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Grizzly Bear
Horn of Plenty

Horn of Plenty was the debut Grizzly Bear album released in 2005 but at that stage Grizzly Bear was really just the bedroom recordings of Ed Droste assisted by the aptly named Chris Bear. They've come a long way since then but listening to the origins of the project is always fascinating. This new edition comes with a digital download for the full album plus a remix album featuring Ariel Pink and Efterklang amongst others.  
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Tiny Star

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The Proper Ornaments
Mission Bells

Mission Bells by The Proper Ornaments comes a mere 9 months after their last long-player 6 Lenins. Musically they are tweaking their Velvet Underground-influenced formula by adding a Moog and electronics to their sound. The band are led by James Hoare of Veronica Falls and Ultimate Painting. Mission Bells is their 5th album.

Sink Ya Teeth

If you frequented the New York clubs Danceteria or Paradise Garage in the early ‘80s then the vibes laid down on Two by Norfolk duo Sink Ya Teeth will bring back some nostalgic feelings. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s unlikely many of you did frequent those clubs, but if you want a blend of melancholic deep house, post punk and joyous disco then this could well be the album for you.

Brooke Bentham
Everyday Nothing

Everyday Nothing is the debut album by 23 year old singer / songwriter Brooke Bentham. The album is produced by Bill Ryder-Jones who rates her so highly as a lyricist he has compared her to Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, Michael Head of Shack and his old band mate from The Coral, James Skelly. He only has one worry for her which is that her exceptional voice may distract from her excellent observational lyrics.

Close Lobsters
Post Neo Anti (Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols)

As absolutely incredible it is to have Close Lobsters back I'm not feeling that artwork... and the title is certainly a mouthful but it's the sounds inside that count. The band first came to prominence on the legendary C86 album and their jangly indie-pop went down well on both sides of the atlantic ocean. There have been reformations over the years but (deep breath) Post Neo Anti (Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols) is their first album since 2009. 

East Village
Hotrod Hotel

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The Just Joans
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of The Just Joans

Scottish indie-pop band The Just Joans return with The Private Memoirs and Confessions of The Just Joans. The album title is a play on the title of a Gothic horror novel by Scottish writer James Hogg. The band are led by brother and sister David and Katie Pope whose dual vocals give their music a certain beauty. They have been described as a cross between The Magnetic Fields and The Vaselines.

Prefab Sprout
Jordan: The Comeback

Part of a wider re-issue campaign co-ordinated by Sony with the band’s Paddy and Martin McAloon, Prefab Sprout are repackaging their 1990 fifth album Jordan: The Comeback - and, significantly, it’s the first time it’s been released internationally on vinyl. The album arguably represented the group’s most successful attempt to embrace different sounds into their modernist pop aesthetic. 
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Kevin Krauter
Full Hand

The second album from the Indiana singer-songwriter Kevin Krauter sees the artist explore his childhood and religious upbringing to discover what makes him tick in adulthood. A navel-gazing project for sure but one which has spiritual and poetic results particularly in Krauter's soaring falsetto. A record to languish in and one to soothe both artist and listener. 

The Secret Sisters
Saturn Return

Harmonic sisters the Secret Sisters return with their fourth album Saturn Return. They've had a topsy turvy career having been nominated for a Grammy and faced bankruptcy but have overcome everything on an album where they try to make a positive impact on a negative world empowering women like themselves to be strong and inclusive. Lovely close harmony pop compared to the Everly Brothers and the Andrews Sisters. 

Cold Beat

San Franciscan alternative outfit Cold Beat deliver their debut for James Murphy’s prestigious DFA label with their fifth studio album Mother. Aptly titled, as lead singer Hannah Lew (ex-Grass Widow) was pregnant during its creation, she and Kyle King have never sounded as united in common cause as they are here, thematically concerned with sustainability and survival. 
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Heart Bones
Hot Dish

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Phantom Posse
Forever Underground

Described as a post-internet collaborative project (though we weren't aware the internet had finished) Phantom Posse is the work of Eric Littmann - a computational biology expert who has worked with the likes of Julia Byrne and Emily Yacina. It is an album of chamber synth that draws inspiration from New York City graffiti artists and Littmann's own science work. 

