintessential stuff for fans of the Minnesota-born pioneer.

The Big Moon
Take A Piece / Your Light

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Jack Peñate
After You

After two albums and initial massive popularity - you could by his CDs in supermarkets - singer / songwriter Jack Peñate stopped. He didn’t take himself off to the Swiss mountains and record feedback into a four-track, he just stopped making music altogether. Fast-forward ten years and he’s back with his long-awaited third album, After You, released via XL Recordings. 

Everyday Life

Coldplay are reasonably well known these days. It would therefore be expected that their new album, Everyday Life, will shift a few units. It’s an album of two halves - Sunrise and Sunset which sees the band moving in all sorts of surprising directions. Everyday Life is their 9th album, and first for four years.


"No photos" he says whilst standing in front of a really cool car. But he should be photographed because he's Beck and he's about to unleash his fourteenth album. It features production help from the likes of Pharrell Williams, Greg Kurstin and Paul Epworth. The title track sounds rather gloriously chillwave (is that still a thing?) All kinds of editions for you to choose from. 
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A Certain Ratio

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Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Finnish auteur Jaakko Eino Kalevi collaborates with Taiwanese singer Yu-Ching Huang on a new mini-album titled Dissolution. Over its seven songs, Kalevi explores new musical avenues in a concept that’s broadly about self-care and living well, while still sticking with his psychedelic pop roots. 

Nilüfer Yanya
Do You Like Pain?

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Prefab Sprout
Andromeda Heights

Andromeda Heights was the sixth album by Prefab Sprout, originally released in 1997. This reissue is part of an ongoing reissue program overseen by the band’s Paddy and Martin McAloon. It received average reviews at the time of release but it definitely requires reassessment. It includes the singles A Prisoner of the Past and the gorgeous opener, Electric Guitars.

Sign 'O' The Times

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Anna Meredith

One of the most eagerly awaited follow-ups in recent memory for alternative music, composer Anna Meredith announces her sophomore studio album FIBS. Doing what all great artists should and taking a different tack, the widescreen maximalism and energetic rhythms make it stand apart from 2016’s reputation-making Varmints. 

Tori Amos
Boys For Pele

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Tapes #1-3

Hoops, or in everyday life Drew Auscherman, has released three EPs of lo-fi guitar + electronics pop on cassette over the last few years. Now, the opportunity has arisen to acquire all that tasty material on the vinyl format! The warm warble of the original tape production is still there, but the convenience and prestige suits the quality of the material. Double LP from Fat Possum.
  • Vinyl Double LP (FP16441)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Limited edition
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Voyage Voyage

Presumably titled after Desireless's 1986 smash, this is the German COMA not to Polish rock band of the same name. They make emotional electronica and dreamy soundscapes using an array of instruments both real and computerised and add in vocals to give you the melancholic Germanic pop thrills you require. Another safe space where analogue can meet digital without a fist fight ensuing.  
  • Vinyl LP (SLANG50235X)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Indies-only
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  • City Slang
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Swimming Tapes

Swimming Tapes are a five-piece band  from London. Morningside is their debut album. Their sound can be likened to Real Estate with a handful of Belle & Sebastian thrown in. Basically a pleasingly soft jangle of guitars and hazy melodies  that is likely to delight fans of both. On Hand In Hive.

Lights Fluorescent
The Oldest Sons Of The Oldest Sons

Lights Fluorescent is a new collaboration project between Darkside’s Dave Harrington and NDF / Benoit & Sergio producer Benjamin Jay. On first full-length album The Oldest Sons of The Oldest Sons, the duo immediately establish a pop-based but lightly improvised, ambient and percussion-free sound. 
  • Vinyl LP (KDS012)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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The Xcerts
In The Cold Wind We Smile

If anyone can remember this album originally being released then maybe this is a cause of celebration. The Xcerts debut In The Cold Wind We Smile has reached a landmark ten years old and as a result fans are treated to a new vinyl pressing which includes a poster and a download card for 13 bonus tracks. In case you don't know, the Xcerts are a four piece alternate rock band out of Aberdeen Scotland. I'm going to Aberdeen soon, I'll ask after them. 

Ben Lee
Quarter Century Classix

Quarter Century Classics is an album of covers by Ben Lee. It came about due to him being trapped in a Chicago hotel room after heavy snowfall grounded all flights. Chicago was where Lee recorded his debut album, Grandpaw Would, so it holds a lot of memories for him - it reminded him of a time of musical discovery. The album includes cover of songs by The Breeders, Daniel Johnston and more.

Kate Bush
The Kick Inside

(8) Bad dreams in the night Would they ever reissue The Kick Inside? Now we have a remastered, remastered, Remastered version,   Kate Bush! It’s she, it’s Katy, She’s come home! Yes we, Norman Records™, Let her in at our window.   Ooh it gets dark, it gets lonely, At the Norman warehouse... (8)

James McArthur and The Head Gardeners
Tourist Town/ Plane Sailors

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