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NZCA Lines
Infinite Summer

NZCA Lines follows up his debut with more Italo-inspired electro ballads and playful pop. Infinite Summer showcases his unforgettable hooks and ability to be intimate and sleazy at the same time. I dare anyone not to swoon at the choruses on this CD and coloured vinyl LP. This is witty sci-fi, R&B made ...view item »

Field Music

Field Music went on hiatus after touring their brilliant 2012 album Plumb. Brothers Peter and David Brewis undertook various projects including David’s School of Language album Old Fears and producing and playing on Ripe by Slug. Now they’re back with a new...view item »

Cola Jet Set
El Fin Del Mundo

Cola Jet Set, Barcelona’s finest, play gorgeously bright and sunny sounding pop-punk, with vigorous lashings of Brazilian influence. Sometimes they dial it down a little for some acoustic introspection, but mostly, El Fin Del Mundo is a fun and highly energetic record. LP limited to just 500 copies on Elefant....view item »

Bill Wells & Friends
Nursery Rhymes

Bill Wells’ new record Nursery Rhymes is very accurately named: these are indeed versions of infinitely familiar traditional nursery rhymes. But these versions are anything but familiar, with musicians including Yo La Tengo, Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, Isobe...view item »

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures

Raging through the European calypso-folk-underground, Herman Dune has been making cheerful singalong songs since the 1990s. After changing his name to Stanley Brinks, his music has become less organized and even more endearing. Wakefield, taken from his new album My Ass, and b-side Dol...view item »

De Lux
More Disco Songs About Love

Album the third from De Lux, the loveable pair from Los Angeles. More Disco Songs About Love delivers fully on the enticing promise of its title, grafting ‘proper’ songs about real things onto fully-fledged funky dancefloor business. The party lives on with these guys, with even Mark Stewart...view item »

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Young Adult

After shutting up shop for less time than LCD Soundsystem, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, is back with another album, Young Adult. If the solitary star in the middle of the confusing artwork didn't give it away, Sam Duckworth is openly left-wing, and is unafraid to let that ring out through his songs. ...view item »

And The Golden Choir
Breaking With Habits

Indie encounters of the grand and soulful kind from Berlin’s sumptuously-named And the Golden Choir. This one-person choir of one Tobias Siebert mixes up various instruments and references, but his overall style is quite a consistent, camp melodrama - somewhere between Dead Can Dance and Keane...view item »

The Shins
The Worms Heart

The creative whizz behind The Shins, James Mercer had an itch he needed to scratch following the recording of their last album, Heartworms, and scratch it he did. He re-recorded the album, introducing acoustic guitars and a slower tempo to fast tracks and injecting the slower tracks with a bit of rock oomph. The Worms Heart was ...view item »

Pictish Trail
Future Echoes

Pictish Trail has been beavering away on this album in the splendid isolation of the Hebrides island of Eigg, where only his own bountiful creativity can intrude. Future Echoes is a lovely little set of lively folky songs with substantial lashings of electro-disco touches: there is much to enjoy here. Out on Lost Map, w...view item »

Lomond Campbell / Modern Studies
Father Is A Craftsman / Every Florist In Every Town

To celebrate the live concert meeting of Scottish innovators Modern Studies and Lomond Campbell at this year's Fringe (you've missed it), Triassic Tusk is putting out a limited 7" of the two artists covering each other's music. Hopefully that'll give you some sense of what went down in Edinburgh in August 2017, ...view item »

Tori Amos
Boys For Pele

A 180g double vinyl LP reissue of Tori Amos' classic 1996 album, Boys For Pele. On her third full length studio release, classically trained solo artist Tori Amos injects her introspective songwriting into an experimental yet accessible alternative/baroque-pop format, with lyrical them...view item »

London Grammar
If You Wait

I'm getting very tired of the 'girl next door singing the white blues with loads of reverb' type thing couched in layers of breathy and flimsy soulless melancholy. There's quite a lot of this annoying and insipid 'Birdy' - lite around at the moment. Still the punters seem to lap it up so what do I know? Well I do know that it bores me to tears. ...view item »


The fourth LP from Oregon rockers Typhoon begins with the lyric "Listen — of all the things that you are about to lose, this will be the most painful." After that, I think it’s safe to say that this isn’t going to be a cheery listen. But it is stirring and powerful, with band leader Kyle Morton...view item »