Hi, It's Me

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King Krule
Man Alive!

Archy Marshall has already proved himself as a unique British voice with previous albums 6 Feet Beneath the Moon and The Ooz under his King Krule moniker and here the baby-faced crooner returns with his third album. Once again it is a sonically fascinating work full of scope and ambition and with his trademark yelp belting out corrosive words.

Sandy (Alex G)
Live at Third Man Records

Sandy (Alex G)'s last album 'Rocket' was just superb. A favourite here for both home and office so it's nice that he got invited to play hits from that and his other albums live at Third Man. Not only that it got recorded and now unleashed for his adoring fans. Listen to his lovely songs being played live and just imagine for a second that you were there. 
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Stolen 6

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The Weeknd
After Hours

Supported by two singles released at the end of last year (‘Blinding Lights’ and ‘Heartless’), R&B megastar Abel Tesfaye unveils his fourth studio album as The Weeknd. It’s also his first full-length in nearly four years, with After Hours having been teased for the best part of 18 months at this point, following the brief pleasures of 2018’s EP My Dear Melancholy,. 

A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip

Approaching their 50th anniversary as a creative force, the legendary art-pop group Sparks, fronted by Ron and Russell Mael, present their 24th studio album A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip ahead of another European tour later in 2020. Following the Top Ten success of previous album Hippopotamus three years ago, it’s great to see new generations discovering a group that’s traditionally been unfairly dismissed. 
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Pictish Trail
Thumb World

Scottish producer Johnny Lynch prepares the release of his eighth album as Pictish Trail, following four years on from his Scottish Album of the Year-winning Future Echoes. Probably his weirdest and most collaborative work yet, Thumb World was forged alongside visual artist Swatpaz, a process that had them both imagining that the music was taking place in a retro ‘80s arcade game world. 

Spinning Coin

Hyacinth is the second album by highly regarded Scottish indie band Spinning Coin. The band have relocated from Glasgow to Berlin and recruited Rachel Taylor, replacing Cal Donnelly on bass, since their last album - 2017’s rather marvellous Permo. Some things never change though, and like everything else they’ve released, this is on The Pastel’s Geographic label - an endorsement of quality.

Best Coast
Always Tomorrow

A decade after they first emerged with their fuzzy, charmingly retro guitar-pop, Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno present their fourth Best Coast album, and first in nearly five years. Produced by Carlos de la Garza and Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Always Tomorrow sees them faithfully exploring classic rock and pop influences once again. 

the art of being empty

the art of being empty is the debut studio album from Dutch-born, Melbourne-based bedroom artist Julien Mier, who records under the moniker santpoort. Constructed through meticulous beats and Mier’s psychedelic and slightly twee vocals, his first effort is one for getting deliciously lost inside. 
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Masumi Hara
4 X A Dream

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Hockey Dad
Brain Candy

Australian duo Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson return with their third full-length Hockey Dad album Brain Candy. Produced yet again by the esteemed John Goodmanson, the band serve up more raucous, irreverent jangly surf-pop goodness, successfully capturing the energy and essence of their live shows. 
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Peggy Sue

Not the subject of that Buddy Holly song but the fourth album from the London based duo. They blend the classic songwriting nous of the 60s Brill Building lot with the amped up fuzz of '90s stalwarts such as Blur and the Breeders. Lyrically they drench their harmonies around tales of love and loss. Simples. But effective. 

Allie X
Cape God

Canadian singer Allie X says her influences stretch as far and wide as Arthur Russell, Celine Dion and Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh and diverge all sorts of places in between. Cape God is her second album and follow-up to 2017’s CollXtion II. An HBO documentary about drug abuse called ‘Heroin: Cape Cod’ inspired the album. Despite her never having done or planning to do heroin, she related to the subjects as it reminded her of when she had been in and out of hospital in her adolescence. 