Drab Majesty
Oak Wood

Oak Wood follows up on Drab Majesty’s corker of a debut, 2015’s Careless. This 7” single is a fuzzy synth builder, with ‘80s leanings and an undeniable moody sens...view item »


Written over the space of a year, but recorded in a fortnight, straight to tape, in Ryan's central Manchester flat, 'Horsebeach' is a gorgeous journey through Northern, jangly, dreamy guitar pop. From as far back as The Wake, through the now de rigeur C86, and of course via The Smiths, this is bedroom introspection gone widescreen. Gorge...view item »

Johnny Jewel
A Beautiful Now

Johnny Jewel has worked on the soundtracks for Drive, Lost River, and Those Who Kill. Here he has done the music to A Beautiful Now, the debut film from Daniela Amavia by dipping into his large roster of projects including Glass Candy, Desire,...view item »

Molly Nilsson
Follow The Light

Molly Nilsson’s second album Follow The Light was originally released as a CDr in 2010, copies of which are now, of course, extremely scarce. But this slice of Stockholm-via-Berlin pop deserves to be enjoyed widely, which makes this Night School reissue on CD and (for the first time) vinyl) extremely welcome....view item »

Gavin Clark
Painted Glass

Who can resist the dulcet chimes of the common or garden banjo? Not me. Its pluckery enlivens this standard singer songwriter fayre from this ex Clayhill bloke who has collab'd with Shane Meadows. Its nice folky gear that gets itself on the right side of the Mumfords and ...view item »

The Clientele

Ideally you want your favourite bands to release a record every three or four years. You want them to be sweating over it a little bit. Anything over that (unless you are The Blue Nile) starts to become a bit of a worry. Conversely its also a concern if too many records come out too quickly. Only last October The Clientele delivered 'Bonfires on...view item »


'Nite' surfaced ten years ago to too few pairs of ears, so is very much welcome back on a new CD and LP release. This mini album takes cues from Miss Kittin's electro-pop workouts but treads far into contemporary disco and Italo, never letting go of the sultriness that gives it its dark, irresistible character....view item »

Glass Candy
I Always Say Yes

Italo reissue, originally recorded just over ten years ago, showing off the best aspects of a genre enjoying a continued refresher. This represents the less bombastic style, rooted more firmly in older Patrick Cowley-esque disco hits but with all the romantic drama found in Italo's most endearing examples....view item »

The Courtneys
The Courtneys

The Courtneys are from Vancouver, but it’s immediately obvious that they’ve found a fitting home on New Zealand’s Flying Nun. Their 2013 debut, reissued here on black or limited blue vinyl, showcases an unfussy garage indie style that doesn’t slavishly ape ...view item »

False Idols

I’m not a huge Tricky fan by any stretch of the imagination, of his nine albums I have bought two, “Maxinquaye”, his debut and his 2013 effort “False Idols”. I liked “Maxinquaye” but just wasn’t particularly interested in anything he did after that. I don’t know, then, what made be buy &ldquo...view item »


This is a 2 x CD re-issue of Liz Harris 2010 two part album subtitled 'Dream Loss' and 'Alien Observer'. Now Grouper is one of those artists who has a very distinctive sound. She basically writes solemn hymn like compositions and slathers them in so much dusty detrius that the melodies get los...view item »

Stef Chura

A DIY hero in her home state of Michigan, Stef Chura’s LP for Saddle Creek is a smart and confident grunge revival record. Shades of Colleen Green, Angel Olsen and Girls colour Messes, and Chura’s voice is a commanding presence. She shows go...view item »

The Acid

Tracks: Animal Veda Creeper Fame Ra Tumbling Lights Ghost Basic Instinct Red Clean Feed Onyx (vinyl only) ...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
Every Valley

Public Service Broadcasting carry on with a third full-length album, this one focusing on (and recorded in a key hub of) South Wales’ faded mining tradition. As well as the usual line-up, Every Valley features Welsh guest appearances from Manic Street Preacher Mr. James Dean Bradfield...view item »

Lotus Plaza
Spooky Action At A Distance

I once thought that all Deerhunter had fake names. I mean, Lockett Pundt is no more a real man's name than Lotus Plaza. Maybe that's his sister. No, once again i'm now gonna piss off loads of people and say quite brazenly that I prefer Mr. (none intended) Pundt's solo outings more than the overhyped and often yawnsome Beerhunter, the band ...view item »