The Primitives
Thru The Flowers

A first ever 7” vinyl release for ‘Thru The Flowers’, the classic debut single from Coventry indie-popsters The Primitives. While it didn’t chart, it helped launch the group’s career by establishing their sound. This version is the original 1986 recording, not the subsequent re-recording that often appears on the band’s compilations, and includes a postcard and poster. 
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Saint DX

Billed as a ‘mini-LP’, SDX is the first musical statement of length by the immensely promising Saint DX, the recording moniker of singer Aurélien Hamm. Influenced by the Buddhist beliefs of his parents and the sensual R&B and hip-hop of artists from Prince to Kanye, the nine-track album follows Saint DX’s three excellent singles over the last year and a half. 
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Even As We Speak
Blue Suburban Skies

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Blake Mills
Blake Mills

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Molly Nilsson
Follow The Light

Molly Nilsson’s second album Follow The Light was originally released as a CDr in 2010, copies of which are now, of course, extremely scarce. But this slice of Stockholm-via-Berlin pop deserves to be enjoyed widely, which makes this Night School reissue on CD and (for the first time) vinyl) extremely welcome.

Summer Camp
Romantic Comedy

Moshi Moshi presents the long-awaited fifth studio album from indie-popsters Summer Camp. With multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Warmsley returning from his solo projects last year, Romantic Comedy is designed as a soundtrack to a film of the same name by his bandmate Elizabeth Sankey, and comes out on Valentine’s Day. 

Sam Smith
To Die For

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Surfer Blood
Carefree Theatre

Surfer Blood’s career has been punctuated by tragedy and some, what can only be described as, bloody stupid behaiviour. They released an impressive debut in 2010, Astro Coast, which earned them support slots with Les Savy Fav and Pixies and have gone on to record a further four albums. Now we have Carefree Theatre, recorded in their hometown of Kanine, Florida. The emphasis is on short and poppy songs.

The Pooh Sticks
The Pooh Sticks 7” Box Set

This is an expanded edition of a now very rare box set released by Fierce back in 1988. This new version features five different coloured 7” singles recorded by Swansea indie-poppers The Pooh Sticks from 1988, which every A-side this time coming with its corresponding B-side, plus a 24-page booklet. 
  • Vinyl 7" box set (OPT4025)
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School Of Language
More Fears

David Brewis is a pop artist for hire, having worked music jobs as different as playing in the band of idiosyncratic songwriter Eleanor Friedberger and producing a Maximo Park album. On his own -- away from working with his brother in chamber pop act Field Music -- he experiments with R&B influenced indie rock under the alias School Of Language. This new EP, 'More Fears', acts as a companion piece to this year's full-length, 'Old Fears', featuring retreads of old School of Language tracks and new cut "Days Accelerate".    Tracks: 2am Keep Your Water (2014 Rework) Departure Platform Days Accelerate Marine Life (2014 Rework) Hands In Water

Alice Hubble

The debut album from London-based composer and synthesiser enthusiast Alice Hubley - who records under the spacey-themed name Alice Hubble. Polarlichter, released on the Happy Robots label, takes inspiration from the whole history of electronic music, from modern acts like Jon Hopkins all the way back to Delia Derbyshire. 


Winnipeg. Nice place but cold in the winter which probably gave Boniface the time and space to work on his '80s-inspired synth pop moves. So long as he had a warm room to work in. As we approach yet another winter it's time to listen to his debut album which is here on Transgressive. It's all about growing up in a small place and never wanting to go back. It's a haunting and emotional ride, uplifting yet melancholic.  

Highway Hypnosis

Really impressive album from Sneaks here. Highway Hypnosis may be a record from D.C. with its roots in post-punk, but this is as far as any similarities with Minor Threat, Dischord Records go. Sneaks has produced a record of lo-fi hip-hop, leftfield pop and upstart feminist punk. Such is the scope of this LP that comparisons to Shabazz Palaces, Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland and M.I.A. all feel right. Very cool.
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Dance Without Me

Despite a healthy and prodigious output since they formed five years ago, the Chicago-based outfit Drama are only now releasing their debut album. Fortunately, Dance Without Me benefits from the many months of careful planning and tweaking, dealing with heartbreak, self-care and self-forgiveness, with singer Via Rosa’s lyrics and delivery the focal point. 