The Magnetic Fields
50 Song Memoir

Another bit of music-hall high-conceptitude here from Stephin Merritt & Co. There’s a song here for each of Merritt’s 50 years on Earth, with writing begun on his 50th birthday. Not quite 69 but age inevitably brings a slowing down of productivity. Despite the shift from storytelling or meta-songwriting to a more...view item »

A Seat At The Table

Solange Knowles’ A Seat at the Table is one not to sleep on for any fans of neo-soul, funk and R&B. Directing an all-star ensemble of contributors including Raphael Saadiq and Sampha, Solange truly realises her vision of an album that explores black womanhood through a self-directed, empowering and contemporary lens....view item »

Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters are an LA trio with a pleasingly abstract-tinged approach to electronic pop music. The core is very much songs-based, but you can expect to see fizzy noise and warm drones flashing about the place as well. Communicating is their first full-length album after five years of activity, so you know it is honed...view item »

Dick Diver
Melbourne, Florida

Plenty of intermediate New Wave punks on this one, all of them adept at wringing a good pop melody out of a burst of anger. Dick Diver features members of the irreplaceable Australian post-punkers Total Control, as well as UV Racer alum; the simply titled Melbou...view item »

Thom Yorke
Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

Originally released 5 seconds ago, here's a white vinyl luxury re-issue of the album Thom originally released on Bit Torrent in his latest attempt to re-badge the music industry. The music on record makes no such grand statements, comprised of some of Yorke's most minimal and quiet electronic work yet, continuing his descent from dramatic synth ...view item »

L.A. Law
Law & Order

A team-up of Gabe Fulvimar (Gap Dream) and Jessie Jones (Feeding People), this is a record of 80s-flavoured synth-pop that manages to sound both sleek and lo-fi at the same time. There’s a cool B-movie car-chase vibe to tracks like ‘Hiatus’ and ‘Happy Alteration’, while ‘Shive...view item »

Massive Attack
The Spoils

Two massive tracks from Massive Attack. The Spoils is a soft and string filled ballad that gets under the skin, featuring the haunting vocals of Hope Sandoval. And on the flip side Ghost Poet channels Spaceape over a lunging bass driven half time track with a pluck stri...view item »

Lotte Kestner
Off White

Anna-Lynne Williams was the singer in US dream-pop band Trespassers William and has previously worked with the Chemical Brothers. Now she records under the moniker of Lotte Kestner. Musically she can be likened to Aimee Mann fronting Talk Talk or The Red...view item »

Erskine Lynas
Lease of Youth

This is the debut record from Erskine Lynas and is called Lease of Youth. This ten-track record has similarities to many bands from the 70/80/90's but with a more contemporary twist - very mellow synth-pop if you will. Available on vinyl LP and released on Local Action (who are apparently VERY proud to announce this one...view item »


Taken from M83’s 2016 album Junk, GO! Features vocals by Mai Lan and has been put together here with two remixes(a relatively stripped back one from Deakin of Animal Collective, and a super cheeky 8-bit version) as well as a completely unheard and unrelea...view item »

Math and Physics Club
Lived Here Before

Flawless sons-in-law 3-man incarnation of the word ‘adorkable’ Math and Physics Club are treating us to their 5th album already. Lived Here Before features more of their sweet and nostalgic indiepop, using acoustic guitars, plain and well-chosen bass-lines, and the occasional ukulele to paint a perfectly rom...view item »

Sondre Lerche

Pleasure is the 10th album by Norwegian singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche. It is part two of an opus that began with his 2014 well-received break-up album Please. Lerche is highly regarded in his homeland and well thought of elsewhere by those in the know. His influences are diverse, ranging from Stereolab and ...view item »

I Won't Have To Think About You: Compiled by Bayu and Moopie

Bayu and Moopie have compiled an amazing set of obscure Australian indie, post-punk, synthwave and jangle pop here for you to enjoy. I Won’t Have To Think About You features twelve tracks, including ones f...view item »


Separations isn't sophisticated, but the music doesn't suffer as a result of this. What's possibly disappointing about the album is that Jarvis's lyrics seem a bit too sincere, but they're not nearly as clever as, say, the touching, beautifully observed portraits of women you get on His n Hers. Still they're better than most bands' lyrics. It's ...view item »