The Social Singing Choir
Sings The Hits of Moshi Moshi Records

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Tennis here present an early contender of press release of the year. It's all happened to the usually carefree couple. Alaina was very ill on tour, Patrick's dad died then his mum had a stroke. We hear all about the funeral, of Patrick's mums's quite the soap opera. What i think the press release is saying is that their new album Swimmer comes out of dark times but the music is resolutely upbeat and joyful. Sunny side up pop for fans of St Etienne and yacht rock. 

David Gray
White Ladder

David Gray’s massively successful fourth album, White Ladder, is getting a 20th anniversary reboot. Remastered and in a number editions including luxury 4LP and 2CD sets. Just in case you can’t remember which album this is, it’s the one with Babylon, This Year’s Love and Sail Away on.

I'm Not Your Soldier

On the new album, I’m Not Your Soldier, by Malka, she tells us where she is in her life, deciding to reflect on personal issues following her 2017 album Ratatat, which put politics centre stage. It is a dynamic album with mixing clattering pop, psychedelic dreams and stripped back reflections. It was produced by Paul Savage who has worked with Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand and King Creosote.
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Citizen Bravo, Raymond MacDonald & Friends
Return To Y'Hup - The World Of Ivor Cutler

Ivor Cutler was a Scottish legend. Beloved of John Peel, the singer, poet and humorist was a staple on left field BBC programmes throughout the '70s and '80s. Citizen Bravo and Raymond MacDonald have decided to reinterpret Cutlers work with help from a plethora of guest such as Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) and Tracy-Ann Campbell (Camera Obscura). Truly a loving tribute to the great man.    

The Grand Gestures
Low Lights

Low Lights consists of a selection of collaborations that have appeared on the last five albums from Scottish lo-fi pop formation The Grand Gestures, and released on CD only. Having recently received the endorsement of veteran comedian Phill Jupitus, he gets to lead off the 16-track collection with a new effort ‘The Sailor of Bari’. 
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Flo & Spicey
Flo & Spicey's Tea Set

Swedish / Scottish duo Flo & Spicey initially bonded over a mutual love of the experimentation of Joe Meek, Delia Derbyshire and Moondog along with some good old classic pop records. Flo & Spicey’s Tea Set was recorded whilst each member was in their native country, cutting and splicing sounds for a stunning LP.
  • Vinyl LP
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20 Years

SURE have slowly honed a sound that blends post-punk with disco and a more mainstream sensibility. They spent time in what they call the 'cave' blending electronics, guitars, keyboards and kinetic beats in to a form of music that is grim but catchy, terrified for the future but making the best of the present. There's one thing for SURE  - they won't let you down.  
  • Vinyl LP (WYS-025)
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Fenella is a project from one Jane Weaver, one of the 21st century's most adept practitioners of psychedelia. Along with two of her bandmates, she has created a soundtrack for Marcell Jankovics’ 'Fehérlófia', a 1981 Hungarian animated film that is a perfect match for Weaver's brand of warm and colourful psychedelia. 
  • Vinyl LP (FIRELP576)
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Still Corners
Dead Blue

Still Corners debut 'Creatures of an Hour' was a real favourite here at the towers. Follow up 'Strange Pleasures' went really slick so it will be interesting to see what they come up with this time. Now not on Sub Pop the band have regrouped and now unleash their latest batch of whispery synth blasted pop. 

The Wannadies
Be A Girl

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Molly Nilsson
Twenty Twenty

Eighth album from Molly Nilsson’ the hippest purveyor of urban melancholy via fond-memory synth-pop in quite some time. Twenty Twenty takes a look at the world as it currently, and channels those difficult feels through her keyboards and her distant-sounding vocals and lyrics. Released by Night School.

Songs You Make At Night

Rather like The Great Conjunction in The Dark Crystal, Tunng’s shifting personnel have aligned once again, for the first time in many years, just as they were at the outset.. I remember them back in 2007 as shaggy-haired, semi-electronic Brit-folksters, but something’s definitely happened in the intervening years. This one sounds more like catchy psychedelic electro-pop and dance. Fab.
  • Vinyl LP (FTH314LPURP)
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Holy Fuck

Deleter is the fifth album by Canadian Electronica band with the naughty name, Holy Fuck.The album goes from reletively minimal sounds to rapturous crescendo via krautrock’s motorik beats to deep house. Features guest performances from Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, Angus Andrew of Liars and Nick Allbrook from Aussie band Pond.