Ethan Gold
Songs From A Toxic Apartment

Ethan Gold’s first album meanders in all directions. Packed with emotions and careful orchestrations, Songs from a Toxic Apartment is reminiscent of Elliott Smith in its one-man drama. Although the man's been busy writing movie soundtracks, his debut is finally being reissued on vinyl and CD as we...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
Inform - Educate - Entertain

Here, finally, is the debut full-length from the acclaimed duo Public Service Broadcasting, who build accessible post-rocky pop instrumentals around archival samples from wartime broadcasts and public information films. The tracks remind me of a more concise, less intense ...view item »

Grizzly Bear
Shields: B-Sides

Following the baroque pop brilliance of Veckatimest, Shields seemed to be the logical progression for Grizzly Bear; a subdued, more sophisticated ensemble of tracks with a fuller sound. The songs that didn't make the cut are included on this release and more or less follow on from the sound established during t...view item »

Television Personalities
Beautiful Despair

Beautiful Despair is an unreleased album by cult indie band, Television Personalities. Unreleased until now, that is! The album was recorded, but unfinished in 1990. Some tracks appeared in different guises elsewhere, but this is the first time they’ve been released in their original form. A couple of the tracks mention th...view item »

Jay-Jay Johanson
The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known

Jay-Jay Johnson was first made known to us with his 1996 debut, Whiskey. Ten years and four albums later comes album number six, The Long Term Effects Are Not Yet Known. It has never before been released on vinyl, so to celebrate its decade out in the open, a vinyl version has been pressed for your pleasure. This cinematic pop r...view item »

Fujiya & Miyagi

Fujiya & Miyagi stroll cooly into their sixteenth year of existence as a musical duo with a slick new EP. On ‘Serotonin Rushes’, the vocal scarcely rises above the level of a whisper, even as the underslung synth-pop grows to the level of ecstatic. Sleek club players these guys. 12” on Impossible Objects Of...view item »

Dream Themes
20 Golden Greats

Formerly the backing band for Timperley’s favourite son, Frank Sidebottom, Dream Themes have since carved out a niche for themselves by performing classic TV themes to appreciative audiences. Their debut LP, 20 Golden Greats is the final, and it has to be said, rather celebratory release from the Too Pure ...view item »

62 Miles From Space
Time Shifts

62 Miles From Space is a project by Neil Davidson and Roman Kutnov. The fact that they both live in Moscow doesn’t mean they ever meet up, play live, jam together or anything daft like that. This is a virtual music project with the two protagonists communicating by email and playing virtual instruments. Time Shifts is thei...view item »

Some Minds

Flume’s new track, Some Minds, gets the white label treatment. The Australian producer has enlisted the singer of Miike Snow to assist with some dramatic, sweeping vocals, which fit very nicely with this widescreen electronic pop number. On the B-side is an extra-housey Flume&rsqu...view item »

Twin Shadow

I was initially very disappointed with the album. The songs are enjoyable, but are not addictive. Strangely, the second half of the album is stronger than the first half. There are only two songs in my opinion that are on the level of Forget. "When the Movie's Over" is a sublime track, great melodic synth riff, with a soaring, melodramatic (in t...view item »

The Fool

Well after over a year of writhing away to the atmospheric strains of their mini-LP Exquisite Corpse, these 4 LA geniuses finally unleash the beast, I mean "The Fool". 9 tracks this time & their template remains approximately the same. Harmonies mingle with spectral, ethereal guitars, airy fluid bass & steady ever-evolving drum patt...view item »

Unbearable Light

Chiselled Londoner Daunt’s debut EP Unbearable Light is a polite bunch of funky, downtempo electropop. It can be a dreary thing to search for meaningful connections within today’s oppressive, hypermediated urban contexts. Lyrically, such a theme seems to run through each of the songs here. We’re also i...view item »

Cucumber Water

Leeds-based primal screamers Engine finally get their act together to release their debut vinyl of homebrewed psych-tinged electronic pop odysseys. Clocking in at over 30 minutes over only 4 tracks, these multi-segmented song behemoths explore the distresses of love via house beats, wailing guitars and a shameless use of sampling. Mastered at Te...view item »