Smoke Fairies
Darkness Brings The Wonders Home

Smoke Fairies are back with Darkness Brings The Wonders Home - their first album in five years. The starting point was the woodsy folk of their debut Through Low Light And Trees. They found their performances had a new boldness, however. This coupled with some exciting visits to a guitar shop near producer Phil Ek’s studio meant more guitars and new sounds were added to that sound. 

Oh Wonder
No One Else Can Wear Your Crown

Having started life five years ago as a bedroom project with the aim of uploading a track each month to SoundCloud, London-based alt-pop duo Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht - better known as Oh Wonder - have found major label success and international tours and taken those achievements in their stride. No One Else Can Wear Your Crown is their third studio album, and seeks to add new elements to their sound. 

West of Eden

HMLTD are a rock band based in London who take their influences from David Bowie, Sparks and the New Romantic era. Their sound is guitar based, fused with elements of EDM and experimental pop. They have been likened to The Prodigy and Peaches, among others. West of Eden is their debut album. They may well be pretty big in 2020.


Sátt is the new album by Icelandic singer / songwriter, Ásgeir. It is his fourth album and the Icelandic language version of Bury The Moon. Asgeir is undoubtedly a talent - a multi instrumentalist with a voice to die for and the ability the write a cracking song. The single, Youth, co-written with his father is quite the statement of his talent.

Bury The Moon

Bury The Moon is the fourth album by Icelandic singer /  songwriter, Ásgeir. His earlier work was rooted in folk music, and this album finds him returning there. His dad, a respected poet, helped him write the lead single, Youth, which is central to the album. A tenderly fingerpicked song that grows beautifully about growing up in Iceland, anxiety free and being very happy. Listeners will be drawn in by his voice and ear for melody.

Wild Nothing
Laughing Gas

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The Spook School
Try To Be Hopeful

Another joyous queer punk outing from The Spook School. Following their critically acclaimed debut, Try To Be Hopeful is a high-quality blend of lo-fi guitar crunch, sizzling pop melodies and intelligent lyrics about sexuality, identity and having a good time. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Fortuna POP!

Isobel Campbell
There Is No Other...

Isobel Campbell started out in Belle & Sebastian before recording under the name The Gentle Waves. She has also released three critically acclaimed albums with Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees. Her new solo album, There Is No Other… has been a while in coming, but Campbell says she likes to take her time and do things properly. The speed that the world is moving makes her want to take more time over the things she loves. 

Pet Shop Boys
Monkey Business

Following the Years & Years-featuring ‘Dreamland’ and ‘Burning The Heather’, Pet Shop Boys trail the release of their upcoming 14th studio album Hotspot with its third single ‘Monkey Business’. Features a radio edit of the track, remixes from Friend Within and Prins Thomas, plus exclusive B-side ‘At Rock Bottom’. 

Crayon Fields
All The Pleasures of The World

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The Twang
It Feels Like (You're Wasting My Time) / Tinseltown In The Rain

Birmingham’s favourite indie sons, The Twang, digitally released four singles taken from their If Confronted Just Go Mad album. Rather than just having them floating around in the ether, they are making solid, holdable product out of them as two ltd 7” singles. Here we have the double A sided It Feels Like (You're Wasting My Time) / Tinseltown In The Rain. Buy ‘em and wear ‘em out or buy ‘em and keep ‘em in pristine condition - the choice is yours!


Hatchie is the stage name of Brisbane songwriter Harriette Pilbeam so you can sort of see why she's not using her birth name for this project. This is her debut album after an earlier well received EP. She uses a varied sonic palette with synthpop, ethereal guitars, industrial textures and new wave all featuring leading to a powerful sound that is already gaining her lots of plaudits.   