Average Sex
Ugly Strangers

'Ugly Strangers' is a wonderfully up front indie rock track that has a unapologetic directness. The band's depiction of getting by in London should be wonderfully familiar, like the infectious and comforting propulsion and rhythm patterns of the song. Fun, honest songwriting from a promising new group....view item »

Saint Etienne
Sound Of Water

I suspect that Wiggs, Stanley & Cracknell may have been listening to a lot of Brian Wilson before recording "Water". With this album, the group sounds like it has harnessed a much more mature, if somewhat melancholy, sound. You just get the feeling that, after Good Humor, the band simply wanted to push the envelope, creatively. I can't help ...view item »

Ennio the Little Brother
Bunk Beds / Cacophony

If you thought Welsh hip-hop started and finished with Goldie Lookin’ Chain, think again. Ennio The Little Brother hails from North Wales and makes soulful music - dream pop-meets-hip-hop, but all with a bedroomy, DIY aesthetic that adds grit to his conscious and aware lyric...view item »

The Charlatans
Melting Pot

A long overdue repress of the greatest hits album covering the earlier career of the Madchester survivors who weren't from Manchester. This has pretty much all the essential tracks from the years 1990 to 1997 when the Charlatans were signed to Beggars Banquet. Including indie disco staples, 'The Only One I Know' and 'Just When You...view item »

The Neighbourhood
Wiped Out!

The Neighbourhood, aka The NBHD, are and electro-rock quintet from California. Wiped Out! is their second album and follows 2013’s angst-ridden album I Love You. Thier mix of angsty lyrics, polished production and traditional songcraft left critics split but is likely to appeal to teenage...view item »

The Golden Filter
End Of Times

Electronic duo The Golden Filter recorded their new EP End Of Times in their own studio in East London. The title suggests it has a rather an apocalyptic theme, however it’s about being with to the ones you’re closest to at times of stress, and feeling that love spread to others. 12” on Optimo Music....view item »

The Beatles

Revolver by The Beatles is regarded by many as their best album. It’s the second album they made after giving up playing live and the use of studio trickery really began to enhance their concise pop. Originally released in 1966, it’s fair to say that this changed the shape of everything that came after...view item »

LCD Soundsystem
This Is Happening

Here we have the new LCD Soundsystem album. One of those bands that sounds so great from how people describe it and then once you hear it yourself you feel kind of let down. This album starts out quite quiet with whiny vocals and indistinct electronics before a big fat squelchy synth comes in and the whole thing rises up to a new level. The voca...view item »

Dos Floris
The Widowed Earth

Now here's a gem of a record. The Widowed Earth is a self-released album from Dos Floris, a London born singer songwriter who has swapped out much of the traditions of her roots in favour of an ethereal, abstract sound that marries sublime, heavenly textures with energetic propulsion and winding sung tales....view item »

The Belle Game
Fear / Nothing

The second effort from Vancouver dreampop outfit The Belle Game, Fear / Nothing sees the band rework their sound and broaden their horizons. Their characteristically fuzzy pastel sound is contrasted with darker lyrics and bolder percussion. Near-ecstatic voca...view item »

Solid Gold

More indie pop from the ever busy Emotional Response. What we have hear are two fuzzy and catchy slabs of old school indie with nods towards the Darling Buds and Shop Assistants as well as a healthy dose of shoegaze blur. It is full of vigour and fun and the lead guitar is very busy indeed twirling all over plac...view item »

They Might Be Giants

Why is the world in love again? Why are we marching hand in hand? Why are the ocean levels rising up? It's a brand new reissue for 2014, They Might Be Giants' 1990 album 'Flood'! This is the one with 'Birdhouse In Your Soul' and 'Your Racist Friend' and 'Istanbul' and 'We Want A Rock' and you've probably wanted it on vinyl for ages, hooray for t...view item »


The natural environment has long been a source of inspiration for all kinds of composers and producers. Xenoula sits firmly in this sphere, coaxing atmosphere from her surroundings and incorporating them into her mysterious, electronic pop tunes. Sounding like Lamb and early Aphex with a modern twist, it's pretty lush....view item »

The Soap Opera
Ready To Hatch

The Soap Opera are a bright, sparky, even sugary-sweet indie-pop proposition. FOr their first album they offer up eleven tight little tracks that are bursting with light psychedelia, tropical flavours and 80’s UK-style indie. From France! Ready To Hatch is a vinyl release courtesy of Ample Play....view item »