Girl One And The Grease Guns
The Shatterproof Man

Weirdo group Girl One And The Grease Guns have set themselves a bunch of rules: anonymity, no live shows, a series of seven 7”s and no more… Exciting eh? The Shatterproof Man is bright and fun electro-pop on the A side, and dark clanking industrial ambience on the B side. Clear vinyl, with a bonus 3-track CD for early orders.

Girl One And The Grease Guns
Transmissions From The Glass Factory - Part 1

Though they promised to split up last year, Girl One And the Grease Guns haven't gone against their word exactly but instead of making another album they are concentrating on doing one sided 12"s rather like those you got in the old acid house days. Instead you get two more examples of their catchy electronic pop ready and willing to be played at the discotheque. More of these coming collect the set.     

Have We Met

Nice sleeve art. Looks like Destroyer (aka Dan Bejar) is heading down the eccentric path on his thirteenth album which comprises of recordings culled from home brainstorming sessions and stuff recorded in his kitchen. The music was then worked on and remixed and only finished when collaborator John Collins had to go help his wife give birth. Stream of consciousness stuff from an artist refusing to rest on any kind of laurel.     

Closer To Grey

David Lynch’s favourites Chromatics took their fans by surprise a month or so ago with the release of their first new album in seven years. Keeping their signature minimalistic synth-pop sound intact, Closer To Grey now arrives boasting resplendent covers of Simon & Garfunkel (‘The Sound of Silence’) and the Jesus & Mary Chain (‘On The Wall’). 

Calling It

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Frances Quinlan

Frances Quinlan is the front woman of american indie band Hop Along, although she is already a well established solo artist. Likewise is her latest album and sees her experimenting with synths and using fewer guitars than she usually might. Her voice and heartfelt delivery doesn’t change though, so fans will still delight in this new record.

Okay Kaya
Watch This Liquid Pour Itself

Singer and frequent King Krule collaborator Kaya Wilkins presents her sophomore album under her solo Okay Kaya. Out in late January 2020 via Jagjaguwar, 'Watch This Liquid Pour' has been described as “Sade for nihilists” - an accurate description of her melancholy, gauzy bedroom-soul. 

When We Stay Alive

Poliça’s fourth studio record When We Stay Alive was forged in the face of practical adversity, after lead singer Channy Leaneagh suffered a serious back injury after falling off her roof clearing ice around 18 months ago. The regular Poliça sound is intact, but the record is much richer, and features contributions from a wide range of fellow musicians, from The National’s Aaron Dessner to Bon Iver. 

Returning To The Same Place

On Returning To The Same Place, Canter employ all those musical genres and production techniques synonymous with alternative music in the early ‘80s - synth pop, electronic rock, dark wave and post-punk. They even throw in a bit of Krautrock for good measure. If you didn’t know better, you’d assume this was recorded sometime between 1979 and 1983. 
  • Vinyl LP (BWR041LP)
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Dan Deacon
Mystic Familiar

Since 2015’s Glass Riffer album, Baltimore’s electronic maestro Dan Deacon has been throwing his whole self into other projects such as soundtracks for Rat Film and Time Trial. He did, however, keep nipping back to his day job of making his music. The songs on Mystic Familiar were formed over this time, and whilst he was returning to what he knows best, the experiences have fed into him expanding his sound on this record. 

I Feel How This Night Should Look

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Ben Watt
Storm Damage

New album from Mr Tracey Thorn as he eschews the organic sound of his previous two solo LPs with a much more bold and out there sonic experimentation. Remember that Ben Watt was producing electronic work in the latter days of Everything But the Girl and here he creates a unique trio of piano, double bass and drum kit to play songs inspired both by personal and political upheaval. Low's Alan Sparhawk guests.

Jorja Chalmers
Human Again

Bryan Ferry is still quite the old charmer at the ripe old age of 77. When Jorja Chalmers moved to the UK from Australia and started performing old twinkle trousers saw her and invited her to join his band. Her debut Human Again was made in those times on tour when Ferry wasn't swanning about and she set about making some art rock in the style of David Bowie and Ferry's old nemesis Brian Eno. Produced by none other than Johnny Jewel this should appeal to fans of the  likes of John Carpenter and of course Chromatics.  