Mini Dresses
Mini Dresses

Straight outta Boston and almost impossible to google this band play the sort of slo-fi music comparable with Beach House and Mazzy Star but also have the wobbly jangle of large swathes of the Sarah Records back catalogue. Initially a home recording project, the Mini Dresses have already quietly...view item »

Cindy Wilson

Cindy Wilson is of course one of the founder members of The B-52s, everyone’s favourite queer-leaning new wave art-pop funtime band. Change finds Cindy changing tack a little, making interesting electro-pop with friends of hers from Athens, Georgia. A bit more subtle and varied th...view item »

Damon Albarn
Everyday Robots

Ex-Blur frontman and the real life human being behind the music of Gorillaz, Damon Albarn has been toying with solo ventures for a minute now, having been commissioned for modern operas and other neo-classical missions. 'Everyday Robots' is Albarn tinkering with the conventions of a standard singer-songwriter record, with electronic flourishes, ...view item »

Saint Etienne

Continental is Saint Etienne’s rarities collection, released in Japan in 1997 and featuring material from the preceding five years, much of it not previously available (though it does also feature that lovely hit song ‘He’s On The Phone’. Now Continental is receiving its first ever vinyl...view item »

Saint Etienne
Good Humor

1998 saw Saint Etienne release their fourth album Good Humor, which was recorded in Sweden and marks a movement away from the band’s dancier origins. As well as more of a balance between acoustic instruments and synths, the album has quite a loungey soft vibe, almost like a flipside to what Stereolab...view item »

Saint Etienne
So Tough

“So Tough” was the second album by Saint Etienne and was released in 1993. I think it is by far their best work and is a bit of a classic. It works really well as a whole with all the songs being linked with samples of dialogue from films such as “Billy Liar” (“A man could Lose himself in London”). The first f...view item »

Saint Etienne

The best music takes time to blossom for the listener, and anything worth doing takes work. Saint Etienne, underneath their glossy pop shimmer, can have this amazing, sinister undercurrent. Bob and Pete have a way of introducing melodic elements over the course of an entire track that gradually deliver the final crescendo, almost by insinuation....view item »

Saint Etienne
Tiger Bay

Tiger Bay was the second half of Saint Etienne's great one-two punch -- So Tough and Tiger Bay. So Tough was a much more experimental album, melding sophisticated pop songs with samples including everything from Rush's 'Spirit of Radio,' to Marc almost saying, 'non-stop erotic cabaret.' Tiger Bay, on the other hand was a much more direct record ...view item »


6 track mini album available on 12” vinyl or CD from Club AC30. Darkle showcases Japan’s indie pop four piece Taffy’s bizarre blend of '90s british guitar riffs and esoteric Japanese dreamy pop vocals. A blend of Graham Coxon 4-chord stomp and Stone Roses psychedelia, ...view item »

Pure Heroine

My usual thursday night listen to the horrors on show on Roundtable ended with the panel discussing this young lass from New Zealand. Signed when thirteen years of age, now sixteen, she finally gets round to finishing her debut album whilst presumably completing New Zealand’s equivalent to her GCSEs for when/if it all goes wrong on the mus...view item »

Moon Diagrams

Hot pink (!) limited edition 7" of remixes of songs from Moon Diagrams' (Deerhunter's drummer, Moses John Archuleta) debut album from earlier this year. Psychedelic dream pop-ers Happy Meals make the a-side proper funky while fellow Glaswegians, Komodo ...view item »

Spring & Shade

I wonder if the surge of CD's will ever become a retro collectors item like vinyls are? If so, this CD EP will more than likely become a collectors item a) for the quality of music on it, and b) for the stunning album art. Spring & Shade is the latest release from PicaPica and is available on CD from Rough Trade. ...view item »

Field Music
Music For Drifters

This is the classic type of Record Store release. This instrumental soundtrack to a silent film is not the sort of thing Field Music would normally release and so fits into the original aesthetic of unusual releases. Here it is on limited silver vinyl and it looks like they'll be touring this accompanying the film in theatres across the UK soon....view item »