Neneh Cherry
Raw Like Sushi

Raw Like Sushi, the debut album by Neneh Cherry, was originally released 30 years ago. Here we have a deluxe expanded reissue. It included the massive hits Buffalo Stance and Manchild. Contributors to the album included 3D and Mushroom from Massive Attack and, looking very relaxed, on vibes, Nellee Hooper.

Foolish Loving Spaces

As a 'celebration of love' in all its guises, Blossoms return with their most mature offering to date - 'Foolish Loving Spaces'. As the five-piece's fifth album, tracks are characterised by their trademark harmonies between intertwining arcade synths and twitchy guitars. Highly anticipated stuff from one of biggest modern day indie wave-makers.

Gentle Stranger
Love and Unlearn

Consisting of a rotating line-up that’s also elastic in number, Gentle Stranger present their debut album Love and Unlearn. Recorded almost entirely live in the studio over the space of just a week, and the music sounds raw and spontaneous despite the careful planning and attention to detail from the band. 
  • Vinyl LP (PRAH20)
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Since they emerged in the middle of this decade, Gengahr have been one of the more slow-burning bands of the British guitar scene, their understated and gently melodic sound outlasting many other Next Big Things. Sanctuary, their third album, brings in Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman on production, and promises their most fully-fleshed sound so far. 

Pia Fraus
Empty Parks

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The Monochrome Set
Little Noises 1990-1995

The Monochrome Set have always been prolific - spewing out albums at a rate of knots that put other bands to shame. They are best known for their early '80s records but after a split in 1986 the band reformed in 1990 and released five new albums over the next five years. This lesser known era of the band is perfectly captured on this 5CD set which presents each album plus a grab bag of bonus tracks. 
  • CD box set (CRCDX88)
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Marc Almond
Chaos and a Dancing Star

Former Soft Cell frontman Marc Almond delivers his 26th solo album Chaos and a Dancing Star. It sees him join forces once again with producer/pianist Chris Braide, who worked with him five years back on The Velvet Trail, and the record’s themes deal with hope surviving amid darkness and depression. 
  • Vinyl LP (4050538560091)
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Depeche Mode

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The Twang
Everytime / Dream

So you downloaded the four singles from The Twang’s If Confronted Just Go Mad album, but that’s not good enough, you need a physical product you can hug and kiss, right? Well, luck you - the Birmingham indie band are releasing them as two limited 7” singles. Here we have the double A sided Everytime / Dream to have and to hold, forever and ever. 

Pet Shop Boys

Unlucky for some, but lucky for you - Pet Shop Boys fourteenth album, Hotspot is here. It includes the single Dreamland which features Years & Years - a band that probably wouldn’t exist at all if it wasn’t for the Godfathers of chart friendly synth pop. Judging by the single, the duo are still capable of knocking out a decent tune too.

Chris Lilley
The Fuck Song / Sweet Valley Remix

Sold out - sorry!

The Lovely Eggs
This Is Our Nowhere

The Lovely Eggs have perfected the DIY punk aesthetic over the course of a clutch of singles, two EPs and three albums. Their new album, This is Our Nowhere, consolidates their position of not-giving-a-shit punk attitude whilst adding a touch of psychedelic nonsense. There will be a special limited edition black and white vinyl version released for Record Store Day 2015, which precedes the official release of the album.

Operating Theatre
Miss Mauger

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The Slow Readers Club
The Joy Of The Return

Manchester’s Slow Readers Club get themselves back to the recording studio following their Live From Festival No. 6 LP for their fourth album proper, The Joy Of The Return. The album was written whilst on tour, a change in method for them, which allowed more time for the songs to evolve. Rest assured, the pulsating drums, searing guitar lines and sky-reaching choruses are all present and correct.

Johnny Jewel

Johnny Jewel is a member of Chromatics and owns the record label Italians Do It Better. Vapor is his fourth solo album and was released in 2018. It is a collection of instrumentals that when strung together as they create a soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic world of barren landscapes and smoky skies.

Django Django
Shake & Tremble

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