Sound of Ceres
Nostalgia for Infinity

Nostalgia for Infinity is technically the debut for Sound of Ceres, but their dreamy pop and sample-heavy bossa nova sound has actually be honed through previous bands and live performance. Delicate guitar and drums are hidden within a patchwork of samples and soft boy/girl harmonies. We have the CD, vinyl LP an...view item »

Typical Girls

Typical Girls takes its title from a lyrics of song by The Slits, and it showcases an array of modern female-fronted bands who’ve taken up their might fem-rock mantle. Awesome punks from around the world are here, including Rakta, The Splits, Slum Of Legs and ...view item »


Utopia is Bjork’s ninth album, still with One Little Indian, still pushing boundaries artistically and sonically. The album’s artwork reflects the album’s themes and sound, apparently, but you have to be a better art critic than me to figure that out. Musically, Bjork worked with Venezuelan DJ ...view item »

Toro Y Moi
Underneath The Pine

Chaz Bundick stunned a lot of people with his 'Causers Of This' album in 2010, an intoxicating brew of 80's yacht rock, shoegaze and Prefuse 73 style bedroom electronica. It's taken him less than a year to unleash this follow up and the press chatter is generally spot on in that its a higher fidelity collection...view item »

Teen Men
Teen Men

Teen Men are a four piece audio/visual group comprised of musicians Nick Krill and Joe Hobson (The Spinto Band) and visual artists Albert Birney (Simply Sylvio) and artist Catharine Maloney. Their eponymously titled, self produced debut album was recorded at The Garden Center and Paper Lab Recording studios in their hometown of Delaware, their m...view item »

Robert Sotelo

Andrew Doig makes his full length album debut as Robert Sotelo. Cusp showcase twelve tracks of delightful and sincere psyche-pop. It verges on lo-fi, but it’s more just charming. Drawing influence from the likes of Paul McCartney, it’s a slice of post 30 life. Limited LP on ...view item »

The La's

If not quite the holy grail, this looks like an essential release for all those frustrated the La's fans. It features sessions from 1987 (natch) recorded at the Flying Picket and at Echo & the Bunnymen's studio. There's also a few live tracks and rarities which may part satiate those still hoping for new mat...view item »

New Order

Towards the end of 2015, New Order played two gigs at Brixton Academy in support of their album Music Complete. The shows were subject to rave reviews, including a five-star write-up in The Guardian, and the audio from the second of those concerts was captured by Live Here Now. Now Mute present it acros...view item »

Songs Of Experience

Latest creation from the inevasible U2. On Island Records. Available on double LP cyan blue vinyl. Or there’s a limited edition deluxe box-set version including CD, blue double LP, a themed ‘newspaper’ and a handful of extra tracks if the regular 13 wasn’t enough for you. There you go....view item »

The Just Joans
You Might Be Smiling Now...

Delicious poppy alternative rock songs from this Scottish outfit, combining simplistic lyrics with a soft harmonic vocal backdrop, and lots of atmosphere and space making sonic devices like tambourines and hand claps. It's emotionally open and draws, delightfully, on alternative 90s indie and 60s girl groups....view item »

Fly Invisible Hero

BDY_PRTS (most likely an abbreviation of ‘Beady Parts’) introduce their debut LP Fly Invisible Hero via Aggrocats. Strongly audiovisual, the band consists of Jill O’Sullivan (Sparrow and the Workshop), Jenny Reeve (Strike the Colours) and Johnny Scott (The Kill...view item »

Amber Run
For A Moment, I Was Lost

One of those bands who have become absolutely massive without you actually noticing them doing so, the Nottingham four-piece up the emotional ante for their second debut LP. Fans of London Grammar and Kodaline - hell, even Coldplay - will enjoy the grandiose rise-and-fall of songs like ‘St...view item »


Mode is the second album from synth-pop four-piece Brett (also know as The Dance Party) and the synths are even lovelier and the falsetto vocals even higher. The group are obviously influenced by 1980s synthesizer textures, but they also draw on modern pop productions and s...view item »

Sob Stories
Debut 12-inch

Taking their cues from the joyous jangle of ‘80s guitar bands, Sob Stories' aptly titled Debut 12-Inch sees the Bay Area band whizz through guitar pop without leaving you time to get bored. The band are led by Joel Cusumano, previously of power-pop band Talkies, so his melodic credentials all check out. 12...view item »

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